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Facts about Vättern Area: 1,912 km2 Length: 135 km Width: 31 km Greatest depth: 128 m • “Vättern” is Sweden's second largest lake, and Europe's seventh largest. The name Vättern simply means “water”. The greatest inflows are the River Forsviksån from Lake Unden and Lake Viken, along with the River Huskvarnaån. The outlet is the River Motala Ström. • Vättern is a rift formation. On the eastern side, there is Omberg, a raised geological formation, in this case an outcrop of the primary rock, which is a remnant of the mountain massif which sank through displacement along a geological fault. • There are almost 30 species of fish in Lake Vättern, including grayling, smelt, char, European whitefish and Vättern salmon, which, funnily enough, is not a salmon but a trout. During the summer, Vättern fish can be seen at the Vättern-Akvariet aquarium in Motala.


Around Vättern 2018 Fishing is at the heart of Vättern life

Lake Vättern is Sweden's second largest lake, with over twenty active professional fishermen. They fish for crayfish, whitefish, char and other delicacies. Many people in the fishing industry have also seen that there is a demand for accompaniments to the fish, and have started producing their own souses and sauces. Pages 4 - 5

Elna’s top cycling tips

Elna Dahlstrand, who runs one of Sweden's most widely read cycling blogs, writes for Around Vättern on her adventures and experiences, and gives us her top tips. Pages 7, 8, 9

Come on a safari

Around Vättern, there are a number of opportunities to see exciting animals. In Gate outside Hjo, you can see bison, on the island of Visingsö there are alpaca, in Askersund you can pet goats and in Habo you can go on an elk safari. Read more about these on Pages 10, 11, 12

Industrial history characterizes the area

It is sometimes said that the cradle of Swedish industry is in Motala. We have looked closely into this, and found that Swedish industry could also have been born in Forsvik. Thanks to the appropriate natural resources, a mill was built here in the 15th century. This later became a sawmill. The sawmill came to play a very important role in the construction of the industrial society. Pages 14, 15, 16, 17

Presentation of the places around Vättern

Askersund 20-23 Motala 24-27 Mjölby-Skänninge 27-29 Vadstena 30-33 Ödeshög 34-37 Gränna/Visingsö 38-45 Jönköping/Huskvarna 45-49 Habo 50-52 Mullsjö 53 Tidaholm 54-55 Habo 56-58 Karlsborg 60-63

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Capturing the holiday feeling in word and image… We have now produced a magazine for everyone visiting the area around Lake Vättern, an area which we are very proud of, and our aim is to share everything there is to experience here. Producing a new Around Vättern magazine, the 21st in a row, is a bit like putting together a complicated jigsaw puzzle. Do you remember the feeling you had when you saw all the puzzle pieces on the table… How on Earth will I get all these pieces to fit together? What order should they be in, how do I turn them to fit in with each other and why do I see everything more clearly after taking a break now and then? But you get a special feeling of satisfaction when all the bits fall into place, one after another. We get the same feeling when we put together the magazine, which is intended both for visitors from a long way away, and for people who live near the lake. An idea, a thought or an experience which can be put across in word and picture. Jigsaw pieces that generate information on all the beautiful, exciting, pacey, inspiring and relaxing experiences waiting just around the corner. We want to help you put together a great holiday, whether it is with your family, your friends or if you prefer to travel on your own. What makes a fine holiday for you? Perhaps just a day trip to one of the host of exciting places around our beautiful lake, or a few weeks to see and explore more of the region. We would like to thank all the municipalities/tourist companies whose generous contributions of text and photographs helped give the magazine its excellent and highly-readable content. Our advertisers include associations, communities, municipalities and entrepreneurs whose commitment to cooperation makes everything we do together stronger. Thanks also to everyone who provided ideas, the writers and enthusiasts who contribute to the content of the magazine and keep our Instagram flow and Facebook page alive. Sit yourself comfortably and absorb some of the inspiration, joy and pleasure on offer in and around Lake Vättern. If you prefer to read on your tablet or computer, the magazine is available as a browsable PDF on our website, Have a great summer! Eva Sandegren Cecilia Lindheimer

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Anders Carlén is one of just 20 professional fishermen on Vättern. Every day that weather permits, he goes out with his boat.

Fishing is at the heart of Vättern life With 25,000 paying customers, Carléns Fisk & Vätterkräftor is a natural destination in the Municipality of Habo. “There is something here for all tastes”, says the Managing Director, Maria Carlén. When Maria pulls out a bunch of keys, opens the door to her workplace and casts a quick glance at the clock behind the counter, the hour hand is pointing at four. A few minutes later, she begins her tasks for the day: smoking fish, stocking the shelves with sauces, testing a variety of heading, filling up the ice, and mopping the shop floor are at the top of her “to do” list. But Maria has no problem getting up early in the morning. “The job is a passion. Seeing and meeting all our satisfied customers is a privilege”, she says. A couple of kilometres from here, in Habo, is perhaps Sweden's most distinctive wooden church, which attracts around 25,000 visitors every year. But the question is whether Carléns Fisk & Vätterkräftor is at least as big a tourist magnet. “If I check every receipt, I can certainly state that we have 25,000 paying customers”, says Maria with a quick smile. In 2001, she met the man she was to marry, professional fishermen Anders Carlén. In the same


year, she joined the business which he had started five years previously. “Many professional fishermen are out on the lake all the time, and it is difficult for them to keep on top of running and developing their business on land. We usually say that Anders does the fishing and I take care of everything else”, she says.

Hands full with “everything else”

“Everything else” includes everything from smoking fish, boiling shellfish, doing all the purchasing, emptying waste bins, planning strategies for future years and making tasty dishes using fish and shellfish from Lake Vättern.

PHOTO: HENRIK LENNGREN At Carléns Fisk & Vätterkräftor there is something for everyone, according to Managing Director, Maria Carlén. You can find everything for your party or perhaps you just have a craving for something tasty. What about a smoked whitefish with a delicious sauce?

“I certainly have enough to do. But I never count how many hours I work. I enjoy it too much to think along those lines”, she says. Her husband, Anders, is one of just 20 professional fishermen on Lake Vättern. From his base in Svedåns hamn, pretty much every day, he goes out on his 12-metre boat, in the hope of catching fish in the public water. “On some days, there is nothing in the net, and when the wind is strong he cannot go out on the lake at all. But normally, the fishing is successful”, says Maria. “It is clear that Lake Vättern fish are popular, and many people are willing to go well out of their way to find their locally-caught favourites. Char are probably the most sought-after. But we also have trout, perch, zander and pike”. In total, there are 32 species of fish in Lake Vättern. In volume terms, the signal crayfish is by far the largest. “We began boiling crayfish in 2001, and we have become specialists in that over the years. In the summer, we often get visitors from Stockholm who fill their cars’ luggage space with crayfish in styrofoam containers”, Maria explains. The company’s real problem, she says, is finding the perfect dill. “Fortunately, we have farmers in Skåne and Vadstena who deliver to us. We need absolutely top quality dill to cook the crayfish the way we want. The identity of our products, that they taste a special way, is really important”.



Something for everyone

Alongside fish and shellfish, visitors can also buy things that go well with fish and with the shop’s concept. “We have no intention of being a rural general store, but a rather a mecca for fish and delicacies. People who come here are often shopping for a special dinner, and they care that it goes well. They are looking for tips and ideas to make the dining experience complete”. On the shelves and above the counter, you can see everything from spices, rapeseed oil infused with dill and biscuits, bread, vegetables and anything else you could possibly need to accompany fish. “There is something here for everyone. I would venture to say that we have 100 percent purchase frequency”, concludes Maria Carlén.

Jonny Ståhl is Chair of Vätterns Fiskareförbund and he also runs a fish kiosk in Ödeshög.

Aims to develop


are really fresh. The fish are often caught in the morning and are in the shop when we open”. The fish hut also offers a wide range of smoked fish from Sjöarps smokehouse and from Vägga smokehouse. “Sjöarp smokes the Vättern fish we sell in the shop. We also have quality herring, our own honey and sausage produced from game meat. During the season, we also offer boiled Lake Vättern crayfish. People are welcome to sit down and have a lunch of smoked salmon and potato salad, and the food is also available to take away”, says Jonny. Another part of his operation is fish conservation, and he hires out and sells conservation equipment. “These are special nets used to catch roach and bream in lakes in which whitefish have become too numerous. I take orders in the autumn and then make the equipment during the winter. If I have time, I will also lay out


Someone else who encourages fishing in Lake Vättern is Jonny Ståhl, Chair of Vätterns Fiskareförbund; the professional fisherman's organisation. “I would like to see a welldeveloped hospitality industry in collaboration with fishing. I would also like to see more products incorporating fish from Vättern. Fish and chips with burbot are a product that I believe strongly in. We have a very large population of burbot in the lake, and they need to be fished to keep a proper balance among the species in the lake”. For the past two years, Jonny has run a popular fish kiosk on Ödeshögs torg. The ambition is to supply locally-caught fish such as pike, zander and perch, as well as whitefish, trout and char from Vättern. “We want to give everyone the opportunity to buy these fish at an excellent price while they

the nets, but then the customer has to take care of the fishing”.

Unbalanced fishing a threat

In an interview with Corren last year, Jonny complained that fishing in Lake Vättern has become too rigidly focused on certain species, such as salmon and char. He would like to see people fishing for whitefish again “There is a lot of potential for Whitefish in the tourism industry. There are plenty of whitefish in the lake, and they need to be fished, since they compete for food with other species, such as char. Smoked whitefish is really a summer dish, and goes well with a Swedish open sandwich, a slice of crispbread or served with boiled potatoes or potato salad. When visitors come to any of the harbours around Lake Vättern, they would really like something to eat there, preferably food which is special to Vättern – and whitefish definitely have a place there”. l

Buy your fish and shellfish here Carléns Fisk & Vätterkräftor. Info:

Zeth Rylander. Info:

Hjo-Sik. Info:

Gustavsson’s fish and crayfish. Info:

Klangahamns fishing village. Info:

Fiskboa Motala. Info:

Borghamns Kiosk & Fisk. Info:

Fiskboden i Ödeshög.

Bengtsgården Visingsö. Info:

Gränna rökeri & Fiskelyckan.

Saluhallen Vätterfisk. Info: Anders and Maria Carlén share the tasks in the business. ”Anders fishes and I run everything else” says Maria Carlén.



“Idas brygga” offers char

Grilled char with fresh beans, chantarelles and buttered white wine sauce Serves 4

Fresh beans and chantarelles 400 g picked over and rinsed yellow wax beans and string beans 500 g fresh chanterelles butter, salt and pepper Heat a pan and add the mushrooms. Cook until all the liquid has boiled away. Add the butter and fry the chanterelles until they are golden. Add the beans and a little more butter. Cook the beans for one to two minutes so that they are still crisp. Season with salt and pepper

White wine sauce: 1 dl shallots 2 tbs + 2 tbs butter 3 dl white wine 4 dl fish stock 4 dl whipped cream salt and pepper

Char: 800 g char fillet rapeseed oil salt and pepper

Chop the shallot and fry in a pot with 2 tbs of butter until it is soft and transparent, but not browned. Add the white wine and fish stock, bring to the boil, and simmer until it has reduced by half. Pour in the cream and simmer for around 15 minutes. Add the remaining butter and mix the sauce. Season with salt and pepper to taste. Pour the sauce into a new pan.

Heat a frying pan. Rub the fish fillet with a little rapeseed oil and season with salt and pepper. Place the fish in the pan skin side down, and fry for around 2 minutes on each side. Remove the fish and let it rest for a minute before serving. Place the chanterelles and beans on the plate. Serve the fish. Whisk the buttered white wine sauce until it is light and frothy, and pour over the fish. Serve with new potatoes with dill.

Save Lake Vättern! The military plans to multiply its exercises with shootings on Lake Vättern.

A mine is planned for Gränna, with high risk for the drinking water supply.

Photo: Desiré Östergren. The recipe is taken from the book, Vättern - möten, mat, människor. Isaberg förlag. More on this on page 13

Vill du utveckla din verksamhet med koppling till fisket i Vättern? Sök förenklat projektstöd hos oss under hösten 2018!

Let drinking water and habitat be more important than exploitation! Support our efforts to save Lake Vättern!

Read more about the threats to drinking water on our website!


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- find fishing regulations and information:


On a road racing bike through Jönköping’s Tuscany.


The joy of cycling, lactic acid & adventure – an active lifestyle inspired by the Lake Vättern countryside TEXT & PHOTO: ELNA DAHLSTRAND

With the magnificent countryside around Vättern as a base, it is easy to live by my watchwords. The joy of cycling. Lactic acid. Adventure. I boil this all together to form a permanent inspiration in my day-to-day life, and I have the fantastic benefit of getting to share every day the highs and lows of my watchwords on one of Sweden's leading cycling blogs. Being a cyclist and blogger with Around Vättern is rewarding and inspiring. In this area, it's easy to find beautiful and easily-

accessible daily adventures which combine exercise with digital inspiration. The fantastic countryside is here to discover or rediscover time after time in the way that I like best of all - from a bicycle saddle. If every day contains a little joy of cycling, lactic acid and adventure, it makes it possible to see the little things in the great, and this is easy when you live near Vättern and have permanent access to breathtaking views, beautiful roads and tracks that thread their way through fairytale forests out of the drawings of John Bauer. I boil all my watchwords together to form a permanent source of inspiration in my daily life, and I have the fantastic benefit of getting to share all my experiences every day on one of Sweden's leading cycling blogs.

Passion with variety

Cycling is my great passion. I compete and train with my mountain bike, but I also do a lot of roadracing for fitness' sake and to enjoy the social aspects of rolling along



Take a break at one of the Bauerleden trail’s most magnificent viewpoints, just before the trail descends steeply to the water and the beautiful Röttle Raster halt.

with a bunch of other road race cyclists and chatting away for several hours on everything and nothing while the roads thread their way through the natural beauty of farm and apple orchard, cultural treasures and places with endless horizons. My heart also beats a little harder for MTB - it is a fantastic mix of opportunities to train and press yourself to the max, mixed with the opportunity to be out in the forests and countryside. I follow the seasons from my bike saddle, and I take great delight in peddling the forest tracks around my home, time after time, fast and slow.

Fast tracks in fairytale forests

As an MTB cyclist, the forest is your arena, and it is always something special to run fast tracks through fairytale forest. The countryside where I live can change very rapidly, and the

TIP: If you don't have your own bike with you, you can rent a mountain bike, racer or e-mtb in Jönköping.

feeling of being deep in a mythical forest changes rapidly as you cycle past open pastures or along shimmering water and up to heights with endless horizons. A mountain bike is a wonderful way to discover new places, and although I have lived and cycled in the area around Gränna, Huskvarna and Jönköping for years, I often go out on a pathfinding ride to discover new places. Pathfinding is wonderful and enjoyable - I do it often when I am going somewhere I have never been before. Sometimes alone, sometimes with locals as guides - easy to find via facebook groups. If you are interested in MTB, there are places to hire forest bikes. It may sound difficult to cycle some of the tracks, but the great thing is that you can adapt your ride to suit your own level and ability, and an MTB will take you anywhere, on small and root-filled tracks or on dirt roads.

Five of my favourite cycling destinations It really is difficult to say which is best, when all the cycling is so good and there are lots of places to cycle to. Local cycle clubs around the lake have many excellent MTB tracks and wonderful small asphalt roads carrying only light traffic, providing road cycling at its best.

VISTABANAN [MTB] Vistabanan is one of Sweden's oldest MTB trails, and offers stomachtingling riding. The trail winds through fantastic seven times in the short but steep ascents and descents. Can't quite simply, a real hill-andvalley trail for MTB cyclists.

OMBERG [ROAD RACE BIKES/MTB] Mythical Omberg offers cycling at its best. Challenges for MTBs and beautiful asphalt roads with breathtaking views over Lake Vättern.

HUSKVARNABERGET [MTB] World-class cycling. Huskvarnaberget is a nature reserve but there are a number of marked MTB trails, including the EM trail, built in 2016. Experienced MTB cyclists want to challenge themselves absolutely must visit Huskvarna.

VISINGSÖ[ROAD RACE BIKES/Ordinary bikes] Cycling on the Island of Visingsö is a classic experience. Take the ferry across and rent a bike or take your own road race bike over with you and do the circuit of the island, with all its wonderful attractions.

GRÄNNABERGET [MTB] Grännaberget offers magical MTB trails, plus the opportunity to stop and eat one of Sweden’s tastiest shrimp sandwiches next to the cycle trails. There is also an active group of all-mountain cyclists in Gränna who are only too happy to show the best ways down.


Plenty of refreshment opportunities

My home circuit on my road racing bike goes around Huskvarna and Gränna, and it has everything that a road racing cyclist could possibly need. One of my favourite runs is the circuit of Lake Landsjön outside Huskvarna, and what makes it particularly great is that it gives you both a fast and super-tough training circuit and wonderful refreshments. The route goes through the apple valley, which is also known as Jönköping’s Tuscany, offering views over two legs and a road which undulates through the countryside. The fast, narrow wheels of the road race bike take you a long way in a short time, and this is perfect for the active holidaymaker to explore a new area. If you enjoy stopping for a coffee and a snack, a road bike is the perfect choice - stopping and enjoying a refreshment break is a natural part of a cycle tour, and with all the excellent cafés and farm shops around here, it's easy to stretch your legs and fill up with delicious cakes, cider and newly-roasted coffee before continuing your adventure.

Hills, hills, hills

The cycle clubs in Jönköping and Huskvarna have many expert cyclists on their hands. Perhaps this is because we have so many fantastic hills to train on all, and being good on hills is always useful for a cyclist. In Huskvarna, we have excellent cycling routes, including the well-known Norra Klevaliden trail, which climbs steeply up Huskvarnaberget, in the small heritage village of Röttle outside Gränna, there are two really long climbs, one of which snakes its way along the river to the beautiful estate and Manor House of Västanå. There are of course many, many more - we have hills for everyone.

Every training session becomes an adventure

The environment here is varied, challenging and beautiful - it makes exercising on your bike a perfect blend of performance and recreation, where you can ride interval training up long and steep hills, and then recover while the sun dips over the water and the sky takes on the pink shimmer that you only see around large lakes. It is no exaggeration to say that every training session becomes a daily adventure. It's impossible to be blind to the beauties of home in these magnificent surroundings. You really must bring your bike with you when you tour Vättern - I promise that you will have a magically beautiful holiday whether you prefer to match your performance or just relax and cycle gently. Would you like to join me on my adventures around Lake Vättern? Visit my blog! l

Sunset over Vättern in the spring on the way out towards Jönköping’s Tuscany and a circuit of Lake Landsjön. If you like to combine cycling with a coffee break, there is a wealth of places to choose from in the apple valley outside Huskvarna.

Some of the locations on my cycling bucket list: ASKERSUND [MTB] Charming Askersund has a number of MTB trails of varying degrees of difficulty. The trails are ideally suited both for training for long-distance races and for making the most of the beautiful terrain. This is definitely on my two-do list for training adventures over the summer.

HÖKENSÅS [MTB] Mile after mile of dry and fast trails through lingonberry and heather in beautiful pine woods interspersed with frequent forest lakes.

VÄTTERNRUNDAN [ROAD RACE BIKES] I have cycled around Vättern twice. Once in a fast group with an MC escort in daylight, and once in winter, in darkest December, with a wonderful organiser who fixes problems with love. But - I have never participated in the race cycled the “Vätternrundan”, that is starting in the middle of the night in Motala and finishing after many hours in the dark, through the sunrise and celebrations at places round the lake. Some time I must do this as well. No matter where you will go around Vättern, I promise that the cycling will be great - Google local cycle clubs, don't be afraid to listen to the locals, ask about guides and don't miss all the exciting competitions and runs that are arranged at various places around the lake.



On safari with the children around Vättern Kids usually want to visit the zoo. Parents usually sigh a little when the subject comes up. It takes at least a full day, it's expensive, you have to take a packed lunch or else eat inferior junk food after half an hour standing in a queue - the children’s blood sugar never sinks as fast as it does in that queue… But there are alternatives! Lots of them. Around Vättern has taken a look at all the animals that can be seen and/or petted in the distribution area. We begin outside Hjo, where Simon Althaus and his partner, Jennie Johansson, run the Bison farm in Gate. You can go out with them into the meadows and see the bison living their lives, just as they appear in the Lucky Luke cartoons, though hairier. Yes, of course you don't have to go out into the meadow on your own, as Simon drives out with the tractor and trailer with benches. The trailer is almost full when we bump our way over the hills. From a distance, you can see large brown humps lying on the ground. As the tractor approaches, they get curiously


to their feet. They are well aware that Simon will have some treats with him. The tractor comes to a halt. We sit absolutely still and look at the enormous animals. The bison can weigh up to a tonne. Bamse, the farm's largest bison, is almost 2 metres high at the withers. The cows are a little smaller... In the meadows at Gate, there are between 100 and 140 bison, in four flocks. 30-40 calves are born each year, and we see some of them from the trailer. One is suckling, and keeps close to its mother.

A limit to curiosity

The idea of the Safari is that the animals will come close enough to the wagon so that they can be seen properly, but today they don't seem to be that curious about us visitors. Simon brings out a long branch with green leaves, and tries to entice them closer. They are not interested. We move on, down one hill and up another. There is another group of animals there. Perhaps they might decide to come close enough? Oh yes! They are attracted by the green branches sticking out between the planks in the side of the trailer. The 7-year old is a little scared when the massive animal sticks out its mouth and snatches at the branches. Even so, he looks closely at the animal. It has large sheets of old hair hanging from the side of its chest. It is still shedding its winter coat, all of it has not yet fallen off.


Simon Althaus explains that all the animals are personalities. Some of them are more interested in people than others, and some prefer to keep their distance. These are American bison, which have never been in the wild in Sweden. The European bison, on the other hand, has. This is a significantly smaller animal, and attempts are currently being made to reintroduce them in the wild in several Central European countries. This is also being discussed here in Sweden, but so far they can only be seen in zoos and enclosures.

The Safari tour is really exciting. It lets us see unusual animals at close quarters, and we get to ride behind a tractor. Sometimes, our pretensions don't get any bigger! At the bison farm, you can also try how bison tastes: there is a saloon which sells bison burgers and other good food, and a small shop where you can buy some bison meat to take home.

The Wild West

The Wild West theme goes a bit further than the animals. You can also stay in an Indian teepee at the Bison farm in Gate. The teepee is equipped with pelts and inflatable mattresses. It is also possible to have a fire inside the teepee, with the smoke rising straight up and out through the very top. Just like you see in Western movies. Around Vättern there are lots of opportunities to look at animals. Another place with a similar concept to the Bison farm in Gate is Tumbäcks gård near Habo. From Habo Camping site, a similar vehicle takes you out to see elk. This requires silence and


a certain amount of patience, but Rob Lenting of Habo Camping has always managed to find elk on the safari tours, and he reckons this has been the case in every recent year. On the Island of Visingsö, there is also an alpaca farm to visit. “It's difficult to miss” explain Jan-Erik and Karin Eskilsby, who own the animals. People screeched to a stop on their bikes or cars, and yell, “Look, a llama!” The alpaca, like the llama, is a camelid which is most often found in South America, but thrives exceptionally well here too. In Sweden, however, the alpaca is mostly kept for its fine wool, and the Eskilsby family on Visingsö also offer woollen products. On the farm, you can go on an alpaca safari, and you can also get to feed them. You can also go trekking with an alpaca as a companion, or just stay around the fence and look. “They are actually extremely cautious animals, but ours are very secure, and you can pet some of them”, Karin Eskilsby assures us.



Mini zoo

If elk, alpaca and bison feel a little too big, it's a great idea to see and even pet the goats, rabbits and other animals in several places, including Jönköping Town Park, where there is a mini zoo with child-friendly animals in smaller sizes. There is a similar attraction in Askersund as well, part of Askersund Community Centre.

Elk safari in Tumbäck. “We see elk almost every time there”, says Rob Lenting of Habo Camping, where the safari starts.

Even smaller, but not quite so keen on being petted, are the hens in Gottlösa egg farm outside Skänninge. Every morning, Eva Danielsson lets her 13,500 hens out. Every morning, they are just as glad to get out, run around and flit towards the “woods”, the birch forest between Route 206 and their roosts. The poultry farm has had KRAV organic certification for several years, and anyone driving past can see the hens pattering, bobbing and pecking in the grass. One or two roost up in the birch trees. You are welcome to stop and watch the hens, or buy eggs in the adjoining egg kiosk. l


Letting the hens out


New book for Vättern travellers If you are looking for more suggestions for eating in the places you visit around Lake Vättern, a new food guide to the area has been published just for you “Vättern – Möten mat människor”. It is a blend of travel guide and inspirational cookbook, with beautiful photographs of forty carefully-selected places around the lake.

The journalist Ivana Vukadinovic, did the exploring, and, together with photographer, Desiré Östergren, set out a trip which brings both senses and/pleasure to life. Through their personal meetings with different people, they get across knowledge of the history and geography, the countryside and culture of the area in a delightful way. The trip encompasses four provinces; Östergötland, Småland, Västergötland and Närke. The stops range from manor houses to simple and intimate coffee shops, mills, churches and youth hostels. The unique environments each have their own history which is brought to life through the people and the food that are the red thread – the green is the emphasis on the organic and the locally-grown.

The recipes make your mouth water. The ice cream restaurant on the pier, Hamnpiren Glassrestaurang, and the bistro in Motala, for example, serve elk chili stew and elk burgers, as well as a very different and adventurous selection of ice creams. Ladugård 206 in Vadstena offers Fuskkockens autumn soup, and the legendary Fiket café in Gränna, a time capsule from the 1950s, serves polkakladdkaka, a cake covered in rock candy. We learn that a group of old men turn up every morning to eat a “gubbmacka”, an “old man's sandwich”, with liver pate and pickled gherkins or fried egg and fish roe. If you intend touring on your own home turf, this book is a great source of tips for discovering pearls in your own area that had perhaps slipped your notice. How many people in Ödeshög have visited Urnatur’s cool forest hotel, which attracts visitors from all over the world? Guests are close to nature and yet can enjoy a menu that includes Ulrika's chard steaks. Uppgrenna Naturhus is a more exclusive residential greenhouse with a glass roof and Mediterranean garden, built on the concept of the healing power of nature. It also mentions Sveriges Rundradiomuseum, the Swedish Radio Museum, in Motala, the Naturum Tåkern nature reserve and the enchanted Tiveds Forest – or “the pagans' and warlocks' forest” as author Verner von Heidenstam called it. Extracts from the book are dotted around this year's Round Vättern, and there is also a recipe on page 6. l TEXT: INGELI AALTO

The 10th Summer exhibition at Gunillaberg The Danish artist Tage Andersen’s conceptual art at Gunillaberg from the 17th century, 25 kilometres West of Jönköping, is a revelation of an artists many-sided urge to create. It has animal installations, garden sculptures, interiors and God's wild nature i a captivating mise-enscène. This year, there is much more to see at an exhibition of the work of the Danish glass artist, Tobias Møhl In the Orangery, which was built in 2013, this summer will see music and ballet performances with international artists. The “ballet weekend” in July will include ballet dancers Alina Cojocaru and Johan Kobborg, from London, and Vivi Flint from Denmark. On Midsummer Sunday, the Danish-Swedish cellist, Andreas Brantelid, will play again at Gunillaberg. In August, opera will be offered for the first time at Gunillaberg, with soprano, Iréne Theorin from Småland, and the Concerto Copenhagen Baroque Ensemble will play on 8 July. The circus star, Katja Schuman, will appear with an elegant horse show at the opening ceremony. l




Forsviks bruk is now a heritage site, with the buildings preserved to the greatest possible extent. PHOTO:FORSVIKS BRUK

Vättern is surrounded by industrial history Motala is described as the cradle of Swedish industry. It was here that Baltzar von Platen opened the Motala engineering plant in 1822. It was a strategic location given that the plant would supply large amounts of iron components, tools, locks and bridges for the construction of the Göta Canal. The construction of the Göta Canal was itself a precondition for what would later be called industrialisation. There was a need for faster transport routes for raw materials and for finished products. The idea of a canal had been around long before von Platen put forward his thoughts in ”Afhandling om canaler genom Sverige” [A Dissertation on Canals through Sweden]. As far back as the 16th century, the famous Bishop Brask had suggested it. So it is safe to say that the canal idea had taken root when von Platen presented his Dissertation to King Gustav IV Adolf in 1806. The King approved the project a couple of years later, and the first sod was cut in 1810. But industrial history is far older than that, 600 years would be nearer the mark. Water power,

Forsviks bruk in its heyday was a whole village in which every building had its special function. SKETCH: REINHARDT GROSCH

massive forest, the existence of ore deposits and the transport opportunities on Lake Vättern made the region attractive for the production of everything from flour and matchsticks to steel, ships and locomotives. Among the first establishments was what came to be known as Forsviks bruk. Here, on the Forsvik farm, where Lake Viken runs out into Lake Bottensjön and Lake Vättern, a flour mill existed as early as the beginning of the 15th century. The farm was donated to Vadstena Abbey, and a sawmill and forge were erected on the site. The water-powered sawmill in Forsvik

is the first known sawmill of which there is a written record. The planks for the construction of the Abbey in Vadstena were sawn at that mill. The Abbey also set up a forge at an early date. With the dissolution of the Abbey during the Reformation in 1527, ownership of Forsvik passed to the Crown. Timber sawn in Forsvik was shipped to the castle in Vadstena which Gustav Vasa began to build. Today, Forsviks bruk is a popular museum with historical buildings, exciting exhibitions, and industrial railway and, in addition, everything that the visitor could need in the form of catering.



The construction of the Göta Canal was crucial in enabling Sweden to industrialise to the extent that it did. PHOTO: CHARLOTTA HASKOVEC

One of the few preserved blast furnaces

After a number of changes of ownership and development of mining over the centuries, we reached 1836, when Alfred Nobel experimented with explosives in Knalla mine. And it is just here you find a fascinating visitor attraction, Zinkgruvans museum. A vibrant museum with guided tours both above and below ground. For the past couple of years, visitors have been able to accompany an experienced miner 200 metres underground.

As we travel further along the track of industrial history, a little to the North along the western shore of Lake Vättern, we find one of Sweden's few preserved blast furnaces, Igelbäcken’s blast furnace, situated only a few tens of metres from Route 49. The original furnace was erected in 1696, and is one of many hundreds of blast furnaces in the area, which benefited from the presence of iron ore deposits and forests which provided charcoal, the most important ingredient for the conversion of iron ore to pig-iron. The current blast furnace dates from the beginning of the 19th century, and remained operational until 1923.

Motala Verkstad

Mining history

We continue to head North, past Askersund and on to Zinkgruvan, probably best known as a major producer of zinc and copper ore. The present mining operation, over 1,300 metres deep, is probably not the summer tourist's goal. But it is the origin of the mining of today, and takes us back to the Middle Ages. As early as the 13th century, iron ore was extracted from several mines in the area NorthEast of Vättern. For a number of years in the first half of the 14th century, St Bridget owned Garpa, Västerby, Åmme and Nyhytte mines which she inherited from her father, Birger Persson.

There is a stone museum at Örberga outside Vadstena.

Back on the road again, now going South to Motala and the real cradle of industry. And here we encounter a still successful hi-tech company with the same name as the one that Baltzar von Planen founded – Motala Verkstad. But this is not what a holidaymaker is looking for, which is Motala Industrimuseum on the site beside the Göta Canal where the operation began. This is where many objects from the start of construction of the Göta Canal to modern production can be viewed and admired. The Carlsunds locomotive, dating from 1862, one of 1,300 locomotives built to date, of which 700 were steam locomotives. Another example is a marine engine from 1915, which should have been delivered to St Petersburg in the SS Lancheron. World war and revolution intervened, so the ship and the engine remained in Motala.




Limestone has been quarried in the area North of Omberg since the Middle Ages. The stone was used as construction material for both Alvastra Monestary and the Göta Canal and, not least, for the Fortress of Karlsborg. Limestone quarrying still continues in Borghamn, where two companies mine and process the stone as a construction material, particularly for floors, stairs, countertops etc. Borghamn, which in addition to stone quarrying was also a fishing harbour, is well worth a visit, but if you are looking for a stone museum, there is one beside Örberga Church, just South of Vadstena.

Husqvarna in Huskvarna

For the next destination in the hunt for exciting industrial history, carry on southwards, to Huskvarna, a place whose growth was intertwined with that of Jönköping. If you counted up all the products which have been manufactured under the Husqvarna brand, the list would be a long one. The history stretches back to 1620, when Jönköpings Gevärsfaktori was established to manufacture firearms. This followed a decision by King Gustaf II Adolf, who was at war with several countries. When he ascended the throne, he inherited three wars and afterwards he took part in several others. This meant that it was necessary to safeguard weapon production within the country, and it was therefore decided to establish five factories, of which Jönköping was one. Eventually, Jönköpings Gevärsfaktori

Above: During the 1950s, this was how a typical Swedish kitchen looked. Naturally, the cooker was made by Husqvarna. Left: Motorcycles have also been a major product line for Husqvarna. You can still find newly-produced motorcycles with the Husqvarna marque, but now production is owned by an Austrian company.

Although Husqvarna began as a weapons factory, they manufactured most things. For a long period, cookers have been a major product, and the company still manufactures white goods today. Here are some examples of early electric cookers.



moved to Huskvarna to take advantage of the waterfall on the River Huskvarnaån, and it gradually developed into the modern Husqvarna. For many years, the name Husqvarna was surely linked to weapons. But other products included sewing machines, motorcycles, chainsaws … As we said, the list of items produced under the brand is long, and Husqvarna’s production and an significance for Sweden is illustrated in the best possible way at the Husqvarna Museum, which is run by the local history association, Huskvarna Hembygdsförening, with the support of Husqvarna AB. The collections are comprehensive, with many fascinating surprises, such as the attempt in the 1960s to launch an automatic sausage heating machine using microwave technology. And now to look at the spelling. The name Husqvarna comes from the mill beside the waterfall which was known in 1528 ‘Husquernen’, old Swedish for “house mill”. Modern language usage changed the name of the place to Huskvarna, while the company, Husqvarna, retained the older spelling.

The stick that conquered the world

A bit to the North, West of Lake Vättern and some way inland, in Tidaholm, we find more matchstick history and, in fact, Sweden's only remaining matchstick factory, which is owned by Swedish Match. How it came to pass that Ivar Kreuger, at the end of the 1920s, controlled 72 percent of the world's matchstick production, and how the story worked itself out after that, you will have to visit Tidaholm’s museum to find out more. And how it was that, between 1903 and 1934, 1000 vehicles, cars and lorries were manufactured in Tidaholm at Tidaholms Bruk. Even after this period, some vehicles were produced here, mostly special types such as fire engines and armoured fighting vehicles, at that point under the name, Tidaholmsverken. l

, Småland

till de fyra landskapen Närke, Östergötland

Med sina femton mil från norr till söder gränsarsjö,Vättern en sommar har vi besökt den sjätte största i Europa. Under

näst största och Västergötland. Vättern är Sveriges På vår resa runt det djupa och kristallklara mäktiga och sägenomspunna sjö. platser belägna runt denna vackra, skogssjöar, gigantiska stenblock äppelodlingar i sina strikta rader, folieblanka vattnet passerade vi gyllene rapsfält, nationalpark. och vild Ronja Rövardotter-skog i Tivedens

Tidaholm was the home of both matchstick manufacturing and the engineering industry. Among the items produced at Tidaholms Bruk were buses and lorries. PHOTO: TIDAHOLMS MUSEUM


Möt e n Ma t Mä nni sk or

ivana vukadinovi c

Visit places located around the beau­ tiful, mighty and mysterious Vättern, with golden rapeseed fields, apple cultivations in strict lines, giant rocky formations and wild Ronja Rövardotter forrests. Discover exciting restaurants, old mills, and innovative eco cafés, which also offer recipes and exciting mee­ tings, visit Ellen Key’s home Strand, the industrial environment at Forsviks Bruk and much more. Ivana Vukadinovic (text) Desiré Östergren (photo)

desiré östergren +46 706 738 048



n på Forsviks Bruk och den upplev den råa och romantiska industrimiljö av Följ med in till Ellen Keys hem Strand, med sjöbodar och ät en glass på någon Njut av trästaden Hjos mysiga hamn Och stilla atmosfären på Medevi Brunn. nyrostat, nymalet kaffe från hela världen. kulle och Gårdsrosteriet och drick Vista Besök angerna. glassrestaur glittrar i vitt och blått. Vättern där horisonten i segla se båtarna

Möt e n Ma t Mä n n i s k or

slott – uppseendeväckande r – gamla kvarnar, kyrkor, kloster och Vi har upptäckt spännande restaurange spännande möten med Vi bjuder på ett trettiotal recept och skogseremitage och nytänkande ekocaféer. restaurang-, café- och hotellägare.

Sales, project management, education & events

At the Match Museum in Jönköping, you can see the history of the match, as well as a range of variants of the product.

The only remaining match factory

vättern -

EvaS Kultur & Reklam Mediabyrå

matchstick museum, which is located in Jönköping. In the matchstick factory's original building, built in 1848, the story of the safety match is brought to life.


The ability to make fire has been essential for survival for mankind. Flint, steel and tinder were replaced at the beginning of the 19th century by the phosphor match, in many ways a hazardous invention. The match could catch fire just from contact between two of them. This caused countless incidents and accidents. The most serious thing, however, was that the matchsticks contained toxic yellow phosphorus. So this type of matchstick was banned by an increasing number of countries. This triggered a Swedish scientist, Gustaf Erik Pasch, to invent the safety match, which "lights only against the striking side of the matchbox". Pasch was granted a patent, but he did not succeed in commercialising it. This was done by a man from Jönköping, Johan Edvard Lundström, who started Jönköpings Tändsticksfabrik, the Jönköping Matchstick Factory. The experiments with match and striking surfaces took time, but at the World Fair in Paris in 1855, the matchstick worked well, and aroused massive interest. This is only the tip of the iceberg from the history of this highly successful Swedish product. You will, of course, want to know more and you can do that by visiting the world's only

Text Ivana Vukadinovic

foto Desiré Östergren




The area around Vättern contains not just Sweden's oldest golf course, Ryfors Golf, but also what is probably the most varied selection of courses you could ever come across in such a limited area. Everything from rolling flat lakeside courses to hilly and challenging forest courses.

Breviken Golf & Hotel





– a complete site for golf, food accommodation and conference


6 5

Golf packages from SEK 695. Daily lunch! +46 505 590 75


11 9

10 7



14 15


Welcome to Ryfors GK! Golf since 1888. Ryfors golf course is a historic gem and Nordic region’s first golf course. Enchanting nature and generous greens are part of the unforgettable golf experience! Tel: 0392-128 84 I Email: I


13 12

1 Brevikens GK 2 Askersunds GK 3 Motala GK 4 Vadstena GK 5 Ombergs Golf 6 Östad Golf 7 Mjölby Golfklubb 8 Visingsö GK 9 Gränna GK 10 Wiredaholms Golfbana 11 Tranås Golfklubb 12 Hooks Golfklubb 13 A6 GK 14 Jönköpings GK 15 Skinnarebo G & CC 16 Sand GC Skinnarebo G & CC 17 Ryfors golfklubb 18 Hökensås GK




Golf, fishing and drink tasting in one package If you are a golfer, there is a very good chance that you are familiar with the venerable golf club, Hökensås GK, in its rural setting, with 27 holes and views across Lake Vättern. Few people, however, know the rest of the Hökensås area and its environments and players. The golf club intends to change this. “Now it will be golf, fishing and exclusive Food & Drink in combination”, explains Club Manager, Malin Ingsten. For many years, Hökensås GK has arranged its golf packages, including golf, food and overnight accommodation, but now they intend to expand this and market themselves more widely with more combinations. During 2017, the golf club joined the leader project, “Outdoor Hökensås”, on the initiative of the municipalities of Hjo, Habo, Tidaholm and Mullsjö. The aim of the project was to bring together all the players within the Hökensås area, and generate an inventory of nature tourism and a map of the opportunities the area offers. This was something which got the golf club's representatives on site, Malin Ingsten and Stellan Rylander, to elaborate an idea of their own for more concrete collaboration. They got in contact with Hökensås Sportfiske for the angling input and the wine merchants, Vincontoret, and even at the first meeting, they found common ideas and approaches.

Hökensås golf club is now concentrating on broadening its offer. So, this autumn, visitors will be able to enjoy a three-day adventure including golf, fishing and whisky tasting.

“At the golf club, we have been working for some time on the question of how we could stand out from other golf clubs and also how we could strengthen Hökensås as an area. The municipal project gave us the nudge to build on this, and we got in touch with two of the major players in the vicinity, who also largely shared the same target group as us”, explains Malin.

Fishing and whisky

This resulted in the first package which is now being trialled until late summer, but is being marketed hard during spring and early summer. It is a three-day golf package including food and accommodation just as before, but the golfer finishes the 18-hole round with whisky tasting at the 18th hole, courtesy of the Granqvist family's high-quality retail operation, Vincontoret, and the stay then ends with an organised fishing day at one of over 30 lakes in the angling area. “The golf club is the lead organiser, with participants staying and starting from the golf club, and the only thing that the golfer needs to bring in the way of equipment is his or her clubs. Fishing tackle will be provided on loan, and participants will be guided through the basics, both for the whisky and the fishing, but the point is that the other two players involved will arrange their own specific packages for their own customers. For that, we play a secondary role, and lend equipment and assist in our way”, explains Malin.

Theme evenings planned Malin Ingsten and Stellan Rylander from Hökensås GK were looking for a more concrete collaboration with other players in the region.

There will be a trial run of this golf-whiskyfishing concept over a couple of specified

weekends in August and September, and the plan is that it will be possible to replace whisky with wine, Scottish beer or arrange theme evenings around food in the package later on. “There are in fact a large number of people who golf and fish, and on top of that – everyone loves to eat and drink well. We saw that a joint marketing effort on these three “legs” would really stand out and be something different. We are not so far apart in distance terms, and we must utilise each other's advantages and qualities to strengthen our whole area”, concludes Malin Ingsten. l

Did you know that ... ...the Chinese have a game, similar to golf, called Chuiwán, which is 1000 years old. ...a form of golf existed in the 13th century in the Netherlands, played with a stick and a leather ball. Despite this, golf is regarded as a Scottish invention from the 15th century ...the earliest confirmed rounds of golf were in 1672, but golf played over 18 holes as we know it today emerged a little later in Scotland. ...Swedish golf took its first faltering steps around 1880-1890 at Ryfors, outside Mullsjö. A hundred years later, Swedish golf is a popular sport with almost half a million players.

Highlights for 2018 APRIL 25 28-1/5

Spring market, Askersund Art tour

MAY 25-27 Askersund Outdoor Festival JUNE 13 Askersund’s 375th Anniversary. The town's birthday party. 28/6-15/7 Kyrkbackungens hemliget, a play for the family, Lerbäcks Teater 30/6, 1/7 Debts and green forests. Performance with Peter Flack, Monica Forsberg, and more, Sjöängen JULY 1 Antiques & Bric-a-brac market in Åmmeberg 7 Lerbäcksmarken 9-13 Children's week in Askersund Municipality 14 Car & Bike Meet AUGUST 4 Antiques market in Askersund 11-12 National dog show, Askersund 11-25 Ecce Homo. Exhibition, Sjöängen 29 Autumn market SEPTEMBER 8 Rune of Mine. Löparvling Knalla Gruva, Zinkgruvan NOVEMBER 17 Creedence Tribute. Concert in Sjöängen. For more events, visit

Askersund’s Tourism & Events Office Street address: Drottning Kristinas väg 2 Street address, summer: Askersund harbour Tel: 0583-810 88



Askersund is a small town with a convivial atmosphere at the northern end of Lake Vättern. Events large and small give the town its vibrancy, and the new Sjöängen cultural centre attracts audiences with performances and exhibitions all year round. Cafés, local restaurants and the town's small shops are enticing among the winding alleys and the cobbled square. The harbour, the boardwalk and the proximity to Sweden's most secret archipelago are major attractions – and, just around the corner, there is a huge collection of nature reserves, hiking trails and cycle paths.

Askersund, the Archipelago Town It is easy to be in Askersund. And close. Close to the town, to the countryside and the archipelago, and close to cultural activities and events. Askersund’s harbour is welcoming with its restaurants and cafés, small handicraft stalls, exhibitions and kiosks. It has a guest harbour, central caravan park and cosy accommodation, and the beautiful strand per ad reaches past the little town, just a block from the old alleys and snug square of the town. Step aboard the sightseeing ship, the M/S Wettervik, and go out into Northern Vättern’s wonderful archipelago, or have a stroll across the charming footbridge to Borgmästareholmen and take advantage of Outdoor activities - hire a cycle or kayak, stay on an island in the centre of the town or enjoy a refreshing dip at the bathing site on the shore. Spread out your picnic blanket beside the strand per on wonderful green spaces with views over Stjernsunds Palace and the boating activities around the town. The Oden II Playground, the town’s muchloved climbing tree, the boules court and Hagabadet bathing site invite everyone into play, and the mini-train puffs its way past on its runs between the harbour and the beautiful community centre at Stadsparken Park. And within arm's length there are lots of fantastic and varied nature areas to discover for all ages, for the adventurer and the bon vivant. Mount up on your bike in Askersund and pedal

out into Northern Europe's largest continuous mountain bike area, Bergslagscykling, with over 1200 kilometres of MTB trails - or put on your hiking boots and tramp out into the incomparable countryside which offers such diversity all year round. Welcome to Askersund! l

photo: pavel koubeck


On the way into the harbour.



Next to Alsens strand is this neoclassical pearl which is considered to have one of Sweden's best-preserved interiors from the 1850s, furnished, among others, by the “Composer Prince”, Prince Gustaf. The Palace is surrounded by a delightful Park, and, during the summer, visitors can board the M/S Wettervik and arrive at the Palace from its most beautiful side. It has a carriage museum, a Palace shop, café, restaurant and dairy museum, as well as a farm shop beside slottsallén. Guided tours 15 May – 31 August, and this autumn’s theme tours, “Ghoul & Ghost Walk”.

Venus Choklad

From Askersund, you can access many popular MTB or leisure trails. our technique track is well-liked.

photo: pavel koubeck

The Chocolate Factory in Askersund is a declaration of love to everyone who loves good chocolate. They make pralines by hand, constantly introduce new flavours and strive always to ensure that the chocolate's aroma, appearance and consistency come together to delight the senses. At the Venus Choklad café, you can enjoy a delectable chocolate along with an excellent cup of coffee.

The climbing tree provides great challenges. Along the strand promenade, there are many excellent places to play on.

photo: pavel koubeck

Stjernsunds Palace

In Sjöängen concerts, theatre performances, exhibitions and meetings take place all year round. photo: erik gunnarsson

Experience a little bit of China in Bastedalen. A unique piece of gardening in Sweden.

Bastedalens Kinapark

For opening hours and directions, go to

Sjöängen tunes in

The mine “Knalla gruva”

Wonderful concerts and enchanting theatre in a mix of both wellknown and local artists are given in Sjöängens Large salon. Enjoyable conferences, interesting lectures, exhibitions and celebrations follow each other. The latest films are shown here, on Närke’s largest cinema screen, with excellent sound and live transmissions from the large opera stages. The prize-winning Sjöängen cultural centre has broken into the ranks of Sweden's stages with first-class events – it provides the opportunity and space for unforgettable meetings and experiences! In Sjöängen’s art gallery there are wonderful exhibitions all year round, and in the foyer , you can find the library, café with newspaper corner and tourist information. Visit for more info.

Do you believe that mines are grey and dusty – or just for nerds? Forget it! “Knalla gruva” is a living industrial museum. You can take a guided tour 200 m below ground with expert miners, and above ground, there are fascinating exhibitions in the mine museum. Come and see the old machines throw out stone, the rock drills rumble and the mine train puffs its way along. Mineral and photo exhibitions, vehicles, clothing and equipment – and a colossal model of the great mine under the mining village of Zinkgruvan are all waiting for you at Knalla gruva.


STOCKSH A M M A R kitchen design and interiors

Design products of the season in one of the country’s prettiest shops. – Café – Stockshammar Gård 2 km south of Askersund



The tourist ambassadors

Verner, Birgitta and good food


he manor of Olshammars­ gården in Närke, with its views over Vättern, is known as the childhood home of the author, Verner von Heidenstam. The manor house is tenanted today by Britt-Louise Otter, who came here 25 years ago with her interest in history and restaurant training, and began to build the operation which is here today. She knows the history of both Heidenstam and Saint Bridget, since the Church of St Bridget is immediately next to the estate. The manor house, with its rooms for hire and food service is open all year round, with daily viewing of the church and Heidenstam’s memorial room. In his memoirs, “När kastanjerna blommade” [When the Chestnuts are in Bloom], he describes his own childhood and life at the Manor . “Many visitors go on to Övralid North of Motala, where he spent his last years”, explains Britt-Louise. A number of beautiful walking and pilgrim trails run through Tiveden and on to Vadstena on the other side of Lake Vättern.

Britt-Louise Otter and Wassim

We also work closely Hanina run Olshammarsgården’s with the sightseeing buffets, with delicacies like Lake Vättern salmon and crayfish. ship, the Wettervik, which sails through the Vättern Archipelago, with its 250 islands. Much of the restaurant and catering operation is linked to the nearby Munksjö Aspa bruk, the wood pulp factory which employs 220 people. It is also popular among conference guests to book in for the crayfishing. “The local professional fisherman Kitchen and Restaurant, Askersund takes the guests out to an island where they lay out and empty crayfish traps. The catch is cooked at the Manor, and may be taken home in the morning”. Always homemade, genuine Britt-Louise’s own little piece of and cooked from scratch! paradise is Sandhamn. In peaceful, historic surroundings “It is South of the town, and close to nature we offer: - Lunch buffet and á la carte menu is a natural harbour and an ideal - Pies, salads, sandwiches, sandwich cakes swimming spot - where you can be - Fresh waffles, ice cream, pastries pretty much alone”. l - Gluten and lactose-free or other special


diets offered - Sale of own manufactured jams and marmalades

Hembygdsgården (Homestead Museum), Askersund +46 583 71 13 80



* Café, Restaurant, Hotel * Shows of St. Bridget’s Church and Verner von Heidenstam memorial room * Open all year round Located at the northern Vättern archipelago adjacent to Olshammars Marina +46 583 504 30, +46 70 300 02 47

Warmly Welcome!

Welcome to Stjernsunds Castle, Askersund Guided tours Giftshop · Café





Verner von Heidenstams birthplace

Delicacies from France, Italy and England. Table cloths and ceramics from Provence.





Road directions & opening hours:

Norströmsg.1 Hamnmagasinet Askersund Opening hours at Telephone 0046-70-231 99 59

Open daily May 15th – Aug 31st (castle) April 29th – Aug 31st (café) Closed June 25th More information Castle +46 58310004 · Café +46 58312688

Traceless in Tiveden Guided tours with wooden canoe

Tel +46 730 24 65 15

en At the lake Und


Baggekärr 2 i Tived +46 (0) 584 47 40 83



The forest that attracts 100,000 visitors Tivedens National Park at the northern end of Lake Vättern attracts around 100,000 visitors every year. There are forest tracks and lakes, indeed, all sides of nature. Tiveden is a much larger area than the National Park itself, and also includes nature reserves such as Lake Fagertärn, famous for its unique red waterlilies. It's an early morning in July. The scent of pine and fresh water washes over me, when I climb out of the car at Vitsand in Tivedens National Park. The dog shakes with impatience while I fumble attaching his leash. We are intent on a morning walk to Tärnekullen. In just a few hours, Vitsand will be heaving with bathers, but not yet. So far, the amber-coloured water of Stora Trehörningen is still. No children are churning up the smooth surface by wading in the shallow, lukewarm water. On the way down to the lake, we passed the newly-built toilets and changing rooms. The Swedish Environmental Protection Agency and the County Administrative Board have invested substantially. Besides the available facilities, there is a wooden deck which runs down to the water and some way along the shore. In addition, there is another wide duck-board that leads through the forest towards Junker Jägare’s stone. It is easy to take along a pram, a walking frame or a wheelchair. But my dog and I are facing a walk that is a good deal more demanding.

Popular trails

We leave the wooden deck and the brightness along the shore behind us. Soon, we are surrounded by old spruce trees and moss. It is cooler in the shadow of the trees, but where the sun breaks through, the vapour rises from the dew on the moss. The hiking trails in the National Park are popular. 100,000 visitors trump these paths every year, and many of them come back regularly. The myth-shrouded forest, with its grabens and glacial


Morning mist over Östgötaviken, Stora Trehörningen. Tiveden is clad in all seasons of the year!

erratics, seems to have a special place in many people's hearts. I think about this more deeply, as Tiveden is also my heart's forest, but why is this? What is it about Tiveden that make such a strong impression on both guests and the local people?

“Endless” view

I am wakened from my reverie as we reach the Vitsands caves. 8000 years ago, the ice sheet deposited the glacial erratics along the Tärnekullen escarpment. Ever since, they have stood here piled haphazardly on each other, and the path goes up between the rocks. Soon, we are standing above the glacial erratics and looking out over Vitsandstärnarna. I breathe deeply, loading up with oxygen before continuing the climb. The next stretch is a good bit steeper. But reaching the top, the view over the endless forest and the masssed crowns of the ancient spruces makes it all worthwhile. We sit there on a rock, my dog and I. The questions from the forest below come back to mind. Perhaps it is the contrasts. You find everything here, from untamed natural forests, to

oak meadows, industry and farmed landscapes. It is a vibrant area, with many different players offering accommodation, local food, handicrafts, pony trekking, canoeing, cycling, pub evenings with music, guided tours and wild safaris. Tiveden is so much bigger than the National Park, and no matter how long you spend there, you are always finding something more to discover. l

Glacial erratics left behind by the ice sheet, create powerful and imagination-firing formations all through the forest.

A Chinese oasis in an old mining district For anyone looking for exotic solitude in the Swedish natural environment, there is a delightful garden 10 km South of Askersund. Bastedalens Kinapark was built as early as the 1960s by Ebbe Johnson, Editor-in-Chief of the Östgöta Correspondenten newspaper, who had a great interest in Asian culture and garden art. Since 1986, it has been diligently run by Pia Stenströmer of Bastedalens herrgård, who is now handing over operation and care to the garden architect, Annika Olstedt. The extensive garden accommodates exotic introductions, including plants, trees and adornments. “Our collection includes the Gingko temple tree, the oldest tree in the world, as well as Katsura, which is known in Swedish as the kakträd, the gingersnap tree,” explains Annika, who is looking forward to clipping and pruning in preparation for the season.

“It's easy to forget that many of the plants originated from Asia, including the willow, bamboo and the peonies”. What distinguishes the Chinese garden is that it is relatively freegrowing and is a summary of nature in itself, but reflecting the hand of man. The garden must give expression to the constant fickleness of nature and of mankind, our wellness and even our ageing, which also has a beauty of its own. The park is located in an old limestone quarry which, with its high walls, perfectly frames the varied nature spaces. The pavilions at selected places have been given their own poetic names, such as “The pavilion of the playful wind”. Here, you can take a moment to sit down, catch your breath and chill out, away from the restless tempo of the outside world. l INGELI AALTO



2008, the circle closed when he settled down in the Borenshult area in Motala, where he know runs the operation in a charming outbuilding in the grounds of his own home. “I love this area. Water everywhere, excellent preschools and schools within walking distance, wonderful mushroom forests not too far away. Absolutely perfectly situated precisely between Stockholm and Gothenburg, where I do a lot of my work”.

Influences with beads

Highlights for 2018 MAY 26-27 Garden & Conservatory Fair JUNE 8-10 MTB Vättern, Tjejvättern, Halvvättern 14-16 Vättern GP & Vätternrundan 29-30 American Power Tour JULY 14-15 17-21 26-28

Middle Ages in Medevi Motala Folkracefestival Motala Town Festival

AUGUST 3-4 4 11 11 17-19 18 25

1572 MTB Challange Children's obstacle course Boat day Diggiloo Medevi Fair , Hunting & leisure Handicrafts market Motala Canal Swim

SEPTEMBER 1 Husbyfjöls market in Borensberg 1-2 Östgötadagarna 15-16 Vättern Bike Games 22 The new Broloppet

Motalas Besöksservice Tel 0141-101 205

Beads adorn the Lake Town Quite suddenly, they are just there, tracking Pappas pärlor. Where there used to be a grey well, there is now a Cookie Monster with a particular cake. Chip or possibly Dale diverts traffic towards the police station. Father Christmas with his red-nosed Rudolf flashes out from a warning sign. What is really going on in Motala – Östergötland’s lake town? It is usually the children who discover Pappas pärlor’s [Papa’s beads] new artwork first. Why that should be, is best left unsaid. But even adults become children on Christmas day, when they realise that something new is under way. “Motala has truly received my art with open arms, and I am so totally grateful for this”. Johan Karlgren is the man behind Pappas Pärlor, and for several years, his public art has been displayed around Motala. Civil disobedience with a conscience is his motto, and complains that he envisages very carefully before he creates anything new. Grew up in Borensberg, with a history that includes London, Oslo, Gotland and Malmö. In

The fact that, at the age of 40, he can make a living from creating art with beads is something that even he can hardly believe. Clever details with a strong connection to videogames and fictitious characters are his signature. But he also takes the opportunity to make a political impact, since he is now in a position to influence a younger generation. On the question of what drives him, he answers: “It's just so much fun!” Having a good time is, quite clearly, the best driving force that anyone can have. No matter what”. With over 80,000 followers on Instagram, he is a celebrity, even though he himself does not see it that way. Sweden's artistic elite has his art in music videos and on stage, he has appeared on morning news/chat programs and beaded all the artists in Musikhjälpen 2015. Foreign TV channels make the pilgrimage to Motala to make exclusive documentaries about Pappas pärlor. “I feel that I want to give something back, and I am always trying to highlight all the beautiful things we have in Motala”. But how does anyone come up with the idea of making public art with beads. It all began at Christmas 1986, when he was given an 8-bit Nintendo game as a Christmas present. There and then, his passion for video games and all their characters their characters was kindled. Just 20 years later, a deal with his wife, Maria, woke up his feminist side. The couple agreed to do something about the lopsided gender roles which are currently reflected in most things. “Yes, one of the things we did in bringing up children was, quite simply, to exchange the traditional gender roles. Maria took on the male

Outside Johan's studio, cactuses are "growing".


work, such as doing any carpentry and changing tires on the car, and I did the female work of cooking food, washing and looking after the kids”. As a result of this, Johan and his daughter, Zelda, who is named after the video game, of course, began to bead. They began with the characters in the video game: “Icehockey”, which turned out so well that they immediately continued with all the figures in Zelda. Around this time, Johan was collecting Nintendo games, and he travelled around visiting markets in his hunt to complete his collection. Zelda went with them, and sold bead figures. After a bit, they got the idea of creating bead flowers and proper pots, which were sold in slightly different markets. Before taking part in Skänninge marken, Sweden's oldest street market, they needed a name for their hobby, and to open an Instagram account. Zelda came up with the suggestion “Pappas pärlor” [Dad's beads], which couldn't be more appropriate. The trip to the market was a success, and they sold all 200 flowers they had beaded. Over just one night, Pappas pärlor’s Instagram account gained 500 new followers when a photograph of the pixel flowers on their market stall was shared on the account “igersnintendo”. It was high time to start the company, and Pappas pärlor was born - only a year after the first beading.

Welcome to Motala – Östergötland’s Lake Town

Johan Karlgren himself.

On hand

A lot of water has flowed in the Lake Town since then. In addition to the success in social media, Johan has become a three-child father, and even though the children have become bored with the beading, it has given them a more present father. “I'm here when they get home from school, and though it's true that I have to work on some weekends, I make up for that by being here when they are home on weekdays. I decided to prioritise the children”. Ideas for new artwork are constantly churning away in the back of his mind. Johan pretty much always sees a challenge in making bead figures which are small as possible, but where you can still clearly see what they represent. He shows some of his works, with The Beatles Abbey Road reproduced with over 100 beads, and the Barbapappa family with only 10. The trick, he explains is to take the tiniest detail and start with that. Do you have a dream? “I would really love to make something permanent. I have an idea for a roundabout dog á la Pappas pärlor for the new roundabout outside the Municipal Building. Most people in Motala, both children and adults, would like to see this dream come true”. l


The Super Mario racing cars compete on Lindgårdens äventyrsgolf.

Fact box Name: Johan Karlgren

Family: Wife Maria, children Zelda, Kai and Lovis Lives in: Borenshult, Motala

Favourite place: Workshop area/ Borenshult Challenge: Balancing work with being a real parent Father Christmas stands outside the police station in Motala, or is it maybe Chip... or Dale?

In Motala, we are proud of our town and the access to water we have all around us. With Lake Vättern, the Göta Canal, the River Motala ström and Lake Boren on our doorstep, it really is true to say that Motala is Östergötland’s Lake Town. The municipality has over 50 km of “coast” within the town of Motala, and one third of the municipality's 42,000 residents are less than 500 metres from the nearest water. Varamobaden is Scandinavia's longest lake swimming paradise, with 5 km of sandy beach. In the cycling town of Motala, just a few turns of the pedals will take you from the cafés and stores in the centre of the town to the peace of the countryside. Within Motala municipality, we have over 100 km of walking and cycling tracks, so it is perfectly possible to get around without a car. The world's largest recreational bike ride, Vätternrundan, starting and finishing in the heart of Motala, is a folk festival which runs for one week in June. It is the high point of a cycling week in June which attracts almost 40,000 cyclists for one of the rides during the week. The Göta Canal has left its mark on Motala with the Canal's largest guest harbour, which throbs with life during the summer. The stretch of the Göta Canal through Motala is an unbelievably beautiful experience. At the locks at Borenshult, you can see the drama that plays itself out at the locks, see the old meet the new. Andy was fascinated by how the old technology works so well, even today. Visit idyllic Borensberg, the small Lake Town on the Göta Canal, 18km East of Motala towards Lake Boren and all the other fascinating places in our municipality. Welcome to Motala!



The tourist ambassadors

Travel back in time to Medevi L eave your TV and mobile for a bit, and go back in time. At Medevi Brunn, the Nordic Region's oldest spa, with a history going back to the 18th century, you can experience what it was like to stay at a spa hotel in a vanished time. History and traditions are kept alive here, and, in addition to the famous health-giving water, it is, perhaps, above all the calmness and closeness to nature that does the real healing. Åsa Ahlin, who grew up in Motala, works here, and she explains that many weddings and conference guests are attracted by the beautiful setting. Medevi Brunn is open all year round, for pre-booked parties, with a range of accommodation options including simple rooms, suites and in a hostel. Besides the spa programme in summer, with its regular after-dinner grötlunken, “porridge walk”, a rich programme of activities is offered, with the opportunity to try leisure activities from days gone by, such as nine-pin bowling, ring throwing, boules and “droppkamp” (a water carrying competition). Visitors can also paddle kayaks and swim in the outdoor spa. Grötlunken is said to be an experience for life, and is marched every evening before bedtime to the music of Medevi

M/S Kung Sverker – Motala

Experience the Cruise on the Gota Canal steepest locks on the canal Daily middle of March to middle of Sept With M/S Kung Sverker you will experience a guided tour along the most beautiful part of the canal and the steepest locks on the canal. During the journey, which takes 5 hours, we will pass 12 locks.

Book now +46 70 626 02 49

Motala 10.30 => Borensberg 12.30 Borensberg 13.10 => Motala 15.30 Round trip SEK 450, singel trip SEK 400, children 6-12y half price. Lunch SEK 200, (main course, soft drink, coffee & dessert)

Booking and information

Medevi Brunn holds the flag high in keeping tradition alive “You can still enjoy the water service and porridge walk with brass orchestra", explains Åsa Ahlin.

Brunn’s orchestra, a brass sextet which has existed since the 1870s, and plays on timeless instruments. Another wonderful attraction in Motala is Varamobaden, with its very long bathing beach.

Restaurant with full rights Only pre-booking

Full service Marina New and used boats and marine engines Service center, crane up to 25 tons Fully stocked accessories store Large stock of spare parts

Yamaha packages with Yamarin, Buster, Crescent, Linder, Jeanneau and a large number of other brands. Welcome/Willkommen!

Fabriksgatan 26 Motala +46 141 38 18 00 Open: Mon-fri 9 - 18 Sat 9 - 13 Lunch 13.00 – 14.00

Welcome to Motala harbor – Göta canal’s largest guest harbor by Vättern!

Welcome to take a leisurely stroll at the quayside and watch the boats. Motala is the home port for the passengership M/S Kung Sverker and often have the classic canal boats on visit! If you are hungry there are several restaurants, many with the famous Vättern redding on the menu – or why not enjoy an ice cream at one of the cafés? In the harbour, all ages enjoy. The children can play in the playground at the Hamnpiren or visit the Vättern aquarium with the family. If you like nostalgia, Motala Motormuseum is an obvious choice where you can spend hours at Sweden’s largest motor museum! If you want to rent a bike, maybe for a ride along the Göta canal, you can rent one at Hamnkrogen. Info point in the harbor is the Tullkammaren,where you get help with what to see and do, such as a Baltzar von Platen guided tour.


The harbour at the heart of Motala From half-forgotten industrial town to forwardthinking visitor magnet. With the harbour as its locomotive, Motala has become a natural point on the map of Sweden when tourists are booking their holidays.

Over the past 25 years, Motala has been on a remarkable journey. From being seen as just one industrial town among many, the town is now something of an innovative tourist magnet. You just have to compare photographs of the harbour from the early 1990s with today to see what has been behind such an extreme makeover. “Before the museum opened, the harbour was like a black hole. A drab and forgotten corner, which is now been transformed into one of Sweden's most beautiful inland harbours”, says Johan Rahm. He is not only the Museum Director, but is also Chair of Motala Hamnråd, a

Drejat av Barbro Ceramics for benefit and pleasure +46 709 563 623


Workshop & shop at Kavelbäck, road 50 north of Motala between Nykyrka & Medevi For opening hours see our homepage or call


council of 20 local businesspeople which arranges markets, exhibitions and regular events such as the Göta Canal Långloppis fleamarket, the Boat Day and the classic Candle Walk on New Years Day. Lotta Karlsson is also based on the harbour area, where she is Managing Director of the booking office, Svecia Travels, which offers trips with the Göta Canal as the main focus. “The harbour is now the heart of the town. Of course, it's a bit easier to attract people to come here in the summer and Motala is, despite everything, the capital of the Göta Canal, but our ambition is to have people coming here and activities in the area all year round. The harbour attract 750,000 visitors a year”, she says. “And it can get crazy enough at any time of the year”. In the historic Customshouse, where Svecia Travels has its office, you can strike an acquaintance with Sweden's largest lake aquarium, the Vätternakvariet. In addition, the Customs house is home to a souvenir shop and “info-point”, which provides tourists with advice and help to find various attractions in the harbour. “Our visitors in the harbour are tourists who come by land, boat and bicycle. The harbour is the start and finish of the bike event Vätternrundan. Several passenger ships are based here, including the M/S Kung Sverker”, explains Lotta Karlsson. The harbour also has a number of restaurants, as well as the Hotell Nostalgi. But the biggest draw is the Motala Motormuseum, the most visited motor vehicle Museum in Sweden. “Just like the harbour, the museum is in a constant state of change. We are a living, interactive museum, where visitors can expect to see much more than just cars lined up neatly alongside each other. We create environments and display everything from Kar de Mumma’s Rolls Royce and King Carl

Welcome to the tranquility of

Medevi Brunn

Hotel, Inn and music Read about our exciting range on e-mail, tel +46 141 911 00


Motala harbour now throbs with life and movement. Markets and other events are common. Lotta Karlsson and Johan Rahm are two of the entrepreneurs who are driving development on site.

XVI Gustaf’s Puch Florida moped to picnic baskets, radios and cameras”, says Johan Rahm. A visit to the museum is like a nostalgic trip through the decades, and the visit takes place in the company of 90 mannequins in period costume and this, along with sound and image, brings the experience to life. “We are as far from a grey showcase museum as you can get. Every time someone comes here, they must be able to discover something new. To a certain extent, we are like one big peepshow. There is absolutely no doubt that the museum is popular, and that alone makes it hardly likely that the inflow of visitors will reduce. “The harbour has become probably the town's most attractive area. The development which has taken place since the 90s is nothing short of totally unbelievable”, concludes Johan Rahm. l

The tourist ambassadors

Art and ancient monuments are the best suggestions in Mjölby


jölby art round takes place from 17-19 August and the collective exhibition, with the 20 usual participants plus some guests, will take place in the old power station in the town centre, beautifully situated close to the heritage centre and the mill buildings. “This is the best part of Mjölby”, according to the artist, Ia Lindgren. The considerable height differences in Mjölby are the reason for the waterfall and the old mill, around which the heritage park has grown up. Ia Lindgren greets us in her studio, which she designed herself. “There is an exceptional bread in the expression and techniques in the art ground, and all of us taking part develop together when we meet. Most of the artists are exhibiting in their own studios as well as in the collective exhibition, and people are welcome to visit them at any time of the year”, says Ia Lindgren. The website shows what is on offer, and it includes contact information for the artists so that people can set a time to come and visit. Ia Lindgren’s tips for tourists, apart from

Ia Lindgren is one of 20 artists participating in Mjölby Art Round. She and the other artists are each showing their own works in their studios which can be visited by agreement.

the heritage park, are very much weighted towards fascinating ancient monuments: Kungshögarna and Lunds backe outside Vallerstad. Lunds backe is a thousand year old burial site with stone set up like those at Stonehenge in England. Högbystenen is another site that Ia Lindgren thinks is well worth a visit. It is a rune stone which contains a whole family tree on one side.



Highlights for 2018 MAY 5 Bakluckeloppis flea market, Mjölby 7 Guided tour of Mjölby mill village 13 Guided tour on composer, A F Lindblad, Skänninge 26 Dance, Ekliden V. Harg 28 Motor Monday , Ekliden, V. Harg (Regular event every Monday throughout the summer) JUNE 2 Harness racing Trav V75, Mantorptravet 4 Food history tour in örtagården, Skänninge 5-6 Motor Show, Skänninge 14-17 Gatebil Summer Festival, Mantorp Park 16 Lindbladsdagen and fruit and vegetable market, Skänninge 19 Guided tour of the secrets of Vårfrukyrkan Church in Skänninge 20 Nature tour in Mjölby, the town's habitats for Mediterranean plants in a Swedish climate 29 Bridges Day, Mjölby JULY 1 General Stores Day, Önnebo 5 Guided tour of Bjälbo 7 Drama walk Elefant­ upploppet in Skänninge 12 Guided historical tour of Väderstad and the surrounding area 17 Churches and Abbeys, then and now, guided tour in Skänninge 27-29 Dragracing, Mantorp Park 28 Dance, Ekliden V. Harg AUGUST 1-2 Skänninge market 4 Öjebrodagen 5 Guided tour at Svaneholm Castle ruins 11 Plant market, Mjölby 17-19 Mjölby art round 22 Five rune stones and two lost churches, guided tour in Högby 24-26 Nostagia racing days, Mantorp Park 31/8-1/9 Mjölby Party SEPTEMBER 15 Birger jarldag and Skörde market, Skänninge 21-22 STCC Grande Finale, Mantorp Park This is just a selection of all the events in guided tours. For more, see

Mjölby/Skänninge Tourist Office Stora torget in Skänninge Tel 0142-850 03

The Birger jarl day will be celebrated in Skänninge on 15 September 2018. A historic day full of activities, including jousting, jousting for children, jesters and minstrels, try it activities with handicrafts and mediaeval games. A day for all the family!

Famous historical figures from the Mjölby area Several historically famous and significant individuals came from or were active in the area around Skänninge in Östergötland. Here is a brief explanation of their fascinating history and suggestions for places to visit and events which have been arranged about them. Birger jarl is one of the most important people in the history of Sweden. He was born as Birger Magnusson in 1210 in Bjälbo, Skänninge. Birger jarl was from Östergötland’s powerful folkunga line, of the House of Bjälbo. He eventually became the most powerful man after the King as Jarl, i.e. the successor to the throne, to King Erik Knutsson, also known as “the lisp and lame”. Birger jarl was the founder of Stockholm, and he also fathered two kings. When the childless King Erik died, Birger’s twelve yearold son Valdemar was proclaimed king. Birger was selected as Regent. Under Birger jarl’s rule, a strong central authority was created in Sweden, and the “edsöreslagarna” to encourage peace in the kingdom were created. After a schism, Valdemar was deposed and Birger’s next oldest son, Magnus became King, better known as Magnus Ladulås.

Stonemason Hacke

Michael Hacke was a successful sculptor and baptismal font master, who lived in the 17th century. He was the son of a Master of the Mint, and his mother was the daughter of a stonemason.

In Vårfrukyrkan church, epitaphs made by Hacke are hanging on the two foremost pillars. One of his baptismal fonts can be seen in Sya Church outside Mjölby and another one in Rådhuset in Skänninge.

Michael’s artistic aptitude was developed in a sculptor’s workshop in Stockholm, where he took his master craftsman's certificate. After his father's death, Michael moved to Skänninge, set up as a stonemason and worked as a baptismal font master. His baptismal fonts in limestone, were narrow and slender, and depicted birds, animals, plants and people. Michael also made gravestones, mantlepieces for open fires and woodwork for epitaphs.



One of the Bishops of the Diocese of Linköping in the mid-17th century wanted to move all the baptismal fonts from the entries of the churches to a more prominent position in front of the chancel. This was intended to destroy the myth that all children must be baptised before they could be taken into the church. This benefited Michael Hacke, the baptismal fonts were given a central and light location, and every church wanted to do this and order new fonts. Michael Hacke died in 1672, and is buried in the chancel of Vårfrukyrkan Church.

Composer, Adolf Fredrik Lindblad

Adolf Fredrik Lindblad is one of Sweden's most famous music teachers and composers. Adolf Fredrik was born as an illegitimate child in Skänninge in 1801, where he lived with relatives. Under various circumstances, he trained in music, and as an adult, pursued his musical studies abroad. When Adolf Fredrik returned to Sweden, he opened a music school in Stockholm that was of such high quality that King Oskar I’s son, Prince Gustaf, was one of his pupils. In 1831, he was awarded the gold medal of the Royal Swedish Academy of Music. Adolf Fredrik is best known for having accompanied the young singer, Jenny Lind, and he wrote several pieces of music for her.

Alva Widerström

Alva Widerström – a maker of fine lace, who supplied lace to 3 royal households in Europe, was born in 1883 and was one of Sweden's most highlyskilled lace makers. Among her most famous customers were Queen Astrid of Belgium and Crown Princess Märta of Norway. At Sandbergsgården, in of the museum houses in Skänninge, there is a room furnished with Alva Widerström’s things. Alva lived for much of her life in Skänninge, and on her death, she donated parts of her home to the Skänninge historical society. l

Lindbladsdagen is being arranged for 16 June 2018 in Skänninge, with music and entertainment in several locations. A day in the spirit of the 19th century!

Today, you can visit Bjälbo Church, which stands as a monument to the House of Bjälbo’s bloody struggle for power in mediaeval Sweden.

STF Hostel Mjölby

Mjölby Konstrunda August 17 - 19 2018 Inauguration Friday August 17th 16.30 on Galleri Kraftverk

Norrgårdsgatan 14, central and quiet location at the Old Homestead.

+46 142 100 16

When the future King Gustav VI Adolf of Sweden married Lady Louise Mountbatten, she wore a bridal veil made by Alva Widerström.

Välkommen Välkommen

Här kan ni ströva runt i vår vackra trädgård, fylld av perenner, träd och buskar. Härstroll hittararound du trädgårdsgungor, exklusivagarden, krukor och m.m. trees and Here you can in our beautiful full stenbänkar of perennials, har garden allt du behöver förexclusive att skapa en vacker shrubs.You willVifind swings, pots andträdgård! stone benches etc.

In our relaxing and cozy restaurant offer from our green pea lax med I vår avkopplande och mysiga restaurang erbjuder vi we allt från våreverything Östgötska grön ärstsoppa till varmrökt soup topotatissallad. warm smoked homemade vår hemlagade Läckra salmon smörgåsarwith och our en rad fina bakverk.potato Hos oss salad. finner Delicious du även interiör och sandwiches and En a variety of fine Youborta, will vialso finddigthings fordet interior närodlade produkter. grönskande miljöpastries. är inte långt hjälper att finna i din vardag! and locally grown products. Vetagatan 22 595 50 Mjölby 0142 - 109 91

Öppettider mån-fre 10-18 lör 10-16 sön 12-18



Vadstena - a cultural place of pilgrimage

Highlights for 2018 MAY 6 Vernissage Birds, feathers, eggs Exhibition open until 2 September Exhibition at Rödtornet on the theme of birds, with both local and nationallyknown artists. JULY 7 Sommarknäppen Vadstena’s own summer festival, with market and open-air café in Rådhustorget. 14 GES - Summer concert with Orup, Anders Glenmark and Niklas Strömstedt. 14, 28 Song evenings Come and sing at the stage in Vadstena gästpark with Peter & Anders (Edlund & Gårdstrand). SEPTEMBER 14-16 Art Round Enjoy lots of local art within just a few minutes’ walk! 22 Vadstena Pride Colour festival with lectures, stage programme, huge Pride Parade and, naturally, parties in the evenings. 29 Museum Day All of Vadstena’s 17 museums will be open with free admission. For a complete events calendar, see

Vadstena Tourist Office Rödtornet Tel 0143-315 70, 315 71

Few towns can pride themselves on having such a beautiful and charming culturally rich ambience as Vadstena. Despite its small size, Vadstena can offer a wide range of cultural activities and fascinating events. Experience Sweden's history in Vadstena! Vadstena’s picturesque setting is unique and well preserved, with many historic buildings, snug cobbled streets and views over Lake Vättern. Two personages who contributed to Vadstena’s famous silhouette are Gustav Vasa, who had Vadstena Castle built, and Saint Bridget, who erected the magnificent Abbey Church. All the museums in Vadstena are close together, so you can investigate Sweden's history on your own or through excellent guided tours. Many of the guided tours are dramatised, and give you the opportunity to go back in time in an exciting way.

in the third weekend in September, where you can examine local art within just a few minutes' walk.

Vadstena, the pilgrim’s goal

Vadstena’s history has been steeped in religion and spirituality, and even today's urban and rural environment invites peace of soul and reflection. For several centuries, people or travelled long distances on their pilgrimage to Vadstena. At the Pilgrim Centre, you can book a range of pilgrim walks or get help to find your own pilgrim way.

For the kids

Vadstena offers a wide range of exciting activities for the smallest members of the family. Begin your visit with a tour or on the tour train, “Hjulius”, to get your bearings, and for a guided tour passing Vadstena’s famous attractions. kända sevärdheter. At the museum railway, you can take a trip in a train pulled by

A place for creating and handicrafts

Creating has been a red thread running through Vadstena ever since the Middle Ages. Creativity still blossoms here today, and can be seen, for example, in the local glassworks and the lace art which is strongly associated with Vadstena. At Spetsmuseet, the Lace Museum, you can learn more about the exciting history of the lace trade and in the föreningen Svenska Spetsars lace shop, you can buy everything from materials to finished lace. Creative art is also on show during the popular Art Round

Stroll along Vadstena’s cosy streets and discover shops, cafés or any of the town's 17 museums.


a real steam locomotive, or hire a rail trolley, and make your own excursion with a picnic basket. The Toy Museum is an oasis of fun for young and old alike, and there is a very popular nostalgia evening every Wednesday during the summer, with thousands of visitors coming to listen to live music and admire the exquisite cars and motorcycles. Since Vadstena is right on the shore of Lake Vättern, there are several long, shallow sandy beaches to take a relaxing dip.


The tourist ambassadors

Shopping & events

Vadstena has managed to retain its picturesque townscape and a vibrant retail sector, which is dominated by a pedestrian street stretching from the castle grounds to Rödtornet, and on which the town's charming shops and open-air cafés are strung out like a necklace. Vadstena also offers a unique selection of cultural events – everything from art exhibitions to summer opera, Shakespeare plays under open skies and summer concerts at Castle Vadstena. l

Johan provides a welcome in the guest harbour


n Vadstena guest harbour, we find Johan Lindell, who really is the public face for everyone who comes to Vadstena by boat or motor home. He is harbour master at Vadstena guest harbour, and is also in charge of camping places around the harbour. There is space for 50 motor homes during the summer, and 30 when the boats are taken up on land. The harbour can accommodate 55 boats says Johan, but he tells us about the magic summer evening three years ago when he and his assistant managed to cram in a full 98 boats into the guest harbour. “The last boat arrived at 10 o'clock at night. It happened to be the Alger Evening, so the place was full of people. Everyone pulled together to get the boats in. I have always worked on the basis that there should be no need to turn anyone away from Vadstena Guest Harbour because it is full. Since we are a staff harbour, we can move the boat correctly, so that lets us pack in more”. There is a sense of familiarity in the guest harbour. Many of the visitors have been here before, and feel at home. During a season, an estimated 1500 boats pass through, “plus a few wanderers”, as Johan Lindell says. The harbour offers the usual services,

with toilets, showers, fuel and ice cream. “The only thing that's lacking if you could have all your wish list, would be a sauna”, says Johan Lindell. Other services, such as shops, are only a stone’s throw from the harbour everything is close by. Both the harbour and the camping spaces are very popular, and are highly rated. The guest harbour is regarded as having one of the three most beautiful approaches in Europe, something which the local people can appreciate in winter when the ice is thick enough to let even landlubbers see the town from its most beautiful side. “Walking out on the ice is like sitting in a boat, as you can see the folkhögskolan, Asylen, Rödtornet, the castle, the Abbey Church, yes, the whole town.” Foreign tourists who come by boat are often stunned by the position of the harbour, right next to the castle”, explains Johan, “and they wonder whether they will be allowed to moor their boats next to such a venerable royal castle”. The question of what is the best thing about Vadstena is difficult to answer, there is so much. Johan Lindell mentions that the town has become better at mixing high culture and popular culture, so it's possible to

Johan Lindell is the harbourmaster at Vadstena Guest Harbour, but he also deals with the popular camping places around the harbour.

enjoy one of Vadstena-Akademien’s operatic performances or pop concerts. It’s also a lovely place to shop, with no retail chains but just small shops where everything on sale is carefully selected and hand-picked. “That’s good for the customer and for the environment”, concludes Johan Lindell.

Wednesday is nostalgia day, with live music and exquisite cars.

The PilgrimaroundTour Lake Tåkern

Rosteriet Vadstena Coffee is always appropriate

Nearby roasted coffee



a pilgrimage on bicycle around the well-know bird lake Vadstena - Orlunda - Skänninge - Bjälbo Appuna - Kumla - Svanshals - Rök - Heda Rogslösa - Örberga - Nässja - Vadstena

The Pilgrim Center of Vadstena For more information: 0143-105 71,

WELCOME TO OUR NEW ROASTERIE WITH SHOP AND COFFEE BAR July opening hours: All days from 11 AM to 6 PM For opening hours the rest of the year and driving directions, please check us out at Google

Malva, Mina, Malin and Michael wish you WELCOME!

Visiting address: Motalagatan 14 Vadstena Follow us on



Birds are the theme for this year's exhibitions This year, Vadstena is putting on two exhibitions on the theme of birds. One is at Vadstena Castle, with photographs by the Japanese Princess Takamado, and the other in Rödtornet, including works by Ernst Billgren, Berit Johansson and Gunnar ”Gebbe” Björkman.

Vadstena Castle's exhibition opens on 12 May, and continues until 16 September. The exhibition in Rödtornet opens on 6 May, and runs until 2 September. Prinsess Takamado has photographed birds and nature at four different locations in Sweden. She is a dedicated ornithologist. She believes that birds know no national borders, and so they can be regarded as bearers of messages of peace and understanding between peoples.

The exhibition in Rödtornet focuses on the bird as a symbol and motif. Some of the artists, such as Gunnar Björkman and Morgan Johansson, depict the birds realistically, and portrayg the birds' mode of life, whereas others use the bird as a symbol or character in their art. Perhaps because the bird often makes us feel softhearted, while they put across a kind of humour. l Cut-out of an owl by Morgan Johansson.

Summer 2018 at Vadstena Railway Station June – August

Ride trolley to Fågelsta The best preserved Renaissance Palace in Scandinavia

Take the veteran train See the smithy in the the engine shed

Open daily 10-17

Stay in the sleeping car

with guided tours 16/6-12/8 Info: +46 73 150 72 97

Renaissance tour


everyday 9/7 -12/8 at 12.00 in english

Vadstena Vadstena Järnväg Järnväg


Hörnet, original.png


Courses of expressions in color and shape of large formats

Gunilla Bandolin Ernst Billgren Gunnar Björkman Kenneth Gustavsson Berit Johansson Morgan Johansson Sie von Gegerfelt Kronberg Carin Lundblad Hasti Radpour Antonio Sognasoldi Amie Stålkrantz m fl

Ylva Sagers Ateljé Storgatan 29, Vadstena +46 739 983 003

Skänningegatan 1, Vadstena 0143-131 70

Birds feathers eggs

Rödtornet, Vadstena 6/5 – 2/9 2018


THE BIRDS AT THE CASTLE Nordens bäst bevarade Renässansslott!

The Princess’s best pictures

h Öppet dagligen 10-17

12 may - 16 september

med guidade turer 16/6-12/8

Open May-Sep The Abbey area, Vadstena +46 143 10031,




Wholesome painting

Sometimes, it's necessary to charge the batteries and find some new strength to manage everyday life. Some people travel to a spa, take a weekend in Rome or Hjo, some wander along pilgrimage routes and others paint. Many come to Ylva Sager in Vadstena to paint with gouache. Ylva Sager is an artist, and she holds courses in abstract painting. The technique is in gouache, and opaque watercolour paint, which is painted in large format on windproof paper. Her teaching deals with aspects such as how we decide what we achieve and how this can be an obstacle to creativity and happiness in expressing ourselves. Music, from rock to classical, is an important part of the course. Ylva herself paints during the course, and tutors participants directly. Everyone is in their own processing of painting. Both professional artists and people who have not had the courage to paint but longed to, come to her. Music flows through the studio. “Now we are going to hear Fläsk­ kvartetten and Freddie Wadling”, Ylva shouts across the studio, as she puts on a CD. The participants stand beside their own “canvas”, suspended on the wall. They have several paint trays, rollers and scrapers. No paintbrushes.

The pain is rolled on freely, and it seems that the music is influencing the painting. One of the participants is Magdalena Eckersberg from Oslo. She is here for the second time, and is herself an active visual artist. “The format teases out new ways of working”, says Magdalena. This is the most fun I have had”. She pushes forward the tray with the green paint and gets going again. This will certainly not be the last time she is here. l

Ylva Sager herself paints large gouaches during the courses.

Vadsttreuna ons nda k14-16 sept 2018

BESTSELLER! • Now you can carry your things Hands-free. • So comfortable that you can sleep on it • Price

Welcome to Kopp & Kanna

695 SEK

- a well stocked interior and houseware shop in the centre of Vadstena with a sense for quality and that little extra!

Visit Facebook or instagram for more info!

Every Wednesday throughout the summer!

Opening hours MON- FRI SAT SAT FROM 1/7-29/7 SUN FROM 2/7-30/7 MIDSUMMERS DAY

Storgatan 7, 592 30 Vadstena Phone +46 143-292 91

Welcome to Kopp & Kanna

10-18 10-14 10-15 12-15 12-15

Live Music and magnificent cars & motorbikes to watch!


Cosy rooms in nautical style next to Vadstena Castle! u Toy and camera museum with photo exhibition!


- a well stocked interior and houseware shop in the centre of Vadstena with a sense for quality and that little extra! Opening hours mon -fri sat sat from 30/6-28/7 sun from 1/7-29/7 midsummers day

10.00-18.00 10.00-14.00 10.00-15.00 12.00-15.00 12.00-15.00

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Welcome to the cafe and eatery!


Hamngatan 3 Vadstena +46 143 292 75




Highlights for 2018 MAY 5 Viewing of Hässlevadets framesaw, Sättra 10-13 ”Art around Omberg” Art and culture round 12 Bakluckeloppis flea market and plant market JUNE 2 KnytPoesi with open stage 2 Supermoto - Ödeshögs City Race 6 Sweden's National Day celebration with herring lunch in the square 15 Ödeshögsfestivalen and Vätternrundan 30/6-1/7 Klas Ingessons Minnescup JULY 7 Heda vintage market 26 JohannaMarken, Ödeshögs centrum 28 Oldringen, veteran-mc-rally AUGUST 4 Crayfish Day, Hästholmen 18 Ombergsloppet, veteran car rally 18 Ösjö 2-stroke moped rally 18 Flea market 19 Lighthouse Day SEPTEMBER 1-2 Östgötadagarna For a complete events calendar, see:

Ödeshög’s Tourist Information Tel 0144-351 67

The good things of life in Ödeshög and its environs Almost everything is available in Ödeshög. High quality food, historic locations, unique countryside and a quite special kind of shopping. There is even one of Sweden's few vineyards. Around Ödeshög and Omberg there is an unusual abundance of art and artists. In Ödeshög, there are several different attractions which bring history alive. Not so remarkable, since the Ödeshög area is rich in historical sites. There are the ruins of Alvastra Abbey, the remains of the Cistercian Abbey which was established in 1143, and was active until the Reformation in the 16th century. Every year, the history of the Abbey is brought to life, Queen Omma, Christianisation and Saint Bridget in a history play which is performed at evening time, in the dark. The ninth century Rök rune stone is also here, beside Röks Church. It is the world's longest runic inscription and you

get an insight into the Viking period with the help of dramatised guided tours or a completely ordinary guided tour at the Rök runestone. Omberg is a good place for a visit, on your own or with a guide. There are unmatched views, dramatic slopes, walking paths, a zipline, and the opportunity to visit Ellen Keys Strand.


Ellen Key was a pivotal figure in Sweden's cultural life in the late 19th and early 20th centuries. She was an active debater and writer. Best known for her contribution on child rearing, which is still relevant, just like her book Beauty for All. The book deals with the ideal style in decorating, with light colours and light furniture which still feels totally natural today but which, when the book was published and if you make a name, was the reverse of the norm for the then middle class. Ellen Key’s home, Strand, is open to visitors on weekdays apart from Mondays during the high season. If you feel hungry during your visit to Omberg, it is easy to deal with that at either Stocklycke hostel or Ombergs Turisthotell.



Below Omberg lies the bird lake Tåkern and Naturum Tåkern. Naturum offers exhibitions, information on the animals in the area and much more.

Lots for the kids

There is lots for children to see at Naturum and the surrounding area. Princess Estelle’s fairytale path is a highly educational path taking the kids through the forest and along the shore of Lake Tåkern. At Tåkern, there are several birdwatching towers, and ideal places to observe the many species that pass through here during the year. Lake Tåkern is regarded as an internationally valuable bird lake, with a rich birdlife and stunningly attractive flora in the shore meadows around the lake. There are four different visitor areas around Lake Tåkern, each with its own bird tower. In the shadow of Omberg, lies Särtshöga Vineyard, one of Sweden's few wine growers. In 2013, the first vines were planted. The grapes will produce a sparkling wine, but the vineyard also offers apple drinks.

Dive and rent a kayak

In the harbour community of Hästholmen, there are opportunities to swim, dive, rent a kayak, eat prize-winning ice cream and moor your own boat. There is also a tourist information office, which is open daily during the summer months.

View towards Omberg.

The Ödeshög area also has a colony of artists. There is an unusually large number of artists, and the vast majority of them can be visited in their studios not least during Art round Omberg, the local art round which takes place at the beginning of May. The E4 Euro route passes just outside Ödeshög, but, if you have the time, we recommend a beautiful tourist road, the old Route 1 between Vadstena and Gränna.


A new retail area is now growing around the exit from the E4. This includes a factory shop for chocolate and Skattegården, well-known from TV, a trading house that carries everything from embroidery thread to aircraft. Ödeshög has a compact centre with a great selection of small-scale retailers ranging from fishmongers, toys and shoes to bicycles, car servicing and car accessories. Still, it is the countryside, along with culture, which gives the area its character and which attracts people to come back and discover more. There are many aspects of nature here from fairytale forests in Holaveden, Öninge’s unique rocky shores, waters ideal for everything from sailing to trout safaris, fertile flatland and, of course, Lake Tåkern, one of Sweden's finest bird lakes. l

Tasty Lake Vättern crayfish can be bought at many places.


Walking at Stora Lund, where the Östgötaleden trail passes.

The lighthouse at Hästholmen, a classic landmark.

Opening hours: Mon-Sat 10-18, Sun 10-16 Lievägen 12, E4, Ödeshög Own cultivation of flowers • Gifts and decoration Phone +46 144-53 50 60 Hästholmen 6 km north of Ödeshög Opening hours weekdays 10-18, Saturday-Sunday 10-16

CHOCOLATE FACTORY OUTLET Our products contains consideration, crafts pride and the best of produce. We are proud of what we do and how we do it.




The tourist hotel entices with delicacies


oppies and cornflowers bloom along the road. White cattle graze in the open agricultural landscape of the Östgöta plain. Vättern lies elephant-grey on the horizon. A traffic light red house on the mountain turns on its lights. In front of Ombergs Turisthotell. We step inside and are met by a murmur and 1920s music. Cut peonies stand on the white tablecloth. Lunch guests sitting in the dining room, which has a view over the lake. They have been to view Ellen Key’s Strand, and have just eaten trout from Lake Vättern with shaved radishes, asparagus and new potatoes. Now it is time for dessert: baked rhubarb, soft white chocolate cheesecake, crunchy meringue and rhubarb sorbet. When they have finished the dessert and drink their coffee, they will travel on to the ruins of Alvastra Abbey. Pernilla Larsson, one of the four owners, explains that they want to project the ambience of a genuine, rural guesthouse from the beginning of the 20th century. “Our guests often sit, just like in the old times, in their dressing gowns drinking a glass of wine on the balcony. And, just like in the 1920s, we pack a picnic lunch in a little package for the guests. The guests then walk on one of the three hiking trails. When they get back, they will eat our five dish supper and spend the night, before the drive home again”.

Ombergs Turisthotell opened in 1914. A great deal has happened since then and the hotel now attracts guests mainly through its delicious food. PHOTO: DESIRÉE ÖSTERGREN

Fiskboden in Ödeshög

Marcus, the chef and Pernilla’s husband, is clever with flavours, but uses few ingredients. Most of the food on the menu is from the local area. The staff go up on the mountain and out in the forest to pick mushrooms, wild garlic and berries.

Locally fished from nearby lakes!

Extracted from ”Vättern – Möten mat människor” by Ivana Vukadinovic and Desirée Östergren, published by Isabergs förlag.

Oldfashioned country fair Heda village 2018-03-19 15:59 Sida 1 2018-03-19 15:59 Sida 1

Konst och Art Konsthantverk Quality & Crafts Ca 130 utställare – Underhållning hela dagen Servering ca 130 exhibitors

Lördag 7 juli kl– 10–17 Entertainment Food

Saturday July 7 from 10 t 5 o’clock

• • • •

Pike-perch Perch Pike Redding

• • • •

Trout Crayfish Pike paté Smoked fish

• • • •

Salmon pudding Eat-ready dishes Take away And much more!

Fresh fish subject to availability and season.

Welcome to our fishmarket at Torget Stora torget 4, Ödeshög. Open: Call 076-8270361, or see FB Gallery Omkultur shows and sells local products. Here you will find art and crafts.


The tourist ambassadors

Self-sufficient on an organic farm O

mberg is one of the most visited nature areas in Sweden, with extensive beech woods that are now a nature reserve. At the foot of the mountain lies Ombergs organic farm, where David and Liga Appelgren practice what they preach. The couple moved here three years ago. “We were looking for a place where we could begin to grow our own food and be self-sufficient. The soil around Omberg is very fertile, and there are many organic farms, some of them large-scale”, explains David Appelgren, who believes this is due to increased knowledge about all traditions and natural cycles. A lot has happened in three years. David is the first person in Sweden who has succeeded in growing quinoa. As Chair of Svenska Hampaförbundet [the Swedish Hemp Association] he is also fully occupied in giving lectures and courses on how to make the most of this old cultural and useful plant, which

is a superfood in its versatility and high nutritional content. For several years, David has been working actively to promote Swedish Artisan food. He is heavily involved in encouraging people to make the most of Swedish ingredients, and aims to raise the level of food by disseminating knowledge about quality and fraudulent practices concerning food. “90 percent of the apple harvest in our gardens is left to rot. That is not the case in Latvia, where Liga comes from or in Germany and Switzerland, where, the older generation in particular learned to use everything to the full and to conserve”. David and Liga have worked together and experimented to develop their own products which they are now successfully selling, such as hemp butter and hemp steaks, as well as Nordic humous, with wild garlic and locally grown yellow peas, flavoured with apple cider vinegar that they make themselves.

In spring, it's time to tap the birch trees for sap, and then they make fermented birch sap. To get local people more involved, they organise walks were people learn to make the most of wild plants. The shelves in the farm shop empty rapidly, but they do not want to employ any more people. “We believe in operating on a small scale, for that means that everything we do can reflect the care and love we put into it. As things are at the moment, if anyone wants to come to visit, or is interested in any of our products or wants to know more about us and our operation, it’s best that they contact us via our Facebook page first”.

David Appelgren.

Shopping for the whole family Skattegårdens Handelshus

Buying - Changing - Selling • New - Used - Antique YOUE WILL ALSO FIND: • Paint & brushes • Kitchen- & toilet paper • Housewares • Garden wares • Electrical items • Candies • Renting machines as: • Mini excavators • Skylifts and much more





For your home




Find us near E4 at Ödeshög – follow the signs. Open Mon-Fri 10-18, Sat 10-16, Sun 12-16 ·

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Highlights in Gränna/Visingsö 2018 MAY 6 Röttledagen, Röttle by 12 Family Day on Visingsö 24-25 Musical – West Side Story, Medborgargården in Gränna JUNE 23 Festival in the Park, Park Eklunden, Visingsö 30 Festival Wettern JULY 11 Gränna Market 11 Andrée Day with baloon ascent 21 Festival in the Park, Park Eklunden, Visingsö AUGUST 3-5 Visingsö Art Round 4 Festival in the Park, Park Eklunden, Visingsö 18 Grenna Bluegrass, Grännaberget 18-19 Visingsö Jousting, Hotellplan SEPTEMBER 15-16 Visingsö Harvest Festival We reserve the right to make changes. For more information, see



Gränna Turistbyrå, Grenna Kulturgård Tel 0771-211 300

Gränna and Visingsö – idylls with history Gränna, an archetypal Swedish idyll with beautiful old wooden houses, well tended gardens and cobbled streets, is situated on the south-eastern shore of Lake Vättern. From the harbour, it's only a short trip by boat to the Island of Visingsö – Vättern’s pearl! Both Gränna and Visingsö offer beautiful views, great houses, cobblestones, idyllic wooden houses, castle ruins, paths and oak forests. And, not least, a fascinating history. Wherever you set your foot, you are standing in the middle of a history book. Travel here to benefit from the calmness, the countryside and the atmosphere, as well as the generous selection of cultural treasures, activities and adventure. For one weekend in August every year, Visingsö goes back to the time of its greatness, and you can experience a mediaeval joust with knights, jesters and musicians and a market with food and clothing inspired by that era. In mid-August it is time again for the Bluegrass Festival in Gränna. With a wonderful blend of folk music and country, you will enjoy a unique music festival in a beautiful setting.

Nature experiences

For nature lovers and botanists, the region is a paradise with nature reserves, stunning views and one of Sweden's largest oak forests. The beautiful countryside is rich in unique plant and animal species, several of which are rare or actually threatened. Walking trails and charming country roads to cycle along, both in Gränna and on Visingsö, are well suited to every outdoor person. On Visingsö, you can take a circular tour on a “remmalag”, the island's popular horse-drawn carriage, which has been carrying visitors around this beautiful island for over a century. The drive goes at a gentle tempo, and you can make the most of both scents and the experience of nature.

Exciting history

No matter whether you are on Visingsö or in Gränna, there is a vast range of reminders of former heydays. In Gränna, you can visit the Grenna Museum, with the famous Andrée and polar exhibition. The majority of ruined castles and fortresses in the County bear witness to the old great power period. In Näs, on Visingsö’s southern promontory, is the ruin of Sweden's first royal fortress, dating from the 12th century. Visingsborg’s ruined castle, which stands beside

GRÄNNA - VISINGSÖ Visingsö Harbour, is another remnant from the era of the counts in the 16th and 17th centuries. Another well-visited relic from the same period is Brahehus. Beautifully situated on the peak of North Gränna, with a fantastic view over the town and the water. Röttle by, just South of Gränna, is Count Per Brahe’s industrial village from the 17th century. During the summer, you can visit Rasmus Mill to see grain being milled in the contemporary 17th-century way.

Local delicacies

Brahehus, North of Gränna.

Rock candy! In Sweden, the red and white striped sweet is synonymous with Gränna. Production was started in Gränna in the 1850s by a poor widow called Amalia Erikson. Rock candy has been manufactured in Gränna ever since, and new, exciting flavours and shapes for this immensely popular souvenir emerge every year. Today, there are a number of rock factories in Gränna, where you can see the manufacturing process in action. At some of these factories, you can have a go at making your own rock candy yourself. But Gränna and Visingsö are much more than just sweet peppermint sticks. There are several local delicacies, including home-made cider, tea, chocolate and much more. In recent years, Gränna Knäcke, the very popular local crispbread, has taken the market by storm. In the little shop on Brahegatan right in the centre of Gränna, as well as browsing among all the good things, you can also see how the crispbread is manufactured. If you would like to try baking your own crispbread, you are welcome to do so, but you must book in advance. l

Why not have a lovely break in the open countryside along the shores of Vättern?


Hotel • Conference • Food & Beverage • Holidays • Camps & Courses



Space for art and music on Visingsö The glass artist, Rakel Grünewald’s hair is crackling red, and it is noticeable that Sigrid Hjertén’s drama and colour handling has inspired her creativity.

neighbours that were asked if they were disturbed by the nightly jazz practice. The answers varied from “We move the bed to the kitchen so that we can get some sleep,” to “We sleep with the window open so that we won't miss anything”. In the summer, there will be a concert in the Missionskyrkan Church on July 6 with the new generation - teachers' children who grew up with jazz and who will be spending a few weeks on the island over the summer with their musicmaking parents. Rakel is also involved in the Visingsö Art Round, for the fifth year this year. This will take place on the first weekend in August, and it is both well-attended and cycleable. Over thirty artists and crafts­ people will open their workshops in homes, and this year's theme is “what makes this art?” “The best thing about Visingsö is the special quality of the light and the beaches. When it's windy, which it often is on an island, you can enjoy a walk in the forest.

This artistic bent runs in the family. Her grandfather, Isaac Grünewald, was married to Sigrid Hjertén, and together, they were the pioneer artists who brought modernism to Sweden. Rakel’s parents, Iván Grünewald and Maud Comstedt, were also artists. For a large part of the year, Rakel lives in the old Rectory on the Island of Visingsö in Lake Vättern. She has glass workshops both there and in Stockholm. On Visingsö, she is the driving force in musical and artistic life. Her zestful glass figures are reminiscent of Tove Jansson’s Moomin figures and artful picture world, and the music has also had its influence. Underneath, she is a music teacher. It was in 2005, after many years as a teacher of music theory, she began working with glass, and she has deepened her knowledge and skill by experimenting on her own. “These days, I devote most of my time to Rakel Grünewald spends a lot of time on Visingsö, where she my glass art. But every week I get together is active in both the art round and music projects. with some other people who live on the island and we play music in an unpretentious way. There, I am an amateur accordion player. As “course mother”, Rakel is involved in arranging winter jazz courses, as well as the annual summer jazz courses, which began in 1981 at Braheskolan - Visingsö’s F;;,,, r/ig Jou<, gäJura, � r/ig 1JllJ;ah,,... Folk High School. The focus here is on sensitivity and fun 2 over an intensive week's “adult summer camp”. In summer, fifteen concerts are arranged, and these are open to the general public. Her colleague, Björn Sjödin, is good on drums, and he has a large number of contacts in the jazz world. “Since he is an excellent team player " and has a great deal of patience, he's easy to work with”, says and explains her close 1708-241688 ............


NOSTA16t museet

There is a really wide selection of activities, not least thanks to the Sports' Association, and an excellent cinema. It's an active island, and it's easy to get together with other people”. Rakel has her other glass workshop in Stockholm, and this is also just round the corner from relatives and dear friends. But she also carries the legacy of her grandfather, Isaac, who was caricatured for his Jewish origins. At the beginning of the century, he was attacked for his new “un-Swedish” and Paris-inspired art, which was regarded as a threat to Swedish culture and national romanticism. For Rakel, her commitment against the recurring nationalist currents has crystallised into collecting clothes which she shares out during her evening walk on the streets of Stockholm's inner city where she lives. In this situation, she has got to know many of the rough sleepers, Romani men and even Swedes who do not have a roof over their heads. What concerns you most? “That it is so difficult not to be prejudiced about other people and so easy to generalise. While it can feel hopeless, every single person can play their part. It's a matter of always treating every person, without exception, with respect”. l TEXT: INGELI AALTO


120 m exhibilion on Visinl!sö with 50th .:entury apartment, .:ale, old vehit:les, radios, BP-eas station, and more.





In the middle of Gränna, just next to the town square, that’s were you’ll find us. We are a candy cookery and a tourist shop in one. We have something for the whole family. Come and bake with us or just watch when the Reigning World Champion and his bakers are making candy canes. Open every day. Welcome to us! Brahegatan 45 56332 Gränna +46 761424281


CLOTHES Flygfält

Ed Erstad

Own production of Swedish design. Shop without middle hands at good prices. Jewelery from the Danish Pilgrim, Rå Form, JennySäby från Norden and more brands. Avlösa Erstad kärr Naturreservat


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Brahegatan 43 0390-123 08

Brahegatan 43




0390-100 57

Parola Malm

Vrixlösa Tunnerstad



Fresh barbeque • Fresh saladbar Manual delicatessen • Our own delicious shrimp sandwich



Clothes in linen & wool!

Kungsladorna Kungseken


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Hällkista Loastenen

Shoes • Bags • Accessories


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Stora silvergranen

Rönäs Stigby OPENING HOURS 2018 Asby SEP - DEC MAY - AUG mon - fri 11-18 wed - fri 11-18 Näs sat - sun 11-16 sat - sun 11-16 1 km

Brahegatan 63, Gränna



The clinic in Gränna Medical massage therapy, classic Swedish massage Book a treatment +46-(0)735-34 45 97 Daniel Winneräng Brahegatan 55, Gränna

Grenna Glass We have a little bit of everything, stuff that fits most! Traditional hardware store where you will find a little of everything, from fishing licenses, recreational and household goods to paint, tools and electric equipment. In you will find bargain-hunt goods for just 10 Swedish Kronor each! Welcome! Brahegatan 53, Gränna Phone +46 390 100 43

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Fishing licenses


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New flavours at the Polkaprinsen


ränna is synonymous with the Rock candy town, and Catrin Kvist, partner in the Polkaprinsen sweetshop, was named Businessperson of the Year this year by the Chamber of Commerce. She received the prize partly for her active work with the Chamber of Commerce, and partly in recognition of the tremendous progress she has made with her own company. When Catrin met her partner Stefan Fransson, who is from Gränna, in 2013, the same year that he won the Polkagris World Championship, she switched jobs and began working full-time in the rock candy sector. She and Stefan, who was entitled to call himself a World Champion in polkagris baking, started Polkaprinsen right in the centre of Gränna in 2016. Stefan grew up in the industry, and also runs the confectionery factory, Franssons konfektyrer, which was started in 1965 by his father, Alf, who was well known in Gränna. In the early 1970s, Alf began to demonstrate polkagris baking to the customers in his shop, and in 1989, he set a record by baking the world's longest polkagris. Today, both companies are producing at full capacity, partly with the classic standard range, including salt toads, jelly bananas and hard caramels, and partly

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Yarn & wool. 9 km north of Gränna along the tourist road between Gränna and Ödeshög. Phone +46 390-210 15, +46 70-723 31 72

with experimental recent flavours such as chili in various strengths and this year's new flavours, salty caramel, pineapple coconut and red pig. But only the classic red/white can be called polkagris, the others are candy sticks. What is best about Gränna? “All the wonderful people you get to know, the fact that the town is so well preserved and traditions are important. For us, summer means work, but also fishing on Vättern and getting together with friends”.

Brahegatan, Gränna.

SAT 10.00-14.00 Other opening hours, see FB Sjögatan 29, Gränna

GRÄNNA VISINGSÖ Brahegatan 24, Gränna Tel +46 390-561 30


0739-94 86 43, Summer hours TUE-FRI 11.00-18.00

Summer hours: 10 AM to 8 PM all days from July 2 to July 29! Food, cheese and charcuterie, many local and organic products

Ingeli Aalto Björstorp 4 573 98 Tranås




Wisingsborg, Visingsö.

Information and opening hours:

BUSINESS FOR SALE Jönköping & Linköping Call Per-Anders Gath +46 705 10 93 50


Word Art

Exhibition and sale of Li Kioko’s artwork Open by arrangement Call or email before +46 737044853


Word & Art Ingeli Aalto

Creative Workshop in Gränna Make your own

Handmade Paper With fresh flowers, grass and herbs

With family, friends or colleagues

Call: +46 706 73 80 48 or e-mail:

Book in advance


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Ängs Gård Exhibition garden Crafts & Arts Flea market +46 390 500 52, +46 73 718 01 85

Äppelvikens Äventyrspark Gränna Hamn Tel: 0708-127698 Tel: 0708-127698

Tel. 0708-12 76 98






Gränna Äventyrsminigolf Gränna Äventyrsminigolf

Pedal cars • A runway for adventure rally • Rowing & Bumper-boats One of Sweden's largest miniature golf courses on artificial grass etc.

open Always ers! p for cam

e Welcom ! t a by bo

Welcome to visit us in Grevskapet Gränna-Visingsö! – There’s an app for that! In the app you will find everything that is going on and you get full overview over accommodation, cafes, restaurants, shops, museums and other activities. Of course you will also find events like concerts, festivals, markets and the like. As an added bonus great deals of different types will show up in your phone depending on where you are! Welcome to Grevskapet Gränna-Visingsö!


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Summer openings: Weekdays 10-18. Sat 10-18. Sun 10-16. Regular openings: Weekdays 10-18 | Sat 10-14 | Brahegatan 41, Gränna



Love and organic, the secret behind excellent ice cream “After last year's awards of Food Entrepreneur of the Year in Jönköping County and Entrepreneur of the Year in Gränna, it has been a bewildering time”, says ice cream maker, Anders Ahlenius. “Sales have doubled, and interest in Grenna Glass has really taken off”. Anyone who has tasted it, will understand its success. “It has the genuine ice cream taste, which was actually the reason that we started the company seven years ago”, explains Anders Ahlenius. “At home, our family didn't have a really good ice cream, and we began to experiment using only natural ingredients without additives. Certainly, it involved a little more work and cost a little more, but it is worth it. The underlying secret is perhaps that they use organic milk from a local farm, and eggs from happy hens in Aneby”. To start with, Grenna glass was a family business, but now it's just his mother, Gullan, who helps.

Fun names

“The number of retailers increased steadily, so the ice cream is available in some grocery stores, but especially in farm shops, which is an intentional niche”, says Anders Ahlenius, who seems to favour the small scale and the local.

The names on the ice cream are also fun, and they catch people's curiosity - like Great Grandfather's Old Man ice cream, the Parson's bitter pistachios, Elderflower light lemon kisses and the Coffee girls’ temptation. The vegan range has names like Backyard berries, Pistachio, love & understanding and Vegan is the new black. Grenna glass is delighted with the positive response and cares about its customers' reactions. Anyone who wants to is welcome to come into the shop and the cosy café in central Gränna to discuss or perhaps give suggestions for a new flavour. “We are experimenting all the time, because you can make ice cream from just about anything”, says Anders Ahlenius. “But the catch is that it has to taste good as well”. “A new flavour for this year is peas, and we will just have to see how well we do with that one. Last year, rhubard ice cream was a success, but it also depends on availability. That one involved a whole lot of work - cleaning, chopping and cooking. But the taste was really interesting, with a blend of sweet and sour”.

No intention of becoming large

The company has grown constantly, and now employs three people in the winter and ten in the summer. “We manufacture all year round, but demand increases in summer, and then we are at full capacity so we begin to prepare in the spring and we have increased our freezer space”. Anders Ahlenius enjoys it, but, at the same time, he does not want to become too large. “It's part of a concept that we don't want to become to large scale. We prefer to preserve the closeness to everything and the individuality in what we do”. Which is your favourite flavour? “That's just like asking someone which is your favourite child! It's impossible to answer that”, says Anders Ahlenius, and he also points out that his favourite changes. l TEXT: INGELI AALTO PHOTO: NOOR STUDIOS

Anders Ahlenius has been running Grenna Glass for seven years. Over that time, he has developed new ice cream flavours and grown the company. He does not want to grow too much, for that would risk losing the personal touch. His mother, Gullan Ahlenius, is still active in the family business.


May-September October-April Weekdays: 10-17 Weekdays: 10-15 Weekends: 12-16 Weekends: 12-16

1 June-31 August Mon-Fri 10-17 Sat-Sun 10-15 1 September-31 May Tue-Sun 11-15 Mon closed

The Match Museum 036-14 611462 • +46 (0)36 61 62

Free entrance! NovemberFebruary




Highlights for 2018 MAY 19 Park Sounds, Huskvarna Folkets Park 25-27 Jönköping Market JUNE 16-19 DreamHack Summer, Elmia 29 American Power Tour 30 Jönköping Open Water, Munksjön 26/6-1/7 International Food Market, Vindbron and Kanalplan JULY 8 IRONMAN 70.3, Jönköping AUGUST 16-18 Jönköping Marathon & Half Marathon, Jönköping, 16-19 H2O, Jönköping 23-26 H2O, Jönköping SEPTEMBER 22 Sprint-championship in rowing, Munksjön 5-9 Elmia Caravan Motor caravan OCTOBER 10-14 Elmia Scandinavian Horse Show DECEMBER 30/11-3/12 DreamHack Winter, Elmia Long-running event The Bauer Year, Jönköping 21 April – 12 August Gladiators – the Colosseum’s Heroes, Kinnarps Arena D-hallen

Tourist information tel 0771-211 300

What would you like to experience?

Jönköping – the town on three lakes Jönköping is in the South of Sweden, beautifully situated along the southern shore of Lake Vättern. Come and enjoy the pulse of the town, beach life and countryside. Jönköping’s centre consists of snug alleys and canals which open onto three lakes. In the old company town of Huskvarna, East of Jönköping, there is a wealth of cultural treasures to discover.

Central Jönköping has a wider range of shops and pleasant restaurants. Piren is one of Jönköping’s watering holes, a place for food and socialising, or just having an ice cream in the sun on what is probably Sweden's longest park bench. From Piren, the boardwalk stretches for several kilometres along a sandy beach beside Vättern’s crystal-clear waters. Atollen is right in the heart of Jönköping, on the northern shore of Lake Munksjön. You can explore its restaurants, café's and shops. During the summer, it throbs with activity on and around the lake. Unique to this year is the exhibition, Gladiators – the Coliseum's Heroes, is coming to Jönköping, from April until August. Learn some of the history of the Roman Empire and the fighting gladiators. This year, we are also celebrating Bauer Year in Jönköping and paying tribute to the Bauer family with lots of activities.

Boat tours, walks and much more are all on the agenda. If you feel the shopping urge coming on, we recommend a visit to Asecs, a retail centre with 80 shops, open seven days a week, all year round, conveniently located along the E4 Euro Route. Recently, Jönköping has made a name for itself as a mecca for sushi restaurants. If you have a yearning for nutritious and tasty food with Asiatic overtones, this is just the place for you. In addition to sushi, there is a wide range of high-quality restaurants reflecting different food cultures.


The Huskvarna district grew up around its world-famous company. These days, visitors are attracted to visit the Husqvarna museum, with its displays of products such as rifles, motorbikes, cookers, sewing machines and much else, all produced at the factory over a period of 325 years. Next door, there is Smedbyn with its charming red cottages which now contain handicraft studios, café's and galleries. There


is a large programme of events scheduled for Huskvarna Folkets Park, and over the summer, in addition to the very popular music concerts the traditional Car Meetings and MC Meetings will be held every Wednesday.


The Spira Cultural Centre is on the shore of Lake Munksjön. The building is equally beautiful seen from any direction, with its special shape and glass-covered façade – a landmark for Jönköping. Don't miss the wonderful and inspiring concerts and performances. You can also take a guided tour through this exceptional building. In the area that once held the matchstick factory, the main building is now the unique Matchstick Museum. The area also offers galleries, craftspeople and restaurants. A short distance from there, and you come to Jönköpings County Museum , a museum of art and cultural history where you can visit John Bauer’s Enchanted fantasy world. Let the kids try how it feels to be a troll or an elf in the fairy tale wardrobe. At a higher elevation, and with fantastic views over Jönköping, there is Stadsparken Park. It has restaurants and cafés, with scenic walking trails along animal meadows. The Park also has Fröjden, a popular open air dance pavilion in spring, summer and autumn, an open air museum and a unique bird museum. At Gunillaberg, South of Bottnaryd, the Danish flower artist, Tage Andersen, transformed the beautiful country house into a cultural and floral paradise in the middle of the forest. There is a lot more to describe about Jönköping and the surrounding area – but now it's time to explore it. We look forward to seeing you! l

Jönköping Science Center

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challenges for the whole family open all summer mon-fri at 10-16 SKÄRSTAD KYRKA ÖLMSTAD KYRKA show ium ent etar plan perim x e l a ic n o h h w tec nts s rime rs a expe c tric elec

Romantic Hotel Hostel Yoga LANDSJÖKYRKAN

V. Holmgatan 34A, Kålgården, Jönköping Tfn 036-10 60 77,


Skärstad-Ölmstad församling

Phone +46 36 14 88 70, Odengatan 10, Huskvarna



The tourist ambassadors

Inspired by an English garden

“The praise from the guests is clearly noted, and many of them come here regularly”, explains Ann Hyltse, who runs Huskvarna Hotell & Hostel together with her husband. The couple took over from Ann's parents in 2008, and in that year they also started the hotel in Rosendala Manor, which dates from 1774. A lot of work and care has been put into the renovation and furnishing, with both the hotel and the Hostel personally decorated to make guests feel at home. The rooms in the hostel are in New England style, while the hotel has a more romantic ambience. “Perhaps taking inspiration from the English garden which used to be here and stretched as far as the pavilion at Rumlaborg, where at that time they held literary meetings with a community of authors”, says Ann Hyltse. The location is excellent, five minutes from the shores of Vättern for swimming, close to a small boat harbour and within walking distance of central Huskvarna. Husqvarna Factory Museum is widely known, partly for its collection of motorcycles. Many people sleep over here on their way to Gränna, Visingsö or Jönköping, Ann Hyltse is very happy in her New England-inspired hostel. Yoga courses and other health events are also held here.

Södra Vätterbygdens Art Fair

31 aug - 2 sep

During the art fair galleries, art studios and other venues will showcase a selection of art from the area

and near the E4 Euro Route is Brunstorps trädgårdscafé, well known for its large fruit orchards. Ann Hyltse enjoys her work. It is varied and she gets to meet new people all the time. A new approach is that they are putting more effort into hiring the premises for conferences, health events and yoga courses which are held regularly.

rudenstams gårdsbutik & kafé

in our farm store you will find selected products from our local suppliers and the café is filled with cakes made of apples from our farm. lunch is served daily. welcome!

Open: Mon-Fri 10.00-18.00, Sat 10.00-15.00.


GUNILLABERG Gunillaberg Säteri, 565 97 Bottnaryd, • Open daily 19 May – 16 September 11-18,

Foto: Bent Rej


s p o h s r u o t V s i m m e r! u s s i t We have everything you need for your summer holiday!

We are open the hole summer!

Feel free to enjoy a coffee and cake at Eriks’ café!

Welcome! Herkulesv 56 JÖNKÖPING 036-33 00 222 ÖPPET: Tuesday, thursday 12-18, saturday 10-14 Birkagatan 38 HUSKVARNA 036-14 30 90 ÖPPET: Tuesday, thursday 14-18, saturday 10-14 Bagaregatan 3 HABO 036-770 19 00 ÖPPET: Thursday 14-19, saturday 10-14









Art round with growing pains Over the past three years, Södra Vätterbygden’s art round has gone through growing pains with a rapidly expanding organisation. Now the work is beginning to fall into place with an erected structure has put the art round on the map. “It feels wonderful that we have been able to arrange the art round for the third year in a row”, says Vera Zherdev, secretary of the Södra Vätterbygden’s art round. “There is a lot of interest, and the week before the registration period expired, we were fully subscribed, with a queue of reserves. Many artists come back from previous years”, explains Vera Zherdev, “But there are also a lot of new ones. The majority of exhibitors are local artists and handicrafts people, but we also have people coming from large parts of the country”. “The aim throughout has been to engage with the local art scene, to demonstrate the diversity that exists”. The catchment area is large, and it is difficult for visitors to see everything. The idea is to sift through what is on offer and visit various parts of the art

The 2017 working group. From the left: Natasha Nichols, Elisabeth Glandberger, Sara Magnusson, Jenny Söderlund, Björn Skallström, Martina Trygg, Anders Andersson, Mattias Hattimas Mogensen, Marie Hertzberg, Sören Nordenström and Vera Zherdev

round from year to year. The collective exhibition, the folder and the app give an overview for the visitors to create their own route. “The art round is artist-driven, and we all work as volunteers”, explains Vera Zherdev. “Those of us who have been involved from the start have always had the vision of an art round which is open to everyone. That is why the breadth is so great, with amateur and professional artists and craftspeople sharing the attention of the visitors. A variation in the materials the artist works with and its expression is also an important part of the experience, and that's why we place no restrictions on how large or small the works on display at the collective exhibition are. This is something that the visitors have really appreciated”.


During Crayfish Saturday, all of Blå torget is set out as a wonderful market for local producers, with vegetables, flowers, meat and fish.



Highlights for 2018 Habo Heli Meeting

JUNE - JULY 6 National Day celebration 9 Habo Market 9 Habo Challenge 22 Midsummer celebration in Brandstorp 22 Midsummer celebration inDrottningstorp 30/6-1/7 Habo Honda cup 27/6-12/8 Road church at Habo kyrka daily 11.00-18.00 30/6-5/8 Summer coffee bar in Brandstorps rural community centre Tue-Sun 14.00-18.00. SEPTEMBER 1 Crayfish Saturday for all the family 16 Country People Sunday Habo kyrka 29/9 -7/10 Art festival at Spinnet OCTOBER 28 Trout Day DECEMBER 1-2 Christmas Market at Spinnet 2 Christmas display in Habo 20 Christmas present evening until 20.00

Tourist Information Library Jönköpingsvägen 2 Tel 036-442 70, 315 71

A hundred flavours in Habo

Welcome to Habo, the little pearl along Vättern’s south-western shore. Here, long, bright sandy shores stretch along the clear water, and the deep forests around the area offer recreation and adventure for anyone who wants it. There are farm shops with everything from goats to crayfish, and all with a warm feeling of service. In the text below, you will find several examples of what we can offer you when you visit us. More information is always available on Elk safari

Your safari begins at, perhaps, an unexpected place, Habo camping. From there, you head for a farm a short distance away, and the scouting for the king of the forest can begin. Elk are powerful animals, and probably far larger than you thought. You explore this together with the guide, who explains what you can expect to see. Elks had been seen from the safari on almost every occasion. An exciting elk safari is ideal if you have foreign visitors with you who have an interest in outdoors Sweden.

Baskarp sand

If your interests tend more towards cultural history than animals, or if you have the urge

to feel the sand between your toes and kill your body with a refreshing swim, then Baskarp is just the place for you. It has an exciting history through the sand mining is still going on, as well as long, beautiful strands where Vättern’s waves lap in. It was during the ice age, 10,000 years ago, that the sand in Baskarp was created, and since 1904 and still today, the sand is mined here and sent all over the world. Every year, around 320,000 tonnes of sand is sent out from Baskarp, and the sand is used, for example, in casting, in water purification and for golf courses and riding schools. If you are more interested in art and culture, every year, in autumn, a week-long Art Festival PHOTO: JONAS ANHEDE

MAY 25-27

Baskarp’s long and bright strands are ideal for a peaceful walk during the summer or throughout the rest of the year.

The historic old spinning factory, Spinnet, in Habo, still switches on its neon sign in the evenings.


is held in the old wool spinning factory, Spinnet, in Habo. The spinning factory was started in 1882 and by 1960, 90,000 blankets and 30,000 plaids had been produced. The premises are now used for various exhibitions, restaurants and other events. During the Art Festival, you will find local artists, handicrafts people and associations who are exhibiting their work If it is food which attracts you, we have restaurant and cafés, and, not least, events which involve food. One of our most popular and best-loved events is Crayfish Saturday, which is always held the first Saturday in September. Here, many other local producers come together to provide a wonderful food market in and around Blå torget. The shops in town stay open, entertainment is provided from large stages all day, and there are masses of activities for all ages. Welcome to Habo! l

Habo is encircled by both Lake Vättern and deep forests with the Hökensås outdoor area where the visitor encounters magnificent countryside.

with ziplines

High Ropes Course with ziplines





Welcome to your modern fish shop in the country! Fresh fish directly from the lake. Smokehouse. 036 - 434 10 |

Y D AY ! OPEN EVER Welcome to Landhs cozy cafés. You´ll find us in Mullsjö, Bankeryd and Habo. A traditional patisserie with modern tastes!! Welcome!!



Locally-produced blue cheese and soft goat kids in Kivarp


e drive along winding, narrow roads, listening to Cornelis Vreeswijk’s song, ”Sommarkort”. Outside the car windows, between Gränna and Visingsö, apple orchards swish by. A heron flies over meadows where cows are grazing, and directly across Lake Vättern, on the western side, the blue forests and the Hökensås Nature Reserve loom. Just outside Habo, we find Kivarps Farm dairy. In the middle, there are more than 40 goats and kids among buttercups and white clover. The flock comes running when Torbjörn Bäck calls to them. “Goats are very pleasant and amusing animals. They all have their own personalities and their own temperaments. I milk them every day in the barn”, says Torbjörn, who started the farm dairy after he had been attending a cheesemaking course on the Island of Öland. All morning, Torbjörn Bäck has been making blue cheese and fresh cheese, salted and turned the cheeses, treating them as gently as if they were little babies. Torbjörn fetches home-made fig marmalade and blue cheese. We sit down in the glass-covered café, at one of the white tables, where small vases of oxeye daisies welcome us. He cuts up the soft, smooth cheese. It tastes tangy and astringent. Surrounding the farm, there are other producers for the local market, including growers of organic vegetables. In high summer, the form is well-visited, with many people driving long distances to look at the goats and enjoy home-made cheesecake.

Torbjörn Bäck makes goats cheese at Kivarps Gårdsmejeri, where they can be tasted and purchased. PHOTO: DESRIÉE ÖSTERGREN

Extracted from “Vättern – Möten mat människor” by Ivana Vukadinovic and Desirée Östergren, published by Isabergs förlag.

The tourist ambassadors

The adventurous aim for Habo For adventurous people who are seeking excitement and physical challenges in the open air, Hagårds Lagård in Habo is a must. Over the past few years, the Hagård family have built up an adventure park in a scenic setting with a challenging highlevel rope course, a rope way with 500 metre ziplines, climbing wall, multisports, paintball and various types of shooting. Hagårds lagård is on the Julared family farm, which goes back to the 17th century, on my husband Håkan’s side”, explains Jessica. She herself comes from Örnsköldsvik, but she has lived here since 1995. “We didn't want to have any animals, and wondered what we could do with all

the old buildings, and then we thought it would be a cool idea to build up a huge playpark for both children and adults”, she says. Habo is an idyllic and peaceful community, with Habo old wooden church, famous for its wood paintings, fishing in Hökensås and the Lantcafé Lustfyllt. “But we didn't have any adventurous activities suffer that we are an alternative” For her day job, Jessica works with rural area development at the Ministry of Agriculture, and she feels it's a great idea to contribute to something which could develop the countryside. The family's four children are all involved, and all help in the company.

“Of course, it's a lot of work when we close down, but, at the same time it's really cool to be doing something together”. The people who come are both private individuals and booked groups, both practised adventurers and new beginners, but what is required is that they have a certain balance and courage. “We are committed to safety, so everyone can feel secure”. There is also a café here with local ice cream, a room for conferences and a dining room. It is popular for hen and stag parties, associations and company groups to book an adventurous time together.

Håkan and Jessica Hagård run an adventure centre on their farm outside Habo.


The tourist ambassadors

Unspoiled countryside and tasty baking attract visitors to Mullsjö A nyone who has visited the outdoors municipality of Mullsjö must surely have been in Landhs konditori, which was started by three brothers in 1933. Since then, it has expanded massively, and in addition to the local people, guests drive long distances for the famous lunch buffet and brunch, as well as the tart buffet at weekends. The patisserie has an incredibly beautiful location next to Lake Mullsjön, and all 100 of the seats have a view over the lake. “If anyone is really keen to have a swim, they can have permission to take a dip from the jetty, even if it's not a designated swimming spot”, says Emma Kristensson, who is the public face at Landhs. She has worked here since she finished high school 20 years ago, and she is manager of the shop. In recent years, Landhs has opened branches in Bankeryd and Habo, but their best-known bakery and confectionery outlet is in Mullsjö. A lot of information is spread through social media, where Emma is assiduous at loading photographs of the day's pastries, and the pulling

power of each is clearly noticeable. “The big sellers are our open shrimp sandwiches on rye bread. We also have their own specialties, such as toscawienerrutor and Finessebakelse with ice cream and strawberries, which are a variation on our popular semlor”. Budapest cakes with banana are also popular. The selection is broad, from the traditional to the newly-created and modern. “We make everything from the basic ingredients, and we always try to have as wide a selection as possible”. “In summer, we usually organise räkfrossa (prawns galore) with troubadour on some occasions”. Mullsjö is otherwise known for its beautiful and unspoiled countryside, with long hiking trails in Ryfors oldgrowth forest, Sweden's oldest golf course and all the lakes. “Everything is clean and peaceful here and the local people are more relaxed than townsfolk”, in Emma's experience.

Emma Kristensson is the public face of Landhs konditori in Mullsjö. The patisserie also has branches in Habo and Bankeryd.

Irresistible, handmade

Licorice Louise Design / Konkretek AB


Enjoy the original.

We were the first in Sweden with licorice on the

3D0-70% iscount!


We manufacture: Sweet and Salty Licorice, Marm alade, Roasted Almonds etc.

A visit to us tastes good! Mon-Fri 10-18. Sat 9.30-14. Sun july 11-16 Nykyrkevägen 58 B, Mullsjö. +46 392 388 30


Summer openings: Weekdays 10-18. Sat 10-18. Sun 10-16. Regular openings: Weekdays 10-18 | Sat 10-14 | Garverigatan 15, Mullsjö



Highlights for 2018 APRIL-MAY 29/4-6/5 Arena week with nature and cultural activities MAY 5 Motor Saturday, Duck swim, Drive-in-wedding and Cruising 18-19 Tidaholm’s Bluesfestival JUNE 6 National Day celebration with multicultural party JULY 9-14

U6 Cycle Tour

AUGUST 4 10 11 11

Open-air cinema Crayfish Day Kräftival Crayfish party Kräftival run

SEPTEMBER 15 Family Day at Gamla torget 28-30 Art night DECEMBER 1 Christmas Market

Link to events calendar:

Tidaholms Tourist Office Vulcanön, Vulcans väg 5 Tel 0502-60 70, 315 71

The Island of Turbinhusön is an idyll in the heart of Tidaholm, where you can saunter around in the beautiful surroundings and enjoy an excellent cup of coffee on Tidans strand.

In Tidaholm, everything is close at hand

In Tidaholm, nothing is far away. In just a tiny moment, you switch from the market in top Gamla torget to a cosy café, fishing water and you have the opportunity to get active at Hellidsberget or Hökensås. The beautiful River Tidan murmurs through the town, binding together the beautiful countryside with a charming townscape. It is around the River Tidan that the town of Tidaholm grew up, and small oases have been created around the flowing water. Stroll round the town and admire the wonderful architecture and the cosy centre with its shops, restaurants and cafés. The two islands in the middle of the town offer very different experiences. Turbinhusön is a beautiful island by the banks of the River Tidan, and with a well-preserved cultural heritage. Enjoy a nice cup of coffee in the Kaffestugan’s 19th-century milieu, the open-air café is beautifully situated alongside the Tidan’s murmuring water. Take the opportunity to visit the art gallery, the blacksmith's forge and the culture repository. Enjoy the exhibitions, handicrafts and shop. The island of Vulcanön is Tidaholm’s cultural centre and is now a rendezvous for culture and art – from past to present. Tidaholms Museum tells the story of Vulcan, the world's largest matchstick factory around the turn of the last

century, of the factory and the car production. The museum contains a well-preserved industrial forge, which was once part of the matchstick factory. The forge is still in use, and has been in use since 1870. In the old premises of the matchstick factory, there is an art lithographic workshop which bears witness to the creativity which sprouted here over several hundred years. On the island there is also the Marbodal Center with its kitchen exhibition and VinContoret which offers enjoyment of the good things in life, with wine, food, culture and nature at the heart.

Walking and fishing in varied countryside

In Tidaholm, there are many lovely places to walk. The Pilgrimsleden Way between Hjo and Kungslena offers a walk through a diverse agricultural landscape. This leads you from the beautiful little town of Hjo on the shore of Lake Vättern, over inhospitable Hökensås and and on through forest and open countryside up to the mediaeval village of Kungslena at the foot of Varvsberget. Along the three kilometres of the promenade trail at Ödegårdsstigen, you can see traces of the old limestone burning industry. The wonderful beech wood frames the promenade and gives a special light which changes with the seasons. Hökensås is a piece of wilderness with enormous nature value, deep forest and relaxing stillness. In Hökensås nature reserve, there are excellent walking trails and exercise tracks of varying length. Pack a backpack with some


food and experience the fairytale countryside of the area with over fifteen lakes and pools, of which 30 are excellent fishing waters. There are also lots of berries and mushrooms, as well as a rich animal and birdlife. In addition to birds, you can encounter elk, roe deer, lynx, fox, hare and others. Hökensås is a mecca for fishing enthusiasts of all ages, and is known to be one of Sweden's best angling areas. An exciting outing can be to try family fishing. Suits both beginners and more experienced anglers. Family fishing with a ghillie at Hökensås is arranged every Tuesday and Thursday during the summer. In Baltak, just South of Tidaholm, you can fly fish for rainbow and trout in the flowing waters of the River Tidan. You are guaranteed a fantastic fishing experience on this beautiful stretch of the river, which is around 3 kilometres long. l


Take a cooling dip in Lilla Havssjön at Hökensås or in any of the other swimming locations in Tidaholm.

Family fishing at Hökensås is a popular activity for the whole family, young and old, during the summer.

The exhibition, ”Man and iron - a love story which never rusts rostar” is on show at Tidaholms museum throughout the year.

The tourist ambassadors

They attract more people to fish


products and so t is not just anglers and we have special foreign tourists who lakes with quotas of are drawn to Hökensås places which must be Sportfiske. In recent booked in advance, years, an increasing and for these, it is number of families have essential to be quick discovered the magic of to apply for a fishing coming together for a permit as they go special nature experience quickly”. Depending which the lakes are an on availability, fish open invitation to in this is also smoked for extensive nature reserve, Mårten Fredriksson sale in the shop in the Fishing Centre. belonging to Tidaholm. Mårten Fredriksson, the local “We also have two fish hatcheries, manager for Hökensås Sportfiske, so we supply many sportfishing areas and fishing clubs in southern Sweden works here. Hökensås sportfiske has just over with fish”. 30 lakes at its disposal. They can be Hökensås Sportfiske wants to open fished for both rainbow and brown up so that as many people as possible trout, as well as pike and perch in are given a chance to come out into the countryside and learn more about several of the lakes. “We run angling tourism at Hökensås, fishing, and these courses are popular. in Tiveden and on a 3 km stretch of “An important group that we want river in Tidan-Baltak in Tidaholm. We to concentrate a little more on is sell around 25,000 fishing permits children and young people. Among annually just for Hökensås, and we other things, they learn entomology count on holding it at that level - the study of insects, when they are so that we can maintain the nature making their own insect bait. They also learn to read the water, new experience”, he says. “We work instead to refine the casting techniques and fly tying”.

Art night takes place in the last weekend in September. A cultural festival for everyone, with art, culture, food and experiences in focus.

Hökensås Sportfiske AB – Sweden’s leading sport fishing company – since 1957

• Lake fishing • River fishing • Rental lakes • Store • Guiding • Courses • Business events • Accommodation/ camping +46 502 230 0502-230 00 00


All of us who live here often say that there is something special about Hjo. Something which is difficult to describe. Perhaps it's got something to do with Vättern’s shifting colours, the beautiful towns with timber houses, the cobbled streets and the calmness? Perhaps it is the quaint lifestyle, the welcoming atmosphere and the feeling of living in the middle of a holiday? For despite everything, Hjo is a town that people have gone to for recreation for over 100 years. Our tradition as a spa and health resort at the end of the 19th century quite simply lives on, and even today, people travel here to enjoy, to relax and to mix.

There is something about Hjo...



Highlights for 2018 JUNE 2 Two new exhibitions on Hjo Stadspark open in the Kulturkvarteret 6 Asparagus Day at Vätternsparris 16 Vätternrundan passes Hjo 16 Guldkroksbadet opens for the season 29-30 American Power Tour American muscle cars visit Hjo 30 Strawberry Day at Munkebo gård 30 Hjo Harbour Day in Hjo harbour and Rock against Cancer in Hjo Stadspark JULY 6-8 Crafts Fair in Hjo Stadspark 6 & 28 Steamboat Jazz on the S/S Trafik 25-29 Health week - a week filled with health activities 26 Stockholm Street Festival - a day when Hjo fills up with street artists 26-29 HJO-KO - Western riding at the Maplerock Ranch AUGUST 4 British Motor Meet - British car meet in Hjo Stadspark 4 Veteran Car Rally with car exhibition in Hjo Stadspark 4 Open-air cinema in Hjo Stadspark 11-12 Accordion meeting 14 Open Gård Almnäs Bruk You can find the events for the whole year

VISIT HJO, Hjo Tourist Information Bangatan 1B, 544 30 Hjo Tel 0503-352 55 Follow Visit Hjo on Facebook and Instagram #ilovehjo

Visit the prize-winning wooden house milieu in the area around Stora Torget and in Hjo Stadspark.

In Hjo Stadspark at the end of the 19th century, a water cure facility was in operation, Hjo Vattenkuranstalt, which was established in 1876 by four local residents: landowner Harald Röhss of Munkeberg, Count Gustaf Sparre of Almnäs, wholesale merchant Gustaf Sjöstedt in Hjo and the then newly-arrived provincial doctor Dr. Wilhelm Baggstedt. They purchased a property, stadsparken, and began construction. Two years later, the water cure facility was officially opened with pomp and ceremony. This summer, a new exhibition opens, ”Särdeles Sundt and Friskt” [Extraordinarily Sound and Healthy], which portrays the heyday of the spa. Come along on an exciting journey which takes you back to the spa culture and its health-bringing presence in Hjo over one hundred years ago. With photographs and an advertising letter from 1899 as attendants, we gain an insight into the pride of Hjo for more than 50 years – Hjo Vattenkuranstalt.

You can also visit the exhibition “1878 -1906 - Kläder för den Vackra Epoken”.[Clothes for the Belle Époque] The exhibition takes a starting point atw 1878, during the birth of the spa resort, and shows how people such as the bourgeoisie and the upper class, and also the townspeople and the working class, dressed for various occasions during the spa period - a time when spas were growing in popularity when people in Europe had hope and confidence in the future, with new discoveries and an industrial revolution. Both exhibitions are shown in Kulturkvarteret. Admission is free.

The wooden town on Vättern

The award-winning wooden town

In 1990, Hjo town was awarded Europa Nostra’s Medal of Honour “... for the remarkable preservation of the collective wooden town, Hjo”. You can find the award-winning wooden house area in the block around Stora Torget and in Hjo Stadspark. A map of the parts of the town



which are within the area of national interest may be collected free of charge from Hjo Tourist Information. If you want to know more about the wooden town and the history of Hjo, you are welcome to join one of our guided tours this summer. The guided tours start at 14.00 every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday, from 30 June until the middle of August. You can also visit the exhibition “Skärvor av Hjo” [Shards of Hjo] which tells more about the history, life and houses in Hjo. The exhibition is being shown in Kulturkvarteret, and admission is free



On the right: You are welcome to have a look at one of Hjo’s unique shops and browse among the ceramics, silver and gold jewellery, objets d'art or perhaps a little soap? Below: In historic stadsparken park, you will find something to do for people of all ages.


Take the whole family with you for a full day on the beach and take the opportunity to hire one of the famous bathing huts.


Wherever you are in Hjo town, it feels as if Vättern is always near. That is why it is easy to dodge off for a cool dip or two. In the very centre of Hjo, you can benefit from taking a dip at the boardwalk in the South, or bathing at the Guldkroksbadet pool in the middle of the harbour. In Vattenkuranstalten’s time, it cost SEK 5 to sign in as a bathing guest here Nowadays, Guldkroksbadet is free, and offers a perfect activity for all the family. When you visit the pool, take the opportunity of hiring one of the famous bathing huts. They were designed in 1913 by architect Lars Kellman for the use of kurortsanstalten’s guests. Now, over 100 years later, they are still standing there – some of Hjo’s best-known icons. Vättern is a unique asset, and the open air exhibition, “Vättern - Sweet Water Life” describes life on our great lake, and how important it is for we who live here. At the same time, the exhibition “Below” is also being shown, which depicts life under the surface with Cristina Mittermeier’s and Paul Nicklen’s magnificent photographs from our world's seas. You can visit both exhibitions in Samskoleparken Park in connection with Kulturkvarteret from 18 June until 12 October, admission free. l



HJO – VISINGSÖ Dep. HJO 10:00 – arr. HJO 18:15 Sundays: 10.6, 17.6, 1.7, 22.7, 29.7, 5.8, 12.8 and 19.8 with JOUSTING on Visingsö. Sat 14.7 Old car meeting.


Sat. 30.6: “Harbour´s Day”, 2 rund trips. Dep. HJO 11:00. We will meet “Byabåtarna” from Visingsö, return 12:00. Dep 15:00, arrival 16:00. Fri. 6.7: Dep: HJO 15:00, arrival HJO 16:00. “STEAM BOAT JAZZ” at night DIXIE TALKS Dep. HJO 19:00 Arr. 22.00 Sun. 8.7: Dep. HJO 12:00 & 14:00, arrival 13 & 15 .Sat. 28.7: Music on board. Dep: HJO 15:00, arrival HJO 16:00.“STEAM BOAT JAZZ” at night PEORIA JAZZBAND Dep. HJO 19:00 Arr. 22.00




Sat. 7.7: HJO – HÄSTHOLMEN HJO CRAFT’S FAIR Dep. HJO 9:00 – arr. HÄSTHOLMEN 10:30 Dep. HÄSTHOLMEN 11:15 – arr. HJO 12:45 Dep. HJO 17:00 – arr. HÄSTHOLMEN 18:30 Dep. HÄSTHOLMEN 18:45 – arr. HJO 20:15 ROUND TRIP Dep. HJO 13:30, arr. HJO 14:30 Fri. 13.7: HJO – VADSTENA Dep. HJO 9:30 – arr. VADSTENA 12:25 Dep. VADSTENA 16:00 – arr HJO 18:55

CAFÉ & SOUVENIRS ON BOARD Only cash payment on board · Pre-bookings: HJO Tourist Information. Phone +46 503-352 55 and




The tourist ambassadors

Discover Hjo from the lake this summer. Join a cruise on board the steamship Trafik – the steamship from 1892 which ”is still going strong”.

Röda Stallet Bed & Breakfast Nice accommodation just south of Hjo 300 m from the lake Vättern. 11 rooms with shower / wc and direct exit to the patio. Röda Stallet B & B, Spakås, SE-544 94 Hjo Phone: +46 503 121 12 Mobile: +46 702 05 86 60 Email:

Steamship adorns the harbour T

he steamship S/S Trafik in Hjo has been given the cultural heritage badge, K-märkt, by the Maritime Museum, and is designated as having “particularly great cultural heritage value”. The ship was built in 1892, rescued from scrapping in 1972 and has been in Hjo harbour since 1977, from where she makes regular cruises during the summertime. One of the people who has been involved from the start of the behind-the-scenes voluntary work is Anders Svenson. He moved here from Gothenburg to be close to the water and the harbour. His commitment to the S/S Trafik was part of the deal, and it now takes up a major part of his free time. The Friends of the S/S Trafik Association is constantly on the lookout for people with an interest to get involved in both caring for and operating the ship. “The core group is 15 people who work with everything from maintenance to preparation and operation. During the summer, there is a total of 30-40 people who help out”. The cruises go to Hästholmen, Vadstena and Visingsö. A couple of steamboat jazz cruises are arranged, and it is also possible for people to hire the ship for a trip on the lake. Trafik can carry up to 150 people on board, in the four different saloons with their turn-of-the-century fittings in plush, mahogany and brass. There is also a café and there are souvenirs for sale. “It takes a great deal of work to load all the coal she uses, 200 kg per hour”, explains Anders Svensson. Hjo is a popular and well-visited summer

Restaurang & Stellplatz 1,5 km from central Hjo lat: 58.31165 - long: 14.25405 Beautiful nature and biking paths

Phone: +46 73 983 51 09

resort, known for its well-preserved mediaeval town centre, and the old wooden villas from the 18th and 19th centuries. It's lovely to take a walk in the spacious Stadsparken park, where Societetshuset is now home to an experiment museum. Many people, naturally, head for the harbour first, where you can eat Vättern whitefish and char or patronise one of the famous ice cream cafés. There is also a strong handicraft tradition here, with many craftspeople and artists opening their studios.

Bisonfarmen i Gate Mellan Hjo och Jönköping Upplev Sveriges största bisongård ! Safari. Saloon. Gårdsbutik. Husbilscamping. Fyrhjulingsuthyrning.

BIG STORE 3500m2

With almost everything for your home, from garbage bags to crystal glass. V e r y l o w p r i ce s

Handcrafted products for body and soul Cold-stirred soaps, lip balms, bath salts, massage bars... Natural & Organic Hamngatan 14A

18 km south of Hjo, right next to Lake Vätterns shore is Hjällö Slott. A special oasis that offers both B & B and room for festivities. +46 503 210 90 · +46 706 426 540 Åsgatan 1, HJO

Family business founded in 1975



Camping pitches round Vättern

New camping pitches for motorhomes are being introduced in line with the very strong increase in interest in motorhomes. We don't claim that we can give a complete list of camping pitches round Vättern, but below we have a summary of what we have been able to find in catalogues and on various websites. We decided to limit ourselves to camping pitches which offer firstly, electricity and secondly also water, disposal facilities, showers and WC. Abbreviations used in the list SP: Ställplats [camping pitch] C: Camping with room for motorhomes RP: Halting place

KARLSBORG / TIVEDEN / WESTERN GÖTA CANAL Breviks Camping & Ställplats, Karlsborg Camp Skagern, Finnerödja Camping Tiveden, Tived Carlsborgs Segelsällskap, Karlsborg Forsviks sluss, Göta Canal, Forsvik Hajstorps Slusscafé & Vandrarhem, Töreboda Jonsboda Café & Camping, Töreboda Karlsborgs Camping, Karlsborg Lyrestad Gästhamn Göta Canal, Lyrestad Norrqvarn Hotell and Konferens, Lyrestad Revelbadets Camping, Laxå Stenkällegårdens Camping Tiveden, Karlsborg Strömsnäs Naturcamping, Forsvik

HJO Bisonfarmen i Gate Stellplatz, Hjo Hjo Camping, Hjo Hökensås Golfklubb, Hjo Stampens kvarn Stellplatz, Hjo

HABO - MULLSJÖ - TIDAHOLM Habo Camping & Stugby, Habo Ryfors Golfklubb, Mullsjö Camp Fjället ,Tidaholm Hökensås Camping & Stugby, Tidaholm Kyrkekvarn Sörgården, Sandhem Ljungbacken, Tidaholm Mullsjö Camping, Mullsjö Tidaholms Camping, Tidaholm Kohagens badplats, Sandhem

ASKERSUND Askersunds Golfklubb, Åmmeberg Askersunds Ställplats Marinan, Askersund Aspa Båtklubb, Ställplats & Gästhamn, Olshammar Harge Bad & Camping, Hammar Husabergsuddes Camping, Askersunds Kommun Mariedamms Ställplats, Mariedamm Stora Hammarsundet, Trafikverkets Rastplats Tivedsporten Eco Camp, Askersund



MOTALA Borenshults slussområde, Motala SP DHR Motala, Vättersol Stugor and Camping, Motala C Furulid, Motala C Kaffeteriet vid Göta Canal, Borensberg SP Mallbodens Cafe and vandrarhem/ Motala Verkstad, Motala SP Småängens Camping, Tjällmo C STF Vandrarhem Glasbruket, Borensberg SP Strandbadets Camping, Borensberg C Södra Hamnen, Motala SP Z-Parkens Camping, Motala C

MJÖLBY/SKÄNNINGE Gripenbergs Gårdsbutik, Skänninge SP Väderkvarnsbacken, Skänninge SP Skogssjöbadens Camping, Mjölby C Östad golf, Väderstad SP Rastplats Albacken, Mjölby SP


VADSTENA Vadstena Camping, Vadstena C Vadstena Gästhamn and Ställplats, Vadstena SP Vadstena Golfklubb SP

ÖDESHÖG Hästholmens hamn Camping Ödeshög C, SP Rökstenen Besökscentrum SP Naturum, Tåkern SP Östgötaporten, Trafikverkets rastplats RP, SP

C SP C C SP SP C C SP JÖNKÖPING / HUSKVARNA Axamostrand Camping, Jönköping C Hyltena Nattcamp/Quickstop, Jönköping SP Lovsjöbadens Camping, Jönköping C Skinnarebo Hobby Caravan Golf, Jönköping SP Villa Björkhagen, Jönköping C RC Hotel, Jönköping SP

The number of camping pitches with services such as electricity, showers, WC, water and disposal points is increasing all the time. Stampens kvarn Stellplatz is beside Route 195 around 1.5 km outside Hjo. Stampens kvarn is a 17th-century building which has been used as a restaurant and party facility for the past 10 years.

GRÄNNA / VISINGSÖ Bauergården Gästgiveri & Konferens SP Getingaryds Familjecamping Gränna C Grenna Hamn Gränna SP Grännastrandens Familjecamping Gränna C Gyllene Uttern, Trafikverkets Rastplats RP, SP Svensgården, Visingsö SP Visingsö Ställplats SP Camping Vättersmålen, Gränna C Visingsö natur ställplats SP Näs ställplats SP

In Forsvik, camping pitches for motorhomes are available below the Göta Canals oldest locks.



Highlights for 2018 JUNE 6 National Day celebration Karlsborgs Fästning 7 Veteran vehicle meet Forsvik 15-16 Vätternrundan 30/6-1/7 Forsvik Days JULY 2 Music in Forsvik 6 Sing-along beside the Canal with Chris Kläfford 9 Music in Forsvik 13 Sing-along beside the Canal with Linda Bengtzing 14 Tiveden Trail 16 Music in Forsvik 19 Veteran vehicle meet Forsvik, evening 20 Children's Forsvik 20 Sing-along beside the Canal with Jessica Andersson 23 Music in Forsvik 27 Sing-along beside the Canal with Andreas Johnsson 30 Music in Forsvik AUGUST 3 Diggiloo 6 Music in Forsvik All 11 Vetern vehicle meet Forsvik, all day 13 Music in Forsvik with Karlsborgs Storband 25/8-1/9 Charcoal week in Flugebyn SEPTEMBER 2 Karlsborgs Triathlon 22 Farmers' market DECEMBER 1 Christmas Market at Karlsborgs fästning 8 Christmas Market anno 1906 Forsviks Bruk

Karlsborgs Turism AB Storgatan 65 (vid Göta Canal) Tel 0505-173 55

Karlsborg is on a spit of land between Vättern and Bottensjön.

The gold town with something for all ages Karlsborg was known as Sweden's reserve capital for a period, with the protection of the 700 metre long fortress wall along the western shore of Vättern. It was here that the King and the government would take refuge if a malicious enemy invaded. Today, we know that the 70-year project (1819-1889) to build Sweden's greatest defence installation ended when the “central defence principle” was abandoned and the fortress lost its significance for strategic defence. A garrison remains, which now contains five different military operations, of which the Life Regiment Hussars, K3, is the largest. The work of constructing the fortress was not in vain. Nowadays, Karlsborgs fästning is the don't-miss attraction which offers fascinating historical narratives and exciting experiences for young and old. You can experience historical adventures such as the hunt for the vanished gold reserves, children's theatre, the fortress museum and much more. A free, comprehensive mobile app, Karlborgs Fästnings app, helps you find your way around the fortress area.

Between two lakes

Karlsborg is an elevated place on a spit of land between Lakes Vättern and Bottensjön. Karlsborg with its surroundings is, however, much more than this. If you continue from Vättern and and westwards over Bottensjön,

The high level rope walkway in Ösjönäs is an exciting adventure for anyone with the nerve to be up in the treetops.


or take the motorway North of this, you come to Forsvik. Forsviks bruk is part of Sweden's industrial history (see pages 14-17). In addition to the historical aspect with the industrial museum, there is a selection of food, refreshment, camping pitches and shops. Not least, it has the Göta Canal’s oldest locks, which were lengthened soon after the canal construction began, to enable the cargo boats of the time to carry freight between Sweden's coasts. Forsviks varv, where the steam wheeler Eric Nordevall II is based, is also a popular destination, just a short walk from the lock.

Karlsborg hosts many events and there is plenty of room for audiences whether it is for sing-along evenings or, like here, Diggiloo 2017. At the beginning of August 2018, it will be Diggiloo-time again.

350 kilometre shoreline

Ever since it was built, the Göta Canal has stamped its character on Karlsborg. Thousands of leisure boats make their way through Rödesund between Lake Vättern and Lake Bottensjön, the cruise featuring some of the guest harbours which are an obvious stop, either after sailing over Vättern or waiting on suitable weather to continue towards Motala. The guest harbours – yes, there are several, Stenbryggans gästhamn in Vättern, Göta kanalbolags and the CSS sailing club's jetties before Rödesunds bridge. And if you do not have your own boat? Well, the M/S Sandön carries passengers on daily cruises to Töreboda. If you are looking for an alternative to canal travel, it should be mentioned that Karlsborg has no less than 350 km of shoreline, on lakes and water courses. Naturally, this provides great opportunities for swimming and other water based leisure activities.

Skärgård and Tiveden

In Vättern, a short distance North of Karlsborg, in the area around Granvik, there is a unique section of the archipelago, Ombo Islands with Djäknasundet, which can be reached either from the lake or the land side. It offers sandy beaches and bathing from the rocks. For leisure boats, there is ample depth of water beside flat rocks, jetties and the excellent guest harbour in Granvik. We have now reached Tiveden in earnest. A huge area of forest and wilderness, part of which is a national park. One of the main entrances to the national park is in Ösjönäs where horse riding, exciting adventures on the high level rope walkway and much more are on offer. l


Karlsborgs fästning offers great experiences for the whole family! The hunt for the vanished gold reserves, Historical Adventure Tour, children's Theatre, the Little Gold Hunt and much more.

Tiveden provides opportunities for adventure for everyone. Some trails are adapted for walking frames, prams or wheelchairs. Other parts of the nature reserve are considerably wilder, and it is necessary to bring food and take rests.

The countryside around Karlsborg offers many opportunities for fishing, both in small lakes and in Vättern, perhaps with the help of a ghillie.



The tourist ambassadors

Forsviks bruk is a cultural heritage treasure


he little town of Forsvik in the Municipality of Karlsborg near the Göta Canal is a nature and cultural heritage treasure. Here is Sweden's oldest known industrial site - Forsviks bruk with the rural industrial milieu just as it was at the beginning of the 20th century. Today it is classed as a listed building, with around 30,000 visitors annually. Maria Lindevall has been working here since 2000 as a receptionist, a guide and as an exhibition organiser. Maria explains how the whole of Forsvik lives for the summer. “It is through the beautiful environment in combination with a string of activities and events, we bring history to life and give visitors a fantastic experience”. The plant closed down in 1977, and the buildings began to deteriorate. At the beginning of the 1980s, the value of this kind of environment was realised, and major restoration work began. In total, there are twelve renovated buildings, and these demonstrate how production was carried out, and how people lived in the community around the works, and the living environment in the workers’ houses. “It used to be the case that most of the focus was on the technical process, but as the 600 year jubilee approached in 2010, and in the “Women’s stories” exhibition we decided to highlight the women and their importance, which had been forgotten. There were many women patrons of the mill who worked behind the scenes. There was Elisabet Cronström, who managed the works for 40 years. She was single-minded, rich

During the annual Forsvik Days the area usually teems with visitors. The works area is now classed as a monument, and it attacts 30,000 visitors a year.

and a widow, which was a precondition at that time. There will be a new attraction this year, as the large iron foundry will be exhibited. This shows

all aspects of the work in an iron foundry, from the work environment to the casting process”, concludes Maria Lindevall.




Come with us on an exciting journey back in time!


Guided tour through the fortress

The hunt for the lost cheese



& garrison church are open all year round Exciting treasure hunt for smaller children

Info and reservations at, ph +46 505-173 50 or

Karlsborgs fästning





Stay in a goblins tree stump - An experience for both young and old! Swim, sunbathe and fall asleep to the sound of waves. Our goblins tree stumps has the best location directly on the beach and are equipped with shower, toilet, kitchenette and TV.


Now you have only two pages of Around Vättern 2018 left. You will find yet more interesting reading and suggestions for destinations at Follow us on Facebook and Instagram

Phone +46 505 120 22

facebook/ #runtvattern

DISCOVER FORSVIKSBRUK Follow on a time trip through Swedish industrial history. Welcome to a beautiful and genuine industrial environment. Among other things, there are used roads, forges, foundries and wood slides. Forsviks Bruk has a 600-year history and is part of the Swedish industry's cradle. Come and take part in our exhibitions depicting the transformation of the amazing society of industrialism. You will also find the Crafts Center's exhibition RAW and in our shop you will find crafts from the smiths of the neighborhood. TIP We have children's shows and treasure hunting, so bring the whole family on the way to Forsviks Bruk! INFO We are open May 12th to September 14th. For more information on opening hours, exhibitions and activities visit

The operations of Forsviks Bruk are part of Västarvet - Sweden's largest regional management for nature and cultural heritage. Read more at




With the camp site as a base, you have experiences for a whole week within reach of one of the largest tourist regions.


Phone +46 143 127 30

Train trips

Cozy pub


Mini Golf

Choo-choo train ”Rödingen”. Children’s stages at the camp. Trips to Vadstena for city walks and visits to the Toy Museum. Shopping and evening tours.

Pub with à la carte menu. Full rights. Large screen TV. Open: 18:00 to 23:00. Please try our self-caught crayfish.

Service shop with long opening hours where we bake bread every morning.

Challenge your friends in miniature golf. Our beautiful 18hole course is located right next to the beach and restaurant.

1. Reception and shop 2. Restaurant, pub, café, and take-away food 3. Water slide

4. Toilets, showers, dishwashing area, kitchen, lounge, TV, childrens playroom, relaxing room, family room, sauna and jacuzzi 5. Toilets, showers, baby changing area, dishwashing area, family room, laundrette, kitchen and dining room 6. Toilets for visitors to the swimming baths

7. Storage 8. Toilets, baby changing area, emptying point for motorcaravans, kitchen, dining room, showers and family room 9. Cottages 10. Chalets 11. Mini Golf 12. Open-air dance floor 13. Dog bathing area 14. Toilets, showers, water and emptying point for ren campers hild


i Bath

ted adap

for c

Around Vättern  
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