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Jamey Johnson, an Alabama native, has made his mark on the music scene and continues to deliver music that is entirely his personal style. After writing chart topping hits for artists like George Strait, George Jones and Trace Adkins, Johnson decided to record his own album with the song “In Color,” which won two Song of the Year awards in 2009. Johnson’s definitive country sound can truly be appreciated live in concert.

NBC’s hit television show “Last Comic Standing” is hitting the road and making its way to MPAC. The top five finalists, including Alabama native Roy Wood Jr. and season winner Felipe Esparza, will be performing their best comedy routines, sure to make you smile. Come and cheer on your favorite performer one more time.


A true blast from the past, The Fab Four will have you wondering if you’ve jumped back in history to when The Beatles reigned supreme. The group’s precision and attention to detail creates an uncanny resemblance to the original, raising them far above any tribute band. Start at the beginning and experience the journey through three different eras that created the iconic cultural and musical icon: The Beatles.

Christian recording artist Matthew West made his debut on the music scene in 2003 with his single “More” which later became the most played Christian AC song in 2004. After touring with artists tobyMac and BarlowGirl, West tragically lost his voice in 2007. He says that this period in life made him a stronger artist and person and his new tour reflects that. Be inspired through his miraculous journey through life and music.



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Feeling the Need for Speed Dating

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from the GIRLS Kim -January 1 may be when most people set their resolutions, but my personal New Years is the first day of fall (September 22, in case you were wondering). This is when I find my surge of motivation. I crack open new books, find a new favorite cocktail, get my booty back in the gym and rearrange my schedule to create every opportunity to be outside. With so many fun activities and festivals emerging, although football season alone is enough, how could one not love this time of year… not to mention it is the best hair season. Enough said.

Amanda McCoy - Call me crazy, but I don’t enjoy feeling as if I’m melting every time I walk outside in the summer. When I feel the first gusts of autumn air, I get a bit giddy! Not to mention the red and orange stained leaves and the best primetime shows finally end their summer vacations (any other Grey’s Anatomy fanatics out there?). Plus, with the beginning of fall comes the excitement for Halloween, which reminds me of the proximity of Turkey Day, which is only a hop, skip and jump from Christmas. It’s practically 2011! OK, before I get ahead of myself, I’ll admit what appears to be the obvious – fall is my favorite season. Hmm…I feel that I’m forgetting something. Oh yeah, AUBURN FOOTBALL! Your reign ends this year Bama. Amanda Morrison - Hobby, pastime or obsession – whatever you call it, that’s what football season is for our region. Since retiring my pom-poms years ago, I’m mostly an avid fan of shopping and spending time with friends, but what I can get behind this time of year is the energy it creates. Not only does fall bring a welcomed change in the weather, it also seems to enliven the attitudes of our people. Enveloping conversation, recreational time and wardrobes and in that same tradition this issue will give you something to cheer for, no matter your team or hobby. For a shopping touchdown, read Clipper’s Cove. Happy Fall, ya’ll! Crystal - What I love about fall? Hmm…not too hard of a question for this Southern girl. It is the feeling in the crisp air, fall fashions, farm bonfires, tailgating and my fellow ‘War Eagle’ fans dripping in orange and blue that has me OBSESSED with fall weather! I am a total football junkie and Auburn has my heart! Although, I must say I am a little distraught with this being my first season as an alum (which means no student tickets and I am probably required to act like a normal adult at the games. But hey, I can still stand on the bleachers and scream from the top of my lungs…right?). And I’ll have to agree with ESPN’s Kirk Herbstreit, Auburn has the west!

Chandler - September 22 may mark the beginning of fall on our calendars, but for me fall really begins September 4, when football season kicks off! The excitement that builds up before each game is something I always look forward to. From tailgating to picking out the perfect game day dress, the festivities seem to get every Southern lady just as excited as the boys! What a great tradition to bring new and old friends together for a few hours of camaraderie. Do I dare mention the words “stadium dog”? Mallory – Like every true Southern girl, I’ve been waiting eight months for this time of year. Football season. I started thinking about how the game relates to me, a female in the dating community. I’ve learned to steer clear of the yellow flags and don’t “jump offsides” by texting/calling too much. If you truly like the person, give it one last shot and go with the “Hail Mary.” Lastly, look towards the end zone for “the touchdown” – finding that special someone worth investing the time of a relationship. If you are struggling with finding something fun to do with your love interest, check out RSVP’s “playbook” – the calendar of events or the weekly e-mail blast. See ya on the gridiron!

The River Region Guide for All Things Social

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By: Lindsey Henig Photographer: Josh Moates


ootball in the South is somewhat of a religion. It’s more than just the numbers on the scoreboard and

who wins or loses. It’s about the tailgating, the crisp fall air, the kinship with fellow fans and of course, the clothes. Gone are the Saturdays of throwing on jeans and a favorite “1996 State Champs” T-shirt with your team logo across the back. These days, going to the game means going in style. This is one subject on which it does not matter who you are cheering for (and those are few and far between). Whether you are an Auburn Tiger, an ASU Hornet, a Troy Trojan or love to yell “Roll Tide!” there is something out there this fall season to help you sport your school colors. continued page 14



reply YES

“It’s about the tailgating, the crisp fall air, the kinship with fellow fans and of course, the clothes.”

We took a peek at hue studio to get us started with some great finds for the ladies, and Heather and Stephanie did not disappoint. They are carrying a new line by designer Judith March, who makes dresses specifically for college game day. We have hit the mother load! She makes a great versatile dress for both Auburn and Alabama. This asymmetrical dress comes in solid navy with an orange and white seersucker shoulder. The Look Boutique in the heart of Old Cloverdale had some great picks for the Auburn gals as well. Valerie had a perfect pairing for Auburn tailgaters in this semi off-the-shoulder top by VaVa (see page 12) with a net back and gold stud detailing. Pair this flowy top with ruffled sleeves over a pair of “Jeggings” (jean leggings) and you have a flirty fun look to cheer on your Tigers.


Another great game day item hue is carrying this fall is without a doubt the hounds tooth coat from Jennifer Beale Designs. With threequarter length sleeves and a light wool fabric, the Alabama gals will be warm and stylish while cheering on their national champs! Wear this over the Judith March asymmetrical dress as seen above, Alabama style. (see page 13) The Bama version comes in red with a black and white hounds tooth shoulder bow.

Fall brings a lot of excitement with breezy weather and all the back-to-school activities that we love. But here in the heart of the South, no one looks forward to anything more than they do football season. Dress in style this year, and tell them the girls at RSVP sent you…may the best team win!



We didn’t stop there when it comes to putting your best look forward for football. This black and white patterned shift dress by V Fish paired with chunky yellow bracelets screams “Go Hornets!” for you. Pair it with the super-high heeled black booties they carry and you are sure to turn some heads on ASU game day.

Troy fans should head just up the road to visit Logan at Amore and check out the pairings they offer for upcoming Saturdays. Their LuLuvia gray bubble dress with black bead necklace and cute criss-cross detail in the front is so perfect for the warmer game days that begin the season. Pair it with their over-the-top red feather head band and you’ll be the perfect Trojan fan!

We all like to have a well-dressed date by our side for the games, so we left no detail spared when it comes to our guys. John and Taylor over at TLR Outdoors have exactly what we need to sharpen up the men and get them cheering in style. For those Alabama fans that like to really flaunt their team logo, Pennington and Bailes makes the perfect “Stadium Shorts” and “Stadium Pants” to show in-your-face team pride. With step and repeat embroidery of the team logo all over the shorts and pants, no one will be guessing whose side you are on! For the guys yelling “WAR EAGLE!” try Southern Tide’s blue and white horizontal striped shirt with their classic khaki’s. Keep those britches in place with a Smathers and Branson handsome needle point Auburn belt and finish the look with a Smathers and Branson woven knit flask with your beverage of choice. SEPT/OCT 2010 RSVP 15

singled OUT

By: Amanda Morrison

Why does being single and Southern feel like a recipe for inadequate pie with a scoop of lonely on top? No matter your age as a single adult, you would probably agree that it can be difficult living in a world made for couples. Our favorite things come in pairs: ketchup & mustard, iron bowl tickets, Jimmy Choo’s. The desire for companionship dates back to Adam and Eve-even the animals came two-by-two. But in today’s society, instead of sailing the ark, we are flooded with waves of responsibilities while furthering our careers, families and maintaining our homes. What time and energy is left to find our fish in the sea? Perhaps time or lack thereof, is why so many of us are looking to the internet for our better halves. By design, computers were introduced to allow maximum return for minimal effort. It’s only natural that our culture widely depends on this instrument to bring us the love of our lives. I still remember my dad powering up the Commodore 64 for the first time. My sister and I fought for the chance to type strange keystrokes and symbols that when programmed correctly resulted in the blissful, digital sound of The Entertainer. With fondness I recollect the sense of achievement and amusement it brought until about the third monotonous repeat beckoned the 16


• CEO, Superintendent, Agency Director • Wives, mothers, leaders • Proud TROY alumni

question “now what?”. The joy of the moment was quickly replaced with the desire for something that was genuine, or at least more exciting than the audio synonymous with 1980s technology. If you’ve ever tried online dating, you may have experienced the same “now what?” feeling as I did in my youth. With great anticipation, we approach the computer wise enough to know the picture we are totally hot for could be 10 years old if not scanned in from last week’s Ralph Lauren ad. We realize that even if we find our match-made-in-cyber-space, we still lack credible references from friends regarding character, preferences and overall mental health. But for some strange reason our desire to hear that sweet music lures us to abandon logic; or maybe that reason is named Dr. Phil. While internet relationships bring happily ever after for some, I find it more like the proverbial box of chocolates poetically described by Forrest Gump. Even... after a series of good cyber-dates, “you never know what you are going to get.” However, another one of his lines gives me hope that can revolutionize dating as we know it: “Pretty is as pretty does”. Sure this is simple thinking, but maybe Forrest was onto something. The only way we can really know someone’s personality and mannerisms is to spend time with them. In light of this, I’m asking fellow singles to carefully shut down our computers, step away from the monitors and meet people the old-fashioned way: face-to-face. After successfully logging off, I invite you to try speed dating. Given the fast pace of modern life, maybe this is why it has become a popular way to meet prospective love interests. We’ve seen it on Hitch or heard about it on TV, but soon we can experience it right here in the River Region. If you’re still hesitant, then I encourage you to consider it from this perspective. Speed dating eliminates many fears we have when meeting people online. Right away we can see with our own eyes if we are falling for the real person or the one or prospective love wants to look like. Throw away the anxiety of table manners as you sample the appetizer of conversation with no obligation for dessert. Even your friends enjoy new freedom as they are no longer on standby for emergency intervention calls and you are guaranteed no awkward moments at the end of the night. Maybe speed dating is the “now what?” we’ve been searching for. So if you find meeting your match to be as impossible as homemade macaroni & cheese for one, consider joining me and a host of friends at an upcoming speed dating event. At the very least you could meet a new someone to dish with while searching for that special love to share the whole casserole!

Redefine Yourself 29 complete evening degrees. Life has a way of pulling you along for the ride. And by the time you discover your dreams lie in a different direction, the pressures of work and family can make changing course seem impossible. That’s where Troy University can help. Our on-site and online learning options make continuing your education easy, flexible and close. Learn more by visiting today.



singled OUT

Clipper’s Cove

Single, Saving and Loving It by: Amanda Morrison

This summer I fell in love. I wake with a new zest for living, and on the weekends my lover is all I can think about and I now possess more than I’ve ever dreamed of. I’m bursting to declare – I’m in love with couponing!

The thrill for deeper discounts started innocently this summer on Father’s Day weekend. While I was still hard at work, my family arrived to Destin ahead of me. Blurred to the concept of working hours, my sister rang me up after a quick trip to Silver Sands Outlet Mall, urging that I Google more coupons for the Coach outlet before setting voyage. Peaking my interest, I had no idea coupons had reached the “high-end” marketplace. Under her wing, this career mom and professional shopper answered a question I had long wondered: how she managed to keep her working husband off the budget trail to her spendthrift behavior? The simple answer: coupons. This was the beginning of my love affair. As an adolescent, coupons were the ticket for name brand vegetables and toilet paper. Now as an adult solely responsible for a mortgage and corresponding bills, I am pleased to find there’s a coupon for just about anything and that savings are not just for families of four or mommies who need diapers. Research shows that we as single, childless adults work longer hours and pay more in taxes, so it feels good to finally ‘beat the system.’ The first time you get something for free, you’ll know what I mean—it’s like stealing, but legal.



Less is not more For every reason you can think not to use coupons, I can give you 12 on why you should. Like my 12 tubes of toothpaste perfectly stashed and waiting for a minty fresh kiss, all for an average of $1 a tube. True, that in order to “get the deal,” coupons often require the purchase of multiple goods. As a single person, you may be thinking you have no need to buy two boxes of cereal but the reality is when you buy based on your demand, you pay twice the cost for less product. The beauty of stockpiling is you reduce the amount of time browsing for necessities, giving you more time to look for that special someone.

Shame happens at the Club Are you embarrassed? This is a common hurdle for savers, but I’ve found if you hit the stores at off-peak times, like Friday nights when you would just be watching Dateline, to be perfect. Soon the thrill of lowered acquisition costs will overcome your feared public display of thriftiness.

Time is on your side If you are worried about not having time to clip around for savings, know there are a ton of sites that do the “thinking” for you. It takes little time investment to reap the benefits of combining store sales with manufacturer coupons. Plus if you don’t want to get the paper, there are great printable coupons online with links provided.

Have a Three-Some My favorite coupon trick is “stacking”. This means you use a store coupon and a manufacturer’s coupon together. Do this in combination with a sale and viola- a savings threesome. The best part of being frugal is you have more money to spend on popcorn at the movies with your best girlfriends or to split the immorally rich lava cake at dinner. There’s also satisfaction in opening your cabinets, seeing them full and knowing you did it all for yourself and the only time you needed a man was when the friendly bag boy delivered your newfound bargains to the car you bought all on your own.


RSVP Magazine ad Feb 09


5:58 PM

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! w e NA



Some of my favorites:


his is Serious luxury. It’s the Region’s sensational success story!



U.S. 82

Cobbs Ford Road



or call 491- PARK



Prattville This site gives tutorials on how to save the most based on what store you like best. For time savings, Southern Savers smartly recommends finding a few stores to shop for deals, so you are not zigzagging all over town. For a single pantry, you can’t beat Publix. When they have the “Buy one Get one,” you only have to buy one to get the deal, meaning it’s half off the retail price. On top of that, they double .25 and .50 cent coupons and accept competitor’s coupons like the ones found online at For this reason, I’ve bought cheerios for less than a dollar, milk for 0.19 cents and just this week got two free packs of colored Papermate pens! What you will like about Frugal Living is the posts include more than just grocery and drug stores, including Wal-Mart and other retailers like Bath and Body Works and Ann Taylor. One Saturday morning, I checked out the site and learned that if I went to Ann Taylor Loft and said “Friends and Family,” I could get 30% off of my entire purchase. This just so happened to be our tax-free weekend, so I got nine clearance items for a whopping total of $47- my favorite being a pair of “boyfriend” Capri’s for less than $6.



AMPSTEAD sept 10 OP 6-9pm


Seasonal Beer Tasting Live Music by Jonathan Bloom

Wine & Whiskey Tasting Jazz with Henry Pugh

FARMHOUSE KITCHEN Tastings of Food & Spirits Live Music by Ronnie Shaw

there s no stoppin when you re hoppin! For tickets or more info visit




Moving up costs less than you think. Just off I-85, in the town of Pike Road, lies a whole new world — an affordably-priced alternative to the hustle and bustle of noise and traffic, yet moments from upscale shopping and other key conveniences. It’s the best of both town and country. Higher standards and lower stress. Cutting-edge infrastructure and authentic design. Walkable, fishable resortstyle living, at surprisingly affordable Montgomery-style prices. With homes starting in the $200s, you may find moving up is a lot more accessible than you thought.

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E $20


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Head to The Shoppes at Eastchase for these must have items! WILLIAMS-SONOMA


While gourmet coffee beans can be found in kitchen cupboards across the country, few homes are equipped with a coffee maker capable of actually extracting the coffee’s full and rich flavor. By consistently maintaining an ideal water temperature (195˚F to 295˚F) and optimal coffee/water contact time, you can enjoy the full and rich flavor of a perfect cup of coffee from the Technivorm Moccamaster in just six minutes.



Every wardrobe needs a great flat boot. Dressed up with a cute dress and tights or casual with skinny jeans and a sweater, the slouchy boot is a fall necessity that you can’t pass up! Start your cool weather wardrobe out right with a basic slouch boot like these from Gianni Bini. With the addition of a fold-over cuff, these boots truly hit the jackpot for women on the go!


Military jackets and blazers are one of this season’s most sought after trends. If you don’t own one already, scoop up an affordable military jacket to pair with your favorite skinny jeans or even over a long tee with leggings. These will never go out of style as long as you stick to a clean design and earth tone hues.

Photography by: The Studio at Eastchase

Montgomery Ballet presents

“Carmina burana” october 16th with the Montgomery chorale “sleeping beauty” october 17th for the whole family At the Historic davis theatre...Call 334.409.0522 for tickets

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The Spirit of The first “modern” college football game was played in 1869 by Rutgers and Princeton. The rules of the game more closely resembled those of soccer than what we think of as college football today, and the play looked more like rugby.  The popular frenzy that college football inspires today didn’t exist a century ago, with even the president threatening to ban the sport in 1905 due to its violence. The Wikipedia entry for “college football” notes that “the support [of college football] is densest in the Southeast.”  This won’t be a surprise to anyone reading this.  Many of you probably have your college jersey on right now, and some of you may even be turning these pages with an oversized foam finger.  Football is such a powerful institution in the Southeast that a recent ESPN article revealed that the FBI actually had a file on Bear Bryant and the University of Alabama football program. Always giving its readers what they love best, RSVP has gathered some equally surprising facts about your favorite local teams.  Enjoy!

The University of Alabama The Crimson Tide Did you know?

Established: 1831 Formerly called: The University of the State of Alabama Football coach: Nick Saban Mascot: Big Al

• The University of Alabama was the state’s first major university. • The first football came to the Tide when W.C. Little brought the game to Tuscaloosa. He learned the game while attending Exeter Academy in New Hampshire, and after enrolling at Alabama, taught the game to a few friends and students. I guess you could say it caught on.  (Yes, Alabama football got started in the North.  But we won’t tell if you won’t.) • The nickname ‘Crimson Tide’ was born in 1907 when Alabama was playing Auburn. It was storming, and the Alabama players were caked in red mud.  Auburn was a big favorite to win, but it ended with a 6-6 tie. Hugh Roberts, sports editor of the Birmingham Age-Herald, is credited with coming up with the colorful (pardon the pun) name. • The Alabama fight song, “Yea Alabama,” was written in 1926 by Lundy Sykes.  Although fans usually sing the opening line as “Yea Alabama, Crimson Tide,” the line as written is actually “Yea Alabama, drown ‘em, Tide!” • Legend has it that Bear Bryant’s famous hounds tooth hat wasn’t his inspiration.  He actually found it on his desk. The rest, you can say, is history. • Alabama won its first national championship against Washington in 1926 and won the first SEC championship ever in 1933.

Auburn University The Tigers

Did you know?

Established: 1865 Formerly called: East Alabama Male College Football coach: Gene Chizik Mascot: Aubie

• The Tiger Walk is a famous Auburn tradition in which players march to the football stadium before each home game as fans line Donahue Drive and wish the Tigers good luck. The ritual dates back to the early 1960s and has become so ingrained in AU tradition that it is actually listed on the players’ game weekend itinerary. • The legendary story behind the “War Eagle” battle cry is still argued about today. The most popular tale of the eagle’s legacy took place in 1892 when Auburn met Georgia on the football field for the first time. A Civil War veteran had an eagle with him in the stands that he rescued from a battlefield during the war. Legend has it that the eagle suddenly took flight and sailed around the field just as Auburn roared to the end zone, sealing the team’s glorious victory. Elated at their team’s play and taking the bird’s presence as a sign of success, Auburn students and fans began to yell “War Eagle” to spur on their team. • The Ask Foy information center was originally designed as a help desk for students inquiring academic course information, but now answers questions ranging anywhere from who is the tallest man in the world to how many beer cans does it take to fill the Jordan-Hare Stadium. An Auburn landmark, Ask Foy was featured on the Today Show’s “Five Numbers that will Change Your Life” in 2007.


Troy University The Trojans

Did you know?

Established: 1887 Formerly called: the Troy State Normal School Football coach: Larry Blackeney Mascot: T-Roy

• Troy football began in 1910, but the team wasn’t always known as the “Trojans.” They were previously known as “Bulldogs,” “Teachers,” “Red Wave” and even “Red Tide.”  The Troy student body cemented the name “Trojans” in 1973. • T-Roy was voted as the TROY mascot in the mid 1980s.  In spring 2008, T-Roy was voted the “3rd Best Mascot in the Nation.” • Troy won its first conference football title in 1939. It won its 19th conference crown in 2009 with its 4th consecutive Sunbelt Championship. • Troy has 15 former players currently playing in the NFL, including DeMarcus Ware of the Dallas Cowboys. ESPN once described DeMarcus as “the most dynamic defender in the league right now.” • Coach Blakeney is currently beginning his 20th season with the Trojans. He has been selected for four Halls of Fame, including the Alabama Sports Hall of Fame.

Huntington College The Hawks

Did you know?

Established: 1854 Formerly called: Tuskegee Female College Football coach: Mike Turk

• Although the team is young, born in 2003, it has already received national recognition. The team is ranked 23rd this year by USA Today among NCAADivision III football teams in their pre-season poll. It is the first ever top 25 ranking the team has received. • Fans enjoy tailgating on the front lawn of the Old Cloverdale schoolhouse (now owned by Huntingdon College). Approximately 45 minutes before kickoff, the band and cheerleaders enter the stadium during “Hawk Walk.” They begin their march to the stadium on Fairview Avenue, accompanied by fans, music and cheers. • After a victory, the football team assembles in front of the band and sings the Huntington fight song. The ecstatic fans join in, of course.

Alabama State University The Hornets

Did you know?

Established: 1867 Formerly called: Lincoln Normal School of Marion Football coach: Reggie Barlow



• Coach Reggie Barlow is a former wide receiver in the NFL, having played from 1996 to 2003.   Barlow won a Super Bowl ring with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers in Super Bowl XXXVII. • Before and after every game, Coach Barlow and the players recite a team creed. This creed is used to motivate the players to focus on good sportsmanship, self respect and integrity.  • The Hornet Clap is a motivational tradition used between the coaches and the players in the locker room before taking the field. The coaches yell “one, two, three” and the team responds with an echoed clap before screaming “hornet!” • The Turkey Day Classic, the annual Thanksgiving Day game between ASU and Tuskegee, was first played in 1924 and is the oldest HBCU Classic in history. • ASU alumni that are now professional football players include James Daniel of the Pittsburg Stealers, Tavaris Jackson of the Minnesota Vikings and Marcus Winn of the Winnipeg Blue Bombers (Canadian Football League).



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The Pamplona Running of the Bulls is a version of a ritual played out over the past 500 years. Every day during July 7-14, thousands of adrenalin rushing daredevils dress in the festival’s traditional white shirts and pants with red sashes and dash through the narrow streets of Pamplona in honor of the San Fermin fiesta.  The best way to describe it is New Orleans during Mardi Gras, but to the nth degree.  Most people in New Orleans go to bed by sunrise.  In Pamplona, because the run begins at 8 a.m., and the parties are long and wild the night before, no one goes to sleep… that’s right, they just party till the bulls come home, literally.

photography by Darren Freeman

Personally inspired by our July trip to Spain (thank you Mike Watson), where one of our stops included Pamplona, and because one of our very own – the outrageous Charlie Palmer – actually ran with the bulls, we decided to bring a little San Fermin fiesta tradition (or something like that) to the Alley! A sea of white and red flooded the Alley on July 21 as RSVP hosted our rendition of Spain’s world renowned tradition.  After Red Bull energized the crowd with frozen cocktails, a brave and rambunctious group rushed around the block, scurrying to outrun AlleyBar bartenders disguised as bulls.  Whether it was the mass of white outfits and red bandanas or Red Bull’s liquid courage that inspired the runners, all dashed with all their might.  After the race, everyone cooled down indoors as the melodies of acoustic musician Zac Martin danced in the air.  The Running of the Bulls turned a typical Wednesday night into an evening in Spain, enjoying one of the country’s oldest rituals.  Maybe a little less dangerous than the real thing, but we all agree, those AlleyBar bulls were kind of intimidating.




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PepperTree Shopping Center 8101 A Vaughn Road | Montgomery

334.271.6328 |

BRENDLE RENTALS Dedicated to helping you celebrate life's most memorable events. 485 Eastern Blvd Montgomery, AL 36117 (334) 279-7368

By: Blue Sullivan • Photography by: Bill Ingalls

The story of Common Ground ministries doesn’t begin at its founding four years ago. In many ways, it began during the summer Hurricane Katrina devastatingly struck New Orleans. Brian Kelly and his wife were working in New Orleans with Desire Street ministries, giving their hearts and minds to aid the most impoverished, crime and drug riddled areas of New Orleans. Then came the worst natural disaster in U.S. history. “We were down there the whole time that summer,” Brian recalls. “That had a huge impact on us, being in those impoverished neighborhoods and seeing and hearing the experiences of those families. We saw what a huge impact Desire Street made, and we were blessed to be able to help.” This powerful experience encouraged Brian to find a place where he might inspire hope in a similar way. He and his wife prayed for guidance. With his wife having grown up in Montgomery (the two met in Troy), it proved an ideal spot.



“In looking at Montgomery, the thing that stood out to me was the historical significance of the city. Civil rights, the Civil War history. It appeared to me there was still a pretty intense racial divide in the city.” In those early visits to our capital city, Brian was drawn to Carver High School and the community surrounding it. He began a career there as a baseball coach and an assistant football coach. He saw an area ravished by poverty, crime, drugs and gangs. He saw an opportunity through sports to make a difference in the lives of young men and women. Upon his start at Carver began a life-changing learning curve. He got to know and love the kids and their families. He found a community yearning for positive change. He moved his family into the community two and a half years ago and opened up his home. First, it was the kids from Carver coming in to meet and minister with Brian and his family. Then curiosity struck the neighborhood kids and they slowly began coming around and building a relationship with the Kelly’s. “We really got to know these great kids through listening to them talking about their lives. That’s when we saw a real opportunity by changing the focus of our ministry. Rather than focus on recovery, we wanted to help these younger kids. We wanted to be a resource to them and their parents to help them avoid the negative influence of the street.” This change in focus began three summers ago when Common Ground launched an after school camp for 30 boys, offering activities and ministry. The camp’s success led to an after-school program in the fall of about 40 kids, then 80 kids the following summer. They didn’t have the proper facilities – borrowing vans and having interns come in to take the kids all around the city for different activities – but they were an inspiration to the kids nonetheless. This past

fall found the ministry hosting 120 kids in the recently renovated Common Ground building, providing tutoring, spiritual guidance and life mentoring. “Our mission is to be a safe haven for kids in our community when they are most vulnerable to the negative influences of our streets,” says Brian when asked to explain the goals of Common Ground. “Our job is to be a resource to parents in the community, and to help them mold the kids into the next generation of community leaders.” Common Ground’s inspiring growth as a charity (they are fully licensed, state recognized and have a local board of directors) has led to the founding of House to House, a partner charity whose focus is on the building and renovation of homes in the community. “House to House was started to address a major need in the community,” says Brian. “Forty percent of the neighborhood properties are either vacant lots or abandoned houses. Many neighborhood families live in substandard housing. House to House provides an opportunity for home ownership in the neighborhood, as well as providing homes for those working for Common Ground.” House to House began as a part of Common Ground ministries, but Brian saw an opportunity for greater growth by making it an independent charity. That responsibility now belongs in the imminently capable hands of Mike Buntz. With an MBA from Wake Forest and a long, successful background in construction, Mike brings the same energy, intelligence and excitement that one finds in Brian. Brian has nothing but praise and enthusiasm for the partnership. “They provide housing, economic development and financial literacy training. We work with the families to provide school, spiritual and relationship training. It’s a great partnership.” The ambition of these connected charities is as laudable as their past achievements, and their work could not be more crucial. To lend your aid to their vital work, see the contact numbers below:

Common Ground (334) 593-5803 House to House (334) 391-0076

Modern Luxury Meets Old World Elegance...


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485 Taylor Road www.the arbors on taylor. com


Convenient to I-85, Atlanta Highway and The Shoppes at EastChase

The “IronMen” of Montgomery By: Amanda McCoy

Forget Robert Downey, Jr. in the 2008 action-adventure, Montgomery has its own “IronMen.” A mix of hard-knock triathletes came together to open the state’s first triathlon sales and training facility: Montgomery Multisport. “We didn’t put a toe in the water on this,” said Greg Miles, sales and marketing director for the shop. “We dove right in.” And dove in they did. Located in the heart of Peppertree Shopping Center off Vaughn Road, Montgomery Multisport is a fully loaded bike and athletic shoe store and is equipped to train any level triathlete looking to make improvements to his/her game. An innovation to the world of sports in Montgomery, the shop even has an



indoor training pool with underwater video and two swimming coaches (one of which was the captain of the ‘06-07 Auburn University National Championship Team) to teach you the art of twisting and turning your body underwater to maximize speed. Montgomery Multisport had been in the works for one year before it’s opening September 1, but the idea has been years in the making. The five owners began training together almost every day at 5 a.m. in 2003. Since then, over 150 men and women have joined the club. In efforts to serve the community while also increasing excitement about the sport, the men put on a series of charitable events that began with a kids’ triathlon, sponsored by Baptist Health, followed by a family duathlon and adults’ triathlon. With the rousing success of each event came recognition by the community for the sport, and true male and female enthusiasts of all levels began riding with the men in the mornings. The men spread their expertise by sending new riders to various stores in Atlanta or Tennessee to purchase the right equipment, until one day the thought to open their own multisport shop arose. “We were tired of sending people elsewhere for a bike or a mechanic,” said Greg. “We built the store we wish we had when we started.” The rest is history. If you are looking to stop by and pick up a pair of running shoes on your 30-minute lunch break, forget it. The passionate businessmen are athletes at heart, and will thoroughly analyze you to pick the perfect pair for your body’s needs and personal goals. “Your goals are our passion,” is the motto of the shop. The passion behind Montgomery Multisport will take you to new heights – and distances. Montgomery Multisport owners: Greg Miles, Hardy Sellers, Steve Windham, Quinn Millington and Robbie Sandlin. Store Manager is Mike Proffitt.

Located by OďŹƒce Depot 2801e Vaughn Road Montgomery, AL 36116 Open 7 Days a Week

11:00 a.m. to 9:30 p.m.


Daily Drink Specials Catering Available


By Blue Sullivan

Only a deep and abiding love of football can help me overcome the quasi-apocalyptic heat we are experiencing this time of year. As the temperature touches triple digits every single day, I take solace in the knowledge that my beloved Auburn Tigers open the season against a small Arkansas team that will learn a hard lesson in Tiger values in less than a week. Before the crimson-minded among you turn this page, I have a nearly equal affection for your team too. You can thank my (traitor) Tuscaloosa brother Jody for that one, and you can thank the LLL for the fantastic sights and sounds featured below:

LOOK: “Children’s Hospital.” TV series, Cartoon Network Originally a web series, this new addition to the “Adult Swim” lineup on Cartoon Network isn’t a cartoon at all. Created by Rob Cordry (“The Daily Show,” “Hot Tub Time Machine”), this live action comedy follows the insane exploits of a group of completely incompetent young pediatricians. Among the wildly absurd and highly inappropriate subplots is a doctor who tries to repair a brain tumor using only the healing power of laughter and a female medic who begins a torrid affair with a six-year-old patient. Yes, it’s in bad taste. But it’s kinda brilliant too.

“Rifftrax: Best of Shorts,Volume One” DVD The guys from the much-missed Comedy Central series “Mystery Science Theater 3000” have continued their brave pursuit of making fun of bad movies with their own new venture, Rifftrax. Offering the slogan “we don’t make movies, we make them funny,” the boys present alternate commentary tracks to movies both old (“Night of the Living Dead”) and new (those silly “Twilight” movies) for as little as 99 cents. In addition, they offer great DVDs like this economically-priced shorts collection, comprised mainly of bizarre 50s-era educational films. Learn what parents of the Eisenhower era thought about proper safety, good hygiene and how to relate to women -- all with laser one-liners from the Rifftrax boys. You can’t find a better way to spend $10, really.

LISTEN: Wale – “The Soup” This underground hip-hop impresario from Washington begins this track with a brief sample from the famous “Soup Nazi” episode from Seinfeld: “You want bread? No soup for you!” From his upcoming mix tape “More About Nothing” (featuring a cover which wryly apes the front of a Seinfeld DVD), Wale drops a perfectly written boast over a simple guitar riff (a la Eminem’s “Lose Yourself”) and big, loping beats. The chorus finds Wale offering a biting taunt to his lesser competitors: “Respect is like food/I’m eating real good/No soup for you.” He’s got my respect. Now let him earn yours via iTunes.





By Amanda McCoy • Photography by Josh Moates SEPT/OCT 2010 RSVP


the LIST

JAN GELABERT Our capital city was lucky enough to snag one of South America’s leading tennis players. Hampstead Director of Tennis Jan Gelabert, Panama Republic’s former No. 1 player, began his teaching career in Montgomery 17 years ago. After being awarded a full tennis scholarship at Auburn University in Montgomery, Jan was a member of the team that earned AUM’s first national championship title. Upon graduation, the certified instructor stayed in the River Region to pass on his skills to eager tennis beginners of all ages and skill levels. With a background that includes playing on tennis courts all over South America and Europe and competing with the Panama Davis Cup team for three years, we’d say Jan is more than qualified for the gig. “Being a teaching tennis pro at Hampstead gives me the opportunity to pass my knowledge and my passion of the game to others around me,” says the life-long athlete. “That’s what I love most about what I do.” The tennis veteran does more than teach others the art of crosscourt shots. His array of hidden talents include playing the piano, painting and a recent love of building furniture from re-usable wood – making him fit right in at Hampstead.

TONIA STEPHENS The secret to success for Tonia Stephen’s, captain of the United States Air Force and personal manager of the Alabama Forestry Commission, is always “Be Ready to S.O.A.R.” The inspirational acronym has pushed the Alabama State University graduate to achieve new heights and to be prepared for “the next tap on the shoulder.” After receiving her bachelor’s degree from ASU, the proud mother of two attained her master’s from Auburn University in Montgomery and has since been serving our country in the U.S. Air Force for the past 22 years. Selfdescribed as animated, Tonia takes any chance to share her knowledge and is actively involved in mentoring the young soldiers of JROTC. She is thrilled to have the opportunity to be an example of what possibilities are available for those that work hard and never hesitate from pushing themselves. When she can find the time to escape, the dedicated public servant never misses an opportunity to “ask for a window seat.”



GRANT GRIFFITH To many of us, understanding life insurance and financial planning is like deciphering a foreign language, but Grant Griffith of New York Life Insurance Company has made a successful career of it. The Auburn University graduate came aboard the esteemed financial planning company in 1999. Because he was substantially younger than many of the other planning professionals, Grant knew that he must convince his clients that his age was not a liability. He made a personal commitment to receive his Chartered Life Underwriter designation (CLU) and Chartered Financial Consultant designation (ChFC). He did just that in 2005 when he earned his CLU and his ChFC in 2007. Grant remains on top of issues by being a member of the Montgomery Estate Planning Council and the East Alabama Estate Council and is thrilled to have the everyday satisfaction of knowing that his clients will be taken care of should any unforeseen misfortune strike. In his spare time, the outdoorsman enjoys playing golf, hunting, showing his Auburn spirit by cheering on any of the university’s athletic teams and spending time with his family, wife Julie and sons Pierce and Coleman.

ASHLEY MCDONALD Ashley McDonald, chief meteorologist at CBS 8, will quickly discredit anyone who believes the ‘ditsy weather girl’ stereotype. The Junior League member received her bachelor’s degree from Auburn University’s prestigious school of engineering before obtaining her master’s degree in meteorology from Mississippi State University. Ashley snagged the chief meteorologist position after only five years in the field and is thrilled to have the opportunity to serve the community through her daily forecasts and work with local philanthropies. The avid recycler is also a cohost for the annual MDA telethon and will take any chance to travel, including a mission trip to Cambodia she took last year. Even though Ashley served as a morning and weekend meteorologist at CBS 8 and a meteorologist at NBC’s 11 Alive in Atlanta before taking her current position, her experience didn’t begin there. The former War Eagle Girl began giving her grandparents weather forecasts at the world map in the McWayne Center in Birmingham when she was only tall enough to reach Mexico. Today her audience is a little bigger, but she still finds the same joy in her work.


CHACOLBY BURNS-JOHNSON A self-proclaimed go-getter, Chacolby Burns-Johnson, executive director of Partners in Education, is a steadfast fighter for student achievement in Montgomery public schools. After working for Governors Don Siegelman and Bob Riley, the Auburn University graduate left the political world after receiving her master’s degree in public administration to excel in Montgomery’s non-profit sector. Chacolby’s ambition and nothing-will-stand-in-my-way attitude has helped Partners in Education flourish in promoting community involvement and volunteerism in local public schools. A graduate of a Montgomery public school herself (Lee High School), she thrives on the opportunity to prepare the next local generation for greatness. “I am a true believer that success comes when diligent preparation meets a great opportunity along with having faith, courage and determination…” As an active member of local organizations including the Junior League of Montgomery, the Montgomery Capital Rotary Club and the Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc., Chacolby is one busy woman! When she does find a free moment, she spends her time traveling or watching movies with her husband of six years, Fredrick.

MEG LEWIS A born and raised advocate for an “honest day’s hard work,” Meg Lewis worked her way from intern to marketing director at Alabama Shakespeare Festival. After receiving her bachelor’s degree in English from Auburn University at Montgomery, Meg’s stellar work as an ASF intern led to a position as marketing assistant. Meg continued to climb the ladder and is now the director of marketing and communications for the theatre that has long brought Montgomery entertainment ranging from the best of William Shakespeare to Disney classics. Also highly involved in Emerge Montgomery, the Montgomery Chamber of Commerce, the Public Relations Council of Alabama and the American Advertising Federation, it is amazing that Meg has found the time to turn her favorite pastime into a small business, Megalicious Cupcakes. With a menu full of decadent cupcake flavors such as chocolate covered cherry and salted caramel butter cream, the up and coming dessert chef can please even the richest sweet tooth. As a savvy business woman by day and baker by night, Meg is full of surprises! (For more information on Meg’s cupcakes, visit

JONATHAN MATTHEWS Even though the story goes that all actors, musicians and artists are poor and poorer, that didn’t scare Jonathan Matthews from painting his way to success. Now in the process of setting up workshops around the state, this artist definitely isn’t starving. However, Jonathan’s plans didn’t always include a brush and canvas. It wasn’t until 2003, after discovering the work of renowned artist Odd Nerdrum, that Jonathan first became inspired to challenge his artistic side. He then embarked on a whirlwind of studying old master paintings and 19th century painting manuals to improve what soon became his primary focus, the human figure and portraiture. His big break came with an e-mail from Turid Nerdrum, the wife of his initial muse, who discovered Jonathan’s skilled work on the Internet. In the stroke of a brush, Jonathan was in Norway studying alongside the man he admired, who soon became Jonathan’s mentor and friend. Jonathan’s work is now shown around the country as well as Venice, Italy and Norway. A native of Montgomery, Jonathan has also participated in charities such as Montgomery Aids Outreach and the Cancer Society and admits that the only event that can distract him from his projects is a University of Alabama football game. To see his work, visit www.



the LIST


the LIST JON SANCHEZ Armed with a kitchen knife and explosive spices, Ham and High chef Jon Sanchez has made the Hampstead community a little sweeter with his vibrant Southern cuisine. Jon’s journey to culinary genius began in the Midwest before he was old enough to use a saucepan. After farming the family garden and cooking alongside his grandmother, the young chef became a devotee to fresh, all-natural ingredients. After his first position at a private country club, Jon left Missouri for Sin City to take an internship at BOUCHON. He then spent time in the kitchens of the prestigious restaurants Bradley Ogden and the White Barn Inn, before venturing to the Old Edwards Inn in North Carolina, the venue responsible for first sparking his passion for Southern flavors. Now the chef at Ham and High, Jon thrives on creating original recipes to delight his guests. When he is not working his culinary magic in the kitchen, the Atlanta Braves fanatic can be found spreading his expertise throughout the community by educating Montgomery citizens on the importance of supporting local farmers. Truly committed to the cause, the small farmer advocate spends a great deal of his spare time in the Hampstead Community Farm.  

CAROLYN KINNEY The goal of Carolyn Kinney, the American Cancer Society’s community representative for Montgomery and Autauga County, is to “create a world with more birthdays.” The Huntington College graduate is thrilled to have the opportunity to work for a cause in which she is passionate about and has a personal interest invested. With family members that have battled the terminal disease, Carolyn is committed to the non-profit organization’s mission of finding a cure for cancer. The former college tennis player’s career began with Hyundai Motor Manufacturing of Alabama, where she quickly learned that every rising young professional has to begin at the bottom of the corporate ladder. She steadily began her climb with positions at Auburn University at Montgomery and the Girl Scouts of Southern Alabama before she joined the American Cancer Society. As a strong advocate for the continued expansion of Montgomery, Carolyn serves as the president of EMERGE Montgomery and is the vice president of programs for the Public Relations Council of Alabama. We’ve also learned that the young leader’s dog, Wylie, is no longer the only man in her life – congratulations on your recent engagement to Patrick Byrne!



CORNELIUS JONES After six years of closing deals and taking names, Cornelius Jones, nurse manager at Baptist Medical Center South, traded in his business cards for stethoscopes. Although he was a success in his sales career, Cornelius couldn’t shake the desire to help others and switched professions in 2005. After receiving his bachelor’s degree in nursing from Auburn University at Montgomery in 2007, he began his upward career track at Baptist South, beginning as a registered nurse. After only three years with the hospital, the Montgomery Biscuits buff was promoted to nurse manager for the cardiovascular step-down unit in 2010. Revved up by the opportunity to revamp and revitalize Montgomery, Cornelius also serves as community outreach co-chair of EMERGE Montgomery and actively participates in serving the community. Cornelius attributes his problemsolving skills and strong work ethic to his mother, who, along with his wife Charlisa and two daughters, continues to inspire him every day.

VALERIE PITTMAN All local fashionistas thank Valerie Pittman, owner of The Look boutique, for her unique and trendy style she brings to the River Region. After dabbling in insurance and real estate,Valerie decided to take her love for fashion to the next level – owning a clothing store. She opened her first boutique in Prattville in 2006 and then in Cloverdale in 2008 and has plans in the works to open a third store in the Prattville High Point Shopping Center this September. Despite a slumping economy and the understandable fear of failure, the young entrepreneur’s distinctive eye for style has made her business a tremendous success. Valerie attributes this good fortune to her faith, family and loyal customers. “I love when my customers call while packing for a trip and need me to put their daily outfits together, that just puts a big smile on my face!” It is evident that the community has embraced The Look, as the boutique won first place in women’s clothing in the Montgomery Advertiser’s 2010 Readers’ Choice Awards. In her free time, the fitness guru enjoys traveling, church, horseback riding and spending time with her family and friends – always in style, of course!

Tailgate Takeout by: Amanda McCoy

Eastside Grille

A heaping plate of hot wings and cold beer? This is one combination that even the most ferocious of Iron Bowl rivals can agree on. 334-2741200 or

When the sun rises on crisp autumn Saturday’s, the last thing you want to do is waste prime pre-game time on preparing munchies for your crew of fellow college football junkies. Grab a frosty beverage and a foam finger and let these masters of game day cuisine do the broiling, frying and grilling for you.

Peppertree Steaks N’ Wine

Believe it or not, there is chicken under the more-thangenerous amount of delectable homemade sauce. You’ll always reach your fill with chicken, ribs and sandwiches from Peppertree Steaks N’ Wine. 334-271-6328 or

Dreamland BBQ

Our list kicks off with Dreamland Barbeque. Get your fingers dirty with a plate of Southern smoked barbeque chicken, ribs and freshly baked beans. These dishes are game day classics for a reason. 334-273-RIBS or

Rock Bottom American Pub

Forget the plates and silverware, because just like the Zac Brown Band says, a “little bit of chicken fried” is the perfect finger food. 334-239-7625 or

Jason’s Deli

If you’re worried about game days ruining your diet, rest easy. Go light with sandwiches, pasta salad and fruit from Jason’s Deli and you’ll stay in your skinny jeans all season long. 334-409-9890 or

Photography by: Darren Freeman

COMFORT FOOD, CLASSIC CHARM. Oak Tavern offers a unique menu filled with options that are sure to whet any appetite. This restaurant, located at the Marriott Legends at Capitol Hill, provides comfortable elegance and a cozy ambiance perfect for almost any occasion. Stop in for Sunday brunch and for $19.95 sample an array of options that will please the whole family. Oak Tavern also offers live music every Thursday, Friday and Saturday. Remember, guests who are in the military always receive a 25% discount at Oak Tavern. For information or to make resevations, call 334.290.2124. Also be sure to check us out on Facebook at oaktavernrestaurant.

MONTGOMERY MARRIOTT PRATTVILLE HOTEL & CONFERENCE CENTER AT CAPITOL HILL 2500 Legends Circle | Prattville, AL 36066 Phone 334.290.1235 | A part of the Resort Collection on Alabama’s Robert Trent Jones Golf Trail

© 2010 Marriott International, Inc.

By: Amanda McCoy

Whether it’s the chill in the air, the turning of the leaves or the countdown to Halloween, October always seems to make us crave a scare. Rather than sitting at home watching slasher movie marathons, venture out into the night to see what the city has to offer this holiday. Whether you are searching for a festive outing with the kids or a tantalizing evening of terror, there’s something for everyone right here in our area. Embark on the following full-moon adventures, if you dare…

Haunted Hearse Tour

Disguised monsters aren’t always needed for a chilling night of fright. Starting October 1, Montgomery’s first-ever hearse tours will be taking guests to explore the non-fictional dark side of the city’s rich history.You’ll hear true tales of horror and how former Montgomery dwellers met their gruesome grave. Some of the stories are graphic, so hire a babysitter and celebrate Halloween with date night in a hearse. The tours will begin at 7 p.m. in the Alley and will conclude at midnight. For more information, visit or Haunted Hearse Tours of Montgomery on Facebook.

Zoo Boo

For those of you with kids or simply a weaker stomach, you can still have a Halloween celebration minus the gore. Montgomery Zoo will begin its annual kid-friendly Zoo Boo on October 14 from 6 to 9 p.m. Zoo Boo offers an array of haunted attractions for kids and adults alike to enjoy, including costumed characters, games, treats and a haunted hayride.You can bob for apples, cuddle up with someone close on the hayride or enjoy Halloween’s sweetest tradition—mounds of candy and treats! For more information, visit or call 334-240-4900.

The Grand Ole Pumpkin Patch

Shake things up this holiday by spending the afternoon in an ample patch of freshly picked pumpkins. The activities offered at the Grand Ole Pumpkin Patch in Clanton are endless— take a ride on a pony, explore the shops and petting zoo or prove your bravery with a trip on a helicopter. Whether you’re looking to carve the world’s largest Jack-O-Lantern or simply enjoy the beauty of the season, a day trip to Clanton will be an unforgettable adventure this autumn. After its opening September 27, come harvest the perfect pumpkin anytime from dusk to dark at the state’s largest pumpkin patch. For more information, visit 50 RSVP SEPT/OCT 2010 or call 205-755-4553.

Haunted Houses If you’re willing to make the drive, these haunted houses are sure to make your hair stand on end. Sloss Fright Furnace Birmingham

Popes Haunted Farm Salem

Evil House of Horrors


Atrox Factory


Disturbia Haunted House





Alternative Personality Portraits 334.215.7827 SEPT/OCT 2010 RSVP 51

Derricius Chambers, Makeup Artist and Stylist

Bassmaster Classic Photos by: Bryan Carter

Toyota Tundra Bassmaster “Angler of the Year” was a huge success for Montgomery and the River Region. A swarming crowd of more than 16,000 was present for the final two days of the Evan Williams Bourbon Trophy Triumph. The big winner for the second year in a row was Kevin VanDam. The performances by superstars Jason Michael Carroll and Lifehouse were huge hits at the city’s 11th Bassmaster Classic. With the event’s teeming popularity, it’s no wonder BASS was founded right here in Montgomery in 1968!

Moroccan Oil Photo by: Capitol Filmworks Unfortunately, many of us are not born with perfect hair, and over time our hair has become damaged by chemical treatments or excessive use of hot tools. It is the quest for great-looking hair that drives most of us to look for a product that will be able to tame our unruly manes. Moroccan Oil is sometimes called “miracle oil” as it brings amazing healing to damaged hair and has the ability to keep our tresses in incredibly great shape. It will replenish damaged hair structure, defrizz that out-of-control hair and offers excellent protection against further injury by keeping your locks vitalized, strong and full of nutrients and vitamins. Did we mention that it smells wonderful, too? Try a variety of Moroccan Oil hair care products and find the ones that give you the look, feel and styling possibilities you want. Your hair will thank you, and others will surely take notice of how awesome you look! Available at OLIVIA SALON, 2101 Taylor Road. 334-396-4567

The Droid X DROID X by Motorola, the newest innovation on Android™ to run on the Verizon Wireless 3G network, is equipped with ultra high-speed Web browsing, an HD camcorder, an 8-megapixel camera, 3G Mobile HotSpot capabilities and enterprise features and outstanding call quality. DROID X also comes with loads of memory – 8 gigabytes (GB) onboard and a 16GB memory card.  For customers seeking the ultimate in storage, the new 32GB SanDisk® microSDHC™ card allows customers to expand DROID X’s memory to 40GB.  Verizon Wireless is the only retailer that offers customers the 32GB SanDisk microSDHC card.

Hanky Panky Photo by: The Studio at Eastchase

Hanky Panky’s stretch lace thongs have legions of devotees, and for good reason — they are comfortable, super sexy, almost seamless under clothes and responsible for turning thong virgins into thong addicts. Just when we thought they couldn’t get any better, we spotted these new fun colors and prints at Bella! If every thong has done you wrong, it’s time to get you some hanky panky to treat you right. Choose from five thong styles (from low rise to original) and more than 30 colors. Bella is located in Peppertree Shopping Center. 334.272.0116


- a look at local sound

Shooter Jennings By: Blue Sullivan


s the music industry continues to go through a historic collapse brought upon by a sea of change in how people get their music, the albums of our age get smaller and smaller in scope. As pristine production and bold ambition become endangered species, Shooter Jennings (son of outlaw country giants Waylon Jennings and Jessi Colter) has just released an album that features both. It’s a concept album called “Black

Ribbons,” and it not only features Shooter with his new band, Hierophant, it is also narrated by famed horror writer Steven King. It’s a new direction for Shooter, offering not only his brilliantly sardonic rebel country (his first album was titled “Putting the ‘O’ Back in Country”) and Southern rock, but also fascinating forays into glam, electronic, industrial, metallic punk and fuzzed-out rock. Imagine an attention deficit version of “The Wall” with a much richer musical palette,

and you have a fair mind of what’s in store. It’s that big, and it’s that great, too.

RSVP spoke to Shooter about the album, his forthcoming TV pilot for FX (“Outlaw Country”) and his new tour, which stops at the Lake Martin Amphitheater in Eclectic, Alabama on September 5.

RSVP: The production on the new album is brilliant. How much of a part did you play in the sound of it? SHOOTER: I had a lot to do with it, because Dave Cobb [the album’s producer] and I have always worked closely together. We have similar interests, and we both bring a lot to the table. On some tracks, we’d base it on things I’d worked on my computer at home.

RSVP: What parts did you handle? SHOOTER: All the music and effects stuff that goes along with the Steven King parts, I did on [music production software] GarageBand. And a lot of the songs I worked out on keyboard or piano at home, too. I’m kind of more the digital keyboard guy, and Dave is more the analog, Beatles, guitar guy. Dave and I would build many of the tracks around those earlier demos I made at home. It was a great collaborative thing.

RSVP: What were your influences on the album? SHOOTER: I’m all over the place. When I was young, Nine

Inch Nails had a really big effect on me. I was really into computers and making music on my computer, and that music really inspired me. I really started music by making it that way, programming and stuff like that. But my taste has really evolved. David Bowie, the Beatles, T-Rex, all that great British glam rock, X, Pink Floyd…I used to listen to “The Wall” every night when I went to bed as a teenager. I love all kinds of music, from Willie Nelson’s “Red Headed Stranger” to Marilyn Manson’s “Antichrist Superstar.”

RSVP: The new album seems to encompass all of that, really. SHOOTER: Yeah. This new record spans all those influences

plus so many other people who inspired me to make music. It encompasses all of it in a way that my other albums haven’t yet. I’m a huge music-phile, you know? When I hear a new song that I like, it excites me. That drives me to make music.

RSVP: Modern music seems so much smaller in scope than what you’ve done on the album. How do you see it? SHOOTER: It seems like the way that music has played out over

the last 10 years, for the generation that’s coming up, it really seems to have stunted its growth. It’s not 80s nostalgia anymore. It’s nostalgia for five years ago. To me, the older I get, the broader my interests get, the more I want to absorb. Most people I know are the same way. Yet today’s music just seems so narrow.

RSVP: How do you think the change in the music industry has affected music? SHOOTER: I think we’re trapped in this little cycle by the way the internet has affected music sales, the radio and record labels. There’s almost too much out there for you to process and so much competition. To get promoted these days, you have to have a comfortable, identifiable ‘product’ that they can sell. That’s not what I got in music to do.

RSVP: You had a falling out with your old label that caused you to release the new album on a new one. What happened? SHOOTER: It wasn’t this horror story of like, ‘we want to bring a new songwriter, or we want to replace this guy in your band with this guy.’ It wasn’t like the label wanted to rewrite my music. They just didn’t want to spend as much money in the studio to make the record we wanted to make. They were trying to get me to work with a national producer so they could ‘do something for me.’ To me, that’s not fun. That’s like going to a day job.

RSVP: What changes did they want to make? SHOOTER: They were always talking about the process of recording rather than the music. You can’t put music into a box. This record, “Black Ribbons,” is a prime example of the opposite of what they wanted us to do. The last one we did was our most country record, and they told us they couldn’t do anything with it. We were like, well if you can’t do anything with this, you sure won’t be able to help us with what we want to do next. It was a road to disaster to even try it with them. It wasn’t a healthy environment to keep making music in.

RSVP: You have a new TV pilot for FX called “Outlaw Country.” What can you tell us about it? SHOOTER: What I can say about it is it’s a really well-written show. I was brought into its conception by a guy who wrote on [FX series] “Sons of Anarchy.” I met him when Drea was on that show, and he was really into country music. He wanted to make a series about real country music, so he brought me in at the inception. He wrote a really great script. It is going to be a really great avenue for pure country music, the stuff people don’t hear on the radio. Hopefully it will show people the difference between what gets out there and what’s really great about country music. I’m the musical supervisor and sort of the musical taste of the show. But the guys who are doing it don’t need me to hold their hand and tell them what to do. They have a great feel for it themselves.*


when? what? where? h o l i d ay e v e n t s

Sept 1-30-Back-to-School at Old Alabama Town 9 A.M.-3 P.M. Old Alabama Town. See what “back to school” meant in the 1890s at this historic site. Enjoy special tours of the one-room Adams Chapel School. By reservation only. 334.240.4500 Sept 2-Rock Bottom: College Football & NFL Game

Day Specials

Looking for a great place to enjoy your favorite team on game days? Well come out to Rock Bottom on game days for drink and menu specials while enjoying the excitement of the game on one of their 30 TVs! Nights Include: ESPN College Game Day: every Thursday; Saturday Game Day Specials: every Saturday; and don’t miss a game on NFL Sunday Ticket: every Sunday. For more information, please call 334.239.ROCK(7625) Sept 3-Summer Blossoms: A Bouquet for Alabama 8 A.M- 5 P.M. RSA Tower, Alabama Artists Gallery. A presentation of glass, pottery, painting and metal sculpture. For more information, contact Georgine Clark 334.242.4076 Sept 5-Annual Labor Day Weekend Concert 6 P.M. Lake Martin Amphitheater, Alexander City. The Russell Lands on Lake Martin Summer Concert Series climaxes with another jammin’ Labor Day Weekend concert. Headliner Corey Smith will be joined by special guests Shooter Jennings and the Benjy Davis Project to serve up a great end-of-summer show at the amphitheater. Bring your lawn chairs and picnic baskets! Gates open at 4 P.M. Tickets are $25 per person. Have yourself a merry little Christmas party at Alley Station ! Enjoy mild Alabama evenings on the Rooftop Terrace, close enough to reach up and touch Santa’s sleigh. Or bring it indoors where the gorgeous new Ballroom is ready for small, intimate gatherings or all-out holiday bashes—up to 700 people.  Beautiful Rooftop Terrace (Seats up to 350)

 Stunning Ballroom (Seats up to 350)  Freedom in choosing your own vendors  Expert help throughout planning process

334 277 1077

a l l e y s tat i o n . c o m

m a n a g e d b y pa r t n e r s r e a lt y 56


Sept. 6-Jazz on the Grass 12 P.M.- 7 P.M. Alabama Shakespeare Festival. Alabama’s official end-of-summer celebration. Outdoor jazz and blues concert featuring local and nationally known artists. Retailers and food vendors will be on site but don’t forget to bring chairs and coolers. Sponsored by the Alabama Jazz and Blues Federation. Admission charged. 334.229.4708 Sept. 6-Michael Bolton in Concert 7 P.M. Troy University’s Davis Theatre for the Performing Arts. Michael Bolton is in Montgomery for one night only as a stop on his One World, One Love Tour.Admission charged. 334.241.9567 Sept 6-Labor Day at Old Alabama Town 9 A.M.-3 P.M. Old Alabama Town. Return to the days before Labor Day was established in 1894 to learn how early Americans of all backgrounds toiled in 19th century Alabama. Picnic baskets and blankets are welcome. 334.240.4500 Sept 8-MACC 60 Minute Coffee 8 A.M. Renaissance Montgomery Hotel & Spa. This monthly member event is the perfect way to begin your day. Meet potential clients, make important contacts and network with Chamber executives and community leaders. Sponsored by the Renaissance Montgomery Hotel & Spa at the Convention Center. 334.240.9431

when? what? where? Sept 9-New Member Orientation 5 P.M. Capital City Club. Interested in membership and in need of a good introduction to the Club? If so, we graciously invite you to attend our Monthly New Member Orientation. Get a chance to meet all the Club staff and participate in the group tour given by Chuck Anderson, the club manager! All your questions will be answered at this fun and informational event. This event is open to non-members. To attend, call or email Phyllis Fenn at 334.834.8920 or Sept 10-The Hampstead Hop 6-9 P.M. Hampstead. Join Hampstead and RSVP Montgomery for The Hampstead Hop. Sample specialty drinks while listening to oldie goldies at Farmhouse Kitchens. Then hop on over to Ham and High for a wine and whisky tasting with music by Henry Pugh. Make your way over to The Tipping Point for live music by Jonathan Bloom while you sample a variety of beers from The Beer Garden. $10 in advance and $15 day of. Sept 10- Ballet and the Beasts 7 P.M. The City of Montgomery Zoo. Gather the picnic basket and enjoy a night under the stars while watching the Montgomery Ballet perform at the Montgomery Zoo. Admission to the zoo will be free starting at 6 p.m. Don’t miss this family event, a Montgomery tradition since 1992! 334.409.0522 Sept 10-12-The Wedding From Hell Times vary. The Wetumpka Depot. The Miller Light nuptial ceremony is the setting for a hilarious show where the audience becomes the wedding guests of a wedding gone very wrong. Join in for this wedding complete with camouflage bridesmaids dresses, a wedding cake made out of Twinkies and an Elvis impersonator. You will not want to miss out on this! 334.868.1440 Sept 11-Big Brothers Big Sisters Family Fitness

ey r rog e e m g mts

emontresen p

Walk/Run 2010

8 A.M. The Shoppes at EastChase. Join in for fun, prizes and a party! 5K and 10K Walk/Run, free child care, pre-run “Boot Camp” warm-up and a post-run party. Proceeds benefit the Big Brothers Big Sisters Program. For more information please call 334.270.4100. Sept. 11-3rd Annual Run to Read 5k and 1.5 Mile Walk 7 A.M. Floral Park, Opelika, Ala. 5k Race and 1.5 Mile Family Fun Walk benefiting Jean Dean, Reading is Fundamental. Fun prizes for 1st-3rd place males, female, age group medals, 50 yard dash for kids 5 and under. Family activities, door prize drawings, goody bags and T-shirts for all participants. Admission charged for participants. 334.663.2197 Sept 12-Grandparent’s Day Brunch 11 A.M.- 2 P.M. Capital City Club. We celebrate Mother’s Day, Father’s Day and even Boss’ Day! Why not celebrate Grandparent’s Day? Come help commemorate this national holiday with a delicious brunch at the Club. Members and guests of members only. For membership information, please call Phyllis Fenn at 334.834.8920.

T c O , day

r a B ine

P T a 14

s r u h T

a L L O La J

T y.cOm a 0 cT 3 Omer


Tg O , mOn e y g r urda ww.eme w



Montgomery RSVP Ad.pdf 1 8/23/2010 9:19:41 AM

when? what? where? Sept 15-TROY Chancellor’s Invitational GolfTournament 11 A.M. Robert Trent Jones Golf Trail Capitol Hill, Prattville. Troy University Chancellor Jack Hawkins, Jr. invites all TROY alumni and friends to participate in the Invitational Golf Tournament. All proceeds support the TROY Fellowship of Christian Athletes Chapter. $150 for individual players and $600 for a foursome. For more information contact Julia Wilson at 334.241.9502.





Montgomery Chapter Annual Dinner


Thursday, October 21, 2010


The Waters - Meeting House Pike Road, Alabama



(Doors Open at 6:00pm)

Sept 16-Sommelier’s Evening 5-8 P.M. Ted “The Wine Guy” & Co. Come out for this wine tasting donation party in which purchased wines will be donated to the American Cancer Society and will be auctioned off at Vintage Affair in February next year. $10 entry fee. For more information contact Ashley Gorum at or 334.612.8178. Sept17-18-Hank Williams 87th Birthday and

Space is limited (sold out in 2009). For ticket information, please contact: Shawn Battison 334.430.8622 or Taylor Hart 334.451.5051

Annual Collectors Fair

6-9 P.M. The Hank Williams Museum. Come and celebrate Hank Williams’ 87th birthday with live music and the 7th Annual Collectors Fair. Check website for Saturday times as well. Admission charged. 334.262.3600 Sept 17-Climbing your Family Tree – Ladies Luncheon and Seminar 11 A.M.-1 P.M. Ever wonder

how far you can track your family line? Listen to a panel of experts tell you all the different ways to research your family history. Come out to this fun luncheon and meet and network with a great group of ladies! Lunch is included. This event is open to non-members. To attend, call or email Phyllis Fenn at 334.834.8920 or for more information. INTERIOR DESIGN

Sept 17-George Strait and Reba with Lee Ann Womack 7 P.M. BJCC Arena, Birmingham. Sept 18-All TIEd Up Workshop hosted by She

Agency, LLC.

8 A.M.-12 P.M. EastChase, next to Hollister’s. This workshop for young males ages 13-18 has various speakers that talk of important lifestyle topics including dressing for success, responsible choices, interviewing for jobs, etiquette and public speaking and much more! Participants will learn the many different ways to “tie” a neck tie. $15 for individual registration and $10 per young male for groups of 5 or more. Registration includes lunch and T-shirt. Sept 18-19-3rd Annual Blues Festival and Car Show 11 A.M.-6 P.M. Lakeside Park, Pell City. Enjoy a fun weekend with a variety of music, food, vendors, children activities, over 100 show cars, motorcycles and much more. 205.884.1111 Sept 18-Nu Dawn Entertainment Presents: Cedric

the Entertainer

Kim Littlefield & Lindsey Littlefield Turner 58

RSVP SEPT/OCT 2010 334-399-6573

8 P.M. The Montgomery Performing Arts Centre. Come experience the award winning comedian and actor, Cedric the Entertainer. Prices vary. 334.481.5100

Montgomery’s Fnest

Luxury Jewelry at Affordable Prices

in the Peppertree Shopping Center

8161 Vaughn Road 36116


when? what? where? Sept 18-19-Alabama Nature Center General Public



A Montgomery dining legend that to your every need. The c it y ’s great steakhouse now of fers pr ivate dining and catering for special events like rehearsal dinners, corporate functions and holiday parties. Book now for customized events catered to your needs.

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Car + Home Savings Breck A Honea, Agent 61 Market Place - Atlanta Hwy Montgomery, AL 36117 Bus: 334-272-8423

Total average savings of


Let me show you how combining home and auto policies can really add up. Like a good neighbor, State Farm is there.® CALL FOR A QUOTE 24/7

Times Vary. Millbrook. Enjoy hiking five miles of scenic ANC trails while learning about the fascinating natural history of Alabama. Admission charged. 334.285.4550

Sept 20-Kings of Leon plus special guests the Black Keys and the Whigs

7 P.M. Verizon Wireless Music Center, Birmingham. Sept 21-STRIP Night 5-7:30 P.M. Bring the whole family and enjoy a fresh garden salad, an 8 ounce New York strip cooked to order, hot twice baked potato and delicious chocolate hazelnut mousse for dessert. All served right from the Club’s kitchen! Members and Guests of Members Only. 334.834.8920

Sept 22- MPAC- Sesame Street Live “1-2-3 Imagine! With Elmo and Friends”

7 P.M. Imagine singing and dancing with Elmo, Abby Cadabby, Big Bird and all your favorite Sesame Street Live friends! This high energy musical will transport audiences to far away places. Admission charged. 334.481.5100 Sept 23-MACC Business After Hours 5-7 P.M. Sponsored by Jackson Hospital. This popular two-hour informal networking after-work event is the perfect place to exchange business cards and meet potential customers. People do business with people they know. Be sure to bring plenty of business cards and build your customer base. Contact Lynn Norton, 334.240.9431 Sept 23-Light the Night Walk 5-10 P.M. Union Station Train Shed. During this leisurely walk, walkers carry illuminated balloons – white for survivors, red for supporters and gold in memory of loved ones lost to cancer. Thousands of walkers form a community of caring, bringing light to the dark world of cancer. Come walk for this great cause! Sept 24-Oct 3-ASF Presents: The Nacirema Society Times Vary. Alabama Shakespeare Festival. In the 1960s, burning issues dominated the news. But even in Montgomery, black debutante society was alive, well and worthy of comedic treatment in playwright Pearl Cleage’s newest play. Recommended for ages 12 and up. 334.271.5353 Sept 24-AEG Welcomes Jamey Johnson 8 P.M. The Montgomery Performing Arts Centre. Recording more than 40 songs this past year, this Country Singer/ Songwriter is performing at the Performing Arts Centre at the Renaissance Hotel and Spa. Ticket prices vary. 334.481.5100 Sept 24-Harlequins Ball 8 P.M. Montgomery Country Club. Private Invite Only.

*Average annual per household savings based on a national 2009 survey of new policyholders who reported savings by switching to State Farm. State Farm Mutual Automobile Insurance Company, State Farm Indemnity Company, State Farm Fire and Casualty Company, State Farm General Insurance Company, Bloomington, IL 0907501



when? what? where? Sept 25-Oct 16-ASF Presents: The House At Pooh


Times Vary. Alabama Shakespeare Festival. Winnie the Pooh, Piglet, Kanga Roo and Tigger use friendship, cooperation and wonderful problem solving skills to help save the day in this follow-up to ASF’s student sell-out sensation Winnie the Pooh! Recommended ages 4 and up! 334.271.5353 Sept 25-F.Scott Fitzgerald’s Annual Birthday Celebration 1-5 P.M. F. Scott & Zelda Fitzgerald Museum. Annual birthday celebration of “Great Gatsby” author F. Scott Fitzgerald, husband of Zelda Sayre Fitzgerald. Free, donations accepted. 334.264.4222 Sept 25-Easter Seals 3rd Annual Walk With Me 8 A.M. Riverwalk Stadium. Join hundreds of participants for Easter Seals Central Alabama’s 3rd Annual Walk With Me event. Easter Seals provides services to children and adults with disabilities. Sept 26-Bark in the Park 2010 1-5 P.M. Fort Toulouse, Wetumpka. Come join in the fun and bring your furry friends to this one! Dog contests, pet parade, children’s games, food and refreshments, live music and more! $5 Admission. 334.567.3377 Sept 26-Taste of The River Region 6-9 P.M. Renaissance Hotel and Convention Center. The Alabama Restaurant Association would like to invite you to a wonderful way to spend an evening giving back to the community. Come enjoy many delicious samples of over 35 of the River Region’s best restaurants and menus. Also enjoy drink samples while enjoying a live band. All proceeds go to the Junior League of Montgomery. Tickets are $25 in advance and $30 at the door. For further information please contact Jennifer Price 334.244.1320 Sept 26-Jazz Jams 2-4 P.M. Enjoy the Museum and a little jazz on a Sunday afternoon. The event will take place on the last Sunday of the month this fall (September 26, October 31, and November 28). Free admission. Café M will have desserts, coffee, and wine for purchase. Seating is limited to 40 people. 334.240.4369 Sept 27-RSVP Montgomery-Speed Dating 6 P.M. Ham and High Restaurant, Hampstead. A safe and friendly way to meet potential dates. Come join us at Ham and High Restaurant located in the neighborhood of Hampstead. $20 admission includes appetizers, door prizes and the follow-up e-mail providing you with mutual matches. Ages 33-40ish’. Register online at Sept 28-Girls Night Out 5:30 P.M. La Jolla. Come out with your favorite ladies for a night fun and a fashion show brought to you by Dillard’s at EastChase. Tickets are $25 and include two drinks, fruit and cheese, as well as door prizes including a dinner for two at La Jolla! You will also get 10% off your dinner that evening! For more information contact Jewel at 334.244.6442



when? what? where? Sept 28-CommuniServe 5-7 P.M. Hampstead. EMERGE is gearing up for another night of fun and networking with its first annual CommuniServe. CommuniServe is a one-of-a-kind networking partnership among EMERGE Montgomery and premier local organizations designed to promote and increase civic engagement among Young Professionals in the River Region. The evening will feature a presentation by Mayor Todd Strange, encouraging Young Professions to visit and join the participating organizations. Food and wine tasting hosted by Ham and High and live entertainment as well as door prizes. Contact Catrina Pringle for more information at 334.356.1100 or Sept 30-Zoobilation 2010-Your Passport to the


6 P.M. The City of Montgomery Zoo. Join hundreds of River Region citizens and zoo lovers for a wonderful evening of delectable food and drinks from the area’s finest restaurants and caterers. The evening will include live entertainment, dancing under the stars and live and silent auctions at the Montgomery Zoo. All attendees must be 21 years of age or older. Zoobilation 2010 is hosted in part by the Montgomery Area Zoological Society. All proceeds raised during this event will be contributed to the Skylift Project. Admission charged. 334.240.4900 Sept 30-Sugarland 7:30 P.M. Verizon Wireless Music Center, Birmingham. Sept 30-Colt Ford “Party in the Parking Lot” 8 P.M. Rock Bottom American Pub. Come celebrate Rock Bottom’s two year anniversary party with performance by Colt Ford and special guest opener: the Hunter Lawley Band. Gates open at 5 P.M. 334.239. ROCK(7625) Sept 30-Women of Hope Signature Luncheon 11 P.M. Frazer United Methodist Church. Women of Hope, a nonprofit organization of men and women dedicated to offering education, awareness and mentoring for breast cancer families, will host their annual signature luncheon and fashion show. Carrabba’s Italian Grill will cater the lunch while Henig Furs provides the fashion show. Breast cancer survivor and prominent Montgomery citizen, Sara Beasley, will be the featured speaker. Proceeds will benefit Women of Hope’s support group programs for those families coping with breast cancer. Admission charged. 334.220.4599 Sept 30-Oct-The Dixie Swim Club Time and Dates Vary through October. The Wetumpka Depot. Five southern women, a beach condo and raucous repartee equals one hilarious comedy with a poignant and surprising ending! 334.868.1440 Oct 1-29-Original Language: Contemporary Art of


8 A.M.-5 P.M. RSA Tower. The Alabama Artists Gallery exhibition will be on view for the MAGA ARTrek and will include works by Alabama artists using a variety of materials and techniques to express complex themes. Free Admission. 334.242.4076 ext.250 62


Your one stop shop to everything Fabulous!

Hair: Hair Styling (Cut/Highlights/Stains) • Perms • Keratin | Makeup: Bridal Makeup • Professional Makeover | Skincare: Facials • Chemical Peels Nails: Manicure • Pedicure | Waxing: Eyebrow Shaping • Chin or Lip • Neck | Jewelry, Hair Accessories, Clothing and more!

2026 Clubview St. - Montgomery, AL 36106 - - 334.262.8888

when? what? where? Oct 1-Haunted Hearse Tours 7 P.M.-12 A.M. Experience spooky Montgomery history right from the seat of a hearse! Tours will pick up from The Alley every night beginning October 1st. Reservations are required due to limited seating! Admission charged. 334.514.4457 Oct 1-Hogs N’ Hens Cook Off 5-9 P.M. Union Station Train Shed. Family Promise of Montgomery will be celebrating their fourth annual Hogs N’ Hens Cook off. Corporate sponsors compete to make the best BBQ in the city, while their invited guests enjoy sampling all of the competitors’ BBQ and live music. The City of Montgomery will also be hosting a PreRace Pasta Dinner in conjunction with the cook off. The pasta dinner will be available for any runners who have pre-purchased their pasta party tickets. Invitation only. Oct 1-ClubCorp Charity Classic 11 A.M.-2 P.M. Capital City Club. Join the Capital City Club in support of the Fourth Annual ClubCorp Charity Classic! You are invited to participate in a silent auction and dine at lunch and invite as many friends as you would like. The cost of the Donate and Dine Buffet is $25 per person inclusive of tax and gratuity, all of which will be donated by the Capital City Club to the following charities: Muscular Dystrophy Association’s Augie’s Quest, ClubCorp’s Employee Partner Care Foundation and Montgomery Aids Outreach. This event is open to non-members. To attend or for more information, call 334.834.8920. Oct 2-Montgomery Half Marathon 7 A.M. Downtown. The Montgomery Half Marathon presented by Hyundai Motor Manufacturing Alabama and benefiting the Joy to Life Foundation is quickly becoming one of the premier running events in the South. With a half marathon, 5K and kids’ one-mile run, there’s something for everyone! Fee for participants only. 205.870.7771 Oct 6-10-Navistar LPGA Classic Times Vary. Robert Trent Jones



Oct 6-10-Birdies for Charity Times Vary. Robert Trent Jones Golf Trail at Capitol Hill. Birdies for Charity is a fundraising program designed to give participating charities the opportunity to generate contributions for their organization based on the number of “birdies” made by LPGA players during the 2010 Navistar LPGA Classic. Pledge your donation today! Oct 7-Culinary Creations Cooking Classes 6-8 P.M. Montgomery Museum of Fine Arts. Cooking classes are now offered in the museum’s catering kitchen with Jennie Weller and friends.Take this opportunity to perfect or develop your culinary skills. Classes will run four consecutive Thursday evenings October 7 through November 11. Cost is $245 members/$295 non-members and includes all food and supplies. Complimentary hors d’oeuvres and wine served each session. 334.240.4333 64


when? what? where? Oct 7-Red, White & Blues 5:30 - 7:30 P.M. Pepper Tree Steaks N’ Wine, wine tasting. $10 donation party benefiting the American Cancer Society’s Vintage Affair. Oct 8-17-57th Alabama National Fair Times Vary. The Garrett Coliseum. “Thrill, Squeals, and Ferris Wheels…It’s Fair-tastic” is the theme for this year’s Alabama National Fair! New outdoor entertainment will include the Great American Frontier Show, Welde’s Big Bear Show and Robinson’s Racing Pigs and Paddling Porkers. Also the Puppetone Rockers, Joseph Bauer’s Circus Maximus and the Circle C Petting Zoo will be back! Admission Charged. 334.272.6831 Oct 8-Ballet on the Green-Montgomery Ballet 6 P.M. Maxwell Air Force Base. This performance is presented at no charge for our local military families. 334.409.0522 Oct 9-30th Annual “Oktoberfest” 8 A.M.-5 P.M. Charles E. Bailey, Sr. Sportsplex, Alexander City. This day long celebration features local crafts, arts, great food, entertainment, Kid-Fest children’s activities, sports programs, antique car shows and more. Free to the public. 256.234.3461 Oct 9-Be Dazzled at Dillard’s 10 A.M.-4 P.M. Dillard’s at EastChase. Do not miss out on this day of special workshops held at Dillard’s. A few of the workshops are Southern Homes and Gardens’ “How to Decorate your Home for the Holidays,” Baptist Hospital’s “How to Eat Healthy over the Holidays” and Gold’s Gym and Metro Fitness’ “How to Stay or Get in Shape over the Holidays.” Fashion experts from Alex Marie, Nygard, Nuture and Max Studio will do a workshop on dressing for the holidays, Montgomery police department will explain safety during the holiday season and there will be many others. Call the store for a complete list of workshops and times. Workshops are free but if you want to be part of the drawings you need to purchase a $35 gift card that is redeemable that day. Contact Jewel Wilkinson 334.244.6442

Fabulous New Inventory every week... Shop our Huge collection of gameday dresses, shoes and jewelry! Voted Montgomery’s #1 Choice in Women’s Clothing! Monday-Friday 11am-6pm Saturday 11am-4pm

The Look Boutique

1048 East Fairview


Oct 9-Riverwalk Wine Festival 12-4 P.M. Riverwalk Amphitheatre. Riverfront Facilities and RSVP-Montgomery have partnered together for this inaugural event. This event will include wine tasting from 11 different distributors representing over 100 wineries. Tickets include an etched wine glass commemorating the event, discounted wine purchases from participating local wine shoppes, food samples, live music and discounted tickets for a special Harriott II Wine Cruise! Picnic baskets and coolers are welcome. Oct 13-MACC 60 Minute Coffee 8 A.M. Sponsored by Comala Credit Union. This monthly member event is the perfect way to begin your day. Meet potential clients, make important contacts and network with chamber executives and community leaders. Free member event. Contact Lynn Norton 334.240.9431 SEPT/OCT 2010


Auburn Montgomery Certificate Programs Interior Decorating

Event Planning

This program offers basic classes intended to augment your creative talents for making your home or office more functional and beautiful. With adequate training, you can become qualified for a variety of job opportunities in the interior decorating industry.

This comprehensive program encompasses the event and meeting sides of the industry and provides participants with the broadest career opportunities possible. Events range from weddings to concerts to banquets to tradeshows to themed parties to conventions. The variations are endless and so are the opportunities!

Program Dates

Program Dates Oct 19, 2010 - Mar 15, 2011 5:45 p.m. - 8:45 p.m. (Tue)

Sept 21, 2010 - Apr 14, 2011 6:15 p.m. - 9 p.m. (Tue & Thurs)

Register at or call 244-3804

when? what? where? Oct 14-Troy Arts Council Presents Yesterday

& Today: A Beatles Tribute

7:30 P.M. Troy University, Crosby Theatre. The Troy Arts Council presents an amazing tribute to the Beatles’ music, and the audience will actually get to request the songs. Rekindle the spirit of yesterday with the music of the world’s most popular band! Go to the song request table before the show and at intermission. 334.670.3593 Oct 14-Sister Shubert at Dillard’s 10 A.M.-3 P.M. Dillard’s at EastChase. Dillard’s will host Sister Shubert! Come hear her tell her story on how she started her business with her famous yeast rolls and she will also have her book available for purchase and signing. Free Admission. 334.244.6442 Oct 14-Cellar Club 6-8 P.M. Filet & Vine. Come out for this wine tasting donation party! All purchased wines will be donated to the American Cancer Society and will be auctioned off at Vintage Affair next February. $10 entry fee. For more information, contact Ashley Gorum at 334.612.8178 or Oct 15-Bingo for Breast Cancer 11:30 A.M.-1 P.M. Capital City Club. Help support breast cancer, enjoy a delicious three-course meal and win some fun prizes while playing five games of bingo! Come out to this fun luncheon and meet and network with a great group of ladies while contributing to a great cause. A portion of all proceeds will be donated to the Women of Hope Organization. $25 Admission. Open to non-members. To attend, call or email Phyllis Fenn at 334.834.8920 or

Please call Arpi Sekeryan at

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Oct 16-Montgomery Ballet presents: Carmina


7 P.M. Davis Theatre. The Montgomery Ballet, under the direction of Elie Lazar, is excited to partner with the Montgomery Chorale, under the artistic direction of Rebecca Taylor, for a thrilling evening of music and dance. Admission charged. 334.241.9567 Oct 17-31-ZooBoo 2010 6- 9 P.M. The Montgomery Zoo. The Montgomery Zoo presents a safe alternative to Halloween. ZooBoo provides a fun-filled evening of games, treats, costumed characters and the traditional haunted train ride. Dates include October 14-17 and October 28-31. Admission charged. 334.240.4900 Oct 17-Montgomery Ballet presents: Sleeping


2:30 P.M. Davis Theatre. This performance is the first in the Ballet for the Young Audience Series. Ticket prices range from $10-$35. For more information, call 334.409.0522 or



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Saturday 7am - 5pm; Breakfast 7am - 10:30am BBQ and Hotbar 10:30am - 4:30pm

Check out our new Bottleshoppe & Banquet Room, with plenty of seating!




when? what? where? Oct 18-3rd Annual “Cuts for a Cure” Event 10 A.M.-6 P.M. One Court Square. This year, with the help of other local Aveda salon/spas in the community, “Cuts for a Cure” will continue to raise funds for underserved women to receive mammograms for early detection, as well as awareness and early prevention. Take your pick from services such as haircuts, professional consultations and/or 15-minute stress-relieving massages from area stylists – all for a minimum donation of just $30! All proceeds for this event will be given to the Joy to Life Foundation. Look for the PINK tent! Oct 20-23-22nd Annual Junior League Holiday Market 2010

Times Vary. Renaissance Hotel and Convention Center. This four-day shopping extravaganza will feature a wide variety of specialty booths and a lot of special events for the entire family. Admission charged. 334.288.8816 Oct 21-Burgers and Blue Jeans Speed Bingo 6 P.M. Capital City Club. 15 games, 15 winners in one hour and 15 minutes. Can you keep up? Come to bingo night and you may just win $300 in food and beverage credit. This big jackpot will go to one lucky member or guest who gets blackout bingo after only 50 calls! Join us for 15 games of bingo and delicious burgers and fries. Members and guest of members only. 334.834.8920 Oct 21-Di”Vine” Lunch Call your favorite group of friends and meet at the Café M once a quarter for the museum’s latest tradition – a food and wine pairing. You may enjoy the day’s lunch special made for pairing with the Café’s featured wines. $15 per person plus tax and gratuity. Call 334.240.4338 for reservations. Oct 21-Ducks Unlimited Montgomery Annual

Chapter Dinner

6 P.M. The Waters-Meeting House, Pike Road. For more information, contact Shawn Battison at 334.430.8622 Oct. 22-Tavern Fest 6 P.M. Old Alabama Town. Landmark’s Foundation Annual Fall Fundraiser. Come to historic Hull Street and Old Alabama Town and enjoy the outdoor street festival’s sounds of fabulous bands, beer, wine and food vendors. 334.240.4500 Oct 22-23-Haunted History Tours Times Vary. Selma. The past will come back to haunt you as you tour magnificent antebellum Sturdivant Hall and some “spirited” characters of Old Live Oak Cemetery. Admission charged. 334.875.7241 Oct 23-Trick-Or-Treat Night at the Shoppes 6-8 P.M. Shoppes at EastChase. Bring the family for a fun and safe night of Trick-Or-Treating at the Shoppes at EastChase. For more information, please call 334.356.6046





when? what? where? Oct 23-“When Love Steps In” 7 P.M. Troy University’s Davis Theatre.  October is Domestic Violence Awareness month and in connection with that month, Wash Productions (a new theatre production company right here in Montgomery) is showcasing this wonderful production.  The play will focus on the subject of domestic violence and will be informative, entertaining, thought provoking and life changing.  Ticket prices vary.  334.425.3615  Oct 27-Carrie Underwood Play On Tour 7:30 P.M. The Arena at Gwinnett Center, Atlanta. Oct 28-MACC Business After Hours 5-7 P.M. Harriott ll Riverboat. This popular two-hour informal networking after-work event is the perfect place to exchange business cards and meet potential customers. People do business with people they know. Be sure to bring plenty of business cards and build your customer base! 334.240.9431 Oct 29-Haunting on the Harriott 7-9:30 P.M. Come out for a night of fright on the riverboat! Heavy hors d’oeuvres, drink specials and a costume contest! Adults Only. $35.00 per person. Oct 29-30-Hampstead’s First Annual Farm-toFork Food Invasion-A Food and Spirits Festival Benefiting Montgomery’s New Downtown Urban Farm

Time TBA. Hampstead. To celebrate the importance of local, fresh and seasonal foods, Hampstead is hosting a celebration of the South’s best chefs, farmers and breweries who will join forces to educate and inspire in a full-on Farm-to-Fork Food Invasion. For a detailed schedule and to purchase tickets, visit Oct 30-Lions Club Chili Cook Off 11 A.M.-Until chili runs out! It is a fun-filled day of fun and entertainment for the whole family! Come join in the competition and see which businesses, organizations, schools, friends and families have the best chili in Montgomery. Proceeds support the charitable and service projects of the Montgomery Lions Club. $10 Admission. 334.356.1180 Oct 30-Alabama Ballet Presents: Snow White 2:30 P.M. The Alabama Theatre, Birmingham. Enjoy a special hour-long matinee created just for children and their families! This ballet tells the story of Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs in a format that’s perfect for young audiences. Children are encouraged to come in their favorite Halloween costume and enter a costume contest. 205.322.9095 Oct 30-The State Farm Magic City Classic, presented

by Coca Cola

Time TBD. Legion Field, Birmingham. Alabama A&M and Alabama State University meet in the largest HBCU college football game in the country! Event week begins October 27. Please check official website for all information. SEPT/OCT 2010
























@ Vandy


App. State









Idaho St.





Charleston Southern








LA-Lafayette @Louisville Southern Miss* UT- Martin Northwestern


W. Kentucky



@Ole Miss








@ UK





@Ole Miss




@Connecticut @ E. Mich



11/27 @FSU GA Tech @UT @Clemson





Ole Miss

@ Vandy
















Georgia State


Ole Miss







@Ole Miss




Wake Forest










San Jose St.

Penn State


Tenn. Tech



Ark. State

@MSU *


UNC @ GA Dome




Jack. State



9/4 Bowling Green Miss.Valley St. OPEN Maryville



10/16 Ole Miss

@Texas A&M @ AU









McNeese St.






@ Tulane


Fresno St.








@ Ok. State













Texas ARK @ Prarie View @Alcorn St. Southern @Grambling St. OPEN Pine Bluff A&M

BHM Southern




@LA College @ Faulkner BHM-Southern Wesley



@Middle TN* LA-Lafeyette

@ AU






@La-Monroe @N. Texas

Savannah St. @ AL A&M Jackson St.

Belhaven Cumberland @Campbellsville Bethel @Milsaps @ Salisbury @Weber Int’l


@University of Cumberlands @ LaGrange


Ole Miss





@Ole Miss



















12/4 @ FL-Atlantic


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With small classes and detaile d personal attention,

it’s no wonder our students do

More Advanced Placement classes than any other school in Montgomery

big things.

Teachers who care and students who learn excellence in every area

The Shoppes at EastChase is the River Region’s premiere fashion and lifestyle shopping destination – with many retailers exclusive to the market, including Banana Republic, Chico’s, Ann Taylor, Coldwater Creek and Williams-Sonoma. The Shoppes at EastChase themselves also contain ten restaurants, ranging from Five Guys Burgers and Fries to the fine dining at La Jolla. Several other popular eateries are located a stone’s throw away, just across EastChase Parkway. The Shoppes at EastChase opened in November 2002 and now encompasses more than 50 stores on 49 acres. Stores aren’t the only things growing here; The Shoppes at EastChase plants up to 3,000 annuals twice each year, watering them with over seven miles of irrigation. The relaxing open-air atmosphere invites shoppers to take a quiet stroll down Main Street, while admiring the landscaping and unique bronze statues. The signature architectural domes are 66 feet in diameter, finished in a beautiful copper patina. The Shoppes at EastChase fountain holds 18,000 gallons of water filled by its own well, and can shoot water plumes 45 feet into the air. During the holidays, these spectacular sites are joined by a free-standing reindeer rising more than 30 feet high amidst the festive décor, and Santa Clause traditionally arrives to kick off the season with his own live reindeer. Year-round, in every season, the on-site management and security staff at The Shoppes at EastChase is dedicated to providing a unique and positive shopping experience with everything you want.

The MonTgoMery AcAdeMy For more info contact Susannah Cleveland, Director of Admissions toll free 1-888-345-8210 tel 334-272-8210 fax 334-277-3240

w w w. m o n t g o m e r y a c a d e m y. o r g We offer eSL (english as a Second Language). The Montgomery Academy admits students of any race, religion, national or ethnic origin to all the rights, privileges, programs and activities generally accorded or made available to students of the school.



7274 EastChase Parkway 334.279.6046

(205) 914-4527

Live where life is a breeze — at New Park It’s life the way it used to be. Beautiful, affordable homes of superior quality and style. Peaceful, wide open spaces to relax and play. Wide sidewalks leading to your best friend’s house and the city’s newest elementary school, middle school and YMCA just a stroll or bike ride from your front door. New Park provides a lifestyle of incredible ease, located in popular east Montgomery just minutes from the city’s newest and most popular shopping, dining and entertainment. New Park offers the area’s largest and most impressive portfolio of new home designs, presented by a collection of the city’s most respected builders with exciting home styles never before seen. Finely detailed exteriors and thoughtful, livable interiors combine in dozens of distinctive home plans created to enhance the lifestyle of you, your family and your neighbors. In a range of sizes and with an array of choices, you’re sure to find a home that is as unique as you are. Home prices at New Park start in the low $200s. At the center of it all is the new James W. Wilson, Jr. Elementary School and YMCA, with the new Johnnie R. Carr Jr. High School adjacent and accessible by sidewalk. New Park is brought to you by Jim Wilson & Associates, LLC, a real estate company recognized for developing landmark residential, retail, hotel and office projects throughout the Southeast. Located just off Vaughn Road on Ray Thorington Road, New Park offers a variety of home plans to choose from as well as move-in ready homes to explore. For more information about New Park, call 334-215-9215 or visit

original soups select salads wraps major potatoes favorite sandwiches New Orleans muffalettas toasted po'boys NEW pasta meals paninis and wrapinis junior meals always free ice cream!

dine in / take out / delivery

‘Deli’cious For All Tastes and Catering for All Occasions

1520 Eastern Blvd. Montgomery • 334-409-9890

BE IN THE KNOW... AND IN THE NOW! S i g n u p t o re c e i ve t h e R S V P n ew s l e t t e r full of weekly SPECIALS, PROMOTIONS, L I V E M U S I C a n d m o re ! w w w. r s v p - m o n t go m e r y. c o m




At New Park, you’ll find Montgomery’s only complete family neighborhood with a collection of homes with over 100 plans to choose from. Plus, New Park is the city’s only neighborhood that is home to Montgomery’s newest elementary school and YMCA, and adjacent to the city’s newest middle school. All just a sidewalk away. Homes from the low $200s. Convenience from another time. Enjoy life from a simpler point of view at New Park. For the latest neighborhood news and promotions, follow us on Facebook.®

S a l e s C e n t e r New Park Drive, off Ray Thorington Road 334.215.9215 | T h e n e w n e i g h b o r h o o d f r o m J i m Wi l s o n & A s s o c i a t e s , SEPT/OCT L L C 2010




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Football in the South is somewhat of a religion. It’s more than just the numbers on the scoreboard and who wins or loses. It’s about the tai...