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January 2016

In this issue: Should US Hold on to Indian Students? Fact checking the debate on encryption

January 2016 Issue # 213 Editor

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Why the US Should Hold on to Indian Students

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The Latest India’s Defense Fact Checking the Debate on Film News and Minister Visits Washington DC Clips Encryption

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HELLo REaDERS! Why the US should hold on to Indian students. Go to pg. 08 to find out. Read our article, fact checking the ongoing debate on encryption, pg. 14. Read about all the different dances of Rajasthan on pg. 20. The latest films coming out in the early part of the year are listed on pg. 26. Our personal finances column discusses the current low interest rates and upcoming rate hikes, pg. 50 Read about women's dental health during pregnancy on pg. 52. Test your knowledge about India and its culture in our quiz on pg. 60. The AstroScope, our exclusive monthly horoscope is on pg. 120. Get daily updates about our community, news, analysis and videos at our recently revamped website We welcome all comments and suggestions.

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IN THIS ISSUE Why the US needs Indian Students . . . .pg. 08 Fact checking debate on encryption . . .pg. 14 Teatime in the City . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .pg. 18 Dances of India . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .pg. 20 Film Clips . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .pg. 24 Upcoming Movie Releases . . . . . . . . . . .pg. 26 Mirror, Mirror . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .pg. 30 Noise Bliss . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .pg. 32 Sangeet . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .pg. 36 Namaskar, Y’all . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .pg. 40 Youth Corner . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .pg. 44 Mastering Meaning . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .pg. 46 Personal Finance . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .pg. 50 The Dentist Visits You . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .pg. 52 Thinking About Thinking . . . . . . . . . . . .pg. 56 Test your India Knowledge . . . . . . . . . . .pg. 60 Nutrition for Life . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .pg. 62 Marketing Turnaround . . . . . . . . . . . . . .pg. 68 News Notes . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .pg. 74 Immigration Matters . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .pg. 80 Community Focus . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .pg. 84 Spot the Differences . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .pg. 88 Community Organizations . . . . . . . . . . .pg. 92 Pop’s Puzzles and Jokes . . . . . . . . . . . . .pg. 116 Festivals and Holidays . . . . . . . . . . . . . .pg. 118 Puzzle Solutions . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .pg. 118 AstroScope . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .pg. 120 Classifieds . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .pg. 122 Index of Advertisers . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .pg. 124

Cover: Gadi Sagar Lake, Jaisalmer, Rajasthan

A manmade reservoir, the Gadi Sagar Lake in Jaisalmer, Rajasthan was constructed by Raja Rawal Jaisal, the first ruler of Jaisalmer. In the later years Maharaja Garisisar Singh rebuilt and revamped the lake.


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January 2016

Why the US Should Hold On To

Indian Students

said Jha. “You’re actually just restricting the way they will grow.” The United States, the top destination for Indians who study overseas, would do well to take note. International students contributed $3.5 billion to the British economy over the last year. In the US, the figure is close to 10 times that: more than $30.5 billion. In both countries, Indians make up the second largest population of international students after Chinese scholars. They aren’t just bringing the big bucks. Look at three Indian men who chose to get degrees from the University of WisconsinMilwaukee, Stanford University and UC Berkeley respectively. Today, Satya Nadella, Sundar Pichai and Shantanu Narayen head Microsoft, Google, and Adobe Systems. According to Jamboree India, an institute that offers guidance to Indians considering studying abroad, interest in studying in the UK has fallen sharply over the last few years. Interest in American graduate programs, however, is on the rise. This academic year nearly 133,000 Indian students are studying in the country’s colleges and universities, up from 103,000 in 2013-14. Most of the 15,000 aspirants enrolled at Jamboree want to apply for technical degrees in the US, and a majority of them would like to stay on and work there after graduation. “The US has very high-quality technical courses, and is at the

By Nimisha Jaiswal, Global NEW DELHI, India — What many young Indians will remember of Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s latest foreign tour isn’t the $14 billion worth of deals he signed with the UK. For 96 million high school students here, Modi’s most important move was the appeal he made to the British government to be more generous with visas for Indians who want to study abroad. In the last three years, Modi pointed out, the number of Indian students in the UK has almost halved. The drop can largely be traced back to 2010, when the British government stopped issuing post-study work visas to skilled workers from outside the European Union. Suddenly, thousands of Indian students hoping to gain international work experience and pay off some crushing student loans were told to go home. International students in the UK, like in many countries in the European Union, have to pay much higher tuition fees than EU citizens. Kanika Jha, who graduated from the London School of Economics in 2012, laments the fact that despite the economic boost international students provide, restrictive work visa policies cut off returns. Universities may deny that foreign students are cash cows, “but at the end of the day that’s exactly how we end up feeling,”


January 2016

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forefront of research and innovation,” said Vineet Gupta, the institute’s managing director. “The technology sector is doing very well and there is very high demand [for skilled employees in the US], so students who are going for a technical master’s degree do end up getting good career opportunities.” India’s notoriously difficult admissions process for higher education also drives interest in an American education. Getting less than 99 or even 100 percent on high school exams can scupper admission to humanities programs, while one bad entrance test can destroy hopes of pursuing medicine, engineering or an MBA. Yet even the highest-achieving Indians aren’t guaranteed a future in the US. International students who complete a year of education in the US are allowed to work in the country for a year after graduation. If you convince an employer to sponsor your work visa, you can apply to stay another three years. But applications have soared to such an extent that for the last three years straight the US Citizenship and Immigration Services has resorted to a lottery system to award visas — even for people with a master’s degree or higher. All job aspirants, from engineers to social science graduates, are thrown into the same ballot, which allocates a maximum 85,000 visas per year, including 20,000 reserved for people with advanced degrees. The system means that even if your firm is interested enough in you to take on the expensive sponsorship process, their investment may not pay off. It literally comes down to the luck of the draw. Work visa restrictions and prohibitively high tuition fees have made Manvi Gautam, a senior writer at the India Today media group, decide against applying to US or UK universities. Instead, she is considering studying in Germany, where tuition is free for most courses. She admits, though, that it doesn’t have the same prestige. “Both UK and US universities are still considered to be the best, and people usually prefer the tried and tested — although a degree from US or UK doesn’t guarantee you a job back home,” said Gautam. A foreign degree is usually an asset even for those who return to India, but approval isn’t universal. Some employers view the time spent getting a graduate degree as wasted work experience years. Others may suspect graduates who studied abroad of lacking qualifications or interest in the Indian job market. Jha, the LSE alumna, took seven months after her return from London to find even an internship close to her interests. Despite the difficulties, some Indian students are confident enough in their international value to attempt a move abroad. Samriddhi Gupta, a Mumbai-based consultant who recently interviewed with a top US business school, decided against applying to universities in India because of the emphasis on test scores and in the UK because of visa restrictions. She isn’t as concerned about the US, though. “An MBA is a huge investment, and you want to be sure that you’re going to be able to get it back,” said Gupta. “Personally I’m not very worried about it, as these [major consulting firms] are big enough to influence these decisions, and they really want Indian talent.” Gupta may be right. A shortage of American graduates in STEM fields — science, technology, engineering and math — has led to a significant “tech talent gap,” with the White House estimating that half a million IT positions in the US are currently unfilled. Indians who study abroad, on the other hand, overwhelmingly enroll in STEM programs. Just over 80 percent of Indians currently studying in the US are working toward STEM degrees. While US firms want to hold on to these skilled workers, more international students are being forced to leave when they lose the work visa lottery. Immigration restrictions may not be enough to deter an aspiring Indian middle class that still wants its kids to get an American education, but US employers hoping to reap the benefits might just miss out.

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on Encryption your password from being stolen when you log into a website, and allows all e-commerce transactions to take place securely. In addition, apps that send encrypted text messaging apps through Wi-Fi, such as WhatsApp, Signal and Telegram, have become increasingly commonplace in places where text messaging is expensive. One piece of evidence that terror networks are using encrypted messages surfaced in a recent issue of ISIS’s Dabiq magazine, where the group listed a contact number in Telegram. Soon after, Telegram shut down many ISIS-connected groups using its service. And earlier this year, a West Point researcher found copies of an encryption manual designed for journalists and activists on an Internet forum linked to ISIS. Intelligence officials have said that the planner of the Paris terrorist attacks used encryption technology, but police also found that one of the Paris terrorists was using an unencrypted cellphone.

By Jeff Larson, Julia Angwin,

As politicians and counter-terrorism officials search for lessons from the recent attacks in Paris and San Bernardino, California, senior officials have called for limits on technology that sends encrypted messages. It’s a debate that has repeatedly recurred for more than a decade. In the 1990s, the Clinton Administration directed technology companies to store copies of their encryption keys with the government. That would have given the government a “backdoor” to allow law enforcement and intelligence agencies easy access to encrypted communications. That idea was dropped after sharp criticism from technologists and civil liberties advocates. More recently, intelligence officials in Europe and the United States have asserted that encryption hampers their ability to detect plots and trace perpetrators. But many have questioned whether it would be practical or wise to allow governments widespread power to read encrypted messages. Q: are Google, apple, Facebook and Twitter thwarting law To help readers appreciate the arguments on both sides, enforcement through their use of encryption? A: In the past few years, Silicon Valley tech companies have we’ve pulled together some FAQs on a subject that is sure to be added layers of encryption to their cellphones and websites in an hotly debated in the years to come. effort to assure users that their data is safe from both hackers and Q: are terrorists really using encrypted messages to plot attacks? spies. That encryption has also made it harder for law A: There’s mounting evidence that terrorist groups are enforcement officials to read what is transmitted by those devices. using encryption, but so does nearly everyone living in modern continued on page 90 society. Encryption protects your bank information, prevents


January 2016

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January 2016

TEATIME IN THE CITY Notes from the Editor’s Desk Both political parties are holding presidential debates in South Carolina during January. The Republicans are sparring and enough of them are still running that two debates are required in the same evening. That trend will continue as most of the current candidates are likely to stay in the race, at least through the next round of debates. The democrats have been coasting with three candidates for the past several weeks. All three will be around for the South Carolina debate. I think both parties will have their prime candidate by the time the proverbial April showers roll around, but it may take a little longer for the Republicans to narrow their field. There is talk of a brokered GOP convention in July if no clear winner has emerged. I think that is unlikely. There are several debates in the upcoming months, but in the meantime the spotlight is on South Carolina in January. The next Democratic debate is on Sun, January 17 at Gaillard Center, Charleston, SC (presented by NBC News and Congressional Black Caucus Institute with the South Carolina Democratic Party). The Republican debate is on Thu, January 14 at North Charleston Coliseum, Charleston, SC (presented by Fox Business Network with the South Carolina Republican Party). Incidentally, the GOP will also hold a second debate in South Carolina on Feb. 13. Details are yet to be released for that one. The entertainment value of the debates is now dwindling as primary voters begin to get serious. The economy still remains a focus while national security and terrorism have ratcheted to the forefront. Both left-leaning and right-leaning candidates are trying to separate themselves from the pack. This year, fear seems to be the new catchphrase. The Republicans are scaring people about terrorism. The Democrats are scaring people about gun violence. There are no easy, simpleton solutions to either dilemma. Both will require long-term, bipartisan efforts to resolve. The incoming year is an important one, as have been all incoming years of the past. This cycle has the markings of another historical election cycle. Concerned citizens must become informed voters.

By Samir Shukla

Incoming… It’s a new year. New dreams are dreamed, goals are made, and hopes are revived. On New Year’s Eve, the time and space continuum seems to pause for a brief moment, and the New Year begins. In the grand scheme of things, New Year’s Day is, well, just another day. But for many people a new sense of energy blooms, even if temporarily, as New Year greetings are exchanged and old wall calendars are replaced with fresh ones. Human nature requires a fresh start, or at least sense of a fresh start. An incoming year is one of the markers for such a feeling of renewal. Every year as the New Year dawns, old resolutions are dusted off or fresh resolutions are made. This year I suggest a simple addendum to the ritual of making new resolutions. Resolve to get more involved in American politics, in all spheres – local, state, and national. It doesn’t take too much effort. It’s quite simple, really. The first step is register to vote if you haven’t already done so. Next, begin your homework. Find the local and statewide candidates that have filed to run and then begin reading up on them, especially those running for city councils, mayors, and state legislatures. Watch the presidential debates, but especially watch local mayoral and gubernatorial debates. These may seem dull, but they shed a light on the candidates and their positions. These local debates and elections matter greatly, even though they are not as glamorous as presidential debates. This effort is not a onetime perusal. It will require short periods of continued interest and research over a period of months. Over the coming months, unwrap the candidates and the issues, then compile your research and pick the candidates you feel will make a difference in your life. Then, of course, on election day go out and vote. Most states offer early voting to make the process easier and lines shorter on election day. The American political machine keeps grinding and with the incoming New Year the cogs of the machinery will shift gears into full swing. All of the House of Representatives are up for reelection along with many Senators, Governors, state legislators, and of course the big prize, the White House. Some regional resources: Politicians, power brokers, billionaires and grassroots North Carolina State Board of Elections: activists will vie for your attention and money. For many ideologues this election is nothing less than the battle for the South Carolina State Election Commission: soul of America’s future. The social fabric of the country is changing. It is clearly becoming more diverse and Georgia Secretary of State/Elections: interconnected with the rest of the world. Candidates that inspire the partisans will set the early agendas. In both parties, Virginia Dept. of Elections: the outsiders and the more left or right-leaning candidates are stirring up the pot like never before. Will establishment candidates rise above the pack or will an upstart outsider win I always welcome your comments. the nomination? The early caucus and primary states are swarming with candidates and their teams. The final push to thin out presidential candidates is on. The televised presidential debates Samir Shukla so far on both sides have been somewhat informative and quite is the editor of Saathee magazine. contact - entertaining. But as the election cycle rolls on, each candidate has to become more specific on issues and their ability to withstand attacks during debates also sheds light on their personalities and character.


January 2016

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Dances of Rajasthan By Dr. Maha Gingrich When we think of Rajasthan, we think of beautiful palaces shown in movies like Prem Ratan Dhan Payo. We also see the elaborate royal clothing and jewelry. As a dancer when I think of Rajasthan, I think of the pirouettes, swirls, acrobatic movements, and incredible costumes with vibrant colors, the intricate folk jewelry, timeless and diverse dances.

Rajasthani dances require not only grace, but also elegance, flexibility, acrobatic moves, and dynamic music filled with toetapping tempo. Few years ago when we did the Ghoomar dance during Dances of India production, people were spellbound. Ghoomar means going in circles, was originally restricted to be performed only by Rajput women (the royal families). Here the ladies dance with elegant hand movements wearing colorful lahangas or large skirts. As they go in circles the skirts flare beautifully giving you a spectacular dimension. Then there is a dance of chivalry called Geendad. This is an exclusively male dance requiring years of experience as they carry swords or sticks and jump and exchange positions in a circle. These are real swords making it a dangerous dance form like the martial arts of Kerala. Same kind of precision is needed as they also do fire dances where they eat fire and jump through the fire rings. Yes! Like in the Renaissance festival. The other exclusively male dance is the Gair. It was originally performed only by men, but has now developed into an inclusive dance form. However, usually men and women dance in separate circles. Men wear long, pleated tunics that open out into full-length skirts. Here when they are dancing it seems as if they are depicting a scene from war front. It is believed by the locals that this dance must have got some significance to war. This form of dance is also seen in Africa and Central Asia.

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January 2016

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January 2016

FILM CLIPS Akshay Kumar in Airlift and signs on to Robot 2.0

Their passion and love for teaching bonds them in a special relationship with their students. Their gratification are good grades and moral values they strive to impart to students. Things turn for the worse when a wicked principal is appointed to the school. The film releases on January 15.

Airlift is an upcoming Indian film directed by Raja Krishna Menon, and starring Akshay Kumar and Nimrat Kaur in lead roles. It is a thriller based on a real incident, which occurred in Kuwait in the 1990s, during the time of the Gulf War. The film is based on biggest evacuation of Indians based in Kuwait during the 1990 airlift of Indians from Kuwait. An Indian businessman, Ranjit Katyal (Akshay Kumar) played a pivotal role in helping to evacuate 170,000 Indians back to their home country at the time of the crisis. The film will release on January 22 to coincide with India’s Republic Day. Kumar will also portray a villain in the superhero sci-fi film Robot 2 — a sequel to the 2010 blockbuster film Robot (Enthiran). The sequel will be directed by S. Shankar and also stars Amy Jackson and superstar Rajinikanth. The film will be shot in 3D and will release in Tamil and Hindi. A. R. Rahman will compose the music for the film. The movie is also believed to be the most expensive Indian film, being made at a budget of over Rs 250 crore.

Chhota Bheem Himalayan Adventure Chhota Bheem and his friends set out for a vacation to Manali where they intend to play adventurous sports in the snow clad mountains of the Himalayas. In Manali, the powerful and

Wazir Wazir is an upcoming action thriller film directed by Bejoy Nambiar. It is a tale of two unlikely friends, a wheelchairbound chess grandmaster and a brave ATS officer, brought together by grief and a strange twist of fate. The two men decide to help each other win the biggest game of their lives. But there’s a mysterious and dangerous opponent lurking in the shadows, who is all set to checkmate them. The film is written by Abhijat Joshi and Vidhu Vinod Chopra, and is jointly produced by Chopra and Rajkumar Hirani. It stars Amitabh Bachchan and Farhan Akhtar in lead roles along with Aditi Rao Hydari, John Abraham, Neil Nitin Mukesh and Manav Kaul in supporting roles. It is scheduled to release on January 8.

conniving Hidimbak has an evil master plan to loot the kingdom and usurp the throne. He is ably assisted by his smart nephew Ghatto and a group of strong goons. As Bheem and his friends enjoy the snow games and learn to ski under the guidance of Sardar Negi, Hidimbak creates a scare again in the kingdom and the King of Manali, fed up of Hidimbak, commands to capture him at any cost. His most trusted soldier, Dhiru, and other guards try very hard but every time he escapes thanks to his super skiing skills and the brilliance of Ghatto. Can Chhota Bheem and friends overcome the Himalayan challenges and help the king capture Hidimbak? Find out when the animated film opens in theaters on January 8.

Farhan Akhtar filming Rock On 2 Farhan Akhtar is currently filming for the sequel to Rock On. Farhan, his director Shujaat Saudagar and the rest of the team shot for several weeks in the Northeastern city of Shillong. Akhtar told Bollywood Hungama, “Every other day we read about some student from the North-East being roughed up bullied, or worse. I wanted to shoot in that part of our country for long. We all need to make the isolated parts of the country more assimilated. And I am so glad we shot in Shillong.” He continued, “I’ve shot in many foreign and Indian locations as an actor and a director. But the untouched natural beauty of Shillong left us all hankering for more. Normally after a schedule in an outdoor location, some crew members are unhappy to leave, others are happy to get home. But this is my first shooting schedule where all of us were equally unhappy to leave Shillong.” No date has been announced for the film.

Chalk n Duster Chalk n Duster is an upcoming Bollywood film that focuses on teacher and student communication. It highlights the problem of teachers and students where the methods of teaching are changing on a daily basis. Juhi Chawla, Shabana Azmi, Zarina Wahab, Girish Karnad and Divya Dutta play the lead roles in the film directed by Jayant Gilatar, written by Ranjeev Verma and Neetu Verma and produced by Amin Surani. The film is an emotional journey of two teachers Vidya (Shabana Azmi) and Jyoti (Juhi Chawla), serving at a Mumbai–based high school.


January 2016

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January 29

7 Hours to Go (Director: Saurabh Varma) Cast: Sandeepa Dhar

The Finest Hours: (Director: Craig Gillespie) Cast: Chris Pine and Ben Foster

The Revenant (Director: Alejandro González Iñárritu) Cast: Leonardo DiCaprio & Tom Hardy

Ishq Forever (Director: Sameer Sippy) Cast: Krishna Chaturvedi, Ruhi Singh, Lisa Ray, Zakir Hussain, and Chetan Pandit

Chauranga (Director: Bikas Ranjan Mishra) Cast: Sanjay Suri, Riddhi Sen, Soham Maitra, Tannishtha Chatterjee, and Arpita Chatterjee

Love Shagun (Director: Sandesh Nayak) Cast: Anuj Sachdeva, Nidhi Subbaiah, Manit Joura, Vikram Koccher, and Taran Bajaj LoveShhuda (Director: Vaibhav Mishra) Cast: Girish Kumar and Navneet Kaur Dhillon

Wazir (Director: Bejoy Nambiar) Cast: Amitabh Bachchan, Farhan Akhtar, Aditi Rao Hydari, John Abraham, and Neil Nitin Mukesh

Saala Khadoos (Director: Rajkumar Hirani) Cast: R Madhavan

Sanam Teri Kasam (Director: Radhika Rao) Cast: Harshvardhan Rane and Mawra Hocane

Mastizaade (Director: Milap Zaveri) Cast: Sunny Leone, Tusshar Kapoor, Vir Das, and Milap Zaveri

January 15

February 5

Chalk N Duster (Director: Jayant Gilatar) Cast: Juhi Chawla, Shabana Azmi, Zarina Wahab, Divya Dutta, Jackie Shroff, and Sameer Soni

BHK Bhalla@Halla.Kom (Director: Rakesh Chaturvedi Om) Cast: Manoj Pahwa, Seema Pahwa, Ujjwal Rana, Inshika Bedi, and Yashpal Sharma

Ghayal once again (Director: Sunny Deol) Cast: Sunny Deol, Om Puri, Murli Sharma, Prachi Desai, Soha Ali Khan, and Tisca Chopra

February 12 Fitoor (Director: Abhishek Kapoor) Cast: Aditya Roy Kapur, Katrina Kaif, Tabu, and Ajay Devgn

Vishwavijay (Director: Prashasht Singh) Cast: Prashasht Singh

January 22

Zoolander 2 (Director: Ben Stiller) Cast: Olivia Munn, Benedect Cumberbatch

airlift (Director: Raja Krishna Menon) Cast: Akshay Kumar, Nimrat Kaur, Purab Kohli, Kumud Mishra, and Prakash Belawadi

Sanam Re (Director: Divya Khosla Kumar) Cast: Pulkit Samrat, Yaami Gautam, Urvashi Rautela, and Rishi Kapoor

Dirty Grandpa (Director: Dan Mazer) Cast: Robert De Niro, Zac Effron, and Julianne Hough

February 19

Jugni (Director: Shefali Bhushan) Cast: Sugandha Garg, Siddhant Behl and Samir Sharma

Neerja (Director: Ram Madhwani) Cast: Sonam Kapoor, Shabana Azmi, and Shekhar Ravjiani

Kyaa Kool Hain Hum 3 (Director: Umesh Khadge) Cast: Tusshar Kapoor, Aftab Shivdasani, Krishna Abhishek, Mandana Karimi, and Shakti Kapoor

Tere Bin Laden Dead or alive (Director: Abhishek Sharma) Cast: Manish Paul, Sikander Kher, and Pradhuman Singh


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January 2016

MIRROR, MIRROR A Conversation From the Outside Looking in... We’re not so Different after all... Thanks to a Little Soda Can and a Tearful Reunion

The second was an advert from Google entitled, “Reunion.” A granddaughter is sitting with her grandfather Baldev, as he reminiscences with an old photograph of him and his best friend Yusuf. He talked about how they would fly kites and sneak into a sweet shop to steal Jhajariya. The granddaughter hits her computer and searches for a landmark in Lahore and that leads her on a web journey to find Fazal Sweets, a shop subsequently owned by Yusuf. The rest of the ad is a tapestry of phone calls and internet searches which ultimately leads to Yusuf making a surprise birthday trip with his grandson to India and seeing his childhood friend for the first time in 60 years. The ad went viral with almost 1.6 million views before Google finally debuted it on television in November 2013. Many countries over the centuries have seen their share of conflict over any many reasons as you can come up with. As Americans, we have this idealistic view of an established “melting pot” society, but it’s far from perfect. Even now there’s turbulence between which skin color, sexual lifestyle, religion, political view or more is the “right one.” Perhaps simply being who you are without judgement is the “right one” for us all. “I think all the strife would go away if you took away the barriers in the middle of the two countries,” is what one commentator mentions in the Coca-Cola advert. “They have this perception that has been engrained in their heads as the bad guy but when we actually meet them they realize ‘you’re just like me’,” says another. “Togetherness. Humanity. This is what we want...” The results of both advertising campaigns were overall very positive in both countries and provided a much needed step in bringing them that much closer. If anything, it proves that while yes we must remember the strife that occurred during the partition which separated a nation... we must also look towards the future and realize that physical borders are no match for the emotional bonds of friendship and family. Two American companies decided to simply acknowledge a happiness that is shared when two or more people interact, without the stigma of “you are different than me” involved. They proved that even after so many decades of antagonism, Indians and Pakistanis are still the same on the inside as well as the outside. While I am not of South Asian descent and cannot truly understand the full capacity of what these two cultures have had to endure, I do recognize that we as a world of people gain strength from both our similarities and differences. Maybe in the future we won’t need a two-sided touchscreen or a computer to see it, but for now it has offered a little glimmer of hope for togetherness, no matter if you have known a person for 60 years or 60 seconds.

By Jennifer Allen

Some may think that those on the outside do not fully understand what could be happening with two nations resting side-by-side. However, the widespread acceptance of the Internet and its influence to bridge the gap between so many cultures in this world has proven that anything is possible. The world of South Asia was so different before the early 20th century when the British India Providence started the long process of segregation into many of its own distinct countries. Some of these nations still continue to feel the weight of war and hatred to this day due to religion, political beliefs, and/or social standing among others. When the Indian Independence Act came to fruition in August of 1947, it was done to not only help the subcontinent and its peoples break away from British rule... it also was an attempt to settle a growing number of violent attacks between Hindu, Muslim, Sikh, Buddhist and Jain societies. While under British rule South Asia may have been riddled with everything from hunger to poverty to lack of proper education, it kept most of the overall in-fighting “in check.” Suddenly the newly independent nations had to deal with a mass migration of almost 14 million souls and a brand new whirlwind of turmoil. Some nations did better than others in the aftermath. Burma had already been in the process of separating since the mid 1800’s and fully came into its own by 1948. Nepal and Bhutan had already been signified as independent states before this time and were therefore not affected directly by the partition. Sri Lanka, on the other hand, did not. After changing hands between Portuguese, Dutch and British rule over the centuries, they finally had to contend with their own 25 years long Civil War between the Tamil Liberation Tigers (many of Indian descent) and the Sri Lankan Government. The Tamils, like the Pakistanis, asked that Sri Lanka be split so that they could have their own lands. By the end of the conflict, many Tamil and Sri Lankans were either killed or fled the country. Since 2011, however, Sri Lanka is finally trying to rise from being a 3rd World country now that most of the fighting has been left behind. India and Pakistan have had their own uncomfortable dealings since the partition happened nearly 70 years ago. Aspects of both countries have been expressed the most through the creative minds associated with literature, cinema, and visual arts. Some deal with the violence during the migration. Some others deal with family and loved ones distanced by two countries with little to no chance to ever see Coke Ad: each other again. Google Ad: The first to do this was Coca-Cola who in March of 2013 decided to set up special vending machines with cameras and full size touch screens on the front. Some were placed in public Jennifer Allen venues in Lahore and others in New Delhi. The two screens works at Saathee and is also were set up so that a person or persons had to be on both sides a Podcaster, Blogger, Photographer (in both countries) doing a simple task together such as & Graphic Artist . touching hands and then tracing a shape. The pairing would then progress to everything from doing a dance together to taking pictures of each other.


January 2016

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January 2016

NOISE BLISS Meditations in Music The song “The Day is Respite from what’s Only Night” features laughter as vocals, an ode to eccentric music making. “Love Letter” is quite mood-evoking, musical and lingering. It’s a floating take on an old Sun Ra and His Arkestra tune. It’s quite warm and intimate in its sparseness. The rest of the tracks add to an intriguing recording.

By Samir Shukla Shujaat Husain Khan and Katayoun Goudarzi Ruby The bansuri evokes a lovely morning on the opening track “Adrift,” while the sarangi adds to the reflective mood. These instruments, along with santoor and tabla, form the backdrop for sitar player Shujaat Husain Khan and vocalist Katayoun Goudarzi to weave their music in the recording Ruby. The album is a blend of North Indian classical music and Persian poetry. It feels like a natural juncture. Hindustani music swirling around Persian poetry isn’t so farfetched as both cultures have influenced each other over the centuries. In Ruby, Iranian-born vocalist Goudarzi and Indian sitar player Khan collaborate to bring music and sinewy vocals to the Persian poet Rumi’s works. There are five tracks on the album. Each creates a different mood, either ethereal, earthy, or exotic. Goudarzi prepared the text and translated it for Khan, he then composed music for it. Even if you don’t understand the words, they naturally blend with the music. Khan has a long pedigree and is a leading sitar player in Hindustani music. He hails from a family of stalwart musicians going back several generations. He belongs to the Imdad Khan gharana of the sitar and his style of playing sitar, known as the gayaki ang, channels the subtleties of the human voice. Goudarzi is also a veteran performer. The duo has worked together in the past and those efforts have now culminated in this fully-developed recording. There’s a flowing spirituality throughout, with a serene sense of place when the sitar casts its spell and Goudarzi sings while the tabla holds up the rhythmic backdrop. Khan on occasion plays the sitar like a guitar, with short riff-like notes. Both have recorded and performed with varied musicians and in the realms of world music, jazz, and even opera.

Rez abbasi Invocation to perform at Duke University

Guitarist Rez Abbasi, pianist Vijay Iyer and saxophonist Rudresh Mahanthappa form the core of the quintet Rez Abbasi Invocation. The combo, along with a cellist, will perform at Duke University on January 22. Their work weaves jazz with South Asian music, including Carnatic, Hindustani and Qawwali, and the result is a wholly new shade of jazz. Abbasi was born in Karachi and moved to the United States with his family at the age of four. He cut his teeth on garage rock in his teens and around the age of 21 became interested in jazz practically overnight. He quit his band, dove into jazz, studied at Manhattan School of Music and today is an accomplished and inventive guitarist working in the jazz and world music realms. “I’m a very rhythmical player on the guitar,” he told me in a recent interview. “I listened to qawwali for years, also Hindustani music and South Indian Carnatic music, with all these influences I do not like to limit my output. I like the term jazz because it has a profound history, but people throw that word around and it sounds a little empty. It’s a real music, not a passing genre, authentic like the blues.” Abbasi also said his work with his wife, vocalist Kiran Ahluwalia, has influenced him and the years of working with her also informs his music. This combo is finalizing the third in the series of works weaving jazz and South Asian music. “With this band we’ve done two records already. We put Hindustani music ideas into jazz into the record Things to Come. The second record is Suno Suno, more about being influenced by qawwali music and I didn’t put a vocalist there because I didn’t want to imitate qawwali. It’s highly groove oriented and rhythmic. The third record, the yet to be released Unfiltered Universe, is based on Carnatic music. With that one we’ve covered three large territories of South Asian music.” It’s this third work that will be the focus of the group’s performance on Friday, January 22, 8pm at Baldwin Auditorium on the campus of Duke University. Tickets range from $15-$28. Duke students $10. For more details, visit

Tongues in Trees Parallel (Sinj) Sunny Jain is a drummer/dhol player who has led the fabulous 8-piece “dhol & brass” band Red Baarat for several years. On the new recording Parallel he teams with vocalist Samita Sinha and guitarist Grey McMurray to form the experimental music trio Tongues in Trees. Each brings a unique compositional piece and they combine it into an eclectic sound. The album is a new musical universe of genres gone askew, with Indian percussion, electronica, dream pop, chanting, and jazzy interplay. There are 11 tracks on Parallel. Highlights include the aptly named song “Hurricane.” The song builds tempo and disintegrates into a mélange of noise, lovely and disturbing, then circles around to a meditative end. Jain’s pounding drums form the backdrop for Sinha to chant over and McMurray to weave his guitar in and out. “Voltage” is dissonant, where the trio spars with each other in improvised bursts. The song channels the Velvet Underground, where imagine if Lou Reed on guitar and Mo Tucker on drums play off and around each other, but in this case it’s McMurray on guitar and Jain on drums.

Samir Shukla is the editor of Saathee magazine. contact -


January 2016

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SANGEET Popular Music of India By Kirit Shukla

tu kaise bhulāyegā , tu chāhe kahin jāye, Tu laut ke āyegā , nai nai rāhon men, dabi dabi āhon menKhoyekhoye dil se tere koi ye kahegā ,ye jo des hai terā , swades hai terā, tujhe hai pukārā, ye wo bandhan hai jo kabhi tut nahin sakatā , Tujhase zindagi hai ye kah rahi, sab to pā liyā, ab hai kyā kami, yun to sāre sukh hain barase, par dur tu hai apane ghar seā laut chal tu ab divāne, jahān koi to tujhe apanā māneāvāz de tujhe bulāne, vahi des, ye jo des hai terā, swades hai terā , tujhe hai pukārā, ye wo bandhan hai jo kabhi tut nahin sakatā Ye pal hain vahi, jisamen hain chhupi, puri ik sadi, sāri zindagi, Tu na puchha rāste men kāhe, āye hain is tarah dorāhe, Tu hi to hai rāh jo sujhāye, tu hi to hai ab jo ye batāye, Jāye to kis dishā men jāye, vahi desYe jo des hai terā , swades hai terā , tujhe hai pukārā,Ye wo bandhan hai jo kabhi tut nahin sakatā

Living Legends: Music Directors

a. R. Rahman (Jan. 6, 1966 – Present) Allah-Rakhā Rahman is one of the most versatile music composer, producer, and singer-songwriters working in the Indian film industry. He is also a philanthropist, working with numerous charities. He was born in Chennai, Tamil Nadu. His father, R. K. Shekhar was a Tamil and Malayalam film composer who died when A.R. Rahman was very young. In 1988, A.R. Rahman, born as A.S. Dileep Kumar, and members of his family converted to Islam. Over the course of his career, he has composed music for films and albums in many languages. He is skilled in Carnatic, Hindustani classical, Western, pop-rock, reggae, Sufi and Qawāli styles of music. Rahman has shown interest in experimentation mixing genres of music with electronica and digital technologies. He got his first big break when he got the National film award as a best music composer for the Tamil film Rojā in 1992. It was also dubbed in Hindi. His global popularity spiked after his soundtrack work for the 2008 film Slumdog Millionaire won him Academy Awards for Best original score and Best original song for “Jai Ho.” He is married to Sairā Bānu and has three children: Khatijā, Rahimā and Ameen. Some of his most cherished non-film compositions include the patriotic song “Vande Mātaram,” which he composed for India’s 50th anniversary of its independence in 1997 and “Jai Jai Garavi Gujarat” in 2010, in honor of the 50th anniversary of the Gujarat State. He has performed all over the world. Visit his website: for more info.

Meaning (Summary): This country of yours is your motherland & is calling out to you. This is a bond which can never break. How can you forget the scent of your earth. You can go anywhere but you'll always come back in new paths, in every sigh to your lost heart, someone will say this land of yours is your motherland. Life is telling you, that you have achieved everything, now what's left. It looks like happiness has been showered on you but you're far from your home. Now come back oh crazy one, where at least someone will call you their own and will call out to you, that very same country this land that is yours.. This moment has hidden in it, a whole century of life, don't ask why in the road has a fork with two ways, you are the one who should choose the path. You should choose, which direction to take this very country, this land that is yours. This country of yours is your motherland & is calling out to you. This is a bond which can never break. Lyrics in Hindi:

Some awards Padma Shri from the Government of India, 2 Academy and 2 Grammy Awards, a BAFTA Award, a Golden Globe, 4 National Film Awards, lifetime achievement award in 2008, Many Filmfare awards for Hindi and south Indian films, and innumerable others. His lyrics to the famous song “Ye jo des hai terā...” are given in the column on this page.

Evergreen and Classic Lyrics ye Jo Des Hai tera Song: Ye jo des hai terā … Film: Swades Year: 2004 Music: A. R. Rahman Singer: A. R. Rahman Lyricist: Jāved Akhtar Tāl/Rhythm: Kaharavā Starring: Shah Rukh Khan, Gāyatri Joshi

Note: The contents of this article are compiled from the news, books, internet and my knowledge and love for Indian music.)

Kirit Shukla Contact him at

Lyrics in English: Ye jo des hai terā, swades hai terā, tujhe hai pukārā Ye wo bandhan hai jo kabhi tuta nahin sakatā -2Mitti ki hai jo Kushbu,


January 2016

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610-B W. Roosevelt Blvd (Hwy 74) Monroe, NC 28110

Transmission Tune-up $54.99

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serving north, south indian and indo-Chinese dishes (Veg & non-Veg) For catering contact: andy @ 704-512-9177 or We now cater Gujarati food for all occasions We carry fresh Flowers and Flower Garlands for all Events.

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NAMASKAR, Y’ALL Reflections and a few confessions as an Indian American in the Carolinas To Give or Not to Give Is Hardly the Question

experience of offering a free meal to “homeless” or “poor” in memory of her mother-in-law. Much to her chagrin, a well fed man stopped by and said that he would join the meal only if “gosht” (meat) was served. Beggars may not be considered choosers but that didn’t stop a frail woman from throwing away a loaf of bread that my sister offered. “Where is the money?” she yelled as we watched speechless with our jaws dropping. What if we were compelled to increase our generosity? Let’s just say for every item a child put on his wish list, Santa expected a pledge of kindness. A Star Wars action figure in exchange for helping your classmate rebuild her selfconfidence. In my wild imagination, I can see popular social media sites letting you post brag worthy updates but only after 2 posts about genuine altruism. Reducing bragging (including my own) may not be such a bad thing after all and as an added advantage it would cut down the time we spend on social media. Even if these ideas seem outrageous, the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge proved that a little peer pressure can bring out your inner urge to dump yourself with iced water and do a little good. One of the most rewarding experiences we had as a family last year was participating in the Pay It Forward 5k in Mooresville, NC. At the end of the race, all finishers received a bottle with not just a message but cash. To my delight, I discovered $200 in my water bottle and note saying that the money was to help pay for an act of kindness. My daughter tried to convince me that contributing the crisp $100 bills toward the family vacation was a worthy cause. After some friendly debating we decided on our causes. My husband and children chose to donate their share to the local Children’s Theatre as they “never want it to close down.” I chose to finally send a check to National Public Radio (NPR) not because it is hard to sit through their donation drives but because NPR is my secret weapon. It works like this, if the kids bicker in the car NPR comes on and forces them to look for a way to resolve their current disagreements. The threat of continuing to put up with “Here and Now” unites siblings in their common goal of listening to their favorite music. In the same 5K, I saw groups in matching t-shirts collectively supporting their cause, laughing and building a sense of camaraderie, at the same time getting some exercise on a cold morning that would otherwise be spent lazing around and eating a big breakfast. We cannot single handedly change the world but we surely can make a difference albeit, small. So whether the driver is purely altruistic, partially political or a “mannat” for your promotion, should it matter if the action is kind and humane?

By Shyama Parui A new year has begun and we have celebrated the arrival of January 1, 2016. It’s a day that’s special only because it dawned 365 days after the last January 1st and by that definition, somewhat of an accidental celebrity. And if this popular date on the calendar could speak she might ask, “Why me? I’m not sure I can fulfill all your dreams or end your troubles.” Nevertheless, what I enjoy in January is the relative calm that comes from the break we get from the constant hawking of wares. Amid the lights, jingle bells and beautifully decorated trees of the holidays we experience the craziness of Black Friday, the frenzy of Cyber Monday and dramatic deals of the day or the week. Repeated emails, non-stop advertisements and the unending supply of catalogs, while voiceless, are ironically as loud as the street sellers in a busy corner of Mumbai where you have to dodge your way through the crowd and at the same time avoid pushy sales tactics. If you are lucky, you will reach your original destination without buying something you have no use for. In all honesty, I am no minimalist. I am just as guilty of falling prey to these kinds of gimmicks, caving into the pressure of “saving money” by shopping on the busiest days of the year and being unable to resist the lure of the latest gizmo in the market. The downside of the last two months of the year is that it becomes more about buying and worrying than about sharing and loving. Every now and then you might hear a small cry for help that raises the opportunity to show your goodwill, be a Good Samaritan or simply acquire a receipt for a tax break. Should we even listen to that cry and care to donate? Over the last few years, many of the ultra-rich families have led by example offering to donate large amounts of their personal fortune for the betterment of this world that we live in. A case in point is Mark Zuckerberg who recently in an open letter to his newborn daughter, pledged to give 99% of his Facebook shares to support his philanthropic mission. Natural disasters also show us how magnanimous ordinary individuals with modest means can be. Whether you view this with cynicism or choose to focus on the tragedy, there is no denying that there is some good left in this world. When faced with the choice of opening our purse strings or our precious time on the calendar, we may find ourselves understandably hesitant. If you have lived in any large city, you cannot escape the evidence of poverty in the form of arms outstretched, shabby slums and unbelievable living conditions. A striking contrast can be found down the road with swanky nightclubs, upscale retailers or other forms of extreme wealth. Perhaps the balance is missing because we think of ourselves as helpless. It almost seems like too much to do, too little to offer. Not to mention the tentacles of crime that deliberately want to maintain status quo. Lack of gratitude stings and usually discourages the do-gooder. I remember a friend narrating her

Shyama Parui Shyama is a long time North Carolina resident and an ardent writer. You can reach her at:


January 2016

South Charlotte Endocrinology “Remarkable Endocrinology Care”

Board-Certified in Endocrinology, Diabetes and Metabolism; Board-Certified in Internal Medicine; Endocrine Certification in Neck Ultrasound. Dr. Narasimhan is committed to offering high-quality, compassionate care to each of his patients.

Thyroid Diseases • Pituitary/Parathyroid Disorders

Osteoporosis • Diabetes •On Site Ultrasound

Kanakasabai Narasimhan, MD, FACP, ECNU, FACE

15825 Ballantyne Medical Place, Suite 220, Charlotte, NC 28277 Call 704-316-2930 to schedule an appointment.

The Chiropractic Doctors at ChiroCarolina have a combined experience of over 50 years. During that time we've helped thousands of patients find relief from debilitating pain. The secret to our success? Compassion • Attention • Professionalism Dr. Ferzaan A. Ali

TreaTing condiTions such as: Low back/Leg pain Neck/Arm pain Headaches Sports Injuries Auto Accident Injuries Arthritis/Fibromyalgia Neck/Low back disc injuries Work Related Injuries Accepting major insurance: Blue Cross Blue Shield, Aetna, United Health Care, Med Cost, Cigna, Medicare and others.

Dr. Henry E. Rice

Our doctors are fluent in English, Hindi, urdu and Spanish 537 W. sugar creek rd. • charlotte, north carolina 28213 Phone: 704-598-8040 • Fax: 704-509-0915


January 2016

Where Quality Meets Value. Low Prices Every Day! WE CARRY ASLI, Deep, LAXMI & NIRAV PRODUCTS Full Line Of Groceries, Fresh vegetables, Snacks, Frozen Fish, Indian Jewelry, Music & Movies


2nd Location

509 North Polk St. (South Blvd) Pineville, NC 28134

8215 - F University City Blvd. Charlotte, NC 28213

Directions: 2 Miles from Carolina Place Mall and I-485 (exit 65-B- towards Pineville). Same Shopping Center as Subway & Sherwin Williams. Across the street from Performance Honda / Suzuki

704.889.2210 Fax:704.889.2211 Contact Pritesh Patel

Open Seven Days a Week: 9:30 am to 8:30 pm

704.597.9933 Open Seven Days A Week: 10:30 am to 8:30 pm

We Accept EBT Cards Visit us online at INDIAGROCERSNC.COM

YOUTH CORNER What would you call the USA if everyone lived in their cars? An in-car-nation.

Word World By Kirit Shukla




What does a houseboat turn into when it grows up? A township.


What made the dinosaur’s car stop? A flat Tire-annosaurus.


What only starts to work after it’s fired? A rocket. What’s the worst vegetable to serve on a boat? Leeks.

Make words using 4 or more letters. The central letter must be used in each word. Letters cannot be used more than once per word. Use all letters for the subject word (underlined in solutions below) 11+ words = Excellent; 6 to 10 words = Good; 5 or less = keep looking. Words we found are in solutions below.

How do trains hear? Through their engine-ears. What do you say to a frog who needs a ride? Hop in.

Brain Train

When is a car like a frog? When it’s being toad.

Hi Kids, Here is a simple quiz. See if you can solve it. Two tables are given below. Compare the two tables and find the missing number ?? in the table on the right. Can you?

1 2 3 6 5 4 7 8 9

What happens when a frog parks in a no-parking space? It gets toad away.

16 26 36 66 56 46 ?? 86 96

How do fleas travel from place to place? By itch-hiking. What do you get if you cross a dog and an airplane? A jet setter.

The answer given on the bottom of this page (no peeking).

What has four wheels and flies? A garbage truck.

Dadaji’s moral short stories for kids Two little boys were playing together. One boy saw a walnut on the ground. Before he could pick it, the other boy took it. The first boy demanded, “Give me the walnut. It’s mine because I saw it first.” The other boy replied, “It’s mine, because I took it.” They started quarrelling. A tall boy walked by. On seeing the quarrelling boys, the tall boy said, “Give me the walnut and I will settle your quarrel. The tall boy split the whole wa,nut in two parts with his teeth and ate the seed. He gave one half shell to each boy and said, “This is for settling your quarrel.” Moral: When two people quarrel, someone else gains.

Answer for brain train:76. (Hint: Use a simple math judgement. Number 6 is added as a 2nd digit in the existing numbers in table on the left.) Word World (Solution): HISTORY, HOIST, HORSY, HOST, RIOT, ROSY, ROTI, SHORT, SHOT, SORT, STORY, THIO, THRO, TORI, TOSH, TOYS, TRIO, TROY, TYRO

Riddles Riddles Riddles What did the tornado say to the sports car? Want to go for a spin? What part of the car is the laziest? The wheels, because they are always tired. What would you call the USA if everyone had a pink car? A pink car-nation.


January 2016


Immigration Attorneys of South Charlotte

Threading Prices Eyebrows $10 Forehead $8 Upper Lip $6 Neck $10 Threading Lower Lip $4 on Full Face $30

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Lindsey T. Goehring

Jennifer P. Strang

• Family Petitions • Residency & Citizenship • Consular Processing • Fianceé Visas • Deportation/Removal Defense • Waivers

(Neck not included)

Chin $6 Unibrow $4 Sideburns $10 Cheek $8

Every Appointment is directly with an Attorney Saturdays by Appointment

Monday & Tuesday

Cannot be combined with any other offer

Henna Art Starting at $10 and up!

Saathee Special 1st Consult only $50*

Hours: Mon-Sat, 10am-8pm *Call for an appointment or stop by

980-221-1332 Toll-Free: 844-214-4614

We are located 5 miles from

Patel Brothers & Carolina Place Mall

Allure Brow 704-975-4331

7810 Pineville-Matthews Rd Suite 1, Charlotte, NC 28226


9606 Sherill Estates Rd. Huntersville, NC 28078

January 2016


Harnessing the Power of American English By Judith L. Bergman M.A. CCC

2. She is a graduate of UNC. ____ 3. The contractor will send us an estimate next week. ___ 4. We will need to estimate the time this project will take. ___ 5. You need to make a duplicate. ___ 6. They will duplicate the results of that study in their research. ___ 7. It’s best to eat a moderate amount. ___ 8. He will moderate the meeting. ___ a suggested strategy to increase your mastery of meaning this month is to determine the relationship of sound to meaning. Use these resources and listen to how a word should be pronounced to express its meaning: The Free (You can type in any word and hear it pronounced.) Longman’s Dictionary of American English, available as an app for your smart phone.

It’s the New Year and a perfect time to review some of the basics of spoken English. • All languages are first expressed through speech and gestures. Babies “absorb” their “mother tongue” by attaching meanings to the sounds and gestures made by their caregivers. This is how you learned your native language and we all learned our native language several years before we learned to understand printed symbols and to read words. • When we read words in our native language we “hear” them spoken. When we think of what we want to say, we “hear” entire phrases, we “think” in internalized speech. • Understanding the spoken language of someone else requires acoustic pattern recognition. The acoustic patterns of spoken English require much more than clear pronunciation of the sounds of English. Individual words need to be pronounced with correct intonation i.e. correct syllable stress patterns. Connected speech needs to have words that are linked and emphasis placed on the “focus word” or important thought • Another way to think of this is that the sound carries the meaning. If you are not a native speaker of English you may think you are fluent, you may “see” the spelled words that you are saying but your listeners can’t “read your mind.” You don’t have captions running across your forehead! • If sound patterns or acoustic patterns of the English words coming out of your mouth deviate from the correct sound patterns internalized by native speakers of English, you will not be readily understood. Your listeners will try to figure out what you are saying, BUT, if you are speaking too quickly, even at a speed considered “normal” for a native speaker of English, your listeners may “give up” and stop listening!! Here are three short quizzes to demonstrate that spelling doesn’t equal pronunciation in the English language. If your English classes stressed reading comprehension, rather than conversation, you may discover that you don’t know the correct sound or acoustic patterns for many words whose meanings are very clear to you. I. The following sentences include words that begin with “pro.” In which words should “pro” be pronounced a. with a stressed “prah” b. with an unstressed (quiet and quick) “pruh” c. “pro” rhyming with “oh.” 1. He completed the project. ____ 2. Can you project our costs for this quarter? _____ 3. That market has excellent, fresh produce. _____ 4. The attorney has to produce the evidence.____ 5. That program is very popular.___ 6. Will they keep their promise? ____ 7. That word is hard to pronounce. ___ II. Which of these words end in a buzzing /z/ sound, not the letter “z” but the sound of “zzzzzzz” ? a. The last three words b. All of the words eyes, is, was, these, nose, buzz, fuzz, sneeze III. These pairs of identical words all end with the syllable “ate.” In which words should the letters “ate” a. sound like “it” b. sound like “ate” 1. He will graduate next June. ___

answers: I. 1-a, 2-b, 3-c, 4-b, 5-c, 6-a, 7-b. II – a : ALL end in the /z/ sound. III. 1-b, 2-a, 3-a, 4-b, 5-a, 6-b, 7-a, 8-b. (Verbs end in “ate” and nouns and adjectives end in the “it” sound)

Judith L. Bergman M.A CCC is the director of Triangle Speech Services specializing in foreign accent modification. Contact: or 919-489-5464.

SOutHeASt’S premier DJ N E X T L E V E L E N T E R TA I N M E N T


DeSi raising your soul

Music For All Occasions LIgHtS, Sound & StyLE

Intelligent Lighting, uplighting, Complete Sound System, Monograms, Dhol Players, & Emcee.

Ask About Package Deals

For Bookings or info call

DJ DeSi (Amit)

704-737-0930 The Name to Remember for the celebration you will never forget!


January 2016

SAP TRAINING • SAP FI, CO, MM, ABAP Weekend & Weekday Classes begin soon! (see schedule)

Ballantyne Tech Academy

Make A new beginning In the new year with A Career in SAP!

Class Start Dates: SAP FI: Jan 9, 2016 SAP CO: Jan 10, 2016 SAP AA: Jan 9, 2016 For future start dates, call us.

Training Locations: Charlotte, Raleigh, Greenville (SC), & Columbia (SC) and offices in Bangalore & Chennai

• Take advantage of high paying consulting opportunities in SAP. • Our trainers are experienced and work with a variety of corporations and SAP Partners.

• We assist in resume' preparation & job placement. • Effective knowledge transfer to better prepare you for SAP consulting opportunities.

Ballantyne Tech Academy Due to high demand and extremely limited seats per batch, classes have been getting filled very quickly, especially SAP FI classes. Please register soon to reserve your admission for the course of your choice.

For details, please contact us at

704 962 5159 email: 12627 Provincetowne Dr., Charlotte, NC 28277

A Division of BallantyneTech Consulting

Chess for All Ages two locations: ballantyne & dilworth/southend The Charlotte Chess Center offers: Casual Play Classes Camps Tournaments After School Programs

Saathee Discount: Open to all ages and skill levels. off First Camp or Class Welcome beginners and casual players. 15%Mention this ad. Exp 2.5.16 980-265-1156 1800 Camden Rd. Suite 108 Charlotte, NC 28203

New Ballantyne Location


January 2016

Vivek Trivedi, MD


Board Certified Gastroenterologist Dr. Trivedi’s focus is on the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of digestive diseases, using the latest medical knowledge and state-of-the-art techniques.

“SoonBeta- Icannottakeyoutothe airportagainthisweek!” “Wha--?” “Downloadthe CrownCabApp- that’sallyouneed”

Now seeing patients in 2 convenient locations! Piedmont HealthCare Gastroenterology & Hepatology 633 Brookdale Drive, Suite 100 Statesville, NC 28625

Piedmont HealthCare Specialty Care 359 Williamson Road Mooresville, NC 28117

Scan the QR code to download the Crown Cab App

Call for an appointment today!


(704) 334-6666

1340 Matthews Township Parkway Matthews, NC 28105 Visit us at


We Also Offer Comprehensive Dental Care for the Entire Family!


Dental Sleep Medicine • Snoring/Sleep Apnea is associated with greater risk of high blood pressure, diabetes, stroke and cardiovascular diseases. • Our doctors are highly trained members of the Academy of Dental Sleep Medicine (AADSM). • Oral Appliance Therapy can be an effective solution for snoring/sleep apnea and an alternative to CPAP Therapy. • Contact our office for a Free Sleep Consultation and start getting the quality sleep you need and deserve.

Tejesh b. Patel, D.D.S.

Vivek kashyap, D.D.S.

Call Us Today! 704-708-9185

Family Dental Care • State of the art technology in a relaxed, friendly environment. • Expertise in many aspects of dentistry, including Single-visit crowns, Invisalign and Dental Implants • Most insurance plans accepted. • Interest-free financing available.

Call us Today! 704-708-9185


January 2016

Make Your Event


Are you craving Indian Street Food? Bhel, Gol Gappa, Papdi Chat, Chilli Paneer, Thali, Chicken Kababs, Pav Bhaji, Masala Dosa & More...


3 levels of Elegance available with Delivery, Setup & Personal Guest Services

now serving Domestic & Indian beer & wine Mon-Thur: 11 AM - 3 PM & 5 PM - 9:30 PM Fri: 11 AM - 3 PM & 5 PM - 10 PM Sat: 11 AM - 10 PM & Sun: 11 AM - 9 PM

Contact us for your next event


Wedding • Birthday • Religious or Cultural Event Corporate Event • Business Meeting Fundraiser • Cocktail Reception • Theme Party

9101-I Pineville-Matthews Rd. Pineville, NC 28134

Call: Sandhya: 980-498-1555 or Samir: 952-210-1543 Like us on Facebook - Chaupaati

PERSONAL FINANCE What’s with the low interest rates? What can we do now?

or dividends. There is much truth in the statement “higher the risk higher the returns,” and we all try to get the maximum return we can with the risk that we can live with. If you are going to lose your sleep over the investments you are making, then you are not doing it right; either reduce the risk or walk away from it. Still more alternatives would be considering REITs, these are like mutual funds that invest in a specific areas of the market like home mortgages, shopping malls and commercial office space. In other words, they invest in real estate of some kind. Even though they put out good dividends, I would not recommend them at this time because they are fully valued and would not appreciate much for a while. The last investment idea for good returns is, of course, investing in high value, high growth, low volatile stocks or ownership in the companies that we know well (Apple, Dow Chemicals etc.). This is not for the faint of heart and it is necessarily a long-term investment perhaps towards 5 to 8 years or longer. They put out excellent returns considering the appreciation and dividends together, but they are not for everyone. Regardless of the returns you are after, the first principle of wise financial management is “to live within the means (income) we have.” It is imprudent and irresponsible to not do that. Reducing the expenses is a great way to accomplish that goal since income, no matter what it may be, is generally finite. One way that helps to reduce expenses is if we manage to keep good health. Especially for seniors, according to Medicare data, the health expense multiplies very rapidly in the evening years of their lives. Hence, the health needs to be monitored carefully for controlling expenses. And that goes not just for seniors but for young folks, too.

By Mo Vidwans

It is clear that we have suffered because of the very low interest rates offered for savings accounts for so long; it has been going on for 7 or 8 years and the conundrum does not seem to be wanting to end. For those who have witnessed and earned the 14% interest rates in early 1980s, the interest scene today is laughable. There are many reasons for persistent low interest rates (human errors and human greed amongst others) but we are not going to discuss those here. It is especially heartbreaking for seniors who mainly depend on the fixed income. Well, take heart; the Federal Reserve Board is seriously thinking to do something about it and there are also many other alternatives to explore if you wish to go that route. Many alternatives to low incomes due to interest rates, but not all, do take you into the stock market and a few people are a still bit squeamish about dipping their toes into that water. Let us make sure we understand this. There is risk in any kind of investing and it is always there, no matter what we do or where we invest. We also need to understand that there is risk in not investing. It is also known that comfort (risk tolerance) level for each individual is different. But the key thing to realize is that we should look for returns that will at least match the inflation rate so that we will not lose our buying power (even if we may not get any growth out of our investments). That is the real risk we take when we keep our money under the mattress or tucked in a shoebox and that risk is we lose the buying power because of that non-investment. Today it is possible to get a 1.25% to 2.4% interest on a CD or fixed deposit of some kind where we have to lock up our money, from a year up to 5 years and our investment is insured, I welcome any questions on this article or the previous ones, even too. Many have taken this route but for some that may not be suggestions for any future financial topics of your interest that you an acceptable return on investments. But for others it may would like to know more about. suffice because at least it matches, somewhat, the inflation today. Mo Vidwans Bonds, looked upon favorably by many, also are not an Vidwans is an independent, board certified investment that is to be recommended at this time (unless you financial planner. For details visit already bought them long time ago when they were at par or, call 984-888-0355 or write to below par value) only because they are too expensive and their value would be tending to drop, especially if the interest rates go up now. If you have bought bonds already then try to keep them to their maturity and get their full par value. There are Welcome To The Wonderful World Of Travel At treasuries (or TIPS), I- bonds or bond mutual funds available where your investments are mostly assured but they still do not yield as much. When we try to balance our peace of mind with high Shakoon Panjwani income, preferred stocks (or preferred stock mutual funds) 704-542-5315 come to mind. They earn good dividends and their stock value does not see much variation as a regular company stock may. Fax: 704-841-0748 E-mail: They are also higher priority for companies and investors than Consolidated Fares On Major Airlines regular stocks. Asia, Africa, Middle East, Europe and more. If higher returns are desired, preferably in the neighborhood Tour Packages and Cruises • Taj Tours Within Europe of 3% or even higher, then we would have to look at stable and Visa and Passport services high value growth stocks (domestic or foreign) that pay steady and decent dividends. There are good stocks on the market that 8714 Darcy Hopkins Dr. pay dividends up to 6%. Granted now we are looking at some Charlotte, NC 28277 more risk in owning the stock but they also have higher returns

Ttravel Guru


January 2016

THE DENTIST VISITS YOU Women’s dental health during pregnancy By Vatsal Suthar

Some women even encounter dry mouth during pregnancy. Drinking water frequently and chewing on sugarless gum with Xylitol can help alleviate this symptom. It is safe to use any over the counter toothpaste with fluoride. Using prescription toothpastes with extra fluoride is not harmful but should be used under the guidance of your dentist. Women often encounter morning sickness and need to brush more than twice a day to cleanse the stomach acids that end up coating your teeth. Even if a toothbrush initiates a gag reflex, be sure to rinse thoroughly with water or an antiseptic mouthwash as the next best substitute for not brushing. Leaving the acids on the teeth can cause permanent erosion of your enamel that is lost forever. Green tea or black tea, like Indian tea that is sugarless, has shown to reduce cavities and prevent gum disease. During pregnancy, dietary needs and snacking frequency increases. Eating schedules are altered and variations to your normal menus are common. There are certain women that have cravings that often can be unhealthy choices like sweets, candy, or baked goods. Snacking can increase the amount of plaque, sticky film of bacteria that is constantly on your teeth, which in turn can cause tooth decay. It is important at this time to be conscious of the snacks you are choosing be wholesome and nutritious. High fiber foods like apples, carrots and celery help stimulate saliva flow and help fight plaque formation. Citrus fruits and juices like oranges, grapefruit, or lemonade must be cautiously consumed because they have high amount of acid that can erode your enamel. Dairy products are very beneficial to your oral health as well as your overall health. The calcium, phosphates and vitamin D in cheese, milk and other dairy products are important minerals for the health of your teeth. Your teeth are made mostly of calcium, and without enough in your diet, you risk developing tooth decay and other problems. An added benefit is that the calcium in these foods mixes with plaque and sticks to teeth, protecting them from acids that cause decay and helping to rebuild tooth enamel on the spot. There are many calciumfortified juices, soymilks and other foods available that can supply as much calcium to your diet as milk does if you are lactose intolerant or do not like milk. Your oral health is a big part in your overall health and untreated dental diseases can be detrimental to the pregnant mom and baby. Be sure to include the care of your mouth in your daily routine and notify your dentist of any oral changes during your pregnancy. I hope all the new moms have a happy and healthy pregnancy in 2016.

Five years ago, my wife and I entered the phase in our lives when seemingly all our friends and family members were getting married. Every weekend was a trip somewhere to celebrate the union of two people over a three-day weekend complete with the band, baaja, and baraat. Now, those same couples are beginning a family and there are many pregnancies to commemorate. As I think about these women who go through an abundance of changes during the nine months, I want to iterate that one health component mom needs to attain total wellness for herself and baby is in the mouth. There is so much to think about during pregnancy, no doubt, but the oral health cannot be overlooked. Hormonal changes at this time can affect the condition of the mouth, specifically your gums. For example, women are more likely to develop gingivitis during pregnancy. Gingivitis is an infection of the gums that can cause swelling and tenderness. You may even notice some minor bleeding when you brush or floss. Because your body is creating more blood vessels as well as a richer blood supply, the highly vascular gums show bleeding before other tissues. Left untreated, gingivitis can affect the supporting structures that hold your teeth in place. Your dentist may even suggest more frequent cleanings during this time. Sometimes lumps appear along the gum line and between your teeth. These swellings are harmless but they bleed easily and appear dark red. These growths can even be a purple hue and are sometimes called “pregnancy tumors� even though they are not cancerous at all. They go away on their own after pregnancy but can be removed with local anesthetic if it is overly bothersome. In truth, dental infections must be addressed sooner than later. Dental infections may be responsible for up to 5% of low birth-weight pre-term babies. You should keep up with visiting the hygienist for a professional cleaning as well as getting the dental exam. This will provide you an opportunity to discuss any specific concerns or questions you have. It is strongly advised that no dental treatment be rendered during the first trimester or late third trimester. Fetal growth and development is the most critical at these times and any medical treatment, large or small, can increase the risk of interference. The safest time for seeking dental care is the second trimester. Notify the dental office you are past 12 weeks pregnant and consider bringing a medical referral from your obstetrician. Readers, if you have any questions or suggestions for this column, Your cleaning, a filling, crown, root canal, extraction, and braces adjustment can all be done safely at this time, even with send them to us at We will forward them anesthetic. With infection or pain, your dentist will almost to Dr. Suthar for a potential future article. always give you Amoxicillin or Acetaminophen, respectively, as they are both considered safe for use during pregnancy. If possible, x-rays can be deferred until after the baby is born to reduce the risk of radiation exposure. However, x-rays are still Vatsal Suthar safe to take because a lead apron will be used to shield your is a private practice general dentist in abdomen and neck. The amount of radiation you are exposed Columbia, SC aiming to increase dental to with digital format x-rays is considerably less than the awareness for the South Asian Community. amount you are exposed to if you took a flight from Atlanta to New York. Talk to your dentist or physician if you have any concerns about this.


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THINKING ABOUT THINKING The SaT is just R&R … and R By Balaji Prasad

“Life is really simple, but we insist on making it complicated.” ― Confucius It is easy to make easy things hard. Imagination is the culprit. It enables us to create abstract views of things that sometimes bear little resemblance to the things themselves. So, the SAT test can be hard. Or it can be easy. It is all in the mind, as they say. I have been working with the ins and outs of this test (and its competitor, the ACT) for a few years now with several students. This puts me in the position of being able to weigh in on what the test is, and what it is not, and to help parents and students who are concerned about the test to view it in the right manner. There is a “new” SaT, from 2016 “New” is a subjective word. It is a term that is beloved by those in sales. New is shiny, new is nice, and beats the old with lots of spice! But we cannot blame the sales people for their over-use of this word, because the rest of us bear some of the blame for this. They simply play to our fascination with the illusions that “newness” conjures up in our minds. And so it is, with the SAT. Some of the newness in the new SAT is because new is “better.” But there have been some real pressures too, and these have driven some of the changes. All this is simply just the way anything evolves and matures – as we learn more, we tune, refine and make incremental improvements. Feedback from different sources has caused the College Board to make some modest adjustments. Some of the feedback is criticism that the SAT favors the affluent. Colleges have seen certain aspects of the test as being less relevant to the selection process. And parents and children have been unhappy with the undue focus on things that may never find use in practical life. Things change. Times change. The SAT needed to keep up with these changes, and hence the new SAT. Trick or treat? When you want to catch a mouse, you need a mousetrap. When the mousetrap works, you accomplish your objective. In the meantime, the mousetrap industry works to make improvements and refinements to the existing product line-ups to create “new and improved” mousetraps. These new devices still pretty much do the same thing. There is only so much improvement possible in something that is already quite effective at its task. The old SAT was not a terrible thing, just as the old mousetraps were not. Yes, there have been criticisms, but not all of it is valid. For example, people criticize the SAT of being tricky. “Not fair,” they say. But it depends on what the test is trying to measure. Diligent students pay more attention, and are harder to trick. Some of these kinds of things are not so much about academic achievement as they are about discipline. Is discipline not a predictor of learning and academic potential? So is the new SAT never going to trick you? I don’t think so, because getting tricked is not just because of the game-master; it is also because of the carelessness of the player. Test-takers will still need to pay close attention to avoid falling into traps.


Putting lipstick on the bulldog It’s the same old dog. You will be afraid of it, if you hear its “RRR!” and see it as a menacing growl. But if you are a dog lover, you will see the playful creature and its vibrance. “RRR,” says the dog. “Hey doggie, doggie! Fetch,” you say, as you throw an interesting object for it to retrieve. The point is that the basics in the SAT are still very much the same. It is still about the three R’s – Reading, ‘Riting, and ‘Rithmetic. The test is still about determining how good a student’s abilities are in these three fundamental aspects of education. You can put some lipstick on the bulldog, but it’s still the same old, same old. So long as you remember that a dog is man’s best friend, it will all be just fine. The SaT: Foe or friend? How you view something can make a huge difference. You can view something as a point of anxiety, and as an unpleasant chore that you have no escape from; or, you can embrace it with open arms and look to gain something from it. It is reasonable to have mixed feelings about many things too – you may feel pushed into doing something, but that does not mean that you may not get some value out of it. In some cases, I have seen students take a strong stance against the test. In one instance, I suggested that it is possible to view the test as a personal challenge and as an opportunity to tune skills in the three R’s – something that will be of value in the longer term. “Forget the test, and the scores,” I said to the high schooler. “That will be a by-product. Enjoy the challenge and the self-improvement that using the SAT as a framework provides.” But the young man stood firm. “How can one like a test?” he asked. Sometimes, we get wisdom from our young ones who see the naked emperor, where we see the mirage of beauty. But sometimes our youth do not know what they do not know, and reason a bit too strongly inside the boxes of their experience and knowledge. In any case, things often become what you see them to be. So it seems important to reflect upon how we look at something, and perhaps consider looking at things in different ways. Think outside the box “Thinking outside the box” has become a cliché. But it does raise the possibility that we may be missing some things, and that we may be thinking in a somewhat fixed manner. If we think about the SAT as just a painful but required thing to get through, we will miss the opportunity to get something more out of it. And if we think of it as something complex and tricky, we may approach it with the wrong attitude. I see the SAT (old and new) is a good waypoint to stop at, to tune your skills in the 3 R’s. A student will benefit from doing this, not just by getting a good score and a good college, but well beyond that. I enjoy helping students see that it is, in fact, simple and enjoyable if you think about it correctly.

Balaji Prasad is an IIT/IIM graduate, a published author, SAT/ACT Online and Offline Coach, interview, resume, and career coach at NewCranium. Contact: 704.746.9779 January 2016

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Practice mindful eating: Do not start piling on your plate. First look at the choices and pick out a few favorites that you do not want to miss. Savor those favorites. Don’t eat We all love to party, some more than others. Some families something just because it’s there. have a party to go to every weekend. What does frequent partying have to do with nutrition and health? Shift your focus: Hopefully, the aim of the party is to meet As we have discussed before, food and sleep are two of the up with friends and have fun. So shift your focus away major factors related to health. Both are affected if you stay up from the food and let socializing be your priority. Talk, late and eat party food almost every weekend. dance, play games, have fun. Eat and drink in moderation. The timing, duration, and quality of sleep can affect endocrine, metabolic, and neurohormonal functions related to Move more: Plan events that are not just about sitting and health. Various studies have shown a link between disrupted eating. Get involved in activities that make you get up and move such as playing games or dancing. sleep cycles and weight gain in adults and children. By Parul Kharod

Weekdays have a structure because we follow a routine due to school/work. This routine is disrupted on the weekends. There is an underlying self-reassurance that since all week you have been “good,” it’s okay to indulge a little on weekends. If you are someone who goes to a party just a few times every year, that kind of mindset is fine. However, if you are partying every weekend, you may be in trouble. An extra 100 calories per day can lead to a weight gain of 10 pounds per year. So let’s say you eat really healthy through the week, but if you eat out every weekend without monitoring your plate, you could easily consume 500-1000 extra calories in two days. Our body weight is not the only measure of our health. Someone can be thin and yet not be healthy. The high fat foods may not be affecting your weight, but maybe they are affecting your cholesterol or your blood pressure or increasing your risk of diabetes or other chronic diseases. Your drinks count too. We all know that sugary drinks such as regular soda and sweet tea or lemonade add up a lot of calories. But diet drinks are no better. When the body receives a sweet taste without the calories it expects, it triggers sweet cravings that make you eat more. Sweeteners have also been shown to have a similar effect to real sugar on blood glucose and insulin levels. These blood sugar fluctuations drive cravings for sweet substances when blood sugar is low. Studies have shown that diet drinks may increase your risk of developing Type II Diabetes. Alcoholic beverages such as beer, wine, and cocktails can also add calories. Alcohol is processed in the body as sugar. An ounce of alcohol has 80-110 calories depending on the proof. If you’re also adding a mixer, the calories may add up! If you are having mixed drinks, the calories in juice, soda, and other additions can easily total up to over 500 calories. In addition to the calories, alcohol interferes with fat burning, something important for weight loss. Normally, the liver metabolizes fats. But if there is alcohol present, the liver will break down the alcohol first for energy. The alcohol’s presence spares the fat from being burned for energy. Alcohol also causes a drop in blood sugars and stimulates appetite in many people. This may be counterproductive for weight loss. Mindfulness, or being aware and present in your actions, has a big positive impact on overall health. Mindfulness is not just related to yoga or meditation. It may be possible to extend this mindfulness to the party scene with a few simple rules.

Make a pact: If you get together with the same group of friends on a regular basis, make a joint resolution to be healthy. Plan party menus that do not have processed meats, heavy cream sauces and fried foods. Be Creative: Plan themed parties with lighter fare that inspires you to try a variety of different ingredients. Take charge: If no one else is stepping up to make improvements, be the trail blazer and offer to take responsibility of menu planning. Have a self-imposed curfew: Staying up late on New Year’s Eve to welcome the New Year at midnight is justified. Staying up late every weekend has a negative effect on health, especially on young children. So if you socialize frequently, plan a decent time to say good bye. Go light on Sunday night: Forget waiting until Monday to restart your week ahead. Instead, commit to light meals on Sunday night to help balance out the sins of the weekend. Make Sunday a soup night! Use the time to prep and pack food for the upcoming work week. Party Planning: Don’t go to a party hungry Eat a small balanced snack/light dinner before you go Practice mindful eating at the party Don’t eat something because it’s there If you are hosting, plan a healthier menu Make socializing a priority Get up and move Beware of beverages Drink adequate amount of water Have a planned exit time to ensure adequate sleep If you had to make only one resolution for the New Year, let it be, “Eat Smart and Move More.”

Parul Kharod, MS, RD, LDN is a registered dietitian and licensed nutritionist and works as a Clinical Dietitian with Outpatient Nutrition Services at WakeMed Hospital in Cary and Raleigh. She can be reached at 62

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By doing so, you can Building an audience dramatically increase the impact and reach of events that One reason for maintaining a presence in social media is to otherwise might have been limited by weather, geography or create a relationship with people who are interested in what traffic conditions. you offer and what you have to say. So when you’re planning When you’re hosting a live promotional event, think about an event, make sure you talk the event up to your social media how to provide opportunities to participate live via social friends and followers and give them a VIP invitation. Go media. Have someone responsible for creating short digital beyond just an announcement of the event date and title. You videos and uploading them to YouTube during the event. can use your blog, Twitter and other social media sites to talk Tweet and blog live from the event, and post photos of about the behind-the-scenes effort and insights that go into contests, speakers, entertainers and participants. building an event. Host a live chat during the event, and encourage event Tell them about your hopes for the event and what value attendees to Tweet live via cell phone or to upload cell phone you want to create for your audience. Make them feel like photos or video on site for an as-it-happens feel. (Make sure to they’re part of the team before the doors ever open. You may get signed video release forms from presenters for any even want to create a special early-bird pricing that you presentations you video tape to avoid conflicts about promote only to your dedicated social media fans and copyright. Make the video release part of the ticketing followers as a reward. agreement for all attendees so that anyone who attends has As you build out the event, blog and Tweet about the already given permission to show up on video.) guests, vendors and entertainers. Talk up the food and Augment the live event by adding online only additional networking. Use Facebook to share photos of speakers with content posted through your social media sites. Give their bios. Introduce your event team and the roles they play. presenters the opportunity to contribute guest blogs, and Whet readers’ appetites for what you’re creating and make it encourage them to blog on their own sites before, during and tangible with a high perceived value. You could even shoot after the live event. some digital video of the event set up, and catch vendors and Have a central online connection where speakers or key speakers talking casually about what they’re looking forward participants can upload Tweets or comments. Host an online to in the event and what value they offer to attendees. In chat or forum where people who couldn’t attend or didn’t get today’s reality show culture, getting a look at the “drama” their questions answered during the live event can do a Q&A behind the show is almost expected. You could go a step session with the experts. Offer presenters the chance to provide further and script your own “reality” show video to encourage additional information or links to expanded material on your attendance. social media sites so participants can extend and deepen the As you promote your event, don’t overlook experience. This site is location-specific by city and ZIP code and it’s a great Make it possible for social media followers to submit way to begin to build an audience long before your big event. questions that can be asked by an intermediary during the Anyone can start a Meetup group. Groups are sorted by topic, event, and then blog or Tweet the replies. so newcomers can easily find groups they want to join You can also utilize these strategies for online events, such according to their interest. You can use your Meetup group to as virtual tradeshows and webinars. Without the constraints promote teleclasses and webinars in addition to live events, of venue space or room rental time limits, your event can and you can build buzz for a big annual event by getting the continue in social media for as long as participants are group together for coffee or lunch. This can also be a beta interested, and can live on virtually forever. group for your larger event ideas, providing an opportunity to try out workshop topics or gather input on high-interest subjects. continued on page 78 Don’t forget to let the other groups and clubs you regularly participate in on social media know all about your big event. Gail Z. Martin You can invite group members (make it a sincere invitation and owns DreamSpinner Communications. not a mass-produced spammy advertisement) to attend, and Contact her at comment during the development process to build awareness. You can also take advantage of the group’s collective knowledge by asking for recommendations and referrals for


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NEWS NOTES Defense Secretary Carter Calls U.S.-India Defense Partnership ‘Anchor of Global Security’

‘Relationship is Stronger’ “Defense and security cooperation is a vital component of this partnership,” he said. “Our relationship has grown By Terri Moon Cronk, DoD News stronger.” The Indian defense minister also called for international response in the realm of terrorism. “Terrorism has become a global phenomenon, and requires a comprehensive response,” he said. “All affiliations must be countered without any differentiation.” Parrikar said he looks forward to working with Carter to “further expand and deepen our defense relationship [between] the two great democracies.” Later that day, the defense leaders observed live flight exercises aboard the USS Eisenhower. Carter said it will mark the first time an Indian defense minister has boarded a U.S. aircraft carrier. This speaks not only to aircraft carrier technology cooperation between the two nations, he said, “but also to expanding cooperation in maritime security. “As we work toward a common future … between the United States and India, … this is a relationship that will be U.S. Defense Secretary Ash Carter, left, and Indian Defense Minister critical in strengthening the Indo-Asia-Pacific security Manohar Parrikar conduct a joint news conference at the Pentagon, architecture so that everyone there can continue to rise and Dec. 10, 2015. DoD photo by Army Sgt. First Class Clydell Kinchen prosper.” WASHINGTON, DC — The defense partnership between the United States and India will become an anchor of global security, Defense Secretary Ash Carter said on Dec. 10 in a joint news conference with Indian Defense Minister Manohar Parrikar. Following a meeting between the defense leaders, Carter said Parrikar’s first official visit to the Pentagon is a sign of the growing strength of the defense ties between the two democracies. The two leaders in June signed the Defense Technology and Trade Initiative, which Carter described as a framework that charts a course for the U.S.-India relationship for the next decade, fosters technology cooperation, works to build industry-to-industry ties and identifies opportunities for the codevelopment and co-production of defense systems. “For instance,” Carter said, “today, Minister Parrikar and I discussed the progress that’s been made toward cooperation on jet engines and aircraft carrier design and construction [and] opportunities to collaborate on additional projects of interest.” The growing strategic partnership between the United States and India is rooted in shared ideals, mutual interests and a spirit of innovation, the secretary said. Joint Military Exercises Vital The secretary said he and Parrikar also discussed the importance of India’s participation in U.S. military exercises such as Malabar, Rim of the Pacific, and for the first time in eight years for India, participation in Red Flag, which Carter called “the premier air-to-air combat exercise.” As the first U.S. defense secretary to visit an operational military command in India — the Eastern Naval Command in Visakhapatnam — Carter emphasized that Parrikar also became the first Indian defense minister to visit U.S. Pacific Command in Hawaii and meet senior military leaders there on his way to Washington. The defense partnership between India and the United States “reflects shared values and interests,” Parrikar said.

Why India’s Uber Rival Had to Replace its Cabs With Boats By Nimisha Jaiswal, NEW DELHI, India — “Your boat will arrive in six minutes” isn’t the usual notification you’d expect from your favorite cabhailing app. But for some residents of Chennai, a city in the south of India, it signaled the only way to get out of their waterlogged homes. The state of Tamil Nadu has received unusually high monsoon rainfall in the last few weeks, leading to fast-rising floods. At least 169 people were killed and the state has reported close to $1.3 billion in damages. In Chennai, roads lay completely submerged and residents in low-lying areas fled their houses, complaining of drinking water mixing with sewage. The city has evacuated more than 12,000 people. Others found themselves stranded. With taxis refusing to navigate flooded streets, some internet users suggested that Olacabs — a homegrown Uber rival that dispatches cars and auto rickshaws — should send boats instead. Ola, amazingly, obliged. The company hired professional rowers, who went out on boats to pick up people or deliver water and food to stranded residents. The boats came complete with umbrellas and rain gear, manned by rowers outfitted in Ola windcheaters over their traditional lungis. Apart from giving Ola the opportunity for a clever PR maneuver, the flooding has only highlighted shortfalls in Chennai’s infrastructure. Though the city government claimed to have carried out expensive desilting processes to clear out drains, results were hard to see under all the water. “Although preventive measures were taken, the damages due to very heavy rains were inevitable,” said Jayalalithaa Jayaram, the chief minister of Tamil Nadu. Yet environmental experts have repeatedly said that there 74

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is nothing natural about the disaster in Chennai. There is a simple explanation – terribly planned urban development. Chennai, the state’s most densely populated city with a population of more than 4.6 million, has allowed practically unrestricted construction on nearly all of its bodies of water. Now universities, IT companies and housing complexes sit on what used to be marshlands, canals and river beds. Following the slope of the land, floodwaters habitually drown these developments during particularly heavy monsoons. Take the new Mass Rapid Transit System in Chennai, which was the first elevated railway line in India. While it makes the journeys of 100,000 commuters easier, those who live around the tracks aren’t thrilled. Built along a section of the Buckingham Canal, the system more than halves the width of the waterway at several places, causing floodwater from torrential rains to spill over into neighboring residential areas. Exnora International, an environmental NGO based in Chennai, even petitioned the Tamil Nadu High Court in 1996, warning the court about the possibility of floods and asking it to stop the environmentally unsustainable construction of the system. By the time the court finally looked at the case in 2006, the transit system was built. Judges dismissed the petition. “We should not obstruct the scientific and technical progress of the country in the name of environment protection,” the judgment said, citing an earlier order. “No doubt, the environment has to be protected, but at the same time, we must never overlook the basic aim of our country which is to make India a powerful and modern industrial state.” As Chennai rapidly develops, the city is once again submerged. Though these “natural” disasters are unlikely to cease, for now, at least, residents have Ola.

One of the World’s Worst Polluters Isn’t Who You’d Expect By Patrick Winn, BANGKOK, Thailand — The phrase “climate change” often summons images of exhaust-spewing trucks and coal plants blackening the skies. But there’s a lesser-known source of emissions that the public should fear alongside traffic jams and filthy factories. And if this top polluter isn’t reined in, humanity’s efforts to ward off climate change disaster — exemplified by the recent 196-country United Nations agreement in Paris — could be doomed. That threat? Annual infernos driven by slash-and-burn farming that sweep through Indonesia’s jungles and choke much of Southeast Asia in a toxic haze. This year’s blazes were the worst in at least 15 years, destroying thousands of acres of forest and emptying an estimated 1.75 billion metric tons of greenhouse gas emissions into the earth’s atmosphere. For those who live the region, there is much to despise about these fires. They spew out smoke that sickens half a million people. They drown villages in a lung-searing haze. They force city dwellers from Kuala Lumpur to Singapore to hunker down indoors. But even people who’ll never visit the region should fear Indonesia’s flaming jungles. When the forest fires rage hardest, they can spew out more emissions per day than the entire US economy, according to the pro-conservation World Resources Institute. The fires briefly turned Indonesia — a largely impoverished, Muslim-majority archipelago — into the world’s worst polluter.

During particularly smoky spells in September in October, Indonesia daily churned out more greenhouse gases than even China or the US. When Indonesia’s fires are tamed, the country is usually pegged as the sixth-worst offender, behind China, the United States, the European Union countries (which are counted as one bloc), India and Russia.

Indonesia’s official climatology agency has called the manmade fires a “crime against humanity of extraordinary proportions.” A leading analyst of the fire crisis — Erik Meijaard, an Indonesia-based conservation scientist — terms them “probably the biggest global environmental crime of the 21st century.” But short of a miracle, the world can expect to watch Indonesia burn next year — and belch out a sickening amount of planet-warming gases once more. There are no easy solutions to keep Indonesia’s jungles unlit. Some forest fires are started to clear land for massive agroconglomerates that produce palm oil, a substance readily found in American supermarkets. It’s used to make everything from cookies to shampoo to packaged bread. But fires are also started by poor farmers, hunters and others. The “underlying problem of Indonesia’s many million arsonists,” Meijaard says, should be confronted by cops and soldiers threatening legal action against anyone who illicitly lights up the jungle. That would require an unprecedented burst of competency from Indonesia’s rural police, who are typically disorganized. The fires, which flare up in the latter half of the year, have currently subsided. It’s unclear whether Indonesia can use the coming months to turn its underpaid law enforcers into a frontline squadron hunting down illegal fire starters. But the country is making big promises nonetheless. At the UN climate change summit in Paris, Indonesia vowed that it would somehow cut its emissions 29 percent by the year 2030. Though offering few specifics, Indonesian President Joko Widodo acknowledged at the summit that the country’s jungles are “acting as the lung of the world” and insisted his government is “developing Indonesia in a way that is giving due attention to the environment.” 76

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Marketing Turanround continued from page 68

Contests and awards to build your buzz Whether your event is live or virtual, consider adding some contests and award presentations to spice up the program, create more reasons for publicity, and engage new pre-existing groups to participate. For example, you could create a contest open to everyone (no purchase necessary) that shows a creative use of your product. (Heinz Ketchup did a great job encouraging users to make their own mini-videos of their favorite use of ketchup and then uploading it to the Heinz site.) Promise to screen the best entries and present the award at the event. Now you have two more reasons to send out relevant press releases: the contest itself and the winner. Creating an award works in much the same way. You can choose someone notable in your industry, a community leader or an author with a relevant book to your topic and present an award for achievement, being a major industry influence, or leadership. Invite the winner to attend to receive the award. You can also invite the public and your friends/followers to submit names for consideration. Now you’ve got three reasons for press coverage: The award application process, the award winner, and the presentation at the event. Not only that, but finalists and the winner are sure to mention the award and your event to their newsletter readers and their social media friends and followers. Recycle and repurpose your events With social media, your event doesn’t have to end when it’s over. Social media offers a great opportunity to recycle and repurpose your event materials and programming to extend the event’s reach far beyond the initial live audience. For example, the audio or web video of presentations can be offered as a free or paid webinar or download. (Make sure to arrange this with any presenters first.) If you’ve taped the entire event, the DVD can become a product (again, be sure your contract with speakers establishes who owns the rights to the DVD of the event). You can also break a long web video or webinar into short, under-five minute segments and do a series of YouTube videos to reach a broader audience. Content created for presentations can be reused for blog posts and articles. Follow up on popular presentations with an additional Question and Answer session with the presenter and post it on your blog. Invite speakers to submit follow-up articles and guest blog posts. Hold spin-off workshops or seminars based on the most popular topics. Look for ways to continue to partner with your speakers and vendors so that you can both remain visible to the other’s newsletter and social media audiences. Social media can make it easy and affordable to extend the life of your online or live events, and can create opportunities to maximize your sales promotions while encouraging customer participation.

Excerpted from 30 Days to Social Media Success.

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IMMIGRATION MATTERS The ‘Special’ about L Visa’s Specialized Knowledge By Nam Douglass During my tenure with IBM’s in-house immigration team, I prepared hundreds of L visa petitions for employees across the globe—from Australia and New Zealand to India, China and Singapore, as well as Russia, Romania, and Italy, Germany, Italy, the UK, and reaching Israel, Morocco, and Brazil. The beneficiaries of these petitions ranged from professionals with more than twenty years of experience but no formal degree to newly minted PhDs with just one year of work experience. Petition preparation included sifting through the details of numerous international projects and work plans, as well as evaluating the business and technical skills of individuals who had served in a breadth of occupations and professionals roles. Yet often missing from this information is the answer to the only question that matters: how is the work of the employee specialized? With L-1B denial rates at historic highs of 35% for new petitioners, 41% for employees seeking to extend their status and with 45% of all petitions receiving costly and time-consuming Requests for Evidence (RFE), the answer to the question of specialized knowledge remains critical to businesses seeking L visas for their international workers.i There is no USCIS definition of specialized knowledge. Rather, the agency relies on the dictionary definition of each word to create a threshold for evaluating whether an employee possesses specialized knowledge and how that knowledge will be applied in the proposed US role. There has been agency guidance, however, that successful petitions must show that the employee meets each L visa eligibility requirement by a “preponderance of the evidence,” meaning that the employee is more likely than not to possess the requisite specialized knowledge.ii What have you done for me lately? While counterintuitive, crafting your specialized knowledge argument is less about what you know and more about what you have done. It is not enough to be a highly skilled employee; the employee needs to have used those skills in a unique way to advance the employer’s business or industry. Resumes and support letters should highlight what differentiates the employee from others both within the company and the industry, emphasizing work product and outputs. Example Credentials:

The Devil’s in the Details While an employee’s knowledge does not have to be proprietary, it does have to be particular. Petitions should specify why this employee is critical to your business and what value the business will gain by transferring the employee to the US. The petition must also show that the US role requires the employee to use his or her specialized knowledge in US business operations. Petitioners should submit an organizational chart and a proposed job duties description outlining the employee’s unique role within the company and the time that will be spent preforming the specialized knowledge duties leveraged in the US role. Example Job Duties Description:

Seeing is Believing Your employee isn’t special just because you say so. Petitions are stronger when they include supporting documents and evidence of the employee’s specialized knowledge. Copies of patents, journal articles, training curriculums, product designs, and business process documents that include the employee’s contribution evidence his or her unique role within your company and the knowledge to applied to the US role. Letters from the employee’s manager or HR department noting their contributions, awards and recognitions and other examples of the employee’s unique work products add value and validation to the petition. The Challa Law Group introduces new associate attorney Nam Douglass. He has many years of experience in immigration law, including time spent with IBM’s in-house immigration department. For more details visit


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I have SOLD most of my listings and am in need of new listings. If you are thinking of selling, please contact me! new listing - Basement - Brookhaven Amazing 6 bedroom / 4.5 bath brick-front home in desirable Brookhaven community. Gourmet kitchen with SS appliances and new granite counters, eat in island, tile backsplash & bay window breakfast nook. Large family room plus formals. Freshly painted, new carpets, and new hardwoods floors on main level. Master Suite with Balcony & Glamour bath with jacuzzi, Finished Basement with tons of space. Fantastic community amenities. Wonderful opportunity! $489,900

rental - Blakeney greens Beautiful townhome in Ballantyne area. Open layout, private backyard, great location. $1,395 / month

loTs For sale land â&#x20AC;&#x201C; The sanctuary Beautiful wooded estate lot in The Sanctuary. Over 6 acres! The Sanctuary is one of only a handful of James Audubon sanctuary/centers in the Carolinas. Enjoy pool, tennis, walking trails, kayaking, and much more at The Camp, a picturesque 17-acre waterfront amenity area at the heart of the community. Build your dream home here! $379,000

neW Price - land - 3 lots! - Millstone creek Three beautiful residential lots available for sale. Two lots are adjacent to one another. Just 10 minutes south of Ballantyne. This development consists of estate homes build with all brick, stone, or stucco exteriors. Choose your own builder. No restrictions on construction timeframe - you can build on your own schedule. All information is subject to buyer verification. This is a great opportunity! Starting from $49,900.

new Price - land - longbrooke coming soon - Basement - Firethorne Stunning Custom Built Renaissance Villa with 3 levels of indoor/outdoor living. Grand central hall staircase with flanking balconies overlooking the foyer. Formal living areas, open Family Room, and fantastic views from all three Terraces. Magnificent Kitchen is with custom finishes, prep sink, oversized Island, and much more. Luxurious Master Suite, finished basement with Wet Bar, and spectacular teeto-green view of 12th hole. A wonderful opportunity.

Distinguished estate homes in scenic gated community just minutes from Ballantyne. Gorgeous 1-acre wooded lot. Bring your custom builder and build your dream home here. $74,000

land - The glynns at carolina crossing Build your dream home on this large, beautiful lot. Over 1 acre. $39,000

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Happy New Year! Wishing you and your family all the happiness during this festive holiday season and throughout the coming New Year!!! This year, again due to your support, i have maintained my #1 rank at the helen adams realty - Ballantyne office! i am grateful for the business and referrals from following families in 2015. Raj & Jagruti Desai Corne van Dongen Timothy & Paula Reilly Silvana da Silva van Dongen Rishi & Sikha Bhatnagar Jay & Bhavna Kalaria Viren & Shilpa Pherwani Drs. Varsha Pherwani & Lokesh Tejwani Vijay & Vibha Patel Dr. J.K. & Leena Shah Kiran Reddy Niall Paule & Heather Hovde Alpesh Patel & Dwani Mehta Amit & Sreemoyee Biswas Kristina Campbell Shyam Bhaskara & Naga Karuganti Vinay & Rashmi Purohit Anand & Kshama Jobanputra Vani & Praveen Gopalareddy Sameer & Parul Patel Uma & Krishna Bojja Jaymin & Hetal Patel Rashmi Kanjia

Marisa Spicer Rickpal & Karuna Singh Wendy & Mike Spicer Dr. Amit & Shilpa Shah Yash Shah Dr. Romin & Parinaz Shah Neal & Hemali Desai Brad & Christine Blettenberg Satish Goli Sabarish Rajagopal Lakshmi Swetha Vangara Kavitha Viswanathan Sander Van CleffShoobha Daftari Satish & Soumya Sundersan Nipul & Mital Faldu Milan & Nissa Damani Karan Shah Brady & Stacy Parker Ravi & Shanthi Anupindi Vishnu & Kartikey Patel Anita Chhabra Robert & Lorette Young Tracy Streilein Sameer & Sejal Shah

Naga & Janani Bhimavarapu Diane & Rick Newman Sushil & Jaya Vyas Bijal & Bhoomi Jhaveri Abhijeet Nadkarni Niyati Nathwani Vivek Naik Nira & Atul Andharia Lindsay Hall & Adam Jett Pratibha & Yogendra Kakad Dr. Ravindra Gogineni William & Sally Ballard Tim & Dottie Fowler Venkat Padmanabhan Nalin & Daksha Patel Sanjay & Sarla Faldu Srinath & Charu Nagarajan Praful & Daxa Gondha Ajal & Jaydeep Patel Sid & Sona Kashyap Amit & Shweta Goyal Vikram Tuli & Deepa Bajaj Shirish & Sonal Shah

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The Motion Picture, Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan, Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home, Star Trek: Insurrection, Star Trek: The Next Generation, Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, Star Trek: Voyager and more. Ticket prices start at $20. For more details, visit

a yagna to Make america Healthy The fast paced lifestyle is having a toll on quality of life world over. As per the American Medical Association, stress is a factor in more than 75% of sickness in USA. We know the importance of physical activity but finding time for it is biggest constraint for most of us. Ancient Hindu system of Yoga provides simple solution: “Surya Namaskar (Sun Salutation). Often referred as essence of the Yoga, it is an ancient innovation for stretching and oxygenating almost all organs of the body for deep relaxation with minimum effort and time. Recent scientific studies support its positive effects on the cardiovascular system, muscle strength, and endurance. One Surya Namaskar consists of a set of 10 simple Yoga Asanas. Performing 12 Surya Namaskars takes just 10 to 12 minutes and that is all you need to stay active and peaceful throughout the day. The organization Hindu Swayamsevak Sangh (HSS) USA has been organizing Surya Namaskar Yagna (SNY) since 2007. It is their 10th year of SNY and spreading the benefits of Surya Namaskar. HSS Conducts the SNY campaign for 15 days in January. HSS also has local chapters at Charlotte, Raleigh/RTP of NC and Columbia of SC that conducts sessions starting from Jan 16 – 31. HSS local volunteers Rajesh Pilacheri ( and Dasharath Lohar ( can be reached for learning and/or participating in the Surya Namaskar Yagna. For more details, visit

Flow Poetry/art Exhibition The Hillsborough Gallery of Arts presents FLOW, a poetry/art exhibition featuring the work of the Gallery’s artists and of NC poets inspired by nature and rivers. FLOW is dedicated to the Eno River Association, whose mission is to conserve & protect the natural, cultural, & historic resources of the Eno River Basin. The exhibition runs from Jan 25 – Feb 21, with an opening reception on Friday, Jan 29, 6-9pm. Hours: M-Sat 10-6, Sun 1-4. 121 N. Churton St. Hillsborough, NC 919-732-5001. For more details, visit Nuvyug India Fest The Nuv Yug organization will present the annual India Fest in Charlotte and Raleigh. The multi-hued cultural fest will be presented in Charlotte on Sat-Sun, March 12-13 at the Park Expo Center. The long-running Raleigh festival will be held on Sat-Sun, March 19-20 at the NC State Fairgrounds. The festival features dance performances, visual arts, crafts, food, vendors, fashion, and exhibits of India’s culture. Auditions for dance performances will be held in Charlotte on Sat, February 20 and Raleigh on Sat, February 27. For further details visit

Republic Day Celebrations The Hindu Center of Charlotte presents India’s Republic Day Celebrations on Saturday, January 30 starting at 10am. The event will feature flag hoisting, singing of national anthems, a cultural show with numerous performances and lunch. The center is LEGo-palooza LEGO-palooza celebrates its 12th year at Morehead located on City View Dr. For additional details call 704-535-3440. Planetarium and Science Center on the campus of UNC Chapel Rez abbasi Invocation Hill. Since 2005, the North Carolina LEGO Users Group (NCLUG) has created amazing displays of unique LEGO scenes, Invocation is Pakistani-born jazz guitarist Rez Abbasi’s quintet from settlements in outer space to hometowns throughout featuring pianist Vijay Iyer and saxophonist Rudresh America (including forts, amusement parks, city landmarks Mahanthappa. In this performance at Baldwin Auditorium, the and more), for Morehead visitors to enjoy during LEGO- quintet unveils a new project that explores Carnatic classical palooza. The event is open to the public and takes place on Sat music from Southern India through the idiom of jazz. and Sun, January 30 - 31 (11am - 4pm) at the Morehead Invocation previously explored Hindustani music and qawwali Planetarium and Science Center, 205 E. Franklin St., Chapel in a pair of acclaimed recordings. The mission of Invocation’s Hill. There is no charge for the event. For more details call 919- music, Abbasi declares, is “to create a global-based music steeped in jazz. This tradition follows in the footsteps of some 962-1236 or visit of the greatest jazz musicians. Coltrane, Ellington, and Gillespie all immersed themselves in music from around the world.” The Star Trek: The Ultimate Voyage Star Trek: The Ultimate Voyage brings five decades of Star Trek performance is on Fri, January 22 at 8pm in the Baldwin to concert halls around the country. The performance will make Auditorium, Duke University. Tickets range from $10 - $28. For a stop at Belk Theater in Charlotte on Monday, February 1, more details, visit 7:30pm. This production includes a live symphony orchestra Sankranti, Lohri, Pongal and international solo instruments. Experience the franchise’s groundbreaking and popular musical achievements while the The Hindu Center of Charlotte presents a day of goodwill and most iconic Star Trek film and TV footage is simultaneously friendship event. There will be kite flying on Sat, January 16 from beamed in high definition to a 40-foot wide screen. The concert noon to 5pm (weather permitting). On the same day at 5pm there will feature some of the greatest music written for the franchise will be puja followed by mahaprasad. The Center is located on including music from Star Trek: The Original Series, Star Trek: City View Dr., in Charlotte. For more details call 704-535-3440.


January 2016

• Personal Injury • Workers’Comp • Criminal Law Monty D. Desai

Nihar M. Patel

J. Matthew Whitehead

Mitchell Byrd

• Immigration

free Consultation!



• Truck Accidents

toll free: 1-855-312-2444

Brandi Presnell

Diana Zapata

910 East Washington Street Greenville, SC 29601 864-312-4444

Javier Espinosa

Jenny Sanchez


Julian Cabra

Michelle Salazar

6304 White Horse Rd. Suite B-6 Greenville, SC 29617 864-312-4444

Sandy Owens

Terra McKenzie

210-W Poinseit St. Greer, SC 29650 864-757-5555

Steve Young

Betsy Velez

7612 Asheville Highway Spartanburg, SC 29303 864-757-5555

COMMUNITY FOCUS Community news

Winter Walk, UNC Charlotte Botanical Gardens Join for an informative stroll through the delights of the Susie Harwood Garden. There is so much to appreciate in a southern garden in winter – bright berries, bark textures, evergreen structures, and magically fragrant flowers. Learn about treasures to add to your own garden and soak in the beauty of the fourth season exploring the southern garden. The walk is on February 28. Guided tours begin at 1pm & 2pm with a short presentation on Camellias – the gems of the southern garden. Meet at the McMillan Greenhouse. Cost is $5 per person (free for membersyou may join at the door). The gardens are located at 9090 Craver Road, Charlotte, NC 28262. For more details call 704687-0721.

Fundraiser for CDRS

Lecture to Focus on Biological Gods: Science (Fiction) and Some Emergent Mythologies Jeffrey J. Kripal, PhD, who holds the J. Newton Rayzor Chair in Philosophy and Religious Thought at Rice University, will deliver the 32nd Annual Loy P. Witherspoon Lecture at UNC Charlotte on Biological Gods: Science (Fiction) and Some Emergent Mythologies. The Loy H. Witherspoon Lectures in Religious Studies, the oldest and most prestigious endowed lecture series at UNC Charlotte, was established in 1984 to honor the distinguished career and service of Professor Witherspoon, the first chairperson of the Department of Religious Studies at UNC Charlotte. He currently is Professor Emeritus of Philosophy and Religion in the Department of Religious Studies. Kripal is author and/or editor of a number of publications. He describes his current areas of writing and research as including “the articulation of a New Comparativism within the study of religion that will put “the impossible” back on the table again, a robust and even conversation between the sciences and the humanities, and the mapping of an emergent mythology or “Super Story” within paranormal communities and individual visionaries.” The lecture is on Mon, February 29 beginning at 7pm in McKnight Hall, Cone University Center on the campus of UNC Charlotte. Admission is free but registration is recommended. For more details call (704) 687-5187 or write to Visitor parking available for minimal fee in Cone Visitors Parking Deck.

Wedding planner and decorator Ayesha Mian and her team organized a charity fundraising event in Charlotte on November 13 for the nonprofit organization CDRS. The founder of this organization, Todd Shea, was the key speaker. Renowned Pakistani singer Shujat Ali Khan performed live at the event. CDRS (Comprehensive Disaster Response Services) was created by Shea after his deployment to Pakistan in October 2005 to assist with the earthquake relief efforts. The mission of CDRS is to provide quick and efficient response to disaster and to permanently improve the health status of communities in Pakistan by providing affordable quality healthcare services in poor, rural and disaster-affected communities. The event raised $20,000. For more details, contact Miss India USa 2015 In a glittering function organized on December 6 at the Royal Albert’s Palace, Fords, New Jersey, Karina Kohli of New York was crowned Miss India USA 2015. Miss India USA is the oldest running Indian pageant outside of India. The 34th annual pageant was organized by the New York-based IFC, headed by Dharmatma Saran, Founder and the Chief Organizer of the Pageant. A record number of 55 contestants took part in the pageant this year. Aanchal Shah from Florida was crowned Miss Teen India USA and Neha Multani Verma of New York was also crowned the Second Mrs. India USA in the same pageant.

Basant Bahar 2016 Hum Sub presents the annual Basant Bahar celebration on Sunday, March 20 at the Cary Arts Center, 101 Dry Ave., Cary, NC. The 2016 thime is “Rang De - Fusion of Colors.” The spring fest celebrates colors of Holi, colors of unity, colors of joy, and more. Admission is free. Applications to perform must be submitted by Jan. 24 and auditions will be held on Feb. 14 from 2-5pm at Cary Arts Center. For full details visit


January 2016


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January 2016

SPOT THE DIFFERENCES See if you can spot the 10 differences between the original photo on top and modified one on bottom. Answers are on pg 118.


January 2016

Modern Indian Cuisine

311 East Blvd. Charlotte, NC 28203 704.333.0063 rated in Top 21 restaurants in Charlotte - Charlotte Magazine

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lunch Buffet everY SuNDaY award Winning caterer private parties

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January 2016

encryption,’’ the panel said. Another option would be for telecom providers to slip software that defeats encryption into routine upgrades sent to customers. Such an approach would “call into question the trustworthiness” of American companies’ software updates, and could be easily repelled by technically adept users. Finally, the working group suggested that telecom providers might be ordered to hack into their customers’ devices so that their backup routines would send unencrypted copies of all data to the government.


continued from page 14

Last year, Apple made encryption the default setting for iPhones, meaning that all data stored on the device was scrambled. In an open letter announcing the change, Apple CEO Tim Cook wrote, “At Apple, we believe a great customer experience shouldn’t come at the expense of your privacy.” In congressional testimony this month, FBI Director James Comey said that encryption is now part of “terrorist tradecraft.” He cited an instance in Garland, Texas, in which two terror suspects were arrested before they could execute an attack. Q: Will any of these backdoor schemes work? “That morning, before one of those terrorists left to try and A: They all have flaws. A big one: Users could easily bypass commit mass murder, he exchanged 109 messages with an all of the backdoor options by creating their own layers of overseas terrorist. We have no idea what he said because those encryption. messages were encrypted,” Comey said. It’s not clear that compelling American companies to allow backdoors would accomplish much. A significant amount of Q: But can’t the National Security agency just crack any code the encryption software used around the world comes from it wants? widely available “open source’’ products. “There may be no A: It’s not clear how much encryption the NSA can break. central authority” for the government to negotiate with, the In 2013, ProPublica and the New York Times reported on a top White House said in its report. secret NSA program called Bullrun that was described in And even when there is a company to negotiate with, the internal documents as being able to decrypt “vast amounts of government has not had luck getting access to encryption keys. encrypted Internet data.” The program started in 2011 and was Two years ago, for example, the FBI tried and failed to get the result of “an aggressive, multipronged effort to break access to encryption keys from Snowden’s email provider, widely used Internet encryption technologies.” Lavabit. Details of the project are not known. But the documents Ladar Levison, Lavabit’s owner, “provided the FBI with an showed that in 2013, the agency planned to spend $250 million 11-page printout containing largely illegible characters in 4dollars to, in part, “insert vulnerabilities into commercial point type” of the keys and then shut down the entire email encryption systems.” service. Most importantly, the United States isn’t the only country Q: I heard that there is a “golden key” that unlocks all in the world with legal power over technology companies. For encryption. Is there such a thing? example, many cellphones used in the United States are A: Not yet and it’s not clear it will ever exist. The U.S. government has been trying to figure out how to access manufactured in China, which could also demand backdoor encrypted data for decades. However, wiretapping a phone call access for its intelligence and law enforcement authorities. The is far easier than creating a backdoor into encryption White House report warns that “any U.S. proposed solution will be adopted by other countries.” technology. Last year, the Washington Post editorial board called for Apple and Google “with all their wizardry,” to “invent a kind Q: So what is the government proposing? A: The short answer is that the government has quietly of secure golden key” that would allow law enforcement dropped its requests for a backdoor. Last year, in a speech at officials to read any encrypted message sent by a suspect. It would be a tremendous challenge to convince the world’s the Brookings Institution, FBI Director Comey called for a encryption makers, many of whom live outside the United “regulatory or legislative fix” to the problem of law States, to give American authorities access to such a tool. And enforcement access to encrypted communications, which was it would be an even bigger challenge to keep the master key widely interpreted as calling for legislation to require secret — given that it would immediately become the No. 1 encryption backdoors. But after his proposal prompted a backlash from target of every hacker and nation in the world. To address that issue, a White House working group technologists, Comey has softened his tone. In July, he told a proposed a split key — where one half of the master key would Senate panel that “there has not yet been a decision whether to be kept by the government and the other would be held by the seek legislation” about requiring companies to provide access encryption company. But the report noted that this approach to encrypted data. would be “complex to implement and maintain.” And in last month’s testimony, he told a Senate panel that “the administration has decided not to seek a legislative remedy Q: are there less complicated ways to give law enforcement at this time.” California Sen. Dianne Feinstein suggested that she is going to seek legislation. “If there is conspiracy going on and intelligence officials the access they say they need? A: The White House working group offered three additional over the Internet, that encryption ought to be able to be ideas for “backdoors” into encryption. All required pierced,” she said at the hearing. manufacturing or software changes by U.S. providers and all Later privacy advocates visited the White House to discuss involved significant political or technical problems. a petition they submitted in support of strong encryption. One idea raised by the panel called for manufacturers to Kevin Bankston, director of the Open Technology Institute, who create a special port on all devices that could only be accessed attended the meeting, said that administration officials said by law enforcement. Requiring a port would represent a they “would like to move beyond this debate” and start “significant cost to U.S. providers,’’ but could be avoided by discussing “how to adapt to strong encryption rather than installing software that creates “a secondary layer of fighting it.”


January 2016

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Fax: 704-612-9628 or 704-765-0303 Email: Website: • Accounting and Bookkeeping University Executive Park • Project Financing 301 McCullough Dr. • Payroll and Sales Tax 4th floor, Office # 443 • Individual and Business Taxes Charlotte, NC 28262 • New Business Set-Up • Audit Representation before Gov. Agencies • Notary Public

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January 2016

COMMUNITY ORGANIZATIONS Carolina Khadayata Samaj. For Further Details: Jaswant Mehta - 704.839.1965 Rita Shah - 704.321.0740

Charlotte agaram Tamil Palli Agaram Tamil Palli serves the Tamil speaking community in Greater Charlotte area by conducting Tamil language classes at CPCC, central campus. For Further Details: Megalai Ezhilarasan 704.456.9881

Carolinas Christian assembly Carolinas Christian Assembly located on 12601 Idlewild Road in the city of Matthews, NC, offers worship, fellowship and community assistance to all South Asians living in the Charlotte area. Pastor, Dr. Shibu Cherian, offers free counseling services to married couples and is a licensed premarital counselor. For Further Details: 704-771-1414 (Church) 404-840-6745 (Mobile)

art of Living (Healing with Breath) Art of Living is dedicated to serving society by strengthening the individual. This is done through self-development programs that recharge the body, mind and spirit and allow people to function at their optimum potential. People from all backgrounds, religions and cultural traditions come together in service and celebration. For Further Details: 980.216.8732

Charlotte Gita Study Group Beginners and advanced students of the Gita are welcome. The group meets the second and fourth Sunday of each month from 3 - 5pm. This course is based on the Home Study Course of the Arsha Vidya Gurukulam, Saylorsburg, PA. Each session starts with meditation followed by a recorded lecture in English and discussion among the group. For Further Details: Rishi and Shikha Bhatnagar - - 513.518.5300 Shridhar and Kruti Dave - - 704.844.9567

association for Indiaâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Development - Charlotte A volunteer movement committed to promoting sustainable, equitable and just development. AID Charlotte supports grassroots organizations in India and initiates efforts in various interconnected spheres such as education, livelihoods, natural resources, health, womenâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s empowerment and social justice. For Further Details: Kiran Uppalapati - 704.307.6450 Venkata Ramana Duddu - 662.231.2350

Charlotte Hindu Center Table Tennis The Charlotte Hindu Center Table Tennis group meets every Wednesday from 6.30 - 10 pm. All levels and types of play. Takes place at Vihar Hall, Hindu Center, 7400 City View Dr., Charlotte, NC. For Further Details: 704.607.8412

BaPS Shri Swaminarayan Mandir A spiritual, volunteer-driven organization dedicated to improving society through individual growth by fostering the Hindu ideals of faith, unity, and selfless service. Activities include: Daily Arti 6:30 am & 6:30 pm; Weekly Satsang Sabha held every Sunday which includes Bhajans and spiritual discourses: Adults: 4pm, Young Men (Ages 23-36) - 3pm, Young Women (Ages 23-36) - 4pm, Teens - 4:30pm, and Children - 5pm. The Temple is located at 4100 Margaret Wallace Rd, Charlotte, NC, 28105. For Further Details: 704.573.0805

Charlotte Kriya yoga Group The group promotes Kriya Yoga Meditation as taught by the lineage of realized masters such as Mahaavatar Baba Ji, Lahri Mahasaya, Sri Yukteshwar Giri, Paramahamsa Yogananda, Hariharananda, and Prajanananada. A sincere seeker who follows the path of Kriya Yoga with love and devotion and a desire for spiritual growth can attain Self-realization. The center hosts two annual initiation programs and a weekly Sunday meditation for initiates. For Further Details:

Bethel Christian Fellowship Bethel Christian Fellowship offers services in various South Asian languages (i.e. Hindi, Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam, etc.) Sunday School (11:15am - 11:45am); Sunday Worship Service (11:45am 1:15pm). Sunday Service Location: Fort Mill Church of God - 216 Academy St., Room 102. Fort Mill, SC 29715. Saturday Service Location: Life Builders Church - 730 Oak Dale Rd, Charlotte, NC 28216. For Further Details: 803.792.7223 Pastor: Rajan Samuel

Charlotte Malayalee association The association promotes and facilitates the cultural, educational, social and economic welfare of the Charlotte Malayalee community. For Further Details: 704.517.5850 Charlotte Marathi Mandal CSMM promotes Maharashtrian culture and language. Maharashtra mandal is committed to serve Carolina Marathi

Carolina Khadayata Samaj All Khadayata families of NC and SC are welcome to be part of the


January 2016

Serving Buyers and Sellers Since 1989 Our experienced and talented agents can speak English, Hindi & Gujarati Offering Motels, Restaurants, Dry Cleaners, Laundromats, Convenience Stores, Land and more C-stOres:

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FOOd: Reduced! Pretzels: Greenville, SC $89K + Inv, GR $350K

OtHer serviCes NC Hair Salon/Property: Lenoir, NC $229K + Inv, GR $56K Truck Auto Shop: Chester County, SC $849K w/RE & Inv, GR $462K More listings available at our website:


January 2016

COMMUNITY ORGANIZATIONS communities of Charlotte and surrounding areas. Located at 1760 Stoney Creek Lane, Charlotte, NC 28262. Regular Program: Every Sunday: 10 - 11am, Asa Di War by Bhai Satnam Singh Jee, 11am 12pm, Keertan by Children, 12 - 1:15pm, Keertan by Bhai Satnam Singh Jee, 1:15 - 1:30pm, Ardaas, followed by Guru Ka Langar. For Further Details:

community with various cultural, social and traditional Marathi programs and events. For Further Details: Charlotte Telangana association This association was formed to promote Telangana cultural activities within greater Charlotte area. It brings together all the Telangana people living in the area to discuss, plan, and take action around the development of Telangana focusing both on rural and urban areas. For Further Details:

Hindu Center of Charlotte The Hindu Center of Charlotte holds many regular events and religious ceremonies. The temple library is stocked with books, CDs, DVDs and other materials on varied genres such as religion, culture, history, philosophy, yoga and health. The temple is located at 7400 City View Dr, Charlotte, NC 28212. Upcoming Events: Sat, Jan 16: Pongal, Makar Sankranti Sat, Jan 30: India Republic Day celebrations Mon, Mar 7: Maha Shivratri For Further Details: 704.535.3440 / 704.607.8412 (facility manager)

Charlotte Vipassana Meditation Group Vipassana, which means to see things as they really are, is one of Indiaâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s most ancient techniques of meditation. It was taught in India more than 2500 years ago as a universal remedy for universal ills. The Charlotte Vipassana Meditation Group holds weekly group sits and monthly all day sits for established students (those who have taken at least one ten-day course from S. N. Goenka or one of his assistant teachers). Ten-day courses are also available for all students. Never a charge for a course. For Further Details: 704.277.5013 - 704.563.5440 -

IaMC (Indian american Muslim Council) - Charlotte IAMC is committed to promoting peace, pluralism and social justice for all through advocacy. The organization is also committed to promote and protect human rights and human dignity in India as they are the foundation of freedom and justice. IAMC-Charlotte seeks to reach out to Indian Muslims living in and around Charlotte to strive for Inter-Faith, Inter-Community understanding with particular focus on Indian Diaspora. For Further Details: Ashfaq Mehdi - 704.904.5778 Afzal Syed - 704.770.1103

Classical Music association of Charlotte (CMaC) CMAC sponsors many classical concerts during the year in Charlotte. Membership forms are available at shows. For Further Details: Lakshmi Muthukrishnan - 704.814.9355 - Jayashree Panduranga - 704.541.3361 / 704.442.1186

India association of Charlotte The organization works to foster better understanding of the rich diversity of Indian culture by the larger community in and around Charlotte. The Festival of India is held annually in September. For Further Details: Toni Sawhney - 704.604.2133 Lal Vishin - 704.545.3727

Dada Bhagwan Group What is Gnan Vidhi? It is the scientific process of attaining Self Realization in the presence of Atmagnani. It is the gracing of real knowledge that separates the real Self from the non-self. The benefits of Gnan Vidhi are many: attaining awareness of the soul, getting solution through right understanding, removing wrong beliefs and destroying past sins. For Further Details: 877.505.3232

Indian Performing arts association of Charlotte (IPaaC) IPAAC promotes classical Hindustani music by inviting wellknown artists from India and offers music classes at various locations in Charlotte. For Further Details:

Ekal Vidyalaya Foundation Ekal Vidyalaya Foundation of India (EVFI) was established to help in the overall development of the remote tribal and rural villages in India. Ekal Vidyalaya Foundation of USA along with EVFI is committed to the cause of eradicating illiteracy from tribal areas. Education is the key to self-esteem, self-sustenance, and economic freedom. The Carolinas Region of the EVFUSA conducts fund raising and awareness programs in North & South Carolina. For Further Details: Ekal Charlotte: Kameswar Tulasi - Ekal Columbia: Janak Dalal -

Jain Center of Greater Charlotte (JCGC) The JCGC serves the spiritual, cultural, social, and community needs of Jain families in and around Charlotte area. JCGC is dedicated to the practice, understanding, promotion, and preservation of the Jain faith. Activities include celebrating major religious festivals such as Mahavir Jayanti, Paryushan, Diwali, and routine programs like Swadhyay, Poojas and childrenâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Pathshaala. The Center is located: 7631 Mallard Creek Rd., Charlotte, NC.

Gurdwara Sahib The Gurdwara works to enrich the lives of the Sikh & Punjabi


January 2016


International Market Indo-Pak, Middle-Eastern & Caribbean

Groceries, Produce & DVDs

Fresh Vegetables 7 days a week

• • • •

Weekly Specials on Vegetables Monthly Specials on Groceries Cash Back Rewards Promotional E-Mail Offers Open Seven Days A Week (11 am - 9 pm) We accept EBT

Phone: 704.548.1973 Fax: 704.548.1975

9630-G University City Blvd. Charlotte, NC 28213-3614 (University Area)

COMMUNITY ORGANIZATIONS awareness, and to provide community service in the area. For Further Details:

Upcoming Events at the Jain Center: Weekdays: 9:30am - Prakshal and Pooja, 7:30pm - Aarti and Mangal Divo Weekends: 10:30am - Prakshal and Pooja, 7:30pm - Aarti and Mangal Divo For Further Details: JCGC President: Vibhakar Modi - 704.258.4507

Sahaj Marg Meditation Sahaj Marg which means Simple or Natural path, is a Raj Yoga system of spiritual training based on the heart centered meditation. The features of this meditation include transmission of divine energy into the heart of the practitioner and cleaning of deep impressions, thereby regulating the mind. Regular practice of this system of meditation integrates the physical, mental and spiritual aspects of human being, while still encouraging people to maintain a normal family and working life. A group meditation is held at the Unity of Charlotte on Sundays & Wednesdays. For Further Details: Srikanth Katakam - 704.496.4411

Life Bliss Charlotte Meditation Center The Center works to spread the knowledge of Yoga and meditation by letting people experience the teachings of Vedic Science in its purest form delivered by the enlightened master Paramahamsa Sri Nithyananda. Life Bliss Foundation is part of a worldwide movement for meditation and healing. Paramahamsa Nithyananda is a global leader in the science of enlightenment and the author of more than 300 books published in 27 languages. For Further Details: 704.766.1420 / 704.992.6114

Sangamithra Foundation Sangamithra Foundation is a Charlotte based charity organization formed by a group of people who strive to make a difference in society. The team has taken the path of identifying the needs of underprivileged communities in India and provides support to meet those needs. Sangamithra is reaching out on a global scale and working collectively towards realizing its vision. For Further Details:

Net IP Charlotte NetIP Charlotte is the only official Carolinas chapter of North America’s Largest Network of Indian Professionals. NetIP Charlotte provides a forum for on-going Career Developmental and Professional Networking activities. It also arranges various events and maintains deeper ties with Businesses & the Community. For Further Details:

Shantiniketan Senior Center of Carolinas The Shantiniketan Senior Center of Carolinas (SSCC) is located at 1817 Central Ave., Room # 208, Charlotte, NC. The Center is open from 10am - 3pm and presents members with activities, outings, access to physical care and mental wellbeing and care. For More Details: Nimish Bhatt - 704.560.4910 / 704.491.1186

Nuv yug Nuv Yug is a cultural organization with a mission to promote awareness of Indian cultural arts and heritage. Striving to create synergy among various cultural groups from the South Asian region. Upcoming Events: March 12-13: India Fest, the Park Expo Center, Charlotte. Auditions are on Sat, Feb. 20. For Further Details:

Shree Swaminarayan Satsang Mandal Vadtal On the 1st Saturday of every month, Shree Swaminarayan Satsang Mandal Vadtal has kirtans and bhajans at the Hindu Center of Charlotte at 5pm. After the bhajans, there is Aarti and Mahaprasad. In addition, on the 3rd Sunday of every month, an additional Satsang Sabha is held at a sponsor’s house from 3 - 5pm. For Further Details: Ramesh Dhanani - 704.392.4488

Pratham - Charlotte Pratham organizes grassroots programs in the area of primary education. Pratham has made an impact on the learning levels of several million children through its Read India campaign. It has developed an accelerated learning technique which helps children to read and write in two months. With nearly half the children in India who attend schools are not learning to read and write at the required level, Pratham is trying to fill an important gap in the area of primary education. For Further Details: Anju Desai - - 980.622.0125 Shubhra Chakraborty - 704.942.4798

Shri Rang avadhut Parivar (Parspar Devo Bhav) The group meets Thursdays from 6 - 8pm in Charlotte. The group recites Datta-Bavani, singing devotional Dattatraya Bhajans and reading Guru-Lilamrut. Detailed information about Charlotte meetings, Literature, Videos, as well as Nareshwar Ashram and Shri Avadhut’s life are available. For Further Details: Bharat Shah - 704.724.6247 Nagesh Patel - 704.399.7805

Probasi of Charlotte Probasi’s goal is to organize cultural and educational program related to Bengal in the Charlotte area, to increase Bengali cultural

Sindhi association of the Carolinas The Sindhi Association of the Carolinas (SAC) organizes religious, 96

January 2016

special offer for new Patients Call For Details

COMMUNITY ORGANIZATIONS from varied backgrounds. This group came together through a strong belief in Vibha’s mission and resolved to create a positive societal impact in India. The group works to organize social events that spread awareness and raise funds to further the organization’s mission. For further Details:

cultural, community, and social events in Charlotte. SAC also sends donations for the needy to the schools in India for Scholarships and for camp refugees in India. For Further Details: 704.779.2396 SouthPark Cricket Club South Park Cricket Club is based in Charlotte and has been an active member of the Mid Atlantic Cricket Conference since 2002. The club home base is at the Reedy Creek Park, 2900 Rocky River Rd, Charlotte, NC. For Further Details:

Greensboro art of Living (Greensboro) The Art of Living Foundation offers programs to uncover the strength, peace, and joy that lie at the core of every human being. Part I courses are offered regularly in Chapel Hill, Raleigh, and Greensboro which cover breathing techniques to eliminate stress & tension; skills for improving relationships at home and at work; practical wisdom to get the most out of life; insight into the laws that govern the mind & emotions; low-impact yoga and the breathing-based technique called Sudarshan Kriya, or the healing breath. For Further Details: Nirupama Shankar - Puja Verma -

Srishti of Charlotte Srishti works to fulfill the NC community’s need for togetherness and the desire to showcase Bengali culture, heritage, literature, theatre, music and popular arts. Literally, the word Srishti means an act of creation. Though established and coordinated by a group of Bengali families, Srishti welcomes and brings together people of varied cultures, ethnicity, languages, backgrounds and nationalities who are interested in East Indian traditions. For Further Details: Santanu Sarkar - 704.541.3451

BaPS Greensboro BAPS Shri Swaminarayan Mandir of Greensboro features activities which include Sunday Sabhas: Shishu (Toddlers) sabha: 4 - 5pm; Bal/Balika sabha: 4:15 - 5:30pm; Kishore sabha: 2 - 3:30pm; Main sabha: 4 - 6pm; Gujarati classes: 2:30 - 3:45pm and Arti at 6pm followed by Mahaprasad. Fresh Shayona snacks available on Sundays. Located at 922 Gallimore Dairy Road, High Point, NC. For Further Details:

Telugu association of Greater Charlotte area (TaGCa) The organization’s mission is to bring together Telugu speaking people and to promote Telugu Culture. TAGCA organizes regular events and programs. For Further Details: Trimurti Temple Trimurti Temple is open daily, morning puja (10am) and evening puja (7pm). Sunday abhisekhams (11am) and other special pujas. The temple is located at 6519 Beatties Ford Road, Charlotte, NC, 28216. For Further Details: 980.219.7556

Greensboro Cricket Club (GCC) There are several teams that play Cricket in the Greensboro area. The goals of GCC are fun, fitness, and friendship. For Further Details: 336.501.3566 (9:00am - 9:00pm, S&S) Dev (Greensboro Warriors) - Venky (Triad Tigers) - Gujarati Cultural association of Piedmont (GCaP) The Gujarati Cultural Association of Piedmont serves the Asian Indian community through sponsored events, cultural, educational and social programs. Located at 127 Landmark Drive, Greensboro, NC 27410 For Further Details: Jack Dhekar - 336.254.1727 Manubhai Patel - 336.253.7182

Vallabh Pushti Samaj of Carolinas (VPSC) VPSC is starting construction of “Shrinath Dham Haveli” for benefit of entire Vaishnav Samaj and Pushtimargiya devotional activities. VPSC is moving forward with objective to fill devotional need for hundreds of Vaishnavs in Carolinas to worship and pray together, perform “seva and rituals” and to observe and celebrate festivals and to perform and engage in humanitarian and educational activities. Regular “Paath and Bhajan” recitations are held on the 2nd Sunday of each month from 4 - 6pm at Shrinath Dham Haveli - 1006 Vickie Lane, Stallings, NC 28104. For Further Details: Prathmesh Shah - 704.763.3059

Indian association of Carolinas (IaC) The IAC is a Triad based community organization founded in 2014. Our mission is to promote and preserve Indian Culture by celebrating our cultural diversity by hosting community based events and festivals. Our purpose is to build a vibrant and robust Indian American community and a Social organization which facilitates interaction with our the local communities. All our events are geared to provide a encourage community participation,

Vibha Charlotte Vibha Charlotte is volunteer driven organization dedicated to create a brighter future for underprivileged children. Charlotte Action Center has a group of energetic and enthusiastic volunteers


January 2016

COMMUNITY ORGANIZATIONS to build a network for parents and children, as well as to facilitate connections, peer groups and mentorship. IAC is a nonprofit volunteer organization supported by your involvement. We encourage all those who are interested to become members. For more information please visit

Quan am Buddhist Temple All interested in Buddhism are welcome. The temple is located at 1410 Glendale Dr, Greensboro, NC 27407 For Further Details:

India association of the Triad (IaTNC) Greensboro The objective of the Association is to promote social, cultural and educational interests of its members, develop understanding between members of the Indian community and other residents of the Triad area, and make the latter aware of issues of concern to the Indian community. For Further Details:

Sri Sathya Sai Baba Center of Greensboro, NC The Sri Sathya Sai Baba Center regularly conducts Sai Bhajans, Study Circles, various service activities and SSE classes (for students) every Sunday from 9:45 am - 12:15pm. For Further Details: Swami Rajendran - 908.875.6964 Dr. Varatharajah - 336.851.9150

Indo-american Society of NC (IaSNC) The objectives of IASNC are to support the Indian, South Asian and American community residing in Greensboro, NC and vicinity and other individuals interested in learning the culture, traditions, and arts of India. Specifically, IASNC promotes Indo-American cultural, arts and sports events and also school based volunteering activities. For Further Details: Krishna Balu - 336.292.9462 - Indo-US Cultural association of Winston-Salem The Indo-US Cultural Association’s primary mission is to increase awareness of the cultural heritage of India which is tremendously rich in its diversity and history. The Association seeks to reach out to the thriving Indian-American community within the Piedmont and Triad areas to share the vibrant Indian culture and promote cross-cultural understanding. For Further Details: Aparna Shivram (President) - 336.528.8584 Life Mission, USa This ashram has been established to provide helpful benefits for all - physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. All these benefits can be achieved through the natural remedies of yoga therapy, Ayurveda, naturopathy and diet. The ashram is located at 8136 NC Highway 119, South Mebane, NC 27302. For Further Details: 336.421.0690 Dr. Manoj - 848.459.7401 Prabhupada Village Prabhupada Village is a rural Hare Krishna community situated in the beautiful foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains. Puja/Worship of Sri Sri Gaura Nitai/Sri Pancha Tattva starts at 5:00am every day. Every Sunday at 3pm there is chanting, dancing, feasting and philosophy. The temple is located at 1283 Prabhupada Rd, Sandy Ridge, NC 27046. For Further Details: 336.593.2322 / 336.793.7138


Raleigh art of Living Foundation Art of Living gives practical knowledge and techniques to unlock deepest potential and bring fullness to life. The techniques are effective in reducing stress levels and increase health, physical energy, enthusiasm, self-esteem, awareness, and clarity of mind. Advance courses are also available once every few months. Art of Living founder Sri Sri Ravishankar’s mission is to create a violence free, stress free society and One World Family. Art of Living center holds follow-up sessions on Thur, Sat, Sun and Kirtan Satsang every Friday evening. The Art of Living Center is located at 4000 Bear Cat Way Suite 102, Morrisville, NC 27560. For Further Details: 919.793.8490 atlantic Coast Sikh association One of the oldest Sikh associations in the Southeastern USA. It meets every Sunday from 11:30am to 1:30pm at its Kirtan is done by Bhai Dyal Singh Jatha. Classes for Punjabi and religious studies are held for children at the same time. Gurdwara located at 3108 Sparger Road, Durham, NC 27705. For Further Details: Bhai Dyal Singh - 919.309.1045 Balagokulam Gokulam is where Lord Krishna’s magical childhood days were spent. It was here that his divine powers came to light. Every child has that spark of divinity within. Balagokulam is a forum for children (4-15 years’ age) to discover and manifest that divinity. It will enable Hindu children in the US to appreciate their cultural roots and learn values. This is done through games, yoga, stories, songs, shlokas, arts/crafts, and Seva (selfless service) in the community. Sessions are free for all and held on Saturdays. For Further Details: (Raleigh) (Charlotte) BaPS Shri Swaminarayan Mandir BAPS Shri Swaminarayan Hindu Mandir invites everyone to the regularly scheduled events: Ravi sabha - every Sunday at 4 - 6pm followed by Aarti and Maha Prasad. Mahapuja conducted every Purnima at 7pm. Many classes are conducted. Fresh Indian snacks and sweets available at Shayona. January 2016

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Free Consulations | Most Insurances Accepted Comprehensive Exams | Hygiene Services Tooth Colored Fillings | Teeth Whitening | Extractions Root Canal | Therapy Dentures | Crowns/Bridges Consultations provided in English, Gujarati or Hindi.

Dr. Lina V. Mistry, DDS


Since graduating from New York University Dental School in 1999, Dr. Mistry has been providing comprehensive general family and cosmetic dental care to greater Charlotte and the Carolinas.

10410 Park Rd. Ste 500, Charlotte, NC, 28210

704.543.4200 | 704.543.4205


January 2016

COMMUNITY ORGANIZATIONS Located at 1020 Aviation Parkway, Morrisville, NC 27560. For Further Details: 919.469.6605 Bengali association of North Carolina (BaNC) BANC seeks to promote Bengali culture, language, music, arts and social activities by offering varieties of programs for members of INDO-American community within North Carolina and adjacent states. The association is organized exclusively for charitable, cultural, social and educational purposes. For Further Details: Ratan Ray - 919.461.2386 - Swaty Sen - 919.510.7943 - Bharatiya Senior Citizens of NC BSCNC is an organization for Senior Citizens of Indian Origin that are age 60 years and over. BSCNC members meet on the 2nd Saturday of each month at the Cary Senior Center in Bond Park in Cary, NC from 10am to 4pm. The next meeting will be on January 9, 2016. The group will start the new year with Shree Satyanarayan Katha on this day. You are welcome to participate in Puja. Bring all your puja samagri. Also bring prasad of your choice, either shiro, dry fruits or fruits. For Further Details: Kusumben Desai (President) - 919.677.8513 Natver Parikh (Vice President) - 336.266.5209 Upmanyu Shukla (Director) - 321.696.1474 Carolina Rajasthani association The Carolina Rajasthani Association organizes several events throughout the year and works to promote Rajasthani culture to the greater community. For Further Details: Chinmaya Mission Chinmaya Mission is a worldwide organization promoting spiritual growth as started by Pujya Gurudev Swami Chinmayananda. The Chinmaya Mission Raleigh Durham (CMRDU) chapter conducts Balavihar classes from kids on Sun from 10am to 11:30am at Reedy Creek Middle School, Cary. The classes are tailored to each age group by special curriculum created by experienced Swamijis and Acharyas exclusively for CM Balavihar. Curriculum includes learning to chant the BhagavadGita verses, singing devotional bhajans, stories from scriptures, family pujas, meditation, and fun activities like picnics and competitions. Introduction to Hindi and Sanskrit is also included. Parents can enroll their children in Balavihar through the website. A regular adult study group is conducted for adults on Sunday mornings. For Further Details: Dada Bhagwan Foundation The Foundation was formed with the goal of spreading peace and harmony to the world through the science of Akram Vignan - the science of Self Realization as expounded by the Shree A.M. Patel, known as Dadashri or Dada Bhagwan. DBF organizes Spiritual

Satsangs /Gnanvidhi (2-hour scientific process of self-realization) of Pujya Deepakbhai around the world. There are no formal lectures, but instead in the format of questions and answers on various topics. Held every 1st, 3rd and 5th Saturday of each month from 5 - 7pm followed by Prasad. Located at the HSNC Hall, 309 Aviation Pkwy, Morrisville, NC. For Further Details: 877.505.3232 ext 1003 Datta yoga Center - Raleigh Mission: Spread the teachings of Sadguru Sri Ganapathi Sachchidananda Swamiji of Mysore. Activities: Namasankeertana - Bhajans written, composed and sung by Pujya Sri Swamiji. Kriya yoga classes conducted by Pujya Sri Swamiji-trained teachers from India. The group meets on the first Saturday of every month and every major festival day for Satsang and Namasankeertana (divine singing). Everyone is invited to attend. For Further Details: Srinivas Chittineni - 919.484.1993 Suresh Kota - 919.461.0843 Duke Diya Duke Diya is a Duke University student organization that is committed to providing a forum for interaction through political, cultural, community service, and social events relating to South Asian Americans. For Further Details: 732.865.3173 Ekal Vidyalaya Foundation RTP Chapter Ekal Vidyalaya Foundation of India (EVFI) was established to help in the overall development of the remote tribal and rural villages in India. Ekal Vidyalaya Foundation of USA along with EVFI is committed to the cause of eradicating illiteracy from tribal areas. Education is the key to self-esteem, self-sustenance, economic wellbeing and happiness. The Raleigh Chapter EVFUSA conducts fund raising and awareness programs in the Triangle area. For Further Details: Ekal/RTP - EKTaa Student organization EKTAA (meaning unity) is the South Asian Student Organization at North Carolina State University (NCSU). The organization was founded in 1970. The motto is â&#x20AC;&#x153;unity within diversity.â&#x20AC;? EKTAA strives to spread culture and heritage of South Asia all over the campus as well as the local community and the organization works hand-in-hand with many organizations on and off the NCSU campus, as well as South Asian organizations from area universities. For Further Details: Geet Bazaar Radio Program Every Sunday morning from 10am - 12om on WKNC 88.1 FM, join hosts Afroz Taj and John Caldwell, for a wide variety of music from India, Pakistan, and other countries and languages of South Asia. Geet Bazaar will also publicize community events free of charge. For Further Details: Dr. Afroz Taj - 919.851.1119 102

January 2016

COMMUNITY ORGANIZATIONS Gem Raleigh Church of God Attend worship services, prayer meetings or weekly Sunday school. Located at 316 Watchet Place, Wake Forest, NC 27587 For Further Details: Pastor Thankachan Mathai - 919.395.6208 Gokul Bhajan and Vedic Studies Weekly satsang of parents and children singing bhajans and glorifying past times of Lord Krishna. Multimedia assisted programs every Friday 7 to 9pm at HSNC, Morrisville, NC. Children learn slokas, learn presentation skills, manage and lead various projects such as book distribution, charity for cow protection, food for poor, and prison seva. For Further Details: 919.491.9536 Grihastha Family Institute Grihastha Family Institute offers parenting workshops for the parents of 6 to 16 old in Cary, NC. These workshops are free and conducted in collaboration with AID-INDIA, a non-profit organization. There are three workshops: 1. Essentials of Parenting; 2. Rate your Parenting; 3. Know your Child For Further Details: Heritage India association of NC (HIaNC) Heritage India Association of NC aims at providing Indian cultural experience through performing arts, cultural arts, fine arts & crafts of India. Its mission is “to preserve and promote Indian heritage and culture.” During the year, the association presents several events and also coordinates Indian dances for the main stage performances for the Raleigh International Festival. For Further Details:

Community Classes: Jain pathshala, Hindi classes, Sanskar Gurkul Classes, Tamil classes, Balmukund classes; Youth Affairs: Ohm Squad is the youth wing of HSNC involved in the youth activities like camp, games, craft and arts. Located at 309 Aviation Parkway, Morrisville, NC and serves the greater Triangle area. For Further Details: Saroj Sharma - 919.654.5224 Trilok Pillai (manager) - 919.599.6597 Hindu Swayamsevak Sangh (HSS) The HSS conducts activities to develop character and leadership skills in participants, emphasizing values such as self-discipline, self-confidence and a spirit of selfless service (seva) for humanity while maintaining Hindu cultural identity in harmony with the larger society. HSS is inspired by the idea that the whole world is one family. HSS has over 100 chapters (shakhas) across the country. Activities are tailored to include yoga, games, songs, lectures and discussions on Hindu dharma and culture. For Further Details: (click Chapter Locations on the Top Left, then select North Carolina) HumSub HumSub is dedicated to sharing the social and cultural traditions of India with the residents of the Research Triangle Park and North Carolina. Upcoming Events: Celebrating Basant Bahar in Spring 2016. For Further Details: 919.371.4470 Immanuel assembly of God A full Gospel Christian church serving the Indian / South Asian community in Raleigh and RTP area of North Carolina. The Church is located at 5419 S. Alston Ave, Durham, NC 27713. For Further Details: 919.442.8537

Hindi Vikas Mandal of NC Hindi Vikas Mandal (HVM) based in the RTP area, promotes study and appreciation of Hindi Language, and strives to foster Indian culture and traditions through Hindi. HVM has special focus on the youth from the preservation of Indian heritage. Every year HVM has been organizing Kavi-Sammelan (Poetry Reading); Independence Day Function with over a dozen other Indian organizations of the RTP area participate in this function where HVM takes the lead; celebrates Dushera Festival and a members’ picnic. HVM also conducts weekly Hindi classes (10:30 - 11:30am on Sundays) at HSNC for children. For Further Details: Saroj Sharma - 919.460.7830

India Development & Relief Fund (IDRF) The Triangle chapter of IDRF supports volunteer-based, honest and highly experienced non-governmental organizations (NGOs) in India in serving their populations’ critical needs around education, childcare, healthcare, women empowerment and tribal welfare, as well as relief and rehabilitation in times of natural disasters. For Further Details:

Hindu Society of North Carolina The Hindu Society of NC temple is open daily from 7:00am 9:00pm. Morning Aarti: Mon-Fri 10.30am, Sat-Sun 10:00am. Evening Aarti: Mon-Fri 8:00pm, Sat-Sun 6:00pm. There are many other regular events taking place at the temple. All major religious celebrations are observed. Facility rentals are also available. Priest services are available at your home and/or at the Temple at a nominal charge. Activities: Yoga, Hinduism and Meditation classes; Weekend

Indian american Forum for Political Education (IaFPE) IAFPE is the oldest and largest Indian American organization for political education with numerous chapters throughout the United States. The North Carolina Chapter is in Raleigh and is motivated to educate the community on political issues and help the community with various services. Support is needed from the community and members to help the chapter grow and provide relevant services and informative events. For Further Details:


January 2016

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COMMUNITY ORGANIZATIONS Indian Classical Music & Dance Society (ICMDS) ICMDS is dedicated to the task of promoting Indian classical music and dance in the Triangle area. ICMDS invites top artists from all over the world to perform in the Triangle area. For Further Details: Indian Talent Discovery Foundation ITDF was established to promote any form of art that has originated in India. The primary objective of the foundation is to encourage local talent to excel in the chosen art to become professionals. The art can be in any form such as Indian Classical and Bollywood dance, Indian music, Astrology, Numerology, Palmistry, traditional medicine, Vaasthu Shastra, and so on. For Further Details: Indo-american Friendship Foundation The foundation works to improve Friendship between the People of India and USA through Cultural and Technological Exchanges. For Further Details: InStepp InStepp is located in Durham and its mission is to create a vibrant community by empowering women who’ve come up against some challenges in their lives to rise above those challenges and succeed personally and professionally through innovative, genderresponsive training, educational and prevention services. Services include employment & career counseling, resume development, skills training, federal and state benefits application, financial and tuition assistance, community and college referrals, computer skills training and more. InStepp welcomes all women from South Asia and understands the differences in customs and religions across South Asia and can provide services in many South Asian Languages. For Further Details: 919.680.8000 International Buddhist Progress Society - NC Temple All are invited to the temple, which is open from 10:00am - 5:00pm Tuesday through Sunday, with Sunday services at 10:00am followed by a free vegetarian lunch. The temple is located at 2529 Prince Drive, Raleigh NC 27606. For Further Details: 919.816.9866 International Community Church ICC is a worship center for people from India and neighboring countries. Church services at Reedy Creek Baptist Church 1524 N. Harrison Avenue Cary, NC 27513 For Further Details: 919.233.2900 Pastor: Joseph B. Jesudason

International Hindi association IHA promotes Hindi language and literature and has chapters all over the United States. The Raleigh Chapter periodically organizes Kavi Sammelans with local and indigenous talents. Open to those interested in listening to poetry or in reciting poetry. For Further Details: Saroj Sharma - 919.656.5224 Sudha Om Dhingra - 919.678.9056 International Swaminarayan Satsang organization (ISSo) ISSO is a socio-religious organization and its primary objective is to advance the Sanatan Dharma in accordance with the principles and teachings of Shree Swaminarayan Sampradaya, founded and ordained by Bhagwan Shree Swaminarayan Himself. ISSO RaleighDurham chapter organizes a regularly scheduled biweekly “Satsang Sabha,” every other Saturday, at HSNC Cultural Hall (309 Aviation Pkwy., Morrisville, NC-27560), which includes Kirtan bhakti, Katha, Aarti and Mahaprasad. Pujya Santo visit often to impart the divine knowledge of Swaminarayan Bhagwan. For Further Details: 919.964.1008 ISKCoN New Goloka Temple of NC New Goloka temple is a member of the International Society for Krishna Consciousness. The Radha-Krishna temple is in a rural setting at 1032 Dimmocks Mill Rd. Hillsborough, NC. Visitors are welcome any day of the week to come have darshan of Sri Sri Radha Golokananda. Every Sunday at 4:00pm, there is a special program consisting of arati, kirtan, Bhagavad-gita discourse, and a prasadam feast. From 4:30 - 5:30pm, there is a Sunday School program for children ages 3-7 and 8-12. Children take part in learning Bhagavad-gita slokas and bhajans, understanding the basic philosophy, reciting and hearing stories from the Vedas. New Goloka also provides educational classes and programs for adults. New Goloka Daily Darshan Times 4:30 - 5:00am, 7:15am - 1:00pm, 4:15 - 5:45pm, 7:00 - 8:00pm. Saturday and Sunday Darshan open from 7:15am - 8:00pm. For Further Details: 919.593.6827 Kiran Kiran is a community based South Asian organization promoting self-reliance and empowerment of South Asian women and men who are in domestic violence through crisis counseling and intervention, language assistance and translation and resource referrals in a confidential manner. Services offered at Kiran are confidential and free of charge. The organization spreads awareness about causes and effects of domestic violence in the community and cooperates with organizations in the USA and elsewhere with similar objectives. Kiran assists and provides information on referrals to professional and community services regarding legal issues, health care, short-term child care, psychological counseling, and temporary shelter and housing. For Further Details: 24 Hour Crisis Hotline: 877.625.4726 919.839.6203 106

January 2016

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January 2016

COMMUNITY ORGANIZATIONS Lakulish yoga and Health Retreat Lakulish Yoga and Health Retreat is a secluded resort in Caswell County. It is a place of natural beauty that stimulates a spirit of detachment and inspires and uplifts visitors. This resort is hallowed by a Yogi, a Sannyasi who ensures that the true practice of Dharma and Yoga flourishes here, offering the NC community and visitors an ongoing program of free Yoga Classes. The classes are offered each Wednesday from 6:00 - 8:00pm, and each Saturday from 11:00am - 1:00pm. Located at 8136 NC Highway 119 South, Mebane, NC. For Further Details: 336.421.0690 Maitri A student organization at NC State that aims at unifying various cultures at university. The organization works to help and support Indian students at NC State, but also creates opportunities for them to immerse in the global culture while retaining their rich Indian identity. For Further Details: Nuv yug Nuv Yug is a cultural organization with a mission to promote awareness of Indian cultural arts and heritage. Striving to create synergy among various cultural groups from the South Asian region. Upcoming Events: March 19-20: India Fest, NC State Fairgrounds. Auditions Sat, Feb. 27. For Further Details: Pakistani american association The Pakistani-American Association (NCPAA) promotes Pakistani culture to all the communities in the Triangle Area of NC. Several events are presented during the year including a family dinner on the second Friday of every month. For Further Details: Pratham - Triangle area Pratham is a grass-roots organization that works towards universalizing primary education in India. It is one of the largest NGOs in field of literacy movement in India. Pratham continues to evolve, grow and works to meet the continually changing needs of the children it educates. The NC chapter actively aims to collaborate with individuals, local organizations and community associations and seeks ideas, volunteers and resources to deliver the vision of “Every Child in School and Learning Well.” For Further Details: Rajeev Thalla - Monica Awasthi - Professional Indians’ association PIA is a meetup that serves young South Asian professionals in the Triangle Community. The group is made of Indian professionals and grad students interested in cultural events, socializing and

meeting/making friends with like-minded people around the Triangle. Monthly events include meeting at bars/restaurants, Bollywood movie nights, potlucks, Indian concerts/performances, outdoor activities, community service and volunteering. It is an opportunity for professionals to share their thoughts on respective industries, social causes, the economy and politics. For Further Details: Raleigh Sai Center Parthi Sai devotees of Triangle area meet every Sunday from 4:00 - 6:00pm in the Mini-Hall of Hindu Bhavan in Morrisville. There will be Study circle, Bhajan Practice, Veda Chanting etc. during the 4:00 - 5:00pm slot depending on the week, followed by bhajans from 5:00 - 6:00pm. The center carries out several service activities as well, including Human Values Education (SSE) classes for the children of different age groups. For Further Details: Rakesh Huria (President) - 919.244.1263 Ramakrishna Vedanta Society of NC The Society draws inspiration from the timeless, philosophical wisdom of the Vedanta as practiced and preached in the modern day by Sri Ramakrishna, Sri Sarada Devi and Swami Vivekananda. Practical Vedanta and the message of the harmony of religions and the spiritual oneness are studied. Regardless of background and/or knowledge the organization welcomes participants. For Further Details: RTP Maharashtra Mandal The Mandal is a home away from home for Marathi-speaking people. The goal of the Mandal is to advocate the vibrant culture, the rich heritage and the language of Maharashtra. The Mandal is dedicated to showcase the cultural, social and traditional attributes of Maharashtra to the local community through variety of entertaining programs, and events. For Further Details: Mohana Dighe - 919.378.1947 Sameer Mohile - 919.851.8799 Sahaj Marg Meditation - Triangle area Sahaj Marg translates to “The Natural Path.” It is a simple system of Raja Yoga meditation and spiritual practice that helps one realize the ultimate potential within oneself. Regular spiritual practice under capable guidance enables aspirants to progressively experience the sublime presence of the divine in their daily lives. Sahaj Marg system of meditation is freely offered to seekers worldwide through Shri Ram Chandra Mission. In Triangle area, group meditations are held on Sunday and Wednesday. For Further Details: Raj Solanki - 919.303.7447, Sahaja Meditation Ongoing meetings, seminars and workshops are available in Raleigh. There is never any charge for Sahaja Meditation instruction. RSVP in meetup: Sahaja-Meditation-Triangle-Group Thursdays at 7:30pm. 108

January 2016


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January 2016

COMMUNITY ORGANIZATIONS Located at 9308 Fairbanks Dr, Raleigh, NC. For Further Details: 919.757.3135

Triangle Gujarati association (TGa) TGA’s mission is to promote and serve Gujarati culture in the Triangle area by organizing various events and programs throughout the year and impart Gujarati culture and language on the youth. For Further Details:

Sky Meditation and Kaya Kalpa yoga Benefits include longevity, wellness and stress management. Triangle Sky Meditation group holds weekly group meditation and simplified physical exercises every Friday in Cary for those who have attended Shri Vethathiri Maharishi’s Kaya Kalpa Yoga course. Kaya Kalpa Yoga Courses are held several times a year for anyone 14 years and above. For Further Details: 919.830.9764

Triangle Rang Mandal Devotees of Pujya Sri Rang Avdhoot Maharaj meet every Saturday in Cary or Raleigh from 8:30 - 10:30pm to sing devotional Dattatreya Bhajans and Datta-Bavani in a spiritual atmosphere. Special programs are organized on Guru Purnima and Rang Jayanti and on the occasion of Pujya Sri Prem Avdhoot Bapji’s annual visit to the US. For Further Details:

South Indian Fine arts academy (SIFaa) SIFAA is a non-profit organization that works to arrange and promote concerts and performances in the Triangle and Triad areas, concentrating on Carnatic music. For Further Details: 919.773.1580

Triangle Vegetarian Society (TVS) The mission of TVS is to build a sense of community between current vegetarians and people who are interested in vegetarianism and have a forum for a discussion of issues. For Further Details:

SV Temple of North Carolina The temple is built on over nine acres of centrally connected triangle area. This grand tribute to Lord Venkateswara and his consorts is designed to exacting standards of shilpa shasthra and features the only shrine in North America to incorporate abodes to Lord Viswaksena and Lord Sudarshana/Lord Narasimha as part of Srinivasa Parivaram. The temple rituals are performed in accordance with Pancharathra Agama Shastra. For Further Details: 919.468.0040

Triangle Vipassana Vipassana, which means to see things as they are, is one of India’s most ancient techniques and was taught 2500 years ago as a universal remedy for universal ills. The Triangle Vipassana meditation group holds weekly group sittings in Cary and Raleigh on Thursday, Saturday, and Monday and 3-hour sitting on 3rd Sunday each month, and one day sitting once every few months for established students (those who have taken at least one ten-day course). There is no charge for the course. For Further Details: 732.213.9660

Tamil Cultural association of North Carolina (TCa NC) TCA NC was formed for the purpose of providing youths with exposure to Tamil culture. Everyone is invited to join TCA and become part of the organization promoting Tamil culture in the Triangle area. For Further Details:

Urdu Majlis Urdu Majlis, the Triangle’s Urdu Literary Society, meets monthly in the FedEx Global Education Center on the campus of UNC Chapel Hill. Meetings include discussions of the life and works of major South Asian poets as well as opportunities to share original poetry and other writing. Urdu Majlis is co-sponsored by the Carolina Asia Center and the South Asia Section of the UNC Dept. of Asian Studies. It is an intellectual endeavor with no political or Triangle area Telugu association (TaTa) TATA is committed to building a vibrant Telugu Community and religious affiliations. promoting Telugu culture and language in the Triangle area of For Further Details: Afroz Taj - - 919.851.1119 North Carolina. Ashraf Faruqi - - 919.596.4792) For Further Details: Vaishnav Samaj of Triangle area A group of like-minded devotees who meet for religious worship and understand Pushti Marg Principles at large. Regular Bhajan Triangle Bangladesh Society (TBSNC) TBSNC strives to arrange musical programs by artists who have recitations are held 2nd Sunday of the month from 4:00-6:00pm and captured the hearts and minds of millions of Bengali, Urdu and Seniors are requested to encourage youngsters to participate in the activities. Hindi-speaking music fans all around the globe. For Further Details: For Further Details: Arvindbhai Shah - 919.233.7677 Vithalbhai Shah - 919.803.9027


January 2016



Photo By Chuck Eaton Photography

DJ HANgAMA dJ Service • Emcee • PA system • Lighting Make your once in a lifetime function an unforgettable event!!! Mehndi • Garba • Baraat • Weddings Reception • Birthdays • Graduations

MuSIC CoLLECtIon Hindi Remixes, Bhangra, Garba, Hip-Hop, Top 40

Our Presence at your occasion is considered an invitation that we take very seriously.

for booking Contact dJ Hangama

Rahma Zaghari 704.941.9467 Humam Bianouni 704.807.4638


Specializing in South Asian Weddings!

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International Community Church A WORSHIP CENTER FOR PEOPLE FROM INDIA AND NEIGHBORING COUNTRIES We Welcome you to Become a Part of This Loving Spiritual Family “For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son, that whoever believes in Him should not perish but have everlasting life.” John 3:16 (The Holy Bible) Pastor: Joseph B. Jesudason

Regular activities Worship Service - Sundays at 8:30 aM Child Care Available 1524, North Harrison avenue, Cary (Next to SaS Campus) Children’s Sunday School & adult Bible Study - Sundays at 11 aM 1215 Jones Franklin Rd Suite 204 Prayer Fellowship - Wednesdays at 7:00 PM Meet at Four Zones at host families Raleigh, Durham, Apex, Cary, Morrisville, Holly Springs & Chapel Hill

SERVING GoD aND THE CoMMUNITy SINCE JUNE 1984 Zakar Bible Club: Character development of children through memorization of God’s powerful & redemptive word. Please send your child and receive guaranteed life lasting blessing.

Church office: 1215 Jones Franklin Road, Suite 204 Raleigh, NC 27606 (919) 233-2900 or (919) 467-4435 (Residence) We welcome you to come and receive a blessing through this evangelical, Christ-centered, Bible-based, non-denominational, loving, caring, mission-minded spiritual family church.


January 2016

COMMUNITY ORGANIZATIONS Vibha Raleigh Vibha is dedicated to creating a brighter future for underprivileged children. The Raleigh Action Center has a group of energetic and enthusiastic volunteers from varied backgrounds, including working professionals and students. This group came together through a strong belief in Vibha’s mission and resolved to create a positive societal impact in India. The group works to organize social events that spread awareness and raise funds to further the organization’s mission. For Further Details:

Hindi, Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam, etc.) and Sunday Worship services are at 11:30 a.m. Located at the Fort Mill Church of God, Student Life Center Building, 216 Academy Street, Room 102. Fort Mill, SC. For Further Details: 803.792.7223 Pastor Rajan Samuel -

Carolina Buddhist Vihara (Greenville, SC) Regular beginner meditation program conducted by a Buddhist Monk. Activities are held Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday evenings: 6:30pm (puja), 7:00pm (meditation), and 8:00pm Vraj Education Raleigh Kendra (“Dhamma” talk or discussion). A youth program is also held once The Vraj Education Raleigh Kendra is conducting comprehensive a month. weekly teaching of Hinduism and Pushtibhakti Marg backed by For Further Details: Vraj Temple Pennsylvania. Raleigh Vaishnav children will get an opportunity to recognize, learn, and exercise Pushtimarg guidelines and leverage rich Shri Vallabh Mahaprabhuji heritage Hanahan Table Tennis Training Center to improve individual life style. There are no membership fees of any kind to play at HTTTC. Free For Further Details: open play and training, USATT league. Informal free coaching as for timing and location information. time permits. Open to all levels of players from recreational to competitive. The center is located at City of Hanahan Gym, 1255 Yeamans Hall Rd., Hanahan, SC (Adjacent to the Police Station). Regional For Further Details: Hindu Society of Eastern NC (Greenville, NC) The temple celebrates major festivals and holds regular bhajan Hindu Society of Greater Spartanburg seesions and Geeta study. A daily Aarti is conducted at 7:00pm, Balvihar classes are from For Further Details: 10:00 - 11:45am on scheduled Sundays, and Satsang is on second Temple - 252.752.2670 Sunday of every month from 5:00 - 7:00pm. Temple is located on B.S. Srivatsa - 508.654.0360 1130 Fairview Church Road in Boiling Springs, SC 29303. For Further Details: 864.599.7048 Sri Mata Shakthipeetham of NC The mission of this organization is to establish Sri Mata Hindu Temple and Center (Columbia, SC) Shakthipeetham for the Hindu community of North Carolina, offer The temple is located at 5704 Kiawah Road, Columbia, South worship, and conduct pujas. Lewisville, NC. Carolina 29212. It is open on weekdays between 8:30am to 12:00 For Further Details: noon and between 5:00 pm and 8:30 pm. On weekends, the temple is open between 8:30am to 1:00pm and 5:00pm to 8:30pm. Bal Gokulam (Sunday School) classes are held every Sunday from Sri Somesvara Temple 10:30am to 12:00 noon. Classes are designed to help children build Sri Somesvara Temple is located near Asheville at 95 Mount Soma physical, mental, cultural, social & spiritual lives. Blvd., Clyde, NC 28721. There are regular pujas, aarti, and special For Further Details: events. Major festivals are celebrated. 803.772.6940 For Further Details: 828.476.4073 India assoc. of Greater Charleston (IaGC) The IAGC was founded in Charleston to bring together people who were interested in India and to provide a forum to increase the american South asian Cultural assoc. of Columbia, SC understanding of the heritage of India in US. The Association’s fundamental goal is to increase cultural For Further Details: awareness and develop cultural understanding among American South Asian Community in Columbia area. A monthly Lunch meeting is held on the Second Sunday of every month between 1 International Fellowship Church of Greenville, SC to 3 pm ($9 per person charge). The church offers Sunday worship services and other weekly and For Further Details: occasional activities for people of Indian origin within the Contact in the evenings: 803.233.7042 Greenville, SC area. 512.547.7077 For Further Details: Pastor Suhas Raiborde - 864.234.1256 Bethel Christian Fellowship The Fellowship offers services in various Indian languages (i.e.

South Carolina


January 2016

sePA consulting kirti h. shah, cPA certified Public Accountant

Offering premier accounting, tax, and consulting services in Charlotte, north Carolina since 2001

• Year-round accounting and bookkeeping services • Quarterly and yearly payroll and tax services • Tax preparation / planning for individuals & businesses • Compilation, review, and audit of financial statements • Assistance in new business setup

Clinical SAS Training and Placement

Fax: 704.588.0022 10960 Winds Crossing Drive Suite 400 Charlotte, NC 28273

Vyas travels

Anova Groups provides clinical SAS training with a rigorous and comprehensive curriculum. The training equips you well to find competitive jobs in Pharmaceutical companies and CROs. Technical education background not required. H4 EAD welcome.

Deal With Someone You Trust!

or pF Re RS s a OU lin aro S T l C ING a i K fic Of OX & C


• Tours, Cruises & More • Rates from India Available • Great Service and Rates • ARC & IATAN approved agency • Tours to Europe, India, Asia, & United States.

3322 Daniel Place Dr., Charlotte NC 28213 e-mail:

Phone: (800) 253-1960


704.569.8220 or 704.724.5981 Ahmadabad Office: Vyas Travels Devashish, Near Klassic Gold Hotel Navrangpura, Ahmadabad Phone: 26561422, 26444422


January 2016

COMMUNITY ORGANIZATIONS Kannada association of Greater Greenville (KaGG) An organization devoted to the awareness and promotion of Kannada culture in the Greater Greenville area of SC. KAGG is a primarily run by volunteers and invites Kannadigas living in and around Greenville area to participate in the organization. Kannada classes for children are also conducted. For Further Details: 864.430.4973 Masjid Noor-UL-Huda On the first and third Saturday of every month from 6:00 - 8:00pm, Islamic session is held by Hafiz Mohammed Basheer. Quranic Reading classes for children are also conducted daily. The Mosque is located at 517 Winmet Dr., Columbia, SC. For Further Details: Dr. Shami - 803.749.0827 Qari Abdul Khader Multani - 803.740.5127 Mosque main number - 803.754.2632 Spartanburg Buddhist Center The center’s resident monks seek to preserve Theravada Buddhist traditions and welcomes all who are interested in Buddhism, Southeast Asian culture, or meditation. Since the center opened in 2010, a regular English-speaking group meets at 6:00pm on Thursdays for meditation, a brief Dhamma talk, and short discussions. The center is located at 770 Bryant Rd., Spartanburg SC 29303. For Further Details: 864.279.7546 Telugu association of Greater Greenville The Telugu Association of Greater Greenville, SC, serves the Telugu community of the Greenville/Spartanburg area of South Carolina. The group sponsors several events throughout the year. For Further Details: Vedic Center of Greenville Daily Aarti is conducted Monday - Friday at 8:00pm. Bal Vihar classes are conducted Sundays from 11:15am - 12:30pm. Sri Venkateshwara Suprabhatam is held on 2nd Saturday of each month at 9:00am. The Center is located at 499 Bethel Road in Mauldin, S.C. 29662. For Further Details: 864.967.2852

919-629-6199 704-302-1215

Saathee M a g a z i n e

free Subscription (nC & SC) name: ______________________ ______________________________ address: _____________________ ______________________________ ______________________________ Phone: ______________________ Date: _________________________ e-mail: _______________________

Mail to: saathee Magazine subscriptions Po Box 11468 Charlotte, NC 28220

Send your organization’s events and happenings to Saathee by the 15th of the month and we will publish them here in the Community organizations section in the following month’s issue as well as online. Send to:

Tushar barot, Agent 110 Osterville Drive Holly Springs, NC 27540

or subscribe on line at e-mail to: Fax: (704) 527-7590 Call: (704) 527-7570 NOTE: The mailing list information is kept strictly confidential. We DO nOT sell our mailing list to outside agencies and the phone number is used to verify your address. Shukla Entertainment does use the mailing list to mail Saathee Magazine advertising supplemental fliers, mailers, etc. Moving? Please drop us a line so we can update your mailing address. 114

January 2016

The Carolinas’ Premier restaurant & Caterer SUP








INDIAN CUISINE Open 7 Days a week for Buffet Lunch & Dinner A La Carte

Your Catering Specialists

• Full Service Catering in North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia, & Virginia • Business / Corporate Functions, Weddings, Birthdays, Holidays, Community Gatherings, etc. • Preferred Caterers for Hyatt, Sheraton, Marriott, Embassy Suites, Westin Hotels, Ritz-Carlton, Columbia Convention Center, Ballantyne Hotel and more. • Place your Catering Order or make Reservations Online!

“Best of the Best” - News & observer

“Chicken Tikka Masala Rated in Top 10 Dishes...” - News & observer

Catering hotline:

Nishal Sethi: 704.542.3933 Naval Sethi: 919.260.8588 1.877.266.2296 or order on-line. Email:

Tower Place

8706 Pineville-Matthews Rd Charlotte, NC 28226

Tel: 704.542.3933 Established 1989


Note: * denotes abbreviation of the word or phrase Clues across: 1. The male spouse in a marriage. 8. A light wooden frame, covered with paper to be flown with wind, at the end of a string. (On the Uttarāyan day!) 12. Situated within; on the inside. 14. National Reconnaissance Office. (*) 15. A queen of Thebes, daughter of Tantalus. (Greek Myth.) 16. Neoconservative. (*) 18. Cupola; a hemispherical roof on a round base. 19. Mahatma ___, India’s freedom fighter (Bāpu). 20. Not changed. 22. Cathode. (Kathode). (*) 24. Jesus Christ. (*). 25. Illinois. (*) 26. A canvas like cotton cloth used to stiffen hems/lapels. 28. A group of islands in the West Indies; Cap. Nassau. 31. Teaching Assistant. (*) (a student in graduate school.) 32. Alternating Current. (*)33. A bad-tempered or malicious; esp. of a lady. 35. Fairfield University. (*) 36. Sliding sideways, as a car not gripping the road on ice. 38. ___ Lanka (island South of India in the Indian Ocean). 39. To destroy, spoil or damage irreparably. 40. A rotating disk of roulette, used for gambling. 42. The age of the moon in days on January 1. 44. The sign by which one infers a thing. 45. Positive photograph taken directly on thin plate of blank enameled iron coated with sensitized emulsion. 46. An acronym for Middle East and North Africa region.

Clues Down: 1. A practitioner of the dominant religion of India. 2. The national flag of United Kingdom. 3. Any enlarged storage part of digestive system; a belly. 4. Ferdinand August ____, German Socialist leader and a writer (1840-1913). 5. The basic unit of land area in Metric system. = 100 Sq. m. 6. Northern Ireland. (*) 7. The God of thunder: identified with the Norse Thor. 9. A unit of length in FPS system = 1/12 foot. 10. A Russian sleigh, drawn by three trained horses abreast. 11. A major unit of geological time, subdivided into eras. 13. Bring back into good condition. 17. Queerness, strangeness. 19. A colored, translucent sheet placed over stage lights. 21. Shyness. 23. Island of the Leeward group in the West Indie: 60 mile² 27. Georgia. (*) 28. A container made of interwoven cane, wood strips etc. 29. Kidnap; to take (a person) unlawfully and by force. 30. System Change Notice. (*) 34. Highway. (*) 35. Gaseous, inert compound used as refrigerant. 37. A country in SW Asia; formally Persia. Cap. Tehran 38. Southeast by east. (*) 41. An interj. used to hesitate to anther person’s statement. 43. The sixteenth letter of the Greek alphabet. (π) 44. Split end. (*) (Football)

(Puzzle solutions are on next page. NO peeking!)

Hee Hee A politician visited a prison and began delivering a new year welcome speech to the convicts. They refused to listen to him saying that it is not included in the prison sentence! •••••••••••••• Booddhoo: “Guru, when the engineer says to the client that ‘the design will be finalized in the next reporting period’, what does it mean?” Guru: “We haven’t started the job yet, but we have to say something.” •••••••••••••• Husband: “Did you forget your wedding vows?” Wife: “So I forgot my wedding vows. Do you expect me to remember a conversation we had 25 years ago?” •••••••••••••• Taxi driver: “Sir, the brakes have failed and I cannot stop the car. What should I do?” Mafatlal: “Turn off the meter first.” •••••••••••••• 116

January 2016

Word Find (Created By Kirit Shukla) Find & circle the words in the puzzle. (Subject: “Some US National Parks”)

Math Magic Use these numbers only once: [2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9] in empty squares, to get = the final given answers. Note: Follow the order of operation per basic math rule: ×,÷, +, The multiplication or division is done before addition and subtraction. (solution on next page)



The unused 10 letters spell that means ”A Golden Pass,” issued by U. S. Government agency that can be used by U. S. Citizens 65 and older for lifetime free admission to all U.S. National parks.


(The common letters are “AB” - Fill in the blanks) 1. To diminish; to make less in amount. AB _ _ _ 2. A summary of a course of study. _ _ _ _ AB _ _ 3. A small size laboratory. _ _ _ _ _ AB 4. A material (like cloth) made from threads. _ AB _ _ _ 5. Skilled; competent. _ _ _ AB _ _ 6. Hurt by treating badly; mistreatment. AB _ _ _ 7. Cripple; incapacitate _ _ _ AB _ _ 8. A magic spell or formula. AB _ _ _ _ _ AB _ _ 9. A taxi. (in U.S.) _ AB 10. Delightful; charming. (Informal) _ _ _ _ AB _ _ 11. To give up (something) completely forever. AB _ _ _ _ _ 12. A plain curve which is a path of a moving point that remains equidistant from a fixed point (focus) and a fixed straight line called directrix. (Geometry) _ _ _ AB _ _ _ 13. Having much power of mid; skilled; talented. AB _ _ 14. A restaurant with dancing, singing etc. _ AB _ _ _ _ 15. Capital of Ethiopia. _ _ _ _ _ ABAB _ 16. To pay the penalty for (archaic). AB _ 17. A very cheap, dirty hotel. (Slang). _ _ _ AB _ _ 18. Infant; a very young child. _ AB _ 19. Easily upset or unbalanced. _ _ _ _ AB _ _ 20. A flat, broad and fairly thick piece. _ _ AB 21. A furniture having a flat top & set on legs. _ AB _ _ 22. Unrestricted; definite; not doubted. AB _ _ _ _ _ _ 23. A provincial deputy of the old Mogul emperor. _ _ _ AB 24. To authorize free trade; to make able. _ _ AB _ _ 25. Parts of a building constructed beforehand . _ _ _ _ AB (Puzzle solutions are on next page. NO peeking!) Kirit Shukla Contact him at


January 2016

Festivals & Holidays


Spot the Differences Solutions 1. boat in distance turned backwards 2. paddle changed to green 3. Insignia from boat removed 4. Cooler from inside boat removed. 5. Man’s shirt changed from orange to blue 6. Man removed 7. Lighthouse added 8. Rock added near boat 9. Man added 10. 2nd paddle changed to green

January 2016 Jan. 1 - New Year 2016 starts Jan. 4 - Pārshvanāth Jayanti Jan. 5 - Safalā Ekādasi Jan. 9 - Darsha Amās (No Moon) Jan. 12 - Swami Vivekananda Jayanti Jan. 15 - Makar Sankranti/ Pongal/ Uttarāyan Jan. 16 - Guru Govindsingh Jayanti Jan. 18 - Martin Luther king Day Jan. 20 - Putradā Ekādasi Jan. 23 - Shākambhari Purnima (Full Moon) Jan. 25 - Tu B’shevat Jan. 26 - Republic Day (India) Jan. 30 - Gandhi Nirvana Day


7 2 6




4 3 8

Feruary 2015 Feb. 2 - Ground Hog Day Feb. 4 - Shattilā Ekādasi Feb. 8 - Chinese New Year Feb. 9 - Mardi Gras Feb. 10 - Ash Wednesday Feb. 8 - Darsh Mauni/ Somavati (No Moon) Feb. 12 - Vasant Panchami Feb. 14 - Valentine Day Feb. 15 - Presidents’ Day Feb. 18 - Jayā Ekādasi Feb. 19 - Chhatrapati Shivāji Jayanti Feb. 20 - Vishvakarmā Jayanti Feb. 20 - Desert Day (Jaisalmer) Feb. 22 - Māghi Purnima (Full Moon) Feb. 22 - Guru Ravidās Jayanti

Puzzle Solutions

Math Magic


January 2016


Ribald Floral & Events Specializing in South Asian Weddings


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Free Hot Breakfast • Free Wireless Internet • Seasonal Heated Pool university Place: 8525 N.Tryon St. Charlotte, NC

Minutes from Oasis Temple & Hindu Center, UNCC & I-85 / I-77

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January 2016


General Predictions for January 2016

aRIES (Mar 20 - apr 20) -

LIBRa (Sep 23 - oct 23) -

Try to be practical. You will be inclined towards unproductive pursuits. A lack of confidence can lead you towards miserable times. An opportunity will be coming your way but you may not be able to utilize it. Your opponents will have an edge over you. Financially, the period is not negative but you would feel unhappy and uncomfortable. A minor health problem could also become apparent.

This month will make you very successful in any undertakings. Your working conditions will improve. Money will start flowing quite normally. Your deals with government and authorities will get through. You will compromise with your morals and principles to enjoy the time, but there could be a time when you feel impotent and behave like a coward. SCoRPIo (oct 23 - Nov 22) -

TaURUS (apr 20 - May 21) Success will be yours in whatever you undertake during first half of the month. Promotion and recognition will come your way. You will gain respect and good will. Your income will rise, but unexpected expenses could also be there to take that extra money away. You must curb your expenses to produce some savings. This time is extremely good for education and achievements.

You are likely to face several awkward situations in this month and may suffer as a result. You will not bend to the situations and the environment continues to worsen on account of your arrogance. Try to control your temperament. Even in these circumstances your money will flow quite rapidly. You will get positive opportunities, so try to grab them but act wisely. Your seniors nor your opponents will prove to be your enemy, but instead it could be you that loses an opportunity.

GEMINI (May 21 - Jun 21) -

SaGITTaRIUS (Nov 22 - Dec 21) -

You will get mixed results in this month. You will lose your confidence and learn from mistakes. Good faith and morality, rather than your intelligence, will help you in achieving financial success. You will be able to cut your expenses. Your bank balance will go up but don’t make quick decisions in business matters. Journey to far-off place is possible in the second half of the month.

You will be able to convince others through your eloquent speech. You will come in contact with knowledgeable and literate people. Your respect and reputation will get enhanced. With the force of your intelligence, you will be able to make big profit. You must avoid travel. If you follow advice from your parents, you may gain financial benefits. Don’t argue with your siblings or in-laws.

CaNCER (Jun 21 - Jul 22) -

CaPRICoRN (Dec 21 - Jan 20) -

Your social circle shall widen and family atmosphere will improve during this month. You will feel more secure. Even though there won’t be major increase in your income, your savings will rise. You will see tremendous decrease in your expenses. You will start looking for additional source of income and will get it by the end of month. Drive carefully to avoid mishaps.

Try to avoid family disputes. The time is excellent for journey. Time is also very good as far as love life is concerned. Take care of your health, as it is likely to create problems. Unexpected monitory gains are possible during this month. Your partner will prove to be very helpful and will drive you in the right direction. The time is not good for students. aQUaRIUS (Jan 20 - Feb 19) -

LEo (Jul 22 - aug 23) You will have strong desire and power to do things in a courageous way. Your confidence will be par excellence. You will get encouraging results with your job as well as monetary gains. You will develop new social relations. There are chances of venturing into new joint endeavor. Relaxing short distance travel is also possible. Don’t dispute with your parents.

There may be unexpected problems due to misunderstanding and aggression. Maintain cordial relations with the younger generation otherwise you may end up quarreling with them. Business matters should also to be dealt with after ascertaining all the facts. Your spouse could be your best help during this month. Your labor and hard work won’t be able to help you. PISCES (Feb 19 - Mar 20) -

VIRGo (aug 23 - Sep 23) You will experience ups and downs during this month. You will ignore any losses and will act very positive. Religious interruptions will disturb your self-confidence. You may also act like a hypocrite and will waste money on religious causes. Watch your partner if involved in a joint venture. Even though you have enough power to crush your enemies, you may not act aggressively.

You are likely to be involved in noble deeds. Don’t take on any kind of debt during this month. Your philosophy or ideology won’t help you to avoid health problems. Your destiny will rule you and you simply flow under its power. You will try to be nice to your opponents even though they will try to harm you. You may experience a minor setback in your income.


By Jalendu Vaidya • Contact: 973-223-5047 January 2016


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Hingoo & Party Music for All Occasions!

Raas Garba, Bhajans, Bollywood Songs for Mehndi, Weddings, Birthday Party, Corporate Event, Anniversary and all your musical needs.

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North Carolina

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New Jersey


Jersey City, Iselin, Cherryhill


Open 7 Days a Week! Rajbhog Cafe of Morrisville

Rajbhog of Charlotte, NC

3607 Davis Drive, Suite 111 Morrisville, NC 27560 Tel: 919.585.5333 Fax: 866.509.1536

Pinnacle Point 9539 Pinnacle Drive #100 Charlotte, NC 28262 (3 Miles from Ikea) Tel: 704.909.7783 Fax: 704.248.7705



January 2016


990-5200. Motel for Sale in Columbia, SC. 14 units w/ Owner Residence. Asking $299k. Contact or or call 803796-4469. Convenience store/Gas station for Sale on intersection in Columbia, SC. In business for last 19 years. Call 803479-2913. Motel for sale: 102 rooms flagged in Hardeeville SC with an estimated gross revenue for 2015 of $1.375M. For details email: Indian Grocery Store for Sale: Open for 10+ years; great location in the Triangle area of NC. For details call 919-274-6181 or 919-272-6277 Gas Station / Convenience store for Sale in Greenville, SC area. BP brand gas. Call 864-205-3825. Grocery Store & Halal Meat Shop for Sale in Morrisville, NC. Serious buyers only. Please call 336-613-5521. Businesses for Sale in the Ohio area. Call Atul Shah for details: 614.216.9094. 16 Room Independent Motel for Sale in McCormick, SC near Augusta, GA. Price $290k. Call Sam 706-401-0974.

LaND FoR SaLE: Learn about land in the apex, NC area (named the #1 place to live by Money Magazine). The Landman, Bob atkinson can help! Call 919-362-6999 or visit

Convenience Stores/Gas Stations for Lease or Sale in NC. Great opportunities with upside potential. Only serious inquiries; must have capital for goodwill / inventory. Please call 803-789-3133.

Eyebrow threader HELP WAntEd

For Sale/Lease: Excellent Space for Liquor Store, presently Dry Cleaners Convenience store for sale with with 3 bedroom apartment. Located in property in Lincolnton, NC. Good Greenville, SC. Call Jay 864-350-2571. location with potential to expand. Retail / C-Stores: Interstate C-Store: Priced to sell. Call 704-813-2462. Blacksburg, SC $195K + Inv, GR $3.2M; C- Store: Chapel Hill, NC $45K Motels for Sale in North & South + Inv, GR $750K; General Store: Carolina Baymont Inn, 57 Rooms Danbury, NC $549K + Inv, GR $2M CHampton Inn, 50 Rooms Motel 6, 140 store on River Call 704-821-8888 or Rooms. Contact Surendar Shawn Paul visit with Crystal Business & Realty at 864-


now hiring experienced female

Eyebrow threaders.

for Cary, nC Salary plus tips & Commission. Please call or e-mail for details: 773-507-8848 or 773-999-3324


Part-time / Full-time Cashier needed for C-store off I-77 in Rock Hill, SC. Please call Hasmukh Patel 704-907-5884.

Night auditor/Front Desk Needed: All shifts for franchise hotel in Fort Convenient store for rent in Cherryville, Mill, SC. Part-time/full- time. Must NC. Store is currently closed. Call 803- have experience, legal status, fluent 235-6672 or 803-235-6671. English and computer skills. For couple we will provide EMPLOYMENT OPPORTUNITIES: accommodations. E-mail Loving and Reliable Part-Time Babysitter needed: Mon-Fri, 1pmGas station & Subway help wanted: 6pm to care for 2.5 and 6 year old Full/ Part-time in Richburg near Rock children. Harrisburg Area near Hill, SC. Must speak English & have UNCC. Call 704-641-1564 for details. legal status. Please call 704-737-7230. Help Wanted: Tandoori Chef for Help Wanted: Need single or couple for Indian restaurant in Georgia. Please front desk at franchise hotel in Raleigh, contact 706.877.1795. NC. Must speak English & have legal Full-time babysitter needed M-F in status. Accommodations provided. Ballantyne area. Must be able to Email: manage own transportation. Contact Gas Station Help Wanted: Full-time 980-621-8436. Single or Couple in Columbia, SC. Couple Needed to manage motel in Experience Preferred. Must speak NC. Must speak English. Excellent English. Call 803-466-5861. pay. Accommodations provided. Call Hotel Help Wanted in Charlotte. 910-817-4313 or 910-895-5231. Front desk all shifts. Must have Cook/Household Help Wanted in experience, legal status, fluent English south Ballantyne/Waxhaw area Mon- and computer skills. For couple we Fri. Must have own transportation. will provide accommodations. E-mail Contact 704-965-6943. Hotel Help Wanted in Greensboro. Front desk/supervision day shifts. Experience a plus. Must have legal status and fluent English. Accommodations provided. Call Kiran 336-558-8195. Household Help Needed in University City area (Arbor Hills) 2-3 times a week for 2-3 hours daily. $10/hr. Must be able to drive. Experience needed. Call 704-654-5361. 122

South Indian Cook needed for residentce in Ballantyne area. Preferably between 2-4pm on most days. Should have own transportation. Call 704-968-1237. Experienced Threading Practitioners or Licensed Esthetician in Charlotte & Raleigh. New locations now open. Full or part-time. Great pay and flexibility. Experience required. Good English skills. Please call 980-322-1110 (M-F 9-5).

January 2016

CNas / PCas Wanted: Always Best Care is hiring CNAs / PCAs to care for Seniors. Call 919-449-8138 or apply online at Help Wanted: Looking for full time cashier at gas station. Must be able to lift heavy objects. Experience is a plus. Located 45 mins outside of Raleigh. If interested call 336-509-4054. Night audit/ Front desk help wanted for Franchise motel in Charlotte, NC. Full-time / Part-time. Must have experience, honest, reliable, and fluent in English. Call Nina 704-299-3364. Gas Station Help Wanted: Couple, full-time in McCormick, SC (near Greenwood & Augusta) & Lincolnton, GA. Must speak fluent English & have legal status. Good pay. Call 704299-8535. Hotel Help Wanted in Charlotte. Competitive salary and accommodations provided. Front desk - all shifts (experience a plus) & housekeeper. Must be fluent in English. Call 704-765-1447 or e-mail Subway & store help wanted in Greensboro NC. Single or couple full / part time. Must speak fluent English, have computer knowledge & legal status. Please call Bailey 704-737-1555. Hotel Management Firm Now Hiring: House keepers, front desk (must speak fluent English), and General Manager of franchise hotels. Experience required. E-mail resumes to or call 704649-6833 (M-F, 9AM-5PM). Help Wanted: Looking for experienced, English speaking couple for housekeeping at Days Inn in NC. Must have legal status. Accommodations provided. Call Sam at 336-342-2800.

MATRIMONIAL Hindu Punjabi Khatri parents seek match for Canada born, US raised, dual-citizen daughter 24/54, slim, fair, very beautiful, ingrained Indian family values. Only responses from 24-28 yrs old, living in US or Canada w/ details and photographs considered. Contact:

SERVICES Music Lessons on the Harp for kids of all ages. For details, call 704-2214921 or send email Garland Design Studio By: GP. Flower shop for all occasions. E-mail or call 704-548-2852 | 704-779-0277. tudioByGp/ Feng Shui is an ancient Art of creating Abundance and Harmony in your life. Contact Abha Thakore for a Business / Personal Consultation. 864360-1237 or Gujarati Priest in NC & SC for Ganesh, Randal, Laxmi, Sharda Pujan, Satyanarayan Katha, Wedding, Vastu, Baby Shower, Hawan, Grah Shanti. Kishor Trivedi Home: 336774-0597 Cell: 336-486-7925 E-Mail: Mehandi (Henna): Award-winning artist in the Chapel Hill / Durham, NC area specializes in Mehandi parties. Perfect for weddings, birthdays & gettogethers. Creative & beautiful art! Contact: Krishna Priya Dasi: 919-8247734;;

Domestic help needed for Gujarati family in Rock Hill SC. Excellent cooking & cleaning skills required. Competitive salary & allowance for rent. Must be legal US resident and drive. Call 803-448-4820.

Dholi For Hire: Plays the Dhol (drum) for any occasion! Classes Available! Barat, Doli, Graduation, Birthdays, Baby Showers & any other festivity. Affordable rates! Call Arpan Bhandari 704-843-7202 or email:


Gujarati Priest: Devendra Dave Independent priest. Ganesh, Randal, Navratri, Diwaliâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Laxmi & Sharda Pujas, Satyanarayan Katha, Weddings, Vastu, Baby Shower, Funeral Seva. Call Daveji 704-780-3563. God Blessings to All.

Townhome for sale in South Charlotte near South Park Mall. Meyers Park High School feed zone. Great location. Email for details:


To all Gujarati families: Interested in learning everything Gujarati (culture, food, language, etc). If willing to add an additional house member, call Nik 803-579-1405. Priest available for the following services: Shree Satya narayan katha, Shanti hawan, Vastu shanty, Weddings, Baby shower, Bhumi pujan, Mata ki chowki pujan, Funeral, all types of karmakand. Please call Viral Bhatt 704-438-6334. astrologer With Gold Medals Jayanti Lad- Contact for Health, Wealth, Relationship, Child, Enemies, Court Cases, Marriage, Job, Business, Vastu Problems, Preparing & Matching Horoscope. Call 919-4635180 or Pretty Face - Indian beauty parlour. Threading, facials, waxing etc conveniently located at Ballantyne /South Charlotte area. Please call for appointment 704-726-8928. Neetaâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Beauty Parlor: Charlotte area open 7 days a week. Full service. Call for appointment. 704-968-0270. Pari Beauty In Matthews: Threading, Waxing, Facials, massage for new born and mom & other services. 26 years of experience. Special Deals & Great Service. Call: 704-846-7912. Live Band for Garba / Raas, Wedding songs, bhajans. Call 704-568-8206.

Saathee Classifieds Business ads are $25 Personal ads are $15 Upgrade to color or add a box for additional $10 ads posted daily (call for rates) We accept all credit cards and checks. Ads up to 25 words. Deadline for print is the 20th. Web ads daily.

How do I Submit classifieds? 1. on-line: (classified section) 2. e-mail: 3. Fax: 704.527.7590 4. For more info call 704.527.7570 Saathee Magazine PO Box 11468 Charlotte, NC 28220

January 2016

Advertisers Index A & V Satellites ......................................................3

Digital Room Photography ...................................25

Parekh, Smita (NY Life) ........................................61

Access Realty & Funding (Chandravadan Shah)....57

DJ Desi (Amit Vasi) ..............................................46

Passage To India - Fine Indian Cuisine..................39

Accounting Solutions (Muhammad Kamran Awan)..77

DJ Hangama ...................................................111

Patel Brothers (Charlotte) .....................................22

All Car Care.........................................................38

DJ Lalit (Lalit Hemnani) ........................................21

Patel, Champa (Real Estate)...............................107

Allure Brow..........................................................45

Duke Performances (Rez Abbasi Invocation Concert).6

Patel, Mrugesh (Law Offices) .............................109

Anand, Versha (Real Estate) .................................53

Eshaan Jewelers .................................................31

Patel, Tony (Real Estate) .......................................25

Anil Bedi & Associates PC (CPA & Consultants) ....53

Eye Brow Threader Wanted................................122

Pathak, Atul (Real Estate) .....................................55

Anova Groups (Clinical SAS Training & Placement)113

Fairview Home Mortgage.....................................75

Payal Groceries .................................................105

Aroma Indian Chinese Cuisine (Charlotte)...........103

Fashion and Jewelery..........................................33

Peacock Indian Cuisine (Charlotte) .......................27

Around The World Market (Charlotte)....................71

Fresh Dental .......................................................12

Piece Of India, Inc................................................15

Ashwini Kathak Dance Academy........................107

Friends Travel ....................................................121

Piedmont Health Care (Gastroenterologist V. Trivedi, MD) 48

Asian Divas (Makeup Artist/ Beauty Salon) .........109

Gandhi International Market.................................95

Puja Boutique (Charlotte) .....................................57

Asiana Fusion.Sushi ............................................16

Geological Resources, Inc. .....................................6

Rajbhog Foods ..................................................121

Aspect Commerical Realty (Prashant Parmar).......10

Global Mall / Legacy Jewels ..............................127

Rajdeep Video & Photography (Ramesh Panjabi) 119

Austin Village Eye Care (Dr. Keshav Bhat)..............87

Goehring & Strang PLLC (Immigration Law)

Regal Oaks Dental ..............................................97

Ayesh Mian (Wedding Planning and DĂŠcor) ..........25

Golden Green Hotel Char (Events & Meeting rooms)44

Ribald Floral and Events.....................................119

Ballantyne Tech Academy ....................................47

H2 Laser & Skin ..................................................87

Ritu Selects - India Inspired Couture.....................29

BAPS Shri Swaminarayan Mandir (Charlotte)........51

Hindu Center of Charlotte (Events) ..................64-67

Robert Brown LLC (Oza, Rishi: Immigration Law)...109


Barot, Tushar (State Farm)..................................114

Idolize Brows & Beauty ......................................93

Roop Beauty (Pooja Patel) ....................................61

Bashyam, Spiro & Coats, LLP (Immigration Law)...35

India Grocers (Charlotte) ......................................43

S S Event Services (Event planning, Photo, Video).21

Bhindi Jewellers ................................................2

International Community Church .......................111

Saathee Magazine Subscription Form ................114

Bipin Parekh Realty, LLC ......................................63

Jaipur Indian Restaurant (Charlotte)......................29

Saffron Restaurant and Catering ..........................11

Blakeney Dental ..................................................54

K & M Accounting..............................................107

Shah, Anish (Real Estate)...............................82-83

Blooming Buds....................................................91

Kasarla, Gopal & Veena (Real Estate & Mortgage).63

Shah, Kirti (CPA - Sepa Consulting) ..................113

Bombay Grille (Charlotte) ...................................115

Khanna & Sons Jewelers.....................................19

Shining Star Academy..........................................28

British International School of Charlotte ................23

Kirti Shah CPA .....................................................91

Shukla, Kirit (Music Lession & Band) ....................54

Carolina Law Group (Monty Desai) .......................85

Krut Systems (LED, Signs, Solar) ..........................17

Shyama Beauty Parlour .....................................105

Carolina Wedding Belle (Event Design & DĂŠcor)..111

Kumar, Kokila (Real Estate - Allen Tate)...............105

Singh Tutoring .....................................................25

Carolinas Christian Assembly ...............................91

LED Lights (Smart Energy Solutions- Hari Bol Inc)126

SJ Iyer Reatly ......................................................81

CaroMont Medical Group (Dr. Manu Patel)..........107

Lonestar Video Production & Photography............91

Sleep Inn (Charlotte) ..........................................119

Challa Law Offices, PLC (Immigration)..................75

Maadhurya Photography....................................125

South Charlotte Endocrinology (K. Narasimhan, MD)42

Charlotte Chess Club .........................................47

Maharani Indian Cuisine (Charlotte)....................101

Taylor Morrison (Homes Inspired by You)...............99

Charlotte Eye Ear Nose & Throat .........................58

Malani Jewelers ................................................128

Thakkar, Beena (Realty)..................................72-73

Charlotte Gastroenterology & Hepatology .............70

Malaya Kitchen (Charlotte) ...................................23

The Blue Taj.........................................................89

Charlotte Music School........................................11

Mathur, Gitanjali (Allen Tate Realtors)....................45

The SQL Academy...............................................57

Chaupatti (Casual Indina Kitchen - Charlotte)........49

Matthews Family Dentistry ..................................48

Travel Universe ....................................................69



Meena Jewelers (Zaveri Bazaar).............................9


Chugh Attorneys at Law.......................................41

Meghna Jewelers (sale and exhibitions) ...............37

Ttravel Guru ........................................................50

Concha, David (Immigration Attorney)...................78

Merrill Lynch (Monica Vadhear) ..........................79

Tyagi, Rita (Real Estate)........................................79


MyTripFare (Travel agent).....................................31

Uni World Travel...................................................53

County South Realty & Business Brokers..............93

Nationwide Ins. (Maqsood Khan) ........................113

Vallabh Pushti Samaj of Carolinas (VPSC).............59

Crown Cab Charlotte.................................23/48/87

Neeta's Beauty Parlor ..........................................54

Vyas Travels ......................................................113

Curry n' Cakes (Charlotte)....................................81

North American Bancard ......................................5

White Horse Weddings.........................................10

Dentist (Dr. Prashant Rao-Cedar Walk Dentistry).105

Nuv Yug India Fest ...............................................13

Woodlands Vegetarian Cuisine (Charlotte).............34

Dentist (Pineville Dentistry - Lina V. Mistry, DDS) .101

OM Tech Training ................................................81

Worldwide Travels ...............................................77

Desai, Rajarshi (CPA, PLLC) .................................16

OnCall Mobile Medical and Wellness .................78

Young Engineers Of Today....................................31

Devam Jewelers....................................................7

Pac N Fly (Travel Agency) .....................................21

Zafran Kabab Palace (Charlotte / Pineville) ...........61


January 2016

C a pturi n g th e Momen t

mAADHurYA pHOtOgrApHY & ViDeOgrApHY Photos & Videos for all Occasions at reasonable rates by professional photographers

• Engagement, Wedding & Reception • Portraits and Graduation • Cultural Events & Parties • Baby Showers • Corporate Events • Baby Pictures • Arangetrams & Ballerina Design and Creation of Banners

For further information on booking and rates contact

Ravinder at 919-523-4254 Email:

Member of professional photographers of America (PPA) Wedding & Portrait photographers International (WPPI) and Wedding photographic society (WPS) in good standing Nikon Professional Service


For Luxurious, Memorable Vacations And Business Trip Ticketing

The Carolinas’ Link To Wholesale Airline Tickets Serving the Carolinas for 26 years Your most Trusted & Reliable Travel Source in the Carolinas.

your Cruise & Worldwide tour Center! Tour Packages to India, Europe, Africa, Asia, Australia including New Zealand & Fiji, Hawaii, Bahamas, Mexico, Jamaica and many more places. Mon - Fri: 10am - 6 pm ● Sat: 11am - 2 pm. ● Sun: By Appointment

919. 380.9191

Fax: 919.460.9292 E-mail:

Consolidator for all MAJOR AIRLINES to India, Europe, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Middle East, Africa, Asia, the Far East, Australia, New Zealand, Fiji & any World Wide destination.

For Emergency & After Hour Service 919.868.9000 Cell

Near RTP, Durham, Cary & Morrisville. 2530 Meridian Parkway, Ste 300, Durham, NC 27713

Passport, Visa and other consular services.

(Exit 278 off I-40 for Hwy 55)


January 2016


Financing & installation available


LED Shoe Box

(LED Bulbs, Tubes, Sport, Flood Lights, etc.)


Serving all of

130W 13,000LM

35W, 60W, 150W, 320W

Downlights ENEGRy STAR

LED Panel

Duke Energy Rebate available 200W, 320W UL, cUL, DLC

PAR Bulbs

PAR 20 - 8w PAR 30 - 11w PAR 38 - 20w & 26w

2/2-40W-4000lm 2/4-72W-6900lm

9w 12w

Wall Packs

LSI Canopy Light

13W, 60W, 100W

Duke Energy Rebate available




Duke Energy Rebate available


wer Su

/Po Module w


$50.00 Duke Energy Rebate available









Retrofit Kit


50w 150w

100w 200w


704.835.1054 mr. Amit Patel: 980.254.4200 mr. rupal Patel: 704.287.3426

Serving all of nC & SC - 527 n. Polk St. • Pineville, nC Open: M-f 9am to 6pm, Sat 10 to 5 (1/2 Mile from Patel Brothers & same shopping center as India Grocers) Rebates Available with Duke Energy and other small utility companies in small towns. Call for details





Saathee Charlotte January 2016  

Bridging the Indian Subcontinent and America