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The Price of Victory in the World of HIGH FASHION


The Ultimate Guide to Cappadocia





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Looking for inspiring examples? Meet twelve inspirational women leaders who are making California a better place!


REINVENT YOURSELF IN THE POST COVID WORLD 37 In this article we have listed several different educational opportunities that prep you for high-paying jobs.


Cappadocia is one of the most fascinating destinations you can consider traveling to during this complicated time.


VOL 50




Meet Kristina Makeeva, the incredible and extremely talented photographer with a global one-million following on Instagram. INSIDER



Check out our list of supplements that can advance your immune system to a new level, making it bulletproof!

How to conquer Hollywood and get an Oscar? Find out in our interview with Kazakhstan filmmaker, Anila Nugmanova.




Read the story about a self-made woman who continues to move towards her goals and the worldwide recognition of her “Inna Elsie” brand.


If you don’t know the easiest way to change your mind, then this interview with professional volleyball player, Natalia Vinnikova, is for you!


The first rule of each printed publication is to know your target audience. For example, ELLE targets women, GQ serves men, while COSMOPOLITAN aims at rebellious teenagers. You can’t go wrong with fashion and beauty for the ladies, success tips for men, or new treads and travel destinations for teens. It wasn’t that simple for us. Russian Time serves the entire Slavic community in the US. We had to come up with our own strategy. And so we did. Our goal is to provide you with a unique publication which has something interesting for everyone. We want this to be the magazine which you keep on your coffee table and share with your family and friends. We want you to find value on the pages of this publication, whether you’re a businessman, a stay at home mom, or an aspiring teenager. We want to make you our loyal reader, and we go above and beyond and to make it happen! Enjoy!



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First Crush

They say you never forget your first love. It must be true because I definitely remember my first crush. It hit me pretty early. I must’ve been four or five years old. My mom sent me over to my grandparents for the summer. I was still too young to understand the concept of grandma and grandpa. My grandpa was this cuddly papa bear who would play with me and spoil me with chocolates. My grandma, on the other hand, was this stunning, slim, blueeyed, blonde who still looked absolutely gorgeous! She must have been in her forties, and yet she kept turning heads every time she walked down the street. I felt like most of my grandpa’s friends were secretly in love with this beautiful, smart woman. And so was I. I never called her grandma. Instead, I called her by her nickname, Ledok, that translates to English as snowflake. It suited her well, as she looked less like a grandma and more like Princess Elsa from Frozen. She was my Princess Elsa, and someday, I was going to grow up and marry her. One day, I got bold enough to tell her that over a family dinner. She laughed and said, “I can’t marry you, sweetie. I am already married to your Grandpa Borya”. That was the moment of truth when I felt my first heartbreak! But even though my Elsa was already taken, and I had to find my own princess, that first crush changed me forever. My grandmother’s character that I adored so much taught me to respect women. I’ve learned that beauty is only skin deep and there is much more to a woman’s character than the way she looks. Very early in life, I realized that women could be just as strong, independent, and successful as men. Long before women empowerment became a thing, I was taught that gender, race, or skin color should not define a person’s opportunities and place in society. I stay true to these beliefs.

This issue of Russian Time Magazine is dedicated to the strong women who make an impact on our community. Those who break down stereotypes and prove that courage, intelligence, and strength are not defined by gender. I hope our feature on “Women in Power” moves you as much as it moved me. Enjoy! Sergey Ivannikov Publisher Sergey Ivannikov Page sergey_ivannikov sergeyivannikov




On May 15, 2021, APAPA spearheaded the National Unity Against Hate rally with a coalition of over 120+ organizations held in 18 locations across the United States. While this was an amazing example of solidarity there is more work yet to come.






LA Luxury Brand Designer

Photo by: Kseniia Kolesnichenko @kseniaa.pthotographer

Inna Havryliuk

Make-up by: Eryka de Santi @erykadesanti


Style by: Inna Havryliuk @inna.els

in High-End Fashion by Olga Garicichina




I didn’t know much about Inna before interviewing her: a beautiful girl, a talented photographer, a creative person who is in love with traveling and with her brand “Inna Elsie”. But after an honest interview with Inna, I realized that this fragile-looking girl has an iron will! I am confident she will conquer this world, and her story will inspire thousands of girls on this planet to go for their dreams and not lose heart. This is not a story about Cinderella who met her prince. This is a story about a self-made lady who has achieved everything all by herself and, despite all the obstacles and betrayals, continues to move towards her goals and the worldwide recognition of her “Inna Elsie” brand.

Inna, tell us where you started after moving to the USA? You know, I hardly remember the first 18 months because it was a crazy period when I worked seven days a week. Every day was a routine to make money because I didn’t have any start-up capital or rainy-day fund. I come from an average Ukrainian family and everything that I have in life, well, I earned it myself. Like many immigrants, in the beginning, I did not work in my field. I was a nanny. And I saved all the money I could because I realized that this was a temporary arrangement. But it was very difficult. Probably, if I was asked to go the same way again, I wouldn’t be able to do it. But at that moment, I knew that if I wanted more, I had to earn money to make my plans a reality. Otherwise, all of my dreams would have remained just that — dreams. How did you come up with the idea of designing feminine and universal-design robes and launching your brand — Inna Elsie? Once I met a friend in a café, and during our conversation, we discussed the idea of how cool it would be to start making high-quality, exclusive bridal robes that would still be universal-design. After all, most models on the market can only be used once and are not functional. I wanted to create a beautiful product that would later find its use in a woman’s wardrobe. I remember this thought ignited me, and I focused on this. And I also remember the disappointment when my friend told me that she had no money to invest in this business project. It was a turning point, and I didn’t give up, didn’t betray my dream. You know, it’s probably easy for some people to achieve their goals, but I have always had to achieve everything through painstaking

work. But I am sure that all I went through was given to me by the Lord for a reason. It made me stronger, more experienced, and for many people, my path is a source of huge motivation and inspiration. And the most important thing that I realized while building and implementing my brand is how important it is to deal with your inner fears because fear is the biggest rock that stops you on your way to success. Fear paralyzes you, and if you don’t get over it, you will never reach a new level. How do you create final images: by painting or imagination? Thank you for this question, Olga. I’ll be honest, I’m not a designer. I’m a visionary. I see and represent the image in the greatest detail. I’m infinitely grateful to my talented team that reviews all of my ideas and brings them to life. It’s amazing that we can come up with unique looks together which will finally captivate everyone. I get tremendous pleasure from my work, from feedback from my clients, from how people appreciate my approach and my attention to detail. Our products are used in various photoshoots, beauty contests, weddings, on catwalks,

Photo by: Irma Lomidze | @irmalomidze




and just in everyday life. And the biggest reward for me are my clients’ happy faces. Their gratitude gives me more energy and helps me to continue working and creating even more interesting images. Inna, you are a very bright girl with prominent leadership skills. What kind of man should be by your side for you to fall in love with him once and for all? You know, this man has to be stronger than me! I’m a oneman woman, and it is important for me that the person with whom I choose to wend my way through life also has a strong vibe. But at the same time, I don’t like aggressors or despots. I see a perfect, strong, successful, and happy man by my side, with whom I can be more feminine and relaxed. What are your main rules or insights when building business in America?



The biggest disappointment, perhaps, is that people whom I considered to be the closest could not forgive me for my success. Not only did they not remain by my side, but some even began to openly envy and judge me. Of course, it hurts a lot that people whom I trusted and with whom I shared the most private things behaved this way in the end. But, since I’m used to evaluating and seeing everything positively, I am not discouraged, and I believe that it’s all for the best. People always talk about those more successful than they are, and this shouldn’t stop me from my growth, my goals, and my plans. I’m grateful for the path that He has prepared for me, so mentally I still wish everyone happiness and all the best.

I get tremendous pleasure from my work, from feedback from my clients, from how people appreciate my approach and my attention to detail. Our products are used in various photoshoots, beauty contests, weddings, on catwalks, and just in everyday life. And the biggest reward for me are my clients’ happy faces.

The first and foremost rule is to be happy when making your product. Quality and attention to detail must be impeccable. Moreover, you always have to put yourself in the client’s shoes and ask yourself, “Are you satisfied with the service or the quality of the materials?” You always need feedback. In addition, when I meet successful and distinguished people, I always ask them for advice on how to achieve goals. And do you know what common denominator all those people possess? They all, without an exception, are passionate about their idea, and money isn’t their goal. Their priority is to serve people, and their desire is to change the world with the help of their product or service. There are no rose-colored ways. There are always ups and downs, joys and

disappointments. What is the biggest disappointment you have encountered on the way to your dream?

I am very grateful to both my mom and dad. They are very different. My dad is a rather difficult person, but it was his behavior that allowed me to become the person I am now. He was rugged, very demanding, and internally I always resisted his words. I kept thinking, “I’ll prove it to you!” He often asked me to help him and work in the garden, and I hated it. And I told him that I would live in a big city and wouldn’t shovel that garden. As you can see, this is exactly what happened. The Inner Warrior in me helps me realize the most incredible ideas, and this comes from my childhood.

Photo by: Chris Martin | @bychrismartin Model: Kelsie Jean Smeby | @kjsmeby


What are you grateful to your parents for and what phrase from your childhood do you still remember?

How much money do you need for happiness? It’s a nice one. I cannot name the exact amount. I don’t think happiness is measured by the amount of money you have in your bank account. Money is just a

natural product of you developing your potential. I want to buy a nice house. I love expensive sports cars. I love traveling. Certainly, you need money to have and do all of this, but money is just a tool that helps you to be free and make your dreams a reality. However, it doesn’t guarantee happiness.

Who or what do you miss in America? I would like to bring my mother here. She is a very hardworking woman who devoted her life to us, her children, and the family in general. I want to show her a slightly different world, what beautiful places and opportunities exist here. I hope that I will be able to make it come true in the near future.

ON A PERSONAL NOTE Robe: Inna Elsie @byinnaelsie Headpiece and earrings: Elle Bridal Headpiece @ellecoutureboutique


Okay, let me see. Well, always there is a credit card, a hairbrush, lipstick, a small bottle of perfume, and earrings. These are my Must-Haves. WHAT IS YOUR FAVORITE DESSERT?

Macarons. Another favorite dessert and a weakness is dark chocolate. WHAT SONG DO YOU LISTEN TO HUNDREDS OF TIMES NOW?

I am a music lover. I love different styles. For example, now it is the song This Love We Breathe by Dan Balan, and another one (among the new ones) is Bestseller by Max Barskih and Zivert. WHAT QUALITY DO YOU VALUE THE MOST IN PEOPLE?



I would probably move to Bora-Bora right now. The ocean, the white beaches, and peaceful view are the best medicine for any woes. WHAT PERSONALITY TRAIT ANNOYS YOU THE MOST?

People who complain about life do annoy me. It seems to me that those who choose such an attitude deliberately deprive themselves of happiness and pleasure because complaining is not productive. It makes you a victim, and when you see yourself as a victim, it is very difficult to act as a leader and impossible to take responsibility for your life. WHAT QUALITY WOULD YOU LIKE TO DEVELOP?

I guess I need to learn not only to give but also to receive. I like helping people and making them happy. I can give a lot without asking anything in return. And when people are ready to please me, that mental torpor appears. Certainly, other areas need refinement and transformation, as well, and I am always happy to grow, learn, develop, and conquer new heights! RUSSIAN TIME MAGAZINE



Meet 12 Inspirational Women Leaders Who Are Making California

a Better Place


graduates and recipients of the John F. Kennedy Profile in Courage Award. As a leader in your city, how do you set the tone for the team? Servant leadership is the way I prefer to lead the team. I am transitioning to a city administration that has worked under the past leadership for over 20 years. I was elected mayor to establish change. I feel it is optimal to work closely MARTHA GUERRERO, LCSW Mayor, City of West Sacramento with the team and community, empathetically listen to their ideas, and diligently work together to ensure those ideas are implemented. The pandemic has also been a very challenging experience for our city’s workforce. We have made it a priority to ensure the health and well-being of Throughout your career, who were your greatest our team as we serve the people. It has been a rewarding inspirations? My beautiful parents have been my greatest inspiration experience to see how everyone is so excited to make as they cared deeply for our family. They modeled how wonderful changes happen for our beautiful city. to care for family and how to work to preserve our values and better our community. In addition, two women have Was it always part of your plan to become Mayor of also been a great source of inspiration to me. The first West Sacramento? is Los Angeles County Supervisor, Hilda Solis. I met her As a professional social worker, I had envisioned serving in 1998 when I began working for Los Angeles County West Sacramento in some capacity and I am thankful after earning a degree from the USC Graduate School of I was granted that opportunity. My entire experience has Social Work. She was a California senator and has been been fulfilling. I love serving side by side with people who a strong and dedicated advocate deeply care about our community. for the people. She always took It has been humbling and a great the time to meet with me and her honor to represent the people as constituents to discuss mental their mayor. health issues. She helped to champion programs to improve What’s your favorite indulgence access to children’s mental health back home? services. I believe in how she values I love visiting my family and we enjoy the people she represents, and cooking together or spending time I decided to help her campaign at our favorite theme parks such as for a seat in the United States Disneyland. House of Representatives. She was elected in 2001 to represent What’s helped you build the 32nd Congressional District. confidence? She served in this role until 2009 My family has been incredibly when she was nominated by supportive and my faith in God has President Barack Obama to serve as Labor Secretary. given me strength and confidence to serve the people. I am proud to work for her and the Board of Supervisors I feel blessed to have had people in my life who encouraged as my full-time job representing Los Angeles County in me to apply to USC to earn my master’s in social work and the California Legislature. The second is Congresswoman others that offered me job opportunities. I’m also grateful Karen Bass. I met her as a California Assemblywoman. She to know compassionate leaders across our country who became the first black woman to serve as Speaker of the have guided me to be a strong advocate for the people. House. She later won her seat where she now serves as Many people in West Sacramento encouraged me to run the United States Representative for the 37th District. for city council and mayor. Their support and wonderful Representative Bass is also a social worker and is a strong words of encouragement have given me the confidence social justice advocate in Congress. Both leaders are USC and strength to serve as their mayor.

I feel it is optimal to work closely with the team and community, empathetically listen to their ideas, and diligently work together to ensure those ideas are implemented




WENDY A. GERIG CEO, Roseville Area Chamber of Commerce

PORSCHE MIDDLETON Vice Mayor City of Citrus Heights

You have served as Roseville Area Chamber CEO since December 1993. You dedicated over 27 years to Roseville Area businesses, large and small alike. Can you share the three most important insights you have gleaned from your years of experience? It’s all about relationships — growing them, nurturing them and never taking them for granted. It’s about honesty and integrity; always stay true to who you are as a person and do the right thing for all the right reasons. Ensure that you have open lines of communication with all your stakeholders. This means not just those you agree with but also those on the other side of issues that we are confronted with. And a fourth one, never be satisfied with the status quo. Always push yourself and your organization.

Porsche, you are the first African American, female Vice Mayor of Citrus Heights. What helped or inspired you to achieve this goal? Representation matters, and we need to see more women in office, especially women of color. As a council member, corporate executive, and community advocate, I have witnessed how policy can make a real difference in people’s lives. I believe that women bring a much-needed perspective in policy creation, and when we have a seat at the table, we can use our voices and experiences to create better communities for our families.

What is the main difference between female and male leadership? Good question — based on my personal experience, I would say women tend to be better listeners and are more inclusive. What’s your favorite home indulgence? Lounging in my backyard with a good book. If you could share just one leadership lesson that you’ve learned over the years, what would it be? Surround yourself with talent, be open to new ideas and have fun along the way. What have you sacrificed along your career journey? I really had to think about this, maybe it was not going out to eat evenings and weekends. By the time I was done with my workday/week, I just wanted to go home, stay home and do nothing. This, of course, meant when we wanted to eat out, we ALWAYS got food to go. Hearing my grown children discuss this now, I realize that didn’t make them happy. I guess we all sacrificed! 24



Name two priorities you are working on in the Citrus Heights region. Housing: I’m committed to making it possible for everyone to have fair and equitable opportunities for housing. The Governor appointed me to the California Housing Partnership Board, which provides policy solutions to non-profit and public partners to create and preserve affordable and sustainable homes for Californians with low incomes. Small Business: Citrus Heights has a rich and broad set of small businesses. I secured nine million dollars in transportation funding this year through the Sacramento Area Council of Governments. This fully funded, complete streets project will provide better connectivity in the northeast Sacramento region and better visibility for our local businesses. I am constantly advocating for things like process simplification and social policy improvements in my work with the City Council and the city management. How do you combine leadership skills and successful marriage? A good leader will recognize the talent around them and lift people into the right place at the right time. I grew up in a military family and was the middle child of nine. My dad was a Sergeant Major; growing up, my parents were strict, but they were fair. Being the only girl, I found my voice quickly and learned to be tough in my mind, but to speak my words with compassion. This mindset has helped me navigate 13 successful years of marriage and raise two boys of my own.

DR. CINDY PETERSEN Superintendent/CEO – Gateway Community Charters What is the most challenging aspect in the modern educational system and what sets GCC apart from other schools? Our theme this year at Gateway Community Charters was “Dream, Design, Adapt, and Persevere.” This past year has presented several challenges for the educational system. Most notably is Covid-19 which has caused many in education to reflect on the construct of school and the when/where/how of it. From the first moment of the pandemic shutdown, through all the changing restrictions, GCC and all of our nine schools were well positioned to continue serving the needs of our students and families at a high level. The challenge ahead will be how we can continue to recognize and serve the social and emotional needs of our students while ensuring academic excellence as we continue to transition back to in-person learning next school year. GCC and its schools are set apart from other schools in that we have a laser-like focus on our students, their outcomes and excellence as well as a staff that has a “whatever it takes” mindset. In your opinion, what is the main strength and uniqueness of women’s leadership? What I have learned is that often women leaders lead wholeheartedly. Leading with heart comes from connection, belongingness and relationships and women tend to lead in this collaborative style. Women encourage interaction and input. They seek to communicate and to connect staff and key stakeholders by building a coalition around the mission and vision of the organization. Throughout the year at GCC, I share our mission, vision and heart to everyone in the

organization. We provide quality, public school options with a particular emphasis on serving the underserved populations. Another strength that evidences itself in women leaders is the ability to prioritize, design, refine and develop experiences in the workplace that make all staff feel valued and appreciated. What three universal tips would you give to those women who dream of pursuing both a career and a family? 1. Tap into your passion and purpose and calling; then say yes to the education, learning and growth opportunities that arise related to that purpose. I said yes a lot in my early career to learning, classes and service and it opened other doors for me. 2. It should never feel like an either/or choice. In today’s world, we are reimagining our roles and that includes the roles of husbands and extended family in relation to carrying the load formerly held only by wives/ mothers. A family needs the partnership of two people, whenever possible, that are both committed to the family and each other’s career success. 3. Be brave and kind to yourself and trust that you can have both the blessing of a family and a career. It is important to understand that it may look differently for you than it does for others. It may have its own timeline and that’s okay too. Some may be CEO’s, some may run home-based businesses, some may be entrepreneurs, and some may be artists who exhibit and sell through the internet. There are a million different ways to structure YOUR life and YOUR career.

Be brave and kind to yourself and trust that you can have both the blessing of a family and a career




Photo by Inna’s Photography | @innasphotography

EVGENYA VITCOVA Professional Make-up artist @EvgenyaProMakeup

JESSIE TIENTCHEU Chief Executive Officer

Your work requires constant inspiration and creativity. Where do you get it and how do you stay up to date with all the latest trends? My role as a makeup artist is absolutely vital to the success of the event I’ve been invited to. I’m the one responsible for accentuating a woman’s unique look and inspiring a person’s confidence. It’s essential for me to stay current with the latest trends and continue to grow my professional skills. Every year, I take Master Classes from diverse teams of renowned makeup artists from all around the world. Besides Master Classes, other sources of my inspiration are fashion magazines, and my own wild fantasies.

How would you sum up last year? What was the biggest take away from 2020 for you? Last year was a challenging year for all of us, including the refugees and immigrants served by Opening Doors. Many of our clients work in industries that were hard-hit by the pandemic, such as restaurants and hospitality. We saw an increased need for food and rental assistance. We are grateful to our supporters who allowed us to provide nearly $200,000 in emergency assistance to keep our clients secure in their homes with food on their tables. Despite the challenges of the last year, I am hopeful for the future. Refugees and immigrants are resilient, and historically we’ve seen that they are great contributors to our economy.

What qualities/traits helped you become the top specialist in California? I’m a very hardworking person and I absolutely love my job! I love being able to make women feel gorgeous! I love seeing the result of my work! My preference is to the natural looks while I work on someone’s makeup. I want women to feel relaxed, taken care of, and have their makeup last for an entire event. How do you find balance between family, children, and work? To be honest, my life at times is simply overwhelming and hectic. I try to focus on one thing at a time. Some days I even make a list of things I should do from the time I wake up. Every morning I hope that today is the day when my children will stick to the schedule. Do they ever?! Being a mom to three little ones, and a wife, and managing my business is not that easy. There is always little-to-no time to do everything in my life. I am truly never bored! The support of my loved ones is very much appreciated. What do you have to sacrifice for a successful career? Not getting enough sleep! Every weekend, I get up very early and go to meet another bride and make sure she looks and feels her absolute best! 26



Would you have done anything differently in your life (career or personal) if you knew what you know now? As a young mother, I tried to keep my personal life and my work life separate. My thought was that if I shared too much about my children, I might lose out on professional opportunities. Now, I know that when I show up as my full self at work — as a wife, and a mother, and a CEO — I can accomplish more than when I try to keep things separate. As I have advanced in my career, I no longer hide these aspects of myself. Especially as COVID has made it impossible to keep work and personal life separate, I see this as an opportunity to model for others in the organization what it means to be a successful mother and a leader. What advice would you give to aspiring female leaders? Don’t be afraid to make mistakes! If you’re not making mistakes, you’re not learning. What creates self-doubt for you, and how do you overcome it? Situations where the stakes are high and the outcome is not certain always create a bit of doubt. In these situations, I like to gather as much information as I can, take a night to “sleep on” big decisions, and then make the tough decision anyways.

MARINA MILSTEIN Owner of Marina Milstein Orthodontics

What are some tips you have for the next generation of women leaders? 1. Invest your time and energy to discover who you are and then act on that to become the best version of yourself. Then, you can share your best with the world. 2. Show people that you are a human being. Don’t be afraid to talk about your mistakes and encourage others to do the same. 3. Believe in the power of reciprocity. It’s just as important to give to people as it is to receive. I believe that if I give something to someone, they will eventually give something back, be it to myself or someone else. 4. You do not have to avoid having a family to be a leader. You can do both things. You don’t need to separate these roles. Instead, you need to integrate them, and you will become a better leader. 5. Dare to be extraordinary. No matter how challenging the road ahead is, move forward with conviction and believe in yourself. Don’t underestimate your ability to achieve great things!

What is the most inspiring part of your job? I truly believe that I am in the greatest profession and feel lucky to enjoy it every day! I feel so fortunate to have the opportunity to affect so many people’s lives in such a positive way through the beautiful transformations that I perform. There are not many other professions that bring together science, health, and aesthetics to offer such incredible, dramatic, and even life-changing results. Immune health and mental self-care have become hot topics due to COVID-19. What are your thoughts on those topics? What motivates you to stay positive? What are some stereotypes or biases you have experienced This pandemic disrupted our routines and made everyday I was lucky in that I was able to ignore gender stereotypes activities extremely challenging. This time last year, the world and just get on with my work. While in dental school, I really spun out of control with the economy on pause, uncertainty noticed that I was often the only female in the classroom. gripping communities across the country, all of us unsure I realize now I was blessed to be surrounded by guys who of job security, and poor mental health tagging along for didn’t make gender an issue. When I interviewed for my the ride. My start-up business was only open for about nine first job in 1999 as an associate dentist, I was five months months when I had to close it for two months in March of pregnant. My boss-to-be knew that I was going to be on 2020. Experiencing dramatic losses, I was not sure if I could maternity leave, but it didn’t matter. He still saw me as the ever reopen my office. Fortunately, most businesses have right person for the position. He was very fair-minded, and received sufficient governmental support to remain vital. his confidence in me led to a great partnership within his I believe that the worst is now over but it’s important that we office. I realize now he was a very special man and I thank continue the conversation around mental health and wellbeing, and that we continue to reduce stigma, so that people him for believing in and encouraging me. aren’t afraid to seek care. For me, the recipe is pretty simple: • Stay informed with accurate, reliable information from trusted sources. • Stay connected and involved with my three children and close friends through Zoom or phone, and gradually now, in person. • Eat well and get enough sleep. • Continue my exercise routine. Currently, it’s punching I learned that, as a woman, you don’t need to be afraid of and kicking the heavy bag at the UFC gym and yoga on being a leader. And you should not expect people to treat you weekends. differently, simply because you are a woman. As a woman, • Get outdoors daily. you are no different than any leader, male or female. We may • Continue growing my business and supporting my staff. have specific attributes that are inherent in us as women, and that can help us lead in a better, more effective way in certain What’s on your to-be-watched list on Netflix? situations. We are more organized, flexible, and can adjust I am currently watching House of Cards. The Good Wife is more easily than men. That is a great benefit for any leader. The on my list. biggest lesson is the importance of believing in YOURSELF!

As a woman, you don’t need to be afraid of being a leader




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President & CEO, Rancho Cordova Area Chamber of Commerce

What is one question that you wished you had asked during your professional career? Several years ago, I was part of a program that adhered to the motto — The enemy of excellence is “good enough”. I wish I had asked for more feedback from colleagues, supervisors, and project leaders. Often in a review or following the completion of a project, when asking how I did or what could I have done better, the response was “just fine” or “no issues”. I should have pushed for specific examples of why something worked or did not. I should never be comfortable with “good enough”. What are the biggest foreseeable challenges women leaders face? It has been my experience that women are evaluated primarily on their experience while men are often judged on their potential. One point of view looks back while the other sees what is possible. Women leaders have the responsibility to share their visions, encourage forwardthinking and value the visionary in all of us. Secondly, resources. Women-owned businesses receive far less funding than those owned by men. There are efforts to resolve this inequality and they should be acknowledged. Yet, obviously, there is still ground to be made up. As I mature, the future is more exciting than ever and I’m excited to be a part of what can be. What energizes you about your work? In the Chamber, we see ideas come to fruition, dreams become real, investments realize success and sweat become equity. I’m energized as I know the Chamber is a catalyst for business growth in our region. I’m energized by the role we play as the convener of leaders and influencers who make things happen. And I am energized by serving as the voice for and about business, serving as the champion for a stronger community. Most importantly, I’m energized by the team of dedicated professionals of the Rancho Cordova Area Chamber who are passionate about their work and about the members they serve. 28



YANA SMOLIN, CPA Smolin & Co, CPA Yana, you are an amazing example of combining motherhood and career. How, as a mother of four children, did YOU find the desire and motivation to work as well? I’m sure many of you have heard the saying “If there is a will, there is a way.” I love being a mom. I also love my career and really enjoy what I do. I was not willing to give either up, so I work hard every day to make it happen. As a result, I am proud of my four children and proud of the quality of work I perform for my clients. How can you describe a successful woman? For me, success is defined by your internal self-worth. If you are happy and confident where you are, or in the direction that you are going, then you have achieved success. Many people define success by status or financial reward, but if you hate the situation that you are in, then how can that be considered successful? What family tradition do you never break? No electronics on Sunday. Sundays are a day for God and family. We make breakfast as a family — waffles are a favorite for us — attend church together, play board games, or hang out by the pool. What advice would you give to those women who do not want to have children, because they are afraid that it will interfere with their career? I would tell them to not miss out on something wonderful just because they currently see more value in one over the other. I look at my mom today; she is a great example of a woman that worked and raised a family. Today, my mom enjoys her career, but even more, she enjoys spending time with her built-in best friends — my siblings and I. If she did not sacrifice then, she wouldn’t have us to enjoy her life with now. Women today need to look at where they see their life in 20 years and build towards that. I look forward to enjoying my success with my children and their children.

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Was the year 2020 a turning point for your business? I have 40 years of experience in gymnastics, 28 years as a coach and we have had our business for the last 8 years. A year ago, on March 12, due to the pandemic, we had to YULIA RODINA Owner/Head Coach of Rodina Elite Gymnastics Academy, Inc. close the gym, and no one knew how long this would go on. We lost all our students in the blink of an eye. When we were allowed to open our business, we started everything from scratch again. It’s pretty scary because you have to pay rent Being a female leader isn’t easy. What qualities are required to be successful in the United States and start and everything else. A lot of businesses shut down at that difficult time. But we stayed in this business and didn’t give a business from scratch? That’s true but I have very good support from my husband, up. I am so thankful for my family — my husband, children, Eduard Rizvanov. When we decided to open our gym, I was and my parents for their help, faith, and support. pregnant with our second child. Our friends said we were “craaaazy”. Opening your first business in another country, What are the first 5 words that come to your mind pregnant, and without knowing anyone was a big risk. But when you hear the word “FAMILY”? our desire and dream were stronger than our fear. And For me, FAMILY is love, happiness, friendship, care, and though we started our business from scratch, we already romance! had experience in the field of gymnastics. My passion is gymnastics and I have been doing it since I was 6! I am a Yulia, you are not only successfully engaged in master of sports and a member of the USSR National Team. coaching, but are also the mother of charming girls. I have a higher education. I am a coach of the highest How do you manage to combine taking care of your category and have coached students who were included on family and career? the Russian and U.S. National Gymnastics Teams. I honestly admit that I didn’t even have a choice and I could only dream about maternity leave. And after the birth of the first daughter, and after the birth of the second, I quickly What inspires you the most in your job? I always teach my children and students that sports are like returned to my students. Of course, my husband Eduard life. There are ups and downs, joys of victory and bitterness provided me with great support, it is unlikely that I would have decided to take such steps at of defeat. Most inspirational are all if not for his support and faith the wonderful moments when that everything would work out. In everything works out and you addition, here in the US I noticed a achieve your goals and dreams. huge number of married couples When you are privileged to see small who continue to lead an active kids grow into great athletes right lifestyle and work, despite the birth before your very eyes. When their of children. In my opinion, children dreams come true as they stand on are a great incentive, so you should the highest step of the podium with not be afraid of planning to have the national anthem playing, this is what inspires me to work even harder and not stop halfway. kids and family, you can do everything!

My passion is gymnastics and I have been doing it since I was 6!

What is the most important advice you would give to girls? All girls who want to achieve their dreams need to be strong, believe in themselves, and work hard toward their goals. It certainly helps to have a loving family to support and encourage them in difficult moments of life.

How do you see your school in 10 years? I am sure that in 10 years we will have an even bigger school into which we will also put our soul and educate the next generation of champions! Our dreams make us go forward and achieve our goals, so every day we make efforts and strive to be the best in our business! RUSSIAN TIME MAGAZINE



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MARIETTA SARIBEKYAN Senior Marketing Director at World Financial Group Marietta, over the past couple of years since your immigration to the United States, you have built a rip-roaring career here and helped hundreds of people to become financially independent. What would you advise those who have just moved to America and are trying to find themselves? Certainly, any move presupposes stress, especially the move to America, where the pace of life is many times faster than in the countries we are from. You know, probably, the most important advice I would give is to conquer your fear. It is the biggest paralyzing factor, which can destroy a person alone. For me, fear and faith in God cannot be combined, because faith in God implies confidence that all the situations you have in your life are in fact for a good cause and necessary for your spiritual growth. That is why, in order to realize yourself in the States, you need to trust the world and try to surround yourself with the right people who will inspire and motivate you to grow and develop.

because education differs, and everyone has their own success. Personally, I am convinced that education is not a synonym to success. Moreover, financial awareness of people leaves much to be desired. Unfortunately our school system doesn’t educate us on how money can work for us, not us for money; how we need to protect our income and liabilities and also build net worth as assets. Of course, peace of mind comes to us by knowing that we are not living paycheck to paycheck by creating multiple courses of income. Which in my opinion is the biggest challenge right now. This is why our organization is so passionate about providing financial literacy for families by creating for them peace of mind. As Napoleon Hill once said: “The way of success is the way of continuous pursuit of knowledge”. That is why I love my business so much because when I constantly teach people and show them new opportunities to earn, I get incomparable pleasure! Every day you meet, consult and teach new people. Are there any criteria that tell you that a person will or will not be successful in business? I am convinced that everyone, absolutely everyone can become successful. And the key to success is a growth mindset and passion about serving people. In anything we do we grow and contribute by serving others and this is the only way to success. Our world needs leaders, that is why we are committed to build an army of leaders who can lead people to a better life! Another important point the success of any person depends on is the ability to take responsibility for oneself and set up priorities. It is like a foundation, without which it is impossible to build a house. The ability to focus on important things and correctly distribute your strength, write down your goals and plan ahead are the qualities that are inherent in all successful and developing people!

I am convinced that everyone, absolutely everyone can become successful

Being financially independent is probably every person’s dream. Marietta, tell me how do you help people, and what is your main goal? Yes, everyone strives for financial independence because money is a tool that helps other people to be free and independent in their life choices. That is why our goal is to help one million people to become financially independent. We have a clearly defined plan that we put into practice every day. And the happy smiles of OUR clients and their gratitude help us and motivate us to grow and move forward with redoubled force!

What would you recommend to the younger generation of women leaders who dream of being successful both in family and in business? You know, my personal example convinced me that the power and strength of a woman are almost limitless! I do believe in the power of women, in our huge potential, in the ability to be “multifunctional” and feel and find the right solutions intuitively. If we want it, we can do everything. But we have to be remembered that femininity and wisdom are incredibly important qualities without which you are unlikely to find happiness in your personal life. Go for it, love life, don’t be afraid of anything, and let all the wildest Do you think education is equal to success or is this dreams and plans come true for everyone who is reading connection not so relevant these days? It is impossible to answer this question unequivocally these lines! 30



LORA LYALIK Total Image Salon @mrs.l_esthetician_sacramento What qualities have helped you build a successful business in the United States? Goal commitment is my main quality, both in business and life. I am a perfectionist, therefore, I like to do things properly or not do them at all. I don’t want some mediocre results. I am meticulous in business and very demanding as far as my job is concerned. I work with pleasure and feel cheerful and happy about the process and the result. Could you please name three beauty products that should be in any woman’s beauty bag? I recommend the following three products to be used on a daily basis, a moisturizing cream or serum, a nourishing cream, and a professional grade SPF. This is especially important for California, as in 99% of cases here, skin aging is caused by a constant exposure to sun. Unfortunately, very few women know about it. In your opinion, does the definition of success in business or career differ for men and women? Overall, I would say not, but in my industry, I see an advantage of being a woman. I know more about women’s psychology, their caprice, and expectations. What motivates you? The main motivation for me is my family, my children, and my aspiration for new knowledge and beauty technologies. I stay up to date with the new technologies, study a lot, and take classes and courses on new developments in the beauty industry. I keep up with the breakthroughs in the beauty industry and I’m not going to stop! I am very grateful to my mother, who instilled all these qualities in me since I was a child! What is your wish for all of our women readers? My dear women, love yourself, strive for the best, always take care of your body and mind! I will be happy to take care of your beautiful faces and help you feel joy, maintain your youth, and achieve great results!

The world is and has always been in desperate need of great leadership, be it in education, politics or in business. Talking about women’s leadership, a question always arises. Why is female leadership so important in our world? According to recent statistics growth in womenowned businesses has outpaced the overall increase in new businesses by 1.5 times. Having female leadership in any organization leads to a more positive environment all around. Women may not always realize how composed for achievement they are in leadership roles, but their potential and capabilities are irrefutable. Empathy, open-mindedness, mindfulness, pressure handling, multitasking, and open communication are some of the innate traits of female leaders which make them more in sync with their team. While interviewing so many great and powerful female leaders I have realized that women leaders are a need of the 21st century! We are all unique and our experiences as mothers, daughters, wives, and primary caretakers, often make us uniquely qualified for any role and job. My final message to all of the female leaders is:

“Just do it. Dream it and do it! And don’t be afraid to bring new ideas forward”. by Olga Garicichina




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by Lika Emelyanova Smart, pretty, fond of sports. These were the thoughts that came to mind after meeting Natalia in our cozy Russian American Media office. Natalia comes from sunny Odessa. As a teenager, she moved to no less sunny California and achieved great triumphs in her second homeland, America. She not only won all the tournaments she entered here, but she also started teaching her invaluable skills to children, motivating them to excel in sports. What is the secret of a great leader? How do you achieve your goals and not lose your femininity at the same time? This and more, you will learn from our interview with Natalia.

You played sports at a professional level both in Ukraine and the USA. What is the fundamental difference in the approach to sports in each country? Certainly, there is a difference. And it lies in the level of physical training of athletes. In my homeland, much attention is paid to the quality of physical training. Every professional player devotes lots of time to it, eats healthy, and coaches are more aggressively focused on the result. The goal is victory, not just participation! Always! You still play professionally and now you also coach. What does volleyball mean to you? What qualities has this sport provided you with? Volleyball is such an incredible sport where not only your leadership qualities are important but also the ability to be united with the team. You learn to respect the opponent, listen to the coach, and, in difficult and decisive moments, take the lead and struggle to your last breath for the ball. This sport has changed my life. I am grateful to my father for instilling in me the love for sports and bringing me to the volleyball club as a child. So many special and vivid memories have remained from that period of my life. I played for one of the best teams in Ukraine, Ginestra. We won many tournaments, and I am still friends with many girls from that team. I will go to my homeland this summer and play volleyball professionally there. I am not yet ready to finish my long-term relationship with this sport. What was the most extreme thing you have done in your life? I would probably say it was participating in the Miss Russian California beauty contest, which was organized by your company, Russian American Media. I didn’t plan to take part in it at all. This was a request from my close friend who also participated in it. As a result, having decided to participate just for fun to support my friend, I was lucky enough to take second place and receive the title of Miss Congeniality! It was an incredible experience. I have also been skydiving which produced immeasurable emotions. In general, if you look at my life from the outside, you will find a lot of extreme things in it. They add bright colors to the picture of my life. How do you keep being positive despite the pandemic and negativity? I love life a lot, and it seems to me that God has endowed me with the gift of seeing and noticing only the good things, both in people and the world around me. I am convinced that when a person has inner peace, he/she attracts both similar surroundings and similar events. Therefore, the pandemic didn’t affect me much. I just realized, once again, that you attract your focus of attention into your life.

What qualities in other people turn you off the most? Probably the most unpleasant qualities that I don’t like in people are lies and hypocrisy. If I see that a person is lying (and this is always apparent), I try to stop communicating with such a person as soon as possible. Honest, open, and decent people – people possessing these qualities are part of my inner circle. What was the most significant victory in your career? There were many successes, but the one that stands out the most happened in 2003 in Mykolaiv. During the beach volleyball competition among juniors, I became the champion of Ukraine. And it happened on my birthday, May 28. The game was very challenging, but we didn’t give up, and as a result of a long and tense struggle, we finally defeated our rivals. When you train children, you probably see how sports change their lives. What would you say to parents who are still wondering whether to encourage their kids to try this or that sport? I love working as a coach. And I do advise all parents to encourage their children to participate in sports. In fact, sports involvement is not only about physical activity. It also effects the development of their inner core, the formation of such qualities as responsibility, honesty, endurance, discipline, the ability to achieve goals, and teamwork (if it is a team sport). Sporting activities are one of the best and most appropriate investments parents can choose for the health and well-being of their children. What “Odessa things” do you miss in California and what “California things” do you miss in Odessa? I miss my close and dear friends both here and there. I appreciate friendship. Both in Ukraine and California, there are people close to my heart, and being without them is always equally difficult for me. FAVORITE MOVIE:



Natalia, what are three words you associate with your hometown, Odessa? Homeland, fun, nostalgia.


The Bible FAVORITE QUOTE: Do not judge others, and God

will not judge you FAVORITE DISH: I love everything that is good for

my overall health :) FAVORITE PLACE:

Wherever it is warm




9,099 reasons to celebrate. As Sacramento State celebrates the 2021 graduating class, we’re inspired by the tenacity with which these students succeeded, no matter what challenges life presented. Their optimism, adaptability, and creativity give this region countless reasons for hope.

Phot:o: Jameel Pugh, BA ‘05, Bowtie Pixs

Hats off to the Class of 2021. You’ve made us proud.


by Roman Mak



To Reinvent Yourself in the post COVID World There are a million reasons why one might pursue a bachelor’s or master’s degree later in life — marriage or children became a priority, lack of funding, different opportunities — but no matter the reason, obtaining the right degree remains a goal for thousands of working adults each year. In fact, almost 40% of postsecondary learners are adults. Forty-six percent of those between ages 25 and 29, and 66% of those over age 39, are pursuing their education while also working. In this article we listed several different education opportunities that prep you for jobs that pay between $50,000 and $300,000. Whether you are looking into a quick certification program to start a new stable career, or you are interested in getting an associate, bachelor, masters, and doctorate degree, we hope this article helps you reinvent yourself through education!


HIGHLANDS COMMUNITY CHARTER AND TECHNICAL SCHOOLS 1333 Grand Ave. Sacramento, CA 95838 916-844-2283

3000 State University Dr, Sacramento, CA 95819

916-278-4433 Name of the Program: Bachelor of Arts in Child Development (Early Development, Care and Education)

Name of the Program: Truck Driving Program

Description: This degree completion program was created to address the labor market’s need for qualified teachers and administrators in early childhood education. Using a unique approach, we deliver the Sacramento State campus experience to students at offsite locations throughout California. Students meet on evenings and weekends at satellite classrooms, where they view streaming video lectures taught by College of Education instructors. Our cohort instructors then lead students in discussions and activities similar to those used on campus. Students take all of their classes with the same cohort group, and receive personal service and support from our advisors along the way. Earning the degree leads to increased selfconfidence, earning potential, and upward mobility.

Description: Students start out in the classroom, learning in groups as they progress through the DMV Permit process. Once a student has their DMV Permit, training will be mixed with pre-trip skills and road driving. The program provides a safe environment for practicing critical skills, including driving in hazardous conditions, decision making/reaction time and accident reduction techniques. Students will also develop driving skills in an open environment before finally driving on public roads. Students complete the course with a California Class “A” license and hands-on assistance finding a livable wage job!

Scholarship Opportunities: Qualified students may receive financial aid towards this bachelor’s degree, including scholarships, grants, and loans.

Scholarship opportunities: This program is at NO-COST to our students! All career education programs require students to actively work towards their High School diploma.




Average Salary: $50,000 per year in Sacramento. Source: Employment Development Department


WILLIAM JESSUP UNIVERSITY EpicBibleCollege 916-348-4689 2121 University Avenue, Rocklin, CA 95765


Name of the Program: Associates, Bachelors, Masters, & Doctoral Degree Programs

Name of the Program: Masters in Business Administration Masters of Science in Computer Science

Description: Accredited Biblical Higher Education. With hands-on Bible training at the center of everything we do at EPIC Bible College & Graduate School (EPIC), every program offered utilizes core Bible and Ministry courses. Unlike some traditional colleges that encourage students to leave their lives behind for four or more years, EPIC equips Christians for ministry within the context of their everyday lives today. We also believe that students are best trained by instructors currently active in ministry, rather than theorists and academicians. That is why all the professors participate in a vital ministry, within their field, beyond the classroom walls. At EPIC, you will find a personable faculty and staff that genuinely want to see you succeed. Online, On-Campus, or ZOOM Live Streaming, we have schedules to meet your needs.

Description: The graduate programs at WJU are project-oriented. Students learn work-related tasks that can be immediately applied at their jobs. All of our faculty are industry experts in their respective fields with years of experience in practicing what they teach. On average, each of our faculty members has over 25 years of experience in running and building businesses. Come learn from the best!

Scholarship Opportunities: Financial Aid is available to those who qualify.

Scholarship opportunities: WJU has different scholarship options for graduate students.

Average Salary: Salaries for MBA/MSCS grads range from $75,000 to $250,000 depending on their prior experience. In the Bay Area, most of our graduate students work for IT companies with salaries ranging from $100,000 to $300,000.





SCHOOL An authorized International Baccalaureate world school

Free meals

for all students

Free after school program

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We are a TK-8th grade school World Language Electives, Russian and Spanish Small group tutoring Safe campus


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Friendly, family environment

School Mission: Community Outreach Academy (COA) was founded with a commitment to develop the academic talents of its’ students, while nurturing their appreciation and understanding of their rich cultural heritage, and the place they take as citizens in our state and nation. In providing a multicultural education, including curriculum representing the students’ language and literature of their heritage, delivered in a supportive environment, the faculty will develop the students’ ability to apply lessons as they grow and maximize their individual social, academic, and personal development and contribute to our diverse community.

Tuition-Free Charter School Accredited by WASC

Community Outreach


Бесплатная чартерная общественная школа (KG-6)

School Program Highlights • WASC Accreditation • State Adopted Curriculum • Credentialed Teachers • Bilingual Staff • Safe & Comfortable Environment • Russian, Ukrainian & Belarusian Language Classes • Music and Art Programs • Physical Education Classes • Computer Lab & Computer Classes • Extended After School Program • Character Education Program • Technology Enhanced Classroom

5640 Dudley Blvd, Blvd. 1425 McClellan, CA 95652

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Larissa Gonchar


IN 2021

by Sergey Rovskiy

Planning on the full remodeling of your kitchen this year and don’t have a clear idea of what design ideas are trending at the moment? If you’ve decided to invest in a minor or major kitchen reno, keep these fresh ideas in mind as we kick off the new year. Sergey Rovsky, American Dream Kitchen president, will talk through the recent trends and the ways to assemble a fashionable kitchen and not lose a fortune! KITCHEN DESIGNS The design of the modern kitchen is dominated by neutral colors and natural textures, such as the wide range of wood shades, stone gray, pastel shades of green. Calm white is also trending, so It comes as no surprise that traditional all-white kitchens will remain popular, they are never out of style.

SMART PRACTICAL STORAGE is the key. Well-designed, integrated storage can be a savor for the aesthetic of your kitchen, specifically hidden pantries, in-built larders, and lift-up cabinets. Clever storage solutions support multi-use kitchens and can be implemented even in a very tiny area.


FREE KITCHEN CABINETS INSTALLATION With a Complete Kitchen Remodeling Order!*

PRICE AND QUALITY GUARANTEED! * Promo. For qualified projects only Offer valid until July 30th




KITCHEN ISLAND — going on a new level. The star of the kitchen island took off last year and keeps rising to now. It means more prep space and more storage opportunities with cabinetry at the bottom. It is also a warm family spot where everyone can get together excited with final dinner preparations. Also, the waterfall island countertop is a gorgeous and creative kitchen trend.

KITCHEN CABINETS STYLES — SHAKE IT UP! Clean and simple shaker-style cabinets are rising. They are characterized by elegance and practicality and have flat doors composed of recessed panels. A more streamlined, modern look is in demand these days, especially in open-concept kitchens. On top of that matte and brushed finishes now are really catching on!

TRENDING COLORS White is in favor, as is blue navy and shades of green. Kitchen colors range from warmer cream tones to soft bursts of color this year. Warm tones complement gold-toned elements and decorative hardware. Greige and beige is here now to warm up the undertone of a cool gray. Twotoned kitchens skyrocket in 2021. Well-matched colors will transform the kitchen and make it look refined, elegant, and stylish.

ECO-FRIENDLY KITCHENS are a strong trend that is becoming a lifestyle nowadays. Choosing sustainable materials, optimizing your food storage, utilizing environmentally friendly energy-saving appliances, and sink garbage disposals are great upgrades for your kitchen without harming the environment.

COUNTERTOPS WITH CHARACTER Quartz is here to stay — low maintenance and high durability making it an excellent choice for kitchen countertop. Also as a manmade material, it gives a fair degree of uniformity in textures, tones, and veining and can be customized to any pattern, color you prefer. At the same time, natural stone is unique in design and will ideally fit into any kitchen if the budget allows.

SINGLE MATERIAL BACKSPLASH Well-chosen material for a kitchen backsplash can save any interior. Our choice is stone slabs instead of individual pieces! Slabs are a very different approach with their subtle color and their unique variation in veining for stunning aesthetic appeal. The design choices are limitless. When the same material is used for the countertop, it creates an especially big, bold look.

MIXED MATERIALS create diversity in a kitchen. Imagine — a marble countertop, dark timbers, wooden cabinets, vinyl floors. Many of these materials go well together, also creating a sophisticated and engaging look. FLOORING Full kitchen renovation is a big deal, therefore we recommend considering floor replacement, too. Among recent floor trends, we’d choose those that look sharp and modern. Such as Luxury Vinyl Tile (LVT) — flooring looks like real wood and stone but provides many more practical benefits. Stone Plastic Composite (SPC) — flooring is known for being 100% waterproof with unparalleled durability. Contacts us: (916) 900-1777

Kitchens have never worked harder, as we spend more time at home than ever before — and use the space to adapt to a new way of living. The kitchen has become the most multifunctional and used room of any house. Investing in any element of the kitchen can prove invaluable, for both while you live in your home but also when it comes to adding value for resale. Be inspired to make the right style choices for your home, and trust professionals such as American Dream Kitchen!






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We live in a time when external values have replaced internal meanings. The eternal 24/7 race and dissatisfaction with their lives leads people to search for answers to questions such as, “What is life’s purpose? What do I live for and what do I want to leave behind?” Our two beautiful and extremely talented Slavic ladies from Roseville not only found the answers to these questions, but also made a Hollywood-scale movie that will touch everyone’s heart! Meet our local movie stars, actress Lyuba Koptina and screenwriter and movie director Irina Unger, and make sure to watch their astonishing work at

Q. What main goal or task did you set before shooting? A. Irina: We were determined to do our best and to complete this project no matter what because a large number of movies remain unfinished for various reasons. Q. Your story shows how materialistic dreams can sometimes turn into deepest realizations. What crunch points in your life have divided it into “before” and “after”? A. Lyuba: Perhaps the most striking crunch point in life was the move from Russia to the United States. It was very exciting as it is always a little scary when you get into the unknown. At the same time, new opportunities open up for you to fulfill your dreams. Q. Which members of the movie crew have impressed or surprised you the most? 48



A. Lyuba: There were many interesting and talented people in our movie crew. For example, our director of photography Renick Turley has proven to be very hardworking and knows the area where the main shooting took place inside and out. We even jokingly called him Arizona Indiana Jones. We were also fortunate enough to have Greg Ulrich as our cameraman because he had over 25 years of experience in Hollywood and had worked on such projects as Titanic, Weeds, Red Shoe Diaries, and many others. We were also looking for a leading actor for a very long time and were able to find an experienced actor, Mike Markoff, who started his acting career at Universal Studios at a young age. Q. Could you describe the main idea of the movie in one sentence? A. Irina: A mercantile adventurer discovers more important values in life by happenstance.

Emmy Award-winning television producer and host Mark S Allen featuring Soul Eclipse Sacramento IMAX premier on ABC 10. On photo: Mark S Allen, Irina Unger, Lyuba Koptina, Sergey Ivannikov


REVIEWS: “Well acted, beautifully captured, awakening story, impressing on the emotional level.” - J Adams/NY Film Critic “Soul Eclipse” movie is pretty unique, which is what I think the industry needs right now.” - Cecilia Brush/Film Acquisitions “Charming, charismatic story. Soulful, yet with a good sense of humor.” - Robert Jensen/Reels Mgt “Spellbinding, back to nature, visually spectacular!” - William Westley/Entertainment LA

Q. Do you have any plans to make another movie? If so, what will it be about?

Q. Where can viewers see your masterpiece — Soul Eclipse?

A. Irina: Yes, we have some ideas for the next projects. I like to cover deep and serious topics with a bit of irony and comedy but do it in an easy and breezy manner.

A. Irina: Residents of the California Capital had an opportunity to watch it at the Esquire IMAX Theater this summer. Also, the movie is available at the website www.

Q. What does success mean to you? Is success a synonym of happiness for you? A. Lyuba: I think success is doing something that brings spiritual joy and financial stability. Partly yes, but happiness is when you and your loved and dear ones are healthy and have peace of mind. Q. What was the most striking incident while shooting the movie? A. Irina: For me, perhaps the most striking moment was the conversation with Renick, our director of photography. He turned to me and said, “I have already realized that you wrote the script based on a local shaman who has the same name”. At that moment, I felt uneasy because this was a completely fictional character. Q. And what movies do you consider to be masterpieces and can watch multiple times? A. Irina: I can watch over and over again the good old Soviet movies such as Three Plus Two, The Diamond Arm, Office Romance. Among English-speaking movies, I can single out Casino Royale, Overboard.








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by Olga Garicichina

BEST SUPPLEMENTS TO BOOST YOUR IMMUNE HEALTH With the outburst of the COVID-19 pandemic, the overwhelming majority of people are ready to do everything possible and to avoid infection. While some are ready to sacrifice their daily activities just to eliminate any potential risks, others prefer a completely different approach. Is it possible to stay safe during the pandemic?

We all know that restful sleep, adequate water intake, plenty of fruits and vegetables and moderate movement can strengthen our immune system. But can we bulletproof it with some natural herbs and vitamins? Yes! Natural strategies for strengthening the immune system are in high demand these days, and it is not hard to see why. Ok, so does that mean you should take every supplement that claims to enhance immune health? Not exactly. While getting a healthy, daily dose of vitamin C is certainly a tried-andtrue method for boosting immune health, there are other nutritional strategies you can adopt to give your immune system an added advantage. Although today’s marketplace is filled with an unlimited number of different supplements, it is imperative to be attentive when shopping. Do not only look for affordability but also consider safety and quality factors. Do you still doubt what supplements are the best? Check out our list of vitamins, minerals, and nutrients that 52


Photo by: Volha Piatrouski | @volha_piatrouski

can advance your immune system to a new level, making it bulletproof. Vitamin D Vitamin D is known as a fat-soluble vitamin that plays a critical role in the functioning of the human body. This nutrient is indispensable in the work of the immune system and provides maximum safety against respiratory infections. Medical specialists tout this vitamin for its anti-inflammatory and immunoregulatory properties. Additionally, the supplement is likely to protect the body from pathogens, eliminating the body’s susceptibility to infections. High levels of vitamin D are exceptionally important during the pandemic, as it is an effective way to help the body fight the infection. Vitamin C The importance of vitamin C cannot be overstated. Unlike vitamin D, it is a water-soluble nutrient that can be found in vegetables and fruits.


While it may be difficult for some people to get enough vitamin C from food, they can always get it by taking a supplement. Why is it crucial to keep the levels of vitamin C high in the body? It is an effective way to decrease the risk of chronic disorders, keep blood pressure levels managed and the heart properly functioning. In addition, the nutrient plays a major role in immunity improvement. Zinc An overwhelming majority of healthcare providers say zinc is one of the most important supplements people should take during the pandemic. Unfortunately, the human body cannot produce enough zinc on its own, so specific products and supplements are necessary. The first and most significant reason why everyone should consider taking zinc is its ability to strengthen the immune system and it is needed for the production of new immune system cells. This supplement can also boost wound healing, decrease the risk of infection,

DISCLAIMER: Vitamins and supplements may interact with one another in your system and with prescription or over-the-counter medications. Notify your doctor about all the drugs and supplements you are taking, and do not start a vitamin regimen without consulting with your physician.

treat inflammation, and eliminate the signs of other health abnormalities. Oregano Oil Oregano oil is an extract, which is increasing in popularity these days due to its numerous benefits. The supplement is considered to be an effective, natural antifungal and antibiotic agent that helps to improve the immune system and decrease possible health risks. This supplement is highly rated among people who are susceptible to infection. Oregano oil can also be useful for the elimination of other issues, such as low cholesterol levels, yeast infection, gut disorders, inflammation, and others. Probiotics and Prebiotics 70% or more of your immune system exists in your gut. Therefore, if you strive to keep your immune system strong and healthy, there is no way you can do it without probiotics and prebiotics. These are the supplements that help users prevent serious health issues, specifically ailments related to the digestive system. Additionally, the proper use of probiotics and prebiotics may have a positive impact on the immune system and your overall well-being. The right probiotic supplements will not only maintain a healthy digestive system, but will also advance mental health, heart health, weight management and trigger an impeccable immune system response. Colloidal Silver Silver has been prized for its antimicrobial properties and used since

ancient times to treat infections and heal wounds. Commercially available, doses of colloidal silver come in both oral and topical forms of this essential mineral. This powerful supplement can prevent or treat diseases like the flu, pneumonia, herpes, eye infections, shingles, aid in wound healing, and improve skin disorders. Colloidal silver is safe for people with autoimmune disorders when their immune system is over-working. It kills bacteria without increasing an immune response from the body itself. Unlike vitamin supplements, few colloidal silver products are voluntarily submitted for evaluation by an independent, certifying authority such as U.S. Pharmacopeia, Consumer Lab, or NSF International. Therefore, if you decide to buy a colloidal silver product, choose those that clearly indicate the concentration in part per million on the product label. Mushroom Powders First and most importantly, remember that medical mushrooms differ from ordinary ones. The results of medical research prove them to have strong immunomodulating effects, which means that their intake is critical for infection resistance. Although mushroom powders cannot fight specific health disorders, they are exceptionally important for the prevention of numerous ailments. High-quality mushroom powders have a huge range of benefits, such as, potential anti-tumor effects, anti-aging, and anti-inflammatory properties, boosting exercise performance, stimulating white blood

cells and enhancing brain health and cognitive performance. These are just a few options that can help you stay healthy and well during the COVID-19 pandemic. Numerous other supplements are currently available online. A frequently asked question is whether it is possible to purchase the desired supplements online safely and without risk. It is important to note that the number of fake and scam services is growing proportionally to the quantity of trusted and reputable platforms selling immune system supplements. Therefore, it is vital to be cautious and selective when ordering any healthrelated products. Elliott’s Natural Foods provides one stop shopping for vitamin D, vitamin C, zinc, oregano oil, and numerous other supplements that aid in strengthening the immune system and reversing chronic health issues. This familyowned company was founded in 1952 with the primary goal of sharing relevant wellness and health products while maintaining great customer satisfaction. ✓ All supplements are thirdparty tested. Find their quality, purity, and efficacy on the corresponding documentation. ✓ Russian-speaking representatives are available to help if you are experiencing language barriers. ✓ For maximum convenience and comfort, shop either online or in person. ✓ Don’t miss their 20% off sale each month which rotates through different featured brands.

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A Moscow


PHOTOGRAPHY ICON with a Global Following by Olga Garicichina

She has a million followers on Instagram. Her works are an incredible combination of colors, styles, images, and details. Her artistic endeavor is always on the verge of reality and fiction. Her Instagram @hobopeeba talks about how Kristina Makeeva sees this world. But this interview shows what we can see and find in the soul of this talented person.

You got into photography quite early. Who or what has influenced you and made you fall in love with the world of photography? I have been taking photos since I was 16, and I have been working with Photoshop since 14. Recently, which was very much to the point, I remembered what made me discover this software. I remembered that it was because of skipping Physics. I volunteered to make presentations and had to dabble in Photoshop with photos to make them beautiful. And at 16, I began taking photos. The fact that I initially started working with Photoshop and later also worked as a designer predetermined, to an extent, the fate of my art and resulted in the creation of my Universes. Beautiful and as believable as possible. The world of art, paintings by great artists, books, and films. What influences your taste as a photographer and creator the most? For a photographer (as well as for anyone involved in visual art), visual experience is very important. It’s like erudition, except you only need to look at works of art, good photos, paintings, and architecture. All this forms aesthetic baggage, which, in the right situation, helps to see ordinary things beautifully.

It is not just pictures that me. There are also songs, poems, music, theater and, of course, people. People are the main source of positive energy, which I sublimate into creative energy. Our team of Seekers of Simple Magical Things (this is not only me but also my assistants) determined to find inspiration is involved in organizing various events where we communicate with people and give them joy, and they share their energy with us. It is a rooftop cinema in the summer, exhibitions in the winter, trips to interesting places, meetings, and filming. As a descendant of nomadic peoples (like many, I think), I really love to travel. A change of scenery is what most strongly affects both the worldview and the perception of the beauty and treasures this world possesses. The amount of inspiration from traveling can last a very long time. After all, it is an adventure! Moreover, there is no need to go far away. It’s enough to simply get out of the city. There are so many interesting things in the Moscow region: fields, farms, abandoned and notso-much abandoned farmsteads, and flowers. Instagram, this well-known social network, has had a great influence on my life for the past four years. It is a great tool to develop imagination, ingenuity, photographic and stylistic skills. I remember how, about four years ago, I finally gave up and signed up. And on that same day, I was lost in it, like, forever. Really, at first, I thought that it would be like with all the other toys — I’ll “play” with it for a couple of days and give it up. But no-o-o! As for now, more than two years have passed, and it still continues to pull me in. Deeper and deeper. In fact, striving to get feedback is not just about satisfying my ego but also a great daily workout. It’s like with watercolors and other paintings. The main thing is to get your hand at it, i.e. draw around 10 sketches every day. And here, on Instagram, you have to post 10 things every day so that they could be of interest to a greater audience. As simple as that. And yes, it is Instagram that makes people who have long been familiar with each other online finally meet offline. Many of those wonderful people whom I saw offline thanks to this social medium have known me for a long time.

There are no rules either in life, or art, or photography. Just as there are no methods or particular techniques. You’ll succeed only when you don’t follow them.

Inspiration is important for any creative person. This is the state that appears suddenly, at the most inopportune moment, but makes a person feel emotionally uplifted and ready to create. And sometimes the tenth Muse takes her time, and you have to wait for it. Until now, the biggest problem for me has been that time in heaven and time on earth flow differently. Inspiration comes from life itself. I try to surround myself with things that make me happy. The place I live at is full of all sorts of colorful and sparkly things; there’s also my cat, a redhaired regal feline who wins the hearts of the most avid dog lovers. His rug consists of scattered M&Ms. I surround myself with beauty, and I paint whatever I think isn’t bright enough. For example, my car, my apartment, my furniture.




What do you wish you had known before you got into photography? I would probably have liked to know that there are no rules either in life, or art, or photography. Just as there are no methods or particular techniques. You’ll succeed only when you don’t follow them. Masterclasses, courses, and any kinds of training. They just tell you how to be like others. But you have to be unique. Often, people who have completed some courses take photos the way they were taught. And sometimes they do this all their lives. When you look from another

perspective, from the perspective of art, this is a total failure. You have to experiment. You always have to try and do something new. Or, at least, something old and forgotten. But not the same. The world doesn’t need hundreds of identical photographers. How do you choose what to photograph? How do you come up with images and outfits? Is there a final picture in your head or is it always an improvisation? In fact, an idea can come up unexpectedly. Most often, this is the

baggage of experience, books I’ve read, films I’ve watched, paintings, music, conversations, often other creative people — ballerinas, artists, actors, even brooch makers... Inspiration is literally everywhere. Sometimes nature provides you with such a picture you can’t imagine on purpose. I often make up the composition after I photograph the maximum number of backgrounds on the site. But there are exceptions when the place is amazing and there are few people. For example, lavender fields, or a railway rolling in Sakura, or poppies, or Baikal. Everything is different here. Sometimes I take one photo and don’t photoshop it. Sometimes I piece together the universe on the photo. But I always have a backup with backgrounds. And this is another secret: something that doesn’t fit into a regular lens will fit there with the help of Photoshop. But in any case, initially, photography is a hoax. When we take pictures of a beautiful temple, we frame it, and behind us, there is some trash or a road with dusty mopeds. There was even some kind of photo project where the photographer took pictures with his back to the world’s sights. This is certainly interesting, especially when you do not leave your home, but we often already know what’s behind us. By the way, it is very beautiful when you stand with your back to Saint Basil’s Cathedral in Moscow. Again, there are no rules. Sometimes we just go somewhere by ourselves (?). Sometimes it takes us 75 days to get ready for the trip, create costumes, and perform auditions. It depends on the inspiration. Which of your works (or series of works) is your favorite? Why? I can’t say I have any favorite ones. I love every one of them since I put a part of my soul in each work, so they all are valuable to me.




Sites and weather conditions are definitely a decisive aspect of a good final picture. How do you deal with these unpredictable factors? There is no bad weather for me. You have very bright and incredibly colorful photos. Would you like to try a Black&White project? Oh, no. I hate Black&White.

When I was a teenager — around 16 years old — I started uploading my “masterpieces” to one website with photos. My work was left in tatters. That’s where I thought I’d use some filter and create something brilliant. Then I got really angry at everyone. But afterwards I understood what they meant. I am always like this: first, I get angry, then I learn. What can easily make you lose your temper? Lies and greed.

What are the three countries or places that you would immediately fly to if the quarantine and lockdowns ended? They are England, Hawaii, and Japan. What places in Russia would you recommend visiting to those people who have never been to this country? Baikal in the winter, Moscow, and St. Petersburg. Trite but true. Was there any situation when some incident made you very upset but you’re grateful for it now?

In one of your interviews you said that it is not worth going into photography for the sake of making a profit. Why are you doing what you’re doing? For the sake of interest. For the sake of those who tell me that I made their day a bit brighter and it wasn’t lived in vain. What does the name of your Instagram mean — @Hobopeeba? This is the name of the district NOVOGIREEVO, only read in letters of the Latin alphabet and with a feminine gender ending. What does happiness mean for you? Happiness is when you have no time to think about any kind of crap.








ОСУШАЙТЕ всю грязную и застоявшуюся воду вокруг своего дома ОДЕВАЙТЕ одежду с длинными рукавами ПОЛЬЗУЙТЕСЬ средствами отпугивающими комаров

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A FAIRYTALE EXPERIENCE The Ultimate Guide To “There are no foreign lands. It is the traveler only who is foreign.” Robert Louis Stevenson

Cappadocia by Sergiy Fedorov

Do you consider yourself to be ambitious and adventurous? Are you ready to leave everything behind and embark on a memorable and exciting trip that will leave a long-lasting impact on your life? Cappadocia, Turkey, is one of the most fascinating destinations you can consider traveling to during this complicated time.

Turkey is a unique country that welcomes tourists during the pandemic. Therefore, no matter if you come from the USA, Spain, Italy, or any other country, you’ll have an exclusive opportunity to enjoy an unforgettable vacation. How can you experience the most impressive vacation ever? Start your tour with proper planning, searching for the most interesting and eye-catching places you would love to visit. According to reviews by passionate travelers, Cappadocia is one of their most favorite places ever. Located in the center of Turkey, this area will not attract tourists who prefer lazy vacations lying on the beach and swimming in the sea. Instead, Cappadocia is famous for its unique opportunities for those who value active recreation, discovering magnificent landscapes, and exploring exciting areas. By the way, talking about the views the area offers, they have become a real inspiration for John Lucas, motivating him to start shooting the fourth part of Star Wars — New Hope. Additionally, we would be remiss not to mention that Cappadocia is considered to be a center of ancient Christianity. There are over a hundred ancient Orthodox monasteries cut in the cliffs. We have chosen Cappadocia as a destination for our spring tour this year as we wanted to enjoy the fantastic landscapes from a birds-eye view, standing on the deck of a hot air balloon. Besides, we’ve heard a lot about opportunities to ride horses and quad bikes, visit ancient caves, cliff cities, and monasteries. So, it didn’t take us long to book the tour, and… our journey began! We

arrived at Kayseri airport in Istanbul by night and were taken to the Historical Goreme House hotel in the center of Goreme city by the hotel shuttle. As we arrived at the hotel, we exchanged our “ancient” monastic-looking room cut into a cliff for a modern apartment with a balcony and dove into the fantastic views of the city and the surrounding area. It is impossible not to mention the nice variety of Turkish restaurants located close to the hotel. Once we finished exploring the surrounding area, we booked different tours for the upcoming three days of our vacation. We decided on a hot air balloon ride, a quad bike ride, and a horse ride.

HOT AIR BALLOON RIDE Although usually the season of hot air balloon rides starts in May, we managed to enjoy this experience in March this year. However, one needs to be flexible, as many rides are canceled because of unfavorable weather conditions. Well, we were fortunate to enjoy the ride the day of our booking. The minibus arrived at around 6 a.m. and picked up a group of adventurers to be ready at the launch place at around 6:30 a.m. Everything happened before dawn so that we could enjoy not only the ride but the breathtaking views and beauties of nature, as well. On the field, we noticed several teams getting ready for the ride. It was getting lighter, and the teams started warming up the balloons and preparing them for the ride. When the balloons got filled with hot air, they started getting off. The adventurers were divided into teams and invited to special balloon baskets. Every one

of them had four compartments, accommodating four people each.

AN IMPORTANT NOTE HERE: the one who comes last takes the corner place So, at this point, the adventure began. The captain gave us instructions while the hot air balloon was getting off and moving towards the canyon. Impressive rock formations can be seen in the canyon, but later, the captain decided to drop altitude so that we could fly above these formations, almost touching them. The captain dropped the altitude once again, and we flew near them. What an impressive memory! Afterward, we started gaining altitude, reaching somewhere around

700 meters. Believe it or not, but over 60 hot air balloons were flying close to us. As it was not very convenient to take pictures of each other on the hot air balloon, we photographed people around us. Undeniably, it was one of the best moments in my life when I could admire the beauty of the world around us. Several times we flew low — so as to have a look at the ancient monastery in the mountain — and high so that we could have a panoramic view of the Love Valley and the Pink Ridge. The ride lasted around an hour. During landing, the teams compete in their ability to land accurately, right in the trunk of a pickup. And we did it! We won! Once we stepped off, we received our Ride Certificates. As it was during quarantine, we weren’t offered champagne, but that was not a big deal. Instead, they offered us to buy the group photo we took before the flight. Well, its quality was not the best, but we bought it just to keep this time in memory. Around 8:30 a.m., we were back at the hotel to have breakfast. It was served in the open air, on the balcony. We saw an unlimited number of hot air balloons high in the sky as we enjoyed our breakfast. I decided to ask the owner of the hotel whether they had other hot air balloon tours, specifically the ones that lasted longer than an hour. At that point, I learned that we had the best one and the balloons around us were not with tourists. Yes, those were the training hot air balloons where young pilots learned to fly.

Exchange some sum of MONEY to tip and cover small payments. You can use your card to pay literally everywhere, but it is always good to have some cash 64


QUAD BIKE AND HORSE RIDES The same day we rode quad bikes and horses. Unfortunately, we couldn’t rent quad bikes and enjoy the ride how we wanted. Each one of them was equipped with a GPS, and they were not allowed to be taken off the road. The situation with the horse ride was completely the opposite. We could choose any route we wanted. It resembled an episode from a Western movie, as we passed interesting places and rode through cliffs.

trip. In the evening, day 4, we were back in Istanbul. Here, sightseeing opportunities abound, as well. WHAT ELSE TO SEE IN TURKEY Are you still convinced that traveling is impossible during the pandemic? Forget about this crazy misconception and head towards unforgettable emotions. Flying into Istanbul? Why not spend a few days here before you go on to Cappadocia or any other destination?

Bus tours were also entertaining, especially the one we took to Derinkuyu. We went 26 meters under the ground from 60 possible to hear an impressive story about ancient Christians saving their lives from nomads. Unfortunately, we didn’t have an opportunity to spend a day in Cappadocia, renting a car and driving around the city. However, it didn’t affect our impressions of the


Take WARM CLOTHES if you’re going on a hot air balloon ride



An unlimited number of fantastic parks, historical sites, and interesting museums will never leave you indifferent. Whether you choose Dolmabahçe or Topkapi palace to visit, Gülhane park to walk around, or the Galata Tower to enjoy the views, you will never regret it! Enjoy the adventures!

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Специалисты, подарившие мальчику сердце на всю жизнь Единственная в регионе детская больница широкого профиля и общенационального ранга Родившись с редким четырехкратным пороком сердца, Дамиан перенес три операции на открытом сердце с помощью педиатров, которые оказали ему и его семье жизненно важную помощь и поддержку. Теперь, будучи здоровым мальчиком, он может следовать своей мечте о помощи другим — как метеоролог из Сакраменто. Посетите наш сайт в Интернете и узнайте историю Дамиана более подробно.


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FILMMAKER on the way TO A STAR on the



by Vanessa Grey

Blitz Quiz: What are the three movies everyone should watch? Harry Potter (all parts), Interstellar, Kill Bill.

Pizza or burger? Pizza!!!

What can charge your batteries? Morning stretches, hiking, contemporary dance.

What is your recipe for a good mood? Loud music and dancing.

What are the three things you have never done but really want to do? Go on a solo trip to Latin America, see the Northern Lights, and act in a Tarantino movie.

If you had a chance, who of the famous people living now would you gladly have dinner with? Taika Waititi. He has an outstanding sense of humor.

Your morning is impossible without…? Without warm lemon water.

How did your journey in America begin? How did you get into the film industry? My journey began exactly the moment I decided to change my profession and have a shot at movies. Being a financial industry expert, this question didn’t get off my back because as a child, I dreamed of making movies in Hollywood. And then, after I received a letter from the New York Film Academy about intensive filmmaking and acting courses, I realized that this was a trumpet call. On the spur of the moment, I applied for those courses, quit my job, and a couple of months later, at the end of November 2011, I was already sitting in a legendary yellow taxi in Manhattan. The courses were very inspiring. This is when I felt that it was my thing. I devoured everything with wild interest and wanted to get the most out of my trip. We shot videos and were filmed ourselves, and I even remember how I went to auditions and even managed to find an agent. Upon returning home, I started knocking on every door of Kazakhfilm producing studio and applying for all kinds of vacancies. I wanted to make it there. So, after almost half a year of unsuccessful searching, I was finally contacted about a vacancy of an assistant director for a full-length motion picture. And this is where my film career began. You have worked both in Kazakhstan and in the USA. What is the fundamental difference in the approach to work and the final picture? For me, the fundamental difference is the feeling. If in Kazakhstan I felt that the team on the set is cohesive, all for one and one for all, with loads of enthusiasm, there was no such feeling in the United States. But this can be explained. In America, there are trade unions with thousands of rules and regulations and totally different remuneration amounts, while in Kazakhstan, salaries are not that big, trade unions lack experience, and our motion picture industry is relatively

young and only gaining momentum. Hollywood is the Mecca of the industry, and it sets the standards. What are the three secrets about the motion picture industry the man of the street may not even know about? Hmm, it is pretty difficult to keep secrets in the information age. It’s no longer a secret that such movie sounds we hear as rustling, kissing, or the squeaking of the floor are created separately by Foley. Moreover, the sounds are improvised. What else… Blood in the movies is sweet and has a cherry flavor. Sometimes, it’s menthol. In almost all cases, movie crews end up acting in movies due to the lack of actors or if they decided to shoot an improvised scene.

The most important thing is to find harmony in my soul and be happy. And happiness never depends on material wealth What actors or/and actresses have you met and who has impressed you the most and why? Peter Facinelli. He impressed me with his humanity and empathy. Such qualities are rare. So I’m always impressed when I encounter them in people. What qualities will a person need to become successful in the United States? Goal commitment, self-confidence, a clear plan, and the ability to quickly fit in. How did you come up with the idea of shooting your movie? Where can I watch it? After chatting with a buddy at Starbucks. We met and started discussing life in LA, shared our stories, and somehow smoothly moved on to discussing that it would be great to

shoot a movie. It has just finished the cycle of movie festivals, so I think we will plan its world premiere in May and then release it on streaming platforms. What changes would you implement in the educational system in your country to increase the percentage of successful and productive people? Everything has its roots in childhood, so I think it’s the attitude of teachers towards students that I would change (and this also applies to parents and their system of upbringing). I recall my elementary school teacher with horror. She often scolded students in front of the whole class and said that the student was misbehaving. All these moments are indelibly carved in a child’s psyche. And as a result, their uncertainty manifests in certain actions, thoughts, and, of course, it all affects the future. Therefore, we have to praise children, explain different things to them, develop empathy, instill the love for people and animals, kindness, listen to them, and develop their talents. Tell us about the most striking episode of your American life. It was a parachute jump. Just imagine it: you are standing on the edge of the plane and are afraid to jump, thinking “No-o-o, I’m getting the hell out of here”, but then someone pushes you, and you fly like a bird! How can you define the American Dream? For me, it means to come and conquer Hollywood, win an Oscar and get a star on the Walk of Fame. Has this pandemic year changed your view of the world? I wouldn’t say that it has changed anything. If anything, it has merely broadened my views. I began to appreciate human relations more. I realized that the most important thing is to find harmony in my soul and be happy. And happiness never depends on material wealth.







After years of trying to get the perfect smile that I envisioned, I found Dr. Crooks and her team. I chose her practice because of the many recommendations, but I stayed because I saw her passion for dentistry. When I decided to follow through with veneers, Dr. Crooks talked me through the entire process and what would be expected. I was nervous but she made me feel comfortable and excited! Dr. Crooks and her staff exceeded all my expectations! The confidence Dr. Crooks gave me is something I can’t thank her enough for. Dr. Crooks is a true artist and perfectionist, and it is apparent after seeing results!

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Flexible Flexible schedule schedule II TK TK through through 12th 12th grade grade II Amazing Amazing teachers teachers TAKE CLASSES AT THE LOCAL COMMUNITY "Take Charge of your Education" "Take Charge of your Education" COLLEGE WHILE IN HIGH SCHOOL FOR FREE Heritage Heritage Peak Peak Charter Charter School School offers offers FREE FREE БЕСПЛАТНО

·· Independent study, classes, and options. “Образование Independent study, on-site on-site classes,Lyudmila and homeschooling homeschooling options. Heritage Peak предлагает: Semeryuk ваших детей program for those that ·· Credit recovery up Credit recovery program· for those независимого that need need to to catch catch up on on their their H.S. H.S. credits. credits. Вариант обучения. в ваших руках” Outreach & Engagement Specialist ·· Career Certiication options for Medical Assistant, EKG Technician. Career Certiication options for Medical Assistant, EKG Technician. · Варианты домашнего обучения. and Home Health Provider with internships at Kaiser, UCDavis and other clinics. · Программа наверстывания упущенного, окончания and Home Health Provider with internships at Kaiser, UCDavis and для other clinics. 916-890-4680 ·· Dual Dual Enrollment Enrollment options! options!средней школы. ·· Accredited профессиональной подготовки с практикой пра Accredited by by WASC. WASC. · Программа ·· Amazon в Kaiser, UC Davis и других клиниках. Amazon Future Future Engineers. Engineers.

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