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RRCA’s Mission, Vision, and Values 2009 Annual Report of the Board of Directors From the National Office Program Reports - RRCA Roads Scholars®, Kids Run the Nation®, Run@Work Day®, RRCA Education & Advocacy, and National Championship Events National Award Winners State Representatives’ Program Reports Minutes of RRCA Annual Meeting of the Membership RRCA Donors & Sponsors for 2009


MISSION The Road Runners Club of America is the national association of running clubs, running events, and runners dedicated to promoting running as a competitive sport and as healthy exercise. RRCA’s mission is to represent and promote the common interest of its member clubs, events, and individual runners through education, leadership, programs and other services.

VISION The Road Runners Club of America is the premier national organization dedicated to promoting the development and growth of running clubs, running events, and supporting the interests of recreational runners throughout the country. The RRCA strives to provide quality programming that can be replicated throughout the country by member clubs from small towns to large cities that promote and support running, runners, and supporters of the sport at all stages in life. The RRCA is dedicated to providing the running community with educational information and programs that will keep them safe, healthy, and informed. Furthermore, the RRCA strives to promote excellence in nonprofit management for the National Office as well as member clubs by providing services, benefits, and regular communication that support this vision.

VALUES • • • • • • • • • •


Running, runners, and the promotion of running as a healthy lifestyle choice Strength and support of its network of grassroots members and volunteers, and as such, we strive to maintain positive relations will all of our members Diversity in its member clubs and encourages all clubs to maintain an enjoyable atmosphere for all members Promotion of safety for all runners and the enforcement and development of laws and infrastructure that protect runners’ safety Running as a competitive sport and we support the Zero Tolerance Policy for the use of performance enhancing drugs in the sport. Participation of people who support the sport of running Financial contributions and support of members, sponsors, volunteers, and donors to the organization Good communication with its members and the running community as a whole Prudent financial management that enables the organization to achieve its mission while ensuring adequate cash reserves Strong relationships with national and local media that cover the sport of running and running as a healthy lifestyle choice

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Coming off our 50 Anniversary Celebration and followed by a highly successful annual convention in San Francisco, the RRCA Board is pleased to announce another year of record membership growth, financial stability, and new program development. Despite the continued national economic doldrums, the RRCA blew past the 1,000 member organization mark and now represents over 1,200 member and event clubs. While it is not our principle goal as a non-profit, profits continued to grow and Treasurer Dennis Novak reports the net worth of the organization as approaching a record $750,000. The completion of a broad-ranging Strategic Plan, spear-headed by David Cotter, provided much of the structure for current and future efforts. This past year saw the expansion of the Kids Run the Nation program, the launch of Club Running magazine, a complete over-haul of the website, and increased Coaching Certification opportunities. David Epstein and our other regional directors continued to work towards a full-slate of State Representatives and national and regional championship races. None of this happens in a vacuum. Outstanding state representatives like Gary Morgan, George Rehmet, and Melodie Thompson, to name a few from the group of dedicate state reps., form the back-bone of these efforts. In addition to supporting existing programming, the board also authorized the creation of four new programs for the coming year: a Certified Race Director training program, a Certified Youth Director training program, an Advocacy Training effort and Tool-kit, and an RRCA: Runner Friendly CommunityÂŽ program. Also, there are a couple of exciting sponsorship opportunities nearing fruition. A board provides direction, but services would not get delivered without a competent staff and the board wishes to recognize Jean Knaack, Eve Mills, and Dorothy Commock for their efforts. Not everything the board does relate to programmatic work and number-crunching. The board also serves as ambassadors for the sport. In an emotional and memorable ceremony, Central Region Director Mitch Garner and Eastern Region Director Mark Grandonico travelled to the Beach to Beacon 10K Race in Maine to present Joan Beniot-Samuelson with a plaque from the RRCA commemorating the 25th anniversary of winning the first womenâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Olympic Marathon in 1984. Our newest members, Dan Edwards, Lena Hollmann, and Kelly Richards, bring substantial business and political acumen to the board, as well as extensive service to their clubs and the running community. They have worked on a variety of new initiatives and made important contributions. This board does not always agree. However, it has found a way to take a diverse set of opinions, arrive at decisions in an orderly manner, to respect each other when we disagree, and to move on to the next issue to serve the running community. It has been a pleasure to work with them. BRENT AYER, President on behalf of the RRCA Board of Directors David Cotter, Vice President Dennis Novak, Treasurer Dan Edwards, Secretary Mark Grandonico, Eastern Region Director Lena Hollmann, Southern Region Director Mitchell Garner, Central Region Director David Epstein, Western Region Director Kelly Richards, At-Large Director



At our in-person board meeting on December 2009, the Board engaged in discussion followed by unanimous approval of the 2010 Budget & Objectives. The Board outlined the following new programs and services to be implemented during the year: !" Certified Race Director training program !" Certified Youth Program Director training program !" Advocacy Training and Tool-kit !" RRCA: Runner Friendly CommunityÂŽ program At the time of submitting this report, the 2009 audit is nearly complete. The audited year-end financial statements for the organization paint a solid financial picture for the RRCA. In 2008 we reported that the initial investment of RRCA funds in 2006 had seen significant gains, until the crash of 2008 when the RRCA investment account had significant unrealized losses for the year. We are pleased to report that just twelve months later, we have nearly recovered all of our unrealized losses in the market at the close of 2009. The National Office staff continues to do an outstanding job controlling costs for the organization while generating new sources of income for the RRCA. The following outlines the financial performance of the RRCA over the last seven years and shows the consistent improvement in the financial position of the organization.

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Of the $721,221 in net worth as of 2009, $10,000 is permanently restricted, $181,370 is Board designated reserve fund, and $176,083 is temporarily restricted for future use. Of the $191,492 in net profit, $107,615 is from unrealized gains in the investment account.

The 2010 Budget is based, in large part, on the actual financial performance of 2009 along with the new initiatives outlined by the Board. The following are the 2009 income and expenses along with the 2010 RRCA Operating Budget.

A copy of the 2009 audited financial statements and public copy of the IRS 990 tax return may be obtained by contacting the National Office. A small fee for shipping printed copies will apply.


!(6")7%O)"0%7<(%E#71"'#,%G.U2( The year 2009 proved to be a very exciting time for the RRCA as several new initiatives were developed and launched. To start the New Year off, the RRCA Board of Directors finalized and approved a ten-year strategic plan, which was presented at the 2009 Annual Meeting of the Membership. The RRCA Strategic plan can be found on our website at www.RRCA.org/about/governance/. This plan serves as a guiding document for decision making for the RRCA Board of Directors and National Office staff. At the 52nd Annual RRCA Convention, the organization announced our partnership with the Running Network LLC to launch the new publication, Club Running. Club Running is designed to embrace and celebrate everyone in our membership and to shine a national spotlight on the rich diversity of running around the United States. Club Running magazine is one of the 23 regional and national running magazines represented by Running Network LLC, part of the oldest and largest specialty running magazine and website network in North America. The magazine is sent to all household members of the RRCA, and we have a circulation of over 150,000 households. This complimentary publication for the household members of the RRCA is made possible by the generous support from the Running Network advertisers. It has been nine years since the RRCA produced a print publication mailed to the household members of the RRCA. Two issues of Club Running were produced in 2009 and paved the way for strong interest from advertisers in 2010, and four issues of Club Running magazine are scheduled for 2010.

a Club” campaign by including our advertisements in their publications as a service to running clubs around the country. The RRCA also utilized Google and Facebook ads as new media opportunities for the “Join a Club” campaign. Our “Join a Club” Facebook ad had over 500,000 impressions in 2009. Five-Year RRCA Membership Growth

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88% of our membership includes nonprofit running clubs and events. The remaining 12% of our membership represent forprofit training programs (primarily RRCA certified coaches), for profit events, and specialty running stores. During the month of June 2009, the RRCA reached a new milestone when it welcomed its 1000th member.

The administrative overhead of the RRCA remains very lean with only three employees. In January 2009, the organization welcomed Eve Mills as the new Director of Program Services. Eve is now the RRCA’s second full-time employee. Dorothy At the 2008 Annual Banquet of the RRCA, outgoing president Commock celebrated her ninth year of service as the RRCA Bee McLeod and her husband Goody Tyler presented the Office Manager; her position remains part-time. The RRCA RRCA with a contribution of $50,000. The donors restricted continues to utilize independent contractors along with the gift to the RRCA for the purposes of benefiting clubs. The dedicated volunteers to assist with the ever-growing RRCA worked with the donors to develop two new initiatives workload for the National Office staff. that were launched 2009: the establishment of the RRCA Microfinance Fund and the development of the “Join a Club” The RRCA Certified Coaching program continues to grow campaign. as well. Under the leadership of Patti Finke and her team of Warren Finke, Janet Hamilton, and Mike Broderick, thirteen The RRCA Microfinance Fund provides small annual loans to RRCA Coaching Certification courses were held around the qualifying nonprofit running clubs as determined by a loan country in 2009. By December 31, 2009, the RRCA had trained selection panel. The purpose of the loans are to assist clubs over 1000 distance running coaches since the programs with purchasing capital assets such as timing systems timing inception. A new insurance program was implemented to clocks, finish line equipment, and more. During the first address malpractice coverage for RRCA certified coaches that round of loan selections the following clubs were provided coach professionally. with a loan: the Rock River Roadrunners Club and the Tahoe Mountain Milers/Sagebrush stompers. In 2009, a mention of the RRCA Hall of Fame in a Runner’s World issue sparked the need for the organization to, at the “Join A Club” Campaign very least, compile biographies and collect photographs of The “Join a Club” campaign, funded through the generous all members of the RRCA Distance Running Hall of Fame. The McLeod-Tyler gift, is a two-year promotional initiative the RRCA’s 50th Anniversary Convention brought further attention RRCA developed to increase awareness about running to the history of the organization. That convention included clubs and to encourage runners and walkers to join their a wonderful segment where Tom Osler, Gar Williams, Hal local RRCA-affiliated running clubs. The campaign includes Higdon, Gary Corbitt (son of former RRCA president Ted promotions in print and online and is designed to spread Corbitt) and others shared their recollections of running in the the word about RRCA programs and the benefits of joining 1950’s and the founding of the RRCA. At the convention, Tom a running club. Osler mentioned that he had a nearly complete collection of the Long Distance Log, the seminal running publication of that The Running Network, Fitness Magazine, Women’s Running era produced by RRCA-founder Browning Ross. Tom made Magazine, Running Times, and Gen-A Media & Marketing, his collection available to the RRCA National Office, which publishers of MetroSports and Competitor, joined our “Join undertook the arduous task of scanning and posting almost


20 years worth of Long Distance Logs. A special thank you is extended to RRCA intern, Emily Goodman, for preserving this piece of running history in digital format. During the summer months, the projects of compiling bios for the Hall of Fame members along with scanning of the Long Distance Logs grew into the RRCA history project. The results are found at www. RRCAhistory.org. In 1996, www.RRCA.org was launched through the leadership of the organization’s first Webmaster, Warren Finke. Warren would go on to produce a comprehensive online database that housed the running club and event information of RRCA members along with other great features for the site. Warren served in a volunteer capacity hosting, updating and maintaining the RRCA website for thirteen years, and we thank him for his many years of dedicated service to the RRCA and the running community.


The RRCA Roads Scholar® selection Committee for 2009 included Carl Sniffen (Chair), Mike Morgan (former Roads Scholar), Amy Yoder-Begley (former Roads Scholar), Don Kardong, Phil Stewart, Brent Ayer, and Jean Knaack. The RRCA is pleased to introduce and congratulate the 2009 Class of Roads Scholars.


Sally Meyerhoff started running when she was about eight or nine years old. However, with over 1000 club and events in the RRCA She participated in a youth track club membership coupled with over 1000 certified coaches, it that offered a month long running became very important for the RRCA to undergo a major program with an event at the end. upgrade to the way we manage membership information, In middle school she participated in process renewals, and maintain our web design and presence. Cross Country and would grow to After reviewing bids for website and database design love running, eventually dropping services, the RRCA determined that working with the Matrix swimming as a sport. Meyerhoff ran Group International would best meet our database and for Mountain Pointe High School website design needs. So we set forth working to develop in Phoenix, AZ where she was a an internal membership database that is fully integrated into nine-time Arizona state champion. the online renewal system on the new website, thus fixing Meyerhoff ran Track and Cross several layers of redundant data entry that has developed Country at Duke University where she was a three time Allover time. At the close of 2009, we were very pleased to once American. In 2008, she ran her debut marathon, the PF again unveil a new look for www.RRCA.org that also includes Chang’s Rock ‘n’ Roll marathon in Phoenix, AZ, finishing with a online membership processing for RRCA clubs and events at time of 2:42:47. This qualified her for the 2008 Olympic Trials – no additional fee. Women’s Marathon where she finished in 20th place with a time of 2:39:39. In 2009, Sally set an American Course Record at the The 2009 - 52nd Annual RRCA National Convention in San Credit Union Cherry Blossom 10-Mile Run in Washington, DC, Francisco, CA was a wildly successful event. We extend a big running 54:38 and finishing 7th in a very competitive field. On thank you George Rehmet and his organizing team for their May 9, 2009, Sally won her 1st U.S. Championship in the River amazing efforts with the event. A recap of the event can be Bank Run 25K. Her time was 1:27:28. found on page 43 of this report. “Thank you so much once again for this great award,” The RRCA State Representatives continue to be an integral remarked Meyerhoff. “I cannot tell you how excited and part of the successful management of the RRCA. We have proud I am!” an incredibly dedicated group of State Reps that champion the RRCA in their state on a regular basis. In addition, many ANTONIO VEGA State Reps also volunteer to serve the RRCA by sitting on the Antonio Vega is a graduate of Tartan National Awards Selection Panels and other task forces and High School in Oakdale, MN, where committees. I am thankful for their ideas, feedback, hard he competed in the 1600 and 3200 work, and dedication. meters in track and was all-state his senior year. He also earned five letters I want to thank everyone, especially the RRCA Board of in soccer and two letters in football as Directors, for their support and for making the RRCA the the place kicker. At the University of successful organization that it is today and into the future. Minnesota, he was an All-American in Cross Country and competed in three Sincerely, NCAA Cross Country Championships. He was also a four-time All-Midwest Region harrier and was the Midwest Regional Cross Country champion in 2005. In 2006, he was named the Midwest Runner of the Year. In track, he made his mark in the 10,000 meters in his senior year to run 29:04.13. In 2008, he achieved a personal best in the 10,000, running 29:00.47. At the Peachtree 10K he was first American in 29:41, and ran 1:04:26 in his debut at the NYC Half Marathon. His Jean Knaack 2009 season has included 7th place at the U.S.A. Half Marathon Championships with a personal best of 1:02:55; 15th at the U.S.A. Cross Country Championships in the 12K; and selection to the U.S. team for the NACAC Cross Country Championships. He also


was a member of the firstplace men’s team at the U.S.A. 15K Championships and finished second at the ING Georgia Half Marathon.


In 2008, we introduced the RRCA: Kids Run the Nation Program Guide, which is a multi-week, gender neutral, youth running program designed for children in grades kindergarten through sixth grade. The RRCA’s vision is to see a locally managed, youth running program in every grade “It is a great honor and school in America. The program has been well received and privilege to be the recipient numerous copies of the Kids Run the Nation program guide of this award. I am extremely grateful to the Road Runner’s Club of and kids booklets have been sold. We completely exhausted America and their generous support,” remarked Vega. “I will strive our first print run of 5000 kids booklets by the end of 2009. to represent the Road Runner’s Club of America as an athlete and an advocate for American distance running.” The Kids Run the Nation Grant Selection Panel of David Cotter (RRCA Vice President), Sharlee Cotter (Kids Run the Nation STEPHANIE ROTHSTEIN Fund Founder), Dan Kesterson (Youth Runner Magazine), Stephanie Rothstein stepped onto Brent Ayer (RRCA President), Libby Jones (Texas - North State the national stage in Track & Field at Rep), and Sally Meyerhoff (RRCA Roads Scholar) is pleased to the Stanford Invitational in 2006 in announce the 2009 Kids Run the Nation Grant recipients. The her first attempt at a fast 10,000m. panel reviewed 56 applications for programs that collectively She would race to a 33:27.85, putting serve more than 24,000 youth around the country. herself among the best in the U.S.A.. She broke not only the University of The RRCA is pleased to award a total of $5450 worth of California - Santa Barbara record, but Kids Run the Nation Grants to the following youth running also the Big West Conference record programs for 2009: th and found herself ranked 10 in the U.S. out of all American runners, COUCH TO 5K – CHILDREN’S RESCUE CENTER collegiate or professional. Rothstein Springfield, OH debuted in the half marathon distance The Children’s Rescue Center is a nonprofit organization in at the Aramco Houston Half Marathon on January 13, 2008 with a time of 1:13:19. She took 5th place at Springfield, OH that serves at-risk youth. A recent local census the Twin Cities Marathon in 2008. Stephanie runs for the New outlined that 36.8% of families and children in Springfield are living at or under the poverty line compared to the York Athletic Club and is coached by Brad Hudson. national average of 17.9% making participation in Springfield “There are hundreds of runners in this country with the same City School sports’ teams outside of the financial reach for goals and aspirations as me,” remarked Rothstein. “So to be many students served by the Children’s Rescue Center. The selected as a recipient of this grant makes me feel extremely Couch to 5K is an eight-week program, established in 2009, blessed. It allows me to keep pursuing my dreams and designed to get students away from unproductive activities reaffirms that there are people out there who believe in what and into a healthy lifestyle through training to successfully run a 5K road race. The program serves more than 300 local we are trying to achieve in the sport.” youth.


Forest Braden was a seven-time Idaho state champion before running at Boise State University. While running under coach David Welsh at BSU, Braden became one of the most decorated distance runners in school history earning three All American awards and winning the conference title seven times. After college, Braden ran for Team Indiana Elite, coached by Dr. Robert Chapman, where he set his 10K best on the track. In August of 2008 Braden moved to Spokane, WA to assist Pat Tyson at Gonzaga University. He currently lives and trains in Spokane recently placing 17th at the U.S. 15K Championships and 12th at Bloomsday in Spokane.


Clear Creek Running Club is a program offered through Clear Creek Elementary School in Bloomington, IN. Clear Creek Elementary serves a rural, low-income population with over 40% of their students receiving free or reduced price lunch. Students in this rural population seem to be hit especially hard by the inactivity and obesity epidemic, and many of the children are not exposed to healthy lifestyle habits. Clear Creek Running Club has four clearly outlined goals for their program that was launched in 2009: improve general fitness, develop lifelong fitness habits, create positive social interactions through fitness, and improve confidence in participation in overall fitness.


Fitness University is a running and fitness program developed by the Gate City Striders in 1989. It is a free program for “I am very excited to receive this grant,” remarked Braden. children ages 3 through 14 that is dedicated to promoting “This will help me be able to focus more on my training and the importance of fitness, fun, and good health. The program provide me with the means to fly to some big meets around includes running clinics held throughout the summer the country and to get out of the snow for a bit in the winter months topped off with a “finals” day, which is a showcase so I can be ready to run my best in the spring. I would like of the children’s efforts along with a fitness education fair for to thank my coach Pat Tyson, the Bloomsday Road Runners the community. Participation in the program has more than Club, The Runners Soul, Brooks, and everyone in Spokane, tripled over the last four years and the program currently Boise, Bonners Ferry and everywhere else around the globe serves 600 children. that have encouraged me and been there for me through the ups and downs of my career.”



Fay Elementary opened its doors in September 2008 to a diverse student population that represents 63% Hispanic, 14% African American, 20% Asian, and 2% Caucasian. To channel the student’s energy and to get them ready to learn for the day, the Fay Dolphin Runners Club was established in 2009. The Club meets two mornings a week before school to run laps. The laps are logged and students earn incentive items as they log their collective school miles across a map of the United States. In addition, the students receive one hour of physical education a week during which the P.E. teacher will utilize the Kids Run the Nation materials to teach about running as a healthy exercise.


On September 18, 2009, the Road Runners Club of America promoted the 4th Annual RRCA National Run@Work Day® and events were hosted around the country including a Run@ Work day event at Saucony’s corporate office. Laura Yasso developed the new Run@Work day logo that was launched in 2009. To help support local promotion of Run@Work Day events, the RRCA developed promotion posters and circulated them for Free to event hosts. Over 1000 Run@Work Day posters were sent out of the RRCA National Office.

The goal of the RRCA National Run@Work Day is to raise awareness about the importance of daily physical activity for adults. Running clubs, company-based wellness programs, SUGARLOAF SHARKS RUNNING CLUB - Cudjoe Key, FL human resources departments, and individuals nationwide The Sugarloaf Sharks Running Club is a program of the Key are encouraged to plan fun runs and walks with their West Southernmost Runners Club. The goal of the program is employers. Run@Work Day events are community based to introduce 10 to 14 year old middle school boys and girls to events that promote and provide the opportunity for running and to offer an activity to youth that do not qualify individuals to incorporate at least thirty minutes of exercise for other sports teams. The Club meets twice a week for one into their daily routine either before work, during lunch, or hour after school from September through May. The program immediately following work. Incorporating exercise into utilizes school property and surrounding bike paths as the one’s daily routine can markedly improve one’s overall group extends its mileage. Participants are encouraged to physical health and can help alleviate health related medical run in a local 5K, and the program culminates in the 7 Mile costs associated with overweight and obesity. Bridge Run, which is free to all program participants.

Run For Home Youth Training Program - Dover, OH

The Run for Home Youth Training Program is part of the Run For Home Road Runners Club. The Runners Club is designed to provide a training program for people interested in participating the club-sponsored half marathon that benefits the local Habitat for Humanity. The Run for Home Youth Training Program grew out of the interest from the adult training program. The Youth Training Program will be launched in 2010 and will be a series of eight Saturday morning workshops designed to introduce children ages 4 to 12 to the benefits of running utilizing the Kids Run the Nation program model. Participation in the program is free of charge, and participants will be encouraged to run in the Run for Home one-mile fun run/walk.


Safety and access to the sport of running for individual runners has been a cornerstone of the RRCA since 1958. To bring our education efforts to the forefront, the RRCA created a dedicated Education & Advocacy navigation tab on the newly re-designed website. To help educate runners, the RRCA has developed a variety of guidelines and safety tips on various topics related to runners’ safety. The RRCA added several important items to the list of guidelines and safety tips in 2009.

With the assistance of RRCA Board Member Mitch Garner and former RRCA Board Member John Farrow (both practicing attorneys), the RRCA developed a sample waiver that race directors can present to participants for signature if they refuse medical assistance against the recommendations of the race’s medical personnel while on course or immediately Clearview Panthers - Bethlehem, PA See www.RRCA.org/resources/ The Clearview Panthers were formed in 2009 after a successful following an event. lesson taught on running and heart health to a kindergarten management for medical assistance refusal waiver sample. class at Clearview Elementary School in Bethlehem, PA. On January 17, 2009, the RRCA Board of Directors met in Clearview Elementary is an urban, Title I school with a diverse open session to discuss the practice of active promotion student population. The Clearview Panthers will model their of headphone friendly events. Under the advisement of program on the Kids Run the Nation materials and will meet the RRCA Insurance broker, Terry Diller, and on behalf of weekly for nine weeks to run. The program will culminate in a the insurance underwriter, the RRCA Board of Directors trip to the Lehigh Valley Half Marathon kids race. unanimously passed a policy stating that RRCA members taking advantage of the group liability and Directors & Banner Running Club - Peoria, IL Officers insurance program may not actively promote that The Banner Running Club is a youth running club started headphones are welcome at RRCA insured events. Meaning by Banner Elementary School PTO in 2009. The club meets RRCA members utilizing the insurance program may not after school for a brief clinic on topics such as goal-setting, engage in marketing campaigns that invite people to shownutrition, running, sportsmanship, and more. Students in up with their headphones and run in events or group runs. grades 3 through 5 are encouraged to participate, and the While the RRCA insurance policy does not exclude program culminates in running in a local 5K race. headphone use, and the RRCA does not have an outright ban


on their use during events, this does not mean that RRCA members taking advantage of the group insurance program can actively encourage runners to show up and run with their headphones. That practice could jeopardize the integrity of the insurance program that benefits thousands of events and group runs every year. The RRCA also provides sample language that race directors can utilize to outline their event’s headphone policy. These samples can be found at http://www.rrca.org/eventdirectors/guidelines-for-safe-events/. In 2009, the RRCA also developed the important Guidelines for Leading a Group Run. The common sense tips outline best practices for leading a group run to ensure the safety of

everyone involved. As part of the 2010 renewal process, club leaders are asked to attest to having reviewed the Guidelines for Leading a Group Run. In 2009, the RRCA joined the National Physical Activity Plan as an Organizational Partner. Russ Pate, PhD, Chair of the National Plan Coordinating Committee said “The RRCA is positioned to provide exceptional leadership in developing The Plan and in implementing it in communities across the nation.” The role of Organizational Partners in the Plan is to develop a nation infrastructure for advocacy efforts relating to the promotion of Physical Activity. The National Physical Activity Plan will launch on May 3, 2010.

P1'&7(*%".%!"#$%!&''()*%+,&-%".%/0()12# /''&#,%P((71'V%".%7<(%P(0-()*<16 MARCH 27, 2009 HYATT FISHERMAN’S WARF - SAN FRANCISCO, CA Secretary Paige confirmed a quorum was present and President Ayer called the meeting to order at 4:35 p.m. Secretary Paige presented the minutes from the 2008 Annual Meeting of the Membership and President Ayer requested a motion to approve the minutes as presented from last year’s meeting. The minutes of the 2008 Annual Meeting of the Membership passed as presented. Treasurer Novak presented the 2008 Financial Report. He responded to questions and comments from the membership. Executive Director Knaack presented the 2008 Annual Report and 2009 Annual Operating Budget. The Strategic Planning Task Force reported on the development and board approval of a 10-year strategic plan for the RRCA. There being no new business, President Ayer reviewed the report of the nominating committee. Lena Hollmann was the nomination for Southern Region Director. President Ayer asked for nominations from the floor. There being none, President Ayer asked for a voice vote for Ms. Hollmann as Southern Region Director. Being no objection, Ms. Hollmann was elected by voice vote by the members present. David Epstein was the nomination for Western Region Director. President Ayer asked for nominations from the floor. There being none, President Ayer asked for a voice vote for Mr. Epstein as Western Region Director. Being no objection, Mr. Epstein was elected by voice vote by the members present. Kelly Richards was the nomination for At-Large Director. President Ayer asked for nominations from the floor. There being none, President Ayer asked for a voice vote for Ms. Richards as At-Large Director. Being no objection, Ms. Richards was elected by voice vote by the members present. Dan Edwards was the nomination for At-Large Director. President Ayer asked for nominations from the floor. There being none, President Ayer asked for a voice vote for Mr. Edwards as At-Large Director. Being no objection, Mr. Edwards was elected by voice vote by the members present. There being no further business, President Ayer asked for a motion to adjourn. The motion passed. The meeting adjourned at 5:30 p.m. Submitted by

! "#$%&$"'( RRCA Secretary



The Kaiser Permanente Napa Valley Marathon in Napa, California served as the RRCA National Marathon Championship event held on March 1, 2009. Open Male: Peter Gilmore, age 31 of San Mateo, CA - 2:23:05 Open Female: Mary Coordt, age 39 of Elk Grove, CA - 2:48:54 Masters Male: Johannes Rudolph, age 43 of Boulder, CO - 2:33:41 Masters Female: Cinthya Vielma, age 42 of San Jose, CA - 3:06:15



The Tahoe Rim Trail Run 100 Miler in Carson City, Nevada served as the RRCA National Ultra Championship event held on July 19, 2009. Open Male: Eric Skaden, age 37 of Folsom, CA - 20:27:32 Open Female: Bree Lambert, age 41 of San Jose, CA - 23:42:32 Masters Male: Robert Evans, age 43 of CA - 20:46:50 Masters Female: Roxanne Woodhouse, age 46 of CA - 24:14:40 Grand Masters Male: Davy Crockett, age 50 of UT - 25:43:50 Grand Masters Female: No female over 50

The Presidio 10 in San Francisco, California served as the RRCA National 10K Championship and was held in conjunction with the RRCA NATIONAL 5K CHAMPIONSHIP 51st Annual RRCA National Convention held on March 29, 2009. The Woodstock 5K in Anniston, Alabama served as the RRCA National 5K Championship event held on August 1, 2009. Shortly after the gun went off, runners were treated to a steep uphill climb to the Golden Gate Bridge. As the mass of runners Open Male: Ryan Woods, age 30 of Boone, NC - 14:47:40 crossed over the bridge, they could see Jonathon Pierce Open Female: Stephanie Pezzullo, age 27 already on his way back across, running alone with a large gap of Indian Trails, NC - 17:34:45 between him and the rest of the pack. Pierce won the RRCA Masters Male: Scott Strand, age 40 National 10K Champion title with a time of 31:31. Pierce, a of Birmingham, AL - 15:28 2008 RRCA Roads Scholar grant recipient, is currently training Masters Female: Donna McCullar, age 40 with the Mammoth Track Club in Mammoth Lakes, CA. of Leesburg, AL - 20:40 The Pamakid Runners were awarded the 2009 RRCA National Grand Masters Male: Ernie Brooks, age 55 Club Challenge Champions at the event. of Powell, TN - 19:14 Grand Masters Female: Ann Eller, age 55 Open Male: Jonathon Pierce, age 25 of Pelham, AL - 21:46 of Mammoth Lakes, CA – 31:31 Open Female: Kristi Rossi, age 40 RRCA NATIONAL HALF MARATHON CHAMPIONSHIP of Hillsborough, CA - 41:23 The Parkersburg News & Sentinel Half Marathon in Masters Male: Sherwick Min, age 42 Parkersburg, West Virginia served as the RRCA National Half of Santa Clara, CA - 40:51 Marathon Championship event held on August 22, 2009. Masters Female: Kristi Rossi, age 40 of Hillsborough, CA - 41:23 Open Male: Alene Reta, age 27 Grand Master Male: Lynn Walker, age 52 of Ethiopia - 1:04:15 of Ben Lomond, CA - 41:45 Open Female: Hellen Jemutai, age 27 Grand Master Female: Mary Bihr, age 53 of Kenya - 1:15:57 of Petaluma, CA - 53:10 Masters Male: Gideon Mutsiva, age 42 of Eufuala, WV - 1:11:57 RRCA NATIONAL 10 Mile CHAMPIONSHIP Masters Female: Albina Gallyamova, age 45 The Credit Union Cherry Blossom 10 Mile in Washington, DC of Russia - 1:20:14 served as the National 10 Mile Championship held on April 5, 2009. Grand Masters Male: Thomas Dever of Terre Haute, IN - 1:16:20 Open Male: Ridouane Harroufi, age 27 Grand Masters Female: LeeDePietro, age 51 of Morocco - 45:56 of Ruxton, MD - 1:25:39 Open Female: Lineth Chepkurui, age 21 of Kenya - 53:32 Masters Male: Ray Pugsley, age 40 of Reston, VA - 52:08 Masters Female: Maureen Ackerly, age 40 of Richmond, VA – 1:00:08 Grand Masters Male: Johan Tuttle, age 50 of Villa Rica, GA - 55:42 Grand Masters Female: Beth Moras, age 50 of Ridgewood, NJ - 1:09:01


3445%E/9DGE/C%/F/!>%FDEEA!B Since 1971, the RRCA has honored dedicated individuals for their outstanding service to the RRCA and the sport of long distance running. Between September and November of 2008, the RRCA collected nominations for the various award categories. Each award category has selection criteria, a selection committee that reviews nominations and determines the final winner, and the RRCA Board of Directors ratifies the final winners. We are delighted to announce the 2008 National Running Award Winners.


Developed in 1970, the RRCA Distance Running Hall of Fame consists of American citizens who have shown long-term excellence in long distance running and/or have made outstanding contributions to the sport. We are pleased to induct Colleen De Reuck and Libbie Hickman to the RRCA Hall of Fame. You can find information about all RRCA Distance Running Hall of Fame members at www.RRCAHistory.org. 2009 RRCA Hall of Fame Inductees:

COLLEEN DE REUCK Colleen De Reuck was born on April 13, 1964 in Vryheid, Kwazulu-Natal, South Africa. She now lives in Boulder, Colorado and became a U.S. citizen on December 11, 2000. De Reuck graduated Stanger High School in Kwazulu-Natal, South Africa in 1981 and finished college at the University of Port Elizabeth in Eastern Cape, South Africa in 1985. Before becoming a U.S. citizen in 2000, she represented South Africa in three Olympics, competing in the marathon in 1992 (9th in 2:39:03); the 10,000 in 1996 (13th in 32:14.69); and the marathon in 2000 (31st in 2:36:58). Some other outstanding performances prior to 2000 include winning the Honolulu Marathon in 1995 in 2:37:29; winning the Berlin Marathon in 1996 in 2:26:35; finishing 2nd at New York City Marathon (2:29:11) and 3rd at Boston Marathon (2:28:03) in 1997.

Reuck then finished 2nd and 3rd at the IAAF World Cross Country 8K as they along with Jen Rhines won the team silver medal. In 2003 she was 2nd at U.S.A. Cross Country Champs 8K (29:42) and 8th at World XC Champships 8K (26:49). She won the U.S.A. Half-Marathon Champion (1:10:00) and was 2nd at U.S.A. Marathon Championships (2:37:41). De Reuck made her fourth Olympic team in 2004, this time as an American, after winning the women’s Olympic Trials Marathon race in 2:28:25. She finished 39th at the Olympic Games (2:46:30). Earlier in the year she had won the U.S.A. 8K XC race to make her third U.S. cross country team and finished 8th at the World XC Championships. She was also the U.S.A. 15K champion in 49:02 that year. In 2005, at the age of 40, she again won the U.S.A. XC 8K race, this time in 27:24 and then finished 13th at the World XC championships in 27:51 and was the top U.S. finisher. She also set a marathon record for women masters at Chicago when she finished in 2:28:40. In 2006 De Reuck became a member of the U.S.A.’s 8K cross country team for a fifth time and finished 33rd in the World championship. Since turning 40 De Reuck has established U.S. master records at eight distances: 5K - 15:48; 10K - 32:50; 12K - 40:48; 15K 49:51; 20K - 1:07:21; Half Marathon - 1:11:30; 25K - 1:25:15; and Marathon - 2:28:40.

Her most outstanding year was probably 1998 when she set two world records in winning the Nortel Cherry Blossom 10 Mile in 51:16 and the New Haven 20K in 1:05:11. Also that year she was 5th at Boston in 2:29:43 and 2nd at Chicago in 2:27:04. Her 1999 performances included wins at the Steamboat Classic 4 Mile in 20:10 and the Azalea Trail 10K in 32:36 and 4th place finishes at Boston in 2:27:54 and Chicago in 2:27:30.

Last year, at 45, she became the oldest woman to win a U.S. championship when she won the New Haven 20K in 1:07:21, the same race where she had set a World record (1:05:11) in 1998. 2009 was also a year in which De Reuck led the Boston Marathon for much of the race and finished 8th overall in 2:37:57. In the fall she was second at the women’s U.S. Marathon championship race at the Twin Cities Marathon in 2:32:37.

De Reuck’s first year as a U.S. citizen, 2001, saw her winning the U.S.A. 8K Championship in 26:16, the Arturo Barrios 10K in 32:35 and the Tufts Health Plan 10K for Women in 32:10. She was also 14th (3rd American) at the New York City Marathon in 2:35:31.

De Reuck started this year with competition in her favorite running discipline when she won the women’s master division at the USATF Cross Country Championships on February 18. Her time in the 8K race (27:27) would have placed in the top 12 in the open race.

She made her first U.S. team in 2002 after a second place finish to She is married to Darren De Reuck who is also her coach. They Deena Kastor at the U.S.A. 8K cross country trials. Kastor and De have two daughters, Tasmin and Tara.


LIBBIE HICKMAN Libbie Hickman was born on February 17, 1965, in Billings, Montana. She graduated from high school in 1983 in Cairo, Egypt where her father was working for an oil company.

career was less than stellar.

Hickman began running as a child when she would chase fly balls at her older brothers’ baseball practice and have her dad time her in sprints around the block. She ran track and field in high school and in college at Colorado State University. By her own admission, her college

Runner’s World magazine. She also won Runner’s World top spot in 1998 and 2000, and placed second in 1997 and 1999. (Interestingly, the top rated runner in 1997 and 1999 was our other Hall of Fame inductee this year, Colleen De Reuck.) Other career highlights include winning the 1999 U.S. 10,000m championship; the 1997 U.S. 5,000m champion; finishing fourth at the 1996 Olympic Trials 5,000; the 1998 half-marathon and 10K road championships and representing the U.S. at three World Championships (1995, ’97 and ’99). A personal favorite win came in 1997 when she won the Bolder Boulder 10K. It was the first time in 14 years that an American woman has won this race in her adopted “native state.” Her personal bests include: 3000m - 8:35.02 (2000); 5000m 15:11.15 (1997); 10,000m - 31:41.33 (1999) and 2:28:34 for the marathon. Hickman was selected as the RRCA Road Racer of the Year for the years 1997-2000. In 1998 she was inducted into the Colorado State University Hall of Fame and the Colorado Sportswoman Hall of Fame.

“I was not as serious about my running then. I concentrated on the 1500. As a senior I realized that I only had one year left to run. I moved up to 3000 and got serious. But my mileage was so low back then, it’s embarrassing.”

Hickman and her husband Walter, now own a fitness center called Hickman Health in Fort Collins, Colorado, where they provide a workout facility and offer personal training to all level of athletes. According to their website, she “now uses her world-class training experience to coach other athletes to After graduating from CSU in 1987 with a BS in science/ reach their personal bests. Her clients  range from first time physiology and a minor in chemistry, she began a 5K racers all the way up to those competing in the Olympic professional running career that lasted 16 years, highlighted Trials.  The distance is unimportant; what drives her is the by representing the U.S.A. in the 10,000 at the 2000 Olympics relationships and helping others.” in Sydney. The Hickmans have three children. Hickman won major races on the road and track at every distance from 1500m to the half marathon. She had a Hall of Fame Selection Panel: Jim Oaks, Lisa Rainsberger, Joe breakthrough year at road racing in 1991 when she won the Henderson, Jacqueline Hansen, Amby Burfoot, Kim Jones, Bill ARRA circuit and was ranked as the top woman road racer by Rogers, Ken Young, Don Kardong, and John Parker

RRCA SCOTT HAMILTON OUTSTANDING CLUB PRESIDENT OF THE YEAR DAVID PURINTON of the Huntsville Track Club in Huntsville, Alabama David is completing his 12th year as president of the HTC having been elected January, 2008 to his 6th consecutive two-year term. For 12 years David has guided the HTC with excellence and added significantly to the club and its value to the community over his years in office. Donations to civic organizations have significantly increased during his time as president, including the sponsorship of a room in Huntsville Hospital’s new ER, providing life saving equipment to the police department, and conducting the Ribbon Run, two large 5K races for men and women and a survivors walk benefiting the “Liz Hurley Breast Cancer Fund” at the Huntsville Hospital Foundation, are just a few of the more significant club donations. His long duration as club president is a result of the fact that he enjoys giving back to the club and community, and our desire to have such an outstanding leader continue the high level of quality that has resulted in the HTC being one of the top clubs in the nation. His ability to work with the City and various civic organizations has significantly enhanced the club’s value and reputation in the community. During his tenure as president, he and his wife Clare have attended most

RRCA conventions to make sure the HTC is in tune with our national organization and up-to-date with what is occurring with running across the country. David and Clare moved to Huntsville in 1992. David ran his first Rocket City Marathon that December where he learned about the HTC, and they joined the club in January 1993 and immediately began volunteering at club races. In 1995 they took over as co-directors of the club’s Women’s Distance Festival 5K which has both a women’s race and a men’s race on a Saturday evening in July. They directed the races for 5 years. In 1996 David was elected Treasurer for a two-year term that led to his being elected club president at age 29 in 1998 as the youngest in HTC history. In 2001 when the club had to find a new location/facility, course, and sponsor for our Re-Creation 5K Race, David got his church to fill all those needs, and he and Clare worked as the co-directors to make a seamless transition that continues to this day. David has served as the club’s volunteer Webmaster for more than 10 years. He reconstructed the website to be easy to


navigate, extremely complete in the information provided, and quick to download. New postings or information that needs to be updated is done within hours, not days. This even though he is an engineer and travels quite a bit. It is impressive how prompt and thorough he answers so many requests for information about running in our community, always in a positive and polite manner.

six consecutive years (1994-1999). This is one of the oldest club grand prix’s in the nation and highly competitive. During his time as president and competitive runner, he has also had to deal with the hardships that befall most runners. In 2000 he had stress fractures in both feet at the same time. After almost a year of treatment one of those would not heal resulting in operations to take bone from his hip to make a bone paste to fill the fracture in that foot. It was a long slow recovery but he did heal and he did return to a high level competitive racing. That resulted in David being only the fourth club member to win the HTC Comeback Award. As trying as that was, he continued his detailed involvement and high level of club leadership.

David is not only and outstanding leader but he is also an outstanding runner. He ran 2:43:05 in that 1992 Rocket City Marathon and in the next 7 Rocket Cities he was the top local finisher 3 times and runner-up the other 4 with a best time of 2:37:32. He has been the winner of many club races at distances from 5K to the extremely difficult Mountain Mist 50K Trail Run. He won the club’s Outstanding Performance Award in 1999. His most amazing accomplishment is winning Selection Panel: Brent Ayer, Libby Jones, and Mark Grandonico the HTC Grand Prix Open Male Category an unprecedented

BROWNING ROSS SPIRIT OF THE RRCA AWARD DEBORAH D. “DEBBIE” MAGILKE of the Yellowstone Rim Runners in Billings, Montana Debbie distinguished herself from the many worthy candidates for this year’s award by virtue of her tireless service to, and support of, her local club since its inception.  The Rim Runners never had to go wanting for a place to store club equipment - all the various and sundry pieces of gear made their home at Debbie’s, saving the Rim Runners considerable cost and inconvenience.   And when items such as road signs, tables, finish chutes, etc. are needed for races, Debbie either makes them or buys them at her expense.   And she brings the equipment to the event, then tears it down and takes it all back to her place.  Oh, and don’t forget finish line refreshments - she has that covered, too.  Always the first to arrive and last to leave:  this is the hallmark of Debbie’s service to her local club.  But wait, there’s more!  When traveling to out-of-town races, Debbie also takes the equipment along in case the host club needs something to ensure their event is a successful one.

act after picking up her registration material was to ask the local club if they needed help setting up, or with the banquet. Having her own good time was not a priority, rather, ensuring the success of the RRCA convention was.  Perhaps the best indicator of how Debbie promotes RRCA is represented by her long-term efforts to encourage young people just getting started in running.   When they showed up at group runs, she would take them under her wing.  Or, she would run into them somewhere and bring them to club functions so they could meet the Yellowstone Rim Runners.  The RRCA’s support of youth running got a major boost a few years ago via the “Kids Run the Nation” program; Debbie, knowing the importance of getting our next generation off on the right foot, has been at it for much longer.


John aptly sums up the impact of Debbie Magilke’s contributions to her club and the RRCA as follows: “What ! she has done, she has done for so long that most people To the untrained eye, this constellation of activities goes just take it for granted.  If something ever happen(s) to her, unnoticed.  But as we all know, they are crucial to conducting it will create a very big hole in our running community.   I a successful race.  Debbie has shouldered this burden for the have never met anyone more passionate about running and past thirty years. helping those around her.”  Such are the toiling of an unsung heroine.   But they won’t go unnoticed tonight!   Debbie, According to the nominating guidelines, the Browning Ross by virtue of your myriads of selfless acts performed over winner should not only have a considerable track record of decades, you have enriched the sport of running in Montana, volunteering for his or her local club or event, but should be sustained your club, and exemplified the “Spirit of the an active promoter of the RRCA as well.  Debbie’s nominator, RRCA”.  Congratulations and thank you for a job well done! Montana State Representative John Devitt, noted that, upon arrival at the Lake Tahoe national convention, Debbie’s first Selection Panel: David Epstein, Gary Corbitt, and Dan Edwards

RRCA OUTSTANDING STATE REPRESENTATIVE GEORGE REHMET – California (Coastal) RRCA State Representative George Rehmet held the position of RRCA State Representative from 1999 to 2004, winning State Rep of the Year in 2001, then took a break to devote time to other activities. He returned to the State Rep position in 2008 and quickly found himself in the role as the director for the 2009 RRCA National Convention. George has been running since 1981 and his running accomplishments are too numerous to outline in the space available. In addition to his running, he has also done over 100 swims to or from Alcatraz Island, with most swims done without a wetsuit in the chilly waters of


the San Francisco Bay. George is a teacher and Cross Country coach at a juvenile detention camp. What RRCA members said about George as the 2009 Outstanding State Rep of the Year: “George has worked tirelessly over the past 12 months or more to bring about the first official physically challenged category in a San Francisco Bay Area road race. It is hard to describe how much it has meant to me, a distance runner who happens to be a leg amputee, to be able to log onto

Active.com to register for an event, and check the physically challenged box. I sincerely hope that you bestow this honor upon George, as I believe his inclusive attitude and ‘can do’ spirit are exactly what the sport of running needs today and in the future.” – Geoff, Pamakid Runners “George is an attentive and approachable rep, and has proven this to be so year in and year out. When George returned to the ranks of state reps, he made a concerted effort to get to know my club (new to RRCA) and me personally. He has attended our club’s Saturday morning and Wednesday evening fun runs on multiple occasions, introducing himself to the membership and participating in our run and postexercise meal. Further, he has attended our annual meeting on multiple occasions and spoken to our group at that forum.” – Jeff, East Bay Front Runners and Walkers “I recommend George Rehmet for Outstanding RRCA State Representative for 2009. I believe that he exemplifies the highest standards of excellence in all that he does for the RRCA. His love for the sport of running is matched by his

everyday efforts on behalf of the members he represents. He is the rare person who gives of his time and effort without complaint and always with joy.” – Simone, East Bay Front Runners and Walkers “Through his leadership, the 2009 convention was an extremely successful experience for attendees and host clubs. George traveled to many Bay Area clubs and races to promote the convention, obtain sponsorships, and to support the RRCA. Moreover, he traveled throughout the country to promote the convention. He was tireless in his efforts and spent hundreds of hours on the myriad of details associated with the convention. He helped to develop many of the convention activities using his past convention experiences and listening to other runners. George’s ability to recruit the right people in key volunteer positions was also critical to the success of the convention. This demonstrated George’s positive relationships with the running community.” Len, Lake Merritt Joggers and Striders Selection Panel: Brent Ayer, Dan Edwards, and Kelly Richards


(15:27) at the CVS/Caremark Downtown 5K, 9th in 1,500m at adidas Track Classic (4:14.58), 6th in 2,000m at Nike Prefontaine Classic (5:38.34), ranked #6 in the world (#1 U.S.) at 10,000m Keflezighi made history in 2009 by winning the ING New York by T&FN. Amy Yoder Begley was also a recipient of the RRCA City Marathon in a personal-best time of 2:09:15. The win gave Roads Scholar grant in 2004. Keflezighi the U.S.A. Marathon Championship and his fourth national title of 2009, and he became the first American man MALE MASTER: JON WILLIAMS to win in New York since Alberto Salazar’s 1982 victory in Gold Coast Runners, Miami, FL 2:09:29. He earned a total prize-money payday of $200,000, including $130,000 for the overall win, $30,000 for finishing 2009 highlights include 71 races entered including 11 ahead of the 2:09:30 mark, and an additional $40,000 for different distances. Jon won overall 23 times and top 3 the U.S. title. He also finished atop the U.S.A. Running Series overall 50 times in 2009. He won the Master’s title at both ING rankings for 2009, earning an additional $6,000. Also in 2009, Half Marathon and A1A Half Marathons in Florida. He placed in January he won the U.S.A. Half-Marathon title for the first 3rd Overall in 2009 at the Seven Mile Bridge Run and was the time in his career in a then personal best time of 1 hour 1 14th place masters at the Peachtree Road Race. He was 3rd minute 25 seconds, and in February he captured his third place master at Gasparilla 15K and 4th overall at men’s national 12-kilometer cross country title. It was his first A1A Half Marathon. victory in that event since 2002. At the London Marathon in April, Keflezighi posted a then personal best time of 2:09:21, FEMALE MASTER: and in July he won his second U.S. 7 Mile title in 32:25.  In JOAN BENOIT SAMUELSON October he won the Rock & Roll Half Marathon in San Jose, Freeport, ME CA, and in doing so, he lowered his personal best for the second time that year when he crossed the finish line in At age 52, Joan set the 1:00:01. During that race his 20K split time of 57:52 became American 10-mile record for the new American record for that event, bettering Ryan Hall’s females 50-54 at Crim 10 Miler 57:54 set in 2006. (2009 Highlights for M. Keflezighi) (8/22/09) with time of 1:00:34, breaking the prior record by FEMALE OPEN: AMY YODER BEGLEY almost a minute and a half Nike Oregon Project, Beaverton, OR (87 seconds). She set the American 5 mile record for Yoder Begley was the top finishing American at the 2009 females 50-54 at Friehofer’s IAAF World Championships in the women’s 10,000 meters, 5K (6/6/09) with time of 17:27 finishing the race in sixth-place in a personal best 31 minutes (age graded 99.4%). She 13.78 seconds. Yoder Begley thrilled the Hayward Field crowd set the American marathon in finishing third at the Olympic Trials in 2008 and she brought record for females 50-54 an even bigger roar in 2009 as she won her first national at New York City Marathon championship and set a Hayward Field record, emerging as (11/8/09) with time of 2:49:8. the victor in 31 minutes, 22.69 seconds, which is the #9 U.S. women’s 10,000m time in history. Other 2009 highlights Selection Panel: Mitchell Garner, include U.S.A. Indoor 3,000m champion (8:53.2), U.S. 15K Larry Eder, Jeff Horowitz, and Frank champion (49:54) at the Gate River Run 15K, U.S. 5K champion Shorter



CLUB WRITER OF THE YEAR: MARK LUCAS Cornbelt Running Club, Bettendorf, IA Mark has regularly contributed insightful, and thought-provoking articles to the newsletter of the Cornbelt Running Club. (CBRC).

LARGE CLUB NEWSLETTER: “THE RUNNING ACCOUNT” EDITOR - ESTHER DILL The club, in existence since 1975, is large with members of many variations. Mark manages, with his wit, wisdom, and North Carolina Running Club, Raleigh, NC E-NEWSLETTER: “SOONER SOUNDINGS” EDITOR – MARLYSS BIRD Pamakid Runners, San Francisco, CA JOURNALISM EXCELLENCE: ROGER ROBINSON Running Times Magazine

experience to address and include all runners-fast, slow, or just social. He inspires us with typical life experiences, ageing, humor, and perseverance to ‘keep on running’. In his article, Digital Deception, he reminds us to unplug and enjoy nature. Aging is addressed in his article, A Lesson in Humility. And self-satisfaction and perseverance highlight his article, Running Success.

“I am truly honored to be selected for the journalism award, Mark’s day job is as a practicing podiatrist. He won’t, but imagine and totally gobsmacked, to use a New Zealand colloquialism. the foot stories he could tell! Besides being a regular runner, Sincere thanks. It’s the greatest reward for any writer to know Mark volunteers and is a sponsor for our CBRC 24 hour run. that your work is appreciated.” Selection Panel: Marlene Atwood, Lisa Herbert, and Susan Zevin


Each year one award is given to a small club (250 and fewer members) and one to a large club (over 250 members) from the nominations received. Then an overall website winner is chosen from the two finalists.

OVERALL WINNER: CHATTAHOOCHEE ROAD RUNNERS HONORABLE MENTION: Lake Grapevine Runners and (Small Club Winner) Walkers (Large Club Winner) www.crrclub.com Chattahoochee, TN www.runnersandwalkers.com Lake Grapevine, TX Selection Panel: Chuck Bartlet, Chris Burch, Michael Bowen, and Charles Cline

ROD STEELE OUTSTANDING VOLUNTEER OF THE YEAR DIANE PERRIELLO of the Summit Athletic Running every list and since members look to her as the guiding light of club involvement. Club in Cuyahoga Falls, OH Roger Durbin of the Summit Athletic Running Club (SARC) nominated Diane Perriello as Outstanding Volunteer of the Year. Diane consistently through the years has volunteered at nearly all of the 51 races that the Summit Athletic Running Club is associated with annually. Diane is one of the primary resources for showing new volunteers the ropes. She attends all club meetings and work sessions including the monthly newsletter assembly party. Diane is one of the organizers of a group run that has been together for several years and she regularly invites oldtimers and new members alike to join with the group. Her camaraderie is to be commended. Diane has been the winner of the local SARC outstanding volunteer for several years running, the chief criteria being the heaviest involvement in time, scope of activities, and visibility. Diane quite literally defines volunteering in our club. On the spreadsheet listing activities for the year, explanations and examples of service are given as notes under her name since she always appears at the head of


Diane consistently arrives early for set up and stays late for clean up; race directors, event coordinators, and party hosts vocally applaud her as they rely on her to be there for them when needed. Diane logs more than 1200 hours per year for the club, all the while maintaining her important running schedule. She is regularly listed among top master women runners in Ohio. Tellingly, Diane is ever cheerful at events, even during moments of crisis when things don’t go well. She has experience, good judgment, and a problem-solving spirit that helps all members through difficult moments. Other volunteers have commented aloud when they see her show up for a race that “now we can relax” because they know she’s there if something goes wrong. Diane also regularly recruits new members to the Summit Athletic Running Club. The important note is that the members she brings into the group also become notable volunteers themselves. Selection Panel: George Rehmet, Nancy Hobbs, and Bee McLeod

KURT STEINER OUTSTANDING YOUTH PROGRAM DIRECTOR OF THE YEAR RON BEASLEY of the Ann Arbor Track Club (AATC) in In 2009, a number of Ron’s athletes competed in national track and field events and achieved considerable success. In Ann Arbor, MI Ron has worked tirelessly to promote the AATC’s Youth Division, immersing himself in all aspects of the organization and training of our young athletes. He even started having fund-raising events in an effort to make the Youth Division more self-sufficient. The Youth Division caters to children from grades one to twelve and has three seasons: cross country, indoor track, and outdoor track. Each season has numerous competitions, both in the area and out of state, and Ron oversees the travel and lodging arrangements for those meets as well. Ron’s skill as a coach is well recognized, not only through the success his athletes have had in competition but also for the fun that they have in participating. Ron’s devotion to the AATC’s Youth Division is his life. He coaches his athletes at the track at least three nights a week and travels to competitions with them on weekends, often spending his own money to help those athletes who lack financial resources for traveling. Ron assumed the duties of the AATC’s Youth Division Director in 2000. Since then, the program has experienced a 50% increase in enrollment and continues to grow--now numbering about seventy children. Some of Ron’s athletes have progressed and have competed at the high school and college levels. They can do so with the confidence of knowing that Ron has prepared them well. Ron’s program continues to be a role model for the development of future track and field athletes.

June, one ten-year-old female won first place in the bantam division long jump at the USATF Youth Outdoor National Championship in Ypsilanti, Michigan. In December, eight athletes participated in the AAU Junior National Cross Country Championship in Orlando, Florida, and one runner took fourth place in the sub-bantam 3K race. Many coaches can teach the fundamentals of track and field, but few have Ron’s ability to teach them to be good citizens as well. Ron Beasley is such a rarity. He provides the children with a strong foundation in sportsmanship, self-esteem and respect for others. Ron is an exemplary role model. His strong, quiet nature as an accomplished runner in his own right belies the disdainful boasting that is so frequently seen among athletes today. Ron’s service in the AATC began in 1990. He has served as AATC Vice-President for two years and as AATC President for five years. Ron is also involved in the AATC’s Adult and Master’s Track Programs, and his expertise is frequently sought by athletes in the Ann Arbor area. His name can be frequently found on masters national running lists in distances ranging from 200 to 800 meters. In 2004, Ron received the Elmo Award, the AATC’s version of a lifetime achievement award, for his many contributions to our organization. Selection Panel: Dan Kesterson, Eve Mills, and Lena Hollmann


Every successful organization needs a dynamic leader(s). Not just an organizational leader...but a passionate, vocal, enthusiastic “let’s go, you can do this--follow me,” leader(s)and it was codirectors, Terri Clarke and DJ Watson that were just this type With a history of 30 years, the Memphis Runners Track Club of leaders. In 2008, planning for 500 participants, they began ranks amongst the largest running clubs in the nation and to advertise on local radio, advertise on the MRTC website and is a nonprofit organization run by a 15-member, volunteer in the local newspaper. They developed an internet support Board of Directors. MRTC sponsors countless running events, group, a training schedule, and organized levels of ability and training events and activities to promote running in the recruited more volunteer coaches. Additionally, they added a Memphis, TN area. The program that we wish to nominate for walking component to the program, recruiting speed-walking the Outstanding Beginning Runners Program is the “Women coaches and offering training in that area. They planned an Run/Walk Memphis” couch to 5K program. exceptional “graduation 5K” to celebrate the conclusion of the training program. The result of these efforts in 2008 were over In the late 1980’s, the Women’s Distance Festival 5K, sponsored 1000 women completing the program. by Memphis Runner’s Track Club, began with approximately a hand full of women. The program continued off and on In the summer of 2009, DJ and several other volunteer through 1995 as a “couch to 5K” training program. In 1998, coaches completed the RRCA coaching certification program volunteers revitalized the program, and it has been a consistent in hopes of again taking the “Women Run/Walk Memphis” program since that time. Over the years, the program “torch” program even further. It has become a premier program has been passed from one volunteer or director to another under their leadership -- and the numbers have reached with renewed interest, enthusiasm and passion for running. heights no one could have dreamed possible. From 1999 to 2004, it was Clare Sample’s organizational skills and work ethic that kept the program going when there were For a minimal fee, hundreds of women are being coached only 40 to 50 ladies each year. The program was then directed and trained from June until early September in the sport by Rachel Regan from 2005-2007. Under her leadership, it was of running. Women are offered support, encouragement, taken to an even higher, more organized, more enthusiastic recreation, and it’s inspiring to see so many women getting level. Based on participant’s ability level, they were divided off the couch and making a major commitment to changing into groups with planned training schedules. The program things in their lives. In 2009, the club anticipated 1,000 developed into an 8-week training program and was participants and registered a record 1371. publicized locally and began to grow and develop more. It was in 2007 and 2008 that the program took off with a vengeance. Selection Panel: Lena Hollmann, Simone Adair, and Tony Flesch



Support for Families of Children with Disabilities.

The race has served as the RRCA Western Region Half Marathon Championship for several years and is a certified 13.1 mile course that is ranked as one of the most scenic in the country by Runnerâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s World. The race sells out each year with 10,000 participants. RRCA Western Region Director David Epstein was in attendance to honor the 2009 RRCA Western Region Half Marathon Champions. The race allows The race is presented by Pamakid Runners whose for a free booth at the finish line expo for the local RRCA purpose is to promote a healthy lifestyle, support the members to promote local events as well as the national running community and charitable causes by organizing, RRCA organization. Moreover, Western Regional Director volunteering, and participating in running related and social David Epstein has presented the RRCA awards. events in the San Francisco Bay Area. Pamakid Runners host training runs leading up to the race, and all levels are invited PAMAKID Runners and Kaiser Permanente believe that to join the training runs. In addition, the race website has online training plans that participants can also follow. To individuals with a disability deserve the inspiration, support ensure all levels of runners can participate in the event, the and opportunity to participate in athletic endeavors that race has a four-hour finish time. After three hours into the promote healthier, active lifestyles. In order to support race, participants still on the course are moved to the running that belief the 2010 Kaiser Permanente San Francisco Half path to finish the course, and the finish line is open for four Marathon introduced a Physically Challenged Athlete (PC) category for male and female participants. This category hours after the eventâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s start. requires pre-registration as a PC Athlete and will be excluded The Pamakid Runners have donated over $100,000 from race from age group categories. revenues to local charities such as Koret Family House, The Harbor Light Center for Alcoholism and Drug Abuse, and Selection Panel: Mark Grandonico, Libby Jones, and John Devitt The Kaiser Permanente Half Marathon and 5K takes place in February, typically on Super Bowl Sunday. The race starts in Golden Gate Park in San Francisco, California on John F. Kennedy Drive east of Stow Lake Drive and finishes on Martin Luther King Drive near the Great Highway.

!"#$%&'()*+',+)-%.'(%/'0#123+/.' 4)567%11'0+8/%8.'9+$)2':#55%8.' :%1)+',%8;)/*.'<%11='>)67+82*.' 0##2='?=1%8 !"#$%'>)-75&'0%#8-%'>%73%5.' 9+$)2'@A*5%)/.'B)3#/%'!2+)8 C%1#D'>)-75&'0+8='4#8-+/.' <%11='>)67+82*.'C%5*='C#E28%+EF.' BEG+//%'H'4)67+%1'C#D%/.' C8%/5'!=%8.'>#/'4+6;*#E2.' III'H'4+8;'J+82 (%/+'K#113+//.'B+/2=' J+15#/.'L#7/+6+'<%11%=.'!+8#/' C#E28%+EF.',7)1'(+/-


3445%!!+/%B7#7(%!(6)(*('7#71R(* For over three decades, the RRCA State Representatives (State Reps) have served as ambassadors for the organization by providing a physical presence in each state for the RRCA. State Reps promote our programs and services to clubs and events in their home state. State Reps assist the National Office and the RRCA Board in carrying out the mission, vision and values of the organization. State Reps monitor trends and issues at the state and local level and report them to the National Office. In addition they promote membership in local clubs and recruit unaffiliated clubs, events, corporate supporters and individual members. The RRCA would like to thank the following individuals for volunteering in their free time to help promote the mission of the organization and the sport of distance running.




Away from Domestic Violence 8K—Alabama RRCA 8K State Championship (Hoover, October 24)

Email: alabama@rrca.org

I met with the presidents of 11 of 20 RRCA Alabama member RRCA Championships: With a total of 10 RRCA Championships, running clubs: encompassing seven state, two regional, and one national, !" Dennis Dunn, Anniston Runners Club Alabama, again, was at the forefront of RRCA Championships !" Alvin Walls, Auburn-Opelika Running & Track Association in 2009. I attended and participated in the following RRCA !" Valerie McLean, Birmingham Marathon, Inc. Championships, including presenting RRCA Championship !" Johnaca Kelley, Birmingham Track Club !" Trish Portuese, Championship Racing, LL Awards at four of the five: Dave Purinton, Huntsville Track Club !" Run 2 Calvary 2 Mile Run—RRCA Southern Region 2 Mile !" !" Eric Schotz, River City Runners Championship (Tuscumbia, January 31) !" Preston, River Region Runners !" 3M River City Run 10K—Alabama RRCA 10K State !" Pete Therese Bynum, Team Magic, Inc. Championship (Decatur, April 11) !" Frank Spires, Tennessee River Athletic Club !" Swampers 5K—Alabama RRCA 5K State Championship !" Richard Carroll, Tuscaloosa Track Club (Muscle Shoals, April 25) !" Woodstock 5K—RRCA National 5K Championship New Alabama RRCA Clubs: There were two new Alabama (Anniston, August 1) clubs joining the RRCA in 2009:  Little Red Hen !" 1 Mile River Bottom Burnout—Alabama RRCA 1 Mile running Productions (Mobile) and The Athlete’s Foot (Tuscaloosa). State Championship (Florence, October 10)                                 st I attended, but did not participate in, the following RRCA RRCA Convention: I attended the 51 Annual RRCA National Convention in San Francisco, March 26-28. As an attendee, I Championships: with the set up for the Silent Auction in support of !" Red Nose Run 10 Mile—Alabama RRCA 10 Mile State assisted the RRCA State Representative Program, and also participated Championship (Birmingham, January 10) in the RRCA National 10K Championship, the Presidio 10 Run. !" Auburn Classic Half Marathon—Alabama RRCA Half Marathon State Championship (Auburn, January 17) Representative Newsletters: I compiled and transmitted !" Ellis Porch Statue to Statue 15K—Alabama RRCA 15K State an Alabama State Representative Newsletter in April, June, State Championship (Birmingham, April 18) September, and December to an email list of over 70 Alabama Other RRCA Championships held were Old Mobile 8K—RRCA club contacts. I also sent emails to individual club contacts on Southern Region 8K Championship (Mobile, April 4) and Run an as-needed basis.


RRCA Programs Promotion: I was at the forefront of promoting the transition from the old RRCA logos to the updated RRCA logos among Alabama RRCA running clubs, as well as, the RRCA Southern Region. Other RRCA programs promoted (within my state representative newsletters) included the following: !" RRCA National Convention !" RRCA National Running Awards !" RRCA Microfinance Fund !" RRCA Join a Club Campaign !" RRCA Championships !" Club Running !" RRCA Kids Run the Nation !" RRCA Run@Work Day !" RRCA Revamped Web Site !" RRCA Membership Renewal



The annual AR RRCA Grand Prix awards ceremony was held in February with an estimated attendance of 150 AR RRCA club members. Over $2000 in awards and door prizes were given out. Two of the three AR RRCA/AR Grand Prix sponsors were in attendance and thanked for their generosity. I established email contact with a member of each RRCA club in Arkansas to form a state wide Long Distance Running Committee, each club is represented by one member. The member is the direct contact to the state rep and information is disseminated from the state rep, to the long distance running committee member, to the member club. The LDRC met twice in 2009. Business was conducted throughout the year through electronic correspondence such as email and a private message board forum. A race feedback program was set up in order to ensure the Grand Prix races, especially the state championships, were meeting the guidelines set forth by the AR RRCA. Before each race, two to three members of the Long Distance Running Committee (LDRC) are appointed to critique the race by filling out an evaluation form that was put together by the LDRC before the season began. After the race, the evaluations are completed and turned into the state rep. The state rep forwards a synopsis and any suggestions to the race director. Race director response has been positive. Due to feedback from this program, several races in the series have made major changes such as online registration and electronic chip timing. I visited 10 clubs/events this year including club meetings and member club races. At 6 of the races I have served as a volunteer. With PowerPoint slides obtained from RRCA executive director Jean Knaack, I developed a presentation that fully outlines the services and programs available through the RRCA. I presented this information at club meetings throughout the state. A state rep blog was created that is available on the AR RRCA website and can be subscribed to by viewers. There were 27 entries in 2009 ranging in content from local race recaps to national RRCA news and updates.

state championship race. This race was a fundraiser for the AR RRCA and was able to bring in nearly $3000. Volunteers for the race were solicited from clubs around the state and 5 different clubs provided people and services including water stops, timing and course marshalling. All state championship race results are available on the AR RRCA website arkrrca. com and all winners have been recorded in the RRCA state championship database. I attended the RRCA national convention in March and volunteered as a cashier at the close of the state rep auction. A grassroots effort to increase participation in the Grand Prix series began at the end of the 2008 season. Early registration was promoted on our website, entry forms were provided at the end of the year AR RRCA awards ceremony, online registration was encouraged and incentives for early registration were given. As a result, clubs that have never participated before fielded teams and clubs that have been absent in recent years returned. Participation saw a 65% increase from 2008 going from 226 participants to 372. State and national updates are made available on our website with both a Twitter account and the RRCAs news feed widget. We held the annual AR RRCA awards ceremony in Hot Springs in November. Awards for Male and Female Runner of the Year, Male and Female Youth Runner of the Year, Male and Female Masters Runner of the Year, Male and Female Most Improved Runner of the Year, Race Director of the Year, Club President of the Year, Al Becken Volunteer of the Year and Buzz Wilson Arkansas Spirit Award, Male and Female Ultra Runner of the Year and Male and Female Masters Ultra Runner of the Year were awarded. The even had record turnout with standing room only. Due to the success of the event, a new venue will have to be secured in 2010 in order to accommodate the expected attendees.


MICHAEL BOWEN, STATE REPRESENTATIVE Email: northflorida@rrca.org

Greetings! I’m finishing my fifth complete year as representative of the clubs and events, which make up North Florida. This year is my fifth national convention attendance, four as a representative. Even when the rest of the nation is covered in snow, sleet, and ice, we are blessed with conditions – most of the time – which allow clubs to produce events and group runs throughout the year.  This last year I’ve taken to writing a weblog strictly dedicated to clubs and activities related to North Florida’s RRCA clubs and races.  I’ve told club leadership, “If it lands in my in-box, chances are good it will make it on the blog.”  This blog is just one more means – outside the Facebook presence, weekly email updates, and bi-monthly newsletters - to communicate what RRCA and its member clubs are doing: keeping the lines of communication open and serving as a resource for individual runners who live in or visit the Sunshine State.  Much like last year, hardly a newsletter goes by when I don’t talk about RRCA programs like Kids Run the Nation, Road Scholars, and Run@Work Day.

Arkansas held 9 state championship races in 2009. I attended Last years’ regional championships had a North Florida all but 3 of them (these 3 races occurred in the month following flavor; three events serving as hosts. Clearwater’s Max Bayne the birth of my son) and served as the race director for the 15K 10 Miler saw Jon Mott, Leslie Sanderson, Fred Dorsey, Carol


Bancroft, Joe Link and Molly Durham-Moore crowned as Southern Region champions. Pensacola’s Fiesta of Five Flags 10,000-Meter Run championships were won by Richard Ondimu, Emily Hardin, James Frazier, Shannon Kohler, Leonard Vergunst, and Holly Gibson.  Closing out the year, Daytona Beach’s Palmer College Paint the Towne 5,000 Meters championship hardware were awarded to Richardo Lomas, Terri Rejimbal, Todd Graff, Sheila Sullivan, Ed Lipski, and Debora Diaz.

Coast Runners Club, November 29. This race is a top quality event that has been growing yearly, and with good reason. The numbers topped out over 2000 for both races. Space Coast Runners Club will once again be hosting this Florida State Championship event in 2010, and adding the connected Half Marathon as a State Championship event.

Last but largest was the 5 Mile RRCA Florida State Championship, the Bradenton Runners Club’s 9th Annual Manatee River Run on December 27. With over 700 While there are a few less championship events in North participants, this race continues to be one of the bestFlorida this year, we still have our share; at the same time organized events in South Florida. the rest of the country is shoveling snow we are running championship races. On January 23rd, the Ancient City I am very pleased that Mary Ann Nelson’s Sugarloaf Sharks Road Runners Matanzas 5,000 Meter Run was contested as Running Club, a program of the Key West Southernmost the RRCA state championship (won by Kevin McNab, Jolene Runners Club, was awarded one of eight grants given by the Williams, John White, Lisa Thomas, Jim Shields, and Lanier RRCA kids Run the Nation Program. The goal of the program Drew) and the Tallahassee Marathon hosted the 2010 RRCA is to introduce 10 to 14 year old middle school boys and Southern Region Marathon Championship on February 7th girls to running and to offer an activity to youth who do not (won by James Kiptoo Cheruiyot, Beth Moras, Sergey Kaledin, qualify for other sports teams. Krista Killius, James Quigley, and Elisabeth Diamond).  I was honored to represent the Southern Region in Tallahassee.  I am still working to update my website and work with the South Florida representative Don Nelson and I “share” State Reps Newsletter template. Thanks to all the Directors championship events, reviewing bid applications from all and Staff for the support that you give us all, you make it Florida races and collaborating in the selection process by easier for us to operate. email or phone.  (South Florida has three championships in I can’t wait to see all of you in Lakeland this year so you may 2010, so I’ll stop before I steal his thunder!) all see what running is like in the American Tropics. As always, you know what happens to the squeaky wheel; it either gets greased or placed in the trunk.  I am humbled by GEORGIA the privilege to speak my mind and my passion for the sport of running, write articles and promote the mission, vision, MARK WARD, STATE REPRESENTATIVE and values of the RRCA.  I look forward to another year of Email: georgia@rrca.org service as North Florida’s representative. Since my last Annual Report as the Georgia State Rep, I was able to participate in the events and hand out the RRCA FLORIDA (SOUTH) awards for the South Fulton Running Partners Sickle Cell DON NELSON, STATE REPRESENTATIVE Road Race to support the mission and goals of the Sickle Email: southflorida@rrca.org Cell Foundation of Georgia, Inc. With over a thousand participants, the event has become a community institution, Website: http://www.southernmostrunners.com/StRRCA/SF-RRCA- and is widely anticipated in the spring of each year.  The race includes a 7K road race, a 4K walk, and team competitions. Greetings from the Conch Republic. After a good summer This race hosted the RRCA 7K Regional Championship race in (no bad storms), running in South Florida is at a peak with April of this year, and I plan on attending the event again. more races and more participants than ever. With clubs and event membership, we are up to 38 RRCA clubs in South The Peachtree City Classic this year again hosted the RRCA Florida. I continue to communicate with all of these clubs, Regional 15K Championship. It is three races in one, the 15K and ask them to communicate with each other. I rely mostly and Men’s and Women’s 5K on different routes, all taking on email and phone, and continue to search for the perfect place through the wonderful trails of Peachtree City, Georgia. RRCA club contact list. Our Southern Region Director Lena Hollmann has kept in regular communication with all of the I intend to work with the Georgia clubs to increase the Southern states Reps which I feel helped us to connect better number of championship events held in the state in the with each other. coming years. I currently have the Sickle Cell 7K, the ING Marathon, the Peachtree City Classic 15K and Georgia State Getting Florida East Coast and West Coast clubs together Trail Running Championships 8.5 Mile Cross Country race. at one location is still not easy. I look forward to our 2010 I plan to attend each of these and also acquire some more convention in Lakeland and plan to meet with our South championships over the next 10 months. Florida clubs in Lakeland as we gather with our clubs in the rest of the country. I attended the Press Conference in Washington, DC to unveil the new RRCA magazine, Club Running. I also traveled to This year we had three RRCA State Championship Races. First the National RRCA office and met with Eve to get some was the Firefighters 5K by Gold Coast Runners, September 13. understanding of my role and responsibility. This event ran a record number of runners along the beach on the Hollywood Broad walk, with Jeff Galloway presenting The new RRCA Championship Banner was on display on the awards. a frequent basis in Georgia but my goal will be to increase that. I expect it to be in many locations for 2010. I also spoke Next was the Space Coast Marathon put on by the Space by phone with various club contacts. I have sent out my


January newsletter. Due to my previous commitment with the Peachtree City Running Club ending last December, my goal is to send out at least bi-monthly newsletters in 2010. Topics covered in these newsletters will be RRCA Championships, RRCA Convention, RRCA Membership Renewal, the 2010 RRCA Calendar, and Run@Work Day.

to focus on is the issue of headphones worn by race participants. I will never cease to be amazed by the near collisions I witness both as a race participant and spectator and hope that by raising awareness to other race directors, a potential disaster can be avoided for our running clubs.

I was also fortunate enough to be able to attend the RRCA Convention this past year in San Francisco, which proved to Email communications were transmitted to clubs regarding be one of the most informative conventions of recent history. RRCA issues that warranted immediate attention. I have one In addition to attending the event, I was able to bring along club that is putting on a 4 mile run which is going to be the several items donated for the silent auction of which all State Championship. I have spent a lot of time with this club proceeds benefit the State Reps Program which allows me to to help get awards and talked with the National Office. continue to do my job as your State Rep. Plans are already in the works to bring even more items along with me to I was one of Georgia’s club members who attended the 2009 the upcoming RRCA Convention in Lakeland, Florida and RRCA National Convention in San Francisco. I hope even more of our Louisiana race directors and club representatives can attend.


Email: office@rrca.org



TONY MOZINGO, STATE REPRESENTATIVE Email: mississippi@rrca.org

I have just finished my first few months as state representative and am happy to report that several of the clubs in the state Email: louisiana@rrca.org have committed to working more closely together for the development of a stronger, healthier running community in Greetings from the Who Dat Nation! In case you hadn’t heard Mississippi. the New Orleans Saints have won the Super Bowl finally after 40 plus years. The Saints fever has reached an all time high The Mississippi running community kicked off the new here in Louisiana and along the Gulf Coast. Black and Gold year with the Pine Belt Pacers Running Club’s Annual have become our un-official state colors and this trend has Steam Whistle Classic 12K, held annually on New Year’s Day certainly made its way into the running community. Race morning on the scenic Longleaf Trace Recreational Rail-Tot-shirts that showcase these colors are a sure crowd pleaser Trail pathway. This event was a success and featured runners and I’ve witnessed more race participants wearing Saints from across southern Mississippi and other states, many of jerseys during a race than ever before. Sure, they are not the them home for the holiday. most aerodynamic articles to wear in a race but who cares? The Saints are World Champions!! Who Dat! The following weekend, several thousand runners gathered in our state capital for the Blue Cross/Blue Shield In addition to the above mentioned football season, 2009 Mississippi Blues Marathon. Among them was a fellow also saw several RRCA State Championship events starting state representative from California, George Rehmet, who with The Wall 30K in January and Mardi Gras Marathon flew in for the race from the San Diego area. Unfortunately, in February, both hosted by the New Orleans Track Club. outside temperatures plummeted to such a degree that the The 15th Street Flyers hosted the 4 on the Fourth 4 mile race directors were forced to cancel the awards ceremony. championship on July 4th, NOTC hosted the Middendorf’s This was disappointing due to the fact that the race was Manchac 10 Mile Run in October, the Ouachita Valley Road designated as the state championship race for the marathon Runners Club hosted the Monroe Park and Recreation and half-marathon distances. But everyone was very grateful Department Half Marathon championship on November 7th to the RRCA for its support of the race. Otherwise, the race and the Cajun Road Runners Club hosted the Cajun Cup 10K was a great success. on November 14th to round out our year. I was fortunate to be able to travel and participate in all of the events this In my continuing effort to band the clubs together more year and took part in their award ceremonies. Many, many closely, I have been in close contact with the race directors thanks to the mentioned clubs for their participation in the of the annual Coca-Cola 10K held in May in the historic Championship series, and I really enjoyed each and every northeastern Mississippi city of Corinth. This race is one of one! the state’s largest and has now been designated as the state championship at that distance. On behalf of the race directors The first state championship in 2010 will be in Houma this and sponsors, I want to extend to all of you a warm Mississippi spring with the Run for Excellence 5K hosted by BRASS (Bayou invitation to come and be with us for that race or any other. Runners Association), and several other clubs have expressed interest in hosting an event. As details are finalized, courses I appreciate the opportunity to serve as state representative are measured for certification, and paperwork is submitted and look forward to providing more information as I learn ,these will be announced. I also plan to host a “Course more and travel around the state for the RRCA. Measuring 101” class in the Houma/Morgan City area in the spring to educate race directors to the measuring process. This continues to be a focus of mine for 2010.


Another area of education and awareness that I will continue



"! The Championship Races tend to be clustered to one

MIKE WALSH, STATE REPRESENTATIVE Email: northcarolina@rrca.org

I had the pleasure of coming on board as the North Carolina state representative in March with the election of my outstanding predecessor Lena Hollmann to Southern Region Director. One of my first items as State Rep was to send a detailed report of the RRCA convention (my second) to my clubs sharing wisdom I picked up. Encouraging my clubs to send representatives to the convention is one of my highest priorities, as well as reminding them to submit nominees for the grass roots volunteer awards. My newsletter goes out to the clubs about every other month, and in the meantime we stay in touch via email. My newsletter promoted such items as the race t-shirt contest, Run@Work day, the safety and race etiquette publications, the microfinance program, Women’s Distance Festival, Club Running, and membership renewal. I take great pleasure in reading the many club newsletters from my state and was able to attend most of the state championships as well. We also held a sold-out RRCA coaching clinic in the RaleighDurham area. 2009 was an active championship year with seven championships held in distances from 5K to the marathon, many of which submitted articles to Footnotes. We already have ten state championships and one regional championship lined up for 2010 including an ultra-marathon and a trail race for the first time. Our points of emphasis for 2010 championships are: "! To hold a high-quality competitive event "! RRCA branding and marketing "! Discouragement of headphone use "! Donations from the event back into RRCA programs like Kids Run the Nation North Carolina continues to have a healthy and vibrant running scene – come visit us for a run!


KEN STURM, STATE REPRESENTATIVE Email: southcarolina@rrca.org

I was appointed as the State Rep of South Carolina in August 2009. I have spent the past several months getting up to speed on the history of the RRCA in South Carolina, making contact with the RRCA clubs, as well as preparing for 2010. I have several goals for 2010, which are outlined below: "! As we have not had a State Championship in the marathon distance in a couple of years, one of my main priorities is to award one either late 2010 or early 2011. I would also like to include an ultra distance State Championship. "! Utilizing social media to keep state clubs up-to-date. I have created a Facebook page to be a central point for all things SC RRCA. "! As far as I can tell the Run@Work program has not been promoted well if at all in SC. I will make a concentrated effort to promote the program throughout the state. "! StrictlyRunning (a running specialty store and race management company in Columbia, SC) has done a lot to promote running in the state. Growing the relationship with StrictlyRunning will play a huge part in the success of the RRCA in South Carolina especially in the central and coastal regions of the state.

"! "!

region of the state. I would like to see more regions, especially the coastal region, hosting Championship Races. Establish a yearly meeting/awards banquet for SC Club Awards. I would like to attend at least one meeting for each of the RRCA clubs.



I sent out newsletters using the RRCA logos and formatted information in January and February ‘09 to all of the Tennessee running clubs and organizations. Also, I called all the clubs’ presidents and race directors  on the state roster, in order to stay in touch with the clubs.  I solicited clubs to submit for championship events and to attend the National Convention in San Francisco.  I entered the  state championships on the RRCA calendar. Cedars of Lebanon Frostbite Half Marathon on February 14 was the first State Championship we held for Tennessee.  I went and took photos, volunteered, and made sure we had photos of the winners.  We had a table inside the awards/ refreshment building.  I made sure we had our banner and information there.  I did a story on safety after an incident at this race.  Also, I did a story of the race and submitted photos. For March I sent out updates, and I attended the RRCA National Conference in San  Francisco.  The Chattanooga Track Club  President  for 2010 Sherilyn Johnson came  along with Michael DeLisle, Wain Rubenstein, and several other people from Tennessee.  Wain had me add the St. Jude Marathon to our State Championship calendar.  We had a little meeting there since our state is pretty spread out.  Memphis is a  5-6 hour drive from Chattanooga, depending on traffic.  I did a newsletter for April, and updates for May, such as reporting on the RRCA Convention and introducing a lot of the new items for 2009. Our second State Championship was the Run for Haiti 4-Miler, put on by the Oak Ridge Track Club, May 8th.  I took the banner and brochures there the night before the race.  I was unable to stay for the race as I had a family issue I had to take care of on Saturday. We had the Raccoon Mountain 10K as our third State Championship from the Chattanooga Track Club on August 22nd.  I set up a table, and I forwarded results, story and photos to Footnotes.  Next year I will be the race director for this race. I sent a banner to St. Jude and got awards for this race, held December 2nd.  We sent brochures to the race for bag stuffing.  They had over 3,000 people for the Marathon and 6,000 for the half marathon.  We have three races submitted for State Championships so far this year.  Scenic City Half Marathon in Chattanooga, Run for Haiti in Oak Ridge, and a 5K in Knoxville.  I have encouraged new clubs in the state and return calls frequently to curious people and RRCA members looking for clubs to join when they move to Tennessee.  Also, I participated in phone conferences for the Southern Region.




Email: northtexas@rrca.org

Email: southtexas@rrca.org

LIBBY JONES, STATE REPRESENTATIVE 2009 marked a transition year in North Texas as veteran multiyear state rep Kelly “K2” Richards became an At-Large Director on the RRCA Board, and I became a new state representative in May. Both K2 and I attended the 2009 RRCA Convention in San Francisco (my second RRCA annual convention), and I was happy to accept the 2008 Scott Hamilton Outstanding Club President Award there at the same time K2 was presented with the State Rep of the Year award.

LEE GREB, STATE REPRESENTATIVE Hello from South Texas!!! I am the RRCA State Representative for the clubs and events in Houston, San Antonio, Austin, Corpus Christi, Beaumont, Brownsville, and the surrounding south Texas communities. There are 35 clubs and events representing more than 3,400 households in this growing south Texas area. I was appointed as the RRCA South Texas State Representative in September 2009 and have been on a steep learning curve since then. I have sent newsletters to keep all my clubs and events informed about the RRCA programs and events. I worked with the RRCA North Texas Rep, Libby Jones to promote and secure RRCA Texas State Championship Races for 2010.

North Texas had four state championships as well as one regional championship in 2009. I was able to attend the Fort Worth Runners Club Labor Day 15K (Texas 15K Championship), the Lake Grapevine Runners and Walkers Double Trouble 5K/10K (Texas 5K and 10K Championships), and the DRC Half Marathon (Southern Region Half Marathon Championship). For the 2009 RRCA T-shirt Contest, North The Seabrook Lucky Trails Marathon that is organized and Texas represented the RRCA well, with four event shirts that managed by the Clear Lake Fitness Club and the Koala/Luke’s include the RRCA logo. Houston Half Marathon that is organized and managed by the Houston Striders are the two Texas State Championship Each month, I publish an e-newsletter which reaches an Races from the South Texas area. The 5K, 8K and 10K state audience of 350 local club officers, running media figures, championship races are from North Texas this year. Libby prominent local running figures, and various local runners and I will attend, run, and participate in the RRCA award looking to find out more about the RRCA. The newsletter ceremonies for all of our Texas Championship events. contains a sponsor section which helped raise funds in 2009 for the North Texas State Rep Fund. I further conducted a My goals for 2010 are as follows: silent auction on Dallas White Rock Marathon entries given !" Learn more about the RRCA insurance and programs so to me by the marathon, which raised $550 for the Kids that I don’t have to continually refer to the RRCA website Run the Nation fund. I served on the Kids Run the Nation and ask questions of my RRCA Southern Region Director, grant selection panel for my second year. In December, I Lena Hollmann. I appreciate her patience during my attempted to hold an RRCA North Texas Annual Meeting, but learning period. cancelled when there was minimal interest by member clubs. !" Meet as many of the representatives of the RRCA clubs I managed a booth for the RRCA at the Dallas White Rock in South Texas as is physically possible. I will become Marathon expo, with an attendance of over 20,000 runners! the Houston Strider liaison to HARRA (Houston Area Road Runners) in July 2010. HARRA is the umbrella organization for most of the RRCA running clubs in the Houston area. By attending these meetings, I will be able to meet representatives of many of the clubs that I send my newsletter to each month. This will also enable me to personally promote the RRCA programs and help to secure more participation and interest in the RRCA Texas State Championship Races. !" Promote and manage two events in Houston that promote walking and running and combine them with the appreciation for the arts. There will be a walk in the spring and a run in the fall that will tour the sculptures and artwork around downtown Houston. Roger Boak of HARRA will conduct the Tour de Art walks and runs, and I have secured the support of the Houston Striders for equipment and drinks and snacks. The Tour de Arts Run will coincide with the National Run@Work Day on September 17, 2010 which will be promoted in the Houston area. !" Promote the RRCA Texas State Championship Races that have been selected for 2010 and promote and select the races along with the North Texas State Rep for 2011. Get more races to apply and increase the competition to make the selected races more prestigious. !" Recruit new clubs for the RRCA and educate the current clubs and events as to what the RRCA has to offer them (Kids Run the Nation, Roads Scholars, Run@Work Day, Running Awards, Annual Convention, and all the other programs and benefits).





Greeting from the State of Alaska! It has been a good year for running clubs in Alaska as we saw new events featured on the calendars of the clubs in Anchorage, Fairbanks, and Juneau. I was able to visit with the folks in the Anchorage Running Club, and participated in their “Big Wild Life Runs”, which featured a marathon, half marathon, 5K, and kid’s run. I also attended meetings of Running Club North in Fairbanks and served as race director of the Equinox Marathon and Gold Discovery Run. A highlight of the year was attending the RRCA annual convention in San Francisco, which served to connect me with runners in other states, and provide a wealth of information on topics related to managing the business of running clubs. 2010 has started off with the same level of involvement in the larger communities of Anchorage and Fairbanks, as the state wide running calendar was put together in anticipation of the running season ahead. I am also pleased to report that the Anchorage Running Club and Running Club North in Fairbanks, Alaska have each made a contribution of $600 to RRCA’s “Kids Run the Nation” program, while Southeast Road Runners in Juneau, Alaska has contributed $150 toward this exciting new program. Keep on running … Steve



The past year has been a great one for running in Arizona. The state running community is thriving, with many local grass-roots races and a number of national events, such as the Rock n’ Roll Phoenix race. Local communities are committed to using running

to promote fitness and enhance other aspects of the region. In 2009, I traveled to the far western edge of Arizona to run with and meet the Yuma Desert Runners, at the time a new RRCA club. They are excited about being part of the RRCA and are learning how to fundraise, maintain membership, and produce events. In addition, I’ve corresponded with long-time RRCA member, Thunder Mountain Running Club, in Sierra Vista on the southeastern border of Arizona.  The Southern Arizona Roadrunners (SAR) remains the largest RRCA Arizona club and the most influential club in the state – the one to which I’ve devoted most energy.   SAR hosted a number of state championship races, with a 5K, 10K, and 10 miler on tap for the 2010 season. SAR continues to be an active member of the community, using each of its 19 events to help raise collectively over $100,000 for various local charities.  Perhaps their greatest success has been to promote a weekly free social run and walk in the heart of Downtown Tucson, with over 200 participants attending every week, quite an accomplishment for a region whose Downtown growth has been hampered.   I have also been in contact with the other Arizona clubs via email and in person to keep them apprised of what is happening with the RRCA. The other member clubs in Arizona are primarily self-coached or store-based, such as the Fleet Feet club and others.  I have worked with individuals to help them get acquainted to running in Arizona and events in need of guidance, especially regarding insurance.   I have talked with the largest Phoenix-based club, the Arizona Road Racers, but they are still happy to be unaffiliated.   I’ve been fortunate to attend a number of RRCA national conventions over the years, including in 2008 and 2009, but, unfortunately, I cannot attend the 2010 convention due to pressing work conflicts.  I am hoping that SAR President Mary Lasser attends on my behalf.   Finally, I had been working on a bid for the 2012 RRCA Convention to be held in the city of Tucson, but decided at the last minute to not submit due in part to local civic politics.   My hope is that the Tucson Downtown revival continues apace, allowing us a better opportunity to bring the RRCA community to the beautiful and unique Sonoran Desert in spring 2013.



Promotion of Runners with Physical Challenges: From the 2009 convention, a huge goal of mine has been to include GEORGE REHMET, STATE REPRESENTATIVE disabled athletes. I was happy that the disabled panel which Email: coastalcalifornia@rrca.org I put together received such a positive response. I’m pleased 2009 National Convention in San Francisco: As convention to report that the 2009 Run & Walk for the Hungry and the director, my goal was to set the bar high as to what a National 2010 San Francisco Half Marathon will have a physically RRCA Convention should be. It was exhausting and stressful, challenged category. I’ve have been asked to participate yet in the end, it was one of the most joyous and rewarding on a panel to study the needs of disabled athletes, as well as implementing new challenged athlete categories in races experiences. See my recap on pages 42-43. for the Pacific Association for the USATF. Simone and Geoff RRCA Championships: For 2009, I assisted with the national Turner of Challenged Athletes Foundation will be working convention’s races, the Presidio 10 Mile and 10K, as Western with me. My goal for 2010 is bear fruit in this area and to Regional and National Championships, respectively. For 2010, advocate the acceptance of athletes with disabilities. I assisted with the running clubs to have the following races Retrospective: I came back in 2008 as state representative in as championships. order to oversee the San Francisco RRCA Convention. Many "! Kaiser Permanente San Francisco Half Marathon – positive things came out which I hope to expand upon. I believe Western Regional that my successes can be attributed to Jean Knaack, RRCA "! Kaiser Permanente Napa Valley Marathon – Western Board members Dave Epstein and Dave Cotter, Simone, Len Regional Goldman, and the wonderful clubs that I represent. In addition, "! Presidio 10 Mile and 10K – State my inspiration has been the other state representatives to "! Oakland Marathon - State whom I was honored to show off my home-town. The Bulldog 50K ULTRA –Western Regional "! Valley Crest Half Marathon - State Redistricting of California: Given the growth of RRCA clubs in California and the gifts that Simone Adair could bring to Northern California’s running clubs and the RRCA, I worked with the RRCA board to redistrict California and recommended Simone as state representative for the newly formed Eastern California region. My region is now Coastal California. Both Simone and I worked to communicate this change to the clubs. It has been a pleasure to mentor Simone as state representative. Near the end of 2009, the state representative position for Southern California was vacated. Simone and I have been covering that position until it can be filled. Visits: In addition to quarterly email communications with my clubs, I have had several opportunities to meet with my clubs. The San Francisco Half Marathon, National Convention, the San Francisco Marathon, and Christmas Relays were venues to meet with other clubs. I made personal visits to about a dozen clubs/events. My goal for 2010 is to visit clubs that I newly acquired and are further away. Of interest, I honored East Bay Front Runners & Walkers and Pamakid Runners for their 25th anniversary and upcoming 40th anniversary as a running clubs, respectively. I assisted Simone in honoring key volunteers of her represented clubs. I’ve also been assisting two new races – Santa Rosa Marathon and the Oakland Running Festival. Finally, I’ve assisted several clubs in answering questions about various RRCA topics.


SIMONE ADAIR, STATE REPRESENTATIVE Email: easterncalifornia@rrca.org

This past year has been a whirlwind of running activity for me. I had the great privilege of working with George Rehmet during the RRCA Annual Convention in San Francisco. I not only got to meet local and California runners, but I got to meet folks from all over the country. Hobnobbing with some of our running luminaries like Frank Shorter, Harry Cordellos, and Dean Karnazes was also a treat. Needless to say, George has taught me a lot and continues to serve as my mentor. It was a great privilege to serve as his assistant at the convention. Eastern California Club Involvement: Following the announcement of my appointment as the new Eastern California State Representative, I emailed all the clubs in my area and introduced myself. Many of my clubs included portions of that email in their newsletters. I have continued to respond to all inquiries as quickly as possible. I am slowly getting to know the club presidents and various officers through their different requests and proposals. In particular, I helped Teens Run Modesto submit a grant proposal for Kids Run the Nation, as well as advise them on possible ways to promote their upcoming Modesto Marathon. Additionally, I sent out a request for information on what the clubs were planning for Run@Work Day and disseminated RRCA materials. I also forwarded news briefs to the National offices concerning my clubs, including a significant grant received by the High Sierra Striders. Several clubs had issues with their registration forms, and I helped clarify gender options on race forms.

Working with the National RRCA Office: I’ve provided advice for the upcoming 2010 and 2011 RRCA National Conventions. After running the Marine Corps Marathon, I visited the RRCA national office. Jean has given me the responsibility to lead a I was invited to attend various club events such as the Lake committee to select the Rod Steele Outstanding Volunteer. Merritt Joggers & Striders (LMJS) and East Bay Front Runners (EBFR) dinners and various workshops. Several local sports The local running clubs and RRCA will have been promoted at related businesses invited me to attend coaching seminars booths at the San Francisco Half Marathon and the Oakland and events with special guests, such as Dr. JoAnn Dahlkoetter, Running Festival by me and Simone. I hope to include more Bay to Breakers winner and second place finisher at the races to promote the RRCA. We also have several speakers Hawaii Ironman. lined up to present short workshops on Club Practices and Marketing (think mini Club College). Mostly though, I emailed Eve Mills for help. Needless to say,


she has been a great source of help to me, and I thank her.

participate on a USATF awards dinner committee.

Participation in Races: I served on the race committee for the East Bay Front Runners Pride Run. I was able to acquire bags from the California Department of Boating & Waterways, as well as whistles, water bottles, and temporary tattoos. We also included Sports Authority discount coupons in each of the bags.

The New Year: I’m very excited at the prospect of a new year with new opportunities and challenges. I’ve already begun thinking about ways to improve my performance and further help the members of my clubs. This year, I want to visit many more clubs for special events and races. I will be sending out an email to this effect. Hopefully, each month I can visit a different area.

I also assisted George Rehmet with the Alcatraz Challenge. The real challenge was getting up that early.

George Rehmet and I are organizing the 2010 California State Rep Convention to be held in conjunction with the Oakland I had the best time running in the various LMJS Fourth Running Festival. We have a room reserved at the host hotel, Sunday races. I learned so much about race directors and the Oakland Marriott, March 27. We have several speakers the hard work of all our volunteers. Len Goldman, President lined up to present short workshops on Club Practices and of LMJS, always includes me and keeps me up-to-date with Marketing. We will also have a table at the Expo. I will be club events. He has generously shared his knowledge and manning the booth at the Kaiser Permanente San Francisco experience with me in order to further RRCA goals. Half Marathon, Feb. 7, with Regional Director David Epstein, as well as volunteers from EBFR and LMJS. Apart from RRCA events, I had an amazing year participating in other races where I always tried to wear RRCA shirts and Len Goldman, from LMJS, has very generously offered to pins. I completed the California Dreaming Series, participated share his email newsletter program, as well as tutor me in as the 3-hour half marathon pacer at the San Francisco how it works. I would like to publish an electronic newsletter Marathon, and fulfilled a lifelong dream of running the New quarterly. I can see that the Internet is the easiest way for our York City Marathon. members to share information. My goal is to create a California RRCA Facebook page for George Rehmet and I to share. Finally, the brand new Oakland Running Festival will be held Additionally, I have been working with a musician friend to March 27 and 28. I was asked to represent both the RRCA and help me learn how to produce podcasts. I enjoy listening to a the EBFR by serving on the Planning Committee. I have been variety of podcasts mixed with music on my training runs. It working very closely with the Race Director Gene Brtalik could include national and local news, updates on RRCA Road and other members of the committee. My efforts have been Scholars, grant winners, interviews and race stories. grassroots in nature, including getting the word out to the community. Oakland had a terrible year in 2009. We are all Please know that while I still have so much to learn, I truly working very hard to promote our city and its incredible appreciate the opportunity I have been given to represent neighborhoods. such a great organization as the RRCA. I look forward to seeing everyone at this year’s National Convention in Lakeland. RRCA State Level Awards: This has to be one of my favorite parts of being State Rep. I was able to participate with George CALIFORNIA (SOUTHERN) Rehmet in presenting three awards, in 2009. The first award BIAGIONI (OUTGOING), STATE went to the EBFR club to celebrate their 25th anniversary. MICHELLE REPRESENTATIVE As this is my home club, it held special meaning to me. Next I received a call from George saying that we would be Email: southerncalifornia@rrca.org honoring both Bart Yasso and Dean Karnazes, at the San Francisco Marathon Expo. Well, that was just a thrill. COLORADO Promotion of the RRCA: Throughout the year I was able to promote the many wonderful services of the RRCA, and I thoroughly enjoyed myself. Following the 2009 National Convention, I hosted a Volunteer Appreciation party at my home, in my art studio. Members of Dolphin South End Runners, PAMAKIDS, San Francisco Road Runners, EBFR, LMJS, and Challenged Athletes Foundation attended this event. We held a raffle, as well as a lengthy discussion of the 2010 Oakland Marathon. Guests pored over the course map. I organized and hosted a multi-club event started at a local gym that serves high school and college football players, as well as NFL members. We then ran through Alameda Island and finished at a potluck at my studio. I’ve also had the pleasure of meeting Vern Glenn, Sportscaster from KRON4 News, and Phil Matier, columnist for the San Francisco Chronicle and we talked about various RRCA programs. I have been asked to participate on a panel to study the needs of disabled athletes, as well as implementing new challenged athlete categories in races. I’ve also been asked to


Running is alive and well in Colorado! You can find a race to run (sometimes, several) any weekend of the year. Colorado held three championship races this year. The American Discovery Trail Marathon and Half Marathon and the Colorado Masters 12K trail race as a state championship race. Many RRCA club races have seen record participation. Trail races still continue to increase in popularity. Both the Colorado Masters and Rocky Mountain Road runners have added additional trail runs to their race series. Rocky Mountain Road Runners, Colorado’s oldest and largest RRCA club celebrated their 50th Anniversary this summer with a full week of activities in June. They joined with other running groups in the state to do trail and park runs. They hosted a very successful “old timers” reunion where past members were invited to come and mingle with old friends and new members. RMRR president, Deb Cunningham did a remarkable job of organizing the celebration!


Once again, our senior racers have proved a force to be IDAHO reckoned with. RMRR members Jim Romero and Connie STEVE THORNOCK, STATE REPRESENTATIVE Ahrnsbrak were both named “Runner of the Year” in the 65+ Email: nevada@rrca.org age category by Colorado Runner Magazine for the second year in a row. It should be noted that both Connie and Jim turned 70 this year. It’s definitely something for the rest of us MONTANA to aspire to. JOHN DEVITT, STATE REPRESENTATIVE Email: montana@rrca.org Unfortunately, no state meeting was held this year— hopefully we’ll manage to get one organized for 2010. It seems like the last several years I have been reporting disasters from Montana. This year has been no different, except that I am the disaster. This past fall, I had two near HAWAII death experiences: the first surviving a fall that should JOAN DAVIS, STATE REPRESENTATIVE have killed me and the second contacting swine flu and Email: hawaii@rrca.org pneumonia. For a while I was taking care of my clubs with my laptop while in bed. In both cases, I survived because of my This year, I will highlight those 10K’s that are the most popular fitness from running. and the Marathon Readiness Series as follows: !" Johnny Faerber 10K (Kapiolani Park) 3/8/09 Finishers: 258 This is my eighteenth year as the Montana State 3/9/08 Finishers: 273 We have twelve clubs, more than from our !" Pearl Harbor Bikepath 10K (Aiea) 5/10/09 Finishers: 106 Representative. last year’s total. If anyone is interested, my round trip travel 5/11/08 Finishers: 87 to some of my clubs is as follows: 232 mi, 284 mi !" Aloha State Games 10K (Kapiolani Park) 6/21/09 Finishers: distance (2), 418 mi, 448 mi, and 868 miles. Needless to say most of 179 6/22/08 Finishers: 106 my communication is by email. As with all of my Montana clubs, I pass along any information that I receive from the Marathon Readiness Series RRCA as well as any other information I receive that I fell will "! 15K 8/16/09 Finishers: 709; 8/17/08 Finishers: 585 promote running, health , and fitness in Montana to all of the "! 20K 9/6/09 Finishers: 538; 9/7/08 Finishers: 430 individuals that I feel are stakeholders in running in Montana "! 25K 9/26/09 Finishers: 680; 9/21/08 Finishers: 523 whether they are members of the RRCA or not. "! 30K 10/29/09 Finishers: 924; 10/26/08 Finishers: 823 "! Val Nolasco Half Marathon 11/08/09 Finishers: 992; Again this past year, I coached a Running 101 class. We had 11/9/08 Finishers: 905 many new runners start a program of running. "! Hawaii Senior Olympics 10K (Kapiolani Park) 11/15/09 Finishers: 56; 11/16/08 Finishers: 37 Last year I spent considerable time promoting “Run@Work Day”, but it fell on the weekend of my own club’s Montana It should be noted that I have been the Race Director for the Marathon. Consequently it didn’t happen in my club. But this Aloha State Games 10K and the Hawaii Senior Olympics 10K. year, I took it upon myself to put an event on. We had several new runners attend so I feel that it was a success. In the Fall from September on, there was an activity of new and notable events in the running community. The first In 2009, we had five RRCA State Championship races: a 5K, inaugural Kauai Marathon was held on September 6 with the 10K, 2 mile, 5 mile, and a marathon. Each of these events timing done by Capital Road Race Management. There were represent some of our highest quality (and largest) races in 500 Finishers in the marathon and 1200 Finishers in the half the State and will give a big boost to RRCA’s name recognition marathon. The participants came from 700 local entries and within the state. I ran in the 5K, 10K, and on a relay team in 1000 entries from out of state with 44 states and 8 foreign the marathon. The 2 mile and 5 mile are women-only events, countries represented. Among the 1700 or so pairs of shoes and I worked the finish line and handed out the awards. was owned by an extraordinary runner – Dean Karnazes. For 2010, so far, I have awarded four State Championship The Nike 5K for Kids was held on September 20. This was the races, and Montana will be hosting the RRCA Western Region th 10 Anniversary, and there were over 10,000 participants this 5K Championship. I believe that we will have a few more year. I continue to be the HONU (Sweeper) to assure that all before the racing season gets started. participants are off the 5K course. The event this year raised $150,000 for school phys ed, athletics. This coming year I am planning to hold a State Meeting. I would like to present a seminar on course measurement and During this time, a crisis arose with school athletics. A cover what it takes to do a championship event. campaign named SOS (Save Our Sports) was launched. Clarence TC Ching Foundation and Lawrence KW Tseu I will be attending the RRCA national convention in Lakeland, (Dentist) stepped up and answered the call to raise the Florida. I believe this is the single most important thing that needed funds along with others in the community. I can do as a State Rep. I have been promoting donating to the convention’s silent auction as a way for the clubs to In October, lastly, the Great Aloha Run began its operational promote themselves and the State of Montana. I keep in meetings for the event on Presidents’ Day February 15, 2010. contact via Email and on the phone with my clubs and try to I was asked to be the Assistant Volunteer Coordinator. get to as many events of theirs as I can. They have been very supportive of my efforts.




As one of the newest RRCA State Reps, I’d like to start by thanking the two people that gave me the courage to take on this privilege. After meeting and getting to sit with David Cotter at the RRCA Banquet in Cincinnati, I admirably picked his brain about starting a youth running club as an offshoot of our Las Vegas Track Club.   I learned that he was looking for his replacement as State Rep at the RRCA Convention in San Francisco last year.   Although eager, especially with his encouragement, I didn’t know if I could handle it.  Then came all the help and support in the world from our Western Regional Director, David Epstein, through emails and assuring phone calls in the next few months.   With the limited number of RRCA Clubs in Nevada and Idaho, I was asked to take them combined.   I’ve been in contact with each through emails and wrote my first Nevada/Idaho State Rep Email Newsletter the 4th quarter of 2009.   I called for our State Meeting at the end of 2009 here in Las Vegas which proved impossible for our far away RRCA Clubs.   I plan on calling our 2010 State Meeting somewhere in southern Idaho which may prove to be more convenient.   Although taking over near the end of 2009, I did ask for RRCA State Level nominations from all of our clubs and announced winners for all of the usual M/F Runner of the Year, M/F Masters, M/F High School, and M/F Youth.  We also awarded our Volunteer, Most Improved, and Family categories for 2009.   As President of the RRCA’s Las Vegas Track Club now with 1,000+ members, I am promoting the RRCA on a daily basis.  We host over 30 low-key LVTC races per year charging only $3 per member per race as well as a few T-shirt races we’ve held annually for nearly 40 years always proudly displaying the RRCA logo.  I bring something to the table each month in my President’s Column in our LVTC Newsletter that I have learned from the RRCA Conventions I’ve attended.  I also plug the RRCA in most of my hundred or so daily emails I answer for our club.  One of my main goals for the remainder of the year is to get other running clubs to join the RRCA!



We have enjoyed another great year of running in the beautiful state of New Mexico. Currently during the cooler winter months many runners compete in snow shoe events or cross-country ski races in the mountainous parts of the state, and we all look forward to the road racing season starting up again in a few weeks. There are 11 running clubs or events in 9 different cities in New Mexico who were members of RRCA in 2009. I correspond with the clubs through emails and quarterly electronic updates. I would like to increase communication with clubs across the state over the next year. It would be great to start a formal newsletter and have in-person meetings with these clubs so we can stay in better touch about the many running activities happening across the state.

1500 finishers in the marathon and half-marathon. There were also over 1000 participants in the 5K events. The race directors expressed appreciation for RRCA sponsorship, and hope that next year the race will be eligible for Gatorade sponsorship again. This year I plan to designate both the Duke City Marathon and the Veterans Day 11K as the 2010 State Championship Races. The Veterans Day 11K is put on by the Albuquerque Road Runners each November, and the organizers have requested RRCA sponsorship for their race this year. All of the RRCA clubs and members in New Mexico were aware of other RRCA programs in the past year, especially National Run@Work Day and Kids Run the Nation Fund. The Albuquerque Road Runners gave a generous donation to the Kids Run the Nation Fund, and I will continue to encourage other clubs and individual members to do the same in 2010. Last month I submitted the Albuquerque Road Runners Newsletter to the National Running Awards contest. We are hopeful that our newsletter and its talented editor will receive recognition by RRCA. The Women in Training Program, which concludes with the Women’s Distance Festival in July, is always a big success in Albuquerque. This will start again in April and will help women of all ages and capabilities successfully complete a running or walking program. Another well-known and very successful event in the Albuquerque area each summer is the La Luz trail run. This 9 mile trail run begins at 6500 feet and climbs to the top of Sandia Mountain, finishing at 10,600 feet. This race attracts mountain runners from all over the country, and people take great pride in completing the grueling course. There are various other road races and trail runs throughout the state all year long, especially in the late spring, throughout the summer, and into the fall. Almost every weekend there are multiple races to choose from. We are all looking forward to another great running season in 2010.





Heavy recruiting for new members in Utah paid off in 2009 with the addition of 4 new event members. Work continues to add more events, running stores, and clubs. Although Utah is not home to many running clubs, efforts have been made to encourage the formation of new running clubs in Utah, especially in geographic areas distant from Salt Lake City where the only running clubs in the state exist. It is possible that one or two of these new clubs may come to fruition in 2010. Additionally, presentations have been made to the local running stores that host fun runs on the benefits and costs of RRCA provided insurance. Continued efforts to add event and club members will continue in 2010.

I have personally met with every RRCA member club president and board members and event race director to discuss RRCA benefits, programs, and requirements. Multiple meetings have taken place with the larger clubs and events. A “News from the RRCA” column was included in the local The New Mexico RRCA State Championship Race in 2009 was club quarterly newsletter. Most importantly, I was able to again the Duke City Marathon, held on October 18. This was the get a representative from our largest club to attend the RRCA 26th running of the event in Albuquerque, and there were over


National Convention for the first (but certainly not the last) time in years. We can expect to have representatives from RRCA member clubs at the 2010 convention as well.



Utah hosted three RRCA State Championship events in 2009 at distances of 5K, 10K, and marathon.

As I have stated in the past, the RRCA can be proud of each of our club members in Wyoming, as they all do a marvelous job. The Cheyenne Track Club puts on the Wyoming Marathon, A Run@Work half hour fun run event was held on September Half Marathon, and Double Marathon every Memorial Day 18. The run was preceded by a brief seminar on stretching for weekend on the mostly dirt roads in the mountains between athletes conducted by one of our local massage therapists Laramie and Cheyenne. Bighorn Mtn. Wild and Scenic Trail and T-shirts we given to all participants. A bigger and better Runs in Sheridan, WY do an amazing job of putting on a great Run@Work Day event is planned for 2010. trail run with distance options of 30K, 50K, 50M, and 100M. The Pinedale Half Marathon, thanks to great local sponsorship, offers the best SWAG one will ever find at a very small race. WASHINGTON The High Plains Harriers in Laramie continue a long tradition of SCOTT KRELL, STATE REPRESENTATIVE directing the oldest race in Wyoming, the Pilot Hill Challenge, Email: washington@rrca.org as well as numerous other races and events. We added The state of Washington has 19 active clubs, two of which I one club in 2009, the Teton Trail Runners, giving the RRCA recruited to join RRCA. I have contacted all of my clubs via representation in every region of the state. Although, I have email and talked with a majority on the phone. In 2009 I not yet made it up to visit the clubs in Gillette and Casper, I ran with or visited six of the WA RRCA clubs. For 2010 I plan have heard nothing but praise about these clubs. to visit or run with at least as many but focus on the larger more active clubs that would more likely be involved with A quarterly RRCA State Newsletter in addition to my RRCA projects. Six of the clubs are a 3-6 hour drive so it is intermittent email communication with the club presidents is not easy to get to all of them. I have welcomed each club to the most effective way to communicate with Wyoming clubs participate in any of my 9 club events as well and all of them that are separated by very wide open spaces and hundreds of miles. should know me by name. In 2009 RRCA did a good job of promoting new activities such as Run@Work Day but the response of my clubs has been limited. For 2010 I plan to not only send out newsletters but follow-up and make sure they are getting read. To help focus my efforts, I categorized my clubs into the following groups to make it easier to know who to promote information to. I found they fell into large regional clubs that are very active and generate >$50K revenue annually (Cat 1), small regional clubs that host >10 activities (Cat 2), race or event only clubs (small). While everyone will continue to get updates and newsletters I will focus my visits on the first two groups. I found the small event or facility focused groups we not very engaged and just wanted insurance so they could continue as is. The state championship for 2009 and 2010 will be the Lilac Bloomsday Run in Spokane, WA. It truly is a unique event for Washington with 51,259 participants last year. They pay nearly $50K in prize money (including a $20K to U.S. only athletes) they get elite participation from all over the world including Kenya, Morocco, Tanzania and of course the U.S.A. and Canada. Don Kardong a past president of RRCA is still associated with the event. They have a whoâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s who of past champions including Frank Shorter, Bill Rodgers, Henry Rono and many others. In 2009 I did not give out any state level awards because I had not visited enough of my clubs to know. For 2010 I plan to award web site, newsletter, event, and club president awards. I do not plan on attending the National Convention in 2010 but look forward to meeting anyone that would like to visit Washington or run in one of my events. I am an active Facebook member and plan to test social networking in 2010 to promote some of the RRCA events. I want to see how much interest can be generated outside of the direct clubs. On a side note if anyone would like to watch the best produced running movie I have ever seen I would highly encourage you to see a screening or get a copy of Running The Sahara http://www.runningthesahara.com/ .


I am working with local the clubs to promote a Run@Work Day in each locale for 2010 patterned after what we did in Utah in 2009. I have several candidate races seeking State Championship status for 2010. We had planned on making the Silent Trails 10 Mile Memorial Race put on by the High Plains Harriers a state championship event in 2009, but circumstances beyond the control of the race organizers prevented the event from taking place.




October 18 as more than 6,500 athletes registered and 5,000 completed the marathon and half marathon. I look forward to another year of state representation for Iowa and the member clubs of the RRCA. My goal is work with each member club to further their awareness of the benefits available to them through RRCA.

Greetings from Iowa! I am proud to serve as stateâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s representative with Road Runners Club of America (RRCA). The running community has experienced another year of growth in our state despite the recent economic downturn. As a result, running club membership and running events are See you in Lakeland, Florida for the RRCA Annual also on the rise. We currently have 13 RRCA clubs and more Convention. than 1,900 members. This past year I continued my membership with the Capital Striders, the local running club in Des Moines, Iowa. The Capital Striders launched a new website this year and are in the process of converting their newsletter to online distribution through Constant Contact. I awarded the Capital Striders the RRCA State Championship in the 5K and 10 mile distance at the Capital Pursuit, which was held in September. The 5K, Half Marathon, and Marathon State Championships will return to the IMT Des Moines Marathon in 2010.



Greetings from the Windy City of Chicago! I am so proud to say that the RRCA has 37 Illinois running organizations. I love the Illinois running scene, its great! Again, Illinois has had another great year of running and racing! Last year I designated the RRCA State Half Marathon Championship to the Alpine Half Marathon. I continue to look for other RRCA clubs to promote the RRCA by designating their race as an I enjoy connecting with the RRCA clubs in our state to RRCA State Championship. I participated in many Illinois determine if they have any needs or questions regarding races from 5Kâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s to the Howl at the Moon 8 Hour Ultra Race in their membership. I send articles I have written for them to Danville, IL. By doing this race, which is one of my favorites, include in their newsletters. In 2010 I wrote on such topics I am able to visit with many other RRCA running club as the use of headphones while running, bandits on race day presidents from Illinois and all over the Central Region. Many and the negative impact they can have on a race, and the of the races I was involved in I volunteered in many capacities importance of membership to RRCA. most of which were as their volunteer coordinator. This year I also help many Illinois running clubs by conducting their There is always something to talk about whether it is an RRCA own training programs to help the novice runner, which in State Championship bid, insurance coverage questions, turn helps their running club grow. I will continue to promote available discounts on vendor services, and even the sharing running and the RRCA in Illinois and the surrounding area for of information regarding RRCA programs such as Run@Work years to come. Look for more RRCA visibility in Illinois in 2010! Day. Highlights this past year have included:

INDIANA !" Volunteering at the finish line in Des Moines races. !" Assisting the Dr. Wang Memorial Half Marathon start up SUE BROWN-NICKERSON, STATE REPRESENTATIVE its inaugural race in Panora.

Email: indiana@rrca.org

RRCA Championship and Run@Work Day.

and clubs in 2009, an increase from 19 in 2008. These RRCA

!" Participating in the 30th Annual Dam to Dam. Greetings from the Hoosier State and the Central Region! I !" Promoting National Run@Work Day across the state. !" Working with the media in Des Moines to promote the am proud to announce that the RRCA had 26 Indiana events !" Watching the start of the IMT Des Moines Marathon on championships were recognized:


!" RRCA Central Region Championship 5K - Rotary Ramble, In an effort to better understand my roles and responsibilities Demotte, Indiana

I have been reviewing information available on the


communicating regularly with the main office and the

!" RRCA State Championship 10M - Taltree 10, Valparaiso, website and in RRCA printed materials. I have also been !" RRCA State Championship 15K - Mill Race, Columbus, Central Region Director. Indiana

!" RRCA State Championship Half Marathon - Indianapolis Since my appointment I have made initial contact with each Half Marathon

club president via email. I have received several responses

!" RRCA State Championship Marathon Indianapolis Marathon by email and telephone and have continued to address any I spent many weekends traveling throughout the state presenting awards at championship events and visiting venues for future Indiana RRCA championship events. I project a strong future for RRCA growth within my state as I continue to journey around the state meeting new club and event directors and sharing information. I am an absolute believer in building relationships through networking. I attended the 2009 RRCA Convention in San Francisco and brought Indiana delegates with me. A convention report thereafter was prepared by myself and emailed to all Indiana events members and clubs. I still find that after three years as state rep that the most challenging part of this job is to convince state clubs and events to attend the convention. If they attended just once they would see how rewarding and motivational the experience is! Also in 2009: I attended separate race director meetings involving over 32 race directors in two different parts of the state to explain and promote the RRCA event and liability insurance; Indiana again hosted a 2 day RRCA Coaching Certification and Continuing Education session in August; I served on the 2009 RRCA National Nominating Committee; and this past summer, engaged several NW Indiana RRCA clubs to assist and support Katie Visco’s mission in her run across America from Boston to San Diego in her effort to inspire people to follow their passion. I contacted media, arranged for her to speak to youth track and field athletes, and hosted her overnight. I was really proud of the RRCA Indiana joint club initiative to have runners escort her all the way to the next state border. I have promoted and solicited award candidates for the RRCA National Awards among member clubs. My personal initiative is youth athletics, and it is my understanding that I have been nominated for the RRCA Outstanding Youth Program Director of the Year Award by my local running club board of directors.

questions or concerns from the club presidents.

In the time I have represented the state I have gotten three Kansas races approved as RRCA State Championship events for 2010. The race directors are very excited and enthusiastic about having their fine races chosen as championship events. I will be attending and participating in each of these three events. Goals for 2010 "! Meet all Kansas RRCA club presidents "! 501c3 status "! Website "! Fundraising During the next year I look forward to meeting all the Kansas club presidents and learning more about their groups. I will ask for their input regarding the Kansas RRCA and how it can be helpful to their club. The non-profit status and establishment of a website are key to getting a RRCA presence established in the state. Through the website I would like to better communicate with all clubs and their runners in the state of Kansas. The site will be a place for Kansas runners to meet and become more familiar with all the RRCA has to offer. Finally, fund-raising will be very important to getting the Kansas RRCA established in the state. I will investigate the best methods to help raise funds for the Kansas RRCA.



Hello everyone. Here’s a summary of what’s happened in Michigan RRCA in 2009.

There were 7 RRCA championship races in 2009. They were: "! RRCA State Championship Ultra - Kal Haven Trail Run "! RRCA State Championship Half Marathon - Dexter to Ann Arbor Half Marathon "! RRCA State Championship 5K - Kalamazoo Classic 5K "! RRCA Central Region Championship 10K - Kalamazoo Classic 10K "! RRCA State Championship 10K - Kally O’Mara Memorial 10K "! RRCA State Championship 30K - Labor Day 30K "! RRCA State Championship 15K - Kensington Challenge 15K   In 2010 four of these races are going to be Regional or KANSAS National Championship races. JANICE WOOLERY, STATE REPRESENTATIVE "! Kal Haven Trail will be a RRCA Regional Championship Ultra Email: kansas@rrca.org "! Dexter to Ann Arbor 10K or Half Marathon will be a RRCA Regional Championship (pending) I was appointed to the vacant Kansas State Representative "! Kalamazoo Classic 10K will be a RRCA National position late July to early August of 2009. There was no Championship 10K sitting representative or existing state organization at the "! Labor Day 30K will be a RRCA Regional Championship 30K time I assumed this position with the RRCA.  In addition, the Kalamazoo Runners and Grand Rapids CVB 2010 welcomes the inaugural Indiana Distance Running Series bringing together five venues throughout the State of Indiana to provide runners a new series challenge in a fun and competitive series -www.indianarunningseries.com. I am excited to state that the series includes several RRCA championship races or events! Indiana will also boast two central region championships in 2010 at the 5K and marathon distance.. So as they say... hmm.... there is more than corn in Indiana! Best regards!


are putting in separate bids to host the 2012 RRCA National Convention. The Traverse City Running Club is considering putting in for the state marathon championship. Several new clubs have joined RRCA this year and others are considering signing up. We have some highly motivated clubs as you see, and they have some great programs for running.



Greetings from America’s Heartland, home of the Cornhuskers and a lot of good running. This has been a very active and productive year for running in Nebraska. Our four RRCA groups, the Lincoln Track Club, the Omaha Running Club, Admiral Jenny’s Fun Runners (the local Girls on the Run I’d like to thank all of the runners, volunteers, and coaches chapter), and the Wellness Council of the Midlands, have who have made Michigan RRCA one of the best represented been very active and productive in presenting events and states in the country within the RRCA. supporting their respective running communities. All are looking forward to continuing their support in 2010 with such In 2005 when I became state Rep, there was only one state events as the State Farm 10 Miler in Lincoln in March, the 33rd championship. Now we have a total of seven championship Annual Lincoln National Guard Marathon and Half Marathon events including the National 10K for 2009. in May, the Boys and Girls Town 5 Mile race in Omaha on Memorial Day, the NE5 RRCA State 5 Mile Championship in All of you have done a great job. Keep fit, keep healthy, and Omaha in June, and the Omaha Marathon, Half Marathon, keep running in 2010. and 10K in September. The Lincoln and Omaha clubs support a number of charity events and provide much useful running information through their websites and newsletters. MINNESOTA


2009 State Championship Events: 2009 was my second year as State Rep holding Championship events here in MN. We recognized 5 events: "! 5K – Challenge Obesity held in St. Paul, MN put on by Charities Challenge "! 4 mile – Free to Run on July 4th in St. Paul put on by Charities Challenge "! 20K – Steven Fetzer Memorial 20K put on by Rochester Track Club "! 10K - Get in Gear held in Minneapolis "! Half Marathon – The Rochester Half Marathon held in Rochester by the Rochester Track Club 2010 State Championship Events: 2010 will see the same State Champ Events from 2009. I am grateful to our clubs that submit races to be considered for the state champ events. I know these race directors are so thankful for the Gatorade program and plaques. Also, am trying to designate a fall trail race as a state champ race. Run@Work Day: MN State Employees at the Capitol organized the 1st Annual Run@Work Day! The events took place during the lunch hour around the Capitol building. There was a 5K and a shorter walking option. It was a very successful event with a few hundred employees participating. An official committee has been formed, and they will be planning all year leading up to the event. There will be training groups set up and newsletters sent out. They want to appeal to each employee whether they want to walk or run the event. Truly a joy to work with Lynn Frank and her team as they set up this successful event. 2010 Goals: !" Get all the clubs that have websites to have the RRCA link and the link for Footnotes. !" Submit an article to Footnotes or Club Running. !" Talk up the RRCA to non members and try to increase MN memberships. !" Go to and volunteer at three of the state champ races. !" See one of our state champ races try for a Regional 2011 champ race. !" Work on promoting a Women’s Distance Festival here in MN.

Specific RRCA activities undertaken for 2009 include: !" Contact directly with the Omaha Running Club, and by phone and email with the Lincoln Track Club to promote RRCA programs and activities. !" Maintenance of RRCA sections on Lincoln and Omaha websites for posting RRCA Footnotes and other items. !" Run@Work programs promoted at several companies in Omaha. Several companies have fitness centers and active exercise and running opportunities for employees. !" Establishing the Lincoln Half Marathon as the regional half marathon championship and the NE5 5 Mile race, the Ted E. Bear Hollow 10K, the Peak 2 Peak 10 Miler race and the Omaha Marathon and Half Marathon as State RRCA Championship races. Also providing reports to RRCA headquarters and Gatorade. Approval has already been given to designate the Lincoln Half Marathon as the RRCA State Championship, the NE5 as the 5 Mile State Championship, the Ted E. Bear Hollow 10K as the 10K State Championship, the Peak 2 Peak 10 Miler as the State 10 Mile Championship and the Omaha Marathon as State Marathon Championship for 2010. If you are planning a visit to the Midwest during the year, check out the race calendar at www.lincolnrun.org or www. omaharun.org. There is always a good race any time of the year and we would be pleased to show you what we have to offer.


TOM WHITAKER, STATE REPRESENTATIVE Email: northdakota@rrca.org

North Dakota is one of the most sparsely populated states in the country, but in spite of this and the brutal winters, the power of running has led to some great events in the state. The 10th Annual Trestle Valley Marathon and Half Marathon in Minot and the 6th Annual Scheels Fargo Marathon and Half Marathon are just two examples. The Fargo Marathon races, which attracted over 11,500 runners in 2009, is the outgrowth of the Run for the Children Half Marathon that had developed a good following. Although there are no RRCA clubs in the state, I will be working toward obtaining at least one RRCA club during 2010.



Email: oklahoma@rrca.org



In 2009 Ohio has 36 clubs and events. In 2009 Ohio has picked up 9 new clubs and events: Barkcamp 10K/5K Trail Run, Second Sole Racing, Run For Sudan 5K, Run For Home, Ohio University, Kate Waldron Memorial 5K, Bobcat Trail Marathon, Columbus Club & a Fund. The contact list for clubs and events within Ohio has decreased to 110 from 133 in 2008. I have been contacting these clubs in hopes that they will see the merits in joining the RRCA family. These contacts are made through emails the RRCA Ohio website and the RRCA – Ohio Newsletter. Through these newsletters and website Ohio is promoting the benefits of the RRCA such as Run@Work, Kids Run The Nation, Championship Race, insurance savings, the benefits of being a 501©3 organization and a RRCA member.

Sausage Dance where the best female dancer is the Sausage Queen and receives, what else, a sausage, as well as a Hunk Dance for the men, with Wisconsin cheese for the winner. During 2009, I communicated with 3 individuals interested in starting running clubs in Wisconsin. I introduced them to the RRCA web site and pointed them to the resources on starting and managing a club, the programs and services of the RRCA, and on how to join. No new clubs yet, but I’m still working on it! Championship Events and Awards: There were 4 RRCA state championship events in 2009, which represents one additional race newly added to the championship roster: !" The new one: Ice Age Trail 50, May 9th !" Cudahy Classic 10 Miler, August 2nd !" Badgerland Striders Half Marathon, September 5th !" Milwaukee Lakefront Marathon, October 4th At the RRCA Annual Striders Milwaukee outstanding honors: of the Year Award Championship.

Convention in March, the Badgerland Lakefront Marathon received two 2008 RRCA Outstanding Road Race and 2010 RRCA National Marathon

Communication: I communicated regularly with all of the WI member clubs, both with the club officers and with the club members: During 2009 Ohio had State Championship Race in the 10K, !" I emailed officers of all clubs to promote the RRCA first annual National Race T-shirt contest Marathon, and 10K Trail Run; a Regional Ultra !" I emailed officers of all clubs to notify them of the RRCA 2008 web site award winners and encouraged them to Ohio held an annual meeting at the Mill Creek Distance nominate for the 2009 awards Classic Half Marathon in March of 2009. !" I wrote an article for club newsletters on the RRCA Personal Fitness Program Ohio calendar events have been among the most numerous !" I obtained voting proxies from all of the WI clubs not nearly the entire 2009 running year. attending the RRCA National Convention Ohio has added 1 RRCA Certified Running Coach this year, !" I wrote a 3-part article for club newsletters on the RRCA Strategic Plan the result of posting Jean Knaack’s email about the Central !" I spoke at a club meeting of both the Kenosha Running Regional Certification Course. Club and the Racine Area Running Club, to explain and promote the programs and services of the RRCA. One Championship race attended: The Peace Race (Ohio 10K !" I wrote an article for club newsletters to promote the Championship) won by Matt Folk. RRCA National Run@Work Day I have been promoting the RRCA Community program through the Youngstown Road Runners Club website, Participation: I was active in several WI clubs in 2009, as a especially on the Race Director’s Page. volunteer and as an event participant: !" I served as the Treasurer of the Racine Area Running http://web.me.com/danrunz/Youngstown_Road_Runners_ Club and as an assistant race director for the Badgerland Club/Race_Director_Page/Race_Director_Page.html Striders’ Milwaukee Lakefront Marathon. !" I volunteered at Racine’s River City 5K and the Lakes Area I have attended 2 conventions. Running Club’s 8K Snow Fun Run. !" I attended the annual banquet of three clubs: Racine WISCONSIN Area Running Club, Kenosha Running Club, and the BARB JEWELL, STATE REPRESENTATIVE Badgerland Striders. Email: wisconsin@rrca.org !" I participated in the Kenosha Running Club’s Mayor’s Turkey Day 10K, Racine’s River City 5K, and at least 10 There are 10 RRCA member clubs in Wisconsin, with a total of races sponsored by the Badgerland Striders. over 2,000 members. I attended the RRCA National Convention in March in San The clubs hosted a total of almost 60 races during 2009. One Francisco. I was a member of the Audit Committee and of the more unusual races is the Indianhead Track Club’s Beer participated in the telephone meeting to approve the and M&M 20 Mile Run, where the entry fee is a 6-pack of beer financial statements. and a bag of M&M’s. Another out-of-the-ordinary event is the Lakes Area Running Club’s Snow Fun Run, which features one-year age groups, with after-race festivities including a This year two Ohio organizations received Kids Run The Nation Grants.



TOM WHITAKER, STATE REPRESENTATIVE Email: southdakota@rrca.org

Our three RRCA clubs in South Dakota, the Sioux Falls Area Running Club, the Black Hills Runners Club, and the Pierre Area Running Club, provide a good deal of useful information on running in the western and southeastern South Dakota, northwestern Iowa, and southwestern Minnesota areas. The calendars on their web sites reveal a very active race schedule and their many club activities serve their running communities well. Although South Dakota covers a large area with a widely scattered population, it hosts a very active running program and some great races. The Longest Day Marathon and Half Marathon in Brookings, the Mickelson Trail Marathon and Half

Marathon in historic Deadwood, and the Mount Rushmore Marathon are good examples. These great events along with the many small, local races, especially in the summer in connection with community days celebrations, provide plentiful running opportunities in the state. I was in contact with the three clubs in South Dakota during the year and established the Mickelson Train Marathon and Half Marathon as RRCA State Championships. I have already approved those races to be the State Championships in 2010 and have contacted the clubs to set up championships at other distances. A running vacation in South Dakota would be a great way to see some prominent historic and geographic sites, and take in a great race at the same time. How many folks have a South Dakota race number? This year would be a great time to â&#x20AC;&#x153;run one downâ&#x20AC;?.



ART BYRAM, STATE REPRESENTATIVE Email: connecticut@rrca.org

Having assumed the responsibilities of the RRCA State Representative in May of 2009, the early part of the year was spent learning about the many programs that RRCA has to offer its member clubs. The following is a list of the major accomplishments in 2009: "! Helped arrange sold out RRCA Coaching Certification course in Central CT. Heavily promoted this program to the member clubs. This has helped improve the quality of coaching and training in the state, as there are now 18 RRCA Certified Coaches in CT where there were previously only three. It has also had a positive impact on the integrity of the training programs being offered by our event members. "! Worked with RRCA Regional Rep to get ING Hartford Marathon awarded the Eastern Regional Marathon Championship. Worked with race organizers to assist in promoting their race and the RRCA through prominent RRCA Championship logo placement. Presented awards

on podium to overall and age group champions.

"! Attended board of directors meetings for 3 separate RRCA clubs.

"! Attended multiple group fun runs and met with



leadership of 6 separate clubs. (Including a 46 mile trail run with the Shenipsit Striders.) Helped to make club leadership aware of Championship Series opportunities, Kids Run the Nation, and other RRCA programs. New Clubs: Met in person with two new groups that are exploring and considering forming new RRCA clubs. Answered various questions regarding starting new clubs. Assisted in organizing a change of venue for a potential new club. Sent regular emails to member clubs making them aware of RRCA Benefits and events.

Current State of Running in Connecticut: Race entries are rising across the board between 15% and 50% over the prior year.

"! ING Hartford Marathon - 18% gain (RRCA Regional Championship Event)

!" Pequot Runners Thanksgiving Day 5 Mile Road Race -


!" !" !" !" !"


15% gain Sound Runners Sea Legs Shuffle - 3% gain Race to fill the Pantry - 55% gain Hartford Track Club 8K XC - 56% gain Manchester Road Race - 15% gain Know your Pace Race - 35% gain

PAUL THOMPSON, STATE REPRESENTATIVE Email: districtofcolumbia@rrca.org

This has been another winter of discontent, a period of rapidly changing terrain for the DC running scene. The 2 senior runners in the area, (POTUS and Mayor) have been noticeably Overall Observations: RRCA clubs seem to fall into 3 Categories absent from the roads due to snow and other matters. But Mature: Clubs with older demographics. Clubs not attracting the grass roots runners continue to cycle through, looking new members. Same people doing the same jobs, stressing for running venues and training, in particular. Local clubs out group leaders. Slow Growth: Established clubs putting have responded with some great assistance in group runs on consistent, quality events, newsletters, and supporting and local races, and, most importantly, social opportunities the running and greater community. Actively Growing: for the half hearted runners. The bad news is the ever Many of the clubs are growing by offering training for new increasing police and costs, environmental impact permits, runners. These training groups create new communities of and limited access to courses. The good news is the runners, that get together at regular times other than races. volunteer corps which keeps responding—although usually A percentage of these beginner runners turn into regular race always the same suspects. One suggestion to headquarters participants. is to encourage a policy of asking every running club to have its runners volunteer at least 10% of the time. (One in ten Technology: Many clubs are getting a boost from Social races members, even the fast runners, would perform some Networking tools such as Facebook, and list serve email such support job). It sends a great signal. The best PR (public as Yahoogroups. This has given new life to mature clubs, relations) for the running community (especially with the and has resulted in attracting new members, and relieving police) has been the benefit races for Haiti, and a couple the stress of newsletter editors. Club members are also able of other non-profit causes. The DCRRC has used its new to coordinate smaller impromptu gatherings at a moments timing (TAG) system on several occasions, with good results. notice. Technology is clearly the trend, with race day registration becoming outmoded. The 35 year old Alexandria (directed Goals for 2010: me for the 16th year) Turkey Trot was the biggest test case "! Award State Championship events for all standard race by to date for online and electronic results. Finally, still fielding distances. of inquires from runners, especially newcomers to the "! Meet all state club leaders face to face and go for a run lots area, who want the RRCA connection, but are not disposed with them. to join a club. A group of non-establishmentarians looking "! Reach out to non RRCA clubs. for informal guidance! "! Encourage clubs to support RRCA club races. "! Increase Communication with member clubs. "! Arrange a RRCA Coaching Certification course in MAINE Southern Connecticut. SANDY WALTON, STATE REPRESENTATIVE Email: maine@rrca.org



is alive and well in Maine with over 200 races in KURSH Running 2009. You can find a race to run (sometimes, several) most

Email: deleware@rrca.org

The big news in Delaware this year is appointment of a new State Rep. Tom Fort stepped down after over 26 years as Delaware State Rep. Barbara Kursh has been appointed to take his place. With that in mind, Tom wrote the history portion of this report and Barbara contributed the future plans and goals portion. The Delaware RRCA clubs hold more that 125 races each year, drawing runners from Pennsylvania, Maryland, DC, and New Jersey. Doug White, State Record Keeper, maintains age group, open, and all-comers records for all distances from one-mile to the marathon. The Delaware Sports Club sponsors an annual Boston Bus for all of the state’s qualifiers and their guests. Races2Run. com provides an on-line running calendar. Races2Run and Delaware Seashore Striders both hold summer race series at the Delaware Beach. It has been an honor to serve RRCA and Delaware the past 26 plus years. I wish Barbara the best as she takes over the responsibilities of Delaware State Rep.


weekends of the year. Many RRCA club races have seen record participation. Trail races and ultra races continue to increase in popularity. Maine held three championship races this year of which I attended. Howard Spear and Bob Aube did a spectacular job directing the Maine Half Marathon, RRCA’s Eastern Regional Half Marathon Championship, and the Maine Marathon, RRCA’s Maine State Marathon Championship, always on the first Sunday in October. The marathon and half marathon saw huge increases in participation over last year with an additional 400 runners. The Maine Track Club was host to the RRCA Maine State 5K Championship as well with the Turkey Trot 5K under the direction of Michelle Durgin. In 2010 the Maine Marathon will be awarded the RRCA Eastern Regional Marathon Championship with the Turkey Trot again as the RRCA Maine State 5K Championship. Maine has gained 2 additional RRCA Certified Coaches for a total of seven. The Maine Track Club donated funds to the Roads Scholar Fund and the State Reps Fund. The Turkey Trot 5K donated a large portion of the proceeds to the Kids Run the Nation Fund. The Maine Marathon donated two entries to the Silent Auction to raise money for the States Reps Fund.

With the current 11 RRCA running clubs and events being spread across the state as far out as a 5 hour drive, I was still able to visit with running clubs throughout the state. I created a Maine RRCA website, http://rrcamaine.org and plan regular e-newsletters for Maine clubs and events.

didn’t compete. After almost twenty-five years John joined a running group and began training again in 2006. 

In 2007 John organized a road race to benefit the victims of an explosion in Danversport, MA and decided he enjoyed the challenge. In 2008 he founded the “End of Summer Classic” in Hingham, MA, which has become quite successful in just I also attended meetings and participated in the RRCA two years. In spring 2010 he plans to organize an expo on the Convention in San Francisco, my 5th RRCA National South Shore in conjunction with the Colonial Road Runners Convention. I am looking forward to what Lakeland’s to showcase local running clubs and races and to promote convention has to offer in April, as the classes are always very the sport. All area clubs and races are welcome to participate. informative! His ultimate goal is to strengthen the bond between the running clubs in Massachusetts. He feels that the best way I maintain a website at http://rrcamaine.org. to accomplish this is through networking opportunities like the expo and by building relationships with fellow RRCA member organizations. MARYLAND

PHIL LANG, STATE REPRESENTATIVE Email: maryland@rrca.org

John is married and has two teenagers and two dogs who keep him and his wife Kathy very busy.

Maryland starts 2010 with more snowfall then we have ever had before. The Maryland contingent is happy to be heading south to the Running Fun in the Sun RRCA National Convention in Lakeland, Florida!


There are 23 RRCA clubs in Maryland currently. The RRCA clubs in Maryland have worked well together for years and Maryland is small enough that members from all the clubs take advantage of opportunities to participate in other clubs races and activities.


The RRCA State Rep continues to host a Club President’s Meeting the last Sunday in February each year after the MD/DC RRCA 10 Mile Club Challenge Race, one of the truly great club events in the country. At this meeting the club Presidents work together to organize the Women’s Distance Festival (WDF) Series schedule and the Grand Prix Series (GPS) schedule. A majority of the clubs are involved by hosting a race in either one or both of these series or by hosting a RRCA State Championship event. The WDF Series consists of 12 RRCA club sponsored events in Maryland and Northern Virginia. The GPS Series consists of ten RRCA club sponsored events that vary in distance from the mile to the marathon. Individual standings are tracked as well as club team standings. The GPS Series and the RRCA 10 Mile Club Challenge Race help encourage runners throughout the state to become members of their local running club and represent their clubs as they run. I again want to thank the RRCA and the club Presidents and clubs in Maryland for having me serve as the Maryland RRCA State Rep.


JOHN CHILDS, STATE REPRESENTATIVE Email: massachusetts@rrca.org

We are happy to welcome John Childs as the new RRCA State Representative for Massachusetts. After a successful running career at Bishop Fenwick High School where he was a division cross country champion and at Northeastern University where he ran sub 4:10 in the mile, competed in the Milrose games, placed in many New England Championships, and had a top 100 finish at the Falmouth Road Race, John retreated from the sport to pursue his career and start a family. He continued running off and on for exercise but

SARAH NORMAND, STATE REPRESENTATIVE Email: newhampshire@rrca.org


Email: newjersey@rrca.org Road racing/running seems to be ever growing in the state. New races are popping up all the time, and attendance at many events are increasing by impressive amounts. The past few years, I notice more and more new runners to the sport more than I recall seeing in over 27 years in the sport. I am very active individually with several clubs and try to get around to other clubs’ events - all these as a spectator, competitor (although, that part is less these days), or volunteer. The clubs themselves are doing well, especially some of the mainstays formed back in the heyday of the running club boom in the early-mid 80’s - like the Raritan Valley Road Runners, the Freehold Area Running Club, the Ocean Running Club, the Jersey Shore Running Club, the Central Jersey Road Runners, etc are all still going strong with their veterans and established races, as well as constantly adding new members and events. I enjoy associating with all the runners, clubs, and events and promoting the sport as an athlete, volunteer, musician (I perform trumpet at races throughout the state for the runners - even sometimes playing the National Anthem before the race), socializing with the runners and of course as the RRCA rep. I enjoy what I’m doing.


LIZ OSUR (OUTGOING) Email: newyork@rrca.org


RICK MOYERS, STATE REPRESENTATIVE Email: pennsylvania@rrca.org

2009 was my first full year as a RRCA State Representative. I got the ball rolling by entering all state clubs contact info into a group email and sent out several emails during the


year, introducing myself and informing members about events that the RRCA was sponsoring. This began an email interchange with several club representatives and I answered quite a few questions by phone and email. Probably my biggest contribution during the year was answering various questions concerning running and the RRCA through email and also by phone. The questions ranged from runners trying to find a local club to runners wanting to start a club to organizations looking to promote their race. I was always prompt and as complete as possible with my responses. Though, rarely did anyone thank me for the time I spent researching their reply. In the spring a young girl running across the country in support of girls’ athletic programs contacted me about finding runners to join her. I sent out a group email and the RRCA club in Nittany Valley joined her for runs and entertained her for several days.

participants. There were 2337 finishers in the full marathon distance: Males – 1363 and Females – 974. Male Winner: 2:19:30 | Female Winner: 2:35:02 | Average Finish Time: 4:12:39. On the men’s side, twenty-four year old, Raleigh, North Carolina’s, John Crews cruised to a 2:19.30 victory. In her third VCM victory, Heidi Westerling, 28, from Acworth, New Hampshire set a new women’s course record with a 2:35.02. She bettered the old record by more than three minutes. The first male Vermont champion and finisher was 29 year old Justin Fyffe from East Dummerston, with a time of 2:27.32. Vermont’s first woman champion and finisher was Alexandra Knapp, 24, from Shelburne. She crossed the finish line in 3:02.34. As an aside, former RRCA’s membership director, Jessica Sleight, 33, from Columbia, Maryland, raced a wonderful 3:21.33, which was 23rd overall for the women’s division and fifth in her age group.

The 33rd Annual Crowley Brothers’ Memorial 10K Road Race We had three RRCA State Championship races in 2009. and RRCA-Vermont 10K Master’s Championship was held First was the Blues Cruise 50K in Reading PA. This race was Sunday, June 14. A field of 400 runners participated. This directed by Stephan Weiss of the Pagoda Pacers. This was a was the largest field of participants for this event ever. The race that I created in 2005 and directed the first four years. I runners included Bill Rodgers (60) who finished 15th overall handed out RRCA trophies to overall and age-group winners. in 44:45 and Joan Benoit Samuelson (52) finishing 3rd overall The second and third championship races were also ultra in 38:17. Joan Benoit–Samuelson just missed the course marathons. These took place in Titusville, PA and got national record held by ultra-marathoner Nikki Kimball, 38:03. The exposure for the RRCA in Ultrarunning Magazine. The races male overall winner was Jon Copans in 37:05 and female were a 50 mile and 100 mile. I attended and helped out at Joan Benoit-Samuelson. The first Vermont male runner was these races also and handed out the 50 mile RRCA winner Jon and the female runner was Margaret Klein. The Vermont trophies. In 2010 we will have one championship ultra in PA, 10K Masters male champion for 2009 is 58 year old Keith and that will be the 100 mile race in Titusville in mid October. Woodward, 2nd place overall, from Stowe, with a time of 37:55 and the female champion is 41 year old Judith Louras, 26th In 2010 I will continue to connect with state clubs concerning overall, from Rutland, with a time of 46:41. RRCA events and continue to promptly answer any and all questions that come my way. In the 3rd Annual 5K, Todd Kitchin, from Wallingford, broke his old course record with a time of 19:04. The female winner was Carrie Cushman, from Rutland, with a time of 24:12. Eight RHODE ISLAND year old Austin Cozzens broke that age group record, with a JOHN CHILDS, STATE REPRESENTATIVE respectable 7:52 per mile, a 24:23 and 13th place. Ten year old Email: office@rrca.org Alyssa Sabotka continued her winning ways and set her third straight course record for the age she was running, 28:19. With the largest field of walkers in this event, the Rutland VERMONT Regional Medical Center-OR Team defended their walking MICHAEL LANNON, STATE REPRESENTATIVE title and took home the rotating trophy, with a team time of Email: vermont@rrca.org 2:03:50. In 2009, we met our goal of strengthening membership in th the running club communities that we serve. We now have The 10 Annual Kid’s Downtown Mile had over one hundred runners race in the fun run. seven clubs in Vermont. Our newest clubs are Fleet Feet Flying Turtles from Essex Junction, with 50 members and Umbrella of St. Johnsbury, with five members. Our total As we close the year, we look forward to the delights of helping other runners get started, veterans continue the Vermont membership appears to be nearly 300. course, and in general take part in the joy all the pleasures Our clubs are Batten Kill Valley Runners, Arlington; Vermont associated with running. City Marathon, Burlington; Fleet Feet Flying Turtles, Essex Junction; Central Vermont Runners, Montpelier; Marble Valley VIRGINIA Runners, Rutland; Umbrella of St. Johnsbury, St. Johnsbury; ROBERT PLATT, STATE REPRESENTATIVE and the Vermont Road Runners and Rutland County Walks Club, Rutland. As Virginia State Rep, I continue toward my goal of meeting with each RRCA club in the Commonwealth. I also work The 21st Annual KeyBank Vermont City Marathon, the second closely with my counterpart, Phil Lang, the Maryland State largest participatory sporting event in New England [The Rep and attend the Maryland State meeting. Boston Marathon being number one] was held Sunday, May 24. The RRCA Vermont State Marathon Championship In 2009, we designated three RRCA State Championships: was hosted by the Keybank Vermont City Marathon on the !" May 19 - One Hour Track Run - St. Stephens School, streets of Burlington. There were over 9000 total runner Alexandria


!" Sept. 27 - National Capital 20 Miler - Carl Sandburg Middle School, Mt. Vernon !" Oct. 3 – Capitol 10M – Capitol Square, Richmond, VA


TOM KRAMER, STATE REPRESENTATIVE Email: westvirginia@rrca.org

We continue to recruit new races as State Championships and Four members from the River City Runners & Walkers Club seek to spread them around the state to gain a wide variety made the trip to San Francisco for the 2009 RRCA National of distances and locations. Convention. George Rehmet and his committee did an exemplary job. We had acquired an entry, for the silent For about 20 years, the Virginia RRCA clubs honor excellence auction, for the Hatfield and McCoy Marathon, at George’s by presenting three awards, based upon an open nomination request. Of course he was the successful bidder. process. In 2009 we honored: !" Chuck Evans, Outstanding Race Director of the Year, for The RRCA National Championship News & Sentinel directing the National Capital 20M – DCRRC. Half Marathon was again a highlight for our !" Michael George, Outstanding Volunteer of the Year – Parkersburg state. Jean Knaack was here, as well as Past President Bee Richmond Road Runners Club and her husband Goody Tyler. It is always a great !" Larry Toler, Outstanding Club President of 2009 -Tri-Cities McLeod occasion for the River City Runners & Walkers to have the Road Runners National Office here. Our clubs have grown dissatisfied with the current system of Virginia State Records because they are dominated by professional runners that come into the state for just one or two races. In response, at our 2008 State Meeting, we voted to establish a second set of records for Virginia Residents who set a new record time at a race located within the state of Virginia. We have started to implement the new set of records. Due to scheduling difficulties, the 2009 State Meeting was held on January 20, 2010, in Williamsburg, Virginia. One new program undertaken was to work with the Virginia Sports Hall of Fame to recognized road running athletes. I have met with the Hall of Fame Staff and am making a formal proposal based on our discussions. We also discussed the fact that transponder timing systems have dropped in price and more RRCA members have such system. We will continue to explore foster cooperation in the use of these systems and exchanging information on best practices. I continue to reach out to other running organizations and to recruit new RRCA members. I have contacted the Virginia Association of USATF, which represents most of the state. I have also worked with a group of running clubs that are members of the Potomac Valley Association of USATF, which represents the northeast part of the state. As a part of this work, I have drafted two USATF grievances that were filed in 2009. The USATF National Office mediated the first of these grievances to a successful resolution, and we hope that as a result their 2010 election will be well publicized and held in a neutral location under rules that are fair to all candidates. The second grievance has yet to be heard.

2009 marked the first year for the RRCA West Virginia State Championship 10K, and it is scheduled for May 15, in 2010. Adding to West Virginia’s RRCA Championship races is Freedom’s Run Marathon in Sheppardstown, West Virginia, October 2, 2010. And of course, August 21, 2010 is the Parkersburg Half Marathon. Three years ago, the Willis Ridenour Award was inaugurated, to honor a West Virginia RRCA affiliate club member who has promoted running in the state through organization, volunteering, coaching, sponsorship, etc. The 2009 recipient was Sharon Marks, a member of the River City Runners & Walkers Club. Sharon’s credentials are many. She is Vice President of the RCRWC, directs two races, is involved in three different Kid’s Fit events at the YMCA, Iron Kids, that is promoting cross country running at the middle school level and is involved in the club kids running series. Sharon is a teacher, a track and cross country coach, and a YMCA fitness instructor. It is an ongoing challenge to get all of the West Virginia running clubs involved in the RRCA. That has been a goal and will continue to be, through communication and promotion. Plan to see you all in Lakeland, Florida.

We maintain a webpage at: http://www.racepacket.com/ varrca/ I attended the 2009 RRCA Convention in San Francisco and found it to be a very valuable experience. Virginia is looking forward to hosting the 2011 RRCA Convention in Fredericksburg, Virginia. We hope that all of the Virginia RRCA members will participate in that Convention and join with the Fredericksburg Area Running Club and Marine Corps Marathon in welcoming the rest of the RRCA to the Commonwealth. The Virginia RRCA Clubs have many excellent volunteers that do a tremendous amount of work on behalf of the running community. It is a honor to work with such an outstanding group.


9%+/'<+8/+G%*.'0%8#-%'>%73%5.'4)567%11'0+8/%8.' 4+8*7+11'U18)67.'M8+/;'B7#85%8.'


@+*5'C+='0+='4%/R*':7#)8'+/2' :+1)N#8/)+'B5+5%'>%A*'B)3#/%'!2+)8'+/2'0%#8-%'>%73%5

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:7)/%*%'()#/'9+/6%8*' +5'<)6;STNN'4%%5)/-

>>:!'O+5)#/+1'PQ<':7+3A)#/*7)A ,8%*)2)#'PQ



;S*7%/''&#,%!!+/%+"'R('71"'%!(2#6W Members of the DSE, Lake Merritt Joggers & Strider, San Francisco Road Runners, and Pamakid Runners formed a consortium to host the 51st National Road Runners Club of America Convention. Many other local clubs and races* also assisted. Coming from 33 states, there were about 240 attendees, which was a record in recent convention history. By the time convention concluded with the Presidio 10 race, people had just positive reviews, which made it well worth the countless hours that we had spent in the prior 18 months.

The convention runs were lead by the San Francisco Road Runners which took attendees around San Francisco including a run down Lombard, the crookedest street. The Tamalpa Runners took the hardiest on a run on the famed Dipsea trail (note: the 100th edition of the race occurred this year). We are grateful for the many sponsors that contributed. Then there were the various volunteers who were decked out in tie dye shirts and did a fabulous job. A special thanks goes to the hard working and dedicated planning committee of Len Goldman, Janet Nissenson, Keating Vogel, Bailey Penzotti, and Dave Cotter: the convention’s success. I really appreciated how flexible the volunteers were when it came to a change in duties or schedule.

The keynote banquet speaker was Olympic Gold Medalist Frank Shorter. Other keynote speakers were Ultramarathon Man Dean Karnazes and ultramarathoner/ adventurer Marshall Ulrich. We had many visiting running celebrities such Amby Burfoot, winner of the 1968 Boston Marathon and editor of Runner’s World; Nancy Hobbs, executive director of American Trail Running Association and author of Trail Running; and Don Kardong, 1976 Olympic Marathoner.

We set out with the goal of raising the standards of what a RRCA convention should be and we believe that we succeeded. Thank you for visiting San Francisco and we hope that you come back and join us for a run.

The convention had 24 sessions, which catered to the club officer, race director, and runner. Some of the most Sincerely, popular sessions were the Ultrarunning panel )(*+'(%,(-.(/% starting Western 100 States winner Tim Twietmeyer, Trail Running Sports Nutrition, and Runners with Disabilities 2009 convention director & Coastal California RRCA State panel. Representative Beside the sessions, there were other fun activities. The South End Rowing Club started things off by hosting the Welcome Reception and demonstrating how to swim in 53 degree bay waters without wetsuits. The Chinese lion dancers entertained at the Kickoff Meeting. At Sports Basement, the Friday dinner attendees were serenaded by the East Bay Gay Men’s Choir.

*San Francisco Marathon, Bay to Breakers, Napa Valley Marathon, Big Sur International Marathon, 6 Rivers Running Club, Mid Peninsula Runners, Tahoe Mountain Milers, Sagebrush Stompers, Santa Cruz Track Club, South Valley Running Club, Diablo Road Runners, East Bay Front Runners & Walkers, Tamalpa Runners, Ohana Road Runners, San Jose Rock & Roll Half Marathon, Presidio 10M/10K

THANK YOU TO OUR 2009 RRCA CONVENTION SPONSORS GOLD LEVEL *Running Network* *Big Sur Marathon* *K-Swiss* *Marathon & Beyond* *Windshirts.com* *Leslie Jordan* *Lakeland Runners Club* *Central Florida’s Polk County Sports Marketing* SILVER LEVEL Clif Bar San Francisco Marathon Ultra Running Magazine Presidio 10K/10 MI Napa Valley Marathon Youth Runner Magazine ING Bay to Breakers Heatsheets

BRONZE LEVEL Ipico Sports Active.com Power Cranks Destination Races Image One Hyatt Insight Resource Group Rock’n’Roll Half Marathon San Jose


3445%!!+/%>"'")* The RRCA would like to thank the following official sponsors, corporate supporters, individuals, running clubs, and events for their generous financial and in-kind contributions to the RRCA during 2009. Our supporters’ investment in the RRCA helps make our valuable programs and services possible as membership dues only cover a portion of our operating costs.


Running Network Gatorade Sports Authority Ortholite Sigvaris GOLD LEVEL CORPORATE SUPPORTER

Image One - Official RRCA Branded Merchandize Partner Star Insurance K & K Insurance Road Race Management Ashworth Awards K-Swiss Crocs, Inc Running Times Magazine Women’s Running Magazine Marathon & Beyond Fuelbelt

SILVER LEVEL CORPORATE SUPPORTER Greenlayer LLC SportScience Disney Edurance Series BRONZE LEVEL CORPORATE SUPPORTER National Physical Activity Plan

Energy Events

GRASSROOTS SUPPORTERS FUND Lancaster Road Runners Club Pottstown Pace & Roadrunners Seashore Striders Frederick Steeplechasers Pearland Area Runners Club Olga Warmowski-Precht Lawrence Trail Hawks Santa Fe Road Runners Club Nashville Striders Riverbend Striders Southern Arizona Roadrunners Fort Myers Track Club Tahoe Mountain Milers The Guam Running Club Mile Square Running Club Cedar Valley Running Association Track Shack Foundation Bob Holmes Northwest Louisiana Runners Valley Running Club Georgetown Runs LLC


Team R2 Running Racing Relaxing Quantum Feet Road Runners Club Fleet Feet Sports North Wales 805 Boot Camp LLC Marine Running Company South Buffalo Athletic Club Birmingham Marathon Kinderhook Runners Jane’s on the Run New England 65 Plus Runners Club Charlie Alewine Racing Sandy Rollman Ovarian Cancer Foundation People Events Columbia Triathlon Association West Chester Running Club Team Unlimited, Inc. Queens Racing Association Ben Wendelken Inn of Court Ohana Road Runners Club Connie Gates

Dan Edwards Walmart, Inc Brent Cook Run San Diego Harvest Time Church Run for America Peninsula Pacers Team Footworks Club Loco Alta Vista Sports Michael Bowen Dave Moore Fleet Feet Sports Carson City Fleet Feet Sports Montclair Joey Belmont On the Run Races LLC Zoy Racing Sparky’s Run Fox River Trail Runners Genzyme

RRCAHISTORY.ORG FOUNDING CONTRIBUTORS Robert H. Glover & Associates Allen Steinfeld Katherine Switzer and Roger Robinson Brent Ayer Gary Corbitt Tom Osler


Brent Ayer Cherry Blossom Inc** Syracuse Chargers Track Club River City Runners Club Jersey Shore Running Club Jon Hughes Lisa Paige Len Goldman Maine Track Club Atlanta Track Club ** Lilac Bloomsday Assocation* Central Mass Striders Fulmont Road Runners Club Travis Eliot Landreth Memorial Scholarship* Willamette Valley Road Runners Team Footworks Albuquerque Road Runners Montgomery County Road Runners Riverbend Striders Calvin Lam Alta Vista Sports Saline County Striders Club *$1000 and above donors **$5000 and above donors


Al Becken ** Salisbury-Rowan Runners Carolina Godiva Track Club DFWRUNS LLC Dallas White Rock Marathon Fort Worth Marathon Demotte Kankakee Valley Rotary Club Pamakid Runners Club Melodie Thompson North Carolina Ultra Running 15th St Flyers Richmond Road Runners Club South Florida Racewalkers Wineglass Running Club Riverbend Striders Team Footworks West Virginia Moutain Trail Runners Iron Mommies Alta Vista Sports Maine Track Club


Maine Track Club * Tahoe Mountain Milers The Guam Running Club 15th Street Flyers South Fulton Running Partners Valley Running Club North Idaho Road Runners Lancaster Road Runners Club Ken Bendy Birmingham Marathon The Friends of SBB 8K Anderson Road Runners Club Seashore Striders Fleet Feet Boulder Frederick Steeplechasers Pearland Area Runners Club The Vermont Road Runners Club Lake City Running Club Lawrence Trail Hawks Greene County Combined Health Annapolis Striders David Epstein San Francisco Road Runners Club Wineglass Running Club Albuquerque Road Runners Len Goldman on behalf of the Lake Merritt Joggers & Striders Virgin Islands Pace Runners 1st Annual Amesbury Run 4 Fun Reindeer Dash for Cash 10 Miler Nashville Striders Palo Alto Run Club Tidewater Striders Riverbend Striders David Seghers Jason McCombs North Carolina Roadrunners Team Footworks Tricolumbia Lifefest ½ Marathon Jean & James Knaack Eve & David Mills Durkees Bread Run Calvin Lam Shadowchase Running Club Michael J Farrell Bryan Crabb Club Loco Alta Vista Sports Jersey Shore Running Club Southern Arizona Roadrunners Fort Myers Track Club Youngstown Roadrunners Club *$1000 and above donors

**$5,000 and above donor


Profile for Road Runners Club of America

RRCA 2009 Annual Report  

Annual Report for Road Runners Club of America

RRCA 2009 Annual Report  

Annual Report for Road Runners Club of America