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ISSUE 148 JUNE 2024
Cover: Lucie Maycock

Hi all and welcome to our June edition.

I always get a bit excited for June, I'm a fan of the summer solstice you see. I love marking the day in some way, it doesn't have to be a massive gesture but I always get a sense of all round loveliness knowing I've done something. It usually involves a bike ride to be honest, just getting up early to ride out and watch the sunrise or a quick blast along Curbar Edge at the end of the say as day turns to night... at about 10:30pm!

The day also reminds me of a dear friend who was tragically taken from this world in a freak cycling accident the day before the summer solstice, so a double meaning as I cycle along, imagining myself chasing his back wheel as I did all those years ago. I hope the trails are good up there Jase.

A thanks go to all those who have donated your fivers when placing classified adverts. I have again donated £115 to Ashgate Hospice as a result. I think the grand total must now be over £500. Keep on letting me have your items to sell, free under £200, £5 donation for anything over; and £5 for a picture.

An apology. Somehow, I appear to have missed off the crosswords contact details from the last few editions! I'm not 100% sure why this has happened so it's now back and will hopefully remain that way going forward.

I have said goodbye to my Twitter or 'X' account this month, I can't remember when I last posted anything so it's gone. Social Media is something I know I should do but it's a full-time job just doing the physical magazine, so one less thing to worry about is welcomed!

Please note I have changed the dates for the July copy, due to personal reasons it's been pulled forward a week to 14 June copy and delivery by 7 July. There will then be a seven week gap between editions, with a copy date of Friday 2 August and delivery by Sunday 25 August for the following, Summer edition.

I think that's it for now? Have a great start of summer and look out for the July edition dropping through your letter box in four weeks time.

Take care.


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Lucie Maycock

Words: Paul Chapman

Images: Dan Smith Personal Branding

Photography (dansmithphoto@proton.me)

Lucie Maycock’s artistic journey started realistically at Chesterfield College. "School never really worked for me," says Lucie, "I simply didn’t fit the box that education had made."

Lucie attended Chesterfield College to study Art Foundation in 2001 and it was here that she specialised in Photography, later studying for a degree. "After Uni, I knew I wanted to do something creative but like so many I didn’t know what. I started working for my Dad doing Graphic Design, Web and SEO stuff. It was OK, it allowed me to use some of my creative skills and it very quickly made me realise I’m never going to be cut out for office work," laughs Lucie.

"I remember my sister pointed out youth work to me, I didn’t really know what it was about, so I went and did some digging.

"I volunteered for a girl’s group in Brampton and was hooked! I went on to work in all different aspects of youth work and I loved it."

Lucie landed her dream job at Donut Creative Arts Studio working in youth arts development which covered designing and developing new strands of artistic work across all media and genres working with young people, then delivering the results, it was here that she started to specialise in drama and visual arts.

"I spent 12 years at Donut," says Lucie "it was the making of me, today I’m freelance because sadly the Donut Creative Arts Centre didn’t survive post COVID and closed their doors.

"I bought a van, loaded it with creative stuff and started working from home."

Today Lucie still focuses on working with young people, a role she clearly loves. "I work with charities, organisations, local authorities and creative agencies to co-ordinate all sorts of artistic sessions and workshops, 1-2-1s, school and youth club activities and projects, all in local community settings. I provide school holiday sessions offering exciting things to do in all kinds of settings.

"My artforms include spray painting, printmaking, painting, crafts, photography, murals, crafts, and I love mannequins, they allow people to be expressive in so many ways. I use digital technologies, for example the recent ‘Be Creative Bolsover’ project used many aspects of digital technology to create art.

"My passion is young people, youth social action through art, working with a group of young people to discover the things that matter in their world. I get them to focus locally, at a community level and wider, politics, the environment, parenting, getting them to engage and convey their messages through art.

"My present group are presenting me a mixed bag, better and more frequent buses, too much dog poo, body image, mental wellbeing, political issues, environmental problems, we’re looking at how the individuals involved can use different art forms to get their message across.

"I have some people who I’ve known through art since they were 11 years old who are now young adults, through university, who still call in to catch up. It’s great to see them growing up, it’s the best part of what I do, knowing I may have had some influence in getting them started in life."

Lucie also offers a more direct and personal service with 1-2-1 and home schooling sessions working directly with families and young people. Alongside the funded activities Lucie gives up her spare time to support local causes, Monkey Park, Cannon Mill and Junction Arts. "I want to do all I can to influence and assist these projects, the present lack of funding for the arts is appalling so through these projects I can ensure creativity is on the priority list for the local area," says Lucie.

My contact with Lucie started through her work at Donut but today we share space down at West Studios on Sheffield Road where Lucie has been a tenant for a couple of years… the contents of her van, surrounding us in her studio space!

Lucie's cover is inspired by Linacre woods and the spaces around us that are filled with bluebells at this time of year. "I remember walking through the colourful woods with my mum when I was growing up, nature, shapes, smells, colours all feeding my senses, starting me on my creative journey at an early age.

Lucie finished by adding that she was told she would not be able to make a living as an artist, working class people just don’t make it in the art world. "Thing is it’s not all about selling paintings for thousands of pounds, there are so many ways you can engage your creative self and forge a living through art, the digital landscape is creating new opportunities all the time, if you have a vision of sitting working in a studio, stick with it and keep focused, try at all costs to make your dream a reality, I am living proof it is possible."

Find out more about what Lucie does at the contacts opposite.

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Rachel from Fulwood, Sheffield

dotiqueuk@gmail.com Dotique
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Friday 10 May ~11:45pm

Words: Paul Chapman

Images: Andy Childs

As a family one thing we've hoped to see is the Aurora Borealis - The Northern Lights. We've been lucky enough to travel to Finland and Iceland, both quite northerly and somewhere the displays feature regularly, but they've always eluded us! So imagine the levels of excitement a week or two ago when my son shouts, 'the Northern Lights are out!'.

His friend was at a party in Bamford, in the back garden when the display started, he sent messages to everyone he knew and within minutes we were stood in the back garden looking at the display mother nature was putting on for us.


We tried to snap a few photos, quickly discovering that older phone cameras just don't pick them up but a later phone works great, even my old digital SLR struggled, I didn't think to grab a tripod!

Luckily for us all, local photographer Andy Childs also had news of the event and was out and about in the Peak District with his kit.

All the pics shown come thanks to Andy and I love his selfie on Curbar Edge, lucky chap.

According to space.com 'We may have just witnessed some of the strongest auroras in 500 years'. Wow, and we were fortunate enough to witness it.

The forecast for the following night remained high and if you drove into the Peaks around midnight you would not have been alone. The queues of cars driving round surprise view stretched back past the Fox House and Longshaw, only to be disappointed.

Huge thanks to Andy for the pictures and I can only hope that we get another chance to witness the Aurora Borealis in the future.

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Tallbird & Gasoline Break Records!

Frank Turner's record-breaking tour

Words: Simon Paterson

Images: Tallbird Records & Gasoline Bar

Across the UK, grassroots music venues are closing down at an alarming rate. To shed light on this issue and support the Music Venue Trust, world-renowned singer-songwriter Frank Turner embarked on a world record attempt, collaborating with two fantastic independent businesses along the way.

From headlining Wembley Stadium to delivering an unforgettable performance at the London 2012 Olympics opening ceremony orchestrated by Danny Boyle, and achieving several top five albums, Frank Turner's resume is undeniably remarkable.

So... when Maria at Tallbird Records was approached about him playing a gig in Chesterfield as part of a world record attempt, she seized the opportunity to be a part of something significant and immediately secured the perfect venue.

“I was contacted by the company that distributes Frank's albums in February asking if we'd like to be included as one of the shops in Frank's record-breaking attempt at playing gigs in 15 separate towns and cities across the UK. Naturally, I jumped at the chance of bringing such a great musician and songwriter to Chesterfield, the only problem being, that the shop was too small to accommodate the number of people who would want to come along. As the Gasoline Bar is just up the road and experienced at putting on live music, it seemed like the perfect venue to host the event, so it turned out to be! Tickets went on sale via our website selling out in under three hours! It was a real pleasure and proud moment playing my part in Frank's record-breaking endeavour and putting Chesterfield on his tour itinerary. Frank played a great set (albeit a short one - he still had around a dozen shows ahead of him at this point and had to rush off in his taxi) and even did my favourite track off the new album 'I'm In Love With The Girl From The Record Shop' - well, a girl can dream, smiles Maria.

Frank went on to beat the previous record of ten gigs in ten different cities/towns, finishing in Southampton with a grand total of 15 in 24 hours! I was lucky enough to attend the Chesterfield gig at Gasoline and witness Frank belt out classics

such as ‘If ever I stray’ and ‘Undefeated’ from his latest album that is (at the time of writing) number three in the charts. An unforgettable evening at a packed local music venue.

Please continue to support our local, live music venues so they are here for generations to come. See you at the next gig!

Frank Turner's new album 'Undefeated' is available in various formats at Tallbird Records.

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tallbirdrecords gasolineamericanbar
Record Breaking
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From left: Frank Turner on stage at Gasoline Bar; Frank, Lauren & Phil from Gasoline Bar; Frank & Maria from Tallbird Records; a packed venue.
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Couch to Gold

Words: Paul Chapman

Images: Marathonphotos & Sarah McNicholl

Running: Noun - is a method of terrestrial locomotion by which humans move rapidly on foot. Running is a gait with an aerial phase in which all feet are above the ground - this contrasts with walking!

Malcolm Rose and Ann Barker are both runners, members of the North Derbyshire Running Club, and they are very good ones at that. Malcolm is this year’s bronze medal winner in the Male M70 (that’s male aged 70 and over) England v Wales Masters 10K at Birmingham and Ann represented England at the same event in the Women’s W60 race, coming 7th in her category.

Malcolm’s introduction to running isn’t what you’d expect, his early running days as a child allowed him to pocket his school bus fare by running there! It wasn’t until much later in life that he took to running as a serious sport.

“I’ve only run properly for the last eight years,” explains Malcolm. “I have always suffered lower back pain since my 20’s and although it hospitalised me at times no doctor or consultant could ever offer me any effective advice.

“A friend introduced me to a book, ‘Treat Your Own Back’ by Robin McKenzie. This changed my life. The exercises slowly allowed me to bring the pain under control, it’s not cured but since my early 60’s it became manageable.”

Malcolm had found running and this love of running caused him to look for a way to celebrate.

“I targeted a 10k run in Sheffield and to my surprise, won my category. I was approached by a local running club but eventually joined Penistone Footpath Runners & AC.”

In 2022 Malcolm moved from Stocksbridge to Holymoorside and was looking for a local club, he'd run the Dronfield 10K the year before and had spotted North Derbyshire Running Club jerseys. “I’d chatted to people from the club, and they all seemed really friendly and approachable,” says Malcolm. “I felt welcomed and included from the start and am now the new member coordinator at the club.”

Malcolm’s competitive journey started with him beating the qualifying times for his age categories.

“To represent England, you need to qualify inside the required time and win in the top three,” he explains. “I finished in second place and qualified doing a race in Brighton, it was a terrible day, a howling gale was blowing with the sea crashing over the runners!

“My first race representing England was Chester in 2023, I entered the V70 category, and won the Chester 10K in my age category.” Malcolm followed this up with a 3rd place at the Birmingham event this year.

Ann, from Walton, has been running for years. Although we spoke about her recent events, she just happened to mention getting her county colours at age 38 and competing at Elite level in 2002 running marathons alongside Paula Radcliffe! The best part of being in the elite squad, no toilet queues apparently.

“I completed the first Chesterfield 10k in 2021 and a friend said what about trying out for England as my time was competitive,” says Ann. “I’d never considered this, as you get older, niggles and injuries affect you so easily.

“I entered the Telford 10K event in 2021, driving through a blizzard but unfortunately didn’t qualify there. I then went to Knutsford in October last year and although I finished 3rd the chip timing pushed me down to 4th so I didn’t qualify again.

“I wasn’t to be beaten, so entered the Leicester event in March this year, got a personal best for this era and came 2nd, so obtained my qualification to run for England at Birmingham.”

Finishing 7th at this event Ann was so proud to pull on an England vest and both her and Malcom talk of the overwhelming support from other runners and crowds at events across the UK. “It’s great to revel in the fact that you’re performing at an Elite level,” says Ann, remembering her days at age category events when you set off from the Elite pen but then await the stampede from younger club runners as 14,000 entrants are released!

Page 16 www.chesterfieldlocal.com Sport

“All these runners are your best mates on the day but when the gun goes, you’re all there to do the same job whether you’re age 35 or 85,” says Malcolm.

What struck me about the pair was how enthusiastic they both were about their running. Both are running well, both admit to not being spring chickens, and both are loving it. “What’s great about what we do is the ability to compete at any age due to the age category. It really is addictive, when you find your stride, whatever your age it feels great, and with the support of a good local club they can really help add to the enjoyment,’ says Ann.

If you’re inspired to put on some trainers and go for a run the NHS Couch to 5k app is a great starting point, it takes you through a gradual program from a gentle walk to running for 5k in just nine weeks. Once there you have the choice of a couple of local Parkruns at Poolsbrook Country park or Hassop Station (Monsal Trail) or you can attend the North Derbyshire Running Club.

In addition, the North Derbyshire Running Club offer a free support program to help you through the Couch to 5K, they also hold a monthly timed 5k at Queens Park on the first Saturday of the month, ‘No Walk in The Park’, like Parkrun at a cost of £5 a run.

Over to you, I might even see you on the trails!



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You Turn

Can you ever say no to a career change?

The retirement age is increasing, people are living and working for longer. This got me thinking is it still the mindset that you gain an education and career in a single profession and resign yourself to being in that sector of employment for the rest of your working life? Is it ever too late to do a career U turn?

Following COVID a lot of employers and companies re-evaluated their working practices including working from home, Hybrid working and changes to working hours to allow employees the flexibility of a better work/life balance.

And this is where it all started for me. At the end of 2023 I decided that after 20 years in the legal sector I wanted a fresh challenge. It was a daunting prospect but something that I needed to do for myself and my family. As a mum of four it is hard to think of a time when I didn’t have to juggle a full-time career, kids and the dreaded school holidays!

I still remember leaving school at 16 with no clue as to what I wanted to do with the rest of my life. I tried several careers between the ages of 13 and 18 including hairdressing and hospitality. It was only by sheer chance during an interview at the local careers centre that I was asked with my interests and skills whether I had ever considered a career in Law. I laughed when she said it. Me? Working in Law? I had always had an interest in criminal law and criminology but didn’t have the first clue on where to start. I initially looked at typing and secretarial roles and the careers centre managed to secure me a place at a local legal practice for three months of work experience training. I was bitten immediately with the ‘Law’ bug and decided after my training ended that I wanted to pursue a career in the legal field.

Twenty years later and after a lot of blood, sweat, tears and sheer determination I had progressed from a family and criminal secretary to the head of a department for one of the largest legal firms in the East Midlands. However, as I turned 40 last year, I realised that my love for my career was starting to waiver and this along with the added pressure of juggling a family, working 50-60 hours weeks, legal cutbacks and the state of the UK justice system; I pined for a better work/life balance.

And so, I took the leap. I sat during evenings and weekends updating my CV and applying for work, away from the legal sector. I knew I could walk into another legal firm and do the job I had been trained to do standing on my head, but I didn’t want to. So many fears went through my head. Would I find another job that I would settle into? Would prospective employers even look at my application? Would I be seen to be over/under qualified? I knew that I had many transferable skills, and I knew that I had to focus my attention on what I could bring to prospective employers. After months of applying on job websites, online applications and speaking with recruitment agencies I was offered a position within the NHS. Five months into my new role and I have continued to gain new skills and experience. I am enjoying more time at home with my family and friends, and I hope that, as with my law career, I will continue to expand on my skills and progress within the NHS and the healthcare sector. I have also always had a passion for writing and I am keen to also embrace this hobby during my free time including starting an online blog, writing a book and hopefully (with the help of Simon and Paul) be allowed to publish the occasional column within the S40 and S41 Local magazines.

Interviewers always ask the million-dollar question “Where do you see yourself in five years’ time?” I think it is hard for anyone to answer that question because the answer is we simply don’t know. If I think back to five years ago would I have thought that I would have turned my back on law? Not at all but do I now think I made the right decision? Absolutely.

And so in answer to the question is it ever too late to have a career U turn? I think, as with anything in this life, if you have a determination and passion and you want to make that change there is nothing stopping you. I am excited to see what the future holds for me and I hope that the future of my working life is as enjoyable as my past.

Thank you for reading.

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Peak Rangers

Celebrate 70 Years

Peak District rangers returned to their roots to mark their 70th anniversary.

As part of the celebrations, National Park rangers recreated a photograph taken outside Edale’s Old Nags Head pub, where the original service was launched on Good Friday, 16 April 1954.

The Peak District was the UK’s original national park - designated on 17 April 1951 - and led the way with the creation of what would become the country’s first ranger service.

Tom Tomlinson was appointed the Peak District’s first national park warden in January 1954 and a warden service of part-time volunteers was created three months later.

Peak District National Park Authority chair, Ken Smith, said: “In the first year of the service, there were 500 volunteers, coming out at weekends to look after the countryside, to enforce the byelaws and encourage people to enjoy the National Park in a responsible way.

“In many respects, the role of rangers today is not that different to what it was 70 years ago. Rangers have a salutary role, encouraging people to do the right thing in the countryside.”

Ranger team manager Andy Farmer added: “I’ve always been very proud to work with the ranger service. We play a vital role, serving the interests of the place, our communities and our visitors.”

In the early days of the service, warden briefings took place in the Old Nags Head, Edale, where landlord and access campaigner Fred Heardman had also set up the Peak District’s first information service in the snug.

Over the years, the role of wardens developed to include wider engagement, including leading walks, conservation and safety work. The term ‘ranger’ was first used during the 1980s.

Today the Peak District National Park Authority employs 28 rangers – including specialist rangers who work on its trails or with education groups – and is grateful for the hard work and commitment of around 230 volunteers.

Left picture shows volunteer wardens at the launch of the service in April 1954 and below, rangers celebrate the 70th anniversary in April 2024. Immediately below the former Peak District National Park ranger badge.

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The Age of Aquarius

Chesterfield’s legendary Aquarius club in a starring role once again!

Words & Images:

Press Release

One of the town’s most famous nightclubs is brought back to life this week in a brand new book. ‘Remembering The Aquarius’ tells the story of the iconic cabaret club that first opened in 1972. The book is full of exclusive interviews, rare photos and memorabilia relating to the club that outlasted many of its peers and ran for nearly a quarter of a century.

The Aquarius was an instant hit when it opened on the back of the cabaret craze that swept the country in the late 1960s. The Spanish-themed venue brought some of the biggest names in entertainment to perform for local audiences.

Bob Monkhouse, Charlie Williams, the Drifters, Ken Dodd and scores of other renowned artists all wowed local crowds in the 1970s and 1980s, with coaches coming from miles around to experience the atmosphere.

Cannon & Ball famously did their first ever headline show at the venue, even Oliver Reed turned up as a punter one night.

Neil Anderson of the Dirty Stop Outs put the book together and said, “Few venues are remembered with as much fondness as the Aquarius. This book brings together amazing memories and forgotten stories from the people that were there. Most cabaret clubs were falling on hard times as tastes changed by the end of the 1970s but the Aquarius just kept going – in fact it seemed to get even more popular in the 1980s. This is its definite story.”

The book includes contributions from former employees, entertainers and club-goers.

Robin Colvill of the hit comedy troupe, the Grumbleweeds, says the venue played a key role in their success: “We used to do a lot of gigs at the Aquarius – we’d perform three to four weeks every year. We were very popular – it was always heaving. Because of the Aquarius, we did a BBC Radio show and that led to a TV show.”

The book has been produced as part of a wider National Lottery Heritage Fund project to celebrate the venue and its legacy.

‘Remembering The Aquarius’ costs just £11.95 (plus P&P) and is available from the website shown (or scan the QR code) and all good bookshops.


Courtesy of Neil Anderson from Dirty Stop Outs we have a copy of the book to give away to a lucky reader.

To be in with a chance of picking up the book:

• Email AQUARIUS to paul@s40local.co.uk

• Text AQUARIUS to 07764 801080

• Complete the form opposite and send to:


S40 Local, West Studios S2, Sheffield Road, Chesterfield S41 7LL.

Please get your details or forms to arrive with us by close of play Friday 5 July 2024.

Page 26 www.chesterfieldlocal.com Books
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Trial a choice of new hearing aids prior to purchase, ensuring you make the correct decision for you.

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the Chesterfield
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using specialist equipment to gently remove
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audiologists are trained in three different methods; manual removal,
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The Brampton Mile

Chesterfield blind man’s hobby turns into popular local event

Words & Images: Shaun Stevenson

Spital resident, Shaun Stevenson, 57, describes himself as a history enthusiast and a keen supporter of local public houses. Despite having a severe visual impairment, he has gathered interesting stories and anecdotes on many of the Chesterfield pubs and offers Great Historic Pub Tours of the Brampton Mile through the summer. Following a successful 2023 season, Shaun has decided to rearrange the tour so that every pub gets 30 minutes in the spotlight. A potted history presentation of around three minutes is given for each pub before going in for a drink and sometimes, a little history about some of the pubs that have been closed and demolished, helping to keep their memory alive.

The extraordinary thing is, Shaun does this for 30 different venues from memory as he can't read notes. "Chesterfield’s Brampton Mile has been a famous rite of passage and the source of many madcap stories for as long as anyone can remember. It was a formidable challenge but having lost many of the pubs over the years, these days it’s much more achievable and it’s not even a mile," says Shaun.

There are 14 pubs, a microbrewery and a micro pub, as well as three bar restaurants remaining on the Brampton Mile. "The Pub Crawl can take up to eight hours," says Shaun. "The Brampton Mile is always changing. This year, we have two fully refurbished pubs, The Duke and The Mile, plus interesting anecdotes about the October 2023 floods and a fire that nearly consumed an old favourite built in 1842".

These historic Pub Crawls take place on the first Saturday, remaining are 6 July, 3 August and 7 September, starting at 12:30pm, from The Star on Chatsworth Road. The cost is £8 per person and you can book by texting Shaun on 07908 183160. Shaun says, "booking is really important, if we don’t get enough bookings, we can’t provide a tour, it's free to book and it’s cash only on the day".

For questions and more information on this Brampton Mile Pub Crawl and the other history tours provided by Shaun, you can follow his page on Facebook, search for @CGHPT or Chesterfield Great Historic Pub Tour.

Shaun Stevenson (Great Historic Pub Tours) M: 07908 183 160

Page 30 www.chesterfieldlocal.com Events
Contact Jamie on 07496 797910 01246 903809 enquiries.jamie@gmail.com JKI Building Services Wingerworth, Chesterfield • • • • • Kitchen Installation Wall & Floor Tiling LVT Flooring Patios & Decking Home Renovations Page 31 Please Mention S40 Local Magazine
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We're Good!

Chesterfield’s Walton Peak Flying High Primary & Nursery Academy is GOOD in all areas says Ofsted!

Words & Images: WPFHA

Inspectors said, ‘Parents and carers know that staff go the extra mile to make sure that pupils feel valued and happy.’

Walton Peak Flying High Primary & Nursery Academy is celebrating its recent Ofsted inspection which graded the school Good in all areas.

Inspectors said ‘This school has improved markedly in recent years. Pupils appreciate the school’s warm and welcoming environment, where everyone and everyday matters. Parents and carers know that staff go the extra mile to make sure that pupils feel valued and happy. Pupils want to come to school because, as one of them was eager to explain, ‘it will make them smart for the future’.’

The academy, based on Whitecotes Lane, Walton, Chesterfield, is a member of the Flying High Partnership, of which the report commented, ‘Since joining this multi-academy trust, swift actions have been taken to bring about much-needed improvements across all aspects of the school’s provision. As a result of this work, the school has been transformed.’

Mark Parkinson is Headteacher at Walton Peak Flying High Primary & Nursery Academy and he said he was delighted to share the news with the school community. “We are particularly proud that the report acknowledges the commitment of the staff and culture of the school. I would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone for their support and also share a thank you to

Wanted: Charity Collectors

The St John's Ambulance are looking for people to help shake a bucket to help raise funds for the Chesterfield branch.

They'll be at Chesterfield Train Station from 7:30am all day on Saturday 21 June and if you can help by volunteering your time they'd love to hear from you.

If you can help please contact Alison Cook on 0780 5767526 or drop her an email: alison.cook@sja.org.uk

the staff who have worked tirelessly to ensure the school’s values and expectations have been embedded over the last three years. We see it as a privilege to serve the community of Walton Peak and to work with our fantastic children daily.”

Staff are described as sharing a strong ‘team spirit’ and the academy’s safeguarding is effective. The inspectors go on to say, ‘Pupils with special educational needs and/ or disabilities (SEND) get a good deal. The needs of these pupils are identified precisely. Appropriate strategies are used to help most of these pupils follow the same curriculum as their peers.’

The report says that ‘Developing pupils’ love of language is a key priority’ at the academy and that, ‘Children in the early years love playing together, particularly in the well-resourced outdoor environment.’

Inspectors said, ‘Pupils appreciate the school’s warm and welcoming environment, where everyone and everyday matters. Parents and carers know that staff go the extra mile to make sure that pupils feel valued and happy.’

Headteacher Mark Parkinson said, “We are grateful to our school community for its ongoing support and to our fantastic children and staff. We will continue to work to improve the school, to ensure all of our children get the very best start in life”.

The vision of St John's Ambulance is a world where everyone is first aid confident and where everyone is ready and able to respond – and save lives.


Page 34 www.chesterfieldlocal.com News

At Cavendish Dental Care we have places for new patients and are committed to working at a high standard to ensure our patients are well informed and comfortable throughout their dental experience.
the practice we have affordable monthly payment plans from Denplan starting from just £10.66 a month to help you budget for your dental treatment. Our range of dental treatments include:
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No impressions with the Itero Scanner For more information and to book your appointment call us on 01246 274852 or e-mail us at Cavendish.TCO@rodericksdental.co.uk 57 West Bars, Chesterfield, S40 1BA | www.cavendishdentalcare.co.uk Taking on new patients ad - 1223 - B.indd 1 02/01/2024 16:28Page 35 Please Mention S40 Local Magazine

'What's On' events in S40 Local and S41 Local are delivered free to 14,500 homes. If you have an event to list, please just drop an email to Paul as below.



To 27 June

Create My World: Nature

Create My World: Nature is a family-friendly exhibition focused on nature, world-building and exploration. Created by TECHSQUAD, it is an interactive world of wonder where you can explore your creativity and bring your own digital creation to life! Over the duration of the exhibition, a new virtual world will be populated with living creatures and plant life made from artworks drawn by visitors. Level Centre, Old Station Close, Rowsley DE4 2EL. Free entry. www.levelcentre.com

To 27 June

[Isolation] Art Mail

[Isolation] Art Mail by multidisciplinary artist Tracey Meek is the culmination of a project that began in lockdown, where participants collectively shared experiences through art. Similar to a chain letter, they received the beginnings of an art piece and were invited to add / respond to the work. Tracey has created new work in response to the letters, drawing

a celebratory conclusion to the project. This work was selected for the Corridors Commission exhibition, a collaboration between LEVEL Centre and QUAD Derby. Level Centre, Old Station Close, Rowsley DE4 2EL. Free entry. www. levelcentre.com

Sat 22 To Sun 23 June: Chesterfield Art Club Exhibition

10am to 4pm Beeley Village Hall, School Road, DE4 2NU.

Admission Free. Enquiries: T: 0785 0064478


Mon 3 to Sun 21: Mindscapes Exhibition

An exhibition of photographic work from the Mindscapes programme supporting peoples mental wellbeing through street photography walks. @West Studios, Sheffield Road. Search FB: Mindscapes

Mon 3: RSPB Lecture

Speaker Emilie Brignall: How the RSPB manages projects. 7:15pm @St Thomas Centre, Chatsworth. £4 for members & £5 for non-members. T: 01246 201663.

Tue 4: Karen Millhouse


The Collections & Recent Acquisitions of the Derbyshire Record Office, Matlock. Online and at St Thomas’ Centre

7.30pm. Chesterfield & District Family History Society. Register E: secretary@cadfhs.org

Tue 4: Mellors & Kirk Valuation Day

St Thomas Centre, Chatsworth Road. mellorsandkirk.com

Wed 5: South African Plants

A talk by Trish and Peter Kohn for the Holymoorside Horticultural Society. 7:45pm @ URC meeting room, Cotton Mill Hill Holymoorside. T: 01246 568000

Thu 6: Film The Great Escaper It's almost the 80th anniversary of D Day. What better way to reflect on the event than by coming along to watch The Great Escaper 6:30pm @Loundsley Green Community Centre. Tickets £4. See advert.

Fri 7 to Sun 16:

Chesterfield Cycle Festival Group rides, talks, films, events, family fun day. See website or follow FB cyclefestchesterfield Places on rides and events can be reserved through WeGotTickets. Festival organised by Cycle Chesterfield, open to everyone. cyclechesterfield.org/festival24

Fri 7: Adapted Cycling (Inclusive Pedals)

1 to 3pm @Queen's Park Cricket Pavilion. cyclechesterfield.org/ festival24

PleasecheckbeforeattendinganyeventasS40localcannotbeheldresponsibleforanyerrorsinthelistings. What's On
Tel: 01246 275847 e: info@elliottandheath.com Elliott & Heath 79 Newbold Road Chester eld S41 7QA www.elliottandheathopticians.com Our services include • Advanced Eye Examinations • Bespoke Contact Lenses • Night Lenses • Dry Eye Clinics
School Vision with our Specialist Paediatric Optometrist
Personalised Eyewear styling
Advanced Tailored Spectacle Lenses
Sports & Safety Eyewear Page 37 Please Mention S40 Local Magazine

Fri 7: Friday Night Ride: Chesterfield Parks

6:30 to 8:30pm. Meet outside Chesterfield Town Hall, Rose Hill. cyclechesterfield.org/ festival24

Sat 8: Craft & Makers Market Market Place, Chesterfield. See chesterfield.co.uk/events

Sat 8: Family Cycle Fun Day

11am to 3pm @Holmebrook Valley Park, near Sports Pavilion off Watermeadow Lane. Bike treasure hunt and games, Dr Bike workshop, cycle security marking, stalls and information, launch of updated Chesterfield Cycle Map, group ride to Holmebrook Valley leaves Queen's Park 11am, bring a picnic for 1pm gathering. cyclechesterfield.org/festival24

Sun 9: Women's Ride To Creswell Crags. Meet 10am at Hollingwood Hub. cyclechesterfield.org/festival24

Sun 9: Art Trail Ride

1:30 to 4pm. Meet at Queen's Park cafe. cyclechesterfield.org/ festival24

Sun 9: Dr Bike Workshop (Inclusive Pedals) 10am to 3pm @Hollingwood Hub. cyclechesterfield.org/ festival24

Sun 9: AA Record Fair Market Place, Chesterfield. See chesterfield.co.uk/events

Sun 9: Paddlesports on Chesterfield Canal

See chesterfield.co.uk/events

Sun 9: Open Garden

2pm @144a Holymoor Rd Holymoorside. In support of Holymoorside Horticultural Society. Plants for sale & refreshments available.

Admission £5 Children Free. T: 01246 568000

Sun 9: The Grimethorpe Colliery Band Winding Wheel. See chesterfieldtheatres.co.uk

Mon 10: Country Park Ride

6:30 to 9pm. Avenue Works & Grassmoor. Queen's Park cafe. cyclechesterfield.org/festival24

Mon 10: Catherine Bohart

The Leadmill. See leadmill.co.uk

Tue 11: Watoto Children’s Choir in ‘Better Days’ St Thomas' Church Centre, Chesterfield. Experience the inspiring ministry of the Watoto Children’s Choir telling their story. Better Days are ahead. Tickets bit.ly/watoto-chesterfield

Tues 11: Holymoorside Pub Ride

6:30 to 8:30pm. Meet at Queen's Park Cafe. cyclechesterfield.org

Wed 12: RSPB Walk Burbage at 10am. T: John on 01246 201663.

Wed 12: Ringwood BMX

6 to 9pm, ride out to Ringwood BMX with the opportunity to have a go on the track. Meet at Queen's Park Cafe. cyclechesterfield.org/festival24

Wed 12: Rachel Paris

The Leadmill. See leadmill.co.uk

Thu 13: "My Epic Cycling Journey"

A talk by Emily Chappelladventure cyclist & author. 7 to 8:30pm @Chesterfield Library Lecture Theatre. Tickets available in advance from WeGotTickets: £8.80 nonmembers/£4.40 members /under 18s or full time students - free. cyclechesterfield.org/festival24

Fri 14: Holmebrook & Chips Ride

6:30 to 9pm. Meet at Queen's Park Cafe. cyclechesterfield.org/ festival24

Fri 14: The Rocket Man Winding Wheel Theatre. chesterfieldtheatres.co.uk

Fri 14: Brampton Brewery Tour Learn about the history of our local brewery. £10 including a selection of beers. bramptonbrewery.co.uk/events

Sat 15: Happy Hens Ride 1:30 to 3:30pm. Cycle out to Adam's Happy Hens cafe where coffee, cake and ice creams can be purchased. Meet at Queen's Park Cafe.

Sat 15: Cycling Conversations

A sociable evening of cycling themed speakers. 7pm @ Brampton Brewery. Limited spaces, pre-booking essential. cyclechesterfield.org/festival24


What's On

The Window People offer high quality solutions for all your roofing needs, soffits & fascia, re-roofs - all at a fair price!

• Full new roofs and reroofs

• Fascias, Soffits & Guttering

• Flat & Fibreglass Roofs

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www.thewindowpeople.co.uk The WINDO W People NEW ROOF FOR YOUR HOME
Before Before After Before After After

Sat 15: Rutter: Magnificat

7:30pm Chesterfield Cooperative Choral Society. Book at www.chesterfieldchoir.com

Sun 16: Bolsover Circular Ride (35 miles) The toughest bike challenge of the week! 9am Queen's Park Cafe. cyclechesterfield.org/festival24

Sun 16: Father's Day

The simple things, a fried breakfast with the family and a walk to the pub later work well...

Sun 16: Horrible HistoriesRotten Royals Winding Wheel chesterfieldtheatres.co.uk

Mon 17: CADLHS History of St Thomas Church

Talk by Beth Robson St Thomas Centre at 7:30pm Members free, visitors £3, refreshments.

Tue 18: Eckington Classic Car & Bike Show. See advert.

Wed 19: RSPB Walk 10am@ Blackamoor. T: 01246 201663.

Sat 22: Brampton Community Band Mid-Summer Ceilidh/ Barn Dance

7:30pm @Loundsley Green Community Centre. Tickets £9 (£5 for 5-16 years, under 5’s free) from wegottickets.com

Sat 22: Chesterfield Bowling Club Open Day

2 to 5pm @ New Beetwell St. Interested in playing bowls? Or just want a go & see what’s behind the high walls? All welcome, equipment & refreshments provided. T: 07813 365560 for more information.

Sat 22: Abba Forever

Winding Wheel Theatre


Sat 22: Ashgate Hospice

Sparkle Night Walk

www.chesterfield.co.uk/events/ sparkle-night-walk

Sun 23: The Lady Boys of Bangkok - 25th Anniversary Tour Winding Wheel Theatre chesterfieldtheatres.co.uk

Sun 23: Ebb and Flo Holistic Festival at the New Bath Hotel. Tickets only £20. Food included. Contact Becky 07790 487374.

Fri 28: Capturing Light & Atmosphere

An oil painting demonstration by Carol Hill. 7:30pm @Chesterfield Art Club, Whittington Moor Methodist Church Hall. Visitors welcome £5 T: 0785 006 4478

Fri 28: G4 20th Anniversary Tour Winding Wheel


Fri 28: Queen's Park 80s Bash www.chesterfield.co.uk/events

Sat 29: RSPB Field Trip

RSPB St Aiden’s Reserve at 10am. T: John on 01246 201663.

Fri 30 Jun to Sun 7 Jul: BRM Solicitors Chesterfield Festival of Cricket

www.chesterfield.co.uk/events/ the-chesterfield-festival-ofcricket

Sun 30: A Journey through Stage and Screen Peak Wind Orchestra & Peak Performance. Winding Wheel. chesterfieldtheatres.co.uk

Sun 30: Summer Song & Sax Minerva Chorus & Sax Quartet. 2:30pm @Holymoorside Village Hall, S42 7DX Tickets £8 T: 01246 567118 E: minervachorus@gmail.com


Mon 1: RSPB Lecture AGM followed by Eastern Moors Partnership Update by Danny Udall. No charge. 7:15pm @St Thomas Centre, Chatsworth. T: 01246 201663.

Tue 2: The Life and Adventures of Henry Walker. RN. A talk by Stephen Flinders online & at St Thomas’ Centre, Brampton at 7.30pm. Chesterfield & District Family History Society. Visitors welcome. For info & to register e: secretary@cadfhs.org

Sat 6: Hasland Community choir @Rose Hill Arts Centre Midday to 1pm - hot drinks throughout. Free, come & bring your friends! www.rhac.art

Sat 6: A Musical Tour Through Europe (and briefly the USA) Chesterfield Philharmonic Choir take you on a musical tour of Europe. 7:30pm @The Crooked Spire church. £15, Seniors £12, Students & unemployed £6, Under 16s free. Tickets 07542 398803, chestphilchoir.org.uk, choir members or on the door.

Sun 7: Vegan Market New Square, Chesterfield. See chesterfield.co.uk/events PleasecheckbeforeattendinganyeventasS40localcannotbeheldresponsibleforanyerrorsinthelistings.

What's On
E-mail - info@jetfreshpowercleaning.co.uk www.jetfreshpowercleaning.co.uk Pavements Brickwork Patios andDomesticindustrial undertaworksken Call us today on Driveways Decking and more! and industrial en 07875 594434 Page 41 Please Mention S40 Local Magazine

Sun 7: Vitality Blast Cricket at Queen's Park. See chesterfield.co.uk/events

Mon 8: A Neighbourhood Nature Plan for Chesterfield Now is a critical time for wildlife. Transition Chesterfield hosts an evening of small group discussions about our local priorities for action on nature and biodiversity. 7 to 8:30pm see www.transitionchesterfield. org.uk or Eventbrite for booking (free).

Wed 10: RSPB Walk

Avenue Washlands at 10am. T: John on 01246 201663.

Wed 10 to Sat 13: Beauty and the Beast Bolsover Drama Group Youth Section presents the enchanting Disney musical. The Assembly Rooms, Bolsover. Tickets £9 from bolsoverdramagroup.org

Fri 12: Dance Anthems Orchestra

6pm @Bolsover Castle. chesterfieldtheatres.co.uk

Sat 13: Music For Everyone Phoenix Concert Band Charity Concert. Profits in Aid of St John Ambulance. 7:30pm @St Thomas’ Church, Chatsworth Road. Tickets £10 (£5 child) in advance £12.50 on the door. Available from band members, Hasland Chiropody 01245 271529 or call 07729 951815.

FB: phoenixband.net

Sat 13: Summer Concert

Holymoorside Choral Society

MD Andrew Marples with guest Wind Quartet. 7:30pm @ St. John’s, Walton, S42 7LT Tickets £10 from choir, on door, T: 01246 463193 E: info@ holymoorsidechoral.co.uk

Sat 13: The ELO Experience Winding Wheel Theatre chesterfieldtheatres.co.uk

Sat 13: The Christians Peak Cavern. thechristianslive.co.uk

Sun 14: Alzheimers Walk for a Cure @ Sherwood Pines. See alzheimersresearchuk.org

Mon 15: CADLHS Zeppelins

Over Sheffield A talk by Philip Godley St Thomas Centre at 7:30pm Members free, visitors £3, refreshments.

Mon 15: Mellors & Kirk

Valuation Day

Dronfield Hall Barn, Dronfield. mellorsandkirk.com

Fri 19: Brampton Brewery Tour Learn about the history of our local brewery. £10 including a selection of beers. bramptonbrewery.co.uk/events

Fri 19: The Ultimate Classic Rock Show

Winding Wheel Theatre chesterfieldtheatres.co.uk

CYCLE FESTIVAL JUNE 2024 FULL DETAILS ONLINE https://cyclechesterfield.org/festival24 FB: cyclefestchesterfield All events FREE unless marked otherwise ADAPTED CYCLING 07 FRI 13:00-15:00 @ Queen's Park Cricket Pavilion FRIDAY NIGHT RIDE CHESTERFIELD PARKS 07 FRI 18:30 @ Town Hall HOLMEBROOK VALLEY PARK CYCLE FUN DAY 08 SAT 11:00-15:00 CRESWELL CRAGS WOMENS RIDE 09 SUN 10:00 @ Hollingwood Hub ART TRAIL RIDE 09 SUN 13:30 @ Queen's Park Cafe DR BIKE 09 SUN 13:00-15:00 @ Hollingwood Hub AVENUE WORKS GRASSMOOR RIDE 10 MON 18:30 @ Queen's Park Cafe HOLYMOORSIDE PUB RIDE 11 TUE 18:30 @ Queen's Park Cafe RINGWOOD BMX RIDE 12 WED 18:00 @ Queen's Park Cafe EMILY CHAPPELL TALK 13 THU 19:00 @ Chesterfield Library HOLMEBROOK CHIPS RIDE 14 FRI 18:30 @ Queen's Park Cafe HAPPY HENS RIDE 15 SAT 13:30 @ Queen's Park Cafe CYCLING CONVERSATIONS 15 SAT 19:00 @ Brampton Brewery BOLSOVER CIRCUIT 16 SUN 09:00 @ Queen's Park Cafe Supported by Community Leadership Scheme Brought to you by: Chesterfield Rotary All proceeds to charity Contact: 07875 958337 ritaandalan@gmail com www bit ly/eck2023 3.00pm to 8.00pm Eckington Classic Car & Bike Show Tuesday 18th June Renishaw Hall Eckington, Derbyshire, S21 3WB Exhibitors £10 - Public £10 - Bikes £5 (per vehicle - inc all passengers) Pedestrians £3 (two for £5) PleasecheckbeforeattendinganyeventasS40localcannotbeheldresponsibleforanyerrorsinthelistings.
What's On
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Regular Events


PILATES GROUP: 9:15 to 10:15am @The Parish Centre Stonegravels. Also Tue 6 to 7pm & 7:15pm to 8:15pm & Wed 9:30 to 10:30am. Call Judy to book: 07779 266057.

MEN’S SNOOKER: Friendly group of men, over 60 & are looking for others to join us. 9:30 to 11:30am at Newbold Working Men’s Club, Thirlmere Road, Newbold. T: 01246 232169.

SILVER SOCIAL: 10am to midday. A group for over 50s - chat, have a drink & a snack, join the quiz. Speakers occasionally. No cost but donations appreciated. An accessible event. Monkey Park Cafe, Chester St, S40 1DN monkeypark.org.uk

ANCIENT HISTORY CLASS: The Age of Spartacus, examining the turmoil & civil wars of late Roman Republic. From 11 Sept. 10:15am to 12:15pm. Meeting Room Chesterfield Indoor Market Hall. T: Gary 07980 910896.

READING GROUP: 10:30am for an hour in The Hub, Low Pavement, Chesterfield. We read short stories and poetry, all materials provided free. james@dva.org.uk or 07743 514934.

ZUMBA GOLD/TONING: 11am to midday @The Parish Centre Stonegravels, also Fri. Pre-book only call Teresa 07740 202042.

LADIES GROUP: 1:30 to 4pm @Holy Trinity Church, Newbold Road. Bring you knitting, crochet, crafts etc. or just come along for coffee & chat. For info call 07746 668257.

DANCE ABILITY AND RACKET SPORTS: Fun, relaxed sessions for adults 18+ with additional needs. 3 to 4pm @Queens Park Sports Centre £4 carers free 01246 345555.

DANCING WITH DEMENTIA: A fun, relaxed dance session for people living with dementia and their carers 1 to 2:45pm @Queens Park Sports Centre £4 carers free 01246 345555.

CHESTERFIELD BOWLING CLUB: 6 to 8:30pm @New Beetwell St. All equipment provided. A friendly atmosphere and a warm welcome to all, complete beginners or experienced players. New members welcome. Info on T: 07813 365560. TWISTEDSPIREYOGA CLASS: Holymoorside Village Hall, S42 7DX. 6 to 7:30pm. Mixed ability, beginners welcome. E: TwistedSpireYoga@ outlook.com to book.

CHESTERFIELD GAMES SOCIETY: 7 to 10pm @ The Parish Centre Stonegravels. Also every 2nd & 4th Wed 7 to 10pm. T: 01246 209433 for info. MINERVA WOMEN’S CHORUS: We'd love to meet experienced singers. 7.30pm at St. John’s Church, Walton to rehearse unaccompanied songs for fun & performance. A warm welcome awaits. www.minervachorus.co.uk T:01246 567118

STAVELEY & DISTRICT CHURCHES UNITED CHOIR: A mixed voice choir of 30 members. Rehearsals 7:30 to 9pm at Brimington Common Methodist Chapel, Manor Road, Brimington Common S43 1NU. Julie Hunt: 01246 238143.

CHESTERFIELD YOGA STUDIO: Face to Face class at Swanwick Memorial Hall, Old Whittington S41 9JZ. 7:15 to 8:45pm. £7.50 - £8.50. Details Chesterfieldyogastudio.co.uk

HOLYMOORSIDE BAND: Rehearsals in Holymoorside URC church on Mon & Fri 8 to 9:30pm. Vacancies throughout the band. Instruments available. T: Andy on 07875 283131 or email: andybooker31@icloud.com


TEA AND TOAST TUESDAYS: Holy Trinity Church Newbold, Road. 9 to midday. Everyone welcome. No charge. Join us for refreshment and friendship. Call Rev. Jilly Hancock 01246 465656.

ADULT BALLET CLASSES: All abilities welcome. 9:15 to 10:15am @Hall on the Green, Ulverston Road, S41 8EQ. To book e: sam@medleys.dance

HOLY COMMUNION SAID: 9:30am Loundsley Green Church, Pennine Way.

COMMUNITY COFFEE MORNING: Storrs Road Church Centre. 3rd Tues. 10am to 12 noon. Come along for a chat & a cuppa. No charge but donation welcome.

ZUMBA GOLD: Low impact exercise to music. Suitable for older exercisers. Tuesday and Thursday, 10am and 11am both days. Chester Street Club. For details call Jen 07985 549427.

THE CUTTHORPE ART GROUP: Weekly meetings 10am to 12 noon @Cutthorpe Village Hall. Come and enjoy a relaxing morning. T: 07305 461604.

ST HELEN'S TAI CHI CLASS: 10:30 to 11:45am @The Parish Centre Stonegravels. £2 per week. Call Veronica to book: 01246 237526.

HOLMEHALL LET'S WALK TOGETHER: Friendly group, walks lasting 30 to 60 mins at a gentle pace followed by a chat and a drink. Fortnightly. 10:30am @Holmehall Community Hub at 41 Mercaston Close S40 4UE. T: 01246 498080 or holmehallunite@gmail.com

TUESDAY MORNING WORSHIP: 11am St John's Church, Walton. More info stjohnswalton.co.uk

LOUNDSLEY GREEN WI: 2nd Tuesday each month 2 to 4pm at Loundsley Green Church, Pennine Way, S40 4NF. A very friendly group of ladies who would make you very welcome. Come for a visit! Call: 01246 239431 for more details.

KEEP FIT CLASS FOR MATURE MOVERS: 2 to 3pm @ Rosehill Church Hall Chesterfield Studios, Soresby St. Ideal for leading a more active lifestyle in a friendly group whilst exercising to music. T: Debbie 07413 068092.

RENEW WELLBEING 42: St John's Church, Walton every Tue 2-4pm. This is a space to get together over a cuppa where it is ok not to feel ok. All are welcome to join our small and friendly group. Call Cathy on 07815796612 for details.

AFTERNOON WHIST: 2 to 4:30pm @ Holymoorside Village Hall. T: Julie on 07732 395278 or Susan on 01142 2621548. £3 per person. All welcome.

THOM’S BLOKES: A monthly meeting for men on the 3rd Tue. St Thomas’ Church Centre, Chatsworth Road. Talks, outings, fun & friendship. All welcome. Call Robin Dawson 01246 550445.

PILATES: Holymoorside Class. 3pm at Holymoorside Village Hall, Holymoor Road S42 7DX. T: 07570 456642, E: tayloredpilates@ gmail.com FB: @tayloredpilates23

TWISTEDSPIREYOGA CLASS: Friend’s Meeting House, S40 4AG. 5:30 to 7pm. Mixed ability, beginners welcome. E: TwistedSpireYoga@ outlook.com to book.

CHESTERFIELD PSYCHIC STUDY GROUP: 2nd Tues, meet 6:30pm, talks at 7:15pm at Friends Meeting House, 27 Ashgate Road, Chesterfield S40 4PG. Light refreshments. All welcome. For info www.cpsg.uk or call: 01246 277364.

AIKIDO MARTIAL ARTS: 7 to 8pm @Parish Centre Stonegravels, 91 Sheffield Rd, S41 7JH. M: 07939 336562 / E: mikeuk1007@yahoo.co.uk

CHESTERFIELD GARLAND DANCERS: Methodist Church Hall, Jawbones Hill, Derby Road, S40 2TN from 7:30 to 9:30pm. E: enquiry@ chesterfieldgarland.org.uk

WEST STUDIOS LIFE DRAWING: Classes with John King. First Tuesday of the month. See weststudios.co.uk FB & IG: WestS41

CHESTERFIELD PHILATELIC SOCIETY: 2 to 4pm @The Parish Centre Stonegravels 2nd Tue of the month. £15 per year membership Call John: 07845 770442 for more info.


STAY & PLAY: 9am to midday. For under 5s and their grown ups. Suggested donation £1 per child. An accessible event. Monkey Park Cafe, Chester St, S40 1DN monkeypark.org.uk

LOUNDSLEY GREEN CHURCH COMMUNITY: Every Wed from 10am to 12:30pm. A warm, free space for all with tea/coffee & biscuits etc.

EASTWOOD LADIES PROBUS CLUB: 10am @1866 Lounge at the SMH Group Stadium. 2nd Wed. Speakers covering various topics, social events and a warm welcome. For info T: 01246 272193 or email yvonne3849.@sky.com

WALKING GROUP: 10:15am from Chesterfield to catch a bus to start the walk. Call Veronica to book 01246 237526 or E: vonhage2@gmail.com

PILATES CLASSES : @St Thomas’ Centre Brampton. 10:15 to 11:15am. All equipment is provided. Suitable for beginners - exercises adapted to suit all. T: Rachel on 07891 090746. BRITISH HISTORY CLASS: The Anjevin Empire, Henry the Second, Richard the Lion Heart and King John. 10:30am to 12:30pm at the Library meeting room downstairs. T: 01246 276800. HUNLOKE GARDENS WALK WITH US GROUP: Refreshments & purchase fresh produce. 10:30am The cabins Hunloke Community Gardens, Church St South S40 2TF. T: 01246 345669 or E: tina.hensey@chesterfield.gov.uk


ROCK CHOIR: St. John’s Walton, 11am and Whittington Moor Methodist Church, Mondays 7:30pm. www.rockchoir.co.uk

STAY & PLAY: For children and parents - babies up to 5 years old. Term time only. 1:30 to 3pm at Loundsley Green Church, Pennine Way.

WALTON WOMEN'S INSTITUTE: Come and join us. 4th Wed at St John's Church, Walton Back Lane 2pm. Jan to November. T: 01246 272039.

KNITTING CLUB: 2 to 4pm. Costa Coffee @ Ravenside Retail Park opposite M&S. No charge, just buy a drink. T: 0771 9763866

HOLYMOORSIDE CRAFT GROUP: An informal and friendly group The Village Hall, Committee room 2 to 4pm. All welcome. Cynthia: 01246 569250.

BRAMPTON LADIES CLUB: Brampton Ladies Club meet at Storrs Road Methodist Church, Storrs Road. New members welcome. Talks, demonstrations, social activities, quizzes & special events. 2 to 4pm term time. T: 01246 566435.

HOLYMOORSIDE TRAINING BAND: Calling all brass and percussion players, new & old. Rehearsals 6:30pm at United Reformed Church, Holymoorside. Instruments provided if required. Call 07874 014179 or e: enquiries@ holymoorsideband.co.uk

LAURA CLOWES SCHOOL OF DANCING: The Parish Centre Stonegravels 5 to 9pm & Sat 9am to 1:30pm. T: Laura to book 07714 223722.

TWISTEDSPIREYOGA CLASS: Friend’s Meeting House, S40 4AG. 5:30 to 7pm. Dynamic Yoga for the fit and active. E: TwistedSpireYoga@outlook. com to book.

TREFOIL GUILD: Guiding for adults. Meets 3rd Wednesday from 7:15 to 9pm in Guide HQ, St Margaret’s Drive S40 4SY. M: 07850 063910 THE BRAMPTON SESSIONS: Revelling in rich musical traditions. Live, acoustic music sessions featuring local musicians. First Weds, 7:30pm St Thomas Centre S40 3AW. £2 FB: Brampton Sessions or M: 07739 084478

HOBBY TALK FORTNIGHTLY MEN’S GROUP: 7:30 to 9:30pm Chesterfield FC Stadium. A different hobby each time help improve mental health & wellbeing. E: hthobbytalk@gmail.com

BLOW THE COBWEBS AWAY: Recorder group - all abilities welcome. 7:30pm St Leonard's Mission, Spital. T: 01246 563224.


The Friends Meeting House, 27 Ashgate Road. 7:30 to 9:15pm. £4. Term time. Contact free. voices@yahoo.co.uk or T: 01246 237937.

HONEY BELLES LADIES CHOIR: St John’s Church, Walton Back Lane 8pm. Available for events. E: honeybelleschoir@gmail.com


ART GROUP: 9:30 to 11:30am @The Parish Centre Stonegravels. No instructor. £3 per week, tea coffee & biscuits. T: 01246 209433.

WE ARE ONE: Friendly community choir looking for new Members. No experience necessary. Thu mornings at Derby Road Methodist Church. T: Andrea for details: 07947 040548 or andreasmall@naturalvoice.net

CHILL & CHAT: 10am to midday. A chance for those isolated by the pandemic to socialise in a safe space. Donations appreciated. An accessible event. Monkey Park Cafe, Chester Street, S40 1DN www.monkeypark.org.uk

BOWLS AT WALTON DAM: Fancy a game of bowls? Come along to Robinson Bowls Club any Thu 10am to 12pm, for our beginner’s sessions. Refreshments & bowls provided. Call 07967 262 856 or E: robinsonbowls@outlook.com

ZUMBA GOLD: Low impact exercise to music. Suitable for older exercisers. Tue & Thu, 10am & 11am both days. Chester Street Club. T: Jen 07985 549427.


GUILD: 10am to midday @ Grace Chapel, 89 Market Place S40 1PH. Speakers, lunch club, quizzes, excursions. New members welcome. T: 01246 207496

COSY CUBS BABY & TODDLER GROUP: Messy play, rhymes, story time, friends, toys & refreshments. 10 to 11am @Umbrellas Cosy Hub, Burns Cl, S40 2SW. (Term time).

CHESTERFIELD LITTERSORTERS: 10 to 11.30am. Join our team of friendly volunteers who collect, sort, count & report the single use waste from parks, walk/cycle routes. Equipment provided. 2nd Thu. E: membership@ transitionchesterfield.org.uk. transitionchesterfield. org.uk/littersorters

PILATES: Walton Class. 10:30am @Village Hall, Walton Back Ln, S42 7LT. Call Tamara on 07570 456642, E: tayloredpilates@gmail.com FB: @ tayloredpilates23

CENTRAL METHODIST CHURCH TODDLER GROUP: 10 to 11:30am, Babies, pre-school Toddlers, Mums, Dads, Grand-parents, carers. Activities, snacks, toys, craft tables, singing. 01246 690005 or dnemethodists.org.uk Term time.

HOLMEBROOK VALLEY PARK WALK WITH US GROUP: 10:30am for a 45 to 60 min walk including open water, woodlands & meadows. Cafe (top car park) Holmebrook Valley Park, Watermeadow Lane, S41 8XP. T: 01246 345669 or E: tina.hensey@chesterfield.gov.uk

CHESTERFIELD SENIOR SPIREITIES WALKING FOOTBALL: Over 50's, 10am to 11am at Hasland Park. T: 07767324583

TWISTEDSPIREYOGA CLASS: Friend’s Meeting House, S40 4AG. 10 to 11:30am & 6 to 7:30pm. Mixed ability & beginners. E: TwistedSpireYoga@outlook.com to book.

DANCING FOR HEALTH: Partner dance class, refreshments and chat. £4 a session. St Andrew’s United Reformed Church, Newbold. Contact Tracey on 07721 046757 for info.

HIGHLIGHT CRAFTS ACADEMY: Weekly Craft Club. 1 to 4pm. All craft materials and refreshments provided. £6 a session. Booking is essential. Highlight Crafts, Claycross. To book visit www.highlightcrafts.com or call 03300 889338.

HOLY TRINITY BADMINTON GROUP: 1 to 3pm @ The Parish Centre Stonegravels. Email Bernard for info & to book E: bernardandjean@hotmail.co.uk

CAMEO (Come And Meet Each Other): Friendship group meeting every third Thu 2 to 4pm at St John's Church, Walton Back Lane. £2. Activities, speakers, games, fun, tea and cake. All welcome. CROCHET CLUB: 2 to 4pm bring your projects, work on them & make new friends! Knitters welcome. A charged for event. Monkey Park Cafe, Chester St S40 1DN monkeypark.org.uk

BARLOW NEWBOLD & DISTRICT WOMEN'S INSTITUTE: A small and friendly group of ladies, meet 3rd Thu from 3:30 to 5.30pm at Loundsley Green Community Centre, Cuttholme Road S40 4QU. Guests welcome. Info: 0753 119 7324.

DOWN MEMORY LANE: A social singing activity for people living with dementia & carers. 2 to 4pm. 2nd Thu of the month at St. John’s Church, Walton Back Lane.

YOGA CLASS: 6 to 7:45pm @The Parish Centre Stonegravels. Contact Helen to book E: helenapol@hotmail.com

DECUS HEALING GROUP SUPPORT: 6 to 7:30pm @The Parish Centre Stonegravels S41 7JH Contact Linda Tel: 07749896329 Email: linda@decushealing.co.uk

AIKIDO MARTIAL ARTS: 7 to 8pm @Parish Centre Stonegravels, 91 Sheffield Rd, S41 7JH. Call Mike 07939 336562 or E: mikeuk1007@ yahoo.co.uk


REHEARSAL: 7:15 to 9:30pm at Central Methodist Church in Chesterfield. E: publicity@ chestphilchoir.org.uk

CHESTERFIELD EMBROIDERERS: 1st Thu (except August) at 7pm in the Saints Parish Centre. Open to all people with a love of everything textile related. E: chesterfieldembroiderers@gmail.com

HOLYMOORSIDE CHORAL SOCIETY: Friendly choir meets in Holymoorside URC 7:30 to 9:30pm. MD Andrew Marples. New singers always welcome. No audition. Call 07989 305577 E: holymoorsidechoral.co.uk

ROSE CHOIR: We sing every genre of music and welcome all abilities. Chesterfield Studios from 7:30 to 9:30pm. E: sarah.menzies@ chesterfieldstudios.co.uk

OPEN FOLK NIGHT: Hosted by Brampton Community Band. Third Thu. 7:30 to 9:30pm @ Victoria Inn, Victoria Street. T: 0797 1400219.

ICHTHUS CANOE CLUB: Outdoor evening sessions - Matlock Bath, Chesterfield Canal & Walton Dam. Monthly Sat pool sessions at Sharley Park. E: canoejmc@gmail.com. See www. ichthuscanoeclub.co.uk


Regular Events

CHESTERFIELD JAZZ CLUB: Third Thursday of the month. Olde House, Loundsley Green Rd S40 4RN. Tickets: Visitor Info Centre, Rykneld Way; Parsons & Dunn, Chatsworth Rd; online bit.ly/ cfieldjazz Call 07764 587258 for info.

PILATES: Improvers level. Walton St John's Church @7:45pm. Call Clare: 07990 771155.


HOLYMOORSIDE BOWLING CLUB: Want to try out bowling? Come along Friday - 10 to 12pm. Refreshments & all bowling equipment provided. A friendly club, all welcome, of any age, who simply want to have a go. T: 07794 078552.

ZUMBA GOLD: Perfect for active older adults. Stay active, meet new people, have a coffee and some fun! 10:30am @ St Thomas' Centre. £5, please book first class. Call Adele on 07956 165287.

SLOW SOCIAL: 10:30 to 11:30am. 3rd Friday. Check website for venues. Free Networking event for freelancers & independent businesses. To register www.slowsocial.co

CHESTERFIELD YOGA STUDIO: Zoom class only or 7-day recordings are also available. 9:30 to 11am. £7.50 - £8.50. For details see Chesterfieldyogastudio.co.uk

LUNCH-TIME SERVICES: Central Methodist Church, Saltergate. 12:15 to 12:45pm. All welcome.

KEEP FIT CLASS FOR MATURE MOVERS: 2 to 3pm @ Holymoorside Village Hall. Combination of Sit & Stay Fit exercises, standing exercises, dance moves. Improve balance & strength. Friendly group. T: 07413 068092.

BOARD GAMES CLUB: For neurodiverse people 5:30 to 7pm. An accessible event. Fortnightly at Monkey Park Cafe, Chester St, S40 1DN monkeypark.org.uk

FITSTEPS: 6 to 8pm @The Parish Centre Stonegravels. T: Laura to book 07714 223722.

KFC (KIDS FRIDAY CLUB): For primary ages. Term time 6 to 7pm Walton Evangelical Church, Moorland View Road. T: 01246 231002. waltonchurch.org

ADULT BALLET CLASSES: All abilities welcome. 6:30 to 7:30pm @Hall on the Green, Ulverston Road, S41 8EQ. To book: sam@medleys.dance FRIDAY CLUB FOR TEENS: For teenagers in school years 7 to 9. 7:15 to 8:15pm at Walton Evangelical Church, Moorland View Road. For details T: 01246 231002. waltonchurch.org

REFUGEES FROM REALITY GROUP: 7:30 to 10:30pm @The Parish Centre Stonegravels. See refugeesfromreality.co.uk for more info.

THE CHESTERFIELD ART CLUB: 7:30 to 9:30pm - 2nd & 4th Fri. (not Aug or Dec). Whittington Moor Methodist Church Hall, Scarsdale Road S41 8 NA Worknights & demos. Visitors & new members welcome. T: Helen on 0785 0064478

CHESTERFIELD CO-OPERATIVE CHORAL SOCIETY: 7:30 to 9.30pm. chesterfieldchoir.com


BLOKE'S BACON BUTTY BREAKFAST: Last Saturday 9 to 11am @Holy Trinity Church, Newbold Road. Chat, catch up and banter over a mug of tea or coffee & a bacon butty. For info call Rex or Dave on 07717 224474.

QUEEN’S PARK DR BIKE: 1st Sat from March ’summer’ hours 9.30am until 1pm. Free bike repairs, adjustments and checks while you wait. FB: ChesterfieldDrBike or inclusivepedals.org.uk

BREATHWORK: 9:45 to 10:30am. Held in the cafe and is accessible but does sometimes take place upstairs; follow us on Facebook for up-todate information Monkey Park Cafe, Chester St, S40 1DN monkeypark.org.uk

TRANSITION CHESTERFIELD REPAIR CAFÉ: 3rd Sat. 10am to 12:30pm @ Chesterfield Baptist Church, Cross Street, S40 4ST. Drop-in sessions – all types of repairs, woodwork, sewing etc. Cafe. E: repairs@transitionchesterfield.org.uk

MONKEY PARK SEWING CLUB: 10:30am to 12:30pm. Upstairs in our Co-work Space Suggested donation £5 to include use of sewing machines. Fortnightly at Monkey Park Cafe, Chester St, S40 1DN monkeypark.org.uk

JUMBLE SALE: First Sat. Midday at Annunciation Church Spencer St. (Entrance Queen St.) Call 01246 232686 to confirm.

SATURDAY NIGHT WHIST: Walton Village Hall, Walton Back Lane, S42 7LT. Semi partner whist from 7 to 9:30 pm. £3 per session. Refreshments. All welcome. T: 01246 278778.


CARSINGTON WATER BIRDING FOR BEGINNERS: Free walks held on the first Sunday of the month. Booking advisable. Call 0330 678 0701.

ST JOHNS WALTON: SUNDAY SERVICES 9am & 10:45am. Info stjohnswalton.co.uk

CHESTERFIELD INSTITUTE OF ADVANCED MOTORISTS (IAMRoadSmart) 9:30am, Chesterfield Canal Hollingwood Hub S43 2PF Guidance sessions for IAM Associates, info & taster sessions. First Sun & following Sat. T: (Sec) 01246 488750.

PETER & ST PAUL OLD BRAMPTON CHURCH: Sunday Services 9:30am - everyone welcome. www.oldbramptonchurch.org.uk

HOLY COMMUNION / MORNING WORSHIP: 9:45am Loundsley Green Church, Pennine Way.

SUNDAY SERVICE: 10:30am at Storrs Road Methodist Church. More info can be found at dnemethodists.org.uk

HOLYMOORSIDE TENNIS CLUB: Social tennis. Sun 10am to midday, Tue 10am to midday & Thu 2 to 4pm. Pay & play £3 pp. or Membership £80 PA. Coaching available. Just turn up or email holymoorsidetennisclub@googlegroups.com

SUNDAY MORNING WORSHIP: Central Methodist Church, Saltergate at 10:30am. All welcome. For details: www.dnemethodists.org.uk

SUNDAY MORNING WORSHIP: 10:45am for regular morning worship. The Gospel Mission Congregational Church, Old Rd. Brampton.

FRIENDS OF SPITAL CEMETERY TOURS: 2nd Sun at 1pm from Spital Cemetery lodge at entrance at bottom of Hady Hill. Pre-book. Tours arranged at alternative times. Suggested donation £5. E: spitalcemeterytours@gmail.com

THE WAY: 1st Sunday. 3 to 4:30pm at Walton Evangelical Church, Moorland View Rd. A church based group for adults with additional needs & carers. Tea/coffee, biscuits, activities, and a warm welcome. T: 01246 231002 or waltonchurch.org

MESSY CHURCH FOR ALL THE FAMILY: 4 to 6pm. Last Sunday. The Parish Centre Stonegravels. To book call Jilly: 07746 668257. HOLYMOORSIDE RAINBOW WHIST: 2nd & 4th

Sunday Holymoorside Village Hall @7pm. Other times & venues. Call Sue: 01246 278778.


RAINBOWS & BROWNIES: Brownie's meetings on Mon, Tues, Wed and Thu (weekly). Guides and Rangers meet on Mon, Tue & Wed (weekly). See girlguiding.org.uk for details and to join up.

3RD BRAMPTON SCOUTS, CUBS, BEAVERS & SQUIRRELS: Mon Beavers (6 to 8 years), 5:30 to 6:30pm, Cubs (8 to 10.5), 5:30 to 6:30pm. Fri Squirrels (4 to 6), 5:15 to 6pm, Beavers (6 to 8), 5:30 to 6:30pm, Cubs (8 to 10.5), 6 to 7pm and Scouts (10.5 to 14), 7:30 to 9pm. For both boys & Girls. St Thomas’ Centre. T: 01246 567409.

AURORA A CAPPELLA: (Home of Harmony) is a female A Cappella choir. Come and join us! Experience & ability to read music is not necessary. T: 07810 892978, e: aurora. chesterfield@gmail.com or aurora-chorus.org.uk

HAVE YOUR SAY CHESTERFIELD COMMUNITY GROUP: For residents of Abercrombie/Chesterfield Conservation Area & Stonegravels. To be kept up to date E: HYSchesterfieldcommunity@ protonmail.com ot call T: 07471 420352.

PARISH CENTRE STONEGRAVELS: Chesterfield venue with varied events taking place throughout week. T: 01246 209433 or see parishcentrestonegravels.co.uk

'Regular Events' events in S40 Local and S41 Local are delivered free to 14,500 homes.

If you have an event to list, please just drop an email to Paul: paul@s40local.co.uk

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£49 Page 48 www.chesterfieldlocal.com
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Garden Tips

June's Tips...

For a sustainable garden

Words & Images: Transition Chesterfield, Inspire Community Garden & Amy Truscott

An incredibly wet, but mainly mild winter, is finally behind us and there have been huge spurts of growth when the sun has come out. There’s stacks to do!

1. Weeds are successful because they grow and set seed quickly, so hoe them out of beds or pick out with a trowel if not possible, but keep them in check.

2. If you have fruit trees, you can improve the size of individual fruit by thinning out the buds. Quite a lot will fall anyway, but for eating apples aim for 1 bud per cluster, with about 15cm (6”) between clusters, and for cookers about 20cm (8”). Pears can be two buds per cluster, again about 15cm apart, and plums should be 8cm (about 3”) apart.

3. ‘No Mow May’, where people are encouraged to let their lawns grow longer to help nature may be over, but you can still encourage pollinators and the growth of wildflowers by leaving some patches of grass unmown. Consider leaving a grassy strip along hedgerows and fences or leave it all but just mow a strip round the edge of the lawn to neaten it off.

4. Once roses start flowering, they will need regular dead-heading to produce a succession of flowers.

5. Soft fruits – mainly gooseberries and currants – should be pruned now, as well as any spring-flowering shrubs.

6. At the time of writing we hadn’t had frost since February, so any tender plants that have been germinated indoors or under cover can be planted out. Lots of vegetable seeds can now be sown directly into the ground, to produce a succession of crops.

7. Stake plants that have a tendency to flop over, especially those with big flower heads. Ideally, the stakes should be about 20cm (8”) shorter than the eventual height of the plant, so they’re completely hidden.

8. Keep an eye on anything growing in containers, to make sure they don’t dry out. Don’t rely on rain to provide the water, and remember that in a days clear sunshine plants transpire lots of water, so drying out the soil. It’s much harder to re-wet containers once they’ve dried out, as the water runs straight through.

9. Some early salads and herbs should be ready for picking; keep sowing them for regular harvesting.

10. Houseplants should be moved away from anywhere where they will get direct sun, and will need regular watering and feeding.

If you’d like some inspiration or advice come along to Inspire Community Garden’s Open Day on Sunday 9 June 11am to 2:30pm transitionchesterfield.org.uk/inspire

Page 50 www.chesterfieldlocal.com
Walton Landscapes Full Landscaping • Drives • Patios • Fencing • Turfing • Gates Garden Design Service Available Contact Dave Trickett on 07800 575220 or 01246 233811 Walton Landscapes • Walton Road • Chesterfield www.waltonlandscapes.weebly.com Established 45 Years • uPVC Windows/Doors • Fully Insured • References • Free Quotations • 30+ Years Experience • All Work Guaranteed • Renovations • Brickwork • Fully Insured • References on Request • Free Quotations • Insurance Work • Structural Work • Plans Drawn • Roofing • New Builds • Stone Work • Extensions S D Hodgson Builders 07444 124285 07387 003805 Brampton · Chesterfield S D Hodgson Builders | Stone Specialist Page 51 Please Mention S40 Local Magazine

Garden Bench: £75

Sturdy and in excellent condition other than sun bleached. Stored indoors over winter. T: 01246 273462

Per Una Red Coat: £15

Full length, single breasted, side pockets and back vent. Size 14. Only worn a few times. T: 01246 568911

Free: VCR

To good home immaculate working Grundig VCR. Smoke free home. T: 0788 386899 (Brampton)

Brother Typewriter: £Offers

Open to offers immaculate working condition typewriter.

T: 0788 3868990 (Brampton)

Portable Heater: £8

Halogen portable electric heater, 3 bar settings, 400 800 & 1200 watts. Rotates. Good cond. Hardly used.

T: 07833 515909 (Walton)

Small Green Chair: £5

Fishing or garden etc, cup holder & pocket T: 07833 515909 (walton)

Wilson Golf Clubs: £200

Proforce V2 driver (with cover), Deep Red 5 metal (with cover) and irons 3 to 9, pitching and sand wedges - all carbon shafted and in excl cond.

Also unused Mizuno driving iron (with cover), Slotline putter (with cover), bag, trolley, various ball markers, tee pegs, divot repairers, screw in studs, two new gloves and 42 balls (1/2 unused and 1/2 in VGC).

T: 07867 385602 (Walton)

Gents Evening Suit: £40

Black medium - 38/40" Excl cond. T: 01246 238903

Gents Overcoat: £40

Dark grey medium - 38/40" Excl cond. T: 01246 238903

Natural Stone: £20

Dismantled natural stone from a large fireplace surround. Various sizes. Buyer collects. T: 0746 9397490

Octagonal Patio Table: £20

Needs some TLC. Solid wood. T: 0736 8894181

Ladies/Girls Cycle: £15

Raleigh Monsoon 26" wheels, 15 gears. Good condition.

T: 07757 308687 (Loundsley Green)

Tefal Air Fryer: £25

VGC. Boxed, ideal for 2 people reason for sale - upgraded to a bigger one. T: 0736 8894181

Disklok Steering Lock: £60 ono

Small wheel 35-38.9 cm plus carrying case. Fits most small to medium size vehicles, including SUV. T: 01246 220417 (Ashgate)

Waterford Cut Glass Centrepiece Bowl: £Offers

In original packaging. No sensible offers refused. T: 0793 2402645

Two Royal Stuart Cut Glass

Brandy Glasses" £Offers

In original packaging. No sensible offers refused. T: 0793 2402645

Classic Hi-fi System: £Offers

NAD 7155 Stereo Receiver; Cambridge Audio Azur CD Player; Pure Digital DRX-701ES DAB Receiver; A pair of B&W DM330 Speakers; Sennheiser RS140 Headphones; Bose Around-Ear Headphones. Would prefer to sell as a job lot. No sensible offer refused, call for details. T: 0793 2402645

Dog Travel Crate: £20

Black; ultra-strong. For medium/large dogs. 92cm x 58cm, 63cm high. 2 doors. T: 01246 906820 (Walton)

Various: Campingaz Camp 'Bistro' Stove, 1 burner, 2200-watt capacity, 35cm x 28cm, incl carry case.

Brand new unopened £15; Electric Cube Flower Pet Drinking Fountain with mat 2.5L, Brand new in box, instructions £10; BareMinerals

Complexion Rescue Tinted Hydrating Gel Cream, Buttercream 03, 35ml still sealed, no box £7; BareMinerals Full Size Smoothing Face Brush, brand new, sealed £14; Russell Hobbs Supreme Steam Iron 2400W VGC £7; Monsoon Sheer Beach Cover Up Cruise Holiday Size L, stunning, Back length 36", underarm to underarm 22", Dark turquoise/black/coral BNWOT £12

T: 07967 018145 (Loundsley Green)

Ikea Bed Settee: £40

4'6 with mattress hardly used. T: 07948 384568 (Walton)

Double Bed: £60

Benson Beds Hip Hop Double Bed Frame. Light oak VGC.

T: 07948 384568 (Walton)

Benson Beds Mattress: £20

Back care double mattress vgc.

T: 07948 384568 (Walton)

Dunelm Bromley Sideboard: £40

Light oak. 2 drawer 2 cupboards

VGC. H80cm W90cm D33cm

T:07948 384568 (Walton)

Ikea Lidhult 2 Seater Settee: £75

Fabric cover red. VGC. T: 07948 384568 (Walton)

Ikea Ekedalen Dining Table: £40

Extendable dining table. Light oak VGC. W70cm L80cm/120cm extended. T: 07948 384568 (Walton)

Ikea Ekedalen Dining Chairs: £10 £10 each. Light oak, grey seat cover. VGC. T: 07948 384568 (Walton)

Cane Conservatory Furniture Set With Cushions: £75

2 seater settee, 2 armchairs, footstool & 2 coffee tables with glass tops. Good cond. Beige pattern cushions. T: 07948 384568 (Walton)

Rare 8000 Piece Jigsaw: £50

Perfect for the collector. Heye/Marino Degano. "2000 Years" - produced for the Millennium. Contents sealed inside original bags.

T: 01246 906820 (Walton)

First 50 years of CAMRA Good Beer Guides: £50

Track the fortunes of the wellregarded Flat Beer Club! Few " a little tired" T: 01246 906820 (Walton)

Original Mike Groves Paintings: £20 each (4 for £60)

Respected local artist. In matching light-wood frames: Litton (Tideswell), Alstonefield (near Dovedale), Sheldon and Walton Dam T: 01246 906820 (Walton)

Microwave oven: £40

Panasonic Microwave Oven NNE28JB, 800W, black, 800W power, 5 power settings, 9 Auto. Good cond. T: 07811 490743 (Walton)

Dining Table & Four Chairs: £90

Oval extendable dining table in Mahogany. 1420mm by 940mm (1800mm by 940mm extended) 4 matching chairs with beige fabric seats. T: 01246 930722

Page 52 www.chesterfieldlocal.com Classifieds Adverts for items (and groups of items) under £200 are free. Adverts for items and groups of items over £200 are £5 which we donate to Ashgate Hospice. To include a small picture, this is also a £5 donation. E: paul@s40local.co.uk T: 07764 801080
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www.chesterfieldpetcrem.com T: 01246 914 111 Out of hours: 07817 468948 Chesterfield Pet Crematorium Units 2E & F, Church View Clay Cross, Chesterfield S45 9HA We know how di cult it is to say goodbye to your beloved pet, especially if they have been part of your family for a long time. We are dedicated to providing a personalised and caring service to all pets, big and small. Plus we only o er certi ed individual cremations to ensure you can mark their passing with the appropriate level of dignity and respect. Contact Philip for a no obligation quote 07836 689152 enquiries@newboldbedrooms.co.uk Unit 5 • Dock walk Boythorpe • Chester eld newboldbedrooms.co.uk Newbold bedrooms New life for old bedrooms! 114 REFLECTIONS 114 November 2018 THE DIRECTORY REFLECTIONS NOV 18.indb 114 Page 55 Please Mention S40 Local Magazine

Fancy £20 just for filling in our crossword?

For your chance to win, send in your completed crossword to reach us by Friday 21 June 2024 to S40 Local, Studio 2, West Studios, Sheffield Road, Chesterfield S41 7LL or take a photo/scan it to paul@s40local.co.uk


1. Batman cloak, i.e. the man who wore it (7,6)

8. I leave Sheila to control dog (5)

9. Fastens and crumples (7)

10. Man sold a liner overlooking Trafalgar Square (7,6)

15. Importance of extra duty on price supplement (5,5,3)

19. Music from toll on singers (7,6)

25. Tins are more unpleasant. (7)

26. Possessed point in debt (5)

27. London railway station and rebuilt football ground (5,4,4)


1. Island of dismal tax opportunities (5)

2. Attract something magical on the wrist (5)

3. Actress Jane and Israeli tribe (5)

4. Trademark and heraldic marking (5)

5. Eliminate waste from former Mediterranean island (7)

6. A night of intemperance if you are on them (5)

7. Hebrew calendar month (5)

11. Constellation near Cepheus and Ursa Major (5)

12. The debt that is due (1,1,1)

13. Ottoman official found in the kitchen (3)

14. Speak for a ten second period (5)

16. Building constructed if ice allows (7)

17. Messrs. Lynam and O'Connor (3)

18. Two in Italy (3)

19. Undertake a newer version (5)

20. English political scientist 1893-1950 (5)

21. Italian lake on which Sirmione stands (5)

22. Tutor finds a fish (5)

23. Martial arts exponent (5)

24. Plant in County Durham attached to field (5)

Congratulations to Toni who picks up the £20 prize for the last editions crossword.

Name: Tel: Address: Email: Info will only be used for contacting the winner, and will not be passed on, etc.
S H O W J U M P E R S H R O A M A S S O C E A N S B R A D C S G A A H A T I A H Y P O C A U S T A N U H T K N O W L E D G E A B L E O U U E R V O U S S O I R S N I B I S H T D R C D E E P G O D I V A H E A L S P G I W I T H E R S P O O N 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 Page 56 Crossword
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The Jewel in Derbyshire's Crown

A history of Cricket at Queen's Park

Words & Images: Friends of Queen's Park Cricket

Local author, David Griffin has written the definitive book about cricket played in Queen’s Park, Chesterfield.

Harold ‘Dickie’ Bird was umpiring when Derbyshire played the Indians’ touring side at Queen’s Park, Chesterfield in 1990. He later recalled: “I was stood at square leg and Sachin Tendulkar said to me: "Have you ever seen anything nicer?" The flowers were in full bloom, the trees were marvellous, and we looked through to see the crooked spire. It was beautiful.”

Some of the finest players in the history of the game have played cricket in the delightful setting of Queen’s Park, Chesterfield, while many recreational cricketers have also walked in their footsteps on the same, hallowed turf.

To celebrate the wonderful cricketing history of this famous ground, The Friends of Queen’s Park Cricket commissioned this book to provide a comprehensive and definitive account of cricket, and much more, in the Park over the past 125 years.

Fully illustrated and containing detailed reports on a host of memorable matches, there are recollections from such cricketing luminaries as Michael Holding, Geoff Boycott, Bob Taylor, Mohammad Azharuddin, Kim Barnett, Peter Kirsten, John Wright and many more.

Here is an extract from the book where Geoffrey Boycott recounts his discussion with Brian Clough at Queen’s Park.

"I also recall my friend Brian Clough coming to see me play against Derbyshire at Chesterfield in 1973. It was a glorious sunny day, perfect for batting and I was looking forward to the game. Alan Ward, who was fast, bowled this short ball and I hit it like a rocket out of the middle straight to Brian Bolus fielding at midwicket. I was mortified. On a perfect day for batting, I was out for four. I saw Brian (Clough) later and told him how disappointed I was. He replied: 'Look, I’ve been sat on the balcony with your players and they’re wondering if they’ll ever score one century. But even though you failed today, you’ll get a hundred next week, or the week after, because you’re that

good.' Cloughie’s words made me feel ten feet tall and it made me realise what qualities he had as a manager."

David Griffin also reports on the visits of the legendary W G Grace to Queen’s Park.

"In 1901 WG Grace made the first of two appearances at Chesterfield, both of which were for London County. Grace, along with Colin Cowdrey, Don Bradman and Ranjitsinhji, never scored a century against Derbyshire, and in a rainshortened drawn match the great man was run out for nought in his only innings and took one wicket. Grace only faced a single delivery as Bill Storer took five for 20 after rain had ruled out any play on the scheduled opening day.

"Despite the rain, a reasonable crowd had gathered in anticipation of seeing Grace, and Derbyshire’s star Charles Ollivierre, with The Sheffield Evening Telegraph reporting that'… there were between 500 and 600 people present…' as '…spectators had the opportunity of watching Dr WG Grace and CA Ollivierre practising. Neither had any difficulty in securing amateur bowlers and fielders…'"

Among those happy to wax lyrical about Queen’s Park was Yorkshire’s Joe Root, one of England’s finest cricketers and a veteran of over 100 Test matches. He said: “I think Queen’s Park is a great place for cricket. I’ve plenty of good memories playing for Yorkshire. It’s got a great history of staging county cricket and it’s such a good place for youngsters to watch the game. It’s also great for us at Yorkshire because Chesterfield’s close proximity to South Yorkshire means we always get really good support.”

Friends of Queen’s Park Cricket is a Charitable Incorporated Organisation whose aims are to be a Voice for Cricket in Queen’s Park, promote participation in cricket at all levels and to promote the history and legacy of cricket in Queen’s Park. Author, David Griffin saw his first Derbyshire game at his home town ground, Ilkeston in August 1974, and has been a member of the club ever since. A former soldier, and retired police officer, he served on the Derbyshire County Cricket Club committee and board between 1999 and 2014 and has been the club’s official photographer for almost 20 years. You can order a copy of the book for £19.99 (plus £5 p&p)by contacting Friends of Queen’ Park Cricket by email as below.

E: friendsqpcricket@outlook.com

And don't forget the 2024 BRM Festival of Cricket runs from June 30 to 7 July 2024.

Page 58 www.chesterfieldlocal.com Books

The Friends of Queen's Park have kindly donated a copy of the new book to give away to one of our readers. If you'd like a copy:

• Email QUEENSPARKCRICKET to paul@s40local. co.uk

• Text QUEENSPARKCRICKET to 07764 801080

• Complete the form below, and send to: QUEEN'S PARK CRICKET Giveaway S40 Local, West Studios S2, Sheffield Road, Chesterfield S41 7LL.

Please get your details or forms to arrive with us by close of play Friday 26 July 2024.

Name: Tel:



Info will only be used for contacting the winner, and will not be passed on, etc.
Page 59 Please Mention S40 Local Magazine GIVE AWAY
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The National League Years Book

Words & Images: Michael South

Hello my fellow “League Two” Spireites! Fancy a photographic book with all the facts and figures in it called “Chesterfield FC - The National League Years (2018-24)” all for £19.99?

“What's in it?!” I hear you say. Well apart from the stats we remember the years from the relegation to the promotion, including; The Community Trust takeover. All the home games in the Covid season. Managers coming and going. We touch upon the passing of Ernie Moss, Jordan Sinnott and John Duncan. The return of Paul Cook and of course the promotion! All documented with around 500 photographs. All that including a foreword by Jamie Grimes AND an introduction by Ollie Banks. Why buy the book?

• First Edition limited to 204 copies (the amount of league points and goals in the 23/24 season)

• A donation from each sale goes direct to the Ernie Moss memorial fund

• Each book Individually numbered

• Free exclusive 6x4" photo of Paul Cook and Jamie Grimes with the National League trophy.

• Free UK Delivery

Back Cover Synopsis

On the 1 May 2018, Chesterfield FC goalkeeper Aaron Ramsdale was the last player to kick a football at home, in the Football League. 2153 days later the Spireites sealed their National League promotion back to the football league, after a 3-0 win against Boreham Wood on home turf. David Garratt (Legends of the Spire Podcast & Fanzine) and Michael South (Michael South Photography) guide you through the unofficial account of the ups and downs of the last six seasons with photographs from home matches and quotes from the players. Including previously unpublished photographs of Paul Cook and that fantastic title clinching game which saw the Spireites lift the National League trophy. Relive the goals, the celebrations and the players parading the trophy in front of a sell-out home crowd. You can order the book by visiting the website below of scan the QR code on the opposite page... or you could enter our giveaway! bit.ly/CFCyearbook

Page 62 www.chesterfieldlocal.com Books Wedding photography T: 07807 042655 E: michaelsouthphotography@yahoo.com @MichaelSouthPhotography

Michael South has kindly donated a copy of the new book to give away to one of our readers. If you'd like a copy:

• Email LEAGUE TWO to paul@s40local.co.uk

• Text LEAGUE TWO to 07764 801080

• Complete the form below, and send to: CFC LEAGUE TWO Giveaway S40 Local West Studios S2 Sheffield Road, Chesterfield S41 7LL.

Please get your details or forms to arrive with us by close of play Friday 26 July 2024.

Info will only be used for contacting the winner, and will not be passed on, etc. LEAGUE TWO
Name: Tel:
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Father's Day!

Sunday 16 June

Fancy saying a little thanks to dad, father, daddy, papa, sir or whatever you call him?

I've taken a browse through this edition looking for gifts that he might like. I've surprised myself and picked out 14 local businesses where you can buy a gift and there is no need to worry if the courier will get it to you on time, you can go and pick it up yourself!

Pick out something he'll like, go fetch it and enjoy the warm glow on Sunday 16 you'll get knowing that Father is happy, and that you've done a great job in supporting a local business.

Enjoy your time with Father... many of these suggestions will need you to accompany him, so you'll get to enjoy the treat as well!

Brampton Brewery - a choice of a trip to the pub; The Rose & Crown, The Tramway, The Glass House or The Bierhaus plus off sales at the Beer Cellar in Chatsworth Business Park. Brill Burger - just brilliant burgers over at the Batch House, be sure to use the S40 Local discount (see their advert). Brampton Laundry Services - 'What?' I hear you cry, you could book a service wash for all his work shirts perhaps! Autoselect Cars - OK so one for the more wealthy S40 Local reader but perhaps there's the ideal car in stock over on Pottery Lane for him? You could just take him down to browse. Or if his present pride and joy is in need of some dents removing, book in at Chips Away; and not forgetting iTrack - get his car protected with a tracking device.

Tickled Trout - book a table and treat him to a fab meal with a local beer; Street Spirit on Steeplegate - over a thousand bottles including a huge range of whisky, rum, gin, beer and so much more; Highfield House Farm - an ideal breakfast location on the day, I'll say no more! Then we have a few events you could attend with him, the Brampton Mile Pub Crawl, Eckington Classic Car Show or the Queen's Park Cricket Festival plus a whole list of events in our What's On pages.

Last up, a selection of local books featured in this edition, the history of the Aquarius nightclub, a History of Cricket at Queen's Park and not forgetting Michael South's 'The National League Years Book' looking at Chesterfield FC's years from 2018 to 2024.

All these business, events and books feature in this month's edition so please check them out, and if you need a card, pop into Libby's and perhaps a coffee whilst you're there?

Happy Father's Day everyone.

Page 66 www.chesterfieldlocal.com Parting Shot
49-53 Chatsworth Road Chesterfield, S40 2AL 01246 271727
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Info@1stclasskitchens.co.uk www.1stclasskitchens.co.uk

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No excess or call out charge with any of our plans. permonth*2

FromPowerFlush £595
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annual boiler service unlimited parts
labour on central heating system hot water, cold water
pipework Book your free boiler service today call 01246 200990 290a Chatsworth Road • Chesterfield S40 2BY www.blueflameheatplan.co.uk 193202 Join Our Team! We are seeking qualified Gas Safe Engineers to work with us. Please contact us on the number above if you are interested in being part of one of the fastest growing businesses in the area?
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