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Hanoverian stallion at stud at Equitop Farm JohaneJanelle



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Thank you to all of our contributors and advertisers last month for your support and a special thank you to Fern Valley Appaloosas for choosing to be our inaugural cover! As new owners the support and outreach from everyone has been a wonderful welcome and appreciated! Thank you as well to all the Clubs and Associations for welcoming us and continuing to send in all your club and event news, you help us keep our readers and riders informed and connected. You all are a huge part of what makes Saddle Up our horse communities magazine!

This month we have some great articles and new features in the magazine that we are excited to introduce, we hope you enjoy the May issue and we welcome your stories and photos anytime! Happy Riding!

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The Canadian Sport Horse Association (CSHA) is North America’s oldest performance horse registry. Established in 1926 as the Canadian Hunter Horse Society, the CSHA has evolved, along with sport and breeding practices, to meet the performance requirements of today’s sport. The CSHA was the first North American Studbook to incorporate European bloodlines into its registry. As a long-time member of the World Breeding Federation for Sport Horses, CSHA embraced parental DNA testing early on as another level of confidence in its breeding requirements.

With the studbook’s centenary fast approaching in 2026, the Alberta CSH Chapter initiated the Countdown to a Century Symposium Series to celebrate the centenary and to Showcase Alberta CSH and Alberta bred horses. The inaugural Symposium was held in 2022 at Eventyre Farm, located in the rolling Alberta foothills just south of Calgary. Our host, CSH breeder and athlete Rachel Cornaccia, provided her beautiful facility and the clinicians were John and US Olympian Beezie Madden. We were so very fortunate to have John and Beezie give of their time.

Last year, Canadian Olympian, Tiffany Foster, was our clinician. Rocky Mountain Show Jumping hosted the Symposium. Tiffany was a fabulous clinician who worked with the needs of each of our groups:


Hanoverian Casparo is known for producing amazing temperaments, as are the other stallions at the farm Hanoverian stallion Quidam Blue and Westphalian stallion Mr.Lou

Young Horse Development – choosing a career path, Jumper Development, and Equitation/ Medal preparation.

RMSJ is our host again this year on June 18, our Symposium Clinician is Irish Equestrian, Andrew Bourns. Andrew is based out of Wellington, Florida and Lommel, Belgium. He grew up on a farm in Ballinasloe, Co. Galway, and cut his teeth on international competitions in the highly competitive Pony Divisions in the UK and Europe. When he graduated to competing horses, he had to look off the farm for horses as his family produced field hunters and farm horses. Andrew found he could make a living and move up the ranks by buying young horses, developing them, and selling them on to someone who was ready to compete them. The skills Andrew has acquired through years of developing young horses will be so helpful for the participants this year. We have 3 sessions: the beginning Jumper, the developing Jumper, and the GP jumper. See more on page 2.

Auditor tickets can be purchased from our website

love to see you there!

Equitop Farm is a multi-generation family owned farm that prides itself in fine horsemanship, built on over thirty years of standing stallions at stud we provide select stallions for performance and temperament to breed for the North America market. We want to help you achieve your goals through partnership with a horse that will bring you joy, or by providing select bloodlines for your future star! The farm is located in the Prairie Parkland region of Central Alberta Canada, and is owned and operated by the Brinkmann’s.

Offering High Quality Stallions and Services

New Norway, Alberta

Breeding Info: 780 608-0160

Horse Inquiry: 780 679-2147


From foal to competition horse Quality Time by Quidam Blue
Shauna Cook, photo credit Steve Charles Beke Brinkmann, photo credit Rylee Smolarchuk

Improve Cooperation Words for Your Horse

Have you ever watched a horse gallop loose after a rider falls? Has your horse ever crowded you in a confined space or bolted through a stall door or gate? If your horse had some knowledge of your language, you could have told them what you needed from them and they could have calmly complied.

Verbal commands can alleviate a lot of horse and handler distress and anxiety. This list includes essential commands that many trainers use to make handling of young or inexperienced horses from the ground safer, take the stress out of farrier and veterinary appointments, and smooth the way for under saddle training. Having been mauled by horses for treats in my younger, less knowledgeable years I now teach my horses to look away in order to get treats. This is a good first step to teach if you use treats for training. I find a clicker extremely useful to connect this behaviour to a specific sound. This will allow you to eventually eliminate the treat part and just use the clicker as reward. Clickers are $5-10 so they are an inexpensive investment. Instead of the clicker you could also say the word “good” but it must be said in exactly the same way each time and this can be very difficult.


Stop immediately. A lot of people use the word “whoa” which unfortunately sounds a lot like “no.” This is the single most important horse training voice command for all horses. There must not be fear involved in the teaching of this command as it is needed to control flight responses due to fearful situations.


Stand still where they are and don’t move. If your horse ever gets caught up in something that requires a complicated extrication you will be very thankful that you taught this instruction early in their life with you.


Lift the part of the body touched. This command applies mostly to hooves such as for picking out or trimming hooves, but can also be used to ask the horse to lift a knee.


Take one step backward with one leg. This is an effective command for controlling fear responses like head butting, biting or striking. Once you reliably get one step with cues you can add steps but avoid adding so many steps that your horse stops responding or starts rushing. Some trainers use this command to ask the horse to back up until the handler says “stop”. Many horses that come to me require re-schooling. As a trainer I have worked with several horses whose default fear response was to run backwards. Consequently, I prefer to teach this as a single step back response with this type of horse, and most horses for that matter. I would rather say back for each step than have a horse going backwards out of control, and I don’t mind saying “back” more than once.


Take one step forward with one leg. This command becomes useful when teaching a horse to halt squarely or to relocate their legs for x-rays or other treatments.


Move the shoulder and/or hip sideways. Depending on whether I tap the shoulder, barrel or buttock. This is very useful when the horse is in a stall or repositioning inside a horse trailer.  As the horse’s training progresses this voice command can be used to reinforce aids for lateral movements.


Lower their head. This is a useful command for haltering, bridling and treatments of ears, eyes, and other parts of the face.

Walk On

Walk on now. Voice instruction, halter and lead aid, then the horse must move their feet before the handler walks. (Personally, I found this difficult to relearn, but it paid off in the end). In this way the horse does not connect their movement to the handler walking. Horses learn very quickly that when their handler walks, so do they. Unfortunately, when the horse connects his feet moving to when his handler walks this makes learning the “stand” command more difficult as the handler continues to move around the horse while the horse “stands.”


Slow down in the current gait


More energy in the current gait



Turn right (Gee is frequently used in the heavy horse industry)


Turn left (Haw is frequently employed with draught horses)


Move into two beat trot/jog gait


Move into three beat canter/lope gait

Step Up

To step up onto something. This command will become useful for all manner of activities from stepping onto a block for an x-ray, stepping onto a platform or raised bridge, and getting into the horse trailer.

Step Down

To step forward off a raised bridge or platform and get off the horse trailer head first.

Back Down

To step backwards off a raised bridge or platform and get off the horse trailer tail first.

If you have a gaited horse you will want to teach them the names of the gaits your particular gaited breed uses as they progress through their training. The use of multiple cues such as auditory (voice instruction), tactile (tap with fingers, hand, toe, leg, seat, or whip tap) and/or visual (movement of the person’s body, hands, or legs) gives the horse more opportunity to select the correct response to your request. When you combine two of these different types of cues together your horse will learn much faster. With regard to whip taps, they are just that, a light tap. The whip is merely an extension of your arm. A whip tap can be repeated but should not be escalated.  It is not a disciplinary tool. Corporal punishment is incomprehensible to all creatures, and destroys trust hereby moving the horse toward learned helplessness instead of happy cooperation. The most frightening consequences for bad behaviour in a herd of horses is to be shunned to the outskirts of the herd where predation is more likely.

Decide on your cues ahead of time; check out videos or diagrams on line for ideas and use the same cues every time.  When applying your cues always use your voice first then add the tactile cue.  The voice instruction makes it clearer to your horse what the touch or visual cue mean. The consistency with which you apply your cues equates to easier understanding and speedier learning for your horse.

Keep adding tools to your equestrian toolbox. Remember the more tools in your toolbox the better rider, trainer, owner, horse keeper you will be. Understanding our equine partners, how they live, how they learn, how to maximize their health, soundness, comfort, and performance, is a life long pursuit filled with the joy of companionship.

Article by Sloane Hammond, from Gryphon Hollow Farms. Sloane began her professional career upon certification at age sixteen, her first position was with Pamela Arthur at the eventing stable Livingstone Park Equestrian Centre in Langley. She also taught extensively for Pony Clubs both in the Fraser Valley and Interior South regions and had the privilege to train with and work for Olympic riders, coaches, and FEI officials from North America and Europe. She has successfully bred and trained A circuit Hunters, developed 4 Star Eventers, and Grand Prix Jumpers. She has also coached national Young Riders to achieve their goals in dressage, eventing,

and show jumping, teaching contemporary equitation based on current research. Her passion is to encourage students to become dedicated guardians, confident handlers and riders, and lifelong learners in order to build joyful partnerships with their horses.


Tack & Style

stylish, new and on trend tack and products for rider and horse. These products are available at Dixon Saddlery, a tack shop and online store for the modern equestrian. “Catering to shoppers who'd

01. Dixon Saddlery is now a distributor of VetGold! VetGold Animal Skin Care Line is endorsed Worldwide by Veterinarians and equestrians. Enriched with Dead Sea Minerals, all natural and safe to use for your horses, dogs, and cats too. Vet Gold is an amazing product to use and keep in handy in your tack room….we know! one of our favourites is the EquiMud.

02. Sweaters - Keep cozy in a custom crewneck & hoodie, great for mucking about! lounging, or staying warm while warming up…a customer favourite and designed by Dixon Saddlery.

03. Rain Sheet - Looking for a rain sheet for those rainy days, we have to give a shout out to BIG D blankets they are so well made with durable lasting materials and construction, lots of styles to choose from and they are available at a good price point.

04. Saddle Pad - Thinking about the comfort of your horse, check out Eco Gold Saddle Pads, they are designed to put the comfort of your horse first! All saddle pads are made in Montreal Canada at the Ecogold factory, a multi generational family run business. Definatly worth every penny, you will see why riders and Olympians love them!

05. Handcrafted - Wanting to treat someone or maybe yourself, try Heart Horse Candle Co. and Equus Soaps, Artisan handcrafted and made in small batches, both made in Canada.


8 • MAY 2024 SADDLEUP.CA 03.
saddle!” Michelle Dixon founded Dixon Saddlery with the modern equestrian in mind. It's Michelle's mission to make shopping convenient and easy,
to stock items that YOU need and enjoy. Dixon Saddlery strives to accommodate your wishes, and your busy lifestyle,
time worrying about the practicalities, and more time with the horse you love! Phone: 1-888-981-1921 Email:
rather be in the
so you can
less Web
05. 01. 02. 05. 04.

Salmon Arm 2024 55+ BC Games

The 55+ BC Games is British Columbia’s premier annual sporting event for residents aged 55 years and over. The 2024 55+ BC Games will take place in Salmon Arm from September 10-14, 2024.

Participants will be attending from all 12 zones within the province to compete in a possible 23 sports. In addition to high quality competition, the Games experience includes social events, which highlight the host community, as well as Opening and Closing Ceremonies to give participants a full multisport experience of and partaking in Games Culture.

Whether you are a seasoned veteran of competition or new to your sport, there is an opportunity for you to participate at the Games.

The Equestrian Competition will take place at the Salmon Arm Fair Grounds (490 5th Avenue SW, Salmon Arm).

Disciplines to be included in the Equestrian portion of the 2024 55+ BC Games are: - Dressage - Western Dressage - Driving - Working Equitation - Mountain Trail - Ranch Horse

For more information about Equestrian, please see the website at sports/equestrian/

Online registration is currently open and closes on June 30, 2024: https:// register

Will you register? Tag us to share your story!

September 10-14, 2024 registration closes June 30

>> IG, FB, TikTok @SaddleUp >>



Barkerville is located in the traditional, ancestral, and unceded territories of the Dakelh and Secwepemc Peoples. Several nations have history and territory in the area, and evidence of early Indigenous settlement in the region dates back over 10,000 years. British Columbia's central interior has been profoundly shaped by gold mining because of Barkerville's twenty-year, multi billiondollar industrial revolution during the late-19th century.

By the mid-1880s, Chinese residents made up half of the Cariboo region's population. Declared a National Historic Site of Canada in 1924 and a Provincial Heritage Property in 1958, Barkerville is now the largest living-history museum in western North America.

This year's main season runs June 1st to September 8th with live interpretation programs, open shops and restaurants, stagecoach rides, and the season's opening of the Theatre Royal. July 1st will see Barkerville's Dominion Day celebrations. Barkerville's 9th Annual Indigenous Peoples’ Celebration will return on the weekend of August 17th and will include an artist's market, games, dancers, stories, and complimentary Bannock. The Chinese Mid-Autumn Moon Festival will take place the following weekend on August 24th and will include contests, lion dances, and special evening performances.

The season may be finished on September 8th, but Barkerville will be coming out of hibernation for Olde-Fashioned Christmas on December 14th & 15th.

There are plenty of places to stay with two campgrounds nearby that can accommodate tents and RVs with both first-come first-served and reserved sites available. The Barkerville Cottages are the perfect retreat for any time of year. Each of the four cottages has a wheelchair accessible main floor and comes fully equipped with a queen bedroom, full bathroom, laundry, kitchen, living room facilities, and two additional bedrooms. For those interested in luxury heritage accommodation, the King and Kelly Guest Houses are situated in the centre of town in restored Barkerville homes. The historic St. George Hotel also operates as a bed and breakfast on the historic town’s main street. Guests will be surrounded by period decor that will transport you back to the Cariboo's gold rush era.


156th annual DOMINION DAY celebrations JULY 1, 2024

9th annual INDIGENOUS peoples' CELEBRATION AUGUST 17, 2024

24th annual MID-AUTUMN MOON FESTIVAL august 24, 2024

OLDE-FASHIONED CHRISTMAS december 14 - 15, 2024

Visit to learn more! mark your calendar

Artists Corner

Spotted Horse Studio

Art with a Western Flare

Artist Kelly Allen and Ron Stolp are a husband and wife artisan team, the potter and painter. Ron is the pottery creator and Kelly the painter, together they make custom painted pottery. They make everything for the dinner table, plates, bowls, wine goblets, mugs and salad plates along with vases, cookie jars and lovely custom vessel sinks. Each piece of pottery is custom made and hand painted for every order. Unique and original hand painted art with beautiful colours on quality handmade pottery makes these pieces a must have!

Every year they also make all of the pottery for their July Mountain Trail/ Ranch Horse show, happening this July 1921st at Canoa Farms, to find out more visit for more details. Aside from creating their pottery pieces they both love jumping and trail riding and spend time in the Winter riding trails down south in Utah, Arizona and Nevada.

Here are a few of their beautifully painted and completely handcrafted pieces.

To see more head over to their Studio on Facebook under Spotted Horse Studio and check out their website


Leather and Stitches

The Leather Lady, Sherri DeBoer

We stopped by Sherri’s store in Grindrod BC for a quick Artisan Q&A and visit. Walking into the store Sherri meets you with a big smile and warm hello and straight away you feel right at home in her workshop full of unique and creative pieces. She takes pride in her craft and her creativity abounds everywhere, making original pieces to up-cycling and reusing fabric and leather together to create one of a kind products from belts, purses, wallets, amazing hats, saddle leather coat racks, vests, chaps, bracelets, and the list goes on… Not to mention Sherri can fix and sew most anything that you need repaired, from fixing saddles, halters, bridles… to anything leather and sewing related, horsey or not! Here are a few of the questions we had for Sherri,

Q. What year did you start your business working with leather?

A. 1995

Q. What is your favourite part of your work?

A. Creativity and the smiles and appreciation on people’s faces when I have finished working on their stuff. My second favourite thing is working with recycled materials and keeping stuff out of the landfill.

Q. Have you always enjoyed doing this type of work and being creative?

A. I have always loved working with my hands and being creative right from childhood, doing anything with my hands was always what I wanted to do.

Q. How was your skill set beneficial to having horses?

A. I had 30 years with horses, it was great and being able to use my skills to repair and fix things for the horses, definitely made having horses much easier and cheaper.

Q. What are some of your goals?

A. I enjoy creating for clients, my main goal is to create well crafted unique pieces that you won’t find anywhere, like pieces of Art. You can check out Leather and Stitches in Grindrod at 6903 Young St, Grindrod BC.

> Phone: 250-838-0778

> Email:

Kelly and Ron at the Mountain Trail Championships in Eugene Oregon last November Sherri ~ The Leather Lady

Composting Your Manure Pile Black GOLD

Spring is a great time to get into the habit of turning your manure pile. And if you’re in the mood for new habits I invite you to consider renaming your heap to a compost pile. What we scoop from our pastures, paddocks and trailers is actually a magically balanced blend of nitrogen and carbon and is considered by many successful gardeners black gold.

Collecting your horse’s manure and piling it up is a common chore. The piles range from small loads, managed by a wheelbarrow and shovel, to large heaps that need a tractor to be turned, but the most common pile I see is a heap in the middle of a field. However you make your compost pile, the key is developing the practice of observation and the habit to tend to it as needed.

Turning your piles yearly is a good goal. The spring is a great time to turn the pile and allows you to make use of your aged compost for spring gardening and/or fertilizing your fields. Manure takes time to heat up and break down, the outside of your pile might not look like much but after some time (give a fresh pile a year) if you dig into the middle you can see a rich black compost. Pull out the uable compost and add the rest to your new compost pile to continue to breakdown.

I keep my piles small - about 3 to 4 months of manure per pile with two horses. This means I have a rotating group of piles that can be ready at different times throughout the year. I have a growing family garden and need piles ready at 3 key points in the year.

In late winter we refresh our garden beds with fresh compost. In early spring, I need another load of fresh compost to start my seedlings - I mix compost with vermiculite, coconut coir and sometimes store bought soil to make my own soil blends. In the early fall we plant our farm’s crop of garlic and again we need a compost pile ready to top dress the garden beds before tucking in the garlic cloves for the winter. If tending to a pile and gardening aren’t for you, I get it! But consider not letting your heap go to waste. Contact your local manure collection service - shout out to Caleb and Josh - see below! Ask around, maybe your local market gardeners would like some black gold, put an ad on marketplace or I’ve even heard of people selling their compost on eBay! You might as well get this usable material out into the world!

My favorite thing I do with my fresh horse manure is heat my greenhouse. In February I take a few days of manure and rather than dumping it on my heap I roll my wheelbarrow down the hill to the greenhouse and dump the poop into a 6x5x5 ft wooden bin. The

manure generates heat as it breaks down and keeps the greenhouse heated to a minimum of 10C when it’s below 0 outside. Each year I tinker with the system, trying new things and learning from the experience. That really is the key with all of this - try it, learn and try again. Kinda sounds like developing your horsemanship, hey? Life lessons with horses are never far to find!

TAG US in your composting adventures and share your insights! >> IG, FB, TikTok @SaddleUp


Lindsay Lorraine is a lifelong creative with an extensive background in various forms such as storytelling, graphic design, textiles, project development, gardening and the equestrian industry. She was raised in Alberta, educated in Vancouver, ranched in the interior, and now happily lives in Langley. (she/her/hers)

Content worth your Google

Rodale Gardening Books

Amazing information about composting. Gets into the science and balance of carbon and nitrogen and so many valuable planting and growing tips.

No Dig

Charles Dowding lives in the UK and is an amazing gardener that utilizes a method of gardening called, no dig. Basically you keep adding compost to your soil every year rather than rototilling, and using expensive bagged soil and fertilizer. It’s an empowering journey that teaches us how rich in resources we are without the need for more, more, new, newer.

Want to heat your greenhouse using your horse poop too?

Check out his video called: A hotbed how-to for propagation undercover, pros and cons

Clever Cowgirl

Check out a straight forward explanation of composting and using horse manure in the video called: Nobody talks about this The MOST important part of owning HORSES!

Rasa Creek Farm

Why not start a garlic farm while you are at it. We did!

NOW OFFERING SAWDUST DELIVERY Caleb 250-463-1132 or Josh 250-833-2507 Serving the Okanagan and Shuswap Contact us for all your equine disposal needs, including manure and bedding! Caleb 250-463-1132 or Josh 250-833-2507 Serving the Okanagan and Shuswap

Introducing Team Canada!! We are headed to the AjPHA Youth World Games!

AjPHA’s (American Junior Paint Horse Association) International Youth World Games competition will take place in conjunction with APHA’s 2024 World Championship Show, June 21–July 7 in Fort Worth, Texas.

Several countries, Twelve to be exact, are preparing their young riders for this unique opportunity to experience and compete at one of the association’s premier events. The Twelve countries represented this year are: Canada, Belgium, China, Germany, Ireland, France, Japan, Netherlands, Scandinavia, United Kingdom and United States

From APHA Website:

What: 2024 APHA Youth World Games

Where: Will Rogers Memorial Center, Fort Worth, Texas

When: June 21–July 7, 2024

Who: Each country can enter one team with three to five AJPHA members (18 & under as of January 1, 2024).

How: Each team enters one member in showmanship, Western horsemanship, hunt-seat equitation and ranch riding. Exhibitors randomly draw horses, donated by generous owners, to show. Schooling is limited to one 30-minute session the day prior to competition.

Why: Experience and compete at the APHA World Show, meet new friends from around the world, make great memories, visit APHA’s headquarters in Texas. Oh, and compete for custom Gist Silversmiths trophy buckles and lifelong bragging rights.

Introducing Team Canada

Chris Miller - Team Coach, Chris Miller Performance Horses, Sherwood Park, Alberta

Chris is a trainer, coach and mentor and has been to many youth, amateurs and professionals over his career. He has successfully shown locally and internationally in many different events. Chris currently hangs his hat in the Sherwood Park area however has worked abroad over the years including the United States and Europe. Chris enjoys giving back to the youth and equine community and looks forward to representing Canada in June with a great, talented group of youth. GO TEAM CANADA!

Melissa Johnston - Assistant Coach, Adagio Performance Horses, Sherwood Park, Alberta

Melissa is a trainer, riding instructor, and ballet teacher, who has competed successfully both internationally and locally. Whether young or old, Melissa takes pride in the success of her clients and students both in and out of the show ring. She is excited to be a part of this journey, and hopes to help these lovely ladies achieve their goals and wishes them the best of luck!

Team Canada

Erika Garost , Kelowna, British Columbia, Competing in: Western Horsemanship

I am a first year university student in the faculty of Biomedical Science at the University of Saskatchewan "I am confident I have the skills to contribute to being a positive team member for the Youth World Games. Not only will I be able to show support to my team but I will also be able to represent Canadian values at this once in a lifetime opportunity.”

Caitlyn Spratt , Melfort, Saskatchewan, Competing in: Showmanship

I am currently in my first year of University, “As a member of Team Canada, being passionate about representing my country and about showing my riding skills to the best of my ability is key. While being at the Youth World Games, I along with the other team members will have the opportunity to meet new people from all around the world" Tavianne Yoder, Barrhead, Alberta, Competing in: Ranch Riding Grade 11, “I aim to not only showcase my riding abilities but also exemplify the dedication, sportsmanship, and professionalism that define our nation's horse community. I am committed to representing Canada with pride, integrity, and a steadfast determination to excel in ranch riding.”

Chris Miller - Team Coach Caitlyn Spratt Tavianne Yoder Melissa Johnston - Assistant Coach

Chloe Price, Drayton Valley, Alberta, Competing in: Hunt Seat Equitation

Grade 10, “As someone who gets nervous before showing, having somebody there to cheer you up helps so much. Even if it’s just a dumb joke that some people wouldn’t find funny. Winning is a great feeling and we all strive to win. I am super competitive and I will put in my all.”

The Application Process

Each Youth had to apply for the team by February 29, 2024, the team was officially announced March 15, 2024

The application process included:

Complete riding and show history (outlining all 4 disciplines mentioned above + others not mentioned)

List of points earned by horse and division (APHA + outside APHA) Application video (2-3minutes) demonstrating event applying for Detailed leadership and community involvement (volunteering) School, Church or extracurricular activities

Detailed special award received

Provide 2 letters of recommendation (One should be familiar with your horsemanship/riding skills, one should have observed your leadership or cooperative position with your peers)

Statement of purpose (provide a written essay describing how you will contribute to Team Canada and AJPHA / APHA's international relations through this event

Or Team is flying separately down to Fort Worth on June 20, 2024 meeting up and staying at an Air BnB near the grounds, parent guardians included. Then we are renting a large SUV to transport everyone to and from the grounds, our schedule is as follows:


Fri June 21 Welcome Breakfast / Horse Draw

Sat June 22 Youth Judging Contest + practice day

Sun June 23 (YWG) Youth World Games Western Horsemanship + practice day

Mon June 24  YWG Showmanship + practice day

Tue June 25 YWG Hunt Seat Equitation + practice day

Wed June 26 YWG Ranch Riding + YWG AWARDS!!!!

Thur June 27  Group Youth Activities TBD

Fri June 28 Group Youth Activities TBD


ALSO the purpose of this article is to bring awareness, celebrate these talented youth, encourage youth for the future events, welcome folks to watch, follow along! This event is completely paid for out of pocket by the parents of the youth team. Chris and Melissa have donated their time, energy and expertise leading up to, organizing and during this event. This group is working individually and as a group to secure sponsorships and donations to help offset the expenses.

We would love to encourage people or businesses that would like to donate to do so by email or phone. Any donations are graciously accepted and welcomed and monetary products or services that can be used, auctioned or sold to help support this incredible opportunity for our talented youth to represent Canada, this beautiful country we all call home! Together let’s help support our youth in sport!

To sponsor / donate please contact


>> Chris (780)558-9857

We Thank You for your support!

Chloe Price Erika Garost

You have probably all heard of books with titles like “7 Habits of Highly Successful People”, or something similar. It recently occurred to me that you could compile a small list of habits that will make you a successful rider. If you prioritize the items on this list, you and your horse will progress, slowly but surely. Whenever you feel lost or frustrated, return to this list, check if you have been implementing it or if you have become sloppy with some of these items.

If you put one foot in front of the other, you will succeed step by step, even if progress sometimes seems to be painfully slow for all of us.

Here is a list of 8 items that I came up with spontaneously. These were first the action steps and priorities that came into my mind when I thought about making a list of habits. This is not set in stone of course. You are welcome to make your own list of priorities that you consider to be most important for success. Even the process of thinking about which values, goals, and technical aspects of riding are most important to you personally will improve your understanding of the subject, and it will move you a little closer to your goals.

So here is my personal spontaneous list of 8 habits I am cultivating in my daily training:

1 Calm your mind

2 Focus

3 Tune in to your horse

4 Choose a line of travel

5 Put the horse's feet on it

6 Find the right tempo

7 Find the right stride length

8 Find the right energy level


You may have noticed that you probably don’t ride well if you’re angry, nervous, anxious, upset, or somehow not emotionally centered. So, before you go to your horse, you could check in with yourself whether you feel emotionally and psychologically calm and grounded. If you notice that you are not in a good frame of mind, you can try to ground yourself and to calm yourself before you work with your horse. If that is not possible, it is better not to ride that day because it generally doesn’t go well if we try to work and achieve something in the training, if we are not calm and grounded ourselves. Our emotional state often transfers itself to the horse, for better or for worse. Many horses need us to ground them and to support them emotionally. If we can’t be there for them in that capacity, the training will not go well, and it’s much better to recognize when we are not up for the task and

skip the training that day, rather than trying to power through it and “make progress happen” anyway.


Only a calm mind can be focused. When we enter the horse’s paddock or stall, we need to focus on the horse and on the task at hand. We need to give the horse and our communication with him our full, undivided attention, which is sometimes difficult when our lives are very busy and there are many different things on our mind all the time. Still, we should make it a habit to be present and focus on the horse and what we are doing right here, right now. This not only gives the horse a feeling of security, but it also prevents accidents. The risk of injuries and accidents increases dramatically when the human is not paying attention to the horse, to the situation, and to what they are doing.


Every horse has his or her own character, personality, energy, and history. Before we enter the horse’s space, we need to tune in to his energy, how he is feeling that day, what he may need from us, etc. so that we can adjust our own energy, our posture, and our actions to the individual horse. This is especially important when we work with several different horses a day who have very different personalities and needs. If we approach with the wrong energy, or with unfocused, scattered, spiky energy, we may scare the horse and cause training problems.


Once we’re in the arena and ready to begin the training session, we need to decide where to go, so to speak. We need to choose a specific arena pattern, just as we need to choose a road we want to drive on when we travel somewhere by car. It doesn’t matter if this arena pattern is a circle, a square, rectangle, or triangle. But it matters that we make a clear decision and never wander around aimlessly. Selecting a


specific line of travel allows you to balance and straighten the horse, which forms the gymnastic foundation of training, because balance allows the horse to relax, to make a light, steady, even rein contact, and to develop impulsion and ultimately, collection. This applies not only to ridden work, but to all work, longeing, double longeing, work in hand, and long reining.


Once you have selected an arena pattern that you want to ride, put your horse’s feet on it, so that the left pair of legs is on the left side of this line of travel, the right pair of legs is on the right side, and the spine forms a segment of this line. Observe if the horse wants to leave the arena pattern with his ships or his shoulders, or both. In which direction is he trying to deviate from the line? This shows you how functionally straight, or how crooked your horse is, and in what way he is crooked. It helps you determine whether your horse is hollow right and stiff left, or vice versa.

Understanding your horse’s asymmetry helps you to make the right training choices. Bring him back to the line of travel immediately, as soon as he strays from it. When you know and understand your horse’s crookedness, you can anticipate which end of his body will tend to leave the line, and in which direction he is most likely to drift. The horse’s balance and posture is always built from back to front and from the ground up, from the feet to the spine, with the head usually being the last part of the body that settles into place.


When you have selected an arena pattern that you want to ride, you also have to decide on a gait. Do you want to walk, trot, or canter on this line? And we never ride just “any old” gait, but we always ride a specific version of the gait that is defined by tempo and stride length. How many beats per minute do you want? What is the optimal number in each gait for your horse today? This number will be different from horse to horse, and it can change for the same horse from time to time. Some horses are always too fast and need to be slowed down in order to be able to find their balance. Others are too slow and need to be woken up so that they can move in a slightly quicker tempo. If the tempo is too fast or too slow, the horse won’t be able to find his balance, which means he won’t be able to relax or to establish a good rein contact.

You can begin by letting the horse offer you his natural tempo. But try to find out whether the tempo he offers you is really the best one, or if you need to modify it.


Stride length is the other major defining parameter of the gait, together with the tempo. Do you want to ride, for instance, a collected trot, a working trot, a medium trot, or an extended trot? These different versions of the trot are distinguished through the stride length. Just as each horse offers a certain natural tempo, they also offer a certain natural stride length. Some horses have naturally very long strides, others are rather short-strided.

Every horse has a specific tempo and stride length in which he feels most comfortable because he can balance himself best in this version of the gait. Try to find this combination of tempo and stride length with each horse and in each training session. Keep in mind that the tempo and stride length that the horse offers is not necessarily the one in which he can balance and relax the best. Some horses need the

rider’s help to find the most comfortable tempo, stride length, and balance. That’s especially true of green horses and rehab projects.


The energy level is something that is not often talked about, but it’s a very important parameter of the gait as well. Some horses are very high-strung. They have a lot of innate energy. Others are very mellow and relaxed. Their natural energy level is generally relatively low. Horses with a high natural energy level tend to be tense and nervous, which interferes with relaxation and suppleness. The priority in their training will be to establish calmness and relaxation. Horses with a low natural energy level won’t have enough muscle tone and engagement to do more advanced work. Here the priority will be to wake them up and raise the energy.

As a rule of thumb, you can say that higher gaits require more energy than lower gaits. Turns require more energy than straight lines. The smaller the turn (volte, pirouette), the more strength and energy it requires. Lateral movements require more energy than single track work. Within the lateral movements, shoulder-in related ones require less energy than haunches-in related ones. When you work your horse, always ask yourself whether the horse’s energy level is appropriate for the type of work you are trying to do, or whether you have to lower or raise the energy. Do you have to calm and mesmerize your hot, tense horse? Or do you have to wake up your sleepy horse?


These are 8 habits that I personally consider to be of vital importance in the training of the horse. If you implement the items on this list every time you ride, regardless of whether you're riding dressage in the arena, or jumping a parcours, or if you're out on a trail, or if you are long reining, working in hand, etc., you and your horse will build good habits that will help you move up the levels. If you're very disciplined in these basic habits, you and your horse will get to the point where you can't ride any other way.

You are welcome to make your own list of priorities that you want to turn into habits. You can shorten my list or extend it, or you can choose completely different items. Just make sure that you choose “basics” that will build a good foundation and ensure that you and your horse progress through the levels in the long run.

2024 Hoof Trimming Clinics

May 23-26 Kindersley SK

May 30-Jun 2 Kaslo BC

Jun 06-09 Winlaw BC

Jun 13-16 Langley BC

Jun 20-23 Courtenay BC

Jun 27-30 Squamish BC

Jul 04-07 Enderby BC

Jul 11-14 Heffley Creek BC

Jul 18-21 Two Rivers BC

Jul 25-28 Grande Prairie AB

Aug 01-04 Langdon AB

Aug 08-11 Fort Saskatchewan AB

Aug 15-18 Balgonie SK


University of Guelph

Researching Infertility in Mares due to Endometritis

It is not uncommon for mares to have trouble getting pregnant because their uterus remains too inflamed after breeding. This condition is referred to as persistent breeding-induced endometritis (PBIE). Ontario Veterinary College researcher, Dr. Tracey Chenier is working to find out what causes this inflammation and how to treat it. “Horse owners and breeders often face challenges with infertility in their mares,” says Chenier. “Endometritis, an inflammation of the lining of the uterus, can affect mares leaving them unable to conceive or carry a pregnancy. We have been looking for ways to prevent or treat endometritis and improve mare reproductive performance.”

The study compared the uterus of normal horses and horses with PBIE before and after mating. In the randomized, blinded study, the uterus of mares with PBIE was infused with a drug called N-acetylcysteine (NAC) twelve hours prior to insemination to see if it would clear up the natural inflammatory response that occurs post breeding sooner. NAC is a form of amino acid that has been used to treat conditions like chronic bronchitis in humans. In looking at the mares before insemination, they found that horses with PBIE had significantly more of a type of immune cell, called mast cells, in their uterus even before breeding than normal horses.

Mast cells are part of the body’s defence system, but they can also release chemicals that cause inflammation and tissue damage. After breeding, mares with PBIE had more inflammatory cells in their uterus than normal horses. The drug NAC did not reduce inflammation or the number of mast cells in horses with PBIE. The research concludes that mast cells may play a role in the inflammation that affects horses with PBIE. It is suggested that the chemicals released by mast cells may make the uterus less able to contract after breeding. It is also hypothesized that mast cells might activate other cells that produce scar tissue in the uterus.

“A new clinical trial began in the summer of 2023,” says Chenier. “We are looking at new therapies that could reduce inflammatory proteins without the need for antibiotic use.”

Chenier and graduate student, Dr. Yazmin Osornio will be comparing uterine lavage, uterine infusion of platelet-rich plasma and oral supplementation with Omega-3 fatty acids, as potential treatments for the prolonged inflammation associated with persistent breeding-induced endometritis. The oral supplement is kindly being provided by Mad Barn and this clinical trial will continue through the summer of 2024. If the prolonged inflammatory response in mares with PPIE can be reduced after breeding, it could lead to a better success rate for establishing pregnancy, which would be welcomed news for the horse breeding industry.

good Reads

Equine Reproductive Procedures Hardcover, June 9 2021 by John Dascanio(Editor), Patrick McCue (Editor)

Understanding the Broodmare: Your Guide to Horse Health Care and Management Paperback, June 1 2023 by Christine M. Schweizer (Author), Robert Hillman (Foreword)

the health and well-being

and overseen by equine industry groups.


for academia, industry and government - for the good of the equine industry as a whole. For further information, visit

Equine Guelph is the horse owners' and caregivers' centre at the University of Guelph in Canada. It is a unique partnership dedicated to of horses, supported Equine Guelph the epicentre

Riding your own pony is fun, but riding tandem with your best friend is even more fun! Bella and Missy, miniature Shetland ponies, love to be brushed and ridden by these 2 year old girls, Florence and Josephine. Enderby, BC.

Hi, my name is Fallon.This is my 2 year old Registered Appy Karma, I Bought her as a yearling and I have trained her from the ground up, we are starting things slow! She knows how to hoof bump too!

Age:11 Cache Creek BC


Tip of the Month

Does your dog love tasty horse manure morsels?

Okay, so assuming many of the readers here are horsey farm type country folks, do you deal with a farm dog that has a weakness for livestock manure by chance? I see many dogs that even when on leash will try to take a direct V line to a juicy pile of horse or sheep poop! Many people think "oh, it’s just recycled grass or cheap probiotic" however, please take care … other than extra massive piles of fibre filled dog feces to pick up, there are a few other cautions we horsey farm folks should always keep in mind…

When did you de-worm your horses, sheep, goats, cows last? Often Spring and Fall are common times to de-worm our farm animals. Did you know that the chemicals used in livestock de-wormers go through the system and stay intact in the feces? Did you realize that dogs can quickly consume toxic levels of anti-parasitic chemicals in their body from eating manure from horses or ruminants that have recently been de-wormed? All breeds of dogs can be affected and some can show symptoms up to 7 days after ingesting.

Symptoms in dogs to watch for:

Stumbling, collapsing ‘drunklike’, twitchy eyes, lolling tongue, constant salivating nausea, heaving and vomiting. Often bloodwork and x-rays present ‘normal’ yet dogs will be in acute distress. This is the time for a very quick visit to the emergency vet asap!

Happy horses and farm animals, happy dogs, happy owners … without the stress of a very sick dog and that pesky vet bill!

Happy Spring!

Patricia Skinner-Porter is the owner/operator of Harmony Farm Kennel & Lamb at Monte Lake BC. Offering custom care boarding (non-dog park style) Patricia provides personal care, attention and daily exercise for ALL dog types, breeds and doganalities! She also offers one-on-one dog-owner training, helping individuals to create healthy happy relationships with their dogs. Here she shares her vast array of experience with a beneficial monthly tip for you and your pooch to enjoy!

HARMONY FARM KENNEL AND, Monte Lake BC, 250375-2528. “Custom Care” boarding welcomes ALL dogs!

Simple Steps Of Prevention:

• When you de-worm your animals first, be sure to safely dispose of the tube, bottles or syringes that contained the product out of reach or retrieval by your dogs.

• Remember that often the dewormer medicine has an apple or caramel flavouring that can be even more attractive and palatable to dogs!

• Be sure to make a note of the date you’ve de-wormed so that you can be sure to manage your dogs so that they are not in the vicinity of livestock manure for about 7 days after de-worming.


Book of the Month Farm Dogs: A Comprehensive Breed Guide to 93 Guardians, Herders, Terriers, and Other Canine Working Partners

Hardcover, by Janet Vorwald Dohner (Author)

Gain a deeper understanding of your canine friends through these in-depth breed profiles that showcase how working dogs think. From familiar breeds like the Border Collie, Corgi, and Dachshund to the lesser-known Akbash, Puli, and Hovawart, Janet Vorwald Dohner describes 93 breeds of livestock guardian dogs, herding dogs, terriers, and traditional multipurpose farm dogs, highlighting the tasks each dog is best suited for and describing its physical characteristics and temperament. She also offers an accessible history of how humans bred dogs to become our partners in work and beyond, providing a thorough introduction to these highly intelligent, independent, and energetic breeds.


This is River, he is an Irish wolfhound, Red Heeler, Lab mix he is a pretty naughty boy sometimes but I love him he is a family guard dog in training he is a year old and loves training for his job when we aren’t training we are always having some kind of adventure. - Vernon BC, Annie

Send us a photo of your favourite pooch! Tell us the dog’s name, breed, and up to 50 words about him/her. We will print your first name (or initials) and your city/province.

E-mail to and put in subject line: TOP DOG OF THE MONTH. Photos will be printed on a first come first serve basis.

Farm Dogs


Research your breed of choice and pick a breed that works for the home and farm environment they will live in

When starting to introduce and socialize your new farm dog, take care in introducing them to your horses in a thoughtful manner


Start young & get them out socializing safely with your horses When ready introduce them to your horses feet! One of the best things is to teach them to respect your horses feet. This will be lifesaving!

Herding and Stock Dog


for British Columbia and Alberta

BC Stock Dogs Association, for more information go to

May 4-5





EVERYTHING PETS (Princeton BC) 250-295-7381 Quality Foods & Supplies for all your Pets! See us on Facebook.
May 17-19 Australian Cattle Dog Club Of Canada [Herding], Hope, BC 6 CKC All Breed Arena Trials (2 Sheep / 2 Geese / 2 Cattle) / 2 Stock Dog Trials May 18 Belgian Shepherd Dog Club Of Canada [Herding], Hope, BC 6 CKC All Breed Arena Trials (2 Sheep / 2 Geese / 2 Cattle) / 2 Stock Dog Trials May 18 Belgian Shepherd Dog Club Of Canada [Herding], Hope, BC 3 CKC All Breed Arena Trials (1 Sheep / 1 Duck / 1 Cattle) 1 Stock Dog
L'Arrivee Clinic
Bear Mountain Field Trial
Corey Perry Clinic
May 11-12
Stock Dog Association, for more information go to
Bear Mountain SDT,
Red Lodge Trail, Bowden Alberta ASDA sanctioned
& H O R S E S Q U I C K T I P S Size Energy Level Temperament Farm Job Daily care For your pet needs contact:

The Vernon District Riding Club is

Our beautiful riding club is now open and we have a full calendar ahead of upcoming events in a variety of shows, clinics and clubs. Getting involved in a club can be a great way to create an outing for you and your horse and have some new experiences in a safe and fun environment while learning.

The Crony Club is an all ages, non-competitive, all discipline welcome club. Under the coaching of Claudia Zurmuhle (Certified Coach) 5 group riding sessions offer something different weekly during its run April 15th to June 10th. For our youth, the Vernon Pony Club runs every Wednesday Apr 17th to the end of June. The pony club offers opportunity for young people to learn in a social environment with lessons in riding and stable management. VDRC membership are a requirement for both.

The VDRC EC Gold/Bronze Dressage Show is May 25th & 26th, entry deadline is May 15th. We are extremely grateful to our judges Joan MacArtney (Ottawa) and Susan Hewton (Calgary) for joining us for this event. Also to be presented is the Rising Stars Dressage Equitation Division for riders under the age of 21.

Our Hunter Jumper show takes place May 31st - June 2nd. This is one of two provincially rated shows in the BC Interior. This is a premiere jumping event in the valley and provides an excellent educational and competitive environment.

The Interior Desert Circuit summer show is July 27th & 28th. The VDRC in partnership with the Kelowna Riding Club make the shows not only affordable but accessible to local people. This show is well attended and allows riders to collect points throughout the season at 4 shows that culminate in year end awards.

Events can fill quickly, early entry is key! There are still a few spots

Our beautiful riding club is now open and we have a full calendar ahead of upcoming events in a variety of shows, clinics and clubs. Getting involved in a club can be a great way to create an outing for you and your horse and have some new experiences in a safe and fun environment while learning.

The Interior Cutting Horse Association was formed in 1984 by an enthusiastic group of individuals with a focus on creating a club for beginners and the novice horse & rider.

Our goal is to keep the interest and enjoyment in the sport of cutting alive with consideration to the economic level at which our members can still participate in this challenging and exhilarating sport. We thrive to maintain the priority to encourage new membership for beginners to the sport of cutting.

Our classes have been created to provide attainable goals for beginners to advanced members with the consideration of allowing them to progress to a more challenging level each year. We also offer youth classes for our family members.

Our shows are usually two-day events held in the Interior of British Columbia. If you’re thinking about joining or just want to learn what cutting is all about, we encourage you to come

Welcome Events April 15th to June 10th

for the Georgia Hunt Jumping Clinic (auditors welcome), and an already successful Eiren Crawford clinic was full.

New to us is an online platform for membership applications. Memberships and drop ins are welcome and forms for both can now be completed online. Anyone can join, horses are expected to be vaccinated prior to being on the grounds.

As a not for profit organization, your support in the form of volunteering, sponsorship or donations are always welcome and appreciated. Please follow us on Facebook and Instagram or check our website to stay up to date on events happening at the club!

VDRC Dates pg.27

Interior Cutting Horse Association Grassroots cutting at its finest!

watch our events, spectators are always welcome! For more information, you can visit our website at www.ichacutting. com or email: 2024 Show Schedule

May 11 & 12 Kamloops

May 25 & 26 Kamloops

June 1 & 2 Kamloops

A grassroots club, encouraging beginners and novice horse & riders. Come out and see what the fun is all about!

and ready
to welcome you for the 2024 season!

BC Therapeutic Riding Association News

Association for Equine Assisted Service Providers in BC

2023-24 Grant Distribution Announcement

The BC Therapeutic Riding Association (BCTRA) recently provided funding of $50,000 to 17 Equine Assisted Service (EAS) Providers in British Columbia. These EAS providers are located across the province and offer programs in therapeutic riding, equine-assisted learning and therapies, and para-equestrian sports. The funding was made available to BCTRA Group Members who were in good standing through three grants: Growth, Operational, and Developing Equine Assisted Service Professionals. BCTRA has supported its members since 2017 through the BCTRA Maggie Carpenter Trust and has awarded over $285,000. Our next granting cycle will be announced in September 2024.

BCTRA Para-Equestrian Video Competition

Announcement for all para-equestrians! The 4th Annual BCTRA Para-Equestrian Video Competition now accepts entries until September 30, 2024. This competition is open to riders of all levels and abilities who can participate from the comfort of their home or centre arena on a horse they feel most comfortable with. The competition includes several events such as Pole Bending, Barrel Racing, Obstacle, Para-Jumping, Equitation/Horsemanship, Ranch Riding, Para-Reining, and Para-driving. To enter, you will need to pay an entry fee of $20 for one video and an additional $15 for each additional video. Your BCTRA Membership will be included with your entry, and your BCTRA Level C1 (participant) Membership is $5 per year. Memberships expire annually on December 31.

BC Summer Games Para-Equestrian Support

For over a decade, BCTRA has been proud to support paraequestrian riders in their qualification and participation in the BC Summer Games. These riders, aged 13 to 30 and holding a Level C member status in BCTRA, can make the games an integral part of

June 24th 7pm

their training goals and compete with others across the province. We collaborate closely with the Horse Council of British Columbia to provide our members with all the necessary information to participate. Additionally, we extend bursaries to help them develop their skills, offer presentations to answer frequently asked questions, and research resources to keep them in the game.

June Roundtable Becoming a Certified Therapeutic Riding Instructor

Join us on Monday, June 24th at 7 pm PST to learn about North America's three most established therapeutic riding certification programs. Each organization will present a short (15-minute) presentation about getting certified through their organization.This is a free webinar open to the general public. We encourage those interested to post their questions for our presenters via the registration form so they can streamline their presentations.

Fionna Christensen, CanTRA Volunteer Certification Coordinator

Allison Gleaton, PATH Credentialing Support Specialist

Tammi Gainer - CHA Executive Director

For more information visit: Email:

WestCoast Working Equitation Chapter

Working Equitation is a rapidly growing equine sport that is open to all equines and all styles of riding. From the first European Championship in 1996, to the establishment of the World Association of Working Equitation in 2004, many countries now have their own National organizations, including Canada (WECAN), with 6 chapters in British Columbia, 2 in Alberta and one each in Saskatchewan, Manitoba and Quebec. Focusing on classical horsemanship, the development of the horse with safety and welfare as a top priority and partnership and harmony between horse and rider, WE is inclusive to all and it’s FUN!

As your Lower Mainland/Fraser Valley chapter of Working Equitation Canada, WestCoast Working Equitation (WCWE) has started a very ambitious plan for the 2024 season. We held our first clinic/ playday at Pacific Country Stables on March 30, with 12 riders gaining some WE insight from our clinician, Sandy Lang, and an additional 12 more experienced participants enjoying some practice time in the playday.

Our next clinic/playday will be held April 27, with Darrell Roberds coaching. On May 4 we will hold another playday with a full course set up to practice on.

All of this practice leads up to our first licensed show, Welcome

Spring!, to be held May 24-26 at Maple Ridge Equi Sport Centre. We are excited to have Judge Amy Star join us from Tucson, Arizona. Amy will give a seminar on Working Equitation on the Friday prior to the show and dressage lessons will be offered by Sarah Bradley to prep for the competition on Saturday and Sunday. Club news By Karen Gallagher

Detailed information can be found on our Facebook Page, WestCoast Working Equitation, or email us at Upcoming Events

May 4

May 24-26

July 13-14

Obstacle Playday, schooling full course

Welcome Spring! Working Equitation Licensed Show

Summer Sizzle Clinic & WE Schooling Show

Licensed Show May 24-26

Canadian Cowboy Challenge

Welcome all!

Spring is here and everyone should be well into preparing for the 2024 Challenge season. The CCC Board is in the process of reviewing the Members’ Rules. The review entails up-dating some rules for clarification or if a rule appears ambiguous or confusing. Other up-dates are made from membership feedback received from the 2023 Challenge season. The process is time consuming as there are 18 sections as well as a legend and obstacle list. Any changes made will be listed on the CCC’s Home page under “April 2024 Member Rules Updates”. The “Judges’ Guidelines” was up-dated during the Judges’ conference held on March 03, 2024 via Zoom.

The Challenge season starts on May 18 at Reiny Day Stables in Saskatchewan. Alberta has it’s start on June 08 at Rosebriar Ranch.

Check out the website “ challenges" for the full list of Challenges and Playdays for the summer.

Jazzy at Pine Rock Ventures Challenge

Adrian riding Legacy at the Carstairs Classic in July of 2023

As a reminder of what summer is like, I have included a photo of Adrian riding Legacy at the Carstairs Classic in July of 2023. I think it is inspiring and motivating to be reminded of riding in the warm weather and green grass. The Challenge season also leads to the CCC finals which will be held in September of 2024. Pictured are Louise riding Dancer at the 2023 finals and and Shane riding Jazzy at Pine Rock Ventures Challenge. Members must qualify during the season to be eligible to enter the finals. The point system and how “The Team” qualifies for the finals are listed under section 16 of the Members’ rules. Canadian Cowboy Challenge Rules can be found on the CCC web site under the Rules and Info menu.

Enjoy the ride! Hans Kollewyn


Riders Welcome New Owners/Editors

Saddle Up Oh The Joys Of Spring

Mostly trying to remember not to wear fleece while raking off the masses of winter hair now superfluous to our sweet horses. Then tackling the arduous task of washing the horse trailer. All the while being paranoid about allowing horses excess access to Spring grass. But still trying to enjoy the show of bulbs and blossoms. Meanwhile the garden, the fences, etc. all need attention. With determination, getting these things done. What will make everything come un-done, is if you get hurt. Too early in the season to nurse an injury, caution is recommended!

Love Your Enthusiasm

A little too much enthusiasm can be deadly. As Vintage Riders are capable horse persons, we habitually push our physical boundaries. We harbour the mindset we developed at twenty-five years old. Well, stop. Your horse is just as excited about Spring as you are. And may surprise you with a joyful leap, buck, bolt, duck out, spook, refusal and kick etc. Like yourself, their mind and attention drifts with the smells, sights and sounds of a mild spring day. Read Your Horse

Be astute. Go slow. Review basics. If you feel a little body sore, maybe your ride was too strenuous. Employ empathy, your horse may be feeling the same. Take breaks and tell them how precious they are to you. You are the planner and the brains. All they want is a good herd member. Don’t push to the threshold. You may create push-back. Not productive, perhaps destructive.

Great Plans

Vintage riders have had several events already in 2024. So far, no cuts, scrapes, scratches or minor abrasions. Yay. But, please be careful. Lovely Summer ahead, plan now to enjoy it.

Wishing you the best

Our sixty plus members are amazing. And I thank the horse for the opportunity to get to know these people. We have had:

A bit fitting workshop, trying different bits with our equine pals

A Valentines park ride

Pole gymnastics clinic Working Equitation training session

Trailer prep and maintenance

With great regard for the tenacity and charm of horse people…… Kendra

Louise riding Dancer Shane riding Bonnie and Solana Norma

The Back Country Horsemen of

BCHBC Helps Make History in Alberta

A trail riders’ movement based in British Columbia is gaining traction in Alberta Submitted by Alberta Back Country Horsemen

#1 in a series on Horse Camps Woodlands, Tulameen, Whitworth, Camps Created and/or Maintained by Aldergrove Chapter, Submitted by Sheila Sowerby

Aldergrove chapter is already busy this year working on improvements to two horse camps: Woodlands, in Golden Ears Park and Tulameen Horse Camp in the Cascade Recreation Area. A third, Whitworth Forest Horse Camp 56km south of Silver Creek in the Skagit Valley, had the road to it, Silver Skagit, wash out during the atmospheric river of 2021. The road is supposed to reopen this spring and the camp will probably need work! It has eleven pull through campsites, fire pits, picnic tables, 2 corrals per site, and central water. There is access to several trails: Skagit River, Centennial and Skyline 2. It’s also known for seasonal, BAD, mosquitos! It should be open May 17 to October 7 to reserve or call 1-800689-9025, or first come, first serve.

Woodlands: In 2013 Aldergrove began working with BC Parks on the creation of a horse camp in Golden Ears Park, in Maple Ridge. Hundreds of volunteer hours were logged (man and machine) but snags were met, and progress stalled. Fast forward to this year (and lots more volunteer work), when not only is Woodlands Horse Camp up and running with pads for eight rigs, central water and six high-line posts, but Aldergrove chapter recently received permission to install corrals! Thanks to BCHBC volunteers, there will be 3 sets of 12 x 12  double corrals going in this summer!

Woodlands is located along the Golden Ears Parkway, just past the ticket booth and before the bridge to Gold Creek, on the left. The trails are well maintained and there are lots. They are all multi-use trails and can get busy in peak season. Currently Woodlands Horse Camp may only be reserved as a group campsite, which is $120/night plus a minimum of 15 adults at $5/head. Camping is open March

1 to Nov 30 for reservations. All manure must be taken out with you. To reserve or call 1-800-689-9025

Tulameen: Back in the 1990’s plans were put in motion to create a horse camp along the Dewdney Trail in Paradise Valley, within Manning Park. It has been in use for decades now and even has a log cabin (aka The Hilton) for the use of Rangers and BCHBC Stewards involved in club sanctioned projects.

This is a remote horse camp which can be ridden into from the Cascade Rec area (there are high-line posts, hitching rails and plenty of parking to stage your adventure) then about a 4 hour ride along the Dewdney Trail. Alternatively, you can ride in from Whitecloud Lake at 52K on Tulameen FSR, or from the Whipsaw or Granite Creek FSR.

When you arrive at Tulameen Horse Camp, there is lots of great tenting, a barn to keep your gear dry, several paddocks, limitless trees to highline to, a beautiful grassy meadow, a fire pit, water nearby at the Tulameen River and a spring. This is a Leave No Trace campsite, so spread your manure and be gentle on the trees and grass. First come, first serve.

The existing paddocks are pretty sketchy, but there will be a multi-chapter effort in August to build six new ones! There are miles of trails, both historic and new, with plans to clear and open up more. This is a bucket list destination! For more info on Tulameen Horse Camp contact Brian Harder at president@bchorsemen. org

There is more information and maps of these horse camps, on the BC Horse Council Trail Database Want to support initiatives like these and get updates? Join a BCHBC chapter near you!

Next month read all about Skimikin Horse Camp in the Salmon Arm area, a Shuswap Chapter project.!

BC Back Country Horsemen of BC – serving BC trail riding enthusiasts since 1989! Check out our beautiful website at / Questions? Contact BCHBC respectfully acknowledges that our members are privileged to recreate on the unceded traditional lands of First Nations people of British Columbia.
Key figures of the Whitworth Forest Horse Camp project; Jim McCrae with wife Marilyn, Jack Breaks, George Ralph and volunteers in 2009. A pad with highline posts at Woodlands Horse Camp. Stock grazing in the meadow at Tulameen Horse Camp with beautiful Snass Mountain overlooking. Brian Harder repairing a bridge along the Dewdney Trail.

Clubs & Associations

Alberta Donkey and Mule Club

Play Days • Clinics • Shows • Trail Rides • Community Events • Knowledge Sharing High Point in Competitive and Recreational Categories 6/24

ARMSTRONG ENDERBY RIDING CLUB Schooling Shows (Eng/West/Games), Armstrong Fairgrounds, April to Sept. 10/23


BC ANIMAL OWNERS ASSOC. Mission is to get ‘legal’ access to non-vet practices to support our companion/farm animals. 624

BC CARRIAGE DRIVING SOCIETY, Pleasure, Combined, Recreation from Minis to Drafts, 824

BC INTERIOR ARABIAN HORSE ASSOC. Pres: Wally Goertz 250-546-6004 325, clinics, Recreational riding programs, Awards/Social Activ.

BC INTERIOR MORGAN HORSE CLUB see our FB page. Pres: Bev Routledge email: Activities: trail rides, obstacle fun day, barn tour/pot luck. 724

BC PAINT HORSE CLUB, Open Show & Competition Program, award sponsorships for local clubs, youth scholarship. 524

BC QUARTER HORSE ASSOCATION, Contact Carolyn Farris, email 325

BC Team Cattle Penning Association

March 18-19 (Barriere) April 29-30 (Barriere) May 20-21 (Quesnel) May 27-28 (Barriere)

(tba) Join us at our 2023 shows! •

17-18 (Knutsford) & Sorting Jackpot June 19 Sept 9-10

BC WELSH PONY & COB ASSOC. (see FB) Pres: Rosanne 604-302-7650, Breed promotion program throughout the province. 624

BOUNDARY HORSE ASSOCIATION (Grand Forks BC), Offering shows, gymkhanas, clinics & more. See us on Facebook, 250-443-3191, 624

524 Canadian Cowboy Challenge A SPORT for
whole Family! Seven
12/23 824
equine-based therapeutic services, and para-equestrian activities throughout BC through networking, educational programming, and outreach activities. JOIN US! 424 325 INTERIOR CUTTING HORSE ASSOCIATION New cutters always welcome.
1124 Want to enjoy miles of beautiful new trails with your equine partner in BC? Try Endurance Riding! Info on clinics and events at We welcome all levels of riders and all breeds of equines. 6/16424 CHILLIWACK RIDING CLUB,
Gymkhana, Trail Rides, Clinics, Open Ride, Socials,
424 424 A charitable equine organization funding veterinary colleges and students, and other worthy equine causes. Bob Watson, President • 403-378-4323 DONATIONS WELCOMED THE EQUINE FOUNDATION OF CANADA PEOPLE HELPING PEOPLE HELPING HORSES 624 • Certification of therapeutic riding instructors - basic
senior level
Visit us online: Email: Phone: (519) 767-0700 Since 1980,
therapeutic riding
Welcoming a diverse equestrian community by fostering
enjoyment, development,
competition. Introducing the 2023 Interior Desert Hunter/Jumper
More details and dates available at 3745 Gordon Drive, Kelowna BC 424 IEBWA Members are Certified & Insured… Is your Body Worker? Equine & Canine Memberships available! International Equine Body Workers Association 524 325 325 624
Divisions to accommodate all!
more info please call
or visit
therapeutic riding,
(Heritage Qualifiers),
• Prerequisites through Equestrian Canada
Equine assisted wellness, learning, team building & personal development
National accreditation of therapeutic riding programs
Partner with Equine Guelph
Canadian Therapeutic Riding Association
been the
in Canada for
and is
(Horses in
List your club here!

LANGLEY RIDERS SOCIETY, English/Western, Games, Jumping, Drill Team, Rodeo. 604-530-5981 325


NORTHERN SADDLE CLUB, Smithers BC. Check out our website at and follow us on Facebook 425

Promoting equine activities and knowledge in the south Cariboo with Shows, Clinics, Gymkhanas and more. President: Danita McLaren

E-mail: ~

Events + Club Hub

Do you have your 2024 Event Dates yet?

Clubs & Associations

SOUTH CENTRAL QUARTER HORSE ASSOC., Host of April Fuzzy Horse Show and September AQHA Circuit Show, 325

VERNON DISTRICT RIDING CLUB (Vernon BC), check out our website at or visit our Facebook & Instagram pages 325

VI MINIATURE HORSE CLUB,, bcminiaturehorseclubs/ vimhc Driving and/or halter shows, clinics & performance competitions 424

VINTAGE RIDERS EQUESTRIAN CLUB (Fraser Valley BC), English/Western, lectures, clinics, socials, safe and fun,, on Facebook 624

WILD ROSE DRAFT HORSE ASSOCIATION, Barb Stephenson (Secretary) phone 403-933-5765 (8:00 am to 8:00 pm) 824

Let us know – this is a FREE service for non-profit events

REQUIRED FORMAT FOR EACH DATE: Jan 1-2, OPEN HORSE SHOW, Smith Arena, Smithsville, email and/or website



WILD ROSE DRAFT HORSE SALE, Olds AB,, Barb 403-933-5765,

4 SPRING HORSE SALE, Lethbridge AB,, 403-382-8037,





OBSTACLE PLAYDAY, schooling full course, WestCoast Working Equitation, or email us at


Covered Arena @ NSC Grounds, Contact 5-10


LADYSMITH (V. Island) BC, Learn Equine Myo-massage Therapy – Certification Course Sidonia McIntyre, RMT, CEMT, CCF,

NICKI FLUNDRA-UNBRIDLED CLINIC, Spa Alp Equines, Salmon Arm BC, Stephanie



S.C.Q.H.A. FUZZY HORSE SHOW, Kelowna Riding Club, 11-12


13 CRONY CLUB, Vernon Riding Club,


DUNREA MB, Learn Equine Massage Therapy – Certification Course Sidonia McIntyre, RMT, CEMT, CCF,

18 YOUTH DRAFT HORSE CLINIC, Calico Farms, Guest speaker Dr. Chad Hewlett,


18 SHOWCASE Drill Team Exhibition, 100 Mile Outriders Area, 100 Mile House BC,

19 RIDE YOUR TEST DAY, Kelowna Riding Club


JIM GREENDYK CLINIC, Spa Alp Equines, Salmon Arm BC, Stephanie





WELCOME SPRING! Working Equitation Licensed Show, WestCoast Working Equitation, or email us at



25-26 WEKB SHOW SERIES, Judge Kendra Martland, Crestwood Stables, Creston BC,

25-26 ICHA CUTTING, Kamloops BC,

25-26 DRESSAGE SHOW, Vernon Riding Club

27 CRONY CLUB, Vernon Riding Club


31-Jun 2 HUNTER JUMPER SHOW, Vernon Riding Club







8-9 GENERAL PERFORMANCE & HORSEMANSHIP CLINIC w/Jodie Moore, Spa Alp Equines, Salmon Arm BC, Stephanie

8-9 WEKB SHOW SERIES, Judge Kim Vos, Boundary Horse Grounds, Grand Forks BC,

8-9 QHAA SHOW, Silver Slate Arena, Stavely AB,

10 CRONY CLUB, Vernon Riding Club




15-20 GUELPH ON, Learn Equine Massage Therapy – Certification Course Sidonia McIntyre, RMT, CEMT, CCF,

19-21 ADULT CAMP, Kelowna Riding Club



22 GYMKHANA, Kelowna Riding Club

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Dates can be added online in our Events and Club Hub calendar Email: to include you club news and dates in the magazine monthly!


Business Services

28 • MAY 2024 SADDLEUP.CA ARENA MAINTENANCE ARENAS ACCOMMODATIONS 524 FARM SUPPLIES FARRIERS & SUPPLIES 325 FEED DEALERS ASHCROFT HOME BUILDING CENTRE (Ashcroft) 250-453-2281 Otter Co-op Dealer & Pet Foods. You can find us on Facebook 325 FENCING 924 RED DEER 325 Ride in Bright, Natural Light Year-round Riding Arenas Designed For You 524
Wanted Trail Guides Guide on Guest Ranch / Horse Pack Trips Mountain Horseback Guide Training WWW.REIMERSFARMSERVICE.COM (BC Interior) 1-855-737-0110 or 250-838-0111. Bulk & Bagged Shavings, 4x4x4 Totes, Sawdust, Bark Mulch 325 BEDDING, HOG FUEL, SHAVINGS EDUCATION • Horse Shavings • Hog Fuel • Bark Mulch • Compost Ph: 250-503-7432 NATA FARMS Serving BC’s Interior including South Okanagan 724 325 325 PUBLISHING 524 Fortress Press book publishing Family legacy - wilderness lifestyle - local interest The control of self-publishing with the support of a publisher / 924 CHILLIWACK 1-877-847-3735 WHOLESALE PANELS & GATES ARMSTRONG 250-546-9174 NANAIMO 250-912-0095 CHILLIWACK 1-877-847-3735 WHOLESALE PANELS & GATES ARMSTRONG 250-546-9174 NANAIMO 250-912-0095 CHILLIWACK 1-877-847-3735 WHOLESALE PANELS & GATES ARMSTRONG 250-546-9174 NANAIMO 250-912-0095 250-540-5904 Tailored web development services for the equine community. Gallop ahead with OnLocal Marketing today your ad could be here contact 325


PETERSEN TRAILERS LTD. (Langley) 604-533-4209 Service and Repairs. All makes 924

KITT EQUIPMENT TRAILER SALES, (Chilliwack & Aldergrove), 1-877-8237199, Horse ~ Stock ~ Utility ~ Dump ~ Flatdecks, 624

CANADIANEQUESTRIANARTSACADEMY.COM, French Classical dressage, coaching,  clinics, sales. Standing Xihao AR, Lusitano stallion. Sarah Southwell 403-915-0616 524

SANDY LANG HORSEMANSHIP (Abbotsford BC) 778-344-3804, Foundation Focus Working Equitation, Natural Horsemanship, 1124



Drs. Magnowski, Scheidt, Thompson, Jordan, Deitrick, Johnston, Kelley, Wurzer

Mobile Equine, Dr. Savannah Beavers,


Equine, Brytann Youngberg DVM, VSMT, College of Animal Chiropractors

29 MAY 2024 SADDLEUP.CA • Business Services On the Market 624 Aaron & Colleen Wangler, Dawson Creek BC 250-843-7337 / Presents These two fine stallions covering exceptional mares from years of dedication to conformation, disposition and pretty packaging. OFFSPRING AVAILABLE AW Blue Fire N Te AQHA Blue Roan Axels N Steel Dust AQHA/NFQH 98% Grullo 1224 BC APPALOOSA CENTRE 2024 FOALS WILL BE AVAILABLE FOR VIEWING AND SECURING IN MAY AND JUNE Most will be 5-generation and Bay or Black base colour *Mares also available Howard & Marylin Jackson 250-963-9779 (Prince George BC) announcing 624
Williams Lake 250-392-5510 / Quesnel 250-747-3053
VETERINARY SERVICES (Okanagan) 250-212-3513 325 250-838-7861 335 BRICKYARD RD, ENDERBY BC • PARTS • SERVICE • STORAGE • INSURANCE • FULL MOBILE SERVICE 1124 1465 Cariboo Pl. Kamloops, BC V2C 5Z3 250-374-1486 VETERINARY SURGEONS: Dr. Jennifer Jackson Dr. Jason McGillivray Dr. Colin Mikkelsen Dr. Willow Holmes Dr. Isabelle Mitchell Dr. Kerry Dyson KAMLOOPS LARGE ANIMAL VETERINARY CLINIC 1465 Cariboo Pl. Kamloops, BC V2C 5Z3 250-374-1486 VETERINARY SURGEONS: Dr. Jennifer Jackson Dr. Jason McGillivray Dr. Colin Mikkelsen Dr. Willow Holmes Dr. Isabelle Mitchell Dr. Kerry Dyson 1465 Cariboo Pl. Kamloops, BC V2C 5Z3 250-374-1486 VETERINARY SURGEONS: Dr. Jennifer Jackson Dr. Jason McGillivray Dr. Colin Mikkelsen Dr. Willow Holmes Dr. Isabelle Mitchell Dr. Kerry Dyson

Rural Roots

9.8 acres on a quiet paved road minutes from Armstrong BC. Stunning views. Modernized 3,072 sq. ft., 3 bedroom/3 full bathroom century home with a 5 acre hay field. 60’ x 160’ half covered riding arena, attached tack room, 10 fenced pastures. 5 stalls with a separate feed room and runs off the stalls in one barn, 4 stalls in the other. Garage/shop, more barns and gardens.

4365 Round Prairie Road, Armstrong BC

$1,850,000 MLS® #10305346


With 2 private ponds, a creek, fenced horse pasture and zoned for 2 residences. Approximately 45 acres of good workable land and 55 acres of valley pasture land. A large 30’ x 34’ insulated shop with a new roof. Domestic water is Municipal water. Irrigation licence for 70 acre feet to irrigate 55 acres. Prepped gravel building site for an indoor arena or ag building.

1829 Pleasant Valley Road, Armstrong BC

$3,298,000 MLS® #10309824


A self-sustaining ranch, 3 bedroom/2 bathroom house, zoning for 2 residences, range permit for 38 cows and 2 bulls. 50 acres of good hay land with 2 crops/year, some in alfalfa, some in grass and annual crops, and an irrigation water licence. Drilled well that produces 60 GPM. 50’ x 42’ hay shed with lean-to. Fenced and x-fenced, heated waterers and stall barn.

3977 Dear Road, Falkland BC

$1,399,900 MLS® #10284796

CONTACT: RUSSELL ARMSTRONG Century 21 Executives Realty Ltd., Vernon, B.C. Cell: 778-930-0115 Email:

PARADISE for the horse lover, hobby farmer, or fishing enthusiast. 22 acres includes approximately 6 acres on Phillips Lake in peaceful Turtle Valley. Recently renovated 1,624 sq. ft. Rancher with modern updates. 3 bedrooms, 2 baths, kitchen has custom maple cabinets and a huge island. Currently set up for horses with farm fencing, huge paddocks with shelters that open to larger grazing areas. Tons of water, Olympic sized outdoor dressage ring, round pen area, tack room, hay storage, and a 12+ acre hayfield with water rights and irrigation system.

8661 Skimikin Road, Chase BC



20 minutes to Nelson BC

An equestrians’ dream property including a 4 bedroom home plus a 650 sq. ft. 2 bedroom cabin on just over 12 flat acres. Currently being run as a small boarding stable, there are 7 horse paddocks, 3 cow pens, a large grass turn-out field, 8 pens with heated auto-waterers, a 70’ x 160’ outdoor riding arena, a barn with 2 stalls that can hold 25 tons of hay, plus a 4-stall outbuilding. There is a large established garden and secure dog kennels set up near the main house. 2363 Highway 3A Castlegar BC $879 000 MLS® #2476002

MARSHALL 250-515-3454
250-509-0006 |
Path Realty
Up Magazine Ads@SaddleUp ca


HORSE BLANKET & SADDLE PAD WASHING & Repairs. Clean used Blankets for sale. Town Centre Dry Cleaners, Town Centre Mall. 250-546-0104 (Armstrong BC) 624


BC APPALOOSA CENTRE HAS AN OPENING FOR TWO RANCH HAND INTERNS Main duties will include checking foaling pasture and handling, and riding young ranch-raised horses in training under the guidance of the old guy who has 60 years experience in the commercial horse business. Can lead to full time, paid job after 90 days successful internship. Accommodations and food provided. Please contact Howard 250-963-9779, (Prince George BC)

APPALOOSAS: WANT TO CONNECT WITH FOLKS who are raising Appaloosa horses, or are interested in raising Appaloosa Horses. Please contact Howard Jackson 250-963-9779, appaloosacentre@telus. net (Prince George BC) 624


“ALL TUCKED INN” AT HARMONY FARM BnB horse friendly cabin near Monte Lake BC. Beautiful cabin for 2, gourmet breakfast, large safe paddocks and endless trails! 250-682-8538 624

APPALOOSACENTRE.COM 250-963-9779 Real Appaloosas for Today and the Future! 325

Shop & Swap! Stallions & Breeders
5 Panel Negative AQHA Stallion Standing at: Charles Ranch Equine, Ashcroft BC and (owners) Circle M Farm, Qualicum Beach BC For breeding inquiries email 524 SUNSET
Breeding & Sales, on 524 Leather & Stitches “The Leather Lady” Sherri DeBoer Custom Sewing Leather Hats, Belts, Moccasins Holsters, Knife Sheaths Upholstery Work & many repairs Custom Sewing 250.838.0778 Box 62 Grindrod BC, V0E 1Y0 325 Check out Saddle Up on Facebook and Instagram Add h d Contact us anytime! 1-866-546-9922 Saddle Up is a FREE monthly magazine distributed throughout BC and Alberta, we are dedicated to promoting and supporting equine communities through horse people clubs associations shows events and any other horseplay activity! With over 30 000 readers we are available for free at tack & western wear stores feed shops select equestrian centres veterinary clinics, and many other horse related outlets We also attend and distribute numerous copies at certain trade shows, horse events, and sales throughout the year As the official voice for numerous clubs/associations we print their news for you! Do you o er a dog service or training business? Sell pet feeds and supplies? You can advertise in our top dog section! Prices start at only $250 per year (11 issues). Call 1-866-546-9922 or e-mail Hello! Breeders your ad should be here! Contact
VIEW RANCH (West Kelowna BC) 250-878-9807. Top Performance AQHA/APHA bloodlines,
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