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Wonderland By: Kaitlyn Conner

Wonderland by Kaitlyn Conner

Table of Contents Part 1: Fan fiction         

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Unknown Feelings Fine Isn’t a Feeling Slow Down Friendship Comes in many forms

Part 2: Original My Mr. Darcy One Person’s Voice Discovering Leave Watch Who you Bump into

Part 3: Personal Masks When I met her The Mirror That little girl

Dedication I dedicate this E-book to; Ms. Sullivan for always making us writes those quick write that turned out to be really fun , Mr. Taylor for showing us a creative side of ourselves for the past 2 years, and to all of my friends and people on Quotev who actually read my Fan Fiction stories and follow me. Thanks, guys, you’re the best

Biographical sketch #1 I wrote these following stories because I think every character should have their happily ever after. These are my Fan Fiction oneshots. I have some about Draco Malfoy, Some about Severus Snape, and more. These characters do not belong to me save for my own. References are: Harry Potter, and Death Note.

Unknown Feelings L looked at the girl not much younger than him. He observed how she sat at the computer on the desk in front of her. Her face so close to it her nose could have touched the screen, her back hunched over, and to add to the weirdness of her position, her legs were crossed Indian-style. L couldn’t really say anything bad about it because if he did he would be a hypocrite. His posture was worse. For some reason he was attracted to this girl. Whether it was because of her unbearable unique beauty or her amazing intellect, he liked her. He had the sudden urge to run his hands through her long black hair and look into those stormy grey eyes forever. He shook his head to get those thought out. Where were all of these emotions coming from? What were they? He had grown up with her, why was he just now having these thoughts? He had not the slightest idea, and the great detective hated not knowing things. Kayu looked at the interesting man sitting across from her. She had started feeling something odd towards him recently. She didn’t know what it was and was a bit afraid to find out. She admired everything about him; his raven black hair, his dark piercing eyes, even the dark circles beneath them. She wished he would sleep though; it can’t be healthy for him. She knew she admired him, she knew she was concerned about him, but there was something else, something that she didn’t know. What was it though? Looking up at him she was startled to find him already looking at her. When they locked eyes, they both knew. The scary emotion that they both feel is love.

Fine is not a feeling “What’s the matter?” A voice asked. Draco looked up from his work. A girl was standing in front of his table at the back of the library. He examined her, Black curly hair, grey eyes, and pale pink lips. She was very pretty, but who was she? “Nothing, I’m fine.” He drawled out, deciding to answer her question first. She smiled at him before sitting her books down on his table. She proceeded to put her tall lanky frame in the chair before continuing. “Fine isn’t a feeling.” She put out. I glared at her hard. She didn’t move an inch or seem unfazed at all. “What can I say to make you leave?” I said gritting my teeth. Still, she looked……amused? What? “Pick a different adjective.” She said annoyingly. I shook my head and went back to work. It doesn’t matter who she is because she’s still annoying. I worked on my Charms essay for a while before the paper was stolen. I slowly glanced up to see her looking at me with a determined expression. “What?” I said simply. It was obvious she wasn’t about to leave so I might as well make it amusing for myself. “How are you really Draco?” She said soothingly. I found a strange part of my mind that wanted to burst out in tears and have her hold me while I tell her everything. I shook my head to erase those thoughts. “I’m perfect, dandy, happy, excited.” I said. “Is that what you’re looking for?” She smiled and nodded at me. Grabbing her stuff she walked away, but not before looking back,” My name is Andy, by the way.” closing the door behind her.

Slow Down Running around the corner, I knocked into something hard. I landed on my back, dazed at what had happened. I sat up and looked at what I hit. Oh jeez, it was Snape. Why does this have to happen to me? It was all James Potter’s fault, Him and his hooligans chasing me. I got up and walked over to Snape, he landed on his back as well, looking dazed himself. I extended my hand out, surprisingly he grabbed it. I pulled him up and he looked at my lanky frame. Hey it’s not my fault I’m so tall. He looked at me expectantly, I shrugged. “Sorry, man my bad.” I said before starting to walk away from him. “Wait!” He called out, I turned back to him. Folding my arms over my chest I looked at him. “What?” I asked. “Where are you headed off to so fast?” He asked, wow, So Snape got courage, that’s new. He’s also alone, I quietly observed. I wonder where Lilly is. “Nowhere, you?” I finally replied “I’m a prefect, its past curfew.” “So?” “I can give you detention.” “Do you even know my name?” He looked shocked, the troubled. I laughed and walked away from him, disappearing into the night.

Friendship comes in many forms Why did today have to be a thing? All I did was drop my stupid potion and stupid Snape yelled at me. It didn’t even spill! Now thanks to him I’m going to be late to Herbology. Why were his lectures so long anyway? No one even listens to them. I raced into the room, scanning for a seat. The only one left was next to a really bright blonde headed boy. I quickly sat down and situated my stuff. He looked over at me, “What do you think you’re doing?” He asked his voice low. “Sitting, what does it look like?” I replied back just as darkly. He looked surprised and turned to his paper, I did the same. Well, tried to until I heard someone try to whisper to me. I glanced up and saw a ginger boy looking at me. “Oi, Who are you?” He said cheerily. His voice made me want to vomit. It was way too happy. “None of your business ginger!” I snarled at him. I saw the blonde boy smirk at me. The ginger blushed and turned back around to his black haired friend. “I think we will be great friends.” Blondie said. “How do you think?” I questioned. “Just wait and see.” He said mysteriously.

Biographical sketch #2 The next few stories are based solely on creative idea, save for a few references but it’s still not hardcore Fan Fiction. These are my ideas that I at really late at night and have to somehow get them out of my head before I can go to sleep. Some are romantic, some are just downright weird. The mystery is to find out which is which.

My Mr. Darcy I didn’t know exactly where the train was going. After paying my fare, I simply stood on the platform waiting for it to whisk me away to somewhere, anywhere but here. That’s when it happened, I met him. I met my Mr. Darcy. AS soon as my eyes hit him, I knew. I couldn’t take my eyes off of his. He had black raven hair that fell down to his neck, and the prettiest blue eyes. They were their own color, a beautiful livid blue. That’s when I noticed him walk over to me. My eyes stayed at his chest before slowly glazing up to his. He smirked down at me. I smiled at him. The train came and stopped, I looked at it before boarding with everyone else. To my luck, he followed suit. I sat down in an empty compartment and looked out the window. I heard the door open and my raven haired beauty sat across from me. My gaze flickered over to him. “Hello,” his deep voice washed over to me. It somehow reminded me of ice cream. “Hi,” My sullen voice replied back. He didn’t seem so surprised at my tone, not that I expected him to be. Between my messy black hair and emerald green eyes, I didn’t look to joyful. He quirked an eyebrow, “Well aren’t you just a ray of sunshine.” He said teasingly. I laughed at that. For whatever reason I did this, I am so thankful that I got on this train.

One person’s voice “Why don’t you speak to anyone?” I looked up and saw a guy standing over me. I just looked at him, waiting for when he realizes that I won’t answer. He registered what I was doing and laughed before sitting down in the seat next to me. “Oh, right, you won’t answer.” He said. His black hair spilling out of his beanie, and his shirt ruffled. “I bet I can make you talk before the school year ends.” He challenged. I grinned and shook his hand. I’m always up for a bet. -Last Day of School“So, we’ve spent the whole year together, you going to talk?” He looked at me with hope filled eyes. I grinned at him and shook my head. “I guess I lost then,” He said, getting up and about to walk away. “Wait!” I called, not wanting him to leave. My voice sounded tiny and misused. He turned around and grinned at me. I smiled back.

One person’s voice can change a lot. Take the girl in the story, without that boy to help her, she would keep being mute. He changed that for her. That one person changed another’s life.

Discovering I skipped into the castle, looking around. It was huge, but horribly crumbled. I giggled as I walked down corridors, half expecting Professor Snape to come and give me detention. That’s how old the castle was. I walked into the room we were studying artifacts in. The others were sitting around waiting, when I sat down, Rain handed me a slip of paper. I giggled and pointed my finger at it. “I solemnly swear I am up to no good.” I said. They all looked at me like I was crazy. I shrugged and continued reading the note, translating Japanese to English.

Leave I sat alone in my room for what seemed like the billionth time. My keyboard clacking as I pushed my fingers upon it. I spoke into the microphone before adding the sound to the mix I was creating. Replaying the whole thing, I slowed the beat to make it perfect. Looking at the clock, I placed my headphones down and groaned; It was well past midnight. I hurriedly shut down my computer after saving and went to bed. Groaning, I turned off my screaming alarm clock. I got up and showered, letting the water wake me up. Grabbing a pair of random skinny jeans and a t-shirt, I pulled them on. I grabbed my bag and jacket and ran out the door. All during school, all I could think about was leaving this place. I thought about wanting to be someone, and selling my music. All I had to do was leave.

Watch who you bump into Pulling up to the school, I gazed at it. It was fairly big, but what can you expect from a UK school. I parked and got out, unlocking my trunk. Pulling out my stuff I grinned, one step further. I grabbed my bags and rushed inside, someone opened the door for me, I muttered a “thanks.” . After checking in and everything, I carried my stuff to my bed. All of my cd’s on one side and my records on another. I changed and walked out to explore. I’m from the US so I have no clue who anybody here is. Girls were all hugging each other or gossiping about their summers, I was in the back corner, alone. Or I was alone until I heard someone talk to me. “Hey,” A deep voice said. I looked up to find a really tall, lanky boy staring at me. “Hi.” I replied back, I felt really short and usually I’m a really tall girl. 5ft 10 inch. This boy was probably around 6ft 5inch or so. He had hair that went to his shoulders and was wearing all black, I think he matched me in every way. “You’re not from here, are you?” He asked, breaking me out of my haze. I shrugged, “Nope, I’m from the US.” “Don’t be scared, I’m from the US to.” He stated simply. “At least I’m not the only one.” I said relieved. “So, taking that we are in a school of preforming arts, what is your talent?” “I don’t really know.” He looked shocked at that. Then he grinned, “Well, new mission, we are going to find it.” “Why?” “Because you bumped into me, and now we have a mission.” “You bumped into me,” I clarified. He shrugged and waved it off with his hand. He grabbed my hand and drug me off.

Biographical sketch #3 The next are personal, life stories, or anything I’m thinking about. They tell about me and my interests. There are many memories, and deep meanings, it’s hard to understand it all. Their about the masks everyone wears and how I met my best friend. I wrote these at the beginning of the year, so I’m a lot happier now and not so depressed.

Masks The mask I wear is probably a smile. I cheer everyone else up when their down but when I’m down, you wouldn’t know. Smiling is a trait I picked up whenever I first started therapy. Throughout hospitals I’ve been to, if I smiled, they would leave me alone. They would think I was better because I looked happy. The mask I would probably wear the most would be pretending that I had yawned when I was about to cry. When my eyes became watery and red, I would say I yawned. People would usually believe me. The masks I probably wear are lies. I lie to people so they would leave me alone. I’m not proud of it but they shouldn’t have to know about my past. The mask I probably wear was love. When I tell my friends and my family I love them, all I’m thinking about is when I can leave, when I can do something with my time, when I can be alone.

When I met her I met Elisabeth near the beginning of this year. I was walking out of lunch with Zach when I saw her alone by the courtyard, “Hey, look at her shirt.” I told Zach. He looked at it. It was a Bring Me the Horizon shirt. “Yeah, it’s pretty cool.” He agreed. “You should go tell her that.” I challenged him. “No! I don’t want to be creepy. Your weird, you do it.” He said. “No she’ll think I’m a stalker or something.” I said. “Just do it.” “No!” “Yes!” “Fine,” I groaned and walked over to where she was standing. She looked up at me, expectantly. “Hey…….uh. I like your shirt.” I said steadily. She looked surprised for a moment before looking down at it and smiling. “Thanks.” She said silently. I blushed and walked away. Later on, I saw her riding my bus, in the front. I saw Brylee ride with her, that’s how I figured out they were dating. One day I had an idea. “Hey Brylee. Why don’t you and your girlfriend sit back here?” I asked him. He shrugged and got his stuff. When they both sat down, I started talking to her. We talked about YouTube videos, and music. Soon, in that one bus ride, we were best friends.

About myself? Kaitlyn Is Colorful, Happy, Sarcastic, Cool Sibling of: Emily Conner Lover of: Music, Video Games, Anime Who feels: Happy, Energetic, Fun Who Gives: Love, Understanding, Madness Who Fears: White Rooms, Toy Story, Telletubbies Who would like to see: Manchester, Dan & Phil, Tom Felton Who lives: In Wesley, Arkansas Froggie

The mirror I look into the mirror Or in a puddle of clear water, I like to think I see myself, Myself in shining armor. I watch her walk towards the rite Right into the devil’s hands I feel myself shaking in fear Fear of who I am I watch as she struggles with this, His grip getting stronger, I just watch as she is struggling, Struggling to last longer As he finally puts her down, Down and sad Sad to see that she is finally dead, Dead and gone, alive no more I see all of this in my eyes, Eyes that hold a lot of secrets Secrets reflect on my face, Face that can’t hold on anymore.

That little girl The little girl who’s smile is radiant She wonders everyday how she can escape it. The mental torture in her own mind, Claws its way through space and time. The little girl who shines so bright, She is dead, along with the light. The only thing left is scars and tears Hidden up by all her fears. The monsters who guided her life were gone She knows full well that they were wrong The little girl had learned to grow up By hiding her feelings in a cup The older girl still visits her shadowy friends, But now all she waits for is the end Her fears, her screams, her muffled crys All going down that bloody drain pipe The older girl that feels no more All her worries have yet to poor Now it’s left to find the body Of the girl who was never naughty.


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