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THE BIG BOOM Huntsville Middle School Ethan Ingraham

Awesome Times Huntsville Arkansas May10, 2013

Table of contents Dedication Xiii

Part one-having fun Stain Camping

The walk in the woods Rock climbers

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Part Two-Hanging out

The ride The mud hole YOLO Paint ball The mistake

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Part Three-The boys of fall Dedicated Football Practice Coaches Football problems

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Dedication I thank my friends for helping me go through all the stuff that we did so I could write these essays all the stories are stories that we did for fun and there is more to come.

PART ONEhanging out All these essays represent what I and my friends do for fun in Huntsville Arkansas and I want to thank my friends for helping me is able to write about all the things we do.


There once was a man his name was stan he had a ant Han who married a big man who came from Switzerland after a long day he could barely stand so he walked on his hands over to stan watched the big man he went here and there it looked like he could walk anywhere.


CAMPING Tonight me and my friends are going camping at the spot we found on our journey it is a really awesome spot we don’t use no tent or nothing but we have a fire so we will be alright it is a spot in the woods besides the river and there is lots of bamboo around and plenty of fire wood so I am ready for tonight!!


THE WALK IN THE WOODS One day me and my friend tanner was walking in the woods and we seen a black cow and it looked at as for a couple minutes and ran off it was weird but we started walking agine and there was a big black goat it was staring at us from a huge rock then it jumped off hit the ground and rolled it took off like a bullet the we heard a loud screech and looked up it was a big old crow so we ran all the way to tanners that was a weird day.


Rock climbers On a nice day in Huntsville Arkansas me and Clayton and Tyler went rock climbing we found these two giant rocks pretty close going straight up so we put or backs against one of the rocks and our feet to the other rock and started to clime when we got higher it got harder and harder to clime but we made it to the top and when we got on top and looked down we called our self stupid for even trying to do that.


The Big Bird One day me and a couple of my friends were walking in the woods and we came up to this big cave and looked in me and Tyler took lead to go into the cave first and then we looked around and seen these two eggs Tyler picked one up and then I seen fear flash through his eyes he handed me the egg and it was still warm it was so weird so we took of running with the egg and left one behind we ran all the way to tanners house and then we opened the egg there was some type of weird bird in there it was weird.


PART 2-FUN These essays or just fun and what we have to do to have a little fun in Huntsville and how we get there and how much of daredevils we are.

The Ride Me and my friends ride bikes around town a lot I mean its not like we got anything else better to do so we just get on bikes and go riding around all the time we rode behind the bank and got some insane air it was wild and the this other time we went all the way to McDonald just with 5 dollars so its crazy 6


One day me and my friends were walking in the woods and we found this big mud hole it was deep and a lot of clay at the bottom we looked at each other and jumped in we were so muddy and it was so cold that day but we didn’t care we had so much fun it was awesome.


YOLO Me and my friends are pretty crazy we do a lot of stupid stuff but we have one thing to say Yolo like one time at wal-mart we had a cart race is it was awesome until we wrecked into the grass it was really fun through and we get some bikes and go down huge hills and ramp haha and that’s just a little bit.


PAINTBALL I payed 20 dollars to go on a awesome trip with my church and a couple of my friends to go play paintball and ride barn swings and eat at places and just let me say the barn swings were amazing it was a great experience it was such a adrenalin rush. The best thing was the paintball was my favorite part crawling around getting shot at shooting other people and getting or flag and after all that we went to this restraint that throws rolls at you if you hold your hand up and then we went to orange leaf and got a lot of ice cream was defiantly worth it!


THE MISTAKE One day me Scot,Eli,and Colby was walking through the woods at my house rock climbing and we came up to this 20 foot sized bluff and they dared me to jump off of it I was kinda scared at first and then I jumped off I felt my life flash before my eyes as the pain went through my body I couldn’t walk for like 2 days but I felt really stupid after it but I was ok.


PART 3-The boys of fall These essays are about how much I want to go play football some where someday and how I try to get there.

DEDICATED Football is my favorite sport and I practice and workout everyday to get better but you ust cant walk on to a football field and act like you know how to do it all you have to have a lot of power and explosion to play football and you have to have mental toughness and you got to pay attention you got to learn the plays and know how to run them I play tightened and right outside linebacker I start for Huntsville now but someday I want to start for the razorbacks someday.


FOOTBALL In football I guess I get in trouble a lot because I pretty much run every Friday but its all worth it because we’ve been working out every day and were getting stronger are team is able to move faster so on Friday night well be ready for whatever any of those teams got.


PRACTICE One day in football practice I was running some plays on offense playing tightend I run some new plays ran some old ones after that the other people needed a turn so coach called first string defense go in so I went to right out side linebacker its my favorite spot on defense so I try my hardest to keep that spot

13 COACHES Our coaches are great leaders they taught me most of everything I know about football so if I ever go some where in life for football it will be because of my coaches great coaching skills they get really mad some times though and yell at us but only to make us better and to get us ready.


FOOTBALL PROBLEMS One day in football the day that we have all been waiting for was the day that we went to go play Harrison they came to our home turf and everybody in Huntsville hates Harrison so we so it was a game we could not lose they started with the ball we held them until 3 rd down they went with a outside sweep and got passed us they waved there hand when they were way down field so that just made us so mad that we didn’t let them get even one more point that game the score was 36 us 7 them we beat them good that game.


The big boom  

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