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Ngaio Marsh Retirement Village • Winter edition 2018

Catch of the day! Resident Ernie Sellinger celebrates his fantastic catch at Lake Woodley

Weka Pass train trip

Meet Jim Calder

Divine dining

Greetings from Anna... Hello and welcome to the winter edition of Ngaio Notations. Over the last few months we’ve held a number of wonderful events and have some exciting events planned, including a visit from the Westpac Helicopter Rescue team. Recently, a group of Ngaio residents went fishing at the Isaac Wildlife Habitat Trust. They had an amazing day out there and great stories were told upon their return to the village. We also dined on their catch of the day! Congratulations to our gardening team who have won a merit award in the recent summer competitions. The team have finished the winter planting and we can’t wait to see how the gardens turn out.

We sadly said goodbye to our village gardener Cameron, as he embarked on his O.E. and welcomed Alex into the role. In other news, we continue to update areas of the village and you will notice new speed bumps have been installed together with new signage. I love catching up with you, your families and friends, so if you have a moment feel free to come and see me. Kind regards,

Anna Thomson Village Manager

Embroidery group delight Recently we welcomed Fay Richards, Shona Reynolds and their embroidery group to the village to see their beautiful work. Resident Alison Chaffey also shared her band sampler (pictured) telling the story of life on a Canterbury farm over three generations. If you have a special interest group that you would like to bring to the village please don’t hesitate to contact us. Marie

Anna Thomson Village Manager Ph: 03 352 5140 Call Anna for general enquiries, or information about resthome and hospital care.

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Marie Kyle-Stevenson Ph: 03 354 6608 Talk to Marie for more information about independent townhouses or serviced apartments.

Salmon success! A group of serviced apartment and resthome residents recently had the opportunity to go fishing at the Isaac Wildlife Habitat Trust formerly known as Peacock Springs. For many it was the first chance they’d had to go fishing in a long time. Once Trish Stothers got a fishing rod in her hands again there was no stopping her as she hauled in a record of eight salmon. Everyone had a really enjoyable time and managed to catch at least one salmon each. To top this wonderful day off they all brought their salmon home and our head chef Api filleted and cooked it up for them to devour! Main picture: Residents loved the day out. Inset: Trish Stothers with one of her catches. Right: Rob Rowley was pleased with his catch.

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It’s got to be

good enough for mum In May 2018 Kevin Hickman announced he was standing down from the board of Ryman, ending 34 years of service at the company. There is no doubt that Ryman Healthcare would not be the company it is today without Kevin, and everyone at Ryman wishes him all the best with his retirement. The Ryman story began back in 1983, when Kevin was a former policeman turned private detective. He was asked to investigate a resthome fire in Christchurch, and he did not like what he saw. “The fire was in an old villa and there were four people to a room all with shared toilets,’’ Kevin recalls. “To me it was crazy, the standards were so poor. But that’s how resthomes were in those days.’’ Kevin would never dream of putting his mother into a place like that if she needed to go into care. “I thought, what would I want for mum?” And so, Ryman’s philosophy that care has to be “good enough for mum” was born. Kevin teamed up with John Ryder, an accountant, and together they made a dynamic pair. Ryman – a combination of Ryder and Hickman – Healthcare was registered and they bought their first property to convert into a resthome in 1984.

“I thought, what would I want for mum?” As well as providing care that was better than anywhere else, the company had to be sustainable, with its systems constantly refined and improved upon. The size of the villages and the facilities offered may have changed over the past 30 years, but Ryman’s core philosophy remains the same. Care is still at the heart of what we do. And it’s got to be good enough for mum. Or dad!

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Italian meatballs Meatballs 500g Mince beef 1 Onion diced 2 tbsp Fresh thyme 1/2 cup Parmesan cheese

1 Egg 1/2 cup Breadcrumbs Salt & Pepper

A note from our chef,

Sugo sauce 1/2 Onion, diced 1tbsp Garlic 1 tbsp Basil, chopped 1/4 cup Red wine

400g Tinned crushed tomatoes 1 Bay leaf 500ml Beef stock

Method • Preheat the oven to 180 degrees. • Combine all the meatball ingredients with the beef mince and mix well, then roll them into golf ball size portions. • Fry all the meat balls in a semi deep fry pan to seal the meat, and place them onto a baking tray. • Use the same deep fry pan to sauté the onion, garlic, basil and bay leaf, then deglaze with red wine and add the crushed tomatoes and beef stock. • Once the sauce starts bubbling, pour over the meatball tray. • Cover with baking paper and foil and cook for 2 hours. • Serve hot on a bed of mashed potatoes. • Serves 4-5.

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Lawrence Slow cooked Italian meatballs is a resident favourite at our Weary Dunlop Retirement Village. It’s a hearty dish that blends well with our new Harvest menus, and residents love the texture and flavour. Furthermore, it’s a healthy option and is easy to prepare. You simply combine the ingredients and let the oven do the cooking – leaving more time to spend with your loved ones. Chef Lawrence with resident Enid McCauley

Resident Profile

Meet Jim

Great Depression, I landed my first job at the New Zealand Farmers Co-op as an office boy. During WWII, I served six and a half years in the Royal New Zealand Navy. I served in the pacific, north of the equator, on the Australian west coast and around the United Kingdom. As I had no formal vocation upon my discharge, I worked as an electrical apprentice and in 1951 joined the New Zealand Post Office as a registered electrician and ultimately advanced to an engineer in the NZPO/Telecom. I married my wife, Shirley, in 1946 and together we raised our children; Barbara and Raymond. In 1986, when the government decided to split up NZPO, I was appointed to the establishment board of Telecom and retired from NZPO; when it was constituted as a state-owned enterprise, I was on the main board until it was sold.

I have lived a very quiet life and didn’t take up any extra interests as my job and home life were my top priority. Hello, my name is Jim Calder. I was born in 1922. I lived with my parents and two siblings in Addington on the other side of the tracks. I went to West Christchurch District School and then to Christchurch Technical School. During the

I have lived a very quiet life and didn’t take up any extra interests as my job and home life were my top priority. I also travelled a lot with my job and looked after the staff’s wellbeing. Shirley very sadly passed away in 2001. I sold up in 2015 and joined the community at Ngaio Marsh Village. I am now settled and very happy.

St Patrick’s Day Ngaio Marsh residents had a lovely week full of celebrations to commemorate St Patrick’s Day. Irish dancers from O’Neill School of Irish Dance visited our village to perform a traditional Irish Dance. Our residents had a wonderful time watching the performance together with their families.

In addition to this, we also had guests from the Christchurch Folk Music Club play a fantastic set of traditional Irish music. What a great way to mark the day. Pictured: The crowd loved the performance.

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A bowling challenge

Divine dining

A team of enthusiastic men from Ngaio Marsh went to Rangiora for an outdoor bowling competition with a team from our sister village, Charles Upham. It was a beautiful day, sunny with a bit of breeze. The competition was tough, and the home team ended up winning that game. However, our players have challenged them to another tournament to be held at Ngaio Marsh next time!

Every six weeks the independent and serviced apartment residents get together and enjoy a fancy three course meal with a glass of wine, beer or juice here at the village. Recently residents enjoyed a fantastic Easter themed dinner and they certainly enjoyed it as they didn’t stop chattering and laughing!

Pictured: The bowlers had a great time getting to know each other at the competition.

Pictured: Mary Johnson, Jim Calder, Lesley Chambers, Daphne Jenkins and Helen Walker.

Staff Profile

Introducing Prachi

I dived head first into New Zealand’s healthcare system soon after graduation.

Hello, my name is Prachi Didmishe. I’m a diversional therapist and currently working as the activities coordinator at Ngaio Marsh village. Previously, I was in charge of a team of support people working with intellectually and physically disabled young adults in the West Auckland region. My background is in biochemistry but I’ve volunteered with the Salvation Army since I was 16. I studied ophthalmology at the University of Auckland.

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However, I missed working with people and decided to study health management as well. I dived head first into New Zealand’s healthcare system soon after graduation. I moved to Christchurch and joined Ngaio Marsh in July 2017. My job as the activities coordinator involves providing our residents with different types of stimuli in order to maintain and enhance their quality of life. There’s much to learn from the residents, and suffice to say; I love it here.

Weka Pass train trip On a lovely summers day, we boarded the Weka Pass train and departed from Waipara Station. We stopped at Waikari to enjoy a lovely picnic lunch and some residents got off the train and had a look around. To put the icing on the metaphorical cake – we stopped in Amberley to enjoy a nice cold ice cream on the way home!

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Midwinter celebration

Footsteps pre-school presentation




Main photo: Our residents couldn’t have asked for a better day out. Inset: Residents Danny Morel and John Ferguson enjoyed looking at the scenery.

05 50’s UP band concert

10 Mountain climbing presentation

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