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VOLUME 89 NUMBER 39 • OCTOBER 12, 2018-OCTOBER 18, 2018

Bay Ridge turned out to celebrate the season at annual NBG Harvest Festival.

ebrooklyn media/Photo by Arthur de Gaeta

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2• BROOKLYN SPECTATOR • Week of October 12 - October 18, 2018

No Debate: Golden-McMahon Stand-Off Comes to Fore at Ridge Forum BY MEAGHAN MCGOLDRICK MMCGOLDRICK@ BROOKLYNREPORTER.COM


wo hundred and eighteen days after she first began asking, Bay Ridge resident Mallory McMahon finally got her face-to-face with state Sen. Marty Golden — sort of. McMahon – a lifelong Ridgeite and active member of Fight Back Bay Ridge, a grassroots politico group which just weeks ago registered as an independent expenditure committee but denies being aligned with any one political official – initially asked to meet with the senator after phoning his office in February, as first reported by this paper, to ask about a flyer being circulated by the Alliance for Quality Education (AQE). The literature, which FBBR helped distribute, blasted the longtime pol for “blocking funding” owed to New York City public schools as a result of the 12-year-old Campaign for Fiscal Equity (CFE) settlement and urged constituents to call Golden and “demand that he prioritize our children’s education.” McMahon, a teacher hoping for answers, picked up the phone. She was promptly referred to the pol’s Albany office, at which point, McMahon told this paper in February – and again nearly seven months later, she was given the runaround. That back-and-forth continued for more than 200

days – McMahon claiming to have given Golden’s office a constant flow of flexible dates when she could meet with Golden, and his office repeatedly promising to get back to her. However, McMahon said, she could never confirm the dodging – until a Weds., Oct. 3 debate, sponsored by the Bay Ridge Inter-Agency Council on Aging and held at the Fort Hamilton Senior Citizens Center, 9941 Fort Hamilton Parkway. “Mallory, I’m too busy for or you,” Golden told McMahon at the forum. He also called McMahon a “Democrattic operative,” ,” a title that, she claims claims, only creates the political divide the senator is pointing to. “I went to the debate because I wanted to hear everybody – I wasn’t just there for Marty,” McMahon told this paper, noting also that she expected a panel format, and was surprised to see the debates divided into one-on-ones. “When I submitted my question, it was for all candidates, but since I noted that I wanted to hear from Marty specifically, it was funneled to the Senate debate.” She wanted to know the candidates’ commitments regarding meeting with constituents. “I expected that he would

ebrooklyn media/Photos by Arthur de Gaeta

Mallory McMahon (inset) asked for answers at an Oct. 3 debate between Andrew Gounardes and state Sen. Marty Golden. blow some hot air and ccontinue to tell me what they’ve been telling me for two thirds of a year now – to call his scheduler,” said McMahon. “I also half expected him to say he didn’t know about my efforts, that he would say something to the effect of, ‘I’m sorry, I’m on the campaign trail’ and that he’d delay me through November. “Instead, he acknowledged that his office has given me the runaround,” McMahon said. “He thinks I’ve been trying to destroy his campaign when, in reality, I asked for this meeting in February before there even was a campaign.” Fight Back Bay Ridge has butted heads with Golden and his office before. The group distributed stopsign shaped fans and yellow tote bags filled with literature detailing Golden’s voting and driving record at this year’s Third Avenue Summer Strolls, while the pol’s staff handed out nearly the same color yellow balloons with his name on them. The square-off prompted the pol’s re-election rep to pen a letter urging the New York State Board of Elections to investigate the grassroots group, which, Golden’s campaign claimed, had, at that time, failed to register as an independent expenditure committee despite raising funds to unseat the longtime pol. Fight Back Bay Ridge

fought back in return, its attorney, Bay Ridge resident Eugene Strupinsky, that same week sending the pol’s office a cease-and-desist letter demanding that Golden’s staffers stop “discouraging and criminalizing” the group’s First Amendment rights to free speech. Still,McMahon – a Bay Ridge native who took Irish step dancing lessons from Golden’s brother as a child, participated in many a Ragamuffin Parade and has lived in the ‘hood for all but one year of her life – noted that Golden is the only pol on both sides of the aisle that she hasn’t been able to meet with. “I’ve met with [Councilmember] Justin Brannan two times, once when his campaign was starting up and a second time after he won his primary because I had some concerns with the way he was going about some things,” she said, stressing that Brannan “probably wasn’t too excited to meet with me, but he met with me.” The same can be said for Congressmember Dan Donovan – with whom, McMahon admits, she may never agree with politically, but who ultimately treated her “like a human being.” “To Donovan’s credit, I don’t agree with him on much, but he met my now-husband and me, he was polite and we even had a couple of minutes where we all laughed,” she said.

“We didn’t come out of that McMahon said. “That’s meeting agreeing with the reason I asked for this each other, but I left feeling meeting.” heard.” Still, Golden maintained In the sit-down she hoped at the Wednesday debate that McMahon’s “agenda” to have with Golden, “I just was what was standing in wanted to talk about educational funding,” McMahon the way of their meeting. said, noting also that it was “If you don’t represent one one of Golden’s staffers who of your constituents, you suggested she meet with don’t represent any of them,” the senator, as they couldn’t she maintained, adding that help her. “Golden could’ve she still hopes to meet with met with me and we prob- the senator one day, though ably would’ve continued to she believes an apology disagree on discretionary would first be in order. funding but I would have “I reached out with an olive branch and he lit the felt heard, and no one would olive branch on fire,” Mcbe calling me from the press Mahon said. “My question right now.” As recently as August, is now, is he burning down McMahon said, she was his office along with it?” still being told to stay tuned Golden’s campaign conby Golden’s staff. “I have tends, however, that McMaspent two thirds of a year hon is overtly partisan and reaching out to person after her efforts to speak with person, all of whom have Golden were a part of that. told me yes,” she said, “and “Since being forced to file Golden himself on Wednes- with the Board of Elections day, in front of a room of 70 as a Political Action Compeople, finally told me no. mittee, Ms. McMahon and “It’s not just about the fact the group she founded, Fight that he refuses to meet with Back Bay Ridge, had to make me anymore,” she contend- formal what was long obvied. “It’s about the fact that ous: they are a campaign he didn’t have the nerve to effort against Senator Goldsay to my face in February, en,” said Golden Campaign ‘Mallory, I’m not going to Spokesperson Michael Tobmeet with you; we’re never man. “This is not a political going to agree on anything.’” party issue and not even Golden alluded Wednes- about candidates. day to it coming down to “Marty recently met with McMahon’s political posi- a community resident who tion. “He keeps saying he hosted a fundraiser for Mr. doesn’t have time for my Gounardes, and of course partisan issues, when edu- regularly works with organizations that have polcational funding is probably icy and political priorities the least partisan thing we could’ve talked about,” she different than his,” he went told this paper. “I wasn’t on. “This is about how Ms. coming to him about Trump, McMahon and her group hid their campaign activI wasn’t coming to him about ities behind the label of a Cuomo or the IDC or any of the millions of other things community group, and are that I could’ve been request- now trying to rewrite their history.” ing a meeting about. “I specifically wanted to McMahon, however, told talk about the numbers,” this paper that Fight Back she said. Bay Ridge registered as an The CFE lawsuit in ques- IEC as soon as it found out tion alleged that the state what one was, and that the had failed to provide New group, because of its activYork City public school stu- ities, qualified as one. She dents with “a sound basic said that the group — which education” guaranteed in had never heard of an IEC the state Constitution. In till the complaint was made 2006, the state’s Court of Ap- — began registration within peals agreed, but payment 48 hours thereafter. of $1.9 billion in foundation Golden will face Democratic challenger Andrew aid, including $40 million to local District 20 schools, has Gounardes this November. languished. McMahon asked that both “I admit that this is some- contenders commit to hostthing I’m no expert in, but ing quarterly town halls, if I am passionate about it,” victorious.

Week of October 12 - October 18, 2018 • BROOKLYN SPECTATOR • 3



oney Island wants its ferry. On Wednesday, Oct. 3, business leaders, community leaders and residents held a press conference on the Boardwalk at West 22nd Street to ask the city to commit to studying the community for ferry service in the next round of studies. “We are gathered here to join together and advocate for NYC Ferry Service as ferries pass us by in the background,” said Alliance for Coney Island Executive Director Alexandra Silversmith. “To date, there has been no official announcement that Coney Island will be included.” According to Silversmith, late last month, the NYC Economic Development Corporation (EDC) released an open call to the public to submit locations for ferry service. “We believe this is our opportunity for our voices to be heard,” she continued. “We must make it clear to the city that ferry service is critical to Coney Island. We stand here in dire need of transit alternatives, a community with some of the longest commute times in New York City as well as being a major tourism

destination.” During August 2017, Mayor Bill de Blasio and Councilmember Mark Treyger held a town hall at the Coney Island YMCA, 2980 West 29th Street, where the mayor addressed questions regarding bringing a ferry to the area. “If the service is strong, and so far it has been very strong,” he said, “then we will start the process of looking at Coney Island in addition to other parts of Staten Island and Queens.” “We are home to a variety of cultural and entertainment institutions like the New York Aquarium, Brooklyn Cyclones, Luna Park, Nathan’s, Deno’s Wonder Wheel and an abundance of small businesses, all of which are here today, as well as being a community of 50,000 residents, all of whom feel forgotten,” Silversmith added. “While much of Brooklyn’s waterfront has ferry service, we have been overlooked.” Locals let their voices heard during the gathering as many held up signs pleading for ferry service. “I’m a longtime resident,” said Kumali Zairee. “I’m out here to let everyone here know, the mayor, EDC, that we need ferry service here right now. The transportation here is not that great and the community is getting larger and larger by

ebrooklyn media/Photos by Jaime DeJesus

Coney Island residents, business leaders and others advocate for NYC Ferry service. the day.” The question, some said, is why the neighborhood is still waiting. “It’s pretty insulting that we didn’t get it the first round, given that we are a major city tourist attraction and we have a major history of past ferry service unlike any other neighborhood in New York City,” Founder of Coney Island U.S.A. Dick Zigun told this paper. “Given how much money the city has invested in Coney Island, our attendance is going up by the millions and we’re hard to get to.” New York Aquarium Director Jon Dohlin agreed. “The fact is that we are here because we know it’s viable,” he said. “We know

New Yorkers want to travel out to a seaside experience via the water. We know that the city is committed and controls these city ferry services and we know we’re a natural fit for that, whether it comes off the ocean or Coney Island Creek. Either way, the economic growth opportunity for residents and businesses here is tremendous. We need to have that service because it is a natural for this area and it fills in all those gaps in the existing transportation options.” This past May, de Blasio announced in Bay Ridge that the city’s executive budget would include $300 million in new capital funding over the next several years for

NYC Ferry; however, he failed to mention Coney Island. “As Mayor de Blasio announces yet another significant investment into the NYC Ferry program, we join countless residents in outer borough communities across the city in continuing to be baffled by the fact that the administration has yet to implement ferry service in parts of the city that feature the lengthiest commutes and the most limited transit options,” asserted a joint statement by Councilmembers Mark Treyger, Joseph Borelli, Mark Gjonaj, Alan Maisel and Deborah Rose, and Council Minority Leader Steven Matteo following the announcement.

“We are long beyond the point of needing to see fast and equitable expansion of the ferry program so that more of our city’s residents can benefit from this program, not just those who are fortunate enough to live in certain zip codes.” “It is a tremendous need,” said Vice President of the Brooklyn Cyclones Gary Perone. “The biggest complaint we get from people around the city about coming to games is the amount of time it takes to get here from points not just outside of Brooklyn but from north Brooklyn and other areas of the borough.” For more information, visit

Post-Primary, Democrat Forms New Political Club BY PAULA KATINAS PAULA@BROOKLYNEAGLE.COM



Bay Ridge political candidate’s campaign headquarters is getting a second life. Two lives, actually. Ross Barkan, a political journalist who lost the Democratic primary in the 22nd State Senate District to lawyer Andrew Gounardes last month, isn’t sitting back and licking his wounds. He is busy converting his campaign headquarters at 307 82nd St. into a repurposed spot that will house both a political club and a community space for poetry readings, art exhibitions, screenings, teach-ins and

other arts-related events. The campaign office has been renamed Solidarity Space. The goal of the political club will be to help get progressives elected to public office and to speak out on issues of the day, according to Barkan. But he is just as excited about the arts component of the new project. “I want it to be a place where people can express themselves. I hope it’s not just a political clubhouse,” Barkan told this newspaper. The idea for Solidarity Space came to Barkan and his campaign staffers shortly after he lost to Gounardes on Sept. 13. Gounardes will now face incumbent Republican state Sen. Marty Golden in the Nov. 6 election. Barkan has

Photo courtesy of Ross Barkan

Ross Barkan, pictured speaking to volunteers during the primary campaign. since endorsed Gounardes. “I’m proud of the campaign. We really recruited new people. We built a political structure from scratch,” Barkan said. “After the campaign ended, we were in the

headquarters, which we had really come to love, preparing to clean up and leave, and we wondered if we could find a way to keep the energy going,” Barkan said. “One of us said, ‘Why don’t we stay?’

People enjoyed interacting there.” The campaign headquarters was filled with positive energy, according to Barkan, who said volunteers brought an optimistic attitude to everything they did. The campaign workers found fun ways to express their political views. The campaign hosted an Abolish ICE Cream Social one afternoon during the summer in protest against the Trump administration’s deportation of undocumented immigrants as carried out by agents from Immigration and Customs Enforcement. Barkan said he hopes the community space can flourish. “Bay Ridge does not have a lot of community spaces. We hope to partner

with organizations that exist,” Barkan said, adding that his goal is to give people a place to go. He doesn’t plan to take a leadership role in either the political organization or the community space, however. Still, he has ideas. And he likes the idea of politics and art sharing the same space. “The arts should not be divorced from politics,” he said. If people come to Solidarity Space to enjoy the arts and become interested in politics as a result, that’s fine with him. “Southern Brooklyn, compared to the rest of the borough, has not always been politically engaged. Politics engages the same group of people. We need to expand that pool,” Barkan said.

4• HOME REPORTER • Week of October 12 - October 18, 2018

more s e s s a p n e ld o Marty G other y n a n a h t n io t legisla nate. e S e t a t S e h t f member o rtisan New York Public Interest Reseenartirche

of the e non-pa uctive members According to th od pr t os m e th one of nt of bills that Group, Marty is d the most amou re so on sp ng vi e, ha gned into law by State Legislatur mbly and were si se As d an te na Se passed both the ion Analysis. ce: NYPIRG, Sess ur So . or the govern

Educatitobinllions of dollars back to NYC schoolYos rkin.thTheelabirgllseshet has y of New Marty brough nding in the histor , learners with special needs fu n io at uc ed in udents increase pport teachers, st passed into law su programs. and after school

afety law enforcement, but public safety is ment Public S ck to drug treat ays stood up for

s of dollars ba Marty has alw orts has brought million ion. He also supp more than that. He ion efforts to prevent early addict ach specifically ucat n and funds outre programs and ed throughout Brookly s funded community patrol cars, s m ra og pr ry ve ha reco d hers in distress. He ased security programs. Safe an -b for expectant mot ol ho sc d an al remov orking together. supported graffiti nd on everyone w pe de s itie un m m healthy co

Health Cinasurerance companies for your familyrd,absulepp, anortind eng losucarinl g

tions affo Standing up to g to keep prescrip standards of care – Marty has in ht fig , es fic of al medic cellent spitals maintain ex that Brooklyn ho side. always been our

reation C b o J & t en m p o el ev D Economic led the charge to cut taxes 88 timesog, saravinmg

On ber 6th, m e v o N e guy who vote for th gs done. thin gets good

Vote for

Mar t y

it pr has Since 2011, Marty n. He created a successful tax cred tion in Brooklyn, uc llio bi od 2 pr $1 taxpayers movie and TV jobs and crease hiring for to a hot spot for in ty Ci ry to dramatically in st du In klyn a center of bilitation of and drove the reha w leading the effort to make Broo is no start-ups. Marty ent. gy and developm lo no ch gaming te PAID FOR BY FRIENDS OF MARTY GOLDEN

ebrooklyn media/fi le photo

State Sen. Marty Golden speaking at an event.

Week of October 12 - October 18, 2018 • HOME REPORTER • 5

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6• HOME REPORTER/SPECTATOR • Week of October 12 - October 18, 2018


Cops Seek Two Suspects Wanted in Grand Larcenies in Banks in Sunset Park Area BY JAIME DEJESUS JDEJESUS@BROOKLYNREPORTER.




ops are looking for two men wanted in connection to five grand larceny incidents, including two inside banks in the Sunset Park area. Authorities say that on Monday, August 10 at around 11:30 a.m., a suspect was seen entering a bank near 54th Street and Eighth Avenue and installing a skimming device inside its ATM. Later on, a technician discovered the skimming device when he was servicing the machine. In addition, between Thursday, August 13 and Saturday, August 16, a 44-year-old woman was notified by her bank that $2,900 had been withdrawn from her account via ATM inside a bank near Eighth Avenue and 63rd Street even though the victim was in possession of her card. The first suspect is described as a white male, 25-35 years old and approximately 5’8” tall. He was last seen wearing a black jacket and a striped tee-shirt with a money symbol. The second individual is also described as a white

Dyker Student Arrested in Instagram Hack, Shooting Threat MMCGOLDRICK@ BROOKLYNREPORTER.COM


Photos courtesy of the NYPD

Surveillance images of the suspects. male, 25-35 years old and approximately 5’8” tall. He was last seen wearing a black jacket and dark tee-shirt. Anyone with information in regards to this incident is asked to call the NYPD’s

Crime Stoppers Hotline at 1-800-577-TIPS (8477) or for Spanish, 1-888-57-PISTA (74782). The public can also submit their tips by logging onto the CrimeStoppers website at www., on Twitter @NYPDTips or by texting their tips to 274637 (CRIMES) then entering TIP577. All calls are strictly confidential.

student at Dyker Heights Intermediate School 201 was arrested on Tuesday, Oct. 9 for hacking and duplicating other students’ social media accounts and spreading threats to shoot up the school, cops said. According to authorities, the student -- who is also said to have circulated naked photos to classmates -- was apprehended and the school shooting threat was a hoax. Reports say that the threats began Monday when a female student’s picture was unknowingly used to create a fake Instagram account. The profile, which contained vulgar material, included a post which tagged more than a dozen students’ actual Instagram accounts, and threatened an impending school shooting. A number of concerned parents phoned the 68th Precinct, prompting a heavy police presence at

the school Tuesday morning. Authorities quickly determined that the girl whose picture was the face of the criminal account was not behind the hoax. The hacker also sent direct messages to students claiming that a rapist had sent the photos and “has now threatened a school shooting and posted numerous photos of himself holding guns.” Fake or not, local Councilmember Justin Brannan commended authorities’ response to the situation, and urged the passing of a bill he introduced this May that would improve the emergency notification system currently in place in city schools as part of a 10-bill package on improving school security. “In light of the hoax today at I.S. 201, this is why I’m working to get this bill passed ASAP,” Brannan wrote on Facebook. “Parents and guardians shouldn’t have to rely on social media, rumors and hearsay during times like this.”

Compiled by Jaime DeJesus


The 68th Precinct serves Bay Ridge, Dyker Heights and Fort Hamilton. BAD PARK DAY: A 19-year-old old man was attacked and robbed by three men on the southeast corner of Colonial Road and 68th Street in Owl’s Head Park on Wednesday, October 3. According to reports, at around noon, the victim was sitting on a bench in the park when one of the crooks demanded he give him money. The second crook, wearing a ski mask, then struck the victim with an unknown object. The three took his bag and $400 before fleeing the scene. No arrests have been made. 15K BURGLARY: An unknown burglar broke inside an apartment near 76th Street and 11th Avenue and stole over $15,000 on Thursday, October 4. Reports claim that one of the residents left the home at around 9 a.m. While she was gone, the perp broke in and stole over 12 pieces of jewelry, including a gold and diamond watch, necklaces and gold earrings worth approximately $15,145. The woman returned home at around 8 p.m. and discovered the theft. No arrests have been made. STRIPPED CAR: A car that was parked at 14th Avenue and Poly Place was stripped of its tires and rims and items were taken from inside on Wednesday,

62 ND PRECINCT October 3. According to reports, the victim, a 32-yearold man, parked the car at around 8 p.m. on Tuesday, October 2. When he returned the following day, he discovered that the tires and rims had been taken, and that the front window had been broken, with the car’s GPS navigation system, radio and AC unit controls, valued at approximately $8,800, removed. No arrests have been made. FAILED BURGLARY: A crook came away empty-handed after attempting to burglarize a home on 76th Street between 11th and 12th Avenues on Saturday, October 6. Reports say that at around 11:20 p.m., the home’s alarm went off. The security company called the owner, who, when she returned, saw that the crook hadn’t gotten inside the home; however, the front door had minor damage. No arrests have been made. CAR BREAK-IN: A car was broken into on the northeast corner of Shore Road and Fourth Avenue on Saturday, October 6. According to reports, when the victim, a 24-year-old woman, returned at around 4:30 a.m., she noticed her that her bag had been stolen along with $69, credit cards and an iPod, worth around $625 in all. Later, the crook used one of her credit cards. No arrests have been made.

THREE AGAINST ONE: A 23-year-old woman was attacked and robbed by three crooks on Bay Ridge Avenue between 21st Avenue and Bay Parkway on Tuesday, October 2. According to reports, at around 4:45 p.m., the victim was walking home from school when the three perps approached her. One of them grabbed her hair and while another threw her to the ground and tried to grab her phone. The three fled eastbound on Bay Ridge Avenue towards Bay Parkway. No arrests have been made. HOLE IN THE WALL: Three male crooks broke into an electronics store near Shore Parkway and Bay Parkway on Tuesday, October 2 at around 10:50 p.m., getting in through a hole in a rearwall. Once inside, they stole electronics, including cellphones, and fled in an unknown direction. No arrests have been made. MAN BUSTED FOR ALLEGED ASSAULT ON GIRLFRIEND: A 35-yearold man was arrested for allegedly assaulting his 24-year-old girlfriend inside an apartment on West Seventh Street between Avenues O and P on Friday, October 5. According to reports, the victim claims that, at around 9:50 p.m., the man came home drunk and began hitting her in the head with a glass beer bottle, and grabbed her by the neck. STEAL AND RUN: A 20-year-old man nabbed a teen’s headphones at 18th Avenue and 85th Street on Sunday, October 7. Reports say that at around 2:49 a.m., the victim, an 18-year-old male, was walking southbound on 18th Avenue when the crook came from behind riding a bicycle, stole his headphones from his head and fled the scene. No arrests have been made.

Week of October 12 - October 18, 2018 • HOME REPORTER • 7

8• HOME REPORTER • Week of October 12 - October 18, 2018

Golden, Gounardes Spar over Immigration, Sex Abuse at Dyker Debate BY PAULA KATINAS PAULA@BROOKLYNEAGLE.COM


ound 2 was even more explosive than Round 1. All of the anger and bitterness in the race between Republican state Sen. Martin Golden and his Democratic challenger Andrew Gounardes spilled out into the open in their second major debate Tuesday night, Oct. 9, as the two men traded personal insults and sparred over immigrant rights, how best to help sex abuse victims, and other hot-button issues. And the audience, comprised largely of partisans aligned with each camp, got into the act, alternately cheering, booing and chanting the name of their favorite candidate as the evening wore on. At one point during a discussion on immigration, Gounardes charged that Golden, a Republican representing a swathe of Brooklyn from Bay Ridge to Marine Park, has a history of making derogatory comments about Arab-Americans. “You’re a liar!” Golden shouted. “It’s sad you really want to send him to the New York State Senate,” Golden told Democrats in the audience. “I think we got under Marty’s collar a little bit,” Gounardes said near the end. The debate, sponsored by the Dyker Heights Civic Association, came a week after Golden and Gounardes went head-to-head in front of the Bay Ridge Interagency Council on Aging. But the

Bay Ridge debate, while also heated, turned out to be a mere warm-up act for Tuesday. “If you are happy with the status quo, you have your guy,” Gounardes said, referring to Golden. “If you want more crime and more taxes, Andrew is your man!” Golden said. Golden, a retired police officer, was first elected to the state Senate in 2002 and is seeking re-election on Nov. 6. Gounardes, a lawyer who serves as chief counsel to Borough President Eric Adams, ran against Golden in 2012 and lost. Golden and Gounardes had starkly different views on the problems facing the immigrant community in the district. The Bay Ridge portion of the district has a large population of immigrants from the Middle East. Other areas of the district, Bensonhurst in particular, have many Asian immigrants. Gounardes vowed that if elected, he would stand up for immigrants, whom he said are often the victims of harassment and intimidation. “We’re all immigrants. We all come from someplace else,” he said. Golden said that while there are some problems, there is not an epidemic of violence against immigrants. “Andrew would paint it as if it’s a tremendous number,” he said. “Our immigrants are safe here. We have the greatest police department in the country.” A question from the audience sparked a round of fireworks over the rights of New Yorkers who were

ebrooklyn media/Photo by Paula Katinas

Debate moderator Fran Vella-Marrone served as the referee in the raucous debate between Andrew Gounardes (left) and Martin Golden (right) sponsored by the Dyker Heights Civic Association. sexually abused as children, in some cases by Catholic priests, and are now seeking restitution. Golden did not take a position on the Child Victims Act, a bill that would extend the statute of limitations to age 50 for adults who were sex abuse victims when they were children and are now seeking to sue their abusers in civil court for damages. Under current law, a sex abuse survivor is prohibited from filing a lawsuit after age 23. Instead, Golden said he favored another bill, called the Child Victims Fund, which would set up a financial fund to pay damages to sex abuse survivors. The bill contains a provision, however, that would prevent victims from suing institutions like the Catholic Church for allegedly protecting abusers in cases that took place years ago. “We should do the right thing. The fund is the right thing,” Golden said.

Gounardes, who supports the Child Victims Act, spoke out against the Child Victims Fund. “I don’t think taxpayers should be responsible” for the actions of abusers, he said. When Golden questioned whether his rival would vote for the Child Victims Act, Gounardes seemed insulted. “Of course, I would

support the Child Victims Act. Do your homework, Marty!” he said. Golden touted his long years of experience and his ability to deliver results for his constituents as the reasons residents should vote for him. The incumbent said he has pushed for legislation to combat illegal home

conversions, successfully created a tax credit for film companies that shoot in New York and create jobs, and worked to restore weekend service on the X-27 express bus. Golden told the audience that he has brought millions of dollars in state funds back to his district to help pay for senior citizen programs, schools and other items. “I’m proud of my record,” Golden said. Gounardes argued that what Golden brought back to the district in terms of funding was just “the bare minimum” and was indistinguishable from what any other state lawmaker would do. The challenger urged the audience to “look at how we can do it differently” and consider trying fresh ideas. “Southern Brooklyn is a gem, but we are not immune to problems. We’re not going to solve those problems doing the same thing over and over again,” he said.



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Week of October 12 - October 18, 2018 • HOME REPORTER/SPECTATOR • 9

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10• HOME REPORTER/SPECTATOR • Week of October 12 - October 18, 2018

Malliotakis, Baumel Go Head to Head in Bay Ridge Debate BY PAULA KATINAS PAULA@BROOKLYNEAGLE.COM


epublican Assemblymember Nicole Malliotakis and her Democratic opponent Adam Baumel spent more time trying to impress the audience than battling each other at a recent Bay Ridge debate as both candidates sought to tout their accomplishments and present their positions on issues. For Baumel, a U.S. Navy veteran and a first-time Assembly candidate, the Oct. 3 debate sponsored by the Bay Ridge Inter-Agency Council on Aging offered the chance to introduce himself to voters and make a good first impression. Malliotakis meanwhile, pointed to her work in Albany fighting against Democratic Party excesses as a reason votes should reelect her. Malliotakis represents the 64th Assembly District, a seat that cuts across two boroughs, taking in parts of Bay Ridge and Staten Island. She was first elected in 2010. “Part of my job is fighting against bad policies,”

ebrooklyn media/Photo by Arthur de Gaeta

After engaging in a civil debate organized by the Bay Ridge Inter-Agency Council on Aging, Assemblymember Nicole Malliotakis and challenger Adam Baumel shake hands. Malliotakis told the audience at the debate, which took place at the Fort Hamilton Senior Center at 9941 Fort Hamilton Parkway. Among the policies she and other Republicans successfully fought against was a proposal by Democratic Gov. Andrew Cuomo to change the distribution of funds to senior citizen programs around the state.

Malliotakis said it would have resulted in a $17 million cut to senior citizen centers. She is also opposed to Mayor Bill de Blasio’s plan to close Rikers Island and open jails in four of the five boroughs, and said she is against a city proposal to open injection centers around the city to allow drug addicts to inject heroin

safely and avoid spreading disease by sharing used hypodermic needles. “I’m proud to be leading the fight against them,” Malliotakis said. Malliotakis is now taking aim at New York City’s property taxes, which she said are too high and in need of revision. Community Board 10, which encompasses Bay Ridge, Dyker Heights and

Fort Hamilton, “pays among the highest tax rates in the city of New York,” she said. She is proposing a cap on property taxes. For Malliotakis, a win in the Nov. 6 election would be especially sweet given that she ran against de Blasio for mayor in 2017 and lost in a landslide. Standing the way of a fifth Malliotakis term is Baumel, who is making his first run at public office after serving in the Navy and working as an aide to Assemblymember Michael Benedetto, a Bronx Democrat. Baumel is currently a driver for a ride sharing service. He primarily drives physically disabled people. He served in the Navy from 2009 to 2013 and attended John Jay College of Criminal Justice on the GI Bill, intending to pursue a career in assisting military veterans. “I came here with the idea of serving veterans. It’s a tough process, coming home from military service,” he told the audience at the debate. He worked for Benedetto in 2016. While the Assembly race

marks Baumel’s first run for public office, he is no stranger to politics. He previously ran for a position in the Brooklyn Democratic County Committee. Baumel said he decided to run for public office after hearing about corruption by officials. “After seeing the corruption, I knew I had to get involved,” he said. He vowed to fight for more affordable housing in the district. “I’ve seen how underserved our communities are. We need to make a change,” he said. Baumel took aim at unreliable mass transit and said he would advocate for the construction of elevators at subway stations and the elimination of the one-way toll on the Verrazzano-Narrows Bridge in favor of a two-way tolls. One of his proposals would involve creating or extending a bus route from the Brooklyn Veterans Administration hospital in Bay Ridge to Staten Island. Baumel promised to keep in close contact with constituents if he wins by holding at least two town halls each year.

Frontus Vows to Open Bay Ridge Office if Elected BY PAULA KATINAS PAULA@BROOKLYNEAGLE.COM


Coney Island civic leader running for a state Assembly seat that includes Bay Ridge told residents at a candidate’s forum that if she wins, she will open a constituent service office in this end of the district. Speaking at an Oct. 3 forum sponsored by the Bay Ridge Inter-Agency Council on Aging, Mathylde Frontus, the Democratic candidate in the 46th Assembly District (Coney Island-Dyker Heights-Bay Ridge) pledged to represent all residents of the district and not just the neighborhood where she resides. Part of that pledge includes opening a district office to serve constituents in the Bay Ridge end of the district. “Bay Ridge does deserve that representation,” she

told the audience at the in which she defeated Ethan forum, which took place at Lustig-Elgrably by a mere 50 the Fort Hamilton Senior votes, Frontus called it a hisCitizens Center at 9941 toric race. “We were the unFort Hamilton Parkway. “I derdog,” she said, adding that intend to represent every- she operated her campaign one in this room, not just “on a shoestring budget.” the people of Coney Island.” She didn’t have much Frontus had the floor all money, but “what we had to herself. Her Republican was the heart and soul of opponent, Steve Saperstein, the people,” she said. was unable to attend. But he In addition to a promise had a good excuse, according to serve constituents in all to his friend, Liam McCabe, parts of the district, Fronwho read a statement from tus also said she would the candidate explaining work hard to improve the that he and his wife had had lives of senior citizens. a baby the day before. “My agenda is to make sure Frontus was among those seniors are able to remain in in the room applauding at their communities thriving. the announcement. They are surviving but not Frontus, who is a social thriving,” she said. worker by training and She intends to fight for earned a PhD from Colum- rent protections for senior bia University, took the citizens, she said. She opportunity to introduce recalled a conversation herself to Bay Ridge resi- she had with a 65-year-old dents and talked about her woman whose rent recently priorities. went up to $1,100 a month. Fresh off a razor-thin win The senior’s monthly inin the Democratic Primary, come is $1,300.

ebrooklyn media/Photo by Arthur de Gaeta

Mathylde Frontus says she will fight for stronger tenant protections for senior citizens. “She is one of dozens and dozens of people for whom the system is not working,” Frontus said. She called for the establishment of a new program that would automatically cap seniors’ rent. Under her plan, seniors would not have to apply for the program because they would automatically be enrolled, she said.

Frontus also talked about the sadness she felt when she saw five people at a subway stop in the district who could not afford the $2.75 fare. Frontus is the founder of Urban Neighborhood Services, a social services agency. She also founded a program to help local military veterans, created

an LGBT Outreach project, organized the group Coney Island College Bound, which offers free SAT prep for high school students, and started the Coney Isla nd A nti-Violence Academy. Frontus comes from the world of academia. She earned a Master’s degree in Social Work at NYU. She also holds a Master of Arts degree in psychology from Teachers College at Columbia University, a Masters in Theological Studies from Harvard Divinity School and a Ph.D. from the Columbia University School of Social Work. Frontus and Saperstein are running to succeed Democrat Pamela Harris, who resigned from office in disgrace earlier this year after she was indicted by a federal grand jury on charges of fraud and corruption. She pleaded guilty to the charges.

Week of October 12 - October 18, 2018 • HOME REPORTER/SPECTATOR • 11

Joseph Vasile Installed as President of the Bay Ridge Lawyers Association BY ROB ABRUZZESE

came back and told us about this ceremony. The concept is that we’re going to pass oseph Vasile was in- the gavel and microphone stalled as the newest to our past presidents president of the Bay and we go down the line Ridge Lawyers Association until we get to the current (BRLA) during an annual president.” ceremony called “the passStarting from DiGiovaning of the gavel” at Mama na, to Sam Hagen and all the Rao’s Restaurant in Dyker way down the line to the Heights on Wednesday, immediate past president Sept. 26. Margaret Stanton, each of The gavel ceremony was the past presidents took an borrowed from the London opportunity to say someInns of Court where all of thing to Vasile. ebrooklyn media/Photos by Mario Belluomo the past presidents line “Joe, you will find out that up in front of the room you have a lot of friends and Will Gillen, Mario Romano, Rosa Pannitto, Lawrence DiGiovanna, Boris Zivotov, Lisa Becker, and each offers words of this will make those friend- Stephen Chiano, Joseph Vasile, Margaret Stanton, Antonietta Monaco, Joann Monaco, Yolanda encouragement or advice ships even stronger,” said Guadagnoli, Laura Messiana, Adam Kalish, Helen Galette, Mary Ann Stathopoulos, Stephen to the new president while Sam Hagen, who admitted Spinelli and Dominic Famulari. passing a sterling silver to nearly losing the gavel when he was president. gavel down the line. “This association has done “It started many years ago when our past presi- so much for me in my prodent Harry G. English had fessional and personal life.” “It is with great pleasure gone on a trip to London with the ABA and visited that I get to pass this gavel several Inns of Court there,” to one of my dear friends,” said Lawrence DiGiovanna, said Rosa Pannitto. “You who served as the master of know we’re all here for you. ceremonies for the event in Enjoy it.” Boris Zivotov and Stephen Joseph Vasile and Hon. Harriet Hon. Margarita Lopez Torres place of Ray Ferrier. “Harry “Joe is way ahead already,” Chiano. Thompson. and Hon. Frank Seddio. BROOKLYN DAILY EAGLE


Hon. Lawrence Knipel, administrative judge of the Supreme Court, Civil Term, Hon. Mark Partnow and Hon. Frank Seddio.

Joseph Vasile was installed as the new president of the Bay Ridge Lawyers Association by Hon. Frank Seddio during a ceremony in Dyker Heights.

Margaret Stanton, Stephen Spinelli, Lisa Becker, Joann Monaco and Helen Galette.

said Joann Monaco. “He’s already crossing the finish line. He’s got everything done. He’s done a phenomenal job. If anything he’s too organized. Relax and have a little fun.” After the past presidents all got an opportunity to say something about Vasile, Hon. Frank Seddio, who was one of Vasile’s first bosses after law school, was on hand to install Vasile as president. Seddio also installed the new officers including Mary Ann Stathopoulos as vice president, WIlliam Gillen as recording secretary, Dominic Famulari

as treasurer and Adam Kalish as corresponding secretary. Before installing Vasile, though, Seddio talked about hiring him approximately 26 years to the month prior and shared some stories both beautiful and a little embarrassing. “You should know that Joe used to be fat,” Seddio said. “You all know him as skinny Joe, but I knew him as fat Joe. We all decided one year that we would go on a diet from September to Christmas and Joe lost a lot of weight. Me too, as you can see. Actually, I lost

the contest, but he not only won, but kept the weight off. Weight Watchers and Progresso soup.” After thanking Seddio, Vasile thanked the past presidents and everyone in attendance. He then discussed the organization and his plans for it in the upcoming year. “The BRLA is headed by great lawyers and outstanding jurists eager to help, to give guidance, and to offer friendship,” Vasile said. “Some of my best friends come from this organization and that is the magic of the BRLA.”

Hon. Joy Campanelli, Janet McFarland, president of the Staten Island Women’s Bar Association, Christopher Caputo, Lisa Becker and Yolanda Guadagnoli.

12• HOME REPORTER/SPECTATOR • Week of October 12 - October 18, 2018


GOLDEN CALLS MAYOR’S APPOINTED CHIEF DEMOCRACY OFFICER UNQUALIFIED AND UNNECESSARY State Senator Martin J. Golden (R-C-I, Bay Ridge-Bensonhurst-Dyker Heights) called the appointment of a chief democracy officer “wasteful,” and questioned whether the appointee is even qualified to serve in the position. Last week, Mayor de Blasio appointed Ayirini Fonseca-Sabune to the newly created $165,000 position of chief democracy officer. News reports indicated that the new democracy czar has failed to vote in a number of primary elections over the years, which prompted de Blasio to defend her by arguing that “the one (election) people civically have to focus on the most is of course the general election.” “The mayor thinks we’re either stupid or naïve,” Golden said. “He knows that, in many cases, it’s the primary that really decides who will win the general election. His appointee’s explanation for not voting—that she’s too busy—is the reason that many other New Yorkers give for not voting. If we are going to have a chief democracy officer, she should set an example.”  Golden also noted the position is wasteful. “For almost 30 years there has been a director of voter assistance,” he said. “What is the chief democracy officer going to do that the director of voter assistance is not already doing? This is a redundant position that is wasteful and unnecessary, the hallmarks of de Blasio’s progressive mayoralty.” – JA

ORTIZ URGES PASSAGE OF GENDER RECOGNITION ACT Democratic Assemblymember Felix Ortiz, the assistant speaker, is urging the Republican-led State Senate to take up legislation that he sponsored and that the Assembly passed to allow transgender people to change their sex identification on official documents like driver’s licenses to reflect their reality. Ortiz (D-Sunset Park-parts of Bay Ridge) said that when the state legislature reconvenes in January, he would like the senate to vote for the Gender Recognition Act. The bill would amend New York State’s civil rights law to permit transgender spectrum New Yorkers to self-identify as “non-binary” (neither male or female) on driver’s licenses and identification cards. “New York is one of the most diverse states in America,” Ortiz write in a newsletter to constituents. “Let’s pass legislation to bring dignity and equality to all New Yorkers.” – PK

LANDER TWEET: ‘I’D BE FINE WITH ALL-WOMEN SUPREME COURT’ In the wake of the contentious confirmation hearing of new Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh, In Public Service came across this interesting, and timely, Twitter posting by Councilmember Brad Lander (D-Park Slope). “I’d be fine with an all-women Supreme Court (reminder: it was all-male for 191 of its 227 years, and only 4 of 133 justices have been women). Having male nominees who have not been accused of sexual assault seems fine too. Hearing less from GOP Rep. Steve King, also good,” Lander recently tweeted. The last line of Lander’s tweet refers to U.S. Rep. Steve King (R-Iowa), who has stated that he is concerned men seeking public office and high positions in government will be prevented from moving forward by large numbers of women coming forward and falsely accusing them of sexual harassment. – PK

ORTIZ SCHOOL-BASED HEALTH CARE CENTER LEGISLATION BECOMES LAW Gov. Andrew Cuomo has signed into law legislation that creates a personal income tax check-off box for donations to a school-based health care center fund. The legislation was sponsored by Assemblymember Felix Ortiz (D-Sunset Park-parts of Bay Ridge). There are 248 school-based health centers in New York State; 60 percent are located in New York City and 10 in Brooklyn’s 51st Assembly district which covers areas including Sunset

Park and Red Hook. School-Based Health Centers are often the first line of defense against costly hospitalization for many school-aged children and youth in high need areas. The clinics provide preventive services for conditions like epileptic seizures, asthma, diabetes and nutritional deficiencies. Few centers offer mental health services that help patients with depression, anxiety and early stages

of eating disorders. An income tax check-off will help provide funding to help expand services and develop new sites to provide these vital health services. “Let’s make every effort to ensure funding streams for these centers,” Ortiz said. “Increasing access and funding to these health clinics will ensure that our children and families have access to essential health services that could potentially save lives.”–JA

GOLDEN AND MALLIOTAKIS URGE MAYOR TO SECURE OR CLOSE HORIZON JUVENILE FACILITY The controversial Horizon Juvenile put in place immediately, to protect the Facility in the Bronx has recently been officers at the Horizon Juvenile Center. the scene of violence. Among numer“The current policies are putting ous altercations, a few weeks ago, 21 the brave men and women who wear correction officers were hurt in a the Corrections uniform in even fight at the facility. There have been greater danger, and we must end this,” a number of additional fights and in- Golden said. “All those who serve our (Photo courtesy of Nicole Malliotakis) cidents where officers have been hurt city and protect our jails want is to at Horizon since its opening last week. go home to their families, unharmed, Assemblymember Nicole State Sen. Marty Golden (R-C-I, Bay at the end of their tour. We owe them Malliotakis and state Sen. Ridge-Dyker Heights-Bensonhurst) and that chance each and every day.” Marty Golden Assemblymember Nicole Malliotakis Malliotakis echoed Golden’s (R-C-I, Brooklyn-Staten Island) want concern with safety at the facility. someone gets killed,” Malliotakis said. Mayor Bill de Blasio to take immediate “The Horizon facility needs to be “The city is being greatly irresponsiaction in response to the Correction shut down until the city can come ble by opening this facility without Officers Benevolent Association’s up with a plan in conjunction with such a plan and mixing violent gang demands that safety measures and pro- corrections officers to address the members with juvenile delinquents tocols be reviewed, and stricter policies problem of increased violence before convicted of less serious crimes.” – JA

DONOVAN FOUGHT FOR PROVISIONS IN DISASTER RELIEF BILL U.S. Rep. Dan Donovan (R-Bay Ridge-Southwest Brooklyn-Staten Island) said he is pleased that the Senate passed the FAA Reauthorization Act of 2018 after the House approved the same bill earlier. The legislation, which includes reforms to the ways the country conducts recovery efforts following disasters, has been sent to President Donald Trump for his signature. Donovan said he fought to ensure that certain provisions were included in the final version of the bill, including $1.7 billion in emergency-designated Community Development Block Grant supplemental appropriations to be given to areas affected by disasters in 2018, and reforming the ways federal disaster aid is distributed across the country. The Senate passed the bill on Oct. 5. “With today’s Senate passage, we are one step closer towards reforming a disaster assistance process that was terribly unfair for Superstorm Sandy victims. I applaud congressional passage and urge President Trump to stand with New York and quickly sign this bill into law,” Donovan said in a statement released on Oct. 5. – PK

NADLER PRAISES FORD’S ‘BRAVERY AND POISE’ U.S. Rep. Jerrold Nadler said he was deeply moved by the testimony of Dr. Christine Blasey Ford during the hearing in the Senate Judiciary Committee held on Brett Kavanaugh’s nomination to the U.S. Supreme Court. Nadler (D-Upper West Side-parts of Bensonhurst), who is the ranking member of the House Judiciary Committee, said he was “overwhelmed by the bravery and poise of Dr. Christine Blasey Ford, to sit in front of the Senate Judiciary Committee and tell her story in the face of intense, personal, and what I am sure was extremely painful questioning.” Americans were inspired by Ford, according to Nadler. “Wherever they were and whatever they were doing, Americans across the country were able to hear directly from Dr. Blasey Ford, to be inspired by her courage, and to share some small understanding of the suffering she, like so many other women, has had to endure in silence,” he said. Nadler predicted that change is coming. “Our country is in the midst of a reckoning where those in power who abuse their position and take advantage of others they perceive as weaker than themselves are being forced to answer for their behavior and face the accountability that has been missing for too long and for too many. I am glad Dr. Blasey Ford came forward to tell her truth, and I believe that time is running out for those who would rather such brave voices remain silent. Whether that is President Trump or anyone else who abuses their position of power, there must be justice and real consequences for those who violate our laws,” Nadler said. – PK

Week of October 12 - October 18, 2018 • BROOKLYN SPECTATOR • 13

22nd Annual Fall Harvest Festival in Bay Ridge Lets the Dogs Out, Starts the Halloween Fun BY JAIME DEJESUS JDEJESUS@BROOKLYNREPORTER. COM


he Narrows Botanical Garden brought a taste of Halloween to Bay Ridge with its 22nd Annual Fall Harvest Festival. The fun-filled free event was held this year on Sunday, October 7. Attendees enjoyed a craft fair with handmade items by local artists, while the youngsters could paint their very own pumpkin thanks to 3 Guys from Brooklyn. There were also native plant garden tours, and music and dance featuring Don Coy and the Al ebrooklyn media/Photos by Arthur de Gaeta ‘e’ Mo Square Dancers. The highlight of the day Cara Chan, Lisa Niles and Chloe Chan. for many attendees was the festival’s annual Great Canine Costume Contest, with local residents dressing up their beloved pooches hoping to win prizes that included gift cards and baskets. Mary Jo Tobin, one of the organizers and emcees for the dog contest, discussed how the day went. “We all had a good time. It was July-like weather,” she said. “We didn’t have as many people as we usually do because it wass Columbus Day weekend and I think Linda Orlando m o r e with Terry, and more dressed as people are Santa’s puppy. Edwen Golos. Scarlet and Linda Mauro. starting to o go away for Stella Blanca Panzarino. was dressed as a geisha the costumes.” co and pride in their animals girl and the Chihuahua and brings the community that, but we still “It’s our ou annual “We treat them as family.” had a great day. event that allows together to show important Some of the day’s win- was dressed as sushi,” said “Here Comes People put a lot The Judge,” aka pet owners to the human-pet bond is,” ners included Jennifer Panzarino. “Best homeand her dog Ziggy. “She added event coordinator made creative costume of thought into Rowdy the dog. share their love

Princess with owners Vaniqua and Mia Hudson.

Kaylee and Ayden Zhang.

“Honorable Mention” went to Winston the Lion. went to Molly who dressed as the Up House dog from the movie ‘Up.’” The crowd favorite, who received honorable mention, was Winston the lion. “He was carried about by his owner until he won; then he started to prance,” Panzarino added. “The winner for best in show was Jessie and Athena who were matching unicorns. The best traditional costume went to pup Ike Turner who dressed as Spider-Dog. “All the dogs and owners looked fantastic. They are all champions,” she said. The rest of the festival was also a big hit. “I think it’s one of the things that makes Bay Ridge great,” said Tobin. “It’s something that people look forward to. It was still a great turnout of people. I think it’s a great event that people look forward to. It’s one of the things that makes the neighborhood special.” “I love coming to this event and capturing all the dogs and their cool costumes,” added attendee and photographer Mike Beitchman.

Jennifer Regan and Ziggy won for their coordinated costumes.

14• BROOKLYN SPECTATOR • Week of October 12 - October 18, 2018



enson hurst’s Italian-American community came out in droves on Saturday, Oct. 6 to celebrate the borough’s own 37th Annual Brooklyn Columbus Day Parade, which routinely marches along 18th Avenue, also known as Cristoforo Colombo Boulevard, after the Italian name for the explorer. The southern Brooklyn parade preceded the city’s larger scale Columbus Day Parade, held on Monday, along Fifth Avenue. Though, the Bensonhurst parade certainly held its own. Sponsored by the Federation of Italian-American Organizations (FIAO) of Brooklyn, the parade is a longstanding Bensonhurst tradition that still draws large crowds every October, despite the fact that the neighborhood has undergone a sea change in recent years, transitioning from a predominantly Italian-American community to one that includes a large number of Asian-Americans.

ebrooklyn media/Photos by Arthur de Gaeta

Scenes from this year’s Brooklyn Columbus Day Parade. However, according to FIAO President and CEO Carlo Scissura, the FIAO’s success in keeping the Italian-flavored parade alive and thriving amid changing demographics reflects the organization’s willingness and eagerness to adapt – past parades featuring such culturally diverse displays as Chinese dragon dancers alongside marchers waving Italian flags and dancing the Tarantella.

“To me, the parade is a celebration of Italian culture and culture in general,” Scissura told this newspaper prior to the parade, which got underway Saturday at noon at the corner of 18th Avenue and 60th Street. From there, participants,

including members of Italian organizations, church groups, dancers, students from local schools, marching bands and colorful floats, made their way up the strip to Benson Avenue, where the FIAO’s headquarters, Il Centro (Italian for “The Center), is located

and where the reviewing stand stood tall. This year’s grand marshals were Joseph Bruno, former commissioner of the New York City Office of Emergency Management; Frank Naccarato, past president of the FIAO; Det. Stephen Agosta of the

62nd Precinct; and Ursula Annio, principal at P.S. 748. Among this year’s marchers were the Majorettes di Caserta, a group that came all the way from Italy for the Brooklyn parade. Additional reporting by Paula Katinas



INSIDE: 13 CALENDAR 21 DINING 27 REAL ESTATE 34 PETS Week of October 11-17, 2018 • INBROOKLYN — A Special Section of Brooklyn Eagle//Heights Press/Home Reporter/Brooklyn Spectator/Brooklyn Record/Greenpoint Gazette • 1INB

Bay Ridge Theatre Group Performs Grade School Version of ‘The Odyssey’ students. “The Odyssey” is geared towards children ages five to 12. The theatre collective offers a fresh approach to Homer’s epic tale and introduces the work to a present day audience. Written by Hannah Reuter, this charming adaptation revolves around a madcap team of thespians and their quest to band together long enough to reach the shores of Ithaca. “I wrote ‘The Odyssey’ as a response to the endless struggle to find new, fun, intelligent productions for children, to be

Odysseus and his faithful crew charge the beach (actors–Annie Crowley, Wes Laga, Rosa Prado, Christa Comito, Lyndsey McAdams, James McLaughlan-McDermott).



omer would be proud of what a Bay Ridge theatre group has done with “The Odyssey. Classical Remix, the

theatre collective in residence at P.S. 264, the Bay Ridge Elementary School of the Arts, presented “The Odyssey,” an original play based on Homer’s epic. It was performed at Fringe Jr., an independent theatre festival that’s part of the New York

International Fringe Festival. The community-based event is geared towards young people and families. Classical Remix is made up of educators at P.S. 264 who work together as a community to bring classical theatre productions to elementary school

For more information, visit us at St. Joseph Hill Academy 850 Hylan Blvd. | Staten Island, NY 10305 Phone: 718-447-1374x9100 | Fax: 718-447-3041

Cyclops, Sirens and the god Poseidon. “Now more than ever, we need to expose children to work that inspires the collaborative spirit of expression, which builds communities and encourages dynamic conversations,” Reuter said. “This does not only plant seeds for the next generation of artists, but also the next generation of thoughtfully engaged social participants.” “The Odyssey” was performed at HB Studio Theatre in Manhattan, from Oct. 6 through Oct. 10.

Curtis stops Tigers at Castle gate

Photo by Eneida Cardona


performed by adults,” Reuter said. “My goal is to create new works that expose children to the joy that is live theatre as well as the resonance of historical works that have shaped who we are today.” In the 35-minute version of “The Odyssey,” the aforementioned eccentric acting troupe is traveling to Athens to perform in a theatre festival to honor the god Dionysus. Along the way, they get lost as they search for an audience to perform “The Odyssey” for and encounter many obstacles and adversaries including a

BY JIM DOLAN CURTIS 42 FORT HAMILTON 12 t was a mid-season challenge that Fort Hamilton had circled on the schedule as the Tigers traveled to St. George, Staten Island to play the 2016-2017 PSAL Champion Curtis Warriors. Hosting 3-1 Fort Hamilton in the shadow of their Gothic school known as “The Castle,” the two-time champion Warriors were not the underdogs in this game despite their 1-3 record. After losing three consecutive games to top ranked PSAL teams, the Warriors unleashed their past championship form with three scores for a quick 21-0 lead midway in the first quarter. After being stunned by the three-touchdown lead, the Tigers collected themselves to start a drive deep in their own territory that saw the breakout return (168 yards) of running back Nicholas Wynter. After sustaining a left wrist injury in the pre-season, Wynter rode the bench before getting the green light to play in this game. Anxious to return, Wynter put the Tigers on the board with a 77-yard touchdown run straight up the middle to cut the Curtis lead to 21-6 at the half. Starting the second half, the Warriors quickly added to their lead as Justin Mitchell caught a 35-yard pass to make the score 28-6. On the next Tiger possession, with Wynter itching to make another goal line sprint, the senior running back ran for 45


Photo by Jim Dolan

After being out four weeks due to a wrist injury to start the season, senior running back Nicholas Wynter (168 yards) returned to the Fort Hamilton lineup to score on a 77-yard touchdown run in the first quarter in the Tigers’ 42-12 loss to the Curtis Warriors. yards, shedding two attempts news for Fort Hamilton was to “gang tackle” him until he that Wynter had returned was finally dragged down by to the field. On his 77-yard two Warrior defenders at the touchdown run, Wynter stateight-yard line. ed that it was one of the Tigers’ From there, quarterback “money plays” designed to go Marquis Willoughby found right up the middle. an open CeVon Marshall in “I really wanted that the end zone to make the touchdown after being out score 28-12. for four weeks,” said Wynter The eight-yard Marshall who nearly matched his first reception would be Fort quarter touchdown run on Hamilton’s last score of the the same play in the second game as Curtis’s accom- half. “I was thinking goal line plished quarterback Gennaro all the way but couldn’t stiff Basciano found receivers arm my defender at the end Brandon Thorton and Prince without power in my [healing] Degroat in the end zone for left hand.” two more touchdown passes Next week, the 3-2 Tigers to make the final score 42-12. will take on Erasmus Hall, Despite the loss, the good another top PSAL contender.

2INB • INBROOKLYN — A Special Section of Brooklyn Daily Eagle/Brooklyn Eagle/Heights Press/Home Reporter/Brooklyn Spectator/Brooklyn Record/Greenpoint Gazette • Week of October 11 - October 17, 2018

Week of October 11 - October 17, 2018 • INBROOKLYN — A Special Section of Brooklyn Daily Eagle/Brooklyn Eagle/Heights Press/Home Reporter/Brooklyn Spectator/Brooklyn Record/Greenpoint Gazette • 3INB

Our World Needs Innovative, Compassionate, Moral Leaders. THEY’RE FORMED HERE. Now, as never before, the world needs thoughtful, highly skilled leaders of outstanding character. These are the young men and women of St. Edmund Prep, inspired with a passion to learn and to use their knowledge and skills to serve God, one another, and the world around them.

FALL OPEN HOUSES Saturday, October 13—11:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. | Tuesday, October 23—7:00 p.m. 718.743.6100 Brooklyn, NY BOLD LEARNING. UNCOMMON LEADERS. 4INB • INBROOKLYN — A Special Section of Brooklyn Daily Eagle/Brooklyn Eagle/Heights Press/Home Reporter/Brooklyn Spectator/Brooklyn Record/Greenpoint Gazette • Week of October 11 - October 17, 2018


Notre Dame Academy High School, Staten Island 134 Howard Avenue , Staten Island, NY 10301 (718) 447-8878, ext. 501 •

In the tradition of the Congregation of Notre Dame, the mission of Notre Dame Academy is to advance, embody, and excel at liberating education, an education which leads each girl and young woman to become an agent of her own transformation and of the transformation of society. Recent college acceptances include Columbia University, Cornell University, University of Notre Dame, Stevens Institute of Technology, Macaulay Honors Program at Hunter and CSI, Boston College, Villanova and Georgetown, just to name a few. Our talented alumnae are currently enrolled in or hold degrees from Princeton, Harvard, University of Pennsylvania, and more. Notre Dame students are not only prepared for college and career, but they are poised to make a difference in society by becoming leaders in whatever they pursue.

Notre Dame Academy High School, Staten Island 134 Howard Avenue , Staten Island, NY 10301 (718) 447-8878, ext. 501 •

OPEN HOUSE: Sunday, Oct. 21, 1-4 p.m. Notre Dame Academy is a girls’ school founded by the Sisters of the Congregation of Notre Dame in 1903. Advanced Placement courses are offered in Computer Science, Biology, Physics, Studio Art, Calculus, English Language and Composition, US History and English Literature. The school is Middle States-accredited and has a partnership with St. John’s University Extension Program for college credits. The school offers college level courses in French, Spanish, psychology, theology and calculus. Other special courses include chorus, music, advanced studio art, digital photography and graphic design. Students participate in activities such as the awardwinning drama program, forensics, National Honor Society, Interact, service trips to Habitat and yearbook. Sports include basketball, volleyball, soccer, softball, swimming, bowling, tennis, cross country, track and cheerleading. Enrollment: 460; Tuition: $10,000. 100% of graduates attend college. President: Sister Patricia Corley, CND; Principal: Kathryn Jaenicke; Assistant Principals Jann Amato and Theresa Spear. Week of October 11 - October 17, 2018 • INBROOKLYN — A Special Section of Brooklyn Daily Eagle/Brooklyn Eagle/Heights Press/Home Reporter/Brooklyn Spectator/Brooklyn Record/Greenpoint Gazette • 5INB

Halloween Round-Up: Where Brooklynites Can Celebrate the Spooky Season BY JAIME DEJESUS JDEJESUS@BROOKLYNREPORTER. COM

It’s that time of year again — to savor the thrills, chills and fun of the Halloween season. Throughout the month of October, there are tons of events that can entertain kids and adults alike. Here are a few places to get your spook on. Coney Island’s Luna Park continues to bring on the scares and fun with its annual Halloween Harvest. The series of events will feature the park’s newest addition, Tillie’s Tractor, on which riders race throughout the park to find their treasure. Other entertainment includes face painting, pumpkin picking and decorating, caricatures, storytelling, pirate entertainment, Argghs & Crafts, a pirate puppet show, magic shows and more. The activities will take place every weekend until Sunday, October 28. On Sunday, October 14, more than 100 dogs are slated to participate in Luna Park’s annual Dog Parade and Costume Contest. An expert panel of judges will evaluate the winners based on Audience Choice, Cutest, Mister/Miss Congeniality, Most Original and Best of Show. Then on Sunday, October 27, Marc and the Maniac Carvers, Brooklyn-based pumpkin carvers, will be back for their fifth year to transform a giant gourd into a Halloween masterpiece. Finally on Sunday, October 28, the Halloween Parade and Costume Party will take place. For more information, visit On Saturday, October 20, state Sen. Marty Golden, with the support of the Marine Park Community Association and the city’s Department of Parks and Recreation, will present Marine Park’s 33rd Halloween Fall Festival at Lenape Park, East 36th Street and Avenue U, from 12-3 p.m. The fun-filled day will include a pumpkin patch, treats, a puppet show presented by NYC Parks Puppetworks, the FDNY Smokehouse and more. Attendees are encouraged to wear costumes and prizes will be awarded for the best ones. For more information, call 718-336-7343. On Saturday, October 20, D.A.N.N.Y. Inc., a nonprofit anti-bullying organization, will

host its Anti Bully Halloween Party. The day will feature an anti-bully poster contest, costume contest, food, open bar, music by DJ Suds, free treat bags and awareness bracelets. There will also be a 50/50 raffle. Admission is $25 for adults (free for kids 16 and under accompanied by an adult). The address is 40 Minthorne Street, Staten Island. For more information, visit On Saturday, October 27 from 12– 3 p.m., the Prospect Park Alliance will host its 39th annual Halloween Haunted Walk and Fair. This annual event brings kids and families to Prospect Park for free fun. The haunted walk will go through the woodlands to Lookout Hill, and is ideal for families with children ages seven to 12. All ages can enjoy the festive Halloween Fair in the Nethermead, featuring family-friendly activities, as well as sweet and savory treats from some of the city’s top food trucks. For more information, visit news-events. Brooklyn Botanic Garden, 990 Washington Avenue, is bringing back its Ghouls & Gourds: Halloween Festival on Saturday, October 27 from 125:30 p.m. The day will include musical performances, and kids of all ages will be able to interact with insects both real and imaginary and meet an entomologist and her bugs at Dr. Rutledge’s Insectorium and Petting Zoo. Other activities include a Vegetable Midway with Brussels Sprout Bowling, Rutabaga Skee-Ball and more. Tickets are $20 for adults; seniors and children over 12 are $15. Children under 12 and BBG members get in for free. To pu r ch a s e t ickets, visit ghoulsandgourds. Gates open at 10 a.m., festival begins at 12 noon. Last admission at 5:30 p.m. On Sunday, October 28, Brooklyn Music School (BMS) will host its Seventh Annual Musical Haunted House. The event provides the community with a fun, family-friendly Halloween activity filled with thrills, costumes, candy and especially music. Guests will be led through four stories of BMS’s spooky decorated landmarked building with a “shtick-or-treat” waiting

ebrooklyn media/file photos

Halloween at Luna Park.

Trick or treating at Assemblymember Bill Colton’s office.

The Haunted Walk in Owl’s Head Park. for them courtesy of BMS’s students and world-class faculty. The event will also feature tribute bands. The event will be held on Sunday, October 28 from 3-5

p.m. at BMS, 126 Saint Felix Street. Tickets are $5 and are available at haunted-house-2018. On Wednesday, October 31,

the annual Park Slope Civic Council Halloween Parade will take place starting at 6:30 p.m. The event has been a part of neighborhood life since 1986. Each year, the merchants on

Seventh and Fifth Avenues hand out an abundance of sweets and treats to a seemingly never-ending swarm of imaginatively attired children, eagerly holding up their bags. The sidewalks are an obstacle course of visual delights. The event kicks off at Seventh Avenue and 14th Street and will conclude in J.J. Byrne Playground at the Old Stone House. For more information, visit Also on Wednesday, October 31, Assemblymember William Colton’s office will host its annual Trick or Treat from 2:45-5:30 p.m. at 155 Kings Highway. “For the past few years my office has been hosting candy distribution for the children in the neighborhood. I know that it’s a lot of fun for kids, which makes me happy,” said Colton. For more information, call 718-236-1598. Also on Wednesday, October 31, Golden will host the 24th Annual Haunted Halloween Walk and Fairy Tale Forest in Owl’s Head Park, Colonial Road and 67th Street, from 3:30-8:30 p.m. The event will feature a Haunted Walk, a Fairytale Forest, a pumpkin patch, costumed characters, kids’ activities, arts and crafts, and a costume contest. The event will also feature kids’ rides, face painting, sand art, a Trackless Train Ride and “Dracula’s Food Court.” For more information, call 718-238-6044.

6INB • INBROOKLYN — A Special Section of Brooklyn Daily Eagle/Brooklyn Eagle/Heights Press/Home Reporter/Brooklyn Spectator/Brooklyn Record/Greenpoint Gazette • Week of October 11 - October 17, 2018


ebrooklyn media/file photos

Sat., Oct. 13, 1 p.m., Bay Ridge Avenue to 94th Street

THIRD AVENUE FESTIVAL Sun., Oct. 14, 10 a.m.-6 p.m., Bay Ridge Avenue to 94th Street Bay Ridge Prep

Inspiring students to aim high and accomplish more.

A n I n d e p e n d e n t K -1 2 C o l l e g e P r e p a r a t o r y S c h o o l

Register for an Open House at

Week — of October 11-17, 2018 •of INBROOKLYN — A Special Section ofEagle/Heights Brooklyn Eagle//Heights Press/Home Reporter/Brooklyn Spectator/Brooklyn Record/GreenpointGazette Gazette •• 7INB 7INB Week of October 11 - October 17, 2018 • INBROOKLYN A Special Section Brooklyn Daily Eagle/Brooklyn Press/Home Reporter/Brooklyn Spectator/Brooklyn Record/Greenpoint

Visit us at... Saturday, October 13th Saturday

“Your CComplete “Y l t EEnergy CCompany””


New York’s Standard Since 1935

Family Owned and Operated

• Automatic Discount Delivery Program • Metered Deliveries with Our Own Fleet of Trucks • Competitive Pricing • 24 Hour Emergency Service • New Installations • Violation Consulting • Plumbing and Electrical Services Licensed and Bonded

iversary” “Celebrating Our 80th Ann

8INB • INBROOKLYN — A Special Section of Brooklyn Daily Eagle/Brooklyn Eagle/Heights Press/Home Reporter/Brooklyn Spectator/Brooklyn Record/Greenpoint Gazette • Week of October 11 - October 17, 2018



all it Bay Ridge’s big weekend. The storied Third Avenue Festival – now in its 45th year – will once again encompass the thoroughfare on Sunday, Oct. 14. The all-day event — which runs all the way from Bay Ridge Avenue to 94th Street, making it one of the longest in the borough — typically draws crowds in the tens of thousands as merchants, live bands and local entertainment groups hit the streets for a day of fun. Those that saunter the strip this year will be met by merchants, non-profit organizations, city agencies, vendors and even an on-site pet adoption, sponsored annually by Assemblymember Nicole Malliotakis and Pet Lovers United as One at the corner of 74th Street. Live music will take place outside beloved businesses like Chadwick’s, Brooklyn Market and Casa Calamari – to name a few. Kids can enjoy

complimentary face painting, rides and meet-and-greets with some of their favorite costumed characters, all organized by local merchants and organizations, while their parents sample some of the delectable food for which the strip is known and browse among the merchandise from its variety of shops. According to festival organizer Chip Cafiero, the annual affair is one that means a lot to neighborhood residents. “The festival is very important to Bay Ridge,” Cafiero said. “It brings the community together just like the Summer Stroll. Having these kinds of events makes Bay Ridge a small town within a big city.” Last year’s festival, Cafiero noted, was among the biggest the nabe had ever seen. “It was the biggest festival we’ve had in years,” the festival guru told this paper. “We got it back to the number of vendors we used to have. The weather was great. The crowd had a great time — everything was perfect.” He, and others, hope this year will top it. “Each year, I always look forward to the festival,” added local supporter Mike

ebrooklyn media/file photo

A scene from last year’s Third Avenue Festival. Beitchman. “It’s a great day for families, friends and for Bay Ridge to come together and enjoy the live music, the great food and everything Bay

Ridge has to offer.” As always, the festival will take place the day after the neighborhood staple Ragamuffin Parade, which

will hit the strip on Saturday, Oct. 13. The Third Avenue Festival will run from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m., rain or shine.

For a full list of activities, check out the festival’s Facebook event page at w w w.fa / events/685690745151648.

Thinking of Selling or Buying? Call us for a FREE MARKET ANALYSIS of Your Property.

Ben Bay Realty Co. of Bay Ridge at 8416 3rd Ave. Sunday, October 14th, 10am - 6pm


CLOWN MAKING ANIMAL BALLOONS FACE PAINTING also meet and greet Realtors for advice on buying and selling

MICKEY MOUSE Step & Repeat With A Photographer In Front Of Our Store

VIEW ALL OUR LISTINGS WWW.BENBAYRE.COM Week of October 11 - October 17, 2018 • INBROOKLYN — A Special Section of Brooklyn Daily Eagle/Brooklyn Eagle/Heights Press/Home Reporter/Brooklyn Spectator/Brooklyn Record/Greenpoint Gazette • 9INB

Kids Will Strut their Stuff at 52nd Annual Ragamuffin Parade BY CHRISTINA GRANDE EDITORIAL@ BROOKLYNREPORTER.COM

It’s that time of year — and kids from Bay Ridge and beyond couldn’t be happier. The 52nd annual Ragamuffin Parade will once again walk the streets of Brooklyn on Sat. Oct. 13, as neighborhood children don a wide array of costumes as part of a march whose tagline is “Miles of Smiles.” What began as a small procession in October, 1966, when children donned their parents’ oversized garb and paraded around the block on which Our Lady of Angels is situated, has become a beloved neighborhood tradition in which kids stride along Third Avenue to show off costumes that range from the fantastical to the quirky, and pretty much everything in between. Now over half a century young, the parade — the brainchild of Father James McKenna of Our Lady of Angels and

ebrooklyn media/file photos

Scenes from last year’s parade.

We’re learning step-by-step at...

School Programs

• Two Year Old Classes • Three Year Old Classes • Four Year Old Classes

Kindergarten through 5th grade

Full and Half Day Programs Available School Session: September – June

Summer Session:

Call Us or Come to Our Preschool


(For children born 2015) Wednesday October 24th at 6pm Open House is held at 9321 Ridge Blvd, Bklyn, NY

July – August

Please call or email us to schedule a tour to view the school.

Register on our website under the open house tab!

Nursery School

245 86th street • brooklyn, ny 11209 • p.718-630-1000 • f.718-630-1446

The Next Step

9321 ridge boulevard • brooklyn, ny 11209 • p.718-630-1001

Ridgeite Cliff Scanlon — was developed as a safe alternative to trick or treating. The name of the parade stems from the fact that participants, wearing their parents’ clothes, looked like ragamuffins. This year, the parade will be sponsored by Empire State Bank along with co-sponsors state Sen. Marty Golden, Northfield Bank, Investors Bank, Ferrantino Fuel Oil, the law offices of Peter P. Ferraiuolo, Dime Bank, the Salty Dog and Gangi Plumbing and Heating. This year’s grand marshal is Leo Lykourezos of Leo’s Casa Calamari. The Men Of The Year are Michael Esposito and Ted Nugent of Cebu. The parade route starts at 76th Street and Third Avenue, and ends at 92nd Street in the HSBC parking lot. Registration runs from 11 a.m. to 12:15 p.m in the Holy Angels Catholic Academy schoolyard, located on 73rd Street between Third and Fourth Avenues. Costume judging will take place at the same location from 11:30 a.m. to 12:15 p.m. Prizes will be distributed to every child in costume registered at the end of the parade.

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See the Full Slate of Honorees Below!

25th Anniversary Pioneer Reception Honorees Pioneers

Zoe Koutsoupakis Signature Bank

Phil Guarnieri Empire State Bank

Dina Morra & Sanaa Morra Nile Boutique

Albert C. Corhan Adelphi Academy of Brooklyn

Salaam Club Ray Aalbue Ray Ferrier

Nicole Esposito & Tarin Sukkarieh

Larry Morrish Award Brian Chin

Bohemian Rose Hair Studio

New Business Award

James Clark Bagel Boy

Patsy’s Pizzeria Ogo New York

Uncle Louie G’s

Civic Honorees

Lifetime Achievement Award

MaryAnn Kearns

Rick Russo Louis Peters DSNY Columbia Associates

Half-Century Award

Anthony Perricone Anthony’s Butcher Shop

Evans Kotsis

Caffé Café

Jane Kelly

Dennis Monier

Week of October 11 - October 17, 2018 • INBROOKLYN — A Special Section of Brooklyn Daily Eagle/Brooklyn Eagle/Heights Press/Home Reporter/Brooklyn Spectator/Brooklyn Record/Greenpoint Gazette • 11INB

Bay Ridge Prep A n I n d e p e n d e n t K -1 2 C o l l e g e P r e p a r a t o r y S c h o o l

Inspiring students to aim high and accomplish more. At Bay Ridge Prep, our students ingredients to that success: a progressive academic environment that emphasizes experiential learning, intimate class sizes and an outstanding faculty. Come see for yourself at one of our open houses this fall.

OPEN HOUSES: Upper School (Grades 9—12) 7420 Fourth Avenue Brooklyn, NY 11209 Wednesday, November 14 | 9 am Wednesday, December 5 | 9 am Lower and Middle School (Grades K—8) 8101 Ridge Boulevard Brooklyn, NY 11209 Wednesday, October 24 | 9 am Wednesday, November 28 | 9 am Register for an open house at | 718.833.9090

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OCTOBER Calendar of Events Week of the 11th to 17th

Week of October 11 - October 17, 2018 • INBROOKLYN — A Special Section of Brooklyn Daily Eagle/Brooklyn Eagle/Heights Press/Home Reporter/Brooklyn Spectator/Brooklyn Record/Greenpoint Gazette • 13INB

OCTOBER Calendar of Events Week of the 11th to 17th

Art FIVE CENTS TO DREAMLAND: A TRIP TO CONEY ISLAND This special exhibition brings together highlights from both permanent collections to explore Coney Island’s history from a new and unique perspective. When: Saturdays & Sundays, Saturday: 12 – 6 p.m., Sunday: 2 – 6 p.m. Where: Coney Island/ Coney Island Museum (1208 Surf Avenue) JAMEL SHABAZZ This journalistic timeline documents almost 40 years of historical moments photographed by Jamel Shabazz. These include images of the hip hop culture, the Native American community, the Masonic experiences, the Rastafarian Family and Shabazz’ iconic subway rides. When: Tuesday-Sunday through October 14th, Tue-

Sat 10 a.m. – 6 p.m., Sun 12 – 6 p.m. Where: Fort Greene/BRIC House (647 Fulton Street) THE LEAST ORTHODOX GODDESS IV Curated by Jasmine Wahi. A group exhibition curated by Jasmine Wahi featuring works by Felipe Baeza, Darío Calmese, David Antonio Cruz, Delano Dunn, Jonathan Gardenhire, Billy Ray Morgan, Zachary Richardson, and Kiyan Williams. When: Tuesday-Saturday through October 20th, 11 a.m. – 6 p.m. Where: Prospect Park/ Jenkin Johnson Gallery (207 Ocean Avenue) FOR WHICH IT STANDS Participating Artists: Simone Bailey, Christina Barrera, Andrew Demirjian, Stephan Jahanshahi, Vandana Jain, Katarina Jerinic, Jeff Kasper & Christopher Spinozzi, Josh MacPhee & Jesse Purcell, Sal Muñoz, Iviva Olenick, Manju

Shandler, Athena Soules– NYC Light Brigade, Katherine Gressel, Curator. For Which it Stands is a contemporary art exhibition at the Old Stone House & Washington Park (OSH) offering a fresh take on the flags of the American Revolution and today, including the contradictions inherent in their symbolism. Select artists reinterpret flags associated with OSH’s history as the site of the 1776 Battle of Brooklyn, to consider how their values are being upheld today. Others envision bold new flags for contemporary local and global communities. When: Fridays through October 24th, 3 – 6 p.m. Where: Park Slope/Old Stone House (336 3rd Street) DEANNA LEE Site-specific installations that consist of masses of lines that evoke various influences: organic structures like plants, hair, muscles, and fungi; natural systems such as waves and wind currents; geological strata; and topographical maps. When: Daily through October 25th Where: DUMBO/Main Window (One Main Street) EMPIRE SKATE: THE BIRTHPLACE OF ROLLER DISCO Empire Skate: The Birthplace of Roller Disco brings

the world of Empire to life, exploring its role as a cultural icon and a community hub. Artifacts, archival materials, video, and first-hand interviews, come together to share the stories of the people who skated at Empire during the 70s and 80s and will immerse visitors in the sights and sounds of the rink. Through the examined histories of and around Empire, connections between roller skating and larger narratives of race, class, and urbanization in America are uncovered. Beyond the roller disco movement, the exhibit traces the history of roller skating in the United States, highlighting the diversity of rinks around the country and the unique history of skating in New York City, which was home to over 20 rinks at its skating peak. When: Thursdays-Sundays through October 14th, 12 – 6 p.m. Where: Williamsburg/The City Reliquary Museum (370 Metropolitan Avenue) MAX DE ESTEBAN The Binary Code series are a colorful concoction of collages that excite our imagination and send the viewer on a trajectory of multiple narratives. When: Wednesdays-Saturdays through October 26th, 11 a.m. – 6 p.m. Where: DUMBO/Klompching Gallery (89 Water Street) BROOKLYN BEFORE PHOTOGRAPHS, 1971– 1983 An exhibit of 18 South Brooklyn photographs selected by Joseph and Audrey Anastasi from the 126 images in Mr. Racioppo’s new book. These new digital prints express a cross section of the ongoing themes in Larry’s work – family, neighborhood, and religion. He scanned and printed over six hundred of his earliest 35mm and 120mm black and white negatives for this project. When: Thursdays-Sundays through October 27th, 1 – 5 p.m. Where: Sunset Park/Tabla Rasa Gallery (224 48th Street) BLANKET STATEMENTS A group exhibition of three contemporary Native American women abstract artists — Gina Adams, Maria Hupfield, and Marie Watt — organized in collaboration with Accola Griefen Fine Art. When: Wednesdays-Sundays through October 27th, 11 a.m. – 5 p.m. Where: DUMBO/Minus Space (16A Main Street) QUIETER PLACES Marshall LaCount’s Quieter Places paintings are a collective approach to places quieter than the city; quieter than a mind treading

in traumas; quieter than political despondency. These Quieter Places are beyond certain borders. They are elsewhere, for they are not places, they are images. In this case, they are images constructed by aching hands and sore arms which have managed to pull away from other work, made in less quiet places. Plaster is shaped alongside acrylic paint, wallboard, spray paint. Graffiti and the constant buffing of graffiti get a nod. The works are playful: primary colors occupy measured spaces in largely white fields of textured plaster. When: Daily Through October, 12 – 9 p.m. Where: Greenpoint/Exhibit Salon (182 Driggs Avenue) THE BRIDGE THE BRIDGE The Bridge! The Bridge!, Robert Latchman’s first solo exhibition at LAND Gallery, as a title encapsulates the commanding effect the Brooklyn Bridge has on this artist’s work. Latchman’s fascination with the Brooklyn Bridge began a few years ago. Since then, the bridge has served as his main subject, completely capturing the artist’s focus. The Brooklyn Bridge is not his only subject, but it is a dominating one; the work evokes permanence, construction, and calls attention to the history of place. When: Mondays-Fridays through October 30th, 8:30 a.m. – 3:30 p.m. Where: DUMBO/Land Gallery (67 Front Street) Traitor Muscle A New Commission and the first major solo exhibition in New York by Joseph Buckley. The artist’s practice centers on the relationship between grief and postcolonialism. Against a backdrop of contemporary fascism, Buckley employs a range of visual and cultural references—from sci-fi to modernism to Doc Martens to slave ships to Amazon’s factory floor—asking us to deeply consider society’s divisions and fractures, using the medium of sculpture to investigate the psychic technologies that enable them. When: Tuesdays-Saturdays through November 3rd, 10 a.m. – 6 p.m. Where: DUMBO/Art In General (145 Plymouth Street) ROBERT CUMMINGS New drawings from polymath artist Robert Cumming. Cumming’s nudes imply a compelling yet elusive narrative informed by his merging interests in painting, sculpture, and photography. When: Tuesdays-Saturdays through November 3rd, 11 a.m. – 5 p.m. Where: DUMBO/Janet Borden,

Inc. (91 Water Street) ODE TO A VOID Ron Baron’s solo exhibition, Ode to A Void. In this show, Baron’s slip-cast ceramic shoes are presented in a large spiraling swirl in the center of the space. Baron’s work is infused with a quiet, somber magic – one that references memory or loss and the temporal nature of moments. When: Thursdays-Sundays through November 4th, 12 – 6 p.m. Where: Bushwick/STUDIO10 (56 Bogart Street) A CAT IN GOD’S GARDEN Luisa Caldwell’s exhibition encompasses personal interests that have spanned her childhood and adult life: cats, gardens, and art books. Her project is inspired by flowers and plants that she grows and nurtures in her Brooklyn garden, as well as the stray cats that come and go. On the gallery walls are hundreds of Caldwell’s botanical drawings illustrating fantastic flora. Caldwell has also created an installation of found porcelain and stoneware vases that have her own feline and botanical imagery etched into the surface. Rather than exhibiting these vessels on traditional bases, she displays them on stacks of art books that refer to the influences that spill into the content of her work. When: Wednesdays-Sundays through November 4th, 12 – 6 p.m. Where: DUMBO/Smack Mellon (92 Plymouth Street) BRIDGING TWO WORLDS: THE LAND OF THE LIVING AND THE LAND OF THE DEAD The exhibition brings together artworks and artifacts that speak to the universal question: “what happens to us after we die?” When: Saturdays & Sundays through December 2nd, 12 – 5 p.m. Where: Green-Wood/GreenWood Cemetery Fort Hamilton Gatehouse (500 25th Street) TOWARDS A NEW ARCHEOLOGY This group show brings together artists who reevaluate the history of material culture — presenting installation and sculptural works that speak to a mystical, transcendent, and visionary future. Towards a New Archaeology features work by Amy Brener, Leeza Meksin, Sheila Pepe (NWA’02), Ioanna Pantazopoulou, Ester Partegàs (NWA’09), Jean Shin (NWA’07), and Rachel Eulena Williams. When: Daily through January 2019, 10 a.m. – 6 p.m. Where: Fort Greene/BAM Peter Jay Sharp Building (30 CONTINUED ON NEXT PAGE

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Lafayette Street) THE BUSINESS OF BROOKLYN: AN EXHIBITION ON THE OCCASION OF THE 100TH ANNIVERSARY OF THE BROOKLYN CHAMBER OF COMMERCE An exhibition exploring the past 100 years of business in the borough. The story spans booming factories, family shops, iconic innovation, and labor struggles. The exhibition showcases images and objects from companies large and small that thrived in Brooklyn, including Domino Sugar, Squibb Pharmaceuticals, Schaefer Beer, Drake Bakeries, Abraham & Straus, Gage & Tollner, and many others. It includes numerous artifacts from the Brooklyn Chamber’s history, including a gavel that the Chamber used to convene meetings in the 1920s, the telephone the Chamber used in its first offices at 75 Livingston Street, and a program for the Chamber’s 50th Anniversary Celebration, which honored entertainer Danny Kaye. It also includes treasures from BHS’s collections, including Eberhard pencil sets, Virginia Dare bottles and glasses, coasters and trays from Brooklyn’s illustrious beer brewing history. When: Wednesdays-Sundays through January 2019, 12 – 5 p.m. Where: Brooklyn Heights/ Brooklyn Historical Society (128 Pierrepont Street) SYRIA, THEN AND NOW: STORIES FROM REFUGEES A CENTURY APART Features highlights from the museum’s collection of thirteenth century Syrian ceramics alongside work by the contemporary Arab artists Ginane Makki Bacho, Issam Kourbaj, and Mohamed Hafez. The juxtaposition between these works highlights the ongoing struggle to find home during tumultuous times and the commonalities between refugees throughout history. When: Wednesdays-Sundays through January 2019, 11 a.m. 6 p.m. Where: Crown Heights/ Brooklyn Museum (200 Eastern Parkway)

Books & Readings

THE NOT-SO-SWEET HISTORY OF SUGAR Join social historian, York College professor, and author of Sugar: The World Corrupted, From Slavery to Obesity, James Walvin, as he uncovers the fraught history of one of our most prevalent ingredients: sugar. From its role in catalyzing colonialism and slave trading, to its

current contributions to health crises, Walvin delivers this history without any sugar coating. When: Tuesday, October 16th, 6:30 – 8 p.m. Where: Brooklyn Heights/ Brooklyn Historical Society (128 Pierrepont Street)

of Ulysses S. Grant in this exploration of the story behind the larger-than-life general and president. When: Thursday, October 11th, 6:30 – 8 p.m. Where: Brooklyn Heights/ Brooklyn Historical Society (128 Pierrepont Street)

SOUP & SIP WITH JULIA TURSHEN AND NIK SHARMA Julia Turshen, Nik Sharma, and Jarry are joining forces to throw the book launch party of the year at MOFAD. To celebrate the release of Now & Again by Julia Turshen and Season by Nik Sharma, we will serve special soups from these cookbooks prepared by the Brooklyn party and fundraising series Queer Soup Night. There will also be small bites from each recipe book prepared by MOFAD chef John Hutt, cocktails from Shannon Mustipher, Brooklyn Brewery beer, book signings, and a conversation with Julia, Nik, and Jarry Mag co-founder Lukas Volger. When: Wednesday, October 10th, 6:30 – 8:30 p.m. Where: Williamsburg/Museum of Food and Drink (62 Bayard Street)

SCRIBBLE NYC Scribble NYC is a designa-thon for New York City middle school, high school, and undergraduate students. The morning features workshops on computer programming, graphic design, and their intersections hosted by New York University, Apple, Inc., and Upperline Code. The design competition begins in the afternoon. Judges will select 3 winners from teams competing in 4 divisions; middle school, high school, mixed 6-12 grade, and undergraduates. All participants in the design competition receive free entry to the morning’s workshops. Breakfast, lunch, and dinner will be provided for all participants When: Sunday, October 14th, 8 a.m. Where: Brooklyn Heights/NYU Tandon School of Engineering Makerspace(6 Metrotech Center)

Educational GOLD WOMEN’S WELLNESS BUSINESS BREAKFAST There will be a panel of diverse experienced speakers, breakfast, and networking activities. They will discuss everything from making the time to tend to your overall wellness to how to prepare and manage yourself and your environment in crisis situations. When: Thursday, October 11th, 8:30 – 10:30 a.m. Where: Brooklyn Heights/ Brooklyn Chamber of Commerce (335 Adams Street) LITTLE ARTISTS Each week children and caregivers explore art in the SPARK studio, experiment with materials, discover hidden objects from the BCM collection on scavenger hunt challenges and create masterworks in this onehour class. Class size limited to 12 children and their caregivers. When: Thursday, October 11th, 9:30 – 10:30 a.m. Where: DUMBO/Spark by Brooklyn Children’s Museum (1 John Street) BANK OF AMERICA PRESENTS HISTORY MAKERS: RON CHERNOW ON ULYSSES S. GRANT Ron Chernow, author of Washington: A Life and Alexander Hamilton (the biographical inspiration behind the musical phenomenon), applies his peerless approach to the complicated figure

MUSIKIDS This class focuses on basic development and cognitive skills, socialization, cooperation, and always a sense of play. When: Sunday, October 14th, 3- 4 p.m. Where: Fort Greene/Brooklyn Music School (126 St. Felix Street) IPAD BASICS Learn the basics of how to use an iPad to browse the internet, use email, download apps, watch videos, take pictures, connect online and more. iPads will be provided for this class. When: Tuesday & Thursday, October 16th & October 18th, 1:30–2:45 p.m. Where: Park Slope/Park Slope Center for Successful Aging (463A 7th Street)

Family Fun CARS AGAINST CANCER EXOTIC CAR SHOW Help put the brakes on breast cancer and join Maimonides Medical Center for an exotic car show. Be amazed at the large selection of rare cars including exotics, muscle cars, and classics. Enjoy music, entertainment, raffles and more. Fun and free for the whole family. When: Sunday, October14th Where: Coney Island/MCU Park (1904 Surf Avenue) SUNDAY SOCIAL CONTINUED ON NEXT PAGE






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OCTOBER Calendar of Events Week of the 11th to 17th continued from previous page

Come outside. Get Social. They’ll be closing Montague Street between Court and the Promenade to car traffic and in cooperation with BrooklynBridgeParents. com filling it with activities for kids and families, live entertainment and music. When: Sunday, October 14th, 11 a.m. – 6 p.m. Where: Brooklyn Heights/ Montague Street Between Court Street & The Promenade

Film BROOKLYN HORROR FESTIVAL The Brooklyn Horror Film Festival is a premier east coast genre festival that embodies the spirit of Brooklyn. Taking place in venues throughout the borough, they showcase the best new independent films, throw parties, host events, and more. Come see some of the best and freshest

films the horror genre has to offer at various locations throughout Brooklyn. Nitehawk Cinema -Videology -Wythe Hotel-IFP-Film Noir-LIU Kumble TheaterSyndicated BK. When: Daily through October 18th, see www. Where: Various locations THE 11TH ANNUAL BUSHWICK FILM FESTIVAL Founded in 2007, The Bushwick Film Festival (BFF) is a leading independent film and media company in Brooklyn. The festival is hailed as one of Brooklyn’s most influential cinematic events for its contribution to the borough’s artistic, cultural, and economic growth. The festival attracts film and entertainment industry leaders at national and international levels; and showcases films created by the best and most diverse emerging

independent filmmakers in Brooklyn and worldwide. BFF provides a platform for emerging filmmakers to share their stories and present opportunities for them to make a living doing what they love. BFF provides spaces for audiences from all backgrounds to connect and discover new independent movies and experience unique cultural events. When: Daily, October 10th through 14th, Where: Bushwick/Syndicated Bar Theater and various locations (40 Bogart Street) BAMKIDS MOVIE MATINEES: LAURA’S STAR (2004) 75MIN Laura’s Star (2004) 75min A little girl finds a fallen star in this animated delight from Germany. When: Saturday, October 13th, 2 p.m. Where: Fort Greene/BAMRose Cinemas (30 Lafayette Avenue) A SPECIAL SCREENING OF ‘LITTLE FUGITIVE’ The PSCC Arts Committee is excited to present a special screening of the iconic 1953 film, “Little Fugitive,” introduced by the filmmakers’ daughter and Gowanus resident, Mary Engel. The evening will also include a talk on the two neighborhoods featured in the film – Bensonhurst and Coney Island, by noted architectural


historian Francis Morrone. Refreshments will be served, and hit songs from the era will be performed by members of Brooklyn’s own “Opera on Tap.” When: Saturday, October 13th, 6:30 – 10 p.m. Where: Park Slope/ Berkeley Carroll School Marlene Clary Performance Space( 152 Sterling Place)

Flea Markets BROOKLYN FLEA With its mix of vintage, repurposed, handmade, and food vendors in a townsquare environment now replicated around the world, a decade later the Flea still features many of the same vendors from the original 2008 market, who have become fixtures of Brooklyn culture while emerging as world-class dealers in their individual niches When: Saturday, October 13th, 10 a.m. – 5 pm, Where: Industry City/Industry City (274 36th Street) GREETINGS FROM NASHVILLE POP-UP SHOP Curated by The Callaway, a communications company in Nashville founded in 2015 by former fashion editor Libby Callaway, GFN features a pop-up store filled with clothing, accessories, media, apothecary, home goods, and art designed or

produced by over two dozen of Nashville’s finest creative companies. The store will have one-of-a-kind items and limited-edition designs that are exclusive to the GFN project, as well as vintage collectibles and clothing that pays homage to Nashville’s historically inimitable style. When: Daily through October 30th, Where: Williamsburg/Wythe Hotel (80 Wythe Avenue)

Food & Drink BROOKLYN BOROUGH HALL GREENMARKET Buy fresh locally grown fruits, vegetables and more. When: Thursday, October 11th, 8 a.m.- 5 p.m. Where: Brooklyn Heights// Brooklyn Borough Hall Plaza (209 Joralemon Street) EAST NEW YORK FARMERS MARKET A community-run market and includes 23 local gardeners, three regional farmers, and 11 local vendors. They have been providing fresh produce, homemade crafts, and a safe public space for families in East New York. Their market is the only place in East New York to find local and organic produce and Caribbean specialty crops like karela, bora, and callaloo. When: Saturday, October 13th, 9 a.m. – 3 p.m.

Where: East New York/East New York Farmer’s Market (Schneck Ave & New Lots Ave) CELEBRATE MEXICO NOW: EL JUEGO DE LAS TRANSFORMACIONES To commemorate the 15th Anniversary of the Celebrate Mexico Now Festival, visual artist Gabriela Galván has devised a sensory food installation experience entitled El Juego de las Transformaciones, or The Game of Transformations. Galván’s sculptures will represent three distinct moments in Mexican history: Prehispanic, Colonial, and Contemporary, telling the story of Mexican culture and cuisine through ingredients, techniques, and words. The interactive sculptures will showcase the rich textures and flavors unique to Mexico, celebrating both tradition and innovation. Celebrate Mexico Now’s Quinceañera with us – come to hear the story, stay to get a taste. Interactive bites from the sculptures and cocktails and will be served. When: Tuesday, October 16th, 7 – 9 p.m. Where: Williamsburg/Museum of Food and Drink (62 Bayard Street)

Health NYRR OPEN RUN: CONTINUED ON NEXT PAGE Westside Theatre, 407 W 43rd St. 212-239-6200

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2018-10-03 9:00 PM

CANARSIE PARK Open Run is a communitybased, volunteer-led running initiative bringing free weekly runs and walks to local neighborhood parks, across all five boroughs of NYC. All runs are directed by volunteers and are free to all participants. The finish line is open until the last person is done. The courses vary based on the park, but the courses are between 2.5 and three miles long. When: Saturday, October 13th, 9 – 10 a.m. Where: Canarsie/Canarsie Park (Seaview Ave. bet. Paerdegat Basin and E. 93 St., E. 102 St. and Fresh Creek Basin) TAP YOUR WAY TO FREEDOM – EFT FUNDAMENTALS EFT is like “emotional acupuncture” as it involves gentle tapping with your fingertips on key acupressure points, while focusing on specific experiences or feelings. It is a powerful healing method that can help reduce the emotional impact of everything from physical pain to ancestral trauma and grief. When: Saturday, October 13th,2 – 4 p.m. Where: Bedford Stuyvesant/ HealHaus (1082 Fulton Street) FITNESS: SHAPE UP NYC – LIFT AND MOVEMENT A free 12-week fitness class covering lift and movement. Walk-ins welcome, registration not required. No class October 8th When: Monday, October 15th, 6 – 7 p.m. Where: Sunset Park/Trinity Church (411 45th Street) TAI CHI FOR SENIORS Find out how deep breathing and light stretching can help arthritic pain, relieve stress and reduce blood pressure. When: Monday, October 15th, 10 – 11:30 a.m. Where: Bay Ridge/Bay Ridge Jewish Center (405 81st Street)

Nightlife CITY LIGHTS, SAPPHIRE NIGHTS A card party serving Chinese food (Hunan Cottage). Wheelchair accessible-parking behind the church-50/50 raffles. Any questions-call Rectory-718-627-2020 When: Friday, October 12th, 7 p.m. Where: Gravesend/Our Lady of Grace Academy (385 Avenue W) DREAMLAND DISCO Every Friday Lola Star hosts a themed DJ roller disco party at the LeFrak Center at Lakeside. Each event showcases a new theme from 70s Glitter Rock to 80s CONTINUED ON NEXT PAGE

HOROSCOPES September 20 - September 26, 2018 ♋ CANCER  Jun 22/Jul 22 Cancer, be more thorough with your communications because someone might miss the memo if you do not get the point across effectively. You donХt want to repeat and follow up. ♌ LEO  Jul 23/Aug 23 Leo, some sunny days are ahead. Make the most of the positive situations you find yourself in, and donХt hesitate to share your good fortune with others. ♍ VIRGO  Aug 24/Sept 22 Focus on the significance of an important task that comes your way this week, Virgo. There is meaning behind this work, and you must discover it. ♎ LIBRA  Sept 23/Oct 23 Mischief makers are in full force, Libra. You arenХt quite sure if you are ready to jump into the frivolity this week. Keep your space until you decide how to proceed. ♏ SCORPIO  Oct 24/Nov 22 Scorpio, be honest with yourself and others when prompted for feedback. Your honesty will be a feather in your cap, and others will appreciate your straightforward approach. ♐ SAGITTARIUS  Nov 23/Dec 21 Sagittarius, important shifts and movements this week can turn everything you have been working toward on its head. Remain calm and patient to see things through. ♑ CAPRICORN  Dec 22/Jan 20 Unforeseen circumstances leave you feeling a bit weary, Capricorn. You should cling to someone who has his or her feet firmly planted on the ground for support. ♒ AQUARIUS  Jan 21/Feb 18 Aquarius, build more bridges that give you access to influence. This will help you see plans through at work, and this success will spill over into your personal life. ♓ PISCES  Feb 19/Mar 20 Pisces, explosive energy can come your way if you are willing and able to welcome it. Others may be inspired by what you accomplish. ♈ ARIES  Mar 21/Apr 20 The planets will bring significant changes and breakthroughs over the next several days, Aries. Even last-minute disruptions canХt derail your success. ♉ TAURUS  Apr 21/May 21 Taurus, this will be a potent week for you, as you will be called upon to solidify and strengthen others. Help individuals find the power of their purpose. ♊ GEMINI  May 22/Jun 21 Try stretching yourself creatively, Gemini. The results can be surprising when you think outside of the box and leave your comfort zone. With confidence, you can succeed.

This week’s birthdays: OCTOBER 7 Toni Braxton, Singer (51) OCTOBER 8 Bruno Mars, Singer (33) OCTOBER 9 Bella Hadid, Model (22) OCTOBER 10 Dale Earnhardt, Jr., Athlete (44) OCTOBER 11 Matt Bomer, Actor (41) OCTOBER 12 Tyler Blackburn, Actor (32) OCTOBER 13 Kate Walsh, Actress (51)

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The Air Force Reserve offers a variety of part-time job opportunities with full-time benefits, including tuition assistance and low-cost health insurance. You may be eligible for a signing bonus of up to $20,000 for specific part-time jobs. Serving your country part-time as a Reserve Citizen Airman, at a base close to where you live, gives you the opportunity to also pursue your civilian career or further your education. It’s an ideal option for those who have never been in the military as well as for those with prior military service in any branch.

800-257-1212 •

OCTOBER Calendar of Events Week of the 11th to 17th continued from previous page

Glam, as well as dazzling performers, kitschy contests, giveaways and more. This Friday: Thriller Michael Jackson When: Friday, October 12th, 7:30 – 10 p.m. Where: Prospect Park/Lefrak Center at Lakeside (171 East Drive)

Theatre & Music


Committed to developing dance as an important art form, WHITE WAVE scours the globe in search of the most innovative of today’s dance makers, both emerging and established, and brings them to Brooklyn for one extended weekend of 11 different programs. For four nights and three days, dance lovers will experience a veritable cornucopia of the best of contemporary dance. DDF is committed to advancing the best of dance by providing on-stage and be-hind-thescene opportunities for 70 dance troupes from across America and around the globe, allowing audiences to experience, first-hand, the

incomparable vitality of the New York dance scene. October 11th 7pm OPENING NIGHT GALA October 12th 7pm & 9pm Festival Performances October 13th / 2pm. 4pm, 6pm & 8pm Festival Performances October 14th / 12 – 1:15pm Free Kids Can Dance Hip Hop class October 14th / 1:30 –3:00 pm Family Friendly Program October 14th / 4pm & 6pm Festival Performances October 14th / 8:00pm GRAND FINALE When: Daily through October 14th, Where: DUMBO/Gelsey Kirkland Arts Center (29 Jay

Dr. Connie Jasmine Castro Licensed Psychologist 5392 62nd Street Maspeth, NY 11378


I am a licensed psychologist and nationally certified as a school psychologist. I have over ten years of experience in working with children, adolescents and their families. I also have experience in working with special needs populations. I enjoy working therapeutically with individuals of all ages. I offer my clients a collaborative approach, including cognitive behavioral therapy, and I individualize each clients’ therapy needs.

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The All New Bical Auto Mall’s








109 24 MO LEASE / 10K MILES

NEW 2019 GMC









NEW 2019 GMC














139 278


CALL (347) 427-5357

DCA# 1015293. Financing thru GM Financial. To well qual buyers w/approved Tier 1 Credit (750+ FICO). Not all buyers will qual. Must have Non-GM Lease in household to qualify for $1500 Competitive Lease rebate. Must be Costco member prior to 10/1/18 to qualify for Costco discount. *$0 Down Payment option will affect monthly payment shown. †Ttl due @ signing Equinox (Stk# N274) $2,754, Traverse (Stk# N693) $2,923, Malibu (Stk# A8743) $2,774, Encore (Stk# N172) $2,784, Acadia (Stk# N396) $2,883, Terrain (Stk# N516) $2,793 ($1995 Down + $650 Bank Fee + 1st Mo Pymt + $0 Sec Dep). Ttl pymts Equinox $2,616, Traverse $10,008, Malibu $4,644, Encore $3,336, Acadia $8,568, Terrain $3,552. All leases are 10k year @ $.25 thereafter. Lessee resp for excess wear, tear, & mileage charges as stated. Price incl all costs to be paid by consumer plus tax & tags. Pics are illustrative only, must take same day delivery, due to demand vehicle may not be avail upon arrival, other similar like vehs & savings may be. No 2 offers can be combined. This ad must be presented at time of signing. Offers expire 3 days from publication. DMV# 7059779 Week of October 11 - October 17, 2018 • INBROOKLYN — A Special Section of Brooklyn Daily Eagle/Brooklyn Eagle/Heights Press/Home Reporter/Brooklyn Spectator/Brooklyn Record/Greenpoint Gazette • 19INB

Richard Rosenfeld, MD, MPH Distinguished Professor & Chairman Department of Otolaryngology Pediatric Otolaryngology

Krishnamurthi Sundaram, MD Professor of Clinical Otolaryngology Head & Neck Oncology

Marina Boruk, MD Assistant Professor of Otolaryngology Director of Rhinology

Nira Goldstein, MD, MPH Professor of Clinical Otolaryngology Pediatric Otolaryngology

UPB – Brooklyn ENT Otolaryngology – Head & Neck Surgery The ear, nose, and throat surgeons in the University Physicians of Brooklyn faculty practice are the ONLY otolaryngology group practice in Brooklyn that offers:

1. Comprehensive ear, nose, and throat care of children, including breathing problems, hearing loss, ear infections, sinus disease, cleft lip and palate. 2. State-of-the-art management for patients suffering from tinnitus (ringing in the ear), including a full-time tinnitus specialist. 3. Cochlear implantation to restore hearing in profoundly deaf infants, children, and adults. 4. Pediatric airway reconstruction, including laser, endoscopic, open surgical and balloon-assisted procedures. 5. Minimally-invasive procedures for head and neck cancer, including laser microsurgery, endoscopic skull base surgery, and transoral robotic surgery. 6. Surgery for acoustic neuromas and invasive skull base tumors by a fellowship-trained neuro-otologist. 7. State-of-the-art medical management of nasal and sinus problems with image-guided surgery by a fellowship-trained rhinologist. 8. Rehabilitation of hearing and speech problems in infants and young children in partnership with the Auditory Oral School of New York. 9. State of the art care provided by 100% fellowship-trained Otolaryngologists with teaching appointments at SUNY Downstate Medical Center. 10. Training for 15 otolaryngology residents in one of the most competitive residency programs in the country. 11. Coordinated medical and surgical care at convenient practice locations throughout Brooklyn, including Brooklyn Heights, Park Slope, East Flatbush, and Bay Ridge. 12. Access to some of the leading physicians in the field of otolaryngology, with national and international reputations for excellence in research, teaching, and patient care. For more information on our providers, services, locations, and initial registration forms to make your first visit more convenient, please visit our website:

Sydney C. Butts, MD, FACS Vice Chair and Chief Division of Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery

Boris Bentsianov, MD Assistant Professor of Otolaryngology Director of Laryngology Voice & Swallowing Disorders

Natalya Chernichenko, MD, FACS Assistant Professor of Otolaryngology Chief of Head & Neck Surgery

Ann Woodhouse Plum, MD Assistant Professor of Otolaryngology and Chief of Pediatric Otolaryngology.

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Brooklyn ENT

Our Locations Matthew B. Hanson, MD Assistant Professor and Chief of Otology and Neurotology

UPB – BROOKLYN ENT 185 Montague Street, 5th FL Brooklyn, NY 11201 718-780-1498

UPB – BROOKLYN ENT 470 Clarkson Avenue, Suite H Brooklyn, NY 11203 718-270-4701

UPB – BROOKLYN ENT 376 6th Avenue Brooklyn, NY 11215 718-499-0940

Dr. Saleh Saleh Au.D. CCC-A, Director of Audiology-UPB

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FOOD ebrooklyn media/file photo

The Third Avenue Festival, taking place on Sun., Oct. 14 along the thoroughfare between Bay Ridge Avenue and 94th Street, will feature lots of good stuff to eat, from the many top-notch restaurants on the avenue as well as from vendors there for the day. Week of October 11 - October 17, 2018 • INBROOKLYN — A Special Section of Brooklyn Daily Eagle/Brooklyn Eagle/Heights Press/Home Reporter/Brooklyn Spectator/Brooklyn Record/Greenpoint Gazette • 21INB


Wine Bar and Restaurant 652 5th Ave. at 19th St. 347-916-1747

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Damascus Bakery 56 Gold St. Brooklyn, NY 11201 (718) 855-1456 Damascus Bakery is proud of its heritage and owner Ed Mafoud will tell you that it pays homage to its Brooklyn roots with its brand of products including Brooklyn Bred. It only takes one bite of the award-winning Brooklyn Bred Bistro Breads to get a real taste of generations of baking still going strong! After all, who knows bread like a Brooklynite! Russ Pizza 745 Manhattan Ave. Brooklyn, NY 11222 (718) 383-9463







Sal at Russ Pizza told Faces about a customer who’s been walking to his pizzeria for years, despite the fact that it’s not the closest pizzeria to home, but well worth the walk because the pizza is that good, with a crispy crust, great sauce and the perfect amount of cheese. And we agree, it’s that good!

Tambour Wine Bar 652 5th Ave. at 19th Street Brooklyn, NY 11215 (347) 917-1747 Tambour is one of the finest wine bars in the city! It has an incredible selection of wines that pair well with the unique and tasty entrees. Chef Thomas Perone told Faces that the Yuzu and Hoisin Glazed Salmon with roasted cauliflower, red quinoa, currants and scallions pairs well with Valle De Yerri Inmacula Viognier, Navarra, Spain!

Damascus Bakery 56 Gold St. Brooklyn, NY 11201 (718) 855-1456



Damascus Bakery is proud of its heritage and owner Ed Mafoud will tell you that it pays homage to its Brooklyn roots with its brand of products including Brooklyn Bred. It only takes one bite of the award-winning Brooklyn Bred Bistro Breads to get a real taste of generations of baking still going strong! After all, who knows bread like a Brooklynite!

22INB • INBROOKLYN — A Special Section of Brooklyn Daily Eagle/Brooklyn Eagle/Heights Press/Home Reporter/Brooklyn Spectator/Brooklyn Record/Greenpoint Gazette • Week of October 11 - October 17, 2018

84 St. Marks Pl




Week of October 11 - October 17, 2018 • INBROOKLYN — A Special Section of Brooklyn Daily Eagle/Brooklyn Eagle/Heights Press/Home Reporter/Brooklyn Spectator/Brooklyn Record/Greenpoint Gazette • 23INB


THE BIZ By John Alexander

Express Shoes 429 Seventh Ave. Brooklyn, NY 11215 (347) 725-4400 Express Shoes owner David does it all! Jewelry and watch repair, shoe repair, dry cleaning and he makes house keys! It’s onestop shopping all the way. David is a jack-of-all trades and can fix virtually anything. Express Shoes is so much more than your average shoe repair shop!

Sarrica Physical Therapy & Wellness 474 Bay Ridge Parkway Brooklyn, N.Y. 11209 (347) 560-6920 201 E. 69th Street, Suite 2C New York, N.Y. 10021

Three Guys from Brooklyn 6502 Fort Hamilton Parkway Brooklyn, N.Y. (718) 748-8340

Sarrica Physical Therapy & Wellness has helped many patients who have suffered from meniscus tears. These knee injuries can occur over time due to normal, age-related changes in the knee. There are different types of meniscus tears, and Marcello and his team of physical therapists can help determined the best treatment for you.

Three Guys from Brooklyn is known for delivering the freshest produce in the borough. They want people to know about their upcoming Oct. 21 Bike to Battle MS event. This one hits especially close to home. It’s in loving memory of Phillip C. Penta, one of the original three guys, who recently lost his battle with MS.

Pete Weinman, Esq. Weinman Law Officer, PC 260 Christopher Lane, Suite 201 Staten Island, New York 103141650 (718) 442-2010

The Kings Beer Hall 84 St. Marks Place Brooklyn, NY 11217 (347) 227-7238

Real Estate lawyer Pete Weinman has been called the best in his field. He’s also a motorcycle enthusiast known among his clients and his peers for his integrity, dedication, honesty and straight-forward thinking. And when not helping his clients with all their real estate needs, he enjoys spending time with his family, running marathons and skydiving!

Get ready to test your knowledge of ‘90s trivia at The Kings Beer Hall. Its first ‘90s trivia night will be on Thurs., Oct. 18, following in the tradition of its Classic Simpsons Trivia nights. There’s also more Oktoberfest fun this weekend where you can enjoy traditional stein-holding contests, great food and 22 beers on tap. Check out the website for more info.




The Shawnee Inn 100 Shawnee Inn Drive Shawnee on the Delaware, Pa. 18356 (800)-742-9633 Shawnee Island Glamping is for guests seeking the luxury and ambiance of the outdoors. Access to and from the island’s glamping site is by canoe. The glamping site includes a camp attendant, high-speed Wi-Fi, electricity, shared men and women’s restrooms and showers, hammocks and a communal campfire. Locally-made soaps and shampoos are provided. Now that’s camping in style!!!

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Opportunity in the neighborhood More than 2,000 area residents now work at Industry City, and dozens of local businesses are benefitting from some of the $300 million being spent to rebuild the campus. That all adds up to real opportunity in the neighborhood. To learn more about opportunity in the neighborhood, visit

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real estate Eye on RED


RED HOOK: HOW IT GOT ITS NAME ABOVE: Here’s events venue Liberty Warehouse with Lady Liberty in the distance. See next page. INBrooklyn photo by Lore Croghan

The Dutch acquired the area now known as Red Hook when William Adrianse Bennet and Jacques Bentyn bought the land — 930 acres — from the Indian chief Gowane in 1636. They called it Roode Hoek, which meant Red Point (not hook), for the color of its soil and the shape of the land. In the 1760s, the street called Red Hook Lane, originally an Indian trail, became a key route for the Continental Army. It ran all the way from what was then the center of Brooklyn (now Downtown Brooklyn) southwest through Dutch farms to Red Hook.

Brooklyn is a big place with so many choices! Let our real estate section make you feel at home.

Take an Early Autumn Stroll Around Red Hook’s Historic Waterfront

In the Revolutionary War, Red Hook was established as an important line of defense, primarily because of its location overlooking New York Harbor. Fort Defiance was built there, under the supervision of Gen. Nathanael Greene, to guard the Buttermilk Channel between Red Hook and Governors Island. The fort was destroyed during the Battle of Brooklyn in 1776.

For a time, the neighborhood was considered squalid, overcrowded and crime-ridden. (It was home to the notorious gangster Al Capone before he went to Chicago.) In the 1950s, the construction of the BrooklynQueens Expressway, impelled by Robert Moses in the name of“slum clearance”and“urban renewal,”cut right The area remained rural until the mid-19th century, through the lower-income Red Hook neighborhood. when the construction of the Atlantic Basin and the More recently, artists and sculptors moved into a Erie Basin, enclosed safe harbors for sailing ships, section called The Back on the west side of the neighmade Red Hook a busy shipping center. The building borhood near Buttermilk Channel and began a revival of Red Hook. of grain elevators, warehouses and new homes meant major development of the Red Hook area. —Norm Goldstein

Week of October 11-17, • INBROOKLYN — A Special Section of Brooklyn Eagle/HeightsPress/Home Press/HomeReporter/Brooklyn Reporter/BrooklynSpectator/Brooklyn Spectator/BrooklynRecord/Greenpoint Record/GreenpointGazette Gazette •• 27INB 27INB Week of October 11 - October 17, 2018 • INBROOKLYN — A2018 Special Section of Brooklyn Daily Eagle/Brooklyn Eagle/Heights

Eye on RED


The other day, we felt the need for a walk in Red Hook. Here's the Red Hook Grain Terminal, which we saw first. INBrooklyn photo by Lore Croghan

Take an Early Autumn Stroll Around Red Hook’s Historic Waterfront By Lore Croghan INBrooklyn

History lives on the Red Hook waterfront. The post-Civil War-era warehouses there are a thing of beauty. In grim gloom or azure-skied sunshine, it will soothe your soul to see them. The other day we set out on a stroll so we could soak up the melancholy of a storm-clouded day in this gritty, beautiful neighborhood. This is a hard moment to be a feminist/liberal/patriot, to love America and worry about the anguish and anger enveloping it. The dark sky’s mood matched our own. We started with a loooong amble from the Smith-9th Streets Station to Red Hook Park. We headed first to the Henry Street Basin for a look at the Red Hook Grain Terminal. The hulking set of 54 circular cement silos is vacant and covered in black mold. It hasn’t been used as a grain terminal since 1965.

The 120-foot-tall structure was built in 1922 and operated by the state, an informative story posted by AbandonedNYC says. The terminal could hold 2 million bushels of grain. We sat at a picnic table in the silent park and stared at the silos. The sky was the color of lead. Usually on cloudy days, Henry Street Basin’s waters turn glassy and mirror the concrete terminal in a photogenic way. On our visit that day, the mirror thing wasn’t happening. The waters were just dark.


RED HOOK: BRIEF HISTORY After it was settled in 1636, Red Hook remained a marshy rural land for 200 years. It wasn’t until the Atlantic Basin opened in the 1840s that the neighborhood rapidly grew. The Atlantic Dock Company developed piers in the Atlantic Basin and railroad contractor William Beard had wharves in the Erie Basin built, helping make the peninsula one of the busiest shipping centers in the United States. Ships from all over the world docked in Red Hook to receive and unload cargo and be repaired during the Civil War. In later years, grain barges from the Erie Canal gathered at the opening of the Gowanus Canal waiting for a turn at the piers, until the decline in grain traffic in the 1950s. The Red Hook Houses, one of the first and largest housing projects in the city, opened in 1938 for the families of dockworkers. During the early 1950s though, residents began to move out of the neighborhood because of transit limitations. Many buildings and warehouses built in the 1800s were crumbling because there was no money to renovate them and containerized shipping caused Red Hook shippers to move their businesses to new ports in New Jersey. Renewal eventually began in the 1970s on the west side of Red Hook, called “The Back,” drawing painters and sculptors who found they could buy row houses cheap through a city program that subsidized housing for artists. —Norm Goldstein

Right nearby, Red Hook Soccer Field 2 was fenced-in and closed while awaiting soil-contamination cleanup by the city Parks Department. Grasses and weeds were so tall they half-obscured abandoned goal posts. In another part of Red Hook Park, storm clouds were purple. We headed out of the park and into the neighborhood. On the corner of Van Dyke and Dwight streets, a ghost bike for a dead cyclist injected a note of sadness to the scene. On Beard Street, which runs past IKEA, there was a massive flood on the roadway. Cars plowed through it at their peril. Right about then, the weather decided to play nice. The sky turned fabulously blue and storybook-style white clouds appeared. The water that was pooled up on the street suddenly reflected a gantry crane in nearby Erie Basin Park. Thereafter, the scenery was sunlit and the skies were bright. So much for melancholy. Our photos from that point onwards look like we took them a different day, or a different week, maybe, from our earlier pictures.

THANKS FOR THE ARCHITECTURAL EYE CANDY, WILLIAM BEARD We wouldn’t think of visiting waterfront Red Hook without stopping at the Fairway Market on Van Brunt Street. It’s situated in a historic property called the Red Hook Stores Building. This five-story brick warehouse has beautiful details such as arched windows with shutters.

— Continued on page 29INB —

28INB •• INBROOKLYN INBROOKLYN — —A A Special Special Section Press/Home Reporter/Brooklyn Spectator/Brooklyn Record/Greenpoint Gazette • Week of October 11-17, 2018 28INB Section of of Brooklyn Brooklyn Eagle/Heights Daily Eagle/Brooklyn Eagle/Heights Press/Home Reporter/Brooklyn Spectator/Brooklyn Record/Greenpoint Gazette • Week of October 11 - October 17, 2018

Eye on RED


The sky’s so pretty over Lehigh Valley Barge #79, aka the Waterfront Museum. Below right: The NYC Ferry dock looks peaceful beneath the sheltering sky.

Fairway Market is located in the iconic Red Hook Stores Building.

INBrooklyn photos by Lore Croghan

Take an Early Autumn Stroll Around Red Hook’s Historic Waterfront Continued from page 28INB The Red Hook Stores Building belongs to the O’Connell Organization. The family-run company is responsible for renovating and taking good care of the neighborhood’s handsomest industrial real estate. Irish immigrant William Beard constructed the Red Hook Stores Building in 1869. He also created the Erie Basin. According to a story, New York Warehousing Company rented the Red Hook Stores Building and used it to store cotton. The Fairway, which opened in 2006, is a neighborhood mainstay. It was damaged by Superstorm Sandy and rebuilt.


We followed the curving shoreline outside Fairway to Pier 44 Waterfront Garden. Red-painted Lehigh Valley Barge #79 was tied up at the dock. The cloudscapes over the barge were ridiculously pretty. The barge was built in 1914. It is now the Waterfront Museum. Plays and art exhibitions are staged aboard the vessel. As we ambled around the waterfront garden, we got a good view of Pier 41. That’s where another O’Connell Organization property, the Merchant Stores Building, is located. Col. Daniel Richards constructed this building in 1873. The end of the building that’s farthest from the shoreline is occupied by events venue Liberty Warehouse, which belongs to Buzz O’Keeffe, the owner of the fabled River Cafe. Liberty Warehouse’s outdoor space has an excellent view of the Statue of Liberty, which is out there in the harbor.


We headed past the Merchant Stores Building to a small public green space with a tiny beach. This is Louis Valentino Jr. Park and Pier. This city park is named after Louis Valentino Jr., a heroic firefighter who died on the job in 1996. He was searching for victims of a three-alarm blaze at a chop shop in Flatlands.

Heavy snow and ice caused its roof to collapse while Valentino and other firefighters were inside the building. At the time of his death, he was a member of the elite Rescue Company 2 in Crown Heights. The 37-year-old had been a firefighter for 11½ years. Valentino grew up in Red Hook and graduated summa cum laude from St. Francis College in Brooklyn Heights. He spent 18 summers lifeguarding in Coney Island. He is buried in Green-Wood Cemetery. We thought about Valentino’s bravery and walked to the end of the pier for a good look at beloved 1 World Trade Center off in the distance. The blue skies held fast, which supercharged the view.


We lingered in Red Hook so we could see sunset on the shoreline. We walked inland two blocks and spent time on Van Brunt Street. This commercial corridor, as you of course know, is dotted with shops and galleries where you can buy clothes, vinyl records, books and drawings. There are entertaining bars and restaurants, though you should remember that on weekdays some are open only for dinner. When the hour grew sufficiently late, we strolled past Pioneer Works, artist Dustin Yellin’s cultural center on Pioneer Street, to the NYC Ferry dock. The pedestrian entrance to the ferry is located at the end of Pioneer Street where it runs into Conover Street. The dock is in the Atlantic Basin section of the waterfront. High cloud cover added drama to our photos. After taking pictures, we rode the ferry to our office in Brooklyn Heights. This meant we passed by gantry cranes on the shoreline and got an eyeful of the lights in 1 World Trade Center’s windows.

Week of October 11-17, 2018 • INBROOKLYN — A Special Section of Brooklyn Eagle/Heights Press/Home Reporter/Brooklyn Spectator/Brooklyn Record/Greenpoint Gazette • 29INB Week of October 11 - October 17, 2018 • INBROOKLYN — A Special Section of Brooklyn Daily Eagle/Brooklyn Eagle/Heights Press/Home Reporter/Brooklyn Spectator/Brooklyn Record/Greenpoint Gazette • 29INB


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Week of October 12 - October 18, 2018 • HOME REPORTER • 11INB

Atta-Boy, Giamboi: Columbian Lawyers Remember Justice Joseph Giamboi BY ROB ABRUZZESE ROB@BROOKLYNEAGLE.COM


oseph Giamboi, former New York state Supreme Court Justice and one of the early founders of the Columbian Lawyers Association, died on Sept. 27. Mass was held at Our Lady of Perpetual Help Church on Thursday, Oct. 4 and Vito Cannavo, past president of the Columbian Lawyers Association of Brooklyn, also shared a few words about the judge at a recent meeting. “His wake was truly a sad occasion,” Cannavo said. “He lived a full and distinguished life of public service.” Cannavo remembered the judge, who most recently served in the Bronx after he took senior status, as a fair judge, who made people feel happy with his positive attitude — and his red Cadillac. “He was a decent and kind man, a generous guy who was happy when he made you happy,” Cannavo said. “There was always a smile on his face and a word of encouragement for anyone who greeted him. He had a great sense of humor. He was always smiling, laughing. He was a dapper dresser. You didn’t live until you took a ride with him in his big red Cadillac, flying along on the roads.” Giamboi, who was born in 1925, went to New York Law School prior to being admitted to the NYS Bar in 1955. He served as a Supreme Court judge from 1995 until 2004

Judge Joseph N. Giamboi (left) joined the firm Sullivan Papain Block McGrath and Cannavo after he left the bench in 2004. Brooklyn Eagle file photo by Rob Abruzzese

and had a private practice for 40 years prior to joining the bench. “Truly we lost another of the greatest generation,” Cannavo said. “He lived through the depression, World War [II], he worked very hard to get where he was. He showed us what true grit and determination was really about. He’s truly a great American and I’m going to miss him.” Cannavo’s eulogy came at a Columbian Lawyers meeting on discrimination against Italian-Americans, which seemed appropriate as he recalled the judge’s efforts to build up the association. “He was one of the founding members of what the Columbian Lawyers [Association] was,” Cannavo said. “He was always involved because he liked to be the tremendous force that he was. He was a great supporter for everyone. He understood what this organization was about and how important it was for professionals of Italian-American descent to have a forum where they could feel welcome and get the support they needed to continue in this profession. Mostly, he was a guy who stood for the dignity and integrity of Italian Americans in any walk of life. We should be proud of what he stood for. “When he ran for Assembly his slogan was ‘Atta-boy Giamboi,’” Cannavo continued. “Judge, I just want to say to you, from all of us, that you did good. Thanks for sharing such a good life with us. Atta boy, Giamboi.”

Brooklyn Women’s Bar Association Honors Justice Jeanette Ruiz

The Brooklyn Women's Bar Association and other legal groups honored Justice Jeanette Ruiz, administrative judge of the NYC Family Court, during its annual Hispanic Heritage Month celebration. Pictured from left: President Carrie Anne Cavallo, Hon. Jeanette Ruiz and Hon. Joanne Quinones. Visit for story. Brooklyn Eagle photo by Mario Belluomo Week of October 11 - October 17, 2018 • INBROOKLYN — A Special Section of Brooklyn Daily Eagle/Brooklyn Eagle/Heights Press/Home Reporter/Brooklyn Spectator/Brooklyn Record/Greenpoint Gazette • 31INB


Brooklyn Jewish Hall of Fame Celebrates Borough’s Achievements By Francesca Norsen Tate Religion Editor INBrooklyn

The first Hasidic woman to be elected to public office in U.S. history, a pioneering food writer and former restaurant critic for several revered magazines and the longest-serving chaplain in NYPD history are among the stars being honored at the Fourth Annual BJHI Brooklyn Jewish Hall of Fame next Monday, October 15. The Brooklyn Jewish Hall of Fame, known familiarly as BJHI, has as its mission the chronicling of the lives of Jewish Brooklynites, including oral and video histories. The BJHI works closely with the Brooklyn Historical Society, and they have partnered since the formation of BJHI 10 years ago. The Hall of Fame ceremony will be held at the Brooklyn Historical Society. This year’s Hall of Fame Class of Inductees include acclaimed food writer and critic Mimi Sheraton, and Borough Park native Judge Rachel Freier, who decided on law school after realizing that her bosses were younger than she

was, and who went on to become the first Hasidic female civil court judge in New York State history and the first Hasidic woman elected to public office in the nation’s history. Also among the inductees are the East Midwood Jewish Center’s Rabbi Emeritus Dr. Alvin Kass, the spiritual leader there for 36 years until his retirement in 2014 and a former president of the New York Board of Rabbis; Abe Becker, all-city basketball star during his years at Lincoln High School and later on a member of the NYU Athletics Hall of Fame; attorney and former City Councilman David Greenfield, CEO of the Metropolitan Food Council; Henry Gutman, chairperson of the Brooklyn Navy Yard and longtime Brooklyn Heights resident, civic leader and accomplished attorney; Brooklyn musician Cecelia Margules; Adam Richman, a self-educated food expert whose show “Man v. Food” (2008-2012) aired on the Travel Channel; Ferne Pearlstein, a resident of Gowanus, a prize-winning cinematographer, a feature film editor and a writer/director; and Brooklyn-born daughter

Three Brooklyn Congregations Take Part In Open House New York Plymouth Church, the Church of St. Luke & St Matthew in Clinton Hill, and the East Midwood Jewish Center are three of the Brooklyn congregations participating in this weekend’s Open House New York. The 170-year-old church Plymouth Church in Brooklyn Heights was designated a National Historic Landmark in 1961 and features noteworthy examples of American art and architecture. It will be open for tours on Saturday, Oct. 13, at 12:30 p.m. and 3 p.m. History tours will cover Plymouth’s unique past as a stop on the Underground Railroad and its notable visitors and members. Visitors will discover the history of the 1850 sanctuary that was designed by J.C. Wells, a founder of the American Institute of Architects, including its impressive Aeolian-Skinner pipe organ. Tours will highlight the 170-year history of the congregation, including the invitation that launched Abraham Lincoln’s presidential run, Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.’s 1963 visit, and how the church became known as the “Grand Central Depot of the Underground Railroad.” The Church of St. Luke & St. Matthew, at 520 Clinton Ave., is one of the largest Episcopal church buildings in the Diocese of Long Island. Architect John Welch drew inspiration for the design from churches built during the Italian Renaissance. The Romanesque interior boasts stained glass windows from the Tiffany Studios of New York; the Rose Window, which is one of the larger of this type in Brooklyn; and an M.P. Moller organ built in 1916. The church will be open for tours and general exploration, with no advance reservation needed, Saturday, Oct. 13, 2018 from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m.; and on Sunday, Oct. 14, from noon to 4 p.m. The East Midwood Jewish Center was incorporated in 1924, and the building was completed in 1929. The architects were Louis Allen Abramson and Maurice Courland. The EMJC became a national and state historic site in 2006. Tours will be offered on Sunday, Oct. 14 from noon to 4 p.m., every 25 minutes or whenever there are at least five people waiting. Tours last 20 minutes. Open House New York provides broad audiences with unparalleled access to the extraordinary architecture of New York and to the people who help design, build and preserve the city. Through its year-round programs and the annual OHNY Weekend, Open House New York celebrates the best examples of design and planning throughout the five boroughs, from historic to contemporary, and helps foster a more informed conversation about how architecture and urban design sustain New York as a vibrant place to live, work, and learn. Open House New York is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization. For more information on other buildings participating in this year’s Open House New York, visit

Rabbi Alvin Kass, the longest-serving NYPD chaplain in the department’s history, is one of this year’s BJHI Hall of Fame honorees.

Judge Rachel Freier pictured on the day of her induction into Civil Court.

of Holocaust survivors, Eleanor Reissa, a Tony-nominated director, singer, international concert artist, award-winning playwright and Broadway actor. The Hall of Fame ceremony, which begins at 5:30 p.m. on October 15, will also feature

the all-woman klezmer band, Metropolitan Klezmers, also known as the Isle of Klezmos. RSVP is necessary, and can be done via the BJHI website: The Brooklyn Historical Society is at 128 Pierrepont St.

INBrooklyn file photo by Tom Martinez

INBrooklyn file photo by Andy Katz

Newly Inducted Rector of Long Island Parish Has Strong Ties To Brooklyn, including New Icon

The Rev. Clare Nesmith holds the icon of the Transfiguration that was presented to her at her Oct. 6 installation as rector of Christ Church-Babylon. She is standing with Bishop Lawrence Provenzano, who presided at the induction liturgy. The iconographer, now deceased, was an Episcopal priest serving in the Archdeaconry of Brooklyn, Fr. John Walsted, who died in 2014. Presenting the icon to Nesmith was the Rev. Gerald Keucher (not pictured), who is currently is the priestin-charge of St. Mary’s Church, Classon Avenue, near Pratt Institute. Nesmith also has strong bonds with Brooklyn. For many years, she was a principal soprano with the Parish Choir of Grace Church Brooklyn Heights. It was at Grace Church, serving in many other ways, that Nesmith began her journey toward the priesthood. INBrooklyn photo by Francesca N. Tate

32INB• INBROOKLYN • INBROOKLYN A Special Section of Brooklyn Daily Eagle/Brooklyn Eagle/Heights Press/Home Reporter/Brooklyn Spectator/Brooklyn Record/Greenpoint Gazette • Week of October 11 - October 17, 2018 32INB —— A Special Section of Brooklyn Eagle/Heights Press/Home Reporter/Brooklyn Spectator/Brooklyn Record/Greenpoint Gazette • Week of October 11-17, 2018



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for forOver Over85 85Years Years





718-238-3600 Funeral Homes McLaughlin & Sons 9620 Third Avenue

DORSA, Joseph -- Beloved Father of Renee F. Dorsa. Services to be held at Scarpaci Funeral Home, 1401 86th Street, Brooklyn, NY 11228, on Friday, October 12, 2018. Viewing from 2 to 5 p.m. and 7 to 9:30 p.m. Mass Saturday, October 13 at 9:30am at Our Lady Of Angels Church, 7320 Fourth Avenue, Brooklyn, NY 11209. “You will forever be in our hearts... Our loss is heaven’s gain!”


AVITABILE, Felix J. - On September 30, 2018. Husband of Frances, father of Sr. Antonina MSC, Alex, Libera and the late Salvatore. Grandfather of Naomi Hinchen and JohnThomas Hinchen. Father-in-law to the late Theresa and Thomas Hinchen. Also survived by brother Alex and many nieces and nephews. Funeral mass Sacred HeartsSt. Stephens Church. Burial

McLaughlin & Sons PRIVATE ATTENDED Funeral Homes 718-238-3600 PARKING LOT

Greenwood Cemetery. In lieu of flowers, please donate in Felix’s memory to Cabrini Mission Foundation ( 222 East 19th St. 5E, New York, NY 10003, Dorothy Day Guild ( 1011 First Ave., Rm. 787, New York, NY 10022 or USA Northeast Province of the Society of Jesus (https:// 39 East 83rd St., NY NY 10028. All arrangements handled by Raccuglia & Son.

All arrangements handled by Aievoli Funeral Home.

BRODBECK, Marion C. “Bunny” -- Wife of the late Robert L. Loving mother of Deborah Siciargo (Charles), adored grandmother of Kimberly Savino and Dana Mondella (Joe). Funeral New Utrecht Reformed Church.

LANKFORD, Linda M. -- Age 68, of New Hope, Penn., passed away peacefully on Monday, October 8, 2018 with her children at her bedside. Mrs. Lankford was born September 20, 1950 in Brooklyn. She is the daughter



of Veronica (Martin) Catalano and the late Gasper Joseph Catalano. Loving mother of Kimberly B. Donaldson and her husband, Jimmy, and Joseph E. Lankford and his wife, Lisa. Cherished grandmother of Kristin, James, Robert, Alexa, Jenna and Joseph Jr. Beloved sister of John Catalano and Laura Guccio. All arrangements handled by Marine Park Funeral Home. Funeral Mass Good Shepherd R.C. Church. Burial GreenWood Cemetery.


FOLEY, Virginia -- All arrangements handled by Marine Park Funeral Home. Mass of Christian Good Shepherd Roman Catholic Church. Committal St. Charles Cemetery, Farmingdale, NY.

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Growin Growi 5Jim, and BoB aCoco lotJa 5Wedne Coc Jim, Navy Haven Haven it ofte Lillian Jim, BB WWII Lillian Jim, St. Ans gradu be tou be tou favor! dren lieu of Afl dren Lillian) Navy Lillian Buckn to the to the her wA can be Ryan Ryan dren gradu dren A 1949 drumm drumm enjoyJa org. and and J Ryan Buckn Ryan mem apolog apoloP WWII WWII and 1949 aChi. ooH and Ja alot lotJa Philip Navy Navy itby tra Age 63v itoften often WWII memb WWII gradu gradu passed favor! Some favor!Hc Navy Chi. Navy Buckn Buckn Sept. her wh hertra w1 years gradua by gradua 1949 1949 dence. enjoye enjoye his de Buckne Some memb Buckn memb (Seym 1949 Chi. Ha years 1949 Chi. storeHa by trad memb by tra his de memb Than Some Some Chi. (Seym Chi. Ht OurHe years years by trad store by trad our fr his de his Some Thank stopdeb Some (Seym (Seym "Mr th Cw years Our years store store at dea MC his our fri his de Thank Than AND (Seym stop b (Seym Our thth Our Third store "Mr Cfrini store our fri our N.Y. Thank atstop MCbM stop Thank Buriab "Mr CCS Our th AND "Mr Our at Stth at MC at MC our frie Third our fri Churc AND AND stop N.Y. M stop bpS ers,by Third Third "Mr Burial "Mr Cna hisCh N.Y. N.Y. atatUnive MC StMM E MC Burial Buria AND SES Churc AND at St at St JosepA Third ers, Third Churc Churc DSNY N.Y. Mpl his na N.Y. Mp ers, ers, Husb Burial Unive Burial his na his na Fathe atUnive St atUnive St EE (Joe) Church Josep Churc Maur Josep Jose ers, ple DSNY ers, pl Colle DSNY DSNY his nam Husba his na Rose Husba Husb Univer Fathe Univer Father Fathe (Joe) (Joe) (Joe) Josep Maure Josep Maure Maur DSNY Collee DSNY Collee Colle Husba Rosea Husba Rosea Rose Father Father (Joe) (Joe) R Maure Maure Collee Collee Rosea Rosea

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Week of October 11 - October 17, 2018 • INBROOKLYN — A Special Section of Brooklyn Daily Eagle/Brooklyn Eagle/Heights Press/Home Reporter/Brooklyn Spectator/Brooklyn Record/Greenpoint Gazette • 33INB

Onyx the cat is exhausted from holiday fun! Euclid

Photo by Hbriz B Photo courtesy of Helen Klein

Pet Adoption Corner Sean Casey Animal Rescue has shared these photos of pets up for adoption with us. RJ is a handsome four-year-old Labrador mix. RJ is very sweet, walks well on the leash, and loves to give kisses.


Zazu is a three-month-old Domestic Short hair. Zazu is super playful and also loves to purr and cuddle. Sean Casey Animal Rescue (718-4365163) is located at 153 East Third St. Photos courtesy of Sean Casey Animal Rescue


34INB •• INBROOKLYN AASpecial Section of2017 Brooklyn Eagle/Heights Press/Home Reporter/Brooklyn Spectator/Brooklyn Record/Greenpoint Gazette • Week ofPress/Brooklyn October 11-17, Gazette 2018Record/Bay Week of—— December 14-20, • INBROOKLYN — A Special Section Press/Home of Brooklyn Daily Eagle/Brooklyn Eagle/Heights Ridge 11 Eagle/Greenpoint 34INB INBROOKLYN Special Section of Brooklyn Daily Eagle/Brooklyn Eagle/Heights Reporter/Brooklyn Spectator/Brooklyn Record/Greenpoint • Week of October - October 17, 2018 Gazette • 11INB



This Week in History The Brooklyn Bridge circa 1889 Image courtesy of Wikimedia Commons


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ON OCT. 9, 1927, the Brooklyn Eagle reported, “The New York Yankees are baseball champions of the world today by virtue of the fact that they won four games from the Pittsburg Pirates in a row – and because in yesterday’s battle, the last of the series, John Miljus inserted a wild pitch into the ninth inning with the bases loaded with Yankee ball players. The score of the fourth game was 4 to 3. And it was just about as hectic and wild a bit of athletic drama as one could want to see. They made baseball, it seems, for this … ‘I can’t blame Miljus a mite for the wild pitch that lost the game,’ [Pirates] Manager Donie Bush said. ‘It was just the final break. Johnnie Gooch has caught worse balls in his career, although that was a very bad pitch, but the series is over and I must give credit to the Yankees as one of the finest clubs in the history of baseball.’” 

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Brooklyn Eagle cover from Oct. 9, 1945

ON OCT. 9, 1945, the Eagle reported, “Fleet Admiral Chester W. Nimitz, the white-haired grinning Texan who steered the Pacific fleet from the ruins of Pearl Harbor to the triumph of Tokyo Bay, took New York today in the most impressive reception awarded heroes of this war to date. Given a tumultuous ‘well done’ with him were 13 veterans who earned the Congressional Medal of Honor under his command during the three years it took to send the Japanese fleet to the bottom of the sea. Climax of the reception, at which even the skies cleared for the man who was not afraid to ride typhoons to victory, was the stop at City Hall. There, before massed thousands, after a triumphal parade led by 4,000 sailors, marines and coast guardsmen and seven proudly blaring bands through the traditional ‘heroes’ canyon’ of downtown Manhattan, Admiral Nimitz received the city’s honorary citizenship and a specially struck gold medal.”

Week of October 11 - October 17, 2018 • INBROOKLYN — A Special Section of Brooklyn Daily Eagle/Brooklyn Eagle/Heights Press/Home Reporter/Brooklyn Spectator/Brooklyn Record/Greenpoint Gazette • 35INB

This Week in History






Brooklyn Eagle cover from Oct. 10, 1941

ON OCT, 10, 1941, the Brooklyn Eagle reported, “Washington, Oct. 10 (U.P.) – President [Franklin D.] Roosevelt criticized the nation today for permitting conditions which have left 50 percent of its youth unfit physically or mentally for Army service, and inaugurated a program to ‘salvage’ 200,000 of the 1,000,000 youths who have been rejected. Under the salvage program, the Federal Government will pay medical costs for treatment by local physicians of approximately 200,000 registrants whom local draft boards certify as susceptible to rehabilitation for Army service. The Army expects to accept virtually all of these 200,000 after they undergo treatment by family physicians or dentists at Federal expense, Mr. Roosevelt said. Describing the salvage program as only the initial objective, Mr. Roosevelt said that existence of conditions which permit so high a rate of rejections is an indictment of America.”



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Brooklyn Eagle cover from Oct. 11, 1937

ON THIS DAY IN 1937, the Eagle reported, “Washington, Oct. 11 (AP) – The Supreme Court rejected today two petitions challenging Justice Hugo L. Black’s eligibility to hold a seat on the high bench. The court denied motions by Albert Levitt, former Federal judge in the Virgin Islands, and Patrick Henry Kelly, Boston attorney, who asked the court to determine Black’s legal qualifications for the post … Neither the Kelly nor Levitt motion made any reference to charges of Ku Klux Klan membership which furnished the basis for principal Senate attacks on Black’s appointment and caused a storm of controversy before he finally took his seat. To the charges, Black said in a radio speech to the nation that he had joined the Ku Klux Klan once but had resigned and never rejoined.”

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36INB • INBROOKLYN — A Special Section of Brooklyn Daily Eagle/Brooklyn Eagle/Heights Press/Home Reporter/Brooklyn Spectator/Brooklyn Record/Greenpoint Gazette • Week of October 11 - October 17, 2018





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Week of October 11 - October 17, 2018 • INBROOKLYN — A Special Section of Brooklyn Daily Eagle/Brooklyn Eagle/Heights Press/Home Reporter/Brooklyn Spectator/Brooklyn Record/Greenpoint Gazette • 37INB




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Notable people born this week include entertainer Ben Vereen (Oct. 10, 1946), author Nora Roberts (Oct. 10, 1950), musician Tanya Tucker (Oct. 10, 1958), Ben Vereen Nora Roberts golfer Michelle Wie (Oct. 11, 1989), actor Carlos Bernard (Oct. 12, 1962), actor Hugh Jackman (Oct. 12, 1968), radio host Bruce Morrow (Oct. 13, 1935), singer MaMichelle Wie Carlos Bernard rie Osmond (Oct. 13, 1959), basketball coach Doc RivHEALTH HEALTH HEALTH ers (Oct. 13, 1961),HEALTH and baseball Hall of Famer Trevor Hoffman (Oct. 13, 1967.)

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Images courtesy of ••AND Group •• Family ••( Couples ••ITChildren Group • Family • Group Individual • Family • Couples • Individual • Children • Couples • Children Group Family Individual Couples Children ALL HOME•••Individual REP AIRS WE DO Wikimedia Commons Marie Osmond Hugh Jackman Family • Individual • Couples •ALL) Children

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Licensed/ Insured Licensed Licensed/ Insured 10% discount Low Prices Guaranteed justguttersnyc@hotmail.c justguttersnyc ge Location •People Bya lotta' Appointment Only Helping With Day-To-Day Free Estimates Helping PeopleLiving, With Helping Day-To-Day People With Living,Day-To-Day Living, Helping People With Day-To-Day Living, A ery day. Now that's meat. 1A ay 1A A A1AWay & BOXA A1 seniors ALL DRAINAGE ALLforDRAINAGE ALL DRA Cleanouts, Basements, aayy W W DELI V ERY & BOX DELI V ERY & BOX DELI VERY W ing HANDY People With Day-To-Day Living, ’s ’s ’s & BOX DELI V ERY y ’s y y Anxiety Anxiety And Depression Anxiety And Depression a DOT 1178151 JJaay gICC LIC 470654 / US Anxiety And And Depression Depression JaDOT J A MAN 1178151 1 I C C LI C 470654 / US I C C LI C 470654 / US DOT 1178151 g g I C C LI C 470654 / US DOT 1178151 n g n n A i i i n MOVING v i v v aoy ov M • IfIMPROVEMENTS you can getHOME your hands on aHOME reallyIMPROVEMENTS ripe cranberry, Mo ROOFING WM ROOFING ROOFING & Yards BOX DELIVERY Mo Attics, ROOFING HOME IMPROVEMENTS Anxiety And Depression HOME PROBLEMS RESOLVED Jay’s g PROBLEMS PROBLEMS RESOLV ICC LIC 470654 / US DOT 1178151 moving try IMPROVEMENTS bouncing it like a bouncy ball. Word on the street is n i v o moving M ROO EMENTS they're supposed to bounce sky high. MOVING Call Jane COME Feazell, M.A., LPFeazell, JaneCOME Call M.A., Jane Feazell, LPMOVING M.A., LP&MOVING FREE ESTIMATES MOVING COME ABOARD TO FATHER & SON ABOARD ABOARD FATHER & TOSON FATHER SON COME ABOARD TOCall FATHER &TO SON MOVING Call Jane Feazell, M.A., LP&pearls. • Apparently vinegar has the power to melt So, 24-HOUR SERVICE INSURED ABOARD TO FATHER SON INSURED INSURED INSURED •• Family and for 3 • Family owned • Family and owned operated and for operated 3 for 3 Family owned owned and operated operated for 3 718-836-1730 A. Howard 718-836-1730 718-836-1730 A. Howard A. Howard ladies, keep your earrings out of vinegar's strong hands. A. Howard LIC & INSURED HHI!I! HI! HI! DOT DOT 32149 DOT 32149 generations, ensuring personalized generations, generations, ensuring ensuring personalized DOT 32149 32149personalized AFFORDABLE RATES generations, ensuring personalized INSURED • Family owned and operated for 3Insured Licensed/ Licensed/ Licensed Licensed/ Insured Insured Bay Ridge Location By Appointment Only A. Howard Bay••Remodeling Ridge Location BayRemodeling •Ridge By Company Appointment Location •service. ByOnly Appointment Only Company BayRemodeling Ridge Location ByHam.' Appointment Only Company Remodeling Company service. service. • SPAM is short for 'Spiced service. DOT 32149 generations, ensuring personalized SPECIAL LOCAL RATES •• Recommended by of sat• Recommended • Recommended by by of thousands satof justguttersnyc@hotmail.c justguttersnyc Recommended by thousands thousands ofthousands satge Location •WORK By Company Appointment Only 877-668-3186 modeling A A A • MostALL wasabiWORK consumed is not real wasabi,GUARANTEED but colored GUARANTEED ALL WORK ALL WORK isfied GUARANTEED Aservice. ALL GUARANTEED 11Men 1 1 customers. isfied customers. isfied customers. A 2 w/Truck $59/Hr. A A isfied customers. A y y y ROOFING SPECIALIST ROOFING SPECIAS y , horseradish. W Wa Wa by thousands • of ROOFING satKITCHEN, BASEMENTS ,, BASEMENTS WaaRecommended KITCHEN, BATHROOMS, KITCHEN, BATHROOMS, , BASEMENTS KITCHEN, BA BATHROOMS, THROOMS, BASEMENTS 646-261-7019 JJaayy’’ss g • Professionally Jay’smoving Jay’s gmoving A •• Professionally trained experts • Professionally trained trained experts moving experts LL WORK GUARANTEED Professionally trained moving experts 1 g ALSO OFFERING n ALSO OFFERING ALSO OFFERING g ROOFING customers. n A iinisfied ALSO OFFERING i$69/Hr. 3vMen w/Truck EXTENSIONS,WINDOWS, ROOFING EXTENSIONS,WINDOWS, EXTENSIONS,WINDOWS, ROOFING ROOFING vin EXTENSIONS,WINDOWS, ROOFING rubbish removal aoy M Movtruck. M • As well as being tasty on chips,HOME using ketchup on tarROOFING on every & prompt. W ROOFING ROOFING Moovtruck. on Courteous every on every Courteous truck. & Courteous prompt. & prompt. on every truck. Courteous & prompt. ROOFING HEN, BA THROOMS, BASEMENTS , ALL MASONRY & s WE ALL MASONRY ALL & MASONRY & ’ WE ALL MASONRY & HOME IMPROVEMENTS WE y HOME IMPROVEMENTS IMPROVEMENTS HOME IMPROVEMENTS AND ALL HOME REP ((HOME WE DO IT ANDA ALL AND REP A ALL IRS HOME ( WE DO REP ITAALL) IRS ( WE DO•ITProfessionally ALL) Ja AND ALL HOMEbrass REP AIRS IRS WE DO IT ALL) ALL) trained moving experts nished or corroded will help bring back its shine. CHIMNEYS CHIMNEYS CHIMNEYS CHIMNEYS ng

718-836-1730 Bay •• By Only Bay Ridge Location Bay •Ridge By Appointment Location • By Only Appointment Only Bay Ridge Ridge Location Location By Appointment Appointment Only • McDonald's sells 75 hamburgers every second of ev-



4 Men w/Truck $85 Hr. YOU NAME IT, AND718-467-1200 WE’LL DO718-467-1200 IT 718-467-1200

TENSIONS,WINDOWS, ROOFING EMENTS LL HOME AIRS ( WE DO IT ALL) • If you REP get chewing gum stains on your clothing, place

DOT 32149 • Installed • Repaired • Gutter Guards INSURED Licensed/ Insured

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i •• FREE • FREE estimates •v FREE estimates FREE estimates estimates Mo on every truck. Courteous *Repairs *Repairs *Repairs *Repairs & prompt.


Diamond Diamond Diam Construction 718.748.2088 718.748.208 718.748 Constructi Constr

COME TO &&TO SON COME ABOARD COME ABOARD FATHER &TOSON FATHER & SON COME ABOARD ABOARD TO FATHER FATHER SON 718-467-1200 • All TypesTO of Household Repairs && SON Call 718-763-1435 ABOARD FATHER A. Howard A. Howard A. Howard REE ESTIMATES I! H HI! • PlumbingHI!• Electrical for the lowest rates Maintenance Services Toll Free 877-668-3186 • Family owned and operated for 3 A. Remodeling Howard Company Remodeling Remodeling Company Company service. Will also broom sweep. service. service.

Call 718-763-1435 Call 718-763-1435 Call 718-763-1435 LICENSED &Call INSURED • 718-763-1435 FREE estimates a newspaper over the top and give it a quick iron - just FREE ESTIMATES FREE ESTIMATES FREE ESTIMATES FREE ESTIMATES not our newspaper! for lowest rates for the lowest for therates lowest rates for the the INSURED lowest rates NYC ..##673784 NYC LIC . # 673784 NYC LIC . # 673784 INSURED NYC LIC 673784 INSURED 10% discount • LIC Some countries, including Scotland, Ireland INSURED and New from garage, 10% discount10% dis •• Family owned and operated for 33 • Family owned • Family and owned operated and for operated 3house, apartment, for 3 Estimates Family owned and operated for Free Free Free Estimates Free Estimates Estimates Zealand, have a ritual house-cleaning the day before for seniors for sen Ch for seniors basement and office. generations, ensuring personalized generations, generations, ensuring personalized ensuring personalized HANDY MAN HANDY MAN 784 HANDY INSURED generations, ensuring personalized HANDY MAN Year – similar the MAN New to our ‘Spring Cleaning MOVING MOVING MOVING MOVING

*Replacement *Replacement *Replacement *Replacement *Annual *Annual Service *Annual Service *Annual Service Will cleanService out $49.99!! unwanted items Chimney Chimney heating cleaned Chimney $49.99!! heating cleaned $49 Chimney heating heating cleaned cleaned $49.99!!



generations, ensuring personalized MOVING • Painting • Roofing • Siding • Household/Garage 212-321-MOVE • Recommended by sat•ARIK Recommended •STORAGE Recommended byof thousands by of thousands satof ARIK J. MOVING STORAGE J.& ARIK J. &MOVING STORAGE & STORAGE • Recommended by thousands thousands of satLIC & INSURED ARIK J. MOVING &MOVING LIC & INSURED LIC & IN LIC &satINSURED For Laughing CALL WAYMON modeling Company service. ALL WORK GUARANTEED ALL WORK GUARANTEED ALL WORK isfied GUARANTEED customers. diamondconstructionnyc@hotma diamondconstructio isfied customers. isfied customers. isfied customers. SPECIAL LOCAL RATES SPECIAL SPECIAL LOCAL RATES LOCAL RATES SPECIAL LOCAL RATES SPECIALIST 917-330-2854 ROOFING SPECIAS & Basement Cleanouts • Windows • Doors,, BASEMENTS US DOT Out Loud •ARIK Recommended byROOFING thousands of ROOFING satKITCHEN, BA BASEMENTS KITCHEN, BATHROOMS, KITCHEN, BATHROOMS,, BASEMENTS , #130966 J. MOVING & STORAGE KITCHEN, BATHROOMS, THROOMS, BASEMENTS 2 w/Truck $59/Hr. 2 Men w/Truck 2 Men $59/Hr. w/Truck $59/Hr. 2 Men Men w/Truck $59/Hr. •• Professionally trained moving experts • Professionally • Professionally trained moving trained experts moving experts LL WORK GUARANTEED Professionally trained moving experts 718-444-1877 ROOFING ROOFING ROOFING 33 Men w/Truck $69/Hr. Men w/Truck 3 time. Men $69/Hr. w/Truck $69/Hr. ALSO OFFERING ROOFING ALSO OFFERING ALSO OFFERING Men w/Truck $69/Hr. isfied customers. d ALSO OFFERING EXTENSIONS,WINDOWS, ROOFING The Company has the right to3change prices any EXTENSIONS,WINDOWS, EXTENSIONS,WINDOWS, ROOFING ROOFING SPECIAL LOCAL RATES EXTENSIONS,WINDOWS, ROOFING RUBBISH REMOVAL • Gutters • Flooring • Tile & on every Courteous & prompt. on every on every Courteous truck. & Courteous prompt. & prompt. • Did you hear about the sensitive burglar. He takes 44 truck. Men w/Truck $85 Hr. YOU NAME IT, AND WE’LL DO IT 4 truck. Men w/Truck 4 Men $85 w/Truck Hr. $85 Hr. YOU NAME YOU IT, AND NAME WE’LL IT, AND DO IT WE’LL DO IT on every truck. Courteous & prompt. Men w/Truck $85 Hr. HEN, BA THROOMS, BASEMENTS , ALL MASONRY & WE ALL& MASONRY ALL & MASONRY & WE A30-38 ALL MASONRY 2 Men w/T ruck $59/Hr . AND ALL HOME WE ITIT ALL) ANDAAIRS ALL AND REP AALL) ALL IRSHOME ( WE DO REPITAALL) IRS ( WE DO•ITProfessionally ALL) AND ALL HOME REP REP IRS ((HOME WE DO DO Over 30 Yrs things personally. trained moving experts CHIMNEYS CHIMNEYS CHIMNEYS ROO CHIMNEYS 3 Men w/T ruck $69/Hr . •• FREE estimates TENSIONS,WINDOWS, ROOFING •&FREE estimates • FREE estimates FREE estimates Masonry Work • ofPressure •• All Types of Household Repairs &&it kept • All Types Household • All Types Repairs ofIT Household & Repairs All Types of Household Repairs SHOW SHO on every truck. Courteous & prompt. *Repairs 4 Men w/T ruck *Repairs $85 . *Repairs *RepairsHr AME IT, AND WE’LL DO • Why did Mozart kill his chicken? Because sayExperience 718-467-1200 718-467-1200 718-467-1200 LL HOME REP A IRS ( WE DO IT ALL) ing Bach, bach, bach. *Replacement *Replacement *Replacement PAINTING Maintenance Services • Plumbing • Electrical Maintenance Services Maintenance • Plumbing Services • Electrical • Plumbing • Electrical Toll Free *Replacement Toll Free718-763-1435 Toll Free718-763-1435 Maintenance Services • Plumbing • Electrical 877-668-3186 877-668-3186 877-668-3186 Toll Free718-763-1435 877-668-3186 Call Call Call Washing • Snow Removal • FREE estimates UP! UP *Annual *Annual Service *Annual Service*Annual Service Types of Household Repairs & •• Painting • Roofing • Siding • Household/Garage • Painting • Roofing • Painting • Siding • Roofing • Household/Garage • Siding • Household/Garage 212-321-MOVE Painting Roofingwear • Siding • Household/Garage 212-321-MOVE 212-321-MOVE Service 212-321-MOVE • WhatFREE do• lawyers toFREE court? Lawsuits. ESTIMATES ESTIMATES FREE ESTIMATES 718-467-1200 Chimney cleaned $49.99!! 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(349-3669) 800-FIXD-NOW 347-256-1154 Washing •• Snow Removal Washing • Snow Washing Removal Snow Removal Washing Snow Removal • Gutters • Flooring • Tile & OUR •SPECIALITY IS PAINTING! were nothing to look at either.

A30-38 A30-38



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Yards - Attics prices - Basements The Company has the right to change any- Garages time. A30-38 CALL US TODAY FOR A FREE QUOTE!

NO OR SMALL NO TOONO BIGJOB ORTOO TOOBIG SMALL OR TOOMOVING SMALL NO JOB JOB TOO TOO BIG BIGJOB OR TOO SMALL ·ARIK Experienced · Reliable Fast, professional J. MOVING & STORAGE ARIK J. MOVING ARIK J. & MOVING STORAGE & STORAGE LIC LIC & INSURED LIC & IN LIC && INSURED INSURED & friendly rubbish (349-3669) (349-3669) (349-3669) (349-3669) · Affordable and Insured 800-FIXD-NOW 347-256-1154 800-FIXD-NOW 800-FIXD-NOW 347-256-1154 347-256-1154 800-FIXD-NOW 347-256-1154 • I have a lot of jokes about unemployed people, but removal service at diamondconstructionnyc@hotma diamondconstructio SPECIAL RATES SPECIAL SPECIAL LOCAL RATES LOCAL RATES SPECIAL NoLOCAL LOCAL RATES OB TOO Job Too Small none of BIG them work.OR TOO SMALL Free Estimates reasonable prices! ARIK J.w/Truck MOVING & STORAGE 22 Men w/Truck $59/Hr. 2 Men 2 Men $59/Hr. w/Truck $59/Hr. Men w/Truck $59/Hr. References Upon Request D-NOW 347-256-1154 • And(349-3669) finally, there was the person who sent twenty difROOFING ROOFING ROOFING 33 Men $69/Hr. 3 Men w/Truck 3 Men $69/Hr. w/Truck ROOFING$69/Hr. 646-371-2167 Men w/Truck w/Truck $69/Hr. d ferent puns to his friends, with the hope that at least SPECIAL LOCAL RATES 917-751-7741 Work Pressure • I’mMasonry like a really down to earth• guy because you know… gravity. Washing • Snow Removal

ten of the puns would them laugh. punIT inWE’LL tenIT, AND 44 Men w/Truck $85 Hr. YOU NAME IT, AND WE’LL DO w/Truck $85w/Truck $85 Hr. YOUmake NAME YOU IT,NoAND NAME DO ITWE’LL IT 4 Men MenDO w/Truck $85 Hr. 4 Men 2 Men w/Truck $59/Hr. did!

3 Men w/Truck $69/Hr.

LICENSED && INSURED LICENSED & INSURED LICENSED & Gazette INSURED LICENSED INSURED 38INB • INBROOKLYN — A Special Section of Brooklyn Daily Eagle/Brooklyn Eagle/Heights Press/Home Reporter/Brooklyn Spectator/Brooklyn Record/Greenpoint • Week of October 11 - October 17, 2018

•• All ofof Household Repairs && DO • AllWE’LL Types of Household • All TypesRepairs ofIT Household & Repairs & All Types Types Household Repairs 4 Men w/Truck $85 Hr. AME IT, AND Maintenance Services • Plumbing • Electrical Maintenance Services Maintenance • Plumbing Services • Electrical • Plumbing • Electrical Toll Free


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Week of October 11 - October 17, 2018 • INBROOKLYN — A Special Section of Brooklyn Daily Eagle/Brooklyn Eagle/Heights Press/Home Reporter/Brooklyn Spectator/Brooklyn Record/Greenpoint Gazette • 39INB

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40INB • INBROOKLYN — A Special Section of Brooklyn Eagle/Heights Press/Home Reporter/Brooklyn Spectator/Brooklyn Record/Greenpoint Gazette • Week of October 11-17, 2018

40INB • INBROOKLYN — A Special Section of Brooklyn Daily Eagle/Brooklyn Eagle/Heights Press/Home Reporter/Brooklyn Spectator/Brooklyn Record/Greenpoint Gazette • Week of October 11 - October 17, 2018 Thursday, August 23, 2018 • BQ Daily Eagle • 17

Week of October 12 - October 18, 2018 • BROOKLYN SPECTATOR • 15

Bay Ridge Community Council Forum Set for Oct. 12 BY PAULA KATINAS PAULA@BROOKLYNEAGLE.COM


ne of the hottest congressional races in the country will likely grow more heated when the candidates meet for their first Bay Ridge debate on Oct. 12. Republican U.S. Rep. Dan Donovan and his Democratic challenger Max Rose have been invited by the leaders of the Bay Ridge Community Council to take part in a candidate’s forum on Friday, Oct. 12, at Xaverian High School, 7100 Shore Road, at 7 p.m. It will mark the first time Donovan and Rose have gone head to head in a debate on the Brooklyn side of the 11th Congressional District, which the incumbent has represented since 2015. The district takes in several neighborhoods in Southwest Brooklyn, including Bay Ridge, Dyker Heights, Bensonhurst, and Gravesend, and covers the entire borough of Staten Island. The council has also invited Green Party candidate Henry Bardel to participate in the forum.

Donovan’s campaign spokesperson, Jessica Proud, confirmed to this newspaper that he will be there. Jennifer Blatus, Rose’s campaign spokesperson, confirmed that he had accepted the invitation. What political fans had hoped would be the first major Brooklyn showdown between Donovan and Rose fizzled when the incumbent turned down the chance to take part in an Oct. 3 forum sponsored by the Bay Ridge Interagency Council on Aging. Donovan’s absence gave Rose and Bardel the chance to introduce themselves to voters and talk uninterrupted about issues. Proud told this newspaper that Donovan was unable to attend the debate because he was in Washington D.C. that morning for a meeting with “the defense minister of a foreign nation.” Donovan returned to New York City later that day, Proud said. “He had to go back down yesterday for a meeting with VA Secretary (Robert) Wilkie this morning. Whether it’s in D.C. or the district, Dan is always

ebrooklyn Media/Photos by Arthur De Gaeta

Photo courtesy of Rep. Dan Donovan

Green Party candidate Henry Bardel said he is running because he believes it’s wrong for the top one percent of Americans to hold so much of the country’s wealth.

Democrat Max Rose introduces himself to the audience at the forum sponsored by the Bay Ridge InterAgency Council on Aging.

Republican U.S. Rep. Dan Donovan plans to take part in the Oct. 12 forum, his first debate appearance in Bay Ridge this election season.

working,” Proud told this newspaper n an email on Oct. 5. Rose, an Army veteran, is the first post-9/11 combat veteran to run for public office in New York City. He served in Afghanistan, where he earned a Purple Heart after sustaining serious wounds when his vehicle was bombed. He realized the importance of politics, he said, when he was told that Congress had authorized $100 million

in the federal budget to re-enforce military combat vehicles. It saved his life, he said. At the Oct. 3 forum, Rose took aim at congressional Republicans for approving the Trump tax cut, which he said benefited the rich at the expense of the middle class. The tax cut was akin to “shipping $1 trillion to people who really don’t need it,” he said. Rose predicted that at some point in the future, the

GOP will suddenly become alarmed at the enormous budget deficit its tax cut created and seek to compensate for the financial shortfall by wildly cutting funding for important federal programs like Medicare that senior citizens depend on. But Rose also said he would go to Washington D.C. to work, not to play politics. “I’m not going to be the type of Democrat who goes to Washington with a pitchfork in my hand,” he said.

“Donald Trump is president. We will re-litigate that in 2020.” Rose called for universal health care, a ban on the sale of AR-15 rifles, and advocated for an all-out, comprehensive approach to fighting the opioid epidemic. “We can do this because that is the story of our country,” Rose told the audience. Bardel, a retired Parks Department supervisor, said he is running for Congress to combat income inequality. “The reason I’m running is the one percent,” he said. “The richest people in the United States hold 35 to 40 percent of the wealth. This is a mal-distribution of wealth. It is causing tremendous problems.” One of the problems is poverty, according to Bardel. “A lot of elderly people are in poverty,” he said. “This is a disgrace.” Bardel called for the establishment of a single-payer health care system. “We are the only industrialized country in the world that does not have single payer health care. Some people don’t have health care at all,” he said.

Biden Endorses Max Rose in Race vs. Donovan BY PAULA KATINAS PAULA@BROOKLYNEAGLE.COM



congressional race in Bay Ridge is getting a lot of attention from national political figures. Former Vice President Joe Biden has endorsed Democrat Max Rose, who is trying to unseat Republican U.S. Rep. Dan Donovan in the 11th Congressional District that encompasses Bay Ridge and other portions of Southwest Brooklyn, as well as all of Staten Island, in the November election. Biden’s support for Rose, an Army combat veteran, comes months after President Donald Trump endorsed Donovan in a Republican primary against rival Michael Grimm in June, a contest Donovan won handily. The latest development means that the current

occupant of the White House and the vice president during the previous administration are both paying close attention to see who will win the Brooklyn-Staten Island seat. “Staten Islanders and South Brooklynites deserve a representative who works as hard as them and that is Max Rose. After serving our country in Afghanistan, Max came home to help provide health care for those who needed it most, including those struggling with opioid addiction,” Biden said in his statement, referring to Rose’s former job as chief of staff at Brightpoint Health, an organization that provides treatment to opioid-addicted patients. Rose, who is currently a member of the National Guard, had to take two weeks off from the campaign trail in August to take part in training exercises, something that impressed Biden. “Even in the middle of

this campaign season, Max took two weeks off of the trail to train with his National Guard unit. That is the kind of dedication to country and integrity that we need right now in Washington D.C. I am supporting Max Rose because he understands that the stability and growth of our middle class is one of the most important challenges we face as a country today, and with leaders like him in Congress, we can improve the lives of middle-class families in New York and around the country,” Biden stated. Rose said he was grateful for the Biden’s support. “It is an honor and a privilege to have the endorsement of Vice President Joe Biden. His commitment to working Americans, our first responders, and putting party aside to solve problems is why he is one of the greatest public servants of our time,” Rose said in a statement. But Donovan can also

incorrect on Donovan’s voting record; he voted against the president’s tax cut bill. Donovan didn’t seem to care about the presidential error. The incumbent quickly tweeted his thanks to the commander-in-chief. “Thank you, Mr. President! I’m honored to have your support and look forward to continuing our great work!” Donovan wrote. D onov a n defeate d Grimm in the June 26 primary. Rose won the DemAP Photo/Cliff Owen ocratic Primary over five other candidates, setting Former Vice President Joe Biden, pictured up the one-on-one contest addressing the Human Rights Campaign National Dinner in Washington, D.C. on Sept. between Rose and Donovan. 15, is backing Democrat Max Rose. Trump won the 11th Congressional District in the point to support from a represent the people of N.Y. 2016 presidential election high-powered political and Staten Island (a place 53 percent to 47 percent I know very well) than @ over Democrat Hillary figure. When Donovan was RepDanDonovan, who is Clinton and he remains locked in a bitter battle in strong on Borders & Crime, enormously popular with the GOP Primary against loves our Military & our Republicans in many parts former congress member Vets, voted for Tax Cuts of the district.  Michael Grimm, Trump and is helping me to Make Donovan, the former came out with a strongly America Great Again. Dan Staten Island district attorendorsement of the incum- has my full endorsement!” ney, won the House seat in a bent on Twitter. Trump tweeted on May 30. special election held in May “There is no one better to Trump, however, was of 2015.

16• BROOKLYN SPECTATOR • Week of October 12 - October 18, 2018

Annual Greek Heritage Festival Brings the Fun to Bay Ridge BY JAIME DEJESUS

As in the past, there were performances by New York Melodia and Orchestra COM and Galaxy Orchestra t was another great event with Vaggeli Kouris, Greek in Bay Ridge as the Holy food and pastries, vendors, Cross Greek Orthodox rides, games, a ea market, Church hosted its annual an outdoor taverna, perforGreek Cultural Festival. mances by children from The four-day event which DGK Parochial School and began on Thursday, Sep- more. tember 20 and concluded Parishioner Sandy Vallas on Sunday, September 22 told this paper that it was yet is a community ďŹ xture that another successful festival. brings traditional foods “It went very well,â€? he said. plus rides and games to Bay “It was very successful. We Ridge. have the festival for the JDEJESUS@BROOKLYNREPORTER.


purposes of getting the community together, and show o Greek culture and religion. We had a great turnout.â€? With plenty of activities for children and adults alike, there is something for everyone. “Everybody has their favorites whether it’s the food, the dancing, the pastries,â€? Vallas said. “It’s something that we look forward to all year. It’s one of our biggest fundraisers but for us it’s more about just getting

Photo by Chris Athineos

This year’s Greek Cultural Festival was a success. together as a family. It was gratifying to see everyone

have a great time.� The event took place on

Ridge Boulevard between 84th and 86th Streets.

2ND DEPARTMENT / NEW BUSINESS FORMATIONS 11201 THE CONSTELLATION COLLECTIVE LLC Notice of formation of limited liability company (LLC). Name: THE CONSTELLATION COLLECTIVE LLC. Articles of OrJDQL]DWLRQ ÂżOHG ZLWK 6HFUHWDU\ of State of New York (SSNY) RQ1<RIÂżFHORFDWLRQ Kings County. SSNY has been designated as agent of the LLC upon whom process against it PD\EHVHUYHG7KHSRVWRIÂżFH address to which the SSNY shall mail a copy of any process against the LLC served upon him/her is The Constellation Collective LLC, 47 Bergen 6WUHHWUG)ORRU%URRNO\Q1<



Notice of formation of limited liability company (LLC). Name: SHILOH FAMILY AND GROUP DAY CARE LLC. Articles of OrJDQL]DWLRQ ÂżOHG ZLWK 6HFUHWDU\ of State of New York (SSNY) RQ  1< RIÂżFH ORFDtion: Kings County. SSNY has been designated as agent of the LLC upon whom process against it may be served. The SRVW RIÂżFH DGGUHVV WR ZKLFK the SSNY shall mail a copy of any process against the LLC served upon him/her is Itohan Holmes, 1181 East 92 Street $SW % %URRNO\Q 1<  Purpose/character of LLC: Any Lawful Purpose.

Notice of formation of limited liability company (LLC). Name: ARKILO PEST MANAGEMENT LLC. Articles of OrgaQL]DWLRQ ÂżOHG ZLWK 6HFUHWDU\ RI State of New York (SSNY) on 1<RIÂżFHORFDWLRQ Kings County. SSNY has been designated as agent of the LLC upon whom process against it PD\EHVHUYHG7KHSRVWRIÂżFH address to which the SSNY shall mail a copy of any process against the LLC served upon him/her is Spiegel & Utrera P.A., P.C., 1 Maiden Lane, WK)ORRU1HZ<RUN1< Purpose/character of LLC: Any Lawful Purpose.


11201. Purpose/character of LLC: Any Lawful Purpose. 

11217 BEVIN KENNY LLC BEVIN KENNY LLC, Arts. of 2UJ ÂżOHG ZLWK WKH 661< RQ  2IÂżFH ORF .LQJV County. SSNY has been designated as agent upon whom process against the LLC may be served. SSNY shall mail SURFHVVWR7KH//&%HUgen St., Apt. #1, Brooklyn, NY 11217. Reg Agent: Bevin KenQ\  %HUJHQ 6W $SW  Brooklyn, NY 11217. Purpose: Any Lawful Purpose. 



*5283//&$UWVRI2UJÂżOHG with the SSNY on 05/14/2018. 2IÂżFHORF.LQJV&RXQW\661< has been designated as agent upon whom process against the LLC may be served. SSNY shall mail process to: The LLC, 1815 Avenue U Suite 2, Brooklyn, NY 11229. Purpose: Any Lawful Purpose. 


MICK ENTERTAINMENT LLC 1RWLFH RI 4XDOLÂżFDWLRQ RI MICK ENTERTAINMENT LLC $SSO IRU$XWK ÂżOHG ZLWK 6HF\ of State of NY (SSNY) on 2IÂżFHORFDWLRQ.LQJV County. LLC formed in DelaZDUH '(  RQ  661< designated as agent of LLC upon whom process against it may be served. SSNY shall mail process to c/o Corporation Service Co. (CSC), 80 State 6W $OEDQ\ 1<  DE addr. of LLC: c/o CSC, 251 Little Falls Dr., Wilmington, DE &HUWRI)RUPÂżOHGZLWK Secy. of State, Div. of Corps., John G. Townsend Bldg., 401 Federal St. - Ste. 4, Dover, DE 19901. Purpose: Any lawful activity. 

347 GREENE DEBT LLC NOTICE OF FORMATION of  *UHHQH 'HEW //&  $UW RI 2UJ ÂżOHG ZLWK  WKH 6HF\ RI State of NY (SSNY) on 9/7/18. Off. Loc.: Kings County. SSNY has been desig. as agent upon whom process against it may be served. The address to which the SSNY shall mail a copy to is: The LLC, 225 %URDGZD\QG)O1HZ<RUN NY 10007. Purpose: Any lawful act 



 *5283 //& $UWV RI 2UJ ÂżOHG ZLWK WKH 661< RQ  2IÂżFH .LQJV &RXQty. SSNY designated as agent of the LLC upon whom process against it may be served. SSNY shall mail copy of process to the LLC, c/o Oren Hakim 14 Bond Street, Great Neck, NY 11021. Purpose: Any lawful purpose. 



Notice of formation of limited liability company (LLC). Name: ZABKA NEW YORK LLC. ArtiFOHV RI 2UJDQL]DWLRQ ÂżOHG ZLWK Secretary of State of New York (SSNY) on 08/28/2018. NY ofÂżFH ORFDWLRQ .LQJV &RXQW\ SSNY has been designated as agent of the LLC upon whom process against it may be VHUYHG7KHSRVWRIÂżFHDGGUHVV to which the SSNY shall mail a copy of any process against the LLC served upon him/her is Legalinc Corporate Services ,QF:HKUOH'ULYH6XLWH  %XIIDOR 1<  3XUpose/character of LLC: Any Lawful Purpose. 

For all your legal advertising needs, call Gina Ong at 718-643-9099, ext 105 or email


File No. 2017-1758/A PA. No. 140279 SURROGATEâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;S COURT, KINGS COUNTY THE PEOPLE OF THE STATE OF NEW YORK, By the Grace of God Free and Independent TO: Jefferson Springer, Attorney General of the State of New York, New York State Department of Taxation and Finance, New York City Human Resources Administration. The Spouse if any, and any and all unknown distributees and creditors of MARGARET POND, deceased, whose whereabouts are unknown and if any of the aforesaid persons be dead, to their heirs at law, next of kin and distributees whose names and places of residence are unknown and if the persons died subsequent to the decedent herein, to their executors, administrators, legatees, devisees, assignees and successors in interest whose names and places of residence are unknown and to all other heirs at law, next of kin and distributees of MARGARET POND, the decedent herein, whose names and, places of residence are unknown and cannot after due diligence be ascertained, A petition, and an account having EHHQ GXO\ ÂżOHG E\ WKH 3XEOLF Administrator of Kings County, ZKR KDV RIÂżFHV DW $GDPV Street, Room 144A, Brooklyn, New York 11201, United States. YOU ARE HEREBY CITED TO SHOW CAUSE before the Surrogateâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Court, Kings County, at  -RKQVRQ 6WUHHW 5RRP  Brooklyn, New York, on OctoEHU   DW  RÂśFORFN in the fore noon of that day,

why: (a) The account of proceedings of the Public Administrator of Kings County as Administrator of the estate of MARGARET POND, a Summary of which has been served herewith, should not be judicially settled; (b) The Public Administrator of Kings County should not be paid his commissions SXUVXDQW WR 6&3$ 6HF  LQWKHDPRXQWRIDV set forth in Schedules C-1 and I of the Account; (c) The Public Administrator of Kings County should not be paid his administrative expenses pursuant to 6&3$    LQ WKH DPRXQW RI  DV VHW IRUWK LQ Schedule: C-1 and J of the Account; (d) The Court should not Âż[ GHWHUPLQH DQG DSSURYH WKH legal fees of Cullen and Dykman LLP, counsel to Petitioner, LQ WKH DPRXQW RI  DV set forth in Schedules C-1 and J of the Account; (e) The Court VKRXOG QRW Âż[ GHWHUPLQH DQG approve the disbursements of Cullen and Dykman LLP in the DPRXQWRIDVVHWIRUWK in Schedules C-1 and J of the Account; (f) The claim of New York City Human Resources Administration, in the amount of $41,778.29 should not be allowed, to the extent of the net estate after the payment of administration expenses and any creditor claims which have priority of payment; (g) The claims of the New York State Department of Taxation and Finance and Jefferson Springer, if any, VKRXOG QRW EH Âż[HG DQG GHWHUmined (h) The Petitioner should not be permitted to distribute so much of the net estate to the decedentâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s distributees, as now

known or hereafter determined, as their interests :may appear, and to deposit any amount not so distributed with the Commissioner of Finance of the City of New York to be held for the benHÂżWRIGHFHGHQWÂśVXQNQRZQGLVWULEXWHHV RU IRU WKH EHQHÂżW RI any distributees of the decedent who are under disability for whom no guardian of the property has been appointed; (i) The Petitioner, upon fully complying with the Decree to be made in this proceeding, should not be released and discharged of and from any and all liability, responsibility and accountability with respect to the Petitionerâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s acts and proceedings as Administrator as set forth and embraced in said account and the Court grant such other and further relief as it deems just and proper; Dated, attested and sealed $XJXVW+RQ0DUJDULta Lopez Torres, Surrogate, Doreen C. Quinn, Chief Clerk. Cullen and Dykman LLP, 44 Wall Street, New York, NY 100052407 Joseph J. Borges, Esq. (212) 701-4175 NOTE: This citation is served upon you as required by law. You are not required to appear. If you fail to appear it will be assumed that you do not object to the relief requested. You have a right to have an attorney appear for you, and you or your attorney may request a copy of the full account from the petitioner or petitionerâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s attorney.

Week of October 12 - October 18, 2018 • BROOKLYN SPECTATOR • 17

Board 11 Leader Predicts City’s Voters Will Like Term Limits BY PAULA KATINAS PAULA@BROOKLYNEAGLE.COM


he words “term limits” will be too enticing for voters to resist in November, according to a Bensonhurst community board leader who predicted that a ballot proposition limiting the amount of time members can serve on neighborhood boards will likely be approved by New Yorkers. William Guarinello, chairperson of Brooklyn’s Community Board 11 (Bensonhurst-Bath Beach-Mapleton) said voters going to the polls on Nov. 6 will favor the Charter Revision Commission’s proposal to impose term limits on members of the city’s 59 community board because the public generally agrees with the concept of term limits. “People like term limits. It’s like the storming of the Bastille,” Guarinello told members at the community

board’s Sept. 13 meeting at the Bensonhurst Health and Rehabilitation Center at 1740 84th St. The Mayor’s Charter Revision Commission is recommending that members who are appointed or reappointed after April 1, 2019, be limited to serving four consecutive two-year terms. There are 18 community boards in Brooklyn. Mayor Bill de Blasio appointed the Charter Revision Commission last year to come up with recommendations on how to increase public participation in city government. If voters approve the commission’s proposed changes, community board term limits will be added to the City Charter. The City Charter is akin to a Constitution. It is the document that lays out the structure and function of New York City’s government. Under the current system, community board members,

who are unpaid, serve twoyear terms. There is currently no limit on the number of terms they can serve. In the 1990s, the city’s residents voted to impose term limits on virtually all branches of city government, including the mayor, the borough presidents and the City Council. New York City established community boards in 1963. The boards are comprised of up to 50 non-salaried members who either live or work in the neighborhood. The boards advise city agencies on land use matters, police and public safety and other issues. Each board has a district manager, a salaried employee who the board hires to work with elected officials and city agencies to ensure the smooth delivery of city services such as sanitation collections and pothole repairs. But while Guarinello did not publicly take a stand on term limits for community

ebrooklyn media/Photo by Paula Katinas

William Guarinello (center) says of community board term limits, “I don’t think it has hurt the community to have continuity.” He is pictured at a Bay Ridge event a few years ago with HeartShare Human Services Vice President Joseph Guarinello, Community Board 10 member Dean Rasinya, Assemblymember Peter Abbate and Brooklyn Chamber of Commerce Acting President Richard Russo (left to right). board members, he strongly hinted that he opposes them. Guarinello, president and CEO of the non-profit agency HeartShare Human Services of New York, has been a CB 11 member for nearly 20 years. Part of the idea for term limits is to ensure that community boards will see a steady flow of new faces, according to proponents. That already happens,

according to Guarinello. “There is turnover all the time,” he said, adding that half of all board members are appointed based on recommendations from city councilmembers and that new councilmembers often appoint new community board members. The boards benefit from having experienced hands on deck, Guarinello said. “I don’t think it has hurt the

community to have continuity,” he said. The Mayor’s Charter Revision Commission isn’t the only such panel looking at making changes to the City Charter. Earlier this year, the City Council established a separate Charter Revision Commission to come up with recommendations to present for a public vote in November of 2019.

Are Your Property Taxes Too high? Tell it to Commission BY PAULA KATINAS PAULA@BROOKLYNEAGLE.COM


f you’re a Brooklyn homeowner who thinks the property taxes you pay are too high (and who doesn’t?), here’s your chance to make your voice heard by the right people. The New York City Property Tax Commission, formed in May by Mayor Bill de Blasio and Council Speaker Corey Johnson to look into ways to ease the angst of homeowners, will hold its first Brooklyn hearing this month to get feedback from the public. The commission plans to hold hearings in all five boroughs. The Brooklyn hearing will take place on Monday, Oct. 15, at Borough Hall, starting at 6:30 p.m. Homeowners can testify at the hearing in person, or submit testimony ahead of time by visiting: The commission has been tasked with researching the issue of property taxes and advising lawmakers

on policies that could help bring equity to the city’s uneven tax structure, according to Councilmember Justin Brannan, a Democrat representing Bay Ridge, Dyker Heights and parts of Bensonhurst, who said he has heard numerous complaints from his constituents about exorbitant property taxes. “It doesn’t take a genius to see that the New York City property tax system is outdated and unfair,” Brannan said in a statement. “My district in Southwest Brooklyn is one of those areas that bear an extremely high burden. I heard it again and again on the campaign trail: property taxes in Bay Ridge, Dyker Heights, Bath Beach, and Bensonhurst are too damn high.” The city’s property tax structure is based on the value, as assessed by the city, of so-called Class 1 properties (one, two and three-family homes). The tax rate cannot increase by more than six percent every year or by 20 percent in five years. The problem, according

to advocates seeking to change the system, is that homeowners in more desirable neighborhoods, like Park Slope, pay less than their fellow homeowners in other parts of Brooklyn. Homeowners in Bay Ridge, Dyker Heights, Canarsie and Brownsville pay a rate of 0.73 percent, while Park Slope property owners are paying less, 0.32 percent, according to Assemblymember Nicole Malliotakis, a Republican representing Bay Ridge and Staten Island, who has introduced state legislation aimed at evening out the playing field. “As the system currently exists, low and middle-income New Yorkers are subsidizing the property taxes of those living in the highest valued properties in our city’s most affluent neighborhoods,” Malliotakis said in a statement. Under Malliotakis’s proposal, an across-the-board two percent cap on property tax increases would be established and senior citizens with household incomes of $75,000 a year

ebrooklyn Media/Photo by Paula Katinas

The commission will be looking at ways to change the tax system in favor of homeowners. Pictured are homes on 74th Street in Bay Ridge. or less and who have lived property tax system to in the same home for at least make it simpler, clearer, 20 years would be in line for and fairer, according to de a property tax deduction. Blasio. “To be the fairest big city, The mayor and Council speaker announced the you need a fair tax system,” formation of the Property de Blasio said at the time he Tax Commission on May announced the commission. 31 and tapped Vicki Been, a “For too long, New York law professor at New York City taxpayers have had to University, and Marc Shaw, grapple with a property tax interim chief operating system that is too opaque, officer of the City Univer- too complex, and just feels sity of New York to serve as unfair. New Yorkers need co-chairs. property tax reform, and this advisory commission The panel goal is to the

will put us on the road to achieve it.” Property taxes make up 45 percent of the city’s tax base, according to officials. The current property tax structure has been in place for nearly 40 years. Johnson called the establishment of a commission “an important first step towards addressing inequities in this city’s broken property tax system” and said it is crucial that officials bring a sense of fairness to a system “which has long perplexed the public and left many feeling hoodwinked by the city government tasked with representing them.” Brannan is urging homeowners in his council district to attend the Oct. 15 hearing or submit testimony. “My office still hears all the time from people complaining about their property taxes. If you care about the inequality in our city’s system, this is your chance to speak directly to the people who will be shaping property tax policy in the near future,” he stated.

18• HOME REPORTER/SPECTATOR • Week of October 12 - October 18, 2018


To reach Ted General via the Internet, his e-mail address is:



housands of youngsters from toddlers to preteens garbed in homemade outfits and store-bought costumes are expected to take part in the 52nd annual Children’s Ragamuffin Parade on Saturday, October 13. Third Avenue will transform into a boulevard of fun and smiles from 76th Street to 92nd Street, as the kids skip, dance, hop or simply stroll along the major Bay Ridge avenue, starting at 1 p.m. According to parade guidelines, each child that is registered and marches the whole route in costume will receive a free gift. Pre-parade registration will take place between 11 a.m. and 12:15 p.m.inside the Holy Angels Academy/OLA schoolyard on 74th Street, just off Third Avenue. There are no registration fees. The parade group is offering free bikes and trikes to the youths with the most creative costumes. Judging will take place in the schoolyard between 11:30 A.M. and 12:15 P.M. Baby carriages, wagons and strollers are welcome. It’s a

kids’ parade so dogs are not permitted. The first parade was held in 1967 with Louis Sternbach, the president of the then-86th Street Board of Trade, as the first grand marshal. In 1996, Bob Howe, president of the Merchants of Third Avenue, was the grand marshal. This year, still at the helm of the merchant group, he will be serving as the parade commentator. Last year, Monsignor Kevin Noone, pastor of Our

OPINION Ragamuffins to Frolic along Third Avenue

Lady of Angels Church, was the grand marshal. It was Father James McKenna, a parish priest at OLA, who came up with the concept of a Ragamuffin Parade here. He enlisted the early parade committee leaders Clif Scanlon, Nick Albanese and Ed McCaffrey, OLA parishioners, believing that this type of parade would be a great idea for the community. On September 17, 2016, the corner of 74th Street and

ebrooklyn media/Photo by Ted General

Ed Wilkinson receiving Rosary for Life award from Wyn Powers and Bishop James Massa.

Third Avenue was formally co-named “Ragamuffin Way,” in commemoration of the 50th anniversary of the popular parade, *** The Rosary For Life, a Catholic voluntary association to promote reverence and respect for human life through prayers, held its 26th annual Mass at Resurrection Church in Gerritsen Beach. Bishop James Massa celebrated the mass and Wyn Powers, foundebrooklyn media/fi le photo er and president of the associaYoung Ragamuffins at 2017 tion, presented Ragamuffin Parade. awards to three Society, in the Shore Hill d isting uished Andrew VacPhoto by honorees. They inNeighborhood Center, 91st Connie Ranocchia cari, pastor of St. cluded Bay Ridgeite Mary, Mother of Street between Colonial Ed Wilkinson, long 2018 Jesus Parish in Road and Shore Road, at 7:30 time editor-in-chief Ragamuffin Bensonhurst. p.m. Racioppo will be pro*** of The Tablet newsjecting photos and discuss‘Men of the paper; Navy veteran Year’ Mike Brooklyn ing his new book, Brooklyn Frank Strauch, who Esposito and author Larry Before Photographs, 1971has held several Ted Fleetwood Racioppo will 1983. They tell the story of a be the guest posts in the Knights Nugent. gritty, endearing borough. speaker at the of Columbus and is a Admission is free and open October 17 meeting of to society members and the board member of the Rosathe Bay Ridge Historical public. ry for Life; and Monsignor



fter reading Chuck Otey’s article on “Snarky Politics,” published in the September 14 issue, I decided to add my praise of Sen. Golden and how he has served our community. I first met Marty Golden in the mid-’90s when I had decided to become active in community issues. At the time, he was the vice chairperson of Community Board 10. The main issue which compelled me to get involved was the surge in truck traffic and speeding vehicles on my street (which is not a truck route). After Marty was elected to the City Council, he made substantial efforts to help us deal with the problem. His unwavering support eventually led to Gov.

“SNARKY POLITICS” George Pataki coming to McKinley Park to sign into law a bill that dramatically increased the fines to truck drivers who strayed off designated truck routes. Marty’s support was critical in getting this bill passed and signed. In the past few years, our community has come under attack again, this time not by trucks and speeding vehicles, but by malicious investors buying up one and two-family homes and converting them into Single Room Occupancies (SROs). The prevalence of these SROs has led to overcrowding in our community, has placed a strain on our infrastructure such as schools and sanitation, and has also put our first responders in precarious situations.

Dyker Heights and Bay Ridge have always been great communities in which to live. However, times change. Community residents saw the growing problem of illegal home conversions and sought out Marty’s help. After many meetings, and a successful town hall in 2015, he suggested the formation of a task force comprised of various city agencies - the Department of Buildings, the Fire Department, Housing Preservation and Development and representatives of the mayor’s office as well. That task force is still ongoing and has achieved many positive results. If you live in this community and read the local papers, you are aware that

the DOB raids of illegally It doesn’t appear to matconverted houses are a di- ter to them that Marty has rect result of the agency task given so much for so long to force’s continuing efforts to this community, but rather work with the community that he is an evil Republican board, elected officials and and must be stopped. residents in an attempt stop In his piece, Chuck Otey this illegal behavior. wrote, as a paraphrase of The task force meetings “Marty Golden’s Anti-Child and resulting house raids Report Card” prepared occur in our community by Fight Back Bay Ridge, because our state senator that Marty was accused stepped up and supported of "taking actions that his community and pres- would deprive students of sured the city officials to much-needed funding for do their job. vital programs." It is interesting that they When all this was happening, where was Fight are attacking him on eduBack Bay Ridge? Nowhere! cation when in fact he has This group was formed worked in a bipartisan manafter Donald Trump was ner to support programs to elected in November, 2016 help children with learning to fight back against Trump, disabilities. For example, he and now to fight against any and Democratic Assemblyother Republican/Conser- member Jo Anne Simon vative candidate. have co-sponsored Dyslexia

Awareness Day in Albany for the last three years. Additionally, he and Assemblymember Simon co-sponsored legislation (A01480 / S02534) which would require the training of teachers, administrators and instructors in the area of dyslexia and related disorders. To say that Marty does not care about students is a bold-faced lie. Fight Back Bay Ridge appears to be a “progressive” group, but it’s never helped our community make real progress in any meaningful way. Sen. Golden, on the other hand, has truly supported our community for almost three decades, and that is why we’ll be supporting him this coming November. Bob Cassara

of October - OctoberREPORTER/SPECTATOR 18, 2018 • HOME REPORTER•• 19 19 Week of OctoberWeek 12-18, 2018 12 • HOME

Focus on Bay Ridge

Started Bay Ridge Clean-Ups, Was Creator of ‘View From Bay Ridge’

By Charles F. Otey

A Really Big Weekend Ahead for Bay Ridge! Thousands to March in Ragamuffin Parade, Even More to Stroll in Third Ave. Festival For more than 50 years, the Greater Bay Ridge community has given special and deserved recognition to its children through the annual Ragamuffin Parade, which will kick off along Third Avenue on Saturday, Oct. 13, at 1 p.m. Thanks to the hard work and dedication of a dynamic crew of committee members, including President Arlene Keating, Laurie Windsor, Rose Gangi and Ilene Sacco, thousands of children will parade down the avenue, many garbed as urchinlike Charles Dickens ragamuffins. This tradition, imagined back in the 1960s, has won universal acclaim. Among the marchers will be Grand Marshal Leo Lykourezos of Leo’s Casa Calamari and “Men of the Year” Mike Esposito and Ted Nugent, who have made their Cebu Bar & Bistro one of the “must go to” places in Brooklyn. The next day, once again the result of difficult volunteer work by Merchants of Third Avenue President Bob Howe, Co-Treasurer Brian Chin and other officers, the Third Avenue Festival will draw thousands from all over the borough and beyond. They enjoy this event year in and year out thanks to the dogged determination and creative genius of legendary “Festival Guy” Chip Cafiero. This truly great Bay Ridge weekend also serves as the prelude to yet another popular tradition — the Third Avenue Pioneers Reception, set for Oct. 22 at the Bay Ridge Manor. This year marks the Pioneers Reception’s 25th anniversary.

Nov. 2 Veterans Memorial Event A Salute to Larry Morrish Larry Morrish started community cleanups, civic/business associations and just about all events that honor our veterans; he was also involved in literally every public civic effort to improve Greater Bay Ridge. We should also mention that he was the driving force behind saving our cherished Fort Hamilton Army Base when some in the Pentagon tried to close it in the late 1990s. In his memory, wife Phillipa Morrish launched the Annual Veterans Event in Memory of Larry Morrish, which is now in its third year. On Friday, Nov. 2, Phillipa’s organization will honor local veterans and single out those best regarded as unsung heroes at Redeemer St. John’s Lutheran Church, 939 83rd St. Among the honorees are “Larry Morrish Man of the Year” Edward Mafoud, owner of Damascus Bakeries; “Veteran of the Year” Frank J. Fazio, American Legion Department of New York; and Unsung Hero Award recipient Sal Ferrera, respected educator and past principal of Xaverian High School. A “Larry Morrish Woman of the Year” will soon be announced, Phillipa told us. In keeping with Larry’s support of our military, all monies raised will go directly toward the purchase of gift cards to be given to the teens at the Fort Hamilton Army Base’s Christmas party. Among those working with Phillipa are Dominick Santo (University of Scranton ’20,

Larry Morrish is shown with then-Councilmember Marty Golden as they brief Home Reporter writer Liz Walser on one of the many Bay Ridge-wide clean-ups they launched. Starting in the early 1990s, the Greater Bay Ridge Clean-Up would draw out as many as 1,500 volunteers to clean our parks and paint out graffiti. In addition, these clean-ups played a key role in earning Bay Ridge the title of leading volunteer neighborhood in the city.

A pirate marches in the Ragamuffin Parade in 2016. ebrooklyn media/file photo by Paula Katinas

Xaverian High School ’16, Liberty Kiwanis Club), Kathleen Conlon-Nielsen, attorney Chris Cardillo and the leaders of Redeemer St. John’s Lutheran. Those interested in attending or supporting this worthwhile cause should reserve a seat by calling 646-761-8697 or emailing

Larry Morrish was the creator and co-host of “The View From Bay Ridge,” a communityoriented regular feature of BCAT, which ran for several years. He is shown here with cohost Chuck Otey and now-Msgr. Jamie Gigantiello at a “Taste of Bay Ridge” celebration held at St. Patrick’s Church. Photos courtesy of Chuck Otey

25th Anniversary Pioneer Reception Honorees Pioneers

Zoe Koutsoupakis Signature Bank

Phil Guarnieri Empire State Bank

Dina Morra & Sanaa Morra Nile Boutique

Albert C. Corhan Adelphi Academy of Brooklyn

Nicole Esposito & Tarin Sukkarieh

DSNY Columbia Association Salaam Club Ray Aalbue Ray Ferrier

Larry Morrish Award Brian Chin

Bohemian Rose Hair Studio

New Business Award

Anthony Perricone Bagel Boy

Patsy’s Pizzeria Ogo New York

Uncle Louie G’s

Civic Honorees

Lifetime Achievement Award

MaryAnn Kearns

Rick Russo Louis Peters

Anthony’s Butcher Shop

James Clark

Evans Kotsis Jane Kelly Caffé Café

Half-Century Award Dennis Monier

20• HOME REPORTER/SPECTATOR • Week of October 12 - October 18, 2018

Justice Kavanaugh


rett Kavanaugh has been confirmed. There will be many opinions on what it all means. One point that is undeniable is that the Supreme Court has become more conservative. Prior to the Kavanaugh confirmation, the court had been a 4-4 court with a right leaning fifth vote in Kennedy. Today, with Kavanaugh occupying the Kennedy seat, the court is reliably 5-4 conservative. As far as my personal view on the proceedings, I believe the Democratic members of the Senate, Democratic Party and its allied activists, in continuing to fight after the FBI report, did damage to the party’s hopes in November — not in New York or California, but in the many places whose citizens wanted a full airing that was satisfied when the FBI reported. Polling was clear. Most Americans were comfortable with Kavanaugh being confirmed after the FBI reviewed the Ford case. They did review, and I think Senator Collins of Maine spoke

for many of them when she indicated that the FBI could not verify any of Ford’s charges. The difference between a legitimate investigation and a witch hunt was the Democratic Senate’s continued opposition. I think in many states this will hurt the party. Based on how our republic’s government is structured, the Democratic Party could well be locking itself into a minority position for years to come, which translates into an Electoral College disaster awaiting it in two years. A continued Republican Senate for at least another two years has one additional value to Republicans and conservatives. It increases the chances that Donald Trump will be able to add an additional conservative to the court upon a vacancy. If a 6-3 conservative Supreme Court should come about, the American left — no matter who is elected president — will be essentially out of power for many years. Finally, although I may


disagree with President Trump’s temperament and style, he certainly does know how to win. Between the Kavanaugh confirmation and the conclusion of new, very favorable trade agreement with Canada that followed a similar agreement with Mexico, Donald Trump had a significant success last week in remaking America.

If a 6-3 conservative Supreme Court should come about, the American left — no matter who is elected president — will be essentially out of power for many years. *** Last week, the Bay Ridge Interagency Council on Aging held a candidate forum. Peter Killen was the moderator for the event. Peter as the moderator was partisan, allowed the audience to violate his own rules, and frankly made a mockery out of what could have been an important event for Bay Ridge seniors.


A liberal-leaning Democrat, Peter read a highly partisan lean into his questions. For instance, on a question concerning charter schools — which I suspect was of little interest to the senior audience — he began with a statement that charter schools take resources away from public schools and as such hurt the public-school system. This is right out of the UFT playbook. Peter had to be told that charter schools are public schools, and are open to all children in our city but require a lottery since they are enormously popular with parents and children, and represent healthy competition among public schools. What Peter should simply have done is ask the candidates their opinion of charter schools without editorializing. On the issue of fracking.

The Power of the Court


ur legislators have long abdicated their responsibilities for making laws, to shield themselves from criticism and protect themselves from being voted out of office. They won’t resolve a thorny problem because any solution would have a quantum of pain for some voter somewhere. Why tangle with difficult political issues when the judiciary can decide a case and provide a ruling to substitute for a law? The state judiciary is elected to long terms while federal judges, including the Supreme Court, are appointed for life. We have runaway spending, piecemeal law making and uncontrolled debt because the people who should

be responsible instead chose to shirk responsibility. This is why the Kavanaugh nomination and confirmation process has been so politically contentious. The Supreme Court has become a law-making body because legislators are too gutless, and the task falls to the judiciary. This is the reason each appointment is so politically vital and why the Trump Republican Party, with billionaire funding, pulled out all the stops to get Kavanaugh on the bench. Kavanaugh is the poster boy for privilege and ideological rectitude. He is experienced and intelligent, but those qualities aren’t the reasons he is the choice of the new right. All the reports and

allegations aside, the hearings revealed his willingness to be a judicial activist so long as he is an activist for the new right. He stated that he believes the Supreme Court can overturn precedent, and he will overturn laws protecting reproductive rights for women and reduce regulations and pesky taxes for corporations. He honestly displayed that he is irascible, combative and utterly devoid of sympathy except for himself. These are the qualities the people want in a judge? He displayed that he does not have the temperament to decide issues according to the law or the willingness to listen to evidence in a dispassionate and unbiased fashion. President Trump should

a perennial favorite issue of Peter’s, but once again I doubt an important issue with the senior citizens of our community since it is illegal in the state, Peter began by offering his opinions of its dangers. You would have thought the population of the state was on the verge of mass poisoning. The issue, by the way, does have two sides to it, as anyone in upstate New York will tell you. As irrelevant as this banned activity was to the many in the room, it would have been better asked without Peter starting with an opinionated statement. Questions were to be read by the moderator, the candidates were told before the event. As it turned out, this rule only applied when Peter felt like it. Mallory McMahon — the head of an organization filed with the New York State Board of Elections as a political action committee that clearly leans left and

Democratic and which is engaged in this year’s elections — asked to come forward, take the podium and address the crowd by reading the question herself. Peter allowed her this special privilege. That was inappropriate. Follow-ups were allowed if Peter felt he wanted to allow them. Where were the rules? Why were there so few questions relating to senior issues? How did a political action committee actively involved in this year’s elections end up in the mix at the Bay Ridge Interagency Council on Aging forum? These questions too deserve answers. Unless the Interagency Council makes a change in the way its event is moderated, Republican candidates should stay away. The many seniors in attendance deserves an opportunity to ask questions of interest to them at a non-partisan forum.


All the reports and allegations aside, the hearings revealed his willingness to be a judicial activist so long as he is an activist for the new right. have nominated someone else since Judge Kavanaugh displayed a temperament ill-suited to serve on our highest court. Whether or not he is innocent or guilty of sexual assault is not the issue since the confirmation hearing was not a trial, but during it

he displayed qualities, under pressure, that prove he is not the candidate needed at this moment in history. There is evidence that he failed to tell the committee the complete truth while under oath. Jamie Roche, his college roommate, told Anderson Cooper during an interview, "I saw him do this stuff he said under oath that he didn't do. I saw him use words in a different way than the way he said under oath they were used." The FBI completed a supplemental background report but failed to interview Kavanaugh, his accuser or his roommate at Yale.

Many people in high school and college have had occasion to drink too much. Many young people make choices they regret when older. Judge Kavanaugh never expressed regret for anything or empathy for anyone but he displayed plenty of righteousness, irritability and contempt towards the committee while its members did their job. There are strong indications that Judge Kavanaugh failed to tell the whole truth about numerous things during the hearing. That alone should have made the committee move on to another candidate.


Week of October 12 - October 18, 2018 • HOME REPORTER/SPECTATOR • 21

Bay Ridge Community Council P.O. BOX 090001 ∙ FORT HAMILTON STATION ∙ BROOKLYN, N.Y. 11209-0001 Visit us on Facebook

2018-2019 RAPLH SUCCAR President Ilene Sacco 1st Vice President JANET GOUNIS 2nd Vice President ROBERT KASSENBROCK Executive Secretary Nick Nikolopoulos Treasurer JOANNA SUCCAR Recording Secretary JOSEPHINE GIAMMARINO Corresponding Secretary JANE KELLY Parliamentarian EILEEN POTTER Historian


The Bay Ridge Community Council founded in 1951 upholds its mission: To Promote the Moral, Social and Economic Welfare of the people living and/or working in Bay Ridge, Dyker Heights and Fort Hamilton

STAY INFORMED! STAY INVOLVED! The BRCC encourages you to attend our meetings, and to join us in having a voice in our community. We look forward to your presence and/or participation in all we do. Annual Activities of the Bay Ridge Community Council Public Forums on Matters of Community Concern Student - Fall Painting & Essay Contests & Awards Charney Science & Humanity Awards! Election Debates Adult Community Service & Civic Awards + Police, Fire and Auxiliary Police Service Recognition Awards, Photo Contest Join the Bay Ridge Community Council in Sponsoring THE 66th ANNUAL FALL ART POSTER & WINDOW PAINTING CONTEST Part of your community for over six decades Become a sponsor and support our children in a Community Event that continues to bring us together Date: Thursday, October 25, 2018 Rain Date: Tuesday, October 30, 2018 To join BRCC and to Sponsor events Please Contact: Ralph Succar, President, BRCC Email:


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bone & joint center

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Minimally Invasive & Non-Operative Orthopedics

Come see our new state-of-the-art offices at

6010 Bay Parkway, Brooklyn To schedule an appointment: 718.283.7400 Parking available y

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24â&#x20AC;˘ HOME REPORTER â&#x20AC;˘ Week of October 12 - October 18, 2018

Two Crooks Wanted for Making Thousands of Dollars of Unauthorized Charges on Sunset Parkerâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Credit Cards

New Corner Restaurant

Proudly Serving Brooklyn for Over 82 Years





ops are seeking two men wanted for making thousands of dollars of unauthorized charges on credit cards belonging to a Sunset Park resident. According to authorities, on Sunday, September 2 at around 8 p.m., a 31-year-old man reported to cops in the 72nd Precinct in Sunset Park that two credit cards had been taken from him at some prior time. The victim made the report after discovering that the unknown perps had made $5,120 of purchases with one card on August 22 at Bloomingdaleâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s in Manhattan. In addition, according to the victim, another $8,470 worth of charges had been made at several other stores, one of them being an Apple Store in Downtown Brooklyn, between August 22 and September 1 with the second credit card. Two unknown perps were observed using the credit cards to make the unauthorized transactions. One of the suspects is described by police as an Asian man with short black hair. He

7 Course Menu Option


Photos courtesy of the NYPD

Surveillance images of the suspects. was last seen wearing a white t-shirt and gray shorts. The second suspect is also described as an Asian man. He was last seen wearing a gray t-shirt, gray jeans and gray sneakers. Anyone with information in regards to this incident is asked to call the NYPDâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Crime Stoppers Hotline at 1-800-577-TIPS (8477) or for Spanish, 1-888-57-PISTA (74782). The public can also submit their tips by logging onto the Crime Stoppers website at WWW.NYPDCRIMESTOPPERS.COM, on Twitter @NYPDTips or by texting their tips to 274637 (CRIMES) then entering TIP577. All calls are strictly conďŹ dential.


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Aspire 2 Dance

Sumner Senior Center

St. Gabriel Senior Center

1195 Bedford Avenue Brooklyn Monday, October 15 10:30AM to 11:30AM

808 Park Avenue Brooklyn

Tuesday, October 16 2:00PM to 4:00PM

331 Hawthorne Street Brooklyn

Aspire 2 Dance

St. Gabriel Senior Center

Brooklyn Community Office

1195 Bedford Avenue Brooklyn

331 Hawthorne Street Brooklyn

2221 Church Avenue Brooklyn

Monday, October 22 10:30AM to 11:30AM

Friday, October 26 11:00AM to 12:00PM

Friday, October 19 11:00AM to 12:00PM

Saturday, October 27 10:00AM to 11:30AM

Aspire 2 Dance

St. Gabriel Senior Center

Brooklyn Community Office

1195 Bedford Avenue Brooklyn

331 Hawthorne Street Brooklyn

2221 Church Avenue Brooklyn

Monday, October 29 10:30AM to 11:30AM

Friday, November 2 11:00AM to 12:00PM

Saturday, November 3 10:00AM to 11:30AM

For additional locations near you, call: 1.866.986.0356 • TTY: 711 Hours of Operation: 24 hours a day, 7 days a week



MetroPlus Health Plan is a HMO plan with a Medicare contract. Enrollment in MetroPlus Health Plan depends on contract renewal. MetroPlus es un HMO con un contrato de Medicare. La inscripción en MetroPlus Health Plan depende de la renovación del contrato. ATENCIÓN: si habla español, tiene a su disposición servicios gratuitos de asistencia lingüística. Llame al 1.866.986.0356 (TTY: 711) ͩNj졿ƧưǷ̹ů୒ɄġNJ뼷 ǷĻŗы͘ȦīДҶ྽Վ˖Ө뼶ɐٍǖ1.866.986.0356 (TTY: 711) 뼶H0423_MKT19_2062_M Accepted 08272018

26• BROOKLYN SPECTATOR • Week of October 12 - October 18, 2018

Photo by Cait McCarthy

Side Peace closes out Cancer Can't Kill Love 5.

Cancer Can’t Kill Love Moves to New Venue, Gears Up For Biggest Event Yet BY JAIME DEJESUS JDEJESUS@BROOKLYNREPORTER. COM


Super Savings Account




Minimum Deposit of $100


Only Available at our Clinton Hill Branch 1035 Fulton Street, Brooklyn NY (929) 666-4420

*Annual Percentage Yield (APY). Offer available only at our Clinton Hill branch located at 1035 Fulton Street, Brooklyn NY 11238. Except as stated below, all offers, rates and terms are subject to change without notice. In-bank transfers ineligible. Rates and APYs displayed are as of September 12, 2018. Fees may reduce earnings. Minimum opening deposit of $100 required. APY may change after the account is opened, but is guaranteed through December 31, 2019 for accounts opened on or before October 31, 2018. Member FDIC

eating cancer with love. The Sixth Annual Cancer Can’t Kill Love Benefit Concert, an event aimed at raising awareness and money to help fight the disease, will once again take place in southern Brooklyn on a day special to its organizers. Cancer Can’t Kill Love began in November, 2013, following the death of Managing/Digital Editor of The Home Reporter and Brooklyn Spectator Meaghan McGoldrick’s mother, Joanne, who succumbed to Acute Myeloid Leukemia just five years after McGoldrick’s father, John Patrick “Butch” McGoldrick, died of asbestos-triggered lung cancer brought on by his work at Ground Zero. “Cancer Can’t Kill Love was born in the back of a Bay Ridge bar on NFL Sunday,” recalled McGoldrick. “My mother had just died and my friends had no idea what to do, so they did what they do best -- they threw a party. “My friends’ bands played, their families cooked and they raised about $1,000 to get me back on my feet,” she went on, adding that half of the funds from the first Cancer Can’t Kill Love were donated to the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society in her mother’s name. “Once it was over, I asked for in, and we raised the stakes for a second one. The rest is history.”

This year’s event will take of merchandise will be sold place on Saturday Oct. 13 to benefit the American -- Butch’s birthday -- from 2 Foundation for Suicide Prep.m. to midnight at the Gjøa vention (in memory of two Club, 850 62nd Street. loved ones close to Cancer To date, Cancer Can’t Kill Can’t Kill Love) as well as the Love has raised over $50,000 Dear Jack Foundation, an for such organizations as the organization geared toward Leukemia and Lymphoma aiding young adults in their Society, Stand Up To Cancer, fights against cancer. “We also take pride in our the Lustgarten Foundation for Pancreatic Cancer Re- raising of awareness for Be search and Memorial Sloan The Match,” McGoldrick Kettering Cancer Center. said, adding that, in 2017, A majority of funds the Kaahaaina family paved have gone to Sloan, where the way for a partnership beMcGoldrick’s father sought tween Cancer Can’t Kill Love treatment. This year, the and the global leader in bone group hopes to raise $25,000 marrow transplantation, for the hospital -- the highest which, at the fifth event, ofgoal yet. fered on-site registry for the Perhaps the benefit’s big- program. The organization gest growth spurt occured plans to be on hand at this at last year’s event, when weekend’s event as well. the 2017 Family of the Year, “It knocks me off my feet the Kaahaainas, announced each year -- in a good way,” that, with help from friends McGoldrick said of Cancer they’ve made along their Can’t Kill Love as a whole, own journey, eight Cancer “and I couldn’t be more Can’t Kill Love sister events thankful.” -- dubbed “Cancer Grows This year’s event will feaLove” -- would take place ture nine live acts -- Stoop this fall across the globe in Kids, Denizen, Tyler Conplaces like California, Ha- roy, On the Fifty, August on waii, London, Tokyo, Costa Sunday, Counterspace, the Rica and more. Rooftop Rebellion and Side This year’s Brooklyn Peace -- as well as more than iteration is expected to be 50 raffle prizes. its biggest yet, prompting a Funds raised at Cancer Can’t Kill Love 6 will be move to a bigger venue. “The Leif was so good to us, donated to Memorial Sloan but after watching our head Kettering Cancer Center in count grow and grow and loving memory of James Logrow, we realized at the end dato, Vicky Padovano, Kevin of year five that we would Flannery Sr. and Sally Kabel, need a bigger boat,” said a.k.a. “Sweet Sally Sunshine.” McGoldrick of the event’s Donations for entry are longtime venue -- a Bay Ridge suggested online or at the watering hole her parents door. For more information often frequented together. visit, www.cancercantkilllThis year, specific batches

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Bay Ridge Prep A n I n d e p e n d e n t K -1 2 C o l l e g e P r e p a r a t o r y S c h o o l

Inspiring students to aim high and accomplish more. At Bay Ridge Prep, our students ingredients to that success: a progressive academic environment that emphasizes experiential learning, intimate class sizes and an outstanding faculty. Come see for yourself at one of our open houses this fall.

OPEN HOUSES: Upper School (Grades 9—12) 7420 Fourth Avenue Brooklyn, NY 11209 Wednesday, November 14 | 9 am Wednesday, December 5 | 9 am Lower and Middle School (Grades K—8) 8101 Ridge Boulevard Brooklyn, NY 11209 Wednesday, October 24 | 9 am Wednesday, November 28 | 9 am Register for an open house at | 718.833.9090

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Brooklyn Spectator_2018_10_11