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can help!

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Svetlana Dolyna, EA Federally Licensed Tax Practitioner

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МЕНЕДЖЕРЫ ПО МАРКЕТИНГУ Людмила Борисова Юля Рыбкина Сергей Климков Оля Атаманюк Надя Сердюк

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issue Although this issue pays tribute to the wedding season, don’t rush to put it away if wedding is not on your plate at the moment. This publication has something to offer for everyone whether you are single, planning to tie the knot, or already have a family. Find out how a 28-year old immigrant managed to become a prominent restaurateur in under eight months, learn how to stay in shape with seven basic nutrition tips, and discover which restaurants are now trending in the area. All this topped with everything wedding-related in our special issue of Russian Time Magazine.

32 39


“It’s a Guy Thing” – nothing lets you unplug from your grind better than a night out with the boys. Take our advice on great places to eat, play, relax, or get your adrenaline fix and enjoy some pure male time with your homies.

Discover the Hidden Empire – explore the magnificent terrain of the Central Coast, visit a luxurious European castle, enjoy the unspoiled trails of a wine country, and dine at some of the most exquisite farm-tofork restaurants on the coast.

32 13 5 Ways to Pop the Question – have you found the woman you are ready to spend the rest of your life with? Let us help make your wedding proposal irresistible!




Сбежавшая невеста - каждая восьмая пара в мире расходится еще до звуков свадебного марша. Причина тому - сбежавшие невесты. Читайте расследование Russian Time о том, почему женщины сбегают из под венца и как это можно предотвратить.

19 On The Cover Susanna Shkrabak Miosa Bride (916) 443-1301 PH Necklace & earrings: Sharif Jewelers 916-927-054 Photo by: Igor Ilyenko Cool Style Photography Model: Dress:

Your Dream Wedding Guide – it is easy to get overwhelmed by the countless things required for your big day. Relieve the wedding fever with our practical list of wedding essentials.









ROAD to HANA Journey is the ADVENTURE!

They say, “We learn from our mistakes.” It’s especially great if you are not the one making them. I want to share with you a priceless lesson that I have learned the hard way. I hope it will make you smile.


t happened during a family vacation on Maui, Hawaii. My wife and I wanted to step-off the beaten path and explore the island without following a notorious tour guide. We asked the hotel concierge for advice. He handed us a brochure titled “The Road to Hana.” The booklet described “The Drive of a Lifetime,” a coastal highway that leads to one of the most popular destinations on Maui – the seven sacred pools of Hana. We were thrilled! We couldn’t wait to see Hana and its famous waterfalls, pools, and the blacksand beach. We jumped in a rental car and hit the road trying hard to stay within the speed limit. Soon enough the Hana highway turned into a narrow winding road that lingered along vertical bluffs overlooking the roaring ocean. The route had 620 curves most of which blindly curved around steep cliffs. The highway passed 59 ancient

Sergey Ivannikov | Publisher | bridges with 46 of them being one lane wide!

THINKING!?!?” That IS exactly what I did when we got back.

One hour into the drive our day in paradise began to feel more like an episode of “Lost”. We rolled down our windows as the road signs urged to “Listen for the Upcoming Traffic.” We grinded as we approached another blind turn. We waited forever at the one lane bridges yielding to the local drivers. We pushed the gas pedal to the floor on the seldom straight passages to catch up for the time we lost.

The gentleman patiently listened to my complaint and compassionately pointed me to a phrase that dominated all of the Hana promo materials – “Journey is the adventure!” While there are no single major attractions in Hana, the Hana highway goes through a lush tropical rainforest, overlooks some of the most beautiful beaches, and passes by pristine waterfalls and trails. Hana offers one of the most fascinating drives in the world, and we missed all of it. You see, we were in such a rush to get to our destination, that we had missed the whole point of our trip!

We finally made it. We found ourselves standing on a gloomy black sand beach overlooking a lonely palm crippled by the tide winds. This place was cold, gloomy, and definitely not worth an eight-hour round trip and a day of vacation time. The one thing I wanted at that moment was to find the concierge who got us there, look him in the eye, and ask, “WHAT IN THE WORLD WERE YOU

What’s in this story for you? I hope it helps you remember to enjoy your journey as you strive to achieve your goals. I wish for you to learn from our mistakes and never rush through life as it IS the adventure. Once you miss it, you can’t get it back.


Whether you are getting ready for a wedding, looking for a place to spend time with friends, or think of starting your own business, this issue of Russian Time offers some great tips to help you make the most out of it. Enjoy your journey!



Бесплатный подарок с этой рекламой!

1338 Howe Avenue • Sacramento • (916) 927-0542 341 Iron Point Rd., Suite B • Folsom • (916) 353-1982 1001 K Street Sacramento · (916)-330-1977


Did you find the one you are ready to settle with? Let us help you make your marriage proposal irresistible!


limax. This is what a marriage proposal sounds like to women. A climax of emotions, anticipation, love, romance, blah, blah, blah‌. Us men? A lock down! Let’s be honest for a second. Between us guys, the minute we commit is the minute we give up our freedom. I am talking about freedom to come back home to your RUSSIAN TIME MAGAZINE

Yes or Yes?

photo by:

bachelor pad, take off your socks, and not worry where they land as you crash on the couch with a bottle of beer and a remote control. Freedom to hang out with the boys till the late AM and not have to report back to anyone. Freedom to do whatever we want to do whenever we want to do it. Priceless! Or at least we think so until we find a game changer. WWW.RUSSIANAMERICANMEDIA.COM


What exactly changes? It is hard to say. Meeting the right girl simply redefines freedom for men. All of the sudden things that used to excite us seem over exaggerated.

How come your home all of the sudden feels empty when she is not there? The answer is simple, you have found the one.

What’s the point of hanging out with different people when you already found the one you are ready to settle with? If that is the case and you are ready to make a run down to Tiffany’s – this article is for you.



oes your girl spend hours on YouTube watching videos of cute cats or stares through the windows of pet shops every time she passes by? If yes, she has probably got a soft spot for animals. Take advantage of it! Instead of proposing directly, let a cute puppy or kitten do it for you! A combination of her love for you and her passion for animals will makes this kind of proposal irresistible! So, here is the plan. Find out whether she is a dog person or a cat person (the two should never be confused). Next, figure out her favorite bread (let’s hope it’s not a St. Bernard). Hop on and see if you can find any little ones for sale or adoption. Make sure it fits the simple criteria of “OMG, this is so cute!!!” Once you have your weapon of choice, get a collar and a nametag and engraved the big question right on the tag. You can get it done at any PetSmart or WalMart for under $20(!). 14


Now, imagine this. She gets all excited with your present, picks the little puff ball up, and sees the tag that says “Will you marry me?”


She may have no chance to say anything but YES!



omen like secrets. This is not a secret. Especially when it comes to their men surprising them. As such, there is nothing better than a little conspiracy when it comes to proposing. Use this chance to be her personal 007. If your girl likes to put on an elegant dress and go out for a fancy dinner every now and then, this is a perfect way to propose. Reserve a table at a nice restaurant for two. In her understanding this should simply be a romantic night out. Tell her to dress up for the occasion, but do not let the main secret slip. She will be thunderstruck later at the restaurant when she opens the menu and sees “Will you marry me?” listed as tonight’s special. Only after putting down the menu and seeing the ring in your hand, will she realize that this is not a joke, but a well-planned surprise.

The main trick here is to find a restaurant she likes and coordinate you plan with management in advance. Make sure the restaurant has fold up menus and don’t give away the secret prematurely with a silly smile or a reckless hint.

We recommend Scott’s Seafood on the River as a perfect place to execute such a plan. This restaurant is romantic, offers excellent service, and has fold-up menus.

photo by:



f your girl has a thing for travelling or shooting guns and prefers spending weekends snowboarding and seeking adventures, you are destined to propose in a somewhat extreme way. For any daredevil a sudden burst of adrenalin is the best motivation to say “Yes”. Here is an option to get her emotions high without giving up on romance.

Don’t get carried away though when she says YES. They only bring enough gas for a few-hour flight.

Take your girl on an exciting hot-air balloon sunrise trip. The view is spectacular and it’s hard to think of a more romantic atmosphere to ask the question. Once both the balloon and her excitement reach the sky level, it is the perfect moment to offer a journey of a lifetime together.

We recommend going with the Balloons above the Valley, you’ll have no trouble getting the crew up to speed with your plan:



oes your girls prefer a Nook or a Kindle to a new pair of shoes for a present? Do you constantly notice her bringing a book along when she travels or lays by the pool? Does she keep telling you how she liked the book better than the screen adopted version after a movie? Congratulations! We’ve found the perfect way to propose to your number one bookworm! Simply get a book by her favorite author, open the cover, and cut a heart-shaped slot through the pages. I would recommend using a carpenter cutter to cut-out the heart. You can find one at a Home Depot or Michael’s for around $7. Put the ring into slot and secure with ribbon. Insert a red rose as a bookmark under the cover. Now you simply have to find the right time and place to present your gift.


o by phot

She will know it’s a book right away, but imagine her surprise when she opens the cover to get the rose and sees an engagement ring sparkling in the heartshaped slot.



ometimes you have to go “All-in” to win the game. Even though the stakes are high, the rewards are more than satisfying. If you feel like going big and showing the entire world that you are serious about your decision, you do not have to wait until the next Super Bowl to pop the question at a stadium. We have a better way to propose – skywriting. As public as it is, this is also a very intimate way to propose. Imagine that, you and your girl are having a casual



picnic in a park or simply chilling in your own backyard. All of a sudden she sees a professional pilot putting your most important question in the sky right over your heads. How cool is that? If she appreciates the balance between chick and classy she will be astonished! You may even ask the pilot to add her nickname, just so she knows it is for her (and so your neighbors don’t cash out on your investment). A great company we recommend for skywriting is JetExe Aviation, 916-421-6756,



tyle.u oolS C . w ww

Unlike the most men think, there is more to a proposal than picking

the right ring and summoning up the courage to flop down on one knee. Your marriage proposal has to be convincing enough to land you a “Yes” instead of “Let me sleep on it.” What is the trick in getting the answer you want to hear? Plan the proposal around her personality. Show her you like who she is and you know what she likes. Here is a few practical ways to do that. Simply find the one that fits best you girl’s personality type and… good luck!

We listed just a few options on how to bring up your big question. These all vary in time, money, and the level of difficulty. However, don’t choose one over the other based on cost or your personal preferences. Always keep in mind the woman you are doing this for. Let her personality be the driving factor and don’t wait for the perfect moment to present itself.

Make the perfect moment happen!

Gowns... Bridesmaids... Accessories...


· · · ·


· · · · · · · · ·





We will take you where you want to go! ГОВОРИМ ПО-РУССКИ





Wedding GUIDE By Margret Okunev

A practical list of wedding essentials to help you kick-off your big day planning


very little girl dreams about what she will look like in her wedding dress. There is something magical about an elaborate white gown and tiara that fulfills that dream of becoming a princess, even if for one day. Once the time actually comes for you to start planning your wedding, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed by the myriads of things required for your big day. To save you from getting lost in preparations, we have done some extensive research and came up with a list of wedding essentials and recommendations on the best places to get those covered. We hope this will help you to narrow down your search and relieve you from stressing while planning your wedding.

model: Susan Shkrabak photo by: dress by: RUSSIAN TIME MAGAZINE



Bellisima Style: Classic Bridal Boutique – this Price Range: $$$ full-service formal wear and www. bridal boutique is a familyrun business and is known to treat their customers as such.

Hair: Unique Hair Lounge | Larissa Bazanova (916) 600-7540 Make-up: Make-up by Sasha |Sasha Astapova (916) 742-2829 Skincare:

The Bridal Box – a one- Style: Trendy stop bridal shop that offer Price Range: $$$$ designer wedding gowns, bridesmaid dresses and hundreds of unique and fun accessories for your wedding.

Luxe Hair Lounge & Day Spa (916) 443-1400


Miosa Bridal – a high class Style: Designer wedding boutique that Price Range: $$$$$ carries the latest collections of designer wedding gowns with some being brought straight from the runways of Barcelona, Spain.

– remember that moment when Cinderella turns into a beautiful princess with a touch of a magic wand? Find your own fairy Godmother that will make you look radiant on your wedding day!

WEDDING GOWN CoolStyle Photography Olha Melokhina


Style: Studio 916-868-2258

Your wedding dress should make you feel more beautiful than you have ever felt before. To achieve that make sure your wedding gown first of all fits your personal style, not only your budget.

Photography Style: Creative 916-288-5839 Style: Romantic 916-420-1892

PHOTOGRAPHY Wine & Roses Hotel & Spa - a luxury hotel and spa located on seven acres of landscaped botanical gardens nested in the heart of Lodi wine country

Location: Lodi Style: Romantic Price Range: $$$$$

Arden Hills Resort & Spa – an upscale Tuscany-style health and wellness center located just 10 miles away from American River

Location: Carmichael Style: Upscale Price Range: $$$$

The Center at 2300 – a new state of the art facility with shimmering chandeliers, illuminated ceilings, and oversized waterfall canopies.

– you’ve waited for your dream day all your life! Don’t let it pass by without capturing the precious moments on camera!

Locations: Fair Oaks Style: Elegant Price Range: $$$

WEDDING VENUE A perfect place for your wedding has to reflect your style, be conveniently located, and fit into your wedding budget. The three facilities we recommend are considered to be among the best in the valley.

Windsor Diamonds 618 E Bidwell St, Folsom, CA 95630 (916) 984-1800 Sharif Jewelry 1001 K Street, Sacramento CA 95814 (916) 330-1977 AQ Jewelry 5870 S Land Park Dr., Sacramento, CA 95822 (916) 422-7030




JEWELRY – It takes some sparkle to make you fairytale look complete. There are only two rules when it comes to wedding jewelry- it should complement your dress and it has to reflect your style.

Angelique Limousine Excursions – this company has Style: Classic the best price to quality ratio and offers a traditional Price Range: $$$ limo selection perfect for a classic wedding. Coastal Breeze Limousine – a great choice of the Style: Luxury latest limo models with luxury rides like the stretch Price Range: $$$$$ Hummer or Cadillac Escalade.

Dinner arrangements Flamingo design (916) 289-9393 Bouquets Svetlana Floral Images (916)247-4722

MGM Transportation – one of the largest Style: Exotic limo fleets in the area that offers anything from Price Range: $$$$ traditional stretch limos to exotic limo buses.

LIMOUSINE COMPANIES Men are usually more savvy than women when it comes to cars. Don’t strip your fiancé of having the privilege of choosing your wedding carriage.

ARRANGEMENTS – flower arrangements are that final touch that make you wedding bloom. Choose your favorite flowers for your bridal bouquet and centerpieces and let them brighten-up your special day!

MCs - The Andreys (916) 800-2181 B Sharps (916) 847-2485


relieve the

– you can have all the right ingredients for a great wedding, but if the atmosphere is not right, the reception will be stale. Let professionals set the mood and get your party started.

Wedding FEVER!

model: Anya Astapova photo by: RUSSIAN TIME MAGAZINE




f course it would be perfect to exchange your wows in a five-star resort on a white sandy beach in Hawaii. But just because you can’t fly all of your 200 guests to the tropics doesn’t mean you can’t have your dream wedding. While money definitely plays a big role, your budget should never limit your imagination. Our area is flooded with a great variety of companies that offer wedding services on both ends of the price scale. Whether you are on a tight budget or decided to go “all in”, you can fulfill your vision as long as you define it. Let your imagination run wild and paint an overall picture of what you want when you tie the knot. If you envision your day outdoor with the reception held on a ranch overlooking the sunset, or more of a formal setting in a classical ballroom decorated with carved ceilings and oil paintings, your vision outlines the overall style of your wedding, and that’s a great place to start. Once you know which direction to go, start bringing your vision to life. That’s when you have to get practical. Finalize the amount you want to spend on your wedding, make a list of everything you need, and start shopping around. It is wise to run an estimate before committing to anything. If your wish list exceeds you budget limit, go back and see whether you can find a better option without compromising your overall idea. The companies we have listed in this article have been rated as some of the best in the area. They all vary in cost and style, so we truly wish you can find something that fits your budget and brings you closer to you fairytale.

model: Susanna Shkrabak photo by: dress by:




Hair Solutions 916-344-4247

· Hair Coloring · Haircuts · Highlights · Up-do Styles · Extensions · Waxing · Facial · Gel

· Shellac · Pedicure · Acrylic · Perms · Haircut Hot Razor · Halo Couture · Wedding Hairstyles

916-344-4247 7117 Walerga Rd, Sacramento 23 RUSSIAN TIME MAGAZINE



Среда. На часах было почти 8 вечера. Мой молодой человек доедал пирожки с капустой, одновременно пытался найти в компьютере фильм для вечернего просмотра.

Неожиданно, он повернулся ко мне и предложил: «Выходи за меня замуж»... Я сбежала недалеко, в ближайший магазин. Картины в голове были одна ярче другой: «люблю ли я его на самом деле, вижу ли в нем отца своих будущих детей, а вдруг, ему просто так будет удобнее, или, может он вообще не это имел в виду..?» В общем, целый табор тараканов в моей голове кричал: не надоооо, не наааадо.


Мировая статистика утверждает, каждая вторая пара в Америке разводится через 3 года после заключения брака. Но, что еще более интересно, каждая восьмая пара в мире, которая собирается пойти под венец, расходится еще до звуков свадебного марша. Причина тому - сбежавшие невесты.

photo by: | dress: Miosa Bride

В общей сложности, мой опыт включает из 7 побегов, поэтому, проанализировав хорошенько свои страхи и опросив немалое количество замужних подруг, я составила. Топ-5 причин такого поведения.






бъяснить мотив побегов прекрасного пола от алтаря, пытаются как ученые, так и не состоявшиеся женихи. Я тоже решила присоединиться к этому следственному комитету и понять, почему же мы сбегаем из под венца...? А Вам, новоиспеченные женихи, будет напорядок легче удержать свою любимую от столь опрометчивого шага, если Вы воспользуетесь нашими рецептами и побольше узнаете о женской психологии. К Делу о «побегах невест», я подошла основательно. Как Вы уже поняли, сама грешна в сием правонарушении. Мой будущий супруг утверждал, что во время моих феерических побегов, ему хотелось отдать меня на кастинг в Голливуд. Уж очень хорошо мне удавалась роль «сбежавшей невесты». В общей сложности, мой опыт вкючает 7 побегов, поэтому, проанализировав хорошенько свои страхи и опросив немалое количество замужних подруг, я составила основные топ-5 причин такого поведения. Надеюсь, после наших рецептов, Вы не пополните печальную мировую статистику, а станете счастливой невестой:

3. Принц на белом коне 2. Призраки прошлого 1. Нервы или интуиция? Интуиции верить, конечно, надо. Только вот в предсвадебной суматохе ее легко перепутать с расшалившимися нервами. Например, ты целый день бегала по магазинам и все равно не нашла «своего» платья, тамада заломил цену, как будто бы он Опра Уинфри, парикмахер в последний момент заболела, друзья не помогли с украшением зала, а предчувствия у тебя такие, что в пору купить тонну шоколада, залечь в постель и пересмотреть все слезливые фильмы – это значит, что у тебя просто сдают нервы. Рецепт: Выпей успокоительного, ляг спать, а на утро взгляни объективно на ситуацию. Вероятнее всего, что от вчерашней истеричности не останется следа, а сама идея побега покажется глупой и безосновательной.



Ты поглощена подготовкой к свадьбе и выбираешь из каких коржей и крема лучше заказать торт, а тут, на горизонте, появляется Он... Один из когда-то отвергнутых поклонников случайно узнает о готовящейся свадьбе. Стоит такой, на пороге, со слезами на глазах и разбитым сердцем и лишь одно твое «да» может вернуть его к жизни. Мужское самолюбие очень уязвимо: «Как это так: она без меня и у нее все хорошо?!» Рецепт: Включи благоразумие, забудь про жалость и вспомни, почему он все-таки попал в список эксбойфрендов. Вспомнила? Отлично, тогда продолжай подготовку, а про старую любовь лучше забыть раз и навсегда.


Именно так, я бы назвала этот синдром, присущий причем как девушкам, так и парням. Огромное количество девочек, в детстве, мечтают о принце на белом коне, а став постарше — на белом мерседесе. Мальчишки же представляют свою избранницу в виде куклы барби, а повзрослев, претендуют, как минимум, на королеву красоты, а лучше мисс Вселенную. Вот и получается, что когда мы планируем сказать «да» простому смертному, возникают мысли, что где-то там за горизонтом, нас ждут Брэд Пит или Анджелина Джоли, которые наверняка соответствуют нашим идеалам. Рецепт: Хочешь выйти замуж за короля — сама будь королевой и запомни, что именно от тебя зависит кем, в итоге, станет твой мужчина. Используя женскую мудрость и мотивируя своего возлюбленного, можно из него сделать завидного и респектабельного джентельмена. Мужчины, для вас это правило действует с точностью да наоборот!

5. Цель — ВУЗ

Меня всегда удивляло огромнейшее количество анекдотов про тещ. Свекрови почему-то не в топе, а зря. Понравится маме жениха, ох как не просто. Это ты знаешь, что твой любимый Витя далеко не подарок, но для мамы — ее Витечка — самый лучший и замечательный сын. Если ты чувствуешь холодок от родителей мужа, не спеши убегать из под венца и заканчивать отношения.

Если ты думаешь, что аббревиатура ВУЗ переводится, как высшее учебное заведение, я тебя удивлю. ВУЗ — это выйти успешно замуж. Массовая тенденция 21 века. Большинство девочек мечтают, что в один прекрасный день найдется принц, который превратит их из Золушек в принцесс. Верить в сказки о том, что по мановению волшебной палочки твой форд превратится в лексус, а туфли из TJMax в ультрамодные лодочки от Chanell, довольно глупо.

Рецепт: Постарайся искренне полюбить родителей мужа и относись к ним с почтением. Каждый родитель хочет, чтобы у его ребенка был счастливый брак и если они увидят, что их сын счастлив, тогда, поверь нашему опыту, ты станешь для них не менее родным и дорогим человеком.

Зачастую, дворец без любви, рано или поздно, превращается в золотую клетку, поэтому, если ты сбегаешь не от жениха, а к кошельку, то в этом случае, наши рецепты будут бессильны. Ценность брака определяется духовными вещами, а не балансом на банковском счету.

4. Мама сказала

В заключении, я хотела бы процитировать ответ одной мудрой старушки, которая прожила со своим супругом более 60 лет вместе. Я спросила у нее, в чем же секрет долгого и счастливого брака, на что она мне ответила: «Я выросла в то время, когда сломавшиеся вещи чинили, а не выкидывали...» Дорогие девушки, я искренне желаю Вам стать самыми счастливыми невестами и женами, поэтому любите и цените своих половинок, тогда и сбегать не захочется, ну разве что в крепкие мужские объятия!

ТОП-3 МУЖСКИХ СТРАХА ПЕРЕД АЛТАРЁМ И СОВЕТЫ КАК С НИМИ СРАВИТЬСЯ СТРАХ #1: ПРОЩАЙ МОЯ СВОБОДА СОВЕТ: Киньте монету, загадав орел женюсь, решка свободен. Не важно какой стороной выпадет монета, главное, что во время ее полета, вы поймете какую сторону больше хотите увидеть. СТРАХ #2: СМОГУ ЛИ Я ОБЕСПЕЧИТЬ СЕМЬЮ? СОВЕТ: Ответственность при вступлении в брак увеличивается в разы, поэтому такие страхи для мужчины абсолютно нормальны. Главное не ставить во главе угла только финансы. Женщине намного важнее Ваше внимание и забота, а это можно обеспечить и без денег. СТРАХ#3: ПЛАКАЛИ МОИ ДЕНЮЖКИ СОВЕТ: Еще до момента предложения руки и сердца, можно понять, насколько высоки масштабы расточительности Вашей возлюбленной и сделать соответствующие выводы. Если в Ваших отношения царит любовь и взаимопонимание, а Вы сам не Скрудж МакДак, тогда все финансовые вопросы можно благополучно решить, а этот страх станет беспочвенным и нелепым!

in the spotlight

Most Amusing "Tie the Knot" Moments Shared By Two Trendy Wedding Hosts

about: Andrey Kazak and Andrey Hurzhyi are the two iconic MC’s known as TheAndreys. In two short seasons that TheAndreys exist they have hosted about five dozen weddings and hundreds of events ranging from private functions to elite annual galas like The BEST by the Russian-Speaking Community.

THE WEDDING TALES By Lika Emelyanova

The best part about your job?

The handiest gift you ever gave at a wedding?

AK: It does not feel like “a job”. We enjoy every moment of it. Being able to host one of the most important days in someone’s life and conduct memories of a lifetime is priceless.

AH: A fire extinguisher. We gave a mini fire extinguisher to a couple we considered to be steaming hot. A year later we got a phone call from the bride. Turns out this silly gift saved their house when she accidently set the kitchen on fire. Who would’ve ever known?

What makes a wedding great? AH: The atmosphere. A good wedding involves many things like the venue, weather, music, decorations and food just to name a few. Yet, all these are merely a background. The atmosphere of love and openness are the most important. As hosts it is our job to facilitate that atmosphere.

Do you remember all the couples you worked with? AK: If you were to ask us for a list of ALL the couples, we wouldn't miss a name. With five dozen weddings behind our belt, it may take us some time but we would still knock it out of the park. We keep in touch with most of them. 28


You were caught by surprise when…
 AK: … a “proposal game” which we incented at a wedding got out of hand. We were stunned when one of the participants got on one knee and made a heartfelt pitch to his girlfriend! She said YES. No one could tell whether they were legit or if the two were simply very talented actors. We are still not sure to this day.

The most awkward wedding moment? AK: Let’s be honest, every wedding has at least one of these. An awkward pause in between the numbers, a shy performer or speaker, an unexpected microphone malfunction, you name it. We love these


moments! With a little improvisation we can turn “awkward” into “awesome” and make it fun.

The hardest part about being wedding hosts? 
 AH: Saying No to a couple that is extremely excited about TheAndreys hosting their wedding because we are already committed for that date. AK: Pleasing every single person attending. This is extremely difficult, but just because it is hard does not make it impossible.

Best compliment you could get? AK: Hearing positive feedback from satisfied clients never gets old. Positive feedback is something that fuels us. It brings us much joy knowing that our job was well done and yet another successful wedding is in the books.

You know it went well when… AH: When the newlyweds cannot look back to their wedding without a smile.





our famous house made tiramisu

live music • great mochas • delicious tiramisu •

Come for Dessert Stay for Dinner 916-928-1770 • Natomas 916-485-2883 • Carmichael 916-933-5454 • El Dorado Hills CELEBRATING 22 DELICIOUS YEARS... RUSSIAN TIME MAGAZINE



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Ecailleis the new Ombre!

This hot new trend came to the US from France. It is now the MUST HAVE hair color in Hollywood with celebs like Jessica Alba, Kim Kardashian, and Miranda Kerr rocking tortoiseshell locks. Ecaille builds on your natural hair color and dips the ends in a warm blend of caramel, golden blond, honey, and chocolate, creating a multidimensional look. Not only does Ecaille sounds delicious, but it is also easily manageable and does not require a lot of maintenance.


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Californian coastline offers one of the most diverse and fascinating sceneries in the world. The North Coast makes a statement with its towering bluffs, ancient redwood forests, and roaring waives.

Discovering California’s

Central Coast By Olya Ivannikov

The laidback South Cal, on the contrary, is known for its lush beaches that stretch for miles and miles. And then there is the Central Coast. It is oftentimes mistakenly perceived as a mere boundary between the North and the South. A few people know that California’s Central Coast can easily compete with its renowned siblings in both, the scenery and the destination points. The Central Coast stretches from South of Monterey to Northeast of Los Angeles County and offers 350 miles of dramatic coastline trimmed with rolling hills, eucalyptus forests, and stripes of lavish vineyards. We went on a quest to explore this magnificent terrain so unfamiliar to our community. The results of our research is an itinerary that features a European castle that attracts tourists from overseas, a wine country that levels well with Napa and Sonoma, a farm-to-fork cuisine that caught attention of the Food Network, and a four-star accommodation that will make you want to stay just a few days longer.




earst Castle is a grand mansion that covers 127 acres of land and represents a tribute to all human kind with a fusion of striking architecture from different eras and a collection of original art pieces from all over the world. Hearst Castle is now a National and Historical landmark and is one of the largest house museums in the system of California State Parks. But don’t get me wrong, this enchanted estate looks nothing like a traditional museum! It feels more like a tle


te ur

o .C no

h 'P


t 'de

ia or ict V y ob ot



a gli


st ar

s Ca

ea rte sy H no .C ou lia ra g Ga ia to by Vi ct or Ph o il' ta 'de

A marvelous castle overlooking the ocean is the last thing you expect to find in the midst of the virgin hills surrounding the little town of San Simeon. And yet, this fascinating estate attracts tourists from all over the world, including, Russia, Japan, and China.


Ca s

tl e


WINE COUNTRY Historical landmarks and unique species are not the only reasons to travel to the Central Coast. As a matter of fact, most people come here to explore the unspoiled terrain of lush vineyards and exquisite wineries. Local winemakers can easily compete with Napa Valley and Sonoma in both, the quality of wine they produce and the diversity of wineries they run. Whether you appreciate fine wines and wish to come for wine tasting, or simply want to unwind from the city life, you will not be disappointed.


INE country People come here to explore the unspoiled terrain of lush vineyards and exquisite wineries.

time machine that takes you around the brightest epochs of human history. Here you can find a majestic outdoor pool built in a style of an ancient Greek temple standing next to a lily pond surrounded with original Egyptian statues that face a golden figure of a Disney princess kissing a frog. The castle offers 165 rooms of luxurious interiors decorated with remarkable art and antiquities. The main house known as the Casa Grande has 38 bedrooms, 42 bath, 14 sitting rooms, 2 libraries and even a movie theater with seating for 50 guests! You can chose from many tour options to explore the different parts of the property during the day, or wait for the twilight and see the castle coming to life as actors dressed up in 1930’s style bring back the splendor of the Great Gatsby.

Local wine country consists of several separate regions with Paso Robles being especially popular due to its fascinating landscape, renowned wine labels, and exquisite lodging and dining options. The city of Paso Robles is surrounded by plush rolling hills covered with stripes of groomed vineyards. No matter which way you go, you are most likely to run into a winery. Most estates are family-owned and it’s not uncommon to see winemakers interacting with the guests in the tasting rooms. We found three local wineries particularly fascinating. Our nominees combine cutting-edge wine making techniques with the old-fashioned hospitality. They all differ in style, setting, and the type of wine they are known for. With close proximity to each other, they create a perfect one-day trip. J Dusi Wines: RECOMMENDED WINE: J Dusi Zinfandels SummerWood Winery RECOMMENDED WINE: SummerWood Diosa DAOU Vineyards & Winery RECOMMENDED WINE: Soul of a Lion Cabernet Sauvignon





The Central Coast does not fall short when it comes to lodging and dining. The area offers some of the most exquisite farm-to-fork restaurants and a multitude of unique privately owned hotels.

206 Alexa Court, Paso Robles,CA 93446 805-238-2834

LA BELLASERA Our choice fell on La Bellasera Hotel and Suits, a new hotel acclaimed as one of the most superb lodging options on the coast. La Bellasera is a four star luxury resort that combines world-class accommodations with the hospitality of a boutique hotel. This place is stunning inside out! Elegant waterfalls, flickering lanterns, marble-finished pillars, and hanging chandeliers create a unique atmosphere that combines Tuscany style with Mediterranean overtones. The lobby looks like a European town square and has a friendly atmosphere with a touch of intimacy conveyed by unique interior details. There you have a romantic piano standing next to an iron-gated wine cellar that faces a cozy lounge area set in front of a fireplace. Oh, and let’s not forget the hotel staff that is trained to be at your service at a blink of an eye! The hotel offers 13 different room types with 60 of them being spacious oversized suits with whirlpools, fireplaces, or a private patios. Most rooms feature separate living areas, a fully equipped kitchen or a kitchenette, and spacious bathrooms with walk-in rainfall showers. Even the standard rooms come with luxurious amenities such as premium linens, premier bedding, plush bath robes, custom furniture, and firstclass bathroom necessities. Two-room suits, options of having a private whirlpool with a fireplace, and free Wi-Fi make this hotel a perfect choice for either a family vacation, a romantic getaway, or a business trip.

ENOTECA Once checked into the hotel, we went on a search for the premium dining options in the area. Our quest did not take us very far from our stay. As a matter of fact, it brought us back to the hotel. It turns out that La Bellasera hosts one of the most acclaimed restaurants on the coast – the Enoteca. The restaurant provides an exquisite dining experience and offers a bold menu that fuses contemporary cuisine with classic culinary traditions.


Breakfast: California scramble with bacon, avocado, and breakfast potatoes Appetizer: Guava Glazed Baby Back Ribs with Curried Candied Pecans and Bermuda Triangle Goat Cheese Mains: Coconut Crusted Halibut prepared in pineapple curry glaze Dessert: Warm Callebaut chocolate cake with vanilla bean ice cream and toasted pistachio dust

makeup by SASHA

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nAtomAs phone 916.576.1305 2081 Arena Blvd. #190, Sacramento, CA 95834 PlAcErvillE phone 530.622.3260 670 Placerville Drive #1A, Placerville, CA 95667

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rosEvillE phone


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siErrA oAks phone

WooDlAnD phone 530.669.3643 1100 Main Street, Woodland, CA 95695

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GUY It ’s a

t hing

By Margret Okunev



he weekend is fast approaching and nothing lets you unplug from your grind better than a night out with the boys. Guys’ night out is pure male space, a place where men can get together and just be men.


Now, such a place can take on many shapes and forms. The sole idea of guy’s night is to chill, so anything that keeps you from thinking about your daily problems will do the trick. Whether you and your boys are feeling mellow and want to kick back with some grub and thirst-quenching beer, or you’re all feeling bold and want to practice your aim at the gun range, either way, Sacramento offers a wide variety of places. We sent out our expert team of guys on a search for the best local places to “kick back with your homies.” Here is what they came up with. RUSSIAN TIME MAGAZINE



Eat, Play, Repeat:

Nothing lets you loosen up like a pitcher of beer and a little friendly competition. Boys compete in absolutely everything, and we found a couple places where competition matters!

photo by:

Blue Cue is the best kept secret of Sacramento’s midtown. It’s a New York style joint hidden on the second floor of an old brick building. If it’s your first time at Blue Cue - bring along your courage and curiosity! To find the way in you have to pass a blinking neon sign, continue on to a steep squeaky staircase and a get through a series of dark narrow hallways. Sounds exciting already, doesn’t it? This place has it all, neat pool tables surrounded by flat- screen TVs, comfy leather couches with hi-tech dartboards, a long bar with 14 varieties of beer on tap, and house-made pizza and burgers. We recommend the Spicy California Burger, made with fresh guacamole and jalapenos, spicy pepper jack cheese, and a juicy beef patty. This one is definitely a customer’s favorite! Need another reason to come hangout here? The pricing! A fee for a pool table starts as low as $6 for two hours and a beer & burger combo goes for $6 on Monday nights! Blue Cue – Sacramento Midtown 1004 28th St, Sacramento, CA 95816 40



“Boys never grow up.” Dave & Busters restaurant chain built their business model around this statement. Here you can see grown men acting like children and playing games. What else is new? This place is designed to take you back to your childhood and let you be a kid for a night. It has a perfect combo of great food with an epic arcade. You can come in for a bite, finish your drink watching sports on multiple TV screens, and ultimately wander off to play arcade games. It doesn’t matter if you are a student who is buried knee deep in homework, a successful businessman who is still at the office at 8pm, or someone in between. A night out with the boys in a place like this sends you back to the time when the burden of the grown-up world had nothing on you. Dave & Busters Fountains, 1174 Roseville Pkwy, Roseville, CA 95678

Ready, Set, Sports! The male kind breathes and lives sports. You have men who love watching sports, and men who love playing sports. Whichever you may be, Sacramento has it all. photo by:

Beer, Beer Beer: & MORE

Whether you are a Sacramento Kings fan or not, a sports game is the ultimate guy’s night out. What is better than thousands of screaming fans, cheap beer and a stomach full of hot dogs and nachos? Sacramento also now has their very own Soccer team which gives you yet another excuse to drink more beer and eat more hot dogs, but now in the brand new Bonney Field. Oh, and let’s not forget that the River Cats are now the top minor-league affiliates of the Giants and play at Raley Field. • Sacramento Kings - • Sacramento Republic FC - • Sacramento River Cats -

Nothing says “guys’ night” like beer! And Boneshaker Pub is all about just that. With more beer options than you can count, there is something here for beer lovers of all kind. Enjoy great events like $2 Taco Tuesdays, Flight Night to sample up to 5 different beers and an NFL Sunday Brunch during the football season.

Boneshaker Public House Brewery 2168 Sunset Blvd #104, Rocklin, CA 95765




Adrenaline Junkie: If you favor dangerous activities and the rush that accompanies them but don’t quite feel like robbing a bank or climbing a mountain freestyle, look no further! photo by:

A guy could be single or married, but he will always have one baby... His car! The connection between a man and his car is probably the most intense one he could have. But what is having a fast car if you aren’t showing it off? At Sacramento Raceway you can push your pedal to the medal, legally! This track opens its gates for drag racing, test & tune along with motocross for the bike lovers of sorts. Sacramento Raceway 5305 Excelsior Road, Sacramento, CA 95827

Like speed, but your car is not racing material? Don’t worry! There are options for you too! GoKart Racer offers a full fleet of European racing karts that run on gas. These are the real deal unlike the electrical type that amusement parks offer. These karts deliver a supreme blend of speed and safety for drivers of all skill levels. You will be safe no matter how far you press that gas pedal down. This place is nothing but thrills! GoKart Racer 1430 Enterprise Blvd, West Sacramento, CA 95691

Do you have friends that always manage to get on your last nerve?

People say guns are Legos for grown men. Nothing really changes between boys and men, their toys just get bigger. photo by:

The obsession starts when they are young and travels into their adulthood. The Gun Range is a perfect place to practice that shot you never got right when you were 9. The best part, for only $17 you can practice your shot as much as you want! This indoor shooting range offers a wide variety of rentals such as handguns, rifles and shotguns, as low as $12! It’s also never too early to start teaching your son the manly ways of the world, so this is the perfect place for a special Father and son lesson for a little quality bonding time. The Gun Range 3479 Orange Grove Ave, North Highlands, CA 95660 42



Those that sometimes annoy you so much you feel like you’re about to punch then in the face? Well, don’t! We have a better idea. Come to West Coast Adventure Park where you can gear up, grab a gun and shoot that friend as many times as you want. Wait, did I mention it’s a paintball gun? This is a perfect place for nonstop fun and even maybe a little revenge. With over 150 acres and 5 different fields, the park has something to offer for everyone. West Coast Adventure Park has an allinclusive package for as low as $40! West Coast Adventure Park 101 Jackson Rd, Plymouth, CA 95669




Lena’s work can be followed via her website and Facebook. Those interested in getting a one-of-a-kind gown or a unique wedding dress may contact the designer to arrange a private fitting. 415-518-7685


n o i h s a F h g Hi


After making her big debut in Moscow, Lena moved to San Francisco, where she continues working on her high end fashion collections as well as one of a kind pieces tailored for individual clients. Lena’s corset collection was a spotlight of the Sacramento Fashion Week 2014. Her most recent fashion show took place at the Grand Finale of Miss Russian California 2015, with the ten finalists wearing designer’s evening gowns during one of their stage appearances.

Lena Trotsko, a fashion designer from Moscow, Russia. Being relatively new to the fashion industry, Trotsko has already made a name for her brand among Moscow’s most savvy fashionistas. Her collections have been spotlighted in numerous high fashion shows both in Russian and the US. Ms. Lena’s clientele includes Russian pop music celebrities, famous TV hosts, and winners of nationwide beauty pageants. Trotsko is a winner of multiple high fashion shows and awards. Trotsko’s collections spotlight evening and wedding gowns. Her pieces are unique, daring, and tailored to perfection. The designer likes to combine romantic elements, such as corsets, with contemporary accent details, creating elegant, yet trendy outfits meant to make women wearing them look unforgettable.








IN NO TIME By Lika Emelyanova

I am paying close attention to my companion as he shares some thoughts on his new venture – a restaurant that has been around for less than a year. This place became so popular it requires a prior reservation to dine even on a weekday. My guest is Emanuel Peres, an energetic young man with a subtle South American accent.

Peres is the founder and visionary of Flame and Fire, a new Brazilian Steakhouse that opened its doors last July in Roseville, California. Those familiar with the restaurant industry know that it will usually take years for a restaurant to start making a profit. It also takes a lot of courage to start a new restaurant in a place like Roseville, where you can find a food joint on most every corner. Any kind of food of any caliber and style. I can’t help fidgeting in anticipation to ask the question that made me invite Peres for an interview. How in the world did a 28 yearold immigrant who was born in Brazil manage to open an upscale restaurant in the savviest area of our region and have it turn profits only several months after the grand opening?




Emanuel Peres 48

I was born in Porto Alegre and raised in Parobe, Brazil. Our family immigrated to the US in the late 90’s. We settled in Chicago, Illinois. I was 11 at the time, old enough to have a good grasp of the Portuguese language and culture yet young enough to quickly find my way around. By the time I got into high school I was fluent in English and Chicago felt like home.



With a dream of becoming a pilot or a soccer player, how did you get into the restaurant business?

Randomly. When I was 16 I got involved with the founding committee of one of the first Brazilian Steakhouse franchises in the US. Don’t get too impressed, I was hired as a simple busboy. The founders were an influential Brazilian group and they needed a messenger that would translate for them. Since I was fluent in both English and Brazilian I got the job. I became a hurdler who would coordinate the owner’s requests with everyone involved in establishing a restaurant, from investors and inspectors all the way to contractors and personnel.

Was opening a restaurant a long anticipated dream?

Absolutely not! My dream was to become a pilot or a soccer player. Both wishes came true by the way. I played and for some time coached the Olympic of Sacramento Liga del Pacific soccer teams. I still play for fun whenever I get a chance. As to becoming a pilot, I am currently accumulating flying hours to obtain my pilot certification.

So, at the age of 16 you walked through the entire process of opening an elite Brazilian Steakhouse. Is that when you got the idea of establishing your own “Churrascaria”?

No, not even close. I was a hotheaded teenager trying to get off in time to play drums at the local clubs. I was very diligent when at work though. I was striving to understand the connection between the links I was coordinating. The owners noticed that. When the restaurant business picked-up they put me in-charge of opening their second location, and then a third, and so on. By the time I was in my early 20’s I was managing several Brazilian Steakhouses located all throughout the East Coast.

When did the idea of opening your own Brazilian Steakhouse dawn on you?

When I decided to give-up on the restaurant business. I got tired of waiting in endless lines at airports and living in empty hotel rooms. I decided to slow down and take it easy for a while. I moved to California and got a job with a corporation that provides logistics for such major retailers, like Starbucks. My new responsibilities involved a lot of driving throughout the region. I soon noticed that there is no major Brazilian Steakhouses in our area. This thought wouldn’t leave me alone. How can such a great place like NorCal lack a simple good old Brazilian BBQ?! That’s when I first got the idea of opening Flame & Fire.

Flame & Fire is a pretty catchy name. How did you come up with it?

My wife Rachel did. One of many great things she contributed to this restaurant. If you see Rachel you’d think she is a model. It is hard to believe this stunning blond is a licensed CPA. As practical as she is, I honestly thought she would brushoff my idea of opening a steakhouse. Instead, she simply heard me out and got back to me later with a complete business plan. I am talking charts and numbers, investments and returns, and so on! I was thrilled!!! Not only did Rachel share my vision, but she also helped me bring it to life!

You opened your restaurant in a county oversaturated with dining options. Weren’t you concerned with such an intense completion in the area?

Not at all! See, I wasn’t looking at all the other food places that compete with each other. I saw the fact that there was not one major restaurants that served authentic Brazilian style barbeque! The market wasn’t saturated. It was wideopen for us! photos by: Olha Melokhina




Flame & Fire is not just a restaurant, it’s a destination point. People drive to Roseville simply to have dinner here. What standards did you have in mind when you planned your Steakhouse?

A five star all inclusive cruise ship that sails to Brazil. I wanted Flame & Fire to be classy, authentic, and unparalleled in ambience, food, and service. A place where you could enjoy any type of meat marinated according to traditional Brazilian recipes, roasted on the open fire, and served straight to your table. Unlimited. A restaurant where you wouldn’t have to tell waiters what to do as they’d be trained to read your eyes. Flame & Fire is all that.

What is your vision for the future?

To open the second location, and then a third, and so on until it becomes the biggest Brazilian Steakhouse chain in the US. At this point all Brazilian Churrascarias that operate in the states combined can only serve 5% of the US restaurant market. I am looking at the remaining 95% of the market – this opportunity is too big to be missed.

You live in the fast-lane running a successful restaurant, raising a family, and having an ambitious plan for the future. Is there a secret to your success?

People! I wouldn’t be where I am now if God wouldn’t surround me with amazing people that believe in me, support me, or work with me shoulder-toshoulder every day. My father Joao, my beautiful wife Rachel, my partners, and the founding members of Flame & Fire - the Mihulet Family, the Limas Family, and the Dalomba family.

You are a busy man. You fly airplanes, play drums, coach soccer, and let’s not forget about heading an engaging business. With so much on your hands, how do you prioritize your time?

Your homeland is a dream destination for a lot of travelers. What is the best place and time to travel to Brazil?

God and family first. I have to remind myself about that all the time. It is very easy to get carried-away chasing a dream or building a career. But success and money mean nothing when you don’t have someone to share it with. It all comes down to the people who love you for who you are, not what you have. I deeply appreciate the opportunity to read a book to my boys or play tennis with my wife, to share a meal with my dad, or shoot some pool with my friends. I ask God to never let me forget what’s truly important in life. The best time to visit is November through April. Their summer starts in December. As to the place, it depends on what you are looking for. Brazil has so much to offer! The Northern side with places like Bahia, Porto Seguro, and Belo Horizonte is the best for those looking for fun and entertainment. Rio de Janeiro has both, the city life, and the beauty of the Virgin Islands which are just a short ferry ride away. The south of Brazil looks like a European colony and offers some of the most beautiful beaches in the world! This is a great destination for families and those seeking a more relaxed vacation. As to my birthplace of Puerto Alegre, it offers some of the best traditional cuisine such as Churrasco – Brazilian style barbeque. But wait! You don’t have to travel to Brazil to try that anymore! Simply stop by Flame & Fire in Roseville and experience real Brazilian Churrascaria!

Don’t let anyone tell you it’s impossible! Don’t let people look down at you because of your age, ethnicity, or social status. If you want it hard enough – go for it!








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RANCHO CORD ROSEVILLE ESS PARK DR. 2020 TAYLOR ROAD 9828 BUSIN B SUITE (916) 724-0500 (916) 368-7112

29 MASSIE COURT (916) 405-6500



• 13x13 Available at Same Price Compare at $1.39 sq.ft.

12 Months SPECIAL FINANCING Subject to Credit Approval








YOU HAVE TO TRY Best Seafood

W 916-379-5959 4800 Riverside Blvd. Sacramento, CA 95822

hether you are feeling like seafood for dinner or craving a well prepared juicy steak, Scott’s Seafood on the River offers the best of both worlds. This gourmet restaurants serves a posh “farm-to-fork” menu famous for its fresh fish and exquisite meat entrees. Macadamia Nut Crusted Barramundi is a must try

for seafood lovers. Sterling Silver New York Steak drizzled in pomegranate molasses is a “Ten” for those that prefer meat. Filet Mignon and Grilled Wild Prawns is a great choice if you can’t decide. For those looking for something light and healthy, the Pacific Rim salad sprinkled with toasted nuts and avocado-

mango relish would be a perfect choice to go with. Oh, and don’t forget the dessert! We recommend Scott’s Raspberry Jack, a velvet vanilla ice cream topped with tangy raspberry sauce. This combination of sweet and sour is so good it will make even the most determined dessert-opponents give in to a sweet temptation.

Most Entertaining


ave & Buster’s is a Neverland for the adults. With a perfect combination of food and fun, this restaurant is a place where age doesn’t matter and everyone can be a child for a night. Whether you are single or have a family, young or old, Dave & Buster’s offers most fun you can have all under one roof.

The restaurant caters traditional American cuisine with something special for everyone. The menu balances fully loaded hungry man’s specials like a half-pound Philly burger with smart choices under 600 calories like mango citrus shrimp skewers. Meanwhile kiddos get their own menu

full of their favorites like Goldfingers with French fries. The best part about Dave & Buster’s is that you can come in for dinner, enjoy great food and drinks, and wander off to play hundreds of arcade games. This is a perfect set for a get-together with friends or a night out with the family.

(916) 772-3400 Fountains 1174 Roseville Pkwy, Roseville, CA 95678

Brazilian Steakhouse

F 916-790-5750 963 Pleasant Grove Blvd. Suite 100, Roseville CA

lame & Fire is a Paradise for meat lovers. The restaurant offers any kind of meat you can crave for, marinated to perfection, slow roasted over the open flames, and carved at your table to order. The menu includes tender and juicy cuts of beef, pork, chicken, lamb, and Brazilian sausage. With such a wide variety it

could be hard to decide what to order, but why choose when you can have it all? At Flame and Fire you can have any type of meat on the menu without any limitations in quantity. Skillful servers dressed like “gauchos” (Brazilian cowboys) walk around the restaurant with sword-like skewers of meat taken


right off the grill. Simply let the server know whether you wish to try a specific type of meat and he will carve you a piece that you like. The meat is marinated according to traditional family recipes brought from Brazil by the owners’ family. Flame and Fire also has outstanding service with personnel trained to cater to your every need.



Best Companies of the Year




Beryozka European Market

Vitex Innovation

Whether you cook Russian food at home all the time or have never tried Slavic cuisine before, Beryozka European Market is a great place to buy Russian produce. The store offers anything from ingredients primarily used in Slavic recipes to take-out Russian food, European cakes and freshly baked pastries. The new owner, Natalya Yakubovskiy, makes a great emphasis on produce quality and customer satisfaction. Store customers oftentimes get a reward when making a large purchase or receive a free sample when they wish to try a new delicacy.

A well-designed kitchen not only makes it more convenient and fun to cook, but also adds significant value to your home. Vitex Innovation provides a full spectrum of kitchen remodeling services from cabinets to countertops and anything in between. Whether you wish to refresh your kitchen or want to rebuild it completely, Vitex does it all. The company will work with you to create a comprehensive design of your dream kitchen - from cabinetry and countertops, to unique backsplashes and stunning flooring options. Vitex has been in business for over 10 years and has a great track record of satisfied customers.

916-624-0630 6845 FIVE STAR BLVD, ROCKLIN, CA 95677




Flooring Liquidators

Epic Bible College

Aside from being one of the largest flooring retailers in California, Flooring Liquidators take pride in their signature customer service. The store offers brand names in top quality flooring all at exceptional whole sale prices. Here you will find anything from laminate and hardwood to all sorts of tile and carpet. Flooring Liquidators showrooms and retail stores are located throughout the valley and are staffed by professionals. The team is dedicated to offer the best values in the flooring business. 916-724-0500


EPIC Bible College has invested nearly 40 years in educating students within a culturally diverse environment, grounded in academic and spiritual excellence. Their mission is to educate students in the knowledge of Christ and to train them for the call that God has on their life. The schools ranks within the top 10 U.S. colleges of similar size and degree programs and is among the most respected higher education institutions in the region. 916-348-4689





Pita Kitchen Plus is a small Mediterranean joint that has become famous among the local foodies since it has first opened in June of 2009. The place offers a fresh and healthy alternative to typical greasy burgers with fries. Pita Kitchen serves the best Mediterranean cuisine prepared from scratch at the location according to the family recipes of executive Chef and restaurant owner Hosam Khalifeh. Not only is Mediterranean cuisine is good for you, it is also full of flavor and diversity. Pita’s menu ranges from authentic vegetarian entrees to freshly grilled kabobs prepared in special house marinades. Restaurant’s ‘must have’ menu item is probably the Pita Kitchen Special Entrée – grilled marinated tender pieces of lamb, chicken, beef and kifta served with wild rice, salad, and their freshly baked pita bread. If you are willing to stretch beyond the ordinary fast food and give Pita’s healthy alternatives a try – you just might become a regular at this authentic Mediterranean eatery. Executive Chef & Restaurant Owner Hosam Khalifeh







The local McDonald’s restaurant owners from Northern California proudly support the Russian speaking community in Sacramento.




20-ый ежегодный




Your Personal Realtor FREE CONSULTATION

916.846.3582 BRE Lic # 01965349

СУББОТА 16 МАЯ с 10 утра до 9 вечера


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Развлечения для всей семьи! Шоу класических авто, карнавал, зоопарк, разнообразные лакомства из клубники Выиграйте $500 сертификат в Raley’s Вход $6, бесплатный для детей до 5 лет Veterans Field, Caroline Ave & Chabolla Ave, Galt, CA 209-745-2529 | СПОНСОРЫ ФЕСТИВАЛЯ

2365 Iron Point Road #120, Folsom CA 95630


Наденьте красный наряд и помогите в борьбе с сердечными-сосудистыми заболеваниями и инсультом! Женщины сильны. Женщины умны. Женщины решают проблемы и могут выполнить все на равне с мужчинами. К сожалению, есть несколько вещей, в которых они опять же «лучше» – это показатель смертности от сердечнососудистых заболеваний и инсульта. Каждый год, 1 из 3 женщин умирают от инсульта и сердечно-сосудистых заболеваний. Но мы можем изменить эту печальную статистику, потому что в 80% случаев, данные заболевания можно предотвратить, проинформировав женщин и изменив их образ жизни. Разрушьте барьеры и узнайте больше об этих двух недугах на сайтe:




NUTRITION 101 7 Hints to a Healthier You photo by:

Learn simple steps that lay in the foundation of a healthy diet from the Custom Fitness star trainee and the Russian Time nutrition specialist Oleg Klepach.


Eat wholesome food and avoid processed products

Eat foods that are as close to its natural state as possible. "HEALTHY" labeled foods may not be as healthy as promised. I've never seen a healthy "bread tree" or a "pasta tree".


Watch you portion size and don’t skip meals For some dieters who are trying to lose weight and not eating enough calories could be just as detrimental as eating too many calories. Restricting caloric intake can lead to a slow metabolism. Eating too many calories on the other hand, may lead to unwanted weight gain.


Don’t deprive your body of the essential nutrients Well balanced meals should have fats, proteins and carbohydrates. Our bodies strive for a balance in nutrients. Unbalanced meals may cause unhealthy consequences to our health.

4. STOP DRINKING YOUR CALORIES Watch for the hidden danger

We all know that carbonated drinks like soda are bad for us. What most of the people don’t know – is that juices may be just as bad. Did you know that some juices contain as much sugar as soda does? Many energy drinks and alcoholic beverages contain lots of calories as well.

5. SHOW MERCY FOR THE OUTLAWS Get fats and carbs back in favor

Fats and carbs have gotten a bad reputation in the past. In reality not all the fats are evil. Fats actually are essential for human health. Carbs also play a good role in our health.

6. READ THE LABELS Nutrition facts tell it all

Best way to find out what's in your food is to read the nutritional information label. If you see the ingredient names that you cannot pronounce, chances are it is some type of chemical. Steer away from products like that.


Don't go grocery shopping when you're hungry We don't make good choices when we are hungry and tend to buy foods that are not healthy for us. On top of that we usually overspend on our groceries.

OLEG KLEPACH A firefighter, a paramedic, an athlete, a nutrition junkie, and a former Emergency Medical Technician. Oleg is employed by the Cosumnes Fire Department and serves on department’s wellness committee along with several of his peers and a wellness coach. Oleg’s interest in health and nutrition began during his four year career with an ambulance. Long shifts, work under stress, sleep deprivation, lack of exercise, and eating fast food caused Oleg a drastic weight gain. At one point he realized that he began to resemble the very people he was working to save during numerous heart attack emergency calls. That’s when he embarked on his personal quest of finding out the truth about a healthy life style. Oleg began to research such issues as obesity, weight loss, health and wellness. He dug out his nutrition, biology, and bio chemistry text books that were buried in storage since his college days. To top that, Oleg kept up with the latest updates from nutrition books and fitness magazines. He put it all to practice and in about one year, Oleg lost 40 pounds. Now Oleg is determined to share his knowledge and experience to help others live a healthy and fulfilling life, and stay away from the ambulance. To learn more about a healthy lifestyle – join the Nutrition Seminar hosted by Oleg Klepach on April 25 at Custom Fitness of Natomas. Call 916-333-2776 or register online at RUSSIAN TIME MAGAZINE



(916) 286-1950


Larissa Gonchar, COA Principal Community Outreach Academy


ersonally, I feel so blessed to work with such an amazing group of people here, at Community Outreach Academy. We have a terrific staff, talented students, and supportive parents all working together. I am really proud of all we have accomplished together this year. It was the year of huge success for all our students, teachers and staff! During the year we celebrated a great variety of activities and events that not only involved students, staff, and families, but the community as well. Our students have learned and practiced many character traits during our Character Education Student Assemblies. Some of our successful events included Reading Book Fair & Reading Night, Math Competition, Spelling Bee Night, 58


Cultural Heritage Night, Parent Workshops, Talent Shows, Sport Games, extracurricular and after school program activities and special events. We are truly blessed to have all these great activities and events here at Community Outreach Academy. Without the commitment and dedication of each and every member of the Community Outreach Academy community, these diverse events would not be possible. My sincere thanks goes to all those who have provided these invaluable experiences and opportunities for our students this year. We are confident that you and your family will find fond memories that will touch your heart within the page of this Russian Time edition!


t is with great pleasure that I present to you the Community Outreach Academy. The Community Outreach Academy charter school was founded with a commitment to develop the academic talents of its students, while nurturing their appreciation and understanding of their rich cultural heritage, and the place they take as citizens in our state and nation. In providing a multicultural education, including curriculum representing the students’ language and literature of their heritage that is delivered in a supportive environment, the faculty develops the students’ ability to apply lessons as they grow and maximize their individual social, academic, and personal development and contribute to our diverse community.




Authentic Ethiopian Cuisine




10am - 4pm

Постное Меню

Get New


Clients Students Employees

Market to multicultural audience Present your products Reach out new customers Introduce business financing Explore import/export opportunities

• • • • •

Undergrad programs Master Degree Options Education programs for working adults Student loans, scholarships, financial aid Transfer process


• • • • •



Russian American Media in partnership with Council for Cross Cultural Affairs, Senator George Runner (Ret.), State Board of Equalization, Sacramento Metro Chamber of Commerce, Roseville Chamber of Commerce, Rancho Cordova Chamber of Commerce, Slavic-American Chamber of Commerce, Apapa, Slavic Community Center of Sacramento, California Hispanic Chamber of Commerce, Sacramento Hispanic Chamber of Commerce, Asian Pacific Chamber of Commerce, Sacramento Black Chamber of Commerce.




Уроки Вокала и Фортепиано для всех возрастов Tatiana Berezкina

R u ssi a n -

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A ll

6300 Fountain Square Dr., Citrus Heights, CA MoreBUSINESS information: 916-299-1777, EDUCATION JOBS • • • • •

FF O 5 $

a k in

Business & Career EXPO

pea n - S king sia


All R us



1704 Broadway, Sacramento, CA 95818

over 500,000 eggs The


egg hunt

in the World ! free entry!

u H g g E P I V y r + limited ent m


apitol 9am - 1p C te ta S @ th April 4 e s!

g , B o u n ce Fa ce p a in ti n

H o u se , Fo o d ,

P ri z

Sponsorship opportunities available!


ВЫЕЗЖАЕМ НА ДОМ ПРИНИМАЕМ СТРАХОВКИ Alex Davidenko 916-215-7448 To place your ad, please call at 916-299-1777







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Русский мега пакет............................24.99/месяц АМЕДИЯ, СТС, Детский канал, NHL Network, Русский Иллюзион, TV1000, Русское кино, TVCI, Евроньюс Важные правила и условия: Рекламные предложения: Требуемая активация для новых услуг DISH. Все цены, штрафы, платежи, пакеты, программирование, дополнительные характеристики, функциональность и предложения могут быть изменены без предварительного уведомления после 12-месячного рекламного периода. После 12-месячного рекламного периода, цена и предложения могут быть изменены. ETF: в случае отказа от сервиса в первые 24 месяца, сбор за досрочное отключение будет составлять $20 в каждый месяц, который вы не использовали, согласно договору. Дополнительные требования: Бесплатный HD навсегда: Дополнительные $10 в месяц за отказ от текущего счета; требования для регистрации — это автоплатеж и безбумажный биллинг. Премиум каналы: Стоимость премиум предложения в размере до $132; после 3-х месяцев, затем используются текущие месячные платежи и присутствуют изменения. Установка оборудования/требования к оборудованию: Бесплатная Стандартная Профессиональная установка. Оборудование, взятое в аренду, должно быть возвращенно в DISH до рассторжения договора, иначе могут быть наложены штрафы. Могут возникнуть заочные и дополнительные сборы. Разное (Misscellaneous): Предложения действительный для новых и квалифицированных прежних клиентов, и в условиях дейтсвующих рекламных договоров с нынешними клиентами. Могут взиматься дополнительные сборы штата. Могут возникнуть дополнительные ограничения и налоговые сборы. Предложение действительно до 6/10/15 SHOWTIME это зарегестрированный товарный знак Showtime Networks Inc., компании CBS.STARZ и сопутсвующих каналов и торговых сервисов, которые являются собственностью Starz Entertainment, LLC. Encore и сопутсвующие каналы и торговые услуги являются собственностью Starz Entertainment, LLC. Посетите для уточнения дат и времени.


ом языке Покупка машины на родн Rates as low as 0%it On approved cred

Hanlees TOYOTA in Davis

Нет кредитной истории? НЕТ ПРОБЛЕМ! Специальное финансирование для людей со стабильным доходом независимо от кредитной истории. Мы поможем с покупкой автомобиля даже после банкротства


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Марат Казак, DPM Marat Kazak, DPM

• Вросшие ногти • Грибковые заболевания ногтей и кожи ног (Новейшая лазерная технология) • Боли в пятках

• Переломы ног • Раны и язвы на ногах • Спортивная медицина стопы и голеностопного сустава • Ортопедическая обувь

Григорий Товмасян, DPM Gregory Tovmassian, DPM

Самое эффективное лечение заболеваний ногтей с помощью современного лазера Нет побочных эффектов. Безболезненно, без анестезии. Нет вредной UV радиации Если у вас есть венозные язвы на голени или диабетические язвы стопы, позвоните нам по телефону 916-459-4398. Доктор Товмасян постарается найти программу по оказанию БЕСПЛАТНОЙ МЕДИЦИНСКОЙ ПОМОЩИ с использованием НОВЕЙШИХ МЕТОДОВ ЛЕЧЕНИЯ ваших язв

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anoerv z a B a s i Lardding Hair Design We -7540 0 0 6 6 91 Blvd, ir Oak s a 11727 F s, C A 95628 a Fair O k


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Immigration Visa Services Organization

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Гражданство Депортация Право на Работу Виза жениxа и невесты Воссоединение Семьи Green Card Политическое Убежище Статус Беженство Паспорт для путешествия Иммиграционные Формы

Criminal Law-Криминальные проблемы Family Law- Семейное право Personal Injury-Защита при авариях

KENNY GIFFARD - Attorney at Law





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ПРОФЕССИОНАЛЬНЫЙ ЦЕНТР МЕДИЦИНСКИХ УСЛУГ Наши Услуги : Physical examinations | Медицинские осмотры DL51 Commercial Driver Examinations | Коммерческие осмотры для драйверов Drug Testing | Тестирование на наркотики Immunizations | Прививки Звоните сегодня и получите 20% скидки на первом визите при упоминании этой рекламы

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Независимо от того, хотите ли вы отложить деньги на черный день, обеспечить личный кредит, использовать эксклюзивные услги, предоставляемые через Интернет или по телефону, или воспользоваться удобством наших банкоматов и многочисленных филиалов банка - мы всегда готовы вам помочь. Звоните, заходите на наш веб - сайт или обращайтесь лично к сотруднику банка.