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Quarterly Newsletter Saafconsult B.V. Newsletter June 2012

Contents: Introduction | Projects | Pipeline | CarboWet Foundation

Introduction This is the second newsletter of SaafConsult this year. Things are moving rapidly the last three months and I have many things to tell you. There are new developments, new projects, new opportunities and SaafConsult is getting more and more into social media. We created a brand new Facebook page and an online brochure. Let me start with an update of the on-going projects at the moment.

Projects Study of the Economic Benefits of Rehabilitating the Lower Jordan River for Palestine, Israel and Jordan for Friends of the Earth Middle East SaafConsult was contracted by Friends of the Earth Middle East to execute the Jordanian side of a “Study of the Economic Benefits of Rehabilitating the Lower Jordan River for Palestine, Israel and Jordan�. The objective of this project is to provide decision makers, donors, regional actors insight and appraisal of opportunities for development that would result from a rehabilitated Lower Jordan River. We had a meeting in March in Beit Jalla with the Jordanian, Palestinian and Israeli team of consultants. After the meeting, the teams interviewed about 400 people each about the willingness to pay for the rehabilitation and the impact of rehabilitation on visitation frequency. The results are now being analyzed and at the end of this month we will have the next meeting with the two other teams to discuss the results of the interviews. Next to this, we developed two business cases for this project. One on the Karameh Dam in Jordan and the other business case is about Sweimeh, part of the Dead Sea Tourism Project Master Plan in Jordan. Consultants involved: Vincent, Sabrina, Ele Jan (TL)

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Quarterly Newsletter Saafconsult B.V. Newsletter June 2012 Projects and Pipeline Marie Körner is working on two projects at the moment. The first project is in Mongolia; “The socio-economic stabilization of geographically and socially isolated communities, Mongolia and Preparation and introduction of study Program Social Work - Ulaanbaatar.” The second project is “The evaluation of The Development of Small and Medium Energy Sources and Related Distribution Networks in Selected Areas of Palestine.” For both projects she has been asked to develop an Inception Report, draft Evaluation Report, Final Report and presentation of major findings and recommendations. Marie was responsible for the development of a Business Plan for the Sharhabil Bin Hassneh Eco Park of Friends of the Earth Middle East. She reviewed the current situation and plans for future development from a business perspective and drafted business plan with marketing and technical aspects, labour force, expertise & management, cost analysis, income expenditure forecast, cash-flow prognosis, social and environmental impacts and financial consequences of mitigation measures. Consultant involved: Marie. Shamsuna SaafConsult B.V. has been asked to prepare an MoU with Shamsuna for an Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) for the 10 MW- grid connected Photovoltaic solar energy field south of Aqaba. Shamsuna Power is a Limited Liability Company that seeks to be the premier supplier of solar power to the national grid across the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan. Consultant involved: Bryan

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Quarterly Newsletter Saafconsult B.V. Newsletter June 2012 Nepal We won the “Planning of Completion Phase for The Rural Water Supply and Sanitation Project in Western Nepal” with the Ministry for Foreign Affairs of Finland. Ele Jan Saaf will be the International Climate Sustainability and Ecosystem Based Natural Resources Management Adviser for this project. Presentation and Networking in Tunis Ele Jan went to Tunis to finalize the “Integrated water resources management: how relevant is it to water operations of the African Development Bank? IWRM quality at entry review and CSP review” project for the African Development Bank. The IWRM quality at entry review searched for evidence of IWRM approaches in Bank financed and managed water activities in Africa over the period 2000-2010. The report has been presented to the AfDB in Tunis. Ele Jan met Vincent , who is based in Tunis since May. The aim of the meeting was to network in Tunis and in the North African Region. This project was executed in cooperation with our partners hydrophil iC and NSCE. International Conference on Fresh Water Governance for Sustainable Development Ele Jan Saaf and Belynda Petrie will present a paper at the International Conference on Fresh Water Governance for Sustainable Development. The Conference will take place from the 5th until the 7th of November this year in Drakensberg. The presentation aims to present case studies from the Jordan River Basin, the Indus River Basin, the Zambezi Basin, the Nile Basin and the Limpopo Basin. The common denominator of these case studies will be to identify and illustrate the core strengths of transboundary river basin management as more than just a format for planning.

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Quarterly Newsletter Saafconsult B.V. Newsletter June 2012 CarboWet Ele Jan Saaf and Sita Vulto will present the paper: The CarboWet Foundation and the development of a methodology for the certification of greenhouse gas storage in wetlands at the Conference on Fresh Water Governance for Sustainable Development in Drakensberg. In the oral presentation Ele Jan and Sita will point out the innovative approach of CarboWet towards sequestration of green house gas and the ideas about ecological sustainability and rehabilitation of wetlands

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On the 3rd and 4th of May Sabrina Doetjes (PR/Secretary CarboWet Foundation) met Ülku Özeren in Istanbul. Ülku is preparing a research proposal for the CarboWet Foundation. The research proposal is at PhD level and focusses on the Göksu Delta and will be conducted through the University of Istanbul. Sabrina also met TEMA and DKM in Istanbul Turkey to discuss further cooperation between these organisations and the CarboWet Foundation at this stage and in the future. Best regards, Ele Jan Saaf

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Newsletter June 2012 SaafConsult

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