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The Humber River Hospital works to foster the connection between health, health care and the environment. This is the motivation behind implementing these green features leading to improved air quality, a healthier community, and a cleaner environment today, and for generations to come. Read the full article about Humber River’s green strategy at www.

Humber River: View of green and white roofs. photo: Andrew Aggerholm, Multimedia Specialist, Humber River Hospital.

Name: St. Joseph’s Healthcare Hamilton, West 5th Campus LEED Certification Level: LEED NC Gold Green Features at a Glance:

Project Team:

• Space is provided for secure bicycle storage and shower facilities for staff,

Developer: Plenary Health;

as well as public transportation routes in close proximity to the building

Architects: Cannon Design;

supports the use of active and alternative transportation;

Constructors: PCL Constructors Canada Inc.;

• The mature grove of trees on the central and west portions of the Campus

Engineers: MMM Group Limited, Halsall Associates Limited;

have been preserved and over 500 new native and drought-resistant trees

LEED Consultants: MMM Group Limited

have been planted; • Water pollution is minimized with an extensive Storm Water Management

St. Joseph’s Healthcare Hamilton’s West 5th Campus is home

system and a cistern that uses rain water for irrigation of some of the

to regional specialized mental health services for South


Central Ontario, providing inpatient and outpatient care

• Indoor water use of the facility is reduced by over 35% with highly efficient

to those living with mental illness or addiction. The West

plumbing fixtures like low-flow toilets, faucets and showers;

5th Campus also has integrated medical outpatient clinics,

• Use of low-emitting materials during construction ensures improved indoor

diagnostic imaging services, administrative support services,

air quality after project completion;

and research and education facilities.

• Proactive waste planning during construction diverted 95% of construction materials from landfill.

By integrating inpatient and outpatient mental health programs alongside outpatient medical services, St. Joe’s is pioneering innovative models of care that will reduce stigma associated with mental illness and addiction. West 5th is a place of hope and healing, of relationships and partnerships, and of visionary care.

St. Joseph’s: The newly constructed building was brought up to the front of the property, enhancing connection with the surrounding community and access to public transportation. photo: Bjorg Magnea Architectural and Interior Photography.

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