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Issue 19 2016 SELECTAGLAZE SECONDARY GLAZING 5-6 Connaught Place restored to its former grandeur

AKZO NOBEL OUT OF THE ASHES AND INTO ACCLAIM GARADOR launches new and improved roller door design!




See more of the great outdoors...

...whatever the season

Our top quality windows and stunning bi-fold or sliding doors will enhance your extension, renovation or self-build beautifully, giving a clear view of your outside space. Our experienced team, based in Suffolk, offers free advice and a quotation so you can confidently choose the best. Visit or call Toby Golding/Antony Jackson on 01284 764045.


































Issue 19 - 2016

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Latest News North England Build to Showcase Northern Powerhouse Influence On April 27th & 28th, the leading new construction show, North England Build, will open its doors to the leading construction companies in the north he show is focusing on construction projects and developments in the north and is a great chance to create new business connections and network with industry professionals across the UK. The event will feature the major contractors, suppliers, architects, developers and many more construction industry professionals from across the region.


Whether you are looking to meet with major contractors such as Mace, Kier or Balfour Beatty to discuss the latest tender opportunities or if you’re sourcing new products or services for your next project

from the likes of Flowcrete, ICB or Bachy Soletanche, North England Build is the place for all of your construction industry requirements. North England Build is lining up to be the most important meeting of construction industry figureheads, presenting countless opportunities for networking and business development. The conference sessions, training workshops and exhibition are completely free to attend, so sign up today at to ensure that you don’t miss out!

Foundations for success: the future looks bright for family businesses in the construction sector t The construction sector is leading the way, with family firms making up almost one in five of all organisations within the industry

t UK family businesses celebrate another successful year with employment and turnover up t Half of the UK’s family businesses plan to grow their organisations over the next few years and will invest in the skills of their staff to do so


amily firms across the UK are setting their sights on expansion following another hugely successful year for the sector.

New research by Oxford Economics for the Institute for Family Business (IFB) Research Foundation reveals the vast contribution family firms make to the UK economy – employing over 11.9 million people and making up 87 percent of all private sector firms in the UK. There are now more than 800,000 family firms in the construction sector, making up almost one in five of all businesses in the industry. Family businesses also account for 94 per cent of all private sector firms in the construction sector - one of the highest

concentrations in the UK. Since 2013 family businesses have increased employment by six per cent and turnover has also seen a strong rise, increasing by two per cent to reach £1.3 trillion. In addition, family firms paid £125 billion in taxes and contributed over a quarter (26%) of the UK’s entire GDP. “Family businesses have always been at the very heart of the UK economy and based on the steady rise in their recruitment and turnover, it is clear they are here to stay. It’s encouraging to see family firms with such a buoyant attitude towards their future expansion almost half of family SMEs expect to grow over the next two to three years.”

NCP saves £34m by doubling number of car parks using energysaving LEDs t t t

RRNews - Issue 19



NCP has installed LEDs at a further 110 car parks in a second phase of lighting upgrades Phase one of the project saw NCP install LED fittings in 149 multistorey car parks across the UK The two phases of the project combined cut NCP’s energy use per site by an average of 70% The two phases in total will cut CO2e emissions by an average of over 12,000 tonnes each year and save £34m

uture Energy Solutions (FES), UK Green Investment Bank plc (GIB), and fund manager Sustainable Development Capital Limited (SCDL) are backing the second phase of a lighting project for National Car Parks (NCP).


Around 7,500 light-emitting diode (LED) fittings have been installed in approximately 110 multi-storey car parks, surface car parks and roof decks, delivering lighting, financial and environmental benefits.

Phase one of the project involved retro-fitting 149 multi-storey car parks with LED fittings during 2014. Over the lifetime of both phases of the project, NCP expects to save around £34m. However, as well as saving money, the company will also reduce its impact on the environment, cutting its carbon dioxide equivalent (CO2e) emissions by an average of over 12,000 tonnes per year.

Growth and expansion is a top priority for many SME family firms with just under half (49%) stating they aim to grow over the next twelve months. Looking to how they will turn this ambition into reality just under a half of firms (43%) say they will invest in improving the skills of their workforce to support growth, with a third (33%) planning to boost productivity through investing in new machinery and premises. Looking beyond their traditional activities to diversify their business and customer base, 42% of family firms are planning to move into new markets and 37% are developing and launching new products and services.

In a similar funding arrangement to phase one of the project, Future Energy Solutions (FES) has provided funding alongside GIB through the SDCL-managed UK Energy Efficiency Investments Fund. Edward Northam, Head of Investment banking, GIB, said: “Replacing out-of-date conventional lighting with energyefficient options like LEDs is one of the most effective ways of reducing electricity bills and saving money at the same time. We are pleased to be working on this second phase of the project with NCP, which will double the number of its car parks fitted with LEDs.” Jo Cooper, Chief Executive Officer, NCP, said: “Phase one began in January 2014 and over 50,000 car parking spaces were successfully re-lit. It was a tremendous success and we noticed an immediate improvement within the lit environment, as well as a sharp reduction in our energy bill. Phase two will tackle the remaining car parks in our portfolio. “The money we will save over the lifetime of the new luminaires between phases one and two is estimated to be in the region of £34m and provides a significant and measurable means of reducing our carbon footprint.” For further information please contact Marcus Brodin on +44 (0) 207 908 3921 or marcus.brodin@

Ruskin Air Management


Ruskin It isn’t viable for our customers to be experts in all aspects of Air Movement and Ventilation. We know that when we put our heads together the results VMZOHYLKHUKQVPULK\W[OPURPUNJHUIL]LY`ILULÄJPHS We’re here to help you. We are here to empower you with the knowledge, to select the correct product for the right application. Coming together is a beginning, staying together is progress, and working together is success.




Air Diffusion



The Future of the Bathroom Barbara Osborne, product manager at Methven UK, looks at the future of the bathroom industry. Barbara Osborne, Product Manager at Methven UK

ith the global population set to rise by almost three billion to ten billion by 2050, the need to ensure we can cope with the increased strain on the planet’s resources is paramount. As such, designers and product developers working on new technologies are taking into account the highest areas of demand on natural resources.


RRNews - Issue 19

The challenges surrounding water usage are well documented, with demand for water set to accelerate by 55% in the next 30 years, so advancements in water efficiency need to be very creative to help the cause.


We are already seeing an increase in innovations informed by biological mechanisms, including the materiality of plants and animals. Biomimetic materials those that mimic the properties of natural substances - are becoming increasingly used in everyday life for things as diverse as clothing, medical applications and the prevention of soil erosion.

In the bathroom sector, a great example of biomimicry being well utilised is the lotus leaf. For years scientists have studied the plant’s hydrophobic (water-repellent) properties which allow it to self-cleanse. The micro and nanoscopic architecture of the leaf means that water droplets are not absorbed and instead collect on the surface and gather dirt before running it off the edge. This has now been mirrored in manmade materials and applied in product development – including in our patented Aurajet™ technology. The impinging surface, which the water jets onto, is made from Polypropylene, chosen specifically for its low surface energy, meaning it acts in a hydrophobic manner - repelling water and preserving spray-quality - saving water and energy but delivering a great shower experience. It also resists limescale build-up, reducing the time needed to clean. Mimicking nature is not an easy option though and took our R&D team more than 200 different iterations in the design process to perfect the final version.

Aio Basin Mixer

While water efficiency remains a priority, protecting the quality of water will also be key in the future. Eco Brass® - a lead and heavy metal-free, high-strength brass alloy with excellent forgeability – is being used in fastenings, fittings and valves across the globe. But it is its enhanced corrosion resistance and lead content below 0.1% that has led to its use in taps. With legislative pressure to reduce or remove the lead content from brasses, particularly in water fittings and especially from drinking water fittings and systems, we chose to use Eco Brass in our Aio brassware range. The revolution in new materials is not the only advancement set to change the industry. 3D printing has already had a sizeable impact in many areas of engineering and manufacturing, and the bathroom industry is no different. Its use, particularly when printing metals, will offer benefits to both manufacturers and consumers in the future. Using 3D printing makes the manufacturing process more agile with faster production and easier-totweak designs, so products are available quickly and changed at the click of a button. It will be more cost-effective for manufacturers than traditional machining methods, as low volumes of individually tailored products can be produced in one run.

The impinging surface, which the water jets onto, is made from Polypropylene, chosen specifically for its low surface energy, meaning it acts in a hydrophobic manner - repelling water and preserving spray-quality saving water and energy but delivering a great shower experience. It also resists limescale build-up, reducing the time needed to clean.

Both manufacturers and retailers will also benefit from the quick production time, allowing for expensive stock levels to be reduced. In turn, consumers will get a strong and robust product in a single piece of metal, without joints or welds. Installers will benefit too, with the products being more manageable and easier to install due to their lightweight construction. Experts also predict widespread adoption of advancements through the ‘Internet of Things’, with appliances and applications connecting and interacting with one another. And, whilst the Internet can’t increase rainfall or improve water provision across the globe, it is estimated



Waipori Satinjet

Aio Mini Basin Mixer


Aio Aurajet Hi-Rise Shower

that by 2025 consumers will be accessing real-time data regarding their energy and water usage, with technology allowing them to alert users when a certain level of consumption is reached. With smart metering and household energy management software already popular, and delivering energy reductions as high as 60% per household*, allowing consumers to drill down further in order to access real-time information per application is an important next step and encouraging manufacturers to make products that deliver water efficiency.

*Study by The Eco Experts.

RRNews - Issue 19

With the pressures and concerns related to water consumption set to increase and the bathroom accounting for two thirds of household water usage, it is vital that the bathroom manufacturing industry places itself at the front of the technological curve. By adopting technologies used in other industries, bathroom manufacturers can address one of the most pressing concerns facing the planet.


MX – IT’S A ‘ONE STOP SHOP’ FOR ALL THINGS SHOWERING! MX continues to build its reputation for being a ‘one stop shop’ for all things showering.


rom the widest range of types and sizes of shower tray to its ranges of electric showers including its popular care range, thermostatic shower mixers, brassware, enclosures and shower accessories, MX offers a massive selection of shower related products.


MX WalkIn

RQG Traditional Bath Shower with Kit


BELOW RIGHT RQP Linx Bath Shower Mixer with Shower Kit

MX is the leading shower tray manufacturer in the UK – if you had a shower this morning its odds on the shower tray is an MX creation! And it has recently welcomed the arrival of its new shower tray production factory at Tewkesbury in Gloucestershire. The new factory is capable of producing 200 shower trays an hour, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week – an amazing 1.68 million shower trays a year at full capacity. It will be producing 12,000 shower trays a week during its first three months on stream before stepping up to 16,000 a week for the last three months of the company’s financial year.

shower tray manufacturing plant in Europe and it ensures our position as the leading shower tray manufacturer in the UK. This highly impressive automated plant runs with a 42-man production team, with very limited manual intervention. We’ve responded to the demands of our major customers and the result is the most advanced production line of its kind anywhere. It’s a joy to watch it in action – it’s cutting edge technology producing the highest quality, totally repeatable products. We’ve taken a huge leap forward ahead of our competitors here and we’re looking forward to winding up the production levels after an initial conservative approach to get the factory up and running smoothly.”

MX Group chairman Bernard Robinson is understandably proud of his new £3 million investment: “This is the most advanced


Shower trays – every shape, every size and in six different designs..

RRNews - Issue 19

MX continues to be a growing influence in the Electric Shower marketplace in the UK. Its QI – Quick installation – range of electric showers sets new standards for simple installation.


MX continues to be a growing influence in the Electric Shower marketplace in the UK. Its QI – Quick installation – range of electric showers sets new standards for simple installation. It’s grown with the addition of a number of exciting new models to its electric shower range in recent months. Featuring eight entry points for water and electric – these showers offer the simplest electric shower installation available.

The MX Thermostatic Care QI and Care 2 QI electric shower ranges are fully BEAB Care and RNIB Approved making them ideal for people who require more showering assistance and who have additional safety requirements. Ideal for care and nursing homes, sheltered housing schemes and general needs housing where older and younger people live – they provide an extra level of safety in the shower. They are stylishly designed, with high contrasting controls. They have many benefits and features including minimal touch buttons, large easy to read illuminated temperature display, maximum temperature lock for added safety, audible user feedback on push button commands and a double bleep indicator when the shower reaches maximum temperature.

A new range of products introduced by MX has been warmly received by customers up and down the country. These new products make MX a genuine ‘one stop shop’ for specifiers and installers looking for high quality, reliable showering products at sensible prices – with excellent warranties. RIGHT Thermostatic Care QI White_Gray Side

MX Earth black granite quadrant shower tray BELOW

BOTTOM LEFT MX Atmos Cool Touch with Kit

replacement guarantee. Its growing range of shower enclosures and screens are also meeting the needs of the customer base and the huge range of accessories offer replacement parts for

The Thermostatic Care shower is available with a 1 metre riser rail and a 2 metre hose and Care 2 has a more family friendly adjustable riser rail to ensure everyone can enjoy their showering experience. Both come complete with a multi-mode shower head and wall mounted bracket which is ideal for use with a shower seat or wheelchair. These showers are available in 8.5kW, 9.5kW and 10.5kW with a two year manufacturers guarantee as well as being BEAB approved, RNIB, CE and WRAS approved.

A new range of products introduced by MX has been warmly received by customers up and down the country. These new products make MX a genuine ‘one stop shop’ for specifiers and installers looking for high quality, reliable showering products at sensible prices – with excellent warranties. These include an exceptional new range of thermostatic mixer showers including the introduction of MX’s Cool Touch technology – an advanced anti scald design achieved by routing the cold water along the full length of the mixer valve before mixing with the hot water to achieve the desired temperature. It’s a simple idea that works and provides added safety to the product.

The range of quality products is huge and you can see these all for yourself by visiting www. mx-group. com, by calling 01684 293311 and asking for information or a copy of the latest MX Collection catalogue. Alternatively you can email sales@ with your enquiry.

Quick Installation Is QI Control Footprint

Pre-connected control knobs

Wiring Pre-wired unit, for both left & right wiring terminals

Ideal replacement for most electric showers WATER ELECTR ICS


almost any shower related component from shower cables, to new shower handsets and riser rails, shower curtain rails, rods and tracks to soap dishes, wall outlets and shower caddies.

MX’s first introduction to the brassware market has also been met favourably with a range of four designs of taps and mixers to meet any applications – traditional cross head and lever ranges, the modern Linx range and the Aero range – offering a cost effective choice of quality brassware, all with a one-year

Curved Water & Electricity 8 different entry points to speed up installation

Plumbing Accepts both push fit & compression fittings

RRNews - Issue 19

Front cover to accentuate the slimline case


GET CREATIVE WITH NEW WALL-BASED ACOUSTIC ABSORBERS Designed to reduce echoes, enhance speech clarity and improve acoustic performance, Ecophon has expanded its vertical acoustics offer with the launch of Akusto One.


RRNews - Issue 19

orming part of the Akusto family, this new addition of vertical independent sound absorbers in design-friendly smaller dimensions is available in different sizes, shapes and colours. Easy to install, the absorbers are ideal for creating spaces where both exceptional acoustics and aesthetics are required cost-effectively.


Good acoustics are a crucial component of any well designed interior space, with commercial, educational or healthcare settings all facing different acoustic challenges. For a space to be considered successful, the visual design must be accompanied by a comfortable and appropriate acoustic environment. The Akusto range – which is made up of Akusto Wall, Akusto Screen and now also Akusto One – is designed for flexible placement, making creative potential virtually limitless.

The Akusto range – which is made up of Akusto Wall, Akusto Screen and now also Akusto One – is designed for flexible placement, making creative potential virtually limitless.

The Akusto One panels are available in circular, rectangular and squareshaped panels of various sizes; all are 40 mm in depth and complemented with white or grey painted edges. Using these standard shapes in combination, innovative designs and patterns can be created on the wall, improving both the acoustics and the aesthetics of the space. Depending on the environment in which the panels are being used, Akusto One can be produced in either a smooth, easily cleaned surface - with colours inspired by nature - or a fabric textured finish that boasts a more colourful, and recently revised on-trend palette for expressive wall or screen solutions. For more challenging spaces such as sports facilities, impact resistant wall panels and trims are available for Akusto Wall With the environment in mind, the panels are manufactured from 3rd generation high-density glass wool, with no added formaldehyde and high recycled content, meeting the strictest indoor climate standards in the world. The wool also meets fire safety demands and has been tested and classified as non-combustible according to EN ISO 1182. Lightweight yet very robust, the Akusto panels are easy to install using Ecophon’s innovative Connect One

accessories, which ensure the panels are mounted perfectly. In addition, Akusto One is a frameless system available with three simple, easy installation methods that ensure both flexibility and precision. Commenting on the launch of the Akusto One vertical sound absorbers, Will Jones, Marketing Manager at Ecophon said: “In addition to the incredible design scope these panels offer, ease of installation is a real plus point to Akusto One. It really is as quick and easy to install as hanging a picture, making the specification of these creatively shaped panels an effective solution from a design, acoustic performance and cost perspective. “Our well-known ceiling systems and free-hanging units are renowned as the perfect recipe for a good acoustic environment. Akusto One provides that natural complement. And with the new colours offered as part of the revised Akusto family, there really is no better vertical acoustics offer.”

For more information on Ecophon’s Akusto One visit www. or follow Ecophon on Twitter @EcophonUK.

TOUPRET UK have launched the first range of DECONTAMINATING skimming fillers which contain the active Toupret registered SANEO formulation.

PLANEO G with SANEO The first product /tools combination that successfully achieves perfect finishes when manually skim filling walls and ceilings prior to painting or wallcovering. Perfect for renovation and new work. Especially useful for the trades man who needs to quickly patch areas where traditional plastering is not cost effective.


TOUPRET SKIMMING FILLERS WITH SANEO are unique in their ability to capture and destroy FORMALDEHYDE molecules that are present in the air in your home, work place, schools and other common areas.


OUPRET SANEO products take up to 24 hours to effectively start purifying the air inside, thereafter releasing clean air back into the environment. This process continues for the life of Toupret skimming filler . The benefits of SANEO go further because it still works after being painted by any normal paint system or wallcovering . If combined with a decontaminating paint it reinforces its effectiveness. Toupret UK, s Jim Newark goes on to explain: “FORMALDEHYDE is the NO.1 indoor pollutant recently classified as CMR in Europe and classified as carcinogenic by the World Health Organisation. FORMALDEHYDE is used in many manufacturing processes that end up in the home and workplace. Surprising to many of us normal folk, chemicals given off by scented candles, plug in scented devices and household cleaning products. give of LIMONENE. Unfortunately although smelling fresh and pleasant its chemical reaction with normal air in your house etc. can produce molecules of FORMALDEHYDE” A recent article in The Daily Mail by Jaya Narin reported on recent tests carried


RRNews - Issue 19

The first AIRLESS spray product with SANEO that requires no trowelling! Also its machine flow of 2.6 litres per minute combined with a tip size of 4.19 means it can be put through smaller cost effective airless spray machines than most other ready to use or powder skimming fillers.



out by Professor Alaistair Lewis of The National Centre for Atmospheric Science at The University of York who explained the problem and the research that they did .The bottom line of these tests was made very clear in that Formaldehyde causes cancer particularly in the nose and throat .Many of the tests conclusions are in line with what TOUPRET external test laboratory [EUROFINS] have ratified in accordance with ISO 16000 Standard on the claims made by Toupret SANEO and the benefits of acting to reduce this pollutant . The two new TOUPRET SANEO skimming fillers are now available to be ordered through most professional trade Builders Merchants, Independent trade paint stores, Brewers Decorating centres, Crown Decorating centres, Dulux Decorating Centres and Johnstone Paints trade centres. Enquries Toupret office 0203 6916747 or email Website

The benefits of SANEO go further because it still works after being painted by any normal paint system or wallcovering . If combined with a decontaminating paint it reinforces its effectiveness.

IT’S NOT HARD, WITH This easy to use, flexible sealant and adhesive is the one product you need for applications inside your home. It seals and bonds, is easy to use, flexible after cure and has a 25 year mould free guarantee. Tel: +44(0)1484 42103 Email:

Interior Doors – Trends, themes and styles. Since the end of the Edwardian era, houses in Britain have traditionally been ugly and unimaginative with low ceilings, taking advantage of cheap fixtures and supplies available. t wasn’t until not too long ago that things gradually started to change. Sure, there have been many beautiful houses, but to the masses, it wasn’t hugely important. Especially when it came to doors.


Typically most internal doors in houses were just functional props that closed the room off. More often than not they were supplied by the builder and were usually cheap Chinese panelled doors. Typically they were made of pressed cardboard with a fake imprinted wood grain, and you could easily win a bet if you were to guess they’d warp in just a few years. The alternative may have been a flush door made from sapele or oak, depending on whether it was painted or not. Sapele is similar to oak, but is slightly cheaper and better suited for painting. Oak is a tad costlier and you’d rather not paint it to show the grain in its full glory. Not that it was important, since the doors would have been poor quality anyway. Nothing worth showing off really!

RRNews - Issue 19

Era of the plain white doors


Despite the ‘alternative’, most doors in British homes were frequently painted white, surrounded by a white architrave. They were never considered to be part of the interior design of a home. Gradually over the years, slightly nicer oak doors with four or six panels crept into people’s houses. This was by no means a particularly bold move, it was

As a company that supplies and fits doors, we’ve picked up on a number of trends based on consumer shopping habits. Mortice knobs (door knobs) were the norm in pre-Edwardian times and have become hugely popular over the last five years; whereas before, levers on a rose or back plate had a dominant place in the ironmongery department.

a simple case of replacing an existing leaf, fitted into the same white architrave. This trend remained unchallenged until perhaps ten or fifteen years ago walnut doors began to make its appearance to homes across the country. Still, it wasn’t terribly common and wasn’t a huge trend for most people. The main issue was that there would be a plethora of kitchen showrooms, bedroom superstores and tile warehouses, but finding somewhere that displayed a variety of interesting doors was almost nowhere to be found. You can

imagine how difficult it would have been to find inspiration! Some of the high-end developers who realised that if they were specifying good quality fixtures and fittings namely kitchens and bathrooms they needed to up their game on the quality of the doors also. However they still did not give the style and quality of the internal doors the importance they deserved. Having said that, interior design sometimes would get stuck in strange phases. In the 1970s and early 80s, everyone just wanted everything to be brown. In the last 80s and 90s everyone wanted things to be cream. The world had enough of colourful environments and hippies so it seemed. If someone really wanted to stand out, they would have approached a joinery company who could make bespoke doors that were more interesting and better quality than what was readily available at the large do-it-yourself stores and we all know who they are

Then came along change It is definitely a rather pleasant and welcoming change to see a wider variety when it comes to the door market. Interestingly the law has had some influence over trends in the last couple of decades. Fire safety regulations gave birth to the fire door, which technically you didn’t need as long as the door was self-closing in a home. That’s why many houses built in the 1990s tend to have this feature. That was until 2007, when the law changed stating that self-closers were not necessary anymore in a private residence but properly tested fire doors were. This paved the way to a new generation of doors that has completely changed the market. The main reason is that to obtain a fire rating, a leaf would need an engineered core, which makes use of a different manufacturing process altogether.

Current trends As a company that supplies and fits doors, we’ve picked up on a number of trends based on consumer shopping habits. Mortice knobs (door knobs) were the norm in pre-Edwardian times and have become hugely popular over the last five years; whereas before, levers on a rose or back plate had a dominant place in the ironmongery department. People have indeed been looking to the past for modern inspiration. Another example would be the rise in popularity of panelled doors, but not quite exactly your usual Victorian or Edwardian design. More elaborate panel designs have sprouted up. Here we have an example of a three panel door, but the shape and size of the panels is slightly unusual if you compared it to a traditional door. Metal inlays have become fashionable, whether they are placed inside a panel, running down the edge of a door or surrounding the leaf as a whole. Combining unusual panel design, metal inlays, various finishes such as high-gloss or bespoke stains have opened several doors to interior designers. Now, more than ever before, there is an almost never ending amount of combinations to personalise doors and make them part of the furniture, complimenting themes of rooms and much more.

We have been involved in the supply and install of more and more sliding doors over the last 5 years. This is a trend that would often be found going into bathrooms which were quite small and the client didn’t want to open a hinged door into the room.

We have been involved in the supply and install of more and more sliding doors over the last 5 years. This is a trend that would often be found going into bathrooms which were quite small and the client didn’t want to open a hinged door into the room. However this has extended to the main areas of the house especially in central London where square footage is at a premium. There are companies that can provide a sliding door cage system for singles and even double doors that have fire certification, which has helped sliding doors to be used almost in any area of the house or apartment. Some examples are shown below

Lastly, although this isn’t really a current trend, a lot of door handle suppliers have ‘brass’ in their company names or branding. This was because almost all door knobs and handles were made of brass in the past. Strangely enough, their market is referred to as the ‘ironmongery’ market, despite almost no handles or knobs ever being made from iron.

About Solid Wooden Doors (SWD) With an established reputation for commitment to innovative design, unsurpassed craftsmanship and excellent client service, Solid Wooden Doors offers the very best in manufacturing bespoke timber doors for residential and commercial purposes. or 01932 851081.

Possibly another indirect contribution to trends from the fire regulations are glazed doors. Because at one point, people needed self-closing doors, hallways became rather dark places, absent of much light. Having glass panels surely eliminated that issue and is now a commonplace in some new builds. This indirectly contributed to a trend of doors becoming taller. Going down the engineered core route ensures stability, preventing twisting and warping which was a risk with having extra-large solid wood doors. Making doors in this way which can be made taller and are more stable and generally have veneered faces allowed the finishes on the doors to be much more varied by using more interesting and rare veneers like walnut, cherry and many man made veneers

Oddly enough, grey has become prevalent in households. A lot of new, modern builds seem to take advantage of this. From stone flooring, grey tiles on walls and now doors have been tarnished with the grey brush. Due to demand, man-made veneers have appeared in the last five years. There are almost no types of wood in this colour, so special processes must be applied to give the illusion of grey-wood veneers. Perhaps we will see grey spread everywhere, just like brown and cream once did decades ago.

Almost around the same time, people started to become conscious of what their doors actually looked like when envisioning their dream home. From 2000 onwards, interior designers began to request doors would match the furniture and flooring. This didn’t mean they had to have an exact same finish, but most certainly it would have to look right. When some of the natural veneers were not quite right for the interior design and colour pallets that were required, many different stained oak colours became available which gave the consumer a much wider choice of colours and shades without having to have a painted door. Since then, many trends have sprouted into the world of British housing; some come and go; others remain. The new construction methods more often than not would take advantage of the huge variety of veneers available.

RRNews - Issue 19

Another rather significant trend is the introduction of doorsets. However, they are by no means something new; Europe has been years ahead of the UK when it comes to this. British builders would simply replace door leafs into existing frames, whereas the opposite would happen in Europe, replacing a leaf along with the entire frame as one piece. If you gave a leaf-only to European builders, they would probably stick four legs on and call it a table.


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Doors, Windows & Fittings

Celebrating our 10th Year!!!!

Made to measure interior wooden shutters

RRNews Issue 19

0800 321 3324 020 3131 3155


Just add profit…The Innovative alternative to Bi-Fold Doors. Brand new from Mighton Products, the Panoramic Door System.


timber/aluminium Hybrid patio door that combines the thermal efficiency of a PVCu door with the elegance of timber.

The doors come with a high quality powder coated finish to the outside and a timber cladding to the inside. Each system comes complete. All door panels are assembled and ready to fit, the surrounds are pre-cut and ready to fit on site. With a choice of

Customers buying the Panoramic Door will benefit from homeowner sales leads we receive. If you’d like to know how you can start making good profits, visit our website and send us an email from our ‘Contact us’ page. We will get back to you with more details and pricing. 0800 056 0471

RRNews - Issue 19

The Mighton Panoramic Door is a timber clad alternative to a PVCu, aluminium or timber bi-fold. The most obvious difference is that the panels can be moved and operated independently and are not fixed together like a bi-fold. As the door panels are independent, there is no connecting hardware. There are no unsightly hinges, handles or shootbolts, just beautiful smooth

Each system comes complete. All door panels are assembled and ready to fit, the surrounds are pre-cut and ready to fit on site.

seamless sightlines. A Mighton Panoramic Door can be positioned anywhere in the track you choose and unlike a bi-fold, the doors don’t encroach into your living space or patio space. The Mighton Panoramic Door comes with security and thermal efficiency built in.

supplying your own glazing and/ or timber cladding, the system is as versatile as you are. To help you get started, the first system you buy comes with a free of charge ‘Assisted Fit’ where we come along and advise you or your customer on the installation process.


5-6 Connaught Place Restored to its Former Grandeur Selectaglaze secondary glazing brings peace and quiet to opulent luxury apartments, in a Grade II Listed building in the heart of London’s West End.


inner of the best residential renovation in the UK 20142015, 5-6 Connaught Place has been exquisitely transformed by Redrow London, into exclusive luxurious apartments. Located in the heart of London, overlooking Hyde Park, these gorgeous Grade II Listed properties have the affluent shopping districts of Bond Street and Savile Row nearby. They were originally built as townhouses in the early 19th century by Graham Taylor. However, after the Second World War the properties were converted into office space and have now been restored to their original purpose - luxury homes fit for 21st century living. To ensure the apartments were tranquil and peaceful, John Sisk & Sons Ltd sought advice from Selectaglaze to assist in reducing the external noise levels. With fifty years’ experience, Selectaglaze is the leading specialist in the design, manufacture and installation of secondary glazing. Secondary glazing is fitted to the room side of the existing primary windows and is one of the most effective ways of reducing unwanted noise. When there is a gap between the primary and secondary glazing of at least 100mm, 45dB is achievable.

Along with noise reduction, secondary glazing also aids in eradicating unwanted drafts trapping them in an insulating layer. It also reduces heat loss helping to create a more comfortable living space. Working closely with Redrow London and John Sisk, Selectaglaze first installed a sample unit to show the level of noise reduction which can be achieved and how unobtrusive secondary glazing can be. Satisfied with the performance and aesthetics, Redrow London engaged Selectaglaze to complete the rest of the building. A total of 69 units were installed in five different unit styles all using

Along with noise reduction, secondary glazing also aids in eradicating unwanted drafts trapping them in an insulating layer. It also reduces heat loss helping to create a more comfortable living space. toughened safety glass. Curved units were also installed to mirror the styles of the primary windows. Each secondary glazed unit is tailor made to ensure the closest fit and contain high performance seals to reduce unwanted draughts and outside noise.

RRNews - Issue 19

As secondary glazing is a discreet and reversible adaptation, it is ideal for Listed properties and is widely accepted by most heritage bodies.


Established in 1966, and Royal Warrant Holders since 2004 Selectaglaze has a wealth of experience with working on all building types, from Listed offices, to new build hotels.

For further information, please contact Selectaglaze on 01727 837271, e-mail: or visit:



FREE *Dispensing gun for RAP /Quick / RAP -4H

Dispensing Gun worth over £40

Mix the Quantity of Desowood RAP – 4H required.

Introductory Pack cost: £138.06 including VAT and carriage Introductory Pack content: 1 set Desowood SAP-4H (two bottles), 3 sets Desowood RAP-4H (2 tubes x 3), One Dispensing Gun.

This offer is for new customers only and is limited to one free dispensing gun per customer / company. The offer may be withdrawn at any time without prior notice.

To purchase the Introductory Pack please call us or send us your details by e-mail.

TEL: 01767 682446 E: Web-site:


GARADOR LAUNCHES NEW AND IMPROVED ROLLER DOOR DESIGN! Garador’s ever popular GaraRoll is one of the best engineered roller doors on the market, and thanks to recent technical advancements incorporated into its design and manufacture, it is now even better. he new door design includes new components, which accelerate the process of fitting the roller door and help to deliver an even better door travel motion.


The guide rails have been widened and fitted with two more brush

seals (per guide rail), to provide a more water-tight door motion. The new guide rails also contribute to a smoother and more controlled door travel. The new guide rails are factory finished to colour match the roller door curtain; providing an immaculate and aesthetically pleasing appearance for homeowners. New hinge connectors provide a better seal on the box which sits at

The GaraRoll is not only for buildings where ceiling space needs to be retained or access to the roof is required; with its great looks and ultramodern specifications, it should be considered a great choice for any project.

very door in Garador’s range of FrontGuard and FrontGuard Plus front entrance doors is precision engineered to provide great functionality, security and thermal performance. SBD accredited front doors are available, and all doors can be fitted to open inwards or outwards plus offer a number of options.

Garador’s roller doors come in a large range of colours and timber-effect finishes.

Leading British garage door manufacturer Garador has now introduced a complete range of front entrance doors to complement the styles and designs of its garage doors.


RRNews - Issue 19

The GaraRoll also comes with a 2 button and a 4 button hand transmitter, each in an understated matt black finish, which incorporates high frequency encryption signals for added security. Furthermore, the GaraRoll is the only spring balanced roller door on the market which uses force limitation, built into the operator, to ensure the door is always safe to use. The high-tech features of this roller door perfectly complement its modern appearance, and with a precision engineered compact design, it is an excellent choice for those looking to save space inside the garage. But the GaraRoll is not only for buildings where ceiling space needs to be retained or access to the roof is required; with its great looks and ultra-modern specifications, it should be considered a great choice for any project.



the head of the door opening; which is especially important for externally fitted boxes. They also make it easier to access the roller door curtain for maintenance.

The doors come in a wide range of designs, colour and timber effect finishes and can be styled to exactly match a garage door from Garador’s Up & Over and Sectional garage door ranges.

Find out more about Garador’s garage door and front door ranges by calling 01935 443798 or visiting

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Editor’s Choice

Armstrong Launches Its Latest Solutions Guide To Floating Ceilings

Smith’s Space Saver SS80 Goes Dutch And Swedish

A dynamic guide for flexible, acoustic canopies and baffles has been published by Armstrong. Expert advice on the almost endless range of dramatic design and acoustic possibilities that can be achieved with canopies and baffles, including Optima Baffles Curves, the first curved mineral baffles in the industry, is contained within a new floating ceilings brochure from Armstrong. Floatingceilingsinspiregreatspacesbyintroducingnewshapes and add depth, scale and rhythm to internal areas, creating a contemporary aesthetic for modern building designers in the transport, education, commercial and retail sectors. But the 56-page A4 guide also explains that canopies and bafflescanhelpcreateamoresustainableinterior,contributing to improved indoor air quality and acoustics, and supporting high-mass, low-energy construction.

Smith’s Fan Convectors market-leading Space Saver plinth heater has been given a profile boost in the Dutch and Swedish markets. A new slim-line version of the Smith’s Space Saver was launched last year - the Smith’s Space Saver SS80 - making it the only plinth heater in Europe that fits IKEA-style 80mm plinth heights. The Space Saver SS80 fits much narrower plinths found in kitchen designs popular in Scandinavia and Germany. Like its taller counterparts, installing the Space Saver SS80 frees up wall space for extra work surfaces and more storage or desirable kitchen appliances. It provides an alternative for home owners having to make do with a panel radiator or expensive under-floor heating. The SS80 is now available nationally from all good merchants and online stockists.

Armstrong’s new floating ceilings brochure is available to download from 3514.PDF and via the Armstrong Ceiling Systems App available from both the Apple store as well as the Google Play store.

For more information contact Smith’s Environmental Products on 01245 324900 or at or

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Editor’s Choice M O DULEO IM PR ES SES IN O FF ICE EN VIRO N M ENT Leading digital media company, Ziff Davis, has fitted Country Oak from luxury vinyl flooring manufacturer Moduleo, in the recent renovation of its London office. Workplace interior design company TheJones London completed the project and opted for Country Oak from Moduleo’s Impress collection, as the colour and finish of the product perfectly complemented their design vision. Louise Coombs, interior architect at TheJones London comments: “We wanted to find flooring that was easy-to-maintain and hard-wearing, while reflecting the ‘urban concrete’ theme we were creating throughout the space. “After doing a bit of research we found that Country Oak from Moduleo fit the bill perfectly, and offered the ideal aesthetic and specification. The product looks just like natural wood but has none of the usual drawbacks, while the shade of the product works perfectly with the colour palette of this project.” Moduleo’s Impress collection boasts five wood designs and 22 colour options, all with registered emboss to create an accurate wood-effect finish that is the epitome of realistic design. David Bigland, managing director of Moduleo UK and Eire, explains: “It’s great to see another architect choose Moduleo. The new Ziff Davis office looks fantastic and it is real testament to the design of our product, that it has been chosen for such a cuttingedge space. “Our flooring has a slip resistant rating of R10, excellent acoustic properties, and is incredibly durable making it ideal for office environments. As

our products offer unrivalled durability, they can withstand a great deal of wear and tear from heavy workplace footfall, and are extremely easy-to-clean so spillages can be easily dealt with, without any scuffing or staining.” As part of IVC, a global top three manufacturer selling 100 million m2 of vinyl flooring every year since 1997, Moduleo has a strong heritage and offers unrivalled eco-credentials. Louise concludes: “The overall finish looks amazing. We’re extremely pleased that we chose Moduleo and would certainly recommend this product for those looking to create a stylish office environment.”


The MAXifloor system from Fermacell is now supported by two new brochures. Leading specialist building boards manufacturer Fermacell has launched new literature to support its MAXifloor hollow flooring system. A four-page A4 snapshot guide gives a preview of the simple tongue and groove system for new-build and retrofit while its 16-page big brother brochure goes into detail about its characteristics, applications, installation, accessories and finishing.

RRNews Issue 19

Designed to help specifiers smoothly integrate building services and communications in modern flooring systems in domestic and commercial applications, it guarantees the three Fs - a future-proof, functional and flexible solution.


Sitting on pedestals between a reinforced concrete structural floor and floor covering such as laminate, parquet and tiles, MAXifloor’s 39mm thick gypsum fibreboard performs to fire protection class F30 and to impact sound levels of 13 to 26dB. As well as the pedestals, accessories include perimeter strips, adhesive and joint filler. The boards can be cut to size with just a circular saw, jigsaw or handsaw. Both pieces of literature also give guidance on layouts for working loads of between 2 kN and 4 kN.

The detailed MAXifloor brochure is available to download from –

For more information, visit – w or contact the Moduleo team on 01332 851 500.

Latest News Interserve and Paragon open first regional construction hub


Interserve, the international support services and construction group, officially launched its London and South East Construction Hub on Wednesday 24th February.

Acquired by Interserve in May 2013, Paragon has increased its turnover to £175 million and grown from 55 to 180 staff in the period. The London and South East Hub is the first regional hub that brings together specialist fit-out operations and construction services. The new City office will support the combined 240-strong team to deliver in excess of £250 million of projects over the next year.

he new office brings together the regional construction team with its specialist commercial interiors business, Paragon, to jointly deliver a wide range of projects to clients across multiple sectors.

The new office is a showcase of what can be done as one team. The exemplar space achieved RICS SKA Gold after an assessment of more than 100 ‘good practice’ measures.

New twin towers for Wembley as HUB wins consent for London’s biggest new mid-market residential scheme One of the biggest mid-market housing developments in the country has won planning consent in Wembley, north London.


rent Council approved plans by HUB and Bridges Ventures (“Bridges”), a specialist sustainable and impact investor, to transform a disused office block into twin residential towers containing 239 mid-market homes. The 21 and 26 storey towers, designed by Maccreanor Lavington Architects, will be the tallest in Wembley, but HUB successfully argued that the height was appropriate in this location given the great transport links, the quality of the building design and accommodation, and the space offered back to the community. Crucially, HUB will focus on developing homes for working Londoners. A mix of affordable housing, units for sale and apartments built specifically

for rent will sit above a new community centre, extensive public realm, retail space and cycle storage. Councillors praised HUB for its commitment to engaging with locals at the planning meeting on Wednesday night, welcoming its “proactive” approach to public consultation. This is the second major collaboration between Bridges and HUB: the two partners are also redeveloping the former EMI pressing plant at The Old Vinyl Factory in Hayes, on behalf of Fizzy Living. Underlining its commitment to the local community, HUB encouraged job clubs, playgroups and women’s support groups to use the space during the planning process.

North England Build 2016 to Launch New Skills Hub Zone Last week, Chancellor George Osbourne announced major new commitments to construction projects across the UK.

To meet with organisations such as CIAT and the NFB in the Skills Hub or to register for your free tickets to North England Build 2016, please visit www. Alternatively if you are interested in getting involved and participating in the Skills Hub zone, please contact the North England Build Team on 020 7065 5524.

The Considerate Constructors Scheme the national Scheme to improve the image of the construction industry - will be hosting the prestigious 2016 National Site Awards at ceremonies throughout the UK this month (April).


he Scheme will be rewarding the top-performing registered sites that have demonstrated the highest level of considerate construction towards the public, the workforce and the environment. This year’s National Site Awards apply to registered sites that completed in 2015. Over 3500 guests from construction sites of all different sizes will be attending award ceremonies during 11-29 April in Edinburgh, London and Manchester. For the first time, ‘value bands’ are being introduced to enable sites to be assessed based on their project value. The value bands are: Less than £500k; £500k to <£5m; £5m to <£10m; £10m and over.

Go to Twitter @CCScheme #ccsawards for the latest news from the awards ceremonies which are taking place between 11-29 April.

RRNews - Issue 19


n addition to giving the go ahead for the £27bn development of Crossrail 2 in London, a green light was given to significant infrastructure projects across the North of England. Schemes such as HS3 between Leeds and Manchester, the widening of the M62, upgrades to the A66 and A69 in the North Pennines and a look into the feasibility of a Trans-Pennine tunnel linking Sheffield and Manchester, were all backed by the Chancellor.

With a renewed focus on creating jobs within the industry and a skilled workforce to support it, North England Build 2016 will be launching the new Skills Hub zone. The Skills Hub will bring together some of the UK’s leading universities, recruiters and construction companies to provide students, job seekers and career movers with a unique opportunity to meet and network with industry insiders offering the best possible advice for a career in construction.

UK’s most considerate constructors get ready for 2016 National Site Awards


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Editor’s Choice

Snickers’ Kneepads - Top Quality Knee Protection. Give yourself the best possible protection with a range of kneepads that are tough on impact and effective on protection. If you work a lot on your knees, Snickers’ range of revolutionary Kneepads will deliver cutting edge protection. Whether you’re a craftsman or woman working in tough working environments, floorlaying or just need all-round knee protection, there’s a Kneepad in the Snickers range to suit the job you’re doing. They’re all ergonomically designed to suit a wide range of on-site working environments and will mold around your knees for maximum comfort on rough, damp ground and help ward off niggly knee problems and long term injuries. For more information on the Snickers range of Kneepads is easy. You can call the Helpline on 01484 854788; or check out and download a digital catalogue.

Joyner Bolt™ ~ Is this the end for coach-bolts and threaded rods? ~ Joining timber to timber or timber to metal using a coachbolt is frustrating and time consuming. The head spins and pulls into the timber. Threaded rods are difficult to cut, deburr and use efficiently in confined spaces. Both options provide inefficient joints. Joyner Bolt™ ( guarantees a reliable joint every time. It’s non-slip grip is perfect for joists, rafters, roof trusses, stud walls and door lintels. The 10 piece task specific range was invented in the UK for use at all levels of the construction and building industry where speed, quality and performance matter. For further product information, request samples and to view our video visit

Safetytread products are a range of bespoke, premium, high quality anti-slip stair nosings manufactured in the UK. The products are long lasting: made from recycled aluminium profiles and either a ‘carborundum’ or PVC-Composition filler. Safetytread is environmentally friendly and provides a more economical solution than cheaper plastic materials. The treads will add excellent slip resistance to any staircase (internal or external); can be tailor-made to fit the exact dimensions of a stair tread and are available in a wide range of colours. Not only do they give an extremely professional finish; they also highlight the importance of the health and safety of staff and customers. We will meet your stair nosing requirements with a tailor-made,

RRNews Issue 19

bespoke solution, filled in your desired colour.


For more information please visit email or call us on 01202 625596.

Get Creative With New Wall-Based Acoustic Absorbers Good acoustics are a crucial component of any well designed interior space, with commercial, educational or healthcare settings all facing different acoustic challenges. For a space to be considered successful, the visual design must be accompanied by a comfortable and appropriate acoustic environment. The Akusto range from Ecophon is a range of vertical wall panels and screens designed to reduce echoes, enhance speech clarity and improve the acoustic environment, and has recently been expanded with the launch of Akusto One. This new addition of vertical independent sound absorbers in design-friendly smaller dimensions is available in different sizes, shapes and colours. Easy to install, these absorbers are ideal for creating spaces where both exceptional acoustics and aesthetics are required. Web: Email:

BOET has now been operating for 20 years as a Tile Manufacturer Agency for the UK and Ireland. We represent Italian and Spanish Factories and have now extended our portfolio to include Factories in the Far East and South America.

The office is staffed by three charming ladies who computerise all client orders and act as the contact for our clients with the factories which we represent. Sales department is staffed by five active gentlemen who cover the whole of the UK and the Republic of Ireland.



Series: Board Size: 60,4x90,6 (24”x36”) Colour: Dust

RRNews - Issue 19


ur portfolio in the UK and Ireland includes Unicom Starker Group & Batik from Italy, Monopole Ceramica— Nexo Euroamerica & Cithetiles from Spain. Further La Fabbrica, Italy and STN & Arcana Ceramica for the Irish market only.


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Stepping out with steel – re-image of 140 Fenchurch Street


Standing out in London is not easy, especially if you are located in the shadow of the City’s futuristic skyscrapers. However, the creative minds at Bogle Architects, one of the youngest and most interesting studios in Europe, did just that with their reinvention of the entrance to 140 Fenchurch Street thanks to the workmanship of Marzorati Ronchetti, leading Italian manufacturers of specialist metalwork.


he building’s entrance located a short distance from the Tower of London on a secondary street, required an eye-catching re-design solution. A solution that would shine and glitter like a jewel but be sophisticated, elegant and daring at the same time.

steel convex panels, extending from the lobby interior through the glazed facade to wrap around the building’s street façade.

This project’s signature element is the dramatic, multi-faceted feature wall. The refined geometry of the new wall is achieved using interlinked highly polished stainless

“We chose steel for the external wall and reception area, as it is a durable and versatile material that lends itself to a variety of finishes, choosing a multi-faceted surface and texture

Polona Pirnat, Project Architect at Bogle Architects, explains how the idea behind the multi-faceted wall was born:

spectacular exhibition installation at MoMA in New York.

that would reflect and diffuse light, bringing a sense of dynamism to the new entrance. Originally, we thought of using cast aluminium, but after consulting with Marzorati Ronchetti, we decided on stainless steel – a material that lends itself to more refined finishes. To ensure the highest quality of finish, the installation was pre-fabricated in a workshop and then assembled on site.”

Photos © Joe Clark

Stefano Ronchetti of Marzorati Ronchetti explains:

The wall’s finely detailed design was custom made by Marzorati Ronchetti, whose international portfolio includes Louis Vuitton’s Milan showroom, the lobby area for 30 St Mary Axe in London and a spectacular exhibition installation at MoMA in New York.

The reception desk was also specially designed. The mirror polished top reflects the light tones of the surrounding space. However, it is the dark tones of the slightly concave, acid-etched steel facing that makes the desk stand out, transforming it into a sort of monolith of prized tactile qualities.”

RRNews - Issue 19

The wall’s finely detailed design was custom made by Marzorati Ronchetti, whose international portfolio includes Louis Vuitton’s Milan showroom, the lobby area for 30 St Mary Axe in London and a

The coherence of the design is further enhanced by a new floating canopy and the introduction of a large, acid-etched steel reception desk.

“We are often called to create designs that are halfway between architecture and art. In this case, the complex multi-faceted stainless steel matrix is an eye-catching feature with a glittering yet prized image. The steel is augmented by feature lighting along the ceiling that extends outside, adding character to the entry canopy.





FREE TO REGISTER | | @N_EnglandBuild | #NEBExpo

Four exclusive VIP Meet the Buyer sessions along with extensive networking opportunities over the two days, with key decision-makers present from developments such as the TransPennine Project and NOMA.

Sectors Covered

26-27 Oct 2016

Lead Event Partner:

Event Partners Include:

The Construction Industry Charity

TEL +44 (0)207 127 4501

FAX +44 (0)207 127 4503


23-24 Nov 2016

Officially Supported by:

New Opportunities for Construction SMEs? Recent announcements by the Homes & Communities Agency (HCA) have provided plenty of cause for optimism; 80 public land sites, coming in at over 600 acres, will be put up for sale to accelerate house building. However, with the EU Threshold in place, a number of SMEs are struggling to compete in the tendering process due to restrictive financial controls. The House Builders Association (HBA) are working with the HCA to break this down by providing a catalogue of smaller sites with a simpler tendering process for smaller housebuilders, as well as facilitating access to finance. Speaking on the behalf of the House Builders Association (HBA), Policy Advisor Rico Wojtulewicz said: “Access to finance has improved but many developers have difficulty drawing it down due to a lack of planning permission. The Government has recognised this fact and as well as communicating with the HBA to find a solution the HCA is making a strong effort to identify small sites and support SMEs. This will surely help but the HBA remains staunch in its opinion that fixing planning and giving small sites and infill the same focus as large sites would not only improve the housing crisis but begin closing the gap between ‘affordable’ and realistically affordable.” Alongside housebuilders, SMEs operating in the north of England stand to benefit substantially from government support, as the Northern Powerhouse plan begins to show more tangible benefits for smaller construction companies. Supported by the Greater Manchester Chamber of Commerce, North England Build 2016 will be held at Manchester Central in April, and has positioned itself as a key platform for SMEs to discover

opportunities within the housing sector as a result of the Northern Powerhouse initiative. Chris Fletcher, Marketing & Policy Director at Greater Manchester Chamber of Commerce, said: “We are really pleased to be able to support North England Build and it’s great that Manchester has been chosen as the venue for this event. There is a lot of discussion and talk around the Northern Powerhouse at present and also a lot of differing views over what business opportunities will come about as part of this. There’s no doubt that the construction sector will play a major part in the Powerhouse and events like this will help set the scene for many as to what the benefits will be.”

For more information and to register for a free ticket, visit

F. Ball provides durable solution for iconic local landmark A range of high performance floor preparation products from F. Ball and Co. Ltd. have been used to create a durable, professional floor finish at St. John’s Hall in Penzance, Cornwall, as part of a major refurbishment project.


ontractors from Aztek Interiors used Stopgap F77 accelerated waterproof surface membrane system to protect the new installation from moisture damage, before priming with Stopgap P131 and using Stopgap 600 Base deep section smoothing underlayment to quickly build up floor levels on the ground floor of the Grade II listed building. F. Ball’s Stopgap 1200 Pro smoothing underlayment was then used to create a perfectly smooth surface for the installation of new carpet floorcoverings. Aztek Interiors were contacted to complete a flooring installation in St. John’s Hall as part of a major refurbishment project, which will see all four floors of the iconic local landmark being renovated. The building is the oldest granite building in the country, and has acted as a local government office for centuries. As the existing floors were installed in the mid-19th Century, there was no structural damp proof membrane in place. With the help of F. Ball representatives, contractors conducted relative humidity tests before applying Stopgap F77 waterproof surface membrane to protect the installation against moisture damage. Stopgap F77 is a solvent free, high performance, two part epoxy resin system which cures to provide a waterproof surface membrane, capable of impeding the passage of rising damp where relative humidity values are up to 98%. In one area of the ground floor, contractors found the existing sand/cement screed subfloor to be in very poor condition, with varying depths and a rough surface. Contractors prepared the subfloor, removing

RRNews - Issue 19

“The product itself was superb. We were able to build the floor levels up a lot in one application, it flows nicely, and it sets quickly. It’s perfect for jobs like this.” John Hudson, Aztek Interiors owner.


all loose material, before applying Stopgap F77. Stopgap 600 Base deep section smoothing underlayment was then applied to quickly raise floor levels and to provide a sound base for the application of a finishing smoothing underlayment. Stopgap 600 Base was applied at an average thickness of 45mm in a single application. Commenting on the use of Stopgap 600, John Hudson, Owner of Aztek Interiors and an F. Ball loyalty card holder, said: “The product itself was superb. We were able to build the floor levels up a lot in one application, it flows nicely, and it sets quickly. It’s perfect for jobs like this.” Stopgap 600 Base is a fast drying, low odour, deep section smoothing underlayment, designed for use where floor levels need to be raised quickly and economically in light to heavy-duty applications. It is suitable up to thicknesses of 5 – 50mm in a single application, and can be hand or pump applied. It has a working time of 20 minutes, and can be ready to receive smoothing underlayments from just three hours. This compares favourably to the use of sand/ cement screeds, which normally take at least one day to dry per millimeter thickness. Stopgap 1200 Pro was then applied directly onto Stopgap 600 Base, creating a perfectly smooth surface ready for the installation of new floorcoverings. Stopgap 1200 Pro is a fast drying, self-smoothing, easy to use smoothing underlayment that can be ready to receive floorcoverings from four hours.

For further information on F. Ball and Co. Ltd Call 01583 361 633 or visit


Solutions for Problem Floors Uneven joints, high spots, contaminants, worn coatings, sticky residues, old tiles and broken down screeds? We can supply the equipment, or a qualified team, to ensure the successful application and durability of your new flooring system.



Call for free Technical Advice. Smooth





нϰϰ;ϬͿϭϱϮϮϱϲϭϰϲϬ ǁǁǁ͘ƚŚĞƉƌĞƉĂƌĂƚŝŽŶŐƌŽƵƉ͘ĐŽŵ  

Atkinson & Kirby Launches New Parquet Flooring Flooring Specialist, Atkinson & Kirby has launched it’s new Renaissance Collection of classic parquet flooring with a modern twist, featuring a variety of popular colours and finishes.


he new range is inspired by current trends with ten contemporary colours, in three different finishes, including, oiled, brushed and lacquered, designed specifically to combine durability and functionality to suit a wide range of tastes and applications. Neil Smith, Group Flooring Director for Atkinson & Kirby, said: “The new range is quick and simple to navigate. The benefits include single block thickness, which allows for mix and match of colours if desired and it is suitable for use with underfloor heating, making it a popular option for residential and commercial applications alike.”

RRNews - Issue 19

For more information on the latest Renaissance Collection, please visit: to download a brochure. Alternatively, please contact your local Atkinson & Kirby sales representative.


Atkinson & Kirby is the leading name in flooring industry, and is also part of the Archwood Group, which includes sister brands, Richard Burbidge and Masons Timber Products, so Atkinson & Kirby’s customers can benefit from exciting cross brand opportunities.


Pressure Sensitive Flooring Adhesive Styccobond F46, the leading pressure sensitive adhesive, ideal for both vinyl sheet and luxury vinyl tiles. In a full 15 litre tub, this adhesive goes further than virtually any other adhesive on the market, making it exceptional value.

Excellent Tack

High Bond Strength

Quick Drying

Long Open Time

Cheddleton, Leek, Staffordshire ST13 7RS Tel: 01538 361633 Email:

ERP A-RATINGS: SIX MONTHS ON AND MARKET MAKES DEFINITIVE CHOICES Six months on from the implementation of the Energy Labelling Directive (ErP) and Rinnai is reporting direct benefits from the legislative transparency for buyers wanting and needing the most energy efficient range of hot water heating units for commercial and domestic applications. Rinnai is the UK’s leading innovator in the design and manufacturer of hot water heating systems. It offers the industry’s leading A-rated range of Infinity continuous flow gas fired water heaters, The ErP A-rating applies over the complete Infinity range – from small domestic models to XXL sized industrial units.


he legislation came into effect on 26 September 2015* and Rinnai has been expanding its customer base exponentially as installers and specifiers clearly see, due to the labelling directive, the advantage of installing the widest range of A-rated continuous flow water heaters.

Rinnai is the UK’s leading innovator in the design and manufacturer of hot water heating systems. It offers the industry’s leading A-rated range of Infinity continuous flow gas fired water heaters, The ErP A-rating applies over the complete Infinity range – from small domestic models to XXL sized industrial units. Rinnai is the only manufacturer that can field a expansive range of continuous flow gas fired water heaters which meets and exceeds the demands of the new legislation.

performance WHEN comparing Rinnai to other brands. The competitions have also produced B rated labels for their noncondensing array, whereas Rinnai shows A rated for its HD50i, HD55i and HD55e. This is a defining key performance indicator for specifiers, installers and end users alike, giving confidence they are buying the best energy efficient kit available today.”

The level of enquiries about the A-rated, technically advanced appliances from consultants and contractors in all sectors has escalated ever since the publication of independent testing results were announced. “We are very happy that the transparency of the Eco labelling directive clearly shows that Rinnai’s best-in-the-market energy rating scores has made the Infinity range the No 1 one choice for both professionals and end users looking for proven efficiencies,” says Goggin. “ErP labelling offers a clear guide for choosing the most efficient units.”

RRNews - Issue 19

To make sure the appliances comply with EU rules for energy labelling Rinnai ensured all its appliances were tested twice – first at the Rinnai plant where units undergo rigorous interrogation by the company’s expert engineers and then again a notified body that bestowed the coveted A- rated label on the products.


Goggin continues: “The facts are there to be seen. In an ErP competitor comparison, the nearest competing brand to Rinnai have A rated labels in there condensing category, yet close inspection of the labels will reveal that there are significant differences in kWh annum and GJ annum

Goggin goes on to explain that specifiers have come to realise that advantages of the Rinnai system don’t stop at the A-rated label., The Rinnai the range has even more to offer in terms of efficiencies as the A-rating applies only when a unit is in use – i.e. when fuel is being burnt. As a Rinnai unit will only use fuel when water is drawn it scores even more efficiencies over any stored hot water system.” Goggin concludes: “The industry has embraced Rinnai’s A-rated Infinity range since the implementation of ErP labelling just six months ago and this is recognition of the hard work by Rinnai’s engineers and designers and the company’s commitment to invest heavily in R&D. The uptake on the whole series of low NoX, high efficiency product, across all sectors, has been nothing short of phenomenal and that is due to the transparency the EU energy labelling directive has conferred on product selection for specifiers. * All water-heating products sold in the UK need to meet minimum energy performance criteria in order to be legally placed on the market, and require an energy label.

For more information on the RINNAI product range visit







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Iâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;m a Wi-Fi ready hAPPy chAPPy 0>>> "# '' ' ' ''


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Smart APP Wi-Fi Control

User Videos available


6=9</8;>9.25<8:=6>(5<=<;> 6=9</8;> $'>1 >> ;6">1)#>#'1%>>=">1)#>#'%$>(3=:6">:9,7;6;4<8:4*;=<:9+473-=9/472>>     

SWIGA is here to help you with expert opinions and comments on SWI. SWIGA, and third parties have worked together in the development of this SWI industry infrastructure to bring about a major expansion in industry capacity whilst ensuring the highest levels of quality and standards are maintained specifically for the Eco and Green Deal as well as non funded retrofit.

SWIGA Guarantee provides peace of mind The Solid Wall Insulation Guarantee Agency (SWIGA) is a not for profit guarantee provider for solid wall solutions. et up by industry to encourage continuous industry quality improvements through the use of its unique quality framework. SWIGA provides direct support to the customer through its extensive network of member’s expertise.


The SWIGA guarantee offers cover for; external wall, internal wall and hybrid systems for traditional solid wall properties, non-traditional properties such as no-fines concrete and frame buildings. As well as providing cover for low and high rise apartments.

RRNews - Issue 19

Andrew Champ, Executive Director of SWIGA, commented; “SWIGA’s commitment to provide the consumer and the insulation industry with a dependable Guarantee is shown in the quality of the over 250 companies that have joined SWIGA to date.


“SWIGA’s Contractor and System holder membership has to meet stringent entry criteria prior to joining to ensure they are trained correctly, understand the systems and installation techniques needed to fit the systems correctly as well as ensuring the companies that join are financially viable as business’s to carry out solid wall insulation work. “The not for profit SWIGA warranty is backed by a robust 25 year guarantee

with an industry-leading Quality Assurance framework and at a cost of £79 per standard house; we believe this represents fantastic value for money.” Andrew added: “Not only does SWIGA provide consumer protection with our independent 25-year Guarantee we can offer the consumer independent industry expertise – our membership

“The not for profit SWIGA warranty is backed by a robust 25 year guarantee with an industry-leading Quality Assurance framework and at a cost of £79 per standard house; we believe this represents fantastic value for money.” Andrew Champ, Executive Director of SWIGA

SWIGA provides consumer protection and an independent 25-year Guarantee for internal, external and hybrid solid wall insulation installations carried out under the SWIGA framework by accredited installers.

includes all major system designers who we can draw on, but we also have an independent approach and can offer expert opinion on client projects. “We differ from insurance companies in that we are a not for profit organisation and in the unusual event of installation issues, we will arbitrate directly with the home owner on any disputes, working with our network to obtain the best outcome for the owner. Our prime focus has always been on prevention, not cure. Our Quality Assurance framework is key and our pre-vetting procedures do more than any other to avoid issues from the outset.” For more information about SWIGA contact, call 01525 854977, or visit

Whether it is renovating your walls or ďŹ&#x201A;oors Dunoon based GTi Direct have a solution for you. The innovative ECAP External Wall Insulation System saves both time and money on installation being delivered to site semi prepared.


he ECAP Insulation panels have the first base coat and reinforcing mesh applied in the factory giving a consistent foundation for a quality finish. This is also means that there are less materials required on site and the insulation is weatherproof from day one! Helping you to best utilise the windows of opportunity to install ECAP within the vagaries of the UK climate. The ECAP External Wall System comes with a variety of decorative coatings to suit your requirement.

Politerm Blu is an innovative solution for installation in floor spaces, consisting of specially coated EPS beads which are mixed with only cement and water to produce a thermally efficient lightweight under screed.


his excellent product eliminates the requirement to lay insulation prior to concreting, therefore reducing time and labour on installation.

Politerm Blu also has a significantly quicker drying time enabling your project to completed in a shorter period of time.

RRNews - Issue 19

01369 702070 GTi Direct, GT House, Sandbank Business Park, Dunoon, Argyll PA23 8PB


RRNews - Issue 19

Out of the Ashes and into Acclaim


As you turn into Park Street, one of Windsorâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s most historic streets and adjacent to Windsor Castle, you are greeted by a beautiful selection of well-maintained listed buildings from the Victorian era. Walking around, the houses reflect a certain sense of mighty endurance, as if they had been there, standing tall and strong for centuries.


he street would have looked picture perfect three years ago. But in the blink of an eye that perfection was gone as Sue and Alan Bussey returned home to Park Street from their farmhouse in rural Berkshire. As the Busseys approached their house, the harsh reality sank in. The 19th century home that they had bought a year earlier and were still renovating was engulfed in flames, a devastating inferno. So strong was the fire, it had to be tackled by more than 80 firefighters called in from the Berkshire, Buckinghamshire, London, Oxfordshire and Surrey regions. A few hours into the blaze and the upper floors completely collapsed. Itâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s the worst scenario any homeowner would like to return to. Instead of admitting defeat, husband and wife team, Alan and Sue set off on the long and difficult journey of re-building their dream home. But even for a seasoned developer like Alan, the process was not at

all a smooth ride. At first, he was investigated for having deliberately set the fire to claim insurance money. Once the police had completed their investigation and Alan cleared, the council took over to perform a controlled demolition in order to make the site safe again. Even then, the Busseys still had to get planning permission to rebuild as well as approval from English Heritage. The property, situated on a historic street of Georgian listed buildings, had to be rebuilt from the ground up to exactly replicate the style of its oldest neighbours. Reconstruction work lasted over two-and-a-half years >>

The task of (re)decorating the property fell into the hands of Dulux Trade Master Decorator Nigel Bennett, who was asked to restore the homeâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s interiors and exteriors to (and beyond) their former glory.

RRNews - Issue 19


“The owners wanted a period look with a contemporary feel so we had to choose and blend colours that gave the impression of being lived-in but still looked modern and stylish.” NIgel Bennett, owner of Bennetts Decorating Services Ltd and Dulux Trade Master Decorator and the result was a convincing Georgian Grade II* listed home without the period problems. The task of (re)decorating the property fell into the hands of Dulux Trade Master Decorator Nigel Bennett, who was asked to restore the home’s interiors and exteriors to (and beyond) their former glory. Nigel, owner of Bennetts Decorating Services Ltd., had actually been working on the property before the fire destroyed it, as part of the initial renovation process undertaken by the Busseys. With over 34 years’ experience, Bennett’s specialty, creating a high specification finish, incorporating luxury wall coverings and using specialist spray-painting techniques, helped to create a stunning contemporary finish perfectly complimenting the home’s 19th century style. But this wasn’t at all an easy task. As Bennett himself admits, “This must have been one of the most challenging and high-specification jobs we have ever done. The work involved a total redecoration of the entire exterior and interior of the house, a challenge that took four professionals, including myself, almost a year to complete.” One of the most difficult parts of the job, according to Nigel, was cutting in the balusters of the staircase over four levels. This requires extremely steady hands and is not a task for the impatient. Having cut into more than one hundred balusters, he then had to match the colour of the handrail to the colour of the stairs. For this, he used a durable eggshell finish. Nigel is a master at challenging jobs, with his attention to detail providing the house with an extremely high-quality feel. His focus on quality is reflected in the choice of paints, with a large variety or products and finishes from across the Dulux Trade range having been used for different purposes around the house (from solvent based eggshell finishes used on wood to Dulux Trade Weathershield Quick Dry Satin used on the exterior of the building).

RRNews - Issue 19

Nigel’s outstanding paintwork, has earned him the title of Dulux Trade Master Decorator, one of only six in the country and has succeeded in making the property look old, yet feel new. He recalls: “The owners wanted a period look with a contemporary feel so we had to choose and blend colours that gave the impression of being lived-in but still looked modern and stylish.” To achieve this, the Busseys decided to use colours from the Dulux Trade Heritage range. These originate from in-depth research into authentic historical pigments (from delicate blues, influenced by natural pigments, to rich golds derived from Italian marble), which are replicated to provide homes with character and authenticity. The result is a series of colours that offer period beauty and modern performance, much like every aspect of the Busseys’ new home.


Unlike other Georgian homes that are prone to rot, damp, crumbling or woodworms, their property does not suffer from period “aches”. By rebuilding it from the ground up using modern methods and a mix of modern and period ingredients, they have created the most stable house on the street. And now it can be yours, if you can afford the price tag: a hefty £5.5m (but worth every penny!).

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Landscaping TCL's half a million pound play hub is latest jewel in £2.5m DWH country park project TCL is nearing the end of a multifaceted £2.5 million project creating play areas, sports facilities and a wetland area in a 150 acre country park in Bedfordshire. Great Denham Park, devised for David Wilson Homes who are building 2,800 homes over a 12 year period, is an impressive undertaking -and the latest element - a £500,000 Play Hub was officially opened by children from the local school. The hub itself - which takes up close to an acre and a half of the park - contains a selection of play equipment for toddlers to teenagers including a giant space net and required 500 tonnes of play sand and 4500m2 of turf for its construction. The key planning and budgeting of the overall park - which was formerly farmland was carried out for DWH by TCL, with the designs created by landscape architects Golby and Luck. The entire project has involved extensive consultation between TCL, Bedford Borough Council and DWH over the past five years. By the time the three year construction phase finishes the project will have taken eight years to complete. TCL was also responsible for installing a further 20 play areas, a wetland area which is home to herons and mandarin ducks among other birds and wildlife, a 1.5km cycle way which links into Bedford's existing cycle network, 2.2 km of gravel footpaths, a BMX track, fitness equipment, six football pitches and a running track. The coming year will see the completion of a sports pavilion with café and an all weather multi use games area for tennis, basketball and netball on a 1200 sq m all weather pitch. TCL has been a trusted partner of DWH for many years and this long and happy working relationship helped ensure the two would team up for this complex project.

RRNews Issue 19

For further information please visit –







Lavish Lawns Enjoyable all year round, with minimal maintenance Get ready for summer with Lavish Lawns, a high quality, low maintenance, realistic grass carpet for your customers to enjoy all year round. Available in 4 realistic finishes/colours In stock and available NOW for the summer season Installation & maintenance advice available Artificial grass is easy to maintain, convenient and looks realistic Stockists nationwide for next day delivery


£ 9.45m2


Contact your local stockist for a sample, or visit to request a sample and to download installation and maintenance instructions. Aberdeen



London, Colindale

London, Camberley



01224 546 730

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0113 236 4590




London, Bow

Chatham, Kent



0141 427 8456

0161 786 6800

01954 782 224

020 8525 5691

01634 668 668

0117 316 0555

020 8507 4390

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Lighting & Electrical

RRNews Issue 19



Trespa has announced the launch of its new Trespa® Meteon® Lumen range. This allows architects and designers to play with the composition of light reflection on your façade. By doing so, natural light can be creatively introduced as a design element. It can be reflected, scattered, enhanced or muted according to architects’ and clients’ wishes. “Trespa Meteon Lumen changes the way designs are perceived, it changes how people interact with structures and how buildings interact with their surroundings,” says Lucas Stevens, Design Expert at Trespa. “With Trespa Meteon Lumen, you can play with the compositions of light reflection on your façade, within a single colour. This new diversity of finishes enhances design creativity and ensures façades will truly stand out.” Bring your colour to life with reflections of light Trespa Meteon Lumen is available in three variations across eight colours. Each of the three Lumen variations is available in grey, black and white and several terra cotta tones. ‘Diffuse’ removes glossiness, reflection and texture, resulting in instant tranquillity. Scattered light gives façades a smooth, subdued appearance. ‘Oblique’ has a pleasantly uneven matt-and-gloss surface that brings a natural, weathered look to any façade. ‘Specular’ reflects its surroundings, adding liveliness with deep colours and gloss. Buildings become seamlessly integrated into their environment. Experience the effect for yourself

See what Trespa® Meteon® Lumen can do: order your samples today on For further details regarding our delivery programme, please visit

LIGHTING Design students reinvent the concept of light using Formica® laminate Formica Group has announced the winners of Formica® Formations – a competition inviting European design students to explore and reinvent the concept of light using Formica®laminate. Light Nest featuring ColorCore® by Nathan Parou, Alenka Petrovic, Margaux Jammes, Lucie Julien Faimali and Rocio Rodriguez Balaguer (ENSAAMA)

Venture upgrades high bays to create premium industrial luminaire Venture Lighting Europe has created yet another highly efficient, energy saving solution for industrial lighting schemes with its new and advanced VLED Highbay Pro.

When the sun goes down, the lighting is free! The new Solar Walkway Light 500 is the latest product to be released in a range of exciting solar powered LED lights from Bright Spark Solar.


esigned for pole mounting, the Solar Walkway Light 500 provides a powerful independent lighting solution using free solar energy, and is ideal for numerous applications including gardens, parks, hotels, marinas, camp sites, holiday parks, farms and any location where connection to the mains is not readily available.


he luminaire is an upgrade of the company’s established VLED IDT Highbays which have been used for numerous applications across the UK. As the range’s premium product, the VLED Highbay Pro is similar to the original high bays in terms of application, however is more advanced in performance and output, whilst offering a choice of reflectors and beam angles. Like all of Venture’s VLED luminaires, the Highbay Pro offers a more sustainable and energy saving alternative to fluorescent or HID lamps, which are associated with high running costs and regular maintenance requirements. The superior


he competition saw three winning lighting designs selected out of 40 high calibre entries from 146 students across seven universities in France, Spain and the UK. Light Nest was awarded the top spot, followed by WAK, and Lilies respectively. The designs were judged by an international panel consisting of: American designer, art director and Pentagram partner Abbott Miller; the Swedish architect, designer and founder of Claesson Koivisto Rune, Eero Koivisto; and two Formica Group designers Renee Hytry Derrington, Group VP Design, and Eva Hoernisch, Design Manager Europe.

The students behind the winner, “Light Nest” have created a lighting module with the functionality to convert transitional, waiting, restless and noisy areas, where occupants can feel stifled, into a cosy space. Depending on the user’s needs, each module can be positioned on the metal structure according to light requirements.

performance and low energy output of the VLED Highbay Pros will significantly reduce these costs and requirements to provide a fast return on investment. Suitable for a wide range of applications, particularly in an industrial setting, the VLED Highbay Pro has been designed to withstand the most demanding of conditions. The luminaire is created using a robust aluminium casing and polycarbonate lens that is IP65 rated to make it fully protected from dust and water jets. The aluminium and borosilicate reflectors, as well as the luminaire casing itself, are also resistant to a broad temperature range to make it suitable for high-heat manufacturing factories as well as refrigerated produce stores. Further information on Venture Lighting Europe is available from the company on 01923-692600, by emailing: or by visiting the company’s website at www.venturelightingeurope. com

This professional luminaire is designed with a stylish aluminium alloy body, is weatherproof to IP65, and measures 505mm long x 227mm wide and just 164mm deep. Using the sun’s energy for free light, this independent lighting solution means that there is no need to dig trenches, lay power cables and call in an expensive electrician to wire up to the mains.

Further information on the Solar Walkway LED Light 500 is available from Bright Spark Solar on 01628 637111 or 07968-751574, by emailing richard@jfaexport. com or by visiting the company’s website at www.

RRNews - Issue 19

Once the Solar Walkway Light 500 is installed in an unshaded position, just eleven hours of bright sunlight is all that is required to charge the luminaire to provide three nights of continuous lighting. A 1000 lumen version of the Solar Walkway Light is also available.


TRAILFLEX LEADS THE WAY TO HISTORIC SCHOOL New Hall School, a long-established Catholic boarding and day school, and former Tudor palace, has recently installed a new 1.5km entrance pathway using Langford Direct Ltd’s specialist Trailflex flexible porous paving system.


ocated near Chelmsford in Essex, the New Hall estate was the Palace of Beaulieu - home to Henry VIII and Mary Tudor. The school has occupied this magnificent site since 1799. The idyllic location, surrounded by an immaculate landscape and protected trees, was an important consideration for the school when choosing the right material for the main pathway. Trailflex was specified for the project due to its ability to adapt to the contours of the terrain, whilst requiring very minimal disturbance to the landscape. Nigel Floyd, Estate Manager at New Hall School, commented, “Having considered many different products, we decided to use Langford Direct’s Trailflex material to create


Langford Direct’s Trailflex material was used to create a new foot and cycle path

BELOW New Hall School in Chelmsford, Essex, was originally the Palace of Beaulieu - home to Henry VIII and Mary Tudor

our new foot and cycle path. It not only looks good, but the application did not come into contact with the protected trees that surround it. We were impressed with how fast and environmentally-friendly the application was.” He continued, “Since the new path was created it has been regularly used and this hasn’t compromised the performance or appearance of the surface. By using Trailflex we have been able to provide a durable, hazard-free foot and cycle path for our students that also benefits the landscape of the school.” Applied in a Silver Stone finish, the compact resin bound material also presents a surface that complements the aesthetics of the historic site, whilst giving the illusion of a natural gravel path.

“It not only looks good, but the application did not come into contact with the protected trees that surround it. We were impressed with how fast and environmentally-friendly the application was.” Nigel Floyd, Estate Manager at New Hall School

RRNews - Issue 19

Trailflex was applied to the 1.5km pedestrian and cycle path which runs parallel to the school’s main road entrance. The treelined pathway carries a preservation order requiring the trees to be untouched or undisturbed during any groundwork carried out. Requiring just 150mm of digging, the application was able to avoid all damage or contact to the tree roots.


Another key benefit of Trailflex for the school is its flexible qualities, which will allow the material to flex with any movement of tree roots without creating any damage to the surface. The material is created using recycled car tyres to give it the flexibility, if needed, to bend to 90° and cover any tree roots that may rise to the surface, for a solid

and seamless finish. This not only eliminates the trip hazard of large cracks to pedestrians, but ensures the pathway will not deteriorate and compromise its appearance. Trailflex is also SUDS compliant and offers a porous alternative to standard asphalt surfacing material. The rubber aggregate is bound using a specialist resin binder to create an unrivalled porous paving solution that can filter up to 50,000 litres of water per square metre of surface per hour to offer the fast and efficient natural drainage of rainwater. With full 360° attenuation Trailflex allows rainwater to percolate naturally back to the water table to replenish the groundwater that is needed for the tree roots and surrounding plants to thrive, which will ultimately prevent them from rising to the surface in search of moisture. As all rainwater is quickly absorbed into the ground, the likelihood of water build up and puddles is eliminated to make the pathway a generally more pleasant route all year round. The tight rubber and stone mix used to create Trailflex requires virtually no maintenance and is clog free to ensure the drainage system remains fully efficient. Trailflex is a one-part cold pour system and can be applied to new or existing landscapes using minimal equipment and a time efficient process. The material’s properties help it to set quickly once applied so that the surface area can be reopened and used within 16 hours to keep public and business disruptions to a minimum.

Further information on Trailflex is available from the company on 0161 2121617, by emailing: info@ or by visiting the company’s website at

HOW OFTEN DID YOU USE YOUR POOL LAST YEAR? Our bespoke telescopic swimming pool covers help you enjoy your pool all year round

Visit our website: FREEPHONE: 0800 804 8025 email: Tel: 01832 275 333

Phone for a brochure today

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Redevelopment of historic Lighthouse building reaches completion


Photo by Daniel Shearing

The final elements of construction work on the historic Lighthouse building have now been completed, marking the end of renovation work on this seminal building, situated adjacent to Kings Cross Station.

Photo by Daniel Shearing

local icon dating back to 1875, the Grade II listed building had been on Historic England’s Buildings at Risk Register. The restored building now boasts an additional storey and a mezzanine level, while its historical features have been carefully and meticulously conserved.


The building now comprises five upper storeys and a mezzanine roof space. The new curved roof structure created an additional storey-and-a-half and was designed to mimic the vaulted roofs of the nearby train stations. The ground-floor will be a dedicated retail space with the upper floors housing offices.

Photo by Daniel Shearing

Engineering and design consultancy Ramboll was commissioned by developer UK Real Estate to provide structural engineering, advanced engineering analysis, 3D laser scanning, MEP and conservation services. The redevelopment of the Lighthouse building came with a number of complex challenges, not least that its

Engineering and design consultancy Ramboll was commissioned by developer UK Real Estate to provide structural engineering, advanced engineering analysis, 3D laser scanning, MEP and conservation services. the vibrations. On Historic England’s Buildings at Risk Register the interior was largely derelict and unsafe for use before restoration began.

footprint is directly situated over two underground tunnels – TfL District Circle and Metropolitan and Network Rail Thames Link. The proximity of the tunnels meant that it was vital that the load of the building remained within strict parameters to prevent movement. In order to overcome this challenge, the demolition and construction sequence was carefully designed and a lightweight structure replaced the heavy masonry to allow an additional floor to be built on top of the building. Advanced engineering analysis was conducted to predict and measure movement during the construction phase.

By unlocking the value of this complex site, the redevelopment was successful in securing this historic building’s long term viability. Commenting on the project, Jackie Heath, Associate at Ramboll said: “By using some of the very latest advanced engineering analysis at an early stage of the project, we were able to assess the effects of the proposals on the ground and tunnels and minimise load changes on the cutand-cover masonry tunnels below. This provided reassurance to the client and rail authorities of the feasibility to proceed with the new storeys and roof, unlocking the value of this technically difficult site and securing this historic building’s long term viability.”

RRNews - Issue 19

Pre-Restoration Lighthouse Photo by Clive Sherlock

The proximity to the railway tunnels also caused a number of issues regarding vibration and noise in the building and extensive anti-vibration measures were put in place to counter this. Elastomeric bearing pads were used to isolate the frame, windows, floors and finishes from

The iconic lighthouse tower was completely renovated following a survey of the structure which identified decaying timber. It was clad with pre-weathered zinc and capped in lead while the original weather vane was reconstructed. The existing timber structure at the nose of the building has been treated as a period restoration with lime plaster on laths.



TOP GRADE ROOFING SYSTEM LANGLEY TOP OF THE CLASS FOR HIGH SCHOOL Langley Waterproofing Systems Ltd has helped London’s largest high school, and third largest in the UK, Kingsbury High School, refurbish its roof ensuring it meets the highest standards.

WORKING SMARTER TOGETHER Kingsbury High School approached specialist consultants, Capital Property and Construction Consultants (Capital PCC), to refurbish its facilities and help provide greater efficiency and all-weather proof systems within its buildings. Capital PCC called upon Langley to carry out a complete survey of the school’s existing 9,000m² roof system. Langley compiled an in-depth report document detailing the findings and made recommendations for improvement works. The report allowed Langley to identify solutions to ensure the school was compliant with building regulations, and highlighted complications with the schools current roof drainage system which required a full redesign of each roof area. Problems with the existing roof included ineffective insulation, defects in asphalt surfaces and cracks and interlayer blistering. Evidence of a long history of waterproofing issues was also found across the roofs due to issues with the drainage system and drainage patterns of the roof which caused flooding during heavy rainfall.

RRNews - Issue 19



We provide end-to-end services, from bespoke condition reports to full specification and insurance-backed guarantees. But that’s just part of what’s on offer. From the renewables experts at Langley Eco Ltd to the unswerving attention to detail of our Technical Managers, to our select bank of approved contractors, we are a complete partner for education roofing projects – giving every institution peace of mind and value for money. Guaranteed.

The roof’s unusual architectural design, which included a central block with two curved wings coming forward, meant that every roof had to be individually designed due to the variation between the different roofs and drainage issues each roof presented. Langley’s technical after-sales support, which includes inspections and roof guarantees, ensured that the project ran smoothly.

Kingsbury High School, London

THE ONLY ROOFING PARTNER YOU NEED EDUCATION ROOFING – THE RIGHT ANSWER EVERY TIME Langley has a proud history of combining technically sound roofing systems with unrivalled expertise for the education sector. Our wide range of BBA-approved roofing systems allows us to choose the right system for your individual school, college or university roof project. Our experts offer bespoke roofing reports, comprehensive condition surveys, 5-year action plans and support and guidance from conception to completion.

LANGLEY ROOFING SYSTEMS Photovoltaic Solutions Flat-to-Pitched Green Roofing Built-up & Single Ply Roofing Liquid Roofing Polymer Modified Asphalt

For more information: please call: 01327 704778 | email: | or visit:

RRNews - Issue 19

Our methodical approach to design and planning takes your needs into consideration, utilising the time frame allocated and minimising disruption during term time to give you complete peace of mind. With a reputation cemented over five decades, we’re the education roofing specialist both specifiers and contractors choose to work with again and again.


DISRUPTION AVOIDED THANKS TO SIKA SARNAFIL CHURCH ROOF REFURB Severe rainwater leaks in the auditorium at Bracknell’s Kerith Community Church were causing big problems for those using the building, forcing events and activities to be cancelled.


aving already completely re-slated the roof once before, the Kerith Centre management team knew it was time for a change, with the help of Sika Sarnafil and Owlsworth Roofing. Kerith Community Church’s imposing auditorium space sits below a pitched, fan shaped roof structure, visible some 16 metres above at its highest point. Due to its unusual shape, a certain type of rain coming from one particular direction would breach the combination of slates and lead-lined gutters, resulting in water landing on the very centre of the auditorium stage. Local architects Allen Associates decided that a seamless, durable single ply solution would suit the project and offer the church protection for years to come. Allen Associates, alongside successful tenderer, Owlsworth Roofing, chose a Sarnafil Plus roofing system thanks to the wide-ranging support services it offered and Sika Sarnafil’s high performance products.

RRNews - Issue 19

Working alongside Owlsworth, who had an exceptional knowledge of the roof from photos, drawings and inspections,


“Although it was a challenging project, the finished results using the Sarnafil G410-18ELF Lead Grey membrane looked fantastic and the roof was awarded a 20 year guarantee from Sika, so the client can trust that they won’t have to worry about the roof for many years to come.” Peter Mably, Director of Owlsworth Roofing.

the Sarnafil Plus technical team created a bespoke specification for the pitched roof – a fully adhered system including Kingspan insulation, Sarnavap 5000E SA (a self-adhered vapour control layer), and Sika Sarnafil G41018ELF Lead Grey membrane. The project presented a number of trials for Owlsworth, but the roofing contractor rose to the challenge. The scope of works involved the complete removal of all slates, battens, counter battens and insulation, all secured to the slope with wide range of fixings. The direction of the fan shaped roof structure meant that the all stripped materials, new materials and personnel had to go down through the heart of the church, into a

central courtyard and out to the carpark via narrow corridors. Peter Mably, Director of Owlsworth Roofing, explained, “Being a pitched roof, the 22 degree angle of the slope had an effect on the way in which the works could be carried out. It was possible to stand on most of the layers of both the old and new roof covering when it was dry but less so when it was wet! Health and safety amounted to 45% of the cost of the project.” With the structural timber deck also acting as the internal ceiling the client didn’t want to see any fixings visible from below. Throughout the project, fixings needed to penetrate the timber deck sufficiently far enough to secure the roof covering but never to penetrate the underside. The new cable-based fall restraint system was carefully designed using a series of timber boxes secured to the deck so that the bolts needed to attach the system’s posts only penetrated the box and could not be seen from below. “All work was carried out while life continued as close to normal as possible at Kerith Community Church, with the building remaining fully open throughout the duration of the project,” added Peter. “Although it was a challenging project, the finished results using the Sarnafil G410-18ELF Lead Grey membrane looked fantastic and the roof was awarded a 20 year guarantee from Sika, so the client can trust that they won’t have to worry about the roof for many years to come.” For more information on Sika Sarnafil’s products and services, call 01707 394444, email or visit

It takes a long time to create perfection.

Once in a while a product comes along and changes everything, from the way it’s crafted to the way it works. Products are often copied and many are great ideas that never really see true success in their application. Many years are spent searching for a product that will ultimately surpass expectations, stand the test of time and become recognised as the leader in its field. We created one of those successful products nearly two decades ago and still today it has never been equalled. Why? Because we have never compromised on quality.

UNIFOLD® Unrivalled excellence in gutter lining technology.


Stuart Hicks, from cold liquid-applied waterproofing specialist, Kemper System, discusses how a change of membrane addressed failing waterproofing at a luxury residential development in Saltdean, near Brighton.


he Grand Ocean Hotel in Saltdean, near Brighton, epitomises a bygone era of glamourous seaside elegance. First opened in 1938, the Grade II listed building’s crescent-shaped white façade makes it a classic of Art Deco architectural design. Once a popular honeymoon destination owned by Billy Butlin it is now the central building from which a development of luxury apartments takes its name. The scheme has seen the refurbishment of the original structure and construction of four new build blocks designed in keeping with the former hotel. Problems with the integrity of the waterproofing system that was originally specified for the project became apparent even before the scheme was completed, leading to a change of both roofing contractor and, eventually, roofing system.

RRNews - Issue 19

Integrity Issues


Both the existing hotel building and the new builds have flat roofs and architect, Rolfe Judd, had specified a liquid waterproofing membrane. Unfortunately, the system selected was not robust enough to adhere seamlessly to the roof substrate and the assumption was made that the issue lay with the quality of installation rather than the suitability of the membrane. A new roofing contractor, Cawston Roofing, was brought in to carry out repairs to the

membrane but, as the existing roof build up was still under warranty, Cawston Roofing was required to carry out repairs using the same product. The majority of the problems with the roofing material were around the upstands. While repairs using the same membrane seemed to address the issue briefly, the same issues recurred following the repairs. Inverted Refurbishment Having used Kemper Systems’ Kemperol membranes on a wide variety of construction projects in the past, Cawston Roofing was confident in recommending Kemperol V210, a cold liquid-applied waterproofing membrane. The originally-specified membrane had been installed beneath the insulation as an inverted roof build up for the new apartment blocks. Cawston Roofing removed the paving slabs and green roof medium along with the insulation and, where possible, this was stored for re-use. The company then prepared and cleaned the roof surface and, in the areas around the upstands where the failed membrane had not bonded, the team pulled off the damaged membrane. The existing insulation, slabs and green roof medium were then reinstated to complete the roof.

Having used Kemper Systems’ Kemperol membranes on a wide variety of construction projects in the past, Cawston Roofing was confident in recommending Kemperol V210, a cold liquid-applied waterproofing membrane.

Hotel Roof The damage caused by the failed waterproofing membrane on the roof and balconies of the former hotel building was even more significant because the original roof build-up was not inverted. The balconies were tackled first, with strip out of the entire roof build-up. Here, not only had the originally-specified membrane failed, but the insulation below it had begun to rot too. Having completed the strip out, Cawston Roofing allowed the concrete substrate to dry on each balcony and the decision was taken to reinstate the build-up for each balcony as an inverted warm roof. New insulation had to be cut to size and shape and this was done while the Kemperol V210 membrane was being installed so that the balconies could be completed as quickly as possible. The team then moved onto the 8,500m2 former hotel roof, which comprises five â&#x20AC;&#x2DC;fingersâ&#x20AC;&#x2122; with a central core. Water ingress around the roof outlets meant that the recently installed warm roof insulation was already sodden and the roof had to be stripped back to the vapour barrier. To aid water run-off in the future, Kemper System designed a tapered Kempertherm insulation scheme, introducing a slight pitch to each section of roof. Cawston Roofing pre-primed each piece of board in an onsite workshop during the winter months to aid faster installation once the weather improved. When weather conditions did improve, the Kempertherm sections were fixed to the substrate and joint sealed before application of the Kemperol V210 membrane began. Holiday Heritage Thanks to the replacement of the originallyspecified waterproofing system with Kemperol V210, the building not only provides a stylish address on the coast that is warm and dry for residents but also protects a slice of the UKâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s holidaymaking heritage and an iconic listed building.

RRNews - Issue 19


Sahtas... Going the extra mile! You would think choosing roof tiles for your new home would be a fairly straight forward process, but not for one Leicestershire couple. Their search took them slightly further than going to the local roofing supplier.

RRNews - Issue 19

A Stunning New Build


Some 30 years ago, Malcolm & Diane Healey took on the massive

years. The attention to detail is very apparent throughout every

challenge of building their very own family home. Now with the

aspect of the build and has cost the Healeys much time, in both

kids grown and flown the nest, they crazily decided to do it all

research and sourcing of the right type of materials to meet their

again. A piece of land became available in a neighbouring village -

very specific brief. Resulting in the most wonderful character

they bought it and began the journey of building their dream

house, which stands majestically on this plot of land; with its

house, and what a house it is too; a stunning new-build, which

magnificent stone windows, authentic old style narrow bricks and

amazingly looks as though itâ&#x20AC;&#x2DC;s been standing for many, many

Sahtas handmade roof tiles setting off the whole look, perfectly!

In the beginning of their search for roof tiles, it was very

Once the process of fitting the tiles began, a number of the

important to the Healeys to have the right kind of tile - they

builders were not entirely convinced the right choice had been

â&#x20AC;&#x153;wanted something to create that old feel and look as though it

made after all; even Diane â&#x20AC;&#x153;thought they might be too much on

had been around for a while.â&#x20AC;? They had a particular look in mind

such a large area.â&#x20AC;? But Malcolm loved them from the start and

and a particular colour, but were struggling to find anything even

once the roof was finished, everyone concerned were all in

close. They attended numerous exhibitions, spoke to other

agreement - they were exactly what the house needed and looked

building suppliers, thumbed through reams of literature and

as though they had always been there. Thatâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s the great thing about

exhausted hours of research on the internet. They eventually came

Sahtas roof tiles, they are perfect for period properties and so in

across Sahtas and absolutely loved the look of their handmade

keeping with their surrounding areas; they usually keep the local

tiles, but although the style was just perfect, the colour choices on

Planning Department happy too! Malcolm and Diane were

offer were still not quite right for what they wanted and they

absolutely thrilled - as were we!5 #(5 -.,65 ".-5  5

wouldnâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t waiver until they found it.

#,.), said â&#x20AC;&#x153;Itâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s so nice to work directly with clients who really appreciate the quality and craftsmanship of handmade

Letâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s talk Turkey

tiles. It has been an absolute pleasure to be involved in the

During a break from project managing the house build, Malcolm

them for choosing our tiles.â&#x20AC;? Diane said they â&#x20AC;&#x153;get a

and Diane happened to be visiting Turkey with family. They

constant stream of compliments from people visiting the site.

decided to take full advantage and arranged an appointment to

Everyone asks where the tiles are from and they all just love

actually visit the Sahtas factory. Although they had numerous

the roof - we would definitely recommend Sahtas to others.â&#x20AC;?

samples from Sahtas UK, this visit gave them the opportunity to

You cant get better than that!

creation of the Healeyâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s new home and we would like to thank

see all the handmade tiles in even larger quantities, including some brand new tiles, which turned out to be exactly what they Turkey did give Malcolm and Diane a few reservations, but they neednâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t have worried as Sahtas UK looked after everything and quickly sorted any issues that arose.

Sahtas UK Ltd Galleon Wharf Old Wolverton Road Milton Keynes MK12 5NL Email: Phone : 01908 311411

RRNews - Issue 19

were looking for! Having the tiles delivered direct all the way from


Greenwich turns greener with Aliva UK’s insulated render Insulated render is one of the most effective and efficient ways of improving a building’s thermal performance – reducing heating costs by up to a staggering 40%.

An ambitious regeneration scheme at Greenwich Peninsula in London is showing off its green credentials with a sophisticated TermoK8 insulated render façade from Aliva UK.


he development by Wates Construction is one of the largest schemes in Europe, bringing thousands of new jobs, state-of-the-art new homes and a vibrant community to the area on the banks of the Thames near the O2 Arena. Architects Jestico + Whiles asked Aliva, the UK leader in façades and interior finishes, for a cost effective yet aesthetically pleasing finish to an eight storey residential block of 240 apartments. Forty per cent of them are affordable housing.

RRNews - Issue 19

Aliva supplied 5,500sqm of white acrylic insulated render to give the buildings a pared-back look that brought the project in on budget. The installers were Regency Plastering.


The architects said “We chose Aliva for Greenwich Peninsula because they provide a successful selection from a high quality, through coloured acrylic render system. The finish needed to provide a calm, understated composition, which has been achieved beautifully with a very neat, crisp finish throughout the elements of render within the development.

Aliva UK Managing Director James Ormerod said: “The project needed a fresh look which made our acrylic render system an ideal solution. The project was challenging due to the scaffold access. Despite this, there are no visible joints, ensuring a slick, clean finish to delight the client. As INCA members we will be submitting the project to the upcoming new build awards.” Insulated render is one of the most effective and efficient ways of improving a building’s thermal performance – reducing heating costs by up to a staggering 40%. Aliva’s insulated render meets modern thermal requirements, while providing a beautiful, weatherproof and long-lasting finish. Whether it is used on a new build or refurbishment, there is a render type and colour to fulfil architects’ dreams. Aliva UK holds British Board of Agrement (BBA) certificates for its Termok8® insulated render systems – giving customers the reassurance they need on the quality and safety of its products. Aliva’s render systems have also been awarded the Fraunhofer Institut fur Bauphysik certification for algae and fungal resistant coatings.

See the calibre of Aliva’s work at

Building and refurbishment specialist Conamar has been appointed to deliver a £2.25 million restoration, refurbishment and extension project as part of the creation of a new £3.5 million theatre at the iconic 1930s Broadway Cinema in Letchworth Garden City allowing it to offer theatrical performances as well as its usual film repertoire.


he independent cinema currently accommodates four screens in an original Art Deco building. Its refurbishment will centre on transforming the 450-seat Screen 1 to also offer theatrical performances, including new back stage areas and technical installations. Screens 2 and 3 – which each seat around 175 people – and Screen 4 (45 people) are also being refurbished, along with foyer and circulation areas including a new bar and new concessions.

SHOWTIME FOR BROADWAY CINEMA REFURBISHMENT Project team Client: Letchworth Garden City Heritage Foundation Main Contractor: Conamar Architect: McFarlane Latter Theatrical Consultant: Paul Covell Electrical subcontractor: Dicks Electrical AV subcontractor: Northern Light

Conamar’s role will involve delivering the scheme designed by architects McFarlane Latter, supported by renowned theatrical consultant Paul Covell in respect of theatre technical installations. In Screen 1, a new timber proscenium stage will be added with a suspended steel-framed lighting rig and new lighting gallery being installed in the roof void. New AV equipment, sound decks and sound absorption panels will be included and a new cinema screen above the stage will retain its cinematic capability. An air cooling system is also being installed in all auditoria.

The 28 week project is set to start on site at the end of February and the new facilities are planned to launch in autumn 2016. John Lewis, Chief Executive of Letchworth Garden City Heritage Foundation, said: “The new theatre is a key part of our plans to revitalise Letchworth town centre, which has also led to the attraction of two major restaurants, restoration of retail and residential properties for our tenants and the creation of town centre RHS gardens.”

A three storey steel-framed and brick-clad extension to the rear of the building – mirroring the current building’s style – will afford the Broadway Cinema around 300 sq m of extra space to accommodate this extra use. Dressing rooms will be located at stage level; there will be a green room on the intermediate mezzanine floor and a loading bay for goods and personnel. A substation is being built into the extension to cater for the additional electrical load of the new complex lighting and sound systems, and a heavy goods lift is also being installed.

Neil Dower, Managing Director of Conamar, said: “This building is a much-loved, independent venue and is one of the things that makes Letchworth special – it’s important we preserve it for future generations to enjoy.


Broadway Cinema


Actress Samantha Womack launches theatre build LEFT Samantha Womack and Letchworth Garden City Heritage Foundation Chairman Colin Chatfield

Conamar was appointed following a competitive tender. The company also works with the Letchworth Garden City Heritage Foundation on its reactive maintenance projects.

RRNews - Issue 19

“Conamar will be providing a full range of services, including an extension, restoration and full refurbishment, as well as coordinating services and subcontractors, to keep this local landmark looking its best while offering a wider range of entertainment.” Neil Dower, Managing Director of Conamar

“Conamar will be providing a full range of services, including an extension, restoration and full refurbishment, as well as coordinating services and subcontractors, to keep this local landmark looking its best while offering a wider range of entertainment. The programme of work has been carefully designed to schedule all the different elements as efficiently as possible and by working closely with our client during the planning stage, we have been able to halve the amount of time the building will need to be closed, minimising upheaval for our client and its customers while these exciting plans are underway.”


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Safety & Security

Advanced’s False Alarm Management System

All Round Knee Protection From Redbacks

Recognised in Tomorrow’s Health and Safety Awards 2016

Redbacks Cushioning Limited, the manufacturers of the World’s only patented,‘leaf-spring’, non-foam or gel kneepads, has introduced a new strapped version as an addition to its original, big-selling product for pocketed work trousers. Designed, overseen and approved by a senior Ergonomist, Clinical Scientist and Biomedical Engineer, the new product retains the company’s award winning cushioning technology which incorporates a flexible TPE (Thermo Plastic Elastomer) leaf-spring set within a unique honeycomb matrix. Elasticated, soft Neoprene straps which have dust and particle resistant fastenings, allow the kneepads to be worn on bare skin without chafing, or over trousers, and ensure that they stay in the correct position when kneeling, walking or sitting. The pads have a water-resistant covering and a soft breathable, inner fabric that wicks away sweat whilst providing thermal protection from warm or cold surfaces.

Without a safe, healthy and happy workforce, UK businesses would find it almost impossible to operate. Luckily there are a host of products and services on the market to assure companies that workers are well looked after. Advanced is therefore delighted that its AlarmCalm false alarm management system came third out of the 50 companies shortlisted for Tomorrow’s Health and Safety Awards 2016. “While we wouldn’t normally shout about a third place, AlarmCalm is a big solution to a big problem,” says Advanced’s Marketing Manager Aston Bowles. ‘We designed AlarmCalm to be easy to configure for any false alarm strategy, and it’s really pleasing that the health and safety market can see its potential alongside much simpler products. We’re delighted with the award, and of course with the impact that AlarmCalm has on sites that need to reduce false alarms from their fire systems.”

RRNews Issue 19

Visit : or call : Tel:01670 707111


For more information and to order visit – or Email: Tel: 01327 702104

Engel Have High Viz Workwear All Wrapped Up One of Europe’s leading workwear manufacturers, Danish company F. Engel have introduced a wide range of high visibility safety workwear in accordance with the new International and European standardisation EN ISO 20 471 With customers’ safety as the company’s prime concern, each item of warning-clothing is produced with the largest possible fluorescent and reflective areas thus ensuring the safest levels of visibility both day and night. LOXY high visibility reflector tape, proven for its hard wearing and effective performance, is used throughout the range. In addition to the focus on safety, most garments are made with a high specification of polyester and cotton mix to give long term durability and provide a perfect, comfortable fit, giving stretch and freedom of movement For more information visit: or tel: 07933 150197

We design and manufacture world class respiratory protection Sundström Safety’s product range and system is well designed, flexible and the applications are many. Based on the user’s requirements and needs, we find appropriate respiratory protection for every site. For complete product range, go to

CONTACT US Steve D’Arcy Technical Sales Representative UK & Ireland E-Mail Mobile 07808 177512 Tony Smith Sales Manager UK & Ireland E-Mail Mobile 07508 417925

Resort World, Birmingham Commercial category

RRNews - Issue 19



Five Pancras Square, London Plasterboard category

British Gypsum has revealed the winners of its prestigious National Trophy Awards, which aim to celebrate craftsmanship and skills in using traditional plaster and modern plasterboard systems. ow in its tenth year, the awards recognise the contribution that contractors make to the UK construction industry on a daily basis, with accolades presented to developments across six categories:


t Norwich Enterprise Centre (Innovation and Sustainability) t Five Pancras Square, London (Plasterboard) t Resort World, Birmingham (Commercial) t Michael Sobell Sports Centre and School, Aberdare (Education,

The Enterprise Centre, Norwich Innovation & Sustainability category

Hospitality & Healthcare)

t Great Minster House, London (Residential) t Whitworth Art Gallery, Manchester (Plaster) Alastair Bell, Managing Director of British Gypsum explained: â&#x20AC;&#x153;The winning projects were selected due to their commitment to addressing common issues in the construction sector such as reducing carbon, overcoming poor acoustic performance and extending maintenance cycles.â&#x20AC;? The winners will now go on to join more than 33 different countries as UK representatives in the Saint-Gobain Gypsum International Trophy Awards in Prague later this year.

Whitworth Art Gallery, Manchester Plaster category

Established in 1998, the biennial awards observe excellence in design and installation, as well as the need to meet market demand for high quality, sustainable interior systems.

For further information, visit

Great Minster House, London Residential category

Michael Sobell Sports Centre and School, Aberdare Education, Healthcare and Hospitality category

RRNews - Issue 19

The winners will now go on to join more than 33 different countries as UK representatives in the SaintGobain Gypsum International Trophy Awards in Prague later this year.



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Stone & Stonework

08703 210256 / 07850 210256

RRNews Issue 19

E–mail: Website:


Mini Tractors

Mini Loaders Skidsters Mini Diggers Post Hole Borers Hyd’ Post Drivers Trenchers Rotavators Stoneburiers Seeders / Overseeders Rakes Power Cultivators Levelling Harrows Mowers Firewood Processors Log Saws /Splitters etc...

ENGEL HAVE HIGH VIZ SAFETY WORKWEAR ALL WRAPPED UP One of Europe’s leading workwear manufacturers, Danish company F. Engel have introduced a wide range of high visibility safety workwear in accordance with the new International and European standardisation EN ISO 20 471


ith customers’ safety as the company’s prime concern, each item of warning-clothing is produced with the largest possible fluorescent and reflective areas thus ensuring the safest levels of visibility both day and night. LOXY high visibility reflector tape, proven for its hard wearing and effective performance, is used throughout the range. In addition to the focus on safety, most garments are made with a high specification of polyester and cotton mix to give long term durability and provide a perfect, comfortable fit, giving stretch and freedom of movement; attention is also paid to important practical details such as concealed zip and stud fastenings for added weather protection, and secure, functional pockets. Linings made from a new, soft and durable blended fabric of 70% polyester/30% cotton with a 100% filament yarn warp and a mixed fibre weft, provide guaranteed inner warmth. Most items also have a water, oil and dirt repellent finish and the fabrics have been tested

to comply with the new EN ISO standards to over 50 industrial or domestic wash cycles. For more than 85 years, workwear from F. Engel™ has been selected by customers from all over Europe as the first choice for allround protection and maximum comfort no matter what a work situation may demand. Founded in 1927 by Carl J. Engel Senior and now 4th generation family-owned, the company has 850 employees based at its Headquarters in Norgesvej, Denmark and 2 factories in Lithuania. Since it first began, with the importing of denim from the U.S. as a hard wearing fabric, the company’s aims have always been the same – to provide superior quality, value for money workwear designed for a perfect, flexible fit and to give long lasting, reliable service. All Engel garments are available from The Workwear Trade Centre, Milton Keynes; Telephone: 01908 561569; email: sales@wtc-workwear. and Anchor Safety, Ipswich; Telephone: 0800 328 5028; email: sales@

RRNews - Issue 19

Since it first began, with the importing of denim from the U.S. as a hard wearing fabric, the company’s aims have always been the same – to provide superior quality, value for money workwear designed for a perfect, flexible fit and to give long lasting, reliable service.


Joyner Bolt Joyner Bolt is the revolutionary new task specific spiked timber fixing launched in the UK at the end of 2015. Designed for joining timber to timber or timber to metal it’s the first new product to challenge the traditional coach bolt and threaded rod systems in 150 years.


rustrated by the problems experienced with traditional fixings on new build and on renovation projects fixing old to new, Dan Hardingham (Chartered Surveyor) and Mark Doye (Carpenter) combined their experience to design a product that would resolve key problems gripping the timber, turning and pulling through overdrilled holes, high wastage and reworking levels – all of which significantly add to the cost of the job.

only 10 bolts which meet 99% of all timber to timber and timber to metal requirements. From start to finish the project has taken nearly 5 years to complete as they have redrawn, prototyped and tested the product with end users alongside protecting their hard work with a raft of patents around the world. A recent flat conversion in London’s Walworth Road confirm Joyner Bolt as the fixing of choice for everyone from specifier to end user when speed, quality and performance matter.

To see our explanatory video, visit https://

RRNews - Issue 19

Coming from the two different ends of the building chain (Specifier and Tradesman) gave them insight into the requirements of everyone through the building chain. The end result is a product that not only satisfies everyone’s performance needs but also meets Building Regulation requirements AND is available in an optimum size range of


A recent flat conversion in London’s Walworth Road confirm Joyner Bolt as the fixing of choice for everyone from specifier to end user when speed, quality and performance matter.

The project was the refurbishment of a first floor residential flat and the construction of an additional floor to provide a further 2 bedroom flat. The additional flooring required the installation of 224 engineered joists, secured at each end to a new secondary timber frame. Side 1 was completed using threaded rods cut to size and requiring two washers and two nuts per fixing. Side 2 was completed with M12x230mm Joyner Bolts requiring one washer and one nut per fixing. Whilst material costs were comparable for both sides (£592 for threaded rods and £552 for Joyner Bolts), side 2 was completed in less than 25% of the time taken for Side 1 making a massive saving of £470 in labour costs alone. In addition the joists for side 2 were guaranteed to be to Building Control specification meaning no rework was required and there was zero wastage of materials. For more information visit the Joyner Bolt website or call 01353 781123. Please quote RRN316014 when making enquiries.

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Tools, Plant & Equipment WITH TRANSPARENCY COMES EFFICIENCY – HILTI LAUNCHES COMPLETE ASSET MANAGEMENT SOLUTION A comprehensive asset management system has been launched which allows companies to control all the equipment in their inventory – regardless of item, size and manufacturer. Hilti ON!Track keeps an accurate record of assets, showing where they are, what condition they are in and which employee is responsible for them at any given moment. Initial benefits include increased speed and accuracy of stock checks, fast and secure identification of tools including batteries, accessories and consumables, onsite tracking and the ability to store asset related information, such as service intervals and hand-arm vibration and dust exposure limits. Furthermore the system will allow fleet optimisation by showing usage and downtime, giving transparency on the total cost of ownership of every item. Hilti ON!Track utilises Radio-Frequency Identification (RFID) tags – which are available in four sizes, placed on the body of the asset and have been designed to withstand the toughest jobsite conditions – which are read with the new Hilti AI S1/4 Scanners.

RRNews Issue 19

Working over a distance of up to 1.5m – allowing entire batches of equipment to be processed in seconds – the new scanners have a touch screen interface for ease-of-use. They connect over a mobile network or Wi-Fi, updating the secure cloud-based master record instantly, which can also be viewed by web or mobile.


The company provides full lifecycle support from planning, training, implementation, tagging, technical support and more. A dedicated team of 60 Hilti Software Developers monitor and work continuously to improve the service.

reassignment of products, maintain inventory lists quickly and avoid timeconsuming stock checks.

Sriram Makineedi, Professional Services Manager for Northern Europe at Hilti, said: “ON!Track is split into three sections: hardware incorporates the tags and scanners; software the cloud-based online system; and services whereby we supply all advice and planning, training, implementation and ongoing support.

“This marks a major step forward for the construction industry, many of whom still rely on a paper-based systems, excel sheets or extensive manual input. The tracking and time saving – let alone the ability to RFID every single asset – provides a key competitive advantage in the marketplace,” concluded Sriram.

“Working in conjunction the system will track and search for all tagged assets and minimise losses, assign individuals to each piece of equipment, allow the rapid

For more information and to watch the video visit –

Tel: +44 (0) 1706 643 121

Fax: +44 (0) 1706 643 133

Issue 19 2016  

Latest News Projects and Product Information For The Building Refurbishment Sector

Issue 19 2016  

Latest News Projects and Product Information For The Building Refurbishment Sector