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Lauren’s Stories

By: Lauren Bennett May 10, 2013


Lauren’s Stories By: Lauren Bennett New York Publishing May 10,2013


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Part One: School to summer Introduction 5 Oh No! School! 6 Party All Night 7 Freedom 8 Traveling the U.S. 9 Surprise 10 Part Two: Sports Introduction Go Team Ozark Amazing Skills Playing Dirty Madison’s Support

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Part Three: Stories 17 Introduction 17 The Extorting Goddess 18 No One’s Perfect 19 The Mysterious Woman 20 The Lost 21 Wonderland 22 3


Acknowledgements I would like to dedicate this anthology to my cousins Jake and Sean who should be here. To my family for always being there during the worst and best times. My friends for putting up with me through all my break-ups, break-downs and ALL of my drama. Thanks for being there for me.


Part One: School to Summer Introduction: Part one of my anthology is about how I go through the school year into summer break having fun with friends and family. I’m just having fun being myself, not what my friends want me to be. It will be showing how I change between being a quiet student at school to a party animal at night when it’s the dance. How I get to travel around Europe and see the amazing views.


Oh No! School I need to take a break from getting up early in the morning and getting ready for school. Listening to teachers giving long lectures, too many assignments, and all the drama. From listening to my mom getting road rage. I need a break from having to get up put on makeup, fixing my hair to how everyone else wants it and having to be perfect like everyone else. It’s just like wearing a mask covering up who I am. I just want to take a break from it all and just be myself and have fun.


Party all Night Tonight is the night, we all dress up and ac t like someone else, every girl finally gets to wear their colorful, sparkly dress and dance. Also wear giant skyscraper high heels and bright, bold, neon eye shadows that we can’t wear and get away with. When you show up the lights are off except for the laser/dance lights. Everyone is having fun dancing and partying. When the music goes from raid and loud to slow and somewhat soft. Everyone clams down and dances with someone they like or just a friend. It’s all slow and romantic; then the music will speed up again and it goes crazy. You have to yell over the music and in the end you might end up losing your voice. When you talk to someone after the party you start sounding like a chipmunk and they will probably call you Alvin (trust me I know).After the dance the party is still goi ng at a friend’s house or yours. It continues until 3 in the morning most of the time, it just depends on you.


Freedom Everyone is getting excited. In ten more days is summer break. Over the break kids will take trips or do nothing. This summer break my mom is making plans to take us to go see my cousins Dakota and Julia. They live in London, England or the United Kingdom (U.K.). We’re going to tour London and the rest of the United Kingdom if we don’t have to leave. The tour involves seeing Queen Elizabeth’s castle, taking a trip down the river, trying the food at the most popular and not so popular restraint, going to see the London Bridge, other castles and more. Then were going to Paris, France and try to see the Eiffel tower and tour other places in Europe. It’s going to be so much fun seeing new places and trying new things.


Traveling the U.S. I have travelled to Oregon, Missouri, Oklahoma, Mississippi, Washington and many more. The people in each place is different; in Oregon they do lots of horseback riding, eats lots of seafood, fishing/swimming or any sports that involves water and the have lots of lighthouses. The people in Missouri are laid back and nice. The people in Oklahoma don’t mostly spend th eir day by the water. The people don’t eat lots of seafood; they eat mostly home cooked meals. They also are mostly involved in Indian artifacts from their ancestors. Then the people in Washington mostly talk about the politics and about what the president is going to do for the economy to improve it.


Surprise During the summer, my mom took my sister to go visit my aunt. While they were at my aunt’s house my dad and I went to go get the horse they bought. The horse was brown and black with a hint of red. When we got there the horse would not come near us, but the others would. So we tried to trick it with feed, chase it, and everything else, but she still would not come to us. It continued like that for two days straight, and then finally we caught her. When we were leading her home she reared up and broke the harness; you could tell she was frighten to leave her family by the look in her eyes. My dad found her and had to call the vet to come, she was tangled in the wire . After three days she finally came to live at her new home, with us. My mom and sister came back to find the surprise waiting for them in the field. Madison was so happy later that day we named her baby.


Part Two: Sports Introduction Part two is about how my brother’s soccer games inspired me to play soccer. When I started playing I kept on trying to improve myself more and more. With my so involved in soccer my sister came inspired to play and she began to follow in my brother and mine footsteps. She wanted to become a pro soccer player for the American women’s soccer team. She still has that dream and I support her all the way.


Go Team Ozark I couldn’t ask for a better day. Here I was cheering on my brother; what better way can you spend an afternoon. My brother was playing college soccer for the Ozarks; his team was in the lead four to one. There was only 20 minutes left of the game. Some of the other team’s members started getting violent. They were pushing and shoving. The referee red card one member for kicking Alex in the leg just below the knee cap. Alex had to be taken off the field. The opponent’s team was catching up fast it was five t o four with only 10 minutes remaining on the clock. They battled back and forth. My family and I were cheering as loud as we could for my brother Derek. It was starting to get intense when the buzzard went off. But it was five to five; they decided to go over time. Both teams were exhausted battling over the ball. That’s when Derek got the ball and was making his way to the goal. He had to jump over someone who fell.


Lauren's Stories  
Lauren's Stories  

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