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Issue 8 2014

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Issue 8 - 2014

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Alto Kristalla glass faced cubicles

Wa s h ro o m Wa s h ro o m Ltd A Refreshing Change An effective refurbishment project can go a long way to ensuring a building continues to meet the needs of its end users. Whether it’s a commercial property in danger of becoming empty or a dated, tired looking leisure centre, a carefully designed refurbishment can offer an attractive, cost-effective solution.


revor Bowers, director at innovative washroom manufacturer, Washroom Washroom, addresses how adopting a considered bespoke approach to refurbishing washroom areas can add real value to a building. In the commercial sector in particular, where washrooms and common areas are often used by potential tenants as a marker by which to judge the rest of the building and where competition is increasingly fierce, opting for a high specification refurbishment has been seen to increase rental income, even in properties nearing the end of their natural lifecycle. And, with more office workers walking or cycling into work, installing staff shower facilities are an ideal way to set a refurbished property apart from the plethora of competing properties to ensure it continues to attract and retain the best tenants

Alto Kristalla glass faced cubicles

When refurbishing washroom areas, it is essential to specify appropriate materials taking into account future maintenance requirements. Using highly durable Solid Grade Laminate (SGL), for example, which provides a hygienic easy to clean surface totally impervious to water, is ideal for use in high traffic areas prone to vandalism.

buildings undergoing refurbishment, especially those with a strong heritage, require new features to complement and fit seamlessly with the existing building. It’s not just the products which need careful consideration, but also the overall layout of washrooms, particularly as a common challenge faced when refurbishing a building, is the fact that designers are not working on a blank canvas, so new facilities have to fit into existing spaces.

Unisex washrooms including sink and handdrying facilities

As well as helping to create an aesthetically pleasing design, the layout of a washroom can also have practical benefits. In the education sector, for example, installing washrooms designed with shared vanities and open areas that can be overlooked, has been seen to reduce the potential for anti-social behaviour such as bullying. The use of family friendly ‘changing villages’, which offer a hassle free unique area and can be designed to suit the available space, is something that’s really beginning to gain a lot of momentum within the

leisure sector. Fewer and fewer commercial tenants are willing to settle for the average and, as such, property owners have had to raise their game to match. Even with only several years of life left in a building, the income that can be generated from attracting the right kind of tenant makes this approach highly attractive to landlords and beneficial to the tenants they seek to draw in. Through using high specification materials, bespoke design features such as including corporate colours and branding throughout, a building can be set apart, ensuring it is not left empty and therefore unprofitable.

For more information on the range of services and products offered by Washroom Washroom, please visit, call 0845 470 3000 or email

Innovative use of colour and screen printed designs are also an effective way to refresh a washroom or changing room area. On the other hand, including quality design features such as full height or flush fronted cubicles in a high spec commercial refurbishment adds an air of sophistication that, along with the use of materials such as glass, real wood veneers, quartz stone or stainless steel, will not go unnoticed. Innovative use of colour and screen printed designs are also an effective way to refresh a washroom or changing room area. In the commercial sector this can be used to carry corporate branding throughout the building, adding to the quality feel and creating a cohesive design. In the education and leisure sectors, use of bright colours and screen printing, which allows for a unique, fun style to be created, can make younger children feel more comfortable and encourage healthy, hygienic habits.

> Corian vanities

As well as helping to create an aesthetically pleasing design, the layout of a washroom can also have practical benefits.

RRNews - Issue 8

Refurbishing a building is by no means the easy option though, with those working on refurbishments required to consider a whole range of issues, including changes to regulations such as Document M, which focuses on a building’s accessibility for disabled users. The need to fit new designs around existing floorplans makes it necessary for clever design solutions to make the best use of the available space, without compromising the overall design. In addition, many

^ Abbey Gardens


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Bathrooms & Kitchens

Linke Line extends the huge range of channel drains from In some renovation projects the drain waste pipe is forced above floor level but Linke Line , with minimal intrusion into the floor cavity negates this. Providing a total installation height of only 25 mm plus gulley 52 mm, The subsequent level access floor gives a far cleaner minimalist aesthetic without any trip hazards. Installation onto timber joists or concrete is equally simple. The Purus NOOD gulley trap will flow 36-70 litres per min. through 40mm waste pipe. The tile insert grate nicely matches adjacent tiling or a shiny steel finish is a popular option. Lengths 500mm to 1300mm delivered next day.

RRNews Issue 8

For further details visit … www.wetroom


Make Your Bathroom Memorable with Memoir from Hudson Reed If you’re looking for stylish storage for your bathroom, look no further than the stunning new Memoir furniture range. With a choice of wall mounted or floor standing basin units and co-ordinating tallboy and back-to-wall WC units, Memoir has something for everyone.

KBB says the time is right for more white As white gets into its stride for 2014, KBB Replacement Doors has added two matt choices to its line-up for kitchens, bathrooms and bedrooms. Porcelain and Cashmere offer respectively a bright, fresh and a more muted, softer variation on the theme of white, which has made a strong comeback this year.

Available in 5 contemporary finishes and with a choice of basin styles, plus the option to customise with different handle designs, the range can be easily tailored – so we’ve launched the handy‘Furniture Styler’on our website, where you can view the different options at the click of a button. Simply visit for more information.

KBB Replacement Doors general manager Andrew Johnston said:“White has never left the premier league, but we see signs of it regaining its dominance, and matt is an important and growing part of this. But it can be surprising how much tastes can vary within the white theme, and our latest shades cater for this.

With prices starting from just £450.00 for the 600mm wall mounted basin unit with minimalist basin and a 5 year guarantee for your peace of mind, Memoir will make your bathroom truly memorable.

Porcelain and Cashmere can be specified in bespoke sizes and curves as required. For further information on KBB Replacement Doors visit –

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Bathrooms & Kitchens

Hansgrohe – Logis In collaboration with long-standing partners Phoenix Design, Hansgrohe has developed mixers whose distinctive shapes combine precision with smoothness. The design of Logis is characterised by taut surfaces, clear lines and rounded contours. The new Logis mixers come in different heights and handle variants, ensuring that ceramics and mixer match both visually and functionally with options for cloakrooms through to larger family bathrooms. All users will be able to find a model that is ideal for their own personal ComfortZone from this comprehensive range.

For stockists contact Hansgro he. Tel. 01372 465655 email. ww

RRNews Issue 8

To ensure the efficient use of resources, all the mixers are equipped with EcoSmart technology as standard delivering 5 litres per minute. Two versions: Logis 70 and Logis 100 are also available as CoolStart models. This new technology works by only cold water flowing out when the handle is in the central position. This means that the pipe system is no longer filled unnecessarily with hot water or the hot water system specially activated, thereby saving both water and energy. As a result of these efficient technologies, Logis has received the top 'Water Efficiency Label' rating of A in the “Home” category for the domestic sector.


THE RESTORATION OF THE CROOME PARK ‘ICE HOUSE’ Ice Houses are unusual structures, often found in the grounds of stately homes. The practice of building Ice Houses came to England from France in the 17th century as a means of storing ice for use in the households of the gentry. fine example of an eighteen century ‘Ice House’ can be found at Croome, an 750 acre National Trust estate in Worcestershire, which is famous for the stately home Croome Court and its extensive grounds, which were Lancelot ‘Capability’ Brown’s first major landscape design.


The Ice House, which is located close to the old carriage route leading from the Estate Church of St. Mary Magdalene, would have been an impressive sight in its day. Measuring approximately 15 ft 6 inches wide by 29 ft 6 inches high, one third of the egg shaped brick structure sat above ground with the remaining two thirds hidden underground, which was where the ice, ‘skimmed’ from a nearby pond, would be stored for use in the kitchens. The brick dome was probably originally covered by a tee-pee styled thatched roof, and a short three to four metre long brick and timber passageway would have served as an entrance. Thought to have been originally filled with straw, the passageway was designed to stop the wind and the rain from entering the ice chamber. The surrounding trees would also have helped keep the Ice House shaded and cool in summer.

The Ice House in a derelict state

Although kept in reasonably good working order during the 150 years of its working life, the Ice House ceased to be used in 1915 and so fell into significant decay, being filled with rubbish after the 1939 – 45 war

as a safety measure when the Court was in use as a school. The National Trust acquired the landscaped park and buildings in 1996 and began restoration according to the eighteenth century plans and surveys. In 2007 plans were made to restore the Ice House back to its original splendour and, with help from a £46,000 grant from Natural England’s Countryside Stewardship Scheme (CSS) plus funding from the National Trust itself, restoration was completed in September 2009. The excavation of the Ice House was conducted by archaeologists Ian Brooks and Kathy Laws from EAS Ltd, working with Ward & Co. (Building Conservation) Ltd., main contractors. Architect John Goom, who had considerable experience in the restoration of historic buildings, was appointed to oversee the restoration of the Ice House. Fortunately, there was sufficiently good documentary evidence, backed by archaeological findings, in the form of an old article of the 1950s and a black and white photograph taken of the Ice House in the 1920s, to give a good indication of how the building would have originally looked. However, immediate structural repairs were required to ensure that the existing fabric

Integral to the project was the sourcing of historically authentic handmade bricks that would exactly match the size, tone, texture and character of the existing brickwork.

be a popular choice for other conservation projects, extensions and renovations. Once the brickwork of the Ice House had been restored, a new oak frame was constructed using photographic and site based evidence to decide its form and covered with long straw thatch, which is traditionally used in the locality in order to replicate the original appearance of the building. Various artefacts found in the dome were then returned to their original positions and other inanimate objects were subsequently placed around the inside of the roof structure for future preservation. Thanks to the painstaking restoration and traditional craftsmanship, visitors to Croome can now visit the Ice House and go through the new entrance tunnel, up to an iron gate at the dome, and peer down into the depths of this unusual structure in order to fully appreciate its unique history. Catherine Hurley, a historic buildings advisor with Natural England, said: “The Ice House is of particular cultural and historical importance, giving us a link back to how Croome Court was managed, and gives us an insight into the daily life of its former inhabitants”.

For more information, contact Northcot Brick Ltd., Station Road, Blockley, Nr. Moreton-in-Marsh, Gloucestershire, GL56 9LH. Tel: 01386 700551. Fax: 01386 700852. Email: Web: The Ice House undergoing restoration

could be retained in situ. A large part of the original brick dome was missing rendering it structurally unstable. This needed to be rebuilt with bricks that exactly matched the originals both in size and appearance and the rest required extensive re-pointing. The missing passageway or porch also needed to be re-built on the basis of archaeological evidence in order to secure the stability of the dome.

Thanks to the painstaking restoration and traditional craftsmanship, visitors to Croome can now visit the Ice House

Croome is open daily from 10am. Please call 01905 371006 or look at for further information.

The Ice House restored further

Integral to the project was the sourcing of historically authentic handmade bricks that would exactly match the size, tone, texture and character of the existing brickwork. Cotswold based independent manufacturer, Northcot Brick, was approached as one of the few makers of genuine handmade bricks with the extensive restoration experience, craftsmanship and the specialist brick matching skills required.

Now known as ‘Packwood Rural’, this particular blend of brick has subsequently been incorporated into the company’s main product range, and it has also proved to

RRNews - Issue 8

Northcot’s team of master brick makers, who use age-old bench mould techniques that have hardly changed over the centuries and fire in the traditional way in one of the last remaining coal fired kilns, created a new bespoke smooth faced brick, which matched the subtle orange-yellow tones and the weather-worn appearance of the originals.


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Coatings, Sealants & Paints

What is Owatrol Deco? Owatrol Deco is an all-in-one product which serves as a rust inhibiting primer and decorative multi surface paint. It provides a high quality decorative finish, enhanced corrosion protection and exceptional resistance to weathering, moisture and pollution.

Why should I use Owatrol Deco? Owatrol Deco is a truly multi-surface paint, adhering strongly to all surfaces including:  Metal Surfaces ferrous and non-ferrous metals.  Wooden surfaces  Surfaces such as Plastic, uPVC, Expanded Polystyrene, Tiles etc... Owatrol Deco gives a high gloss finish which is extremely flexible and so will not peel or flake making it perfect for use on flexible surfaces Owatrol Deco delivers an exceptional oil-based finish whilst maintaining very low VOC levels and is suitable for interior and exterior use including in confined spaces as it doesn’t emit harmful fumes. It is available in 6 different finishes and it’s easy to use. It can be applied without any priming or undercoating, even on rusted surfaces as it penetrates to the sound metal below to provide long-lasting protection against the elements. For further example uses of Owatrol Deco Visit Owatrol’s website :

New from Zinsser Grade 1 is Zinsser’s new zero-tension specialist paint for traditional and historic buildings. Early buildings with damp problems, stained walls or other problem substrates will need both primers and paint finishes that can tackle such concerns. Standard primers and emulsions will trap any moisture causing the finish to quickly flake and crack. Zinsser Grade 1 is specially formulated to tackle all of these problems associated with period properties with up to 8 years’performance. A primer, sealer and finish in one, Grade 1 requires no washing down, no additional primer and is recoatable in just two hours. It's vapour permeable film allows the painted substrate to 'breathe' whilst the finish contains a biocide to protect the dried coating against fungal degradation. The paint film dries with zero tension which reduces the likelihood of future cracking, flaking and peeling. For further information visit – or telephone: 0191 410 6611

Eco-friendly finishes from Osmo UK Eco-friendly finishes from Osmo UK have been used in a residential property in Sevenoaks, Kent to provide creative design and protection to a newly made kitchen cabinet.

RRNews Issue 8

Bespoke Cabinet Maker, SBT Design was contracted to design a cabinet that would match the current kitchen décor. Not only did the new piece of furniture have to provide suitable storage, it needed a strong middle section in order for it to double up as a seating area. The cabinets were all constructed from Veneered American White Oak MDF. Once completed, SBT Design required a finish that would provide protection to the material.


“Having worked with Osmo products previously, we are aware of the immaculate finish that can be achieved” said Steve Tomlin, owner of SBT Design. The finishes also offer optimum protection, something which is important when in a kitchen.” For further information on Osmo UK please visit –, or call 01296 481 220.


5IF6,TMFBEJOHNBOVGBDUVSFSBOETVQQMJFSPGTQFDJBMJTUQSPEVDUTGPS UIFCVJMEJOHBOEQSFTFSWBUJPOJOEVTUSJFT Founded in 1934, Wykamol Group Ltd has been the market leader in the provision and development of products for the remedial treatment industry for almost 80 years.



With rising damp becoming a common problem, Wykamol offers a range of damp proofing systems that is unique in the field of property restoration. We offer an incredibly diverse and innovative range of solutions, many of which are approved by the BBA. All our chemical DPC systems are suitable for use in accordance with BS6576 and are manufactured under our ISO9001:2008 Quality Management System.

date products in the industry today. 4USVDUVSBM8BUFSQSPPĂąOH Our high quality cavity drain membranes provide an air gap between the membrane and the wall, which allows any free water to run behind it. Our extensive range of membrane types, from shallow studded Slimline profiles to deep cavity (20mm) flooring products allows a wide variety of situations to be dealt with providing tailored solutions.

5BOLJOHm$FNFOUJUPVT8BUFSQSPPĂąOH We offer a full range of products to meet your requirements for an effective tanking system. Our nationwide technical team are on hand to advise the best system for your structural waterproofing problem.

When installing cavity drainage membranes careful attention must be given to providing a suitable drainage solution. Wykamol offer a large range of pumps, sumps, drainage channel and alarms for the control of water movement and can supply everything the contractor needs for basement conversion.

5JNCFS5SFBUNFOUT 3FQMBDFNFOU$BWJUZ8BMM5JFT The Wykamol range of remedial wood preservatives and masonry biocides include some of the longest standing quality brand names in the UK market. Products such as Wykamol Plus, Woodtreat Paste and the Brunosol range are all industry benchmarks. Whatever your timber preservative needs, we can offer the widest choice and most up to

Wall ties are an essential element for the stability of a cavity wall structure, tying the outer weather protecting brick façade to the main body of the building. Wykamol supply a complete range of remedial wall ties including the highly effective Thor Helical Remedial CD Ties along with more traditional neoprene and

r Damp Proofing Products r Tanking – Cementitous Waterproofing r Timber Treatments r Structural Waterproofing r Replacement Cavity Wall Ties r Lateral Restraint Ties r Crack Repair

resin bonded ties. -BUFSBM3FTUSBJOU5JFT Lateral restraint wall ties are used to restrain bulging walls. The ties are fitted from the outside of the property with minimal disturbance and are embedded into timber joists or studs. Each restraint tie has a drill like leading end for cutting into softwood and the tie is installed using an SDS drill and resin for fixing the masonry end. $SBDL3FQBJS Thor Helical Remedial crack repair bars are specifically designed for masonry repair to cracked walls. Used in conjunction with our W60 Flexi Grout, the 6mm diameter Thor Helical Remedial wall crack stitching reinforcement bar offers extra performance to other helical bar type systems to significantly increase sheer, tensile and flexural strength of cracked masonry walls. The hi-fin design also make the Thor Helical products ideal for grouting into mortar beds to retrospectively reinforce distressed masonry and to control cracking by distributing forces back into the structure. The various Thor Helical sections are directly proportionate to one another providing opportunity for cross correlation of performance characteristics to be used in specification design.


RRNews - Issue 8


Bracton House

Arm s trong Ce ilin g s Sourcing inspiration from the ceiling Ceilings are often overlooked in a refurbishment when it comes to improving the look or performance of a building yet they are one of the easiest mediums through which to make these changes.


rom an aesthetics factor, just changing the colour, shape or material (for instance, from mineral tiles or planks to metal or wood) of a continuous suspended ceiling can transform a space, and if an even greater wow factor is required, then there are always mineral, metal or even fabric canopies of all colours, shapes and sizes. When it comes to a building’s performance, ceilings being one of the largest surface areas are a natural site for acoustic treatments that are also unobtrusive, with aesthetic ceiling tiles of different densities aiding intelligibility, concentration or confidentiality. Acoustics can also be optimised by

canopy panels positioned high on interior walls. Priorities within a refurbishment are often on improving levels of energy efficiency and here again ceilings can play an important role, with solutions ranging from high light-reflecting tiles to minimise reliance on artificial light to systems incorporating PCMs (Phase Change Materials) which passively reduce a building’s reliance on air conditioning, saving around 40% of the HVAC energy costs. But it was a combination of mineral and metal tiles and canopies that were specified for the refurbishment of the former Braintree District Council

“The intent was to provide the best possible quality facility while remaining affordable to all” Gustavo De Macedo, Arkon interior designer.

Cofunds v Cofunds

offices in Witham, Essex, for their costeffectiveness, aesthetics and acoustic properties. Armstrong’s white Ultima MicroLook BE tiles in a 6mm Silhouette grid were used in the open office areas while Axiom KE (Knife Edge) canopies with Ultima SL2 planks feature in the reception and corridors, 20 Optima circular canopies in the café and break-out areas, and metal Tegular 2 tiles in the kitchen. The Ultima mineral tiles meet sound absorption Class C while the Optima mineral canopies provide 2.00 sabines of sound absorption per piece as well as 82% recycled content. Both feature 87% light reflectance. They were specified by architects Swanke Hayden Connell for Cofunds, now part of Legal & General. Project leader Angela Sasso said: “A mineral fibre ceiling tile met the cost plan and we chose to upgrade some client-facing areas with the plank system in the reception and corridors. The canopies were used in the breakout areas and café to provide interest, acoustics and to take the eye away from areas where we proposed an exposed ceiling. They were proposed in the staff areas as we felt these areas could be a bit more daring in the design for this particular client.” A combination of mineral tiles and canopies scored a hat-trick in the £2million redevelopment of Woking Leisure Centre in Surrey. They were specified by architects Arkon Associates due to their three As – aesthetics, acoustics and accessibility. Sixteen Armstrong Optima rectangle canopies take pride of place in the free

Woking Leisure Centre

weights and weights machines area of the new gym and are complemented by Perla OP 0.95 (the first mineral tile in the world to gain Silver Cradle to Cradle certification) in the gym. In addition, Ultima MicroLook tiles were installed in the new café, together with Dune Max Tegular tiles in the studios, stairwells and corridors. The project involved the redevelopment of Woking Borough Council’s 1960s concrete-framed leisure centre which focussed on the refurbishment of the reception with turnstiles and café and the installation of a new mezzanine floor to provide two first-floor studios.

“We specified the Armstrong products for the quality and look of them” Stavros Nissiotis, Designer.

v Cofunds

Arkon interior designer Gustavo De Macedo said: “The intent was to provide the best possible quality facility while remaining affordable to all. Good design and planning, with robust and attractive materials inside and out, were a means to achieving this, and the Armstrong products certainly enhanced the design. The Optima rectangle canopies provided elegant floating ceiling panels, allowing zones for exposed services installation. The panel also assists with controlling the acoustics within the gym.” Metal tiles were specified for the stunning speculative refurbishment of a central London office. Armstrong’s MicroLook micro-perforated tiles with an acoustic infill have been suspended from a MicroLook Microline grid at Bracton House, a six-storey office building in High Holborn. This is one of the first uses in the UK

of the Microline grid system which combines an exposed sleeve for a clean and crisp visual with a practical threaded reveal for flexibility in partition fixing and relocation. The system was specified for the £1.5 million refurbishment by architects Stavros Nissiotis Architectural Studio for its quality, aesthetics and functionality. Designer Stavros Nissiotis said: “We specified the Armstrong products for the quality and look of them. They give a flush aesthetic and that is the look we were after. There are also no extrusions in terms of the grid and they give easy access to the services. Acoustically, we

also went for the maximum performance by adding an infill.” The Armstrong tiles, which give 84% light reflectance and perform to sound absorption 0.60(H) and sound attenuation 41db, as well as comprise 30% recycled content, help give the open-plan spaces in a Conservation Area a light and airy feel. For more examples of refurbishment projects using Armstrong Ceilings please visit the project gallery on\ projectgallery.

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Doors, Windows & Fittings

LUXURY HOUSE FEATURES TECTUS HINGES A substantial, four-storey, detached, Georgian house, located in one of London’s most prestigious residential areas, Beaufort Park, has been refurbished and extended to the highest standard. Fitted out in a sympathetic style, the interior mixes fine period detail with contemporary styling and features TECTUS hinges from SIMONSWERK as part of this efficient, modern finish. Developed by the HAB Group, TECTUS hinges have been widely specified in the lavish bedroom suites which incorporate multiple bathrooms, dressing rooms and extensive wardrobe space behind matching panelled doors. The concealed TECTUS hinges allow an unbroken series of floor to ceiling panels which act as doors to both the wardrobes and the bathrooms. SIMONSWERK TECTUS TE 540 3D -A8 stainless steel effect hinges were specified to support these substantial painted and polished hardwood doors.

RRNews Issue 8 T:01215222848


The VEKA UK Group is 'Secured by Design' across the board The VEKA UK Group is committed to supplying some the most innovative and technically-advanced products on the market and is proud to have been awarded the 'Secured by Design' accreditation right across its VEKA and Halo product ranges, in addition to already holding the accreditation on its Bowater Doors range. Head of Technical Mark Barsby explains: “Both VEKA and Halo have always been committed to designing products that offer an extremely high level of security for homeowners and commercial customers alike.. “Our highly-secure systems had already achieved enhanced security standards to PAS 24 as you would expect from an industry-leading supplier - but now, with the additional coveted SBD logo, our clients can be confident, at a glance, that this accreditation is stitched throughout the supply chain. VEKA plc, Tel: 01282 716611 or visit –

GARADOR SHOWS ITS COLOURS! Garador launches bright new shades for spring Britain’s leading garage door manufacturer is extending its range of colour finishes. With eleven new shades added, Garador now offers a choice of 17 colours in its standard range including Light Ivory (RAL 1015), Pigeon Blue (RAL 5014), Fir Green (RAL 6009) and Anthracite Grey (RAL 7016). Garador Managing director Simon Hipgrave comments: “We have just invested in new paint plant technology which has given us the ability to deliver a wider range of colour options and a more durable paint finish for our steel up & over garage doors. This is something we believe will be of real benefit to our customers. The new range of colours on Garador steel up & over garage doors are available now. For more information, please call 01935 443799, or visit

Homeowners look to improve not move With house prices rising and a shortage of homes for sale many homeowners today are looking to improve their home rather than move. esearch from The Bank of England indicates that homeowners are paying off mortgages early or adding value to the home with conversions and extensions.


Andrew Royle, UK Commercial Director at P C Henderson, advises: “With the rise in cost of living and homeowners still gaining confidence as we move out of a volatile housing market, it is no surprise that many are looking to improve not move. There are many options available today to help increase space in the home and

there are endless opportunities to be creative with the design.” P C Henderson’s solutions can help increase the interior floor space available by the use of specially designed residential sliding door gear systems which provide an easy access solution that is versatile and

silent in use. In fact in a house with ten 3ft internal doors, up to an additional 70sq ft of usable space can be released in the home by eliminating the room needed for it to swing and function. Andrew Royle explains further, “with a sliding door you can create space to fit a bath rather than just a shower.” A range of sliding and folding door hardware for the home from P C Henderson can be used in a multitude of applications including wardrobe doors and room dividers to create a flexible living space without compromising on an open plan design.

“With the rise in cost of living and homeowners still gaining confidence as we move out of a volatile housing market, it is no surprise that many are looking to improve not move.” Andrew Royle, UK Commercial Director at P C Henderson


Specialists in sliding and folding door hardware solutions Henderson is constantly building on over 90 years’ experience of developing innovative sliding and folding door hardware systems. Our UK based manufacturing facilities and technical team ensure Henderson provide you with the high quality solution for every application.


Industrial Commercial Residential

To discuss your project needs, contact our technical team on 0191 377 7345.


Automation Glass Specialist

ALPRO LAUNCH THEIR NEW RANGE OF OPTIMA CE MARKED SURFACE DOOR CLOSERS The Alpro Architectural Hardware Division of IEC Limited announces the release of their new “Optima” range of fully CE certified surface door closers. s a direct result of constant customer feedback for new products, the door closer range comprises, the Optima170 cam action closer with adjustable strength from 2-4, comple te with sliding track and arm. The Optima 980 surface closer with standard arm and the Optima 28A surface closer, strength 2-5 with standard arm and back check. All three closers come in an attractive silver finish.


In line with current European and industry legislation, all three Optima closers have been

independently tested here in the UK to the requirements of BSEN 1154 and have been certified for use on both fire and non- fire rated doo sets. The Optima range of door closers are suitable for right or left hand installation and are easy to install, use and adjust and are completely retro-fittable. The closers come complete with the necessary fixing instructions and templates, which again add to the ease of installation. Latching and closing speeds are adjustable. Keith Parry, Alpro’s Divisional Sales

“The comprehensive performance specification of these units is excellent.” Keith Parry, Divisional Sales Manager at Alpro

New Range of

Electric Strikes

Manager says “The comprehensive performance specification of these units is excellent. The closers add to the aesthetics of any door set and can be used in a variety of applications. They are easy to install and maintain, needing only a minimal amount of maintenance at any given time. This coupled with their reliability and excellent performance, makes Alpro Architectural Hardware, once again “First Choice For Locking Solutions”, illustrating our stated objective of a real “Commitment to Excellence” for all our customers.

Alpro products are available in the UK from IEC Limited and through all major security product distributors.



Commitment to Excellence

 12/24v selectable  Easily reversible – Fail

 AC compatability with Rectifier Sounder Module Open(PTL)/Fail Secure (PTO)  Full range of accessories – no loose pins or springs  Rugged construction with stainless steel faceplates  High holding force  ANSI short and long styles  Very competitive prices with shallow body = easy retrofit

 IP56 protection

First Choice for Locking Solutions T 01202 676262 E

F 01202 680101 W

’re e r wice! e ndCho o w st o N Fir




‘Optima’ range of fully CE certified Surface and Cam Action Closers

Commitment to Excellence

 CE marked for use on fire doors

 Easy to install, use and adjust

 Fully retro-fittable  Fixing templates included

 3 year warranty  Competitive prices  Suitable for RH/LH installations





3• 01

F 01202 680101 W

2013 • 20th


g the Indus try

IVERSAR ANN Y• th 2 20

T 01202 676262 E


RY • 201 3 RSA VE • NI

First Choice for Locking Solutions


Registration Number 046

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Doors, Windows & Fittings SteelWindow Association Confirms Fire Safety Always seeking to ensure that steel windows are up to date when it comes to meeting relevant safety and other regulatory requirements, the Steel Window Association (SWA) has had the fire performance of the systems re-validated under current European law. As a result a new five year approval has been confirmed for the F Range, W20 and W40 steel profiles by the independent and highly respected Exova Warringtonfire centre, and passed several vigorous and exacting fire integrity test to maintain the coveted BS fire ratings. The review of the assessment report referenced WFRC No. C118420 concluded that the data used in the original appraisal ‘has been re-examined and found to be satisfactory.’ Additionally, the re-appraisal of the original testing – Fire Test Study Group Resolution 64A: 1993 - ensures that the testing methodology meets the revised requirements of Resolution 82: 2001. This means that SWA members can to assure specifiers that the F Range, W20 and W40 can be expected to provide either 30 or 60 minutes fire integrity, in line with the separate specifications, as tested in accordance with BS 476: Part 22:1987. Importantly, this allows specifiers and contractors to continue employing steel framed windows in potentially challenging situations such as to bring light into stairwells and escape routes around a variety of buildings including hospitals, secure institutions, education establishments and commercial premises. The assessment, C118420, from Exova Warringtonfire, is valid until July 2018. For more information on steel windows call the SWA on 0844 249 1355, e-mail or view the 20 page Specifier’s Guide to Steel Windows at website

Comar Window Systems Improve Performance With ever-increasing demands on the performance of glazing and opening vents, Comar Architectural Aluminium Systems have developed and rigorously tested their aluminium window systems to meet the very latest performance and specification demands, ensuring their clients have a future proof solution.

RRNews Issue 8

The Comar range of solutions, Comar 5P.i and Comar 9P.i High Performance window systems, offers specifiers a comprehensive single source solution that achieves an increased range of window sizes. To achieve this Comar Systems have two profile ranges available: standard and heavy duty, Comar 9P.i has a top projected casement window system with slim 84mm profiles that offers maximum heights of 2500mm. Comar 9P.i Tilt and Turn offers side hung, bottom hung or tilt and turn at a maximum height of 2400mm. Comar 9P.i Parallel Opening offers sizes of up to 3000mm. Depending on the type of build, these configurations can offer a solution for maximum air-exchange, smoke ventilation and restricted ventilation with lockable handles for cleaning inside and outside.


Comar 9P.i also offers optimum heightened performance in terms of weather and security. Comar 9P.i windows achieved market leading results in terms of water tightness at 900Pa; this ensures that even in the most demanding locations Comar 9P.i will maintain its water integrity. For further technical information and specification advice, please contact or call 020 8685 9685.

IndeďŹ nable quality For expert advice and installation of all Schueco systems: 9 9 9 9

Bi-Fold Doors Sliding Doors Conservatories Winter Gardens

9 9 9 9

Curtain-walling Structural Glazing Windows Glass Sky Lights

0844 358 2227

MODIFIED AND ENGINEERED TIMBER PROVIDES THE ANSWER Increasingly, the joinery and construction sectors are looking to specify products which are not only dimensionally stable and durable but also legal and sustainable and both Accoya® and WoodEx® - which are supplied by James Latham - offer an attractive solution. Accoya® One of the most advanced wood products on the market, Accoya® is a modified, highly durable and dimensionally stable certified softwood, incorporating Accsys’ proprietary wood acetylation technology which delivers outstanding levels of performance, stability and durability. Guaranteed for 50 years in exterior use and 25 years when used in the ground, Accoya® is produced using modified, fast growing species and can be safely recycled. As impressively durable as the highest quality tropical hardwoods, Accoya® is a quality, long lasting product that is suitable for a wide range of external joinery applications including windows, doors, decking, structural and much more. Plus, Accoya® is a perfect solution for exterior

cladding, siding and façades where aesthetics, less frequent maintenance, dimensional stability, durability and insulation value are key factors. Accoya®’s versatility makes it ideal for use in residential, commercial and industrial structures.

& Development Manager, Paul Leach, commented: “As demand for sustainably modified wood continues to grow, whether for windows, doors, decking, cladding or other joinery applications, Accoya® is a fantastic material for external specification.”


He added, “Having introduced WoodEx® to the market last year, we have had a fantastic reaction from the joinery and construction sectors due to the options it offers. In line with growing demand, our stock of WoodEx® now covers a wide range of sizes and species and provides a versatile addition to our already extensive timber range.”

Produced from laminated Oak, Sapele and European Redwood, WoodEx® offers numerous features and benefits. It has two high quality, clear faces for use in joinery applications and is ideally suitable for use in timber doors and windows as the product offers greater dimensional stability. In addition, WoodEx® is made from finger jointed lamells which are glued together, and James Latham can supply the product either as finger jointed or as one piece.

WoodEx® is available ex-stock in lengths of 0.8m to 3m, (6.0m in finger jointed faced Redwood) and in sizes ranging from 48mm x 95mm to 72mm x 120mm. Special sizes and lengths are also available to order.

James Latham’s Group Product Sales

E: T: 0116 257 3415

Accoya® is a quality, long lasting product that is suitable for a wide range of external joinery applications

WoodEx® has two high quality, clear faces for use in joinery applications and is ideally suitable for use in timber doors and windows

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Editor’s Choice


Newly Refurbished Ironmonger Row Baths Include a Launderette Equipped by Armstrong As part of a major refurbishment by Islington Borough Council of the Ironmonger Row Baths, a launderette has been installed, equipped by Armstrong Commercial Laundry Systems. The unit comprises six Primus washer extractors – three 7kg and three 16kg models, six Speed Queen tumble dryers and two Primus ironers. Sarah Matson, operations manager at Ironmonger Row Baths, told us,“The launderette is in constant use. We have been very pleased with the equipment and the service we have had from Armstrong and overall the unit is a very valuable part of our very popular and busy site”. Tel: 01635 263410 Fax: 01635 523920 E: Website

Videofied is a wireless video alarm system... “RSI Video Technologies is the French manufacturer of Videofied. Videofied systems provide responsive security to a large variety of commercial, industrial and residential sites and applications from large homes and small offices to remote mining plants and urban substations.

MEVACO’s aim in 2014 is to place greater emphasis on customer communication and customer loyalty. It will be clear to their customers - from the newly revised online shop with its modern design - that they have a business partner, who is not only a perforated sheet and expanded metal manufacturer and supplier, but also a service provider. The new online presence is in line with MEVACO’s long-standing brand promise: Fascinatingly simple. MEVACO offers - from the simple RFQ and order processes to rapid delivery - an extensive range of services. The newly designed website with improved online shop forms the basis for greater customer focus in 2014. This is not only apparent from the clear layout of the website, which has been designed to be as user-friendly as possible. For further information visit the NEW online shop at –

Identicom Chosen to Protect Raglan Housing Lone Workers Reading based Raglan Housing has purchased 70 of the award-winning Identicom lone worker devices, manufactured by Connexion2 to help protect over 100 lone workers. Raglan Housing first conducted a short trial of the 8 Series Identicom devices at the end of 2012 and later purchased 70 877 lone worker devices at the beginning of 2013. The devices, purchased through Connexion2’s fully managed SoloProtect solution, help to protect Surveyors, Housing Officers, Project Workers and Support Workers .

We have also developed a full complement of accessories .

The Identicom 877 devices benefit from a range of features including the ability to easily and discreetly raise a ‘Red Alert’ if a user feels their safety has been compromised through a single button press. The devices also include functionality such as configurable two-way audio, multi-function buttons to aid with job orientated tasks .

For further information visit:

Tel: 0844 856 6606 Web:

All system components are self-powered and operate on batteries, allowing for TOTALLY wireless video security – detection, illumination, video capture and transmission.

Tired of peering through a steamed up mirror when applying makeup, styling hair or shaving? There is no need to wipe clear, or open windows wide on a frosty morning, when you install a self-adhesive demista pad behind the mirror. Simply wire into the lighting system or use a seperate switch to ensure a clear view in the steamiest of bathrooms. Why step out of a warm bath, or shower, on to a cold floor when you can have the luxury of Cosydloor under floor comfort heating. The systemis safe to use in wet areas, ideal for bathrooms, wetrooms, kitchens and other areas where water may be spilt.

Tel: 01932 866 600 E:mail: sales Web:

Engineered Prime Natural Oak Floor Oak wood flooring is ideally suited for use in both domestic and commercial environments thanks to its clean, sophisticated look and its strength and durability. In residential developments, it can add value and act as a major selling point, and in offices, shops and restaurants, it can transform otherwise bland spaces into fresh and stylish areas. The Solid Wood Flooring Company stocks a vast choice of solid and engineered oak flooring in an almost limitless range of colours, sheens and finishes to match your interior design requirements. Our natural light oak boards come in a variety of widths, from 150mm to 340mm, and in lengths of up to 2200mm, or 5000mm for the 340mm width boards, so you'll find something to match every renovation project. A natural and sustainable choice. Tel: 01666 504015

RRNews Issue 8

Videofied integrates cameras, illumination and motion sensors in a single device. Videofied is a complete video alarm system that sends a short video clip with the alarm notification to the central station for immediate review. Videofied links the video with the central station – selfsurveillance does not. A monitored video alarm delivers quicker police dispatch.

MEVACO is making it easy for its customers – thanks to the new online shop!


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Editor’s Choice


A Fitting New Office For Britain’s Biggest Social Brands

Clearview glass balconies take on new film role

Recently named‘Digital Business of the Year’at the National Business Awards 2013, The Beans Group, the leading youth marketing agency is pleased to announce its new UK head office opening in North London’s business media park. Michael Eder, Co-founder of The Beans Group, comments; “The design style of our office was of utmost importance to create a fun working environment, rich in colour and vibrancy that reflects our brand and company values. Thanks to the dedicated teams at Close Consulting and fuse design+build, we are really pleased with the results and we look forward to taking the business to the next level.” fuse design+build limited is a construction and engineering company specialising in commercial property refurbishment. With over 20 years experience, fuse is able to deliver design and build services across the UK.

NEACO’s Clearview glass Juliet balconies are renowned for providing an unobstructed outlook, but an office conversion project at Stirling House in Northampton required the opposite effect with a bespoke specification incorporating an orange privacy film on the toughened glass panels.

For further information visit–

The design by GSSArchitecture brings eye-catching colour to Clearview’s minimalist aesthetic, producing an attractive contemporary façade for the three-storey former offices which have been transformed into a new 14,000 sq ft annex to Abington Vale Primary School. Ben Asbury of GSSArchitecture said: “We chose NEACO’s Juliet balconies largely due to their elegant, clean and contemporary finish with a high level of transparency. The bespoke fixings required for our installation have worked very neatly and we are pleased with the results.”

High praise indeed! Edinburgh-based all-trade project management company, Market Prepare, has received high praise following the completion of a refurbishment project for Kingsford Estates, one of the most successful and respected development and investment companies in Scotland. Tasked with completely transforming a main road shop premises for new tenants within the space of four days, Market Prepare’s all trades maintenance team, including painters, electricians and plumbers came together to bring Kingsford Estates’ commercial unit back to life. Market Prepare offer an all-trade solution to any project, with businesses typically finding that this method of property maintenance, as opposed to numerous individual contractors, reduces stress and saves time. Emma Finnie, property manager, Kingsford Estates explains. “Market Prepare delivered as promised – they prepared the shop for market!” For further details visit –

It is the ideal solution for generating electricity without affecting the aesthetics. Design guru and Grand Designs presenter, Kevin McCloud






SOLAR SLATE Generating Clean, Green Photovoltaic electricity whilst blending in with Roofing Slates unobtrusively Solar Slate presents its solution for Architects, Conservation and Planning Officers or the Discerning for Electricity generation and an Integrated Roof covering with Discrete Visual compliance. This is Photovoltaics unlike anything else available on the market. Traditional and Multi variants have an unrivalled track record in gaining Planning Approval. The established Traditional is now joined by the Multi which offers: • • •

Same superior aesthetic appearance Reduced cost and better value Simpler and faster installation.

Typical applications include Conservation areas, Listed and Historical building, New Build and Renovation projects including Off-grid sites. With the aid of an MCS approved Electrician Solar Slate installations are eligible to receive the government Feed in Tariff reward for the next 20 years so securing the Property owner’s electricity supply.


For more information or to join our CPD briefings please contact our team by: T 01454 627841 E W

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Editor’s Choice

What’s NEW for Fibrelite at CITE 2014? Exhibiting on Stand E15, At Cite 2014 (Earls Court London 20th-22 May) Fibrelite will be showcasing the industry’s leading watertight composite access covers and modular trench panels. All Fibrelite’s glass reinforced plastic (GRP) composite covers are tested to BS EN 124 and the company has held accreditation to both the ISO quality standard and British Standards Kitemark since 1998.

Is the new website that has been especially developed to provide FREE support for householders and professionals interested or involved in the development of new and existing basements and cellars. The site provides invaluable information relating to the choice of tanking system, correct spec and all the common issues relating to the development of under utilised underground space in the home.

Fibrelite's technical experts will be on hand to demonstrate innovations including the recently launched F900 load rated trench cover (an industry first). GRP products are now being widely used for applications where corrosion can destroy underground infrastructure. A prime reason for using GRP products is because of their inherent corrosion resistance. For further details please visit –

Park Road, Barrow-in-Furness LA14 4EQ. Tel: 01229 870 800


Enjoy the Garden All Year Round with Stylish Verandas Those looking to enjoy their gardens all year round will welcome the introduction of Gardendreams verandas from the outdoor living company Greensquares. The new range of aluminium verandas is ideal for relaxing and soaking up the summer sun and they are also perfect for those late autumnal evenings, with just the addition of a heater. Manufactured from high quality aluminium, these stylish verandas are solid and safe in any conditions and simply attach to the side or back of the house providing an additional outdoor living space from which to enjoy the garden. Where space is an issue, Gardendreams verandas also come in detached versions which can be located anywhere in the garden. Further information call 029 2037 1584, or Email: or visit –

A Shade Greener Ltd – over 200 vehicles tracked with Quartix A Shade Greener Ltd, UK leaders in the free solar industry, are tracking their fleet of over 200 vehicles with the award-winning Quartix system. The tracking of their cars and vans, which operate throughout the country, is helping them run a more efficient and greener fleet and benefitting many of the company’s departments. With A Shade Greener running the entirety of their operations in-house, including sales, surveys, home visits, installations and post-installations, each head of department has a large and busy team to manage. “We have given each department head access to the Quartix tracking system and it has helped them immensely,” says David Wise, Operations Manager. “They are able to keep track of their team at all times, and direct their drivers to avoid traffic or change appointments to suit locations.”

RRNews Issue 8

Quartix’s fleet management reports are also used to keep on top of any maintenance due on the vehicles: “We are able to monitor how many miles our vehicles are doing which is very important when looking at when services are due. It allows us to plan maintenance to further minimise downtime.”


Founded in 2001, Quartix ( has grown to become one of the UK's most respected vehicle tracking companies. Today, more than 5,000 customers across a wide range of sectors – including government organisations, housing associations, construction firms, hospital trusts, the emergency services, SMEs and large British brands - use the online service, while the company's unique, own-design tracking system has been installed over 80,000 vehicles. For further informationTelephone 0870 013 6663

The recently refurbished laundry at the Ironmonger Row Baths where Armstrong installed six Primus washer extractors, six Speed Queen tumble dryers and two Primus ironers.

TOTAL LAUNDRY CAPABILITY FROM ARMSTRONG Armstrong Commercial Laundry Systems has been in the business of supplying and supporting top quality laundry equipment to numerous commercial sectors including hotels, care homes, educational establishments, launderettes and laundries for well over 100 years.


till a family business, Armstrong prides itself on its understanding of customers’ problems and integrity in dealing with customers and suppliers. Selecting the right equipment for any installation is paramount to its ultimate efficiency and productivity. Armstrong will advise on exactly the right mix of machines for any given unit, selecting from the world’s leading manufacturers, chosen for their quality, reliability and ease of servicing. Armstrong then carries out the installation and commissioning of the equipment to ensure that everything is done correctly. Armstrong has a unique mix of directly employed service engineers and an approved network of dealers covering the whole of the UK and Ireland to ensure laundry equipment disruptions in the event of breakdowns are minimised. Most service calls will be attended to the same day.

An Amazon HSF11 capacity washer, part of a new installation at the Llanerch Vineyard Hotel in the Vale of Glamorgan.

Armstrong offer a range of financial packages designed to help operators to budget for essential maintenance and repairs. These include highly competitive leasing schemes and the company’s own fixed price rental scheme. Apart from obviously conserving capital this ensures that outgoings are known, fixed and inflation proofed for the period of the scheme and there are no charges during the term of the agreement for machine maintenance, parts or labour.

As part of a major refurbishment by Islington Borough Council of the Ironmonger Row Baths, a launderette has been installed, equipped by Armstrong Commercial Laundry Systems. The baths, originally built in

Ryan Davies, the owner of Llanerch Vineyard Hotel, praised both the advice he received from Armstrong and the equipment which he said is ‘fantastic’. 1931, always included a laundry for public use and so, for historical reasons and to maintain this valuable service for local residents, it was decided to carry this on while also providing a facility to handle the substantial amount of laundry generated by the various facilities within the site. Sarah Matson, operations manager at Ironmonger Row Baths, told us, “The launderette is in constant use with the laundry we generate and the members of the public who use it. We have been very pleased with the equipment and the service we have had from Armstrong and overall the unit is a very valuable part of our very popular and busy site”.

For further information contact Armstrong Commercial Laundry Systems, Ampere Road, Newbury, Berkshire RG14 2AE Tel: 01635 263410 E: enquiries@ Website

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Editor’s Choice

In October 2013 Newhey Carpets launched Colortec+ Palettes which incorporates a hard twist and a stipple yarn creating visual texture and depth, the first time this has been seen in a stock collection available within 3-5 working days. Designed for use in the Leisure and Hospitality market, each palette has a large scale statement design alongside smaller more textured options, allowing full interior schemes to be created using one Palettes collection. Palettes 001 – Gold and Black and 002 – Red debuted at The Independent Hotel Show at London Olympia with amazing feedback from interior designers and boutique hotel owners.

RRNews Issue 8

Newhey are now launching Colortec+ Palettes 003 - Purple. To view the Palettes Collections visit or email to request your sample folder. Alternatively contact our sales office on 01706 846 375.


ProShield masonry protection treatment enhances thermal efficiency, and actively cleans and maintains Thermal conductivity of masonry is a significant contributor to heat loss and is significantly increased by the presence of moisture. By keeping masonry dry, it should be possible to minimise a structures heat loss. ProShield masonry protection treatment not only enhances thermal efficiency, but actively cleans and maintains original colour and look of building structures, whilst allowing masonry to breathe naturally. ProShield is easy to apply and impregnates mineral surfaces such as brick, stone and concrete, creating a strong but invisible protective surface that can last for many years. For more information about ProShield masonry protection treatment Email Or visit :

Contract Works Insurance for Those Wanting to Refurbish or Build an Extension If you are refurbishing or extended your building or erecting a new one, you will need insurance to be in place from the moment works start, to when they finish. The type of policy that covers loss or damage to the new works is known as “Contractors All Risks”or sometimes“Contract Works.” We have dealt with this type of cover for many years and know from experience that many property owners believe that their current insurance policy for a building being refurbished or extended will automatically cover them for all new works whilst in progress. Sadly, this is not usually correct – although you must remember to inform your current insurers of any work being undertaken before it starts, plus when it is completed, advise them of any changes plus any increase of rebuilding cost. Versatile Insurance Profssionals Ltd 01837 658955.

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Editor’s Choice A brand new innovation exclusive to Protecta Screen. Recyclo-Card™ is a roll out floor protection made from 100% recycled packaging. Available in 1.25m x 40m rolls, it has a waterproof PE coating meaning that it is suitable for a wide range of applications.



Specialist in bespoke design

It can be fully recycled after use meaning minimal impact on the environment. Simply tape down using our Joining Tape, which can be custom printed with your company details. • QUICKLY APPLIED Simply roll out, smooth into place and trim. Can be used as a runner. • WATER RESISTANT Waterproof PE coating making it 100% water resistant, holds spills and protects against wet foot traffic. • REUSABLE When cleaned can be rolled up and re-used time & time again. • STRONG AND DURABLE Once in place will provide excellent protection. • MADE FROM 100% RECYCLED MATERIALS Made from 100% recycled packaging and can be completely recycled after use. • 300 - 350GSM • EASY TO CUT TO SHAPE Recyclo-Card™ is suitable for both internal and external use, providing large area coverage that is quick to cut to shape.Product Uses: • General Floor protection • Can be used as a runner • Used for DIY Hobbies • Used under Scaffolding • Outdoor use • Decorating & Plastering

0203 376 6440 ●

For further information visit – ww

RRNews Issue 8


How to prevent this from happening?


The major advantage of the new QVFR coating is that for internal use there is no need WRDSSO\DSULPHURUDÀQDOWRS coat – 2 coats and your done!




Internal -

30 & 60 minutes ÄYLWYV[LJ[PVU

External and Internal -













>0+,:;9(5.,6-7(::0=, -09,79,=,5;065796+<*;:

Tessera Ethos has been used to withstand heavy footfall in thoroughfares

Attracted by Forbo’s integrated flooring offer and reputation for reliable service, Thomson, one of the country’s best known travel brands, has installed products from the manufacturer’s Sarlon acoustic vinyl and Tessera and Westbond carpet tile collections in its flagship stores across the UK. een to create a relaxed, comfortable environment for customers choosing their holiday, Joanne Aldridge, Retail Transformation Manager at TUI UK & Ireland and the team of Property Managers used Forbo’s products to create an integrated interior design scheme to roll out across superstores and high-street stores.


“Forbo’s product portfolio offered us an array of flooring solutions that met differing design and functionality needs, for areas such as children’s zones and customer consultation areas,” said Joanne. “We wanted a distinct look and feel rolled out across the estate and Forbo was able to offer that ‘one-stop’ approach, meaning we were able to purchase all our flooring requirements from one supplier. This saved us money and made the refurbishment process much easier - a big help on a national project of this scale.”

Forbo helps Thomson to get customers in holiday mood with a curved edge adjoining the Ethos tiles, helping to subtly signpost customers to the Foreign Currency Bureau, usually located at the back of the store.

For its Holiday Superstores they specified a mix of carpet tiles - Tessera Ethos to withstand heavy footfall in main thoroughfares, and luxurious Westbond to entice customers to browse and take their time in the brochure area. Four Westbond colourways - Wedgewood, Dust Blue, Blue Moon and Purple – have been used in a patchwork pathway design,

Sarlon Code Zero with its bright colours and acoustic properties was used in the children’s areas, to provide a quiet and engaging environment.

“We wanted a distinct look and feel rolled out across the estate and Forbo was able to offer that ‘one-stop’ approach” ^ A patchwork pathway has been created in luxurious Westbond < Sarlon Code Zero acoustic vinyl was ideal for the children’s areas

Joanne concluded: “Some of the products we chose for the stores are part of Forbo’s modular portfolio, comprising a variety of colour coordinated product collections, including carpet tiles. This made it easier for us to mix and match sizes, styles and formats of tiles. Plus, if a carpet tile is accidently damaged, we can lift it and replace it with a new one - meaning we will not have to change the entire floor covering, which will help keep costs down in the long term.”

For more information on the products installed please call 0844 822 3928, email info.flooring. or visit carpettiles and

CALL NOW: 0870 121 8670


1.25M x 40M t26*$,-:"11-*&% Simply roll out, smooth into place and trim. Can be used as a runner. t8"5&33&4*45"/5 Waterproof PE coating making it 100% water resistant, holds spills and protects against wet foot traďŹ&#x192;c. t3&64"#-& When cleaned can be rolled up and re-used time and time again. t4530/("/%%63"#-& Once in place will provide excellent protection. t ."%& '30.  3&$:$-&% ."5&3*"-4 Made from 100% recycled packaging and can be completely recycled after use. t(4. t&"4:50$65504)"1& Recyclo-CardTM is suitable for both internal and external use, providing large area coverage that is quick to cut to shape.

A brand new innovation exclusive to Protecta Screen, Recyclo-CardTM is a roll out ďŹ&#x201A;oor protection made from 100% recycled packaging. Available in 1.25 x 40m rolls, it has a waterproof PE coating meaning that it is suitable for a wide range of applications. It can be fully recycled after use meaning minimal impact on the environment. Simply tape down using our Joining Tape, which can be custom printed with your company details. Enq 322

PRODUCT USES: t General Floor protection t Can be used as a runner t Used for DIY / Hobbies t Used under scaďŹ&#x20AC;olding t Outdoor use t Decorating & Plastering

So how does anyone specifying flooring avoid this situation? The key is to select flooring that is fit for purpose. Start with a risk assessment - to determine whether there is a risk of slipping. If there is a risk, then you know you must specify a safety floor, because smooth and rubber flooring are not slip-resistant when wet. Next, you need to choose which safety floor - understanding how slip resistance is measured and classified will help you make an informed decision. There are two main tests used for measuring slip resistance: the ramp test, which produces an ‘R Value’, and the pendulum test, which produces a pendulum test value also known as ‘PTV’. Never choose safety flooring on the basis of an R Value alone – the scale runs from R9 (least slipresistant) through to R13 (most slipresistant). A major issue is that each banding is very wide, so within the R10 band you will find some safety floors, but there will also be smooth flooring that registers as R10. Look to the PTV to make sure you meet

So you’ve chosen your safety flooring - you may think that’s the end of the story. But actually it’s not. This is the real danger area

When safety isn’t always safe

Altro’s guide to avoiding costly slipups when specifying safety flooring If you are involved in specifying flooring for a refurbishment project, even if you’re planning to lay the same type of flooring again, you’ll know that you have a legal duty to ensure the safety of those using that building – now and in the future. hat means you have a responsibility to ensure floors remain slipresistant over time. If you get that wrong it could result in slips causing injury to people who expected that floor to keep them safe – potentially leading to costly consequences all round.


> Pendulum test

your responsibilities: flooring with slip-resistance of PTV ≥36 is the HSE’s minimum standard for safety flooring. So you’ve chosen your safety flooring - you may think that’s the

end of the story. But actually it’s not. This is the real danger area. Safety flooring may be suitably slipresistant straight from the factory, but things can change. The really important factor is sustained slipresistance, and the key question to ask here is: Will that safety flooring continue to perform year after year after year? David Cockhead, Quality and Compliance Advisor at flooring manufacturer Altro, said: “We have put a variety of safety flooring products from different

> Altro XpressLay safety

flooring at St Johns Primary School

v Ramp Test

By understanding the differing long-term performance of safety flooring on the market, specifiers can make more informed decisions and avoid slip-ups that could be costly in more ways than one manufacturers to the test in an external, independent laboratory and, alarmingly, we found that some products fell below the HSE’s minimum standard of slip resistance with use. industry standard on how to measure it, but Altro wants to see this change.

“This means that even if you choose flooring that meets the requirements when first laid, you could still find yourself facing litigation if that flooring loses slip resistance with use - the tests show that the risks rise greatly in these

“We’re starting by adding labelling as a logo to all our products showing the number of years you can expect Altro safety flooring to provide slip resistance to the HSE minimum standard, so you can have confidence in the products you’re choosing,” says David. So advice to specifiers is clear:


East Norfolk Sixth Form College Altro Walkway safety flooring still meeting slip resistance standards after 14 years

There is currently no legal requirement for sustained slipresistance, or even an agreed

By understanding the differing long-term performance of safety flooring on the market, specifiers can make more informed decisions and avoid slip-ups that could be costly in more ways than one.

RRNews - Issue 8

“For example, flooring with a lifetime sustained slip-resistance of PTV ≥36 has odds of anyone slipping of one in a million. Flooring that meets the HSE standard when fitted but loses slip resistance over time could make the odds of a slip as high as one in two.”

t Check the detail on a sample card, and make sure you understand the significance of the figures. t Always ask flooring manufacturers to show you results for sustained slip resistance – the duty to ensure floors remain safe will still lie with those who specify. t Ask questions, be sure you know what you are specifying and that it is fit for purpose.


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Heating, Ventilation & Insulation

Time and Space Demands were No Match for Keston Boilers at QPR Football Stadium

RRNews Issue 8

British manufacturer Keston has designed and supplied a boiler rig solution for QPR Football Stadium in Shepherds Bush, London, to meet challenging installation requirements. Their prompt action ensured that the Club was able to meet official regulations within an extremely small timeframe, preventing them from incurring a considerable fine. Just a few weeks before Sky Sports and the BBC were scheduled to attend the Club’s first home game of the season, League Officials presented QPR with strict regulations that effectively demanded the replacement of the entire hot water system. The gas engineer in charge of finding a solution was Tim Ayres of Prompt Services, he commented,“The decision to select Keston was simple, as no other manufacturer was able to meet the exacting requirements and strict deadline demanded by QPR.” For more information please call 01482 443005 or go to


EHC Introduce Smart Technology EHC are committed to providing Products which deliver fully controllable heat at affordable running costs in properties with no access to Mains Gas. For many years our EHC Combination Electric Radiators have been widely accepted as an alternative to traditional storage heating. The major advantage of this reliable system is that they are a 24 hour, fully controllable central heating system which modulates to maintain a constant room temperature. The radiators look like conventional “wet” system radiators, heat up like conventional“wet”radiators and are 100% efficient. They are maintenance free and do not produce harmful emissions. Each radiator has its own in-built thermostat with enables you to control the temperature throughout your home. For further information please contact 01698 820533 or alternatively visit

Gledhill Achieves Market First With Horizontal Stainless Launch Gledhill, the cylinder specialist, has achieved another market first with the launch of the UK’s only domestic horizontal unvented cylinder. This has been independently approved by public health and safety organisation, NSF-WRc, With another new addition to Gledhill’s market leading family of StainlessLite cylinders, the new range of horizontal products are available in sizes from 180 litres to 300 litre in both indirect and indirect solar configurations. Providing the ideal solution for locations where installation height is restricted, Gledhill’s horizontal stainless range is up to 50 per cent lighter than other unvented stainless steel cylinders, making the product perfectly suited to loft spaces. For further information on Glenhill please visit –


...SUPER DMS, the UK’s fastest growing independent Flow Measurement & Control Specialist have formed a unique relationship with the World renowned SONTEX Group... another ‘winning team’ from DMS.





The New Sontex Supercal 739 is a mechanical heat meter that offers combined heating and cooling. This brand new design has been engineered to a smaller size and a unique price point.

The New Sontex Superstatic 749 is a Superstatic heat meter that offers combined heating and cooling. This brand new design has been engineered to a smaller size and a unique price point.



Cannot be combined with any other discount T&C apply. Offer closes 30th of June 2014 DMS Flow Measurement & Controls Limited X-Cel House, Chrysalis Way, Langley Bridge, Eastwood, Notts NG16 3RY Tel: 01773 534555 | Email: |

To view the complete Sontex range and over 1,000 other products, scan here or visit

Exclusively from DMS

Make the call 01773 534555 WATER METERS






Minus7 Victorian School Renovation The Minus 7 hybrid energy harvesting system, that provides economical, all year round heating and hot water, has recently been switched on at a new housing development in Norfolk. Local property developer David Lomax completed the renovation of an 1897-built Victorian school building, creating eight, two bedroom apartments and is delighted with the results.


he Minus 7 hybrid energy harvesting system is made up of an endothermic roofing system, a solar energy processor and a large thermal store. The system uses endothermic tile planks with bubble and flipper seals to form a weathertight interlocking roofing system. The tiles are made from a uniform profile, aluminum extrusion, dressed in a powder-coated, hard-wearing finish. The endothermic tile planks are flooded with a heat transfer fluid which absorbs both ambient heat energy and solar thermal energy. It is classified as a solar-assisted heat pump technology within the National Calculation Method (Standard Assessment Procedure). The identifier for this product is: Minus 7 SEP3G10 1/2/3. Planning Permission To gain planning permission Lomax had to commit to using at least 10% renewable energy sources. “I didn’t want to use ugly solar panels as they would have spoiled the look of the property from the roadside,” says Lomax. “I’m very pleased with the Minus 7 roofing system. It looks like any other normal roof and matches with the slates we have used.”

Minus 7 roof join

An Inexpensive Form of Heating “When I saw the Minus 7 system

at the 2013 Eco-Build show I liked the idea of an inexpensive form of heating. The benefit of this for a house builder, or landlord such as myself is that I can charge a higher rate of rent for my properties, but include heating and hot water within the costs to the tenants. My running costs are greatly reduced but the tenants benefit from set rates and increased levels of comfort. Minus 7 estimate an average weekly cost of £7.00 per week, per apartment, and I’m pleased with that costing,” says Lomax. The tenants moved into the apartments in February 2014. Lomax categorises his development as something similar to a ‘condensed housing estate.’ Capital Expenditure and RHI Payments “The outlay for the Minus 7 systems including install by the company was £80,000. It’s a large investment but the Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) scheme really swayed me to go down that route. Over 20 years the RHI will pay out £100,000 and I’m very happy that this means that the system will pay for itself, which made the decision to use it more simple.” “When energy savings and the benefits to the tenants are factored in the payback period is effectively reduced to 12-15 years, as running the Minus 7 system is around 50%-

60% cheaper than using a gas boiler,” explains Mark Wozencroft, Managing Director, of Minus 7. “The development is now, to an extent, future-proofed against the rising costs of fuel bills. The purpose of the RHI is to support the developer’s capital expenditure on renewable energy systems and make it cost effective to use renewable systems,” says Wozencroft. Mini District Heating System The property has 100m2 of active Minus 7 endothermic tile planks, plus a 20m2 solar fence that is used to top up the system’s solar and endothermic harvesting capacity in

“We developed the Minus 7 system as we wanted to create a visually pleasing renewable energy system for developers that was highly efficient and provided low cost heat and hot water for end users.

extreme weather conditions. “We are effectively running two mini district heating systems; each floor has a 9kW solar energy processor designated to it together with a 4.5m3 thermal store. The whole development is serviced by a single 3m3 cold store. Each system delivers up to 200kWh/day,” says Wozencroft. Using the Minus 7 system means that the apartments do not require conventional gas boilers reducing maintenance and service charges. The heat from the thermal stores is fed to the building through insulated pipes running underground. As it enters the building it is spilt into two rings: one for the ground floor and one for the first floor and one for ground floor. Each apartment is fitted with a heat transfer unit (HTU) that extracts heat from the thermal ring main and distributes it through the underfloor heating circuits. The HTU also has a hot water generator. Incoming water, usually at an average temperature of 10°C from the mains, passes through a UV sterilizer, then through a preheat heat exchanger heating it to around 30°C before it passes through an inline immersion heater which heats it to between 40°C-45°C (settable). “We have sized the system to cope with the very worst times of the middle of the night and the middle of winter, which will enable to system to perform in really cold conditions,” says Wozencroft. “The system provides affordable and sustainable heat with low whole-life cost benefits and low maintenance costs,” says Wozencroft. “This project demonstrates that renewable energy systems, that can reduce the environmental impact of heating and hot water provision, are economically viable.”

RRNews - Issue 8

“We developed the Minus 7 system as we wanted to create a visually pleasing renewable energy system for developers that was highly efficient and provided low cost heat and hot water for end users. The system is perfect for new developments especially where several dwellings are located in proximity as using the system to service up to four properties at once increases the cost effectiveness for developers.”


38_RRN_APRIL_2014:Layout 1



Page 38

RRNews Issue 8

Heating, Ventilation & Insulation


Mitsubishi Electric Heating Press Release Heat pump calculator ready for both nondomestic and domestic RHI


itsubishi Electric has launched a dedicated Ecodan selection tool to coincide with the Government’s announcement that heat pumps are now included in the non-domestic Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI).

The Department of Energy & Climate Change (DECC) has recently announced the inclusion of non-domestic air to water heat pumps and ground to water heat pumps in the RHI scheme, with respective tariff levels of 2.5p/kWh and 7.2p/kWh equivalent (Tiered tariff with 8.7p/kWh for the first 15% of energy delivered and 2.6p/kWh for any remaining). “We welcome the inclusion of heat pumps in the non-domestic scheme as we know that they provide one of the most straightforward way for businesses to lower both their heating bills and their carbon footprints,” commented John Kellett, General Manager of the company’s Heating Division. All systems installed from the 4th December are now eligible to claim the tariffs from spring 2014. The non-domestic tariffs are also paid on the total energy delivered, not the renewable energy delivered, as long as the installation achieves a minimum seasonal efficiency level of 2.5. The new Ecodan selection tool allows anyone to examine the viability of heat pumps for their building and shows both running cost comparisons against other technologies and payback periods, which take the RHI payments into account. “We have built this tool to allow anyone to access the relevant information for their project, whether they are a homeowner, a consultant, a contractor or an individual business,” added Kellett. “There is a mass of information concerning RHI and we wanted to ensure that people considering their options can cut through all this so that they can access all of the information needed to allow them to find the best solution for their own individual situation.” The Ecodan Selection Tool allows anyone with an interest in heat pumps to get an insight into what this technology could deliver to any building, whether it is a single domestic dwelling or a large commercial project. Details are available at the following address: aspx.

Thames recently also clearly demonstrated that heat pumps can offer a viable solution to district heating schemes. “The heat pump market in the UK is now firmly established and RHI is going to help accelerate growth as more people realise how controllable, reliable and flexible the technology is,” ended Kellett.

Mitsubishi Electric welcomes Domestic Renewable Heat Incentive launch eading heat pump manufacturer, Mitsubishi Electric has welcomed the announcement by the Department of Energy & Climate Change (DECC) that the Domestic Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) will officially start Wednesday 9 April 2014.


The incentive scheme will see householders receive a payment of 7.3p for every kWh of renewable heat they use in their home, if generated by an air source heat pump. Mitsubishi Electric has produced a dedicated website which demonstrates how much a household can receive in RHI payments and how much they will save over gas, oil and LPG heating ( “RHI has been planned so that it produces a long term and sustainable growth in the use of renewable technologies,” explains John Kellett, General Manager of the company’s Heating Systems. “It also makes the case for heat pumps much stronger, especially against carbon-intensive and expensive technologies such as oil, LPG and direct electric. “We know air source heat pumps are one of the most straightforward renewable technologies to install and that they will provide a constant, comfortable level of heat to a building whilst lowering running costs and reducing carbon emissions,” adds Kellett. “What we have done with the Ecodan range is ensure that it can be fitted to just about any house that has been thermally upgraded so almost any home could now benefit from RHI.” Ecodan systems are increasingly being used in thousands of homes across the country from new build to solid brick Victorian buildings that have renovated.

The market-leading Ecodan range can also work in tandem with existing gas or oil boilers as a fully controllable hybrid system, so homeowners can now be eligible to Mitsubishi Electric is the market leader in heat pumps with the Ecodan range available receive regular payments that can amount to hundreds of pounds a year, for the next in individual domestic units from 4kW right up to commercial systems that will deliver seven years, whether they decide to replace or keep their existing heating system. 688kW of heating. The system is already installed in thousands of homes across the UK and is being specified for more commercial projects, such as schools and student Further details on the comprehensive range of Ecodan heat pumps are accommodation. available at the company’s website: www.heating.mitsubishielectric. The installation of 41 units into a multi-purpose development in Kingston upon

STYROFOAM manufacturer offers Part L 2013 summary STYROFOAM manufacturer Dow Building Solutions has released a new, independent publication summarising key changes to Part L of the Building Regulations, which come into force from April 6 2014. Authored by Huw Evans of JPA Technical Literature Ltd, the paper describes key changes to Part L of the Building Regulations introduced in England in 2013 and 2014, made as part of the triennial revision cycle. The changes - whilst more limited in scope than changes made in 2010 â&#x20AC;&#x201C; are a further step towards the Governmentâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s long term commitment to reduce carbon dioxide emissions to 80% below 1990 levels by 2050. They also move standards for new dwellings closer to the 2016 zero carbon target, and new buildings other than dwellings towards the 2019 zero carbon target.

The Author

Providing an overview of the latest amendments, the guide summaries how the revisions will affect both the new build and refurbishment sectors, and includes: t"TVNNBSZPGXIBUIBTDIBOHFEJOBMMĂśWF compliance criteria compared to the 2010 Part L amendments. t*OGPSNBUJPOPOUIFOFX'BCSJD&OFSHZ&ĂłDJFODZ '&& TUBOEBSEGPSOFXEXFMMJOHT t4VNNBSJFTPGFMFNFOUBM6WBMVFMJNJUTGPSOFX dwellings and new buildings other than dwellings. t"OPWFSWJFXPGDIBOHFTUPHVJEBODFPOFYJTUJOH buildings. â&#x20AC;&#x153;The key thing to note is that there is much more emphasis on reducing energy demand through improved fabric efficiency - and that merely specifying fabric which meets the limiting values will not be sufficient for new dwellings, for example,â&#x20AC;? explained Huw Evans. â&#x20AC;&#x153;The introduction of the UBSHFUGBCSJDFOFSHZFĂłDJFODZoUIF5'&&oNFBOT designers will no longer be able to compensate for poorly performing fabric with renewables but must ensure the building fabric is efficient in its own right. â&#x20AC;&#x153;Designers will also need to pay more attention to the calculation of junction heat losses, as standard psi-values in notional dwelling calculations are, in some cases, substantially lower than those of accredited construction details - which could require further compensating measures elsewhere in the fabric.â&#x20AC;?

â&#x20AC;&#x153;Whilst the overall changes can be seen as an evolution rather than a step-change, some details will require specifiers and designers to pay much more attention to the thermal performance of building fabric â&#x20AC;&#x201C; and to managing issues such as thermal bridging more effectively,â&#x20AC;? said Chris Gimson, Commercial Director for Dow Building 4PMVUJPOT â&#x20AC;&#x153;Effective insulation is still one of the simplest, most cost-effective ways of improving energy efficiency, BOEPVS45:30'0".QSPEVDUSBOHFoSFDFOUMZ KPJOFECZ9&/&3(:914oIBTGPSEFDBEFTPòFSFE a tried and tested method of meeting evolving building regulations. i'PMMPXJOHUIFTFMBUFTUDIBOHFTXFFYQFDUUP see further interest in our below-slab insulation PòFSJOH '-003."5& XIJDIDBOIFMQQSFWFOU UIFSNBMCSJEHFTBUøPPSBOEXBMMKVODUJPOTXIFO used as part of an â&#x20AC;&#x2DC;envelopeâ&#x20AC;&#x2122; of continuous external insulation,â&#x20AC;? he continued. i5IFBEWFOUPG9&/&3(:oXIJDIPòFSTNPJTUVSF SFTJTUBOUøBUSPPGJOTVMBUJPOBUUIJOOFSUIJDLOFTTFTUP DPOWFOUJPOBM914BMUFSOBUJWFToBMTPEFNPOTUSBUFT that we are bearing in mind contractorsâ&#x20AC;&#x2122; needs to offer high performance products in thinner thicknesses.â&#x20AC;?

To access the Part L guide and find details on Dow Building Solutionsâ&#x20AC;&#x2122; stockists, visit www., email or call 020 3139 4000.

Introduction This guide describes the key changes to Part L of the Building Regulations introduced in England in 2013 and 2014. The revisions to Part L have been made as part of the triennial revision cycle for the Building Regulations. Other changes, which do not impact on energy efficiency, have also been introduced, the main ones being: r r r r

1BSU"o4USVDUVSFBEPQUJPOPGUIF&VSPDPEFTBOENJOPSDIBOHFTPOSVMFTGPSEJTQSPQPSUJPOBUFDPMMBQTF 1BSU#o'JSFSFMBYBUJPOPGTPNFQSPWJTJPOTGPSTVSGBDFTQSFBEPGøBNF Part C â&#x20AC;&#x201C; Contamination and resistance to moisture: updating of guidance on radon protection. Parts K, M and N: consolidation of existing guidance on safe movement around buildings, which has resulted in the elimination of Part N. r Part P - Electrical safety: reduction in notification requirements for domestic electrical work. Overall, the 2013 revisions to Part L are more limited in scope than the 2010 changes.

Building Regulations in Wales On 31 December 2011 the powers to make building regulations in Wales were transferred to Welsh Ministers 1. As a result, the bulk of the changes to building regulations coming into force in 2013 and 2014 in England do not apply to Wales.

Huw Evans is a technical author and trainer in the construction industry. He has a particular interest in building physics and the energy efficiency of buildings. In collaboration with JPA Technical Literature Ltd., he provides training in Part L of the Building Regulations and the use of software to assess energy performance and produce Energy Performance Certificates.

Drivers for change The changes to Part L coming into force in 2014 are a further step towards Governmentâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s long-term commitment to reduce carbon dioxide emissions to 80% below 1990 levels by 2050. They also move the standards for new buildings closer to the challenging targets of all new dwellings being zero carbon by 2016, with new buildings other than wellings being zero carbon by 2019. The revisions to Part L are intended to deliver a 6% reduction in emissions against 2010 levels for dwellings and an aggregate reduction of 9% for other buildings. There is concern that those reductions fall short of the levels required to meet the 2016 and 2019 targets for zero carbon buildings.

Recast EPBD European legislation has also affected the revision of Part L. The recast Energy Performance of Buildings Directive has required several changes, the most significant being: tIJHIFĂłDJFODZBMUFSOBUJWFTZTUFNTGPMMPXJOH"SUJDMF 6 of the recast EPBD, Regulation 25A requires an assessment of the technical, environmental and economic feasibility of high-efficiency alternative systems for all new buildings. The assessment of the technologies â&#x20AC;&#x201C; which include renewables, cogeneration, heat pumps and district heating â&#x20AC;&#x201C; must be carried out by a suitably qualified person and the results reported to the Building Control Body. The details of the assessment must be made available for inspection on request. tOFBSMZ[FSPFOFSHZCVJMEJOHT Article 9 requires all new buildings to be â&#x20AC;&#x2DC;nearly zero energy buildingsâ&#x20AC;&#x2122; from 2019. This requirement has been transposed into Regulation 25B, but as there is no coming-intoforce date for the regulation, it currently has no effect.

A guide to Part L, 2013: key changes NEW DWELLINGS The criteria for compliance are set out in Approved Document L1A 2013 – Conservation of fuel and power in new dwellings. The five compliance criteria for new dwellings are unchanged, but there have been significant changes in their application. The emphasis for dwellings is on reducing energy demand through improved fabric efficiency, then supplying that energy in the most carbon efficient way (the ‘fabric first’ approach). A new test of fabric energy efficiency has been introduced to facilitate this (see box).

Fabric Energy Efficiency

SAP 2012

The Fabric Energy Efficiency (FEE) is a measure of the thermal efficiency of the fabric of a dwelling, which is independent of its services. The FEE is calculated using SAP 2012 and takes account of:

The Government’s Standard Assessment Procedure (SAP) has been revised, but the changes in SAP 2012 are not as substantial as those in the 2009 revision. The main changes are:

r conduction heat loss through opaque and translucent elements (measured by U-value). r losses from air infiltration. r additional losses at junctions. r heat gains from occupants and a r default set of building services. r solar gains.

r climatic data extended to allow calculations for regional and local climate conditions. r fuel price and primary energy factors have been revised. r more detailed assessment of hot water heat losses from primary pipework. r solar water heating revised to follow BS EN 12975–2 for collector performance.

The result is an assessment of the energy required to heat and cool the building expressed in kWh/ m²/year.

Criterion 1: Carbon dioxide emissions There are now two steps to complying with criterion 1 for the overall performance of the dwelling: r the Dwelling Fabric Energy Efficiency –the DFEE – must be less than the Target Fabric Energy Efficiency – the TFEE see above for definition of the Fabric Energy Efficiency). r the Dwelling carbon dioxide Emission Rate – the DER – must be less than its Target Emission Rate – the TER. Both the TFEE and TER are based on the performance of a notional dwelling, which has the same size, shape and orientation as the proposed dwelling, but with the fabric and services performance following Appendix R in the SAP 2012 document (key items are shown in table 1). However, in a significant change from Part L 2010, the notional dwelling specification is based on concurrent standards (rather than the historic 2002 standards used previously); adopting those standards for the actual dwelling would ensure it met the TFEE and TER.

There are no improvement factors in the TER formula as the notional dwelling is based on concurrent standards, which have been set to give a 6% reduction in emissions from 2010 levels.

Emission factors The carbon dioxide emission factors used in the national calculation methodologies have been revised again. The revisions: r include the impact of methane (CH4) and nitrous oxide (N2O) released as a result of energy consumption. Methane and nitrous oxide have substantially higher greenhouse gas potential than carbon dioxide. The emission rates now express carbon dioxide equivalents ( CO2e). r take account of transport emissions and emissions sources outside the UK. r use a three year rather than five year average period. The overall result of the changes is to increase emission factors slightly, as table 3 shows.

The calculation of junction heat losses in the notional dwelling now matches the method used in the actual dwelling. Where psi-values are used in the actual dwelling the notional dwelling calculation will use standard psi-values, which are, in some cases, substantially lower than those of the accredited construction details. Where junction losses are calculated using a y-value of 0.15 the notional dwelling calculation will use a y-value of 0.05 (2010 y-value: 0.11) which will require further compensating measures elsewhere in the fabric. The TFEE is the fabric energy efficiency of the notional dwelling, increased by 15%. Meeting the TFEE is likely to require substantial improvement in fabric standards, as renewables or high efficiency services have no effect on the DFEE.

The TER is based on the emissions for the notional dwelling using the following formula: TER = (Ch x FF) + Cp + Cl where: Ch is the emissions for heating and hot water, Cp the emissions for pumps and fans, Cl the emissions for lighting, and FF the fuel factor. The emissions for heating and hot water are multiplied by a fuel factor (see table 2), which is intended to avoid the penalisation of dwellings where the absence of mains gas results in the use of fuels with higher emission rates (e.g. heating oil).

Table 1: Elemental recipe - dwellings Item



0.18 W/m²K


0.13 W/m²K


0.13 W/m²K


1.4 W/m²K

Air permeability

5 m³/(m².h)



Table 2: Fuel factors Fuel


Fuel factor 2010


Mains gas
















Grid electricity




Solid mineral fuel




Solid multi-fuel




Table 3: Carbon dioxide emission factors (kgCO2/kWh) Fuel




Mains gas
















Wood chips





Criterion 2: Limiting values

Table 4: Limiting fabric values dwellings

The limiting performance values for the building fabric are unchanged from 2010 (see table 4). As before, merely specifying fabric which meets the limiting values will not be sufficient: the TFEE in particular will require performance levels significantly better than the limits.




0.20 W/m²K


0.30 W/m²K


0.25 W/m²K

The services standards set out in the revised 2013 Domestic Building Services Compliance Guide are largely unchanged from the 2010 edition: see page 8 for details of changes.

Party wall

0.20 W/m²K

Windows etc

2.00 W/m²K

Air permeability

10 m³/m².h

Criterion 4: Quality of construction and commissioning

Criterion 5: Provision of information

The performance of the dwelling as constructed should be consistent with the calculated DER and DFEE rates. As in AD L1A 2010 the three main areas of concern are: r continuity of insulation at party walls and other thermal bypasses: the default values for party walls introduced in 2010 apply unchanged (see table 5). r thermal bridging at junctions: the penalty for using calculated psivalues for junctions which was introduced in 2010 has been removed 2. r air infiltration: the air pressure testing regime is unchanged, but the resulting air permeability figure must be used in the final DFEE and DER calculation.

Criterion 3: Limiting heat gains in summer Solar gains in summer must not result in excessively high internal temperatures when modelled using the overheating test in SAP 2012 Appendix P. The guidance on limiting gains in summer has been revised to require provision for limiting gains from pipework, including primary circulation pipes for domestic hot water.

Under Regulation 40 the dwelling owner must be provided with sufficient information to enable its energy-efficient operation. The scope of information required has been extended, and should now include: r an explanation of the essential design principles and key features of the dwelling, and floor plans showing location of main heating and ventilation components. r an explanation of the operation, control and maintenance of space heating, domestic hot water, ventilation and renewable technologies. r appliance manuals.

Table 5: Party wall U-values Construction

U-value (W/m²K)

Solid wall


Cavity - unfilled


Cavity with sealed perimeter


Fully filled cavity with sealed perimeter


Buildings other than dwellings Table 6: Reductions for building types The criteria for compliance are set out in Approved Document L2A 2013 – Conservation of fuel and power in buildings other than dwellings. The five compliance criteria are unchanged, but there have been changes in their application.

Criterion 1: Carbon dioxide emission rates The carbon dioxide emission rate for the building – the BER – must not exceed a Target Emission Rate – TER – calculated for a notional building, which has same location, size, shape, orientation and activities as the actual building, but has standardised U-values and building services efficiencies. The notional dwelling specifications have been set to give an aggregate reduction in emissions of 9%. The reduction is not spread evenly across all building types, as it is recognised that achieving improvements is easier in some building types than others (see table 6). Both the TER and BER calculations use the revised carbon dioxide emission factors.

Notional building

Building type

CO22 emissions reduction (%)



Distribution warehouse


Deep plan office AC


Retail warehouse


Shallow plan office

AC 13





Small warehouse unit


Table 7: Concurrent notional building specification Element




Heating only

Heating and cooling

Roof U-value (W/m²K)




Wall U-value (W/m²K)




Floor U-value (W/m²K)




Window U-value (W/m²K)



N /A

Rooflight U-value (W/m²K)

N /A

N /A


Framing factor (%)




The specification for the notional dwelling has been divided into three categories:

G-value (%)




Light transmittance (%)




r side lit or unlit buildings with heating. r side lit or unlit buildings with heating and cooling. r top lit buildings.

Lighting efficacy (lm/circuit watt)




The fabric and services performance is summarised in table 7. Opaque fabric U-values have not changed from 2010, but window U-values have been reduced from 1.8 W/m²K from 1.6 W/ m²K. The air permeability values have been revised in recognition of the difficulty of

Heating efficiency (%)




Central ventilation SFP (W/l/s)




Cooling A/C (SEER/SSEER)

N /A



Cooling mixed mode (SSEER)

N /A



Heat recovery efficiency (%)




A guide to Part L, 2013: key changes achieving good airtightness on smaller buildings (see table 8). There have been two minor changes to the modelling rules for the notional building: r Lighting: under Part L 2010 the level of the actual building was not considered, it was always rebased to that of the notional building. Now, the design lighting level is used in modelling the actual building, which will penalise over-lit spaces. r District heating: Under Part L 2010 the CO2 emission factor for district heating in the notional building was the same as that for the actual building, which meant there was little benefit in using district heating. The modelling rules now set a minimum CO2 emission factor of 0.15 kgCO2/kWh for the notional building, which gives a carbon benefit where efficient district heating with a lower emissions factor is employed.

Criterion 2: Limiting values The limiting performance values for the building fabric are unchanged from 2010 (see table 9). The services standards set out in the revised 2013 Non-Domestic Building Services Compliance Guide are largely unchanged from the 2010 edition: see page 8.

Table 8: Air permeability rates for notional buildings Gross internal area (GIA)

Air permeability


Side lit or unlit

Top lit

GIA ≤ 250 m²



250 m²< GIA ≤ 3,500 m²



3,500 m² < GIA ≤10,000 m²



10,000 < GIA



Table 9: Limiting fabric parameters - non-dwellings Element



0.25 W/m²K


0.35 W/m²K


0.25 W/m²K

Swimming pool basin

0.25 W/m²K

Windows, roof windows, roof-lights

2.2 W/m²K

Curtain walling, pedestrian doors

2.2 W/m²K

Vehicle access and large doors

1.5 W/m²K

High usage entrance doors

3.5 W/m²K

Roof ventilators inc. smoke vents

3.5 W/m²K

Air permeability

10 m³/m²h

Criterion 3: Limiting heat gains There have been no changes to the requirement to limit solar gains in occupied spaces.

Criterion 4: Quality of construction and commissioning There have been only minor changes to provisions and guidance: r thermal bridging at junctions: the penalty for using calculated junctions has been removed. r ductwork pressure testing should be carried out to DW/143. There is no longer requirement to test Class A (low pressure) ductwork, but if more than 10% of it is tested at random and meets the standard there will be a reduction in the BER. r post-occupancy testing: a new note to guidance points out the benefit to energy efficiency of a sustained period of fine tuning, such as that set out in the BSRIA Soft Landings protocol.

Criterion 5: Provision of information Approved Document L2A additionally refers to BSRIA BG26/2011 Building Manuals and Building User Guides as further guidance on providing building information.

Work to existing buildings The guidance on existing buildings is given in AD L1B Conservation of fuel and power in existing dwellings and AD L2B Conservation of fuel and power in existing buildings other than dwellings. Part L 2013 sees only minor changes to the requirements for work to existing buildings: r Controlled fittings: a door and its frame are defined as constituting a controlled fitting, so the replacement of a door while retaining the frame is not subject to Part L. r Doorset Energy Rating (DSER): an energy efficiency

rating for door sets which takes account of thermal transmittance (U-value), air leakage and – where appropriate – solar gain to give and A–G rating. Approved Documents L1B and L2B now include DSER standards for new and replacement doors. r Renovation: the requirements for renovation have been clarified. If the work to replace or renovate a thermal element constitutes a major renovation, or affects more than 50% of the surface of the element, then the whole element must be replaced or renovated.

r Conservatories: extending a building’s heating system into a conservatory or removing thermal separation between the conservatory and the building brings a previously exempt conservatory under the requirements of the building regulations, but no longer constitutes a change of energy status. r Swimming pools: revised guidance requires designers to take account of loading on insulation board, and to address thermal bridging between basin wall, floor and foundations.




Transitional arrangements While the provisions for high efficiency alternative systems came into force in 2013 the majority of the revisions to Part L are in force from 6th April 2014. The 2010 regulations continue to apply to: tCVJMEJOHXPSLXIJDIIBTBMSFBEZTUBSUFECZUI"QSJM tXPSLGPSXIJDIBCVJMEJOHOPUJDFPSGVMMQMBOT BQQMJDBUJPOIBTCFFONBEFCZUI"QSJM QSPWJEFEUIF XPSLCFHJOTCFGPSFUI"QSJM






'Safe to touch' at 55째C Low surface temperature radiators

Friendlier thermal comfort solutions with precision control Sharrocks Street, Wolverhampton WV1 3RP Tel: +44 (0)1902 457575 Fax: +44 (0)1902 457797 Email:

Nuaire’s Energy-Saving XBC Put To The Test By Max Fordham The Cambridge team at award-winning Building Services Consultancy Max Fordham have given Nuaire the ultimate testimonial by installing an XBC XBOXER heat recovery system in their new city centre office redevelopment. he refurbishment is almost completed and whilst boxes are emptied and desks occupied, the consultancy’s ambitious energy reduction measures are being put to the test.


Occupying 250m2 on the fourth floor of a 1950s office block, the new premises were given a Cat. A fit out in 2011, but, without any energy improvements made, the office space required a complete upgrade to its heating and ventilation systems, glazing, and thermal insulation. Joel Gustafsson, senior engineer at Max Fordham has worked with Nuaire for several years and has specified Nuaire’s energyefficient XBC XBOXER heat recovery range on a variety of projects, including high profile university developments where low breakout noise is an important factor in the choice of ventilation.

^ Max Fordham Office Interior v Nuaire XBC installed

Joel explained: “I choose Nuaire products because they are reliable and the build quality is excellent. We selected the XBC fan for the office redevelopment due to its high heat exchange efficiency and low power consumption. The office is heated by direct electric and was originally fitted with 36kW of storage heaters which were swiftly removed. Our aim was to achieve zero heating and we got close with a calculated total heat loss of 4kW. The XBC was critical to achieving this. The XBC was essentially the last piece in the jigsaw after improvements to the roof, insulation and glazing.” The original office glazing is sliding sash windows and in order to meet building conservation restrictions Max Fordham engineers designed narrow-profile, highperformance secondary double glazing; non-intrusive in appearance. This reduced the thermal loss without compromising on the aesthetics, and the design will allow staff to remove the glazed panels in the summer and store them away making use of natural ventilation. In the colder months when the opening windows are sealed behind the

“When a consultancy as highly reputed as Max Fordham includes your equipment in their company offices you know you have a really good product.” Andrew Bott, Consultant Sales Engineer at Nuaire secondary glazing, the heat gains within the offices should be sufficient to maintain the desired room temperatures providing that the incoming fresh air is sufficiently tempered. The Nuaire XBC employs a counter flow Heat Exchange Block which is capable of achieving this, recovering almost all of the required energy from the outgoing exhaust air. The XBC takes full advantage of Nuaire’s Ecosmart control solution, utilising multiple room based CO2 sensors, and a control interface pack to orchestrate connections to and from other devices. The system is designed to offer three distinct userselectable modes: supply air warming, fresh air cooling and neutral, whilst automatically regulating fan speeds according to demand.

Joel explained: “The Ecosmart control has helped us create a scenario that is quite specific. It has given us control of our CO2 levels, the ability to increase fan speed for ventilation free cooling during the swing seasons and the ability to interface with our heating system.”

“I choose Nuaire products because they are reliable and the build quality is excellent.” Joel Gustafsson, senior engineer at Max Fordham The addition of the XBC has helped Max Fordham achieve the final 5% of their overall energy reduction plan, this equates to an ~50% reduction once the fabric improvements are taken into account. The office is now expected to run on just 2MWh per year. The success of the overall building performance in keeping to these targets will be proven over time with variables such as changing occupancy levels and weather being critical to the actual energy use. Andrew Bott, Consultant Sales Engineer at Nuaire worked closely with Max Fordham to develop the Ecosmart control solution required to carefully regulate the system in harmony with the other connected services, and ensure that everything runs smoothly. He said: “When a consultancy as highly reputed as Max Fordham includes your equipment in their company offices you know you have a really good product.”

Nuaire’s award-winning XBC Heat Recovery range is suitable for many commercial applications including schools, offices and hotels.

Scan this QR code for full product details.

Find out more about Max Fordham

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Heating, Ventilation & Insulation Energy saving Titanium water heaters from stock

Specialist titanium tubes manufacturer and supplier, Titanium Products has added the Backersafe range of energy saving Titanium sheathed immersion heaters to its product range. Titanium Products has selected the Backer Electric Company range of Backersafe titanium sheathed heaters. Manufactured to the latest issue of BSEN 60335-2-73, Backersafe ensures the immersion heater is isolated from the mains supply should the primary thermostat fail with the contacts closed. This meets the specification requirements aimed at eliminating the risk of boiling water. With technology approved by BEAB, Backersafe heaters feature a standard low cost thermostat with an additional reset button thermostat in series with the rod thermostat. Available online through the Titanium Products website â&#x20AC;&#x201C; Or Tel: 0121 705 1483 Email:

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AM Intelligent Homes A modern and sophisticated alarm system based on the INTEGRA alarm control panels offers far more benefits than just a feeling of security. If properly configured, it would be able to easily take care also of a better quality of the daily life of your household, providing “smart home” solutions. unctionality of the “smart home” consists in a combination of control of previously separate systems, which results in improved comfort and significant savings in energy consumption. The system may include, for example, intelligent indoor and/ or outdoor lighting systems, control of the roller shutters, heating, air conditioning and ventilation, or even your backyard greenery watering. The INTEGRA control panel performs very well as the heart of this system, allowing you to easily conveniently manage the entire intelligent installation.


The enhanced home automation system requires an adequate control center. In the case of the INTEGRA control panel, this role that can be successfully performed by the INT-KSG touch sensor keypads. When compared to the traditional keypads found in alarm systems, they stand out at the first glance because of their remarkable style. It alludes to the latest trends used in the design of smartphones and tablets. The large front panel of the keypad, devoid of unnecessary details, with a discrete

frame and a big bright display make up the whole seamlessly integrating into the design of both classic and modern interiors. However, advantages of the INT-KSG keypad go beyond its attractive appearance. It also offers a range of solutions designed to facilitate the everyday operation of the system.

A novelty introduced in this design is the system of quick access menu, which may include groups of the control functions of the intelligent system. With a single command, you can execute even complex functions, for example, all scenarios tailored to your specific needs. For example, the “meeting” scenario can turn off the main light, turn on the gentle side lighting, lower the shutters and slide out the movie projection screen. All this is possible because of the functionality of macro commands that make easier automation of a variety of repetitive tasks.

Functionality of the “smart home” consists in a combination of control of previously separate systems, which results in improved comfort and significant savings in energy consumption.

The INTEGRA control panels, in addition to their rich functionality which makes it possible to implement even the most challenging ideas in the field of home automation, are also characterized by very powerful communications functions. The communication modules provide additional capabilities, enhancing even more the functional qualities of the system. A perfect example can be the ETHM-1 TCP/IP communication module, which enables the INTEGRA panel being connected to the Internet. Thanks to the ETHM-1, the users of such an intelligent system get the capability to control their system remotely wherever they are – provided they have access to the Internet. Communication capabilities of such a sophisticated control panel are perfectly utilized by the MobileKPD2 PRO application. This visually appealing application is designed to be installed on smartphones and tablets using the Android operating system. It changes a mobile device into an advanced mobile keypad with functionality similar to that of the INT-KSG, allowing you to remotely control the alarm system and automation devices. Operation of the

operation of the system. The MobileKPD2 application is available for Android and iOS platforms, so it can be installed on virtually any compatible mobile device. There is also a version of Java application which can be installed on less popular devices, for example, based on Samsung’s BadaOS. No desire to participate in the smartphone revolution by the system user does not mean inability to take advantage of the convenience of remote control of the INTEGRA alarm system. The MobileKPD application, available for most phones supporting the JAVA ME environment, makes it possible to successfully implement the basic operation using the traditional phone keypad and display. Of course, operating the system in this way is not as convenient as using newer devices, but this solution is also very popular. Yet another way to remotely control the INTEGRA alarm system equipped with the ETHM-1 communication module is by using the virtual keypad accessible via a web browser. This gives you an option to remotely control your system without

No desire to participate in the smartphone revolution by the system user does not mean inability to take advantage of the convenience of remote control of the INTEGRA alarm system.

system using the MobileKPD2 PRO is equally simple and intuitive. The touch interface allows you to use the quick access menu containing customized sets of commands. As in the case of the INT-KSG keypad connected directly to the control panel, you can quickly launch the “scenarios”, i.e. the sequences of commands tailored to specific situations. For this reason, the MobileKPD2 PRO application is the perfect solution for all those users who appreciate the benefits of modern, intelligent solutions. As you can use any method of connecting your smartphone to the Internet, either via a WiFi network or through the 3G/GPRS data transmission, you will be able to access the system from virtually anywhere in the world. If, however, you only need the basic functionality of the alarm system remote control, you may find the MobileKPD2 application quite a useful tool. It offers almost the same features as a traditional keypad of the INTEGRA control panel, so it will be a perfect choice for implementation of the remote basic

the need to install additional software. Even using a computer in Internet cafe or public library, if necessary. It is worth noting that the system has a high level of protection against outside attacks. When designing the remote Internet access module, SATEL considered the security matters very carefully. This is why the ETHM-1 module is equipped with a number of defense features, ranging from the 192-bit transmission encryption key to the brute force attack lockouts.

The ability to interactively control the alarm system by means of modern keypads, tablets and smartphones is becoming more and more widespread. Therefore SATEL puts a lot of effort in the dynamic development of solutions aimed at facilitating the everyday operation of the system, both locally and remotely, as well as making it more pleasant.

It is worth noting that the system has a high level of protection against outside attacks. When designing the remote Internet access module, SATEL considered the security matters very carefully. Please visit the website where you can find a number of tips to improve the security and comfort of your everyday domestic life.

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Interiors & Interior Design SARACEN SMALL WORKS FORECASTS 100% INCREASE IN TURNOVER Saracen Small Works is expecting a doubling of its turnover in the next 12 months following a successful first year of operation which saw the fledgling division take approximately 12 per cent of the company’s overall turnover. Launched by Saracen Interiors to oversee smaller projects, the division has enjoyed great success with popular services including smaller design and build projects, alterations to existing space, re-decoration, modifications to power and data, general upgrading and updating, relocation of staff, furniture and work stations and the sourcing and supplying of new furniture. Saracen Small Works was founded in February 2013 alongside Saracen Facilities and Saracen Move Management. Since then it’s customer database has grown organically through the business of existing Saracen clients and a series of recommendations. Current customers include two London investment companies and

a leading marine design consultancy in Southampton, as well as a string of long-standing relationships with clients including Paragon Housing Community and YUM Restaurants. Joint managing director of Saracen Interiors, Michael Page comments: “Small Works has been an immediate success because we had an established customer base for this division made up of companies who we have worked with in the past who are appreciative of the same level of service and professionalism for their smaller projects, including alterations and modifications and general upgrading, redecorating and updating, as for the bigger jobs. Word quickly got out and we have been repositioned as the ‘go to guys’ for those looking for fast and effective solutions to meet their minor property requirements. “We’re happy to be perceived as a design and build specialist who takes the low cost jobs as seriously as the

high value contracts. We have a dedicated team of experts who are experienced at the job in-hand and recognise how these jobs fit into the bigger picture. We have had early success because we are working under the Saracen brand which gives our customers a large degree of reassurance – they know that we won’t compromise on quality and customer service. Regardless of the scale of the project, we always give 100 per cent.” Saracen has grown steadily over the past 20 years, making its mark in the regional fit out arena and latterly securing a reputation for design expertise as well as an indepth knowledge of all aspects of the commercial property market. Saracen’s clients also include TE Connectivity, Aspect Property Group, Flight Safety, CH2M Hill, Countrywide , Knight Frank, Mitie Engineering, Pizza Hut, Redrow, Soccer. World, Thames Water, Toshiba, Viatel, BAE Systems. Fo r f u r th er in fo rm at i on to w w w.sar aceni n ter i or

Cheshire Mouldings Launches New Stairpart Ranges The innovative manufacturer Cheshire Mouldings is launching three new ranges Reflections (new newel post): This is no ordinary collection of stairparts, this range blends modern materials with more traditional finishes and will transform any living space into something truly special. Pin Top: Speed up the installation of your new staircase. Pin Top uses innovative, simple technology to improve the speed and ease of the installation process. Contemporary Iron: Tradition mixed with stylish modern design. Iron takes the distinctly timeless luxury of classic materials such as Oak and Iron and endows them with a versatile modern design that fits comfortably into any home.

Cheshire Mouldings & Wood Turnings Ltd. Cheshire House, 7 Normans Road, Sutton, St Helens, WA9 4JQ Freephone: 0800 085 3475 E: W:

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Visit our easy to use online stair planning service at –


QUARTZFORMS The evolution of stone into a perfect surface In 2013 QUARTZFORMS, a new name in the kitchen worktop market was launched, and distributed exclusively in the UK by QF Distribution Ltd (QFD).


ne year on and now firmly established in the UK, QUARTZFORMS offers a unique combination, a product that has the renown Italian design flair together with German engineering which is the direct result of the factory being located in Magdeburg, Germany but owned by the well known Scapin family based in Italy. The QUARTZFORMS product range is produced on the latest technically advanced Bretonstone® production lines with the slabs manufactured by mixing 93% pure quartz with 7% of polyester resin and pigments and the exclusive Bretonstone® vacuum vibro-compression system during the pressing cycle gives the QUARTZFORMS product a high impact resistance and dense compacted surface finish which has been just one of the reasons that customers are taking to using QUARTZFORMS. The QUARTZFORMS quartz surfaces are then polished to a high gloss level

due to the dense compaction and the sophistication in the polishing lines, which have thirty-six polishing heads taking smaller steps in the finishing process and resulting in a higher gloss level and a more consistent finish. QFD stock over 40 designs/colours in 12, 20, and 30mm thickness and, other than the stocks held in the UK, have access to over 15,000 slabs that are in stock in Germany, which are available on a short lead time. The QUARTZFORMS product benefit from many worldwide industry certifications which result in a 10 year warranty being offered relating to the performance of the surface.

^ BREEZE ASHEN LIGHT is a finely grained finish with a distinct veining with shades of delicate and elegant hues.

“We are not looking to reinvent the wheel, just make it better. It’s not an easy task but thanks to QUARTZFORMS’ constant drive for perfection we can offer high quality quartz material for kitchen and bathroom surfaces, wall coverings and flooring.”

QUARTZFORMS is made in Germany with precision engineering, innovation and quality and enables customers to benefit from the scratch, heat and stain resistance that comes with every QUARTZFORMS product. New for 2014 is the addition to the stock range of eight designs in the OPACO matt surface and eight designs in the SPACCO textured surface which reflect QFD’s commitment to offering their customers the latest market trends. Further additions include the Belgian Blu design in the Cloudy family range and Titan in the Extreme family range. QUARTZFORMS have created, with Italian flair, a range of beautiful aesthetically appealing surfaces, which offer an equal balance between classical elegance and contemporary style, which has proven popular with kitchen and bathroom companies, interior designers and architects. QUARTZFORMS engineered stone goes one step further than natural stone. Richard Barrett, Sales Director, said: “We are not looking to reinvent the wheel, just make it better. It’s not an easy task but thanks to QUARTZFORMS’ constant drive for perfection we can offer high quality quartz material for kitchen and bathroom surfaces, wall coverings and flooring.”

The Per fe c t Bl e nd

kitchen and bathroom displays to catch customer’s attention. We believe our QUARTZFORMS engineered stone goes one step further than natural stone.”

The SPACCO range offers a textured design in eight stock colours.

Let your creativity flow with QUARTZFORMS’ latest engineered stone designs. n the past year, surface-manufacturer QUARTZFORMS has made quite a name for itself with British architects and interior designers. Thanks to its technically advanced Bretonstone® production lines, it has the ability to produce a surface that is not only high-impact resistant but, thanks to its dense compacted surface finish, it also offers a higher level of gloss and a more consistent finish - just what the KBB industry has been looking for.


“We want this product to be used in a wide range of markets,” explains Richard Barrett, Sales Director of QFD, the exclusive UK distributor of QUARTZFORMS. “It offers great choice and can be used as kitchen and bathroom surfaces, flooring and even contemporary wall coverings. Designers want to use it because of this flexibility, whilst retailers use it on their

New for 2014, the OPACO contemporary matt finish is available in twelve stock range designs.

To add to its existing 40+ strong designs and colours, QUARTZFORMS has introduced a range of matt and textured surface designs - OPACO and SPACCO - each offering unique characteristics that would appeal to any discerning eye. It has also expanded the existing Cloudy and Extreme families with the launch of two new designs, Belgian Blu and Titan. Both designs offer a contemporary take on a classic and, with a tenyear guarantee available on all QUARTZFORMS surfaces, quality is well and truly guaranteed.

For further information please telephone 01245 243929, email or visit Part of the Cloudy family, Belgian Blu offers an intense fossil pattern which, when combined with real wood, gives a warmth to any design.

Titan which is part of our EXTREME RANGE. Titan is a modern fashionable colour with a lovely dark brown hue, a timeless contemporary design

“We want this product to be used in a wide range of markets. It offers great choice and can be used as kitchen and bathroom surfaces, flooring and even contemporary wall coverings” Richard Barrett, Sales Director of QFD, the exclusive UK distributor of QUARTZFORMS

Decostone provides an aesthetically inspiring finish. It’s a fantastic choice for feature walls, executive suites, grand receptions and spas.

Dixon Turner breaks the mould… International wall covering manufacturer Dixon Turner Interior Surfaces has added another superb set of products to its ever expanding portfolio. ixon Turner are proud to be the exclusive UK suppliers of Decostone, a product from Swiss company Decolan. Decolan have been leading suppliers of HPL and other decorative surfaces for over 20 years. They have a dedicated R&D department, and select only the most cutting edge and innovative finishes to become a part of their product range.


Decostone is supplied in 1220 x 610mm sheets with larger sheets available on selected slates. Thanks to the polyester resin and fiberglass that is applied to the back of the stone sheets, Decostone is flexible (similar to a laminate) and can be easily fitted to curved surfaces such as pillars and walls. The changing colours, vivid patterns and unique textures combine to make each sheet a feast to the eyes. Each of the 16 different varieties available have their very own individual beauty in look and texture, showing a unique design that is both classic and modern. With no two

sheets ever the same, each Decostone application is special and distinctive. This real split stone is waterproof, fire retardant and environmentally friendly. The veneers are split into thickness of 1.0 – 2.0mm from large real stone slabs,

capturing a natural array of patterns and colours, making each sheet a unique creation of Mother Nature. Each sheet is extremely lightweight, weighing just over 1.5KG per m2, allowing a real stone finish to applications that would be nearly impossible with traditional stone. Decostone provides an aesthetically inspiring finish. It’s a fantastic choice for feature walls, executive suites, grand receptions and spas. Hard wearing and incredibly durable, the stone can be used outdoors for exterior wall cladding as well as indoors, allowing designers to ensure a contemporary theme runs throughout all areas of a building. It is not just an innovative product, but an ideal choice for a world class finish and an eye catching result, which will both inspire and stimulate. Dixon Turner have chosen to be the exclusive supplier to this beautiful range of products in the UK, offering fantastic customer service, technical support and specialist advise for this fashionable and stand out décor that is set to take the interiors world by storm.

For further information about Dixon Turner, please call 0870 606 1237 or visit the websitre at

Busy 6-storey car park. 3 bespoke passenger lift refurbishments. Improved access for all. What can Stannah Lift Services do for you?

Project: Complete modernisation of 3 traction passenger lifts, plus 2 new motor rooms. Lift access to be maintained throughout the 18-week project for user convenience and safety Location: Old Market Multi-storey Car Park, Paul Street, Taunton Client: South West One Ltd on behalf of Taunton Deane Borough Council Products: A duplex of 16-person lifts, one 13-person lift, and new-for-old drive systems and controllers Result: Streamlined access to all 6 floors â&#x20AC;&#x201C; energy-saving, improved performance delivered to time and budget deadlines

Call Stannah on 01603 748021 Meet the family

Passenger Lifts

Escalators and Moving Walkways

Platform Lifts

Goods and Service Lifts

Lift Refurbishment

Bespoke Lifts

Lift Service and Repair

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Landscaping Townscape provides bespoke outdoor furniture to North Middlesex University Hospital STREET furniture manufacturer, Townscape Products Limited, has provided North Middlesex University Hospital with a range of outdoor furniture for its brand new distinctive garden development. The hospital required a range of products specifically designed to look modern and clean and be aesthetically pleasing as a place for patients and visitors to relax and reflect. Having successfully supplied the first phase of the project back in 2011,Townscape was the natural choice when considering the new development. The centrepiece of the development consisted of six bespoke hardwood benches, which were designed to coordinate with the hardwood planters manufactured and fitted in the first phase. The practical elements of the project were

met through the supply of two modern, space saving, cycle shelters and 30 metres of safety railing. Jonathan Goss, managing director of Townscape, said:“The best feedback is from the end user and it’s great to see so many patients and visitors enjoying the space even through the winter months. It is always nice to be asked back after a successful project delivery to supply the next phase. “Our experience in product selection, coupled with a huge catalogue of designs meant that we were able to best advise on which products would best enhance the area. All of the Wessex Hard-

wood benches were designed and manufactured by our skilled team specifically for the project, while the Skylark cycle shelters were selected for the space saving, protection and design elements.” Townscape also manufactures and supplies bollards, seats, planters, litter bins, tree grids and guards, cycle racks and shelters, barriers and rails, paving, and vehicle defence products. For more information on Townscape’s street furniture range visit: or call: 01623 513355.

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Lighting & Electrical

ECODIM® LUMINAIRES OPTIMISE ENERGY SAVINGS The new ECODIM® range from Luxonic uses innovative lighting technology to maximise energy savings by utilising natural light available and adjusting accordingly whilst maintaining sufficient light levels. The intelligent luminaires use clever daylight controls to detect when there is adequate daylight present for the environment to be lit and either dim or turn off the luminaire, therefore making significant energy savings. The ECODIM® luminaires are available with linear fluorescent, compact fluorescent and LED light sources for surface, recessed and suspended lighting systems to suit a wide variety of applications. Passive Infra Red (PIR) detectors are used to monitor occupancy of a space which links to the Auto On/ Off feature allowing the light to be turned off if the designated area is not being used. An Auto On/Off to Dim feature can be applied which coordinates the dimming of light levels when no occupancy is detected, as opposed to turning

them off completely, which provides a low level background luminance. The luminaire can dim up or down according to the light contribution from daylight with the daylight link feature, maintaining the required illuminance by measuring reflected light via a reflective surface located underneath the sensor. The daylight link technology can also be adjusted to turn off completely when sufficient daylight is detected. Artificial lighting can also be prevented from switching on in the first place when natural light levels exceed requirements even when occupancy has been detected with the daylight inhibit feature. The Alterlux Harmony is a range of single lamp

intelligent luminaires for recessed installation and benefits from the ECODIM® feature as is the Alterlux Surface ECODIM®, designed for either surface mounting or rod suspension applications. The ECODIM® function can also be applied to the INDUSTRIALUX range, an enclosed IP65 T5 luminaire that is durable and dust resistant for warehouse environments. Likewise, the surface mounted LBE ECODIM® can also be used for warehouses and large open areas. Both luminaire units provide efficient and effective lighting for large open areas while keeping energy costs to a minimum by automatic on/ off and dim controls that eliminate any need for manual intervention. Further information on ECODIM® luminaires is avai lable from Luxonic Lighting on 01256 36309 0, E: or by visiting – w

Designer LED Lighting products made to uncompromising standards and excellence.

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British Manufacturing and Design backed up with 5 year warranties.


T: 01908 410588 E:

LoftZone Ideal Home Show Invention of the Year Recent research by the National Physical Laboratory and Carbon Trust has shown that loft insulation isn’t working in 80% of homes, including new builds. < Retrofit in a school for safe access purposes v Typical installation in a house for storage

his is because householders use the loft for storage and access, and squash the insulation with boxes and boards. The research showed that this halves the insulation’s thermal performance, and wastes a power station’s worth of energy across the UK.


But pioneering British company, LoftZone, is on a mission to change that. To protect insulation from compression, and to provide safe access, LoftZone has brought to market a raised deck, called Raised Loft Floor. This has been designed for the trade, being superfast to install and also very strong; it also reduces the cost of first-fix and allows for services to be easily carried above the insulation. It is also popular with homeowners, having won first prize for Best New Invention at the Ideal Home Show.

It is also popular with homeowners, having won first prize for Best New Invention at the Ideal Home Show. Moreover, LoftZone is the only solution on the market that complies with Building Regulations Parts K, L and P, Working at Height and CDM Regulations, and so it is no surprise that it is increasingly being specified by architects and clients, both for new build and retrofit.

For further information about LoftZone Raised Loft Floor, visit, email or call 01483 600304.

The Complete Loft System to Comply with Building and Health and Safety Regualtions

RAISED LOFT FLOOR Tested to 6kN/m2 Complies with BS6399 / BS5395

Protects insulation. Compressing insulation reduces U-value

t The fastest way to install a safe access deck above 350mm of insulation t Provides storage space whilst protecting insulation - maintains U-Values t Meets new Part L1A regulations – no cold bridges t Suitable for Retrofit or New Build, and residential or commercial cold lofts 01483 600304 Handrails to comply with Working at Height Regulations. Part K, BS6180

CDM Regualtions Safe access for maintenance

Services raised above insulation Part P / BS7671 & reduces 1st fix cost

Explore 5 sectors at the UK’s definitive international furnishings fair: The Furniture Show Kitchen + Bathroom Lighting Decor DX

Be inspired by 400 new and established brands from residential, commercial and hospitality interiors at this year’s May Design Series. Hear forward-thinking speakers cover the hot topics in our unrivalled Conversation Series and source from an extensive range of architectural lighting, bathrooms, materials and furniture from companies including: ARREDO3 | Artistic Upholstery | Ashwood Designs | Coleccion Alexandra | Collins and Hayes Furniture | Deirdre Dyson | Doca UK | Dune UK | Gascoigne Designs | Grestec Tiles | Henderson Russell | Hitch Mylius | James Brindley Of Harrogate | KKDC | Morris Furniture | Santa Margherita | Sharon Marston | Sits.

Register now at quoting MDS137

ECO-FRIENDLY DURA CLADDING SELECTED FOR REGENERATION OF SHELTERED HOUSING When Ashford Borough Council looked into regenerating Gerlach House in the Kent town, Dura Cladding was identified as an environmentally friendly and value-for-money solution. lacton-based Dura Composites supplied 600 square metres of charcoal Dura Cladding boards ( and trims to Gerlach House, a sheltered housing scheme comprising 33 self-contained flats, and the result was transformational.


Over the years, the natural timber cladding which encased the building had weathered and deteriorated; the cost and difficulty of the frequent maintenance required was growing year after year. The boards had rotted, warped and faded leaving the building looking tired. Ashford Borough Council decided that it was time to invest in a more sustainable solution.

Simon Lees, Building Surveyor at Ashford Borough Council, chose Dura Cladding above other, perhaps more traditional timber alternatives, primarily because of its long life expectancy plus its low maintenance upkeep, and therefore its lower life cycle costs. The product was also found to be competitively priced, robust and ‘through coloured’ rather than decoratively coated. It was felt that a ‘through coloured’ product offers a more sustainable solution to vandalism or accidental impact damage. Dura Cladding, an 87% recycled timber composite façade, comes with a 25 year warranty, doesn’t require any painting or staining and will not degrade throughout its

^ Dura Composites supplied 600m2 of its ecofriendly Dura Cladding to renovate Gerlach House

“We worked closely with the Dura Composites team to ensure a great result and we haven’t been disappointed. ” Ashford Borough Council.

lifetime. UV stabilisers added at manufacture ensure that the boards will retain at least 90% of their colour, even when exposed to the harshest of weather conditions. This feature in itself will leave Gerlach House looking fresh for years to come. Ashford Borough Council is pleased with the result, “We worked closely with the Dura Composites team to ensure a great result and we haven’t been disappointed. The cladding, which was the main part of the renovation alongside some guttering and balcony repairs, looks just like natural timber and will hopefully keep the building looking smart for the next few decades.” Happy with the result, they are considering using Dura Cladding on other new-build and refurbishment schemes.

For more details on Dura Composites and its products visit

NATURAL SLATE ROOF OFFERS SANCTUARY TO PROTECTED BATS An exclusive 4,000 square metre new build home located near Henley-in-Arden not only features an impressive natural slate roof, courtesy of SIGA slate from SIG Roofing - the UK’s leading roofing v Located on the slate roof supplier t boasts a number of bat entry points that have been discreetly positioned at the roof line to offer a secure habitat for this protected species.


Located on the slate roof of this Georgian style house, as well as the garage and outbuildings, a total of five bat entry points have been accommodated. Handmade from lead with a felt underlay, these pockets offer no disruption to the natural slate roofscape, which features SIGA 32 natural slate.

roof pitch of 45°, the new house features a roof pitch of only 22.5°. Specified to blend in with its natural surroundings, the slate tiles were laid in a diminishing course for an aesthetically pleasing appearance. Roofing contractors for the project S M Roofing Contracts Ltd used copper nails together with a breathable underlay and SRT

of this Georgian style house, as well as the garage and outbuildings, a total of five bat entry points have been accommodated. Handmade from lead with a felt underlay, these pockets offer no disruption to the natural slate roofscape, which features SIGA 32 natural slate.

Premium Gold batten when slating the roof. Situated on a two-acre plot, this impressive development is four times the size of a standard house. In addition to preserving roosting environments for bats, the architects also incorporated a second pond in order to remove and protect newts during the construction of the new house.

For further information on SIGA Slate contact 01480 466777 or email

Architect for the project Martin Kennard of Hawkes Edward and Cave explains: “Common in rural areas, these entry points provide the bats with an area enabling them to roost harmlessly away from human predators. Cleverly concealed, they are almost impossible to detect from ground level.”

In conjunction with the architect and JS Bloor Homes Ltd, the roof was designed specifically to make better use of the volume of the house. Whilst the original farmhouse had a

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500 x 300 natural SIGA slates were supplied by SIG Roofing for this impressive five bedroomed house, which was rebuilt following the demolition of an old farm house on the same site.


The three-storey podium of a disused 1960s office block was reclad using one of Shackerley’s most popular polished ceramic granite ranges as part of a £27.5m project to convert the building into a 210-bedroom hotel.

Shackerley’s new Sureclad® brochure features new build and refurb cladding projects Shackerley’s new cladding brochure reveals a massively extended Sureclad® Ceramic Granite Collection and an impressive gallery of Sureclad® ceramic granite ventilated façade projects across the UK and the ROI to inspire the specifier.

as Shackerley’s ceramic granite panels using highly specialised machinery at the company’s ISO 9001 certified production Lancashire facilities.

ew build and refurb installations are featured, including several projects where Shackerley’s ceramic granite has been installed as a premium quality façade with the BENCHMARK Karrier Engineered insulated panel system as a result of a rapidly expanding partnership with Kingspan.

Sureclad® meets all relevant British and European standards, CWCT standards for systemised building envelopes and NHBC technical requirements. It has also proved suitable for installation in areas prone to earthquakes, hurricanes and other climatic extremes having successfully completed a series of punishing architectural and engineering assessments in Philadelphia.

Whilst Sureclad® has always been synonymous with hardwearing, longlasting ceramic granite, the new 124page catalogue introduces a range of additional façade materials that can also be installed in conjunction with the Sureclad® System, including large format engineered stone. These materials are all prefabricated in the same way

For further information and a copy of the new Sureclad brochure please contact Shackerley on 0800 783 0391, email info@ or visit


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Roofing & Cladding

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FIRS HOUSE THE RESTORATION OF A HISTORIC LISTED PROPERTY Firs House is a spectacular Grade II listed property in Worcestershire. Originally, a detached green-oak-framed farmhouse dating back to the seventeenth century, the two storey building was designed in the classic sixteenth/seventeenth century ‘T’ shape with a main range and a cross wing on the north end. irs House is a spectacular Grade II listed property in Worcestershire. Originally, a detached green-oak-framed farmhouse dating back to the seventeenth century, the two storey building was designed in the classic sixteenth/seventeenth century ‘T’ shape with a main range and a cross wing on the north end.


Disaster struck in the middle of one night in November 2006, when the owners, Penny and Mark Soper were woken up by a strange sound coming from the attic. “At first, we thought the noise was due to the family cat playing with a marble on the exposed wooden floor, but then the lights went out and white hot flames were visible around the trapdoor into the roof void. As we ran outside, we saw flames

^ Firs House fully restored v Repair work

shooting from the roof and clay tiles dramatically exploding like shrapnel off the roof,” said Penny. The scene was devastating. Severe damage had been done to the timber framing of the upper part of the oldest part of the house, and the now unsupported 17th Century gables of the front elevation tilted at an angle. The whole of the roof structure and first floor ceilings were destroyed beyond re-use

The original tiles were replaced by 6,000 traditional handmade plain clay tiles from Tudor Roof Tile Co Ltd. Manufactured in ‘Medium Antique’, their gently uneven shapes gave an instantly aged and ‘olde world’ appearance that closely reproduced the mellow tone and texture of the originals, in a way that machine-made tiles could not have done. with only two rafters remaining. It was discovered that the cause of the blaze was an electrical fault in the roof space, underneath the bitumen felt underlay. Unfortunately, none of the smoke detectors activated during the fire, as the heat and the smoke was above them, and there were no detectors located in the roof space itself, where they could have been more effective. In 2007, the major task of structural repair and rebuild began, masterminded by Alex Matthews and Nick Joyce, partners at Nick Joyce Architects, a practice which specialises in the conservation and renovation of historic and heritage properties. After conducting an extensive survey, plans were put together to restore and upgrade this unique building, while taking every care to conserve or recycle original materials where possible.

from the unplanned reconstruction, by taking the opportunity to create a new room in the previously unused attic and inserting a new connecting staircase. Naturally, the prevention of the possibility of another fire in the future was a primary consideration throughout. Fireplaces and chimneys were rebuilt with fire precautions in place and the roof space was divided into three zones with half hour fire resistant partitions between them. As the electrics were replaced, heat detectors and smoke detector alarms were fitted throughout the house. For Penny and her family, rebuilding Firs House has been a challenging but immensely rewarding experience. “To say it was a labour of love is an understatement. Completing this massive restoration has been a remarkable achievement, largely down to the expertise of our architect and the hard work and support of the contractors and manufacturers involved.”

Local building company, Brothwell & Miles was appointed to undertake the painstaking structural repair and reconstruction of most of the timber frame and roof structure using oak trusses and oak purlins with concealed steel members to recreate as much as possible of the original appearance, shape and construction, whilst bringing the roof members up to modern building standards. Timbers and traditional joints were cut on site in the traditional way of construction. In addition to re-using surviving floor timbers and preserving original features, the reconstruction also represented an opportunity to upgrade the property with some modern materials, without compromising the aesthetics or historical integrity of the original, though all changes and all new materials had to be given Listed Building Consent before they could be incorporated.

“To say it was a labour of love is an understatement. Completing this massive restoration has been a remarkable achievement, largely down to the expertise of our architect and the hard work and support of the contractors and manufacturers involved.” Penny Soper Tudor roof tiles are available from leading roofing and builders merchants. For more information, contact:

the building and be acceptable to the local authority planning officers, said Alex Matthews. As the pitch of the gablet roofs was much the same as the roof of the main range, it was possible to use Tudor’s purpose-made tiles for swept valleys. This is another feature which helps to give an aged, traditional appearance to the house, which would not have been the case with lead lined valleys. The owners decided to gain some benefit

^ Scaffolding interior

Tudor Roof Tile Co. Ltd, Dengemarsh Road, Lydd, Kent, TN29 9JH. Tel: 01797 320202 Fax 01797 320700 E-mail: Website:

v Scaffolding exterior

“As some of the house had already been compromised during the twentieth century, we took a sensitive but pragmatic approach to the overall conservation, replicating the original style and features where we could, but also introducing modern structural materials where necessary,” said Alex Matthews. A modern breathable membrane was fitted on the new roof and the original tiles were replaced by 6,000 traditional handmade plain clay tiles from Tudor Roof Tile Co Ltd. Manufactured in ‘Medium Antique’, their gently uneven shapes gave an instantly aged and ‘olde world’ appearance that closely reproduced the mellow tone and texture of the originals, in a way that machine-made tiles could not have done. Their gentle double camber also offered added ventilation to the roof space.

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“The choice of roof tiles was an important part of restoring the external appearance and character of the building. We wanted to use traditionally made plain tiles with a weathered look that would immediately blend in with the historic appearance of


Heritage Oak Buildings Heritage Oak Buildings specialises in saving, restoring, supplying and re-erecting antique oak framed buildings. These buildings are generally redundant farm buildings dating the 16th century and are built of English oak, which covered great areas of England at that time. They were built using traditional techniques of mortice and tenon with wooden pegs and the method of jointing and material was phenomenally strong. :HKDYHDQXPEHURIÂżQHROGIUDPHV looking for new sites and we would be happy to assist in any queries related to our specialized work.

About Us We have carried out a considerable number of successful repair and restoration projects following storm or ÂżUHGDPDJHLQFOXGLQJWKH re-instatement of several listed barns and houses covered by insurance and the complete replacement of old oak IUDPHGEXLOGLQJVORVWLQÂżUH We have also been employed by insurers and loss adjustors to advise on claims and buildings.

Recently Completed Projects Recently completed projects include a GRPHVWLFKRXVHDPWLWKHEDUQDVDQ RIÂżFHDQROGIUDPHDVDJROIFOXEKRXVH DWKFHQWXU\EDUQUHORFDWHGKRXVLQJ an 18m heated swimming pool and a garden studio room using an old stable and cart lodge and a conversion of a WKFHQWXU\EXLOGLQJRQWRVKRSXQLWV as part of a town centre redevelopment scheme. We have many heritage awards including a village scheme developed from old barns providing eight new houses. We badly need a commercial site to re erect the saved frame shown in the photograph before dismantling. This ZRXOGSURYLGHDZRQGHUIXORSHQVSDFH RIÂżFHEXLOGLQJHQWHUWDLQPHQWFHQWUH Enq No: 333 01798 344066 Digital Plans for a restored barn to be made into an oďŹ&#x192;ce An example of one of the barns stripped out and began restoring

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