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Life of an 8th Grader Huntsville Middle School Rules to Follow: -Listen to your teacher -Be respectful -No fighting -Dress appropriate -No cursing -HAVE FUN

12 Days left of school!

(P.S. Just Do It) Get a yearbook today!


Books read throughout the nine weeks

Life of An 8th grader

Whitney Kammerzell

Eagle INC. Arkansas May 10, 2013

Go to class or you will get detention!

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Summer Part Two What is it? Just a dream Ice cream Mud Hogs Break time

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Just do it Part Three Three words Ruling Three rules Resolution Responsibilities

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Acknowledgements I would like to thank my parents for helping me through everything and pushing me to do more, instead of giving up. I would also like to thank my English teachers from over the years. They all have helped me be a better writer, and made writing fun! Last but not least, I would like to thank Google images for all of my little graphics and my cover page pictures.

Part One At our school, we have a new teaching program, that the state is making us do, called Smart Core. The Smart Core program has us read books, in English, every new nine weeks. This collection of writings is filled with all kinds of different quick writes about the books we have read, or projects that go along with them. This section is ranged from Mythology to boys getting stranded on an island.



Out of any Greek god or goddess, I would be Hestia! She is a nice and peaceful goddess. If I were to be her, I would give every homeless child/orphan, a nice family that cares for them and will keep them safe. Another thing I would do is to help every husband and wife that is split up or fighting, I would help them fall back in love with each other so they can stay a family.


Guilty or not

While reading the play of Twelve Angry Men, we got to guess what side the men would choose. I guessed that all of the men will decide that the boy is not guilty. I think this because as the day goes on, the jurors are become not guilty one by one. Out of all of the jurors, I think that juror three will be the last to vote not guilty. He is the stubborn one that thinks he knows everything,



Would you be scared if you and twenty other boys were stranded on an unknown island, with a “beasty” roaming around? In the book Lord of the Flies, all of the boys that got stranded on the island, think there is a “beasty” roaming around. This “beasty” has been thought of a snake, sea monster, and a ghost, while others do not think that it exists. I personally do not blame the boys fo r being scared, considering that they don’t know what it is. The boys have to keep caution about this beast because they say that it roams around at night, watching the boys sleep!


Nancy We have to write a story outline today, and mine is about a book I am reading called, It Happened to Nancy. What happens in the story? Nancy is just a regular girl at a concert with her friends, when she meets a guy. She thinks she is in love with this guy, so they see each other all the time. One day she invites him over, when her mother isn’t home, to hang out. Instead of hanging out, he rapes her. She tells her mother and they report it. The police tell her that he lied to her about his name and life. During this time, Nancy gets really sick; her mother takes her to a doctor to see what is wrong. Nancy finds out that she has an STD. The next couple of days she is down and depressed, until she finds out that the police have caught the bad guy. As days go by, Nancy gets worst, and worst, until one day she gets so sick‌ and passes away.


Part Two

Don’t you ever get that summer fever towards the end of the school year? During that time I have written these passages. This collection of writing is filled with freestyles, a riddle, and prompt writings about summer. Some things are real, while othe rs are fake. Some are things I have done; others are thing I want to do. No matter what they are, they are all about summer!


What is it? Its hair is green with patches of white, it is very old and has been stepped on a lot! It has cried a sea of sea of tears, and has a friend million miles away that can brighten its day. It stays the same through winter, spring, summer, and fall. Can you guess what it is?

(Answer: the Earth!)


Just a dream

I didn’t know exactly where the train was going after paying my fare, I simply stood on the platform waiting for it to whisk me away to somewhere, anywhere but here… then that’s when it happened! I remember waking up in a dark, empty room. There was a beam of light shooting through the cracks of the door, with the sound of old men laughing and yelling. I got up and noticed I was wearing a pink and black saloon girl outfit. That’s when it hit me; I have time traveled! I ran out of the room into the saloon, and couldn’t believe that I was here. I heard a commotion outside so I sprinted out there. Once I got passed the swinging doors, I saw it, aliens and monkeys fighting each other! I got so scared that I run back inside, but it wasn’t a saloon anymore, it was a beach and I was in a swimsuit. At the beach Luke Bryan was there singing a very weird song, it went like this, “Florida girl swim for me, girl, swim for me, girl, swim for me.” (but who cares what he is singing, it is THE LUKE BRYAN!!) All of a sudden he stopped singing and came up to me, he wanted to buy me some gummy worms and a peace tea. We started to walk off into the sunset, until I saw a boy in front of m e saying, “She is ALIVE!” Then I realized that I slipped on a banana peel and lost conciseness.


Ice Cream There was once a family of five; a mom, dad, and three daughters. It was a hot summer day, so the mom and two of the daughters went shopping, while the other daughter and dad went to play a game of basketball at the gym. The girls all headed to the mall in a little two door black Dodge Ram 1500. When they got to the mall, there was a note on the door that said closed because of hea t wave. Well, they got really hot so we headed home to swim, but the youngest daughter wanted ice cream so they turned around to get ice cream. When they got home, there were fire trucks everywhere! The heat wave that came by, somehow caught their house on fire. That’s the day that ice cream saved the three girls lives.


Mud I sit here and think, when was the last time I got all dirty? Well, I finally remembered when my friends from church were by me. The last time a got really dirty and nobody could judge was when we had a mud bowl at another Assembly of God church. This mud bo wl was quite amazing, there was a giant mud hole that was about nine inches deep. At this place there were youth kids from all over in it! We all were suppose to find these eggs to win prizes, but everyone just liked throwing mud at people! It was so much fun!


Hogs I couldn’t have asked for a better day. Here I am cheering on the Razorbacks; what a better way can you spend your afternoon, NOT! Alabama is tramping the Razorbacks. Tyler Wilson is not playing and it is pouring down rain out here. We spent $100 for these seats so my parents don’t want to leave. To make everything ten times better, I didn’t bring a jacket and I am wearing a white shirt. I don’t think this day could get any worse!


Break Time Your hair gets lighter, skin gets darker, water gets warmer, drinks get colder, music gets louder, nights get longer, and life gets better. I really can’t wait until we get out for summer break. There is less than a month of school left! When summer break comes, I can ride four wheelers and swim all day, every day! One plus is staying up late, and have friends over all the time. I can image it now, my friends and I eating watermelon, while jumping off of the giant rock in the middle of the lake!


Part Three When you hear the phrase “Just Do It,� you think of the brand Nike, but have you ever thought of it in a way to display rules? The collection of Just Do It, is used to display rules, schedules, and responsibilities of me and what I think people should do.


Three Words We have to us three words in a writing piece: today, exercise, and love. My schedule for the day: Well today is a special day, it is the meeting at the flag. We get in a group and pray for everythi ng and eat donuts with orange juice. Then it is off to basketball. After basketball, since it is Thursday, I have physical education and we have to do stupid exercises. After that I got to my yearbook class, the class that I love. You ask what rest of today was... well, it was CRAZINESS!!


Ruling If I were a ruler of my own island, my rules would be strict. There would be no stealing, be nice to others, all cash, and sc hool is only four hours of the day with weekends off. Another big rule is that if you cut a tree down, you have to plant one back o r you lose $100! The biggest rule of all time is no killing. If you kill you go to jail until death.


Three Rules Three major rules to go by every day. First is be nice to one another. The purpose of this rule is for you to be kind, polite, nice, etc., to people, if you know them or not. Life would be awful if nobody was nice there would be suicides everywhere from depression. Second, do your work. Work is actually good for you, you get more experience and better when you work. Last is obeying your parents. You need to obey your parents and be nice to them, because they had you. They didn’t have to have you, or care for you, but they did.


Resolution For new years we have to have resolutions. My personal resolution is getting healthier and in shape for basketball season. I could run and eat healthier to help my resolution. My school resolution is that I am bad at procrastinating. In English I never finish my books until the last day. Reading at night will help me. My World resolution is to recycle. I never recycle anything, I will start recycling plastic bottles and cans.


Responsibilities Everyone has responsibilities. Parent’s responsibilities are to care for their child and be there for them through their problems. They have to give the kids food, shelter, clothes, etc. A schools responsibility is to hire good teachers to teach and to keep the kids safe.


Life of an 8th Grader  

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