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Southern Association of Collegiate Registrars and Admissions Officers


Spring 2019

From LA to LA Hello SACRAO, I wanted to thank all those who organized, presented, and attended the Annual Conference in Baton Rouge, LA. Brian Antie and his LAC prepared a wonderful conference. I trust that everyone had a beneficial and fun experience. One thing that people kept repeating in Baton Rouge was, “the selection of sessions are great this year!” There were many amazing sessions at Baton Rouge, and as is customary at SACRAO, one was chosen as the President’s Outstanding Presentation. The award this year goes to: “Signal through the noise: Using a multi-channel approach to reach Gen Z” Scott Burke (Georgia State University) Ryan Hogan (Valdosa State University) Joel Lee (Winston-Salem University)

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President’s Update


Updates from the EC


Highlights from the 2019 Annual Conference


SACRAO 2019 Recognitions


State Association Updates


Call for Nominations


Call for Journal Articles

Other awards were given at SACRAO 2019 as well with several SACRAOans honored for their service. Continue reading the newsletter to see these winners. The 2020 program planning VP’s are currently gathering sessions for next year’s conference in Alexandria, VA, so please fill out the I’m available form via if you are interested in presenting, or contact a Program VP or Committee Chair directly. SACRAO is currently in the process of changing our membership platform. We have chosen to transition to MemberClicks which is the same platform that AACRAO uses. Please review Kim Barber’s report in this newsletter for more detailed information. This new system will streamline the organization of our membership database. If you have questions about whether or not your institution is an active member, or have a question about your primary contact, please reach out to Dusty Duncan, the VP States/Regionals and Membership ( continued...

From LA to LA


I’d like to recognize the 2019-2020 SACRAO Executive Committee and invite you to reach out to any of us if you have questions or suggestions about SACRAO. A complete list of the committee can be found here. I would like to especially recognize a recent addition to the EC that was added after the annual meeting. Justin Schilke from Rice University graciously accepted the vacant position of VP for Program Evaluation.

AACRAO Update from Los Angeles (LA) The first part of April, I was in sunny Los Angeles at the AACRAO Annual Conference. SACRAO hosted SACRAO @ AACRAO at Tom’s Urban. Over 70 SACRAOans attended this reception on the patio enjoying good food and good friends. The southern region was well represented in other ways at AACRAO. Several SACRAOans were honored with awards: »» »» »» »» »»

Jacqui Elliot – Award for Excellence in International Education Rock McCaskill – Emerging Leader Award Texas Ruegg – Emerging Leader Award Shelby Stanfield – Honorary Membership GACRAO – Elbert W. Ockerman State and Regional Professional Activity Award

For more information on these winners, visit events-training/meetings/annual-meeting Finally, thank you SACRAO for all you do in the profession. We are gearing up the 2020 conference which I’m sure will be a ‘Presidential Experience.’ The EC meets in Alexandria, VA in late June to plan, so more details coming soon. In the meantime, if there is anything that I can do for you, please do not hesitate to ask.

President of SACRAO

President Cié Gee and President-Elect Steve McLeod in Baton Rouge

Message from President-Elect Steve McLeod Greetings and salutations from Harding School of Theology in Memphis, TN, where the music is live and the question “who makes the best bar-b-q in town?” can start an argument that will last for hours! We had a fun time at our “Rendezvous in the Red Stick!” in Baton Rouge, ending the conference with a party featuring the versatile band, “Big Bag of Donuts.” SACRAO has been a great benefit to my professional career, helping me to learn how to do my job better and to network with colleagues from all over the region. For my peers to choose me to serve as President-Elect is a great honor. It is a privilege to work with such an active organization to continue the tradition of hosting the best regional conference of its kind. As a volunteer-run organization, we need your help! You can go to and complete the “I’m Available Form.” Volunteer to serve on a committee or to present a session! As much as I enjoy attending the conferences, I made closer friends when I began to serve the organization. You discover the wonderful people who work diligently to help SACRAO thrive. You develop as a leader in the profession. You help to promote your institution, and enjoy working with your colleagues from all over the region! As we move to Alexandria, VA for the 2020 conference, the SACRAO Executive Committee, and 2020 LAC, chaired by the ever-diligent Hope Reynolds, are working to produce an excellent conference. With its proximity to Washington DC (less than 30 minutes away) come early or stay afterward and tour the monuments and museums. Bring the whole family! It will be a great educational experience. I look forward to seeing you February 2-5, 2020 as we “Sail Away to SACRAO 2020… It’s Bound to be a Presidential Experience!”

SAVE THE DATE February 2-5, 2020 - Hilton Mark Center Sail Away to SACRAO 2020... It’s Bound to be a Presidential Experience

Start with Why by Andy Green, Immediate Past President

As the spring semester draws nigh and commencements begin across the SACRAO region, I trust we all rediscover our ‘why’ in what we do. Motivational speaker Simon Sinek encourages us to start with ‘why’ rather than ‘what’ or ‘how.’ In his golden circle example, he clearly draws out three circles labeled: what, how, and why. He suggests everyone knows what they do and some know how they do it. Only a few know exactly why they do what they do. Why does your institution exist and why do you get out of bed every morning and go to your office? Thinking about this from the ‘why’ rather than the ‘what’ or ‘how’ can shift our perspective significantly toward serving those around us. Yes, there are times when those around us are difficult to serve. It could be an ungrateful student (or perhaps their parent), a coworker, or our supervisor. Those difficult times and people can cause us to lose focus on our why. However, if we look to the words of a renowned German philosopher, poet, and scholar Friedrich Nietzsche who said, “He who has a why to live can bear almost any how” then we should realize our why always outweighs our how.

“Imagine a world in which the vast majority of us wake up inspired, feel safe at work and return home fulfilled at the end of the day.”

Within SACRAO, our why might vary based on who you talk to. Further, our why could be different based on the time of the year and if it is the day before the annual meeting begins (past LAC Chairs and President-Elects can attest to this). In my experience the why of SACRAO is quite simple: we - Simon Sinek believe our members are best able to serve others when we serve them. SACRAO provides its members with many opportunities to grow professionally, exchange ideas, and connect with others. I am grateful for the professional development, fresh ideas, and friendships SACRAO has provided me. Perhaps you have benefited from SACRAO and would like to give back in some way. One of the most significant ways to give SACRAO your appreciation is by sharing. Share with your supervisor about serving SACRAO in a leadership role. You are the expert at what you do on your campus. Share with us your why, how, and what by presenting at an annual meeting. Finally, share your SACRAO stories with colleagues. Tell them about the experiences you have had through SACRAO and invite them to join you at the 2020 meeting in Alexandria, Virginia.

SACRAO Website and

Membership System Upgrade by Kim Barber, Vice President for Information Technology

Spring is here, and it’s time for some electronic spring cleaning. Our current membership management system and website work very well for a large number of the things we do, but we have grown and changed as an organization since these were initially created. Our communication needs, the electronic publication of the Journal, membership management, and billing under the new tier system all indicated we needed a more integrated system for managing the technology and communication needs of the organization. Over the last year, the SACRAO Executive Committee discussed our IT needs and the current system. Following the February meeting in Baton Rouge, the Executive Committee reviewed two possible replacement systems and selected MemberClicks. MemberClicks is the partner that powers AACRAO’s membership system and, I’m happy to report, we received a discount because we are a regional association affiliated with AACRAO. A small working group is actively engaged with MemberClicks to begin our website and system transition. Our goal is to have the new system in place later this summer when the annual renewal invoices are sent out. In the meantime, those of you who have lived through system conversions will appreciate the fact that we need your help vetting our data. Please take a moment to log into our current SACRAO site at www. and check your membership profile and billing information for your institution. We ask that you also verify your institution’s primary contact and report to Dustin Duncan if that needs to be updated.

Update Your Membership Information Login to the SACRAO website at »» Check your membership profile and billing information for your institution »» Verify your institution’s primary contact If your primary contact information is incorrect or needs to be updated contact the Vice President of States/Regionals and Membership Dustin Duncan at

Treasurer’s Report by Jonathan Reece, Treasurer

Every two years, there is a change in leadership for the SACRAO Treasurer position. I am honored to serve as your 2019-2021 Treasurer. For billing, payments, and other financial-related questions, send an email to or call (704) 687-5701. If you are submitting expenses or requests for payments, please use the forms provided in the SACRAO library (login required). Send all completed forms to the President first. Upon approval, they will be forwarded to me for appropriate action. This will ensure quick payment. I wanted to say a special thank you to Joe DeCristoforo, from the University of Texas at San Antonio, for his service and support as I stepped into this role. An updated report on the fiscal status of our association will be provided in the next newsletter. Be sure to keep a look out for membership renewal information later this summer.

SACRAO 2019 Annu

ual Conference Highlights

SACRAO 2019 Recognitions Multicultural and Emerging Leader Scholarship Recipients »»



Anne Delgado Associate Registrar UT Health San Antonio Laura Oropeza Admissions Counselor Kennesaw State University Pheng Xiong Associate Registrar George Mason University

Distinguished Service Award »»


Dr. John Fletcher Former Associate Provost East Carolina University Rock McCaskill Associate Registrar for Operations Clemson University

Honorary Member »»

Dr. John Fletcher


Shelby Stanfield


Robert Dooloos

The Margaret Ruthven Perry Distinguished SACRAO Journalism Award Graduate Student Retention: Examining Factors of Persistence Among Master’s Program Students »»

Dr. Scott Gordon Western Kentucky University

The Big E



81st Annual Conference June 17-19, 2019 Florence, AL


Annual Conference October 2-4, 2019 Hotel Hot Springs Hot Springs, AR


Annual Meeting December 8-10, 2019 Hotel Ballast Wilmington, NC


Annual Higher Education Summit June 2-6, 2019 World Golf Village St. Augustine, FL


66th Annual Conference October 26-29, 2019 Brasstown Valley Resort and Spa


95th Annual Conference November 8, 2019 Eastern Kentucky University


Annual Conference October 2-4, 2019


Annual Meeting November 20-22, 2019 Chattanooga Marriott Downtown


98th Annual Meeting November 3-6, 2019 Galveston Island Convention Center

State Association Updates VACRAO Riding Waves of Change – this was our Annual Meeting theme and exactly what VACRAO plans to continue doing in 2019. We hosted our annual meeting in December 2018 at the Hilton Virginia Beach Oceanfront. Colleagues in attendance came from three different states and Washington D.C. It was a great time for bonding, learning, and fun. After a thrilling game of Admissions vs. Registrar Family Feud, the Registrar crowd walked away with bragging rights. Continued relationships and budding partnerships are happening with the Virginia College Access Network and the Virginia Associatation of Student Financial Aid Administrators - who both sent representatives. We also had special presentations from Fran Bradford, Deputy Secretary of Education of Virginia, Barbara Rowe, Vice President for Professional and Personal Development, and Mike Reilly, Executive Director of AACRAO. Our current Executive Committee is comprised of the following professionals: »» President: Alphonso Garrett Director of Undergraduate Diversity Recruitment Initiatives, Virginia Tech »» Immediate Past President: Sarah Boswell Recruitment Consultant, Carilion Clinic »» President-Elect: Sarah Lindberg Senior Assistant Director of Admissions, University of Mary Washington »» Vice President for Membership and Communication: Chris Carl CRM & Technical Analyst, University of Mary Washington »» Vice President for Professional Development: Taylor Flint Senior Admissions Counselor, Hollins University »» Vice President for Admissions and Enrollment Management: Kimberly McDaniel Assistant Director of Admissions, Christopher Newport University »» Treasurer: Travis Carter Associate Director, Radford University »» Secretary: Beth Shively Assistant Registrar, Ferrum College

Taylor Flynt, VP for Professional Development has several summer workshops planned around the topics of Domicile, Support Staff and for New Counselors. Kimberly McDaniel, VP for Admissions and Enrollment Management and her committee are streamlining the registration and payment processes for our Virginia Tour series of sponsored college fairs for Fall 2019 - in addition to adding locations to rural districts in Virginia. Our executive committee and I hope we get to see many of you soon in Alexandria, Virginia where SACRAO will be hosting the 2020 Annual Meeting! -Alphonso Garrett, Jr. - President

CACRAO Dues Renewal Change In December 2017, CACRAO’s by-laws were amended to alter the membership time frame in 2019 to run from January 1 to December 31 versus June 30 to July 1. This due payment will be valid through December 31, 2019 allowing member institutions to register for 2019 Education Opportunity Fairs and association events at the member rate. The dues amount varies based on institution student population size. New Membership and Event Management System At the end of 2018, CACRAO implemented MemberClicks, a new event and membership management portal. Registrations for the 2019 Education Opportunity College Fairs, Newcomers Conference, Annual Meeting, and institution dues renewal can be completed through this new system. Upcoming Events CACRAO Newcomers Conference: July 28-30 Francis Marion University - Florence, SC CACRAO Annual Meeting: December 8-10 Hotel Ballast - Wilmington, NC

2019-2020 SACRAO Executive Committee »»

Cié Gee - President Director of Strategic Planning and Assessment University of Texas at San Antonio


Steve McLeod - President-Elect Associate Dean Harding School of Theology





Andy Green - Immediate Past President Director of Community Engagement Jacksonville State University Kim Barber - Vice President Information Technology University Registrar Florida State University Dustin Duncan - Vice President States/Regionals and Membership Associate Director of Undergraduate Admissions East Tennessee State University Justin Schilke - Vice President Program and Evaluation Senior Associate Registrar Rice University


Angela Brockelsby - Vice President Communication and Recognition Associate Vice Provost for Enrollment Management and Services NC State University


Brandy Piner - Secretary Senior Associate Registrar University of Texas Health Science Center in San Antonio


Jonathan Reece - Treasurer University Registrar UNC Charlotte


Hope Reynolds - Local Arrangements Chair Senior Director of Enrollment Management and Registrar Virginia Tech Carillion School of Medicine



Kim Taylor - Program VP Topics in Higher Education University Registrar University of Kentucky


Tennyson Smith - Program VP Distinct Populations and Programs Director of Recruiting Shelton State Community College


Megan Mitchell - Program VP Professional and Personal Development Director of Graduate Admissions and Recruitment Austin Peay State University


Cynthia Terry - Program VP Records and Academic Services University Registrar University of Alabama at Birmingham

Ronnie Chalmers - Program VP Recruitment, Admissions and Enrollment Management Director of Strategic Initiatives for Undergraduate Admissions NC State University

Call for Nominations Distinguished Service Award, Honorary Membership and Certificate of Appreciation Deadline - October 15, 2019 Multicultural/Emerging Leader Annual Meeting Scholarship Deadline - October 15, 2019

Call for SACRAO Journal Articles If you are interested in submitting an article for the SACRAO Journal, contact Dr. Blake Bedsole VP for Enrollment Management at Arkansas Tech University at for more information Deadline - August 1, 2019

Recognition and Awards Nominations – DEADLINE OCTOBER 15, 2019 The 2019-2020 SACRAO Recognition and Awards Committee invites nominations for: § § §

Distinguished Service Award Honorary Membership Certificate of Appreciation

Recognitions and Awards Criteria: Distinguished Service Award – nominations due by October 15, 2019 This highly selective and rarely given award may be conferred either to current members of the association whose contributions have been so extraordinary as to warrant special recognition while still active, or to individuals retiring from or leaving the profession whose contributions warrant special recognition. Recognition is based on a variety of factors including the nominee’s participation in and leadership of SACRAO activities as evidenced by holding office, fulfilling committee responsibilities, and attending and regularly participating in annual meeting programs. Service in the admissions and records professional for a substantial portion of one’s career, other professional activities and publications are also considered. In order to keep this award highly selective, its criteria have been quantified. A point system guides the Recognition and Awards Committee during its screening of nominees. A year of service as SACRAO president awards 20 points; years of service as vice president, secretary, treasurer, newsletter editor, LAC chair, and/or MOSIS coordinator adds 10 points. Other annual meeting activities earn a range of points. Up to 50 points may be awarded for exceptional contributions to SACRAO and/or the admissions and records profession. The nominee should earn a minimum of 100 points of documented service.

Honorary Membership – nominations due by October 15, 2019 This honor is reserved for individuals retiring from or leaving the profession who have made significant contributions to the admissions and records profession and who took a leadership role in SACRAO (i.e. regularly attended and participated in annual meetings and on

committees). Honorary memberships may be accorded retiring individuals in their last year of service prior to retirement if they have formally or officially announced retirement. Otherwise, honorary memberships will be conferred in the year following retirement. Individuals employed by organizations eligible for SACRAO Corporate Membership cannot be considered for honorary membership (until such employment ceases). The benefits of Honorary Membership are suspended if an Honorary Member becomes employed by an organization eligible for SACRAO Institutional Membership or Corporate Membership.

Certificate of Appreciation – nominations due by October 15, 2019 This recognition is for a major direct or indirect contribution to SACRAO. Both members and nonmembers are eligible for this award. A direct contribution might be, for example, serving as local arrangements chair for the annual meeting. An indirect contribution might be one of financial support of the organization.

Recognition and Awards Nomination Form 2019-2020 Awards criteria are described on the preceding pages. Please print or type your responses and submit only one nomination per form. Please provide as much information as possible to assist the committee on assessing nominations. Submissions deadlines: October 15, 2019 Submit forms to: Angela Brockelsby, North Carolina State University, VP for Communication and Recognition, via email

Nomination is for: Distinguished Service Award

Honorary Membership

Certificate of Appreciation

Name of Nominee ________________________ Title __________________________ Institution Name ________________________________________________________ Address _______________________________________________________________ City ___________________________ State ________________ ZIP Code _________ Work telephone # ________________ Email ___________________ Fax ___________ Number of years in admissions, records, or related profession ____________________ Expected date of retirement or departure from the profession (if applicable) ___________ * Home address ________________________________________________________ * City __________________________ State ________________ ZIP Code _________ * Personal cell # ______________________ Personal email _____________________ * This is necessary to maintain honorary membership information in the SACRAO database.

Please provide information on an attached separate sheet regarding the following activities: § § § §

SACRAO Activities/Committee Membership Offices held Committee memberships in State or National Organizations Annual meeting presentations Other professional activities (resumé may be attached)

Nominator’s statement ___________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________ Nominator’s name ________________________ Title __________________________ Nominator’s institution name ______________________________________________ Work telephone # ________________ Email ___________________ Fax ___________


Multicultural/Emerging Leader Annual Meeting Scholarship – DEADLINE OCTOBER 15, 2019 The scholarship is designated for emerging leaders in the admissions and records profession, as well as professionals from under-represented populations in the SACRAO region who show promise for advancing multicultural participation and activities or who are seen as emerging leaders within their state organization and within SACRAO.

Recognition will be based on many factors, including the following: § § § §

Professional success at the institutional level Professional involvement at the state level Participation in multicultural activities and programs (not required but helpful) Promise for further participation in the activities of SACRAO

Application Instructions: 1. An application may be completed by the individual, the AACRAO State President, the designated Professional Access and Equity representative of the state/regional association or a member of SACRAO. 2. Nominees must be from SACRAO member institutions who are current in their payment of dues. 3. Complete this application in its entirety. Consideration will only be given to applicants with completed applications. Selections for awards will be based solely on the information provided on this application. Winners must be employed by a SACRAO institution at the time of the application and conference. 4. If additional space is needed to complete the application, please type or print on a separate page and reference the appropriate question or section to which you are responding. Please return completed applications by email in PDF format to Angela Brockelsby, Associate Vice Provost, North Carolina State University – SACRAO VP for Communication and Recognition at Late applications will not be considered.

Individual Multicultural/Emerging Leader SACRAO Annual Meeting Scholarship Application/Nomination Please print or type all requested information

Information on Nominee Name ________________________________ Email Address ____________________ Work telephone # __________________ Personal cell # ________________________ Address _______________________________________________________________ City ___________________________ State ________________ ZIP Code _________ Title ___________________________ Institution ______________________________ State/Regional Organization _______________________________________________ Ethnicity ______________________________________________________________ (African-American, Hispanic, Native American, Pacific Islander, or other under-represented ethnic population)

Name of Nominator (check one) SELF ______ OTHER ______ Name of Person Submitting Nomination (if other) ______________________________ Email Address ____________________ Work telephone # __________________ Address _______________________________________________________________ City ___________________________ State ________________ ZIP Code _________ Title ___________________________ Institution ______________________________ State/Regional Organization _______________________________________________

Attach a separate sheet to provide information on the following areas: Career History Please describe your professional career to date (dates and places of employment, titles). Briefly describe any specific training, projects, promotions, and/or recognitions you have received that may be relevant to your application. State Association Participation and Activities Please describe your activities within your State ACRAO organization (committee work, conferences attended, leadership roles, etc.). SACRAO Please describe your interest in SACRAO and comment on the likelihood that you may be able to participate in SACRAO activities beyond the next year. Personal Activities Please describe any personal education, involvements, and/or awards, achievements, which may be relevant to your application. Additional Information Please feel free to add additional information that may be relevant to your application. The Committee would be particularly interested in your ideas/suggestions for improving emerging leader and multicultural involvement and activities within state and regional professional organizations. DEADLINE TO SUBMIT THE APPLICATION IS OCTOBER 15, 2019

SACRAO Spring 2019 Newsletter  

SACRAO Spring 2019 Newsletter  

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