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2 • Saddle Up • August 2013

timberStar traCtor

HCBC 2010 Business of the Year

Dear Editor


Hi Nancy: just wanted to thank you so much for the Tails to be Told article on Tony Mallam in your June issue (page 43). He was surprised and delighted to see it and it was a fun way to mark the occasion of his birthday, especially with your added touch of the birthday cake! We continue to enjoy every issue.

- Cheers, Erica (his daughter)


Dear Editor: fter reading Barb McLellan’s letter in your July issue about the Gaited Horse Show I felt it necessary to at least set the record straight. An individual from the barn where my horse is boarded was a participant in the show along with some family members. If Ms. McLellan has read the article in Saddle Up she should feel somewhat embarrassed at her comments regarding the show in general and her… ‘It looked like they did not care,’ etc. Had she bothered to approach any member of the show committee and expressed her dismay they most likely would have stressed this show has more to do with FUN and a good time to be held by all as opposed to what clothes are hanging in the closet. Some of the riders were in the ring for the first time. For many of the riders this is most likely the only time they set foot inside a ring so all the fancy attire is NOT an option. I found the

HCBC 2010 Business of the Year

horses to be groomed and the riders in clean attire. If you had read the list of classes you would have realized this is a different type of show. I know you would not have found what I called the ‘toilet paper class’ in a sanctioned show. I showed in Class A Arabian shows in Ontario and that would have been nowhere in the list of classes. Now for the girls that were turned out so beautifully. Their association allowed them to go and earn points for their prospective breed and it was really nice to see them so well turned out. From what I understand that show has been running for 16 years and congratulations to the people who put it on. They made it fun to watch and the fact that many of the riders were not turned out to your standards doesn’t mean they cannot take their horses and have one day of fun and worry they are not dressed in fancy show clothes. My complaint was I could not ride because my horse is half Arab and does not have any gaited blood. I gave up showing years ago and for the first time since then I would like to have been part of the fun. Maybe next year I will have to find someone to loan me a horse for the day so I can have some real enjoyment with people who were there to enjoy their breed and show the public what these horses can do. Looking forward to 2014.

- Penny Bearss, Coldstream BC

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Equine Body Language Legalities with Harveen Thauli Driving Bits - Part 2 Clicker Training Tana’s Story - Final Calgary Stampede True Equine Leadership Experimentation & Observation CanDrive 1 - A Dream Come True! Interview with Kyla Pollard Horses Help… Bullying

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s I write this I am just about to head out to the Region 17 Arabian Show in Langley as well as the Andalusian Championships in Chilliwack with 30+ temperatures expected for the rest of the week – way hot! August will be a busy month for us (me); going to the BC Seniors (Equestrian) Games in Kamloops, then Armstrong’s famous Interior Provincial Exhibition (IPE) at the end of the month, at the same time the North Thompson Fall Fair happens in Barriere, which we’ll (I) will get to as well. I love the summer months (not the heat though) and all the Fall Fairs. In September, next up for Fairs (including horse shows) is Salmon Arm and then Rock Creek. Hope you see you at all of them! I was so happy to hear, as I am sure many of you were, that the City of Calgary and its community worked many long hours and pulled it all together to ensure the Stampede was going to happen “Come Hell or High Water!” Congratulations to you all – what a great effort! It was brought to my attention that a photo on our June cover was missing a photo credit… that of Haylie Morris, it was taken by Naomi McGeachy. Thanks for letting us know. Enjoy your (hot) summer!

Nancy CONTRIBUTORS: Stephanie Kwok, Judy Newbert, Birgit Stutz, Harveen Thauli, Marie Leginus, Monty Gwynne, Barbra Ann King, Christa Miremadi, Steven Dubas, Sherry Hudson, Gerard Paagman, Mark McMillan, Bruce Roy, Lorraine Pelletier, Suzi Vlietstra. ON THE COVER: Old Baldy Ranch Production Sale, www.northernhorse.com/oldbaldy MASTHEAD PHOTOS: (regular features) By Rein-Beau Images OFFICIAL VOICE FOR: Back Country Horsemen of BC, BC Paint Horse Club, BC Interior Arabian Horse Assoc., South Central Quarter Horse Assoc., Endurance Riders Assoc. of BC., BC Rodeo Association, Lower Mainland Quarter Horse Assoc. MEDIA PARTNER WITH HORSE COUNCIL BC www.hcbc.ca

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4 • Saddle Up • August 2013

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Generic Liquid Ivermectin Offers Significant Savings!


ollaboration between Alberta Agriculture, Alberta Livestock and Meat Agency, Alberta Veterinary Labs, and Horse Industry Association of Alberta has led to the formulation of a generic liquid Ivermectin dewormer… “Ivermectin Liquid for Horses.” In May 2013, the product was registered by the Veterinary Drugs Directorate for use in horses. The process took in excess of three years to complete the research and trials. The generic product is manufactured in Calgary and is currently available through veterinary clinics and over the counter at local feed and tack stores. It is available in three different forms: a 15 mL syringe, 60 mL bulk bottle, and a 120 mL bulk bottle. It is administered orally, either directly into the mouth with a

syringe, or top dressed on grain and fed to the horse. Horse owners can look forward to significant savings. Treatment with a

brand name dewormer imported into Canada costs horse owners between $15$30 dollars. Ivermectin Liquid for Horses will be available for a quarter of the cost, at around $5 for an average 500 kg horse.

“It is expected that the costs of deworming horses will also decrease as it did when these same people came out with the similar cattle product over eighteen months ago,” says Les Burwash Manager of Horse Programs with Alberta Agriculture and Rural Development. “This is a good news story about a local pharmaceutical manufacturing company’s success and the horse industry having its first product licensed for use in all horses, including those entering the food chain.” The withdrawal time for the Ivermectin Liquid for Horses is 14 days. It is the only drug for horses in North America that has a withdrawal time.

Cover Feature

Old Baldy Ranch

PrOductiOn Sale Saturday, September 28 at 1 pm at VOld, JOneS & VOld auction co. ltd. dawson creek, Bc For all your sale needs call Don Fessler 250-719-5561

all sale proceeds of one colt donated to the dawson creek SPca

Aaron & Colleen Wangler 250-843-7337 oldbaldy@neonet.bc.ca • On-line catalogue available September 1st at: www.northernhorse.com/oldbaldy SellinG aQHa nFQH conformation and disposition with the Bonus of cOlOur!

HCBC 2010 Business of the Year

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Equine Body Language By Birgit Stutz Horses are social animals. Herd members interact with each other through a system of communication including sounds, body positions, movements and odours, to let herd mates know what they want and don’t want. Horses obviously don’t use words. They don’t even use sounds to any great extent. approach. You may be saying that you are not training horses and wonder why you should bother learning how to read horses, but the truth is, every time you are with a horse, be it your own or somebody else’s, you are training the horse, for better or for worse. Understanding what your horse is saying will greatly improve your relationship with him. It is important to understand that a horse’s body and mind are hard-wired. How their bodies are shaped is how they feel (frame of body is frame of mind). Unlike ut if you watch horses as they people, who may smile at you even if they interact with one another and with don’t like you, horses don’t lie. They don’t people, you will notice that body separate how they feel and how they act. positions and movements are their main What you see in the horse’s body language is mode of communicating with each other. how the horse feels at that given moment. One of the first things I do with any One of the most obvious ways to tell new horse, be it one of mine or one that is how a horse feels is the horse’s overall sent to me for training, is to turn him loose body outline, his frame. It’s easy to see the in the round pen. Having the horse loose, difference between the high-headed frame without any ropes or lines attached, gives of an excited horse and the level or low topthe horse a chance to express himself and line of a relaxed one. me a chance to read the horse and find out Body language is essentially energy, what he is all about. Is he a passive horse, and energy is movement, and since an aggressive horse, or more something movement originates from the horse’s in-between? Is he friendly towards people? hind end, we need to read a horse’s body Does he respect people? Is he fearful of language from back to front. We need to humans or disrespectful and pushy? Each read and interpret every message from every type of horse requires a different kind of body part from back to front and then add it all up for the big picture. Body language, however, Custom Horsehair Jewelry is not a static thing, so the messages may A KeepsAKe TreAsure from your horse’s tail Custom Jewelry pieces, keychains and more change constantly. Starting at the back, a horse’s tail can express six different messages. A curled tail means the horse is calm and relaxed. A swishing tail means the horse is 780-518-3518 or karengoldthorpe@hotmail.com annoyed. A horse with See us on a wringing or twirling


Tails Forever

6 • Saddle Up • August 2013

Turning butt in: A horse turning his butt into the handler is the utmost of disrespect and needs to be reprimanded with an assertive push, IF the disrespect wasn’t caused or allowed by the human.

tail is showing signs of aggression. A tail that sticks straight out or up (‘high-tailing’) means the horse is excited or feeling his oats. You can see that a lot in high-spirited horses. A tail pointed straight down means the horse is apprehensive. And a tail tucked tight between a horse’s hindquarters is a sign of fear. Next I look at the hip. Is it cocked at me in a disrespectful manner or is it politely drawn away from me? Is the horse’s ribcage (barrel) bent into me, with his ribs pushing towards me, or is the barrel bent away from me in a polite manner? Is the horse being pushy by dropping his shoulder into my space? Probably the most easily analyzed part of the horse (besides the tail) is his head. If you want to read what’s going on in the mind of any horse just look at the position of and gestures coming from his head. If he flips his nose up, he is challenging your leadership. A twirling head means aggression. If a horse shakes his neck laterally, that is a positive sign, a release of HCBC 2010 Business of the Year

Body Language, cont’d muscular stress, like shaking of a writer’s cramp. If a horse yawns, he isn’t tired or bored. It is a release of anxiety. A horse may also bow to you. However, there are different types of bows, and not all of them are based on trust and respect. If a horse bows to you, but his head immediately comes back up high, the respect for your leadership comes from fear. If the horse bows to you with his head going down to the ground and staying down with eyes blinking, lips licking, and ears moving, or if he bows to you and then his head comes back up level-headed, he accepts your leadership out of trust and respect. However, if his head goes down and stays down, with his eyes open staring wide, his mouth closed tight, and his ears stiff, the horse is sullen and pouty and has most likely been pushed too hard. Ears are good indicators of your horse’s mood as well. A horse has 16 muscles in each ear, so he can move them all over the place. A horse has an excellent sense of hearing, and the ears point in the direction of the horse’s attention. A horse with his ears pricked forward is curious and paying attention. Ears moving back and forth often indicate uncertainty. Floppy ears are a sign of sleepiness or feeling sick. Pinned ears (ears put back flat against the neck) indicate anger or fear, which are closely related. Pinned ears are a warning sign that the Pinned ears: The dominant horse on the horse may bite or kick and are essentially telling left is telling a lower-ranked horse to move another horse (or you!) to stay back and keep out of his space. Notice the pinned ears. your distance. The horse on the right did move away, but not before letting the dominant horse If a horse is putting his ears back while know, by swishing her tail, that she didn’t being ridden it is a sign of resistance and like his request. could mean several things. The horse may be asked to do something he doesn’t want to do or something he finds difficult. He could also be uncomfortable due to a badly-fitting saddle, bridle or bit, hard hands pulling on the bit, or a rider with an unbalanced, bouncy seat. He could also have some pain in his back, or maybe his teeth are bothering him. Pinned ears should not be confused with ears pointed in the direction of the rider, as some horses will do that when they concentrate very hard and focus on their rider. Mutual grooming: Two horses show each More subtle for us humans are facial signals. other affection through mutual grooming. Notice the long nose and drawn-back A tight mouth shows anxiety and fear. A mouth lower lip. that is chewing with lips licking means the horse is thinking and calm and relaxed. It does not mean the horse respects you! A wrinkled nose indicates annoyance and disgust. A horse threatening to bite has an open mouth and possibly bared teeth. This is not the same as ‘mouthing’ in foals which is a submissive gesture. A long nose with a slightly open mouth shows the horse wants to mutual groom, a gesture you may have seen while grooming your horse. It becomes the characteristic long nose, drawn-back lower lip and extended neck when you find the itchy spot.

It’s the Wild West

zane Grey

wrote about,

but wIth G ld. (and slightly more authentic.)

JoIn us for our

3rd annual Barkerville CowBoy and drover


Friday to Sunday, September 6 to 8, 2013

Celebrate british Columbia’s rich cowboy heritage, gold rush style!

(we’ve got horse-friendly camp sites ready and waiting.)

BritiSh ColumBia’S

Gold ruSh town

barkerville the real deal since 1862. 1-888-994-3332 • www.barkerville.ca

a n at i o n a l h i s t o r i c s i t e o f c a n a d a

Birgit Stutz is a Chris Irwin Gold Certified Trainer and Coach and offers horse training, riding lessons, clinics, workshops, camps for kids and adults, as well as working student and mentorship programs at Falling Star Ranch in Dunster, British Columbia. Birgit’s mission is to help people have a better relationship with their horses through understanding of equine psychology and body language as well as fundamental riding skills. www.fallingstarranch.ca. come for the experience. stay for a while.

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Legalities with Harveen Thauli WAIVERS

Last month, I wrote about the importance of legal Waivers and how a stable owner or instructor can effectively minimize their risk by using them. This month, I’ll cover some actual court cases that illustrate when the courts have and have not enforced Waivers in high-risk sports. Please keep in mind that the injured participants in these cases were adults.


he law, as it relates to minors, is not as straightforward. In British Columbia, for example, the Infants Act does not permit a parent or guardian to bind a minor child to an agreement waiving that child’s right to bring a lawsuit if the child suffers an injury resulting from negligence. Although that may be the case, a stable owner or instructor should still present a properly-worded Waiver to parents or guardians for their signatures. There may be situations when stable owners or instructors could present that Waiver as evidence to assist them if a lawsuit is brought against them.

Waivers that the Courts Enforced In Karroll v. Silver Star, 1988 CanLII 3094 (BCSC), (1988), 33 B.C.L.R. (2d) 160, the plaintiff suffered a broken leg in a downhill ski race. The plaintiff alleged that the defendants were negligent in failing to ensure that the downhill race course was clear of other skiers before allowing her to race the course. The defendants denied responsibility for the collision. Before the race, she signed a onepage document entitled, “Release and Indemnity - Please read carefully.” The plaintiff knew it was a legal document affecting her rights because she explained to her friend that she had to sign the Waiver if she wanted to race and it 8 • Saddle Up • August 2013

prevented her from bringing a lawsuit against the mountain if she injured herself. The Waiver was short and easy to read and also commonplace for ski races. The court held that the Waiver was enforceable. The court found that a reasonable person would have concluded that the plaintiff agreed to be bound by the Waiver’s terms, and the defendant also took reasonable steps through the capitalized heading to bring the contents of the Waiver to her attention. In Loychuk v. Cougar Mountain Adventures Ltd., 2011 BCSC 193 (CanLII), 2011 BCSC 193, the plaintiffs were injured when they collided on a zipline operated by the defendant, Cougar Mountain Adventures Ltd. (“Cougar”) at Whistler, British Columbia. Cougar conceded that the accident was caused by the negligence of its employees. At the time of the accident, one of the plaintiffs was the owner of a fitness business, which offered kick boxing/fitness programs for women. This plaintiff required her clients to sign a Waiver before participating in any programs. The other plaintiff was a recent law school graduate. Before being strapped into the zipline harness, each plaintiff signed a one-page Waiver entitled, “Release of Liability, Waiver of Claims and Assumption of Risk Agreement.” They were given sufficient time to read it. The court held that the Waivers were enforceable. Both plaintiffs acknowledged that they knew from their reading of the Waiver that it limited their legal rights to sue. The court further noted that the large bold print at the top of the Waiver and the directions to read carefully should have alerted the most

casual reader of the Waiver’s terms. In Clarke v. Action Driving School Ltd., 62 A.C.W.S. (3d) 1240 (BCSC), the plaintiff was injured while he was in a motorcycle lesson at the defendant’s driving school. The plaintiff alleged that he glanced over the Waiver before he signed it. The defendant’s Waiver was included on the flip-side of an application for the defendant’s motorcycle driving lesson. It was separately signed by the plaintiff and witnessed. The court found that the plaintiff was an educated professional who fully comprehended the document that he signed. He did not ask any questions before signing the Waiver and he had the opportunity to read the Waiver if he wished to do so. The court held that the Waiver was enforceable and the plaintiff was provided adequate notice of it.

Waivers that the Court did not Enforce In Crocker v. Sundance Northwest Resorts Ltd., 1988 CanLII 45 (SCC), [1988] 1 S.C.R. 1186, the defendant held a competition that involved two-person teams sliding down a mogulled portion of a steep hill in over-sized inner tubes. A few days before the race, the plaintiff signed an “Official Entry Form and Waiver” without reading it. During the competition, the plaintiff suffered a neck injury in the second heat and was rendered a quadriplegic. He was visibly drunk before the start of the second heat, but the defendant’s employees did not take any steps to stop him from competing. The trial judge held that the Waiver was not enforceable and found the Waiver HCBC 2010 Business of the Year

Legalities, cont’d was not drawn to the plaintiff’s attention and he was not aware of its existence. The plaintiff thought he was simply signing an entry form. This lawsuit was appealed all the way to the Supreme Court of Canada (the “SCC”). Relying on the trial judge’s findings of fact, the SCC held that the Waiver was not enforceable. The SCC also held that the defendant had a positive duty at law to take steps to prevent a visibly intoxicated person from competing in its dangerous competition. In Arndt v. Ruskin Slow Pitch Association (2011) BCSC 1530, the plaintiff was injured when she stepped in a hole on a softball field while running to catch a fly ball. The defendant’s Waiver was included as part of a team roster. The court found that the document, on its face, did not appear to be a Waiver. It looked like a team roster. The court further found that the coach did not give any direction or

information to the team. He presented the document attached to a clipboard, which was handed around for signature by the team at the first practice. The coach did not tell the plaintiff and her teammates that they were responsible for any damages that they may incur. The words, “I agree to waiver” on the signature lines were faint and almost undetectable. The court held that the Waiver was not enforceable. I hope these cases help to illustrate when Waivers are and are not enforceable. The law on Waivers is an area that I regularly research because of its complexities. Needless to say, you should consult an experienced equine lawyer to review your waiver to make sure it’s protecting you from liability. I would like to give a special thank you to Michelle Steacy and Susan Hughes

for their contributions to this article and my previous article on Waivers. Check out my blog at www.myequinelaw.com for information about other horse-related issues. Harveen Thauli started My Equine Law as a boutique law firm that provides strategic advice to the unique needs of the equine community. Bringing together the two things she loves most, Harveen is both an avid rider and owner of a horse whose show name is “Legal Affair” as well as a highly qualified lawyer with experience in the areas of personal injury, civil litigation, collections, corporate/commercial and securities law, investigations and professional conduct. This article contains general information only and is based on the laws of British Columbia. It is not intended to provide a legal opinion or advice. Please consult a lawyer before relying on any of the statements made in this article.



HCBC 2010 Business of the Year

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What Bit Do I Use to Drive My Horse? Part 2 By Judy Newbert (Part 1 of this article can be read in the July 2013 issue of Saddle Up.) Does the Metal in the Bit Matter? The answer here is “somewhat.” Bits come in a whole range of different metals for different reasons. Solid brass bits were common in the old days, but brass is a relatively soft cast metal and some “experts” will mark you down for using a solid brass bit on the basis that it may break and therefore it is a safety issue. Modern solid brass bits are unlikely to break but the prejudice against brass bits remains. Stainless steel is always nice since it is strong, easy to take care of and cleans and polishes beautifully. Stainless is more expensive that never-rust or other nickel alloys. “Never-rust” is a nickel alloy that does not rust and is common in cheaper English bits. Nickel-plated metal is common in older bits but the cheap versions have a problem with the nickel flaking off. Some horses seem to dislike the taste of nickel and prefer stainless or the new copper alloys. The newest bit material is “Aurigan” (Sprenger trademark) which is a copper alloy with a gold tinge to it. Horses seem to like the taste and it cleans and polishes nicely. Cyprium is another trade name of the copper alloy. You can also get bits with stainless steel cheeks and a copper, cyprium or aurigan mouthpiece. For those people coming from the western ranks, the common rusty iron (also called sweet iron) is not available in driving bits. Some people believe that the “sweet iron” causes the horse to froth at the mouth, which is considered desirable. IN FACT, the frothing at the mouth of a horse who is working correctly is a result of the flexion of the horse at the poll as he works “on the bit” properly. The frothing you get from the sweet iron is a chemical reaction (a cheap imitation designed to fool someone into thinking the horse is moving correctly). Spend your money on learning dressage properly and don’t bother to use a sweet iron mouthpiece. In addition, the rusty froth you get out of a horse’s mouth with sweet iron has been mistaken for blood mixed with saliva and we don’t want to give the impression

NEWBERT Equine Enterprises New Consignment Driving Vehicles have arrived

Driving & Riding - Lessons & Clinics Diamond N ultra-light carbon-fibre whips Carts, Carriages & Harness - Mini to Draft Saddlery and harness repairs Upcoming Carriage lamp repair & restoration Driving Clinics Dates on website

Judy Newbert 403-946-5194 • newbertequine@nucleus.com Box 528, Crossfield, Alberta T0M 0S0

www.newbertequine.com 10 • Saddle Up • August 2013

the horse has a bleeding mouth, since that is grounds for immediate elimination in any sort of driving competition. There is no requirement for the bit to match the hardware on the rest of the harness. Therefore, any bit is perfectly correct whether your harness has nickel, stainless, or brass fittings, even in turnout classes where they tend to be very picky about “correctness of turnout.”

Sizes of Bits

Bits come in many different sizes to suit many different horses. The commonest measurement is the distance between the cheekpieces taken at right angles to the cheekpieces. As mentioned above, there is an easy way to check the size if you have an existing bit. If you don’t have a bit but want to know what size your horse’s mouth is, you can measure another bit which fits correctly or measure his mouth - there is an instrument like a set of callipers which measures the distance to the outside of the horse’s lips, or you can use a small plastic tube or a piece of string in his mouth and mark it. If you measure his actual mouth width, be sure to add a quarter of an inch and use that total measurement when shopping for a bit. Bits commonly exist in half-inch increments, from about 3 inches for minis to 6-inch and 7-inch sizes for draft horses. Common light horses usually have mouths in 5-inch or 5.5-inch size. If you are shopping for a horse who needs a 5.25-inch bit, you can use bit guards on a 5.5-inch size to make it effectively 5.25 inches, or measure a series of bits at the tack store to see if you can find a 5.25-inch. The quality control on bits is not always perfect and although a bit is labelled “5.5 inches” it may actually be 5.25 inches or 5.75 inches in size. Measure to be sure.

What Style of Mouthpiece Should I Use?

As mentioned before, the mouthpiece should duplicate the horse’s riding bit if you want to use it as snaffle only. However, if you use a jointed mouthpiece and a curb setting, the bit becomes very severe. Therefore, if you intend to use the bit as a curb, you should have a solid (unjointed) mouthpiece. The commonest driving bit mouthpiece, a straight bar, is usually poorly accepted by horses since it pinches the tongue when used. A horse driven in a bar mouthpiece often develops bad habits such as opening his mouth or getting his tongue over the bit in response to the bit continually pinching his tongue. The mullen mouth (where the bit has an arch toward the horse’s upper jaw), the arch mouth (where the bit has an arch toward the horse’s ears) and the Glory mouth (between an arch and a mullen) provide more tongue space than an ordinary bar mouthpiece and are therefore much more acceptable to most horses. Any of the jointed mouthpieces, such as single joint, French link or Dr. Bristol, are suitable for use as a snaffle but are very severe if used on the curb setting.

Should I Use a Snaffle or a Curb? 9/13

A snaffle is the best bit to start out with on a young or green HCBC 2010 Business of the Year

What Bit, cont’d horse and most will never need anything more than that. If you and your instructor decide that your horse is forward enough and takes a good contact, you may move to the curb setting on your bit (for this you should have a solid, not a jointed, mouthpiece). Your horse’s performance will tell you when he is ready to use the curb setting.

If I Use a Curb, How Should I Adjust the Curb Chain?

The curb chain should be adjusted so that the cheekpiece of the bit makes about a 45-degree angle with the horse’s jaw when the curb chain is tight. Less than a 45-degree angle causes the curb to act too soon and an angle of more than 45-degrees causes pinching of the horse’s lips and cheeks when the curb is activated.

How Do I Know When I Have It Right?

You know you have it right when the horse moves steadily forward “on the bit” with impulsion. He does what you request, pleasantly and confidently, with his head in a steady position and with no apparent discomfort. He is supple and turns and bends with the correct flexion and with no resistance. REMEMBER: It is the driver’s responsibility to see that the bit is the correct size and properly adjusted in the horse’s mouth.

In some cases, if the horse continues to have problems and the bit is properly sized and adjusted, a qualified horse dentist may have to make adjustments in the horse’s mouth. Horses who have sore backs or necks will often resist the bit, even though the problem is not the bit. In these cases, apparent problems with the bit are symptoms of a bigger problem; consult your equine dentist, veterinarian or trainer to help determine the actual root problem. In the end, despite all that we try to do with different bits, it comes down to the quality of the hands at the end of the reins. A good driver can drive with almost anything in the horse’s mouth and get the proper results. A poor driver cannot get the desired results no matter what they put in the horse’s mouth. At Newbert Equine, we are “Everything for Driving.” The company is owned and run by Judy Newbert who has been driving for over 25 years and is a certified EC Driving Coach. She has competed in Pleasure and breed driving as well as CDE. NEE is a dealer for both leather and synthetic harness and Pacific Carriages (the best North American-made horse vehicles). We can fit everything from Mini to Draft. We also can advise on restorations, turnout, fitness and most other topics for driving horses. Judy also travels to give clinics and lessons.

Healing • Harmony • Heart Professional Products | Expert Health Advice Consultations & Services

Marijke van de Water, B.Sc., DHMS

Healing Horses Their Way Riva’s Equine Health Line 1-800-405-6643 www.rivasremedies.com HCBC 2010 Business of the Year

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Horses, Shopping, Fashion Show & Prizes…. Does it get any better than this?

It is hard to believe that 10 years have passed since the very first Mane Event, Equine Education and Trade Fair took place at Heritage Park in Chilliwack BC.


he Mane Event is pleased to announce that special giveaways will take place in celebration of their 10 Year Anniversary. Watch our Facebook page, website and future articles for information on this. We are pleased to announce the first of our clinicians for this year’s expo October 25–27, 2013. Al Dunning, will be presenting sessions on reining as well as a session on working the Mechanical Cow. Returning crowd favourite, Steve Rother, will be presenting horsemanship clinics as well as entertaining during the Friday and Saturday night Equine Experiences. Jumping sessions will be Al Dunning presented by Joe Fargis, 3-time Olympic medal winner who also competed in over 30 Nation’s Cup teams, has achieved numerous Grand Prix wins and is currently conducting sessions for the USHJA. Provincially recognized Driving Judge and President of the BC Carriage Driving Society, Elisa Marocchi will be presenting sessions on driving. Elisa has been teaching driving since 2000 and her students have enjoyed many wins in both Combined Driving and the Steve Rother pleasure ring.

HCBC 2010 Business of the Year

Watch for clinic titles to be announced shortly, as well as announcements on the other trainers and clinicians participating in this year’s event. A few changes to this year’s Mane Event Elisa Marocchi include an earlier opening for Friday morning making Friday a full day, the trade show opens at 9:00 am on Friday and the clinics and presentations start at 10:00 am. Also, the evening Equine Experience featuring equine entertainment which used to be presented only on Saturday evening will now go both Friday and Saturday nights. As these performances always draw a packed house we have added some guaranteed seating that can be purchased in advance for these performances. In addition, due to popularity of the Trainers’ Challenge, a VIP package has been added that includes guaranteed seating for all the sessions, including the finals in the Arena. Visit www. maneeventexpo.com under the tickets tab for more information. General admission tickets, which allow access into all events, have remained at the same price of $15/day for adults or $40/3-day pass and $10/day for youth or $25/3-day pass ensuring that this event remains affordable for everyone. For detailed bios on the clinicians, tickets and show hours visit www.maneeventexpo.com or call 250-578-7518.

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Clicker Training By Monty Gwynne, The Pony Fairy BUGS, BUGS AND MORE BUGS

I’m not sure how the mosquitoes are out your way, but here they are out in full force and in more than normal numbers because of all the rain! So spraying your horse with bug repellent is a necessity. But what if she runs the other way as soon as she sees you coming with the spray bottle?


Looking unsure

Looking more sure

his month we will look at how to get your horse to enjoy being sprayed for bugs. Let’s assume that the horse will tolerate spraying, but is not really relaxed about it, moves around and would leave if she could. Again, there are many ways to train this behaviour, but let’s explore free shaping this time. First, fill a spray bottle with warm water. Put your horse in a secure place where she will feel comfortable with you just spraying within her sight. This might be quite a large spot; it will all depend on how afraid she is. Take off your lead and halter. In this situation, using free shaping, we are letting her choose to be sprayed. She needs to be free to move where she is comfortable. Get your cookies and spray bottle with water and go into the pen. Your horse will probably approach you; if so, click and treat. If she will touch the spray bottle - even better. Click and treat for that, too. After she has approached and gotten her treat, do not go directly to spraying her. As humans, we really are goal oriented, and we must resist this urge. Walk away and spray away from her. You can click and treat for her staying or, bets are, she will follow you and you can click and treat for that, too. Now, after doing this for a few times, see if you can walk away and spray a bit towards her, pointing the spray downwards, not at her head. You may need to move farther away again to have her still feel comfortable, as you have changed something from what you were doing and may therefore need to increase the distance you had achieved while spraying away from her. Remember to monitor the emotion before clicking. If there is still anxiety, lower the criteria by moving away before clicking, as the click will reinforce the state of mind as well as the behaviour. If you time it right, you can build the behaviour to be “walk 14 • Saddle Up • August 2013

Spraying away from

towards the spray.” So, if she walks towards the spraying she is rewarded. This behaviour builds into “you spray and she walks forward into the spray.” Once in the spray, click and treat at a high rate to tell her this is a good place to be. Once she will stand for the spraying, you can then move the spray around, making sure to have a high rate of reinforcement. Soon as she sees you with the spray bottle, she will come running. So you can see why we start with water as this may take a lot of spraying! If she doesn’t approach you because she is leery of the spray bottle, you might need to start with targeting the bottle. You might need to just feed without the click until she is comfortable in the presence of the bottle. You can try reviewing targeting your fist with the bottle sitting on something nearby and gradually move your fist closer to the bottle until they’re right next to each other; then see if she will target the bottle and then carry on as above. As you can see in the pictures, Flash is a bit leery of the bottle, so I let him target it until he is ok with it. If you have taught your horse to station to a wall target or stand on a mat, you can use this to help with the spraying, too. Have your horse station and spray away from her at a distance she is still comfortable with and build the behaviour as described above, keeping the rate of reinforcement high and going slowly with lots of breaks to allow for processing time. When she is comfortable with the spraying away and towards but not on her, see how she is with the feel of the spray. Start with seeing if she is comfortable with the bottle touching her side before spraying. When she is okay with that, start with a fine mist of warm water close to her. See how this goes. Go slowly and start with a safe spot on your horse, perhaps the back HCBC 2010 Business of the Year

Clicker Training, cont’d

Spraying towards

or shoulder. Remember to do both sides, as the response may be different from side to side. Don’t try to get it all done in one session, especially if your horse has not had great times being sprayed before. Remember to be on a high rate of reinforcement to start and eventually build up the duration so that you can spray your horse and only click and treat once.

Feeling comfortable now

Monty Gwynne is the only Canadian approved instructor for clicker training using Alexandra Kurland’s program (a pioneer in the development of clicker training for horses). She has been clicker training full time now for over 13 years. Monty is based in Cochrane, AB, and has done clinics throughout Canada. She is available for clinics and video coaching. (See The Pony Fairy listing in Business Services under TRAINERS)

September Horse Sales WILLIAMS LAKE

Friday, September 6 Tack at 4:30 p.m. ~ Horses at 6:00 p.m. Call 250-398-7174 to consign


Saturday, September 7 Tack at 12 Noon ~ Horses at 1:00 p.m. Call 250-567-4333 to consign


Friday, September 20 Tack at 4:30 p.m. ~ Horses at 6:00 p.m. Call 250-573-3939 to consign To consign to these sales please call your local yard to book the best selling spot.

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Tana’s Story, Part 4 By Marie Leginus, CJF Here is the conclusion to Tana’s story; Tana is a black Quarter Horse cross mare who foundered in the spring of 2012. Part 3 can be read in the July issue of Saddle Up.


Tana and Luke

hope you have all enjoyed hearing about Tana and her journey along the rocky road! She is as happy as ever, enjoying time in the sunshine and staying on a consistent and stable diet. With cases like this, there is always a very high chance of another episode of laminitis occurring, because of all the damage previously done. However, having a great team working with her is the best good luck charm she could ask for. We know there are a lot of years left ahead for Tana! Kim and Luke decided to get another set of X-rays done, which would put these at a year from the last ones. The changes are so great, I was surprised myself to see them. Her hoof has grown strong, back around her coffin bone. For the amount of rotation and sinking she had, her coffin bone has had small changes. There is a little bit of burring on the tip of the bone; however, for such a bad case, and considering Tana’s size, this is really a miracle. Tana has overcome so many battles, small and big; she has such a big heart and an amazing will to live. I can’t say if I will ever see a case like this again. I am so glad everything came together and everyone worked as a huge team the entire way along. Kim and Luke are working on a plan with their vet, and me, to get back on her and eventually start trail riding again.

June 2012 shot of her right front.

Big thanks to our group that helped us along the way: Hermen Geertsema DVM Ken Wilkinson (Otter Co-op nutritionist) James Findler (Farrier) Harry Meek (Dip WCF Farrier) Heinz Glasier (Hypona Hoof Products) And, of course, thanks to Tana’s Owners, Kim and Luke Chambers!

A career with horsepower

June 28/2013 new shot of her right front.

June 28/2013 new shot of her left front.

Take your horsemanship and livestock skills from good to job-ready with the Western Ranch and Cow Horse program Program offered at Vermilion Campus

Visit www.lakelandcollege.ca 16 • Saddle Up • August 2013

June 2012 shot of her left front.

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Reba’s Rescue (by Reba, the horse)


’m a 1997 Quarter Horse/Arabian cross mare, grey in colour, from Quesnel BC. I was originally rescued by Prince George Equine Rescue from the meat auction in Fall of 2008. They knew little about me other than I was used as a broodmare. I had a growth on the left side of my ribs, was vet checked and the growth was removed. I passed as ‘sound’ and was re-homed… although that didn’t work out for me – as the new owners were inexperienced; and I became difficult to handle. I arrived at Crooked Leg Ranch Animal Rescue with badly overgrown feet, needing a dental, as well as vaccinations and deworming. I received a full dental on May 17, 2009 and a second dental in May 2010. On June 3, 2010 I had a tooth extracted due to an abscess. I went into the ‘horse’ foster care system March 14, 2009 and was finally adopted April 17, 2013. Now here I am with my new friend Ellie Mae. Although she is very high maintenance, demanding that she have my attention at all times, she is very generous at sharing her hay. However, not so much with her grain, therefore, I have my own bucket. My new human mom comes out twice a day to feed us hay and grain; always accompanied by two dogs and an assortment of cats. She prattles on us endlessly calling her dogs her precious girls and her cats ‘funny little ferals’ whatever that means.

HCBC 2010 Business of the Year

Always a kind word and lots of pats for Ellie and me – more often than not – tasty treats. I feel well and I heard my human mom laugh and call me a silly old doll the other day when she saw me running and bucking in the sunshine. I am happy and comfortable and would like to say a special thank you to the gang at Crooked Leg Ranch Animal Rescue, Quesnel BC, for fostering and finding me a forever home where my only job is companion for a cranky Thoroughbred mare. - Reba (aka “Reba The Diva”) (submitted by Kathy Williamson, Quesnel BC)

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Calgary Stampede (July 5 – 14, 2013) 10-DAY EQUINE HIGHLIGHTS Photos courtesy of Show Champions


o matter where you go during The Greatest Outdoor Show on Earth, you won’t get too far from an image of a horse. There is no festival on the planet that honours and demonstrates the horse culture of the North American West like Stampede. One event that exemplifies the highest level of horsemanship is the Cowboy Up Challenge, the Extreme Cowboy Association’s annual Canadian event. This year, Jim Anderson of Strathmore and his mare Picasmokenlittlelena topped the invitation-only field for the second year in a row. “It was, without doubt, the most spectacular group of 11 riders that had ever been assembled for the Extreme Cowboy race,” asserted Peter Fraser, one of the two judges for the event. “There were six World Champions, three former Stampede Champions and the two most-honoured riders in the sport.” Damage to the Saddledome meant that a new venue had to be found for the popular Team Cattle Penning presented by Calfrac Well Services event. Held at the Okotoks Agricultural Society on July 3-4, the competition was still hot and heavy. When the dust had settled and the cattle were all rounded up, the team of Larry Cressman of DeWinton, Wallace McComish of Stettler and Vern Hamilton of Innisfail had captured the Open title. In the 14 Class, it was Megan Bond of Calgary, Will Hanson of Fort Saskatchewan Jim Anderson, Champion of the Cowboy Up Challenge and Dusty Wegemyr of

18 • Saddle Up • August 2013

Arrowwood topping the standings. In the 10 Class, Scott Fraser, Tom Thorlakson of Carstairs and Naomi Fraser were the winners. Sandy Price and Larissa Price, both from Airdrie, and Laura Bird of Crossfield prevailed in the 7 Class. Another competition that calls for the utmost in communication and co-ordination between horse and rider is the Working Cow Horse Classic presented by Tesla Cam Schryver of Ojai, CA, Reserve Champion of the Exploration Inc.  John Swales of Cowboy Up Challenge Millarville rode Have A Drink On Me, owned by Jim Dobler of Delburne, to his eighth Open Bridle class victory in 13 tries. Cody McArthur of Okotoks on Red Hot Jade, owned by Bart and Terri Holowath of Cayley, took the Open Hackamore win. Suzon Schaal of Calgary won Non-Pro Bridle for the fourth time in five years on Genuine Brown Gal. Taylor Douglas of Yellow Grass, SK was the Limited Open Bridle champion on Majors Smoke Signal, owned by Barry and Brenda Clemens of Lumsden, SK. Chance Harman of Okotoks rode Hot Wired Hickory, owned by Jackie Miller of Okotoks, to top the Limited Open Hackamore class. The Novice Non-Pro Bridle winner was Robbie McKay of Black Diamond on Caught Ya Lookin Too. The Elite Western Rider Award presented by Parsons recognizes outstanding horsemanship. To win this award, a rider must be strong in more than one of the Western Performance Horse events at the Calgary Stampede. This year Ron Mathison of Calgary had good finishes in both the 14 Class in Team Cattle Penning presented by Calfrac Well Services and the Non-Pro Bridle division of the Working Cow Horse Classic presented by Tesla Exploration Ltd.  Mathison’s Elite Western Rider title is his second, as he also won it in 2009. Horse Haven presented by TAQA was a huge hit with horse lovers of all ages – especially the Wild West Show that revived one of the most popular entertainments of a hundred years ago. For the 127th year, the Heavy Horse Show presented by Halliburton exhibited the heavy haulers of the equine world. After each breed had been shown and judged, the coveted Best of Show award was made to the Eaglesfield Percherons of Didsbury. In the World Championship 6-Horse Hitch presented by Halliburton competition, a handsome, highstepping team from Yukon, OK – the Express Clydesdales – captured the crown on July 8. Heavy horses aren’t just pretty faces. They can do the work, too. That was the whole HCBC 2010 Business of the Year

Calgary Stampede, cont’d point of the Heavy Horse Pulls held on the final Friday, Saturday and Sunday of Stampede. Randy Dodge of Albany, OR added to his impressive pulling resume with wins in both the Lightweight – with horses Bud and Red - and Middleweight divisions with duo Mike and Simon. New

Lightweight Champions of the Heavy Horse Pull

West Truck Centres bought the right to have both of Dodge’s teams wear their signage in Wednesday night’s Stampede Heavy Horse Pull Advertisers’ Auction. Nick Barney made his first visit to Stampede a memorable one with a win in the Heavyweight pull. His Catalyst LLP team of Tug and Spy were the two heaviest horses in the competition. Some people prefer big horses, but everybody likes little horses – and the miniature horses were out in full force. On July 11, at the end of the 33rd Canadian National Miniature Horse Show, the Supreme Grand Champion was Hot Child in the City, a 4-year-old mare owned by First Knight Miniatures of Calgary. There were a lot of adjustments that had to be made because of the difficult

conditions that preceded this year’s Stampede, but, Fraser says, “It was a very good year for horses. It’s a ‘rally round the flag’ thing. ‘Come hell or high water!’ was the rally cry. People saw what the Stampede employees, and all the companies that came in, did. They made it all possible. Once we got here, we were going to have a spectacular show to pay the Stampede back for all their efforts.” The Calgary Stampede decided to adopt the phrase ‘Come hell or high water’ and encourage a community funded campaign to support the Canadian Red Cross Alberta Flood Fund through the purchase of the official “Hell or High Water” t-shirt. On July 15 the Stampede presented a cheque for $2.1 million to the Canadian Red Cross Alberta Flood Fund on behalf of the community. The Calgary Stampede Rodeo generated 10 days of fierce competition with six talented athletes each presented with a cheque for $100,000: Bradley Bynum, Sterling City, TX (Tie-Down Roping) 7.0 Caleb Bennett, Morgan, UT (Bareback) 92.00-Stampede Warrior Wade Sumpter, Fowler, CO (Steer Wrestling) 3.8 Cort Scheer, Elsmere, NE

Supreme Grand Champion Miniature “Hot Child in the City”

David Varini of Dalry, Ayrshire, Scotland, winner of Stampede’s World Championship Blacksmiths’ Competition.

(Saddle Bronc) 93.50-Spring Planting Jean Winters, Texline, TX (Barrel Racing) 17.40 J.B. Mauney, Mooresville, NC (Bull Riding) 91.50-Bombs Away

2013 GMC Rangeland Derby was won by Jason Glass. Along with bragging rights Jason also took home a cheque for $100,000.

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True Equine Leadership By Barbra Ann King IN THE SADDLE

If you have been following the series of articles on True Equine Leadership and doing the exercises, you are probably enjoying a really good relationship with your horse based on natural horse behaviour. The next step is to continue this relationship sitting in the saddle.


his is where we lose the strong bond we have created with our horses because we start being dominant. If we want our horses to see us as their herd leader, we need to act the same way. For example, an equine leader will ask another horse to move over by simply approaching the other horse and Barbra Ann King making his intentions clear. Because the other horse respects the leader’s personal boundaries, he will just move away without a fuss. If he does challenge the equine leader, it is to verify that the leader still has the ability to keep him safe. Simply put, a challenge of personal space is a question, “Are you still the leader?” The leader will answer this question by firmly standing his ground. Sometimes that means pinning his ears, chasing another horse away or not letting another horse touch his food. The leader makes a request that may or may not be challenged. It is no different for us when we ride. Instead of telling our horse to go left (dominant behaviour) we need to indicate clearly that we are going left. This is done without creating any pain, fear and/or discomfort to our horse or he will not see us as a leader but rather as someone to be cautious of. How can we possibly trust someone if they are threatening to hurt us? Bits hurt, no matter how “gentle” or how kind our hands are. There are enough scientific studies and research done on the subject to confirm this without a doubt. Horses know bits hurt and that at any moment the pain might happen. Our bubble/personal space is still there when we sit in the saddle but it does take a different shape. Imagine that your bubble is like an electrical field around you and that it is flexible. When you straddle a horse your bubble takes the shape of your legs from your ankles all the way to your seat. The reins are like an extension of your arms that connect to the noseband on a bitless bridle. In other words, your horse is underneath your personal space, i.e. between your legs and hands/reins. When I clearly indicate to my horse that we are turning left (I will explain how to do this in future articles), and he chooses to go right instead, he is pushing against my right boundaries (right leg and rein). This is my horse asking “Are you sure? Are you the leader?” My leadership is being challenged and as a good leader it is up to me to reassure my horse that indeed I am still the leader and we are safe turning left.

20 • Saddle Up • August 2013

We give our horses many reasons Competing bitless to challenge our leadership in the saddle, some of which we may be oblivious to. Here are some of those reasons: 1. The saddle doesn’t fit, causing pain or discomfort to your horse. 2. The bit is hurting. Your horse may also need his teeth attended to by an equine dentist. 3. You are unbalanced when you ride which means your signals Amy and Angie are unclear to your horse. 4. You lose your patience or get frustrated, sometimes leading you to kick your horse or pull on the reins, which pulls the horse off balance. 5. Your mind is busy, not paying attention, so your horse figures he’s on his own. There is much more to riding than sitting in a saddle and pushing our horses forward. We need to be responsible, caring riders and realize that when our horses don’t Chloe a` cheval do what we want, they either don’t understand our request or they are challenging our leadership. In the months to come, I will explain how to ride in a nondominant way, using your personal space to direct your horse, making you a good leader in the saddle and on the ground. True Equine Leadership is based on natural horse behaviour so, although it will feel as if you are training your horse, you will simply be communicating and acting in a way that all horses understand clearly. Barbra Ann King is an internationally known horse behaviour specialist, founder of the Relationship Riding© method and a published author living in Alberta. She specializes in rehabilitating horses and optimizing performance. She travels year-round sharing her passion with like-minded horse owners and offers video consultations for troubleshooting through her website www.relationshipriding.com. Visit the “Relationship Riding Academy” on Facebook. HCBC 2010 Business of the Year

Looking for a New Horse? By S. Hudson Learn from my experiences, it is a tough market out there!


anting a good trail/gymkhana mount, I went in search of my ideal new equine companion. After eliminating those outside of desired breed, size, age, training and price, the remaining selection was slim indeed. I realized I’d have to expand the search territory. My forays took me throughout the Okanagan where each horse wasn’t quite right: pretty but too spirited or not experienced enough, another well-trained and responsive but with annoying quirks like constant head-tossing and no hock flexion, possibly arthritic. As I left one place, a young teen with her mom arrived, looking quite new to horse shopping, and bought this horse, not knowing signs of impending lameness. Another mare was already brought in and ‘stalled’ upon my arrival (first warning sign) and I watched in bemused horror as both owners tried to wrestle the horse’s head into a bridle. It turned out this mare’s two colts had never been weaned and years later all were still pastured together, causing extreme separation anxiety. She also was toed-in, kicking the opposite leg repeatedly, nearly tripping herself. Next! My most recent jaunt took me to a small town high in the Rockies. Normally, I wouldn’t consider going this far but I’d exhausted all closer (Okanagan) possibilities. Besides, this mare sounded exactly like my beloved little Morgan-Quarter Horse mare who, due to arthritis, was retired. The owner assured me she had wonderful training, temperament (4 on 1-10 scale) and conformation, though the odd angled photos and saddle hid much (second warning sign). After 8 hours hauling my trailer through mountains, I arrived to find the horse not at pasture as requested and awfully spunky. She was very high-withered and sway-backed (9 years, or 19?),

Looking for a versatile horse? Try a



a saddle-fitting nightmare, also cow-hocked and splay-footed. I should’ve asked for better photos showing everything, plus video to see movement. I heard telltale clicking leg joints… arthritis? She was previously owned by a barrel-racing teenager, I’m told. The well-rehearsed showing included a friend holding the horse while the owner tried to bridle it as the horse threw its head and pawed furiously - actual temperament: 8/10. When tied, she angrily chomped chunks from the wood fence. Then the trailering test… a battle ensued with horse rearing and running back until the friend brought her pasture-mate to settle her. Once finally in, the horse proceeded to kick the trailer walls until the door opened and it rushed out. Don’t worry, owner assured me, she wouldn’t act like this for me. Are you kidding? How stupid do I look? This horse had all the others faults rolled into one and was definitely not coming home with me - my trailer wouldn’t survive the onslaught, nor my nerves! Two days and $400 in gas wasted! Lesson learned… don’t believe everything you’re told. It’s a ‘Sellers market’ for top dollar so prove you’re horse savvy. Ask pointed and openended questions. Guaranteed 100% sound? And ask about situations where or when the horse spooked. Insist on whole-body photos, and that you see the horse being caught (versus waiting in a stall). Prove you know conformation faults and tell them up front you won’t buy an unsound or misrepresented horse. Warn them there will be a veterinarian’s prepurchase exam to lessen the cover-ups. Let the seller do the talking once there… this owner let slip her horse cribbed and was herdbound, in case I missed it. Beware of tricks to dupe unsuspecting buyers and bring along a pro if unsure. Tough times make it harder than ever to find your dream horse without getting burned, so be tough. This should be a lifelong commitment so hold out for the right one.

Morgan Novem


er 2009

Spruce Meadows Battle of the Breeds CHAMPIONS: 2000, 2001, 2009, 2010 and 2011


visit: call:

Canadian Morgan Horse Association 905.982.0060 :



Canadian Morgan magazine Subscribe: cmhamagazine@bell.net 905.885.0525

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Experimentation and Observation By Christa Miremadi Photos by Kristina Belkina

Training horses is one of those things - to the outsider looking in (when it’s done well) it looks like nothing is happening. Many people think it’s some kind of magic or an incredible gift that only a select few are given. Some people even believe that the great horse trainers were born “great” having been given this heavenly gift that gives them the ability to communicate with and teach horses.


lthough I do believe that some folks are graced with a gift that seems superior to what many others are given, everyone is more than capable of teaching his/her horse. In fact, many folks may be unaware of how effective they actually are at teaching their horses. Those who develop “the gift” were not born with an understanding, but with an obsession, and have dedicated their every waking moment to learning the lessons that the horses share. Perhaps the “gift” was perseverance. Being good with horses is not something you’re born with but rather something you can become through dedication and study. Many of these lessons come straight from the horses themselves and can be learned through observation. Every moment of every interaction with a horse, the horse is studying us. For us humans, spending time with a horse is recreational; a hobby, a sport or a personal challenge. But to a horse, that time is work. Even if the horse sincerely enjoys his human and the time they spend together, he is living in a world in which it’s his job to do the best he can to please the humans he spends time with. Regardless of how soft we try to be, how natural our methods, we have still confined our horses, be it in a round pen, pasture or halter, taking choice out of the equation. Because of this and because it’s in their nature as prey animals, they’re paying attention every second of every interaction, doing their best to learn what makes us happy (release the pressure) and what makes us unhappy (apply pressure). Most times they’re far more aware of our behaviours than we are! One thing I’ve learned over the years from the horses I’ve worked with is how they learn best; through experimentation and observation. This 22 • Saddle Up • August 2013

technique is extremely effective for them and it’s proven to be equally effective for me. When a horse is first introduced to a human, this process of experimentation and observation begins. He starts by trying stuff. What happens if he walks away from the human who’s come to catch him? If he walks ahead of the leader? If he reaches for grass while being led? If he stops his feet to flare his nostrils at something that could potentially be a threat? Next comes observation. “When I try to walk ahead of the leader - I am allowed to/not allowed to. When I walk away from the human who has come to catch me - I am chased/followed/punished/left alone for a few minutes/allowed to eat more grass/caught anyway. When I reach for grass - I get it/I am not allowed to get grass/ sometimes get grass, sometimes don’t get grass. When I stop my feet to flare my nostrils at something I find threatening - the human stops to provide comfort/asks me to walk towards the thing that frightened me/ provide me with a slight feel on the lead and time to process my perceived threat and a release when I proceed.” Through this process the horse can learn what’s expected of him as long as the response is consistent. Some consistent responses will provide the horse with comfort and a sense of leadership, others will provide the horse with a sense of insecurity or panic. For example, I once (or maybe a few times) met a horse whose owner was upset because her horse seemed to be terrified of everything. I came to observe the two together and offer my opinion and advice. The owner led the horse to the arena in order to show me what she had been dealing with and on the way the horse became startled, stopped in his tracks and blew

One of our young horses, Vega, learning through experimentation and observation of the B.O.B. (big orange ball)

through his nose. The owner stopped to rub her horse on the neck and spoke soothing, calm words to her gelding. The horse finally became brave enough to continue on and began to walk again and they continued on to the arena. Once inside the arena, the horse jumped at the sound of the gate closing. Again, the owner rubbed his neck and gave him comfort. When her horse was feeling better, she climbed up into the saddle and began moving around the arena. Each time the horse became startled, she would sit quietly and speak softly while rubbing his neck. The message she thought she was sending was one of comfort but the message the horse was getting was that, for whatever reason, good or bad, his human was pleased by his fear. The one thing that made her happy enough to stop working and rub him, speak kindly and share love was when he felt panic! Now, I don’t know about you but this doesn’t seem like a good deal to me. This very human behaviour of comforting a fearful horse had been reinforcing and intensifying the problem. The owner was completely unaware of her powerful influence over the horse, nevertheless, she had been effective at creating more of the HCBC 2010 Business of the Year

Experimentation, cont’d very thing she was trying to get rid of. The good news is that it’s just as easy to teach a horse wanted behaviours as unwanted behaviours. What’s more difficult is knowing which behaviours your horse came with, which ones you are creating, which you are encouraging and which you are discouraging. This takes a great deal of self-awareness, experience and observation, sometimes from a helpful professional or experienced friend. This is the first step to being able to use this incredibly useful lesson that every horse has to share: experimentation and observation. Once we have an awareness of how what we’re doing is affecting our horses, we can begin to experiment and observe ourselves. What happens when I approach my horse from the side/the rear/the front when catching in a field? What happens when I ask my horse to follow/let him walk ahead while leading? What happens when I consistently block my horse from getting

grass while riding or leading/allow my horse to get a mouthful of grass here and there? Each and every horse is different and each of us is as different from each other as our horses are and this creates a unique outcome in each horse and human team. There is no right or wrong way to do things with our horses, only a number of different ways to create wanted or unwanted outcomes. There is no set “one way” that things should be done and through applying this incredibly valuable lesson learned from the horses I’ve worked with, I have found that it’s not only possible but in many cases it’s even necessary, to teach the same “wanted outcome” in a number of different ways. Through observation and experimentation, a human or a horse can learn almost anything from anyone!

Christa Miremadi has been working with horses since 1984, and is a partner and facility manager in her family business in Langley, Silver Star Stables, where she also provides riding instruction and conducts horsemanship clinics. Christa is dedicated to creating harmony and building relationships between horses and humans through compassionate communication, and to strengthening partnerships by sharing the horse’s point of view. (See her listing in the Business Services Section under TRAINERS)

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CanDrive 1 – A Dream Come True! By Gerard Paagman Courtesy of www.IdealHarness.com

The first 2013 CanDrive driving camp was held June 27 to July 3 in Invermere BC. What a great event for many, many reasons… the participants were all so nice and brought so much fun and happiness to the CanDrive camp and there was the best group of clinicians and helpers.


or 8 days we stayed together, lived together, drove together. The first CanDrive camp was a unique experience and very successful in many ways. The camp lasted 8 days and was fully packed with lessons, clinics, shows and demonstrations. Every day started at 6 a.m. with breakfast followed by the morning lessons for the participants. In the afternoons, trail drives were organized and lots of clinics and demonstrations. There were clinics about safe harnessing, how to select a new carriage, how to drive using the Achenbach system, how to drive a team or a tandem and much more. Five clinicians were giving the morning lessons in different arenas. Lessons in driving a cones course were given as well as driving obstacles. A clinic about ‘competing in the sport’ was part of the program too! Participants and clinicians and helpers from North America and Europe had gathered together for this unique driving camp. Participants received individual help in fixing specific problems. It was a challenge to organize this camp with over 90 people attending and 72 horses, mules, donkeys and ponies. Elisa Marocchi, a clinician from BC, had done a great job in making all the schedules for

Pincher creek 1225 Main Street, Pincher Creek, AB Farm & home center 403-627-3606 • pccoopag@telus.net

“We are intertwined, heart, mind and soul with these animals. They perform for us with a work ethic rarely seen in human circles, and become capable of so much more when we allow their feet to function properly.” - EasyCare Horse Boots

Come see us for all your Easy Boot needs! * QUALITY * PRICING * SERVICE COME SEE US FOR ALL YOUR AGRO NEEDS 24 • Saddle Up • August 2013

the lessons. It was a big logistic operation but everything went smooth and the participants, clinicians and helpers had a great time. Novice drivers and more experienced drivers participated in the camp with or without their grooms, 2013 Clinicians and Helpers partners or friends and they all learned a lot, with both humans and animals making a lot of progress. Being together with other horse and mule/donkey lovers, socializing, sharing passion and experiences… it added so much to this event. And then that ‘Orange Team’: the Paagman family and the great clinicians and helpers; Stacy and Meredith Grieve from Maple Crest Farm in Ohio; Elisa Marocchi from British Columbia; Itz Grijpstra, Anne & Antsje Okkema, Jacques & Eva Poppen, Peter de Ronde & Stephenie de Groot - all from The Netherlands; Charlie Veinotte from British Columbia, Leah Burr from Alberta and Naomi de Graaf also from the Netherlands. Participants had brought their own driving partner(s) and equipment, but there were also participants who could use the beautiful Friesian horses and equipment owned by the Paagman family. Participants could practice in driving a single, pairs or tandems and teams. Driving a Roman Chariot with four powerful Friesian horses in front of it was also part of the program. Christie Benninghoven from California and Rick Kroll from Alberta were the photographers and on the last day every participant got a DVD with hundreds of great pictures taken by Christie. Of course the Paagman children were involved too. Daughter Amanda (26) ran the secretariat and the younger children had to get up each morning at 4 a.m. to help Caio Paagman in getting the breakfast ready. The lunches and dinners were made by Chef Randy and his team; paying special attention to those who were vegetarian or were on a special diet. In August 2013 we will host the second CanDrive at our farm. Then in 2014 and following years we are planning to host (each year) two CanDrive camps at our farm and three CanDrive camps at different locations spread out over North America. Drivers aged 26 years and younger participated for free. The CanDrive was sponsored by The American Driving Society and High Country Carriage Driving Club from Calgary supporting the CanDrive with extra funds and letting us use their equipment like extra carriages, radios and signs. HCBC 2010 Business of the Year

CanDrive 1, cont’d Special thanks to the CanDrive photographers who shared their work: ~ Christie Benninghoven; http://www.christiebsphotography.com/ ~ Rick Kroll; http://www.pbase.com/rck/candrive_june_ july_2013 Driving Group

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Taking Horsemanship to a Different Level By Steven Dubas (Interview with Kyla Pollard)

When I first started riding I wanted to understand the horse. There were very few people who could explain about the horse and rider relationship and working as a team. Peter Campbell was one who explained the relationship between human and horse and how to ride safely. John Lyons talked about getting control of the feet.


yla Pollard of Khas T’an Horsemanship combines the psychology of the horse along with riding skills making the rider better and safer. There is the mechanics of riding and then there is understanding how to build a relationship with the horse to get to do what you want faster, safer and with less stress. Born in New Brunswick, Kyla always had a passion for horses, Kyla and Panda (feral horse) involved in Pony Club and in order to keep her passion alive, she did odd jobs to keep her in and around horses. After graduating from the University of New Brunswick as a Forestry Technician in 2000, she began looking for work. Her search included a telephone interview with a forester in Fort St. James. The conversation switched from employment to horses, the interviewer had horses. The job offer was made and after considering the 5,300 km move, it was an easy choice, a good pay rate and horses. The job paid for her addiction to horses and learning everything she could about them. Her first horse was a Morgan-Arabian (Morab) gelding. The horse showed her that she needed to learn more about riding and how to work with difficult animals. Instead of strong-arming the horse, she felt there was a better way and began to seek out people who she could learn from. She speaks of Ray Hunt, Tom Dorrance, Martin Black, Buck Brannaman, Pat Parelli, and Jonathan Field with excitement. Unlike many people, she sought out and attended clinics and training sessions with some of these people, gaining firsthand experience and one-on-one discussions about horsemanship, colt starting and working cattle; giving her a solid base of knowledge, which she incorporates into her programs. I asked her what horsemanship means to her, “Opening your mind and heart to the horse” was the reply. When you consider riding horses, there are three parts, sitting a horse so you don’t fall off; riding a horse where you are controlling its movement; and horsemanship which combines understanding the horse and how it responds, getting control of its feet and building a relationship and making a more responsive and safer horse. Once you understand why and how the horse responds to things, you can work on getting control of its feet and mind. Horses live in the moment; they do not stand in the field thinking of ways to make your life a living hell. When someone 26 • Saddle Up • August 2013

says, “the horse is just being bad” it gives an indication that the person does not understand the psychology of the horse and how it thinks; this is an element that Kyla is introducing to her students. Keeping the horse in its comfort zone is achieved by providing relief; the proper response and in the timing, all is crucial to the horse understanding. “There should be harmony between horse and rider,” states Kyla, “and that is achieved through understanding. How to read your horse’s body language; how does it look when it’s comfortable and what does it look like when it’s not. There is a chemical release within the horse’s body when it returns to the comfort zone; endorphins and dopamine are released, bringing the horse back to the comfort zone. Using your imagination and opening your mind to a new way of thinking is important. So who is the smart one here, the horse or the human?” Kyla had to learn her trade from experience; she is not from a cowboy culture, she had to learn and gain experience on her own. She had no preconceived ideas when she started, and as a result can relate to the novice rider better. Her horse is “Panda,” an 8-yearold mare from the Moberly area; it is a feral horse that has been domesticated. Kyla feels the horse’s ancestry goes back to the days of the prospector going up to the gold fields or from the fur trade; or even from the herds moving north from Mexico. Working with a feral horse is no easy feat, these animals are not accustomed to people from birth so the techniques of building a relationship are different but by keeping an open mind and creating exercises to build the trust is crucial in the development of a stable and trustworthy horse. To learn more about a new way of working with your horse, developing a good cow horse and developing a trustworthy horse, contact Kyla through her website, T’an Horsemanship, or call 250996-1482. Steve Dubas started riding late in life and got involved in endurance riding in the Prince George area. He has an Arabian, Jimmy, who’s been with him for 12 years. He is a recreational rider and very involved in trail development in Prince George. Steven has been a director of Horse Council BC for a number of years and is very active in the Zone. Photography is a passionate hobby, as well as writing! HCBC 2010 Business of the Year

Horses Help To Re-Write The Bullying Script By Kathleen Allisen The heart-breaking stories our youth are sharing about bullying is dominating media attention and rightly so. It is high time we recognized this is not simply kids being kids.


he story of bullying is a tragedy in three acts, casting youth into one of three roles: the bully, the bullied, and the bystander. Each role may feel powerless to rewrite their

script. A Fraser Valley program is using “a new kind of horsepower” to help all three write a happier ending to their bullying storyline. Unbridling Your Brilliance practices horse guided learning. Programs are developed and delivered by Linda-Ann Bowling, a Master Coach and Intuitive Healer with more than 15 years experience. More than a decade ago, Linda-Ann began to integrate rescue horses into her group and individual coaching sessions with clients, including her work with at-risk and mainstream youth. Invariably, these youth fall into one of the three roles in the bullying dynamic. First, bullying is an assault and self–mastery is a strong defence. Second, bullies are meeting an emotional need destructively. Learning to meet those needs in healthy, constructive ways can set these youth on a new path. And finally, while little is said of the bystander, witnesses to bullying say they feel intimidated, guilty, fearful, and helpless. All three roles need personal mastery tools. “Horses are remarkable teachers because, as animals of prey, they are highly sensitive to changes in their environment,” LindaAnn noted. “In the wild, the survival of the horse depends on their ability to sense unsafe, threatening, and dangerous environments. Horses respond to even subtle emotions that impact their wellbeing.” “Youth With Purpose… A New Kind of HorsepowerTM” are fully facilitated self-empowerment programs that are having a positive impact on the lives of young people navigating the challenging path to adulthood. “We partner with horses to provide interactive experiences in using clear verbal and nonverbal language to communicate our intentions and set effective boundaries.” Youth work with horses through interactions that develop relationship and create opportunities for the horse to respond directly to their human partners. Learning to be in true partnership with a horse requires a person to act in ways acceptable to the horse. These interactive experiences help youth learn how to manage their mental, physical and emotional needs. “The lessons from the barn apply to the arena of life,” notes Linda-Ann. We may not always know exactly what we are feeling, but horses do. “Incongruence makes horses very nervous,” Linda-Ann said. “They demand clear communication from their human partners to meet their needs for safety.” For example, a person may say they are fine, and act as if they are fine, but inside, they are filled with fear. A horse will sense that, and may feel unsafe and uncomfortable. “They let us know what they feel from us, making them remarkable HCBC 2010 Business of the Year

teachers of leadership and followership. Horses help to make what is largely unconscious, conscious.” Unbridling Your Brilliance programs are non-riding; all work is performed safely on the ground. Youth develop genuine confidence and self-esteem, and improved social behaviours in all of their interactions, including better communication skills and increased empathy. Alumni of the Youth With Purpose... A New Kind of HorsepowerTM programs speak enthusiastically about their experience. Many continue to develop their relationship with horses following the program. For these youth, learning the skills to rewrite their bullying script has been life-changing. For more information contact Linda-Ann Bowling at 604-889-4452 or visit www.unbridlingyourbrilliance.com.


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TIDBITS Photo Contest For Kids! Voice For The Horse Theme Song – STRONGER, co-written by Langley BC talents and Ambassadors of ‘Voice For The Horse’ Cole Armour and Tiffany Desrosiers, reaches far beyond just another song out there making its way up the charts. It is to inspire our hearts, celebrate the connection between horse and humans where we are offered their services as an amazing tool, teacher and friend, helping us ground ourselves in our fast moving world. Horses brought us here as they were asked to do thousands of years ago and now they offer us the full opportunity to take us back home, to forever remind us of our grassroots and where it is we have come from, the day we first met the horse. Voice For The Horse extends an invitation to youth 18 years and under to submit their favourite photo of their horse which captures the energy of them sharing a connecting moment together. Once we have our theme song STRONGER professionally produced in the studio, we will be creating a slide show music video with our winning selected photos which will be used in the STRONGER MUSIC VIDEO!

One photo per entry. Send in original, high resolution photo only. Contest closes August 31st, 2013. For more details please visit www.voiceforthehorse.org.

Eliza Hunt Dominates Canadian Hunter Derby at Thunderbird Photo by Totem Photographics Eliza Hunt of Delta BC dominated the Dexter Associates Realty Canadian Hunter Derby and earned a $1,000 bonus as part of the SSG Riding Gloves ‘Go Clean for the Green’ promotion. Held Friday, July 5, during the Western Family competition at Thunderbird Show Park in Langley BC, Hunt scored a hat trick by placing first, second and third. Now in its third year at Thunderbird Show Park, the ‘Go Clean for the Green’ promotion sees Canadian glove manufacturer SSG Gloves offering a total of $12,000 in bonus money to reward both hunter and jumper riders for their loyalty to the SSG brand. Hunt earned a near perfect score of 97 to secure the win over 29 entries in the $1,500 Dexter Associates Realty Canadian Hunter Derby. It was only her fourth competition with Rubinus, a 13-year-old Oldenburg stallion by Rubenstein owned by Jennifer and Armin Arnoldt of Dreamscape Farm in Langley BC, that she began riding in December. Just a single point behind, Hunt and Farscape DSF, a 6-year-old Westphalian stallion by Freestyle and also owned by Dreamscape Farm, finished second with a score of 96. Hunt and Kalan, a 9-year-old Thoroughbred-cross owned by Pat Dumont of Langley BC, finished third with 91 points.

RHR Colt Starting Challenge “Let’s do something different than all of the other colt starting challenges that exist,” said Marc Garner, RHR Operations. “Let’s give the trainers up to 60 days to spend with one of our horses and then bring them in to compete for a $5,000 first prize.” This is where the idea for the Rocking Heart Ranch (RHR) Colt Starting Challenge emerged. From there, 28 • Saddle Up • August 2013

HCBC 2010 Business of the Year

TIDBITS, cont’d the Garner family has turned this into a daylong event that will include a challenge with 10 trainers from across Western Canada; a sale of the horses showcased that day; plus the involvement of the 4-H community with judging; and a draw for a Colt to help get youth back in the saddle. All of this will happen on August 24th, 2013 at the Taber Agriplex in Taber Alberta, starting at 10 a.m. and is unlike any other challenge in Canada. “In holding this type of event, we get the privilege of showcasing the talent in the horse industry by promoting upand-coming trainers as well as bringing in young people into the industry to help ensure it continues to grow and thrive,” said Melody Garner, RHR Operations. Trainers picked up their horses for training between June 15-24th from the ranch headquarters just outside of Waterton Lakes National Park. Horses are selected randomly by pulling a number from a cowboy hat and then loading that horse into their trailer. The contestants have until August 24th to work with that horse and

train it on some basic fundamentals provided by Rocking Heart Ranch as well as any extra “showmanship” qualities they want to use to earn extra points. The competition will be judged by 3 local judges, Heather Smith of Taber, Rose Prozak of Fort Macleod, and Ryan Smith of Champion. Trainers included in the challenge are: Jon Blackmore of Magrath, Clem Lowry of Perryvale, Barry Arnstead of Claresholm, Calvin Bevans of Lethbridge, Rod Olsen of Cardston, Terrel Oler of Canyon BC, Jacqueline See of Edson, Maria Michel of Revelstoke BC, Sid Matsalla of Yorkton, and Renee Gareau of Camrose. For more information, please visit our website www. rockingheartranchltd.com where you will find the judging package, catalogue, and information on the event. You can also contact Marc Garner at 403-330-5958 or Melody Garner 403-3452629.

Horse Quencher Arrives in British Columbia


orse Quencher is a new product to British Columbia having been a huge success in the US and the UK – across all equestrian disciplines and levels, including the American and Canadian Olympic event riders in Hong Kong. Horse Quencher hit the US market in 2006 and the Canadian market in February 2012. Now BC residents can order Horse Quencher on line at www.horsequencherbc.ca and have it delivered right to your door. Horse Quencher is a mix of all natural grains and flavourings that, when added to water, make horses eagerly drink. You’ll find Horse Quencher especially helpful for travel, competitions, cold or hot weather and illnesses. It’s made of allnatural ingredients found in most horse feeds, so you can be sure Horse Quencher is safe for competition. Hydrating a horse has two separate but equal parts that work in conjunction with one another. Horses need water and they need electrolytes. Horse Quencher handles the water part, getting horses to drink up. If you think your horse is low on electrolytes, add those as well… Horse Quencher and electrolytes work great together. It doesn’t matter whether you are an Olympic eventer, HCBC 2010 Business of the Year

hunter/jumper, endurance rider, barrel racer, driver or recreational rider; we all need to keep our horses perfectly hydrated. After all, water rules bodies, and without it, bodies just don’t do well. Horses don’t have the same thirst reflex we do, and enticing them to drink is something we need to help them with. Horse Quencher comes in four great flavours: butterscotch, root beer, apple and peppermint. It is available in a variety of sizes from single size pouch that can be conveniently packed for the trailer or the trail, as well as larger sizes for your feed room. It is also eco-friendly with the alternative pouch packaging which weighs less than an ounce and making shipping friendly. Learn more about this amazing product you didn’t even know you needed until you try it, go to www.horsequencherbc.ca and order yours today!

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Cowboy Team Challenge (CTC) By Brynn Hall Photos by Janice Reiter and Chris Gawthorn


unshine and Team Spirit were on order for the inaugural Cowboy Team Challenge held at Langley Riders on June 13. The Challenge brought together 72 riders forming 12 teams with 4 different western disciplines coming together. Cutting, Barrel Racing, Ranch Sorting and Team Roping were on display with competitors vying not only for cash and amazing prizes but valuable points towards the Coveted Team Challenge Award. It was evident that this was not just fun and games as no one was quietly sitting by, based on the cheering heard and some heckling too, all in the fun of getting your team to the top. First Place for each individual event was awarded $300 and beautiful Bronc Halters. Bill Remple won the Cutting; Barrel Racing fast time was Carrie Mussell; Trish Ensworthy and Leeanne Lote won the Ranch Sorting; and Rich Davidson with Frank Principe took the top prize in Team Roping. 2nd Place for $250 and Coolers went to: Mandy Fil – Cutting; Jessie May – Barrels; Pat Singer & Dwayne Solter – Sorting; and Landon Blackstock & Justin Buhler - Team Roping. 3rd Place for $200 and Rope Halter went to: Doug Vanderkurkof – Cutting; Marjorie Schmidt – Barrels; Emily McNab & Dennis Hogie – Sorting; and Wayne Lindsay & Bailey Blackstock - Team Roping. 4th Place for $100 and Arena Bags went to: Janice Reiter – Cutting; Tina Pedersen – Barrels; Kelly Walker & Kerri Lee – Sorting; and Logan Wharry & Colton Bates - Team Roping.

1st Place Winners

2nd Place Winners

To start off the CTC the 12 teams were auctioned off in a Calcutta to raise money for the Little Britches Rodeo Association and High School Rodeo. Competitors, friends and family forked over $2,050 in total with Team #6 selling for a whopping $325 purchased by Dennis Wharry. For the CTC Calcutta event the Cutter started it off with a 30 second single cow cutting and that was judged by Lee Poncelet. The Ranch Sorters then had to take that cow down the arena and into the pen and hold it. Once the cow was penned the Team Ropers were off with their steer. Once caught the Barrel Racer on foot had to get there and dob it. Strategy was evident with teams working together to try and come up with the best plans, with crafty and fast cows,

JEFF PARRISH QUARTER HORSES Specializing in Reining Horses

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Genuine hospitality, delicious meals and grand outdoor adventure!

Clinton BC // 1-877-655-2333

www.BIGBARRANCH.com 30 • Saddle Up • August 2013


Training * Showing * Sales * Clinics * Lessons (all levels) Tel: 250-378-4591 Cell: 604-512-0000 E-mail: hotstreaks@telus.net

HCBC 2010 Business of the Year

Team Challenge, cont’d near misses and hard work, most teams got it done. Team #7 that won the Calcutta Team Challenge and Ted Hall (who won the bid for this team) walked away with his share of the Calcutta money 3rd Place Winners for his purchase of Team #7 made up of David Paton, Jeanette Smith, Lloyd Patenton, Dora Naber, Wayne Lindsay and Bailey Blackstock. Team #7 was awarded beautiful Impact Gel Saddle Pads. The overall Cowboy Team Challenge winner based on points from the individual events plus their Calcutta Points was Team #1 made up of Mandy Fil, Jessie May, Tammy Foote, Camille Carter, Dave Lambert and Lee Poncelet. They were awarded the Trophy Buckles. A HUGE Thank You to the Committee that made this day possible: Kerri Lee, Fred Wein, David Paton, Elana Wharry, Logan Wharry, Christine Gawthorne, Rick Davidson & Dave Lambert. Kerri Lee had the idea of starting up this event just like the Cowboy Olympics of the past. She wanted a fun way to get more riders out and involved in the western disciplines and boost memberships in all the associations. Cowboy Team Challenge was born. What better way to introduce riders to other areas of rodeo and western riding than bringing them together to compete and display what they love already. Competitors from across BC came down for the chance to show what they know and encourage others to try something new. Riders were eager for tips and lessons on how to win their event. The eventful day came to a close with excitement and promises for next year with many already laying claim to their spot again! We capped the evening off with a BBQ dinner by THE KEG Steakhouse that was enjoyed by many and was the perfect way to celebrate the success of the 1st Annual Cowboy Team Challenge.

HCBC 2010 Business of the Year

4th Place Winners

Calcutta Winners

Without the many sponsors and volunteers this event could not have happened. We are all grateful for the amazing horse community that surrounds us and welcome you to come on out next year and join in the fun! For more info on this event please email Kerri Lee at kerri@langleeacres.com.

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Cariboo Chatter By Mark McMillan


e’ll be hopping between the hay fields, gymkhanas, endurance rides, and competitive trail rides, trying to get photos and results for you for the September issue. We’ll also be getting things ready for the bull riding finals and Cariboo Country Night and, before we know it, we’ll be heading for Chilliwack and the 10th Anniversary of the Mane Event... can hardly wait! As usual, the Watch Lake/Green Lake Gymkhana was a fun-filled and successful event. It took place July 13 and was the first of two annual Gymkhanas. The second one will be held on August 10. The weather was great - not too hot but not cold, no rain but not too dusty, either. The number of competitors was up for July and the spectator numbers were good. Riders came from Kamloops, 70 Mile, Punzi Lake, Buffalo Creek, 108, Lac La Hache, 100 Mile, Kelowna, Lone Butte, Watch Lake, Green Lake, and 18 of them made the trip from Williams Lake. All in all, a really good day! Here are the results for the top two placings in each event: SENIOR: Pole Bending - 1st Punky Mulvahill; 2nd Dennis Gunn Stake Race - 1st Terris Billyboy; 2nd Nicole Hoessl Barrel Race - 1st Terris Billyboy; 2nd Bridget Rosette Key Hole - 1st Bridget Rosette; 2nd Dennis Gunn INTERMEDIATE: Pole Bending - 1st Kaylee Billyboy; 2nd Carolyn Cook Stake Race - 1st Kaylee Billyboy; 2nd James Evans Barrel Race - 1st Kaylee Billyboy; 2nd Carolyn Cook Key Hole - 1st Kaylee Billyboy; 2nd Tiana Johnny JUNIOR: Pole Bending - 1st Cecilia Warren; 2nd Rayelle Robinson Stake Race - 1st Cecilia Warren; 2nd Rayelle Robinson Barrel Race - 1st Rayelle Robinson; 2nd Cecilia Warren Key Hole - 1st Rayelle Robinson; 2nd Jazmyne Bittner PEE WEE: Pole Bending - 1st Dane Robinson; 2nd Kennedy Kolisnyk Stake Race - 1st John Noskey; 2nd Dane Robinson Barrel Race - 1st John Noskey; 2nd Dane Robinson Key Hole - 1st Dane Robinson; 2nd Hunter Adams

PEE WEE LEAD LINE: Pole Bending - 1st Kassidy Kolisnyk; 2nd Justine Billyboy Stake Race - 1st Jimmy Testawich; 2nd Kalee Pincott Barrel Race - 1st Jimmy Testawich; 2nd Kalee Pincott Key Hole - 1st Jimmy Testawich; 2nd Justine Billyboy Ribbon Race - 1st Terris Billyboy and Kaylee Billyboy; 2nd Tiana Johnny and Punky Mulvahill Musical Tires - 1st James Evans; 2nd Mandy Pincott DAY AGGREGATES: Senior - Terris Billyboy; Runner-up Bridget Rosette Intermediate - Kaylee Billyboy; Runner-up Carolyn Cook Junior - Rayelle Robinson; Runner-up Cecilia Warren Pee Wee - Dane Robinson; Runner-up John Noskey

Carolyn Cook follows James Evans around the stake, hoping that the music doesn’t stop before she gets close to a tire.

Terris Billyboy shares a snack with some of her group. There were 18 entries from Williams Lake.

Dennis Gunn leaving the keyhole with a second place time. Dennis is now 70 years young!

The announcer and timers have a bird’seye view over the arena at one of the most picturesque gymkhana grounds anywhere!

This is the first Gymkhana for Alexis (on the black pony) and London, the Anderson twins.

Terris gets her exercise as she watches over future barrel racer Justine Billyboy in the Pee Wee Lead Line division.

Cariboo Chatter SponsorS

Cariboo SpurS apparel & TaCk 1124 S Broadway Ave. Williams Lake, BC V2G 1A2 250-398-8886 cariboospurs26@telus.net “Biggest Little Western Store in the Cariboo” 8/13

32 • Saddle Up • August 2013

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HCBC 2010 Business of the Year

Cariboo Chatter, cont’d If you’d like to join in on the fun at the next Watch Lake/Green Lake Gymkhana on August 10, bring your horse and enter, or just come and watch. This is a super event for both competitors and spectators. For more information, phone Watch Lake Lodge at 250-456-7741. On July 19-21, the annual Cariboo Trails Combined Driving Event took place at Huber Farm in 70 Mile House. As of press time for this issue, I didn’t have the results but I hope to have information, results, and photos ready for the September issue of Saddle Up. The weekend consisted of lots of teams and single horses and ponies, with carts and carriages, driving in dressage, through a cone course, and competing in a full marathon. August 9-10 is the date for the Cariboo Plateau Competitive Trail Ride, which will be held at the Hills Health Ranch at 108 Mile Ranch. This event is capped at 30 riders and at my deadline the entry numbers were looking pretty good. It should be another super weekend with competitors enjoying not only their ride, but also the beautiful scenery that the Cariboo has to offer. Check out www. bcctra.ca for more information, or contact Joanne Macaluso at joanne_macaluso@ bcit.ca. If you’re into Gymkhanas, don’t miss the 100 Mile Outriders Gymkhana, being held on August 25 at the Outriders arena in 100 Mile House. On September 1, things will be happening at the Hills Health Ranch again, but this time it will be endurance. The Cariboo Gold Rush Express Endurance Ride takes place on the historic trails of the Gold Rush, over rolling hills and wide-open grasslands though poplar, aspen and pine forest. There will be a 25-mile and a 50-mile HCBC 2010 Business of the Year

ride. An endurance clinic will be held on Saturday, August 31, from 9am-3pm. Learn what endurance riders mean when they say, “To finish is to win.” Learn why endurance is such an addictive sport. For more information, contact Katrin at katrinlevermann@gmail.com, or visit the ERABC website at www.erabc.com. The BC Professional Bull Riders Finals is coming to 100 Mile House! The dates will be September 7-8, with a 1pm start both days. The top twenty bull riders in BC will try to successfully ride four bulls each throughout the weekend - that’s 80 bull rides. Admission is at the door and is only $15 for adults, $10 for students (18 and under) and $5 for kids under six and seniors, per day. On September 14, at Watch Lake, you’ll find the Annual Cariboo Country Night - a cowboy concert, a BBQ steak dinner and a good, old-fashioned country dance all in one. And all for just $25 per person, too! The Hanson Family, Rae-Lee Fraser, Leslie Ross, and Ernie Doyle will be the evening’s performers. For more information and/or tickets, contact Mark at msprings@bcinternet.net or 250-4562425. If you have any Cariboo Chatter that you would like included, please email Mark at msprings@bcinternet.net and put “Cariboo Chatter” in the subject line.

WHAT’S THIS? Readers -

do you know what this is?

The correct answer will be printed in the next issue.

What’s your guess?

This month’s item is from the Meadow Springs Museum. It was my Mum’s and then mine as a youngster (if I’d listened to her then, I’d be better off now, but I didn’t). It measures about 6.5 inches long, 2 inches wide and 5 inches high. This is an easy one - good luck! E-mail Mark at msprings@bcinternet.net and put “What’s This?” in the subject line. Send us your full name, city and province please..

Last Month’s What’s This? The July issue’s item is in our own Meadow Springs Museum. It’s a sharpener for the double-edged razor blades that were used for so many years. The photo shows the box that it came in, and how to use it. Congratulations to the following people who had the right answer: Jim Hatten, Armstrong Rod Parkinson, Falkland Stan Snowdy, Calgary, Alberta www.saddleup.ca • 33

Interior Miniature Horse Club - “Spring Fling” By Joan McNaughton


une 15 & 16th saw the Interior Miniature Horse Club hosting their first open breed driving show and field driving trial, held on the beautiful Knauf Ranch in Quesnel. As always, no event can run without its army of volunteers and we had a number of people who really pitched in. Special mention should go to the “mowers” who kept the rapidly growing grass at bay with their many hours on the machinery. On Saturday morning miniature horse in-hand classes were held with halter, obstacle and hunter being offered for those miniature horses 34” and under and those over 34”. The Halter Champion was Vista Valley Son of a Bay owned by Joan McNaughton and the Reserve Champion was Bobkats Take A Chance owned by Leona Alcock. We also had driving classes exclusively for the miniatures, including qualifying classes for the 2013 Heritage Games. Our judge and official for the weekend was Elisa Mariocchi, and this was her first experience with the miniature in-hand classes! We hope she had as much fun as we did. Saturday afternoon belonged to the non-miniature horses and we had good pleasure and reinsmanship classes for ponies and light horses. Again, there were also classes for qualifying for the Heritage Games. Sunday morning was sunny and nice and we held the 1st stage of the Training Level field driving trial – the dressage. The dressage ring was mowed to perfection and looked wonderful surrounded by the bright flowers perched on all the dressage letters. From the dressage, we carried over to the cones course and then we ventured out to the field drive with its three hazards set around the course. The course, including the distance in the hazards, was around 2 km. Not all the entrants chose to do all three sections, but it was a great learning day for everyone! Awards were given out for each event as well as the awards for the combined score of all three phases. VSE DRESSAGE: 1st Joan McNaughton driving Genesis Fire Fox (owned by Leona Alcock) 2nd Gerry Knauf driving Bobkats Miss–Te Rose 3rd Leona Alcock driving Bobkats Take A Chance 4th Kari Robinson driving Free Spririt Zane Grey 5th Patty Lambkin driving Russell’s Little John PONY/LIGHT HORSE DRESSAGE: 1st Barb Gorsline driving Charlie VSE CONES: 1st Kari Robinson driving Free Spirit Zane Grey 2nd Joan McNaughton driving Genesis Fire Fox 3rd Leona Alcock driving Bobkats Take A Chance 4th Patty Lambkin driving Russell’s Little John 5th Gerry Knauf driving Bobkats Miss-Te Rose PONY/LIGHT HORSE CONES 1st Barb Gorsline driving Charlie 2nd Richard Arthur driving Ranch DS Vulcain Gamine 3rd Mary Rossman driving Haewyre VSE MARATHON 1st Leona Alcock driving Bobkats Take A Chance 2nd Joan McNaughton driving Genesis Fire Fox PONY/LIGHT HORSE MARATHON 1st Richard Arthur driving Ranch DS Vulcain Gamine 2nd Isabelle Knoke driving Northern Maggie 3rd Barb Gorsline driving Charlie

OVERALL RESULTS: VSE 1st Joan McNaughton driving Genesis Fire Fox 2nd Leona Alcock driving Bobkats Take A Chance PONY/LIGHT HORSE The only one completing, thus winning all 3 phases was Barb Gorsline driving Charlie. We also gave out a nice stainless steel thermos bottle donated by the makers of Recovery to our top 3 dressage scores: 1st Barb Gorsline driving Charlie 2nd Joan McNaughton driving Genesis Fire Fox 3rd Gerry Knauf with Bobkats Miss-Te Rose We were also able to give each of our hard working volunteers one of these great thermos bottles.

Many thanks to Kathy Stanley of 70 Mile House for the donation of some beautiful coolers that went to the winners of the Heritage Qualifying classes. All our winners received a little bottle of spot/ stain remover compliments of The Paddock and it will be a blessing for those light colored horses! Our silent auction went well, and some products were marked with the proceeds going to Pipsqueak Paddocks (a mini horse rescue centre) and we have sent them a cheque for $163.00. Next year we hope to host a similar event, but we may wait until later in the year when the grass isn’t growing so fast and the hay is off the fields! We thank Elisa very much for being so co-operative and helpful.

Barb Gorsline (Dean - her son - is the navigator). Photo by Steven Dubas.

Patty Lambkin - 1st time competitor in the cones! Photo by Steven Dubas.

34 • Saddle Up • August 2013

Leona Alcock. Photo by Joan McNaughton’s husband.

Richard Arthur (Susan is his navigator). Photo by Steven Dubas.

HCBC 2010 Business of the Year

BC Carriage Drivers Have More Fun! By Deb Gardner


t was another fun and successful BCCDS/HCBC Heritage Driving Qualifying Show and VSE Clinic here at Spur Valley Ranch in Armstrong on June 14-16. Kathy Stanley was a very informative and fun judge/clinician. On Friday, June 14, five drivers were entered in the Heritage show; we had one scratch. So, four drivers and their miniature horses competed. (Also offered at the show were two schooling training level dressage tests: HCBC 1-A and ADS Training Level Test 2.) After lunch Kathy and the drivers got a chance to work on their driver skills and elements of the Heritage Classes and Dressage tests. Everyone went home with ribbons and information on how to improve their driving skills. The Saturday and Sunday VSE Clinic was attended by seven drivers. Each driver had a private lesson as well as a group lesson each day with Kathy. The weekend saw a variety of skill levels of miniature horses; some horses were at the ground-driving stage, there were drivers partnering up with new horses, and more seasoned horses working to improving their driving skills. Kathy had a snack pack of horses and drivers to instruct with single hitches, as well as Katie Iceton’s pair! The group lessons on the Saturday and Sunday covered how to successfully drive obstacles and a cones course. Kathy explained how the driving requirements in the Heritage classes and Dressage tests apply to driving a cones and obstacles course. How one uses the correct bend and balance to change rein and take corners, use of the three

gaits when driving the course, just how to make up time on those long stretches by extending your trot and how to collect up your horse for those tight turns, as well as how to easily remember a cones course something the over-50 crowd could really appreciate! Kathy put a lot of miles on, as she walked the arena with the drivers; she also drove some of the horses to get a better understanding of the horse’s skills as well as the driver’s. It was a weekend that we hope to do again this fall! Results from the JUNE BLOOM HERITAGE DRIVING SHOW:

DRIVING WORKING PLEASURE 1st: Debbie Gardner/GG Little Masterpiece 2nd: Cathy Degelder/Bentley 3rd: Natallie Sitza/Noon 4th: Heather Dolemo/Playboy DRIVING REINMANSHIP 1st: Heather Dolemo/Playboy 2nd: Debbie Gardner/GG Little Masterpiece 3rd: Natallie Sitza/Noon 4th: Cathy Degelder/Bentley DRIVING COMMAND 1st: Natallie Sitza/Noon 2nd: Heather Dolemo/Playboy 3rd: Debbie Gardner/GG Little Masterpiece 4th: Cathy Degelder/Bentley

Kathy Stanley taking a break with Nat’s “Noon”

Building or Renovating? Agricultural Building Packages

Variety of Roofing, Fencing & Farm Supplies Suppliers of Serving Commercial, Agricultural and Residential We’ve Got Your Lumber and much more!

Shepherd’s Hardware Limited Armstrong BC 250-546-3002 or 1-888-546-3002 Locally Owned and Operated ~ Old Fashioned Service Since 1925

HCBC 2010 Business of the Year

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Top Dog! Trail Etiquette By Valerie Barry, KPA-CTP and Lisa Kerley, KPA-CTP It’s that time of year when everyone is out enjoying all of our beautiful trails in the sunshine! We get lots of questions from clients asking what the proper “etiquette” is for walking dogs on trails.


ften, the questions come up because people have experienced a frustrating encounter or have narrowly avoided a serious issue with someone else’s dog. “Could you call your dog? Please?” Is there a generallyaccepted trail etiquette? Every municipality has bylaws for its trails and you should be aware of what they are and follow them – there are fines associated with noncompliance. In all the bylaws we’ve read, there’s one consistent behavioural rule and it’s a biggie: “Have control over your dog.”

If we were in charge, this would be our set of Trail Etiquette Rules: 1. Please, please, please - pick up after your dog and take it with you. Even though it’s a bylaw in practically every municipality, we sure see a lot of poop on the trails and even on the streets and sidewalks. Really?! Do you actually have to have someone watching to make sure you do it? Come on! 2. Call your dog to you when you see someone coming. People do not like to be rushed at by strange dogs and neither do our dogs or horses. It’s not “friendly” – it’s rude. It could very well get your dog in trouble or result in an unpleasant encounter with someone who doesn’t appreciate your dog’s “friendly exuberance.”

A great recall!

36 • Saddle Up • August 2013

3. Your dog should come when he’s called. If your dog does not come reliably when you

call, then you have no business having him be completely free. A recall should not be a “finger’s crossed” exercise. Having our dogs off leash is a privilege that we are very fortunate to enjoy in our communities – and it’s just that, a privilege. The way to a good recall is to practice – a lot. When you practice, use a well-fitted body harness and a long line to help you control the outcome, which is your dog in front of you when asked. 4. Keep your dog close when encountering fast-moving trail traffic. When you see bikers, runners, people on horseback or anyone approaching (regardless of whether they have dogs with them), call your dog close to you and keep Politely waiting on the side of the trail. yourself between him and the approaching party. Dogs are often tempted to lunge out at fast moving things, and you can easily prevent this by positioning yourself between him and passing traffic. In this position, you can use your body to block any attempt at lunging. You are also reminding your dog that you are the one directing the rules of the walk and this is how we politely pass by oncoming traffic. If you decide to stop and chat with someone approaching – no problem! By having your dog on the opposite side of you and following your direction, you have just set up the ideal situation for a polite greeting. 5. Show respect for leashed dogs. If you see someone approaching with a dog on leash, call your dog to you. There are many reasons why someone may have their dog on leash and it’s only polite to ask if they mind your dog saying hi. If they say no, then you should be able to walk by them without your dog getting into the other dog’s space. HCBC 2010 Business of the Year

Top Dog! Position yourself between your dog and the other dog/ owner and curve away from them slightly as you pass by to give them some distance. Just because you are Staying close! walking in an area that is designated as off-leash, it does not mean that your dog has the right to run madly around and irritate dogs who are on leash. Our trails are multi-use trails. Everyone is entitled to use our trails and everyone should do so with the knowledge that we share the responsibility to do so politely and respectfully. You’ll notice an ongoing theme in our set of rules – being polite and respectful! It’s our job to teach our own dogs the skills they need to work within our rules. Your dog is not “free” when he’s off-leash on a hike with you. Rather, he is working at his “job” of being off leash on a hike with you. He should not feel free to make his own decisions but

should be checking in with you often – ever ready to “Come,” “Stay Close,” “Say Hi,” “Sit” or maybe even “Go Play,” “Fetch” and “Find It.” It should be a fun job and almost every dog loves it, so get out and enjoy the trails responsibly! Lisa and Valerie are professional dog behaviourists and trainers; they have been training together for over seven years and have a combined 25 years of experience working with dogs. With a focus on creating confident, happy and well-balanced dogs using truly dog-friendly methods, they offer hipPUPS, an early socializing program for pups, babyBRATS, an impulsecontrol and skill-building program for adolescent dogs and the Partnership Program, a non-traditional obedience series for dogs of all ages. In addition to group classes, they also offer private programs and behavioural sessions to cater to the specific needs of any dog. In October 2012, they each received a new designation from the Karen Pryor Academy, as Certified Training Partner. (See their listing ‘In Partnership With Dogs’ in Pet Central)

Top Dog! of the Month Sponsored by

The Pup Tent

“We’re Better Together” Beth Marks sutton group - lakefront realty Toll Free 1-877-510-8666 or 250-306-2384 www.OkanaganHome.ca http://okanagan-beth.blogspot.com/

This is our top dog Felix. He’s 4 years old and still learning about herding. He’s a quick study and we love him lots.

DO YOU HAVE PUPPIES FOR SALE? Colour photo ads are only $60 plus tax. Next deadline is August 15 for the September issue. Purebreds must provide papers (Puppy mills need not submit)

HCBC 2010 Business of the Year

- Susan and Burt and family.

Send us a photo of your favourite pooch! Tell us dog’s name, breed, and up to 50 words about him/her. We will print your first name (or initials) and your city/province. Email to nancyroman@saddleup.ca and put in subject line: TOP DOG OF THE MONTH Photos will be printed on a first come first serve basis. www.saddleup.ca • 37

Top Dog! The new sanctioned sport of BARN HUNT www.barnhunt.com

Photos by Debbie Christoff, Pawsitive Impressions


arn Hunt will become a sanctioned sport in 2013, fun tests are being held all over the U.S. now – although we would like to spread this interest to our Canadian neighbours. The purpose of Barn Hunt is to demonstrate a dog’s vermin hunting ability in finding and marking rats in an above ground “barnlike” setting, using a straw/hay bale maze to introduce climbing and tunneling obstacles in the dog’s path. Rats in aerated tubes are hidden in the maze for the dog to find, and some tubes will be empty or only contain litter. Barn Hunt is for ANY breed or mix of dog who loves to hunt and who can fit through an 18” wide gap between two hay bales. It will test speed, agility, and surefootedness. While not specifically targeted at larger dogs or dogs without a vermin hunting history, Barn Hunt is all inclusive and fun for any dog and human who wishes to play the game. Test hunting instinct in vermin hunting breeds (open to ALL breeds and mixes, you do not have to have a vermin hunting breed to play the game). ~ YOU tell the judge when the dog has found the prey, demonstrating

Canine Capers august

15-16 ANNUAL COW DOG TRIAL, Nechako Valley Fall Fair, Burns Lake BC, Richard 250-567-8804, rich@dmsltd.ca 16-18 PACIFIC AGILITY CLAN, AAC Agility Trial, Pitt Meadows BC, Joanie-Leigh Elliot 604-762-6707, agilitynut@shaw.ca 16-18 WEST KOOTENAY KENNEL CLUB, Obed & Rally Trials, Castlegar BC, BC Dog Show Serv 778-395-3647, showsecretary@bcdogshowservicesltd.ca 17-18 ARENA TRIALS, Tyee Kennel Club, Cobble Hill BC, Kristin 250-715-5844, karab@telus.net 31-Sep1 SANDHILL LEA SHEEP DOG TRIAL, 100 Mile House BC, Lorne 250-791-5300, landry@bcinternet.net 23-25 CRANBROOK & DISTRICT KENNEL CLUB, Obedience & Rally Trials, JM Show Services 780-532-9969, mcmurphy@telusplanet.net

september 6-8 7-8 13-15 14-15 28-29

MATSQUI FLYBALL & AGILITY CLUB, AAC Agility Trial, Abbotsford BC, Laurel Trustham 604-826-6993, laureltee@shaw.ca GREATER VICTORIA DOG OBEDIENCE, CKC Agility Trials, Saanichton BC, Blair Kilgour 250-652-6277, vdogs@shaw.ca CENTRAL OKANAGAN DOG AGILITY, AAC Agility Trial, Kelowna BC, Marcia Browne 250-769-5937, marcia3000@shaw.ca SEA-TO-SKY EARTH DOG CLUB TEST, Langley BC, Lia Bijsterveld 604-272-1834, thedogsma@shaw.ca CYPRESS HILLS TRIAL, ASDA/USBCHA, Medicine Hat AB, Chris Jobe 403-866-6176, chrisjobe47@aol.com

october 5-6 19-20

PAXTON VALLEY TRIALS, BCSDA/USBCHA, Falkland BC, Holly Brunner 250-379-2952, brunnerholly@gmail.com CYPRESS HILLS TRIAL, ASDA/USBCHA, Medicine Hat AB, Chris Jobe 403-866-6176, chrisjobe47@aol.com

38 • Saddle Up • August 2013

your communication and partnership with your dog ~ Earn Placements, Titles and Championships ~ Hold a fun test or event (it’s easy and inexpensive for groups and clubs to hold a Barn Hunt!) ~ At all times, the safety of the dogs, handlers, and rats is to be of paramount importance. We want YOU to be part of the foundation of Barn Hunt. We encourage active discussion and input as we launch this very exciting new sport venue. More information including draft rules, event calendar, links to sign up to our Facebook page and Yahoo group, training videos, etc. are on our website.

Pet Central IN PARTNERSHIP WITH DOGS (North Van) info@ipwd.ca, www.ipwd.ca, Positive Reinforcement Dog Training, Group Classes & Private Consultations 9/13 Do you offer a dog service or training business? Sell pet feeds and supplies? You can advertise here! Prices start at only $195 per year (12 issues). Call 1-866-546-9922 or e-mail nancyroman@saddleup.ca ATTENTION DOG CLUBS! Do have a sporting event coming up you would like listed here? Send in your 1- to 2-line listing and we are happy to print on a space availability basis. This is a FREE service for dog lovers!

Clubs & Associations You can advertise your club or non-profit group here. Only $90 for 2 lines or $180 Boxed per year (12 issues). Includes a FREE link on our website. Call 1-1-866-546-9922 or e-mail nancyroman@saddleup.ca HCBC 2010 Business of the Year

Notes from the Office Horse Council BC

Horse Council BC 2013 BC Heritage Circuit Finals A huge success for all qualified competitors from around the province that attended.

Photos courtesy of Andrea Blair – Paper Horse Photography Horse Council BC is committed to sponsoring qualified athletes in Dressage, Show Jumping, and Reining to attend the CIEC and compete against peers from provinces across Canada as Team BC. The pathway to the podium starts with the BC Heritage Circuit Finals being the first step in a Long Term Equestrian Development plan.


he 2013 BC Heritage Circuit Finals held at Sun Meadows Equestrian Center in Kamloops on July 5–7 was a big success for all the qualified competitors that travelled from all corners of the province to compete at the Championship Finals. Sun Meadows Equestrian Centre accommodated the multi- discipline event with Dressage, Show Jumping, Pleasure Driving, English Performance, Western Performance, and Gymkhana Divisions all running smoothly as scheduled in the excellent silica sand rings over three days of competition. The Reining class was run at Circle Creek Equestrian Centre just a few miles away on Sunday afternoon to give the competitors the best possible footing for sliding and spinning the Reining horses through their patterns. Circle Creek Equestrian Centre is hosting the equestrian events for the BC Senior Games in Kamloops August 21–24, 2013. The competition rings at both venues were meticulously groomed and watered throughout the warm days to give every competitor the opportunity to score their personal best results. Our thank you to the attending judges: ~ Carl Woods, Peachland BC - Western Performance ~ Orville Smith, Prince George BC - Trail Horse ~ Patti Amos-Thomas, Armstrong BC - Dressage & English Performance ~ Joan Miller, Kamloops BC - Jumper Division ~ Cat Armitage, Chilliwack BC - Course Designer/Driving Division Judge Hosts Glen and Jutta Jealouse opened their residence at Sun Meadows for exhibitors to enjoy a home cooked country BBQ and swim pool party on the Saturday evening of the show. What a great way to end the beautiful summer horse show day for all the campers on site! Exhibitors also enjoyed the $10,000 in cash prizes and awards, along with travel grants for exhibitors travelling over 500 km to attend the provincial circuit championships. The BC Heritage Circuit every year develops the local entry level club competitions by recognizing and promoting the events as Qualifier shows throughout the province, while at the same time keeping entry level competitions affordable and meaningful for the Learning and Training to Compete and Active for Life equestrians of all ages. The BC Heritage Finals competition serves as a Qualifier competition for the Team BC Selection for riders to advance and represent their province at the Canadian Interprovincial Equestrian Championships to be held this year in Calgary in September 13–15, 2013. HCBC 2010 Business of the Year

How to Reach Us HCBC office hours: Monday to Friday, 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Address: 27336 Fraser Highway, Aldergrove, BC V4W 3N5 604-856-4304 or Toll Free 1-800-345-8055 Fax: 604-856-4302


www.saddleup.ca • 39

Alberta Donkey and Mule Club By Marlene Quiring


onkeys, mules and horses all came to compete together at the Alberta Donkey and Mule Club-sponsored “All Equine Show” in Nanton, AB, on June 15-16. Many competitors returned from the previous year as well as new participants after hearing about the fun that was had at the show in 2012. Over 50 riders and 60 animals showed over the two days which covered 70 classes in driving, riding (English and Western) and fun classes. Class entries varied in size from three to thirteen. The common thread throughout the weekend was “How much fun the show was!” The Chore Team Competition was once again a hit with the spectators - the friendly rivalry between the 2012 winner, Gary Johnson of Charesholm, with his team of horses, and Terry Aris of Lundbreck, with his team of mules, resulted in the win for the mules this year. Western and English judge, Ryan Smith, took time to talk to each competitor on what he saw as a positive and what could be worked on. The driving judge, Cheryl Fotheringham, provided feedback to all drivers as well. Keith Kendrew from Rimbey drove Sonney, Alice and Ron Todd’s standard donkey, and took first place in the Log Pull. The Log Pull is a precision pattern that requires skill from both the animal and the driver. Another first place for the longears was won by Sue Wensink-

Burles aboard her mule Squidgy, in English Equitation. The longears did okay considering that the ratio of horses to mules/donkeys was about Terry Aris and his team of mules in the Driving Class 10:1. The Canadian Cowboy Challenge held a competition on the Saturday at the same time as the Nanton Equine Event. The course was challenging and reported having over 40 participants. The 24th running of Tees Longears Days will be held August Keith Kendrew and Sonney the 17-18 at the rodeo grounds in the donkey in the Log Pull class. small hamlet of Tees, AB. Our full program is up on our website at www.albertadonkeyandmule.com. Tees Longears Days is the premier show for mules and donkeys in Canada; it showcases the skills of trained longears and also fully promotes and supports new and “green” exhibitors. The cost is very minimal; camping, parking and admission is free. A concession will be on site and a sumptuous beef BBQ supper is available Saturday evening. Everyone is welcome to join us for this fun, family-oriented show.

Wild Rose Draft Horse Association By Bruce Roy


hile the flood on Stampede Park precluded scheduled events in the Scotiabank Saddledome, the newly erected Big Top was the venue where most of this year’s watered down Heavy Horse Show was held at the 2013 Calgary Stampede. Here the Youth, Halter, Cart and Team Classes were shown. Sadly, no space on Stampede Park could facilitate the Unicorn or Four Horse Hitch classes within the offered time. Likewise, the rousing music members of Calgary’s Philharmonic Orchestra offer each year had to be cancelled to the spectator’s chagrin. However, the World Six Horse Hitch Championship was held, albeit on Monday, July 8th, at 8:30 a.m., in front of the grandstand. Unfortunately, few spectators were on Stampede Park at this hour. The Express Ranches of Yukon, Oklahoma, won the World Six Horse Hitch Championship. Their black Clydesdale geldings had a solid drive. All six horses were in position, up and on the bit, working as one, which teamwork is about. Unlike the performance of several hitches shown, the Express Ranch Six cornered well and lined up for their teamster, Josh Minshull, when Willow Way Mhorita, the moving on the straight-away. They winning yearling which was were pressed by the stepping hitch of Reserve Junior and Reserve black Percheron geldings exhibited Grand Champion Mare. Allan & Wes Gordeyko, Willow Way by Brian Thiel of Pleasant Grove, Farm of, Ohaton, Alberta, bred California; a young turnout yet to and exhibited her. realize its potential. The weighty 40 • Saddle Up • August 2013

geldings fielded by Gordon Ruzicka, Rose Hill Percherons of Viking, Alberta, was a popular third. Best of Show was Eaglesfield Lexandra, the Supreme Champion Percheron. This black 3-year-old mare needs no introduction in breed circles, for she won the same honours at Denver’s 2013 National Western Stock Show. Shown by Brian & Colleen Coleman, Eaglesfield Percherons of Didsbury, Alberta; this Krebsie’s Krosbie, the winning 2-year-old which was Grand home-bred female is a G.T.’s Lexus Champion Belgian Gelding. daughter. Her dam is the Queen’s Darwin & Louise Krebs, Commander mare, High Hope Krebsie’s Belgians, Didsbury, Commander’s Paige. Alberta, bred and exhibited him. The three other breed Supreme Champions at this year’s show were: Mundie’s Royce, the 3-year-old Belgian stallion shown by Drew Mundie of Innisfail, Alberta; T.F.C. Fusilier’s Spice, the honour laden 2-year-old Clydesdale filly shown by Steve Westgate, Hinton, Alberta; and LaRiviere Ruskington Unique, the black Shire filly, a yearling shown by Zephrin LaRiviere & Jacquie Fargo of Kennedy, Saskatchewan. Rein Roy of Markerville, Alberta, won the Youth Aggregate Award; the Golden Fork Award was won by Jason & Val Bexson, Legacy Stables of Didsbury, Alberta. Belgians, Clydesdales, Percherons and Shires were shown by exhibitors from Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba, Ontario, Quebec, plus California and Oregon.

HCBC 2010 Business of the Year

Spruce Meadows Summer Tournaments By Katie Macleod Photos © Spruce Meadows Media Services


The winning America Team in the 1.40m Prix des Nations with Clay Riddell, CEO of Paramount Resources. $7,500 Paramount Resources Prix des Nations 1.30m San Lorenzo team $5,000 Paramount Resources Prix des Nations 1.20m Team Madden Magic $2,500 Paramount Resources Prix des Nations 1.10m Team Xtreme $2,500 Friends of the Meadows Prix des Nations 1.00m Team H.A.P.P.E.E.

The $33,000 Cargill Cup 1.50m Winner McLain Ward and Zander. Ward took a second win in the day aboard Wannahave, in the $33,000 AKITA Drilling Cup 1.45m

$33,000 West Canadian Cup 1.50m Pablo Barrios and Zara Leandra

$50,000 RBC Financial Group Cup 1.60m Brianne Goutal and Onira

$33,000 Westjet Cup 1.45m Lauren Crooks and Navare D’Oriolles $33,000 Friends of the Meadows Cup 1.45m Conor Swail and Game Ready

$25,000 Direct Energy Derby 1.45m Shane Sweetnam and Fineman


$35,000 Sun Life Financial ‘Reach for the Sun’ 1.60m Cameron Hanley and Antello $100,000 ESSO Challenge 1.60m CSI-W Leslie Howard and Tic Tac

$33,000 Duncan Ross Cup 1.50m Ian Millar and Dixson.

$33,000 AON Cup 1.50m Beezie Madden and Coral Reef Via Volo $33,000 Suncast Cup 1.45m Shane Sweetnam and Solerina $33,000 Friends of the Meadows Cup 1.45m Conor Swail and Martha Louise

$35,000 PwC Cup 1.60m Lauren Tisbo and Roundthorn Madios

$50,000 Lafarge Cup 1.50m Reed Kessler and Wolf S

$35,000 Progress Energy Canada Cup Christine McCrea and Romantovich Take One $33,000 Zoetis Horse Health Care Cup 1.45m Abigail McArdle and Cosma 20

$33,000 Pepsi Challenge 1.45m Frances Land and Vieanne


$35,000 G&C Farm Cup Kent Farrington and Zafira

$33,000 Friends of the Meadows $33,000 ASHCOR Technologies Cup 1.50m Cup 1.60m, Katie Prudent and V Ashlee Bond and Agrostar

$6,000 Shell Energy Cup 1.45m Adam Prudent and Vasco

$15,000 CIBC Junior/Amateur Jumper 1.40m Meagan Nusz and Vesuvius

$200,000 ATCO Power Queen Elizabeth II Cup Reed Kessler and Cylana $82,000 TD Cup 1.50m Christine McCrea and Zerly

2013 G&C Farm Riders’ Cup Series Winners: ~ 19-year-old U.S. rider Reed Kessler was awarded the championship prize of $15,000 ~ Second place, Beezie Madden (USA) earned a $7,000 bonus ~ Third, McLain Ward was awarded $3,000. $40,000 Friends of the Meadows Parcours de Chasse Shane Sweetnam and Cyklon 1083

$140,000 Cenovus Energy Classic Derby 1.60m Jonathan Asselin and Showgirl $50,000 Akita Drilling Cup 1.50m McLain Ward and Cadence


$400,000 Spruce Meadows ‘Pan American’ Grand Prix Conor Swail and Lansdowne

HCBC 2010 Business of the Year

www.saddleup.ca • 41

Wild Rose Welsh & Pony News By Karen Podolski


he Wild Rose Welsh & Open Pony Show #1 took place on June 22-23, 2013 at Westerner Park in Red Deer. We saw lots of familiar faces as well as some new ones. It was great to see some people from outside the province make the trip to compete in our show. Some beautiful ponies and cobs attended, and many of the classes were well filled. Our judges, Roy Wilmin and Archie Hurst, took good care of our exhibitors; they were often heard offering advice and tips, and Mr. Wilmin even helped a little fallen rider regain her confidence by escorting her round and round the ring at a walk and a trot. We have a full listing of show results on our Facebook page, but here are our top Champions under each judge: Results under judge Roy Wilmin, Vancouver Island, BC Welsh Youngstock Supreme Champion: Rosegarland Royal Duchess, Rosegarland Welsh Reserve: Alvesta Ever After, Alvesta Farm Supreme Champion Senior Welsh: Llanarth Tarquin, Alvesta Farm Reserve: Alvesta Bliss, Alvesta Farm Supreme Champion Gelding: Menai Carlo, Stonecountry Welsh Reserve: Rosegarland Royal Admiral, Rosegarland Welsh Grand Champion Sport Pony: Alvesta Silver Hallmark, Hallmark Welsh Reserve: Llanarth Tarquin, Alvesta Farm Champion Model Hunter Pony: Tyalow’s Kool Halo, Judy Owad Reserve: Tyalow’s Maverick, Faun Lachman The Model Hunter classes were single-judged Results under Judge Archie Hurst, Sherwood Park, Alberta Welsh Youngstock Supreme Champion: Jeaway’s Bryn Dylan, Kristina Palmer Reserve: Rosegarland Royal Duchess, Rosegarland Welsh Supreme Champion Senior Welsh: Kobur Fire Dragon, Lesley Rhys-Williams Reserve: Llanarth Tarquin, Alvesta Farm Supreme Champion Gelding: Alvesta Silver Hallmark, Hallmark Welsh Reserve: Rosegarland Royal Admiral, Rosegarland Welsh Grand Champion Sport Pony: Alvesta Silver Hallmark, Hallmark Welsh Reserve: Stonecountry’s Lady Slipper, Airth Farm

The Wild Rose Welsh & Open Pony Show #2 takes place August 9-11, 2013 again at Westerner Park in Red Deer. We offer many halter and performance classes for which ponies of all breeds are eligible to compete. We also offer some classes for horses. Unlike the first show, after the Friday classes, the Welsh Show Association will host an exhibitor’s party, catered by Westerner Park. Though our third show of the year, the Western Canadian Classic Horse Show, is not technically a Wild Rose Show, we 42 • Saddle Up • August 2013

sponsored Welsh classes in it so exhibitors would have more opportunities to take out their wonderful Welsh! Typically, the Classic Horse Show has breed classes for only Morgans, Saddlebreds, and Arabians, but due to Brian McClelland’s efforts, Welsh will be included in both the in-hand and performance divisions. The Classic will be held at the Ponoka Ag Events Centre from August 16-18, 2013. As we did in 2012, we will again offer Wild Rose High Points for 2013, which will include both the Wild Rose Show #1 and #2, as well as the (Welsh division) Western Canadian Classic Horse Show, seeing as we sponsored the Welsh classes there. Please visit our Facebook page (www. facebook.com/WildRoseShow) for more information about us, as well as for prize lists, show results, and entry forms.

Double Reserve Supreme Champion Gelding Rosegarland Royal Admiral 2011 Welsh Section B Gelding Rosegarland Prince Charming x Alvesta La Caramelo by *Rosedale El-Senor

Res. Supreme Champion Youngstock, 1st Model Hunter Pony 2 and under Alvesta Ever After 2012 Welsh Section B Filly *CadlanValley Pirate x Alvesta Fantasia by Llandefalle Bonheddwr

We would like to thank and congratulate all of our exhibitors and extend our thanks to our sponsors. Without both groups of people, the Wild Rose Shows could not continue. We look forward to seeing everyone again in August!

Supreme Champion (under one judge) Kobur Fire Dragon 2005 Welsh Section B Stallion Quorn Iron Thunder x Toohorse Cowbody Cadence by Toohorse Cowboy Edition

Double Grand Champion Sport Pony, Supreme Champion Gelding Alvesta Silver Hallmark 2003 Welsh Mountain Pony Gelding Gallod Twm Sion Catti x Kenview Moon Hart by Young’s Coming Up Big Photo by Lisa Thompson

Champion Model Hunter Pony Tyalow’s Kool Halo 2010 Half-Welsh Gelding by Welsh Mountain Pony Young’s Country Esquire.

HCBC 2010 Business of the Year

Equine Canada Update


ressage Canada is pleased to introduce four new High Performance 1 Coaches who successfully completed Equine Canada’s National Coaching Certification Program. Obtaining certification is an important life-time achievement. Certified Equine Canada Coaches adhere to recognized coaching best-practices and have achieved the highest standards in Canada for equestrian coaching.  Congratulations to: Sandra Verda Zanatta of Langley BC, Susan Ziereisen of Carp ON, Wendy Christoff of Delta BC, and Rochelle Kilberg of Surrey BC.

CEI 1* Mountain Magic Endurance Ride The CEI 1* Mountain Magic Endurance Ride took place on June 29 in Merritt BC. Lynn Wallden of Chilliwack BC earned first place in the CEI 1* for her time of 8:17:30 hours in the 80km ride aboard her eight-year-old gelding CJ Mohawk Supreme. In the CEIYJ 1* 80km ride, Katya Levermann from 100 Mile House BC also took top honours, paired with her eight-year-old Arabian gelding Kharmichel LK, after crossing the finish line in 10:03:35 hours. For additional information and results, visit www.erabc.com.

Barwick Top Foreign Rider

Canadian Para-Equestrian athletes enjoyed success on the first stop of their European tour at the Hartpury Festival of Dressage CPEDI3* held July 3 - 5, 2013 in Gloucester, ENG. Three-time Canadian Paralympian, Lauren Barwick of Aldergrove BC secured the “Top Foreign Rider” award at Hartpury for her achievements with Equine Canada’s nineyear-old Oldenburg mare, Off to Paris. The pair placed second, in Wednesday’s FEI Grade II Para Team Test scoring 71.382%. They took third place in the FEI Grade II Individual Championship Test on a score of 66.857% Thursday Lauren Barwick awarded “Top and closed out the event Friday Foreign Rider” Photo by Kevin Sparrow with another third place ribbon - International Dressage for their FEI Grade II Freestyle Photography Test performance with a final score of 72.500%.

Lynn and CJ. Photo by Kerry Wallden.

NAJYRC in Lexington Kentucky

Photos by Anthony Trollope for Shannon Brinkman Photography

The Adequan FEI North American Junior Young Rider Championships, presented by Gotham North, in Lexington Kentucky runs from July 17-21. Young athletes from across Canada, the United States and Mexico are competing for FEI team and individual medals in the three Olympic disciplines; jumping, eventing and dressage, and the FEI World Equestrian Games disciplines of reining and endurance.

HCBC 2010 Business of the Year

Canadians Take Gold and Silver in Reining In the Junior Rider division, Canada earned Young Rider Team Gold - Chef team silver for the second d’Equipe Wendy Dyer, Pearl Aebly year in a row with a total of Okotoks AB, Madison Steed of score of 400.5 points. Cochrane AB, Stephanie Thomson of Fort McMurray AB.  The Young Riders brought home team gold on July 18 by scoring 631.5 points for their runs in the ring besting their USA counterparts who finished on a final score of 628.5.

Three More Medals for Canada’s Reining Riders

It’s been an incredible week for Canada’s reining athletes. It Junior Team Silver - Chef started with their first trip to the d’Equipe Wendy Dyer, Hannah podium earning gold and silver Steed of Cochrane AB, Emily Wilson medals in the SmartPak Reining of Uxbridge ON, Maxine Whiteside Team Championships and of Olds AB and Haley Franc of Prince Albert SK.  ended with Individual division competitors winning three more for a total of five medals; two golds, two silvers and a bronze, for their efforts this week.  Winning the gold in the Young Riders Individual Final Competition was Madison Steed of Cochrane AB and her horse Jumpin Jac Trash, a 13-year-old Individual Young Rider Medalist in Quarter Horse gelding sired by Reining, Jonathon Stepka (Bronze), Trashadeous. The duo earned Madison Steed (Gold) and Jamie a score of 264 pts., finishing in Erickson (Silver). first place. Stephanie Thomson of Fort McMurray AB and Jacs Docsan, Mark Thomson’s 13-year-old Canadian-bred Quarter Horse gelding by Dolls Union Jac, finished their run with 263 pts., placing fifth overall. In the Juniors division, Emily Wilson of Uxbridge, ON won silver with 266 pts., riding Miss Cielo Chex, Tamalyn Wilson’s Quarter Horse mare sired by Buenonic Chex. Close behind her with 265 pts., was Maxine Whiteside of Olds, AB and her horse, Sailors Good Sackett, a 14-year-old Quarter Horse gelding sired by Jacs Main Sail, winning the Individual bronze medal.  Reining Individual Bronze Medalist Maxine Whiteside.

www.saddleup.ca • 43

BC Sporthorse-Sportpony News By Ulli Dargel


he BC Sporthorse-Sportpony Breeders Group successfully completed its Seventh Annual Summer Show on June 22-23 at the Cloverdale Agriplex. We would like to thank our judge Barbara Hento, from Bellingham, WA, for a job well done. We thank all of our competitors, without whom we would not have a show, and our sponsors, who enable us to provide great prizes. Please acknowledge our sponsors - let them know you saw their listing on our web site or in our show program. Our Seventh Annual BC Sporthorse Fall Classic will take place on September 21-22 at the Cloverdale Agriplex. We are a Horse Council BC Recognized Show, open to registered and nonregistered horses and ponies and a BC Heritage Circuit and PAC (Paint Alternative Competition) Qualifier. Judges for this event will be Dr. Walter de la Brosse, from Los Angeles, CA, and Gayle Atkins from Grants Pass, OR. There will be a Mystery Judge for our Saturday evening Cup Classes. You will find up-to-date information, current and forthcoming events, photos and placing and, of course, a link to all of our sponsors on our website at www.bcsporthorses.com. DRESSAGE-TYPE DIVISION Open Mare Champion: RHODANTHE FF (Routinier x MJ U Party x Odilon) O: Christina Boddy; B: Finn Farm Reserve: DIMONDELLA (Donatelli x Ombria x Fair Play) O: John Dargel; B: Diane and Michelle Bloom Junior Filly Champion: GEORGETTE (Uphill x Zolette P x Houston) O/B: Carolyn Couenen Reserve: BELLISSIMA (Banderas x Jonquille x Rampal) O: Katrina Vavrovics; B: Fairway Farm Senior Mare Champion: RHODANTHE FF (Routinier x MJ U Party x Odilon) O: Christina Boddy; B: Finn Farm Reserve: WI DANCE AGAIN (Westporte x Tiwa’s Kat Dancer x Tah Wauk Wi Two) O/B: Shelley Fraser Junior Colt Champion: FIBONACCI (Floriscount x Aussprache x Licotus) O: Virginia Allen; B: Nancy Holowesko Reserve: SOMEDAY SEEMORE (Sir Gallovic x Windy Breeze x Ore Grade) O/B: Someday Farm Senior Gelding Champion: POLARIS (Privat Dancer x Miss Chatelaine x Silver Scion) O: Mary Kierans; B: Richard Smith Reserve: OLYMPIC DEBUT (Blazing Fire x Impressive Debut x Bold Laddie) O/B: Someday Farm Grand Champion Dressage-Type: RHODANTHE FF (Routinier x MJ U Party x Odilon) O: Christina Boddy; B: Finn Farm Sport Pony Champion: RHIANNON’S PEPPERMINT DRAGON (Kobur Fire Dragon x Rhiannon Jewellie) O: Ariel Pavic; B: Jennifer Liddell Reserve: HEAVENLY FINAL REVELATION (Pendock Larkspur x Dandardel Fayvor x Menai Silver Buck) O/B: Storybook Ponies

Performance Champions and Reserve Champions

44 • Saddle Up • August 2013

Coloured Horse and Grand Champion Hunter-Type

Hunter-Type Pony Champion: RHIANNON’S PEPPERMINT DRAGON (Kobur Fire Dragon x Rhiannon Jewellie) O: Ariel Pavic; B: Jennifer Liddell Reserve: HEAVENLY FINAL REVELATION (Pendock Larkspur x Dandardel Fayvor x Menai Silver Buck) O/B: Storybook Ponies Coloured Sport Pony Champion: CHECKMATE O: Kitty Tougas Reserve: RHIANNON’S PEPPERMINT DRAGON (Kobur Fire Dragon x Rhiannon Jewellie) O: Ariel Pavic; B: Jennifer Liddell Coloured Sport Horse Champion: WI DANCE AGAIN (Westporte x Tiwa’s Kat Dancer x Tah Wauk Wi Two) O/B: Shelley Fraser Reserve: PRETTY GIRL R U CHOOSING KGB (Macromac R Coos x Pretty Girl Supreme x Looky Looky Supreme) O/B: Kelly Bohmer Thoroughbred Champion: QUIET WYATT (Amaruk x Press Run x Highland Ruckus) O: Marcy Emery; B: Meril Agrey and Vince Corleto Reserve: SOMEDAY SEEMORE (Sir Gallovic x Windy Breeze x Ore Grade) O/B: Someday Farm HUNTER-TYPE DIVISION Mare Champion: WI DANCE AGAIN (Westporte x Tiwa’s Kat Dancer x Tah Wauk Wi Two) O/B: Shelley Fraser Reserve: RHODANTHE FF (Routinier x MJ U Party x Odilon) O: Christina Boddy; B: Finn Farm Junior Filly Champion: GEORGETTE (Uphill x Zolette P x Houston) O/B: Carolyn Couenen Reserve: SC KEIRA (EF Kingston x Dresden II x Amiro) O/B: SC Training Stables Senior Mare Champion: WI DANCE AGAIN (Westporte x Tiwa’s Kat Dancer x Tah Wauk Wi Two) O/B: Shelley Fraser Reserve: RHODANTHE FF (Routinier x MJ U Party x Odilon) O: Christina Boddy; B: Finn Farm Junior Colt Champion: SOMEDAY SEEMORE (Sir Gallovic x Windy Breeze x Ore Grade) O/B: Someday Farm Reserve: FIBONACCI (Floriscount x Aussprache x Licotus) O: Virginia Allen; B: Nancy Holowesko Senior Gelding Champion: WINDSONG (Westporte x Gentry’s Echo x Sky White) O/B: Joy Richardson Reserve: OLYMPIC DEBUT (Blazing Fire x Impressive Debut x Bold Laddie) O/B: Someday Farm Grand Champion Hunter-Type: WI DANCE AGAIN (Westporte x Tiwa’s Kat Dancer x Tah Wauk Wi Two) O/B: Shelley Fraser PERFORMANCE CHAMPIONS: Open Horse Walk/Trot: KAYLEE, O: Colleen Souveryn; B: Colleen Bennett 13 Years and Under: BEAUTY, ridden by Courtney Palleson 14 to 18 Years: FAR TOO FOXY, ridden by Jahnvi Mankatala Amateur Rider: TUXEDO (Tricolore x Winderland x Prinze Habicht), ridden by Megan Robins; B: Maplebrook Farm Junior Horse: AVALON DIAMOND GWYN (Gallod Barti Ddu x Yalata Joi), O/B: Kitty Tougas Open Horse: WINDSONG (Westporte x Gentry’s Echo x Sky White), O/B: Joy Richardson Open Pony: CHECKMATE, O/B: Kitty Tougas Thoroughbred: QUIET WYATT (Amaruk x Press Run x Highland Ruckus), O: Marcy Emery; B: Meril Agrey and Vince Corleto Canadian Horse: GAUDALI FLESH LIVIA (Gaudali Coquin Flesh x M. M. Thomas Chita x Quebecois Lalou Thomas), O: Kim Reid; B: Alain Gaudet Coloured Horse: TUXEDO (Tricolore x Winderland x Prinze Habicht), O: Megan Robins; B: Maplebrook Farm

Junior Colt Dressage-Type Champion and Junior Colt Hunter-Type Reserve Champion

Hip-Pippa-Ray (Lyn Oaks Rhys x Sir Pocos Image x Sir Poco Dundee), owned by Sue Pleasance and shown by John Dargel

HCBC 2010 Business of the Year

The Proof In The Pudding By Daphne Davey


very once in a while, a story comes in to the Canadian Therapeutic Riding Association that stands out from the many we receive. Here are two such.

Vernita-Jane LaHue started life facing enormous hurdles. Despite severe disabilities that left her without legs, she managed to survive her traumatic birth and, happily, immediately found her adoptive parents, Gordon and June LaHue. They enrolled Vernita in a hippotherapy program at the age of three. While she rode periodically through her teens, it was not until she moved to Kelowna in 2009 and was given the gift of a sweet pony; Kitkat, that her riding career quickly began to take off. Vernita LaHue Vernita rides at Arion Therapeutic riding Kitkat in parequestrian dressage Farm in Kelowna, where in 2010 she started competition. Photo showing in para-dressage competition. That courtesy of Arion year she became champion of her division at Therapeutic Farm. Thunderbird Show Park, with a Para-Dressage number 12 ranking towards the end of the season. Although Vernita’s competitive career was interrupted by health problems in 2011 and the loss of her partner Kitkat to colic in 2012, she has climbed back in the saddle again. Vernita has already beaten overwhelming odds in her life. There is no reason to think she will be deterred by future challenges. At the opposite end of the country in Amherst, Nova Scotia, former CanTRA and international president Dr. Gillian Lawrence

reminisced with me about the therapeutic riding program she ran for many years. She particularly recalled the story of a little boy who once rode with her program, illustrating the magical effect the horse can have on the lives of children with disabilities. Peter was a young boy with several disabilities, including total hearing loss that was assumed because he could not speak, making it impossible to conduct hearing tests. As a result, Peter’s mother taught him sign language. Peter regularly rode Huckleberry, a therapy pony used for smaller riders. One day, Huckleberry was assigned to another rider and Peter was mounted on a different pony. As he was walking around the arena with his leader and side-walkers, he suddenly cried out “No! Huck!” and pointed to his friend Huckleberry. The startled volunteers looked around to find out who had spoken. Of course, it could not have been Peter. But it was! He even repeated the words when they asked him what he had said. The happy ending to this story was the discovery that Peter was in fact neither deaf nor mute. With the help of a hastily engaged speech therapist, he learned to talk quite well. There are many more such inspiring stories about the stimulating effect horses can have on children with disabilities, especially if introduced to therapeutic riding at an early age. In fact, they could fill not one article but a whole book. For more information on CanTRA, visit www.cantra.ca or email ctra@ golden.net. Please make a difference to a child or adult with a disability by donating to CanTRA at www.cantra.ca or CanadaHelps.org.

BC Competitive Trail Riders’ Association By Myrna Thompson


he Timber Ridge Competitive Trail Ride was held June 1st at a new ride site… Timber Ridge Trails in Lumby at 81 Kerby Road. This CTR was held on ‘International Trails Day’ and fell within HCBC Horse Week events. There were 14 participants with 12 competitors; 3 Level 1s rode 18.1 miles, 9 Level 2s rode 24.1 miles, and 2 fun-riders rode 6.4 miles. Five BCCTRA members travelled from Vancouver Island. Thank you island folks, for supporting the club. Timber Ridge Trails is operated by Laverne and Darlene Wolney, who have made a business from their passion for the outdoors, horses, and providing a comfortable, clean natural site for campers, riders, and recreational enthusiasts. The aesthetic atmosphere, beautiful views, and stress-free location are a joy for anyone experiencing the outdoors. Thank you Darlene and Laverne for helping out on the trails and being there for the riders. The biggest highlights had to be well-groomed/marked trails and the awesome scenery. I could call five island horses let loose by zealous owners, running in an instinctive herd, somewhat of an incident, as it took some time to round them all up! As ride manager, it was quite a sight to see five horses galloping for home, or sorts, as I thought… “What just happened here? Is the gate shut?” HCBC 2010 Business of the Year

The positive out of this farlap, was that these horses had a good gallop session, stretching legs that had been restricted in a trailer for eleven hours coming from Vancouver Island. All riders had a successful and safe ride on the trails. Weather was good, and everyone stayed on course. Del Lenk talking with the time The event ended with a fabulous out volunteer. Photo by Myrna dinner prepared by Darlene… roast Thompson. chicken, potatoes, veggies, and ironpan baked apples with cream. Awards followed, undercover of the Timber Ridge cook-house, in the pouring rain! The weather cleared after awards and folks socialized into the night around the campfire. A wonderful closure to a CTR at a great new ride site. Thanks to all the volunteers, riders, and sponsors, that made this ride possible. Looking forward to another Competitive Trail Ride at this location next year. Ride results are posted on the BCCTRA website at: www. bcctra.ca www.saddleup.ca • 45

TSC Riders Outstanding Away from Home By Marty Cox


he Terrace Totem Saddle Club had riders participating outside of the area and boy did they do well. Greg Wilson and his 5-year-old Warmblood Teagan, ventured down to Langley for their first competition at this level and rode in the Touch of Class Show. They were awarded a first and also had several other great rides. Greg is hoping to return to Langley in the fall also. Danielle Sexton, having graduated this year, was the first rider in years to qualify from this area and ride in the BC Heritage Games in Kamloops this past July. She and her horse (a graduation present) Hayden had to qualify at shows in Terrace and Smithers. They earned enough points to qualify and went on to earn 2 Grand Champions and 3 Reserve. She also had 2 fourths and a sixth. Quite an accomplishment for a rider from the NW where she was the rider who came the furthest and rode against the best riders in BC. This was her first competition at this level and we wish her well in her continued competitions. Tatum Long and Kyle Wargovsich both from Terrace, travelled to Houston to participate in the Canadian Barrel Racing competition. Tatum rode two horses in the Pee-Wee Division and Kyle rode in the Junior age Group. Both riders did fantastic and placed in each event. The club also has a new Queen, Ms. Jennifer Rempel, with her horse Diggy. Her princesses are: Ariel Evans with Skip and Elise Theriault with Pippin. The ladies did a great job and will be busy with their duties including riding in the Riverboat Days parade and helping with the awards at the annual banquet. Upcoming is the Timberland Horse Show at the end of July and then a Fun Day for Riverboat Days with pony rides and lots of games for the youngsters in the area.

Congratulations and a great job to our outstanding riders and to the Queen and her court.

Kyle in Barrels

Tatum in Barrels

Danielle and Hayden at the BC Heritage Games. Photo by Andrea Blair Photography.

Greg and Teagan

Langley Riders Society Update By Dane Fawn. Photos by Ron McCarthy


une was an incredibly busy month around Langley Riders. There was an excellent turnout for all of our events. Little Britches Rodeo was a hit as usual and some of our own members topped their divisions. Way to go guys! Our Jumper days are getting busier and busier... the clinics are proving to be a huge hit, so check out the events page for our next one. The weather was sunny and oh so hot for our English/Western show, so kudos to everyone who showed up and stuck it out! The mules that showed up for Western were a huge hit with all! I want to note how nice it was to see all the riders taking such care with their mounts, keeping them cool and well hydrated - well done guys! Games day was a huge hit as usual - so nice to see a great turnout of all ages and levels! June 30 English/Western results English Highpoint Senior: Melissa Johnston Intermediate: Mandy Langset Junior: Kestral Zalesky Pee Wee: Lexi Langset Tiny Mite: Emma Gildemeister Western Highpoint Senior: Jenny Leibenzeder Intermediate: Tessa Gildemeister

46 • Saddle Up • August 2013

Junior: (no juniors) Pee Wee: Lexi Langset/Brooklyn Gildemeister Tiny Mite: Emma Gildemeister July 7 Jumper Results Senior Champion: Debbie Pyke Reserve: Alexis Zimmerman Intermediate Champion: Cassidie Carriere Reserve: Isabelle Marier Pee Wee Champion: Sarah Casol/Alissa Choo Reserve: Lucia Bot Tiny Mite Champion: Annabel Bot

Brooklyn Gildemeister

Debbie Pyke

HCBC 2010 Business of the Year

Wild and Lawless Show By Jane Lewis Ask Suzi!

horse show jitters


Group winners of the Gymkhana Competitors draw

he Peace Country Horse and Rider Association’s 5th annual, 4-day “Wild and Lawless” Horse Show, held in Dawson Creek on the July 1st weekend, was another great success! There were approximately 120 participants from all over the Peace Country. The show is held at the Dawson Creek Lakota Agriculture Center, one of the nicest facilities in the north. The stands were full of spectators all weekend starting on Friday evening with the opening ceremonies and the very entertaining Costume class and the Reining Freestyle class. Competitors in the freestyle were riding for a $500 pair of Dominic Valine custom made spurs. The competition was keen. Becky Schell impressed the crowd and the judge with Arlee Newsham (Bo Peep) riding her bridleless stops and spins and won the class with a score her horse Coon, led by her of 75.5. Mieke Nielson was a very close 2nd with a score of 75. mother Becky. Reining is becoming more and more popular and it showed as the entries were up from last year. After the last reiner was done the arena transformed into a full-fledged jump course and out came the jumpers for an exciting evening performance. There was a good turnout for the Western and English performance classes; with the Command class always a crowd pleaser. On Monday morning there is a whole new crowd. Trailers start pulling in to the show grounds, the goats arrive and the timers are set up… let the Games begin! In place of the traditional High Point Awards, each Becky Schell riding Starbuck’s Lil division had Competitors Draws for prizes such as custom Dol winning Freestyle made buckles, monogrammed blankets, sheets and bridle bags. This new concept was very well-received and will be the format for future shows. Thank you to all the volunteers and of course to our judges for a job well done… (Reining) Ralf Amend, Whitecourt AB; (Halter/Trail) Rich Zenner-Miller, Valleyview AB; (Western/ English Performance) Chris Miller, Valleyview AB; and (Jumper) Helga Morrison, Dawson Creek BC. A very special Thank you goes out to all of our generous sponsors. The local 4-H Saddle Tramps kept everyone fed and watered throughout the whole show and we thank them so much for their services. For more information about our club and our activities you can find us online at PCHRA.com.

HCBC 2010 Business of the Year

Dear Suzi: I’m going to show my Quarter Horse mare at her first show and I’m kinda scared about it. It’s the first show for both of us and I’m really afraid that I’m going to mess up because I’m so nervous. Got any advice? - Danielle Hi Danielle, How exciting, your first show! You probably will mess up, so quit worrying about it. Even the very top pros mess up sometimes at the big, big shows, and they have years of practice and hundreds of shows and maybe thousands of classes behind them. Remember that you are just starting along that road, and although you will certainly make mistakes, you will also manage to do some things right. No matter what happens, try to salvage something good from each class. Before you go in the ring, concentrate on what you hope to do, think about how you are going to do it, then focus and go in and do your best. Each time, when you leave the arena, think of something that went right, and congratulate yourself on that. Then review what went wrong and try to not do the same things wrong next time you go back in the arena. The goal is to learn and to not make the same mistakes over and over - you’ll think of new mistakes all the time! Your showing is not as important to anyone as you. There are no TV cameras on you, no pressure from anyone, really, in the world, but yourself. So focus, concentrate, and most of all, remember that you are doing it because it’s supposed to be fun. Good Luck and have fun! - Suzi Vlietstra Have a question about horses? Ask Suzi! E-mail your request to suzi@hobbyhorseinc.com and put “SADDLE UP Ask Suzi” in the Subject line. Writing or riding, Suzanne Vlietstra enjoys horses and their people. Vlietstra is president of Hobby Horse Clothing Company, a show apparel manufacturer, and also lives at her family’s 50-horse boarding stable.

www.saddleup.ca • 47

Greetings Morgan Horse Enthusiasts! By Gunther Funk Photos by Dagmar Funk


arlier this spring the BC Interior Morgan Horse Club was offering a Saddle Fitting Clinic in Enderby BC with Craig Nunn. Unfortunately we were not able to get 8 interested owners and horses out to make this clinic possible. I believe it would have been a great opportunity for all to ensure the comfort of your horse during your riding time. If there is a better time of the year to try and re-schedule this clinic please feel free to e-mail me and I will see if we can try to set this up again. We had also planned a three-breed show for July 13th in Pritchard BC with the participation of the BC Welsh Pony & Cob Association, BC Interior Arabian Horse Association, and the BC Interior Morgan Horse Club. I would like to thank Debbie Miyashita, Nancy Roman, Sheila Goertz and Carol Cody for all the hard work and hours spent to try and get this ‘first time’ event off its feet. We had Sheila Neumann booked as a judge. There were many types of classes for all to participate and have a great day. Sadly our pre-entries did not let us go ahead with the show. If anyone has any thoughts for a different date, location, etc. to make this event a success in the future please feel free to give us your thoughts. Please make a note of our next BC Interior Morgan Horse Club fundraiser… our annual “Find the Golden Horse Shoe Poker Ride” at Timber Ridge Trails in Lumby on September 14th, 2013. Last year we had a lot of fun trying to find the hidden golden horse shoes off along the trails. Timber Ridge Trails has a great ‘marked’ trail system with an excellent facility for trailer parking and camping. There are also pens available to keep your horses in overnight. Please call Darlene to make reservations for pens or camping 250-3093544. There will be another Fall ride/drive planned for Revelstoke. We’ll keep everyone posted on the date, most likely the last week of September or early October. A few of us were able to make it out in June for the Children’s Wish Foundation ride. It was an absolutely beautiful ride along the river. Amazing scenery and a very nice

facility as well. The Revelstoke ride is also perfect for those who want to pull a buggy with a nice wide trail system which used to be a paved network of roads. After the ride we will do a potluck and enjoy some good trail riding/driving stories. Please pass this information along to those who are not in the Morgan Club. We’ve had some novice riders out enjoying these events and hope to get more involved to continue the fun and new adventures! If there is anyone that needs help getting their horses to any of these events also feel free to send me an e-mail. Many times there is extra room in someone’s trailer! - Morganly Yours, Gunther Funk, granite.morgans@telus.net, President of the BCIMHC

Vernon Pony Club By Liesa Smith


nother successful cross country Jumping Camp was held May 24th-26th at Chase Creek Camp hosted by Nick and Aly Holmes Smith for pony clubbers across BC. Many lessons were learned, new friends made, old friends got to reconnect over a potluck dinner on Saturday night. A new year brought new riders, new horses and new challenges. As always, we are so appreciative to the Holmes Smiths who open their home and share their knowledge with us each year. 

48 • Saddle Up • August 2013

HCBC 2010 Business of the Year

Armstrong Enderby Riding Club By Keelly Reggelsen


uly was full of FUN and GAMES for the AERC! With an extra special FUN FUN Show held July 14 at the Armstrong Fairgrounds, all participants got their full load of sugar, sun and laughs! Events included… Doughnut race (no hands allowed!), Barrel race (leading horse/pony with nothing but a bucket of grain!), Knight race (collecting gold rings with a long spear) and many more exciting and entertaining games! Thank you so much to the volunteers that organized these great events Shari Galbraith and Alissa Hodson, our quirky announcer for keeping it entertaining Ramona Rizzi, and of course the many other volunteers that do so much to make the fun happen! On July 28 we hosted the AERC summer heat Schooling Show. Volunteers, riders and horses endured the heat to test their skills in English flat, Western flat, showmanship and trail! Finishing the day with some fun and exciting Gymkhana games! AERC is all about education and opportunity for horse enthusiasts of any level! First show? No worries, we will show you how it’s done and help let those butterflies go! Horses first time out? No problem, we know how to give you the breaks and

space to introduce the new venue, with qualified Judges there to help support your learning. Check out armstrongenderbyridingclub.com for more information! Upcoming events at the Armstrong Fairgrounds; August 10-11: Come visit our food concession at the BC Little Britches Rodeo October 6: AERC Schooling Show

Vernon & District Riding Club By Calle Mirkowsky Photos by Stephanie Dryhurst, www.airephoto.com


he annual VDRC Dressage Show on July 5-7 was blessed with great weather, lovely horses and friendly competitors from all over western Canada. The weekend provided a great opportunity for riders to be tested by EC judge Shelia Skene and FEI 5* judge Axel Steiner. Freestyle tests took place all day Saturday and included some creative costumes! During the afternoon social, a special lifetime membership presentation was made to Beth Regehr in appreciation of her contributions to the VDRC. All riders deserve congratulations, including Tara Kowalski, who won Harry’s Cup riding Kingsview Micro Chip. Check our website and Facebook page for photos and results. The club is offering tickets for a chance to win one of two very nice red tack/equipment trunks donated by the Postill family. Tickets are only $10 each. Contact your favourite VDRC director or info@vernonridingclub.com to purchase. The next BOD meeting is August 15th, as always, we appreciate suggestions and ideas for future events and activities. Our Harvest Classic General Performance Show is scheduled for September 28-29. Visit our website for more details, www. vernonridingclub.com. New riders are always welcome to use the grounds, drop-in forms are available at the club house and $15 gets you use of the grounds for an entire day. Come ride with us! HCBC 2010 Business of the Year

www.saddleup.ca • 49

Kelowna Riding Club By Jill Veitch


y the time you read this update we will have another KRC Adult Camp under our belts. Thank you to KRC Education Director Kathrin Maxwell, Director Candy Van Hees and member Shauna Naka for putting together an excellent event, continuing the tradition of ‘summer fun at the club’. About 30 participants spent three nights camping, riding and learning with clinicians Brandy Saunders and Kiersten Humphrey. It’s time to start thinking about electing a new board for next year. If you are interested in finding out about getting involved, please feel free to contact any of the board members listed on the ‘Contact’ page on our website. There is also information about board responsibilities on the ‘KRC Members’ page. We welcome your input, especially if you are willing to help us achieve our goals! Around the Club - We have set up temporary barriers to keep riders at least

six feet inside the fence line to help reduce the potential for breaks in the water system. We are working on a permanent fix to this problem, but for the time being, please respect the temporary fencing. Water is currently set to run three times per day: at 7 am, 2 pm and 10 pm. Each zone will be on for about 6 minutes. Sand for Stalls - we have received a load of sand to improve the dirt stalls in the hunter barn. If you have a shovel and some time, please stop by the club to pack sand into these stalls. Don’t forget to submit your hours to Sarah Hayes once you are done to ensure you receive credit for your volunteer commitment to the club. Sarah will confirm your hours by return email. Please note: if you are volunteering at a show or event that is NOT put on by the KRC, i.e.: someone else has rented the facility, these hours do not count toward your KRC Volunteer Hours.

Some KRC jumpers trying their reins at gymkhana.

The KRC clubhouse is available for rent and can accommodate about 80 people. We have a kitchen and bathrooms and would love to help you with your event. See our website for more info.

Kelowna Gymkhana Club By Kayla Stromsten


ow! What a hot summer so far! All the new riders and some familiar faces. All the boys and girls are rocking new and old horses. Our club is sure growing fast! If you have never been out to watch or ride now is the perfect opportunity to come out and show your support to a great group of people! All ages and rider levels welcome. Concession on site and a day of fun! Add us on Facebook Kelowna Gymkhana Club or http://www.kelownagymkhana.com/ May 26th results: MASTERS Chris - Diego 70 HP Debbie - Lily 63 RES SENIOR Amy - Mya 67 HP Brooke - Shae 57 RES YOUTH Arlyn - Levi 62 HP Melanie - Sahib 55 RES JUNIOR Kathleen - Penny Mae 63 HP Ayla - Muffin 63 HP Keira - Phantana 58 RES PEE WEE Jordyn - Topaz 68 HP Dalyce - Odie 62 RES

50 • Saddle Up • August 2013

June 9th results: MASTERS                     Chris - Diego 63 HP Debbie - Lily 50 RES SENIOR Ashley - Mia 62 HP Amy - Mia 58 RES YOUTH                         Tori - Dakota 70 HP Kirsten - Chance 57 RES JUNIOR Bailey - Leo 57 HP Ashley - Shinga 55 RES PEE WEE Dalyce - Misty 63 HP Marina - Blue 58 RES   June 23 results: MASTERS Jackie Schleppe - Buddy 56 HP Chris Robinson - Diego 51 RES Debbie Wright - Lily 51 RES SENIOR Amy Russo - Mya 60 HP Ashley Walton - Eclipse 56 RES YOUTH Makayla - Gracie 59 HP Melanie Price - Sahib 56 RES JUNIOR Bailey - Leo 55 HP Ayla - Muffin 48 RES Mya - Cruz Control 48 RES PEE WEE Curtis - Snow Flake 61 HP Simone Lamberton-Blamire Paycheck 58 RES

HCBC 2010 Business of the Year

Peachland Riding Club News By Sandy Chevallier


t’s hard to believe we are over the half way point of this season’s competitions and the Peachland Riding Club is not slowing down one bit! Our Canada Day event grew immensely this year! We started the Canada Day events back in 2009 when the Municipality of Peachland turned 100 and the Peachland Riding Club turned 40 years old! Since then this barrel racing event had grown bigger and bigger and this year we went to a two day event and added Team Roping for the first time as well as a 10 & Under Dummy Roping! Events for the whole family! The Barrel Racing was four separate runs over the two days with added money sponsored by BCBRA, PRC, Geo Tech Industries, Carl Woods Performance Horses and Chevallier’s Arena. We had some really nice weekend average awards as well. These races were also part of the Peachland Riding Club 2013 Saddle Series so lots of points were earned towards that program as well. We ran approximately 180 barrel runs each day with a total payout over the two days topping the $13,000 mark!!! Results: OPEN Barrel Racing: sponsored by BCBRA and PRC ~ Average Winner ~ Angelica Moline riding Simply Easy Moon SENIOR Barrel Racing: sponsored by Geo Tech Industries in Memory of Larry Chevallier ~ Average Winner (a bronze and a monogrammed jacket) ~ Terry Hanson riding DR Dash for Diamond JUNIOR Barrel Racing: ~ Average Winner ~ Danika Caverly riding Checkers PEE WEE Barrel Racing: sponsored by Chevallier’s Arena ~ Average Winner ~ Taya Hamming riding Breeze FUTURITY 5yr Old & Under: sponsored by Carl Woods Performance Horses ~ Average Winner ~ Valentine Of Honor (Hayes Blue Valentine X Jet Lynn Jet), ridden by Leasa Conley DERBY 7yr Old & Under: ~ Average Winner ~ Stylish Miss Alice (Playin Stylish X Missin Rey) ridden by Candace Chevallier POLE BENDING: ~ Average Winner ~ Courtney DeMattos riding Destiny TEAM ROPING HEADER: ~ Average Winner ~ Ralph Myers TEAM ROPING HEELER: ~ Average Winner ~ Gord Wright 10 & Under DUMMY ROPING: ~ Average Winner ~ Taya Hamming

Futurity Winner: Valentine Of Honor ridden by Leasa Conley

Open Barrel Racing Average winner: Angelica Moline and Simply Easy Moon

When the dust settled on our 2013 Canada Day Events, the hottest weekend of the year so far, our Board of Directors were extremely pleased with the event, the competitors and the feedback so far has been wonderful. Thank you to all the sponsors named above and also Fairview Husky in Penticton for sponsoring fuel cards for competitor draws throughout the weekend, Peachland Petro Can for Pee Wee goodies and to Pineridge Tack for sponsoring two halters we used for the Junior and Derby average winners.

Team Roping Average winners: (l to r) Ralph Myers, Header; Blair Bates, rodeo committee and our announcer; Gord Wright, Heeler; Sandy Chevallier, rodeo committee

Derby Winner: Stylish Miss Alice ridden by Candace Chevallier

Dummy roping: Vanessa Caverly

Penticton Riding Club By Wendy Stewart


ere is a bit of news from the Okanagan area of BC and Penticton Riding Club. So far this year we have held two events, a Spring Schooling Show and a Fun Day; both were a lot of fun and entrants came from as far away as Grand Forks for these! We are now busy planning our Fall Classic Trophy Show which will be held on Saturday September 7th at Parkway Stables in Penticton. Josephine Brouwer will be our judge for the day and we will have Western and English flat classes, Road Hack, Show Hack, Equitation, as well as Ranch Horse Pleasure and Open Jumper classes. This is a BC HCBC 2010 Business of the Year

Heritage Qualifier show with high point blankets in each division. On Sunday, September 8th we will host a clinic with Josephine Brouwer for all disciplines of riding. Space is limited so be sure to register early. For more information on the show and clinic, prize list, entry forms or membership information, please contact Sherry Ripplinger at info@pentictonridingclub.com or check out the Penticton Riding Club Facebook page. www.saddleup.ca • 51

South Central Quarter Horse Association http://bcqha.com/index.php/scqha

2012/13 SCQHA Board of Directors: President: Marion Szepat-Tait 250-459-2050, streakin-qhs@telus.net Vice President: Cathie Cross 250-546-8538 cathie_cross@telus.net Secretary: Karla Dewhurst 250-459-2050 streakin-qhs@telus.net Treasurer: Cheri Smeeton 250-573-2541 csmeeton@shaw.ca

SCQHA - BCQHA Representatives: Cheri Smeeton 250-573-2541 csmeeton@shaw.ca Laurie Takoff 250-765-7228 laurianquarterhorses@telus.net Roger Smeeton 250-573-2541 Directors: Laurie Takoff 250-765-7228 laurianquarterhorses@telus.net Roger Smeeton 250-573-2541

Cascadia Pacific Realty Box 505, Little Fort BC V0E 2C0 P 604 638 1802 F 250 677 4480 irv@cascadiarealty.ca, www.cascadiarealty.ca

Gearing up for our best EVER AQHA Fall Circuit! Sept 13, 14 and 15, 2013 Armstrong, BC Let’s meet the Judges: Friday’s official is Rick Bailey from Des Moines, Iowa. In addition to being an AAAA-rated AQHA Judge (which, by the way, is the TOP rating for an AQHA Judge), Mr. Bailey is also an APHA, PHBA, ApHC, PtHA, NSBA and ABRA-approved Judge and an AQHA Professional Horseman. Saturday and Sunday classes will be double-judged by Russ Smith from Whitesboro, Texas and Clark Parker from Paradise, Utah. Mr. Smith is also an AAAA-rated AQHA Judge and a WCHA and NSBA Judge; he is an AQHA Professional Horseman as well. Mr. Parker is AAAA, and is one of AQHA’s prestigious Official Stewards. He is also an AQHA Versatility Ranch Horse Judge as well as an NSBA Judge, in addition to being an AQHA Professional Horseman. This lineup of AQHA Official Judges is one of the best we have ever had. Each one of them has judged at the top-level shows in our industry and they are considered three of the best judges the AQHA has to offer. Something for ALL Breeds and Non-Pros to Participate in SCQHA is striving to offer something for everyone to participate in and this year we are hosting three Jackpot classes to help see that happen: ~ Open All-Breed All-Ages Hunter under Saddle Jackpot with a High Point Non-Pro Award ~ Open All-Breed All-Ages Western Pleasure Jackpot with a High Point Non-Pro Award ~ Open All-Breed 2-Year-Old Western Pleasure Jack Pot Non-Pro All-Ages All-Breed Versatility Class - $500 Added This new addition to the SCQHA Show program is an innovative idea brought to us by Hutton Performance Horses. Non-Pro, Youth and Amateur exhibitors will show their horses at Halter, then in Showmanship and finally on the lunge line. This is for Non-Pros, and there is $500 added to the purse to make things very, very interesting! Exhibitors may show any aged horse with the exception of weanlings. 52 • Saddle Up • August 2013

The first class will be Versatility Halter which will follow at the conclusion of all the Halter classes. Then, after all the Showmanship classes are completed, exhibitors will present their horses in the same order of go in Showmanship. Following that, the exhibitors, once again in the same order of go, will show their horses on the lunge line. Without a doubt, this will be a well-remembered class and has all the makings to be a TON of fun! Check out the Show Rules for full and complete details on our website, at www.bcqha.com/index.php/scqha. Open All-Breed Ranch Horse Extravaganza SCQHA is proud to be the first of the BCQHA’s Zones to be hosting an event of this nature. Classes are open to any and all breeds of Working Ranch Horses. We offer a Ranch Horse Conformation Class, a Pleasure class, a Trail Class and a Reining Class specifically designed to herald our wonderful, local, real working ranch horses. As an added “welcome aboard” to our Open All-Breed Ranch Horse class participants, any exhibitors who show AQHA-registered horses and qualify by the AQHA Ranch Horse Pleasure rules will be hosted by SCQHA to a FREE entry into the AQHA Ranch Horse Pleasure classes. All you have to do is enter in the Open All-Breed Ranch Horse classes of your choice and you will get a FREE entry into the AQHA Ranch Horse Class. To get all of the details, visit our website (www.bcqha.com/index. php/scqha) and download the Open All-Breed Ranch Horse Program. SCQHA is excited to welcome our local and greatly-admired working ranch horses to participate and show off what great and talented ranch horses we have right in our own backyard! SCQHA Team Tournament Returns Brought to us by the generous patronage of the Hutton Family of Chilliwack, this fun-filled FREE Tournament brought many smiles and lots of laughter to the show. Last year, one very lucky Youth exhibitor took home an electric scooter just for participating! This year, some of the prizes include bicycles, a 19-inch TV and DVDs, clippers and much, much more. All you have to do is sign up and join in on the fun! What a SUPER way to meet new people and make wonderful life-long memories. SUPER HALTER MANIA Back again by popular demand, the original collaborative concept of Sherry Sulz and Flora Kippan has helped to make our Fall Circuit such a HUGE success. These pioneering women have once again joined forces with SCQHA to host the best of the best in futurity offerings. Welcome back... Open All-Breed, Stallion, Mare and Gelding combined Yearling Halter Futurity with $1500 added AND Open All-Breed, Colt, Filly and Gelding combined Weanling Futurity with $1500 added. Year after year, we are seeing more young horses participating in these classes and the take-home purses are getting bigger and bigger along with the increase in entries. Get your entries in soon! For further show information, please contact our Show Secretary: Cherie Corrigan 2468 Endall Road, Black Creek, BC, V9J 1G7 Fax: 250-337-5090 Email: info@firstplaceshows.com

HCBC 2010 Business of the Year

Lower Mainland Quarter Horse Association By Terri Brown and Mellissa Buckley


y the time this article comes out the West Coast Summer Classic will be but a fond memory. The Wednesday night move in social organized by LMQHA member Tina Maynard we are confident will be spectacular, and the exciting “Funturities” and Country Cookout organized and put on by the ever enthusiastic Bazaar Team seems to be shaping up to be an awesome evening too. The prizes ordered for this event look fantastic with a super selection to choose from, guaranteed to make any competitor smile. Kudos to Lynda Harrison for her hard work getting these together. The show offers a wide range of stakes classes for everyone, and the weather looks to be sunshine all the way! More highlights on this show in the next issue.  Coming up next for LMQHA is our Evergreen Circuit Aug 30-Sept 1st. This is our 3-day circuit featuring both AQHA and APHA classes including an APHA special event on the Friday of our show. Fun and enticing stakes are offered at this circuit including the inaugural Yearling Halter $1500 added feature! Wow is that ever a draw! And it is open to ALL BREEDS too! So bring out your babies and strut your stuff with them. Looking to ride on the trail pattern with flow and challenge? Tracy Onley designs our courses and she never disappoints, always a great course to ride. Another highlight of this show is the Cathy Dumaresq Memorial Trail Stake where there is $750 Officers & Directors 2013

President: Michelle Charleston, lmqhapresident@hotmail.com Vice Pres: Lynda Harrison Secretary: Haidee Landry, hmqh@hotmail.com AQHA Region One BC Rep: Haidee Landry, hmqh@hotmail.com Website: http://bcqha.com/index.php/LMQHA

added and a non pro buckle. Looking for something different? Try your hand and Shankless Showmanship, it is fun to participate and watch.  Calling the reiners in the area, there is a Stake for you too with $350 up for grabs. For all of you all-arounders there are fabulous allaround awards too, so come on out, bring your family and show with us! What better place to show than the always beautiful premier facility Thunderbird Show Park. Fundraising: Don’t let the tack trunk raffle pass you by, the trunk is gorgeous, handmade and valued at $500!!! One ticket for $5 or three tickets for $10. The draw will be on the Saturday night of our Evergreen Circuit in September. Please contact Lynda Harrison at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. lyndaharrison13@gmail.com This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for tickets or more information.   We Need You! Please come and join in the fun, LMQHA always welcomes volunteers at any capacity, we would be so happy to have you involved! Contact an LMQHA director for more info. Visit the LMQHA page at www.BCQHA.com and send us your news! We would enjoy writing about you! mellissa1@hotmail.com or triplebquarterhorses@ yahoo.com

On to Greener Pastures Bucking mare “Coconut Roll” passes into legend at Stampede Ranch Courtesy of Calgary Stampede – Mike Copeman Photo

This famous Calgary Stampede bucking mare died after chronic illness at the age of 20 years old. Her final resting place? A spot of honour at the Calgary Stampede Ranch, where she was born and raised. Coconut Roll bucked her way to the Canadian Finals Rodeo on 11 HCBC 2010 Business of the Year

occasions and to National Finals Rodeo a total of 10 times. She came by her talents naturally. The genesis of her “Roll” name was her mother Rolly Polly, and her father was famous bucking horse Wild Strawberry – themselves both selected many times for the U.S. and Canadian Finals. For those cowboys who hung on, Coconut Roll carried them to the pay window 114 times. A total of $550,000 has been earned the hard way from a ride around the arena aboard this bareback athlete. Outside of the arena, she was an important part of the natural herd at the Stampede Ranch, explains Keith Marrington, Director of Rodeo for the Calgary Stampede. “She was a key mare in our Born to Buck program and is perhaps best known as the natural mother of the Stampede’s top champions bucking horses - Grated Coconut and Kauai Coconut.” Coconut Roll was retired after the 2010 Canadian Finals Rodeo, and returned to the 22,000 acre Stampede Ranch to roam full-time with the herds she was raised with and that she herself raised. She has continued to be part of the breeding program through recipient mares. A couple of years ago, she developed Cushing’s Disease – an overactive adrenal gland - and was being treated by Stampede veterinarians. Her health and quality of life declined rapidly in recent weeks, and she was humanely euthanized on Wednesday, July 10 at the age of 20. www.saddleup.ca • 53

BC Rodeo Association BRITISH COLUMBIA RODEO ASSOCIATION #5 – 150B OLIVER STREET WILLIAMS LAKE, BC V2G 1L8 PHONE: (250) 398-4104 F AX: (250) 398-4101 EMAIL: bcrodeoassn@shaw.ca www.rodeobc.com Office Summer Hours: Monday to Friday 9:30 am – 5 pm 2013 BCRA Board of Directors President: Trish Kohorst (250) 961-9005 Vice President: Rob Everett (250) 305-7901 Directors: Ty Lytton (250) 396-7710 Neal Antoine (250) 457-5391 Derek Mobbs (250) 315-9498 Tim Terepocki (250) 280-7653 Gord Puhallo (250) 394-4034 Mike Gill (250) 315-9625 Allison Everett (250) 296-4778 Rob Everett (250) 305-7901 Trish Kohorst (250) 961-9005 Laura James (250) 318-9430 Court Smith (250) 302-1176 Ray Jasper (250) 991-8391

BCRA 2013 Overall Season Standings Up To And Including Toppenish, Sedro Woolley & Anahim Lake BAREBACK 1 Jared Marshall, $2,819.23 2 Steve Hohmann, $2,325.94 3 Denton Sandy, $2,300.57 4 Christoph Muigg, $546.48 5 Justin Zimmerlee, $512.33


Aug 3-4: Interlakes Rodeo, Roe Lake Aug 3-4: Nemaiah Valley Rodeo, Nemaiah Aug 9-11: Chilliwack Fall Fair & Rodeo Aug 17-18: Redstone Rodeo, Redstone Reserve Aug 23-24: Smithers Fall Fair & Rodeo SADDLE BRONC 1 Kaila Mussell, $4,555.62 2 Steve Hohmann, $3,720.71 3 Ryland Derose, $2,914.86 4 Cole Scott, $909.90 5 Joe Roberson, $836.25 BULL RIDING 1 Lane Cork, $8,194.40 2 Colton Manuel, $2,282.88 3 Ryan Jasper, $2,147.11 4 Matt O’Flynn, $1,470.01 5 Evan Fuller, $935.54 TIE DOWN ROPING 1 Riley Isnardy, $2,220.60 2 Virgil Poffenroth, $1,730.03 3 Derek Mobbs, $1,339.25 4 Brad Thomas, $1,318.42 5 Willee Twan, $1,103.80 REGENCY CHRYSLER QUESNEL STEER WRESTLING 1 Luke Simonin, $2,806.85 2 Cole Scott, $2,350.43 3 Logan Wharry, $1,605.71 4 Andy Farmer, $1,583.52 5 Wade McNolty, $1,378.68 BREAKAWAY ROPING 1 Allison Everett, $2,576.18 2 Charlie Soffel, $2,057.49 3 Katrina Ilnicki, $1,589.98 4 Kyle Bell, $1,336.40 5 Ellis Smith, $1,247.49

Aug 24-25: PWRA Waterville, WA Aug 30-31: PWRA/BCRA Ritzville, WA Aug 30-Sept 1: PWRA/BCRA Monroe, WA Aug 30-Sept 2: North Thompson Fall Fair & Rodeo, Barriere Sept 13-15: BCRA Championship Finals, Quesnel

20X WRANGLER LADIES BARREL RACING 1 Joleen Seitz, $4,648.60 2 Laura James, $3,949.38 3 Judy Hyde, $3,830.53 4 Julie Leggett, $2,429.82 5 Melanie Beeton, $2,183.96 GRASSLAND EQUIPMENT LTD. TEAM ROPING – HEADERS 1 Chad Evenson, $2,904.92 2 Russell Glassford, $2,546.99 3 Cliff Bick, $2,407.50 4 Tim Terepocki, $1,717.03 5 Neal Antoine, $1,713.72 GRASSLAND EQUIPMENT LTD. TEAM ROPING – HEELERS 1 Carey Isnardy, $3,322.30 2 Steven Lloyd, $2,415.14 3 Richard Glassford, $2,229.95 4 Mark Pozzobon, $2,154.42 5 Rod Spiers, $1,567.04 JENNA WILLS MEMORIAL JUNIOR BARREL RACING 1 Callie Hume, $1,051.75 2 McKenzie Wills, $884.56 3 Mariah Mannering, $820.65 4 Taylor Cherry, $746.71 5 Brett Wills, $611.82 PEE WEE BARREL RACING 1 Elly Farmer, $1,012.00 2Brianna Billy, $809.00 3 Sydney Schuk, $517.00 4 Dyson Leneve, $307.00 5 Gracie Antoine, $226.00

KD. SPIERS JUNIOR STEER RIDING 1 Kyle Bell, $1,573.75 2 Jackson Scott, $1,235.97 3 Blaine Manuel, $698.00 4 Wendel William, $654.36 5 Isiah Elkins, $622.92 ROCK CONSTRUCTION & MINING JUNIOR BREAKAWAY 1 Troy Gerard, $1,364.53 2 Kyle Bell, $864.53 3 Cole Spiers, $675.23 4 McKenzie Wills, $550.47 5 Jennifer Schuk, $425.11 GJ RODEO CO ROOKIE ROUGH HORSE RIDER 1 Denton Sandy (BB) 978 2 Chris Dieleman (BB) 620 3 Matt Klassen (BB) 600 4 Joe Roberson (SB) 476 5 Cole Scott (SB) 200 ROOKIE OF THE YEAR 1 Lane Cork, $8,194.40 2 Logan Wharry, $2,807.30 3 Denton Sandy, $2,300.57 4 Odessa Gerard, $978.54 5 Tim Pellam, $940.88 JUNIOR ALL AROUND 1 Kye Bell, $2,438.28 2 McKenzie Wills, $1,435.03 3 Taylor Cherry, $1,305.10 4 Sofeya Smith, $631.01 5 Jennifer Schuk, $629.77 ALL AROUND COWGIRL 1 Laura James, $4,711.75 2 Allison Everett, $3,626.70

2013 Season Leader Saddle Sponsors 2013 Team Roping Season Leader Saddles 2013 Team Roping Finals Buckles GRASSLAND EQUIPMENT LTD. Williams Lake, BC, 250-392-4024 Vanderhoof, BC, 250-567-4446

2013 Ladies Barrel Racing Season Leader Saddle Top 10 Ladies Barrel Finalists Jean Sponsor Committee Product Sponsor WRANGLER

2013 Junior Steer Riding Saddle Kd Spiers, Vanderhoof, BC 2013 Junior Breakaway Saddle Rock Construction & Mining, Kamloops, BC 2013 FINALS CHAMPIONSHIP BUCKLE SPONSORS: Breakaway Roping – BCES Entry System Rookie Roughhorse Rider – Gene & Joy Allen, Kispiox Steer Wrestling – Regency Chrysler, Quesnel Heading/Heeling – Grassland Equipment Ltd. Pee Wee Barrel Racing – BAR E Contracting, R. & A. Everett Junior Breakaway – Quesnel Rodeo Club Junior Steer Riding – Williams Lake Indoor Rodeo Association Junior All Around – Williams Lake Indoor Rodeo Association

54 • Saddle Up • August 2013

2013 HORSE OF THE YEAR SPONSORS: Glen & Coleen Duggan – Barrel Horse of Year Green Mobile Veterinary Services – Breakaway Horse of Year Kamloops Large Animal Vet Clinic – Heeling Horse of Year Gus & Nita Cameron – Jr Barrel Horse of Year PMG Communications, P. Gerhardi - Steer Wrestling White Ranches, R. & A. Doug White - Jr. Breakaway Horse

2013 Steer Wrestling Season Leader Saddle 2013 Steer Wrestling Finals Champion Buckle REGENCY CHRYSLER Quesnel, BC, 1-888-726-4947 www.regencychrysler.com

2013 FINALS JACKET SPONSORS: Kamloops Large Animal Vet Clinic Wrangler Regency Chrysler Grassland Equipment Ltd. 2013 BCRA RACK CARD SPONSORSHIP Irvine Tack & Trailers, Viking AB

2013 CHILCOTIN SERIES SPONSORS: Cariboo Spurs & Tack, Williams Lake WL & District Credit Union, Williams Lake Don & Nance Macdonald, Williams Lake PMT Chartered Accountants, Williams Lake BC Livestock Producer Co-op Assn – Williams Lake Pinnacle Pellet

HCBC 2010 Business of the Year

Endurance Riders Association of BC


he 2013 Endurance Riders Association President -June Melhuish jjmrider@hughes.net of BC Event VP - vacant Calendar opened with a Secretary - Lori Bewza loribewza@gmail.com bang... then another bang... Treasurer - Lynn Wallden wallden6484@shaw.ca Directors: then another bang... every Louise Abbott louiseabbott@telus.net two weeks from mid-June Elaine Bessuille e_bessuille@telus.net to the end of July, we had Terre O’Brennan tobytrot@telus.net Brenda Miskimmin mcpennytoo@telus.net a competition, presenting Fred Dzida, fred.dzida@weyerhaeuser.com yet another challenge Christine Voglmaier, meinmozart@yahoo.com to keeping our horses Katrin Levermann, katrinlevermann@gmail.com sound, healthy, and “fit to www.ERABC.com continue.” The reason for the compressed season is recognition of those of our club who plan to attend the American National Competition in Idaho this September; those of us who haven’t made this plan are along for the whirlwind summer! Iron Horse Ride was our first on June 15 above Summerland, with Ride Camp perched high above a rushing creek canyon. All loops included tough climbs but also offered stunning vistas over the Okanagan Valley along with some great sections for moving out. Twenty horse and rider teams left camp at dawn to begin the 50Mile Ride, and at the end of the day, eleven completed the course; five completed outside the time limit, having missed a portion of trail and returned to properly follow the ribbons; and four either elected to save their ride for another day, or were pulled by the vets. Fred Voglmaier with Sunestas Remington Steel finished first in 6:17, Gail Jewell and NL Temptation (Sassy) came in second at 7:07, and earned Best Condition at the end of the day. Murray Mackenzie and MS Titanium also came in at 7:07 – something chivalrous going on there? Brandi Anthony’s return to endurance with RK Sterling Ventures (Steve) brought her in at 4th place 7:58 – welcome back, Brandi! Fifth place went to Diane Prinsen and Zimfandel Macho Dude at 8:07. Twenty horse and rider teams also competed in the 22-Mile Limited Distance event, and 15 completed – good job! Jessica Lima and Phoenix, Shawnee Venables and Farah, and Darian Venables and Splash all completed the 22 miles in 3:27, with the edge for first place going to Jessica, and Shawnee earning High Vet Score. Hot on their heels, Julius Bloomfield on Kismet, and Grace Logie on Danny arrived 4th and 5th in 3:30. Iron Horse ride also drew a good number of Fun Riders – 13 starters with 13 finishers! Hope you had a great ride and come back again! Magic Mountain Ride in Merritt was held June 29, offering 30 and 50-mile distances, as well as the opportunity to enter CEI competition in endurance – the only such opportunity in western Canada this year! Lynn Wallden and CJ Mohawk Supreme completed their first 50 Mile CEI* in 8:17; Katya Levermann and Karmichel LK earned their 50 Mile CEI* in 10:03 – congrats to you both! And thank you to CEI officials for joining us and showing us their procedures! Kevin and mom Nancy Gourlay, Thunder and The Third Day completed a tough 50-mile ride in 7:01, followed closely by Brandi Anthony and RK Sterling Ventures at 7:01:12. Brandi was awarded Best Officers & Directors 2011

HCBC 2010 Business of the Year

Condition Senior; Kevin received Best Condition Junior. All riders in the 50-Mile event completed. The 30-Mile event started with 11 horse and rider teams with eight completing the loops successfully. Fred Voglmaier and My Dance (Memphis) came in first in 3:07, followed by Joanne Macaluso and Cinco Bey B in 5:03. Junior rider Melanie Price and Saheib arrived third in 5:33, and also were awarded High Vet Score. Complete results for both rides are available at www.erabc.com. Next issue will report on results from Last Chance Mountain Ride and High Sage Ride, and entries will be due for Skimikin Lake Ride, with Titanium Run 3-Day and Cariboo Gold Rush Express coming up quick! Once again, pre-registration and pre-payment is required for all rides, and information is on our website. See you on the trails!

Iron Horse Camp

Fred Voglmaier, winner of 50-mile Iron Horse

Zorro’s Geronimo drinking deep at Merritt

Nancy and Kevin Gourlay at Merritt start

www.saddleup.ca • 55

BC Paint Horse Club – Colour Your World – Ride a Paint By Cathy Glover


hat do you do when your horse makes an abrupt and unauthorized right-hand turn at the start of your shankless showmanship pattern? In Texas? At a World Show? If you’re a quickthinking go-with-the-flow kind of Paint Horse exhibitor (from British Columbia), you finish the pattern sans Paint pony – and charm the socks off of judges, officials, friends and a growing YouTube audience. And while it may not be the way Kirsten Chamberland expected to remember (or be remembered for) her 2013 APHA Youth World Championship Show experience in Fort Worth, Texas, her performance with (or more accurately, without) A Sexy Sensation made a lasting impression on an anonymous panel of judges who singled her out to win the second annual “Superior Sportsmanship” award in a special presentation during the show early last month. The award, which includes a $500 scholarship sponsored by Hart Trailers and a hat from Barbara’s Custom Hats, was created to honour the “ideal” APHA youth exhibitor - one who is confident, poised, focused and also kind. Having a sense of humour obviously doesn’t hurt, either. Her “enthusiasm and sense of humour brightened the whole show for everyone she met,” said APHA in a media release. “We love to recognize AjPHA members who show their outstanding qualities outside of the arena,” said Shelly deBarbanson, APHA’s director of youth and amateur programs. “Even the judges who didn’t know Kirsten prior to this show could tell that she was having a great time in all aspects of the show.” For Kirsten and fellow competitor Dani Penaloza, who both train out of Moore Performance Horses in Langley, the APHA Youth World Championship Show was the final chapter in almost two months of competition, starting with a huge Zone 2 show in Utah and the Pinto Youth World Championship Show in Tulsa. In addition to her scholarship, Kirsten rode Bridget (A Sexy Sensation) to third place finishes in Novice Working Hunter and Novice Hunt Seat Equitation over Fences, among many other top ten placings. Dani, 17, rode Dirty McLeaguer (Ellie) to no less than seven top ten placings in the Novice Youth division and made the finals in nine out of 10 classes they entered, including Showmanship and Trail. They were also third in that infamous Shankless Showmanship class, all under the direction of trainer and coach Jodie Moore. If you would like to see Kirsten’s shankless showmanship, search YouTube for “shankless showmanship APHA youth world show.” (There’s only one!) It’s certain to make you smile! www.bcphc.com President Cathy Glover cathyglover@telus.net Vice Pres. Natalie Hall nataliedhall@hotmail.com APHA Director (BC & Alaska) Jodie Moore jmoore-1@hotmail.com

A little closer to home There’s no other way to spin it: Barb Bowerbank says the Threein-One Breed and Open Horse Show in Smithers on July 12-14 was probably the smallest show they’ve ever hosted and the committee 56 • Saddle Up • August 2013

is already looking for input on ways to increase interest and participation for next year. Once again, there were no Paint youth - even though there was a stunning silver buckle up for high point, but Bibs Dallaire and her stallion Gold Bar Tristan In excellent company! BC Paint member Kirsten Chamberland, third from the left, was were the high point awarded the Superior Sportsmanship award at Open and Amateur the APHA Youth World Championship Show. Paint exhibitors once again. Geri Brown and R Bandits Success were high point Solid Bred open and amateur exhibitors. Geri also won the High Point Paint award during the open show and placed second in the In-Hand Challenge out of eight exhibitors. The show has a Facebook page and if you would like to put in your two cents about how to grow the show next year, I’m sure they’ll appreciate your input! Paint Horse exhibitors have three BC circuits in August: the Three Breed Classic (APHA, AQHA and ApHCC approved) takes place in Terrace on August 10-11 and has two judges, while the single-judged Bulkley Valley Fair gets underway August 22-25 in Smithers and features an APHA horse show as well. The Lower Mainland Quarter Horse Association’s APHA special event on Friday, August 30, at the start of their Evergreen Circuit in Langley is probably a first in BC. A special event allows show organizers to host some (but not all) APHA-approved classes for points. In this case, there are no APHA halter classes on the Friday, but there is Showmanship, Hunter under Saddle, Hunt Seat Equitation, Western Pleasure, Horsemanship and Trail, and the two-judge APHA show on August 31 and September 1 has all the classes you would expect to find at an APHA show. Find the show bill on our website (www.bcphc.com).

Some other reminders If you’re showing in BC Paint’s Open Show and Competition Program (OSCP), don’t forget to mail or email your show results to Margo Murray before the 60-day deadline. We have 21 exhibitors signed up for the program this year, down slightly from last year, but it should be competitive all the same. It’s not too late to sign up and get showing! The program runs all the way to November 30. Also, use the APHA Ride America log book to track your hours in our “Paint Your Ride BC” program. Certificates are issued for members who log as little as 50 hours in the saddle of their Paint Horses. For more information, you can contact Kelly Allen at her new email address: kellybrookallen@hotmail.com. Kelly and Ron Stolp have just made the move from the Fraser Valley to Merritt and are busy exploring the riding opportunities from their new home!

HCBC 2010 Business of the Year

BC Interior Arabian Horse Association www.bciaha.com

The BC Interior Arabian Horse Association represents Arabian horse owners & enthusiasts from the Thompson & Nicola Valleys, the North Okanagan / Shuswap and Central / South Okanagan Kootenays. The interests of BCIAHA’s members are as diverse as our geographical area is large, with arabians & partbreds being involved in disciplines ranging from endurance, competitive trail, hunter / jumper, dressage, recreational riding as well as showing at the local, Class A, Regional & National levels. BCIAHA strives to offer programs, events and showing opportunities that appeal to each of our members no matter what their interest.

2012 / 2013 Executive: President: Wally Goertz (250) 546-6004 asmarawg@gmail.com Vice-President: Tia Comer (778) 754-1034 tisha12008@hotmail.com Sec /Treas / Membership: Dani Goldenthal (250) 832-4111 thegoldenthals@telus.net Promo / Flying Carpet: Dawn Heppner (250) 808-0738 damarhetraining@hotmail.com High Point Awards: Michelle Baranow (250) 766-1582 michelle_baranow@hotmail.com Recreational Riding Program: Cori Wilson (250) 451-9417 piblet@shaw.ca Directors at Large: Jon Goldenthal, Lynn Higginbotham, Sheila Goertz

Check out our website at www.bciaha.com

my horses and my horsey friends at our endurance weekends. Being able to continue endurance riding on Davine has, for me, made the sport even more pleasurable. She is such an awesome mare who aims to please and has a gentle character. I’m already psyched for our next ride!

New Trail Park There is a new mountain trail park in Kelowna to enjoy with your horse! This is fabulous news for all riders, non-riders, and disciplines. Clinics and workshops and lessons will be offered. Contact Dawn Heppner and Damarhe Training for further details.

Meet Bianca Mckenzie and Davine (“Heart Squeaker”) Davine was born ten years ago on Canada Day in our barn. She has grown to be a beautiful 15hh Anglo powerhouse. After entering her first endurance ride, at the pre-vet check it was discovered that she had a “squeaky heart.” Although this has not constrained her in any way, she continues to be a topic of fascination to veterinarians and prompts a “Hey, come listen to this!” from the assistant vets, who have dubbed her, “The Squeaker.” Davine and I are turning out to be quite the team; we just completed our first 100-mile endurance ride this spring and she was as strong as ever. We now qualify to enter the championships taking place this year in Idaho’s “City of Rocks” where we will ride the 100-mile with the best of the best. My husband, Murray, and I host an endurance ride at the Telemark X-Country Ski Club Trails in Westbank. The “Last Chance Mountain Ride” just completed its second year. This year’s ride had a great turnout and drew five newcomers that, I think, are HOOKED! How could you not be? You get to spend numerous hours with your horse, riding mountain trails that offer magnificent vistas and, when you have finished, you return to camp where Fountain Tire is cooking up an incredible BBQ of prime rib, burgers and hotdogs. PLUS, the number of sponsors continues to grow, providing the riders with great prizes. A huge thank you goes out to all of our sponsors: Fountain Tire, Happy Horse Riders, Buckerfield’s, BC Fruit, Biozide Gel, Diamond H Tack and The Heritage Inn. We look forward to hosting next year’s ride in September; stay tuned for additional details. In short, I have been competing in this sport for twenty years and I still can’t get enough of riding the new trails and spending time with HCBC 2010 Business of the Year

Facts about Arabians • The earliest Arabian horse brought to the USA is said to have been a stallion called Ranger, who arrived in 1765. This horse is said to have sired the horse George Washington rode during the American Revolutionary War. • Arabian blood runs in other breeds, largely because of the Arabian’s ability to stamp its conformation, stamina, and good nature on its offspring.

Information for the Select Stallion Service Auction and Futurity The 2013 Select Stallion Auction is open for bidding! Breed to win! Bid on one of the stallions nominated for the 2013 Region 17 Select Stallion Auction and reap the rewards. Go to www.region17.com to find your fella and support the Region! Foals resulting from breedings purchased at the Region 17 Select Stallion Service Auction are eligible to be shown as yearlings in a Halter Futurity and as four-year-olds in a Performance Futurity. Nominated stallions are listed on the Stallions page, and auction information can be found on the Bidding page. All rules and prize money breakdown can be found on the Rules page.

Upcoming Events August 12-17: Canadian National Championships in Brandon, MB; contact the Arabian Horse Association at 306-696-4500 August 31-September 1: BCHAA Dogwood Show in Cloverdale September 4-8: Battle of the Breeds, Masters Tournament, in Spruce Meadows, AB Don’t forget to check our BCIAHA page on Facebook for updates on what is happening in your community, and be sure to post all of your exciting news or share some stories there as well. Contact Dawn Heppner with any news you wish to share in Saddle Up magazine!

www.saddleup.ca • 57

The Back Country Horsemen of BC Story By Eileen Shorter, Northwest Chapter out the other side of valley and along the beach at the north end of the lake; President: Ybo Plante, president@bchorsemen.org - 250-743-3356 Vice President: John King, jeking@shaw.ca - 250-338-6789 when we returned in the Vice President: Mary Huntington, rivergals@telus.net - 604-988-8442 late afternoon, Mike said Vice President: Karen Tanchak, klldt13@hotmail.com - 250-832-1596 Secretary: Catherine Davidson, cdavidso@telus.net - 250-337-4085 it was 32 degrees Celsius. Treasurer & HCBC Director: Sharon Pickthorne, oneonone@telus.net - 250-337-1818 We enjoyed a great dinner Past President: Jonathan Driesen, jrdd@telus.net - 604 864-0730 and social evening before heading back to our campsite. The Graham Ranch at Tatla Lake was A Trip to Remember: Tatlayoko Lake a special place for one in our group, Pete This all started back in 2005 when White. His father, Cliff White, Leslie Milton and Mike Simalowski moved from Smithers to Tatlayoko Lake in the west had been on a pack trip from this very spot in March/April of Chilcotin. Leslie had said that, when they 1934, on a ski mountaineering got settled, we were invited to come out and expedition into the Mount ride and camp. Waddington range, known Well, we didn’t let them forget and, as Mystery Mountain back two years later, a group of eight from the then. A local packer/trapper northwest made the trip in mid-August. We who knew the area well, Peter started with four from Smithers, picking McCormack from Kleena up three more in Vanderhoof and one in Kleena (Klinaklini), about 20 Williams Lake. After spending a night just miles west, had been selected to west of Williams Lake, we headed west, lead the expedition down the stopping at Lee’s corner (Hanceville) for cinnamon buns and coffee, Redstone, Alexis Homathko valley. Pete had a picture with him of his father Creek, driving past miles of Russell fence sitting on the very same porch, and dead pine trees, pretty pumped up with taken over 70 years earlier. our Chilcotin adventure. After gathering When it was time to for a photo at the Tatla Lake junction, we leave, we all were reluctant headed south to the community camp and wanted to explore more. grounds on the edge of Tatlayoko Lake. We decided to meet for a long What a beautiful place. After setting up leisurely breakfast at the old camp, we started making plans for the next Graham Ranch restaurant at day’s riding. We were ready to explore. Tatla Lake, also stocking up Leslie met us riding her trusty mule, on books on the Chilcotin and Martha, and we joined up with another other souvenirs. After making local that knew the trails well; we headed several stops on our way back out from camp to explore the trails on the to Williams Lake to gather the east side of the lake, climbing up to get the last of our reading material and best views. The trails on the east side of the souvenirs, we spent the night valley were semi-open with great vistas of reminiscing about our trip. It the coast range to the west and south. The weather was very hot and extremely dry, and was a trip to remember! For more information I remember Leslie saying that, if we went about Back Country Horsemen any higher, there would be no water. of British Columbia please The upper reaches of this plateau are visit the website at www. known as the potato range, where First bchorsemen .org. Nations have harvested wild potatoes for BACK COUNTRY HORSEMEN PROVINCIAL EXECUTIVE http://bchorsemen.org

centuries. The next day, we trailered a few kilometres to Leslie and Mike’s to check 58 • Saddle Up • August 2013

HCBC 2010 Business of the Year

Clubs & Associations Our members love their LONGEARS and want to share information with those interested. Club events: Clinics, Demonstrations, Trail Rides, Equine Shows and the famous ‘Tees Longears Show’ that has been running for over 20 years. www.albertadonkeyandmule.com or contact Alice Todd 403-646-2624 We welcome members from all provinces and the U.S. 6/14


Alberta Trail Riding Association ATRA is a vibrant club for recreational riders and drivers of all ages and horse breeds. 8/13

armstrong/enderby riding club  Rebecca Hilbrander 250-546-0052 Fun Days, Shows, Clinics, www.armstrongenderbyridingclub.com 2/14 ASHCROFT RODEO June 15-16, 2013 at 1 pm daily. Rodeo Dance June 15, 9pm-1am, featuring Ken McCoy Band. www.ashcroftrodeo.ca 3/14

The Canadian Quarter Horse Association is an affiliate

of the AQHA. Annual membership is free to current members of AQHA. To enroll on-line, visit the CQHA web site: www.cqha.ca, and choose “Membership” section. Choose “Affiliates” to link to provincial Quarter Horse & Racing Association sites. Contact: Haidee Landry, President 604-530-8051 or hmqh@hotmail.com 8/13

DELTA RIDING CLUB www.deltaridingclub.com. English, Western, Hunter & Dressage Shows for all skill sets. 604-328-3814 5/14 ENDURANCE RIDERS ASSOCIATION OF BC www.ERABC.com Secretary: Lori Bewza, loribewza@gmail.com 250-679-8247 3/14 EQ TRAILS ASSOCIATION Advocates for Horses on Trails, Managers of Skimikin Campground. www.eqtrail.webs.com or 250-832-4943, 250-835-4496 7/14


FRASER VALLEY HUNT www.fraservalleyhunt.com

BCHBC provides a social, safe learning atmosphere for all riders interested in trails and the back country. We strive to preserve trail access for all riders.


BARRIERE & DISTRICT RIDING CLUB, Katharine Ferguson, secretary@barrieredistrictridingclub.com Events & more at www.barrieredistrictridingclub.com 5/14 BC CARRIAGE DRIVING SOCIETY, Pres: Betsy Nasmyth 250-352-2427 From Minis to Draft, www.bccarriagedriving.com 9/13 BC COMPETITIVE TRAIL RIDERS ASSOC. www.bcctra.ca 4/14 Pres: Tammy Mercer 250-335-3390, ridingforfreedomranch@shaw.ca BC Draft under saddle club.  Open to all Draft and Draft X. Pres: Dawn Germscheid 604-617-7354, www.bcdraftundersaddleclub.com 12/13 BC INTERIOR ARABIAN HORSE ASSOC.  250-546-6004 Arabian Encampment, Youth Club, Racing, Endurance, www.bciaha.com 3/14 BC INTERIOR HORSE RESCUE SOCIETY. Our mission is to rescue, protect, help and prevent the abuse of horses. Memberships/volunteers. www.bcihrs.ca 250-260-5344 10/13 BC INTERIOR MORGAN HORSE CLUB Sect’y: Rachael Sdoutz 250-679-1175 8/13 gnrmorgans@xplornet.ca. Meetings, Trail Rides, Socials, www.bcimhc.com BC Miniature Horse Club www.miniaturehorsesbc.com 8/13 Info Margaret 604-856-1419, AMHR/AMHA Show June 8-10, Cloverdale, BC BC PAINT HORSE CLUB www.bcphc.com. APHA Shows, Open Show & Competition Program, Free Trophy Program, PAC. President: colleen_doug@shaw.ca 7/14 Zone hosted Schooling Shows, AQHA Sanctioned Shows, organized Trail Rides, Social activities, Clinics and Equine Trade Fairs. For more info visit www.bcqha.com Membership: Lynne Carter 604-880-6138, bcqha@hotmail.com


BC ranch cutting horse assoc. (Fraser Valley) Sally Rees 604-534-9449, www.bcrcha.com 6/14 BC RODEO ASSOC., #5-150B Oliver St, Williams Lake, BC V2G 1L8 250-398-4104 Office, bcrodeoassn@shaw.ca, www.rodeobc.com 5/14 BC SPORTHORSE-SPORTPONY BREEDERS GROUP, Membership: Shelley Fraser 604-534-8782, Show Secretary: Ulli Dargel 604-421-6681, www.bcsporthorses.com 7/14 HCBC 2010 Business of the Year


Meeting weekly during the hunting season for over 40 years 604.856.6170 or fraservalleyhunt@ymail.com

Back Country Horsemen of B.C. For info: president@bchorsemen.org or www.bchorsemen.org

CANADIAN DISASTER ANIMAL RESPONSE TEAM (CDART), emergency animal rescue division of Critteraid. www.cdart.org, www.critteraid.org, Deborah Silk 250-493-9752 0


GIT ‘ER DONE! GYMKHANA CLUB, Family oriented fun. 250-577-3154 hankrocks@telus.net, www.freewebs.com/giterdonegymkhanaclub 9/13 HORSE COUNCIL BC 1-800-345-8055 www.hcbc.ca Representing the interests of BC’s equine industry 2/14 INTERIOR CUTTING HORSE ASSOCIATION www.ichacutting.com New cutters always welcome. Bonnie Meints 250-374-6815 12/13 Inland Draft & Teamsters Assoc. (Kamloops area) Pres: Dennis Ryan 250375-2425. Farming w/heavy horses. Spring Field Days, July Wagon Trek, Fall Harvest. 6/14 KELOWNA RIDING CLUB, www.kelownaridingclub.com contact and event info. Daily drop-in rates & facility rentals open to all. 3745 Gordon Dr, Kelowna, BC. 8/14 LANGLEY RIDERS SOCIETY, www.langleyriders.com. English/Western, Games, Jumping, Drill Team, Rodeo. 604-530-5981 3/14 LOWER MAINLAND QUARTER HORSE ASSOC. Pres: Michelle Charleston, 604-857-2333, mcharleston@telus.net, http://bcqha.com/index.php/LMQHA 5/14


Monthly Jackpot Ranch Sorting Competitions 604-910-3523 Where riders of all levels with almost any horse can have fun! trishe@shaw.ca www.lowermainlandranchsorting.com 4/14

NORTH OK THERAPEUTIC RIDING ASSOC.  250-549-0105 Spring & Fall Riding Sessions for the disabled  0 OLIVER RIDING CLUB President: Max Alexander 250-497-5199, English & Western shows/events and Social Riding, www.oliverridingclub.com 7/14 Peachland riding club  Jesse Capp, jessecapp@shaw.ca 250-863-2160 Fun & Family oriented! See www.peachlandridingclub.com for activities 5/14 PENTICTON RIDING CLUB Shows, Clinics, Fun Days, Spirit of Life Ride, www.soha-online.com, Sherry 250-490-0397 5/14 Pine tree riding club (Kamloops)Michelle 250-573-5331, mtondevold@ hotmail.com Playdays, Annual Show, Activities, www.pinetreeridingclub.com 8/13 PROJECT EQUUS - Working to protect B.C.’s wild horses. Adoptions available. 250-494-5057, www.critteraid.org 0 www.saddleup.ca • 59

Clubs & Associations 4/14

SOUTH CENTRAL QUARTER HORSE ASSOC., Cheri 250-573-2541, Host of April Fuzzy Horse Show and September AQHA Circuit Show, http://bcqha.com/index.php/scqha 4/14 TWEEDSMUIR CAVALIERS SADDLE CLUB (Burns Lake) Gymkhanas, Shows, Kristi Rensby, Pres. 250-692-5721, torikari@hotmail.com, tcsaddleclub.webs.com 7/14

VERNON DISTRICT RIDING CLUB, www.vernonridingclub.com, 250-540-7344 Shows, Clinics, Pony Club, Facility Rental. “Come Ride With Us!” 4/14 WESTERN CANADIAN REINING ASSOC. Isabella 250-397-3770 wcrareining@gmail.com, www.wcra.info 3/14 WILD ROSE DRAFT HORSE ASSOCIATION, Sale, Field Day, Shows, Futurity, Clinics, www.wrdha.com, Barb Stephenson 403-933-5765 8/14

What’s Happening? Let’s Go! 2013 Events?? Let us know – this is a FREE service for non-profit events.


Jan 1-3 OPEN HORSE SHOW, Smith Arena, Smithsville, BC, John 604-123-4567 johnsmith@smith.net, www.smithshow.com


2-3 ANDREW MCLEAN CLINIC, Cranbrook BC, Barb Barbour, fwbarbour@shaw.ca 2-4 ADVANCED TTOUCH CLINIC w/Linda Tellington-Jones & Robyn Hood, Vernon BC, info www.ttouch.ca or 1-800-255-2336 3-4 RCMP MUSICAL RIDE, Arbutus Meadows Equestrian Ctr, Nanoose Bay BC, 250-228-8683, www.parksvilleamrotary.org 3-4 REINING ALBERTA Show Circuit (Peace Country Branch) (Evergreen Park- Lewis Hawkes, Grande Prairie), www.reiningalberta.net 3-4 JANDANA RANCH: The Classical Art of Egg Tempera Painting, Janice Jarvis 250-573-5800, www.jandanaranch.com 3-4 ADIVA MURPHY SYMPOSIUM, Delta BC, E-mail or FB adiva@adivamurphy.com, www.adivamurphy.com 3-4 HORSEWOMANSHIP CLINIC w/Birgit Stutz/Kathryn Kincannon, Riversong Ranch, Whitecourt AB, Raven 1-877-394-6773, www.equiana.com 3-5 TOPLINE SUMMER HORSE TRIALS & COMBINED TEST, Salmon Arm BC, Sonya Campbell 250-833-2669, www.toplinestables.ca 3-9 REGINA, SK, Learn equine massage therapy – Certification Course, Sidonia McIntyre, RMT, CEMT, www.equinerehab.ca 4(tent) GOLDEN ANNIVERSARY COMMUNITY BARN DANCE, 7-10pm, Thornhill Community Grounds, Terrace BC, Marty martyfcox@gmail.com 5-7 CONNECTED RIDING w/Peggy Cummings, Vernon BC, info www.ttouch.ca or 1-800-255-2336 6-8 EQUESTRIAN VAULTING CHAMPIONSHIPS, Ponoka AB, Calnash Ag-Event Centre, Melanie mgmatt@airenet.com or 403-559-6877 7-10 TWISTED TERRAIN & HORSEPLAY YOUR WAY CAMP, Twisted Terrain Horse Park, Hope BC, info@twistedterrainhorsepark.com 9-11 WILD ROSE WELSH & OPEN PONY SHOW #2, Westerner Park, Red Deer AB, piper_p13@hotmail.com, FB http://www.facebook.com/WildRoseShow 9-Sep 1 WILD PINK YONDER TRAIL RIDE, Hythe to Edmonton AB, ride a day/ weekend/week, or 23 days. www.WildPinkYonder.com, Rusty 780-761-2404 10 EQUINE FIRST AID COURSE, 401 Ashton Cooke Road, Enderby BC, Erhard 250-838-0234, www.toltaway.com 10  LANGLEY RIDERS SOCIETY, Jumping Clinic & Warm Ups, info Katrina kvavrovics@hotmail.com 10-11 RCMP MUSICAL RIDE, Campbell River Trail Riders Riding Ring, info carolchapman11@yahoo.ca or www.cambellrivertrailriders.com 10-11 NORTH OKANAGAN LITTLE BRITCHES RODEO, Armstrong Rodeo Grounds, www.bclbra.org 10-11 HORSEMANSHIP CLINIC w/certified Chris Irwin trainer Lisa Wieben, Falling Star Ranch, Dunster BC, Birgit 250-968-6801, www.fallingstarranch.ca

60 • Saddle Up • August 2013

10-11 MOUNTAIN TRAIL SADDLE SERIES Comp. #2, Twisted Terrain Horse Park, Hope BC, Debbie Hughes 604-858-7724, www.dhughesquarterhorses.com 10-16 CALGARY (Priddis), AB, Learn equine massage therapy – Certification Course, Sidonia McIntyre, RMT, CEMT, www.equinerehab.ca 11 KELOWNA GYMKHANA CLUB, Kelowna Riding Club Grounds, Amanda 250-878-6062, www.kelownagymkhana.com 11 ENGLISH/WESTERN SHOW, Delta Riding Club, Cathy 604-328-3814, cathyglover@telus.net, www.deltaridingclub.com 11 CMTHS MOUNTAIN TRAIL HORSE CHALLENGE, Twisted Terrain Horse Park, Hope BC, info@twistedterrainhorsepark.com 12-15 JANDANA RANCH: Beginner Horsemanship Camp, Janice Jarvis 250-573-5800, www.jandanaranch.com 13-14 RCMP MUSICAL RIDE, Comox Valley Exhibition Grounds (Rotary Bowl), www.sidwilliamstheatre.com or www.cvtrs.com 14 PRACTICE IN THE PARK, Twisted Terrain Horse Park, Hope BC,  info@twistedterrainhorsepark.com 14-18 AQHA REGION 1 CHAMPIONSHIPS, Monroe WA, Lisa 253-208-8319, www.aqha.com/regionalchampionships 16 LANGLEY RIDERS SOCIETY, Eng/West, info Nicola Gildemeister 604-746-0344, mpowered2prosper@hotmail.com 16 RCMP MUSICAL RIDE, Avalon Equestrian Centre, Duncan BC, 250-701-9145 or warmlandcops@shaw.ca 17 OLD FRIENDS CANADA Open House BBQ, Apple Flats Orchard & Stable, Lake Country BC. Miranda 250-878-2730 oldfriendscanada@gmail.com 17 PTRC GYMKHANA (BC Heritage Qualifier), Kamloops, Lynnaea Rawlings lynnaea@telus.net or 250-573-3569 17-18 TEES LONGEARS DAYS, Tees AB, Mule and Donkey show, Russ Shandro at 780-632-7510, www.albertadonkeyandmule.com 17-18 REINING ALBERTA Clinic & Show Circuit (North Branch) (South Barn, Nisku), www.reiningalberta.net 17-18 REINING ALBERTA Show Circuit (South Branch) (Prairie Mountain Ranch, north of Cochrane), www.reiningalberta.net 17-18 HORSE AGILITY CLINIC & SHOW, Delta BC, w/Adiva Murphy, Susan bkclinic@telus.net, FB, www.adivamurphy.com 17-18 DEBBIE HUGHES HORSEMANSHIP, Twisted Terrain Horse Park, Hope BC, hughesqh@telus.net 17-23 EDMONTON, AB, Learn equine massage therapy – Certification Course, Sidonia McIntyre, RMT, CEMT, www.equinerehab.ca 18 FUNDAY, Quarterspot Ranch, Lumby BC, Cindy 250-547-9277, quarterspotranch@shaw.ca 18 TSC ANNUAL GYMKHANA, TBA, Thornhill Fair Grounds, Terrace BC, Jocelyn jocben81@gmail.com

HCBC 2010 Business of the Year

What’s Happening? Let’s Go! 18 PTRC HORSE SHOW (BC Heritage Qualifier), Kamloops, Michelle Tondevold mtondevold@hotmail.com or 250-573-5331 18 ALBERTA WISH TRAIL RIDE, Rafter 6 Ranch, Eckshaw AB, Irene 403-366-8199, www.albertawishride.ca 19-23 LEADING THE WAY Day Camp (10-14 yrs Girls), Anam Cara Farm & Learning Center, Abbotsford, www.empoweredbyhorses.com, Carla 604-809-3494 21-Sep 2 PACIFIC SPIRIT HORSE SHOW at PNE Vancouver BC, www.pne.ca 22-25 PNE PCTPA Team Penning in the Lower Mainland BC. Check out our Facebook page at PCTPA for all our show locations/dates 23-25 FIT ONE CLINIC w/Craig Nunn et al, BCCET Vernon BC, 250-503-6735, okanaganforge@gmail.com 24 LANGLEY RIDERS SOCIETY, Games, info Ngaire Smart 778-277-0015, ngaire.smart@gmail.com 24 INTRO TO VERSATILITY RANCH HORSE w/Lee Poncelet, Vernon BC, Lee 250-938-2034 or Joni 250-260-6125 24 QUARTER HORSE PRODUCTION SALE, Hayes Brothers Ranch, Hanna AB, info 403-854-2550, horses listed at www.northernhorse..com 24 RHR COLT STARTING CHALLENGE, Taber Agriplex, Taber AB, www.rockingheartranchltd.com 24-25 MHC ENGLISH/WESTERN TROPHY SHOW, Mission Horse Club, info@missionhorseclub.org - www.MissionHorseClub.com 24-25 TFC PAUL DUFRESNE CLINIC, Nanaimo BC (Beban Park), Laura, lauradahle@hotmail.com, 250-619-9983 24-27 EDMONTON, AB, Vertebral Realignment Course. Learn to adjust without mallets! Sidonia McIntyre, RMT, CEMT, www.equinerehab.ca 25 OLD FRIENDS CANADA Dressage Schooling Show, Apple Flats Orchard & Stable, Lake Country, Miranda 250-878-2730 oldfriendsofcanada@gmail.com 25 PRC Gymkhana 9:00 start, Peachland, www.peachlandridingclub.com 26-29 JANDANA RANCH: Intermediate Horsemanship Camp, Janice Jarvis 250-573-5800 www.jandanaranch.com 28-Sep 1 IPE & CPRA RODEO, Horse Shows, Exhibits, Midway, www.armstrongipe.com 29-30 NATURAL HORSEMANSHIP W/GLENN STEWART Stage 1 Clinic, Smithers BC, Anika 250-846-5494 or gattiker@telus.net 29-Sep 4 LANGLEY, BC, Learn equine massage therapy – Certification Course, Sidonia McIntyre, RMT, CEMT, www.equinerehab.ca 30-Sep 1 LMQHA EVERGREEN CIRCUIT (AQHA/APHA SHOW), Thunderbird, Langley, krmshowserv@gmail.com, www.bcqha.com/index/php/lmqha 30-Sep 2 NORTH THOMPSON FALL FAIR Light Horse Show & Gymkhana, Barriere BC, www.barrieredistrictridingclub.com, Darcey 250-318-9975 31 HORSE RACING, Desert Park, Osoyoos BC, www.bcinteriorhorseracing.com 31-Sep 1 MOUNTAIN TRAIL HORSEMANSHIP CLINIC, Twisted Terrain Horse Park, Hope BC, Christa Miremadi, therocknstar@gmail.com 31-Sep 1 NATURAL HORSEMANSHIP W/GLENN STEWART Stage 2 Clinic, Smithers BC, Anika 250-846-5494 or gattiker@telus.net 31-Sep 2 NORTH THOMPSON FALL FAIR & RODEO, Barriere BC, www.fallfair-rodeo.com


4 PRACTICE IN THE PARK, Twisted Terrain Horse Park, Hope BC, info@twistedterrainhorsepark.com 4-8 JONATHAN FIELD HORSEMANSHIP Camp 2+ with Purpose, James Creek Ranch, Merritt BC, 1-888-533-4353, info@jonathanfield.net 5-8 PHILIPPE KARL School of Légèreté Open Clinic, ForTheHorse Equestrian Centre, Chase BC, www.ForTheHorse.com 6 BC LIVESTOCK HORSE SALE, Williams Lake BC, Call 250-398-7174 to consign, www.bclivestock.bc.ca 6 QUARTER HORSE PRODUCTION SALE, Ace of Clubs QHs, Red Deer AB, 403-783-9835 or www.AceOfClubsQuarterHorses.com 6-8 TSC SCHOOLING SHOW, Fall Fair, Thornhill Fair Grounds, Terrace BC, Elaine ejj-r@telus.net or Marty martyfcox@gmail.com 6-8 TFC PAUL DUFRESNE CLINIC & Demo Sept 5, Fort St. John (Goodlow) BC, Carla carlafuks@gmail.com, 250-781-3151 6-8 BARKERVILLE COWBOY & DROVER JUBILEE, Barkerville BC, 1-888-994-3332, www.barkerville.ca 7 BC LIVESTOCK HORSE SALE, Vanderhoof BC, Call 250-567-4333 to consign, www.bclivestock.bc.ca 7 ALBERTA WISH TRAIL RIDE, Duchess AB, Irene 403-366-8199, www.albertawishride.ca 7 FALL CLASSIC TROPHY SHOW, (Eng/West/Ranch/Jump), BCHQ, Parkway Stables, Penticton BC, Sherri info@pentictonridingclub.com 7-8 SALMON ARM FALL FAIR HORSE SHOW, English/Western/Reining, BC Heritage Qualifier & PAC, Salmon Arm BC, www.salmonarmfair.com

HCBC 2010 Business of the Year

7-8 ADIVA MURPHY SYMPOSIUM, Delta BC, E-mail or FB adiva@adivamurphy.com, www.adivamurphy.com 7-Oct 6 EDMONTON, AB, Extended 25 day Advanced Massage Therapy Certification Course, Sidonia McIntyre, RMT, CEMT, www.equinerehab.ca 7-10 WILLINGLY GUIDED REINING CLINIC, Craig Johnson, Cardinal Ranch, BC, 250-968-4481, www.cardinalranch.com 7-13 MEDICINE HAT, AB, Learn equine massage therapy – Certification Course, Sidonia McIntyre, RMT, CEMT, www.equinerehab.ca 8 MHC GAMES SHOW, Mission Horse Club, info@missionhorseclub.org - www.MissionHorseClub.com 8 KELOWNA GYMKHANA CLUB, Kelowna Riding Club Grounds, Amanda 250-878-6062, www.kelownagymkhana.com 8 HUNTER SHOW, Delta Riding Club, Cathy 604-328-3814, cathyglover@telus.net, www.deltaridingclub.com 8 LANGLEY RIDERS SOCIETY, Games, info Ngaire Smart 778-277-0015, ngaire.smart@gmail.com 10 GET TO KNOW YOUR HORSE BETTER “Respiratory Clinic” 6:30 pm, complimentary to all, Stampede Tack, Surrey BC 604-574-7427 11 DEBBIE HUGHES HORSEMANSHIP, Twisted Terrain Horse Park, Hope BC, hughesqh@telus.net 11-15 JONATHAN FIELD HORSEMANSHIP Course Two, James Creek Ranch, Merritt BC, info Angie Field 1-888-533-4353 info@jonathanfield.net 13-15 DEEP SEAT/DEEP FEEL Horse/Human Riding in Balance, Horse Centred, Armstrong BC, 250-546-9640, www.HorseCentred.com 13-15 SCQHA FALL AQHA SHOW CIRCUIT, Armstrong Fairgrounds, www.bcqha.com/index.php/scqha 13-15 CANADIAN INTERPROVINCIAL CHAMPIONSHIPS, Calgary AB, more info at www.cec-en.ca 13-15 REINING ALBERTA Fall Classic (Ponoka Ag Events Centre, Ponoka), www.reiningalberta.net 14 POT ‘O GOLD POKER RIDE, hosted by BCIMHC, Timber Ridge Trails, Lumby BC, www.bcimhc.com 14 RIDE STRONG POKER RALLY, Rolyn Hills Guest Ranch, Red Deer AB, Sarah Fritzel 403-392-4844 14-15 TWIN CREEKS EXPERIENCE w/Adiva Murphy, Duncan BC, Deb at twincreeks@shaw.ca, FB or www.adivamurphy.com 14-15 ROCK CREEK & BOUNDARY FAIR, Rock Creek BC, www.rockcreekfallfair.ca 14-15 LANGLEY RIDERS SOCIETY, Jumping Clinic/Warm Ups & Show, info Katrina kvavrovics@hotmail.com 14-20 SASKATOON, SK, Learn equine massage therapy – Certification Course, Sidonia McIntyre, RMT, CEMT, www.equinerehab.ca 15 WESTERN/AGILITY/GYMKHANA DAY, Delta Riding Club, Cathy 604-328-3814, cathyglover@telus.net, www.deltaridingclub.com 15 FUNDAY, Quarterspot Ranch, Lumby BC, Cindy 250-547-9277, quarterspotranch@shaw.ca 15 MHC PERCENTAGE DAY, Mission Horse Club, info@missionhorseclub.org - www.MissionHorseClub.com 18 PRACTICE IN THE PARK, Twisted Terrain Horse Park, Hope BC,  info@twistedterrainhorsepark.com 19-20 MANTRACKER (Terry Grant), Learn To Track Clinic, and evening public session, Enderby BC, Tina 250-938-1217, teenieknull@yahoo.com 19-23 JONATHAN FIELD HORSEMANSHIP Course Three & Beyond Camp, Quilchena Ranch, Merritt, Angie Field 1-888-533-4353 info@jonathanfield.net 20 UNGSTAD’S ANNUAL QH PRODUCTION SALE, Innisfail Auction Market, Innisfail AB, Dwight 403-783-2697, www.ungstadqtrhorses.com 20 BC LIVESTOCK HORSE SALE, Kamloops BC, Call 250-573-3939 to consign, www.bclivestock.bc.ca 21 3rd ANNUAL POKER RIDE FUNDRAISER, McBride, BC, Mellany 250-968-4342, mscales@telus.net 21 REINING ALBERTA Show Circuit (North Branch) (Heatherdown Hills Arena, Onoway), www.reiningalberta.net 21 HORSE AGILITY CLINIC & SHOW, Delta BC, w/Adiva Murphy, Susan bkclinic@telus.net, FB, www.adivamurphy.com 21 LANGLEY RIDERS SOCIETY, Eng/West, info Nicola Gildemeister 604-746-0344, mpowered2prosper@hotmail.com 21 ALBERTA WISH TRAIL RIDE, Reesor Ranch, Cypress Hills AB, Irene 403-366-8199, www.albertawishride.ca 21 PTRC GYMKHANA, Kamloops, Lynnaea Rawlings lynnaea@telus.net or 250-573-3569

More dates at www.saddleup.ca www.saddleup.ca • 61

Business Services ACCOMMODATIONS


ARMSTRONG INN (Armstrong BC) 1-866-546-3056, www.armstronginn.com Full Facility, Restaurant, Pub, Liquor Store, minutes to Fairgrounds 8/14 BEST WESTERN BAKERVIEW INN (Abbotsford BC) 1-877-336-6156, 15 Min. To Heritage Park, Pool/Hot tub, Restaurant, info@bestwesternabbotsford.com 8/14

DREAMSCAPE RANCH (Kamloops) 250-372-2928 and Bed & Bales. Horse Heaven for final years. Rehab available. www.dreamscaperanch.com 8/13

Ask for Chilliwack Heritage Park rate LSPECI East of Heritage Park at mall & restaurants

DEAD STOCK REMOVAL THE BLUE GOOSE CATTLE CO. (Okanagan/Shuswap) 250-838-2250, Providing prompt dead stock removal service when the decision has to be made. 8/14 EQUINE HEALTH

FREE Comfort Sunshine Breakfast 604-858-0636 or 1-800-228-5150

ECO NETS www.econets.ca, Contain the Hay. Eliminate the Waste. Benefit the Horse and Owner 7/14

www.choicehotels.ca/cn235 • Chilliwack, BC 10/13


PUREFORM EQUINE HEALTH SUPPLEMENTS by SciencePure Nutraceuticals www.pureformequinehealth.com, Toll Free: 1-877-533-9163 6/14

Best Value in Red Deer!

Free Rise and Dine Breakfast One minute to Westerner Park www.hojoreddeer.com Toll Free 1-800-424-9454 or 403-343-8444


Dynamic Balance Equestrian


(serving southern B.C. and islands) Certified Equine Therapist: structural alignment & massage CHA Instructor and Certified Chris Irwin Silver Coach/Trainer All Disciplines – All Breeds 604-992-7945 • dynamic.balance@hotmail.com 4/14

SANDMAN HOTEL LANGLEY, minutes to Thunderbird Show Park 1-604-888-7263, lvictorino@sandman.ca, www.sandman.ca 4/14 SUPER 8 RED DEER NORTH, 7474 50th Ave., Red Deer AB 403-343-1102 Clean friendly & reasonably priced. Minutes to Westerner Park 10/13

FIRST AID COURSES are hands on with horses and cover: * Pain detection/prevention, *Lacerations/bandaging, *How to flush foreign bodies out of eyes, * Hoof puncture wounds, thrush, etc., * Digestive emergencies - colic, collapse, choke, * Poison, stings & bites, * What your vet needs to know when you call with an emergency, * Pantry solutions... and more To register for a clinic or to host one: contact Cindy Houghton 403-936-0221 www.lilpieceofheaven.org 4/14

TRAVELODGE MOUNTVIEW, 1225 Rogers Way, Kamloops BC 250-374-4788 Proud Sponsor of the Kamloops Cowboy Festival, www.travelodge.ca 12/13 accountants

For all your Farm and Small Business accounting needs

Patricia Paterson

Chartered Accountant

250-546-4014 or e-mail patricia.paterson@telus.net




Offers Ready-to-Win western show apparel, tack, and accessories from authorized dealers and our website. 8/13

JEFFREY R. KELLY EQUINE SERVICES (Alberta) 403-993-0269 7/14 www.jeffreyrkelly.com Equine Dentistry, Sheath Cleaning, Horsemanship DVD’s. SHUKANAGAN EQUINE DENTISTRY SERVICE (Interior of BC) since 2000. Owned/Operated by Lennie Thurgood, DVM, 250-832-2084 6/14 THE PERFECT SADDLE FIT, 250-538-1868 www.theperfectsaddlefit.com Saddle fitting for most English saddles, Schleese & Zaldi Representative 7/14 FACILITY RENTALS

BEDDING, HOG FUEL, SHAVINGS David Beerstra Trucking, (Okanagan) 250-549-0324 8/13 Horse Shavings, Hog Fuel & Bark Mulch BLAND’S FARM SALES (North OK/Shuswap) 250-832-6615 or 250-833-2449 Compost Soil, Bark Mulch, Shavings, Straw, Pick Up or Delivery 8/14 WWW.REIMERSFARMSERVICE.COM (N.OK/Shuswap) 250-260-0110 or 250-804-3030 ~ Bulk & Bagged Shavings, Sawdust, Bark Mulch 5/14 WILLEMS FOREST PRODUCTS, 4289 Hwy 6, Lumby, BC, 250-547-2289 Bark Mulch, Shavings, Sawdust, Lumber, Beams, Firewood 11/13

62 • Saddle Up • August 2013


HCBC 2010 Business of the Year

Business Services FARM SUPPLIES



DREAMSCAPE GUEST RANCH (Kamloops) 250-372-2928 and Bed & Bales. Bring your own Horse; a la carte packages. www.dreamscaperanch.com 8/13 WWW.GRAHAMDUNDENRANCH.COM (Green Lake BC) 250-395-0756 Recreation in the Saddle (your horse or ours). Miles of trails. 5/14 WWW.MEADOWSPRINGS.COM (70 Mile House near Green Lake) 250-4562425 Rental cabins, working ranch, BYO horse or ride ours - endless riding. 7/14 www.tyaxadventures.com (Goldbridge BC) 1-888-892-9288. We offer multi-day Packhorse Tours in the South Chilcotin Mountains. 5/14 HEALTH PRODUCTS

Dr. rEED’S SupplEmEntS



ARK FARRIER SERVICE (N. OK/Shuswap) 250-379-2268 3/14 “Balanced Feet for a Balanced Horse” Abby R. Koop, Farrier




Canada’s best source for Farrier Tools, Horseshoes and Hoofcare Supplies Distributor of Farriers Formula 102 – 20381 62nd Avenue, Langley, BC 604-530-0761 highcountryhorseshoes@telus.net 10/13

He aling Horse s The ir Wa y




HORSE BLANKET LAUNDRY Your #1 supplier of horseshoes, farrier tools & hoof care products.

HORSE & SADDLE BLANKET LAUNDERING at Pemberton Suds 1351 Aster Street, Pemberton BC, 604-894-6660 8/14

Ph: 1-877-585-5152 • email: hoofnail@telusplanet.net #3, 343 Forge Rd. SE, Calgary, AB www.hoofnail.com


SCOTT LIVINGSTONE FARRIER SERVICE (North Okanagan) 12/13 250-550-7495 ~ Certified AFA Journeyman, 30 years experience

INSURANCE Official Insurance Broker for the Horse Council of BC • “FarmCare” Insurance • “EquiCare” Horse Mortality • Special Programs for Members • CALL TODAY 1-800-670-1877 • www.capri.ca/horse

FEED DEALERS ASHCROFT IRLY BLDG CENTRE (Ashcroft) 250-453-2281 3/14 Otter Coop Dealer and Pet Foods Abbotsford 34633 Vye Rd duncAn 5410 Trans Canada Hwy. KelownA 103-1889 Springfield Road nAnAimo 1-1277 Island Hwy. S. PArKsville 587 Alberni Hwy. sAAnich 1970 Keating Cross Rd. sAlmon Arm 1771 10th Ave. SW west KelownA 2565 Main Street

556-7477 748-8171 860-2346 753-4221 248-3243 652-9188 832-8424 768-8870

MASSAGE THERAPY WILD HORSE POWER EQUINE MEDICINE & MASSAGE 250-446-2235 10/13 Stacy Elliot, Light Chiropractics & Pregscan Ultrasound, www.wildhorsepower.ca 10/13


OTTER CO-OP AT PITT MEADOWS (Pitt Meadows BC) 604-465-5651 Suppliers of Quality Feed and Hay, www.otter-coop.com 2/14

Rein-beau images, (Bridge Lake/Interlakes, Cariboo) 250-593-4139 Animal Photography, reinbeau@bcwireless.com 12/13



Gates, Panels, Feeders, Continuous FenCe deer & Farm FenCe installations

Custom built and installed to your needs

GRK Fasteners Dealer * Customized Bale Spikes * Custom Welding * Horse Trailer Repairs *Serving BC/AB/WA for over 10 years

Alan Cossentine, Oliver, BC • 250-490-5662 alc@cffence.com • www.cffence.com

HCBC 2010 Business of the Year



OKANAGAN RIBBONS, 1-888-545-7647 4/14 Custom Printer of Award Ribbons www.ribbonsonline.net SADDLEMAKERS & REPAIRS CARIBOO SADDLERY (Williams Lake) Mark Denny 250-392-3735 Over 30 years of Custom Saddles and Leather Repairs 8/14 COLDSTREAM LEATHER CORNER (Coldstream, BC) 250-275-6224 3/14 Western Tack Repairs and Custom Work, www.coldstreamleather.com COSSENTINE SADDLERY (South Okanagan ) 250-490-5662 Repairs, Custom Made Saddles, Unique Leather Creations, www.cossentinesaddlery.com 7/14 COWBOY CLASSIC EQUIPMENT (Merritt) Don Loewen 250-378-9263 Custom Made Saddles, Leather Repairs, www.cowboyclassicequipment.com 4/14

www.saddleup.ca • 63



LEATHER MARK SADDLERY (Maple Ridge) 778-994-1580. Custom English, Western Saddles & Tack, Repair & Restore, Saddle Fitting. 7/14 NICKERS SADDLERY LTD. (Penticton) Toll Free 1-888-492-8225 12/13 Home of the SenSation Ride™, saddlery@shaw.ca, www.nickerssaddlery.com R&E SADDLE & TACK REPAIR LTD. (Aldergrove) 604-856-2350 10/13 Horse Blanket, Eng/West Tack Repairs, Custom Work, randesaddle@telus.net SADDLE MAKING SCHOOL (Newbrook, AB) 780-576-2756 11/13 One-on-one instruction, Room & Board incl., www.rodssaddlemakingschool.com

CLICKER TRAINING w/Monty Gwynne (Alberta) 403-932-4989 Clinics, Lessons and Video coaching, mgwynne@xplornet.com 3/14 Proven Foundation For all disciPlines and ages * Training * Clinics * Lessons * Camps 250-319-8921 doug@dougmills.com

www.dougmills.com Dana Hokana Quarter Horses

TACK/CLOTHING SHOPS ALL ‘Round Outfitters for Horse & Hunter, (Oliver, BC) 250-498-4324 Located in Sears in the Oliver Place Mall 2/14 BOUCHIE LAKE FARM & FEED (Quesnel) 778-465-3333 7/14 New & Used Tack, Giftware, Otter Co-op, Nature’s Mix, Pet Food DIAMOND H TACK INC. (Kelowna BC) 877-762-5631 English & Western Saddlery, Clothes, Farrier, Feed, Blanket & Leather Repairs 2/14 RUSTY SPUR TACK & FEED (Lumby) 250-547-9506, Feed, Tack, Consignments, Giftware, Supplements & Minerals 9/13

Touch ‘A TexAs Town & Country

The most Eclectic Store in the Shuswap for over 22 years! Great Gifts for Horse, Dog & Cat Lovers and the Whole Family! We specialize in Ladies Fashions. Piccadilly Place Mall, Salmon Arm BC ~ 250-832-1149 Bonnie 8/14

TRAILER REPairs PETERSEN TRAILERS LTD. (Langley) 604-533-4209 Service and Repairs. All makes. 10/13 TRANS NATIONAL TRAILER INC. (Vernon) 250-308-8980 RV’s to Horse Trailers, Parts, Trailer Brake Specialist 12/13 ZEN WELDING SERVICES (Mountainview, AB) Custom welding & repairs on trailers, farm equipment & more. 403-464-6051, zenwelding@hotmail.com 12/13

Specializing in Western Pleasure Training - Lessons - Clinics

DVD Instructional Videos - Performance Horses for Sale

Tow & stop the French Fautras Provan Premium trailer with a V6 vehicle. - Miniature to Draft Horses FEATURES: Inertia Braking, Low Step-Up, Front Closing Butt-Bars, 154 lb. Tongue Weight, Forward Horse Exit, Lifetime Floor, All Galvanized Steel & Tack Locker www.eurohorsetrailersales.com 604-649-7185 1-877-944-5599 (Maple Ridge, BC) 8/13

KITT EQUIPMENT TRAILER SALES, (Chilliwack & Aldergrove), 1-877-823-7199, Horse ~ Stock ~ Utility ~ Dump ~ Flatdecks, Kittequipment.com 8/14 THE HORSE GATE TRAILER SALES (Falkland) 250-379-2790. New & Used Horse and Stock Trailers. www.thehorsegate.com 4/14 TRAINERS/coaches ADIVAMURPHY.COM Nominated HCBC Coach of Year 2010/2011, CHA Master Instructor Level 4 Eng/West.; Horse Agility, Western Dressage & Horsemanship Clinics 3/14 CARDINAL RANCH.com 250-968-4481 Parelli Natural Horsemanship Instruction, Horse Sales, Clinics, Student Programs 3/14 CHRISTA MIREMADI HORSEMANSHIP (Aldergrove) 604-856-2967 Training,9/13 Problem Solving, Starting, Lessons, Clinics. www.horsemanshipfromtheheart.com 64 • Saddle Up • August 2013


danahokana@aol.com • 951.302-9463 • www.hokana.com

ESTER GERLOF (Enderby) 250-803-8814, EC Cert. Western Instructor, Lessons, Training, High School Credits Program, ester21@telus.net, www.ester.ca 4/14 JONATHAN FIELD HORSEMANSHIP - Inspired by Horses® www.JonathanField.net, 1-888-533-4353 3/14 CINDY KIRSCHMAN, (Okanagan) 250-547-9277 Cert. Chris Irwin Coach/Trainer, CHA Instructor, Clinics/Lessons/Boarding, quarterspotranch@shaw.ca 9/13


The Art of Bridle Horsemanship

Jaquima to Freno Elevating Communication and Confidence with Awareness, Feel and Signal www.lodestarhorsemanship.ca • Merritt, BC • 250-315-1098 2/14

lpPerformanceHorses.com (Vernon) Lee Poncelet 250-938-2034 Starting Colts. Training of all levels. Specializing in Cutting/Cowhorse 11/13 RELATIONSHIP RIDING ACADEMY www.relationshipriding.com A step forward in the evolution of horsemanship. 403-932-1241 5/14

TRAILER SAles CUMMINGS TRAILER SALES & RENTALS (Abbotsford) 1-877-856-1988 Horse, Stock, Flatdeck, Utility, Dump, Cargo and Pre-owned, www.cummings.ca 4/14



Birgit Stutz, Chris Irwin Gold Cert. Trainer/Coach, www.fallingstarranch.ca Training/Lessons/Clinics/Mentorships, Dunster, BC, 250-968-6801 2/14 TEIXEIRA PERFORMANCE STABLES (Salmon Arm) Carmen Teixeira 250-803-6003 Reining/Western Pleasure/Horsemanship training for all levels. www.texstables.com 9/13 Tellington TTouch training, (Vernon) 1-800-255-2336 3/14 ttouch@shaw.ca • www.icefarm.com TRANQUILLE FARMS (Okanagan) Lorraine Pelletier. EC Cert. Western Coach, Monty Roberts Cert. Holder. www.tranquillefarms.com 250-766-1975 11/13 MARION WEISSKOPFF (Princeton) 250-295-4329 Clinics & Horse training. Eng/West. Level 4 CHA Master Instructor. www.mwsporthorses.com 8/13 CARL WOODS PERFORMANCE HORSES (Peachland) 250-808-1486, Pleasure, Reining, Roping, Cowhorse, Colts Started, Farrier Service, www.chevyequine.com 7/14 transport/hauling

Your Cross Border Specialist!

We transport across Canada, USA & Alaska. We offer tie or box stalls. Cameras for monitoring. Certified for Commercial Livestock Transport. 1-877-246-4355 • www.CroftonTransport.com

Trailering Clinics

Private Lessons 8/13

HCBC 2010 Business of the Year

Business Services transport/hauling


Certified Livestock Transportation – Specializing in Horses

A small company based in the north Okanagan – Commercially Licensed and Insured Two brand new trailers operating on your schedule. Local moves 30 km/1 hour start at $75. Contact Ken Tunbridge for a quote 250-463-1415 or vrhs@hotmail.ca

We remember Pte. B.A. Tingley – Grandpa, a Vimy Ridge Survivor


VETERINARIANS ANIMAL CARE HOSPITAL (Williams Lake 250-392-5510) (Quesnel 250-7473053) Drs. Magnowski, Scheidt, Mowbray 8/14 DAWSON CREEK VETERINARY CLINIC 250-782-1080. Equine Reproduction, Endoscopy, Ultrasound, Digital X-Ray and more. www.dcvet.ca 5/14 DEEP CREEK VETERINARY SERVICES (North Okanagan/Shuswap) 250-8338585. Drs. Bruce Baker & Susi Cienciala, 24 hour emergency service 8/14 GREENWOOD VET SERVICES Mobile Equine Practice (Okanagan) Dr. Sarah Greenwood 250-864-4838, www.greenwoodvetservices.com 6/14 HERMEN GEERTSEMA EQUINE SERVICES “Striving for excellence in Veterinary care.” 604-857-5432 or 1-888-858-5432, www.geertsema.ca 3/14

Interior Veterinary Health Services (S & Central Ok) 250-769-4217 Mobile Equine. Brytann Youngberg DVM, COAC Certified Veterinary Chiropractor. 5/14 KAMLOOPS LARGE ANIMAL VETERINARY Clinic 250-374-1486 9/13 Drs Jennifer Jackson, Jason McGillivray, Colin Mikkelsen, Robert Mulligan OKANAGAN EQUINE VET, (Kelowna) 250-764-9888 Sheila McDonald DVM & Grant Scott DVM, Dipl., ACVS, Board Cert. Equine Surgeon. 5/14 PANORAMA VETERINARY, (Kelowna/Winfield) 250-861-1099 12/13 Drs. Alex Wales, Susan Wales and Jessica Wales THREE VALLEYS VET SERVICES (BC’s Southern Interior) Dr. David Ward Full equipped equine/bovine mobile, 250-497-6127 or 250-809-8807 11/13 Vernon VETERINARY CLINIC, (Vernon) 250-542-9707  7/14 D. Lemiski, H. Mehl, M. Latwat, L. Miller, vernonvets@shaw.ca

Listings start at only $195 per year! Why aren’t you here?

Stallions and Breeders ICELANDIC HORSES at TOLT AWAY Farm (Enderby) 250-838-0234 Sales, Stud Service, Lessons, Tack. WWW.TOLTAWAY.COM 8/13 WWW.VINDSDALUR.CA Icelandic Horse Breeding and Training Facility (now located in Falkland, BC) lisiohm61@gmail.com, 250-379-2295 2/14 WILDWOOD RANCHES Reg’d Quarter Horses (OK Falls, BC) 250-497-8452 SS: Standing an own son of Frenchmans Guy. www.wildwoodranches.org 8/13

Appaloosacentre.com 250-963-9779 Real Appaloosas for Today and the Future! 2/14 DOUBLE DIAMOND CANADIANS (Enderby BC/Jasper AB) 250-838-0908 8/13 SS: DD Pacha Ulixes, Bay, 15HH, Henryville/Viger lines, www.canadianhorse.info

Dragonfly Acres

CFHA / KFPS Star Stallion “OTTO” (AI/Live cover) Quality Friesians Friesian Sport horses E-mail: lisa@dragonflyacres.ca Lisa 604-539-8108 (Langley) www.dragonflyacres.ca


FAIRVIEW ARABIAN STUD (Okanagan Falls) 250-497-6127 SS: World Class Crabbet Bloodlines, www.fairviewarabianstud.com 11/13 icelandic horse farm (Vernon) 1-800-255-2336 3/14 ttouch@shaw.ca • www.icefarm.com KEILEN RANCH PURE SPANISH ANDALUSIANS (Quesnel BC) 250-992-1168 Weanling & Young Horse Sales; keilenranch@gmail.com; www.keilenranch.com 2/14 OLD BALDY RANCH (Dawson Creek) 250-843-7337 9/13 SS: Breeding AQHA / NFQH Grullo & Blue Roan, www.northernhorse.com/oldbaldy

Salty Ole Jack

1996 AQHA Stallion (APHA approved) 15HH Chestnut

A Place Where Champions Are Made

Breeding, Training & Quality horses for Sale 250-558-4743 Vernon, BC CANADA



WWW.ROPERFORMANCEHORSES.COM (Vanderhoof) 250-567-4269 SS: AQHA & APHA Stallions, Sales, Training, Clinics 5/14 SALTYOLEJACK QUARTER HORSES (Lumby) 250-547-6811 SS: Salty Ole Jack ’96 AQHA, www.saltyolejackquarterhorses.com 7/14 SUNSET VIEW RANCH (West Kelowna BC) 250-707-7271. Top Performance AQHA/APHA bloodlines, Breeding & Sales. SS: Dunit Canadian Style. 7/14

HCBC 2010 Business of the Year

Zan Parr Bar on top. The Ole Man (SI 100) on bottom Performance bloodlines including roping, cutting and racing Stud Fee $550 includes - 10 day mare care - 5 day LFG

Saltyolejack quarter horSeS For 2013 bookings call: 250-547-6811 or 250-307-2502

Glen Black


Box 136, Lumby, BC V0E 2G0 www.freewebs.com/saltyolejack • oldsaltyjack@yahoo.ca

www.saddleup.ca • 65


“NAVAJO” – GREAT DRESSAGE/EVENTING PROSPECT 8-year, 15.3HH, Sport Horse Gelding. Good for Pony Club or confident Amateur. $3,900. ALSO: Sporthorses, Warmbloods, Arabians, Quarter Horses and reg’d APHA. See website www.pro-horsemanship.com 250-315-9087 (Merritt BC) E-mail: pro-horsemanship@hotmail.com


FROM $1,500 to $2,000. Mares and Geldings, ages ranging from 3 to 8 years. Reg’d APHA and Sporthorses. Halter broke and some ground work. ALSO: Sporthorses, Warmbloods, Arabians, Quarter Horses and reg’d APHA. See website www.pro-horsemanship.com 250-315-9087 (Merritt BC) E-mail: pro-horsemanship@hotmail.com

GREAT HORSE SET UP 15 acres set up for horses in the beautiful South Cariboo. Extensive renovations have been done in this approximately 1,500 sq. ft. home with 3 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms. There is a shop and barn with 5 box stalls, plus outbuildings. Too many features to list! Asking $497,900. 250-395-2804 (100 Mile House area) E-mail drnovak@bcwireless.com




3-year-old grey mare by Sonitas Tiger Leo and a Doc’s Zimfandel mare. Reference sire: Sonitas Tiger Leo by Sonitas Last.

By Jessies Snappy Doc out of a daughter of Smart Little Baggins.

By Jessies Snappy Doc out of a daughter of Smart Little Baggins. Reference sire: Jessies Snappy Doc by Doc’s Spencer Bar, Doc Bar, Poco Tivio and King’s Pistol bred.

ALSO: 12 – 2-year-olds started; 6 fillies, 5 geldings and 1 stud colt by sires Lazy Wind by Special Effort, Jessies Snappy Doc, Sonitas Tiger Leo by Sonitas Last and Bet On The Smart Cat by WR This Cat’s Smart. PROSPECTS from yearlings to aged horses; bred AQHA mares. FINISHED Barrel horses, Ranch/Rope horses and Cutters. And an 11-year-old reg’d APHA gelding Ranch/Rope horse. 780-518-0901 (Armstrong BC) www.lonetreeranch.ca

ALSO: 12 – 2-year-olds started; 6 fillies, 5 geldings and 1 stud colt by sires Lazy Wind by Special Effort, Jessies Snappy Doc, Sonitas Tiger Leo by Sonitas Last and Bet On The Smart Cat by WR This Cat’s Smart. PROSPECTS from yearlings to aged horses; bred AQHA mares. FINISHED Barrel horses, Ranch/Rope horses and Cutters. And an 11-year-old reg’d APHA gelding Ranch/Rope horse. 780-518-0901 (Armstrong BC) www.lonetreeranch.ca

ALSO: 12 – 2-year-olds started; 6 fillies, 5 geldings and 1 stud colt by sires Lazy Wind by Special Effort, Jessies Snappy Doc, Sonitas Tiger Leo by Sonitas Last and Bet On The Smart Cat by WR This Cat’s Smart. PROSPECTS from yearlings to aged horses; bred AQHA mares. FINISHED Barrel horses, Ranch/Rope horses and Cutters. And an 11-year-old reg’d APHA gelding Ranch/Rope horse. 780-518-0901 (Armstrong BC) www.lonetreeranch.ca


OFFSPRING FOR SALE From these fine Stallions

Illusionary Gold 2001 ApHCC, ApHC 114 Points in Halter, ROM Colour

TW Smok N Hawk

2004 ApHCC Dark Palomino

TW Sunsation 1994 APHA Palomino Tobiano A Smart Prescription 2001 AQHA Grandson of Doc O’Lena & Docs Prescription Horses For Sale / Horses Started Australian Shepherd Dogs 250-499-5397; 3winds@telus.net www.keremeos.com/3winds 12/13

66 • Saddle Up • August 2013


HCBC 2010 Business of the Year

On The Market


HAFLINGER MARE Approximately 17 years old, 14HH. Quiet with a good disposition. Riding and possibly driving. Easy keeper. $800. 250-547-9017 (Cherryville BC)

CHOCOLATE PALOMINO 2013 MORGAN COLT Big, athletic, upright colt with great hip and shoulder. Should mature to 15HH+. Well-handled, halter broke, good with farrier, UTD on worming and shots. Registered and colour tested. Weaned and ready to go! $3,200 + GST More photos at www.couleebendmorgans.com E-mail: LCDIETZ@cciwireless.ca or phone 780-583-2128 (Galahad AB)

Sire: Northern Steel, AQHA; Dam: A Dandy Valentine, ApHCC “Dancer” is a Snowflake-patterned Appaloosa with a great disposition. Trained by an Equine Canada Western Coach and Chris Irwin Certified Trainer. She is bright, alert, a great mover, kind temperament and quiet. Trailer loads easily, has been ridden along main roads, across water and over wooden bridges. Dancer would make a great trail horse or gymkhana horse. 3-way vaccines - May 14/2013 Teeth floated - May 14/2013 Trim and shoes - June 11/2013 Asking $3,800. Call 250-593-4139 (Bridge Lake BC)

Whispering Hills Friesians Home of Donius W Sire of Champions Standing at Stud FOR SALE Friesians & Friesian Sporthorses

CARIBOO PROPERTY 40 gorgeous acres with a log home and second dwelling. Currently a hobby farm and horse property. B & B potential. Location - Infrastructure - Water. For Sale By Owner 250-620-0006 8/13

10 ACRE EQUESTRIAN HOBBY FARM IN SALMON ARM Large split level house with Bachelor suite, extensive renovations in 2004 and 2008. Situated on a hill, it has spectacular views of the property, equestrian centre next door and surrounding mountain views. RV shed is next to house, hay shed, heated tack house with bathroom, 10 corrals with shelters, round pen, a large level meadow with trees and a creek in the back. South Canoe trails are nearby. $810,000 250-832-4058 (Salmon Arm BC) E-mail barbelnewell@shaw.ca More info at www.10acres.weebly.com

HCBC 2010 Business of the Year

www.whisperinghillsfriesians.com dawn@whisperinghillsfriesians.com 780-675-3162 ~ Athabasca, AB



10 acres in ALR. Custom built 3,950 sq. ft. 5 bedroom, 3.5 bathroom Victorian style home with complete daylight suite. This south facing picturesque property and superbly maintained home sits with a mountain backdrop, flat site with a 40’ x 50’ six-stall barn, with outdoor riding arena, pens, and well-kept rail and x-fenced corrals and pastures. This rural Salmon Arm location features swimming and boating at nearby Shuswap Lake. Hiking, biking and lots of horse trails from your door. Privately offered at $739,000. Please request additional information via text or phone 250-833-2070 (Salmon Arm) E-mail klhouseworks@gmail.com

“LUCY” - POCO SHADY JETS Reg’d AQHA Mare, 15.2HH Trailers, baths and is good with feet. Lucy is a willing and eager 4-year-old that has been shown English, Halter and Western. She will be a great horse for a rider looking to progress further into the performances. She is sound and very quiet with beautiful conformation. She is only being sold due to her rider going away for university. $7,500 obo. 250-782-5601 (Dawson Creek BC)

Registered CANADIAN HORSE for Sale “DDD CROMWELL REINE” 8-year-old Reg’d Canadian Mare. Very quiet, has 2 seasons use as Guide horse at busy trail ride and outfitting business in Jasper AB. Trained Western and English, good temperament. $5,500. ALSO: Other good pleasure horses and broodmares for sale. Visit our website www.canadianhorse.info Double Diamond Canadian 250-838-0908 (Enderby BC)

www.saddleup.ca • 67

On The Market


Out of old Idaho bloodlines - maternal grandsire Cowboy Justice and on his Sire’s side, HH Lever Action, Race, Derby and Halter winners. Super Moon is the product of 50 years of select breeding. Has a beautiful, long muscular hip, small sculpted head and laid-back kind nature. Would like to see him go to a breeder for his fine temperament and conformation. This colt will contribute size, colour and kind temperament to your breeding program. Would make a lovely gelding of show quality. Should mature about 16HH. Registration in the U.S. Appaloosa Horse Club is pending. REDUCED TO $4,000. 250-838-6637 (Enderby BC) 9/13 E-mail: mapleleafmules@yahoo.ca  

HIGH QUALITY RIDING MULES FROM REG’D MARES. Weanlings - matched pair of gaited pintos from National Spotted Saddle Horse mares. Perfect for show, trail and parades. ALSO: An Arab Mule from fine Crabbet bloodlines for show or endurance racing, and others including a gaited NSSH two-year-old Molly. We breed for a kind temperament, good looks and athleticism. Prices starting at $1,900. 250-838-6637 (Enderby BC) 9/13 E-mail: mapleleafmules@yahoo.ca  

Old Baldy Ranch Offspring for Sale

“ELFONDO’S SPICE” - 15 YR OLD REG’D MORGAN MARE Dark Chestnut, 14.2HH. She is gaited for a smooth ride. Loads well, and handles her feet. She has been ridden Western. Asking $2,000 obo.


6 YR OLD MARE out of the above mare. Elfondo’s Torky Lady. Halter broke and loads. She is also gaited and stands 14.1HH. Asking $1,200 obo. ELFONDO MORGANS 250 843-7186 (Arras BC) www.elfondomorgans.webs.com 9/13


Sired By:

Jaz Poco Silverado

only $60. plus tax

AqhA/Nfqh 100%, Poco Bueno 27% Silver Grullo, herda N/N Son of Little Steel Dust, AqhA Rom Reining

(and FREE online)

Jaz Ziggy Steel Dust AqhA/Nfqh 98% Silver Grullo, herda N/N


LBJ Sierras Blue TE

AqhA Blue Roan - Te N’Te, Blue Boy quincy, Crimson War Bloodlines

Aaron & Colleen Wangler Dawson Creek, BC

Ph/fax: 250-843-7337 • oldbaldy@neonet.bc.ca



Tip of the Month!

Courtesy of Lorraine Pelletier, EC Certified Western Coach

ARE YOU READY TO RIDE? ARE YOU SURE?   It is common (and a good practice) to ride with a companion, having fun is part of what horseback riding is all about. However, as you continue, do yourself and your horse a favour and start at the beginning. There was no question when you were enrolled in Elementary School, then that exciting first day of Junior High. Then on to Senior Secondary and Yahoo! Graduation.  At this stage in life, you discuss your options of further education; specializing in a certain direction. Why should it be different for your horse? This is the ‘plan’, yet many forego the essential steps to safe and successful choices.  The HCBC Learn to Ride Programs do focus on the rider, although, it would not be fair to your partner (horse) if he could not meet your standards or level. Set yourself up and your horse, to succeed! There should be no such thing as a wrong answer. You should always be able to smile when riding and learning. A Certified Coach is able to make sure you have a safe and

68 • Saddle Up • August 2013

suitable mount. Your neighbour didn’t teach you Grade One so one should realize and appreciate the importance of a Certified Coach to continue your professional guidance. This ensures you’re getting the correct information and techniques. Let’s look into the first (incremental) progressive steps called the ‘Six Essentials’ in next month’s issue.  Be comfortable with the horse of your choice. Be confident, be prepared and most of all be safe!  For more information, contact Lorraine Pelletier at 250-575-3772 or visit www. tranquillefarms.com.  Lorraine offers lessons and various clinics on location and at the Kelowna & Vernon Riding Clubs. At Tranquille Farms we also work with remedial, trauma rehabilitation and people, too. Starting all disciplines. Intrinsic training, establishing Confidence, Trust, & Respect. (See Tranquille Farms’ listing in Business Services under TRAINERS)

HCBC 2010 Business of the Year

Rural Roots - Properties on the Market



One-of-a-kind private hobby farm perfect for horses. Beautiful 3 bed, 2 bath rancher built in 2005 features: cathedral style ceilings, granite kitchen counter tops, and sits on 6.5 acres overlooking soothing Similkameen River. The property includes 3 paddocks with post and rail fencing, a 2-storey barn, 2 chicken coops, 2 animal shelters, hay storage, tack & feed shed and workshop. Irrigated pasture has excellent soil. This private acreage is 5 minutes to Princeton’s downtown amenities. Four season recreation is close by too. www.PrincetonRiversideFarm.com

$699,900 MLS® 140626 LEE MOWRY 250-295-1990 Century 21 Princeton Realty www.PrincetonRealEstate.ca 9/13

Spacious rancher home has great open layout with large kitchen and dining rooms. Nice great room with wet bar for entertaining, large master bedroom w/full ensuite, 3 bedrooms, 2.5 bathrooms and 2-car garage. Large outside deck area overlooks this beautiful acreage backing on to the river. Numerous outbuildings including barns, open shops, 1-bedroom cabin and even an outhouse! Land has riding rings, paddocks, stables and everything to train/board numerous amounts of livestock! Back 15 acres is sub-irrigated and produces hay or room to expand for more boarding pens. All appropriate farming equipment is available and negotiable. Great property at great value!

Peace and quiet! Beautiful waterfront property! 160 acres of secluded recreational property surrounded by crown land and only minutes north of Clinton. A great place to get away from it all! 3 hours north of Vancouver. Many places to build a cabin. Generator or solar power would be the best solution for a power source. Ideal recreation property. Great fishing and wildlife galore! $189,500 MLS® N228802 McKinley Lake DL 4400

$749,900 MLS® 10063148 2478 Hallfish Road, Sicamous BC CONTACT AARON LUPRYPA 250-308-4001 or 250-549-3944 Aluprypa@sutton.com Sutton Group Lakefront Realty, Vernon BC

CONTACT DANA HINSCHE 250-398-0914 Sutton Cariboo Realty, Williams Lake BC Barrie Cline (web site founder) leaves behind his legacy to his daughter Dana Hinsche www.ranchesonly.com


FAMILY HOME ON ACREAGE Totally updated 3,000+ sq. ft, 3 bedroom, 3 bathroom executive home on 4.97 acres fenced with large shop, garage and outbuildings. Priced at $750,000 5618 Learmouth Road, Coldstream BC Call Brett 778-475-2022 brett.charney@2percentrealty.ca 2 Percent Realty Okanagan Ltd.

STEPPING STONES EQUESTRIAN PROPERTY Immaculate Log Rancher on spectacular 2.5 view acres just minutes from Vernon and overlooking the Spallumcheen valley and Grandview Flats. Home features 3 or 4 bedrooms; 3 full bathrooms; 3 gas fireplaces. Stable and 130’ x 65’ outdoor riding arena; irrigated pastures; 750 sq ft multi-use workshop. Golfing, boating & skiing on your doorstep too! $649,000 MLS® 10062594 115 Stepping Stones Crescent Rob Shaw REALTOR® Royal LePage Downtown Realty, Vernon, BC 250.545.5371 shawrealty@shaw.ca 10/13

Horse Heaven! Architect designed custom built home on 5 fenced and x-fenced acres. A Southwestern design with exquisite finishing; huge windows to capture the views of the mountains, valley and Mount Baldy! Full partially finished basement could be made into a suite. The 30’ x 24’ barn has hay storage and pens on the lower level and an insulated workshop upper level. You can ride for miles from your gate onto miles of Crown land, trails and four Alpine Lakes. Only 5 minutes into Osoyoos. Country living at its best! The school bus stops nearby.

$549,900 MLS® 143542 For more information contact: BILL ROBERTSON 1-866-623-5556 yrent@telus.net Macdonald Realty Okanagan South www.osoyoosrealestate.com

Realtors HOLD YOUR HORSES! This 10 acre property is set up for horses with a 2003 custom built home. Home boasts 3,474 sq. ft. with 5 bedrooms/4 bathrooms, legal 1 bedroom suite and a 1 bedroom in-law suite, stables, heated tack room, hay barn/equipment shed, indoor riding arena, heated kennels with dog runs. Garage. Fenced. Minutes to town (Salmon Arm). Great location! $849,900 MLS R 10067558 1621 50th Street Salmon Arm BC       TINA COSMAN, REALTOR RE/MAX Shuswap Salmon Arm BC 250-832-7051 tina@tinacosman.com www.tinacosman.com

HCBC 2010 Business of the Year

Your 1/9 page colour ad could be here

CHARMING HOBBY FARM IN SHUSWAP! A creek runs through it! Immaculate 3 bedroom/2 bath 1,500 sq. ft. home with bright open floor plan on 20 picturesque acres. Property is set up for horses or cattle, pastures have been reseeded, fenced and x-fenced. Large pole barn, horse shelter and detached garage/shop. $399,900 MLS®# 10042448 5431 Line 17 Road, Celista BC CALL CYNTHIA BENTLEY – PREC 1-866-955-2256 Toll free Century 21 Lakeside Realty Ltd, Scotch Creek BC www.cynthiabentley.com

only $85.

plus tax

(and FREE online)

Next Deadline August 15 www.saddleup.ca • 69

Shop & Swap! FOR SALE



Dwight ungstaD’s AnnuAl


2 Horse maverick lite 7’ x 14’ x 7’

Production SAlE



, Aluminum 2 horse angle haul w/tack room $9 swing out saddle rack, bridle hooks, blanket bar and brush bag. Single rear door with padded slam-latch divider. 1st stall has 4’ off-set, 120” diagonal, 36” hip-to-hip and 44” along wall, rubber floor mats and rubber on walls. Has 2-3500 torsion axles, 225/75r15” radial tires and electric brakes. Empty weight 2400 lbs. Payload capacity of 4600 lbs.

29571 Fraser Hwy., Abbotsford, BC

604 856 1988 • 1 877 856 1988 www.cummings.ca

Ultimate Enclosures Serving BC’s Interior

... Raising Quarter Horses since 1972

september 20, 2013 7pm Innisfail Auction Market, Innisfail Alberta


Size ~ Conformation ~ Disposition ~ Variety of Colours! aQha Foals

Blend of Running & WoRking Bloodlines including Get and Grandget of… • Ginas snow Poke, King Leo Bar X Zanzabar Joe (Bred) • Bar Cade Jet, by Bar Hemp AAA Out of AAA Daughter of Copy Bar None

Riding Arenas Shops Pole Sheds & Shelters

INNISFAIL AUCTION MARKET. Weekly Cattle Sales on Wednesdays. Twice a month Horse Sales. Innisfail Pro Rodeo June 13-16. 1-800-710-3166 or www.innisfailauctionmarket. com (Innisfail AB) 12/13

• traCe of PlayBoy, by Millionaire Playboy by Special Effort out of Speckled Trace daughter


Ruzicka Ranch (Carolyn & Danny Van Cleave email vancleavesilver@gmail.com or Greg & Lynn Ruzicka ph 780-336-2224)

BURNT LAKE LIVESTOCK MART, RED DEER, AB, 7PM • Breeding rope, ranch, reining & recreation prospects • Proudly supplying the horses used in the Red Deer Mane Event Trainers Challenge • Bueno Chex & Blueboy Quincy Bloodlines

mandi@aceofclubs.ca • (403) 783-9835


ADD-Ventures on HorsebAck

• rHl Zans navaJo Gold, Palomino Stallion Grandson of Zan Parr Bar

• traCe of CHiC, By fast Moon CHiC

at end of trails ranch, Vernon, bc kids/teen summer camps Ladies riding retreats riding Lessons for Women & kids

dwight Ungstad 403-783-2697 ungstadqtrhorses@gmail.com

Brad Reimer 250-253-2244 ultimateenclosures@gmail.com

For more information or Catalogue






Lessons/coaching WWW.SKOOKUMHORSERANCH.COM. Dressage lessons based on the French Principles of Lightness and Balance. Summer weekend clinics. Western Riders and other disciplines welcome! Catherine Clinckemaillie 250459-7772 (Clinton BC) 8/13 CzechMateTraining.com (Red Deer AB) Horse Training, Colt Starting, Problem Solving, info@ CzechMateTraining.com

Classified Ads starting at $25. for 25 words per issue. 2” Block ads starting at $60. per issue. Contact office for discounts, see page 4.

70 • Saddle Up • August 2013

check our website for calendar dates and info:

www.add-venturesonhorsebackcamps.com 8/13

Twisted Horseplay

Kamloops, BC 778-220-7898 www.copperhillsequestrian.ca (10 minutes from Costco)

Indoors in Aldergrove Website has details!

FULL BOARD AND PADDOCK BOARD ~ Indoor Arena 72 x 200 (top of the line footing) ~ Heated Lounge, Tack Room, Washroom, Wash Stall ~ All Disciplines: English/Western are welcome ~ Outdoor Paddocks w/shelters or Indoor board ~ Excellent quality hay, fed 3 times daily. ~ Large Outdoor Arena and Round Pen ~ Perimeter riding path around 20 acres ~ Access to trails going towards Savona 6/14


Full Board (3 feedings p/day) Daily/Nightly/Weekly Group or Individual Paddocks with Shelters Individual Feed Program Box Stalls, Wash Stall, Heated Tack Room 90 x 200 all purpose Western/English Arena 110 x 200 Jumping Arena, Round Pen Lessons, Conditioning TRAINERS WELCOME 15 minutes from downtown Vernon 250-260-5299 Coldstream, BC djdelichte9@telus.net


A very unique

Land of Learning

for you and your horse. 604-869-3733 or 604-869-1411

CLINICS & EVENTS www.twistedterrainhorsepark.com FREE If it’s FREE, we print for FREE.

HORSE BLANKET LAUNDRY & REPAIRS HORSE BLANKET & SADDLE PAD WASHING & Repairs at Town Centre Dry Cleaners, Town Centre Mall. 250-5460104 (Armstrong) 10/13

HCBC 2010 Business of the Year

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Presenting Exceptional World Champion class Individuals for your discerning consideration… “Blondie” - 1997 AQHA Palomino Mare N/N 4 x PBHA World Champion and AQHA Superior Halter Mare

Own daughter of Page Impressive out of a 10 x World Champion & 6 x AQHA Superior Halter producing daughter of Smooth Town. 100% Palomino producer with AQHA/PBHA achievers. In foal to AQHA Leading Sire: The Top Secret

“Prissy” – 2010 Sorrel AQHA Mare N/N 3-in-1 package

Sired by: Obviously The One – 3 x All American Quarter Horse Congress Champion and AQHA Superior Halter Stallion and sire of multiple AQHA World and Reserve World Champions. Out of 4 x AQHA Superior Halter Producing daughter of Tardy Double Too (by Tardy Too) & out of an own daughter of Impressive Bar Leo. Colt at side is N/N and is sired by Cooler Than All – AQHA Reserve World Champion and sire of AQHA World and Reserve World Champions – “Prissy” is bred back the same way for 2014

“Goldie” – 2012 golden Palomino Mare N/N AQHA Incentive Fund & eligible for the Biggest Futurities in the Industry!

Sired by: JMK In Reality - 2 x PHBA Reserve World Champion Stallion earner of over 535 PHBA Halter points and sire of multiple PHBA World Champions. Out of a daughter of Mr Yella Fella – AQHA World Champion & Industry Leading Sire

“Billie-Jean” – 2013 Chestnut Mare N/N AQHA Incentive Fund & eligible for the Biggest Futurities in the Industry!

From the last foal crop of the great JMK Supernatural – 3 x PHBA World Champion & sire of multiple AQHA & PHBA World & Res. World Champions. Her dam is the producer of AQHYA World Championship Show Yearling Gelding 4th place & is a multiple ROM producer, she is sired by The Top Secret & out of an own daughter of Enlightened SALE PENDING Including:

~ Reserve World Champion producing N/N daughter of Playgirls Conclusion in foal for 2014 to The Top Secret ~ 4 x AQHA Superior Halter producing N/N daughter of Mr Conclusion in foal to Kid Coolisfied AQHA Leading Sire and sire of multiple World Champions in 7 Breed Registries ~ 3-in-1 package N/N daughter of the immortal Touchdown Kid out of an own daughter of Te N Te! Filly at side is by 2 x AQHA Reserve World Champion Stallion Hear The Cheers multiple AQHA World and Reserve World Champion Stallion and in foal for 2014 to JF Skip N Style (palomino) AQHA World and Reserve World Champion Stallion

These impeccable horses have been carefully handpicked to bring Industry Leaders and Superior quality to the Pacific Northwest. 2880 Schram Road, Kelowna, British Columbia V1P 1K2 Call Toll Free: 1 877 765 7228 www.LaurianQuarterHorses.com laurianquarterhorses@telus.net

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Saddle Up - August 2013  

Horse magazine, Western & English, Western Canada, equine

Saddle Up - August 2013  

Horse magazine, Western & English, Western Canada, equine

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