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March 2022




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Hello Readers! Community events, shows, performances are coming back in full form as we approach springtime and a more normal era. See what's coming up beginning on page 18. March is national nutrition month. Read our nutrition column on page 22 to see how food and stress affect your health. Read our tribute to the legendary Kathak maestro Pandit Birju Maharaj on page 48. Getting ready for taxes? There are many benefits this year that may disappear later. Go to page 54 to read our Personal Finances column. The College Admissions Insider guides you on six steps to finding scholarships. Flip to page 60. It’s springtime. Learn how to make easy Curry Laksa in our recipe of the month on page 72. Thank you for continuing to read Saathee and please share it with family and friends. Drop us a line with any comments or suggestions. We welcome conversations.

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Holi at Bankey Bihari Temple, in the holy city of Vrindavan, Uttar Pradesh. One of the best holi celebrations in India can be experienced here. The temple was constructed in 1864.

Nathan C. Andrews

Contributors for this issue: Kirit Shukla, Raajeev Aggerwhil, Ahsen Jillani, Balaji Prasad, Taige Shukla, Violet Wei, Dr. Maha Gingrich, Parul Kharod, Mo Vidwans & Jalendu Vaidya. Mission: Our goal is to be a valuable source of information for the South Asian community and to be a vital advertising tool for businesses.

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March 2022

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March 2022

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Page 22 Nutrition for Life

Page 50 Spot the Differences

Page 48 Tribute to Pandit Birju Maharaj

Page 34 Increase your India Knowledge: Indian Space Research Organisation

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Thinking About Thinking . . . . . . .pg. 46

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Community Events . . . . . . . . . . . . .pg. 18

Dances of India . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .pg. 48

Pop’s Puzzles and Jokes . . . . . . . . .pg. 86

Nutrition for Life . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .pg. 22

Spot the Differences . . . . . . . . . . . .pg. 50

Festivals and Holidays . . . . . . . . . .pg. 88

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March 2022

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Highway Dreaming

Sing and Spring into a New Era

Let’s mingle, gather at music venues, theaters, and meeting halls, all wide open, and join others where they gather. We must. The freshness of springtime, a new era, is also just around the corner. We can touch, gaze eye to eye, sing, meet, to argue and to love. It’s a new era and we have lives to live. Most of us did our parts for months and months, isolating, worrying, sanitizing, and re-breathing our own breaths behind masks. Now it’s time to simply practice common sense risk management, much as we do for any number of bad outcomes we face on a daily basis. It’s time to move on. Lata also moved on from her physical life, leaving us a vast collection of eternal music, as she passed away a couple of weeks after my highway dream. Lata’s song in the dream may have been a personal message to me, and a parting message to humanity. I sing that song from the dream again today, “Lag jaa gale ke phir haseen raat ho na ho…” She sings that it is time to make a move, tonight, meet in a warm embrace, lest this beautiful night, in essence life, passes us by.

The Editor’s Desk by Samir Shukla Riding in a car on a snow dusted highway, in midJanuary, I gazed at the blue grey sky above, while the highway passed below. The distant hills were a mix of white and dirt brown, leafless trees mingled with a few patches of evergreens. It had snowed a day earlier, not a heavy snowfall, but one that splattered white dustings on the surroundings. I dozed off while sitting in the back seat. The moving scenery on either side of the car lulled my heavy eyes into slumber. The past, present and future all swirled in my brain while the hum of the car engine and the passing drone of the road dropped me into an instant dream. It began as a blend of semisleep and thoughts squirming around in my head, then a story unfolded, compressed into a short sleep. The car became a moving music venue accompanying the hazy dream. A classic Lata Mangeshkar song played in my mind. I had heard it and hummed it hundreds of times in the past, much like many of her songs. It suddenly emerged from memory and soundtracked this dream. The song was mellow, filled with love and longing, and made me feel warmer. While the song played and the dream unfolded, on this drive from Atlanta to Charlotte, I was transported to a city on a distant planet, one eerily like our own blue ball. It was full of madmen and wisemen, complainers and doers, a sort of genderless blend of humanoids going about their business. In this dream they were mingling in a most happy manner. They had emerged from a planetary emergency, of a biological sort, and now they were somehow messaging me through the dreamworld that their lives were returning to normal after a long spell. They were making music in their own segment, while Lata sang in mine. They conveyed their joy and their story. The car hit a pothole and bounced. I awoke to the sound of an NPR station, fuzzy because of the distance from the signal’s origin, bringing me back to groggy reality. I was back on Earth, a planet with its own global bug, now seemingly and finally coming under common sense control.

Note: Goodbye Lataji When growing up in India, and then later in the States, music on the radio, played live, on tape recorders, records, CDs, streaming, has always been there in our lives. Dad played and still plays music on keyboards and harmonium. Mom used to choreograph kids for dance performances. Indian film songs were a constant. Lata, along with Kishore, Rafi, Mukesh and all the classic Indian film singers’ songs were etched in our minds with melodies and words that stay with you like a trusted friend. Lata’s unique voice was among them. She wrote on her Twitter feed on December 16, 2021, in Hindi: “On 16 December 1941, I sang two songs for the first time in the studio for radio after seeking the blessings of my parents. It has been 80 years today. In these 80 years, I have received immense love and blessings from the people. I believe that I will always keep getting your love blessings.” Yes, you will. India’s renowned singer Lata Mangeshkar passed away on February 6, 2022, at the age of 92. Samir Shukla Editor of Saathee Magazine Contact: Twitter: @ShuklaWrites // Newsletter: 14

March 2022



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March 2022


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March 2022

Community Events Indian Idol 12 Concert: Atlanta, GA (March 4, 2022)

Oak City Revolution: Raleigh, NC (March 12, 2022) The South-Asian socio-cultural organization at North Carolina State University, Ektaa, organizes its premiere dance competition every year. Oak City Revolution is the first ever BollywoodFusion Dance Competition to be held in the city of Raleigh, NC. This year eight teams from around the country will compete. The event takes place on Saturday, March 12, 2022, at the Stewart Theater on the NC State campus. All proceeds will be donated to Pratham. For more details and tickets visit,

Basant Bahar: Cary, NC (March 13, 2022) Paracha Entertainment presents this Indian Idol 12 concert on Friday, March 4, 2022 at the Atlanta Symphony Hall. The show will feature live performances by Mohammed Danish, Arunita Kanjilal, Sayali Kamble, and season 12 winner Pawandeep Rajan. Tickets at

Indian Idol 12 Concert: Raleigh, NC (March 6, 2022) Intense Entertainment presents this Indian Idol 12 concert on Sunday, March 6, 2022 at the Meymandi Concert Hall in Raleigh, NC. The show will feature performances by Mohammed Danish, Arunita Kanjilal, Sayali Kamble, and season 12 winner Pawandeep Rajan. Tickets at

Russell Peters Live: Charlotte, NC (March 10-12, 2022) Comedian Russell Peters will perform live at the Comedy Zone, 900 NC Music Factory Blvd, B3 in Charlotte for five shows between March 10-12, 2022. All shows are 18+. Tickets range from $50 - $119. For more details, call 980321-4702 or visit the website:

Basant Bahar presents Sattva – The guna of Purity, an afternoon showcasing classical dances. It’s that time of the year again where HumSub welcomes the new year and gear up for their first event of the year. As the light of new hope punctuates the darkness of the past two years, may the Guna of sattva (or purity) inform all artistic endeavors and bring back the pure essence of India’s time-honored art forms. This event will take place at the Cary Arts Center on Sunday, March 13, 2022. Find out more at

TAGCA 5k Run: Concord, NC (March 20, 2022) The Telugu Association of the Greater Charlotte Area presents the 5k Run on Sunday, March 20, 2022 at the Frank Liske Park in Concord, NC. TShirt, breakfast, refreshments provided. Proceeds donated to Second Harvest Food Bank. Registration is $10 for adults ($15 race day), free for kids under 15 ($5 on race day). Register at

Hilton Head Wine & Food Festival (March 21-27, 2022) Come experience the Hilton Head Wine and Food Festival during the week of March 21-27, 2022. The festival will celebrate its 37th year with many events, including local chef showcases, wine education sessions, live entertainment and of course the famed Grand and Public Tastings, all located in and around the iconic Harbour Town in Sea Pines Resort. Details:

Charlotte SHOUT!: (April 1-17, 2022) Charlotte SHOUT! is an aspirational multi-week festival designed to showcase the community by celebrating Charlotte’s creativity and innovation through art, music, food, and ideas. Located primarily in Uptown Charlotte, the festival will feature exceptionally curated programming from around the corner and around the world. The 2022 edition of SHOUT! is from April 1-17, 2022. Details: 18

March 2022

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March 2022

Community Events including kirtans, cultural activities, prasd, and more. For more details, call 919-685-0447 and Register at The Telugu Association of the The temple is located on the Greater Charlotte Area will be lower level of the building housing the Center of Human celebrating their 16th Anniversary Excellence. on Saturday, April 2, 2022 from 6Leela Dance Collective Speak: 10pm at Marvin Ridge High School Raleigh, NC (April 14, 2022) in Waxhaw, NC. Performers scheduled for the dhamaka dancing & singing show include Anjana Sowmya, Arjun Adapalli, Prashantha, and Kavi’s School of Dance. Other programs will include vantala poteelu, muggula poteelu, exciting raffle prizes, and a traditional dinner. Entry fee is $5 for members and $10 for non-members. More info available at

TAGCA Anniversary Celebration: Waxhaw, NC (April 2, 2022)

iMAGINE Upstate STEAM Festival: Greenville, SC (April 2, 2022) The iMAGINE Upstate STEAM Festival benefits the community by strengthening education, workforce development, and the economic vitality of Upstate SC. Students from PreK – 12 engage in STEAM activities that directly relate to real-world careers. The festival provides a connection between industry needs and education by offering schools, businesses, and non-profits a venue to showcase opportunities in STEAM to the next generation workforce and their parents. This year’s festival will be held in downtown Greenville, SC on Saturday, April 2, 2022. Find out more at

Be fully taken by rhythm and virtuosity as kathak and tap dance collide. Four of today’s leading choreographers (acclaimed kathak dancers Rina Mehta and Rachna Nivas with tap impresarios Dormeshia and NC native Michelle Dorrance) have created a triumph of tradition and possibility. These four dancers share the stage with Indian classical musicians and a jazz combo, to embrace our differences while celebrating what makes us one. The performance will take place on Thursday, April 14, 2022 starting at 8pm at NC State’s Stewart Theatre. Tickets available now at

North Carolina Azalea Festival: Wilmington, NC (April 6-10, 2022)

Regional Festival of India: Matthews, NC (April 30, 2022)

The 75th Anniversary of The North Carolina Azalea Festival takes place between April 6 & 10, 2022 with a week of garden tours, entertainment, a waterfront street fair, fun family events. The festival showcases Wilmington’s artwork, gardens, rich history and culture. The annual parade is filled with the floats, marching units, bands, clowns, horses, visiting celebrities and the Azalea Queen. Marvel at fireworks over the Cape Fear River at night. Cross the threshold into beautiful and historic homes and churches representing 250 years of architecture during the Historic Home Tour. Details:

The India Association of Charlotte in active partnership with the Town of Matthews will present a regional Festival of India on Saturday, April 30, 2022 from noon to 6pm at Stumptown Park. Performances at the event will present a snapshot of the variety of dance forms and include classical and folk dance styles of from various regions of India as well as a popular Bollywood dance style that is an evolving fusion of old and new. Come and see the Visual Art Gallery with artwork by over 40 local artists. Also be sure to try unique cuisine in a new eclectic open setting with a variety of savory Indian dishes. Admission to the event is free and parking will be available around Ram Navami: (April 10, 2022) The Radha Krishna Temple of North the venue site. For more info, visit Carolina will celebrate Ram Navami For many more events, visit our welcoming Shriram Parivar on Sunday, April 10,2022 at the temple regularly updated page at located at 23 Radhika Way, Apex NC. Join for a divine annual celebration


March 2022

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Nati nal Nutriti n M nth

Nutrition for Life by Parul Kharod Every year March is celebrated as National Nutrition Month, which is an annual campaign created by the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics. During the month of March, everyone is invited to learn about making informed food choices and developing healthful eating and physical activity habits. This year’s theme is “Celebrate the World of Flavors.” According to the Academy’s campaign: “Celebrating flavors from cultures around the world is a tasty way to nourish ourselves and appreciate our diversity. We are all unique with different bodies, goals, backgrounds and tastes! A Registered Dietitian Nutritionist can help you create healthy habits that celebrate your heritage and introduce you to new foods and flavors.” Why do we need to celebrate flavors? What has that to do with nutrition? This is because it is important not only what we eat, but also how we eat. Our state of mind when we eat has a direct effect on our digestion. Digestion begins in the brain! We all know that food is associated with taste. But did you know that the other four senses – sight, smell, sound, and touch are equally important! Let’s say you are craving a particular food. Even thinking about that food may generate saliva in your mouth. When you smell someone preparing that food, your body becomes ready to receive that food. Looking at the good food, touching it, and finally putting it into your mouth gives you such pleasure. The body begins to produce the necessary digestive juices and enzymes to prepare for the breakdown of the food you are about to consume. When you are in a happy state of mind when you eat, the body digests that food in an optimal way. When we truly begin to understand that digestion begins in the brain, that sets the tone for the rest of the digestive process. Then we begin to change the way we interact with our food. Stressed Eating Stress causes physiological changes, like a heightened state of awareness, faster breathing and heart rates, elevated blood pressure, a rise in blood cholesterol, and an increase in muscle tension. Stress can have a profound effect on the digestive system as well. continued on page 94


March 2022




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March 2022

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March 2022

Upcoming Movie Releases All Dates Subject to Change - for the latest information visit The Outfit (Director: Graham Moore) Cast: Mark Rylance, Nikki Amuka-Bird, and Simon Russell Beale

March 4 The Batman (Director: Matt Reeves) Cast: Robert Pattinson, Zoë Kravitz, Andy Serkis, and Colin Farrell

The Unbreakable Boy (Director: Jon Gunn) Cast: Zachary Levi, Jacob Laval, and Patricia Heaton Alice (Director: Krystin Ver Linden) Cast: Keke Palmer, Jonny Lee Miller, Common, and Alicia Witt

Jhund (Director: Nagraj Manjule) Cast: Amitabh Bachchan, Akash Thosar, and Rinku Rajguru

March 25

Hey Sinamika (Director: Brinda) Cast: Dulquer Salmaan, Kajal Aggarwal, and Aditi Rao Hydari

March 11 The Kashmir Files (Director: Vivek Agnihotri) Cast: Mithun Chakraborty, Anupam Kher, and Chinmay Mandlekar Turning Red (Director: Domee Shi) Cast: Rosalie Chiang, Maitreyi Ramakrishnan, Sandra Oh, and James Hong

Ramarao on Duty (Director: Sarath Mandava) Cast: Ravi Teja, Divyansha Kaushik, and Chaitanya Krishna

Etharkkum Thunindhavan (Director: Pandiraj) Cast: Suriya, Priyanka Arul Mohan, Sathyaraj, and Saranya Ponvannan

The Lost City (Directors: Aaron & Adam Nee) Cast: Sandra Bullock, Channing Tatum, Daniel Radcliffe, and Brad Pitt

The Adam Project (Director: Shawn Levy) Cast: Ryan Reynolds, Jennifer Garner, and Mark Ruffalo

Everything Everywhere All at Once (Directors: Daniel Kwan & Daniel Scheinert) Cast: Michelle Yeoh, Ke Huy Quan, James Hong, and Jamie Lee Curtis

Radhe Shyam (Director: Radhe Krishna Kumar) Cast: Prabhas, Pooja Hegde, Bhagyashree, Sathyan, and Kunaal Roy Kapur

RRR (Director: SS Rajamouli) Cast: Jr NTR, Ram Charan, Alia Bhatt, and Ajay Devgn

March 18

April 1

Bachchan Pandey (Director: Farhad Samji) Cast: Akshay Kumar, Kriti Sanon, Arshad Warsi, Pankaj Tripathi, and Prateik Babbar

The Contractor (Director: Tarik Saleh) Cast: Chris Pine, Ben Foster, and Kiefer Sutherland

Operation Fortune: Ruse de Guerre (Director: Guy Ritchie) Cast: Jason Statham, Josh Hartnett, Cary Elwes, and Hugh Grant

Attack (Director: Lakshya Raj Anand) Cast: John Abraham, Jacqueline Fernandez, and Rakul Preet Singh


March 2022

Film Clips South Asian Films Nominated for Oscars

The Kashmir Files

Two South Asian films, one from India and other from Bhutan, have been nominated for the 94th Academy Awards.

The film Writing with Fire has been nominated for Best Documentary Feature. It is directed and produced by Rintu Thomas and Sushmit Ghosh. In a news landscape dominated by men, emerges India’s only newspaper run by Dalit women. Armed with smartphones and tenacity, a fearless group of journalists from India’s only womenled news outlet confronts social injustice while fighting for marginalized voices in the world’s largest democracy. The journalists break traditions, be it on the frontlines of India’s biggest issues or within the confines of their homes, redefining what it means to be powerful.

Lunana: A Yak in the Classroom from Bhutan has been nominated for International Feature Film. A disillusioned schoolteacher is transferred to the most remote school in the world, cut off from modern life deep in the Himalayan glaciers. In a classroom with no electricity or even a blackboard, he finds himself with only a yak and a song that echoes through the mountains. Lunana: A Yak in the Classroom is directed by Pawo Choyning Dorji. Watch the Oscars on Sunday, March 27.

A film based on Kashmiri Pandit Refugees. The movie tells the story of the exodus of Kashmiri Pandits in the 1990s, bringing this horrifying event to the world. Directed by Vivek Angihotri, it stars Mithun Chakraborty and real-life Kashmiri Pandit and veteran actor Anupam Kher. Look for the film in cinemas beginning March 11.

Rama Rao on Duty

cut-off from his pension. In debt, out of options and desperate to provide for his family, Harper contracts with a private underground military force. When the very first assignment goes awry, the elite soldier finds himself hunted and on the run, caught in a dangerous conspiracy and fighting to stay alive long enough to get home and uncover the true motives of those who betrayed him. Tarik Saleh directs the film that also features Kiefer Sutherland, Ben Foster, Gillian Jacobs and Eddie Marsan. It is slated for release on April 1.

Top Gun: Maverick

Rama Rao on Duty is an upcoming Telugu-language action film written and directed by Sarath Mandava. The film, based on real events, stars Ravi Teja, Divyansha Kaushik and Rajisha Vijayan. In supporting roles, Venu Thottempudi, Nasser, Naresh, Pavitra Lokesh, and John Vijay, will appear. The film is slated for release on March 25.

The Contractor Chris Pine stars in the action-packed thriller as Special Forces Sergeant James Harper, who is involuntarily discharged from the Army and 28

After more than thirty years of service as one of the Navy’s top aviators, Pete Mitchell is where he belongs, pushing the envelope as a courageous test pilot and dodging the advancement in rank that would ground him. Tom Cruise returns in this sequel to the hit film Top Gun from 1986. Director Joseph Kosinski directs the cast Jennifer Connelly, Miles Teller, and Val Kilmer. The film hits the screens beginning on May 27. March 2022

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March 2022

Fantastic Beasts: The Secrets of Dumbledore

The third installment of the Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them series, written by J.K. Rowling, follows the adventures of Newt Scamander and opens in theaters on April 15. The film, directed by David Yates, stars Mads Mikkelsen, Ezra Miller, Jude Law, and Eddie Redmayne.

The Adam Project


A time-traveling pilot teams up with his younger self and his late father to come to terms with his past while saving the future in this film directed by Shawn Levy. The cast includes Ryan Reynolds, Jennifer Garner, and Mark Ruffalo. The movie opens on March 11.

Shahid Kapoor recently announced his film Jersey will be hitting the theatres on April 14. Jersey is the remake of Nani starrer with the same name. The film narrates the story of an ex-cricketer who is struggling to make ends meet, wants to fulfill his child’s wish of getting a Jersey but in the process comes face to face with his heroic past and is forced to decide if he will rise to the occasion and become a symbol of hope or continue to live a life as a loser. The film is directed by Gowtam Tinnanuri and also stars Mrunal Thakur.





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March 2022

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Knowledge ISRO Indian Space Research Organisation The Indian National Committee for Space Research (INCOSPAR) was established by Jawaharlal Nehru under the Department of Atomic Energy (DAE) in 1962, on the urging of scientist Vikram Sarabhai recognizing the need in space research. INCOSPAR grew and became ISRO in 1969. The vision was to develop and harness space technology in national development while pursuing planetary exploration and space science research. Its headquarters are in Bangalore (Bengaluru). The Mars Orbiter Mission (MOM), also called Mangalyaan (Hindi: “Mars Craft”), is an unmanned mission to Mars and is India’s first interplanetary spacecraft. It was launched on November 5, 2013. Its success made India only the fourth country in the world to reach the Martian orbit. ISRO’s first satellite, Aryabhata, was launched by the Soviet Union on April 19, 1975. Rohini, the first satellite to be placed in orbit by an Indian-made launch vehicle, was launched on July 18, 1980. Launches take place at the Satish Dhawan Space Centre on Sriharikota Island, near Chennai. Chandrayan – India’s first unmanned lunar mission launched in 2008, made India the 4th country to land its flag on the moon. ISRO Created a record in Feb 2017, launching 104 satellites in a single mission using the Polar Satellite Launch Vehicle (PSLV). 96 of the 104 satellites belonged to the United States. ISRO’s programs have played a significant role in the socioeconomic development of India and have supported both civilian and military domains in various aspects including disaster management, telemedicine and navigation and reconnaissance missions. ISRO maintains one of the largest fleet of communication satellites (INSAT) and remote sensing (IRS) satellites, that cater to the ever growing demand for fast and reliable communication and earth observation respectively.

Read about NASA, USA’s Space Agency on pg. 38


March 2022

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USA Knowledge NASA National Aeronautics and Space Administration NASA is an independent agency of the U.S. government responsible for the civilian space program, as well as aeronautics and space research. Before NASA was formed, the National Advisory Committee for Aeronautics (NACA) was started by President Woodrow Wilson to supervise and direct the scientific study of the problems of flight. NASA was established in 1958, succeeding the NACA, one year after the Soviets launched Sputnik 1, the world’s first artificial satellite. NASA was established to have a civilian orientation, encouraging peaceful applications in space science. On October 14, 1947, in the rocket powered Bell X-1, Capt. Charles E. Yeager flew faster than sound for the first time. Since its establishment, most US space exploration efforts have been led by NASA, including the Apollo Moon landing missions, the Skylab space station, and the Space Shuttle. NASA is supporting the International Space Station and is overseeing the development of the Orion spacecraft, the Space Launch System, Commercial Crew vehicles, and the planned Lunar Gateway space station. John F. Kennedy Space Center, located west of Cape Canaveral Space Force Station in Florida, has been the launch site for every United States human space flight since 1968. Landsat was the series of revolutionary satellites that were first launched in 1972 for the purpose of systematically photographing the surface of the Earth from space. SR-71, also known as the “Blackbird,” is the research aircraft used by NASA as a test bed for high-speed, high-altitude aeronautical research. The X-15 aircraft made a total of 199 flights from 1959 to 1968. Information gained from the program contributed to the development of the Mercury, Gemini, and Apollo spacecraft and the Space Shuttle program.

Read about ISRO, India’s Space Agency on pg. 34


March 2022

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Oh! Brother-in-Law! Clean Comedy is Harder said, “Dad, don’t do that. You could offend people. In fact, you could get killed. Then who’d pay when I go to USC?” I said, “You son of a … loving compassionate mother.” I don’t swear, so that’s the best I can do. In fact, that required a lot of courage. I said, “Don’t worry, I have a very good life insurance policy and you are on it.” And you know what the son of a loving mother said? “In that case, you are good to go.” When I was developing the joke, I could use SOB or its full form, but I found out that my alternative of “son of a loving compassionate mother” got bigger laughter. Besides, it would be less believable that an Indian father would call his children an SOB. Several years ago, I was performing at a prestigious comedy club in Hollywood, and I had about a dozen guests, most of them Indian Americans who had come to watch me. The MC had a lot of blue material. The other comics had even more vulgar material. Later the MC, started riffing – interacting with the audience members and asking one of our friend’s wife about her intimate life. It was so embarrassing. After I finished my 10-minute clean set, two Indian couples who had come to watch me left. One of them had come with his daughter in her twenties and they found it embarrassing to hear this kind of obscenity in her presence.

Raajeev’s Corner by Raajeev Aggerwhil Stand-up comedy is one of the toughest art forms because pure stand-up requires the performer to be his own writer, director, storyteller, and actor. There are no props and no music. Just the performer baring his or her soul in front of the audience. I find it is hard to make people laugh. It is easy to annoy people or make them angry; I do it all the time to my wife. Comedy itself is a negative art form. To have a successful comedy routine, you need a choice of victim – a person, a group of people, an issue, an ideology or an institution. An approach that many successful comedians apply in life is “look my life is so messed up you should be glad you are not me. Now you feel better about yourself.” Clean comedy, free of any blue material or profanity, is much harder. It requires one to think more creatively and avoid taking short cuts. I do clean comedy because growing up in India, I had a strict mom. She would get mad even if we used the word, Sala, which literally means brother-in-law. It’s a mild swear word because if you call someone Sala you are implying that his sister sleeps with you. I have a joke that does well at clubs: Before coming here (at the comedy club), I told my son that I planned to tell some new jokes I had written about religion. He

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The Quad Has a Strategy to Counter China and Russia Be a Force for Global Good Without Ideological Warfare While not openly discussed, such collaboration also provides opportunities for the four countries’ navies to coordinate more closely, which has military advantages.

By Lavina Lee The stakes were high when the foreign ministers of the Quad security group met in Melbourne on February 11, 2022. The US has warned a Russian invasion of Ukraine could be imminent. And Russian President Vladimir Putin had just met with his Chinese counterpart, Xi Jinping, and announced a “no limits” partnership between the two powers. Amid such uncertainty, the main goal of the foreign ministers of the US, Australia, Japan and India was to display unity, resolve and collective strength as a response to the increasing authoritarian challenge to world order. In the lead-up to the dialogue, US Secretary of State Antony Blinkin laid down the gauntlet, declaring, “I would put our partnerships, our alliances, our coalitions against anything anyone else has to offer.” But the Quad members were also keen to show they are not merely reacting to a rival’s agenda, but able to offer their own ambitious, positive and practical contributions to the development goals of smaller states in the Indo-Pacific region.

Countering Chinese actions in South China Sea Despite the focus in Melbourne on being a force for good, the Quad has not forgotten the realpolitik objective of countering China’s ability to create an uncontested sphere of influence in the Indo-Pacific. Though not mentioning China directly in their joint statement, the foreign ministers set their sights on countering its expansive and illegal claims over nearly the entirety of the South China Sea. As the other Southeast Asian claimants to the sea have been consumed with responding to the pandemic, Beijing has deployed coast guard ships, civilian militia vessels, fishing fleets and resource survey ships in ever greater numbers to aggressively block other nations from fishing and exploiting oil and gas deposits in their own exclusive economic zones. In response, the Quad announced it will deepen engagement with regional partners to build their capacities to safeguard their exclusive economic zones. This includes developing coast guard resources, strengthening information sharing, ensuring freedom of navigation and helping combat illegal fishing. This approach is very appealing to regional states, such as Vietnam and Indonesia, who are reluctant to openly join an anti-China coalition but are keen to develop their own sovereign capabilities to defend their access to resources.

A force for global good This objective of recasting of the Quad as not just an anti-China coalition, but a force for global good began over a year ago with the no-strings-attached pledge to donate at least one billion doses of COVID-19 vaccines to developing countries in the region by the end of 2022. This was a direct response to Beijing’s use of COVID19 vaccine donations to cast itself as a regional savior, while simultaneously demanding political concessions from smaller countries. This time around, the Quad foreign ministers were keen to emphasize their vaccine pledge had not been derailed by India’s devastating second wave of COVID infections last year, with more than 500 million doses already delivered to the region. Such a pledge directly addresses the top priority of Southeast Asian states, whose ability to move to a postCOVID economic recovery has been hobbled by a lack of vaccines, deepening poverty and global inequality. Additionally, the Quad members signaled their intent to strengthen collaboration on humanitarian assistance and disaster relief. This is a return to the group’s 2004 origins, when the four countries first came together to respond to the Indian Ocean tsunami. The Quad members have, for example, been active in supporting Tonga after its January volcano eruption.

Slight differences in approach Despite these shared goals, there were slight differences between the Quad members. A conspicuous omission from their joint statement was America’s framing of the global competition with China (and Russia) as an ideological contest between democracies and authoritarian states, or liberal and illiberal regimes. Australia, Japan and India are reluctant to enter into ideological warfare with China. Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison has at times spoken about the intractable differences between democratic and authoritarian political systems. However, the general Australian approach remains to criticize Chinese behavior without necessarily implying it is derived from an illegitimate and dangerous authoritarian political system. Japan, too, is uncomfortable with taking the US approach, fearing it will undermine its foreign policy continued on page 94


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It is Only the Truth That Prevails! and expressions are given the honor of first place, which is not uncommon at all, if we see how much havoc the media and politicians are able to wreak in human minds. If we think that the truth matters, then a thing that is less “idea” and more real is ideal. Then the mind can be said to be closer to a more “ideal” state. But this is easier said than done: there’s a more insidious and vicious serpent that our protagonist needs to grapple with.

Thinking About Thinking by Balaji Prasad “Satyameva Jayate!” (Sanskrit, सत्यमेव जयते: The truth alone triumphs) ~ from the Mundaka Upanishad

The emotional state Incorrect ideas that we have been indoctrinated into, or have lazily adopted, may be far less problematic than the emotional pulls and pushes that come from an eager “I” that has learned to extract pleasant things out of unpleasant truths that negatively engage fears and desires we have acquired and internalized over time. Or brand new ones that build on these deep-seated ones. We are intelligent beings who have the ability to use words and logic with artistry and purpose much as a magician tricks their audience. Except, in this case, we ourselves are both magician and audience. And we can play mind games with ourselves. Lots and lots of them! And, if we are short on words and logic, there are many “experts” all around who constantly create new words and vouch for those words, allowing them and us to concoct parallel universes that seem almost real - so real that they engage our deepest fears and desires. There are these “problems” that mysteriously appear, literally out of thin air, accompanied with strange new words, ideas and concepts. It is easy enough to build new constructs on top of our existing bank of indoctrinated vocabulary

The truth prevails. Always! No matter what. It is neither easy to deeply grasp the supremacy of the truth nor to find it palatable that the truth rules. And it is not hard to understand why it is hard to understand, if we reflect a bit: The “I” stands, doggedly, in the way of the truth. The Idea State It is difficult to escape ideas, and the abstract meanings that we manage to assign to words that have a tenuous – or even no – connection with the real world. Children are literally indoctrinated from the cradle with many meaningless and romanticized ideas from schools, myth, fable and lore. These ideas sit side by side with the real things that our senses can get a stronger connection to – things such as chairs and pigs and fire and water. Of course, “real” things seem to be in less of an “idea state” because they are vouched for by our natural senses. This is not to say that our senses are perfect and cannot be taken for a ride, as any good magician would easily and compellingly demonstrate to us with a simple sleight of hand that leaves us stupefied. But our senses are the best thing we’ve got unless other people’s words

continued on page 74 46

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A Tribute to the Late Kathak Maestro Pandit Birju Maharaj Dances of India by Dr. Maha Gingrich Pandit Birju Maharaj’s full name is Pandit Brijimohan Mishra. His disciples called him Maharaj ji. He was the most eminent Kathak dancer of recent times. In 1986, he received India’s second highest civilian award, the “Padma Vibhushan” title from the Government of India. We had the privilege of watching many performances by Padmavibhushan Pandit Birju Maharaj. His talent, dedication, vivacity, and innovation was apparent in every dance performed by him and his students. We saw the culmination of nature’s rhythmic patterns with dancer’s rhythmic patterns. He imitated trains, ducks, rain, storms, and birds just to name a few. He let the bells on his feet (ghungroo) speak for him. He had an enormous knowledge in Bol (musical phrases interlinked with drum strokes), Laya (speed/tempo), and Taal (beats). Apart from being a Kathak dancer, he was also a singer of Bhajans, Thumri, Dadra, Hori, Gazals, etc. He was a superb drummer. He played Tabla, Naal, Pakhawaj, Dholak, and other percussion instruments with ease and precision. He even played Sitar and other string instruments without any formal training. It was not a surprise to see one of his sons, Deepak Maharaj to be right up there with his father in singing and dancing. You can feel the force of his footsteps and the accuracy of the beats as he performed many traditional as well as contemporary choreographies of his father. Birju Maharaj’s senior student Saswati Sen had the ability to depict bhava (expressions) in a very charming and subtle ways. It was a rare opportunity to see the performance of a multi-talented person like Birju Maharaj Ji who can be introduced as a dancer, musician, choreographer, composer, teacher, director, and a poet. It was an added treat when Maharaj ji recited the song from Sanjay Leela continued on page 74


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Spot the Differences See if you can spot the 10 differences between the original photo on top and modified one on bottom. Answers are on page 88.


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Getting Ready for Taxes?

only six-monthly payments in 2021 generally accounting for half the credit. If this is the case the excess will come to you as a refundable credit, via form 8812 on to form 1040 and into your bank account. If the credit amount is less than the payments you received, in most of cases you don’t have to repay it.

There are Many Benefits This Year That May Disappear Later

Recovery Rebate Credit The third round of stimulus checks of $1,400 ($2,800 for joint filers) plus $1,400 more for each claimed dependent, were advance payments of a refundable Personal Finances credit. Those who received this payment will receive a by Mo Vidwans letter from IRS to that effect. Form 1040 will work out the details as to how much you should receive depending on the data you put in. If the credit exceeds the amount Everyone is probably in the middle of getting all the received, you can claim the balance. paperwork together to start the Child Care While You Are filing process, or just waiting for Working some key documents to arrive If you were working with electronically or in the mail or little ones at home or were wanting to talk to someone just to actively looking for work and know what and where the tax you had to spend on child care, laws have changed so that they you will receive a larger refund can take advantage of them. For this time. sure, there are many items that are new and good just for year Unemployment Benefits 2021 for which you are filing; in Unlike 2020, these benefits other words, if you are not able will be taxed as they always have to take advantage of these in the past. IRS has really done a benefits given to you for this good job on these new forms that year, they may disappear next we have to use. They are simple year. All this is due to the to use and straightforward. In economic panic that was set-in by Saathee’s December 2021 issue, I the pandemic and the laws that had mentioned a few of the tax were passed by the Congress, in a items that we should pay attention to, especially the ones big hurry because of that, to help people out that should be attended to before the year is over. I am economically, especially those with children. One word delineating them again here, even if it is too late for the of caution: we need to be especially diligent. Any year 2021, it is never too soon to start planning for the misreporting, errors or mismatches could lead to IRS giving extra scrutiny to your return slowing down any current year and you can take advantage of that list. Some of those were the charitable cash contributions for refund you are owed. non-itemizers, capital loss harvesting, QCD benefit for 70.5 year and up folks, maximizing IRAs and 401Ks etc. Expanded Child Credit In NC and the states in the vicinity there are many You may have received some advanced payments of this credit last year. IRS had guessed that number using folks who run small businesses. They were especially hit your 2020 or 2019 tax return and it may not jive with your hard with the pandemic and were given special benefits economic conditions for 2021. That was the best database to ease their burden. Let us look at what is in store for they could use at the time to make their judgements. them. They have, in general, done a good job; they are also aware of the fact that the process is incomplete and will not be complete until you file for 2021 and give them the latest information. Use Schedule 8812 to compare the payments you received to the actual credit you can claim. IRS is mailing Letter 6419 to parents who got these payments in 2021; keep this letter with your tax return documents. For most, the child credit will exceed the advanced payments that you received because IRS made

Covid Payroll Tax Credit This rule allows employers to take payroll credit for sick and family leave paid by businesses to employees affected by the coronavirus and the popular employee retention tax credit. These credits reduce the wages-paid deduction on your return. continued on page 80


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They Don’t Make Them Like They Used To Mirror, Mirror by Jennifer Allen

“The burden of originality is one that most people don’t want to accept.” ~ Marilyn Manson I’ve noticed as of late that we as a society have reached an unusual state of stagnation when it comes to our consumption of entertainment. To further explain, it seems as if we’ve hit a place where a rework or a rehash of previously created material is more likely to gain profits as opposed to something unique and original these days. I’ve touched upon movie remakes in a past article, which can have good and bad results depending on how the film is made in relation to the original. To tack on to that, the ‘remake machine’ is now very much a thing in serial programs as well. In recent years I’ve caught adverts publicizing new imaginings of shows like The Equalizer. He-Man, Walker: Texas Ranger. Lost in Space, Hawaii 5-0, MacGyver, Magnum, P.I., and so on. And if it’s not a remake, then it’s more likely to be a sequel, prequel, or spin-off of an existing show or movie which will initially garner some buzz simply for its narrative roots. I’ve honestly lost track of how many Walking Dead shows there are or all the various superhero stories and crossovers in the DC Arrowverse. It can be downright exhausting to keep it all straight. continued on page 78


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Six Steps to Finding Scholarships College Admissions Insider by Violet Wei

College is getting more expensive. According to U.S. News and World Report, tuition at a public university was an average of $10,388 for the 2021-2022 year, compared with $38,185 for a private college. For an outof-state student at a public university, the tuition averaged $22,698 per year. For many students, scholarships are essential to help offset the costs of education. Here are some steps to finding scholarships. 1. Start small. Start by applying for scholarships with the least amount of competition. Check first with your school’s counseling website for the scholarships posted by your counselors. These scholarships will often only be open to students in your area, which means a great chance of winning them. 2. Talk to your counselor. Ask your counselor for past graduation commencement programs to see what local scholarships were by graduates from your school. Any scholarship posted there means the scholarship committee is already familiar with your area and school. 3. Check the websites of other schools in your region. Private scholarships from small businesses tend only to contact the high school they attended to post their scholarship, but the scholarship might be open to students from other schools as well. Be careful to check the wording, and not miss a great opportunity! It is important to note that some local scholarships prefer their money to stay in-state and may stipulate that the recipient attends a local college. 4. Research local organizations that offer scholarships. Again, this is a great place to find scholarships with less competition and a higher chance of winning them. Organizations like Boy Scouts, Elks Club, Rotary Clubs, Toastmasters, 4-H, churches, and especially local nonprofits can be a great resource for students. Non-profits


especially might often offer dozens of scholarships per year but lack an advertising budget to draw a large pool of applicants, which means less competition for you. 5. Use keywords. Searching for the keyword “scholarships” on the websites of every local radio and TV station could reveal some surprising hidden gems. Many radio stations promote local scholarships on the air, but unless you listen to their show, you may not learn about the award. 6. Widen the search. Create accounts on,, and They often post scholarships open to students of certain majors or meet specific criteria. Search to see what scholarships you might have the best chance of winning. Applications for local scholarships typically ask for an activities resume, general information about what high school you attend, an essay, and half of them ask for a teacher recommendation. To learn the entire scholarship process, including the types of scholarships, how to find scholarships, timelines, FAFSA tips, and more, check out our free course on 9 Day Crash Course: The Search For Scholarships. Visit Violet Wei is a a College Counselor and Outreach Coordinator. Website: Contact:

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News Notes AAHOA Convention 2022 The Asian Americans Hotel Owners Association’s annual convention and trade show will take place on April 12 - 15, 2022 in Baltimore, Maryland. It is the nation’s largest event exclusively for hotel owners. The 2022 AAHOA Convention & Trade Show brings together the who’s who of the industry for networking, learning, and deal-making on the trade show floor. This is the biggest gathering of AAHOA members, who own 60 percent of the hotels in the nation. There will be workshops and networking events along with vendors and a closing gala. For details call 404-816-5759, write to Charlotte region including $6 billion in Mecklenburg, or visit County alone, marking its tenth consecutive year of growth in visitor spending. Winners were nominated by CRVA employees and partners. Awards presented at the event included: Cary Girl Crowned International United Miss NC Preteen Destination Impact Award, Small Business of the Year, Sonia Prasanna Daptardar, Queen City Amplifier, Outstanding Ambassador, age 12 of Cary, NC was recently Unsung Hero, Hospitality Professional of the Year, Local crowned as International United Champion and Young Professional. Miss North Carolina Preteen, at The Charlotte Regional Visitors Authority (CRVA) a pageant held in Charlotte on works to deliver experiences that uniquely enrich the January 15, 2022. The lives of visitors and residents. For more information, visit International United Miss Pageant system is a scholarship style pageant system that aims to celebrate girls and women for their accomplishments. USCIS Announces New Agency Mission Statement They help foster positive self-image while encouraging The U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services girls to be involved in their local communities and give (USCIS) Director Ur M. Jaddou recently announced the back to the society. Contestants compete in four different agency’s new mission statement. Last year, USCIS categories. Among Daptardar’s community activities leadership empowered employees to submit words that include making food bags for a homeless shelter in they felt best illustrated the agency’s work. The Raleigh through a local non-profit, donating books and new mission statement reflects this feedback from school supplies to different organizations, and donating the workforce, the priorities of the Biden Administration, hygiene kits for families affected by pandemic. She and Director Jaddou’s vision for an inclusive and advances to the Internationals to be held in Myrtle Beach, accessible agency. South Carolina this Summer. The new mission statement in summary: “USCIS upholds America’s promise as a nation of welcome and CRVA Partners in Tourism Award Winners Announced possibility with fairness, integrity, and respect for all we serve.” The Charlotte Regional Visitors Authority (CRVA) last Director Jaddou said, “At its core, USCIS is about month announced the winners of the 15th Annual delivering decisions to families, businesses, workers, and Partners in Tourism Awards sponsored by Carowinds. those seeking refuge in our country on their applications, Approximately 400 of Charlotte’s hospitality and tourism petitions, requests, and appeals. This new mission leaders were in attendance to recognize the contributions statement reflects the inclusive character of both our and resilience of the front-line individuals and country and this agency. The United States is and will organizations that have spearheaded the recovery and remain a welcoming nation that embraces people from growth of the region’s tourism industry. across the world who seek family reunification, Charlotte businessman and UPS store owner Jay Trini employment or professional opportunities, and Patel received the Local Champion award, humanitarian protection.” Find the full statement at: In 2019, visitors spent a record $7.8 billion in the


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AAAVtÑàâÜ|Çz à{x `ÉÅxÇà

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MAADHURYA PHOTOGRAPHY & VIDEOGRAPHY • Engagement, Wedding & Reception • LIVE STREAMING of your Wedding Events • Destination Weddings Member of professional photographers of America (PPA) Wedding & Portrait photographers International (WPPI) and Wedding photographic society (WPS) in good standing


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technical, media, security and logistical aspects of India’s G20 Presidency. It will be manned by officers and staff from the Ministry of External Affairs, Ministry of Finance, and other relevant line Ministries / Departments and domain knowledge experts. The Secretariat will be functional till February 2024.

Boom Supersonic Selects Greensboro for First Supersonic Airliner Manufacturing Facility

India-Central Asia Virtual Summit Prime Minister Narendra Modi hosted the first IndiaCentral Asia Summit in virtual format on January 27, 2022, which was attended by Presidents of the Republic of Kazakhstan, Kyrgyz Republic, Republic of Tajikistan, Turkmenistan and Republic of Uzbekistan. This first IndiaCentral Asia coincided with the 30th anniversary of establishment of diplomatic relations between India and Central Asian countries. During the Summit, Modi and the Central Asian Leaders discussed the next steps in taking India-Central Asia relations to new heights. In a historic decision, the Leaders agreed to institutionalize the Summit mechanism by deciding to hold it every two years. They also agreed on regular meetings of Foreign Ministers, Trade Ministers, Culture Ministers and Secretaries of the Security Council to prepare the groundwork for the Summit meetings. An India-Central Asia Secretariat in New Delhi would be set up to support the new mechanism. The Leaders discussed far-reaching proposals to further cooperation in areas of trade and connectivity, development cooperation, defense, and security and, in particular, on cultural and people to people contacts. A comprehensive Joint Declaration was adopted by the leaders that enumerates their common vision for an enduring and comprehensive IndiaCentral Asia partnership.

India’s Cabinet Approves Preparations for India’s G20 Presidency India’s Union Cabinet, chaired by Prime Minister Narendra Modi, in mid-February approved the setting up of a G20 Secretariat and its reporting structures, which will be responsible for implementation of overall policy decisions and arrangements needed for steering India’s forthcoming G20 Presidency. India will hold the Presidency of the G20 from December 1, 2022 - November 30, 2023, culminating with the G20 Summit in India in 2023. G20 is the premier forum for international economic cooperation that plays an important role in global economic governance. As per practice, a G20 Secretariat is being established to handle work relating to substantive / knowledge / content,


Boom Supersonic, the company building the world’s fastest and most sustainable supersonic airliner, announced in January that it has selected the Piedmont Triad International Airport in Greensboro, NC as the site of its first full-scale manufacturing facility. The Overture Superfactory will be a state-of-theart manufacturing facility, including the final assembly line, test facility, and customer delivery center for the Overture supersonic airliner. Carrying 65 to 88 passengers, Overture can fly on 100 percent sustainable aviation fuel (SAF) at twice the speed of today’s fastest passenger jets. “Selecting the site for Overture manufacturing is a significant step forward in bringing sustainable supersonic air travel to passengers and airlines,” said Blake Scholl, founder and CEO of Boom Supersonic. “With some of the country’s best and brightest aviation talent, key suppliers, and the state of North Carolina’s continued support, Boom is confident that Greensboro will emerge as the world’s supersonic manufacturing hub.” North Carolina offers Boom an optimal location for its manufacturing facility thanks to its strong aerospace workforce, which includes many U.S. military veterans. North Carolina also affords good access to technical schools, providing Boom with a pipeline of skilled labor. Additionally, the proximity to the eastern seaboard facilitates supersonic flight testing over the Atlantic Ocean. Boom corporate headquarters are in Denver, Colorado. Boom will bring more than 1,750 jobs to North Carolina by 2030, expanding to a total of more than 2,400 jobs by 2032. For more details, visit March 2022


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Accessible, Affordable, Quality Care for all children, irrespective of their ability to Pay, Race, Religion, or Nationality.

KidzCare Pediatrics PC, is the largest Physician lead pediatric group in NC with 25 locations. Nationally recognized as a “Patient Centered Medical Home” by the National Committee on Quality Assurance We accept most insurance carriers. Patient Portal

available so patients will have access at all times to their child's health-information, be able to schedule appointments, request prescription refills, view shot records, and communicate concerns to their primary care provider.

Our Providers Ashok Jain, Alexa Walker, Andrea Penny, Brittany Arnett, Chelsea Young, Crystal Hunt, Deanna Hinkle, Deborah Holdback, Dory Thomas, Jana Torrez, Jennifer Brown, Jennifer Maser, Jimmie Shuler, Justine Pamela Kanakadurga Alahari, Kelley Johnson, Lindsi McCrone, Lisa Parker, Mark Kolender, Marissa Pelletier Matthew Halloran, Mohammad Nasiri, Mian Daud, Myisha Burkett, Mytrang Dang, Nancy McLendon Natalia Yatsenko, Penelope Oneill, Prabesh Bajracharia, Ravali Janagama, Robert Holdback Robyn Mical, Samantha Rushton, Sarah Cheema, Sharon Burke, Sharon Rachapudi, Sheryl G-Camelo Swetha Natarajan, Thomas Blackstone, Yetunde Adesanya, Yvonne Mackillop, Jimmie Shuler

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Akshat K. Alan C. Allen S. Amy L. Ananya S. Aneesh P. Ankith K. Anupam M. Aravind G. Ashritha N. Ashwin G. Ashwin S. Bharadwaj C. Daniel C. Daniel J. Daniel L. Emily C. Hamza S. Jennifer Y. Joe G. Julia W. Lisha L. Manuela U. Namita K. Neil V. Nikhil G. Nikita R. Nupur J. Pooja P. Pradnesh K. Pranav C. Richard P. Rithik S. Ritvik B. Rohan R. Rohan V. Serena L. Shaan S. Shaleen S. Sriram S. Theodore K. Varun K. Yash P. Zachary Z. Zoe X.

Enloe Magnet HS, NC Green Hope HS, NC Enloe Magnet HS, NC Panther Creek HS, NC Enloe Magnet HS, NC Enloe Magnet HS, NC Enloe Magnet HS, NC Athens Drive HS, NC Raleigh Charter HS Green Hope HS, NC Panther Creek HS, NC Green Hope HS, NC Wake Early College HS, NC East Chapel Hill HS, NC Enloe Magnet HS, NC Apex HS, NC Lausanne Collegiate Sch., TN

Athens Drive HS, NC Enloe Magnet HS, NC Panther Creek HS, NC Lake Highland Prep Sch., FL

Green Hope HS, NC Panther Creek HS, NC Green Hope HS, NC Enloe Magnet HS, NC NCSSM, NC Panther Creek HS, NC Panther Creek HS, NC Green Hope HS, NC Panther Creek HS, NC Green Hope HS, NC Northwest Guilford HS Green Hope HS, NC Green Hope HS, NC Enloe Magnet HS, NC Enloe Magnet HS, NC Lake Highland Prep, FL Green Hope HS, NC Green Hope HS, NC Enloe Magnet HS, NC Green Hope HS, NC Panther Creek HS, NC Enloe Magnet HS, NC Chapel Hill HS, NC Green Hope HS, NC


RUSSELL PETERS LIVE! Five Shows in Charlotte: Thurs, Mar 10, 2022: 7 PM Fri, Mar 11, 2022: 7 PM & 9:45 PM Sat, Mar 12, 2022: 7 PM & 9:45 PM 7:00 PM Show/ 6:00 PM Doors 9:45 PM Show / 9:15 PM Doors

Tickets: $50 - $119 All shows are 18+ VIP Meet & Greet include post show Meet & Greet and seating in the Gold Circle area.

Buy Tickets now at: The Comedy Zone Charlotte 900 NC Music Factory Blvd. B3 Charlotte NC 28206 980-321-4702

Chris Redd: Why Am I Like This? March 18 & 19, 2022 (7 PM & 9:45 PM) Chris Redd is an actor, writer, stand-up comic, and rapper. Redd is a cast member on NBC’s Saturday Night Live and currently stars in the NBC comedy, KENAN, opposite Kenan Thompson. He is set to star in the upcoming series BUST DOWN and has an hour long special in the works for HBO Max.

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Easy Curry Laksa


By Taige Shukla

Last month Punxsutawney Phil, the groundhog, predicted six more weeks of winter. So, this month we’re predicting a comforting recipe to help you get through those extra weeks of chilly weather. This super easy curry laksa is one of my favorite go-to comfort meals! I first came up with this simple recipe when we had a craving for this dish from one of our favorite restaurants during those long months of quarantine, and it ended up being a hit! Laksa is a spicy noodle soup that originated in countries from Southeast Asia, including Malaysia, Singapore, and Indonesia. This time it was prepared with a hint of South Asian flavor, it’s very easy to tweak and make it your own. Mix it up with your choice of protein, favorite veggies, rice or noodles, and of course your preferred spice level. So, next time you need some warmth and comfort during these extra weeks of winter be sure to give this curry laksa a try. Stay warm my friends, Spring is just around the corner! Check out this recipe and more at and on Instagram at @whatsthe_chai.

Ingredients Red curry paste (2 tbsp) Canned coconut milk (1 cup) Vegetable stock (2 cups) Brown sugar (1 tbsp) Lime juice (1-2 tbsp) Curry powder (1 tsp) Choice of protein (This recipe includes 1 block tofu)

Servigs: 2 - 4 Prep Time: 30 minutes Cooking Time: 20 - 25 minutes


1 Start by prepping your choice of protein, vegetables and garnish. For this recipe I cut tofu into ½ inch cubes, simply seasoned it with salt, pepper, & garlic powder and left it uncooked. I thinly sliced the vegetables (zucchini & shiitake mushrooms), as well as the cucumber and green chili pepper for garnish. If using rice or rice noodles, now’s the time to prepare that as well.

2 Next, in a large pot on med-high heat add 1 tbsp oil, red curry paste, and curry powder and let it cook for about 1 minute, then add in the vegetables. Sauté together until the vegetables are crisp and tender.

Choice of vegetables (This recipe includes zucchini & shiitake mushrooms)

3 Once the vegetables are cooked stir in the vegetables stock, coconut milk, sriracha, lime, brown

Garnish Options: cucumber, rice or rice noodles, cilantro, lime, green chili pepper

4 Remove from heat and adjust salt, lime, and sriracha according to taste preference. Garnish and

sugar, and salt to taste. Bring to a boil for 2 minutes then lower to a simmer and let cook for another 5-10 mins, stirring occasionally.

serve. Top each serving with your choice of protein & garnish, this time we went with tofu, rice noodles, cucumber, lime, cilantro and sliced chilies. Enjoy!

Salt & Sriracha to taste


March 2022

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GROW WITH US! Indore Oil Company is excited to enter the Gasoline supply market in North Carolina and South Carolina. Indore Oil Company is one of the Oldest INDIAN owned Jobbership in the Southeast. We have over 30 years of industry knowledge and expertise. We specialize in helping Convenience Store owners grow their business. The Southeast is a fiercely competitive Gasoline market and Retailers find it hard to compete and make a profit on price alone and must find other ways to gain a competitive edge. We represent some of the topmost recognized brands in the country, Chevron, Texaco, Citgo, Marathon, Valero, and Motiva-76. Re-imaging and re-branding your station to one of our Six brands will give you the opportunity to increase your pull-margin. Give us a call and let’s fuel America together. We can help you to install new Fueling Equipment, Canopy upgrade, and LED Price sign and any image related item.

Umesh (Pat) Patel, Mihir Patel


March 2022

their knowledge to their disciples, but they also had a huge part in shaping the lives of many. Dance is a powerful gift given by gurus for generations to their disciples. On the other hand, it is a bliss to watch such powerful and skillful performers who have the ability to give you a sense of joy and lift your inner spirits. Pandit Birju Maharaj was born on February 4, 1937 and passed away on January 17, 2022. As these generations of great gurus pass away, I hope the knowledge they have shared continues to be instilled in our next generation of students. This way their legacy continues.

Dances of India

continued from page 48

Bhansali’s film Devdas. He not only demonstrated his choreographed sequence of Madhuri Dixit’s dance, but he also recited his two phrases of poetry. He was an institution in himself. Maharaj Ji was a master storyteller, he interlaced his performances with incidents from his life, narrated to captivate the audience. Also being keenly observant, he always had something to say about day-to-day incidents, keeping people around him entertained with realistic imitations and vivid descriptions. He made you laugh and learn at the same time. My father took me to Maharaj Ji’s performance when I was six or seven years old. I never thought that I would take my child at the same age to witness his marvelous performance. I know subconsciously that performance had an impact on me and I was hoping it would do the same for my child and all other kids and adults who were present at the show. Birju Maharaj was a descendant of the Maharaj family of Kathak dancers, which includes his two uncles, Shambhu Maharaj and Lachhu Maharaj, and his father and guru, Acchan Maharaj. Acchan Maharaj performed at musical conferences all over India and by the age of seven, Birju Maharaj had accompanied him to Kanpur, Allahabad, Gorakhpur, Jaunpur, Dehradun, and even far off places like Madhubani, Kolkata and Mumbai sharing the stage with him. Birju Maharaj’s first major solo performance was at Manmath Nath Ghosh celebrations in Bengal. He received recognition as a young dancer with great potential. He never looked back after that as his career graph climbed steadily. His solo dances became an integral part of any musical conference of repute and no musical conference was complete without a performance by Pandit Birju Maharaj. Even in the early part of his career, he was part of cultural troupes sent abroad by the Government of India to represent India at various festivals. He had extensively toured all over the world including Russia, U.S.A, Japan, U.A.E., U.K., France, Germany, Italy, Austria, the Czech Republic, Burma, and Sri Lanka for performances as well as lecture-demonstrations. How lucky these countries were to see him perform? A measure of his genius is the fact that at the young age of 28 years, he received the Sangeet Natak Academy Award, besides several other prestigious awards like – Kalidas Samman, Nritya Choodamani, Andhra Ratna, Nritya Vilas, Adharshila Shikhar Samman, Soviet Land Nehru Award, Shiromani Samman, Rajiv Gandhi Peace Award. He has been conferred with Honorary Doctorate degrees from Banares Hindu University and Khairagarh University. My Kathak guruji Raghav Raj Bhatt was one of his close disciples. These legendary gurus not only imparted

Dr. Maha Gingrich For questions or comments, contact via email at


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and ideas; it is easier yet, when our fears and desires get co-opted to do some of the building ourselves. When the ideas no longer feel like the foreign imports that they are but feel very much as if they are our own, and when the words associated with these start to roll easily off our tongues, we have boldly gone to a place where we have not gone before, and probably never should have. It’s really that easy to get hacked when you’re in the grip of emotion! The ideal state It’s worth considering that the bigger things in life are what they are, way beyond our grasp. To feel this is an act of humility: a recognition of being something like an insignificant speck in a seething hurricane that generally does its own thing. It is also worth considering that our feelings, desires, fears and ideas have no relevance whatsoever in a universe that is what it is, and will remain whatever it is, no matter how much we squirm and twist. And it doesn’t matter one whit how powerful our fears and desires are. The truth will prevail. And it will do its own thing. The best we can do is to seek to understand the truth as best as we can, realizing that we may never understand many parts of it. And to place our bets as best as we can, in line with the truth, to the extent that we are able to be in tune with it. It is also good to remember that the truth is not necessarily hostile to us; in general, nature is kinder and more capable than what our fears would cause us to imagine. Satyameva Jayate! Balaji Prasad is an IIT/IIM graduate, a published author, SAT/ACT Online and inperson Coach, and K-12 Math Tutor at NewCranium. 74

March 2022

Sitar Welcomes You With Family & Friends to the Luxury of OUTDOOR PATIO SEATING with Music, Fountain & Beautiful Landscape.

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March 2022

For your average person who isn’t a huge cinephile like me, it’s more cost efficient these days to wait for when that film or TV show eventually pops up on Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime, or any other streaming service that’s available at the touch of your fingertips. Because of this, studios initially were earning less money… at least until folks like Disney, Paramount, and Apple finally upped the streaming game with their own original content to draw audiences back in. Remember when movie rental stores were a thing? Those rentals and sales were like a second opening for entertainment companies where they could see a new round of profits for their product. That extra money would then be used to take risks on creating more original concepts. I still find it amusing when some people completely freaked out at films being released to streaming for an extra $20+ dollar price. It’s not that much different than buying a regular movie ticket for 2 people these days… and those studios had to make that money back somehow. Nowadays you see films that either cost $1-10 million or it’s an $80+ million-dollar juggernaut that’s either part of an existing franchise or intended to start one. There’s no middle ground anymore. Some people tend to think about movies and serial shows as this disposable medium that they can just ‘put on’ and don’t really realize that these films must make their money back. The only way we will see a greater variety of films other than what we currently see is to go out and show your support for those movies that don’t neatly fit into a ‘safe’ category. As a more familiar example… for every historical drama or gritty biography film released in Desi cinema, there will be least 3-4 romance movies out around the same time. Those are the films that make movie studios profit, unless it’s an action film with a huge megastar like John Abraham or Chiranjeevi. While I do enjoy a good romance now and again, there are so many more good stories out there that get lost in the shuffle. So, for the remainder of 2022, what films and TV shows should we support? I challenge you to look for just one creative property that is not from a well-known IP. Find that one little oddball film, mini-series, or serial show that doesn’t fit into a nice, neat little mold. Go to the theater and don’t feel embarrassed to be one of only 10 people in the room. Watch it, support it, and tell your friends about it. It can be a vicious cycle… but one that we as paying consumers can change for the better.


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I’ll be the first to admit that I have fallen prey to this due to an obsession to fully experience a story I’m invested into its completion. I’ll watch something even if I’m fully aware it’s horrible just because it’ll include references to other works. Disney’s Marvel Cinematic Universe and the more recent Star Wars shows have me firmly in their gloved mouse clutches as I actively seek out all sorts of callbacks and Easter eggs from character camos to shared objects & scenes between all attainable forms of media. Still… Disney, Warner Brothers, Paramount, and the like have discovered that the most profitable way to line their pockets these days is by dangling the carrot of familiarity in front of our doe-eyed faces. Admit it. When you saw a character reappear from an older property in a newer one, especially if they’re portrayed by the original actor, a special tingle of wistful intimacy further invested you into the story. Most of us have been there at some point, and the entertainment companies are well aware of it. It may be surprising to learn, then, that this concept isn’t as recent as originally thought. In fact, the very idea of a ‘remake’ goes as far back as the 1950’s with directors like Cecil B. DeMille and Alfred Hitchcock remaking their own films. Sequels and serials, originally acquainted solely with printed works, became much more common in film during the 1980’s and 90’s. Stephen Prince mentions the book, American Cinema of the 1980’s: Themes and Variations: “The imperative to sequelize a successful picture became so all-powerful in the period that the industry viewed the late appearance of Ghostbusters II (1989, five years after the success of the original film, as a major failure by the studio, Columbia Pictures, to capitalize on its momentum. The widespread embrace of sequels in the eighties showcased the status of film as pure product merchandising. Sequels were like brand labels, and the studios sought to brand audience loyalty by developing characters and film properties that could be manufactured in perpetuity.” Comparatively, a sequel is created to continue or expand an overarching narrative, such as The Godfather, Part II or the Mad Max films is one thing. Cranking out movie after movie solely for profit like the seemingly never ending The Fast and The Furious franchise is another thing entirely. It’s such a shame that many original concepts for film and television these days are simply either made as low budget ‘artsy’ projects or shoved into the winter film schedule as a way to pick up a few shiny statues come awards season. The pandemic and our changing preferences to stream content as opposed to either visit a brick & mortar theater or buy a DVD or Blu-Ray has been one of the more obvious factors.

Jennifer Allen works at Saathee and is also a Podcaster, Blogger, Photographer, Graphic Artist, Gamer, Martial Arts Practitioner, and an all around Pop Culture Geek. You can reach her at 78

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certainly missing out on a huge segment of the population who will actually spend money on clean entertainment. Then I thought about the reaction of my late mother when she would hear me say, “Sala.” I knew that I wouldn’t be comfortable if I tried to alter my material to be edgy to satisfy this booker. I have been consistently getting compliments from audiences at other clubs for my performance even though I am often the cleanest comedian on the lineup. I just have to keep doing what I really enjoy – spreading laughter in the world in a clean wholesome manner.


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Many of the comics that I perform with, whether they are Americans or Indians, tend to do a lot of dirty material. I also have seen that some of the newer comics tend to be even dirtier. I think they tend to rely on the shock value to get laughs. My wife and I attended a show a couple of years back that featured a line-up of mostly Indian American female comics. As comics, I have heard a lot of blue material but this one was over the top. It reminded me when I would take my younger kids to open mike nights at comedy clubs in Los Angeles, I would have them put on their earphone when other dirty comics were performing. My kids would look at me for clues when it was safe to take down their earphones. First, I wished I had my earphones then I realized it would have been awkward to put on the earphones when these young Indian females had already picked on my wife and I calling us uncles and aunties. When we looked around the room, we realized that we were the only Indian American people in the audience. Even though we are both comics, it was still awkward to be picked on by these comics as uncles and aunties. Their jokes felt flat because most of the American audience didn’t really get the joke related to ageism. I laughed it off and felt pity for these female comics thinking that they might have a hostile relationship with their own fathers, how they might have rebelled and chosen the path of creative arts rather than becoming a doctor, an engineer, or a lawyer. Once I was performing at an open mike in Los Angeles and this younger Indian American comic started picking on me. He referred me as uncle several times in his routine. When I got on, I looked at him and said, “Sure. Since you are calling me uncle, I’ll be happy to go out with your mother.” The audience roared with laughter. A couple of years ago, before the pandemic, I was auditioning for another famous comedy club in Hollywood. He liked my material a lot but said it was too clean for Hollywood. He wanted more edgy material. I just smiled and thanked him for his opinion. On the way back I was thinking about his comments. I disagreed with his assessment. Several years ago, I had produced comedy shows in Boston, Virginia, and Los Angeles at private upscale venues over catered dinner and had line-ups of clean comics. In each event, we had over 100 people and we got a lot of compliments from couples saying that they forgot what it was like to laugh. They also said we stopped going to comedy clubs because the material was too dirty. Another successful business executive in his 40’s said, “My wife and I have no interest in listening to some 18-year old’s wild fantasies and mindless cursing.” This booker was

Raajeev Aggerwhil is a Los Angeles-based comedian. Follow him on Instagram @raajeevcomedy See his videos on YouTube, search for his name.

Personal Finances

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Paycheck Protection Program Firms with paycheck protection program loans have special reporting. These forgiven PPP loans are not taxable, but you still need to report to IRS certain information pertaining to the loan forgiveness. You do this by attaching a statement to your tax return. See the instructions for forms 1040 (self-employed individuals), 1065 (partnership), 1120 (C corp.) and 1120-S (S corp.). Cancelled or Forgiven College Loans Most student loans forgiven in 2021 through 2025 are tax-free for Federal purposes. This special provision enacted in March 2021 stimulus law is an exception to the general rule that cancellation of indebtedness is taxable income. IRS has directed lenders and loan servicers to not issue form 1099-C to borrowers whose student loans were forgiven and the discharged debt is excluded from income. The fastest way to get a refund is to file early, file electronically and request for the money to be deposited (or withdrawn) directly into (from) your account. These steps are more important than ever. IRS, taxpayer advocacy groups and accounting organizations are already warning that this year’s tax season will be hectic, if not a nightmare, just like last year. IRS is woefully behind even for processing last years’ returns, especially paper filed, and if you file a paper return or request a check by mail there is a good chance that you could be waiting for months before you see your money. So, I have two suggestions for you: triple-check all your figures before you file it electronically and have lots of patience. Mo Vidwans is an independent, board certified financial planner. For details visit,, call 984-888-0355 or write to: 80

March 2022


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Who wants to be a Scholar?! Answer the ones you know and research the rest. There is only one correct answer! 1. Arrange these US Presidents chronologically, from past to present. (a) Harry S Truman (b) Woodrow Wilson (c) James K Polk (d) Andrew Jackson

Word World

2. Filmfare award for 2021 best film was given to Bollywood Hindi film ___ . (a) Thappad (b) Dil Bechara (c) Sir (d) The Unsung Warrior

By Kirit Shukla









3. The amount of momentum is dependent on? Check all that apply. (a) Mass (b) Distance (c) Weight (d) Velocity 4. “Queasy” means (a) Not easy (c) Questionable

5. The diameter of the planet Mars is approximately...? (a) 5800 km (b) 6800 km (c) 7800 km (d) 8800 km 6. What is the approximate length of the side of a square whose area is equal to that of a circle of 7 Ft. diameter? (a) 6.2 ft. (b) 5.2 ft. (c) 4.2 ft. (d) 7.2 ft.

Make words using 5 or more letters. The central letter must be used in each word. Plural words are not allowed. Use all letters for the subject word (underlined in solutions below)

7. Country with the highest number of lakes? (a) USA (b) India (F) Russia (d) Canada

8+ words = Excellent; 5 to 7 words = Good; 4 or less = keep looking. Words we found are in solutions below.

8. Australian Open Men’s singles winner of 2022. (a) Medvedev (b) Nadal (c) Sampras (d) Federer


9. Who was the winner of Miss Universe in 2021? (a) Miss USA (b) Miss South Africa (c) Miss India (d) Miss Paraguay

Here is a simple quiz. See if you can solve it. No peeking! Match the number in column 1 with letter in column 2 Official Language of a country...


1. Cantonese 2. Greek 3. Dutch 4. German 5. Dzongkha 6. Portuguese 7. Urdu 8. Khmer 9. Sinhala 10. Arabic

A. Bhutan B. Austria C. Brazil D. Cambodia E. Cyprus F. Egypt G. Hong Kong H. Pakistan I. The Netherlands J. Sri Lanka

10. The largest fresh water lake in India is (a) Shiv Sagar (b) Indira Sagar (c) Chilika (d) Vembanad Answers are on bottom left. No Peeking. Scholar: All correct; 1st Class: 9 Correct; 2nd Class: 8 Correct; 3rd Class: 7 Correct; Need to improve: 6 or less

Timeless Advice

“Even if you are on the right track, you will get run over if you just sit there.”

Brain Train: 1-G, 2-E, 3-I, 4-B, 5-A, 6-C, 7-H, 8-D, 9-J, 10-F Scholar 1. d, c, b, a 2. a 6. a 7. d

3. a, d 8. b

4. d 9. c

5. b 10. d


(b) Out of tune (d) Squeamish

- Will Rogers 84

March 2022


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kwy Chick-fil-A

reek P

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Clues Down: 1. Crispy corn or wheat tortillas, rolled and stuffed with a mixture of beans or meat, cheese, & lettuce. 2. Small unit of matter or chemical element. 3. To nominate for an honor, award, etc. 4. A body posture often associated with yoga. 5. A city in Gujarat (aka Baroda). 6. Law Enforcement. (*). 7. Plural of ‘is’. 8. A gullible inhabitant of a rural area or small town. 9. First man and progenitor of the human race (Biblical). 12. The second month of the year. 15. Rupees. (*) 17. A member of peoples of the Jaintia hills of Assam. 20. Small Inventory Top Tier Site. (*) (UK). 22. More white than. 24. A granular crystalline rock consisting of a triclinic feldspar (as labradorite) and hypersthene. 25. Female person or animal previously mentioned. 26. Kept away from responsibility through cleverness. 28. The official residence and offices of an ambassador. 29. Spreads over a surface. 30. Achieve. 32. A clear savory jelly (as of fish or meat stock) used as a garnish or to make a meat, fish or vegetable mold. 35. Capital of Switzerland. 37. Real Estate Investing. (*) 38. Royal Australian Artillery. (*) 39. New York City. (*) 42. Large Scale. (*)

By Kirit Shukla

Note: * denotes abbreviation of the word or phrase Clues Across: 1. A divine vigorous dance performed by Nataraja, (Shiva). 6. The graceful dance performed by Goddess Parvati in response to the cosmic dance of Tandav by the God Shiva. 10. Authority To Operate. (*) 11. More secure from threat of danger, harm or loss. 13. Outer Diameter. (*) 14. A fellow socialist or communist (form of address). 16. The annual agricultural show of Queensland, Australia. 18. A mantra used in contemplation of ultimate reality. 19. One who avoids or ignores those regarded as inferior. 21. A border of a cloth doubled back and stitched down. 23. Endocrine glands above the kidneys, produce hormones. 25. Female person or animal previously mentioned. 27. Cars. 29. A festival of convergence of Shiva and Shakti. (3/1/22) 31. The part of foot between the ankle and toes. 32. An abdominal muscle. 33. Eastern Daylight Time. (*) 34. Total Body Surface Area. (*) 36. An unpaid and overdue debt. 39. Turnips. (Scotland). 40. Sa, __ ,Ga, Ma...; Do, __. Mi, Fa... (A musical notation) 41. Everyday. 43. Research Information Systems. (*) 44. Square root of thirty-six. 45. Birth; Origin.

(solution on page 88)

Hee Hee

Jokes & Riddles From Around The World

Teacher: “What is something you can’t see but can grab?” Booddhoo: “Your ears, Sir!” ***** Father: “If you kick the dog, I will kick you. If you pull his ears, I will pull yours. Do you understand?” Son: “Yes, but what if I pull his tail?” ***** The local priests often gossiped and laughed loudly during their leisure time. One day, however, they were all quiet. The Cardinal asked, “Why are you all so silent?” One Priest answered. “Everyone is here today.”


March 2022


Math Magic Fill in the empty squares to get = the final given answers. Use the remaining numbers from 2 to 9 only once: Note: Follow the order of operation per basic math rule: ×,÷, +, The multiplication or division is done before addition and subtraction. (solution on page 88)

Find & circle the words in the puzzle.




The unused 7 letters spell name of ”Founder of Maratha Kingdom.” (answer on page 88)

TEST YOUR IQ The common letters are “ARC” - Fill in the blanks)

1. 287 BC scientist of Sicily who is considered the father of modern calculus and analysis. ARC _ _ _ _ _ _ _ 2. Of an ecological: developing in a dry place. _ _ _ ARC _ 3. The 3rd month of the Gregorian calendar year. _ ARC _ 4. One of a group of civil and priestly officials in the Roman province of Asia. _ _ _ ARC _ 5. A wrapped bundle. _ ARC _ _ 6. To try to find someone or something. _ _ ARC _ 7. Relating to the regions around the North Pole. ARC _ _ _ 8. Ruled by a woman or women. _ _ _ ARC _ _ 9. Insensibility induced by a narcotic. _ ARC _ _ _ 10. Doorway or gateway with an overhead curvature. ARC _ 11. Intentionally absent; Hard to find. _ _ ARC _ 12. The semifluid, granular interior of certain unicellular organisms. _ _ _ _ _ ARC 13. A dense, horizontal, roll-shaped cloud. ARC _ _ 14. Ironic words intended for ridicule. _ ARC _ _ _ 15. Having six radiating vascular strands. _ _ _ ARC _ _ 16. A person who investigates narcotics violations. _ ARC 17. Someone who collects teddy bears. ARC _ _ _ _ _ _ _ 18. The unlawful taking of personal property with intent to deprive the rightful owner of it permanently. _ ARC _ _ _ 19. Very old or old-fashioned. ARC _ _ _ _ 20. A white odorless tasteless granular or powdery complex carbohydrate (C6H10O5)x _ _ ARC _ 21. Covered walkway with shops on both sides. ARC _ _ _ 22. A person who reigns over a kingdom. _ _ _ ARC _ (Puzzle solutions are on page 88. NO peeking!) Saathee Puzzle Master Kirit Shukla


March 2022

Festivals & Holidays Spot the Differences Solutions from page 50

March 2022 Mar. 1 - Mardi Gras Mar. 1 - Maha Shivaratri Mar. 2 - Darsha Amās (No Moon) Mar. 2 - Ash Wednesday Mar. 8 - International Women’s Day Mar. 10 - Daylight Saving Time Begins Mar. 17 - Āmalaki Ekadashi Mar. 17 - St. Patrick’s Day Mar. 17 - Holi (Full Moon) Mar. 19 - Hola Mohalla (3-Day Sikh Festival) Mar. 18 - Dhuleti / Shab'e Barat Mar. 20 - Shivaji Jayanti / Parsi New Year Mar. 20 - Spring Equinox / Ostara Mar. 22 - Rang Panchami Mar. 28 - Pāpmochini Ekadashi Mar. 30 - Magha Puja Day Mar. 31 - Darsh Amas April 2022 Apr. 1 - April Fool's Day Apr. 1 - Gudi Padvo / Ugadi Apr. 2 - Jhulelal Jayanti Apr. 3 - First Day of Ramadan Apr. 10 - Ram Navami / Swaminarayan Jayanti Apr. 10 - Palm Sunday Apr. 12 - Kāmadā Ekadashi Apr. 13 - Baisakhi Apr. 15 - Good Friday Apr. 16 - Hanuman Jayanti /Chaitra Purnima (Full Moon) Apr. 16 - Passover Begins Apr. 17 - Easter Sunday Apr. 18 - Patriot Day

Puzzle Solutions from page 86-87

Math Magic from page 87


March 2022

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Astroscope Aries (March 21 – April 20)

MARCH 2022

Libra (September 22 – October 20) It is time to spend money on fixing and decorating your home. You may visit extended family and enjoy their company. Avoid taking financial risks. Be sure to ignore rivalry and compromise. Remain disciplined and take up some exercise to avoid health problems. Also become more sociable in order to widen your communal circle. The stars should help as you work on your dream project.

Destiny is on your side with an accommodative environment to work on your dream project. Unexpected financial gains will delight you. Make positive decisions and begin a new venture with confidence. You may have to take an immediate financial risk but do it quickly. Your loved ones can support you, so be sure to accept their advice and support. You will enjoy good health. Any family misunderstandings should be resolved quickly.

Scorpio (October 21 – November 20)

Taurus (April 21 – May 20)

After a confusing start, you will build confidence by the end of month. A great, positive change is happening now. Enjoy some fun and travel with friends or siblings. You may broaden your education this month. Don’t trust people blindly, as someone could create misunderstandings and problems during the last week. Destiny will support you.

You may experience a clarity of mind as new ideas start popping up. You will feel energetic, and a happy love life should boost your confidence. You could spend money on unnecessary luxury items, perhaps for a special hobby, but you will maintain your income. A happy family life is clearly indicated. Avoid trips and focus on saving money for the future.

Sagittarius (November 21 – December 21)

Gemini (May 21 – June 20)

This is the perfect time to relocate or change your career as you will receive good opportunities for both, so be sure to make bold and quick decisions. You may encounter new people and feel an intimate connection with someone. Enjoy life and ignore any sort of fear. Unexpected financial gain is also possible during the last week. Your health should improve and help you feel confident. Connecting with seniors should provide positive support.

After the first week of the month, you should experience a positive change. An active lifestyle and rise in income will delight you by the third week. Don’t expect family to help you. You must forge ahead on your own to achieve desired success, but overconfidence could be a hinderance. If you remain focused on your job and move fast, then income will surely follow. Destiny may lead you toward unexpected places.

Capricorn (December 22 – January 21) Try to relax and enjoy yourself as this should be a very eventful month. You will be able to defeat your enemies, perhaps by immoral ways. Your friends and family will offer assistance, so don’t turn them away. Watch your health and drive carefully. A moderate increase in income is possible after second week of the month, however expenses will also be on the rise.

Cancer (June 21 – July 22) An increase in income and multiple opportunities to start a new venture should create excitement. It’s time to make a major move, so be sure to research any and all opportunities before any decisions. You may also find financial investors or business partner for your project. You will enjoy a happy love life. Ignore your enemies this month. A successful longdistance journey is also possible.

Aquarius (January 22 – February 18) You may spend money on luxuries and extracurricular activities. Your personal philosophy about life will change in the second half of month. Your savings will rise, and family happiness should keep you feeling comfortable. However, an increase in responsibilities and workload could keep you busy. Your partner may coordinate with your work / project and help you earn extra income.

Leo (July 23 – August 22) You will enjoy a comfortable and cordial family life. Your partner should bring you good luck. A minor financial setback could upset you. Change your attitude towards your competitors to avoid more problems and don’t take any risk without asking for help. Take a short trip to spend time with a friend as it will provide minor stress relief. Drive carefully and watch your health this month.

Pisces (February 19 – March 20) After a negative start, things should take on a more positive turn by the end of this month. You may face competition with your associates. This is a good time to change up your strategy at your place of business. New ideas will materialize in your mind, so be sure to implement these changes to gain financial benefits. Some minor health relief could be there. A strong family bond should help in defeating any common enemies. An increase in savings is also possible.

Virgo (August 23 – September 21) You will receive mixed results this month. Your health and bad decisions will become major issues. Worthless pursuits can disrupt your tranquility, so take things slow and wait for the right time to take action. This will also avoid financial loss. Unfortunately you won’t realize your mistake until the second half of the month. Try to correct this mistake as soon as possible as it will boost your overall confidence and peace of mind.

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March 2022




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March 2022

CLASSIFIEDS BUSINESS OPPORTUNITIES Earn income cooking from home! DishDivvy, the #1 platform for HomeCooks is coming to the Carolinas! 100% Free to signup and join. More info: C-Store for Sale in Gaston County/Gastonia, NC. Located at very busy intersection. Only Text 973-723-6924

Eyebrow Threading Position: Winston Salem, NC. Excellent Pay + Tips & Benefits! Some Experience & fluent English required. Call 336-422-7582. Front Desk & Housekeeping / Laundry help needed for Franchise Hotel in Concord, NC. Legal status required. Accommodations provided. Call Rick 704-772-5554.

Housekeeping Wanted for franchise hotel in Columbia, SC. Hotel completely renovated & newly furnished. Accommodations, pay hourly or per room provided. India grocery and restaurant within walking distance. Contact 704-907-0524 or Looking for Energetic Employee (Full-time/ Part-time, single or couple) for Tropical Smoothie Cafe franchise fast food restaurant - Columbia, SC. Weekend availability preferred. Some English required. Call Dax Soni 803470-8089.

Pizza Twist is hiring Cook/Cashier for Need Producers & Co-Producers for a take-out location in Morrisville, NC. No South Indian feature film project. experience required. Training will be Investment of $250,000. Contact provided. Full-Time/Part-Time. Please or 919-999-0509. call 919-602-1200 or 919-414-0154. Subway Franchise for Sale North Housekeeping and Front Desk (single Charlotte. Doing good business at great or couple) Needed for Franchise Motel in Manager / Front Desk needed for location with proximity to highway & other South Carolina. Accommodations Franchise Hotel in Rock Hill, SC. businesses. contact: Accommodations Provided. Contact 803provided. Call 704-915-1026. 517-4662. Convenience Stores for Sale: Pinetops, Full-time Nanny needed (Live-in / LiveNC $275,000 + Inv., Annual Sales out) Winston-Salem, NC. Gujarati Housekeeping Couples needed for franchise motel in Southwest Virginia. $540,000 Fuel Gals 60,000; Bennettsville, preferred. Call/text 980-298-2828. SC $249,000 + Inv., Annual Sales Gas Station Help Needed (single or Legal status required. Attractive pay & $440,000, Fuel Gallons 10,800; Louisburg, couple) in Graham, NC behind the Police accommodation provided. Text/Call 704NC $199,000 + Inv. Annual sales $816,000 Department. Must speak English. 450-3205 or email Fuel Gallons 120,000; County South: 704- Accommodation provided. Pay $12/hr. Front Desk & Laundry help needed for Franchise Motel in Durham, NC. 440-4433 / Please call/text 919-357-5613. 26 Room Motel for Sale in Burns, Looking for Full-Time Nanny for 1 year- Accommodations provided. Contact at 434-446-9250 or Oregon. Profitable! New owner may old baby girl in Matthews, NC. Please call Amit continue remote management or run 757-289-8750. yourself. $925,000. Contact broker for Live-in Help Needed for Gujarati Hotel Help Wanted: Front details at 503-807-3899. Family in Charlotte, NC. Cooking and Desk/Manager, Night Auditor and light cleaning. Please call/text 704-904Gas Station for Lease near Charlotte. Housekeeper (Single / Couple) for 3074 or 704-907-7349. Great traffic / neighborhood. Inside sales franchise hotels in Charlotte/ Gastonia $75k month. Lotto commission $70k. ATM / High Point. Offering good pay! Looking for live-out Nanny to take care $10k. Air/Vac/Bitcoin $10k annual. To Accommodations provided. Call 704of 3 month-old & help with basic increase sales add Money Orders, Check 460-0379 between 6 to 9pm. housework in Concord, NC. Text/call Cashing, WIC, or Deli. Call 704-419-3217. 804-501-9629. Convenience Store for Lease in Gaffney, Eyebrow Threading Specialist Needed Hiring Couples for Housekeepers, Front SC. Inside sales $90k+/month including in Carolina Place Mall. Full-time and Desk Clerks, Assistant Managers, kitchen $25k+. Gas 27k gallons. Lotto sales Part-time positions available. Hourly pay Managers, and Renovation Managers. $1100. ATM $850. Call 862-754-9990. + tips. Call 202-213-5227 for an interview. Positions available in NC, SC, FL, TN, IL Housekeeping Wanted for 32-unit hotel and IN. Contact Harin at 919-800-7131. EMPLOYMENT OPPORTUNITIES in Richburg, SC. Accommodations Hotel Help Wanted in Charlotte: Front Gas Station / C-store Help Wanted in provided. Call 864-694-6299. Desk, all shifts (experience a plus) & Charlotte, NC (15 minutes from UNCC). House Help Needed in Concord, NC. Housekeeper. Must be fluent in English. Must speak English. Salary Duties include Indian cooking & daily Competitive salary & accommodations commensurate per experience. Please call maintenance of the home. Pay rate provided. Call 704-464-4427 or e-mail 704-733-0553. $15/hour. Call 704-724-1421. Front Desk Agent Needed for 2nd and Manager Couple needed for franchise 3rd shifts at Franchise Hotel 20 minutes hotel 1.5 hours from Charlotte. Must be Cashier Wanted for Convenience Store from Charlotte, NC. Previous front desk Fluent in English. Accommodations near Kannapolis, NC. Accommodations provided. Very attractive salary! Text experience preferred. Call 571-358-5474 provided. Text/call 704-701-9975. or Call 704-701-9482. or 571-366-0017. Front Desk Clerks Needed for franchise Convenience Store Help Needed in South Carolina. Single or Couple. Legal status a must. Working partnership also available for long term growth. Apartment provided. Call 864-444-8393 for further details.

hotel in Fort Mill, SC (near Carowinds). Fluent English and basic computer skills a must. Email resume to or call 704302-3318. 92

Looking for Desi Nanny to help take care of 4 year-old and newborn in Concord, NC. Live-in and live-out options are available. Please contact 980309-1853. March 2022

Looking for GMs to operate franchise motels in Richburg, SC. Legal status & fluent English required. Accommodations provided. Call 864694-6299 / leave message. Hiring Chef for a popular restaurant in Cary/Morrisville NC. Excellent Pay! Call 919-434-5078. Household help needed in Cary, NC. Vegetarian cooking or food preparation and household chores. Live-in possible. Must be vaccinated. Driving is a plus. Attractive pay! Call 703-901-0439. House Help Needed: Part-time cooking, housework, and personal help for North Indian vegetarian couple near Hindu Center in Charlotte. Fluency required in English and/or Hindi. Contact 704-4081504 or Cooling Technology, Inc seeks parttime Accountant for Purchasing, AP, AR & Order Entry. 4-5 hours per day between 8am and 5pm. Excellent pay and benefits! Call 704-596-4109 x 205 or send resume to Now Hiring Front Desk couple & Housekeeping couple for Franchise Hotel in Rock Hill, SC. Accommodations provided. Contact 850- 218-8579. Manager (single or couple) Wanted for 52-room franchise hotel in Fort Mill, SC (near Carowinds). Fluent English and basic computer skills a must. Accommodations provided. Email resume to or call 704-302-3318. Senior Accountant & Administrative Assistant needed for a reputed Tax & Accounting Firm located off I-85 & N. Druid Hills Road (Atlanta, GA). Must have 3+ years’ experience, plus experience in Quickbooks & Microsoft Excel/Word. Must be legal to work in the US. Excellent Pay/Benefits. Please email resume to Hotel Positions for Immediate Hire: General Manager for Franchise Hotels. Front Desk & Housekeepers, $14 and up per hour. Contact 704-649-6833 or

Eyebrow Threader Wanted in Ballantyne area of Charlotte. Great pay and flexible hours. Experience and communication skills a must. Call 864-694-6299. Household Help Needed: Elderly couple needs assistance in South Park area of Charlotte with Gujarati cooking or tiffin service and with downsizing home (sorting items for move). Please call 704-910-2889. Perfume Store Help Needed in Charlotte and Pineville, NC. For more information, please call Veer Singh at 415-265-8686. Looking for work? Check daily for additional help wanted.

MATRIMONIAL Looking for well-accomplished Groom for good-looking 42 year-old woman, US citizen, 5'3", widow with 2 children, MS, Software Engineering Manager. Lives in Minneapolis, MN. Refer MK and Text 678-304-8184. Looking for Groom for well-educated, professional 38 year-old Gujarati girl in India. 5’5”. Contact 980-421-3402. Family seeks groom for beautiful US citizen Punjabi girl 30, 5'3", works in Medical Office Administration in FL. Refer PH and text 678-304-8184. Hindu Leua Patel Boy (Charotar, Gujarat) seeking graduate US citizen or green card holder from Gujarati Patidar community. 27, ME aerospace engineer, pursuing Ph.D. at U of Michigan. Contact or send biodata to or on ±91 9979541795.

PROPERTY FOR SALE Flats for Sale in Sun City, Hyderabad. 2 Bed / 2 Bath. Very nice location. 24-Hour water & security. Call 919-756-4401 for details, photos, price & payment terms.

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Front Desk & Laundry help needed for Motel in Durham, NC. Accommodations provided. Call Ken Patel at 919-452-3131 or email


Front Desk and Housekeeping Needed for Motel in Richmond, VA (Airport area). Legal status required. Accommodations provided. Call 804512-7810 or email

Learn how to build value buying land near Siler City, NC. Contact Bob Atkinson “The Land Man” 919-362-6999 or visit

SERVICES Saree Draping: specializing in draping sarees, dupattas and jewelry for Weddings, Engagements, Baby showers, Birthdays, etc. Contact Rital Patel at or Gujarati Priest in NC & SC for Ganesh, Randal, Laxmi, Sharda Pujan, Satyanarayan Katha, Wedding, Vastu, Baby Shower, Hawan, Grah Shanti. Kishor Trivedi: 336-774-0597 Cell: 336486-7925 E-Mail: Travel Passion: International & Domestic Air tickets. We process India Visa, OCI, Indian Ppt Renewal, Hotel bookings & Tour packages. Call 509-5509076 or 509-550-9034 Email: Gujarati Priest: Devendra Dave Independent priest. Ganesh, Randal, Navratri, Diwali's Laxmi & Sharda Pujas, Satyanarayan Katha, Weddings, Vastu, Baby Shower, Funeral Seva. Call Daveji 704-780-3563. God Blessings to All. Learn English from Gujarati. Practical for any age at your place and time. First watch Rajnikant Patel English videos on YouTube, then call 980-320-6347 for more info. Leave message if no answer. Safa, Pagh, and Turban Tying Service for weddings, baraats, parties, photoshoots, & other events. Centered in North Carolina & able to travel wherever your event is located. Contact us for bookings! Carolina Turban Crew: 919752-7309 or Pari Beauty in Matthews: Threading, Waxing, Facials, Massage for newborn and mom & other services. 32 years of experience. Special Deals & Great Service. Call: 704-846-7912. email: Priest Available for these services: Shree Satya narayan katha, Shanti hawan, Vastu shanty, Weddings, Baby shower, Bhumi pujan, Mata ki chowki pujan, Funeral, all types of karmakand. Please call Viral Bhatt 704-438-6334. Nanny Services Available in South Charlotte. Also seeking paying guest for the same location. Call 704-388-1416 or 704-469-3605 for more details. Live Dhol, Tabla, & Music Services for all types of events including Weddings, Concerts, Birthday Parties, Graduation Parties, or any other Festivities. Serving the Carolinas since 2006. Open to travel. Contact Jeetu Singh at 919-752-7309 or email

To Submit a Classified visit: , email: or call: 704-527-7570


March 2022

The Quad


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Stress can cause: • Spasms in your esophagus • Increased acid production; heartburn • Stomach cramps • Nausea, constipation or diarrhea • Appetite changes • Indigestion

influence built on a foundation of investment and development aid to quasi-democratic and authoritarian countries alike. India is the most reluctant of all, having deep historical ties and a strong defense relationship with both the former Soviet Union and now Russia. India diverged from the other members on the threat of a Russian invasion of Ukraine, instead preferring the Quad focus on Indo-Pacific issues and avoid any agenda that might damage its relationship with Moscow. At the same time, India would not want to legitimize a Russian invasion of Ukraine, as this might offer Pakistan cover to do the same against Indian-controlled Kashmir. Nevertheless, the schisms between democratic and authoritarian great powers are widening and will be increasingly difficult to manage. The good news is the declaration of a Sino-Russian “no-limits” partnership has given even more momentum to the Quad and further strengthened the resolve of the four members to advance a “free and open Indo-Pacific”. The bad news is we are a few steps closer to outright division between the democratic Quad members and China and Russia, with less room to maneuver to find common ground.

In more serious cases, stress may cause a decrease in blood flow and oxygen to the stomach, which could lead to cramping, inflammation, or an imbalance of gut bacteria. It can also exacerbate gastrointestinal disorders, including: • Irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) • Inflammatory bowel disease (IBD) • Peptic ulcers • Gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD)

Say No to Dieting! Food should never make you feel guilty or feel deprived. Food is our fuel, and we need to nourish our body with the right kind of fuel. When we are on a “diet”, we are not happy when we eat. Then when we eat something that’s not allowed on that diet, we feel guilty; we want to have “cheat days”. All these negative emotions Lavina Lee is a Senior lecturer, Macquarie University. impact our digestive system in a negative way. Article courtesy of The Conversation: Food & Mood – Eat a Happy Meal (Not the McDonalds’ kind!) The same part of our brain that turns on stress turns off digestion. Similarly, the part of the brain that turns on the relaxation response can stimulate digestive processes. These two functions of the nervous system are aspects of the sympathetic response, which activates in times of stress, and the parasympathetic response, sometimes called the “rest and digest” phase. The brain and gut are directly connected via the Vagus nerve and signals flow both ways. What you feel affects your gut. Similarly, what you eat (or don’t eat), can affect your mood. When we are happy when we eat, our digestion is optimal. Research has shown using all five senses to enjoy a meal significantly improves digestion and absorption. This is why cooking your own meals is encouraged. When you see and touch the ingredients, smell and hear the food cooking, and then taste the food, you are engaging all your senses. Your senses are not activated when you just eat a microwaved meal or eat packaged processed foods. So, celebrate the world of flavors and enjoy what you eat. Have a variety in the foods you eat. Don’t eat the same thing every day. Cook and serve different foods. Involve the whole family! This is one way to avoid your kids becoming picky eaters. Try different cuisines and recipes! Eat well, feel good, and stay healthy.



586-536-5360 866-666-LOAN (5626) CHIRAG RACHHADIA

Parul Kharod is a registered dietitian and licensed nutritionist and works as a Clinical Dietition. She can be reached at




March 2022

Serving Buyers and Sellers Since 1989 Our experienced and talented agents can speak English, Spanish, Hindi, and Gujarati. Offering Motels, Restaurants, Dry Cleaners, Laundromats, Convenience Stores, Land and more CONVENIENCE STORES: C-Store: Greensboro, NC $230,000 + Inv., Annual Sales $225,000, NO GAS - REDUCED C-Store: Union County, NC $450,000+ Inv., Annual Sales $1,100,000, Fuel Gals 408,000 C-Store: Summerville, SC $249,000 + Inv., Annual Sales $1,483,000, Fuel Gals 257,764 C-Store: Shelby, NC $799,000 + Inv., Annual sales $1,860,000. Fuel Gallons 480,000 C-Store: New Bern, NC $125,000 + Inv. Annual sales $675,000 Fuel Gallons 120,000 Closed C-Store: Statesville, NC $675,000. 1.08 Acres

Let Us Help You Buy or Sell A Business! County South Realty & Business Brokers 303 Indian Trail Road South Indian Trail, NC 28079


OTHER LISTINGS: Florist: Research Triangle Region of NC, $550,000, Annual Sales $620,000 C-Store Distributor: Charlotte, NC $89,000, Annual Sales $620,000 Liquor/C-store: Columbia, SC $19,900, Annual Sales $180,000 Trucking Company: Monroe, NC $800,000, Annual Sales $1,100,000. Reduced More listings available at:

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March 2022

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Raj Jewels (Morrisville, NC) .....................................6-7

Bashyam Shah LLP - Immigration Law Group..........52

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Global Mall / Legacy Jewels ....................................99

Pramukh Mandapam ...............................................37

Y2 Academy (SAT Prep) .........................................69


March 2022

Weddings & Events


Make Your Event Unique at this HISTORIC VENUE in the Smoky Mountains of North Carolina, ideal for destination weddings.

The 37 Venue has been restored to it’s 1927 glory!

GRAND BALLROOM has: • Original art deco features • High ceilings • Private suites • Gorgeous natural light • Breathtaking views of the surrounding Smoky Mountains

• • • •

Weddings Receptions Family gatherings Business meetings

Accommodations for guests are available at our sister properties, just 10 minutes from the 37 Venue in Waynesville, NC: Days Inn Waynesville

For bookings, call

Best Western Smoky Mountain Inn


For bookings, call

Free Breakfast Microwave & Mini Fridge

828-456-4402 Fully Renovated Oversized Rooms