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This is the Story of an Outcast‌ BY: Ryan Nelson Nelson Publications Huntsville, AR Friday, May 10, 2013

Table of contents Pg. 1 Dedication Page/ Acknowledgements Pg. 2 General intro Pg. 3 Biographical sketch Pg. 4 Part 1: Personal Feelings/Dreams Pg. 5 Cries Pg. 6 New Years Pg. 7 Stand up, Speak out Pg. 8 Who You Are Pg. 9 The Station: A late night dream Pg. 10 Part 2: Poet at Heart Pg. 11 Horses Pg. 12 Chaos Pg.13 Heartbreak Pg.14 the Weather Pg. 15 Part 3: opinion Pg. 16 DRAMAS! Pg.17 Guilty or not guilty Pg. 18 Luck Pg. 19 Masks Pg.20 Logics Pg. 21 Loner

For my fellow outcasts. We are all the same, Even if we are different.

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My name is Ryan Nelson and I am an 8th grader at Huntsville Middle School. My form of writing is 15 examples of my best quick writes that have been written from the school year 2012-2013.

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I am presenting my best from of writing into three parts; Part1: This part shows an example of personal feelings and dreams. The dreams are dreams from what I have either dreamt in my sleep or that I wish to come true. My personal feelings are examples of what I am feeling inside and my personal view of my life. Part2: Shows an example of my poetry. That is what I really want to show because I believe my work shows that even if it does not rhyme, it still holds meaning. Even though the topics are different, they are still very similar because of my style and attitude when I am writing. Part3: An example of personal opinion on others situation and feelings. These are not based on my situations, but others I have been asked to write about my opinion There are some things that are very personal in part 1 because they are my deepest feelings and it took me a lot of courage to share them. It’s almost like a diary, but written in essay form. Page 3

Part 1 Personal feelings and dreams

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Cries Why do people cry? It is not a sign of weakness or fear but sometimes from exasperation and pain that people believe in that moment that they have never felt anything so painful In their life. You want to know what that sad part about all of that is? It’s not even physical, it’s all emotion, excruciating pain that sometimes stay forever and you sooner or later have to learn to deal with that. I have felt it, I wish to never feel again. Even though Some days are good and some days are bad, the pain and memories of someone that you used to love can be one of the worst pains, because you know that you are the one who screwed up, and deep down you know that even though that you see them every day and maybe even talk to them, those memories never go away. They will always be there taunting and mocking you as a reminder that is your entire fault and no matter what you do, you know that you’ve lost them forever. They are never coming back. Tears are not a sign of weakness, they are a sign of the pain someone has been holding back, and if you ever hold that in, once all the tears fall, they may never stop just like pain never ceased for all those years. Page 5

New Years When I moved, thought only the best would come out of it, but even though good things did come out of it, the worst came out of it as well. I got a repeat of heartbreak. I wasn’t only pulled away from my friends, but I was also pulled away from my mother. We didn’t always get along, but when we did, we would have the best and happy times I have ever felt, and just when I thought everything was going to get better, it only got worse. I miss my friends and I never get to see them. When I do, it’s only for a few hours.. My brother also left for the marines and I always miss him, he is coming home soon for a little bit so I hope that maybe that will make things better. We get along a lot better than we used too so I hope he is still the same person when he comes back. I am happy that I am living with my dad now and I have made a lot of new friends, but I hope that I will be as close with them as I was with my other friends. I was hoping that this year would have been better but it was only the worst year ever. I hope that the year 2013 will maybe make the pain go away and bring good memories with me and my new friends and the ones I miss so bad with me and my old friends. I hope it at least brings me a year of trying to laugh things of instead of sulking. I pray 2013 will just help me forget 2012, move on, and start fresh. Page 6

Stand up, speak out! If I knew everyone around me was thinking the opposite, I would still stand up for what I believe in because even if someone is against you, they should at least consider some sort of a compromise. They also need to look at your options and see if they match up the ones that already had. They need to hear both sides and deal so that way you are both happy with the results even if you didn’t get what you completely wanted out of the situation. Compromise-To gives up one thing in order to have another. Compromise can avoid a fight, a mistake, and maybe even cause others to agree with you. You at least need to let them talk and share their ideas.

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Who you are When I first moved here, I went through a rough time. I was under a lot of pressure, not only with meeting new people, but catching up on work at school. But soon enough I finally caught up with everyone else and I made a lot of friends by using my voice. People thought I was really good and it caused my stage fright to go away. I didn’t feel insecure about my voice, I felt better about it.

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The station: A late night dream I slipped and fell, soon expecting the impact of the hard concrete wall hitting my sensitive skin, but I soon only felt myself going through it and landing on a hard gray concrete surface that was the ground. I looked up and saw a sign that said 9 3/4. I had finally found my destination that will lead me to my final destination, Hogwarts schools. The train was long and red with a gold stripe trip that had “Hogwarts express” engraved into it, A man leaning over the steps of the train was leaning down at me with one hand holding onto a black railing. He was dressed in a black suit. He started waving his hands in the air as he yelled “All Aboard”. I quickly climbed onto the steps as I felt the train go. The whole ride there I couldn’t stop smiling at myself as knowing I was in the scene of the famous movie Harry Potter, only it was real life. I woke up with a frown as I realized that it was only just a dream.

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Part2 Poet at Heart

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Horses Horses are an escape. My escape They run to the Mountains, Just to get a last glimpse at the sun Before it rests behind the mountains peek They look down on us with their bright long manes with a glorious color. They show no fear Just happiness The one feeling every person wishes they could feel. But they are held down by the ground we stand on.

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Chaos It was all it was. Never even wanted to leave the other place, just that place Heartbroken and always thinking of them Never wanting anything but to leave But now I would do anything to go back Begging would be selfish Asking would make me crazy Tears would show weakness So I just keep my mouth closed Maybe one day I can be happy

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Heartbroken When you see people crying What do you see? Weakness? Pain? Tears? A shattered heart? Or, all of the above? Everyone has a story One they do not wish to tell Bu t the people who never cry have the biggest story to tell They show emotion, but only where others cannot see In their hearts Where they are alone And they are left only one place ‌Heartbroken

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The weather Mother Nature has never appreciated the way people act towards her creation, Earth People are selfish They treat her like trash and stomp on her heart with every bit of chaos they shout She seeks her revenge through droughts, storms, earthquakes, and tornadoes Not out of evil But as a reminder of the power she holds

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Part 3 Opinions

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DRAMA! There are things that are personal and things that are not. People who cause drama clearly do not know the difference. There are things that you should not say to people because it hurts their feelings, and makes other people laugh at them and make fun of them. It causes friends to fight, and can even lead to self-harm and suicide. People do not understand the pain that is cause when this happens. It hurts to lose a friends and it hurts to know the things that some people say about you. Sooner or later, people expect them to people to move from that or get used to it, but those cuts in your heart never heal, they leave a scar that you will never forget. It’s a reminder the cruel words that people have spoken to them. When you pick on someone, whether you are joking or not, think about how you would feel if that were you. Stop Bullying and stop drama.

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Guilty or not guilty Normally, people believe rumors or spread them to please themselves. Personally, I would be the one to give them the benefit of the doubt because if you don’t know them or you haven’t seen them do whatever it is that they are being accused of doing, then not only do you have no proof, you have no reason. Yes, there is a difference between seeking justice and desire to punish, The difference is that seeking justice is just wanting to win no matter the cost and that you will do anything to win a price or just win for principles or the fun of it. It does not necessarily mean that you want the person that you are competing against in the courtroom to face punishment or further things, It means you just want to be rewarded for winning, not for hurting your competition.

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Luck I would consider the conch a good luck charm because it kept the boys from chaos and fighting for a while and it helped the boys find each other better. It also brings the men to where they were and helped Ralph not get hurt when the hunters were hunting for them. Because of the conch, they had a leader. Ralph is a good leader in my opinion because he looks out for everyone. He set rules and boundaries but still lets them have fun. The conch stood for respect for others and gave people chances to talk.

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Masks Girls wear make-up and buys wear football helmets. The boys wear the helmets because they represent strength and teamwork. The girls wear the make-up because they represent beauty because it makes them feel beautiful. The boys helmets are worn because it makes the boys feel stronger and more powerful.

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Logics When you are in a court room, you not only think of the person’s feelings and emotions. But you also think about logics and facts. You think about the reasons and logics in the situations. You think about the witnesses and evidence. Juror number 8 proved the boys were innocent with all logics and facts. But he also used emotion toward the boy’s feelings. They also showed a huge difference between killing and hating.

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Loner People reject others because they choose others to be in their groups who are more like they are and the others members of the group. Yes, there are consequences. The people may try to change you, and you may even lose a lot of friends because of it. The other group may also bully you for leaving there’s and hate you.. The people in your group may also try to change you into a bad person. Be who you are no matter what and never let anyone change you no matter what. Always stay true to yourself and to who you are and never leave your true friends behind. They are always going to be there for you no matter what.

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This is the Story of an Outcast...  

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