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March 2010

Rural scene, Nepal

In this issue: Patel Siblings: From Charlotte to Hollywood India: Freedom to Find New Information

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Hello Readers You’ve heard of the Appalachian Trail. What about the Himalayan Trail? Go to pg. 8 for details. There is a brother and sister duo who grew up in Charlotte and now is taking Hollywood by storm. Read their story on pg. 14. The flag-bearer for the Indian Winter Olympics team in Torino 2006 now lives in North Carolina. Read her remembrance of that event on pg. 32. The high-energy percussion ensemble Tabla Ecstasy is slated to perform in Charlotte in March. Read the details on pg. 36. Spring is beautiful. But it also starts the misery of allergy season for a lot of folks. Go to pg. 52 before the sneezing and the wheezing begins. Make sure you are counted for the US Census 2010. All the details are on pg. 66. Catch up on all the happenings in local organizations in our Community News section beginning on pg. 98 or stay up to date daily at

A features magazine for the South Asian Community of the Carolinas

Quote: “The art of medicine consists of keeping the patient amused while nature heals the disease.” - Voltaire

March 2010 – Issue # 143 Editor:Samir Shukla ( Publisher: Divakar Shukla ( Community News Editor: Rajesh Ganatra Ad Design / Layout: Nate “Natwarlalji” Andrews Consultant: Himanshu Desai Contributors for this issue: Pradip Bulsara, Kirit Shukla, Rajesh Ganatra, Judith L. Bergman, Chandan Sen, Hena Sharma, Manisha Dass, Sardar Singh, Dr. Maha Gingrich, Wendy Wells, Narendra Dixit, Krutika Chheda, Gail Z. Martin, Anjana Agarwal, Neha Bhalla, Vaishali Mankad, Gurvinder Deogun, Anita Kulkarni, Jalendu Vaidya, Suneel Mohammed, Nalini Raja, Cyndy Yu-Robinson, and Christine M. Hall.

Your saathees: Samir, Divakar, Raj & Himanshu

In this issue:

March 2010

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With an area of 147,181 square kilometers and a population of 30 million, Nepal is the world's 93rd largest country by land mass and the 41st most populous country.

Saathee 2

March 2010

Rural scene, Nepal

India’s Golf Boom . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .pg. 06 Adventure Travel . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .pg. 08 New Freedom to Find Info . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .pg. 10 Patel Siblings . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .pg. 14 Saathee Entertainment . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .pg. 16 Bolly Bits . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .pg. 20 Sangeet, Music of India . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .pg. 22 Evergreen Film Lyrics . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .pg. 24 Indian Classical Music . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .pg. 28 Book Reviews . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .pg. 30 Winter Olympics Memories . . . . . . . . . . . . . .pg. 32 Dances of India . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .pg. 34 Tabla Ecstasy . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .pg. 36 Children’s Corner . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .pg. 38 Yoga . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .pg. 40 Nature of the Self . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .pg. 42 Mastering Meaning . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .pg. 44 Astride Three Continents . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .pg. 46 Finding the College Fit . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .pg. 48 Healthwise . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .pg. 50 Allergy Season Approaches . . . . . . . . . . . . . .pg. 52 Colon Cancer Prevention . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .pg. 54 Social Media . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .pg. 56 Marketing Turnaround . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .pg. 60 Personal Finance . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .pg. 62 US Census 2010 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .pg. 66 Tax Matters . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .pg. 68 Can Bollywood Heal Indo-Pak Divide? . . . . . . .pg. 72 Recipes . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .pg. 80 Community Focus . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .pg. 90 Community News & Events . . . . . . . . . . . . . .pg. 98 Pop’s Puzzles and Jokes . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .pg. 118 Festivals and Holidays . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .pg. 120 AstroScope . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .pg. 122 Classifieds . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .pg. 124 Puzzle Solutions . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .pg. 126 Index of Advertisers . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .pg. 126

In this issue: Patel Siblings: From Charlotte to Hollywood India: Freedom to Find New Information

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March 2010

Saathee 5

Going Greens: India’s Golf Boom By Jason Overdorf - Germany’s Marcel Siem took advantage of a lastminute putting tutorial from India’s top-ranked women’s amateur to take the lead on opening day of the country’s newest international golf tournament recently. Tipped to slow greens that foxed other European players, Siem notched an eagle and several birdies by stiffening his stroke to avoid leaving his putts short. But fans Jeev Milkha Singh still hold out hope for local favorite Jeev Milkha Singh, ranked 59th in the world. Taking place in February 2010 at the Indian capital’s new DLF Golf & Country Club — a plush course built by one of the country’s largest real estate developers — the Avantha Masters is the highest paying professional tournament ever played in India, offering prize money of $2 million. But that’s just the tip of the iceberg. Known internationally for its slums, India is going green. Putting green. Aided by corporate support and a rising middle class, golf is fast becoming big business in India. Over the past five years, new courses have mushroomed all over the country, and golf-related retailers and manufacturers are beginning to set up shop here to exploit a potentially vast future market. Meanwhile, the number of amateur tournaments and the prize money for winning has increased manifold, while a number of professional events are also springing up — 24 pro tournaments alone in 2010. And golf tourism is emerging as a lucrative travel business, as players from Japan and Southeast Asia fly in on charter weekends to take advantage of India’s bargain basement greens fees. “We are just short of 200 courses, and we expect that we will put up in the next decade more than 100 courses,” said Ashit Luthra, chairman of the Indian Golf Union. “It is becoming a corporate sport.”

March 2010

India’s skyrocketing residential real estate market has played a big part in the boom. Designed by Arnold Palmer, whose name has become synonymous with beautiful courses, the DLF Golf & Country Club opened for play in 1999, at the beginning of a decade-long burst of activity in the Indian golf scene. Located in Gurgaon, Haryana, a satellite city close to New Delhi that plays host to a large number of multinationals, the golf club was built to attract wealthy Delhi residents to the city’s hinterland. Now virtually every major real estate developer in India is turning to golf as a way of marketing their properties to an elite that once valued an address in the urban center above all. Jaypee Greens, for instance, focused its recently completed 452-acre development in Greater Noida — the latest of Delhi’s increasingly far-flung suburbs — on an 18-hole course designed by Canada’s Graham Cooke. For an encore, the company is building a top-end residential project around a 2500-acre “sports city” that will feature golf courses as well as a motor-racing track and other facilities. According to the company, golf helps it attract elite customers and sell its properties for more than double the price of neighboring residential projects. “Golf is actually a major driver for our business,” said Manu Goswami, head of business development at real estate developer Jaypee Greens. “It’s pretty amazing the number of people who are getting into it.” Retailers are also beginning to see India’s potential. This January, Callaway Golf, the billion dollar company known for creating the “Big Bertha” driver, launched a wholly owned subsidiary to tap the local Indian market and penned a marketing deal with Jeev Mikkha Singh, the top-ranked Indian player in the world. The launch follows the entry of TaylorMade Golf, a division of adidas, in 2003. “Callaway Golf’s international business spans more than 110 countries and accounts for over half of the Company’s annual revenue,” George Fellows, Callaway’s chief executive, was quoted as saying in a press release. “We see great potential in the Indian market and are looking forward to introducing our products.” continued on page 76

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Adventure Travel: The Great Himalaya Trail? Why Walk Everest, K2, and Other Mountain Giants? Because They Are There. By Jason Overdorf - The Himalayan range — home to Everest, K2 and more than 100 peaks exceeding 21,000 feet in height — is without question the most well-known and most awe-inspiring set of mountains in the world. But as a trekking destination, the majestic snow-capped range has a long way to go. Of the six countries that the Himalayan range crosses, only Nepal has succeeded in tapping the growing interest in adventure tourism, while nations like Afghanistan, Bhutan, China and Pakistan have failed to capitalize on their high-altitude potential due to strict regulations and internal strife. Even India has not made much progress, although it accounts for most of the main Himalayan range and offers a more or less safe and friendly, if not hassle-free, experience for tourists. “Today, we are one-tenth of Nepal in adventure tourism,” said adventurer and guidebook author Depi Chaudhry, who says India doesn’t track these numbers. “We have a substantial portion of the Himalayas. But we haven’t been able to leverage that.” As India’s neighbor to the east prepares for a big marketing push with its “Visit Nepal” campaign in 2011, however, Chaudhry has thrown his lot in with a group of freelance trekkers, climbers and writers who are fighting their own battle to promote the Himalayan trekking industry — with guerrilla tactics. Logging thousands of kilometers and hundreds of thousands of words, Chaudhry and fellow guidebook writers Robin Boustead, Gary Weare and Jamie McGuinness are struggling to map and promote a commercial trekking route that crosses the Himalayas from end to end. Billed as The Great Himalaya Trail, or GHT, the traverse will cobble together dozens of marketable legs to draw some of the 30,000-plus tourists who do the popular Everest Base Camp and Annapurna Circuit treks in Nepal each year to other regions. The dream is that one day, a traverse of the entire route could be the life-long goal for every serious trekker in the world. “I spend far too much time thinking about how to do it,” said Boustead, who recently completed a guidebook for the Nepal section of the GHT. “I have every intention of trying to do the first ever continuous walk — not taking a break for seasons, which is what has happened with the only other two attempted traverses. There’s a very convincing case for creating a continuous trail that could be run over the course of a year or perhaps 14 months.” March 2010

Such long-distance trails are already popular in many other countries. The Appalachian Trail, which runs through the Eastern United States’ Appalachian mountain range for 2,174 miles from Georgia to Maine, sees thousands of “sectioners” every year — and nearly 10,000 cult-hero “thru-hikers” have traversed the entire route in a single trekking season since the 1930s. The 220-mile Coast to Coast Walk across northern England boasts a similar following, as does the shorter Tour du Mont Blanc, which circles the famously sublime peak on a route that passes through parts of Switzerland, Italy and France. But no long-distance hiking trail in the world has overcome the political and logistical obstacles that confront the GHT. High passes and inclement weather make traversing the Himalayas nearly impossible in a single season, much of the route is inaccessible by road, and many trailheads are hundreds of kilometers from the nearest airport.

But those obstacles to commercial trekking pale in comparison to the political barriers to establishing a difficult to monitor overland route crossing six countries at odds over territory, human rights violations, diplomatic bullying and even cross-border terrorism. Even in peaceful, liberal India, for example, substantial portions of arguably the most desirable high-altitude traverse are closed to foreign trekkers because they pass through sensitive border areas under dispute between India and China or India and Pakistan. However, Boustead believes the time is ripe for pushing the envelope. Though many routes remain closed or permit-only, India has for many years used mountaineering feats as a political tool — most notably with Colonel Narinder “Bull” Kumar’s 1978 race to claim a series of summits on Kashmir’s continued on page 76

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New Freedom to Find Information In the world’s largest democracy sunlight is, indeed, a powerful disinfectant. By Saritha Rai - In a country that has the dubious distinction of topping almost every ranking of the world’s corrupt, bribetaking countries, a law called the Right to Information Act is altering the equation between the gigantic government and its vast citizenry. The Right to Information Act — popularly called the RTI — was enacted as national law four years ago to pry open the opaque nature of governance in India. Now do-gooder activists, zealous citizens and eager lawyers are turning RTI into an effective tool to whip India’s gargantuan democracy into shape. Acknowledging its power to shake up the age-old establishment, the Delhi High Court noted recently, “Sunlight is a powerful disinfectant.” “For the first time in six decades since independence, the common man has the power to right Indian democracy,” says Vikram Simha, a banker-turned-voluntary RTI activist in Bangalore. Until recently, disclosure of public records was banned under “Official Secrets Act 1889” dating back to British rule. The RTI now allows Indians, for a small fee, to access any official record of the federal or state governments, with the exception of documents about the troubled Jammu & Kashmir state, and individuals’ income tax and medical records. Public authorities are required to respond within 30 days. Indians are using the RTI for a range of uses, from questioning delays in getting power supply or water connections to their homes, to fixing the poor drains and missing street lights in their neighborhood — all without “chai-paani,” or Hindi slang for bribes. New Delhi slum workers have come together to drive an anti-bribery campaign with RTI, using it to apply for passports, driving licenses or birth certificates. Enthused by these small successes, Indians are starting to question major government decisions. In recent weeks, RTI has been used to scrutinize the joint statement by India and Pakistan which de-linked diplomatic talks from terror attacks. That statement, along with its drafts and file notings, is open to scrutiny. A textile trader from one of New Delhi’s old markets shook up the country’s top court by posing an innocuous question on whether members of the Supreme Court had filed a list of their personal assets, as required, to the chief justice. That eventually led to the Act extending to the office of the Chief Justice of India, the head of India’s highest court. The Chief Justice was forced to defend the daily allowance he sought for his wife during a recent foreign tour. In another case, involving the disappearance of the famed Indian freedom fighter Subhash Chandra Bose, a Mumbai resident questioned the basis of the government recognizing the German-born Anita Pfaff as the biological daughter and descendant of Bose’s Azad Hindu Fauj organization. But, for some, shining light on wrongdoing has proved dangerous and deadly, particularly with land and property issues, which make up more than a third of all RTI queries. March 2010

In January, activist Satish Shetty — who had knocked the cover off several land scandals — was murdered in Pune. In Mumbai, another activist was shot. In Bangalore, RTI activists are talking about networking to stay safe. Delhi-based RTI lawyer Divyajyoti Jaipuriar has authored a book on RTI. He says the Act is so far mostly being used by India’s urban, educated middle class. The benefits are yet to spread to millions of poor, rural Indians. But Jaipuriar expects the use of RTI to gradually extend to the rest of India and force fairness in all government decision-making. “When the poor begin to feel empowered by RTI, the government’s cocoon will be gone,” he says.

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Patel Siblings

From Charlotte to Hollywood

By Samir Shukla While growing up in Freeport, IL and later Charlotte, siblings Ravi and Geeta Patel couldn’t have guessed they would be working full time in the entertainment business. Although big sister Geeta always had a love for the arts and pined to work in the industry while attending Duke University and later slogging it out in the business world. She wrote hundreds of letters to film producers and directors while working in New York City for a couple of years after graduation, looking for a posiGeeta Patel tive response or a better yet, a job. And she wrote screenplays at night. The pull toward the film industry proved too much and she was miserable working in her finance job, so she quit, packed her bags and moved to Los Angeles to try her luck and fulfill the dream of working in the industry. She says she felt “disrespectful” toward her parents when she went to L.A. She says like most other Indian parents, they worked hard to send her through college. But they have always supported both kids, now pushing them to succeed in the bright lights of show biz and she feels “inspired” by her parents’ first generation immigrant work ethic. She’s been at it for a decade now, and has worked as a director, producer, writer and cinematographer on many TV and film projects. She directed, produced, and wrote the feature documentary film Project Kashmir (PBS), which was funded in part by ITVS, Sundance Institute, Tribeca Institute, and Ravi Patel Hartley Film Foundation and released via her production company Dishoom Pictures. The film has March 2010

been screened around the world and will be shown on PBS in May. While Geeta worked hard to break into the industry, kid brother Ravi sort of just strolled into it. After graduating from college and working in the business world, Ravi, a naturally funny kid by all accounts, visited Geeta in L.A. and while exploring tinsel town with his sister, his comedic nature was noticed by someone who suggested he audition for commercials. That and other turns in life launched his hollywood career. In a recent interview with a college newspaper Ravi talked about how he wound up in the entertainment industry. “I was planning on going to law school when I was asked by a producer friend to be a last-minute fill-in as an emcee at an arts festival. I was regarded as a funny guy, and I had hosted some things in college, so I thought it would be fun. Over the course of this four-hour event, I ended up doing about forty five minutes of improvised stand-up, and the next week, I got about fifteen calls. I started dabbling in stand-up, and I was a full-time actor within like six months. It’s crazy how fortunate I’ve been, and even crazier to think I The Cast of Past Life could have potentially been doing something less fun right now if it hadn’t been for all these weird turns in life.” That was 2004. In six short years Ravi has made dozens of national commercials, done stand-up comedy, appeared in TV and film roles and is currently appearing on Fox show “Past Life,” a new drama series that investigates the world of the unexplained through the eyes of a doctor and a former detective who must work together to solve decades-old mysteries. Ravi Patel plays Dr. Rishi Karna, an M.D. who loves bad TV, Cuban jazz and driving everyone crazy. The show premiered in early February. Prior to joining the entertainment industry four years ago, Ravi was a broker, investment banker and later founded popular poker magazine ALL IN, which he later left. He graduated from The University of North Carolina in Economics and International Studies in 2001. Ravi has appeared on Scrubs, Transformers, and Powder Blue. He was in five feature films in 2008, in addition to a recurring role on CW’s new drama “Easy Money.” As a comedian, Ravi has toured the country and performed regularly at LA’s The Improv and Laugh Factory. Geeta and Ravi are currently working on a comedy documentary about first generation Indian-Americans called One in A billion. Asked about the documentary Ravi said, “I am so excited about One in a Billion. It’s super-fun, and I get to work with my sister – who is brilliant, by the way. One in a Billion is a romantic comedy documentary about my personal search to answer ‘do I need to continued on page 74

Saathee 14

Upcoming Movie Releases

Top Five Movies - March 10

(Bollywood films slated to be released in the next 4-6 weeks) 1. My Name Is Khan Shahrukh Khan, Kajol, Soniya Jehan, Jimmy Shergill, Zarina Wahab & Parvin Dabbas

Atithi Tum Kab Jaoge? (Director: S. Mishra) Cast: Ajay Devgan, Konkona Sen Sharma, Paresh Rawal, Satish Kaushik, Akhilendra Mishra & Sanjay Mishra

2. Teen Patti Amitabh Bachchan, Ben Kingsley, R Madhavan, Raima Sen, Dhruv Ganesh, Siddharth Kher & Vaibhav




Road, Movie (Dir: Dev Benegal) Cast: Abhay Deol, Satish Kaushik, Tannishtha Chatterjee, Mohammed Faisal Usmani, Virendra Saxena, and Yashpal Sharma

3. 3 Idiots

Aamir Khan, Kareena Kapoor, R Madhavan, Sharman Joshi, and Boman Irani

Ek Tho Chance (Dir: Saeed Akhtar Mirza) Cast: Purab Kohli, Amrita Arora, Vijay Raaz, Pawan Malhotra & Ashwini Kalsekar

4. Toh Baat Pakki Tabu, Sharman Joshi, Uvika Chaudhary, Ayub Khan, Vatsal Sheth & Sharat Saxena

Do Dilon Ke Khel Mein (Director: Akash Pandey) Cast: Rajesh Khanna, Nausheen Ali Sardar, Rohit Nayar, Satish Kaushik, Anu Kapoor, and Kiran Juneja

5. Rann Amitabh Bachchan, Paresh Rawal, Ritesh Deshmukh, Mohnish Behl, and Suchitra Krishnamurthy

Rokkk (Dir: Rajesh Ranshinge) Cast: Udita Goswami, Shaad Randhawa, Sachin Khedekar, Nishigandha Wad, and Tanushree Datta

Top Five Songs - March 10



1. Hide and Seek “Kaise Jiyu” Music: Chirantan Bhatt, Gourov Dasgupta Singer: Krishan

Na Ghar Ke Na Ghat Ke (Director: Rahul Aggarwal) Cast: Rahul Aggarwal, Paresh Rawal, Narayani Shastri, Om Puri, & Ravi Kissen

2. Striker “Cham Cham” Music: Amit Trivedi, S Barve... Singer: Sonu Nigam

Thanks Maa (Director: Irfan Kamal) Cast: Raghuveer Yadav, Alok Nath, Barry John, Sanjay Mishra, Ranvir Shorey, and Mukta Barve




3. Teen Patti “Neeyat Kharab Hain” Music: Salim-Sulaiman Singer: Sunidhi Chauhan

Lahore (Dir: Sanjay Puran Singh Chauhan) Cast: Aanaahad, Shraddha Das, Farooq Sheikh, Nafisa Ali, Shraddha Nigam, and Saurabh Shukla

4. Shaapit “Tere Bina” Music: Nazam Sheraz Singer: Nazam Sheraz

5. My Name is Khan “Noor E Khudi” Music: Shankar Ehsaan Loy Singers: Shankar Mahadevan, Adnan Sami & Shreya Ghoshal (Note: This top five is based on the following non-scientific research: your feedback, video rental, box office from India and United States, internet opinions & our opinion) March 2010

Hide & Seek (Director: Shawn Arranha) Cast: Purab Kohli, Arjan Bajwa, Mrinalini Sharma, Samir Kochhar & Ayaz Khan

Saathee 16





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Your Catering Specialists To w e r P l a c e 8706 Pineville-Matthews Rd


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Upcoming Movie Releases Continued (Bollywood films slated to be released in the next 4-6 weeks) Right Yaaa Wrong (Director: Neeraj Pathak) Cast: Sunny Deol, Irrfan Khan, Eesha Koppikhar, Aryan Vaid, Konkona Sen Sharma, and Anjan Srivastava Swaha (Director: Manoj Sharma) Cast: Rikkee, Svitlana, Ishrat Ali, Jiten Mukhi, Shekher Shukla, Rajesh Vivek, and Madhuri Sanjeev Kajraare (Director: Pooja Bhatt) Cast: Himesh Reshammiya, Mona Liza, Amrita Singh, Natasha Sinha, Gaurav Chanana, and Gulshan Grover Love Sex Aur Dhokha (Director: Dibakar Banerjee) Cast: Mustafa Stationwala and Namrata Rao Prince (Dir: Kookie Gulati) Cast: Vivek Oberoi, Aruna Shields, Nandana Sen, Niroo Singh, Sanjay Kapoor, and Dalip Tahil

A. S. Art Studio Oil On Canvas

A Flower Girl

Classes offered for ages 12 and up Sketching for ages 6 and up

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Well Done Abba (Director: Shyam Benegal) Cast: Boman Irani, Minissha Lamba, Sameer Dattani, Ravi Kissen, Ila Arun, and Salim Ghouse Muskurake Dekh Zara (Director: Som Shekar) Cast: Gashmeer Mahajani, Twinkle Patel, Sunil Sabarwal, Simran Suri, Chirag Sethi, and Tiku Talsania Hum Tum Aur Ghost (Director: Kabeer Kaushik) Cast: Arshad Warsi, Dia Mirza, Sandhya Mridul, Boman Irani, and Zehra Naqvi Mittal Vs Mittal (Director: Karan Razdan) Cast: Rituparna Sengupta, Rohit Roy, Gulshan Grover, and Suchitra Krishnamurthy

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(Movie release dates subject to change.)

March 2010

Saathee 18

s t i B y l l o B

Pagla Deewana” from Dharmendra’s 1975 blockbuster Pratiggya. Karnik intends to record a remix version of the Mohd Rafi hit. The director introduces the new composing duo Nouman Javed and Rahul Seth for the film’s music. The film is slated for release on December 24, 2010. — Bollywood Hungama

Kites to Release in Two Versions

Amitabh Bachchan to Act in a Malayalam Film

Bollywood superstar Amitabh Bachchan will star with Mohanlal in a Malayalam film based on the hijacking of an Indian Airlines flight to Kandahar in Afghanistan in 1999. The veteran actor held discussions in this regard with Mohanlal and director Ravi. The film is tentatively called Kandahar. “Bachchanji was engrossed in the story and after hearing it said I am doing it,” Ravi said. The shooting is slated to begin by July or August. Bachchan will play the role of the father of a hijack victim and his portions would be shot either at Mumbai or Delhi airport. Other actors are being cast with the possibility of Kamal Hassan acting in the film. The female artist has not yet been decided. Ravi has directed films like Keerthichakra starring Mohanlal and Mission 90 Days with Mammootty. — PTI

Bollywood Calling Leander Paes While still going strong on the tennis court, Indian tennis doubles ace Leander Paes is also planning to dabble in Hindi films. He has already been offered the lead role in a Bollywood production. “Paes has decided to take up a full-time career in Hindi films after he quits tennis. To start with, he has got an offer to play the hero in a movie,” Bengal Tennis Association secretary Hiranmoy Chatterjee said. “Paes will be in Kolkata in March for the next round of the shooting,” said Chatterjee. Paes, 36, one of the most successful Indian sportspersons of all times, leveled Mahesh Bhupathi’s record of 11 Grand Slam title by partnering Cara Black to the Australian Open mixed doubles triumph. “He has been taking acting lessons in Anupam Kher’s institute for the last one and a half years. He has also been learning Hindi for over a year,” said Chatterjee. Apart from 11 Grand Slam victories at doubles and mixed doubles events, Paes won a bronze medal in the 1996 Atlanta Olympic Games. — Indo-Asian News Service

Dharmendra and Sunny Deol to Shoot in Varanasi In Samir Karnik’s Yamla Pagla Deewana, Dharmendra and Bobby Deol play a father-son con-men duo in Varanasi. Sunny plays an upright man married to a Canadian living in Canada who gets to know after two decades that he has a father and brother in Varanasi. The film is about Sunny’s journey into his past and into a culture that he had left behind. Karnik will begin filming in Varanasi in April. The interesting part of the film is the bum-chum relationship between father Dharmendra and son Bobby, when in real life Bobby is intimidated by his father. Laughs Karnik, “Not so any longer. Thanks to the preparation for my film, both Bobby and Sunny have loosened up with their Dad.” The film’s title is inspired by the chartbuster “Main Jat Yamala March 2010

Reliance BIG Pictures and Rakesh Roshan’s eagerly awaited romantic film Kites will release worldwide in Hindi and English versions on May 21 in over 60 countries. The trailer of the Hindi version was show in 1700 screens worldwide during Valentine’s Day weekend. The trailer of Kites’ English version will be released shortly in over 1000 screens. The English version of Kites is presented and reworked by well-known Hollywood director Brett Ratner.

Mallika Sherawat Cast in Love, Barack Mallika Sherawat has been cast opposite Avatar co-star Laz Alonso in the feature Love, Barack, a political romantic comedy set during the frantic and exciting days leading up to 2008 U.S. Presidential election. Sherawat will play the female lead and central character Aretha Gupta, a devoted, local Obama volunteer coordinator. The story, a snapshot of a moment in time that was filled with hope, change, and passionate debate, follows the romantic and political rollercoaster that develops when, the month before Election Day, Democrat Aretha unexpectedly falls for her Republican counterpart (Alonso), a handsome, dynamic African-American working for the local McCain office. The film will be directed by Doug McHenry will also feature acclaimed actress Ruby Dee (Best Supporting Actress Oscar Nominee for 2007’s American Gangster) and comedy veterans Gerry Bednob and Loretta Devine. — Bollywood Hungama

Film Legend Pran Turns 90 Veteran actor Pran celebrated his 90th birthday last month. Not only has he shed the wall that he had built around himself by going out of his way and interacting with people, he has also started recollecting dialogue from his earlier films. Pran’s daughter, Pinky Bhalla said in an interview, “We celebrated his 90th birthday and the family decided to celebrate his big day with a bash. Apart from family members pouring in from abroad, Amitabh Bachchan, Shammi Kapoor, Krishna Kapoor, Nimmi, Shatrughan Sinha, Dilip Kumar and Saira Banu, were some of the industry people who came in to wish him on his big day.” Interestingly, the renewed vigor has triggered a boost in memory wherein the veteran actor remembers dialogue from the yesteryear films he has acted in. Pinky elaborates, “Dad has suddenly remembered almost all the dialogue of his films, especially those of Adalat, Adhikaar and Kasauti. He is also asking us for the DVDs of his other films. If we suggest some new film which we have liked, he doesn’t mind seeing that too. And yes, he has begun to see a lot of television.” — Times of India

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Ek Hindustani, Pardes, Raju Chacha, Ram Lakhan, Sargam, Satyam Shivam Sundaram, Saudagar, Sholey, Suryakant, Taal, Yaaden and so on. Some of his other all time hit songs: Chingaari koi bhadake (Amarprem), Dil kyaa kare (Julie), Dhire dhire bol (Gora Aur Kala), Aaj mausam bada (Loafer), Kora kagaza thaa yeh man meraa, Chinagaari koi bhadake, Bada Natkhat Hai, Kuch to Log Kahenge, Yeh Kya Hua and Raina Beeti Jaaye By Kirit Shukla (Aradhana), Saawan kaa mahinaa, Bol Gori Bol, Ram Kare Aisaa Ho Jaaye, Main to Diwaanaa, Hum Tum Yug Tribute to Bollywood’s Past Lyricists Yug se (Milan), Badi mastaani hai (Jeene Ki Raah), Gir gayaa jhumkaa (Jugnu), Dafaliwaale (Sargam), Lagi Anand Bakshi : (1930– 2002) “Dum maaro dum…,” from the 1972 aaj saawan (Chandni), Bholi si surat (Dil To Pagal Hai), film Hare Rama Hare Krishna. was writ- Bol meri taqadeer mein kyaa hai (Hariali Aur Raasta) ten by legendary Bollywood lyricist and so on. Anand Bakshi. The versatile wordsmith His award winning song: was born in 1930. He originally wanted “Tuze dekhaa to ye jaanaa to be a singer and sang with Lata, but he sanam....” from the film was more in demand by filmmakers as a Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge lyricist. His poems were simple to understand and is given in this issue of expressed love in many ways. During 1950’s and 60’s, Saathee in Evergreen Classic there were many groupings between the lyricists and Film Lyrics on page 24. the music directors. Many of us know that most of the

musicians had their own favorite lyricists. Bakshi had to struggle with this situation and the competition in the Hindi film industry. He was a hard working and persistent person, however, and became popular with the hit song “Pardesiyon se na akhiaan milaanaa” from the film Jab Jab Phool Khile. I believe that the music directors R. D. Burman and Laxmikant-Pyarelal led him to success in this golden period. Bakshi wrote more than 4000 lyrics for about 85 films over the course of 40 years. Even after that, one can smell the same freshness in his lyrics. It is to be noted that he wrote the lyrics which were the first ones for some of the singers like Kumar Sanu, S. P. Balsubramaniam, Shailendra Singh, and Kavita Krishnamurthy, along with actors singing those songs on the screen including Sunny Deol, Rishi Kapoor, Jackie Shroff, and Kamal Hassan. Several music directors gave tunes to his lyrics. In his old age he suffered from lung decease because he was a chain smoker. His evergreen hit songs are innumerable. Only some of them are listed below. We will remember his songs forever. He Passed away on March 30, 2002 in Mumbai.

“THE CAROLINA’S HOTTEST DJ” Desi Rhythm Productions

The Carolina’s Hottest!



The Best in Hindi Film Songs, Bhangra, Remixes, Garba-Rass, Hip-Hop, R&B, Disco Weddings / Receptions / Sangeets / Birthdays / Baby Showers / Graduations / Anniversaries

1982 -Tere mere bicha men (Ek duje ke liye)

The Ultimate in LIGHTS, SOUND & STYLE

1996 -Tuze dekha (Dilwale dulhania le jayenge)

Emcee Services & Dhol Player at your request

2000—Ishq binaa kyaa jeenaa yaaro (Taal)


Filmfare awards for best lyricist: 1979 - Aadami musaafira hai (Apnapan)

He also received Zee Cine and Screen awards.

for Bookings

Some of his all time hit movies: (In alphabetical order) Aap Aaye Bahar Aye, Aap Ki Kasam, Aflatoon, Amar Prem, Amar Akbar Anthony, Aradhana, Asoka, Bobby, Chandani, Darr, Dil To Pagal Hai, Dilwale dulhania le jayenge, Do Raste, Ek duje ke liye, Farz, Gadar, Ghulam-E-Mustafa, Hariali Aur Raasta, Hero, Hum, Karma, Karz, Khalnayak, Lamhe, Milan, Meri Bivi Ka Jawab Nahi, Mohabbatein, Mohra, Nujse Dosti karoge, March 2010

DJ DESI (Amit) (704) 737-0930

The Name to Remember for the celebration you will never forget!

Saathee 22

March 2010

Saathee 23


By Kirit Shukla Song: Tuze dekhaa to ye jaanaa sanam... Film: Dilwale dulhania le jayenge Year: 1995 Music: Jatin—Lalit Singers: Lata and Kumar Sanu Lyric: Anand Bakshi Based on Indian Classical Raga: Taal/Rhythm: Kaharava Starring: Shahrukh Khan, Kajol, Farida Jalal, Amrish Puri

I saw you and … Now where would I go from here? I will die in your arms. Lata: I saw you and ... Now from here ...Sanu: I saw you and I learned this, sweetheart. Lata: My eyes, your dreams, my heart, your memories; Sanu: Oh, what is there of mine? Everything is yours; My life is yours, my breath is yours. Lata: In my eyes came your tears; All of my woes began to smile. Sanu: I saw you and … Lata: Now from here to where ...Sanu: I saw you and I learned this, sweetheart ...Lata: This heart doesn't seem like anything (without you) What do I say, what do I do? Sanu: Yes, in front of me, you stay seated; I will keep on looking at you; Lata: You called out, look I came, What vow is bigger than love? Sanu: I saw you… Lata: I saw you ...

See this song on Nazar Television in March. Visit for Nazar Television local listings.


Tuze dekhaa to ye jaanaa sanam...

• Tours, Cruises & More • Rates from India Available • Great Service and Rates • ARC & IATAN approved agency • Tours to Europe, India, Asia, & United States.


Sanu: Tuze dekhaa to yeh jaanaa sanam, Pyaara hotaa hai deewanaa sanam, Tuze dekhaa to yeh jaanaa sanam, Tuze dekha to ... Ab yahaan se kahaan jaaye hum, Teri baahon mein mar jaaye hum. Lata: Tuze dekhaa … Aba yahaan se ...Sanu: Tuze dekhaa to yeh jaanaa sanam Lata: Aankhen meri sapne tere, Dil meraa, yaadein teri, Sanu: O, meraa hai kyaa Sab kucha teraa , Jaan teri, saansein teri, Lata: Meri aankhon mein aansu tere aa gaye, Muskuraane lage saare ghama; Sanu: Tuze dekhaa to ... Lata: Ab yahaan se kahaan ... Sanu: Tuze dekhaa to yeh jaanaa sanam ... Lata: Yeh dil kahin lagtaa nahin Kyaa kahoon, main kyaa karoon. Sanu: Haan, tu saamne Baithi rahe Main tuze dekhaa karoon. Lata: Tune aawaaz di, dekha main aa gayi , Pyaara se hai badi kyaa kasam. Sanu: Tuze dekha to ... Lata: Tuze dekha to ...

p Re



s UR ina rol S TO Ca G l N ia KI fic Of X& O C

3322 Daniel Place Dr., Charlotte NC 28213 e-mail:

704.569.8220 or 704.724.5981 Ahmedabad Office: Vyas Travels Devashish, Near Klassic Gold Hotel Navrangpura, Ahemdabad Phone: 26561422, 26444422

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l ho

Av r ye la


D Meaning (Summary): Sanu: I saw you and I learned this, sweetheart; that love is crazy, sweetheart. I saw you and I learned this, sweetheart. March 2010

Saathee 24

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Veg & Chicken only. Dine-in. Mon. - Thurs. only. One coupon per table. Dinner Only. Excludes Buffet. Exp 4.05.10

5909 South Blvd. • Charlotte, NC 28217 • (704) 643-1421 • fax: (704) 643-1325

March 2010

2 Minutes from Bombay Bazaar & Payal Groceries

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Board Certified, Ophthalmology

Belmont Office: 704.825.3388 Huntersville Office: 704.295.3600

16615 Riverstone Way, Suite 200 Charlotte, NC 28277 Our office is located in South Charlotte off Highway 521, at the intersection of Ardrey Kell Rd. & Marvin Rd., in the new Cedar Walk development.

CHARLOTTE PRIMARY CARE DR. SHEENA KAPADIA Specializing in General Adult Medicine, Physical Check-Ups, Diabetes, High Blood Pressure, Bronchitis, Asthma, Acne, Arthritis, Menopause and Hormone Treatment, etc.

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• Board Certified in Internal Medicine • Educated and Trained at Duke University, Univ. of Arkansas and Carolinas Medical Center. • Radiology and lab on site • Accepting new patients and most insurance plans • Open Monday - Friday. 8:30 am - 5:00 pm by appointment only (Near Presbyterian Hospital - In the old Nalle Clinic Building)

1918 Randolph Rd. Suite 440 Charlotte, NC 28207 March 2010

Saathee 26

singing. The artist has to compose that particular part of the poem in the same Raag whose name appears there. The main attraction of the Raagmala composition is, when the vocalist sings or changes one raga from another raga. Here the artistic skill or approach plays a most important role. The flow must be natural as well as beautiful, too. Only experienced and skillful classical vocalists can sing Raagmala effectively.

Indian Classical Music By Anita Kulkarni Tarana Tarana is a very popular form in Hindustani classical music but it is slowly being forgotten. The Tarana contains Persian and Arabic phonemes like tom, nom, yalali, dir, dirdir, naa, derena, deem, tadeem, yallallah, yallallom, however, these syllables or words are not meaningless. Dar aa, dar aa means “come to me, come to me,” yallallom means “YaaAli, YaaAli” and some rhythmic words based on tabla like taa, daa, tirkit, kadit, dit, kitatak, etc. The story behind the creation of tarana is intriguing: it is said that Gopal Nayak was a leading musician and 13th century contemporary to Amir Khusrow, who was a Persian poet at the court of Allauddin Khilji and also a talented musician. Gopal Nayak had a very large number of followers and disciples and was highly respected by them. In one music competition at Allaudin Khilji’s court, it had come down to two finalists: the Hindu musician Nayak and Muslim musician Khusrow. Gopal Nayak sang a very fast Pada in Sanskrit, knowing quite well that Amir Khusrow did not know the language. Khusrow then sang the same song, note for note, but substituted Persian words for the Sanskrit. The resulting performance was thrilling even though it was unintelligible. In this way Amir Khusrow won the competition and invented tarana, which is nothing but a Persian song. The structure of tarana is same as a chota khyaal in most of the Ragas. Tarana is usually sung in medium and fast tempo, with variation and fast elaboration being the performer’s choice. There is a second contrasting melody, usually with higher notes, that is introduced once and goes back to the main melody. Tarana is the most entertaining form only because of fast taana, boltaana, and words. The tarana is most commonly associated with Ustad Amir Khan, who did a lot of research on it and helped popularize it in 19th century.

Anita Kulkarni

Certified Public Accountant ·Tax Preparation and Planning: Individuals & Businesses ·Accounting System selection and Implementation ·Bookkeeping and Payroll ·Financial Statement Review and Analysis

Raag - Bilaawal Tarana in Taal Tentaal (medium tempo) Sthaai: -Tana naadere dere dere tadaani dim tananaa tadare daani dim tadernaa. Antara: - Naadir dir daani tundirdir daani tana tundir dhetelaan dhetelaan tanana tadaare daani tadare daani dim. Contemporary vocalists like to sing Tarana, as it’s a totally different style of singing than khyaal. Sometimes, vocalists like to conclude the Raga presentation with one tarana. It adds a pleasing effect to their concert. Raagmala “Raag” is a melody and “mala” means series. It is easy to sing one Raga. But it is very difficult to sing many Ragas in one composition. This style of singing is tough to perform. It is rarely available to listen. Someone who has mastered so many ragas, with best control over swaras and different similar scales and capable of entering from one mood to another can perform this style of March 2010

Saathee 28

Book Reviews 2 States Author: Chetan Bhagat (Rupa & Co.) Review By Hena Sharma The concept of a “mixed marriage” in the western world usually refers to a marriage between partners of different ethnic backgrounds or races. However, among most IndianAmericans, a mixed marriage can also easily refer to Indian couples from different parts of India itself (with differing regional languages), or different religions (Hindu, Sikh, Christian, Muslim, etc.), or different castes, or all of the above. Chetan Bhagat, an IITD/IIMA graduate and bestselling author, based his latest book, “2 States,” on his own experience of attending college, meeting a girl from a different Indian region than his own, and of their ensuing relationship, family troubles and resulting “mixed marriage.” Bhagat’s previous books have inspired movies, with the most recent one being the movie “3 Idiots,” based on his book, “Five Point Someone” that draws upon his IIT/IIM experiences. In “2 States,” Bhagat’s style is direct, straight to the point, and one in which he takes numerous liberties with stereotyping North and South Indians (both areas now representing his own family) making for a hilariously good read. Anyone having read Bhagat’s previous bestselling books such as, “One Night @ a Call Center, or “Five Point Someone,” knows that the author speaks to a contemporary Indian audience and does not hold back in his often blunt, yet honest, writing style. The college crowd, recently graduated, and those young-at-heart can relate to many of the issues, some of them controversial, that Bhagat raises in his stories. Bhagat is not afraid to speak out and write about social issues he sees happening among the new ‘upwardly mobile’ young adults of today’s India. Issues such as rebelling against religious upbringing, drug use, relationships prior to marriage, pressures of school, family, and society on today’s youth have caused controversies and will spark many interesting conversations. The story, “2 States,” is about a boy, named Krish, who meets and falls in love with a girl, Ananya, in his Economics class in MBA school. The details of their lives at college and the sometimes shocking but outrageous anecdotes of college life, are mixed in with sensitivities of ancient customs, cultural norms and the timeless angst felt by young adults finding their way in the world. Bhagat’s characters, especially the descriptions of Krish’s parents and of his relationship with each, are developed well enough to get the readMarch 2010

er to understand the nuances of the story. The relationships are not always simple, and we see Krish struggle with the complications in his life, especially as he wants to start a life of his own. Bhagat is keenly aware of the issues that divide Krish and Ananya’s respective families. Both sides hold stereotypical views about each other without first getting to know one another. Bhagat points out the differences and opinions in a funny and direct approach. Some of the blunt, one line, comments make the reader laugh out loud. Bhagat succeeds in presenting the points of view from both sides of the drama. Krish’s character has qualities of rebelliousness mixed with a hunger for parental approval, which make his character all the more believable. Ananya is portrayed as a strong, intelligent, modern woman who knows how to get what she wants, yet has vulnerable aspects as well. Bhagat spares us from a typical melodramatic story by making it young and fresh with current issues faced by today’s youth, and by throwing in humor as much as possible. Many Indian authors whose books I have recently read have been women. Bhagat brings a relevant, young, male voice to the mix. Bhagat’s “2 States” was a quick read that was fun, enjoyable, and something to read without a serious attitude. Hena Sharma is a software developer living in Cary, who enjoys blogging about the books she’s reading on her website “”

The Cultural Stimulus Author: Sam S. Sodha (Lulu)

Sam S. Sodha (Sandeep Sodha), a long-time North Carolina resident, has written a book that gathers his thoughts and experiences for creating close-knit families, raising stronger children and building a better America. Topics covered include education, family, government, health, and business. Sodha presents his thoughts on many issues including joint families, grandma’s cooking, business practices, jobs, environment, marriage and family budgets. He presents a specific topic, such as annual health checkups, and then gives some common sense suggestions in his special points and key points follow-ups. “The Cultural Stimulus - A Better, Stronger and Smarter America” is an easy and thoughtful read on many topics that confront families, parents and business people. He says, “For a very long time, I have been looking at all the imbalances in our economy, which motivated me to put my thoughts in words.” He presents a multicultural perspective (Sodha is of Indian descent and was born in Kenya), to what he terms as “establish a better country.” Indian culture and heritage is highlighted throughout the book. Find the book and more information at

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Catering for All Occasions Gujarati, North Indian & South Indian. Large or Small Parties. For Catering Call: Mital: 704.568.7979 or 336.671.9326

Host your next event at Namaste India Customize our buffet to your liking!!! Lunch Buffet: Seven Days a Week (A-La Carte Available) Dinner A-La Carte: Seven Days a Week SPECIAL DINNER BUFFET: FRI & SAT NIGHTS 4508 E. Independence Blvd. Charlotte, NC 28205 (At Sharon Amity) 704.568.7979 fax: 704.566.1101

Winter Olympics Bring Back Memories

Neha training in Austria

By Neha “Ahuja” Bhalla When I watched the Opening Ceremony in Vancouver on Feb 12, 2010, it was like a flashback. I had felt the same excitement and energy not too long ago. I could relate to the emotions and feelings athletes were probably going through. I was honored and privileged to be the flag bearer for India, for both, the opening and the closing ceremonies, at the 2006 Winter Olympics in Torino, Italy. I made history as the first Indian woman to qualify in the Slalom and Giant Slalom ski races. I also was the first Indian athlete ever to compete in two events at the Winter Olympic Games. After 15 years of hard work and dedication, comprising of injury, leading to disappointment and ultimately—satisfaction, I finished both Olympic races with my best performance ever, placing 51st in the Slalom and 42nd in the Giant Slalom. I knew that winning a medal was unrealistic but wished to complete both my races and do my best. For me, qualifying was my medal. I ended up skiing better than I have ever skied in my life and left the games with no regrets. It was a priceless feeling to represent my country and experience the realization of a dream. A Father’s Love As you may already know, Skiing is not a popular sport in India, but I was fortunate to pick up skiing in Kashmir, where my father, Comdt. S.P. Ahuja, was the Principal of Indian Institute of Skiing and Mountaineering, and Director of Winter Sports, in Gulmarg. He was my first coach when I picked up skiing at the age of 5. My Neha With her father, Comdt. S.P. Ahuja elder sister, Shefali and her Coach, Miroslav Kolar (right) and younger sister, Swati (an MTV Roadie) were also coached by our father and competed at the Asian and National levels respectively. Since ski lifts and amenities were limited, we would March 2010

hike up and ski down mountains. To get the most mileage out of our exhausting hike up, we would take lots of turns on the way down, hence my specialization in the two technical events of Alpine Skiing vs. becoming a speed skier. Since equipment sponsors and racing coaches were also scarce, my father arranged for me to attend a two-week ski training camp in Austria, which gave me a big boost. At the age of 14, with the help of the training I was able to qualify to represent India in the Junior Asian Winter Games in Japan in 1996, where I met my first coach, Mr. Kazuo Sato (Sato San). I got another opportunity to take part in a one month long training in Japan with Sato San, prior to the Jr. Asian Winter Games. Sato San’s training helped me to get to fourth- and fifth-place finishes in my two events. My best accomplishments at that time. Ups and Downs For the next three years, Japan became a second home for me and Sato San’s family became my second family. I stayed with them for three months at a time to further hone my racing skills. After my training session, I helped out at their Indo Curry Shop (an Indian Restaurant), along with learning Japanese. Sato San taught me to believe in myself and that my dream was achievable—provided I am ready to work hard, sweat and toil in its pursuit, and not give up. I started training harder. Seeing my improvement as a ski racer, Mr. Sato’s encouragement, and my family’s support, I started dreaming of competing in the Olympics. My goal was to compete in the 2002 Winter Olympics in Salt Lake City, Utah. Those dreams got another big boost when Sato San helped me secure a sponsor, the Morita Sports Promotion Foundation (MSPF). But the Foundation and Arai Resort Management (ARM) put one condition on the support: I would have to move to the U.S.A. I did not have any issues with that, even though that meant I would have to leave my family at the age of 17. However, I too had a condition; I wanted to pursue a college degree along with Skiing. MSPF agreed and I left my family and enrolled at the University of Colorado, graduating in 2004 with a degree in business management and minor in Japanese. While in Colorado, I juggled racing, physical conditioning and international training with schoolwork, jobs and serving as president of the Indian Student Organization. My opportunity to qualify for the 2002 Olympics came in January. As I was waiting to take off from the starting gate, I remember thinking; this is it, my last chance. The buzzer rang and I pushed off from the starting gate, but within 15 seconds, I saw my Olympic dream disappear. I crashed, injured my knee and was out of the race. My Olympic dream was shattered. But that wasn’t all, three months later I received the news that Sato San had passed away.

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continued on page 88

Cricket Players Wanted! South Park Cricket Club is an organization established to provide its members with excellent opportunities and programs to encourage all levels of participation in the game of cricket and other social activities, while at the same time enabling them to socialize in a family environment. It is an institution, which conducts itself with honor and integrity in all its endeavors. If you or anyone you know are interested to be part of our club, please contact us:

Subashis Halder 704.258.1021

Baseer Ahmed 847.722.985 March 2010

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Clean And Healthy India

Dances of India By Dr. Maha Gingrich Hastas/Hand Gestures Hastas or hand gestures are essential part of any classical dance forms. These are like alphabets that form words. These words can form sentences and eventually give us (the dancers) the ability to tell you a story. Through storytelling you can bring human emotions to the surface. All this depends on the basics of hand gestures, combined with foot steps and facial expressions. There are single hand gestures known as Asamyuta Hastas and combined hand gestures using both hands known as Samyuta Hastas. Here the fingers are formed to create the required position, while using the subtle movements of wrists and arms. According to great treatises like the Natya Sastra and the Abhinaya Darpana, there are about thirty one single hand gestures and twenty seven combined hand gestures. This may vary as people practice from generation to generation. As words can be combined to change a meaning, hand gestures can be combined to change the representation of a character. Sometimes in spoken language, what is important is not what you said but how you said it. In the same way in dancing, same gesture can be used in different ways with a specific emotion or an expression that can give a new direction to your meaning. When I was teaching yoga, I also used these hand gestures to reduce arthritis of hands in many students. It is a beautiful way to work your fingers to create a new speech with your hands. These hand gestures create the speech of dances and become a vehicle to communicate and express dancer’s emotions. Each dance style has used these basic hand gestures in a particular mode and built up their own variations of Hastas.

Clean & Healthy India Promotion — International

(CHIP-IN) For details visit: Make your next visit to India tax exempt while serving your community and country. Help your family and friends back home prevent 90% of common diseases and reduce their expenses on medical and drinking water. Be a role model to your old schools and colleges and save money on air ticket, hotel and food.

Mark your calendars to attend my “Dances of India” performance at 4 pm on April 24, 2010 at the CPCC’s Halton Theater in Charlotte. More details will follow soon. You can see these differences in hand gestures as I perform different dance styles. For questions or comments contact Dr. Maha Gingrich via e-mail at:

March 2010

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High-Energy Tabla Performance by Tabla Ecstasy Ensemble at Queens University in Charlotte

Queens University (Charlotte) Music Department & Friends of Music at Queens will host an evening of Indian classical music featuring a lecture by Pandit Divyang Vakil, a maestro of Indian classical music and the tabla, followed by a high-energy performance by the ensemble Tabla Ecstasy on March 27, 2010. “The Indian community in Charlotte has been growing dramatically over the last decade. As the multicultural community grows, it is important to learn and share our culture and values with each other. We are not only planning to use this event for the education of our own students, but also as part of a communitywide effort to educate ourselves about our neighbors,” says Queens Professor Connie RhyneBray. The tabla is considered one of the most difficult percussion instruments in the world. Tabla has an immense following around the world and is making its way more and more into mainstream music such as rap, R&B and world music groups. The concert will showcase the power of pure tabla playing as the players perform fast-paced compositions in perfect synchronization and harmony. “Tabla is often seen as an accompanying instrument in Indian music. In that role, it is hard for the audience to feel the full power and depth of this drum,” explains Rushi Vakil, one of the members of the tabla ensemble. “In Tabla Ecstasy, tabla takes the center stage, while the accompanying instrument keeps the melodic rhythmic cycle. Through the performance, you’ll see the various shades of this instrument. It will be light and fun at time, serious and

intense at other points. That is the beauty of this instrument. It has its own language and vocabulary.” The event is not just a chance to hear a new generation of tabla players, but a chance to learn about the music and culture from a master. Pandit Divyang Vakil, who is the composer of Tabla Ecstasy and a renowned tabla teacher, will be giving a talk on Indian music before the concert performance. As a tabla Guru, Pandit Vakil’s experience of over 30 years as a guru has produced numerous professionals in the world of Indian and International music. His students exist all over the world, running their own institutions in places such as Australia, Europe, Korea and the UK. In the early 90’s, he was pulled between his teaching career, performing career and spiritual pursuits. Seeing the demise of rigorous training that he, his contemporaries and elder generations of musicians had undertaken, he gave up his performing career to dedicate himself solely to teaching, the development of his students and his spiritual commitments. He teaches the latest and modern styles of tabla playing as well as the classical and traditional methods. His students produce a harmonious compilation of modern and classical aspects of Indian classical music. They don’t only learn the commercial and popular form of tabla but also distinguish spiritual aspects of it. As a spiritual guru and healer, he does not belong to any tradition and seeks to provide a balanced and unbiased perspective to his students. He travels around the world guiding his students in their spiritual growth, improving the lives of many through healing and sharing knowledge about spirituality and philosophy through lectures and workshops. Here’s an interview with Pandit Divyang Vakil. How did you become a tabla player and then guru and teacher? My father was the biggest inspiration for me. He was not a professional musician, but he sang and played tabla, dholak and harmonium. My first memocontinued on page 86

3581 Andrew L Tucker Road Suite 112 Fort Mill (Charlotte area) SC 29715 877.ESHAAN1 (374-2261) March 2010

Monday - Saturday (10 - 6) Sunday closed

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BEST DEALS ON FARES TO INDIA • Air Tickets • Travel Insurance • Vacation Packages

Come Experience Our Excellent Service Business Hours: M-F: 9am-6pm Sat: 10am-2pm

1-866-FLY MAHA Email: Tel: 240.454.8954 101 CHestnut St. Suite 220 Gaithersburg MD 20877

March 2010

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Chetak’s meal. His instructions were that Chetak be fed at least thrice. But one day he stumbled upon sackfuls of oats hidden in an unused tank inside the shed. It was a part of what should have been Chetak’s meal, now waiting to be sold for a tidy sum by Baloo. He had been keeping some aside from Chetak’s meal, everyday. An unrepentant Baloo refused to admit he was guilty when Ram Singh confronted him later in the day. “I am a great groom,” he boasted. “I brush Chetak’s coat, rub oil on him and make him look so good. Have you ever seen him looking better than this before?” “I employed you to keep him in good condition,” Ram Singh thundered. “And that means keeping him well-fed first and foremost. Without that, you could have been grooming him for all the world and it wouldn’t have made any difference,” and saying this, he dismissed the groom from service immediately.

Word World By Kirit Shukla




Make words using 4 or more letters. The central letter must be used in each word. Use all letters for the subject word. 24+ words = Excellent; 20 to 23 words = Good; 19 or less needs to improve. (Solution at bottom of page)


The Groomed Horse (An Aesop’s Fable) Chetak was the most attractive horse in the neighborhood. His proud owner, Ram Singh, never lost an opportunity to show him off to his friends and neighbors. “Here he is, my pride and joy,” he would exclaim in a dramatic way as he opened the door to the young stallion’s stable. And Chetak would come out galloping, his shiny brown coat and light brown mane glistening in the sun. Ram Singh would then ride him across the farm, for the benefit of the admiring crowd. His attractiveness apart, Chetak was swift, too. Riding him was like, “flying through air,” his owner often said eloquently. One day Ram Singh hired a new groom for Chetak. The groom, Baloo, was acknowledged to be a good one. Horses under his care always ended up looking far better than they did before. Sure enough, Chetak was no exception to the rule. Early every morning, Baloo would arrive and go about his task with great concentration. He would begin by washing the stallion, then brushing his coat again and again, until it shone. Hours passed by, with Baloo engaged in this way. So why wasn’t Chetak happy? Ram Singh began to notice that his spirited stallion was somewhat subdued lately. It was his habit the minute stable doors were opened, to be out in a flash, going round and round the farm...carefree, wild. But lately, he was just lazing about, and had even to be coaxed at times to run. “What’s happening?” thought the worried owner. He found out a few days later. Every day, he would arrange for a huge sackful of good quality oats for March 2010

Send submissions for possible inclusion in the Children’s Corner to:

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5301 F. East Independence Blvd, Charlotte, NC 28212

Just Minutes from Hindu Center & Baps Mandir

Early al eci ird Sp

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6.9Up5. and

., & Thurs Wed., ., s e Tu 5-7 pm

March 2010

in the Independence Promenade Shopping Center. Located on Independence Blvd between Sharon Amity and Idlewild Roads.

Phone : 704-568-8877 Fax: 704-568-8895 Sun

Delivery Available call for details.

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Fu-Lin Asian Cuisine

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Position 6: Om Vajreshvaryai Namah, salutations to she who possesses Vajra, the thunderbolt, and is adorned with diamond ornaments. Step back with the left leg, straighten you arms legs and the back. Hold your breath.

Yoga By Pradip Bulsara

Position 7: Om Dutyai Namaha, salutations to she whose messenger is Shiva. Chandra Namaskara As you exhale flex the elbows and knees and dip down The word Chandra means moon. Just as the moon, keep the toes, knees, chest, palms, and forehead on having no light of its own reflects the light of the sun, the ground. Keep the tail up giving a pelvic tilt. so the practice of the Chandra Namaskara reflects that of Surya Namaskara. The sequence of asana is the Position 8: same as Surya Namaskara except that ardha Om Tvaritayai Namah, salutations to she who is swift. Chandrasana is performed after ashwa sanchalanasana As you inhale swing the head up and back as much as (after position 4, and 9 in Surya Namaskara). This pos- possible keep the elbows locked. ture develops balance and concentration, which adds Position 9: another dimension to the practice. The twelve position of the Surya Namaskara relate Om Kulasundaryai Namah, salutations to she who is to the twelve zodiac or solar phases of the year, the virtuous, respectable and charming. As you exhale fourteen positions of the Chandra Namasakara relate to swing the hip up and back and assume the inverted V, the fourteen lunar phases. In the lunar calendar the feet and palms resting on the ground. fourteen days of the full moon are known as sukla pakshs, the bright fortnight, and the fourteen days after Position 10: the full moon are known as krishna pakshs, the dark Om Nityayai Namah, salutations to she who is eternal. fort nights. The lunar mantras are those that glorify Inhale and step forward with your right leg, bring the leg where it was in step 4. Devi, the female or lunar aspect of divinity. Position 11: Om Nilapatakinyai Namah, salutations to she who is adorned with a blue flag. Exhale bringing palms in prayer position, inhale and stretch you arms up over your head and arch back forming a half moon like figure, from your heel to your Position 2: Om Bhagamalinyai Namaha, salutations to she who fingertips. Exhale bringing your palms in prayer position, inhale and place your palms as in position 4. wears the garland of prosperity. Inhaling all the way, swing your arms up above your head, bending the trunk from the base gradually up the Position 12: vertebrae as far back as you can (Exhaling as the end OM Vijayayai Namah, salutations to she who is ever victorious. Exhale and step forward with left leg lock your of the movement will enable to stretch little more). knees and tuck your head in-between the knees. Position 3: Om Nityaklinnayai Namaha, salutations to she who is Position 13: ever compassionate. Extend upward and then forward Om Sarvamangalayai Namah, salutations to she who is stretching the spine and breathing out. Without bend- the source of good fortune. ing your knees place your palms besides your feet and Inhale, stretch and swing your arms up and above your head and look back bury your face between the knees. Position 1: Om Kamesvaryai Namah, salutations to she who fulfills desires. Fold the palms in front of the chest in prayer position and exhale.

Position 4: Om Bherundayai Namah, salutations to she who is ferocious. Step back with the right leg inhaling, flex the left leg at the knee (knee in line with the ankle) and look up.

Position 14: Om Jvalamalinyai Namah, salutations to she who is fenced with instant flames. Exhale and come in prayer position.

Repeat the above steps with the other leg as one round of Chandra Namaskara. Position 5: Om Vahnivasinyai Namah, salutations to she who resides in fire. Pradip Bulsara teaches a yoga class at the Exhale bringing palms in prayer position, inhale and Hindu Center in Charlotte on Sunday stretch you arms up over your head and arch back mornings. forming a half moon like figure, from your heel to your finger tips. Exhale bringing your palms in prayer position, inhale and place your palms as in position 4. March 2010

Saathee 40

March 2010

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Nature of the Self By Sardar Singh It is not very hard to see that self-centeredness is at the root of human problems. It is, however, not easy to reveal to oneself the true nature of the “self,” the “me,” the “ego.” Ignorance about the nature of the self exists because of lack of awareness. There cannot be awareness when the mind is already in the mode of thinking that has its roots in the “self.” That means the mind needs to be absolutely quiet. Only then there can be choice-less awareness, an awareness that is without motive, without direction, without any set agenda, goal or purpose, without any desire to achieve a result because all these are the activities of thought that is rooted in the self. We can see what is actually taking place in the mind only when there is pure observation, an observation that is not colored by any idea, belief, prejudice, conclusion or a pre-conceived notion. Each person feels himself to be different and separate from others. At the physical level the differences are obvious and must be appreciated. But are we different from each other psychologically? All human beings wherever they are face the same life of pleasure, pain, sorrow, grief, anxiety, uncertainty, loneliness, conflict and confusion. People are violent, greedy, jealous and ambitious due to the same psychological reasons. Our individualistic approach to life is the same. Why do we ignore the fundamental commonness and emphasize separateness? The superficial conditioning arising out of cultural influences does not allow the mind to penetrate deeply into the cause that affects us all. The culture in which a person is born emphasizes individuality and separateness on the basis of race, color, caste, religion and nationality. A person’s financial status in society also creates the feeling of separateness. But if a person sets aside these superficial differences he will realize that he is not different from other human beings. Psychologically he is as insecure and uncertain as any other human being. In fact the superficial conditioning is rooted in the deeper conditioning of the mind. Thinking has created in the human brain the notion of the “I,” the “me,” the “self.” The “self” treats itself separate from all other human beings. Being the creation of thought the “self” by its very nature is insecure. The “self” is, therefore, always in need of security. This need for psychological security is common to all human beings. Thinking has devised methods to keep the “self” safe, secure, stable and permanent. Thinking identifies the “self” with something that it feels is secure and permanent. Faith and belief in God or something greater are born out of the process if identification. Attachment to people, property, ideas, and beliefs makes the self” feel secure and safe. Around this central idea of the “me” thinking has creMarch 2010

ated a vast complex psychological structure of ideas, opinions, beliefs, prejudices and conclusions. In his book “The Phantoms in the Brain” brain researcher Mr. V.S. Ramachandran writes, “The self as we experience is an illusion.” He writes, “so here is the greatest irony of all: that the self, that almost by definition is entirely private, is to a significant extent a social construct.” It does not serve any purpose if we merely say that the self is an illusion created by thought. Illusion must be seen clearly. If the mind mistakes a rope for a snake, the mind continues to be fearful till rope is seen as rope. Psychological fears arising out of the self evoke neurological response the same way as the fear arising out of physical danger. These fears can disappear only when there is a realization that the fears are unfounded and baseless. There can be transformation only when I actually see the nature of the self and discover that it is an illusion. With an objective state of mind one can clearly see that the self which is treated by most of us as entirely private, is to a significant extent a social construct. It is a fact that influence plays an enormous role in our life. Our brain is conditioned by the culture in which we live. It is conditioned by our social, religious and economic environment and by the education and family pressures and influences. Our ideas, beliefs and values have been shaped by the culture in which we are born. The self is the sum total of these influences. If you take away influence there is no such thing as the self. When we actually realize the fact this individualistic approach to life is nothing but the result of our conditioned thinking then our whole perception of life changes. Such realization brings about love and compassion. It releases energy that is now caught up in a very narrow self-centered approach to life. The moment you realize that your pain is the pain of humanity then you cannot hurt another because the other is you. Only a profound understanding of the nature of the self can bring about inward revolution. Your comments and questions are most welcome. Contact:

Welcome To The Wonderful World Of Travel At

Ttravel Guru Shakoon Panjwani 704-542-5315 Fax: 704.841.0748


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8714 Darcy Hopkins Dr. Charlotte, NC 28277


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rices P w Lo day! y r e Ev

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Open Seven Days a Week (9 am to 8 pm) 509 North Polk St. (South Blvd), Pineville, NC 28134 Phone: 704.889.2210 Fax: 704.889.2211 Contact Pritesh Patel Directions: 2 Miles from Carolina Place Mall and I-485 (exit 65-B- towards Pineville) Same Shopping Center as Subway & Sherwin Williams. Across the street from Performance Honda / Suzuki

Harnessing the Power of American English By Judith L. Bergman M.A. CCC Are you perplexed by prepositions? I never really appreciated how confusing these essential elements of written and spoken language are until I started transcribing my client’s mistakes in their spoken grammar. We park our cars IN our driveways but we drive them ON the parkway. Our children play basketball IN the school gym, but they may also play outside ON the playground. Exactly what does a preposition do? “A preposition is an uninflected word (It does not change its ending.) that establishes a relationship between a noun and other words in a sentence.” 1 Every preposition is followed by an object. In our four examples the objects of IN are “our driveways” and “the school gym” and the objects of ON are “the parkway” and “the playground.” The entire phrase consisting of the preposition and its object is called “a prepositional phrase.” Here are figurative or abstract uses of ON in various uses as a preposition and also as an adverb and adjective.2 1. She’s ON the young side. 2. He’s ON his third beer. 3. I stopped ON chapter two. 4. They went to the march ON Washington 5. I came ON the solution by accident. 6. The clock chimes every hour ON the hour. 7. The spotlight focused ON the actor. 8. He knocked ON the door. 9. It was an attack ON the city. 10. They meditated ON their actions. 11. I talked ON the phone. 12. He cut his foot ON the broken glass. 13. I went ON a strict diet. 14. The children were “high” ON sugar after the party. 15. The car runs ON methane. 16. I’m ON leave and the doctor is ON call. 17. This is a book ON astronomy. 18. I haven’t any money ON me. 19. The drinks are ON the house. 20. I’m traveling ON business. 21. He looked ON while they rehearsed. 22. Put the coffee ON. 23. I’ll do it later ON. 25. You’re ON in five minutes. 26. The show must go ON. Examples of how IN can be used as a preposition, adverb and adjective: 3 (Prepositions) 1. She was born IN the spring.

March 2010

Three Idioms with IN: 1. You’re IN FOR a big surprise. (guaranteed to have) 2. He was not IN ON their planning. (informed about; participating in) 3. The concert wasn’t postponed IN THAT the snow was supposed to melt. (for the reason that) Fill in the blanks with IN or ON: “Hello, Amy. I tried to call earlier but you must have been (a)___ another line. I’m calling to invite you to join me (b)___Sunday afternoon to see my granddaughter (c) ___her school play. We’ve been working (d)____her lines. She has the lead and she’s (e)___ almost every scene. Where? Oh, the play will be (f)___ the cafeteria. It has a little stage (g) ___one end. I’m also (h)___the refreshment committee so I’ll be bringing (i)___ some homemade treats. Oh yes, we’d love to count (j)___you to bring cookies! My granddaughter is very turned (k) ___ about acting now but who knows what she’ll want to do (l)___a few years. She’s only five years old!!!” Suggestions to increase your word power this month: 1. Pick a newspaper article that interests you and highlight every usage of ON and IN. 2. Scan the headlines for various ways that ON and IN are used. References: 1 Rosen,Leonard. Everyday English Handbook: New York, Doubleday Direct, Inc., 1985, pg. 12. 2, 3

Answers: ON: a, b, d, g, h, j, k. IN: c, e, f, i, l.

Mastering Meaning

2. I threw the letter IN the wastebasket. 3. Lightning split the tree IN two. 4. He chose a life IN politics. 5. She tripped IN running for the bus. 6. I paid for it IN equal payments. 7. We paid IN cash. 8. The note was written IN German. (Adverbs) 1. He stepped IN. 2. The manager was IN before the others. 3. He was voted IN. (Adjectives) 1. That’s the IN party. 2. That style is IN this year.

Judith L. Bergman M.A CCC is the director of Triangle Speech Services specializing in foreign accent modification. Contact: or 919-489-5464

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Ekal Vidyalaya & Hindu Center present

Art and Essay Competition

Saturday, March 13, 2010 (2 - 4 pm) Gandhi Bhavan, Hindu Center 7400 City View Drive, Charlotte, NC 28212 Ages: 5 – 18 yrs - $10 registration Bring your own colors (paint, pencils or crayons), paper supplied

Come have fun and express your creativity as you learn and help the non-profit organization in your community and children like you, living a world apart. The Ekal movement is the largest, grassroots, non-government education movement in India, operating in over 27,000 villages and educating over 800,000 children in rural India. Hindu Center helps us keep a connection alive between us and our heritage, ethnicity, and history.

For details call Yesha at 704-274-9204 or email

Ballantyne Tech Academy

SAP TRAINING SAP FI, BW, ABAP Take advantage of high paying consulting opportunities in SAP. We assist in resume preparation & job placement. Weekend Classes Course Start Date SAP FI Classes 3/13/10 SAP CO Classes 3/14/10

End Date 5/01/10 4/11/10


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By Chandan Sen The Joys of Soccer For someone who enjoyed playing soccer oftentimes in my childhood and occasionally in my youth, the enduring joys of kicking a leather ball around, dribbling it past skillful opponents and yes, occasionally scoring a goal, can hardly be overstated. I had my own soccer ball and would delight in pumping it up myself with my dad’s cycle pump, till it was hard and bounced freely. Then I remembered smearing some grease over the tie cords to soften them and seal up any leaks. I played soccer mainly at two spots - one on the lawns of Hukumchand Jute Mills, where I spent the first ten years of my life, and then in Baxenden, Lancashire, in England. In England our school headmaster, Mr. Kenyon coached us once a week in the afternoons. He praised my left kick, which was almost as strong, though not quite, as my right kick. He also liked the fact that I volunteered to play goalie, something my British friends abhorred doing. Among British professional footballers, Stanley Matthews was my favorite. Of course, it goes without saying that Indian football stars like Chuni Goswami and Jarnail Singh were also on my list of soccer heroes. And of course my own dad, once a first division soccer player in Calcutta, inspired me to play my best. I remember one evening, as I played with my friends, my dad was returning from work, and he showed us the fine art of taking a free kick. He placed the ball on the ground, with the cords facing front, and kicked it straight into the goal, a rising shot, beautifully timed and placed, that had years and years of deliberate practice behind it. So much for the joys of soccer. Bela De Of Yesteryear My mother, God rest her soul, listened to Mahila Mahal each afternoon on our old Bush radio. That radio was imported from England and must have weighed a ton (just joking). Anyway, it took two minutes to warm up, so that if you heard a song wafting across from your neighbor’s, and rushed to switch on the Bush, all you got was the next song. Talk about listener’s choice! Bela De conducted, or shall I say compered, Mahila Mahal, and she wrote a famous cookbook that has stood the test of time. The Bush has given way to pocket transistors and XMRadio (digital, satellite, you name it). But the late Bela De’s book has crossed the oceans with us and occupies pride of place next to our Toshiba TV. Just this morning I cooked chicken biryani following the book implicitly. I phoned sister Jaya in England, to tell her that I had just prepared a delectable dish. She told me to email her the recipe, which I did from memory, writing of course in English, and interjecting March 2010

whimsically funny remarks like “spread some bay leaves on the bottom of yet another container.” As one grows older, and the appetite for food declines, one is immersed more in the preparation, feeding of the young, recipe-exchanges, and such like ancillary activities. They say, rather vulgarly, that the poor eat “quantity”; the middle classes “quality”, and the upper classes are involved in the “presentation.” To Bela De, as to my mother, all three were important that is why I now wax eloquent on my well-spent youth, with memories of good food and, yes, good company. Deep Thinking (Achtung! Achtung!) I’ve always had a soft corner for poor people although I was born with a silver spoon in my mouth. Early in my life we had a domestic help called Satkaridada who took good care of my sister and me. Then there was the boatman who rowed us across the river to school everyday. In my grandparents’ house in the village there was Shyamarma, who came to help with the household chores, and Sushil Thakur, who worked in the yard. They had a simplicity and honesty that made them superior people, despite their obvious poverty. In adult life I may have changed were it not for the fact my health has always interfered with my earnings. It was almost as if Providence had decided to make me poor, so that I could better appreciate their plight. It was Abraham Lincoln who wrote that “God must love poor people - he made so many of them.” Poverty breeds many ills and the poor are often ashamed of their poverty. I feel strongly that we should declare a global emergency and tackle world poverty, among other things, on a war footing. Just look at what happened to India. At the time of Indian Independence in 1947 our population was about 300 million. Our first Five Year plan concentrated on building up the industrial infrastructure by emphasizing steel mills, power stations, etc. Subsequent plans addressed other issues, like agriculture and land reforms, it is true, but poverty was never directly addressed on a priority basis, except for one ill-fated Garibi Hatao movement. Now, sixty years later, our population has grown to a whopping one billion. Why? Because poor people tend to have large families. It is an acknowledged fact that as families become more prosperous, they tend to have fewer children. The only humane way we can tackle global overpopulation is for the UN, the G-8 and the G-15 nations to declare a war on poverty. Else enormous calamities can happen. I can see Malthusian famines of stupendous proportions overcoming the world. It would ravage and distress everyone, both rich and poor. And the best way, if not the only way to have a more equitable distribution of the pie is to have a larger pie for peaceful uses - turn swords into ploughshares and start producing more butter than guns.

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has constant activities every day, such as sports, arts, debates, etc? Or do you prefer a campus that is quieter, where the weekends are spent studying and enjoying the campus surroundings, or even entails going home? Think about how you currently like to spend your time outside of class and on the weekend and look for a school that will provide you that type of setting.

Finding the College Fit A Thorough Search is Needed for the Right College

By Christine M. Hall Finding the College Fit When beginning the college search process, it is often difficult to look beyond your back door if you happen to live in an area where the schools are amongst the best college values in the nation. However, before you choose a college based on its location or perceived ranking, it is crucial to a student’s academic success to do your homework and analyze what you want in a college education in order to find the right fit. A thorough search will make sure to take into account the size of the school, its’ setting, the availability of majors and minors and the profile of the school itself. Step 1: Size Your physical environment plays a key role in your academic success. Think about what environment would be the most conducive to your learning. If you attended a small school with a graduating class of 30, will you be happy in a school of 30,000? Do you perform well in lecture classes where you are known as a number, or do you prefer an intimate setting where your professor knows your name? Do you want to be taught only by professors, or are you comfortable in a class that may be taught by a Teaching Assistant? Size is also a key component to your social life. Are you comfortable in large masses of people you don’t know, or do you need that daily connection with familiar faces? Are you looking for a school that offers an innumerable amount of activities or do you prefer being part of a close knit group with possibly less options? Do you want to be a big fish in a little pond or are you looking for an adventure and want to blend in with the crowd and meet new people? Step 2: Setting With thousands of schools to choose from, the choice of setting can range from remote to urban. The setting of the school does not indicate the size or caliber of a school. When thinking about the setting, give careful thought to a few questions. Will you need a car to get around? Are your finances such that you can afford to fly back and forth to school? Do you want to be surrounded by a city with possible internship opportunities and nightlife, or are you looking for a setting that is free from outside distractions and focuses solely on the college experience? Other considerations regarding setting refer to the campus life itself. Are you interested in a school that March 2010

Step 3: Majors and Minors Choosing a school based upon its academic offerings is crucial. Choosing a major is not necessary before entering college, however, your areas of interest should have some bearing on what schools you put on your list. It’s important to find a school that offers several things that you may be interested in, that includes areas to minor in. Be careful when choosing a specialty school, such as an engineering, polytechnic or art school, if you are not absolutely sure of your major. Make sure that if you do choose such a school, that they offer several other options that you are interested in, should you change your mind. Also, look to see what type of degrees the school offers. A four-year college usually only offers a degree at the Associates or Bachelor’s level, while universities offer the opportunity to obtain graduate work or advanced degrees. Do your homework and explore the possible fields that may interest you and then search out a school that offers several majors in those areas. Don’t forget to look to see what the school’s acceptance rate to graduate school is, as this will give you some idea of how well the liberal arts program prepares their students. Part 4: School profile Every college publishes their school’s academic profile for a reason - it provides an indication of not only what caliber of student they are looking for, but also of what type of student will succeed in that institution. When looking at a school’s profile, make sure you look at everything the school deems important. Look to see where your accomplishments fall. A good “fit” is where your scores and accomplishments are comfortably within the average range of the majority of their criteria. If your profile fits that of your selected school, determine the level of academic rigor you will be comfortable with. It’s important to understand exactly how rigorous a school is, particularly when a student is used to being top in their class or never having to study. It’s often a shock for students to attend a highly selective school and find that not only are they no longer top in the class, but they may no longer even be considered competitive. Conversely, applying to a school that is well below your ability may prove to be just as difficult, as you may find yourself bored and unchallenged. The college search is not one that should be undertaken lightly. It requires time and research, as well as some personal reflection. Finding that fit is critical to your future success and unfortunately, cannot be based on one or two criteria. The one factor that can’t be overlooked, however, is that the school must be a place where you feel comfortable academically, socially, and emotionally. Christine M. Hall, Ed.D. advises and assists families with all aspect of the college prep and application process. Contact: or 919.535.8833 or

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reminds clients to avoid a top-heavy meal plan by spreading calories out throughout the day to avoid overeating at dinner and in the evening. “We often blame weight gain on late-day eating, but really, weight gain can occur if our evening nosh is on high calorie foods that push us over our total calorie needs for the day,” she adds. Watch out for those late-night “trigger” moments - TV watching or chatting on the phone - to avoid munching on calories that you don’t need.

Healthwise 5 top diet dilemmas solved (ARA) - If you’re trying to lose weight, it’s likely that you’ve heard or read about foods and behaviors that will derail your diet efforts. Whether it’s a chat with your friend or a blog on the Web, dieters face dilemmas about what are the best and worst choices when trying to cut calories and trim the waist. Instead of listening to gossip, take the advice of a registered dietician who can help you solve the five top diet dilemmas. Seventy percent of Americans say they are concerned about their weight and 53 percent report they are actively trying to lose weight, according to the International Food Information Council Foundation. Registered dietitian Dr. Jenna A. Bell-Wilson, is coauthor of “Energy to Burn: The Ultimate Food and Nutrition Guide to Fuel your Active Life.” She provides solid, science-based information to help you achieve your weight-loss goals. Diet Dilemma 1: Will low-calorie sweeteners make me fat or eat more? The nutrition experts have spoken and the news is good for those looking for a sweet, but low-cal alternative to sugar - low calorie sweeteners, such as aspartame, do not get in the way of weight loss.The American Dietetic Association performed an in-depth review of the science using the systematic and rigorous “evidence analysis” approach to answer these burning questions: Does aspartame affect energy balance (weight loss)? And will aspartame make you eat more? After going through the relevant data with a finetoothed comb, the esteemed team of registered dietitians and scientists determined that the answer is no to both, with the strength of the evidence receiving the highest mark, a Grade 1. What this means to weight loss-seekers and aspartame enthusiasts: sweet relief. Diet Dilemma 2: If I eat in the evening, will it make me gain more weight?

Diet Dilemma 3: Will specific foods help me burn fat? The act of chewing, digesting and absorbing does use calories - it’s called dietary thermogenesis - but it’s not affected by specific foods like crunchy celery or tangy grapefruit. You can do something specific to burn fat, however. “Exercise and build muscle,” says Bell-Wilson. “The best way to burn fat is to exercise and when we have a greater amount of muscle mass, we become calorie (fat) burning machines.” So worry less about the work of chewing and expend more calories by taking a walk or lifting weights. Diet Dilemma 4: Low/no fat = no calories. Right? While low fat diets can help us lower our total calorie intake, and if we lower our saturated fat intake, can be good for our heart health, low or no fat does not equal no calories. “Read the food labels,” urges Bell-Wilson, “no or low fat doesn’t always mean low calories - especially if the manufacturers compensated for the fat reduction by increasing the sugar content.” In addition, Bell-Wilson notes that some types of fats are good for us - polyunsaturated and monounsaturated - which are found in avocados, nuts, seeds, vegetable oil spreads and some fish. “Lowering the fat in our diet, especially the bad [saturated] fat from butter or fatty cuts of meat, can be a way to reduce calories and benefit our heart health,” says BellWilson, “but reading the label will reveal if it’s really a nutrient dense, low-calorie option for weight loss or a high-calorie food in disguise.” Diet Dilemma 5: Will a crash diet or fast jump start my weight loss? “The goal is to find a weight loss approach that is good for your health and can be sustained over time,” recommends Bell-Wilson. A quick fix or sudden fast will only put you at risk for nutrient deficiencies and can’t be maintained long term. “Eat a varied, caloriecontrolled, plant-based diet” Bell-Wilson says. “And for weight loss success, incorporate physical activity on a daily basis.” Have more diet dilemmas or need more support? Find your own registered dietitian from the American Dietetic Association or from the Sports, Dietetics and Wellness Nutrition Dietetic Practice Group at

“When we eat has a less to do with weight gain than how much we eat,” advises Bell-Wilson. She March 2010

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Sniffles, Sneezes and Wheezes The allergy season approaches

By Vaishali Mankad, M.D. and Gurvinder Deogun, M.D. Spring is in the air! This is an exciting time for many people as the weather slowly begins to warm and gray days give way to blue skies and sunshine. But for the 4050 million Americans who suffer from allergies or “hayfever,” spring can be a very difficult time. Seasonal allergies can be caused by tree, grass and weed pollens as well as by mold spores. In the Carolinas, trees can begin blooming and releasing pollens as early as January, though most trees come into full bloom by March. By the middle of spring some grasses and weeds will also start to release pollen, though concentrations of grass and weed pollen are highest during the summer and fall, respectively. At these times, people with pollen allergies may develop a multitude of symptoms. These symptoms can include runny nose, sneezing, stuffy nose, post-nasal drip, sore throat, cough and throat clearing. Eye symptoms may include itchy, watery and red eyes. Other common complaints are itchy ears and itchy throat. When allergic inflammation becomes chronic there can be progression to sinus infections. Asthmatics who are allergic to spring time allergens can notice more asthma flare ups with symptoms such as shortness of breath, chest tightness, difficulty breathing and wheezing. The varying intensity of allergies can be attributed to time and weather. In general, pollen counts are at their highest in the early morning and in the early evening explaining why allergic symptoms will heighten during these times of the day. Pollens and mold spores are more easily distributed on days that are hot, dry and windy, and this can flare allergic symptoms. In contrast, days with rain or minimal wind can cause the pollen and mold spore count to decrease as the allergens are not as easily airborne. Thunderstorms can actually worsen nasal and eye allergies, and more seriously, can worsen asthma. One reason for this is that drafts from thunderstorms cause increases in wind, causing pollens and molds to become airborne. In fact, emergency room visits for asthma are highest right after a thunderstorm. All of these symptoms can greatly affect a person’s quality of life. With more than 12 million physician office visits per year for allergic symptoms, one can see how much work and school is missed annually due to allergic symptoms. Even when work and school aren’t missed, moderate to severe allergic symptoms can affect a person’s ability to focus and be productive. Fortunately, there are several steps that can be taken to manage seasonal allergies. Most treatment plans for seasonal allergies encompass three basic steps: reducing your exposure to allergens when possible, taking medications to help control symptoms, and if needed, receiving immunotherapy or “allergy shots”. Reducing exposure: Avoid being outdoors in the early morning and early evening when pollen counts are at their highest or when mold spore counts are high, March 2010

especially on hot, dry and windy days. Information about pollen and mold spore counts is available through a number of resources such as The National Allergy Bureau ( Keep windows in the home and in the car closed at the height of your pollen season to keep pollen and mold out of these environments and use air-conditioning if possible. Change the filters in your heating/air-conditioning system at regular intervals. Your allergist may recommend a HEPA filter for your bedroom which is a specialized high efficiency air filter capable of removing 99.7 percent of small airborne particles including pollen and mold. Consider showering and changing clothes at the end of the day so that you are not continuing to be exposed to the pollen grains and mold spores on your clothing, skin, and hair once you are indoors again. Avoid mowing the lawn or wear a mask if grass pollens are a cause of your symptoms. Avoid raking leaves which can stir up mold. Medications: There are a number of medications that are effective in managing symptoms due to allergies. Antihistamines and anti-leukotrienes work by blocking several substances released by cells in the body which are responsible for allergy symptoms. Antihistamines can help with itchy, runny nose, postnasal drip, and sneezing as well as itchy eyes. Nasal steroid sprays are prescription medications which decrease inflammation and help with several allergy symptoms especially nasal stuffiness. Several types of prescription eye drops are also available to help with itchy, red, watery eyes. Finally, decongestants in the form of a pill or nose spray can be used sparingly to decrease nasal stuffiness not relieved by other medications. Medications can also be prescribed to control symptoms of asthma such as wheezing, chest tightness, persisting cough or shortness of breath. Your doctor can determine which medications or combination of medications are needed based on the severity of your symptoms. Immunotherapy or “allergy shots”: If your symptoms continue despite medications and attempts at reducing allergen exposure, if they are present many months of the year, or if you want long-term control of your allergies with less need for medication, your allergist may recommend immunotherapy. Immunotherapy is a form of treatment aimed at decreasing your sensitivity to different allergens. Immunotherapy works by giving a series of injections starting with small doses of purified allergens to which you are allergic and increasing doses over time to stimulate your immune system to become tolerant to the allergens. In over 85 percent of cases, immunotherapy can provide substantial, long lasting improvement in allergy symptoms and allow you to control symptoms with less need for medication. If your allergies are making you miserable, finding an allergist/immunologist, also called an allergist, can help. Your allergist can perform testing to identify the allergens (substances such as pollen which cause allergies) responsible for your symptoms, provide education about allergies and/or asthma, and work with you to formulate a treatment plan. Vaishali Mankad, M.D. and Gurvinder Deogun, M.D. are Board Certified Allergy and Immunology physicians who treat allergies and asthma in children and adults. Allergy Partners of Raleigh is located at 10010 Falls of Neuse, Ste 106 in Raleigh. Phone: 919846-0800.

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Colon Cancer Prevention By Suneel Mohammed, M.D.

tum for polyps or cancer. The test is performed after administration of a mild sedative. If a screening colonoscopic exam shows no sign of polyps, the next examination is recommended in 10 years. A flexible sigmoidoscopy is an examination of the lower 1/4 to 1/3 of the colon lining using a flexible, lighted instrument called a sigmoidoscope. No sedative is given. This test is recommended every five years beginning at age 50 for people at average risk. Other newer screening tests that will become available in the future are DNA analysis of the feces and Computerized Tomographic colonography. Increased physical activity and maintaining a healthy weight may decrease the risk for colorectal cancer. Certain medications and supplements like aspirin, Vitamin D, B vitamin like folic acid, selenium and calcium may help to prevent colon cancer. The most effective way to reduce your risk is by having regular colon cancer screening tests beginning at age 50. Colon cancer screening should start earlier than age 50 in individuals with a family history of colon cancer. The screening costs are covered by Medicare, Medicaid and most commercial health insurance plans. Many studies have shown that colon cancer screening has reduced colon cancer incidence and death rates in the United States. Colon cancer rates are increasing among Indian and Pakistani immigrants to the United States as we get more assimilated into the American society. Early screening is the best method in preventing colon cancer.

March has been designated as the National Colon Cancer Awareness Month to promote awareness of colon cancer, its prevention and treatment. Colon cancer develops in the lining of the large intestine and is the second leading cause of cancer deaths in the United States. An estimated 145,000 people will be diagnosed with colon cancer this year and an estimated 50,000 people will die from the disease. Colon cancer is less common in India but the prevalence of colon cancer among Indian and Pakistani immigrants to the United States is increasing. A recent study showed that colon cancer is the third most common cancer among Indian and Pakistani immigrants to the United States and is becoming more common. Colon cancer usually does not have any early warning signs, but once a cancer has developed the patient may experience bleeding, diarrhea, constipation, abdominal pain, weight loss and fatigue. Colon cancer is treated by surgery, chemotherapy and radiation therapy. Most patients who are diagnosed early with colon cancer have an excellent outcome. Many new innovative treatments have improved the outcome for patients with advanced colon cancer. Herbal therapy and alternative medicines have not been shown to help in curing colon cancer. Genetic factors are important in the development of colon cancers. Many colon cancer genes have been Contact:, Morganton, NC identified recently. First degree relatives (parents, siblings and children) of a person with colon cancer have an increased risk of developing the disease. Women with a history of ovarian, uterine and breast cancer have a higher risk of developing colon cancer. Dietary Professional Photo / VIdeo Services and lifestyle factors may increase the risk of development of colon cancer. A diet rich in fat like red meat, fried food and high fat dairy products and low in fruits and vegetables may increase the risk of colon cancer. Diabetes, smoking, heavy alcohol use, obesity and a sedentary life style may also promote the development of colon cancer. Colon cancer starts as a small benign growth called polyp. This gradually grows and turns into a cancer. It can be prevented if these polyps are detected and removed early. The risk of colon cancer increases with age and more than 90 percent of the cases are seen after age 50. Colon cancer screening saves lives by detecting and finding small polyps before they turn to cancer. About 60 percent of all colorectal cancers could be prevented if men and women above age 50 were screened for colon cancer. Cancers can also be found at an earlier stage when treatment is more effective. Many tests are available to screen for colon cancer. A fecal occult blood test (FOBT) is a test used to check for hidden blood in the stool. Cancers or polyps can bleed intermittently and can be detected by FOBT. This test is recommended annually for persons beginning at age 50 who are at average risk. A colonoscopy is considered the gold standard exam because it provides a direct view of the entire colon and rectum and allows for the detection and removal of polyps. A colonoscopy is performed by a specialist, who will use a long, flexible, lighted tube called the colonoscope to view the entire colon and recMarch 2010

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Social Media by Wendy D. Wells

Branding and Social Media If you’ve started utilizing Social Media for your business and you’re seeing results, congratulations! You’re one of the many people who have figured out a way to engage an audience, reach out and be a part of the community, and penetrate the market with your Brand. “With my what?” If you asked that particular question, you might be missing an opportunity to increase awareness about your business even more so. Or, if you’re not even using Social Media yet and you aren’t sure what your Brand is, depending on what your business is, you’re probably overdue for some marketing basics. Have you developed a Brand strategy for your business? Look at whatever branding your company currently has. Is it unified? Do all roads lead back to Rome? What I mean is: does everything look as if it belongs together? Will it all point the way to the door (or website) of your profit machine? Is your logo on every piece of collateral you print? Is it on every email that goes out, or do you at least have a signature with your tagline and information? Do your advertisements have the same “tone” as your webpage, Facebook page, and twitter profile? If one site has a trendy tone and looks like your place of business is where the young crowd comes in to shop and another site has a more conservative tone and looks as though senior citizens play checkers on the sidewalk, you’ve got a conflict. Every piece of print material or promotional item that has your company name on it should be able to stand on its own, perhaps even without your name on it, and be recognizable as something from your company. Your unique logo (Brand), tagline (mine is “Bringing Words to Life!), website address, phone number, and twitter handle should be on everything you hand out. If it won’t all fit, make sure at least your logo is always present. Your brand identity is YOU, or it is your COMPANY and it will represent what your company is. One might say it’s a symbol. The brand will be repeatedly communicated, in many of the ways listed above and within other ways, such as your audience’s blogs or other posts. This will continue throughout the life of your business. If you are in the process of igniting all of these various fires and you’re not sure where to start, take it one step at a time. Keep in mind almost everyone has to start with nothing: no website, no logo, no ideas for taglines, and no clue as to how to begin tweeting and Facebooking. When you stop and consider the fact that people who have utilized your services or visited your place of March 2010

business are already talking about you to one another, whether or not you have a brand, you might very well be better off starting with Social Media while you are in the process of developing your Brand identity. Set up a Facebook page first and a twitter account second. Why invest in an expensive website that will have to be overhauled after you create a color palette, background, logo design, and signature style? Get involved with the community that is out there talking about you now, let them know “things are in the works” if you must, but just get active somehow in letting people know you exist…no, not just the ones who already know you exist, others. If all of this is new to you, find someone who will come to you and explain it all. Get some help. You’ll have to pay for it if you want GOOD help, but in order to build a business that will PAY you long-term dividends, you must invest. This is the identity of your business, it’s public perception, and you want to make a great impression. Unify your brand properly, get active on Social Media, and you’ll make the right impact!

Wendy D. Wells is President of WD Wells Writing and Editing, LLC. She is a Charlotte, NC based, Telecommuting Copywriter, Professional Blogger and Editor.

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Access One Realty Paving Your Access to the Future Business Broker & Loan Broker - One-Stop Shop We have Extensive Experience Buying, Selling, Leasing: Businesses, Commercial Real Estate, Homes Motel, Conv. Stores / Gas Stations, Dry Cleaning, Laundromat, Office, Land, Retail, Apartments, Foreclosures, Homes

Businesses For Sale or Lease (PA) Motel, Franchised, 65-units, Ext., near Dillon, SC, Exit Asking: $2.6 million, Current Gross: $720,000 (KS) Motel, Ind., 16-units, Ext. near South Hill, VA Asking: $395,000. Gross: $135,000. Owner Financing (IM) Motel, Ind., 14-units, Ext. near South Hill, VA Asking: $275,000. Gross.: $90,000. Includes separate house. (TK) C-Store / Gas Station, near Durham, NC Asking $850,000 + Inv., w/RE. In: $42,000/mo., Margin: 35%. Out: 55,000 gal./mo. Lottery, Rebates: $2,900 / month, net Asking: $150,000 + Inv., without Real Estate, Rent: $5,500/mo. (SB) C-Store / Gas, near Asheville, NC -Cash Flow: $10,400/month - Asking $779,000 + Inv., w/RE. In: $74,000/mo., Out: 30,000 gal./mo. Misc.: $3,040 / month, net. (SA) C-Store / Grill / Laundromat, near Asheville, NC Asking: $495,000+ Inv, w/RE. In:$32,000/mo. Misc: $5,400/mo.

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Businesses For Sale or Lease (continued)

(LG) C-Store / Grill / Gas, near Greensboro, NC - Cash Flow: $9,500/month. Country Store, Asking: $495,000 + Inv., w/RE. In: $45,000/mo. Out: 25,000 gal./mo. Games, Lottery, ATM: $4,100/mo. net.

(JT) C-Store & Grill / Branded Gas Station, Apex, NC Asking: $80,000 + Inv., without Real Estate, Rent: $6,000/mo. Out: 58,000 gal./mo. 2,600 SF. 1.32 acres

(AM) C-Store / Branded Gas, near Asheville, NC –Cash Flow: $11,900/month - Asking: $179,000 + Inv., No Alcohol In: $70,000/mo. Out: 70,000 gal./mo. Rent: $4,000/mo.

(IW) Conv. Store / Branded Gas / Sub Shop, near Wilson, NC. Cash Flow: $6,200/month. Asking: $75,000 + Inv, In: $30,000/mo. Lottery, ATM, Games: $4,300/ mo. net

(AC) C-Store / Branded Gas, near Asheville, NC –Cash Flow: $9,400/month - Asking: $159,000 + Inv., In: $70,000/mo. Out: 26,000 gal./mo. Rent: $2,400/mo.

(FA) Branded Gas / C-Store near Asheville, NC - Cash Flow: $7,400/month. Asking: $75,000 + Inv, In: $45,000/mo. Out: 30,000 gal./mo. Check-Cashing, Lott., ATM: $2,650. Rent: $3,000. Owner Financing with $40,000 down

(RC) Gas Station / C-Store, near Clinton, NC - Cash Flow: $10,200/month net. Asking: $150,000 + Inv., In: $50,000/mo. Out: 50,000 gal./mo. Rent: $3,150/mo. Lottery: $2,500/month net. ATM: $100 /mo. net. Games: $1,000/mo. net (AH) C-Store / Branded Gas, near Asheville, NC –Cash Flow: 8,000/month. No Alcohol. Asking: $139,000 + Inv., In: $50,000/mo. Out: 50,000 gal./mo. Car Wash: $1,500/mo. net (RT) Cigar / Tobacco Store, near Greensboro, NC Asking: $125,000+Inv In: $116,000/mo. Cash Flow: $10,100/month (KG) Gas Station / C-Store, near Gaffney, SC Asking: $95,000 + Inv., In: $38,000/mo. Out: 11,000 gal./mo. Rent: $3,150/mo. Cash Flow: $11,400/month net. Lottery. + CheckCashing + ATM + MO: $7,300 /month net. (IR) Gas Station / C-Store, near Marion, NC – Asking: $80,000 + Inv., In: $30,000/mo. Out: 10,000 gal./mo. Game Machines, Lottery, ATM, BillPay: $1,500 net/month.

(MA) Conv. Store / Branded Gas / Deli / Self-Storage, near Fuquay-Varina, NC - Asking: $70,000 + Inv, In: $26,000/mo. Gross Margin: 35%. Out: 15,000 gal/mo. margin: 20c/gall. Lottery, ATM, Games: $2,600/ mo. net, Rent: $4,700 / month – Cash Flow: $4,800/month. Owner financing with $45k down. (KK) Conv. Store / Gas, near Apex, NC. Asking: $49,000 + Inv, Cash Flow: $6,200/month. In: $15,000/mo. Out: 15,000 gal/mo. Lottery, ATM, Check-Cashing: $1,600/ mo. net (NQ) Subway, Leased, Raleigh, NC – Asking: $90,000, Gross: $233,000, Net: $60,000. Rent: $2,300. (PD) Dry Cleaning Store / Plant near Cary, NC - Asking: $349,000. Leased. Gross Avg: $375,000 (PQ) Used Car Lot & Auto Garage, Raleigh, NC – NEW LISTING - Cash Flow: $10,000/month. Asking $399,000. Rent: $5,0000/month. High Visibility / High Traffic. Plenty of Parking. 3-Lift Garage with NC Inspection.

Licensed in NC & SC We are in a challenging Real Estate Market, you need an experienced agent on your side. If you want to get the job done right, call me!

REDUCED - Reavencrest Immaculate Home in Desired Reavencrest on a beautiful Wooded Lot. 4 Bedrooms, 2.5 baths, Bright and open with lots of natural light, Gourmet Kit w/ Maple Cabinets, Granite Countertops. Spacious Great rm w/ Gas F/P, Huge Mstr BR w/ Sitting Area, Amazing MBth w/ Separate shower & Tub, Dbl Vanity. Walk-in Closet, Custom paint &light fixtures through-out. Hardwood floors, storage. Close to Upscale Shopping, Rest,485 etc. Best Schools. MUST SEE! $259,900

Coming Soon - Callaway Plantation Well maintained home. Over 2,300 sq. ft., 3 bedrooms, 2.5 baths, Den. Nice lot. Close to BAPS and Hindu Center. Convenient to Uptown. 1 yr Old Republic home warranty included. A Must See!

New Price - Bridlestone New Listing - Townhouse - Riviera Immaculate 2 Bedroom, 2 1/2 baths Townhouse in Ballantyne Area. Only 2 years ! LD old. 2 car attached garage, 42� SO cabinets, SS appliances, Granite countertops, Hardwood floors & Tons of other options. Lots of windows, neutral new paint. $30,000 below purchased price. Only $164,900

Immaculate home in Ballantyne. Beautifully maintained w/Great Curb appeal. 6 Bedrooms, 3 1/2 baths, over $3,400 sq. ft. Bright & Neutral, Guest BR & Full BA on main level. Big Kit. w/42' Cabs., Cer. Tile, Lrg GR w/gas F/P. Grand Mstr BR w/Trey Ceil. Mstr BA w/Dbl Vanity, seperate shower/tub, Lrg walk-in closet, Huge Bonus, oversize sec. BR's, Private Backyard w/Deck. Must See! Close to Carolina Place Mall, I-485, restaurants & all upscale shopping. 1Year Home Warranty Included. $284,999

Available Now For Rent - Townhouse - Ballantyne Beautiful Townhouse in Ballantyne area. Over 2,100 sq. ft. Great kitchen, family room, awesome schools. Large family room and master bedroom. Rec. Room, Huge Deck. Available Now. Please call for details.

New Listing - Shady Oak Nice 3 bedroom 2.5 baths Two Story unit in Shady Oak. Walk to Indian stores and light rail. Close to Southpark and uptown. Lots of storage, Call for details. Completely Renovated! $59,900

Willowmere - LeasePurchase& Rental Options Available Tremendous pride of ownership shows throughout this beautifully maintained, 2 story D! home in desirable southeast TE N Chlt. neighborhood. Spacious RE floor plan w/9 ft ceilings, fireplace w/gas logs, huge master bedroom and bathroom, tiled kitchen w/island, garden tub, lots of upgrades, new paint in kitchen and hallway, meticulous landscaping, fenced yard. Wonderful school district. MOVE-IN CONDITION!!! $264,900 Most Experienced Residential Realtor in the South Asian Community Multi-Million Dollar Producer (Over $150 Million in Real Estate Transactions)

Ranked #1 At Helen Adams Realty: Ballantyne Office - 2008 Overall Office Sales Leader - 2008 Most Units Sold - 2008 Platinum Customer Service Recipient - 2008 I am Selling my listings faster then any other realtor. With my State-of-the-art marketing plans and cutting edge strategies, I am earning my sellers top dollars for their homes. “I truly care about my customers and will work hard to find the right home for you. Whether buying or selling, I will be here to help you. That is my personal commitment to you.�

I can save you up to 50%! See the examples below... Providence Downs - Represented Buyer My buyer Paid 50% Below Original List price for this ! beautiful custom home LD SO with over 4,800 sq. ft. in Providence Downs

Ballantyne Country Club - Represented Buyer My buyer paid $600,000 Below original Sales price for D! L this gorgeous custom home SO in BCC. Over 6,800 sq. ft. Full Finished Basement

LAND FOR SALE Short Sale - Subject to Bank approval: 3.12 Acre Estate Lot in Fort Mill, only 6 estate home sites, backs up to 120 acres Sugar Creek Natural Preserve. This is a must see! Best Value for Land, All offers will be considered. Build when you are ready with builder of your choice. 1/2 acre and larger lots in GATED community. 5 mins from Ballantyne in Lancaster county. European architecture, gas lanterns. Amazing sub-division. 4 lots to choose from. Starting at $119,900. Water front lots for sale in Lake Wylie. Amazing investment opportunity for builder/developer or an individual. 9 lots to choose from. Please call for details.

15235 John J. Delaney Dr. Charlotte, NC 28277

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Do those three simple things, and you’ll be miles ahead of most businesses who give up because the real work of marketing isn’t fun. It works for piano lessons, and it also works for marketing. Funny thing, I have the feeling it applies to most of life, too.

Marketing Turnaround

Gail Z. Martin

By Gail Martin

owns DreamSpinner Communications. Contact her at

Persistence is the Key to 2010 Success Is it just me, or are you tired of the headlines, too? Let’s see: “Politician hits an obstacle, gives up.” Then there is, “Doing the right thing is hard; Congress goes out for coffee.” Or how about, “Honest work takes energy, CEO embezzles instead.” Or the everpopular, “Working out is boring, athlete takes steroid short-cut.” And of course, “Diets aren’t fun; have another donut.” Unfortunately, we’re a quick-fix culture, but life (and business) doesn’t work that way. Grandma was right: “Anything worth having is worth waiting (and working) for.” What are you working for in 2010? Is there a goal out there that seems far away, looks like a lot of work, might be difficult or is going to take some boring elbow grease to attain? In my experience, the number one reason business owners don’t generate results with their marketing is that they give up too soon. Marketing and PR are like the water that carved the Grand Canyon, one drip at a time. You can’t force a customer to buy products or services on your schedule. All you can do is educate them about what you offer and how it solves their problem, and then stay visible until their own need creates an urgent reason to buy. Persistence and consistency are the keys to marketing success in 2010. Yep, good old 1900s values, not swanky high tech tools. Don’t get me wrong: the swanky high tech tools can help you reach global audiences at a fraction of the cost of old fashioned media. But without persistence and consistency, all you’ve got is a tool. It won’t do the work for you. We all love to see immediate results. Sometimes a marketing effort hits like lighting in the right place at the right time. It becomes viral, and suddenly, you’re all over the Internet. But just like winning the lottery, there’s a reason campaigns like that make the news. They’re rare. I learned the unglamorous truth back in grade school with piano lessons. I had a good memory, so I found out I could get through my lesson without doing all the practice my teacher required. Another student didn’t memorize as quickly, but she diligently put in the hard labor of practicing. Guess who ended up the better piano player? (Hint: It wasn’t me.) If you want to see a difference in your marketing results this year, whether it’s in PR, social media, networking or online marketing, then it’s time to roll up your sleeves. There are no short cuts or cheats. Create a plan, break it into action steps, work the action steps week-in and week-out, and see results. That’s all there is to it. March 2010

WHITE HORSE available for weddings in the Southeast.

4705 Iris Place, Rockville, MD 20853

Phone: 301-792-3981, 240 383 3886 or 301-534-0916 Fax 240-383-3337 E-mail: Destinations like South Asia (India, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Pakistan), Europe, Africa

Sample Fares Raleigh (RDU)- DEL RDU- BOM RDU- BLR RDU- MAA RDU- HYD

501 480 575 575 575

Please call for different destinations & departure cities

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Serving North, South Indian and Indo-Chinese Dishes (Veg & Non-Veg)

704.549.1886 OR 704-512-9177 9510 UNIVERSITY CITY BLVD. SUITE 101 CHARLOTTE, NC 28213 SPECIAL LUNCH BOXES STARTING AT $3.99 WE SERVE HALAL MEAT Lunch Buffet: $6.99 Weekend Brunch Buffet: $9.99 Over 30 items including Pani Poori, Bhel,Chat Papdi, Pav Bhaji, Idli,Medu Wada, Sambar,Vegetable Chowmein,Chilli Chicken, Tandoori Mix Grill,Goat Curry & more

We Serve Fresh Dosa on Table

For all your CATERING needs contact Andy @ 704-512-9177 or Lunch Buffet: Mon to Fri (11 - 3) & Sat & Sun (11:30 - 3:30) Dinner: Sun - Thurs: (5 - 10) & Fri - Sat (5 - 11)


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penalty and potential state penalties. You may, however, change the beneficiary and there are no tax consequences as long as the new beneficiary is a member of the same family.

Personal Finance

Now is the Time to Save for College

By Narendra Dixit

Taxes and College Savings The Federal government and the states have helped those saving for college by providing tax benefits. Coverdell Education Savings Accounts (CESAs) and Section 529 plans offer tax-free growth of any investment earnings and tax-free withdrawal of proceeds for qualified educational expenses, which makes them attractive if you are saving for the education of a child, grandchild or any other child under age 18. While neither CESA nor 529 plan contributions are tax-deductible, any earnings are tax-free and they may be withdrawn tax-free for qualified educational expenses, such as tuition, room and board, and fees. CESAs also allow tax-free withdrawals for qualified expenses related to primary and secondary school. The CESA thus offers one of the few tax-advantaged ways to save for pre-college educational expenses. Section 529 Plans are named for the section of the Internal Revenue Code that created them. These plans are offered by individual states and eligible educational institutions. At this point, state sponsored plans are far more common so this discussion covers them. They are usually run by professional money managers, and generally offer several investment choices and features.* An advantage of Section 529 Plans is that contribution amounts can be quite large—as much as $200,000 or more per child, depending on the terms of the plan selected. In addition, most plans allow contributions from out-of-state residents and permit you to contribute to more than one plan. As with CESAs, contributions to Section 529 Plans are not tax-deductible, although some states offer state tax deductions to residents who participate in their own state’s plan. Like CESAs, investments in Section 529 Plans grow tax-free. Withdrawals from these plans are also tax-free.**

With the cost of four years at a top private college already exceeding $180,000,*** there is no time to waste in putting money aside for educational expenses. Whether the child is a few months old or nearly college-age, talk to your financial advisor now about ways to make college a reality. Investors should consider the investment objectives, risks, charges and expenses of 529 plans carefully before purchasing. More information about 529 plans can be found in the issuer’s official statement. Please read the official statement carefully before investing. * As with other investments, there are generally fees and charges associated with participation in a 529 plan. There are no guarantees regarding the performance of the underlying investments. ** Under “sunset provisions,” Section 529 tax rules are scheduled to expire on December 31, 2010 unless extended by Congress. The tax implications of a 529 plan should be discussed with your legal and/or tax advisors. *** According to the College Search tool at, one year’s expenses for a student at Stanford University are $ 51,187 in 2008. Be advised that this document is not intended as a legal or tax advice. Accordingly, any tax information provided in this document is not intended or written to be used, and cannot be used, by any taxpayer for the purpose of avoiding penalties that may be imposed on the taxpayer. The tax information was written to support the promotion or marketing of the transaction(s) or matter(s) addressed and you should seek advice based on your particular circumstances from an independent tax advisor. Consult your tax or legal advisor regarding your individual situation. GE-45396 Narendra Dixit offers securities through AXA Advisors, LLC (member NASD, SIPC) and offers annuity and insurance products through an insurance general agency affiliate, AXA Network, LLC and its subsidiaries. 704-540-1509

If you are selecting a state sponsored plan, keep in mind that different states have different types of plans. With most plans, you can use the value accrued in your plan for any accredited institution of higher learning in the U.S.—not just in the state where the plan is located. If you are investing in a 529 plan outside of your state of residence, you may lose available state tax benefits. Make sure you understand your state tax laws to get the most from your plan. With both CESA and 529 Plans, if you withdraw money in the account for non-educational purposes, you may be subject to an additional 10 percent federal income tax March 2010

Saathee 62

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PS C Ma enter ndi r

...Fresh for Less INDIAN GROCERIES

20% OFF EVERYTHING IN THE STORE. With this Saathee Coupon only. Items on sale not included. Other restrictions may apply. See store for details. Coupon good March 11, 2010 to March 21, 2010.

Reasonable prices & more varieties. Flour, rice, spices, snacks, pickles, tea/coffee, ghee/oils, fresh vegetables. Idli & Dhosa Batter & Chutney. Laxmi, Swad, Deep, Maya, Nirav, KCB and more with large selections for each product line. WE ACCEPT EBT. E. Independence Blvd. Olive Garden

Spice Bazaar

Gwynne Dr.


Namaste India Restuarant

Buena Vista Ave.

Unaka Ave.

Hindu Center

Largest Indo-Pak Grocery Store in the Carolinas. Conveniently Located at

Sharon Amity Rd.


4400 East Independence Blvd. Charlotte, NC 28205 Just one mile from the Hindu Center! Store Hours: Open Seven Days A Week 10 AM to 9 PM

704.537.4955 Monroe Rd.

(Fax) 704.537.4954

Beauty See Parlor open SundayCompare & Monday 10 amPrices! - 4 pm Come Usonand

*AT&T also imposes monthly a Regulatory Cost Recovery Charge of up to $1.25 to help defray costs incurred in complying with State and Federal telecom regulation; State and Federal Universal Service charges; and surcharges for customer-based and revenue-based state and local assessments on AT&T. These are not taxes or government-required charges. Limited-time offer. Other conditions and restrictions apply. See contract and rate plan brochure for details. Subscriber must live and have a mailing address within AT&T’s owned network coverage area. Up to $36 activation fee applies. Equipment price and availability may vary by market and may not be available from independent retailers. Early Termination Fee: None if cancelled in the first 30 days; thereafter $175. Some agents impose additional fees. Unlimited voice services: Unlimited voice services are provided solely for live dialog between two individuals. Offnet Usage: If your minutes of use (including unlimited services) on other carrier’s networks (“offnet usage”) during any two consecutive month exceeds your offnet usage allowance, AT&T may at its option terminate your service, deny your continued use of other carriers’ coverage, or change your plan to one imposing usage charges for offnet usage. Your offnet usage allowance is equal to the lesser of 750 minutes or 40% of the Anytime minutes included with your plan. 30-Day Guarantee: If phone is returned within 30 days in like-new condition with all components, early termination fee will be waived. All other charges apply. ©2009 AT&T Intellectual Property. All rights reserved. AT&T and the AT&T logo are trademarks of AT&T Intellectual Property.



Pure Vegetarian Indian Cuisine UNDER NEW MANAGEMENT Winner Best Indian Restuarant in Charlotte 2009 A wide range of South Indian, North Indian, Indo Chinese, Chaats and more... Fresh Dosa made on site for your parties. Call for details

Weekend Lunch Buffet

Weekday Lunch Menu

Saturday & Sunday 11:30 am to 3 pm

Starting at $3.99. Monday To Friday

March Specials 1. Every Friday Dosa Nite... unlimited dosa’s for $12.99 per person 2. Every Sunday Chaat all day... unlimited chaat for $9.99 per person 3. Special Weekend Lunch Buffet. Tel: 704-569-9193 · Fax: 704-569-9188

7128-A Albemarle Rd. Charlotte, NC 28227 Visit our website for the menu, coupons, directions etc.

First Indian Restaurant to offer secured Wi-Fi & Organic Menu.



with purchase of 2 drinks. Dine in only, Not valid with any other offers, buffet, lunch, holidayspecials or Organic menu. Must present coupon. Exp. 04/05/10

2 starters, 2 curry, 1 dal, 1 bread, I rice & 1 dessert Selected items only. Call for details. Min 50 persons

US Census 2010 10 questions, 10 minutes, 2010! By Cyndy Yu-Robinson Spend ten minutes in 2010 to improve life for South Asians in the Carolinas for the next 10 years. In March 2010, the U.S. Census will send a questionnaire to every household in America to understand the demographics of our country. If you live in the United States, you must return the census form. But think of it not as an obligation but as an opportunity. Your participation in the Census, like your right to vote, is your chance to be counted and to ensure that your ethnic identity is stated by you. A “complete count” of North and South Carolinians not only affects where Congressional district lines are drawn and our representation in the U.S. House of Representatives, it determines where the Federal government sends its $400 billion for roads, job training, hospitals, schools, language assistance, and other services provided at the local level. More than 176,000 Asians are estimated to live in North Carolina and more than 54,000 Asians live in South Carolina. For these and other ethnic groups, taking time to complete the Census will show the extent of Asian presence in the Carolinas and what an integral part Asians play in our economy and community. For a one-stop 2010 Census resource geared toward Asians and Pacific Islanders, visit the multi-lingual Fill In Our Future website:

Alaska Native respectively, there are numerous check boxes for some Asian and Pacific Islander subgroups, including Asian Indian, Chinese, Filipino, Japanese, Korean, Vietnamese, Native Hawaiian, Guamanian or Chamorro and Samoan. If you are of mixed heritage, you should check more than one box and use the “write-in” option to express exactly who you are. If you have a family member attending college who lives at a university most of the time, do not count that person as a member of your household. College residents participate in the Census, too. Your privacy is protected Census workers are prohibited by law and deterred by hefty penalties up to $250,000 from disclosing your individual responses to anyone including Homeland Security and the IRS.

Census 2010 is different from the monthly American Community Survey (ACS) The Census 2010 is really 10 minutes, 10 questions, and is sent to EVERY household in the U.S. Another tool, The American Community Survey (ACS) is mailed to 50,000 households across the U.S. every month. ACS is an in-depth questionnaire that covers wages and more. If your family receives the ACS in The Census Form & Process Between March 1 and 15, you will receive a census addition to the Census 2010, complete both. Visit form or questionnaire in the mail. You should answer for more details. the 10 questions and mail the form back in its postage-paid envelope by April 1, 2010. If you need Getting Help on the Census Questionnaire Assistance Centers (QAC’s) are staffed assistance in completing the form or would like a U.S. Census Bureau workers who can answer quesCensus form in an Asian language, you can contact tions about your census form. They also offer lanone of the dozen Questionnaire Assistance Centers guage assistance to those with limited English profi(QAC) being located at churches, libraries, and offices ciency. For South Asians, this is not a major concern, where Census workers will exchange an ‘in-language’ but assistance will be vital to thousands of Hmong, questionnaire for the one you received and help you understand each question with the goal of completing Montagnards, Vietnamese, and other recent immigrants living in the Carolinas. QACs and local census the form accurately. The Census questionnaire includes questions about offices are found at name, sex, age, date of birth, Hispanic origin, s u s j o b s / h o w - t o - a p p l y / l o c a l - o f f i c e - m a p . p h p . race, and relationship of each member of your house- Language Assistance Guides are also available in 59 hold and if you own your residence or rent. Your phone different languages to help people fill out the English number is requested in case Census workers do not version of the census form. Find a Language Assistance Guide at your answers. The questionnaire does not ask you your social secu- ners/materials/inlanguage.php. rity number, income, or immigration status. If you do not mail in your Census form by April 1, a Participation in the US Census is free. If you see any- Census taker will visit your home up to three different thing that says “Census” that requires you to pay times to offer assistance. Ask to see census taker’s ID, money or postage, state your Social Security Number an official government badge with their name on it. or income, it is a scam. A preview of the census is at The census taker will never ask to enter your home. If you are uncertain of the legitimacy of the census form.php. taker, call the nearest Regional Census Center in The U.S. Census has expanded how people can define Charlotte (704) 936-5300 to confirm the person’s their ethnicity in clearer terms. While there is only one identity. check box for White, Black and American Indian or continued on page 120 March 2010

Saathee 66

Size: 12” x 12” Puri/Papdi/Bhakhri etc. Press (presses 4-6 puri’s at a time)

Size: 27” x 28” Ganesh figure made of his 15 names Available in natural wood or stain of your choice, with or without solid oak stand.

Strong solid oak construction.

Contact: Mahendra Jivan at (704) 287-7737 505 Clanton Road, Charlotte, NC 28217 March 2010

Saathee 67

mation is received and tracked in the IRS computers. The IRS matches your return against the 1098s and 1099s. If there is a mismatch you will definitely hear from the IRS. So regardless of how many 1099s and 1098s you receive, make sure they are all accounted for on your return.

TAX Matters

2) Math – Facts

Check your numbers through each step and do some simple math checks when you finish. Even if you use a software program, make sure you check the numbers before filing electronically. If the numbers Audit Proof your Business and Individual don’t add up, you will definitely get a notice from IRS. Tax Returns This is not an audit, but once the software kicks your In the past few articles we have discussed the dif- return out of the automated process to an IRS agent, ferent tax deductions for small businesses and special there is no telling what else might get uncovered! tax situations for individuals. While it is very encouraging to maximize legitimate deductions and receive a 3) Schedule C – Business Losses big tax refund, it can be extremely painful to come Schedule C is by far the biggest trigger for audits. under an IRS audit scrutiny. Many in the tax commuConsistently filing losses under schedule C is likely to nity believe that the audit-free ride for tax payers is likely to get over soon. IRS is likely to step up its audit trigger an audit especially if main source of income enforcement in coming years as the federal govern- continues to be W2 wages. IRS auditors go after these ment decides to close the massive budget deficit gap. returns very aggressively. In order for these business IRS audits around 1.2 to 1.5 million tax returns – a losses to stand up, you must pass both the “passive small fraction of the total tax returns filed in the US. loss” and “hobby loss” rules. Most tax payers are not So, while it is still unlikely that you will be audited, the familiar with these rules, and the IRS knows it. odds are increasing rapidly in middle to high income Another trigger is taking earned income credit while filing schedule C. Make sure you take the proper groups. Schedule C deductions if you have a business and especially if you make around $16,000. Also on the How Does IRS pick a Tax Return for Audit? Schedule C a big audit flag is claiming a car for 100 IRS has automated processes to scan tax returns. percent business, but you don’t have another car. First there are some basic data verification checks that These are simple logical catches; make sure you cover the computer performs such as checking the name, your basis. If you have a genuine long term business, social security number, W2 information etc. Next the I would strongly recommend changing your business IRS computers assign a rating to each tax return based entity into a corporation and file separate business on audit triggers from the statistical analysis of every return. Schedule C’s are 10 times more likely to be item on the tax return and correlating averages found audited than Partnerships, multiple member LLCs, C on a cross-section of past successfully audited tax and S Corporations. In any case, take help of a proreturns. The exact formula is kept secret by the IRS so fessional tax accountant if you need to file a business it is impossible to find out what triggers are being loss or profit.

By Krutika Chheda

given more weight in any particular year, but the tax community monitors closely to see any new trends. After the IRS computer kicks out the audit worthy tax returns, an IRS agent will review them and make the determination to audit them or let them pass. For a long time some accountants believed that in order to escape IRS audit, one should file a paper return with an extension. IRS claims that it treats all returns in the same way irrespective of how and when they were filed.

4) Don’t use Round Numbers Too many round numbers can be a red flag to the IRS. Rounded numbers just don’t happen very often in the real world. For example in Entertainment and Meals Expenses, don’t use $6000 when your actual expenses are $5985. 5) Documentation

The golden rule of taxes is documentation, documentation, documentation. Keep good records of all your expenses. Several tax payers assume that main1) Report all sources of Income, including 1099s, taining accounts in a software or excel sheet is suffi1098s continued on page 88 This sounds very obvious but many tax payers forKrutika Chheda get to include all of their incomes. Form 1099 includes K&M Accounting and Tax Services 1099-INT for interest, 1099-DIV for dividends, 1099-G for tax refunds, 1099-R for pensions and 1099-MISC You can Contact her at for miscellaneous income. Forms 1098 include interest you paid to banks and lenders such as student loans, (704) 502 3960 mortgage etc. Just like your W2 information, this inforFive Mistakes to Avoid an IRS Audit

March 2010

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Can Bollywood Heal the India-Pakistan Relationship? A new media campaign in India and Pakistan aims to change history. By Sonya Fatah — Make peace, not war. This is the message that two of the largest publications in India and Pakistan are sending their countries in recent weeks. Since the start of the new year, the two have engaged in a veritable orgy of peace, using their publications and their television channels to inspire Indo-Pak friendship. The drama began in early January when readers of India’s most widely read English-language daily opened up its morning papers to a full-page advertisement under a bold banner, Love Pakistan. Since then, on the Indian side, the Times of India has dedicated big chunks of space to spreading that message, too. Opinion-pieces, story features, musical collaborations, business conferences and literary festivals — all of these are part of “Aman ki Asha” or the Hope for Peace, an Indo-Pak peace project sponsored by the Times of India and the Jang Group of Publications in Pakistan, two mega media houses that also run popular television channels. “I don’t know whether this campaign will bring peace but at least it may open things,” said Angelo Dias of Taproot India, the creative agency attached to the Times of India group. “At the moment it’s blasphemous to even think about peace, let alone suggest it. But maybe 15 or 20 years down the line,” he trails off.

Amitabh Bachan, Bollywood’s biggest star, has also recited a poem for peace. The video is being shown repeatedly in both India and Pakistan where Bachan is idolized as a god. Of course, Aman ki Asha has its naysayers. Much of the heated exchanges between young hawks and doves is taking place in the blogosphere among Indian and Pakistani youth. Moreover, the attacks in Mumbai in November 2008, allegedly orchestrated from Pakistan and carried out by trained Pakistani militants, have been a major setback to peace. For many Indians, anger and mistrust has seeped into the public imagination of Pakistan and Pakistanis. “There was an awareness that it could be misunderstood and it is actually being misunderstood,” said Dias. “It’s being misunderstood as us forgiving terror, fundamentalism and all those kind of things from across the world, and particularly from across the border.” In a sense, this turnabout in attitudes typifies the ongoing instability of the Indo-Pak relationship. So is this latest effort doomed to fail? Aslam, for one, says now is the time to change, maybe even heal, the Indo-Pak relationship. “We have gone looking for each other’s pasts in each other’s country,” the Geo TV president said. “It’s time to move on and look at each other’s future.”

The SouthEast's Hardest Working & Most Creative Indian DJ International DJ & Hit Music Producer

Kenz Desai FA M I LY D J N U M B E R O N E !

India and Pakistan fought three conventional wars — in 1948, 1965 and 1971 — and the Kargil War of 1999 in Kashmir. Despite this hostility, there has always been an active, albeit alternative, Indo-Pak peace bandwagon. But now, for the first time, the cause has been taken up by mainstream organizations.

Featured in the world's leading media

“We’ve been exchanging ideas for a long time,” said Imran Aslam, president of Geo TV in Pakistan. “This is just an idea to create an enabling environment to try and address the issues as we go along.” Aman ki Asha isn’t a small campaign. Since January there have been countless articles here advocating peaceful relations, stability in the region and shared cultural ties. Already some class acts have put their weight behind the campaign. Rahat Fateh Ali Khan, a nephew of the international Qawwali-star Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan and Shankar Mahadevan, a singer and Bollywood composer, have also performed a combined national anthem for India and Pakistan. March 2010

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Patel Siblings continued from page 14 marry an Indian girl to be happy’ and if so, ‘how do I find her?’ Broadly, it’s about love, marriage, and cultural assimilation in America.” Geeta says, “Project Kashmir will broadcast on PBS Ravi and Geeta as youngsters May 18, 2010. In regards to the Indies Lab (digital distribution), Project Kashmir will go up on iTunes and Amazon the day after broadcast, on May 19. It will also go up on the PBS digital player, COVE, to be available for streaming for a period of seven days (so from 05/19-05/26). Three months following the broadcast, the film will then go up on Hulu, YouTube, and SnagFilms.” Here’s an interview with Geeta Patel. Talk about your brother and you growing up in Charlotte? Any specific memories that may have hinted at Ravi’s comedic and acting future or your interest? Ravi has always been hilarious. He doesn’t need to “turn it on.” He sees the world in a very beautiful, nuanced way and I think it’s amazing that he found (actually, he was discovered) a profession that allows him to express it and share it with people around him. He’s very interactive and quick to find humor in anything, no matter how dark. And he does it with class and charm. It’s a true gift he has. The strange thing is that I never ever thought he would be a comedian one day. I mean, everyone said, “Oh Ravi, you are such a comedian!” But everyone says that to everyone. I mean, seriously? We are both very lucky to have our parents, who are extremely supportive. It was not easy for them to watch me drop my Duke Education and run to Hollywood to get coffee for some crazy writer, making next to nothing. And then to see Ravi do the same! They were so worried. But what they didn’t realize is that Ravi and I had learned so much from them. We are very inspired by our parents, their strength and passion to make a better life for themselves, create a strong family, and be good people. They supported us because they wanted us to be happy. We worked very hard because we felt a great responsibility and challenge from them to make every moment count. To never give up. And to do it with integrity. Our family is very close and we couldn’t have gone through the crazy world of Hollywood with out them. We talk to them every day and have family conference calls when either of us is in a hard place. No kidding. I’m pretty sure dad knows more about the entertainment business than we do at this point. We grew up in Charlotte when Indians were first moving there and the community was still building. Most of my closest friends are people I met during youth camp at the Hindu Center. I think we all had a strong bond based on the fact that our parents all came from a very March 2010

strong and traditional Indian culture, and yet we were thrown in the trenches of a very American (and Southern!) school experience. I remember Ravi being much more of a rebel. I was a nerd. We are so different in that way and yet here were are many years later making films together and using our common struggles and hopes to make a documentary about growing up as first generation Indian Americans. What spurred on your entertainment biz/film industry bug? I was really active in drama and writing when I was in High School. Even though I went to the NC School of Science and Math, the dream was always there. When I was in college, I wrote my first screenplay and realized how much I enjoyed the form. After I graduated, I worked in finance for two years and suddenly, the hobby of storytelling became an obsession. After two years, I dropped everything and went to Hollywood. Talk a bit about One in a Billion. It a romantic comedy documentary about love and marriage in first generation America. The story is told through the eyes of an Indian American who tries the semi-arranged system, explores the arranged system his parents when through, and then contemplates marrying outside his culture. The Indian American is Ravi, so of course it’s hysterical, and yet it explores very serious themes and discussions that many Indian, Jewish, Chinese, etc families go through. It’s a creative film that will be on PBS next year. What’s the next phase for Project Kashmir? Project Kashmir will premiere on PBS in May. It is an evergreen film that has been touring the world with the State Department and Human Rights Watch. This year, we share it with universities and colleges. What else are you currently working on? I’m working on my first fiction film and also continuing on with my literary work. How difficult is it to get financing for documentaries? It’s difficult to get financing, however a strong concept, proposal/pitch writing strategy, and hard work makes it happen. Are you more interested in documentary filmmaking or commercial films? I love both. Both tell stories. That’s what I love. Stories. Have you done any acting or any interest in standing in front of the camera along with producing/directing? My passion is for writing and directing. Visit the following imdb links for more information on the duo. Link for Geeta Patel: Link for Ravi Patel:

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In Business for 10 years All Work Guaranteed Ask for Owner / Manager Johnny / Irfan Sadiq ASIAN / EUROPEAN / AMERICAN CAR SPECIALIST Electrical Diagnostic • Engine Light Issues Tune ups/ Water pump and timing belts replacement A/C and heating • Brakes/Rotors/CV axles/motor mounts Replacement of Transmission and Engine. State Inspection • Transmission Flush Pre buyer car check • Used tires Body work and painting. March 2010

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Adventure Travel

India’s Golf Boom

continued from page 10

continued from page 6

Siachen Glacier, today the focus of India’s standoff with Pakistan. And in recent years India has apparently been exploring commercial trekking and mountaineering as a way of solidifying its claims on disputed territories. In January of this year, for instance, the government announced it was removing restrictions and opening to climbers 104 mountain peaks from the Leh and Ladakh regions along India’s border with China and Pakistan. “If you’re going to assert your authority over a region, the best way to do that is by controlling access and allowing people to go there,” said Boustead, who bemoans the restrictions on trekking in some of India’s most impressive mountains. “Why is there no Nanda Devi circuit? It’s the most well known mountain in India. Why isn’t there a Kanchenjunga circuit?” So far, only the Nepal segment of the Great Himalaya Trail is officially open for business, with an established route map and nine well-defined legs serviced by various outfitters. But the team is working speedily to bring the rest of the trail online. According to Chaudhry, the map of the India route is “by and large” complete. Having walked about 60 percent of the trails in the course of researching his book, “Trekking Guide to the Western Himalayas,” he envisions splitting the GHT into about eight legs suitable for commercial trekking in India. And he thinks the trail can be up and running in 2010. “Most of these trails do exist historically, whether it was used by the shepherds to walk from one village to another, or for trading, or for marriage purposes,” Chaudhry said. “It’s just that they’ve not really been popularized.” In March, the International Center for Integrated Mountain Development will hold a conference in Kathmandu to bring together all the parties interested in the GHT, which the nonprofit organization views as a means “to attract repeat visitors to the Himalaya region, and to divert them into lesser visited rural mountain areas as a tool for poverty reduction in poorer mountain districts.” Bringing together stakeholders not only from Nepal and India but also from Bhutan, China and Pakistan, the conference aims to explore the viability of promoting the GHT as a region-wide project. Boustead, for one, believes that it represents a crucial opportunity. “It’s a watershed moment for adventure tourism in Asia,” he said. “There are long distance walking trails in Africa, South America, North America, Europe and Australia. But there are no formal long-distance walking trails in Asia.” The GHT could not only be Asia’s first such route. It’s a natural to be the most famous long-distance trail in the world. “The Himalaya is an obvious choice,” Boustead said. “It’s defined, it’s well-known, it has the highest peaks on earth. There’s lots of draw cards.”

It’s been a long road. India’s Royal Calcutta Golf Club was the first such club outside Great Britain when it was built, in 1829, five years before the construction of Scotland’s St. Andrews and 60 years before the game made its way to America. But even though the sport continued among India’s elite throughout the 20th century, its strong associations with capitalism and colonialism prevented golf from breaking out of the competitive sports arena to become a top leisure activity. Until now. “India is not active enough in the 30-plus age group to get into racket ball or tennis, so the 30-plus segment is looking for a softer game like golf,” said Jaypee Greens’ Goswami. Though the market is still tiny compared with the U.S., about half a million Indians play golf today, and Callaway forecasts that number will grow at an annual rate of 25 to 30 percent for the next few years, compared with 2 to 3 percent in America. What’s more, as an increasing number of Indian pros break into the big money and sports in general attain greater acceptance among the middle class with the success of athletes like tennis player Sania Mirza, the new players taking up golf are no longer limited to Indians who can trace their wealth to the days of the British Raj. Earlier this year, a former caddie whose father worked as a laborer took home $200,000 by winning the Indian Open. And in Kolkata, Indrajit Bhalotia’s Protouch golf academy has teamed up with a school for slum children to teach some of the poorest kids in India the proverbial rich man’s game. One reason is that apart from the posh courses that real estate developers are hiring the world’s best designers to build, India is also beginning to witness growth in the cheap, open-access public courses that can democratize the game. Greens fees at most courses run less than $11 and many courses charge as little as $1. But even at the top courses fees are a fraction of the rates charged elsewhere in Asia. And that makes golf tourism a potentially lucrative proposition for India’s travel sector. Thanks to colonialera courses located in the Himalayan hills and tea estates, and others sprinkled with historical monuments, India boasts some unusual attractions for the golf tourist. The greens of the Agra Golf Club boast a stunning view of the Taj Mahal, the links of Delhi’s Qutub Golf Course lie in the shadow of the 12th-century Qutub Minar, and courses across the country promise everything from stunning desert landscapes to lush coffee plantations. Several travel agents are already marketing Indian golf holidays to tourists from Japan and Southeast Asia — who have already made Malaysia and Thailand popular haunts. “If we market it well, we can get a flood of tourists coming in,” said Luthra. “But for that, we need more and more courses.”

March 2010

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Broth adds flavor and depth to any recipe so it’s a good base for soups. Here are two of Chef Chiarello’s favorite recipes that rely on broth:

Recipes and more All About Broth (ARA) – Cold weather and warm coats - it’s the season when heartier, warmth-building fare arrives on American dinner tables. And heartier fare cries out for the rich flavorful versatility of broth! Whether you’re looking to enhance your party fare or simply seeking hearty cuisine to carry your family through the winter months, broth can be your best friend in the kitchen. “Weeknight family meal or a weekend soiree, the secret to an easy, fantastic meal isn’t in the sauce, it’s in the pantry - and it’s broth,” says Chef Michael Chiarello, the culinary genius behind Bottega restaurant in the Napa Valley and an Emmy-winning TV chef who appears on Food Network and Bravo. Chiarello has teamed with Progresso to create a series of videos on how to use broth to enhance your cooking. “I am a big advocate for using broth to ramp up the flavor and depth of your dishes, but it can’t be just any broth. It has to have great flavor,” says Chiarello. Here are some of Chef Chiarello’s top tips for how you can use broth to turn ordinary dishes into extraordinary ones: New life for leftovers Refrigerators can steal moisture from the most succulent meal. Before you reheat last night’s pasta or casserole, drizzle a little vegetarian broth over it to rehydrate and add flavor. When you’re out of wine If a pan sauce calls for wine and your pantry happens to be “dry” that day - or you prefer to cook without it - you can easily replace wine with broth. It’s the perfect substitute, imparting rich flavor without the cost of wine. Stuffing that won’t stop Stuffing can be just so-so. Using broth to moisten the breadcrumbs pushes your stuffing over the edge when you’re making your favorite stuffing recipe. Mashed potatoes to the max Replace milk and butter with broth to boost the flavor of your mashed potatoes - and reduce the calorie count. Cook potatoes in broth, save the broth when you strain the potatoes and add it back in when mashing until you achieve the perfect consistency. Perfect pasta Cook pasta risotto in vegetarian broth for a delectable treat. The broth has all the benefits of water as a cooking medium, plus it adds the wonderful flavor of broth to your pasta. March 2010

Spinach Arancini Ingredients 2 tablespoons extra-virgin olive oil 1 small onion, finely chopped 2 cloves garlic, finely chopped 3/4 cup uncooked Arborio rice 1/2 cup dry white wine 2 cups vegetarian broth, heated Freshly ground pepper to taste 1 cup chopped fresh spinach leaves 1 tablespoon butter 1/2 cup grated Parmigian cheese 4 ounces mozzarella cheese, cut into 24 1/2-inch cubes 1/2 cup all-purpose flour 1 1/2 cups crispy bread crumbs 1 egg 1 tablespoon water Vegetable oil for frying Method: Line cookie sheet with cooking parchment paper. In three-quart saucepan, heat olive oil over medium-high heat. Add onion; cook about one minute, stirring frequently. Add garlic; cook and stir five minutes. Reduce heat to medium. Stir in rice and wine; cook five to 10 minutes, stirring frequently, until liquid is absorbed. Add one-cup broth; cook about 10 minutes, stirring occasionally, until broth is absorbed. Add remaining one-cup broth; cook about 10 minutes, stirring occasionally, until broth is absorbed. Season with pepper. Stir in spinach, butter and Parmigian cheese. Spread onto cookie sheet. Cover with plastic wrap; refrigerate at least 90 minutes or until firm. (Mixture can be refrigerated overnight.) On cookie sheet, shape rice mixture into 12-by-8 inch rectangle. Cut into six rows by four rows to make 24 squares. Place one mozzarella cheese cube in center of each square; shape rice around cheese cubes to make balls. Place flour and bread crumbs in separate bowls. In another bowl, beat egg and water until blended. Coat each ball with flour, then dip into egg mixture and coat with breadcrumbs. Place coated balls on unlined cookie sheet; refrigerate 30 minutes. Line platter or shallow pan with

Saathee 80

NOW OPEN! in North Charlotte at Concord Mills.

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paper towels. In four-quart Dutch oven, heat about two inches of vegetable oil to 350 F. Fry eight balls at a time three to four minutes, turning once, until golden brown. With slotted spoon, remove balls from Dutch oven to towel-lined platter to drain. Serve hot.

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Blooming Buds

Very green broccoli soup Soup ingredients 1 1/2 pounds fresh broccoli 2 tablespoons extra-virgin olive oil 1 tablespoon unsalted butter 1 tablespoon finely chopped garlic 1 cup finely chopped onion 1/2 cup finely chopped celery Gray salt 2 teaspoons finely chopped fresh thyme leaves 5 cups vegetarian broth 2 cups packed fresh spinach leaves 2 teaspoons freshly grated lemon peel 1 cup whipping cream or buttermilk (if using buttermilk, use 1 teaspoon lemon peel) Freshly ground pepper

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IMMIGRATION ATTORNEY LAW OFFICES OF DAVID A. CONCHA 725 East Trade St., Suite 215(Court Arcade Building) Charlotte, NC 28202 Tel: 704-525-8824  Fax: 704.525.8820

Gremolata ingredients 1/4 cup crispy bread crumbs 2 tablespoons chopped fresh parsley 2 tablespoons pine nuts, toasted Method: Cut broccoli florets from stems. Peel tough outer skin from stems; trim off fibrous ends. Cut stems into 1/2-inch pieces. In four-quart Dutch oven, heat oil and butter over medium-high heat until butter is melted. Add garlic; cook, stirring occasionally, until light brown. Stir in onion and celery; season with salt. Reduce heat to medium-low; cook about 10 minutes, stirring occasionally, until vegetables are tender. Meanwhile, in small bowl, stir together gremolata ingredients; set aside. Stir thyme, broccoli stems and broth into soup. Heat to boiling. Cook uncovered over medium heat about three minutes. Stir in broccoli florets; cook about seven minutes, stirring occasionally, until broccoli is very tender. Stir in spinach and lemon peel (spinach will wilt). In blender, cover and puree soup in small batches. (At this point, soup can be covered and refrigerated up to one day or frozen up to one month.) Return soup to Dutch oven; reheat over medium-low heat. Stir in cream; season to taste with additional salt and the pepper. Ladle soup into warm individual soup bowls. Sprinkle one tablespoon gremolata onto each serving. Pass remaining gremolata at table. Serves eight. March 2010

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Mushtaq A. Bukhari, MD Edwin H. Holler, MD Suneel Mohammed, MD Our board certified physicians specialize in digestive diseases, like ulcers, heartburn, gas, hemorrhoids, abdominal pain, colon cancer screening, diarrhea, constipation, bleeding, colitis, hepatitis, cirrhosis, etc.

Colon cancer is the second leading cancer killer. It is preventable by early colon cancer screening.

March is colon cancer awareness month. Please get screened early. Blue Cross Blue Shield of North Carolina credentialed office based endoscopy center. The out of pocket cost of a colonoscopy or endoscopy done in our center for some Blue Cross Blue Shield plans like Blue Care, Blue Options and Blue Advantage is only the members co pay like $25 - $50. Accept all insurance plans, Medicare, Medicaid and self pay. Very reasonable rates for self pay and underinsured patients including payment plans. Foreign languages spoken: Hindi, Urdu, Malayalam, Kashmiri, Spanish 107 B Mica Avenue, Morganton, NC 28655 Phone: (828) 437-7702 March 2010

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March 2010

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Tabla Ecstasy

Will you perform along with the ensemble or as a solo? No, I gave up performing over a decade ago, but I am the producer, director and composer of the ensemries are with tabla, I perhaps started playing around ble. the age of 2.5 years. Thirty years ago, it was very difficult for an Indian classical musician to make a living What will you be covering in your lecture before from only performances, without making many comthe performance? promises, which I was not ready to do. So I began I will be speaking about the connection between teaching, initially for a supplemental income, but I spirituality and music, as well as giving some technical soon realized that I was very good at it, which is not insight into Tabla Ecstasy and doing padhant (oral surprising as both of my parents were teachers. My recitation) of some rare compositions. mother was a principal and worked with Maria Montessori, while my father was involved in law and You talk of spiritual healing? Briefly what do you taught philosophy. For many years, I was a performer mean by this. and teacher. But I found that in running after performAny problem that a human has can be handled in ances and entertaining the audience, I was not able to the spirit level. Everything - matter, thoughts, probgrow as much as I wanted in terms of my learning. lems - in its higher level or occult level has a vibraAlso when I would go away for performances, my stutional form. We have various tools to understand life dents would be waiting for me here. Eventually the pull and behavior, like psychology, astrology, palmistry, between performances, teaching and my spiritual purface reading, etc. In spiritual healing, I combine these suits led me to make the decision to stop performing faculties with techniques that work on the occult level, and focus on teaching and spiritual activities. like the force of positive vibrations and mantras to help people come out of their difficulties. How do you use music to teach people or to help them heal? Pandit Divyang Vakil will give a lecture and Tabla Ecstasy will Music is one the best healing systems. Every raag perform at Dana Auditorium, Queens University of Charlotte on and rhythm has its own effect. Different combinations Saturday, March 27, 2010. Lecture 7pm, Concert 8pm. Tickets of raag and rhythm have very peculiar effects on are $10. For more information, visit or call human mind. I do use music in healing, but it is not 704-337-2213. Find writings by Pandit Divyang Vakil on his the only tool. Music works well if the patient has a lik- blog - or To preview the group, visit ing for it. continued from page 36

Talk a little about the ensemble Tabla Ecstasy. Are they your students or graduates? Tabla Ecstasy is actually the latest in a series of tabla ensembles that I have composed, including Power of Tabla, Ardha Taal Chakra (which is a very difficult half-beat cycle composition), Tabla Taandav, etc. The concept of these tabla ensembles actually came out of a desire and need to take classical tabla to the masses. The young generation and those who don’t listen to Indian classical music have difficulty following or enjoying all types of classical tabla solos. After experimenting with presentation and composition styles, we have found that these ensembles work really well and they have been appreciated by all types of audiences. The foundation is classical, but the presentation style is contemporary. The members of Tabla Ecstasy are artists who have been learning from me for 10 to 20 years each. They all perform professionally, but the expanse of Indian music is endless. They have learned a lot and many even teach at my institute in India, but there is much more that they can learn, so they continue to train under me alongside their professional career.

White Insurance Agency Black Mountain NC 28711

Multi State Agency Serving the community for over 55 years.

Deepak Poplai 877-944-8347

Are there other instruments accompanying or is this strictly a percussion performance? Tabla is the main instrument in Tabla Ecstasy. However, as is the practice in Indian classical music, the tabla players are accompanied by a lehera player on the harmonium, saarangi or any melodic instrument. The lehera player keeps the melodic time cycle. March 2010

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Insurance Professionals Specializing in

the Hospitality Industry Convenience Stores Restaurants Construction

Serving Buyers and Sellers Since 1989 Our experienced and talented agents can speak English, Hindi & Gujarati Let Us Help You Buy or Sell A Business County South Realty & Business Brokers 1300 Matthews-Mint Hill Rd Matthews, NC 28105

Offering Motels, Restaurants, Dry Cleaners, Laundromats, Convenience Stores, Land and more Available at time of printing:

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March 2010

Saathee 87

C-STORE: (continued) *Salisbury, NC, $249K + Inv., GR $3.4M *Morganton, NC, $825K + Inv., Rental Income, *Greensboro, NC, $349K + Inv., GR $3.6M, *Asheville, NC, $1.1M + Inv., GR $3M *Granite Falls, NC $699K + Inv., GR $3M FOOD SERVICE: *Hickory, NC, $185K, GR $240K, Franchise *Gastonia, NC, $99K, Bar & Lounge GROCERY STORE: *Trenton, NC $849K, GR $2M

Olympic Memories

Tax matters

continued from page 32

continued from page 68

A Second Chance After graduation I was hired by ARM to work as a Foreign Guest Relations Officer. I was happy working there, but I knew that I had an unaccomplished goal. The goal? Qualifying for the 2006 Winter Olympic Games in Torino. I attended Bartsch Race Academy in Austria to ski under world-class coaches, Dietmar Thoeni and a physical trainer, Miroslav Kolar. My day started before 6 am as I would prepare my breakfast, get dressed and head to the slopes. We would have intensive ski training, whether it was 20 degrees or 20 degrees below zero, sun or snow. After skiing, my coach and I would have a video analysis session of my training. I would rest for an hour or so and then head for physical conditioning. Then I would prepare my skis for the next day of training. Before I realized, it would be night and time for cooking for myself, which was sometimes the most difficult part of the day. But I had to do it to replenish my energy for the next day. This was my routine for two years. In addition to being physically tough, it was mentally tough. On April 14, 2005 in Norway, the day had arrived. I had never been so nervous before. After my first run, I started feeling more pressure as I had skied well and had to complete the 2nd run with a good time to ensure my qualification. A minute and twelve seconds later and knew I was on my way to Torino. Things took an even better turn, when I qualified for Slalom in the Czech Republic. So, now I was going to compete in not just one, but in two events. I was doing something no Indian had done before.

cient proof of their expenses. This is not true. You are required to maintain receipts or proof of payment – cancelled checks, credit card statements, etc if you claim a deduction. You don’t have to forgo your right to a good tax refund for the fear of a tax audit. Just make sure you have all the documentation for the deductions that you are claiming. If you are not sure about a certain deduction, check with your tax accountant and make the final determination.

A Dream Realized All the heartache and loneliness melted away when I marched into the Olympic stadium in Italy. Just before my first Olympic race I received a special message from Sato San’s wife, which brought tears to my eyes. It meant a lot to me to hear her voice, best wishes and love. I also received lots of wishes from friends and family, without them I wouldn’t be where I am today. In the weeks that followed, every journalist asked, ‘How does it feel to be the first Indian woman ever to qualify and compete in the Winter Olympics?’ My answer to each one was that I am very proud and honored, and I still feel the same today. I truly believe that life is the journey to the destination. We can achieve anything, as long as we set a goal and work towards achieving it. We are not born great, but become great by making decisions to pursue our dreams and by not giving up. And lastly, always remember to thank the people who help you through your journey. Neha Bhalla now lives in charlotte, NC with her husband Vikram and their one-year-old son, Romir. Contact:

March 2010

Keep in mind this column and the articles published here are only meant to provide you with information about taxes and in no way should you consider this as tax advice. I hope this helps in getting you thinking about saving more of your hard earned money, paying less to the IRS and at the same time reduce your audit risks as you brave through the economic head winds in a recession. Consult your Tax Advisor regarding your individual tax situation. This Article provides only an overview to the complex Tax Laws. It is not exhaustive nor a substitute for Independent Tax Advice provided by a Tax Accountant or a Tax Attorney familiar with your case.

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Law Offices of

M RU G E S H S . PAT E L Member of American Immigration Lawyers Association

(888)549-0030 Family Petition Fiance Visa H-1, L-1, & Student Visa Visitor Visa Labor Certification North Carolina Office:* 1913-204 J. N. Pease Place University Ridge Office Center Charlotte, NC 28262

Citizenship Removal/Deportation Re-entry Permit Adoption Consular Processing New Jersey Office: 1941 Oak Tree Road Suite 101 Edison, NJ 08820

* Practice in North Carolina limited to immigration only (Office visit by appointment only) March 2010

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Community Focus Events of Note Ekal Art and Essay Competition Ekal Vidyalaya’s Charlotte chapter and the Hindu Center of Charlotte present an Art and Essay Competition on Saturday, March 13, 2010 (2 - 4 pm) at the Gandhi Bhavan, Hindu Center, 7400 City View Drive, Charlotte, NC 28212. Children between 5 - 18 yrs are invited to express creativity in art and words to help the non-profit group’s work in educating rural children of India. There is a $10 registration. Participants are asked to bring their own colors (paint, pencils or crayons) and paper will be supplied. The Ekal movement is the largest, grassroots, non-government education movement in India, operating in over 27,000 villages and educating over 800,000 children in rural India ( The Hindu Center helps keep a connection alive between the community and its heritage, ethnicity, and history ( For details call Yesha at 704.274.9204 or email Garba for Haiti The Triangle Gujarati Association Youth Group (TGAYG) is a youth organization under the Triangle Gujarati Association that volunteers around the community to help make this area a better place to live. The group is holding a fundraiser for Haiti earthquake victims. Garba for Haiti will take place on Saturday, March 13, 2010 from 7 pm - 1 am at 309 Aviation Parkway, Morrisville, NC 27560. The entry fee is $5 and there will be food and drinks sold, live music, and lots of dancing. All benefits will be donated to the Red Cross. Details at India Fest and Shreya Ghoshal Concert The Nuv Yug Cultural Organization is presenting India Fest 2010: Your Gateway to India at the J.S. Dorton Arena, State Fairgrounds. The festival opens with a live concert by Shreya Ghoshal on Friday, March 19, 2010 at 7 pm. The main festival continues on Saturday March 20, 11am-9pm and Sunday March 21, 11am-7pm. India Fest 2010 is an exposition of South Asian culture, and an opportunity for the Triangle community to discover Indian cultural arts through an array of dance and music. India Fest Features a theme based exhibition, a traditional crafts bazaar, and delicious cultural cuisine. This year’s theme is “India - A Kaleidoscope.” The two-day main festival will include various performances by local dance March 2010

groups, vocalists and musicians of all ages as well as several professional performances. There will be live feature performances on both days. The Triangle is home to more than 20,000 families of South Asian descent. The last India Fest attracted more than 8,000 people. The term kaleidoscope is derived from the Greek word that means beautiful, describing a constantly changing set of colors. This year the theme for India Fest 2010 focuses on presenting the myriad colors that create the kaleidoscope that is India. Each color of the kaleidoscope, Green, White, Yellow, Red, Blue, Pink and Orange, carries its own significance. Green, the color of nature and harmony, reflects the spirituality of India. White, the color of purity, serenity, peace, and calmness reflects the divinity of all religions in India. Yellow, the color of brightness, royalty and richness reflects the rich heritage and wealth of the traditions of India. Red, is the color of passion which reflects living every day to its fullest, a way of life celebrated in India. The color Blue connotes the breadth and depth of 5000 years of knowledge passed down from the scriptures of India. Pink is the color of tenderness learned through the philosophy of tolerance and good deeds preached in India. And Orange, the color of bravery and patriotism, celebrates India’s pride and history. So put on your dancing shoes and enjoy an evening of entertainment at the NC State Fairgrounds in Raleigh. India Fest is funded in part by the City of Raleigh based on recommendations of the Raleigh Arts Commission, and is supported by United Arts Council of Raleigh and Wake County, with funds from the United Arts campaign and the North Carolina Arts Council, an agency funded by the State of North Carolina and the National Endowment for the Arts. Shreya Ghoshal concert tickets are $30, $50, $75, and $100. Full details on the her show and India Fest is at Aag Ki Raat - Night of Fire The Indian Cultural Exchange (ICE) at the University of South Carolina is a student organization whose purpose is to expose the diverse culture of India to students and the surrounding Columbia community. Over the years, ICE has developed a focused schedule of service, social, and cultural events to fulfill this purpose. ICE sponsors many events each year including participation in Dance Marathon (an event that spreads cancer awareness and raises funds for cancer research), hosting tri-state volleyball and basketball tournaments (provides outlets for different educational institutions to compete in sports activities, while collaborating on providing funds to charities). In addition, ICE organizes cultural events such as an annual Garba dance celebration, as well as the Holi festival. Aag Ki Raat – Night of Fire is the annual showcase of Indian dance and culture and is the group’s biggest event of the year. Aag Ki Raat will be held on April 3, 2010 at the Koger Center in Columbia, SC. ICE will

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20% OFF LEHENGAS SAREES SUITS Valid March & April 2010 Not valid with any other discounts or offers.


Contact Shruti Arora 704.992.5775 Cell: 980.621.4439

8236 Cottsbrooke Dr. Huntersville, NC 28078 Timings: Mon–Fri by Appointment Sat–Sun : 12 PM to 7 PM

Free Diagnostic Test Tues & Thurs: 4 PM - 8 PM Sat : 10 AM - 2 PM

March 2010

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donate a portion of the proceeds to Ekal Vidyalaya, a March 20 Steele Creek Library, 13620 Steele Creek non-profit organization dedicated to bringing educa- Road, 704-416-6800 UNCC Botanical Garden, 9201 University tion to underprivileged children in rural parts of India. March 27 This Ekal program has now become the greatest non- City Blvd., 704-687-2555 McDowell Nature Center, 15222 York Road, governmental education movement in the country. April 10 704-588-5224 Info: April 17 Charlotte Nature Museum, 1658 Sterling Road, 704-372-6261 ext 300 ($12 for members; $15 Run for Peace to Raise Awareness and Funds for nonmembers) for Victims of Domestic Violence Matthews Public Works, 1600 Tank Town Help Charlotte-Mecklenburg stop the cycle of domes- May 8 tic violence by participating in the 2010 Charlotte Road, 704-847-3640 Run/Walk for Peace at Home on Saturday, May 1, 2010 at the McAlpine Creek Greenway. This annual event All classes are from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m., rain or shine. has been a part of the Charlotte community for nearly Call class location to register. Registration costs $10 15 years. Proceeds from Charlotte Run for Peace will unless otherwise noted. Registration is free for directly benefit United Family Services’ Domestic employees of Mecklenburg County and CharlotteViolence Program and its Shelter for Battered Women. Mecklenburg Schools. Bring a snack, and wear comLast year, North Carolina lost 63 lives due to domestic fortable clothing. Participants will receive a book and a violence related deaths. “Without community support, wire bin. For more information, go to www.wipeoutdomestic violence and sexual assault would continue to be criminal acts that happen behind closed doors,” Sanjeevani Carolinas Charity Concerts said Amanda Wilson, UFS Co-Director of the Domestic Enjoy a nostalgic evening of Violence Service Area. “When people come together Bollywood Dhamaka and and speak out against violence against women and Ghazals featuring Bollywood children, barriers are torn down and victims are proplayback singer and SA RE vided hope and opportunities to live quality lives free GA MA winner Sanjeevani & from torment and oppression.” Wilson said the agency Group. Amit Mehta (tabla and launched a $10 million capital campaign last fall to vocals), Mohit Shastry (keybuild a larger battered women’s shelter in Charlotte. boards), and Rupesh Rane The new, 80-bed shelter will replace the existing 29(Octopad) will accompany bed Shelter for Battered Women, the only one in Sanjeevani. The shows are a Mecklenburg County. Similar to a cross-country comfundraiser for Ekal Vidyalaya petition, men and women start at separate times at Foundation, which runs onethe Run for Peace – 8:00am and 8:30am, respectiveteacher schools in remote ly. This unique format has been met with positive reacand tribal villages across tions from participants, because it allows men the opportunity to cheer on women as they cross the fin- India. The Raleigh-Durham show is on Friday March ish line, and vice versa. “Our goal is to keep the 26, 2010 with dinner at 6:30 pm, program at 7:30 pm. integrity of a competitive 5K event, while adding in The venue is Hindu Bhavan, 309 Aviation Parkway, subtle reminders of why we’re all there,” said Zac Morrisville, NC. For tickets call 919.724.7300, Reilly, president of Charlotte Run for Peace. “Women, 919.467.4336. The Columbia, SC show is on Saturday, men, and children all join together at the end.” Over March 27, 2010 with dinner at 6:30, program at 7:30 400 people participated in the 2009 run/walk and pm. The venue is Lexington Middle School, Highway assisted in a donation of $10,000 for the cause. 378 in Lexington, SC. For tickets call Janak Dalal at Individuals or groups interested in participating in the 803.665.4050. Details also available on Charlotte Run for Peace may register online at (look on the events section). More details on Ekal Additional questions Vidyalaya visit may be answered by phone at: 704.367.2799 or by Charlotte Walks Together 2010 email at: www.charCharlotte Coalition for Social Justice (CCSJ) in brating diversity and promoting inclusion and social Meck County Yard Care and Composting Classes justice in the community on Saturday, April 17, 2010 It has been an unusually cold winter, and it might not at the Gateway Village Atrium, 800 West Trade St., seem like spring is around the corner, but that doesn’t Charlotte from 8 am – 11 am. Come out and represent mean you can’t start planning your garden and yard the Indian community here in Charlotte by joining the care for this year. Mecklenburg County’s popular team: “Indians for Inclusion!” Piedmont Landscape and Naturescape Training Go to: (PLANT) program is back with a fresh series of four- Now in its 9th year, Charlotte Walks Together is the hour composting classes. These classes offer hands-on primary fundraising event for CCSJ. The funds raised training in yard care that is aesthetically pleasing and directly benefit our Youth Leadership Programs by providing scholarships for young people who would othereco-friendly. PLANT schedule for spring 2010: March 17 McDowell Nature Center, 15222 York wise not have the means to attend programs such as Anytown, Bring it On, Civil Rights Conference, and the Road, 704-588-5224 March 20 Reedy Creek Nature Center, 2900 Rocky Diversity Kick-off Weekend. Visit CCSJ at: River Road, 704-598-8857 March 2010

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• 30 & 15 year fixed rates for loans < $417k are at all time lows • Jumbo 5/1 & 7/1 ARMs (> $417k) in the low to mid 4% range • Competitive and transparent pricing Maneesh Pathak Work: 704-644-3697 Mobile: 704-661-4904 1447 S. Tryon Street, # 301 Charlotte, NC 28203

EVERY SUNDAY Hosted by Divakar Shukla

For details or advertising information call 704-527-7570 Check local listings at March 2010

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n’t have the platform to showcase the greatness.” Khan also spoke about his own personal success and how he does “a million things at once.” Khan commented on how he will “rust” if he runs out of things to do. With regard to his character Khan believes the role of Rizwan Khan is something that all mankind will eventually evolve into. “It’s evolutionary - I believe we will eventually become more logical and less emotional.” Khan’s character in the film is about a Muslim afflicted with Autism and living in America, post 9-11. Of course no King Khan movie would be complete without a love story… which is where Kajol’s character as a single mother comes in. The movie is directed by Karan Johar and though it’s caused quite a controversy at the cinemas of Mumbai people are still flocking in large numbers to catch the love story with a dash of religion and an incident that changes the way the world views an entire religion.

Community Reports

Indian American student lunches with Warren Buffet By Nalini Raja

Photos courtesy of NASDAQ

Shah Rukh Khan and Kajol Ring NASDAQ Bell By Manisha Dass Shah Rukh Khan recently made his mark in New York and for the first time ever – two Bollywood superstars rang the NASDAQ bell. On February 1, 2010 at 9 a.m., Shah Rukh Khan and Kajol, in New York promoting their latest movie My Name Is Khan, opened the trading market for the world’s biggest stock exchange. On Khan’s Twitter account and on a conference call with me and fellow South Asian Journalists Association (SAJA) members, Khan said “Nasdaq will be fun. Have to make sure I reach on time, otherwise will end up being blamed for economic upheaval across the world too...ha ha.” Khan and Kajol have been paired together after nearly a decade with their last flick together being the infamous love story that made every girl want to leave her parents and travel on the Euro Rail, Dilwale Dulhaniya Le Jayenge. Both stars were extremely energized and excited about the release of My Name is Khan, which was released worldwide on February 12. Khan briefly addressed the immigration fiasco which occurred in Newark last year. “People stop me all the time,” he said jokingly. “Sometimes they want an autograph or a picture and sometimes they want something else.” Khan spoke about promoting his films and how important it was to do that. “Nothing is great if it doesMarch 2010

ATLANTA, GA: When Mili Shah asked Warren Buffett why Wall Street was recovering but Main Street was not, he replied to her with a twenty minute answer, stating that it is the business, stock, and timing and not the economy that drives the value of a company. Mili Nitin Shah, of Atlanta, Georgia, graduated from New York University in 2008. She is now pursuing a JD/MBA dual degree at the University of Tennessee in Knoxville. Recently, her university selected her to represent the College of Business and College of Law for an all-expense paid trip to meet Warren Buffett in Omaha, Nebraska. At her stay in Omaha, she visited Berkshire Hathaway’s businesses, including the Nebraska Furniture Mart (largest home furnishing store in North America) and Borshiems Fine Jewelry, where Buffett allowed Mili to try on a $175,000 diamond ring. She also enjoyed meals compliments of Buffett where she was able to probe deeper into the life of the richest man in the world. During these conversations, Mili noted how humble, humorous, and witty the man was. “His investor-savvy self spoke about everything from business to marriage to Tiger Woods. When it was time to take pictures, he was posing in all sorts of funny ways – he was proposing to a girl, doing bunny ears, giving his wallet away. It was very amusing!” Buffett shared with Shah his views on Burlington Northern Railway, Kraft’s acquisition of Cadbury, Jack Welch, institutional investors as board directors, CEO salaries, Berkshire’s stock ratings, losing money, and philanthropy. When asked to use one word to describe her experience, she said “eye-opening.” “We were sitting there and I looked around. I was the only minority, and at that, the only Indian American female in the room. So, I sat there and asked him his thoughts on India, outsourcing, and globalization. He replied, ‘India and China will allow people to fully realize their human potential. These countries are growing fast. Never be envious of another’s prosperity; you will also do better and become happier in the long run.’”

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15 t h A N N I V E R S A R Y SPECIAL PROMOTION Basic Package: Mandap without decoration $1499 Charlotte & Vicinity (25 miles radius) ♦

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March 2010

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UNIVERSITY PLACE 8525 N. Tryon St. Charlotte, NC

Minutes from Oasis Temple & Hindu Center, UNCC & I-85 / I-77

704.549.4544 Ask for Rashmi or Sam Weddings • Graduations • Family Reunions & Other Events March 2010

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March 2010

Telephone 803-802-5578

Saathee 97

Robert MacLeod

Community News & Events Charlotte Art Of Living (Healing with the Breath) Art of Living is dedicated to serving society by strengthening the individual. This is done through self-development programs that recharge the body, mind and spirit and allow people to function at their optimum potential. People from all backgrounds, religions and cultural traditions come together in service and celebration. Info: 704.248.2647

Carolinas Christian Assembly Charlotte Everyone is cordially invited to join for Sunday worship - 9:30 to 10:30 English, 10:45 am12:00 Malayalam. Address: 3046 Senna Drive, Matthews, N.C 28105 Prayer and Spiritual guidance: 704.323.5834 803.322.9549 704.756.4969 Charlotte Gita Study Group Info: Rajesh Venky and Savitha Mathur, 704.845.0464, Shridhar and Kruti Dave, 704.844.9567,

BAPS Shri Swaminarayan Mandir Regularly scheduled activities include a daily Aarti at 6:30 am and 7 pm. Darshan: Mon-Fri 6:30 am12:30 pm and 4 - 8:30 pm, Sat/Sun 6:30 am-8:30 pm. Gujarati classes are held every Sunday from 3 - 4 pm and “Satsang Sabha” is held every Sunday at 4:30 p.m. The Swaminarayan Temple is located at 4100 Margaret Wallace Road in Charlotte, N.C. Info: 704.573.0805 704.573.0820 (fax)

Charlotte Kannada Koota The Charlotte Kannada Koota is an organization that promotes understanding of Karnataka culture and provides a medium for people of Karnataka (Kannadigas) to get together. The activities include social get-togethers, music, and drama. Info: 704.526.9990 (Appan Patil), 704.281.8732 (Raj Kulgod),

Bhartiya Association of Lake Norman (BALKN) BALKN organizes several community programs every year. For details about the organization and upcoming events visit

Charlotte Table-Tennis Club Charlotte Table-tennis Club is located at 345 Hawthorne Lane, Charlotte, NC 28204 (Corner of East 7th St. & Hawthorne Lane). Hours: Tuesday & Thursday 6-10 PM, Saturday 2-6 PM Sun 1-5 PM. Info:

Carolina Sanskritk Maharashta Mandal CSMM Carolina Sanskritk Maharashtra Mandal promotes Maharashtrian culture and language. Maharashtra mandal is committed to serve Carolina Marathi community with various cultural, social and traditional marathi programs and events. Info: Medha Tannu,, 704.548.1570 Abhay Khanore,, 803.554.1234 Pandurang Naik,, 704.904.3636

March 2010

Charlotte Vipassana Meditation Group Vipassana, which means to see things as they really are, is one of India’s most ancient techniques of meditation. It was taught in India more than 2500 years ago as a universal remedy for universal ills. The Charlotte Vipassana Meditation Group holds weekly group sits and monthly all day sits for established students (those who have taken at least one ten day course from S. N. Goenka or one of his assistant teachers). Ten-day courses are also available for all students. There is never a charge for a course. New center now open in Jesup, GA. To apply for a 10 day retreat visit Saathee 98

Info: 704.277.5013, 704.563.5440, Classical Music Association of Charlotte (CMAC) CMAC sponsors many classical concerts during the year in Charlotte. Membership forms are available at all the concerts. Sun Apr 18 at 3:00 p.m. - Flute Concert by Dr. N. Ramani, accompanied by Nagai Muralidharan on Violin and Neyveli Narayan on Mridangam. Venue: Central Piedmont Community College, Tate Hall Info: 704.541.3361 (Rama Rachakonda), 704.814.9355 (Lakshmi Muthukrishnan), Dada Bhagwan Group Satsang is conducted every Sunday at 7 pm at the Hindu Center in Charlotte and there is also a Satsang every Thursday. In addition, watch Satsang from Friday to Tuesday at 7 am on TV Asia. The present topics are “Pati-Patni ka Divya Vyahvar” and “Chovis Tirthankar.” The group has recently opened a library for spiritual books, audios and videos. Info: 704.287.3133 Datta Yoga Center - Charlotte The group is dedicated to the service of SadGuru Sri Sri Sri Ganapati Sachchidananda Swamiji through SadGuru Seva, yoga and satsang (singing the glory of god). Regular Activities: Satsang every 1st and 3rd Saturday of the month, from 4 7 pm. Bhajans composed by Sri Sri Sri Ganapati Sachchidananda Swamiji are chanted and occasionally video programs produced by Avadhoota Datta Peetham are viewed, including Sri Swamiji’s visit to Manasa Sarovaram, Music for Meditation and healing concerts and lectures. Info: 704.839.3256 (Ravi Anupindi)

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Expires 3.15.10 Certain conditions may apply.

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Community News & Events Ekal Vidyalaya Foundation Ekal Vidyalaya Foundation of India (EVFI) was established to help in the overall development of the remote tribal and rural villages in India. Ekal Vidyalaya Foundation of USA along with EVFI is committed to the cause of eradicating illiteracy from tribal areas. Education is the key to selfesteem, self-sustenance, economic well being and happiness. Ekal Vidyalya (One School One Teacher in one village) plans to establish 100,000 schools in tribal areas by 2012. This will cover all the villages in tribal areas where there are no schools today. The Carolinas Region of the EVFUSA conducts fund raising and awareness programs in North and South Carolina. Ekal Vidyalaya & Hindu Center present an Art and Essay Competition on Saturday, March 13, 2010 (2 - 4 pm) at Gandhi Bhavan, Hindu Center, 7400 City View Drive, Charlotte, NC 28212. Ages: 8 – 18 yrs - $10 registration (all proceeds to these organizations). Bring your own colors (paint, pencils or crayons) and paper will be supplied. Come have fun and express your creativity as you learn and help the Ekal Vidyalaya. Ekal Charlotte is also planning a tennis tournament in April 2010 for ages 8-88 years. For registration and information send an email to the address below. Info: Hindu Center of Charlotte The center is located at 7400 City View Drive, Charlotte, NC 28212. Temple Phone: 704.535.3440. The library is stocked with books, CDs, DVDs and other materials on varied genre such as religion, culture, history, philosophy, yoga and health. Library info: 704.554.0765. Children’s Religious Oriented Program (C.R.O.P.) is for children Kindergarten through 12th grade to educate them in culture and understand religious practices. A glimpse on understanding The Bhagvad Gita provides children with an opportunity to learn about the GITA with simplicity, ease and in an inclusive discussion format. Info on CROP 704.547.1676 (Chetna Patel) The Senior Citizens Group meets on the 1st Sunday of every month at 4 pm and followed by Satyanarayan Katha March 2010

at 5 pm. Future trips and activities are in the planning stages. Info on the group: 704.334.2462 (Gobind Bhojwani). The sloka class teaches children between the ages of 4 and 13 different Hindu hymns, their meaning and significance. The class meets Sundays at 9:30 am. Info on the class: 704.814.9355 (Lakshmi Muthukrishnan). Info on the Social Welfare Committee: 704.372.1265 (Narain Amar) or 704.948.5609 (Dhinakaran Pillai). The Vedic Havan is held at the vedant hall on second Sunday of every month at 10:30 am to 12:00 pm noon followed by Prasadam. Info: 704.825.9223 (Swadesh Sawhney). The Pranayam classes are held Saturdays from 9:30 - 11 am in the Vivek Hall. Info: 704.649.5374 (Kajal Jain), 704.554.0765 (Manisha Naik), or 281.304.5597 (Sanjay Vyas) Yoga classes are held Sundays at 9 am. Info: 704.864.8212 or send email to Upcoming Events: Dhuleti will be celebrated on Sunday, March 7, 2010 at 12 noon. Come and enjoy colors, snacks and family fun. Hindu Center will be celebrating Ugadi - Gudi Padva - Baisaki Puthandu Vazthukal - Vishu Navreh on Saturday, March 20, 2010 beginning at 4 pm with a cultural program, food, activities and more. For details call Ravi Venkata 704.644.0017 or Raj Kulgod 704.948.6620. Cheti Chand 2010 will be celebrated on Sunday, March 21, 2010 starting at 5 pm with Lord Jhulelal puja, followed by yatra and procession, entertainment, religious thal dance and traditional Sindhi dinner. Info: Indian Performing Arts Association of Charlotte (IPAAC) IPAAC (Indian Performing Arts Association of Charlotte) promotes classical Hindustani music by inviting well-known artists from India. Upcoming Events: Fri Apr 23, 2010 (8 pm) - Sitar player Pt. Kushal Das accompanied by Kumar Bose on Tabla. Venue: Tate Recital Hall, CPCC Central Campus. Sat May 22, 2010 (6 pm) - Vocal Recital by Dr. Ashwini Bhide Deshpande. Venue: Tate Recital Saathee 100

Hall, CPCC Central Campus. Info: Sarla Kumar 704.846.4423 Chaula Jain 704.364.0984 Indian Visual Artists Association of Charlotte (IVAAC) IVAAC was founded by artists of Indian origin living in the Charlotte, NC area in their pursuit of a creative outlet, stemming from an urge to express the flow of their innate artistic moods and ideas. The vision is to promote the enigmatic and intriguing Indian culture into meaningful forms of expression that exposes the rich traditions and diversity of one of the most ancient civilizations on earth, in today’s fast blending global culture and to create an organization that provides planning and funding required to ensure and support a vibrant and culturally diverse Indian art community. Info: 704.540.8799 (Amit Shah), 704.688.5387 (Kinshuk Agarwal) Kiran KIRAN is a multi-cultural, non-religious, community based, South Asian organization. Promoting the self-reliance and empowerment of South Asian women who are in crisis through outreach, peer support, and referrals in a confidential manner. The group spreads awareness of South Asian women’s issues in the community and we cooperate and collaborate with organizations in the USA and elsewhere with similar objectives. Countries in South Asia include Bangladesh, Bhutan, Burma, India, Maldives, Nepal, Pakistan, and Sri Lanka. Though there are differences in language, customs, and religions across these countries, these regions share many basic cultural and historical similarities. KIRAN operates a crisis phone line Monday- Friday from 9:00 am – 9:00 pm. For help or information regarding domestic violence call an advocate. Services offered are confidential and free of charge: • Information in a culture- and context-sensitive manner • Non-judgmental help and support to women who are experiencing oppressive/crisis situations • Emotional support

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NOW ENROLLING FOR SPRING CLASSES STARTING APRIL 3RD FOR JUNE 5TH SAT TEST Tabby got her SAT scores back. She totaled 2080 with a 200 point jump in her Math score from when you first met her back in the summer over at Cannon. Thank you!! You’ll probably hear from her today that she wishes to continue SAT Math (including subject Math) prep with you, and maybe adding the Writing prep component to it now. Thank you!! You continue to do miracles with her. We really appreciate your continued positive impact on Tabby. We are very grateful that we have met you. Parents of Tabby Horney, Cannon High School At first, I was not sure if the SAT prep course was truly necessary with all the prep books out there, but the SAT prep course has exceeded my expectations. This SAT prep course is unique because you get specific feedback on what you are doing wrong and how you can fix it - unlike what many "big" sat companies do. The tutors are extremely knowledgeable and truly care about your success. I would recommend the SAT prep course to anyone who is struggling to improve their score with a prep book and have had bad experiences with the big sat companies. The SAT prep course helped me improve my already good score by an additional 280 points! Pranav Maddi, Olympic High School My scores have gone up 160 points from the test I took in June. Thank you so much for what you have done for me. Shiv Patel, Gaffney High We were enormously pleased with the time, effort and attention you gave our twins in their SAT Preparation. Your efforts were well beyond any test strategy, which you did offer generously also. Your teaching was much more than that. You presented them with focused academic concepts which helped them to analyze and understand the problems presented to them in the SAT Test. Hands down, each of the twins said that there were multiple questions that they could answer because of the time spent in concentrated preparation with you. Moreover, this was not a cram and forget. They continue to see benefit in their classroom skills too, particularly in English grammar. Thank you for helping them make scores of 1870 and 2070 on the SATs as sophomores taking the tests for the first time. Parents of Molly & Tommy Bruce, Cannon & Davidson Day Schools

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Community News & Events • Referrals to professional and community services regarding legal issues, health care, short-term child care, psychological counseling, and temporary shelter and housing • KIRAN’s services are completely confidential. Translators and crisis counselors do not disclose any information provided by our clients. Info: Crisis Hotline: 1877- NC-KIRAN or 1-877-625-4726 MaGaReSa Club The MaGaReSa Club is a music outlet for SouthEast Asians who want to develop their musical abilities through regular Bollywood music sessions. , or or Net IP Charlotte NetIP Charlotte is the only official Carolinas chapter of North America’s Largest Network of Indian Professionals. NetIP Charlotte provides a forum for on-going Career Developmental and Professional Networking activities. It arranges various events and maintains deeper ties with Businesses & the community. It provides various effective ways for Carolinas’ Indian Professionals to connect with other successful professionals. Info: Pratham - Charlotte Area Pratham is India’s largest non-profit organization with grass roots programs in the area of primary education. Pratham has made an impact on the learning levels of several million children through its Read India campaign which reached 31 million children across India. Pratham has developed an accelerated learning technique which helps children to read & write in two months. With nearly half the children in India who attend schools are not learning to read and write at the required level, Pratham is trying to fill a gap in primary education. Info: Anju Desai ( or 980-6220125) & Shubhra Chakraborty ( or 704-942-4798). March 2010

Probasi of Charlotte Probasi is the Bengali community based in Charlotte and surrounding areas. The community’s goal is to organize cultural and educational program related to Bengal in the Greater Charlotte area, to increase Bengali cultural awareness, and to provide community service in the area. Info: Sahaj Marg MeditationCharlotte Area Sahaj Marg , which means Simple or Natural path, is a Raj Yoga system of spiritual training based on the heart centered meditation. The unique features of this meditation include transmission of divine energy into the heart of the practitioner and cleaning of deep impressions, thereby regulating the mind. Regular practice of this system of meditation integrates the physical, mental and spiritual aspects of human being, while still encouraging people to maintain a normal family and working life. In the Charlotte area, group meditation is held at the Unity of Charlotte on Sundays and Wednesdays. Info: Arun and Promila Sehra 704.844.0147 Srikanth Katakam 704.496.4411 Shri Rang Avadhut Parivar (Parspar Devo Bhav) Soul devotees of Guru Dattatraya Rang Avadhut and Shri Prem Avadhut meet every Thursday evening in Charlotte, NC from 7:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m. for recital of “Datta-Bavani”, singing devotional Dattatraya Bhajans and reading “Guru-Lilamrut”. Detailed information about Charlotte meetings, literature, videos, Nareshwar Ashram and Shri Avadhut’s life is available. Info: Bharat Shah - 704.724.6247 Nagesh Patel - 704.399.7805 Sikh Heritage Society The Sikh Heritage Society strives to unite and enrich the lives of the Sikh & Punjabi communities of Charlotte and surrounding areas. “Gurdwara” address: 1760 Stoney Creek Lane, Charlotte, NC 28262. Info: 704.948.7664 (Roshan Attrey),, 704.541.0350 (Sajjan Dhaliwal), Saathee 102, 704.948.8091 (Inderjeet Rajpal), SouthPark Cricket Club South Park Cricket Club is based in Charlotte, North Carolina and it has been an active member of the Mid Atlantic Cricket Conference since 2002. The club’s home ground is located at the Reedy Creek Park, 2900 Rocky River Road, Charlotte, NC. Info: 847.722.9865 (Baseet Ahmed), Steele Creek Cricket Club Cricket is played every Sunday morning at the Steele Creek Athletic Association complex at 13530 Choate Circle, (weather permitting) from 8:00 am to 11:00 am. This group is dedicated to playing cricket with a hard tennis ball and/or soft baseball (also known as T-Ball) for fun in the Steele Creek Area of Charlotte. If you would like to stay informed about this club or would like to play or watch cricket, feel free to join and share your ideas. For information on current hours of play, location, and contacts. Info: Tamil Catholics of Charlotte Tamil Catholics living in the Charlotte-Greensboro area interested in attending monthly mass in Tamil contact United Cricket Club Forming a team this March of experienced as well as beginners that love cricket. Team will play in the Atlantic League. Practice is every Sunday at Reedy Creek Park (11 to 4 pm). Sunday and Monday evenings for ages 15 and up. Come and join the fun. Info: 704.905.9127 (Captain- Syed) 704.493.7629 (Vice Captain -Mohsan)

Greensboro Greensboro Cricket Club (GCC) Calling cricket lovers! There are several teams that play cricket in Greensboro. The goals of GCC are fun, fitness, and friendship. For info on play and location contact the


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March 2010

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Community News & Events players and team members listed here. Info: 336.501.3566 (9:00 am - 9:00 pm, S&S) Dev, Greensboro Warriors,; Venky, Triad Tigers, Gujarati Cultural Association of Piedmont (GCAP) The Gujarati Cultural Association of Piedmont serves the Asian Indian community through sponsored events, cultural, educational and social programs. GCAP, 127 Landmark Drive, Greensboro, NC 27410 Info: 336.420.7290 336.327.1235 India Association of the Triad The objective of the Association is to promote social, cultural and educational interests of its members, develop understanding between members of the Indian community and other residents of the Triad, and make the latter aware of issues of concern to the Indian community. Hindi Language classes are being taught by Mrs. Punjabi. Info: 336.656.0203 (Dhananjay Kumar) Indo-US Cultural Association of Winston-Salem The Indo-US Cultural Association’s primary mission is to increase awareness of the cultural heritage of India, which is tremendously rich in its diversity and history. The Association seeks to reach out to the thriving Indian-American community within the Piedmont and Triad areas to share the vibrant Indian culture and promote crosscultural understanding. Info: Madan Rangabasyam Phone : 336-760-5885 Life Bliss Foundation The NC Chapter, offers workshops, books, CD’s, and DVD’s on spirituality and enlightenment from living enlightened master Paramahamsa Nithyananda. 500 videos are available on youtube. Satsangs in the Greensboro/Winston-Salem area include Life Bliss Meditation, video discourse, Q&A, and Nithya Spiritual Healing Prayer, a method of energy healing. March 2010

Satsang Locations: Weekly Wednesdays, 7:00 pm to 8:30 pm, Integrative Therapies, 7-E Oak Branch Drive, Greensboro NC 27407. Weekly - Fridays, 7:00 pm to 8:30 pm, 1143 Sequoia Drive, Lewisville, NC 27023. Meditation workshops are taught on a regular basis. Info: 336.644.1111 Sri Sathya Sai Baba Center of Greensboro, NC The Center organizing regular Sai Bhajans, Study Circle , Balvikas class for students and Service Activities. All devotees are welcome. 1st Sunday of the Month 4 – 6 pm, all other Sundays 10 am – 12:15 pm. Info: 612.239.7529 (Deepak Deshpande at Winston Salem) 908.875.6964 (Swami Rajendran at Greensboro) Triad Hindu Temple The Triad Hindu Temple is located at 2424 Huffine Mill Rd., Greensboro. Its mission is to serve the Hindu Community and promote Hindu Culture through religious, social and educational activities. Regularly scheduled events include Puja, bhajans, children’s programs, celebration of holidays & community service. Upcoming Events: Apr. 18: Venkateshwara Suprab Info:

Raleigh Academic Foundation for International Cultural Exchange (AFICE) Interested in exploring the diverse cultures of the world? Become a host family for a high school exchange student! All the students will come from various countries around the world, and all students speak fluent English. They are of high school age (15-18) and will attend local high school in their respective communities. Each student will live as member of their American host family, sharing household duties and responsibilities. AFICE is a non-profit educational organization dedicated to bringing cultural gaps by allowing foreign students the opportunity to live as part of a wonderful American community. Info: Saathee 104

Association for India’s Development (AID)- Duke University Chapter AID’s mission is effect social change in India, by supporting projects with grassroots non-governmental organization in India in the areas of literacy, health care, rural credit, women’s empowerment etc. For further details visit Atlantic Coast Sikh Association This organization is one of the oldest Sikh associations in the Southeastern USA. It meets every Sunday from 11:30 AM to 1:30 PM at its gurdwara, located at 3108 Sparger Road, Durham, NC 27705. Kirtan is done by Bhai Dyal Singh Jatha. Classes for Punjabi and religious studies are held for children at the same time. Info: 919.309.1045 Bhai Dyal Singh Balagokulam Gokulam is where Lord Krishna’s magical childhood days were spent. It was here that his divine powers came to light. Every child has that spark of divinity within. Balagokulam is a forum for children (4-15 years age) to discover and manifest that divinity. It will enable Hindu children in the US to appreciate their cultural roots and learn values. This is done through games, yoga, stories, songs, shlokas, arts/crafts, and Seva (selfless service) in the community. Balagokulam sessions are free for all and are held on Saturdays. Info: (Charlotte region) BAPS Shri Swaminarayan Mandir BAPS Shree Swaminarayan Hindu Mandir invites everyone to the regularly scheduled events: Ravi sabha - every Sunday at 4 - 6 pm followed by Aarti and Maha Prasad. Mahapuja – every Purnima at 7 pm. Many classes are conducted. Fresh Indian snacks and sweets available at Shayona. 1020 Aviation Parkway, Morrisville, NC 27560. Info: 919.469.6605

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March 2010

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Community News & Events Bengali Association of North Carolina (BANC) BANC seeks to promote Bengali culture, language, music, arts and social activities by offering varieties of programs for members of INDOAmerican community within North Carolina and adjacent states. The association is organized exclusively for charitable, cultural, social and educational purposes. Info: 919.461.2386 (Ratan Ray), 919.510.7943 (Swaty Sen), Bharatiya Senior Citizens of North Carolina (BSCNC) BSCNC is a nonprofit organization for Senior Citizens of Indian origin that are age 60 years and over and the members of the organization meet the second Saturday of each month. On March 13, 2010 meeting, seniors will celebrate the Holi and Dhuleti festivals. Info: Bharatiben Patel 252.236.4391 Harishbhai Shah 919.387.1629. Child Relief and You (CRY) An organization in the Raleigh area working with the India-based charitable non-profit organization committed to encouraging and facilitating individuals and organizations to make a positive impact in the lives of underprivileged children since 1979. CRY America’s RDU Action Center has been active since 2001. CRY-RDU invites people to join the enthusiastic volunteer base to contribute ideas or any relevant skills. Info: 919.362.9591 (Sarav Arunachalam) Chinmaya Mission Chinmaya Mission Raleigh-Durham conducts Balavihar classes for children and youth (preschool to 12th grade) regularly every Sunday from 10 am to 11:30 am at Reedy Creek Middle School, Cary. In addition to classes that are tailored to each age group, lessons include chanting of Bhagavad Gita verses, and singing bhajans. With the theme of Krishna – My Friend, all students this year are learning about Bhakti or devotion to God. All festivals are celeMarch 2010

brated along with Prasad for families. Parents wishing to enroll their children in Balavihar can download registration form from A regular adult study group/satsang is conducted for adults on Sunday mornings at Reedy Creek Middle School, as well as, other locations in the Triangle. All are welcome to attend. Info: Datta Yoga Center - Raleigh Mission: Spread the teachings of Sadguru Sri Sri Sri Ganapathi Sachchidananda Swamiji of Mysore. Activities: Namasankeertana Bhajans written, composed and sung by Pujya Sri Swamiji. Future projects: Kriya yoga classes by Pujya Sri Swamiji-trained teachers from India. The group meets on the first Saturday of every month and every major festival day for Satsang and Namasankeertana (divine singing). Everyone is invited to attend the satsang with family and friends and receive divine blessings. Info: 919.484.1993 (Srinivas Chittineni) 919.461.0843 (Suresh Kota) YahooGroups: Dattasatsang_NC. Duke Diya Duke Diya is a Duke University student organization that is committed to providing a forum for interaction through political, cultural, community service, and social events relating to South Asian Americans. Info: 732.865.3173 Ekal Vidyalaya Foundation Ekal Vidyalaya Foundation of India (EVFI) was established to help in the overall development of the remote tribal and rural villages in India. Ekal Vidyalaya Foundation of USA along with EVFI is committed to the cause of eradicating illiteracy from tribal areas. Education is the key to selfesteem, self-sustenance, economic well being and happiness. Ekal Vidyalya (One School One Teacher in one village) plans to establish 100,000 schools in tribal areas by 2012. This will cover all the villages in tribal areas where there are no schools today. The Carolinas Region of the EVFUSA conducts fund raising and awareness programs in North and South Carolina. On Friday Saathee 106

March 26, 2010 beginning at 7pm at Morrisville Triangle, Hindu Bhavan Hall, 309 Aviation Pkwy, enjoy a nostalgic evening of Bollywood Dhamaka and Ghazals featuring Bollywood playback singer and SA RE GA MA winner Sanjivani and group. For more information about this event or to sponsor an Ekal School contact: Madhu Gangwal 919.467.4336 Ragini Murarka 919.724.7300 Shekhar Joshi 919.637.6682 Venu Rao 919.324.2958 Geet Bazaar Radio Program Every Sunday morning from 10 am - 12 noon on WKNC 88.1 FM, join hosts Afroz Taj and John Caldwell, for a wide variety of music from India, Pakistan, and other countries and languages of South Asia. Geet Bazaar will also publicize community events free of charge. Info: 919.851.1119 (Dr. Afroj Taj) GEM - Raleigh Church of God Attend worship services, prayer meetings or Sunday School. Info: 919.395.6208 (Pastor Thankachan M.) Heritage India Association of North Carolina (HIANC) Heritage India Association of North Carolina aims at providing Indian cultural experience through performing arts, fine arts, cultural arts & crafts of India. Its mission is “to preserve and promote Indian heritage and culture.” Info: Yash Garg at 919-870-5222 Harsha Shah at 919-362-0520 Hindi Vikas Mandal of NC Hindi Vikas Mandal (HVM), based in the RTP area, promotes study and appreciation of Hindi language and strives to foster Indian culture and traditions through Hindi. HVM has a special focus on the youths for the preservation of Indian Culture and heritage. Info: Saroj Sharma 919.851.0225 V.P. Tiwari 919.423.0365 Hindu Society of North Carolina - Morrisville, NC The Hindu Society of North Carolina, located at 309 Aviation Parkway, Morrisville, N.C. serves the Indian Your Web Connection to the Community Digitial Edition • Videos • Photos • Archives • News Web Extras • Bollywood News Complete Community Events and More! Sign up for our weekly e-mail service at

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March 2010

Saathee 107

Community News & Events community in the Triangle area and its vicinity. Temple timings are: Mon. - Fri. 8:00 a.m. to 11:00 a.m. and 5:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m., Sat. Sun. 8:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. Daily Aarti and Puja is also conducted by the Priest. Other regular religious and cultural programs: Monthly Vedic Havan, Tuesday Hauman Chalisa recitation, Sri Ramakrishna Study Group, Sri Sai Baba Group, Gita Study Group, Devi Puja, Vaishnav Bhajan Group, Akhand Ramayana Recitation, Weeklend Language and Spiritual Knowledge Classes, and Sloka classes for Children. Yoga classes are also offered twice a week (Sunday at 8:00 a.m.and Wednesday at 6:30 p.m.) at the Cultural Hall. Priest services are available at your home and/or at the Temple at a nominal charge. Info: Hindu Students Council (HSC) NC State University HSC-NCSU is a chapter of the national organization Hindu Students Council (HSC). HSC-NCSU is a cultural and religious student organization. It aims to provide opportunities to learn about Hindu philosophy, spirituality and cultural heritage through various activities, events and projects and is dedicated to provide “seva” (service) to the community. Info: 919.676.0298 (Mrinmoyee Sanyal) Hindu Swayamsevak Sangh (HSS) Hindu Swayamsevak Sangh (HSS) conducts weekly activities to develop character and leadership skills in participants, emphasizing values such as self-discipline, self-confidence and a spirit of selfless service (seva) for humanity while maintaining Hindu cultural identity in harmony with the larger society. HSS is inspired by the idea that the whole world is one family. HSS started in 1989 in the United States and currently has over 100 chapters (shakhas) across the country. The Research Triangle Park chapter meets every Saturday. Activities are tailored to include yoga, games, songs, lectures and discussions on Hindu dharma and culture. For more March 2010

information and details contact: Triangle area Charlotte region.

the educational or professional ladder. For further details Info: 919.362.7653 (Dr. Subhas C. Mohapatra)

Hum Sub Hum Sub is dedicated to sharing the social and cultural traditions of India with the residents of the Research Triangle Park and North Carolina. Info: 919.468.3332 (Mamta Bisarya) 919.363.7339 (Latha Pamarthi)

Indus Foundation Indus Foundation was founded in NC by a group of professionals with the sole purpose of giving back to the community and the country that has helped members achieve success. Every dollar is wisely spent back into the community without any overheads. Current major projects: Indian Cancer Society rehabilitation Center in Mumbai, Mental Healthcare Center for socially rejected Women in Indore, and three Educational Centers in Gurgaon. Adopt an on-going project or launch an new project under specific guidelines. Make a commitment today to build a better tomorrow. Info: 919.461.0001 (Dr. Vinnie Goel, Chairman) 919.467.0598 (Dr. Shri Kulkarni, President) 919.319.7294 (Dr. Vijaya Bapat, Vice-President)

Indian American Forum for Political Education (IAFPE) IAFPE, known as the FORUM, is the oldest and largest Indian American organization for political education in the country. This is a non-profit organization with numerous chapters throughout the United States. The North Carolina Chapter is in Raleigh and has just established a new committee for a 2-year term. We are excited and motivated to educate the community on political issues and help the community with various services. Support is needed from the community and members to help us grow and provide relevant services and informative events. Info: Nilesh - 919.656.4361 Indian Classical Music & Dance Society (ICMDS) ICMDS is dedicated to the task of promoting Indian classical music and dance in the Triangle area. ICMDS invites the top artists from all over the world to perform in the Triangle area. Info: Indo-American Friendship Foundation Did you know that about 90 percent of rural orphans are female and most of them are abandoned at birth due to their gender? Not one of them gets the opportunity to become a doctor, engineer, or even receive basic education. Because they cannot live in the orphanage when they turn 18, many of them fall victim to different types of exploitation, including sex trade. IAFF has created an orphanage education fund to help qualified orphans to rise as high as they can climb in Saathee 108

International Community Church CC is a worship center for people from India and neighboring countries. The pastor is Joseph B. Jesudason and the church office is located at 1215 Franklin Jones Road, Suite #204, Raleigh, NC 27606. Info: 919.233.2900 w w w. i n t e r n a t i o n a l c o m m u n i t y International Hindi Association International Hindi Association (IHA) promotes Hindi language and literature and has chapters all over the United States. The Raleigh Chapter periodically organizes Kavi Sammelans with local and indigenous talents. Open to those interested in listening to poetry or in reciting poetry. Info: 919.851.0225 (Sarojben Sharma) 919.362.5244 (Sudha Dhingra) International Swaminarayan Satsang Organization (ISSO) Primary objective of ISSO is “To advance the Sanatan Dharma in

Please visit our web site @

864-298-0000 • 1-800-988-9898



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Community News & Events accordance with the principles and teachings of Shree Swaminarayan Sampradaya, founded and ordained by Lord Shree Swaminarayan (Shree Sahajanand Swami),” enabling His devotees from both the Nar Narayan Dev Gadi (Ahmedabad) and Laxmi Narayan Dev Gadi (Vadtal) to practice their religious duties in harmony. The RaleighDurham chapter organizes a “Satsang Sabha” every two weeks, typically on Friday or Saturday evenings, which includes Kirtan bhakti, Katha, Aarti and Mahaprasad. Info: 919.363.2356 (Niraj Joshi) ISKCON of North Carolina The Sri-Sri Radha Golokananda Temple - Iskcon of NC is situated on 16 acres of field and forest with the historic Eno River flowing behind the temple property. The temple is just a few miles off of Routes I-40 & I-85 and located at 1032 Dimmocks Mill Road, Hillsborough, NC 27278. Daily aarti- 4:30 am, 7:15 am, 12:30 pm, 4:15 pm, 7 pm. Darsana: Monday through Friday 7:30-11:30 am and 4:15-5:45 pm, Saturday all day until 5:45 pm, Sunday all day until 7:30 pm. Sunday Festival begins at 4:00 p.m. and it includes kirtan, aarti, Bhagavad Gita discourse, vegetarian feast, and Sunday school for children. Info: 919.593.6827, Yoga classes - Krishna Priya at Kiran KIRAN is a multi-cultural, non-religious, community based, South Asian organization. Promoting the self-reliance and empowerment of South Asian women who are in crisis through outreach, peer support, and referrals in a confidential manner. The group spreads awareness of South Asian women’s issues in the community and we cooperate and collaborate with organizations in the USA and elsewhere with similar objectives. Countries in South Asia include Bangladesh, Bhutan, Burma, India, Maldives, Nepal, Pakistan, and Sri Lanka. Though there are differences in language, customs, and religions across these countries, these regions share many March 2010

basic cultural and historical similarities. KIRAN operates a crisis phone line Monday- Friday from 9:00 am – 9:00 pm. For help or information regarding domestic violence call an advocate. Services offered are confidential and free of charge: • Information in a culture- and context-sensitive manner • Non-judgmental help and support to women who are experiencing oppressive/crisis situations • Emotional support • Referrals to professional and community services regarding legal issues, health care, short-term child care, psychological counseling, and temporary shelter and housing • KIRAN’s services are completely confidential. Translators and crisis counselors do not disclose any information provided by our clients. Info: Crisis Hotline: 1877- NC-KIRAN or 1-877-625-4726 Nuv Yug Nuv Yug is a cultural organization with a mission to promote awareness of Indian cultural arts and heritage. Striving to create synergy among various cultural groups from the South Asian region. Nuv Yug’s online system for India Fest 2010 is open now. Visit the website and review various guidelines. Once you have registered a userid, you will be provided your very own dashboard to keep track of your activities on the website. India Fest 2010 will take place on Sat.-Sun., March 2021, 2010, Dorton Arena, State Fairgrounds, Raleigh. Info: Pakistani American Association The Pakistani-American Association (NCPAA) is a non-political, non-sectarian, cultural and social organization that promotes Pakistani culture to all the communities living in the Triangle Area of North Carolina. Several events are presented during the year. A family dinner is held on the second Friday of every month. Info: Pratham - Triangle Area Founded as a UNICEF initiative, Pratham is a grass-roots organization that works towards universalizSaathee 110

ing primary education in India. With a goal of reaching 20 million children, Pratham is one of the largest NGOs in field of literacy movement in India. Pratham continues to evolve, grow and works to meet the continually changing needs of the children it educates. Pratham’s North Carolina chapter actively aims to collaborate with individuals, local organizations and community associations and seeks ideas, volunteers and resources to deliver the vision of “Every Child in School and Learning Well.” Info: Professional Indians’ Association (PIA) PIA is a meetup that serves young South Asian professionals in the Triangle Community. The group is made of Indian professionals and grad students interested in cultural events, socializing and meeting/ making friends with like-minded people around the Triangle. Monthly events include meeting at bars/ restaurants, Bollywood movie nights, potlucks, Indian concerts/ performances, outdoor activities, community service and volunteering. This will also be an opportunity for professionals to share their thoughts on respective industries, social causes, economy & politics. Info: Ramakrishna Vedanta Society of North Carolina The Ramakrishna Vedanta Society of NC draws inspiration from the timeless, philosophical wisdom of the Vedanta as practiced and preached in the modern day by Sri Ramakrishna, Sri Sarada Devi and Swami Vivekananda. Perhaps you know a great deal about Practical Vedanta and the message of the harmony of religions and the spiritual oneness of Existence - or perhaps you are just curious and want to learn more. Regardless of background and/or knowledge the organization welcomes participants. Info: RTP Maharashtra Mandal RTP Maharashtra Mandal promotes Maharashtrian culture and language. Maharashtra mandal is committed to serve RTP community with various cultural, social and traditional marathi programs and events. To

Community News & Events learn more about the organization, contact: 919.468.8824 (Jayant Yete) 919.757.7300 (Neeraj Shikarkhane) S. V. Temple of North Carolina S.V. Temple of NC is built on nine acres of centrally connected triangle area. This grand tribute to Lord Venkateswara and his consorts is designed to exacting standards of shilpa shasthra and features the only shrine in North America to incorporate abodes to Lord Viswaksena and Lord Sudarshana/ Lord Narasimha as part of Srinivasa Parivaram. The temple rituals are performed in accordance with Pancharathra Agama Shastra. Info: 919.468.0040 Sahaj Marg Meditation Triangle Area Sahaj Marg translates to “The Natural Path.” It is a natural, simple system of Raja Yoga meditation and spiritual practice that helps one realize the ultimate potential within oneself. Regular spiritual practice under capable guidance enables aspirants to progressively experience the sublime presence of the divine in their daily lives. Sahaj Marg system of meditation is freely offered to seekers worldwide through Shri Ram Chandra Mission. In Triangle area, group meditations are held Sundays and Wednesdays. Info: (919) 303-7447 (Raj Solanki) (919) 493-6180 (Devi Sekar)>, SAMPIGE - Triangle Kannada Association The Triangle Kannada Association is a cultural association for people residing in the Triangle area from Karnataka, India. Sampige organizes Kannada (the language spoken in the Karnataka area) activities in music, dance and drama as well as social activities. Info: Share and Care Foundation (SCF) Share and Care Foundation (SCF), a charitable organization focused on several projects in India and the March 2010

USA, is launching a new chapter for the Carolinas - this represents the first chapter outside the New Jersey headquarters of SCF. SCF has been working with the Triangle’s Indian community for more than 15 years. Info: 919.425.5299 (Manu Patel) 919.469.1258 (Rajeev Kamath) Sikh Gurdwara of North Carolina The Sikh Gurudwara of North Carolina welcomes visitors of all backgrounds regardless of race, religion, ethnicity or gender. All peoples, regardless of their origin or orientation, are welcome to attend our services and share in the blessings of God. Religious services are held every Saturday evening and Sunday morning, followed by a community meal (langar). In addition to religious services, we offer educational programs for children and young adults. Adults participate in religious discourse during monthly study circles. Members of the Sangat (congregation) regularly participate in community service projects in the Triangle area. The Sikh Gurdwara at North Carolina is located at 3214 Banner Street in Durham, NC 27704. Info: 919.220.9917 South Indian Fine Arts Academy (SIFAA) SIFAA is a non-profit organization that works to arrange and promote concerts and performances in the Triangle and Triad areas, concentrating on Carnatic music for the present. Info: 919.773.1580 St. Gregorios Malankara Orthodox Syrian Church Monthly Mass and regular services are held in Malayalam/English by Rev. Dr. M. K. Thomas at the Baptist Student Center, 2702 Hillsborough Street, Raleigh, NC. Info: 919.461.1773 Tamil Cultural Association of North Carolina (TCA NC) TCA NC is a non-profit organization formed for the purpose of providing youths with exposure to Tamil culture. Everyone is invited to join TCA Saathee 112

and become part of a wonderful organization promoting Tamil culture in the Triangle area. Info: Tamil Sangam of Carolina The Tamil Sangam is an organization that promotes understanding of Tamil culture and provides a medium for people of Tamil culture to get together. The activities include music, drama, lectures, Tamil movies, etc. Info: (919)-465-1606 Ravi Shanmugam (President) milsangamofcarolina Triangle Area Telugu Association (TATA) The Triangle Area Telugu Association (TATA) is a non-profit organization (started in 1983) committed to building a vibrant Telugu Community and promoting Telugu culture and language in the Triangle area of North Carolina. Info: Triangle Bangladesh Society (TBSNC) TBSNC strives to arrange musical programs by artists who have captured the hearts and minds of millions of Bengali-, Urdu- and Hindispeaking music fans all around the region and the globe. Info: 919.741.9343 (Ishtiaque Mohiuddin) Triangle Chapter-India Development & Relief Fund (IDRF) IDRF is a registered, tax-exempt non-profit organization that supports volunteer-based, honest and highly experienced non-governmental organizations (NGOs) in India in serving their populations’ critical needs around education, childcare, healthcare, women empowerment and tribal welfare, as well as relief and rehabilitation in times of natural disasters. Info: Triangle Gujarati Association (TGA) TGA serves the Gujarati community in Raleigh, Cary, Durham, Chapel Hill and the surrounding areas, TGA

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Saathee 113

Community News & Events sponsors musical programs, dramas and other cultural activities to help maintain the Gujarati culture and heritage. The 2010 committee is in place to produce more events. TGA is organizing Haiti Relief Garba on March 13, 2010 at 7 pm at HSNC Hall. Info: Harsha Shah 919.362.0520 Hemini Patel 919.387.2900 Triangle Indian Youth Organization (TIYO) This organization has been created with the purpose of encouraging youths of Indian origin aged between 12-18 years to develop skills for leadership, to organize team-oriented efforts, understand and participate in community services, understand and develop individual potential. There will be activities that will fall into the broad categories of education, arts, cultural, charity, religious and community services. Info: 919.363.7339 (Latha Pamarthi [Director of TIYO]) Triangle Rang Mandal Devotees of Pujya Sri Rang Avdhoot Maharaj meet every Saturday in Cary or Raleigh from 8:30 PM 10:30 PM to sing devotional Dattatreya Bhajans and DattaBavani in a spiritual atmosphere. Special programs organised on Guru Purnima and Rang Jayanti and on the occasion of Pujya Sri Prem Avdhoot Bapji’s annual visit to the US. Info: Triangle Vegetarian Society (TVS) The mission of TVS is to build a sense of community between current vegetarians and people who are interested in vegetarianism and have a forum for a discussion of issues. Upcoming Events: Sat Mar 27 @ 7:00 pm: Potluck Dinner - Kay and Ryan Bond’s home in Chapel Hill RSVP via email to Kay at or via phone to Dilip at 943-8784. Sat Apr 17 @ 7:00 pm: Potluck Dinner - Jodi & Bill O’Neill’s home 118 Turquoise Creek Dr, Cary, NC. 462-0672, Info: March 2010

Two Cents of Hope (TCH) Two Cents of Hope was started by a group of Indian students at NC State University with the belief in empowering youth via education. The goal is to uplift the weaker sections of the society through education. The foundation lies in the power of cents giving TCH its name. As J. Carney put it, “Little drops of water, little grains of sand, make the mighty ocean, and the pleasant land.” By using coin boxes to collect loose change, the total donations result in a collection that yields considerable amount of money, enough to give education to a poor student - indeed a firm footing for the rest of his or her life. Apart from the coin collection other sources of funding includes fundraising events (Trishna, Crescendo, and Booth in Cary Diwali) and sponsors. In the last three years TCH has funded $21,689, which includes 77 projects benefitting 270 students and two schools in India. To keep a coin box at your place or to know more about Two Cents of Hope, email - Urdu Majlis Urdu Majlis is a literary organization for the promotion of Urdu language and literature and has no political, national or religious affiliations. The group has regularly scheduled monthly meetings in which enthusiasts and scholars of Urdu literature meet to discuss the life and works of a selected literary figure. Info: 919.851.1119 (Dr. Afroz Taj) 919.962.1060 (Dr. Afroz Taj) 919.596.4792 (Ashraf and Seema Faruqi)

Regional Cape Fear Cultural Association of India - Wilmington Cape Fear Cultural Association of India is an organization that promotes understanding of Indian culture and promotes a medium for people of Indian culture to get together. Info: Shashin Patel, President. (910.790.9448) Sanjay Batish, Vice-President. (910.371.9860) Saathee 114

Anjali Dashputre, Treasurer. (910.395.6633) Sukhbir Dhillon, Cultural Secretary (910.796.1965) Georgia Indo-American Chamber of Commerce The Georgia Indo-American Chamber of Commerce (GIACC) develops and promotes trade, business, commercial and professional relationships between India and the United States, especially within the state of Georgia. GIACC was formed recognizing the need for promoting bi-lateral activities among South Asian and mainstream communities in the United States and South Asia. Info: 678.762.7589, 770.840.1925 - Hindu Society of Eastern NC (Greenville, NC) Upcoming programs (adults): Sun Mar 7 @ 11:00 AM - Bhajans with local singers Sun Mar 14 @ 10:30 AM - Geeta Study with Mr. Bangalore Srivatsa Sun Mar 21 @ 10:30 AM - Geeta Study with Mr. Bangalore Srivatsa Sun Mar 28 @ 11:00 AM Ramnavami puja by Mr. Bangalore Srivatsa, Potluck lunch will be served Upcoming programs (children): Sun Mar 7, Sun Mar 14, Sun Mar 21, Sun Mar 28 - “Balgokulum” at 10:00 a.m. and “Balvihar” at 11:00 a.m. Info: 252.830.5177 (Dharam Vasnani)

South Carolina American South Asian Cultural Association of Columbia, SC The organization’s fundamental goal is to increase cultural awareness and develop cultural understanding among American South Asian Community in Columbia area. A monthly dinner will be held on the Second Sunday of every month between 6 to 9 PM. There will be $10.00 Per Person charge for dinner at India Palace, 110-A Columbia Northeast Drive, Columbia. Info: evenings 803.233.7042 or 803.233.3996

March 2010

Saathee 115

Community News & Events Carolina Buddhist Vihara (Greenville, SC) Regular beginner meditation program conducted by a Buddhist Monk. Activities are held Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday evenings: 6:30 pm (puja), 7 pm (meditation), and 8 pm (“Dhamma” talk or discussion). A “youth program” is also held once a month. Info: Hindu Society of Greater Spartanburg The temple is located on 1130 Fairview Church Road in Boiling Springs, S.C. 29303. The daily Aarati is at 7:00 p.m. Balvihar classes are conducted from 10:00 a.m. to 11:45 a.m. on scheduled Sundays. Satsang is on second Sunday from 5 - 7 pm. Upcoming Events: Mar 7: Estate Planning at 5:15 pm. Sun March 21: Shri Gayatri Yagna:from 10 am onwards Wed March 25: Ram Navami Celebration at 7 pm. Tue March 30: Hanuman Jayanti Celebration at 7 pm. Info: 864.599.7048 Hindu Temple of South Carolina The Hindu Temple and Cultural Center of South Carolina was established with an objective to fill the need for thousands of Hindus in the State of South Carolina to worship and pray together, perform sacraments and rituals, to observe and celebrate festivals, and to perform and engage in humanitarian and educational activities. Info: India Assoc. of Greater Charleston (IAGC) The IAGC was founded in Charleston to bring together people who were interested in India and to provide a forum to increase the understanding of the heritage of India in US. Info: 803.884.0859 International Fellowship Church of Greenville, SC International Fellowship Church offers Sunday worship services and other weekly activities for people of Indian origin. Info: 864.234.1256 (Pastor Suhas Raiborde) March 2010

Kannada Association of Greater Greenville (KAGG) An organization devoted to the awareness and promotion of Kannada culture in the Greater Greenville area of South Carolina. KAGG is a primarily run by volunteers and invites Kannadigas living in and around Greater Greenville area to participate in the organization. Kannada classes for children are being organized to meet at the Vedic Center in Mauldin every other Sunday morning and the annual picnic will take place on the morning of Sat Aug 29. Info: 864.430.4973 Masjid Noor-UL-Huda The Mosque is located at 517 Winmet Drive, Columbia, S.C. On the first Saturday and third Saturday of every month from 6 PM to 8 PM, Islamic session is held by Hafiz Mohammed Basheer. Quranic Reading classes are conducted daily, and everyone is encouraged to send their children to these sessions. Info: 803.749.0827 (Dr. Shami) 803.740.5127 (Qari Abdul Khader Multani) 803.754.2632 (Mosque main number) Mrudani School of Performing Arts Mrudani School of Performing Arts is a non-profit organization whose mission is to promote the classical arts of India. Mrudani School offers classes in Bharathanatyam (Kalakshetra style) and Kuchipudi in Columbia, Orangeburg, and Charleston, SC. Info: Monica @ 843.849.7841 Anuradha @ 803.347.3851 Sirigannada Sirigannada, the Kannada Association of South Carolina, a non-profit organization was created on July 18, 2004 by the interested Kannada speaking people of South Carolina. It is a voluntary organization primarily run by memberships and donations from Kannadigas of the State of South Carolina. For further details visit:

Saathee 116

Telugu Association of Greater Greenville, SC Telugu Association of Greater Greenville, SC, serves the Telugu community of the Greenville/Spartanburg area of South Carolina. The group sponsors several events throughout the year. Info: Triad Avatar Meher Baba Group The Meher Center is a spiritual retreat/ashram located on SC Highway 17 immediately North of the Highway 22 connection 8 miles from Myrtle Beach, SC. Meher Baba visited this place 3 times and considered it His home in the West. A small brick house built especially for Him is open for “Darshan” on Fridays and Sunday (11:00 am.) / Meher Center: (843) 272-5777. Info: 336.299.9683 Vedic Center of Greenville The Center is located on the Corner of Bethel Road and Bethel Drive in Mauldin, S.C. Daily Aarti is conducted Monday to Friday at 8 pm. Bal Vihar classes are conducted Sundays from 11:15 am - 12:30 pm. Sri Venkateshwara Suprabhatam is held on 2nd Sat of month at 9 am. Info: 864.967.2852

Send your organization’s news and events to us by the 15th of the month for inclusion in following month’s issue. Write to us at

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Saathee 117

Clues Down:

By Kirit Shukla 1










13 16
















34 36



15 17






39 44







1. A gathering of large number of persons. 2. $IRUPRISRVVHVVLYHFDVHRI³ZH´ 3. A closet for storing towels, sheets etc. 4. An ancient engine of war for throwing stones. 5. 7KH³+RQH\BB´PDNHVWKHKRQH\ KRQH\FRPE 6. Ornithology Information System. (*) 7. High Explosive. (*) 8. On a scale beyond average; Broad. 9. The alimentary canal that serves to digest food. 12. Pertaining to irritating sensation of the skin. 15. The black nightshade; Any edible mushroom. 16. The American Academy of Real Estate. (*) 19. The organs of hearing in man and animals. 21. International Atomic Energy Agency. (*) 24. Any meeting for exchange of information and holding discussion. 26. The knowledge of spiritual things. 28. A light breeze. 29. A day after Saturday. 31. Scatter or sprinkle. 33. A small, slender piece of metal used to fasten. 7KHSDVWWHQVHRIWKHYHUE¾,6œ 37. A termination or conclusion. 38. Bureau of Transportation Statistics. (*) 40. Right Ascension. (*) (Astronomy) 41. Connecticut. (*) 43. Delaware. (*) (Note: * denotes abbreviation of the word or phrase) (Puzzle solutions are on page 126. NO peeking!)

Clues Across: 1. The capital of Sri Lanka. 7. The festivals of colors, in India. (Feb. 28, 2010) 10. Devastate; fall to pieces. 11. The southernmost lake of the Great lakes. (USA) 13. The Sumerian God of heaven. 14. The act of adorning; Mere outward display. 16. The class of objects subject to aesthetic criteria. 7KH³,´RUVHOIRIDQ\SHUVRQ6HOI-esteem. 18. The glacial epoch. (Geology) 20. Any roadside restaurant; A railroad dining car. 22. Equal fractional parts of a Capital stock. /DQGPHDVXUHV6TPLOH BBB´ 25. Anger; Wrath. 26. A colloidal solution with a consistency of a jelly. 27. Rests against something for support. 29. Silicon. (*) (Chemical element) 30. A temple; The inner part of a shrine. (Greek) 32. Any of the Russian-built fighter aircraft. 33. Fun use of a word having different meanings. 34. A flight of steps for going up/down in a house. 35. A beverage of fermented juice of the grapes. 36. A prophet; The observer. 38. Aggregation; A strap. 39. Acts one upon another. 42. Advertisement. (*) 44. South Dakota. (*) 45. Small, hard protuberances on the skin. 46. Something subsidiary or out of way. March 2010

Hee Hee (Booddhoo is foolish. Mafatlal is a freeloader.)


Saathee 118




(Created By Kirit Shukla)

7KHFRPPRQOHWWHUVDUH³OD´- Fill in the blanks)

(Find & circle the words in the puzzle). (Subject: ³:KDW VLQDQDPH´).


1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6.

To make acquainted. _ _ _ _ OD _ _ _ Intense hatred toward someone. OD _ _ _ Wastefully extravagant. _ _ OD _ _ _ _ The Supreme Being; The male deity. _OD A poem suitable for singing. _ _ _ OD _ An instrument to measure distance passed over, as in an automobile . OD _ _ _ _ _ _ 7. A dwelling; home. _ _ OD _ 8. Recurring at intervals of time. _ _ _ _ OD _ _ 9. Any system of collection of regulations. _ OD _ 10. Adapt; Oblige. _ _ _ _ _ _ OD _ _ _ 11. Differing in nature from what is usual. OD _ 12. A fretless musical string instrument. _ _ _ OD 13. A ribbon shaped pasta. _ _ OD _ _ 14. Veneers glued together. _ _ _ _ _ OD 15. )RUPHUO\µ%DURGD¶ _ _ _ OD _ _ _ 16. A circular diagram showing signs of 12 constellations, from Aries to Pisces. _ OD _ _ _ $SHUVRQ¶VHPRWLRQDOVWDWH _ _ OD 18. A seaport in S. Ukraine. OD _ _ _ _ 19. To burst violently. _ _ _ _ OD _ 20. Overflowing of water on land. _ _ _ OD 21. ³BB&KORULGH´LVDFRPPRQVDOW _ OD _ _ _ 22. Fragrance; Scent. OD _ _ 23. A system of actions or analysis. _ _ _ _ OD 24. A river flowing from Western Ghats to bay of Bengal and sacred to Hindus. _ OD _ _ _ _ _ 25. A thing produced by labor. _ _ OD _ _ _ _


(Puzzle solutions are on page 126. NO peeking!)

The unused 8 letters spell a person with the same name.
















































































































































March 2010


Saathee 119

Census 2010

Festivals & Holidays Compiled by Kirit Shukla

March 2010 Mar 1 Mar 11 Mar 14 Mar 15 Mar 16 Mar 17 Mar 20 Mar 24 Mar 26 Mar 28 Mar 30 -

Dhuleti Hola Mohalla Paapamochini Ekadasi Daylight Saving Time begins Somavati Amas (No Moon) Gudi Padvo Cheti Chand St. Patrick’s Day First Day Of Spring Rama Navami Swaminarayan Jayanti Kaamadaa Ekadasi Mahavir Jayanti Khordad Sal Chaitri Purnima, (Full Moon) Shri Hanuman Jayanti

Apr Apr Apr Apr Apr Apr

April Fool Day Good Friday Easter Sunday Vallabhacharya Jayanti Baishakhi Adhik/Purushottam Maas begins Last day to File Tax Returns Earth Day Kamala Ekadasi Adhik Maas Purnima (Full Moon)

April 2010 1 2 4 10 14 15

Apr 22 Apr 24 Apr 27 -

May - June 2010 May 1 - Gujarat/Maharastra Day May 8 - Tagore Jayanti May 9 - Mother’s Day - Kamala Ekadasi (Vaishnava) May 13 - Darsha amas (No Moon) - Adhik/Purushottam Maas ends May 16 - Akshay Trutiya/Akhaa Trij - Parshuram Jayanti May 18 - Shankaracharya Jayanti - Ramanujacharya Jayanti May 24 - Mohini Ekadasi May 26 - Narsimha Jayanti May 27 - Buddha Purnima (Full Moon) May 31 - Memorial Day Jun. 14 - Flag Day Jun. 16 - Guru Arjundev Shahid Day Jun. 20 - Father’s Day Jun. 21 - First day of Summer Jun. 22 - Nirjala/Bhim Ekadasi Jun. 25 - Vat-Savitri Purnima (Full Moon)

March 2010

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Helping others If you want to promote people’s participation in the U.S. 2010 Census and spread the word, you can: • Use word-of-mouth and email to tell friends, co-workers and relatives that the U.S. 2010 Census is coming, why participation is important, and what resources are available to them. • Encourage people not only to answer the form accurately but to also help others answer census, including non-Asian acquaintances. • Tell anyone having trouble with their form about Questionnaire Assistance Centers. • Get more involved as a volunteer of the U.S. Census Bureau. Community representatives may help with county-based Complete Count Committees. • Volunteer at festivals or functions of community partners like NAAAP-North Carolina, who are spreading the message “Fill in our Future! Take part in the Census.” For more information on NAAAP-NC, visit or contact the author. • You can also temporarily work for the U.S. Census Bureau in many capacities, one of which could be as a translator. Wages average $16 per hour. To apply for a U.S. Census job, call its toll-free jobs line at 1-866-861-2010. About NAAAP-NC and Its Census Outreach Project NAAAP-North Carolina has partnered with the Asian American Justice Center to reach out to members of the Asian community across the state of North Carolina regarding the U.S. 2010 Census. Through media interviews, paid ads, public service announcements, festivals, and community meetings, NAAAP-NC is making Asians across North Carolina (and in this case, South Carolina!) aware of the U.S. Census. Our Census related activities are described at under “Programs.” NAAAP-NC is the North Carolina chapter of the National Association of Asian American Professionals, the premier pan-Asian professional and leadership development organization in the United States. NAAAP’s leadership webinars, toastmaster’s clubs, face to face meetings, social events, and community service projects are open to members and prospective members. Resources and Contact Information Preview the U.S. Census form at For further information on how the U.S. Census can benefit the community, visit Cyndy Yu-Robinson is serving as project manager for Census 2010 outreach to Asians and Pacific Islanders in North Carolina funded by a partnership between the Asian American Justice Center and NAAAP-NC. Saathee 120

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- Life Insurance

Toll Free: 1-877-510-KHAN Maqsood Khan Principle Agent

Khan and Associates Inc. 349 South Swing Road Greensboro, NC 27409 Nationwide Mutual Insurance Comany and Affilliated companies. Nationwide Life Insurance Company. Home Office: Columbus, Ohio 43215-2220. Nationwide, the Nationwide Framemark and On Your Side are federally registered service marks of Nationwide Mutual Insurance Company.

March 2010

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in family-related issues will make you spend money on unwanted activities. You will make mistakes, but won’t blame anybody else. You must remember that the time is negative for you. Watch your health very carefully.

General Predictions for March 2010 ARIES (Mar 20- Apr 20) There won’t be any major changes in your life this period. You will waste your energy and make wrong decisions. You will realize your mistakes, but luck will favor you. You may lose faith in spirituality or religion. Try to be quiet and slow down in life. Avoid travelling, eat healthy food and exercise regularly. Control your ego and avoid unnecessary expenses to keep up. Just be alert, the second half of the month may be worse than the first one. TAURUS (Apr 20 - May 21) You may enjoy financial benefits and happiness this month. You will see rise in your bank balance. Take full advantage of this positive period to get higher status in your career. Check the terms and conditions before accepting any agreement. Avoid travelling. Dispute with sibling is also possible this month. Remember to move fast, as this good period is not going to last long. GEMINI (May 21 - Jun 21) Time will fly and you will spend money to enjoy it. This may detract your focus and you will suffer due to it. In the last days of the month you may realize your mistake. Over-confidence could be another concern this month. You may experience slump in your income. Don’t miss any opportunity of investing in real estate. Watch you health and act safe to avoid injury or accident. CANCER (Jun 21 - Jul 22) Don’t delay your project by being stubborn. Time is running faster than you comprehend. Use your energy cautiously in a constructive way. Don’t miss the opportunity, you will regret it otherwise. Remember not to rely on your partner or associates. You must act aggressive to defeat your opponents. Spiritual power may prove to be a very strong support for you. Time is good for spending on entertainment and travel. LEO (Jul 22 - Aug 23) This is the time to slow down and rethink your action strategy. Your destiny may prove to be stronger than you believe. Old health issue may start bothering you again. Caution is the key word for this month. Expenses may go out of control. Don’t take any abrupt decisions. Your child could become a helping hand. Spend more time with your family, try to solve family issues and enjoy easy life. VIRGO (Aug 23 - Sep 23) You will experience unexpected ups and downs in your personal life. If employed, service or working condition will not be satisfactory. Involvement March 2010

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LIBRA (Sep 23 - Oct 23) Even though you will get a big opportunity, you will have to listen and obey someone. Don’t insist on earning a name, just enjoy your achievements with your family, friends, and siblings. Spend some money to celebrate. You may get distracted from your responsibilities. This is the time to enjoy good luck. Time is favorable for travelling and earning some extra income at the same time. SCORPIO (Oct 23 - Nov 22) Life will start moving forward in a definite direction. Your education and study will help you in building a new career. Great support from your spouse will delight you. Avoid egoistic attitude. Some misunderstanding with family could be there to upset you. Don’t rush to take any major risk. You may suffer minor health problem. Don’t overstress yourself with additional work load. SAGITTARIUS (Nov 22 - Dec 21) Life will move fast and you will not be able to cope with it. Build your team and work together. You may take in more and more responsibilities and end up in confusion. Your siblings and friends may be involved in your advancement. Follow their ideology and keep working hard to achieve better success. There is chance of accident, therefore drive very carefully or avoid it. CAPRICORN (Dec 21 - Jan 20) Minor setback may disturb your long-term planned project. Try to watch yourself inwardly, as you are going to lose your moral power. If you are not watchful, it might hurt your reputation. Don’t make any major decision this month. There is a danger of major dispute with your spouse, however, the month will start with some good news and then by the middle of second week, you will lose control over the situation. Slow down. AQUARIUS (Jan 20 - Feb 19) You are likely to face several awkward situations this month. As a result of this you may suffer and your stubborn behavior may worsen the situation. Rise in income may not bring peace of mind or any kind of happiness. Old time serious health problem may rise again. Adopt change and move fast. Compromise is the key. PISCES (Feb 19 - Mar 20) You will do extremely well in your business or profession. An expansion of business may also take place. Friend and enemies both will surround you all the time. You have to use your skill to make your way through. Don’t compromise with your morals. Enjoy success, but don’t cross limits. Don’t involve your spouse in job or business-related decisions. By Jalendu Vaidya Contact: 973-365-1766 /


Classifieds BUSINESS OPPORTUNITIES: Need Help Selling Your Business?: Confidential professional seller representation. Contact Olga at 919.881.9997 or email: Gas Station & C-Store For Sale: York, SC. Highly Profitable Business! Inside Business $43K at 30% margin on avg., Gas 25k Gal at $0.10gal profit on yearly avg., Lotto $20k at 7% margin. For lease asking price $100k & monthly rent $4200. Call : (704) 578-4470 or (704)219-1992. Business/Store For Sale: A well established cigarette & tobacco store for sale in Charlotte, NC area. Excellent opportunity for beginners with minimum investment. Low Rent. Serious Inquiries Only Call: 704-291-9373. Investors Needed: 100K+ investment needed. Great opportunity in Health & Fitness Industry in NC. (919) 933-2595. Gas Station For Sale: in Mocksville, N.C. Excellent location. Absentee Owner. $125K Plus Inventory. Rent $3500/mnth. Call Mitesh (704) 807-4485 Businesses For Sale: Café, restaurants, deli, coin laundry, dry cleaners, and more plus residential listings. Call for the best discounts when you buy or sell. Guaranteed Excellent Service! 704.649.9095. Broker. Italian Joe’s Pizza, Hoagies & Jumbo Wings: Franchise fee is only $8500! (Financing Available) or call (919) 813-3026 Convenience Store / Indian Grocery Store For Sale: Greensboro, NC. Excellent location with high traffic! Very good opportunity! Call 336-508-2540 Huge Convenience Store for Sale, Moyock, NC. in Outer Banks w/ 9 acres commercial prop. 3 inside restaurants, smoke shop. $850K mo inside w/tobacco shop, 157K gallons / mo, $24K/mo Lottery Commissions. Only $13M, GR $20M! 704-814-9435

EMPLOYMENT OPPORTUNITIES: Nanny Wanted: Looking for a Live-In / Live-Out Nanny to take care of a two year boy. Duties include cooking & house cleaning. Knowing English & having some experience babysitting a plus. Charlotte, NC Area. Call 704-974-3839 or 704-974-3501 Immediate Positions Available: for retail clothing store located in a Mall. Both Management & Sales Positions available. Handsome salary plus commissions. Columbia, SC area. Call Manoj at (803) 427-1681 March 2010

Gas Station Help Wanted: Full time help for convenience store in South Carolina. Offer good pay. Experience preferred but not required. Call Ishwer 803.410.0185 Gas Station/C-Store Help Wanted: Full-Time / Part-Time hellp needed in the University City area of Charlotte, NC. (Near Highland Creek). Experience preferred but not required. Call Sunny (704) 904-5613 Cook & Staff wanted immediately. Need experienced chefs and retail staff for Indian restaurant in South Charlotte. Call 704-408-1535 or 980-297-4860 Indian Restaurant In Morrisville: is looking for kitchen help wanted Fulltime / Part time and age below 40 years and weekend availability is a must. Should be willing to learn quickly and work in fast environment. competitive salary. Morrisville/Cary resident only preferred. Call 919.802-5343 Need front desk clerk help urgently for a franchise motel. Must have driver's license. Contact Nick @ 704 862 8091 or fax resume @ 704 868 3757 Full Time Help Wanted: for Coin Laundry in Shelby, NC. Single or Couple. Legal status required. Call Girish or Sangita at (704) 482-3821 LOOKING FOR COUPLE: Full-Time for convenience store/gas station/restaurant near Charlotte, NC. Accommodations Provided! Call 704.701.9975 Wanted Franchise Motel Help: Maintenance person needed with some hands-on experience in motel. Accommodation will be provided. Call 919-208-3513. Now Hiring For Below Listed Positions: for Men Apparel stores in malls throughout NC,SC & GA. (1) Accounting & Book-keeping position (Rock Hill, SC.) (2) Full Time & Part Time sales(ALL AREAS) (3) Store Managers (ALL AREAS) (4) Inventory Control (Charlotte, NC). Contact Rajesh at (704)277-3233. Resume to Now Hiring Eyebrow Threading Practitioners: Full & Part-time for Mall Locations in North Carolina (Charlotte, Hickory, Greensboro, Winston-Salem, Durham) and Virginia ( Virginia Beach, Newport News). Willing to train. E-mail to or please call 248-721-3255 Part-Time Cook Needed: Looking for part-time cooking help in the Myers Park / Dilworth area of Charlotte, NC. Please Call (704) 249-5087 Threading Practitioners Needed: in locations in Virginia & North Carolina. The Brow Bar. Full and part time. Must speak English. Work weekends and evenings. Experience required. Call 980-322-1110 or email: Saathee 124

Franchise Motel Help Wanted: Need Single or Couple to manage Hotel in Charlotte, NC. 1 Bedroom apartment & good salary provided. Must have computer skills & speak good English. Email: Nanny Needed: Reliable full time live in/live out help needed for a two-year old in Raleigh, NC. (Cooking and light house work) Please call (919) 380-8751 Hotel Management Firm Now Hiring: Various positions available for house keepers, front desk (must speak fluent English), and General Manager/s of franchise hotels. Experience is REQUIRED for all positions. Serious inquiries only. E-mail resumes to or

PROPERTY FOR SALE OR RENT: Rooms To Let: For H-1 Students or Couple. In Charlotte, NC area. Call 704302-6218 Beautiful Town Home For Rent: in Ballantyne area of Charlotte, NC. Near Johnson Rd. & Marvin Rd. 4 bedrooms. 3.5 baths. Good Schools. Now Available. Call 980.297.4860. Condo for Rent: Near waterfront and swimming pool. Walking distance to bus. Perfect for small family, H-1 workers or students. 704.619.1603 Townhome for Rent in Charlotte: $800 per month. 2 large bedrooms, fire place, 1.5 baths, 2 reserved parking spaces. Scaleybark @ Woodlawn. Myers Park High school. Within five miles of the Airport, Downtown, Major Highways, South Park Mall and more. email:

MATRIMONIAL: Gujarati Brahmin Family: invite correspondence for their daughter born in November 1969. 5’-5” B.E. Civil Engineering. Green Card. Seeking Educated boy. No restrictions. Contact 919.489.1232 or email: Correspondence Invited: Seeking Professional Girl For Our Son. Dentist. 31 years. 6 ft. tall. Handsome & athletic. Hindu North Indian family. No Restrictions. Contact: Seeking Guajarati Brahmin Male: age 28 - 31 for sister currently residing in India. She has an MBA from Australia and is currently working and residing in Amdavad. Call 704.274.9204 or (+91) 9726647544 for details. Father Seeking Alliance For Son: US Citizen, 29, Gujarati, IT professional, Raleigh area. Looking for Brahmin Gujarati Girl: 27 yr Gujarati Brahmin boy. Ht. 5’10’’. Masters in Computer Science. E-mail:

SERVICES: Looking For Motel Work: We are Gujarati speaking couple working as motel housekeeper & looking to move to NC or SC. If you have position available as motel housekeeper please call (704) 728-8234 Live in / Live Out Nanny available. Only in Charlotte area. Fluent in Hindi and Gujarati. Still a beginner in English. Experience varies from 3-month old through 6-year old kids. Contact 704.208.6253 Home Daycare in South Charlotte: large playroom & backyard. Ex-preschool teacher with 10 years of experience. NC credentials, CPR & First Aid certified. Age appropriate activities & Spanish lessons. Kids will be prepared for pre-school or kindergarden as they play & learn. Newborns welcome. References available. Weekly $170 & Hourly $10. Gladys 704-541-9235 Personal Tax Returns: Raleigh Tax & Accounting Company. Our specialty is personal tax returns at a reasonable price. Call 919-889-5684 or email: Beauty Parlour: Beauty Parlour near Arboretum area (Charlotte, NC). Pineville-Matthews Rd. Henna design services avaliable for bridal & any occassion. Call (980) 422-0035 Home / (858) 342-1591 Cell Tax Returns: Federal & State Tax Preparation with e-filing, Accounting and Bookkeeping Services to Individuals, Self-employed, Small Partnerships and S-corps. Call Mahesh Patel, EA (704) 799-6377, Email: Astrologer With Gold Medals Jayanti Lad- Contact for Health, Wealth, Relationship, Child, Enemies, Court Cases, Marriage, Job, Business, Vastu Problems, Preparing & Matching Horoscope. Call 919-463-5180 Art / Drawing Class: For Ages 4 to 15. Learn sketches, charcoal painting, modern art, oil on canvas, etc. From an experienced Teacher & Artist. For Details Call Karli: 704-541-9439 / 704965-3550 or email: Math Tutoring : Real-time tutoring using virtual whiteboard technology with professional tutors based in India. Free 30 min trial. As low as $7 for a 45 minute session. State-aligned curriculum & assessments. Call Ritu Thakur 704-443-7054 or toll-free 888-7578377 Babysitter Available: In Huntersville (Charlotte, NC) area. Experience with 8 months to 4 years old. Fluent in Gujarati. Please call 704519-9303 March 2010

Weldone Beauti Parlour: Eyebrow threading, Facial, Body Massage, Waxing, Henna Designs, Skincare, Haircare treatment. Latest Indian technique and more. visit or call (704) 699-8397.

Mehandi (Henna): Award winning artist from Jaipur, India specializing in wedding parties (Bride & attendants). Satisfaction guaranteed regarding design, color & price. Please call: Krishna Priya Dasi 919.824.7734 E-Mail:

Beautician in Matthews, NC: Pari Beauty - Threading, waxing, bleach, facial, manicure, pedicure & much more. 18 years of experience. For appointment call 704.846.7912

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Video & Videography Services For Any Event: call 704.608.2049 or Visit Located at 1122 Sam Newell Rd. - Matthews, NC 28105. Make an appointment today! Violin & Ballet / Jazz Dance Lessons: Available in Matthews / Charlotte area. Reasonable rates and flexible schedule. Call Dusty. 704.608.2049. Neetaâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Beauty Parlor: Charlotte area open 7 days a week. Full service. Please call for appointment. 704.968.0270. Gujarati Priest: Devendra Dave Independent priest. Ganesh, Randal, Navratri, Diwaliâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Laxmi & Sharda Pujas, Satyanarayan Katha, Weddings, Vastu, Baby Showers, Funeral Seva. Call Daveji 704.780.3563. God Blessings to All. South Indian Priest: Sastriji is an independent priest Call for Pujas, Gruhapravesh, Weddings, Multi-lingual, Vedic traditional priestly services, etc. Call 704.625.7578 704.231.0751. Email: Balaji Priest: All kinds of puja, havan, katha, weddings, graha shanti, funeral services & Shraadh. In Hindi, English & Tamil. 704.877.6320 or 704.545.7220. Home Improvement & Fix-It Services: Specialize in Decks, Porches, Tiling, Painting, Trim, HVAC, Electricals, Landscaping, Pressure Wash, Basement completion & More! Call 704.827.1109 or 704-737-3608. 10% OFF first service. Deepti Beauty Parlor: (Concord, NC near Highland Creek/Skybrook): Threading, waxing, facial, bleach, manicure, pedicure & much more. For appointment call 704.405.5574 Dholi For Hire: Plays the Dhol (drum), for any occasion, barat, doli, graduation, birthdays, baby showers and any other festivity. Affordable rate. Arpan Bhandari at 704.843.7202. email: Tuition Available: An Experienced Math, Physics, Chemistry Tutor for middle school, high school, IB & AP Courses. Ballantyne Area of Charlotte. 704.497.2639 Tutoring: for 5th to 10th grades mathematics. Also tutoring & lessons in Hindi. Charlotte Area. Call 704.619.0251 Saathee 125

Computer Consulting: Assistance with software installation, set-up, formatting, back-up, troubleshooting & more. Very reasonable rates. 704.619.2358 Accent Reduction Training: Threemonth tutorial with certified speech-language pathologist. Transform accents from career obstacles to charming cultural flavors. Invest in your future! Get Paid To Shop Online: 2% cash back on your purchases. 1/2 % cash back on referral purchases. Get a Mastercard that rewards you no matter where you shop. Get paid to click!

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Fax: 704.527.7590 E-mail: Saathee Classifieds PO Box 11468, Charlotte, NC 28220

Professional Editing and Writing Services Press releases, marketing materials, proofreading, brochures, newsletters, and special event programs for corporations, small businesses, and motels. Reasonable Rates Quick turnaround 704-534-5931

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Nilgiris Indian Bazaar (Charlotte) . . . . . . . . . . . . .25 Nuv Yug (India Fest - Shreya Ghoshal) . . . . . .1 & 29 Oza, Rishi (Immigration Legal Services) . . . . . . . .67 Palloo's Flowers . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .19 Parth's Photography . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .41 Passage To India - Fine Indian Cuisine . . . . . . . . .61 Patel Brothers (Charlotte) . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .55 Patel, Champa (Real Estate) . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .12 Patel, Mrugesh (Law Offices) . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .89 Pathak, Atul (Real Estate) . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .4 Payal Groceries . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .53 Poplai, Deepak (White Insurance) . . . . . . . . . . . .86 Prashant Video Production . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .67 Puri - Papdi Press & Wood Crafts (Mahendra Jiwan) 67 R.P. Videography (Rashmi Patel) . . . . . . . . . . . . .54 Rahat Fateh Ali (Paracha Entertainment) . . . . . . . .15 Rajbhog Foods . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .27 Rajbhog Foods (Shree Kailash) . . . . . . . . . . . . . .56 Rajdeep Mandap . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .95 Rajdeep Video (Ramesh Panjabi) . . . . . . . . . . . . . .7 Rajeshree Beauty . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .103 Rapid Car Care . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .8 Religious Ceremonies (Swaminath Sastrigal) . . . .77 Royal India Bazaar (Columbia, SC) . . . . . . . . . . . .73 Royal Kabab Hut . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .71 Royal Pakistan Grocery Store . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .71 Saathee Subscription Coupon . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .88 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .107 Saffron Restaurant & Sangeeta's Catering . . . . . .77 Sam's Mart Inc. (Paul Joseph) . . . . . . . . . . . . . .128 SAT Tutoring (The Hitchhiker's Guide to College) .101 Shah, Anish (Real Estate) . . . . . . . . . . . . . .58 & 59 Shah, Kirti (CPA) . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .28 Shama Patel (Artist) . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .7 Shiv Travels . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .60 Shyama Beauty Parlour . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .53 Situl Indian Restaurant . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .21 Sleep Inn (Charlotte) . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .96 South Park Cricket Club . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .33 Spice 9 Indian Cuisine . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .81 Spice Bazaar . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .63 Tandoori Grill (Columbia SC) . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .73 The Blue Taj . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .49 Tim Wilkinson Signature Realty . . . . . . . . . . . . . .97 Transportation (Diamond Cab) . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .85 Travel Universe . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .35 Travelinks . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .9 Ttravel Guru . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .42 Tyagi, Rita (Real Estate) . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .21 U-Haul Indian Trail . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .41 Usha Decor (Wedding Planning & Decor) . . . . . . . .34 Vemma & Verve! Energy Drinks . . . . . . . . . . . . . .97 Vyas Travels . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .24 White Horse Weddings . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .60 Woodlands . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .65 Worldwide travels . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .105

A.S. Art Studio . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .18 Abacus_Math (Private Tutoring) . . . . . . . . . . . . .103 Access Realty & Funding (Chandravadan Shah) . . .57 All Car Care . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .70 Alvi Satellites . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .13 Anokha Dance Company . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .39 AP Architecture Inc. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .62 Apna Travels (Morrisville) . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .89 Asian Grocery . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .103 AT & T (Retail stores) . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .64 Atlanta Liquidation . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .115 Aura Boutique (Ladies Fashions) . . . . . . . . . . . . .91 BallantyneTech Academy . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .45 Bashyam & Spiro LLP (Immigration Law) . . . . . . .107 Bharat Bazaar . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .69 Bhindi Jewellers . . . . . . . . . . .Inside Front Cover Bipin & Smita Parekh (Real Estate) . . . . . . . . . . .117 Blake Hotel (Charlotte) . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .127 Blooming Buds . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .82 Bombay Grille Restaurant . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .17 Cakes and Flakes . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .25 Carolina Digestive Care Center . . . . . . . . . . . . . .84 Carolina Medical Associates . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .113 CaroMont Medical Group (Dr. Manu Patel) . . . . . . .75 Cary Photo & Video . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .9 Centex Homes (Brijal Shah) . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .111 Charlotte Chiropractic Clinic . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .99 Charlotte Eye Ear Nose & Throat . . . . . . . . . . . . .26 Charlotte Music School . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .18 Charlotte Prep School . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .83 Charlotte Primary Care . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .26 CHIP-IN (Clean & Healthy India Promotion Int.) . .34 Concha, David - Immigration Attorney . . . . . . . . .82 County South Realty & Business Brokers . . . . . . . .87 Creative Floor Covering (Pavan Kumar) . . . . . . . . .49 Crown International Shipping . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .12 Dances Of India with Dr. Maha Gingrich . . . . . . . .95 Delhi Palace (Columbia, SC) . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .83 Dentist (Dr. Prashant Rao - Cedar Walk Dentistry) .26 Desai Desai Accounting . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .117 Desai, Raj (CPA) . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .11 Dick James Law Firm (Monty Desai) . . . . . . . . . .109 Dish Network . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .51 Dish Network (Viren Mehta) . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .5 DJ Kenz (Kenz Desai) . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .72 DJ Desi (Amit Vasi) . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .22 DJ Don (David Pandoria) . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .24 DJ Lalit . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .38 DJ Ravi . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .28 Ekal (Art & Essay Competition) . . . . . . . . . . . . . .45 Ekal Vidyalaya (Sanjeevani Bhelande Concert) . . . .23 E-nopi (Tutoring - Math & English) . . . . . . . . . . . .91 Eshaan Jewelers . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .36 Fairview Home Mortgage . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .93 Five Star Car Care . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .53 Franklin's Printing . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .75 Friends Travel . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .7 Fu Lin Asian Cuisine . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .39 Gandhi International Market . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .39 GCANA (Matrimonial Conv. Atlanta) . . . . . . . . . .123 Global Electronics (Wholesale of Hotel LCD TV) . .127 Global Mall (Atlanta) . . . . . . . . . . .Inside Back Cover Grover Medical Clinic . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .84 Henna's Dulhan . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .75 ICC (Aag Ki Raat - Dance Competition) . . . . . . . . .78 iFuturistics Inc. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .105 India Association of Triad (Spring Mela) . . . . . . . .79 India Grocers (Charlotte) . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .43 India Town . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .21 International Groceries . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .77 Jaipur Indian Restaurant . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .25 K & M Accountant . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .99 K.B. Zaveree . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .3 KD Photographics . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .87 Khandekar, Shobana (Allen Tate Realtors) . .113 color King Auto Repair . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .75 Lightning Minds (Training In Oracle Tech) . . . . . .121 Little D Computer . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .101 Mahabazar Imports (Ruchi Lime Pickle) . . . . . . . .37 Travels . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .37 Maharani Restaurant . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .11 Malani Jewelers . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .Back Cover Mathur, Gitanjali (Allen Tate Realtors) . . . . . . . . . .33 Matthews Primary Care (Carolinas Health Care Sys)96 Mrithujayan, Sue (Real Estate) . . . . . . . . . . . . . .47 Nach Bollywood (Dance Instruction) . . . . . . . . . . .45 Namaste India . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .31 National Assoc of Asian American Prof (US Census) 79 Nationwide Ins. (Maqsood Khan) . . . . . . . . . . . .121 Nazar Television . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .93 Neeta's Beauty Parlor . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .105 March 2010 Saathee 126

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Ez-Bz answers: 1. Introduce 2. Odium 3. Prodigal 4. God 5. Melody 6. Odometer 7. Abode 8. Periodic 9. Code 10. Accommodate 11. Odd 12. Sarod 13. Noodle 14. Plywood 15. Vadodara 16. Zodiac 17. Mood 18. Odessa 19. Explode 20. Flood 21 Sodium 22. Odor 23. Method 24 Godavari 25. Product Youth Corner: The unused 8 letters spell â&#x20AC;&#x153;NAMESAKE.â&#x20AC;?


32LH250H New Commercial TV with Pro:Idiom

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Commercial TV with Pro:Idiom

Hotel Commercial TV

32LH20 for only $399


The Blake offers a variety of meeting spaces for every conceivable occasion. The elegance and grandeur throughout will ensure you make the right impression every time. With twenty-six individual meeting areas, you can be sure to find a perfect fit. ● Spacious Banquet Rooms For All Your Ceremonies ● Distinctive Reception Packages ● Wedding Brunches ● Bridal Shower & Rehersal Dinner Packages

Blake Hotel 555 South McDowell Street Charlotte, NC 28204 Email: March 2010

Ph: 704.372.4100 Fax: 704.348.4646

Saathee 127

C-STORES FOR SALE: Charlotte & Greensboro NC, Columbia SC and Atlanta Metro area. Owner Financing Options on select locations. Call Paul for details.

Saathee Digital March 2010 Charlotte  
Saathee Digital March 2010 Charlotte  

A features magazine geared to the South Asian communities of the Carolinas and beyond.