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If we were to attenpl to cover in detail all the shatterins ttack ne1{s fron Europe ia this issu6 of the LDL r{e {ou1d need double the amount of the usual pages. Rather: than do that we will skin over the big European lleets (covered so excellently by the Anerican Press,, vatious spolt nags, and T&F News)rand concenttate on the sha11er:, less publicized events of the past nonth: We ii,ete a litt1e late in mailins out the July issue of the IOc, due to many valious reasons (we take vacationrs too!) so have patience, itrs like your editor running a marathon, it will gpt to you eventually- Seriously, if you don't get the Log in a reasonable length ot time, write to Prank KeIIy (address above and he will send it rieht out & -Ys_!i:l_l try to get organized-better e:j we p rogtess. l1 Dublin, Ir:e1and, in what surely '!!ust rank as the single roost exttaordiaary ttack eveqt-in histor:y, four milers from three nations substintiatly betfered the world record for the mi-le, and a fifth lan wet I under the once-fabled four-minute si1e. Herb -El1iott led the faotastic tecotd-breaking mile parade over the spring new Santty track

in 3:54,5, whippj-ng }leiv Lincoln, 3:55-9; Ron Delany, 3:57.5; Muiray Halberg, 3:57.5 and Albert- Ihomas, 3-58.o. -Ihe next night, thomas, the diminutive Australian c1erk, estabLished hirnself as o4e of the 1'!'olldrs nost versatile distance run4ers. bv lowering the world record for two m1les to 8132. HE IS FANTASTIC: The U.S. nen scoled a I2Z to 6g victory over the Hunga.riaqs in a dual neet in BUdape6t aS Istva4 RozsavolByi ran 3:40.3 for 1500m. to take distance honors. In the same race, Bill Dellinger, for:ner U. of Oreeon ace, broke the American l5OOm. record eith a tine of 3:41.5. He bettered the rnark of 3:42.8 held by WeSSANTE!, Phil Coleman, of Ctanpaign, I11., gave^the U.S._a surprise victory in the 3,000 m. Srchase in 8:43.4,'cive the ADrerican distance ruiiEiFa 1ittle time in lulope and they can do it! The scattered Olympic Dev. mcets in o5e weather that we endure arenr t conducive to good distance runnins. New ZealaDdrs Murray Halberg won the ni le in 4:O1.4 as the Brj tish Empi re and Commonwealth defeated the molher country, Britain in a two-day meet. recorded the third_ -Herb Xlliott ever tastest 880 recorded- 1:42.3_ I,or an easy victory before 45,000 at White City. Tiso hout:s later: lie tutn_ ed up at a meet in Watfol:d, about 20 niles fron London, and won another half mile iace in 1:50-ZAnothet worldts thir:d best Detforn_ ance was made in the 2-mile iun bv Peter Ctark of Engtand- This ganeiine. z3-year-a7d aj r nan was t ined i n 8: J?i 1s he wo! by nearty I00 yards from Gordon Pirie. (By re wai El)iotl ran an rdentical 8:37.o in finishjng 2nd to Thomas in his world record rin) Metv Lincoln captured the mile io the I aned Edi nbur8h Hi gh I and caFes in 4:06.8 with Derek fbbo;son 2nd in 4:07-4. Herb El liott sat this one out. Basi 1_Heatley. .Engtand, won thp 2_m1le 1n 6:)2.4 a games fecord. Christos Chiotis a tittle known Greek outraced Bi DeLlin8er ja the Juuom rn l4:33.6 fo feature the USA Athens otyn9l:":: Tgt"n in historic p1c StadiunJin CreLle & Ed Moran rai\ 1-2 it a 3:49.9 15O0n. _Dellinger and Coleman realty acconp_ l. r shed a lot for US distance runnj ng didnrt they? The door is openl _




IN RECORD TI},IE Sunday, July 27, Malvetn, pa., Rudy Mendez, New York pioneer Club, set a course record for the seven-lrlile Laurel Ciicle load lace tonight. His 37:43s tine bettered the 37:57 tine by Brou,nine Ross lasr year. He I inished 306 yarcs ahead of Steve Thonas, penn A.C-, whose tine 1{as 38:44. Mervin Bryin put on a terrific sprint uD the last hill to overtake John Cunninghan,with 100 yds. to go, for ttrird Place honors. Prizes: One nice trophy, a silver tray, vatlous smaller silver bowls and f ive meda I s. Race statted 6:30 p.M. 78o -hunid. 1. Ru-I-ME;AE- Nypc 37 243 2. Steve ThorBas, penn, AC, 3g:44 J. Mervin 3Mcrvin BBryan, Shanahan,3g:07 4. Jack Cunningham, pAC. 39:16 n, PAC, 5. Frank Batson, PAC, PAC 39:33 6. Jack Barry, Barry, Shanahan, 39:48 7. Jesse Burde11e, pAC, 39.52 8. Jin Sumner, Shanahan. 39:55 9. Dick Donohue, Boston AA.40:01 10. Bob Chambers, Shanahan;40:28 .11. Jean DeBrie, Shanahan. 40r43 12. Jose Dones, s, NYPC, NYPC. 4Ir2O 41-|20 13. Jack Wi tlians, West Chester A. C. 41t24 14. Earl Smith, penn AC. 4\:43 15. Ted Corbitt, NypC, 42.14 ( tendon trouble ) 16. Henry Kinkaid, penn AC.42:43 17. Or I ando Sanriago, Nypc.4J:08 I8. .ta r l Fos!er, Nypc, 43:2g lo. Vern Morgan, Shanahan. 43:59 20. Henry Yost, penn AC, 44r17 21. John Preston, Shanahan 44:35 22. Forrest Ross, penn AC. 44:44 23. Percy Witlians, West ihester A. C. 4 5.19 24. DavP Wiltiams, Shanahan, :50 penn 25. Pdlph Eitberg, A.C. 4o:t4 26, Jin Elan, Unatrached. 49r2A 27. Ton Adans, Shanahar 5:rSg (1.n.t-- Ton Os1er, SCC; CC, Stan Lindner, PAC; Bill Johnson, SCC; Harry Berkowltz, PAC; Bill Bayles, WCAC; Bob Mor:tinson, PAC i Klaus praesari, pAC. CIRCLE RUN



Baltimore, Md-, .Tu1y 26 5000 Meters: l. Joe Rouse, B.O.C. l,6:45-o; 2. Don Masken, CCC, 17.43.2; J- A1 Carroll, OEioIe, 17:53.4; 4. Dennis Voith, CCC, 18:45.1; 5. Mike Krongaia, CCC, 19tOZ.5-



JvTy 25, Mccarren Par:k, Biooklyn, N.y. 1. Rxdy, Mendez, New Yoik Pioneel Club, 4:38.2 (Ne{ r:ecord); 2. Janes Borden, NYPC, 4:53; 3. Jose Doles, NypC, 5:02.0; 4. Ted Corbitt, NYPC, 5:14.4; 5. Natie Cirulnick, NYPC, 5:30.0; 6. John Conray, NYPC, 5:55.0.. Cirulnick sDodsored the rsprinti

givif.g 5 prizes.. t'titt nataty, St. Aothonyrs B.C., supplied the refresh. rnetrts follouing the race.. Results tere .1st ANNUAL


A_C. T&F


SAT., JULY 26, west Chester, pa., Ihe weather perfect, the tlack good aid the meet run off ahead of schedule,despite nu.nerous heats required to handle about 100 age-c1ass contestants. The only difficulty occutted rrhen the aotor cycles,escorting the road race,Led hblf the runners in the cioss-country lun oa a wroog turiil. Hhen the first loca1 rua-

ner came to the turn he led the renai!ing runnets back on the course! Because of the mixup the race was split iuto t1Yo sectioos, a 5 nile run & a 6 nile run and both sections received Drizes. A rescue truck fol lowed the runiers,& had oxygen available, i!1 case the ruqaets ran into any difficulty. For:tunately this was not npeded, but it was a good precautioD, as the teDperature was-95o. T'he conpetition was good in most events, Yang-ChuaD-Kuang, Repubtic of Chitra, (Asian Ganes DecarhloE Chaapioq) coDpeted in the javelin (2nd), but rras urxable to compete in other events wheq he injut. ed his ankle. 5 Mile X-Country: t. Leon Dieher, Shauahan C.C., 30:33; 2- Ralph Xilberg, pAC 3. John Russ, West Chester A.C. 6 Mile X-Coutrtry: l--Iqm O_s_.tâ‚ŹI:- Sh_aqAh:. t B;6-dh-a;G;;, - 3han @;-N.TI'"; 3. Yernon Morgar, Shanahan C.C. 3000 meter Srchase:1. Bob Chanbels, SCC 10:59; 2. Wade Washington, SCC; 3. Witlians, yJCAC;4. BiIl BayIes, WCACJack (Percy Wil1ians, WCAC, finished 2na, but was disqualified for going around a hurdle)(Ed- Man: this was quite a meer!) -!-U!!q-&UL: l. Bob Cotiins, SCC, 4: 34. 0;-2---T?EiE-Titzpatr:ick, scc; 3. Pat Wa1sh, S.C.C.; 4. Bob Hurley, SCCI (coltinued on page 5)


llest Chester A.C. T&F -continued 880 vds: I. JoP caffnPy, Shanahan CC, z-:Tn:-i-t 2. Djck Taft, Short Hills Ac; 3- Bob Col1ins, Shanahan CC; 4. Ne1son Lair, West Chester A.C. Other 'Winners: 100 yds: Don Jones, WCAC, 9-o; ".V--bEl?Flrorris. WCAC, llrot; .;aveTiiT BiII Al1ev. strort Hi 11s A:e:;2-r8'2"; !!J;,jesse, Phi la. Pioneers, 4513{ Tean Score: 1. Shanahan CC, 39; 2. west Chester: A.C., 26i 3. Phita. Pioneers, 10; 4. Short Hi11s A.C. & Penn A.C., 8; 6. Republic of China, 3Eastcrn AAIJ mF.lranDs, Bdlrinore, Md. July 2o- Surnories: 880: L Mikp Fleming, BOC, 1:.)7.o (no-EFain, just fasI 9_lough to win); 2. Dick Taft, Short Hi11s A.C.; 3. Irby, unatt, iirginiat. veLisa Mugosa, NYA., 4ir5.5; lrlâ‚Ź, 2- F'anh Pllaging, BOC. 4:20; J. Mirr_ oth, Armond RF.rpation Cente;, pi11aburgh, Pa. jL !lile: Mugosa, 14t2a-3i 2. Bob iarman, Ammon Rec- Center; 3. pflaging, BOC, 15:30; 4. Bob Chambers, Shanahan CC. (Carman jumpeci Mugosa at thc sr:atr or the last 1ap and stayed ahead until 220 ta ga, then Mugosa came orr srrong and Catrnan folded). l. Perer M.Ardte, NYAc, 9;41]s-3!I: Jl:37.1; 2. Bob ChdrJFrs, SlLrn-; J. Joe Rouse, BOC (34:r5) Big field. Baltimore Relays: July 13- 4 Mile Relay: BOC, (gr].. Grin, Baxter Ber:ryhi11, ]. Frank Pflaging, Buzz Sawyer) 18:15.3. 2 Mile RPtay: I. BOC, (Cdr I party, Berryhilt, Sawyer, crin) 8:05.7 ea.h relay [lrF BOC lNon b] over aiIn nllF l-rp- t.u"t nade bad o) spven sfrai6ht days of rain ltefore the neet. The BOC seems to be building up a grcal Cisl_ an.e .o rDs: ) National Relay Champ i onships - Tor.onto, Ont., Track wet. July_4, _4 Mile Relay- Toro4to Olympic Ctub, (F. Mason, c. No-nran, J. i rcns, p. Ca,r1.hacl) 17rn2.4; 2. CtaJsronF A.C. ,Sprint Medley - Univ- of Chicago TC, r-: nie Bi1lups, 41 Jacobs, Wiltie May, irr I Coll.mJn) 3:20.8; 2. Fbst \ork, ^l 3:20; 3. New York Pionee' CIuU (lt, ais Canadian Open Record of 3:29-4 which UCII] set last year) 1, R- Carmichael, Toro4to O.C-, ?_Mil" )4i4.5-2i 2. Gar Wi I I idrs, UCrc, t4:50; 3. J. Bessel, BLrffaIo, l5:00 (approx. ) Dlslance MeJIey - t- UCrc ( Harotd Cdlfey, Enie Bi l1uDs. Hal Higdon, piri I Canadian




Coleftan) 10120.6; 2. Toronto O-C. l0:23.7(Canadian Record); 3. last york (UCTCTS was a nen OpeD Recorci) Juv. MiIe Run- l. Bruce Andr:ews, Guelph Legion, 4:27.0; 2. R- Buclranan, StKdfes; j. T. Bur-ls, KFrnore. N.y.

Results fron Britain: Southern Junior at Hayes, Middlesex, on two foltowing Saturdays, June 26 r & July 5th. Bill Corne11, a coner, won tlte nile in 4:15.4, coning with a rush to catch Peter Milner at tllf finish. The other Milner twin, Tony, won le BB0 by catc)ing Roger Givan on the tape in another new best tine of 1:55-2. G. Howard (Watfor.i) won the 1500n. Srchase in 4 :28. 3. Miciland Junior Clramps, held at Atdersley Stadium, Wolverhampton, July 5tir. Young Malcolnr Yarrjley (Bi rcirfiel.l), probaoly t,le greatest prospect for tlle 440 tllat Britain ever ha.i, won in 49.6s after taking his heat in 49.5, yet another record, while in the 880, won by Gingell (Bristol) in 1:56-4, tlre I.J. first tilree w(]re inside the oI.l r:ecord. M-I. Lynn won the nile in 4:22.1 & MHerriott won the 1500m. Stcllase in 4:29 5, after finishing 2nd in the mi1e. Basil Heatley (Godiva) won re Senior ' 3000m Srcliase at the same neet in 9:21-4. London Univ- 130 pts- Deat !'ioodford Green 126 and T-V. H- 56- StjO: J. Cox, (T\4I) 1:52.4; Mile: A. Lewis-, (WG) 4:12 -4;2-Mi7et r.MaJ;;(WG) 9:03 - 6. Walton A.C. 148 pts. beat R-M.L. lO0 and Met. Police 95. 6ir0: A- Mitner,(W) 1:56.6; MiIc: P- Mi1;Er: (W) 4:18; iM: R. Roathllfl 9:33.6; 1+M S'chase:A- Balier: (W) 6t29 -2The Minor Counties '!15tr (15! mile road race, Bedford, Ingland, June 21st) . 1. Arthur Taylor (iJlelwyn A.C. ) 1:2.1.06 2- R-A- Foulkes, (Va1e of Aylesoury) I:24.46i 3- L.B- Jones (Grimsby H.) Champs, Iteld

7.27 -04

ScottlslL News: June 14tll Glasgow poIic, e Sports Invitation lvents: 440: l. Mclsaac (VP) 4B-0 (Nat. rec. ) 880: t.J. D- McDonald (cars-) 1:56-4; Mile:1. Graham Everett, (SI1ett.) 4r}a-7,2. JD. Ashei (Glasgow tJ[iv. ) 4|22.9; 2M Team: Bellallouston _10 pts- Inci- 1. Ian Binnie (l?) 9.05, 2. J. Connolly (8e11. ahouston) 9:12 - 1. Babcock and Wilcox Spo_rts, June 7th 2M: 1- Ian Binnie, ( 9|t5.Zi l4M Podd Rdce: I . H. Fox, (Sirp tr. ) 1:17- 1-5June 24th, Glasgow Tr:ansport Sportsi 880 Invit. 1- Graham !verett, 1:5I.6..




TITLE C'oIS TO NEW YORK A.C. Randalls Island, NYC, 30 June 58Two 56hoo15or" just tu(ned 18 Produced the only fileet records of the Met A.A-U. junior T&F chanps today. Ton Laris, late of George Washington High and Dar tnouthbound, who recorded the fasresr mile tines evel: posted by an East_1 high school runner during the Past wintera and spr:ing, moved up

the cistance scale witli interest1ng results. Running h,e11 within h1mse1t, hc took the three-ni1e r:un in 14:56-1. shaving two seconds off the 1i54 mark set by Fred Eckhoff, a mature Norwegian exchange student. John Fernandez, latc of Cardinal Duilo:is High and bound for Manhattan College, producecl the other recordTne 6r2r', 18o-pound Fernandcz thundered ciown the straightaway to take the 22C-yard-dasir in 20.7 secondsCoach Joe McClusheyrs NYAC squad, linich won nine events, r:etained the tean title with g0 points. l',li1e Run: 1. Vic DiMaio, NYAC, 2. John Flamer, Tarrytown S.S.C.; 3. Fi.lard Ki-r, \YPC, 4. Cr"dy clLrnplev. NYPC.'linet 44:23 ley, |23 .2. 880: l. Peter Levin. Levin- Tar Tarrvtown S.S.C. (Iantrattan bound in'Sept-) 2- Francis llantrattan Francis Hegarty, NYAC (Vi llanova bound), 3. George Wa11ace, NYPC, 4- Robe.t CoIyer, Tattytown SSC- Time: 1:56.43 i\4i1e Run: 1. Tom Laris, NrPC, 2. Larry Furnell, NYAC, 3. John Donovan, NYAC, 4. James Fi11is, unat. Time: 14:56.1 (o1cl rec. 14:58-1 by Fred

xckhoff, NYAC, 1954). 440: 1. Janes Grant, 48.6s. Qqe Mile Walk: 1. William Oneltchenko, NYPlr, 2- George Shil1ing, NYPC, 3. Marion Richie, Finnish-American A. C. 4. !'ialtcr Drescller, St. Anthonyrs BC. TTne | 7 :28.4 . 44 Hurolps: I- Stan Dawkir'. '- '+r TiFffi Team Scores: 1. NYAC, 90; 2. NYPC, 48; 3. Tarr:ytolvn Spike Shoe C1ub, 20; 4. Jamaica Youth Organization, 18; 5. Nrevoor:t A-C. 3; 6- Finnish-Aner. 4.9.2l l. St. Anthonyrs B.C. l. RUNNING BACK OVIR 50 YEARS by Jerry Mitche1l, New York Post, Thursday, July 24, 19 58. Little Jouny Hayes is 72 years a7d. but no one on his block would have

been too surptised if he had broken into a trot on leaving his North Bergen, N.J. home today for his office in Ne$ york. Just a wee run for auld lang syne it would have been, for it was 50 years ago today that Little Johnny won the Olynpic Marathon in London. Little Johnny .eirenbered. Tea he had for breakfast this mornine. Tea and toast and lamb chops, the very breakfast that Mike Murphy, the Anerican trainer, fed his squad in the inn on O1d London Road the morning of that much-disputed race. rMy sisterrs va(-ationing in Spring Lake,r' said Little Johnny in his food brokerage office on Hudson Street today,

'so Irn batching it.. Tonight Ir11 cook nyself a steak and have sone ale wi th it Thatrs what we had that night. Mike ordered all the steak and ale he r{antedWhat a day and a night that was! rrYou know in the excitement then and afterwards, people overlooked the fact that there were five Americans among the fir:st 14 finishers. li/e really gave ren a licking. The British were leading at the five, 10 and ls-mile points but we knew theii fast start would cave rem in.. rrMike br:ought us up fr:on B.ighton after tlyo weeks ot training there and put us up at this inn. The last fifteen --wel l--i t seemed I ikp fifteen, but actually o111y five or six days the only tines herd order us into iunning trunks was for pictutes. Let us have just a little practice run, Mike?, werd ask. But nothing doing. He didnrt believe in leaving your race in training. He was a tr wonder:fu1 t raine r. He weighs 150 pounds now, 25 more than

he did that day. His hair is silver and wavy and_his head is fu11 of memories. His 51 3+|| frane seemed lost as he sat in an executive-type chair in his office He did not look like a fian who was once an Olymplc hero, but then he did not

fook the part at the tire either, something which had much to do with his enot mous populari t y. That day before the steps of Nindsor Castle, waiting fo. King ceorge V, then the Prince of Wales, to fire the start1ng shot! he was a cocky, black-haired ribbon clerk fron the sidewalks of New York. He had won his place on the Anerican squad by finishing second in the Boston llarathon. The race ended in one of the best of the American Olympic rhubarbs. The 100, 000 spectatoi:s in Shepherdrs Bush Stadiufir saw Dorando Piet.i, an Italian (continued next Dase )

Al.rgust. 1958-(Johnny Hayes - cootinued)


11. Joe Ke1ler,fl, 40122 600 34.22 12. J. OrConnell, 12, 41:ll 6 35:11 13. Nat Ciruloick, Ny?C L5 4L..42

baker, enter firstl .a couple of hundred yalds ahead. of Little Johnny. 4:30 36.42 The Italian collapsed befor:e reach14. J. Nolanr un. 13 4t:35 6: 35:35 ing the finish and lvas dragged across 15- T.G. Sears; un. L4 42tot 6 36:01. the line by doctors and officials. 16- J. Bil1ota, XYPC, 16 45:35 39:35 Little Johnny trotted across under his own powef. But it wasnrt until A numbet of runners failed to fintour hours Iater that the Americans, ish. Ihese include: Herb Benario, gathered at the inn, learoed that he Millrose; Jim Bor:den, \rYrc; Ado Bohad finally been declared the winner. Then Mike }lurphy led the viay to the bar and ordered the steaks to the fire. N.n. Development Meet, Monday, Ju1y, 28, 1958 (7 P.l.r.) at Navy Failo-B1b!. Little Johnny cane home to a herors welcone. The papels said there 1|e1]e a So. Boston, Mass. 2 Mile HandicaD: half llillion people on the streets tb I. Dean thackwray, ffil-@l-Tdi?T. Z greet hin. He was received at the (Sc ra tch ) Actual - gfZI:2 White House. Instead of goiag back to 2. Paul Ellisoi]Eos-ton lnglish H.S. his clerkrs job at Bloomingaiters 3. Lar ry Bernan, M-I.T, department store, he became a sports4. Joh! Joyce, Boston College wriler, doing a track and field cot5. Fran Cooney, Lyn4, Mass. (Unatt.) unn fo! the Hudson Dispatch, in Union 6. Paul Or Donnef I, B.A.A. City,N.J. Eventuatly, he becane a food 7. Tru. Mi.11er, Lynn, Mass. (Unatt.) broker.. Ptonoters brought Dorando E. Royce Sawyer, North Medford Club over to this country. The Italian beat 9. Willia[l Feeney, BAA Little Johnny twice at o1d litadis6n 10. .Ed Brackett, Lynn, Mass. (Unatt..)l Square Garden. nI couldnrt tose hin 23 startersl resutted in Thackwray i indoors olr those short str:aightaways,n being for:ced to run in the outside he said. He figures he made $25,000 lane at times-.s1ow, soft tiack, espin professional races, the last of eciatly so, due to r:ain that dai,. 75o which was in Berlin in 1921, and Ihackwray gave up his nedal to flre several thousand more on vaudevil Ie 2rld place finisher, thus the prize tours.(Ed. I kreH we weie born too winners were Bernan. .Joyce and nllisoil late!) There is a picture of Little THACKhIMY Vs. KELL.EY by Huck Finnegan Johnny, in lunning clothes, on the (Boston Evening Anerican, July, 1953) desk of his office. He sent the shoes he wore in the Marathon to the Helmrs Poundation in Los Angeles years ago. Johnny Ke11ey of cioton, Ct. , is nl had one other souvenit of thal Americars No. 1 marathon runner. He day,n he said. nA ptaster cast of the is a'rTy 27 and should be at his Deak large statuette Queen Alexandri a by the time the Olympi. ganes roil gave ne, but il. got busted noving. around two years hence... By that But I have plenty of cl ippings and tine he may have a partner who will you know something else thatrs nice? be running should(:r-to-shculder with Sone people sti11 say, nThere goes hin. His partnerrs nane is Dean Thack. waay, a Boston Univer.sity graduate Ijttle -Iohnny Hayes. n student from Canton who is,-in trut I, l,lacComb s Dan Park, Btonx, New York a protege of Ke l1ey. Sunday, JnIy 27, 1958, 10:30 AM Thackwray is 25. He never ran se riour llet. AAU 10,000 neter Deve lopnent sly urtil his junior (1953) yeai at Handicap Ruo (Tiack) Hot, Humid. (continued next page ) Name Club Place Time HandicaD Ad iusted T_ine ' Pe ter McA rd1e, NYrc-, -5,j-Z : 40:f -s c? ait h-: zl?6lT2. Latry Furne11, NYAC, 1, 33:06 2r3O 30:06 ANY US$LE PICTURES 3. Robert Harris, Unat. 4. 34155 2:3O 32 t25 WILL BE GREATLY 4. Ted Corbitt, NYPC, 2, 35:50 3:45 32. 05 APPRECIATED. AII5. Jose Dones, NYPC, 7, 36.42 3:15 PHO1OS WIII BX RETURNND 6- E. Anderson, Millrose 3, 36254 4:30 32|24 7.Joe Kleinetman, " 6, 37 :17 4: 00 8. A1 Silva, St. ABC, 8, 38:28 4.30 33:58 9. Milt Pataky, St. ABC 9, 43:03 6:00 34:03 10. John Conway, NypC, 10 ,4 O ..2t- a: CC



For that reason he r'as for:ced to pass Vs. KILLY - continued) up the 1957 and 1958 marathons aod most of the other big ones. He did come out B-U., the year Ke11y first tried the of hibernation long enough to l{in the Boston Marathon and finished fifth. Cathedral 10-ni1e fron a too-generous Johnny was about to wed a gir:1 in handicap -last April and he looked like Thackwtayrs music class, and they a champion in the doing. talked running so much while Johnoy was waiting for his date tilat ThackHe looked even better on Tuesdav. wrayrs long dormant spark for running June J, in the six-nile championshlp at was r:ekindled. He had oodles of natRandolph- He and Kelley ran away from !,r.1 .l-ir;r,q^,-.^^r.,' striJe oi a classy field alrd firished oDly 125 yards apart. Kelleyrs ti'f.e was 29.37.7 a Gene Venzke and before 1953 had run 1ts course he had vlon a 10-mi1e handi- and Thackwtayrs 29154.6. both u4der the cap race at Brockton, Mass. old iecord. Kelleyrs tine at the halfHe tried cross-couttry at BU in the ygy IarI was_14:37-wit:r Thackwray on r53 fa11 of his heels...Tle following night Tony but fel1 i1l after a nice start, and what witit his illness and Sapienza won the three-ni1e cha$pionship in 15:08,8, so you can imagine how his extra-curlicular duties (teaching piano) he was forced to quit the tean. fast Ke1ley and Thackwray were travel1ng. He graduated in June of 1954 and entered the Arny in October-..One year Tuesday Night , July 8, Thackwray won the prize (54:48) in the Benniers later he was in Germany with tine on Lunch Handicap 1o-niler at Lynn, Mass., his hands, so he wrote to handicapper Bob Canpbell and Jock Senple for a and was only one ninute behind Kelleyrs record. He is expected to duel his instraining program. He gave it all he tructor-riva1 again dt Salen Aug.8 if had fo!: five nonths and came hooe to he can have his day off shifted from r_un the 1956 BAA Marathon, an Olympac Tuesday to Friday. t ryout. Keep an eye on this sandy-haired stte. He astonished observets by finishak. He has the 1959 BAA narathon in view ing fifth, a monumental achieverlent because hers anxious to conpete it the for a vertiable novice... Kelley was 'second and Nick Costes fourth. Thus Pan-American games next surnner in Chicago. He will have received his Mastersl Thackwray was anong the f ir:st tllaee Degree in Music Education by that time Ame.icans to finish, and it seefied and. if he is successful in getting the as if he had nade the Olynpic team choral music teachirg job he has in nind in one shot, But the AAU fathers decher11 have time to concenttate on the reed that they had to do it all over 1960 Olynpics. He has his time-table all again at Yonkers in May, There Ke11ey won with Thackwtay second and Costes set. Ke11ey and he plan to finish 1-2 at third. EURBKA: They had picked the ri ohf + hrpa )f +et 21r Rone to atone for their poor showing at Melbour:ne. Jock Senple thinks they can Tl-iat all three disappointed io the do it. even against EuloDers best. Olympic marathon (Costes 20th, Kelley 21st, Thackwray dropping out at the 20th Annual Ten Miles Road Race For Ben1o-nile rnark) can be traced to the efit of St. Vincent De Paul Infant Home duat qualifying races. nltrs a terrlr ifi. nan+it <+.,in +hic Under the Auspices of the Knights of Jerllng tl rht f^r +hrpF hid ra.F< in warr Colunbus. Providence. Rhode I sland. Saturday, JuTy 26 (6.35 P.M-) 75o cloudy said Thackwlay. nIt drains ^ho one physhumid. Hi11y course, actually 9j mi1es. ica11y, too" (Thackwray weighs 125, Good prizes to 25th place--trophies, stands 5- / J. cups, traveling bags and nedals. Thackwray gaineci some valuable ex53 entered- 41 started- 39 finished. pe'i. n c .rn.i c wif< from ihir tr.ip Refreshnents and showers at St. Vi4cent to Australia. Returning hone he de Paul Horne. learned that go1ng to grailirate school 1. John J- Ke1ley, Boston AA, 48:30.0 and supporting a wife and then a child 2. Toty SapieDza, Boston AA, 52:06 on lhe GI Bi ll is as\ing for froublc, 3. A1 ConfaloDe, Bostor AA, 52119 so he dug up a job and an apartment 4- John Booras, Boston AA, 53:46 at the Saugus Animal Farn- He works 5. Edrtard Brackett, unat. 53:57 lights and-weekends. During the sum6. Bitl Prater, Shanahan CC, 54:05 ner he trains at naon anl races only 7. Challes Dyson, P.A.A.C. 55.02 on his dav off which is Tuesday... (cortiqued page 9) (TTTACKWMY

August, 1o58--9

St. Vincent De Paul- conti.nued 8. Srdn Tieroan, NrlC. 55:20 9. Grahan Parnelt, BAA, 55:32 10. Charles Robbi!s, NYPC, 55142 11. Gonzales Scotto, BAA, 55:45 12. Dick Packard, BAA, 57103 13. Rod MacNicholl, NYPC, 57,15 14. Mark Hawes, NMC, 57r25 15. Bill Marot, NMC, 57.42 16. Pete Conway, unatt58:17 17- Don Fay, Boston A-4, 58:41 18. Tony l,lederios, NMC, 58:42 19. Jim Couci1l, Electric Boat, Groton, Conn. 59:30 20- John Rcitano, Lynn AC, 59:34 21. Andre!, Pu1os, Boston AA,60:18 22. Larry tsernan, tr4-I.T- 60:31 23. Wiltiam Wilcor, NMC, 60:38 24. William Feeney, BAA, 61rA7 25. Par\ Sche11, Nl'lC, 61:56 26. Frank Ke11y, NMC, 63:01 27- Clarence Hilton, unat. 63:04 28. T- Mi11er, unat. 63:11 29- P- Caswell, unat. 65:18 30- Charlie Reagon, Red Diamond, 65:35 31. Carl Stinson, NMC, 66126 34. Mike Fitzgerald, Lynn AC, 66:37 33. George Grzebien, NMC, 66r49 34. Dan Dunlop, Boston AA, 68:36 35. Do;ra1d Davey, F.A-A.C-, 6B:55 36- Fred Brown, Sr,, NMC 7Ii72 37- Jake Biederson, NMC 72.07 38. Charles Brederson, Jr. NMC 73:56 3e - o. GegUSt:9!99!e!LNUc, 83:31 THIS & T}IAT AT ST. VINCINT

48:30s--o1d recoi:d hclC by Bob B1ack, former Rhode Island State Cross- country sta!:, 50:11s 5 watches on Kelley 48129 -9- 48:30.0- 48t29.5- 48:30-0NEW RICORD-


5 Mile


Time s

Kel1ey (1) 24r48


Ke1ley (1.) 25:26 JA Kelley (2):42 ltobbins,(3)27:46

Terry (2) 25:.),6 Sapicnza (3) 25:48 I MiLe-Ke11ey, Tcrry- together, Sap. back 35 yds., Confalone, 50' r'':1es- Ke11y 25 ycs on Tcrrv- SaD. ierry tied, Confalone 150 back.3 trlj1es- Ke1ley 50yds on Terry- Tei-.y 40 yds on Sap-, Confalone 150 back 4 Miles- Kel1ey same as abovc 5 Miles- Kel1ey 300 yds on TeiryTeriy 30O yCs over ToDy Sapictza 6 Miles- Ke1ley 325 yds on TerryTerry 300 yds ovei: Sap.,Confalonc back 40 yat ds. 7 Miles- Ke1ly 3-5O yds o1,3r Terr:y-

Teriy 150 yds over Sapienza, Sapienza 15 yds oYel Confalo[e E Miles- Kellâ&#x201A;Źt pourjrg jt on 600 yds over Teir:y- Sapienza & Confalone tied. g Ntiles- Ke11ey stil1 gainint - Teiry got lost 10 lvliles- Sapienza picked up on last hill to beat Confalone by 13 seconcisAltg - 2, 1-958 j Indianapolis, Ind., Olympic Devclcpmcnt T&F Meet; sponsored by Indianapolis Track Club at Manual HS fie1d. 880 Yard Run:1- Nick Kitt (Miani U-, Oxf6-iiif-b-fii,5)-Z: 00. 1; 2- Larr:y Br;dges, (Terre Haute, Ind. ) 2:OO-6; 3. Jerry Ashrnore (Western llichigan U. ) 2:01.2. 5000-r"etl.r x-aounlrv .un: I CroweT1-;-CfT!1;i;T;::-dt-17 : 0 8 . Ja.k i ; 2 . ay ne Duff, (U.of Chicago lrJ ) 17:10.8; 3. Charles Harris, (Howe HS, Indianapolis) 17|.24; 4. Arne Richards, (UCTC) 17:50; 5. Ray Menzie, (UCII) 18:19; 6. Phil Peters (Tipton AC) 78:.37 -4. d.n-f. Jei.y Asllmore, Dave Owens, Bill Snow.-- The course is a square, roughly b00 yards around; the 5000m course consisls of o laps on grass, vFry wpr I ror heavy rains. Harris 1ed thr:ough the first 6 1aps, trailed by Duff, Crowell and Ashmore. Ashmore dropped after 41aps; Ddff Ied lhru r..e 7th- and 8rh taps, .tose1y followed by Crowell, as Harris fe11 back. Crowell took the lead on the gtlt 1ap and held off a strong kick by Duff...This was the 2nd of two Olympic Dev. nFers. In rlre first, .r J,rly 2(), rh, i500 npr. - .run !.rrs w^n by \i.k Kirr, (\liJai U. ) in 4i05; 2. BriJSos; J. v,JJyne Iluff (,1:06.6 & 4:07.2).., iir.,,.. is qiriti a bit oi int:r:est in road racing at Indiana Ccntral Col leg:_', Indianapolis. T:rcy stag:t.i a 19-nilu ro.ri:l race recently. just for the heck of it: Thcy are ptann;nS to \,',va .rr.rtlr..r-, cn ,r 1;rig.'r sa;11.), around Thanksgiving time, and hope to , at t ract Ea t,:ri uLtllncl:S. Monday, 8/4/58 -Fir.rgo it1,tg., So. Boston 3 Miles developncnt handicap on 4 lap, soligy track (t:ruoder shower precee(led mect on hot nigllt) 22 starters. 1. John Hurlev, Boston Co11ege, t7:23.1 2. John Booras, Boston AA 3. J. HaSL-n, unat4. J. OsDorne, Brown U. 5. John Joycc, Boston Cotlege 6. Ed Brackett, Lynn, Mass- (unat. ) *7- Dcdn Titacklvr:ay, Boston AA, l4:23 8- P. Crosby, Nor:theaster:n Univ. 9- Dick Packaid, Boston AA 10. Sumner Scar:s, Nor:th Mediord CluJ * = Colrsected time -- 3 developnent neJlrr



Corbitt ,rrites, "I can undelstand your problems in trying to get the RRC movement off the ground. Thlu cooperative efforts of those who like to ruli it could Dut races in many aleas now where there -are none and it could be done *ith very 1ittle expense. Ttis is true because they would not be spoiled as far as prizes go. Per:cy Cerutty was telling ne that'he didnlt know that pi:izes existed such as he saw at our house and that in Australia the runners run for nothing, although they do get medals in the championship runs. n. .. Don Sparks, former Texas Univ. , niddle dist-nce runner during the reign of Jerry Thompson, signed as trainer afld track coach at Texas Tech this nonth. He succeeds Delmer Brown 1i/ho resigned to return to last Texas State- Don coached ,rLB ,,1 Ll""t ru.,' L, at Tulsa University last spring... I have Mass., 10-mi1e road run. The latter part of the field got caught in a heard of nany prizes- but the best I ever downpour of rain, causing sonre of heard of was at Wiarton, Ontario on July 1st in their 8 mi1e. The oldest nan to the runners to stop because or' the finish got 2 Whitefish-.. Professional darkness anci fear of autonobiles... runner, Paul Sinpson who ran against On the lighter sii1e, we had to horses in ljtah with Edo Ronagnoli, is the clluckle at the below story from the same man who conpeted in the famed Pyle Phi ladelphia Inquirer !!ire Services, --Chicago- Walter Charles Spese hadnrt races across the American continent, He sF,n nrwfl iro liLp ir in:l'"' now resides in Burl ington. N.C... | y-d,r as a waiter. One of his early"'5 cust1st Annual+.larragansett, R,I. Open 20 Krn. omers ate two T-bone steaks, a4d one a-.11 r)m, .h^^e h^rL .h^ha Road Race & New Inglanci Jr- 20 Kli. ChaIDF ^F ^r.lFr August 2 (6:45 PI4) Picturesque course brFadPd por\ tonderloin "nd prine along seaside, rolling hi11s. ribs of beef. Then two pi.eces of 1. John J. Kel1ey, Boston AA, 1:06.52 cherry pie, one slicc of chocolate cake a 1a mode a4d a chocolate sundae. 2. George Terry, Ilectric Boat, 1:11.19 1:11.43 3. Jin Green, Boston AA, He drank four bottles of mi1k, two L,13.37 4. John A- Ke1ley, unatt. glasses of lemonade, one glass of 5. Clrarles Dyson, Finn-An. AC, 1,14.37 orange juice and a pot of tea. 6. John P. Lafferty, USN & BAA, 1:14-53 Sandy Patterson, 27, of Boston, 7,* stan Tiernan, NMc, (Jr.champ) 1:1558 cheerfully paid the $26.30 tab and 1:16.09 B. Gonzates Scotto, BAA, said he had enjoyed the nea1. (Ed. 'rFor those who donrt know Sandy9.* Fran Cooney, unat.(2nd Jr.) 1:17.15 10. Dick Packard, BAA, (3rd Jr. ) 1:17:34 Is there anyone?? He is the travel1:17.50 11- Nilliam Mulphy, BAA, ing discus thrower from Boston, who will without a cloubt, be the first 12. Pe te Conway, Greerlfield,Mass-1:18.10 1:18.21 13- Graham Parne11, BAA, contestant in the 1st annual Alaskan 1: 18. 30 14. Rod MacNicholl, NYPC, AAU championship. A few year:s back 1:19.09 at the annual Penn AC meet in Phila. ' 15. Don Fay, Boston AA, Io. J olrn DiCoflandrea, Bosto'r AA, 1:19. 54 I casually told friend Sandy that a 7120.3L 17. Dave Hudson, Lynn A.C. five man team (Jin Fuchs, Jim SouthI :21. 10 18. John Reitano, Lynn A.C. wortir, Ed Cbnwell , Roscoe Browne and 19. Jim Couci11, Electric Boat, 7:21.39 rnlse.l[) was ro .onpetc in o two dav meet in Cuba on the fo1lo\^ring weekend. 20. Tony Meder:ios, North lvledford 1:21.50 Ir22.46 21- Andy Poulos, Boston AA, Lo!,, and behold! who should come walk22. Royce Sawyer, North Medford, 1r23.23 ing hurridly across the field five 23. Paul OrDonnell, Boston AA, 1,24.25 minutes befoie meet time- nuch to my 24. Frank Ke11y, North Medford C.1:26.45 sI-n-i<F in I i^ lh- .l,aorin of IucLs25, William Wilcox, Nortb Med.C. 7t26.4'/ you guessed it--Friend Sandy, ready I :28. 56 26.C1arence Hilton, Unatt. for action.rr). . . 7t29 .4127. Sunner Brenner, NMC, 1:30.15 28. Paul Caswe11, Lynn A.C. (Continued on paBe 11) - Tire Midwest RRC is staging several road races in the near future and tiley are hoping to ge+ one of rhe NaIr]. MU .hanpionships ln 1959. Their course on the abandoned part of the Lake Shore drive in Chicago is terrific fo! road runs. Right by the Lake and no traffic--- Nat Cirulnick, NYPC, narathoner to be nrarried in November..- Bob Campbell has had Al Confalone ease off training- holr can he train hard?- when besides regular:uork he is trying to take care of 3,C00 stiawberty plants, 200 tomato plants, 100 bushels 0f beans, 100 lettuce plants & a sma11 corn fielc: --- There was quite an





August, 1958--tl

Narragansett, R.I., 20 I(i1o -continued) 29. Feeney, Bostoo AA, 1:30.17 30. Reuben Bigelow, Boston AA, t.37.24 31- Art Annis, Unat. 1:34-38 32. Frank De Luca, Boston AA, 1:35.53 33. George crzebien, North Med. 1:37.23 34. Paul Schell. North Medffard 1,37-24 35, Dan Dunlop, Boston AA, 1r44.L2 AA Jr. Tean (OrDonnell, Feeney, -Boston Bigelo , De Luca, Dunlop) Race Notes: Ke1ley all the way again:.. SuDEy, 70",. a irunners racen all aroundfitre policing, very good merchandise prizes (radio, electric shavers, blanket, caEera,etc. to lgth place)..cuff Link sets to all who finished.. Refreshments aplenty and both salt & fiesh water srinning following the race (the ocean was 100 yards away).. race held under the auspices of Narragansett Chanber of Conrmerce..The rutrners dressed at the Canonchet Bathi'g Pavilion. .. Hundreds ot spectators all alooq the coutse and nost of them rdere well behaved!..BAA won the NE Jr. team prize, made easy by the fact that it was the onty full team plesent!..39 starters, 35 finishers. ..The Fitzgeralds rdere on hand as usual, to hand out nater to the runners-a service greatly appr:eciated by then alll One lap course.. The sponsors also bought a baby carriage for Kelleyrs aheaq of time-a wonder:fu1 gesture: Our Readets Take Over 'I find Dean Ttackwiayr s decision to return to the roads (where encouraeement, races and conDetition are moie favor:able) quife ironic, as the sit-

uation in California is iust the opposite. California offers the track aspirant much, but unfortunately a runner who desiles to conpete in the 20-42 kilo range has litt1e to cheer about. Of the seventeen distance (?) races scheduled this year only four are over ten rriles it length- The Western Hemisphere Marathon i! rhe only race that q1qq665 fifteen ni 1es Between the Por:b:r'a l3-7 nile iace tjrcidently it is dor{n grade a1t ,a,.;:) a''rd the W.H. Marathon, therethe are oniy three iaces scheduled, the average distance being approximarely 9 niles in leDgth. It is little wonder therefore, that our distance runners have difficu 1ty finiS6ing-E-2o nite race 1et alone breakinti 3 hours. One reason our best iunners ndiei af Bostoo is sinply the r:esu1t of

concentrating on 6-10 rnile taces, and having no 25-30 kilo races under thei.r belt they sinply fold the tast 6-8 niles. Another reason is that the California men have no idea how nuch fastet the e4stern runrlers actually afe or how rnuch harder they rnust train just to finish an rne niddle of a f ie 1d. As the suitable races are lackine. it is impossible to trDointn for a " 26 mile rnarathon n,|y own_particular case, weeks or.Intralnlng(wlthout races to test my endurance) has left me physically stale and Inentally dejected. As a result I am going to concentratre on x-countfy and the two-ni1e, where at least I will not have to wotry about quality of lunners or lack of'races. Although I will never be a nclassr 2-6 niler at least Irll know if I an inproving, and never show concern over whetlle! or not the course was s40rt. I {ill however: run Boston in 1960, brrt (as Totrl Ryan was forced to do last April) pay my owll way back. If this condition existed in the New_ York, Boston area, I seriously oouDt 1l nen such as suito, conway, OrHara and Cirulnick would compete, as their interest and hope of tlac_ ilrg high rests in t:ne 30-42 kitoRaces. I-hope that this tetter is published in its entirety as it witl help eastetn runners (prirnarily novrce r:unners like rnyself) realize how loltunate they ate in having such a Ilne year around progtan and so nany exper].enced tunners and conpe tent advisors to solicit advice iron-I Sincerely, Mike A1ten, .(Randall Avenue+6 773 )Fon tana, Calif rrHow aoout organizing a local ,RRC!E9: Mike? There is certainty a need foi it in Southern California.)

Itts not track but itrs worth the space-- Dear Coach Musselma!: Renenbering our discussions of you. football nen who were having rt:ouD_ les in nnglish, I have decided to ask you, in turn, foi help. We feel that Paul Spindles, one of our most pronts.lng scholars, has a chance for a Rhodes Scholarship, whrch would be a great thing for him and for our col lege. paul has tne (continued on page 12)



(Dear Coach

Mus se

lnan-con t inued )

academic record for this award, but we find that the aspirart is atso

requlred to have other excellences, and icieally should have a good record in athletics. Paul is weak. He tries hard, but he has troubles rn afht{.ti.s. But he does try hard. .We propose that vou give 5r'r" .O*..onsidFration ro Paul as a varslaI ity player, putting him if possible ln the backfield of the footbalt team- In this way, we can show a better college fecord to the conmtrree on the Rhodes Scholarships_deciding We realize that Paul will be a problem_on the fie1d, but--as you have salo--cooperatlon between our depart_ ment anci yours is highly desirable, and we do expect Paul to try hard, of course- During intervals of study we shall coach hin as nuch as we can. His work i4 the lllglish CIub and on ttre debate team will force hin to mlss nany practices, but we intend to see that he carr.ies an o1d football around to bounce (or wflarever one does with a football) during intervals in his work. We expeci Paul to show entire goodwill in his work tol you, and thoueh he i{i1l not be able to begin footbtll practrce 1111 late in the season he will finish the season with good attendance. Sincerely yours, Benjamin Plotinus cha i rrnan, tngljsh DeDartnent fcor t i bu ted ro Cot i"ge Eng l i sh, April '55, by tr,i lIia; Stdffordj 'rFlorida does not go in for distance runnlng at present & I know of no AAU events cxcept a few track neets suclt as tlte Jr. Olynpics- I itave been coaching high school boys as a hoDoy alter work ano irave llad sorne success. One of ny boys, BoDDy Green, a sophonore, won the State nile championsllip tiris year in 4:33. I believe he rs capaDle of nucli faster trnes as he does practically no training. He did not run x-countty last yeai and did not start training until the end of February this year. I did everything I could to get hin started sooner, but he wasnrt interested as track season does not start until the nid-d1e of March. With 4 days practice he.did 4:56. After 4 vreeks, duiing $,hlch he practiced very easy aboui

ten tines and ran in three meets, doing about 4:55, he ra-n 4:45 on the 31st ofMarch- Not having any practice, except one day betwccn meets, he averaged 4;55 IOr the next three weeksThe State neet $as held the first week in May, about telr weeks after he started practice. He did 64, 2:18, 3:30, 4:33, Note the last 440 jn o3, tast 220 ln 28. He also did 52.o that day in a relay. Bobby is 17, 5r5n, 128 tbs. I have finally convinced hin to come out for x-country this fa1l, He would rather play football! He does not understand or appr:eciate his natural ability yet. Mayoe if Jre l-ived up north hc would develop fastet. I hope your magazine will help hin and the rest of !he ooys in this area. Sincerely, Frank E. C raig, 1359 Thonas Barbour, Eau Gallie, Ftoiida. (!d, nlr1l bet we have hundreds of kids like this scattered throughout the countty. Bobby is very fo;tunate to i have soneone take an interest in him.rJ "We are now in first year. The l.liarni yal1ey Harrigrs are now a reality;-TA Decalne organized on Thursday, July 17 and have applied fot our ctrarter rr,i th the. AAU fN-orman Brighr, pres,; Clair uucKnan! V.LcF pres.; Keith Garman, Sect. Treas.) Ldst Sunday we had our first RRC event, (A Five Mile Run). After thd run our memDersnlp grew to nine: Ne are golng to sponsor luns every Sutday fron now on- and watch !hat rnenbershiD srow! Our 5 mile run rlas held in SOo iluilia weather and I suffered a rLinor sunstrokd -so until the lreather turns cooler we are going to hotd the neets at tui_lighd Our fiist race was covered by 4 newl_ pape_rs (Dayton Daily News, Daylon rd) Herald, Piqua. Dai ty CalI, TroyJourDaily NPwsr,_ and we hao !nrFe pictures on T.V. rne rnree ot us who s!arted the cLub are rri I I i ng ro be rppresen ted as the unLo.Assoctatron. Road Runners Club of Anertca and we hope to start other clubs] throughout the state to compete against each other would Iike-to spcinsor a national ^^Ne FKU ra.e- a nattonal 2 hour run or a RRC marathon- or as far as that goes a race of any distance on a [ati6na1 RRC basis. Sincerely, Keith Garnan, Box 329 Troy, Ohio



T Ausust,

#i3'l',{;:',?1; f:::":"ffii; staged by the Miami Valley


Hairiers. I. Dave l'joody, Dayton, 30:2g (student at the University of Cjncinnari ) ^ Latry Bowhan, z. Troy, Ohio 3. Wayne yarcho, Dayion A.C. 4. Clair Duckham, Miani Va11ey Harriers r. tlarry leegarden, Dayton AC. 6. Glenn Teegarden, Davton AC. 7. Keith carman, Troy (Miarhi v.H- ) 8. Dick Wi1lians. Tiov (Miami V.H.) Thurs., July 31, Sragg Field, U. of unrcago, Olympic Dev. neet (first of ae rl es ): 3000_meter steeDlechase (only-distance event) 1. Wayne Duff (UCIE)-tO:Ot.4i 2. Ha7 Higdon (UCrc) ru:zu.); J. Art onohundro (ucrc) to:21 4. Ray Isakson (Hobart, Ind., H.S.) 10333. Ther:e ldere 12 in tfrii race, the largest steeptechase field in unrcago tor years. Ilany of the seen runners were.hlgh.schooL boys trying the rchase tor, the^lirst time. The Future growth ol the Central RRC is practicaliy euar_ anteed by this solid basis of hi;h" school interest in distance ,.rrrrrirrgThurs., August 7, Stagg Field, of Chicago, Olympic Dev--;eet (2ndU. of a seraes of 4): 8Eo-yard run: 1. nd Houston, (Hyde Park IiS, Chicago) 2: 01 2. J9rry- Ashnoie (t/estern Mich. U.) \. 2:O2 3. \Bi11 Johnstone (Chesteiton, Ind. HS) 2. 07 4. Wayne Duff (UCrc) 2:OZ-8 5. creen (criffith, Ind., HS) 2:08.5 3-_Mile Ruq: I. Ray Isakson (Hobart, IndHS) l6:01.9;2. Arae Richards, UC,i.u, 3. Harold n".ris (u,'oi-iii.) 19,91.9; I6:05.9;4. Ha1 Higdon (UCff: ) to:Z+-Oi 5. Don Hancock (HoSart HS__wi I I at Colorado U. this fatl ) 16:59; 6-be Lawton (u91c.l 17?oo) 7- w.y". lurr (ucrijj {41?, rr: rzt; d. yiendel I claxton (Hobart 17:18; _9. Reed Wi llians, unar.; tU.Hs) Serrard Claxton (Hobart HS) tZ:40; tl.. Ned price (UCrc) t8:OO; I2. Tio $aq?Y_ (chesterton, Ind- ) I8:1t; 13.

1958_ - 13

of the race. Higdon and Harris rook turns setting the pace up to 2j miIes, at which poini Isarson took the Iead, closety followed by Richards; Isakson & Richards fougitt it out stride for stride fl1ro,rorr the tast two Iaps, tr," ioir".-iin.,1ng Dy a scant six inchesNote: Xrror in 880- winner was Ron Henderson (UCTC) Houston dial not run.. .Error in 1500n run at Indian_ apolis, Sat. , July 20 (2. Crowe I r (Ti Dton AC- not Bridges) 5 Mile Run - patterson park, Ba1t1more, Md. August 6, 1958 I. Joe Rouse, Baltinore Olympic C1_ ub,27:31.8 2. Don-Masken, Cross Country C1ub, 3. Mike Krongard, Cross Country C. 30: 11 4. G99.q9 Brown, Cross Country C. day_


From Neil Farrel | (Mgr. Canadian T&F Tean at the B.E.-Games) Cardiff, Aug.8--n The games were

terrific. Meet in Whit6 City a]so verY good- Gord (Dickson) was 1:4o. 47 for 20 miles-but ran .last ten

Leps, an lg-year o1d Toronto. . Ergus 1an oy way ot Latvia, galloped to the mile at the Hightand X::l:.y '.1 Hamilton, _Ontario on Sat., ylT:..:" Juty zo. H1s trme (4:13.o) is betieveq to be the best ever recorded by a schoolboy in Canada. It seems that Canada is not _ nave.the distinction o[ furtherto dev_ e,toplng this.young phenom. Leps, we' understand, is headed toward the Universitv of Michigan. FINNISH MAM'I}ION


at Haneenlinna, Finland-ONSH T P 1. Olavi Manninen, 2:3t. 05 2t32.58 i. .u.. l9mp_e-ra, verKKo Karvonen, 2:34-Og (+;.-11]_+",ry (Mi 1r{aukee); .14. Saj,r tVagschal -3. Eino 2.33 - 12 (itcrc); t5. Dennis Wainer (U. of ittinois 5. Pauli PulkiDnen. pe11inen, 2:35.21 campus) ..d.n.f.Art Onohundro 6. T- Tikka, --_Chicago 2:35.54 .UCrcl Heary Marcy (Maine TC); Mark Murr_ r. J- r(o1vuoaKa, 2.-36.06 lllo, tnat. a. A. Lai tinieni, 2i3Z-53 wer_e run on a very wer., pud_ 9. V. _,T":u^T"9". Jarvinen, 2:38.0a track, because oI heavy rain' lO. N. Joenssuu, Z:38.18 9lI:.;"1'3. Lofiedratdly before the |Ieet. the'field of 11. Toivo-Meska\en, Z:40-22 rd tor thg 3-mi1e was uDprecedented, aIl \2. Eano AuvlBen, 2,41. 06 the nore sp because of hiavy rains ihe (Continued on page 14) _

l4--A,1d'. (r-

1O 5A

(Finnish Marathon Champs-continued) Onni Hokkanen, 2r41.33

Lauri Kahri, lvlatti Sinukka, 16. Irkki viikala, 17. Erkki Puusaari, 18. Veiko Simukka, Antti Risanen, 20- Martti Laine, 14.


26 men f




2|45.19 2,46.36 2:51.00 2,55.29 2'.59 .29 2'.59.50


at Stockho 1m 1. Arnold Waide, 2r30.20 2. Thonas Nilsson, 2 :33. 12 3. Irik Ostebye, 2.40.02 4- nvert Nyberg, 2 r47 .L4 5- Lars Strand, 2..47.2A 6. K. Oscarson, 3:01.30 7. A11en Scott, 3, 05 .23 8. Bertil !kva11, 3:05.55 9. -Egon Sode rst rom,3:08 - 27 j.14.57 lO Hprherr Peirer<<^n 11. Lennart Iriksson, 3:15. 56 12. Nore Johansson, 4:03. 30 (12 men f inished )

cool 68" air and heavy raio lasting for half of the !ace. In spite of these bad conditiofls, Kel1ey again set a new coulse recor:d and won the tine prize for the sixth year in a rowl .. 3L good place prizes (flerchandise and trophies)..Dea! thackwray quit at J miles, due to cFaDps.. John Boorasrwin was a fine perfornance (2nd last year)..He also 1.vas the lst North Shore naD hone, but gave his prize generously to the 2nd Notth Shore !oanFran Cooney, who placed 2nd in the race.. Jock Senple and the llack Palk Race Coonitt" ee did a 1ot of last nilute work to set this formerly cancelled run into suci an innensly successful event!..A good clowd even watched the 'srimn despite the r:ain storm..Wm. A. Moian, Ptesident of Mack Park Assrn. fe1l i1t and the race was originally cancelled, but all chipped in and did a fine job. Mr. Moraq will be back in the groove as usual next year. Team Score: 1. Boston AA, 6i 2. North Medford C.lub, 17j 3. LJrL.. A,.C. 22 First Annual International Marathon Race


TRADE Jersey City, Jersey Saturday, October 11th, 1958 -with prizes of exceptiona1 Beauty - Distance 26 miles, 385 yards. Frlday, August 8, 37th Mack Park The race-wi11 start from the front 6f the (Sa1em, Mass-) 10 Mile Handicap City Hatl in Hoboken, circle Hudsotr County Road Race E1. Pen. Cor. and finish in Jouinal Square, Jelsey City. 1. John Booras, BM, 66;50 739:50Prizes - 1st Pr:ize 38 inch Silve! TroD. 2- Fran coonev.unat. 67:51 3.30 64:21 hy- 2nd Prize 28 iBch Silver Trophy 3-*John Ke1ley,BAA, 68:03 12 56:03 3rd prize 32 inch Silver Trophy. 4. Pete J. Conwav. U-Mass. 68:09 2 66:09 4tl] prLze 26 inch Silver Trophy. 5. Wn. Feeney, BAA, 68.34 I 67'.34 prize 22 inch Silver Trophy. 5th 6. Al1an Siegal, un. 68.40 I 67.40 prize Ioj inch Silver Trophy. 6th 7. Gonzales Scotto, BAA, 68:45 4:45 ::-::: ptize Revere sterling silvef 7th a Fd Rr,.kprr 6R.46 6 62|46 Bowl. 8th to 16th prizes Revere 9. Stan Tiernan, NMC, 68:48 4.45 641O2 Sterling Silver Bow1s. 10. Mark Hawes. NMC. 68:58 3:30 O5l2EA special 32 inch silver trophy will 11. Aldo scandurra, Mi11. oo:28 2136-oo:58 be awalded to the club $hose first 1-2. Dave Hudson, Lynn AC, 69.31 2 67.37 three athletes to finish score the 13. Paul OrDonnell, BAA, 69:37 2 67.37 least number of points. A Gorhao Ste4 14. Dick Packard. BAA. 69:44 4|45 65,59 ling Silver o inch ptate Hill be awarl 15. Jim creen, BAA, 69:48 8 61:48 ded to each nenber of winning team. 4'.45 65'.24 Sterling silver gold plated medals 16. Io. Gr:ahan Bnlq. 70:09 7O:09445Graham Parne11. Parnal l. BAA. l7- Don Fay, BAA, ?Otl5 2,45 o?:3dto menbers of 2nd tean and sterling 18. Bilr Prater. Shan-CC. 70t22 b-8422 silver medals to nembers of 3rd tean. 19. Sumner Sears. Lvnn AC 70:35 1 E9T35 A survivors nedal rill be awarded to 20. Ted Suito, St.Anth.BC 71.58 2 69.58 each athlete rvho finishes the fu11 21. John Linscott, BAA, 72|54 narathon race alrd fails to win one of 22. Ftarrk Ke11y, NMC, 73t02 O 7 3.02 the above prizes. 23. pa.Jl Caswe11, Lynr. AC 73|O4 | 72|04 Endeavoring to stiEulate Long Distan24. JollIJ Reitano, Ly1r7] AC 73133 1 72.33 ce Running the follording additioral 25- ceo- waterhouse, NIK:, 74rzl 2 72'.2L pr:izes will _be awarded. At the nidRace notes: 45 star:ters, 39 finishE?31 $ay nark (12; hj.les)the three the course is closer to 11 niles than 10.- athletes leading at this first point will 80" tenp. until a thundersquall bioke receive the fol louing prizes: just as the race started, sending in JOURNAT SQUARE BOARb OF




Hudson County, New






-continued lst prize 26 inch silver tro,phy


the Olympic

1958- - 15


Sat., Aug. t6- Temple, New Hanpshite s'8 Mire"noaa Race^(siraicnj f- Tony sapienza, BAA, 51:39 be awarded to the club rithose first I r^xJ, r.'rr--1y gpq 52.50 three athletes are leading at this :. j.'liij i.'i"irey, unat.53ito point atrd ind.,nembers.of tean ster+. bict Oonon"e,'SAA, 55iog liflg silver gold plated nedals. The 5. Stan Tiernan. NMC. 55:15 second team ind. nenbers sterling gAA, o. Wm. I,turphy, 55144 silver medals. Prize winnets will z n^. p"- ii" 'lUC, not be disqualified if they fail to s.'il"l"l, ;;;;0 cover the conplete narathon course. 9, Bill Feeney, BAA, 5g:37 Accomodations for dressing, etc., I0- Bill Marot- NMC, 61:30 will be provided at the Jeraey City, ii. jir-o'.i"y,'Jr. NMC, 62t1z Y.M.C.A., 654 Bergen Avenue, Jersey 12. Norn coti:, lrUC, 62719 City, N.J. A11 conpetitors must 13. Frank Xefiey, tr'UC, 62.35 report at Y.M.C.A. by 8:30 a.n. to 14. Dave nensnai,,, 63:23 Local awartr be weighed and examined 15. Myron Bigelow, unat. 65:51 transported by bus to startlne llne r^ r:- u..,::piuq, 66.23 ";l;;;iouse, at Ho6oken ciiy Hall. _nntries-close i;: d;;. NMC 6e:2s on September 29th, 1958 ,ith.r9^ Art Annis, Uoat., 70.42 ^ .. tB. entry fee. Race will start al 10.A.M. 19. Fred Brow;, NMC,. Z2tt4 Joht! J. Flaherty, Jr. Race-Dlrecto.r 20. Ha.old Edwards, NMC, Z2:40 Znd, loczT Pre*tent, Metropolitan Assrn. A.A.U. )r r^hn r/1-h.,e2r Berg6n Aven'ue, Jersey ci;y;'ff:;: 3j: TeleDhone: Oldfield 3-1277 23. Chas. Brederson,Jr. NMC, 79:59 24. C}ras. Brederson,Sr. NMC, 86:10 6-l.ii1e Beach Run-Avalon, N.J. Notes: Veiy hil1y course..24 starters \ Ausust 16 (5 P,M.) Saturday. August Saturday, | and finishers..72o, finisheri--72o- c,.'61 .t^,,.rv r..p cool & cloudv..race 1. Browning Ross, Penn A.C. 3t:38 I started 1O;3O a.n. fron Tempte Town Fal1.. 2- Luther Burdelle, Penn A.C. 32:12 | lO good trophjes & 5 merchaidise prizes.. 3, Jack Barry, Shanahan CC, 1412-7 | The to*n, one of those pteasant, ;ountry 4:_Ta4_Otle! S-ha!.ahaq ClL 3Jr5-o ] towns & peopte to match, was ceiebratini 5- KIaus Praesent, Penn AC, 35r22 | their Bi-Ce;tennjal (200 years old)- - " 6. .Eail Smith, Penn AC, watter Childs did a good job directing 36.27 II this one, with Harold islaeDyr Edward: 7. Vern Morgan, Shanahan CC l!,19 8. Ralph Xilberg, Penn AC 36125 I handling local details-.The-;unners stated 9. Bob Mortenso!, U. of Penn. 38:33 | tnat tirey hoped to be back for their next d.n.f. John Cunninglram, Penn AC, j centennial! Frank Batson, Penn AC, Tom Lynaugh, I c College, Mlchael Lasalle LaSal Michael Uyrtetus, tilyrtetus, I REDWOOD CITY CARNML at Sequoia. Ca1if. West Catholic HS. H-S, track. Sat. July 19- High Scnool Race 1161".. Most of thc runners had I 2 nite: 1. Ceorge-Linn, f a f 6-TTio-l-T6?O t ; . a running battle with the rising I Z-T;ke Lehner, palo A1to. 1O:04.i: 3. tide duriDg the lact two rniles.. Thel n4ikp Tilton, palo A1to, 10:15.8-. i U;te, course, over Avalonrs Avalon's wlde wide -/ 7 nate nile f. 1. wirr NiIl King, 38:33.6; 3g:33.6; Scvyv, SCVYV, 2. Au=Ti;beach, started at 29th st., to 8th I\ pyles, unat;(U. of tentucky)-41:08; 3st., back to 65th st., and return to,\ince Spangler, SFAC, 42:23.4; 4. Dick the 29th st., finish,. besides Burdelle\ Hart-, +l:O:.e; S. O. Auctrana, and Barry, Ross had-to,contend wiflr SCW{',"iat-, 43;53-4j 6. H: Hartuig, SC\,.YV; i a snall boys kite which became entang- i Z. ;e!se Va;n Z;at, SC!yV.. I;;itatio;al led between_ his l,egs for a 50 yar-d _ ; Mili: l. Laszlo T;bori, SC vyV;-;6S-= stretch & the boy's irate father hurlI Z:J;c k Larsen, Washington, 4;05.8; ing insults because of the ruined,, i :. if"" H""a"."o", AriZona'State, i:16.1 kite..Refresturents and showers-fol1- j (Henderson 1ed in 60, 2iOZ.3 the1 Tab- . owing the race at Steve Thomasrs I ori in 3:06.3..- 5000m: 1. Jerome Wa1_' house.. the city of Avalon plans ters, Strider:s, 1frOlf ; 2- walt Boehn tg make this an annual iun. ,-JI SFOC,-15:27.5; 3. pete Mundte, Striders 75140.3-.ODen Mile: 1. Bob HollandArother Anerican-creek dual r&F i3#l'i;i3$lj5.l'r??l"fl'#io;,r*'

Ziii:lxz 13 i::l :i1;:: i:;i A Reveie sterling silver bolrl"wili

Jli\5i!ll'*ilT", i|ll|

is pfanned for.1900,


iflrnediately after

,5 P4it a/nFL'1)\J' /.dF KE/n'.ky'

a lg.E


CooDet River Park, Colliagsrraod' N.J' August 2, I95S (fO Alt) Results of the 4+ Mile RRc Race: Actual IlaPsed Time HandicaP Ti0e

7.3d-- .xVqffi lJ-o_'!-oqlgr jaEk Barry 25:38 2:00 23:38 2.

geneiated during this physical activity, it ras decided that the neetilg should be held outdoors. In spi.te of a loud and vociferous discussiotr 1ed by Jack Barr:y concerning the nerits of yarious vitauins, secietary lfugh Jascourt finally ca11ed the meetlng to order, The first order of business conceloed the payEent of dues. Secretaiy Jascour:t adDonished the rurlnels severely for: their lack of financial suppoit, but little was acconplished as the rurlrlers pleaded that their sweat suits contaiued no pockets. About this time Gere De Brie. the mustacheoed PreuchnaD arrived in his convertible alld asked iuhen do the race start?' He yas duly info.ned that he hour late. This a.oused his ire and he angiily protested the unheard of procedure of starting a race o! time, Horrever his ange! ras placated to soDe extent by the rutrncis lequest that he speak foith otr the trahilg nethods he discoveled on a visit to Percy Cerutty. Innediately an uuruly d:iscussior ensued conce.ruhg the pronunciatio! of the eninent coaches nane. 'How is it pronouncedi ".t.i"jlitHiiJ tcerutty as in nutty or Cerooty as in I goofy?i The euestion was left unansrer-l ed, De Brie explaiued that Cerutty advocates the theoly that the alns are mo.e import.Lnt in runniug thau the 1egs. With this, Iilberg stood up ard denonstiated to the satlsfactio! of all that the theor:y is indeed tetrable sincC he naBaged to nove at least ten yards

3. Dick Donohue25.52 Lr3O 24.22 26.11 4. Ralph Eilberg 26:41 :30 27.39 5. Hugh Jascourt 27.39 go 27 ro8 6. Forrest Ross 28:08 1:00 Officials: Larry Delaney and John St. Clair Sr, Minutes of the RRc neeting which followed the race: The neeting vJas ca1led to order at It A.M. by secretary Hugh Jascourt at the Cooper River track following a closed 41, mile race around the river. A list of the rulrrrers whose dues were unpaid and those who had participated ilr RRC races {ithout rnembership 1,ras read by Jascourt. It was discovered that no knowl edge of the progress nade jn obtaining an annual series of races between l{iddle Atantic add New York runners which had been proposed at the Previous Deeting was knour to any Plesent. Gene De Brie tr:anslated a! article concernin g fhe British.Empire Ganels nile .run frofl a French neldspaper anal gave an excellent account of Iectures given by Percy Cerutty in New York. Jack Barry pr:oposed that a 30 kilo senior race and a I5 kilo junior run be held at the Cooper River Park. Sunday, Septenber 14, at 5:30 PM in a horizontal position rithout novwas chosen as the tine for: these illg his 1egs. taces. . Babe Rossrs suggestion that a 30 kilc From the suggestion of Ralph !ilberg run be held in conjunction with a 15 a 2 mair ten nile relay was Planned kilo junio! race at the Cooper Rlve. for September 21, on the Coopel River track at 11 A.M. Each man must run half Part on September 14, was unaniuously approved by all. The tide for the race mile intervals during this event. was set at 5:30 P!t. The resignation of secretary Hugh Jack Barry agaiu interrupted the Jascourt, due to pressure at Lar'Y Schpeaceful proceedings of the neeting by oo1, was accepted and Tom osler was accusing Ton Osle! of using unfair tacchosen to succeed him. tics duii4g the days race. rI yas unThe rneeting adjourned at 12:30 PM. able to cotrcentrate on Ruthruff stvlen ResPectf u11y subnitted, (ed. rocking, heel,ba1l,toe landing as Tom Osle!; Secre tary advocated by folne! college coach LD. Ruthrauff of Phi1a., who is probably The followiag descriptioa of the RRc the greatest booster6the tu''ners ln seeting by an anonynous track nut nole ful ly describes the proceedings. the Phi1a., area.) exf,.lained Barry isince Oslerrs pounding stride shook A 4+ Inile race, consisting of one the road ald greatlY disturbed ne! elepbant boy lap around the river, was held before Why-he runs like Sabu tlte wrth those ballooa legs. i the meeting. Since much srreat was


Auqust, R.RC NE$]S-

1958- - 17


Osler, u noved by these accusations began to trounce on the aged Barry, but was hindered by the angry appeal ot sectetary Jascoutt that this was not quite Parliamentary Procedure. Har:ry Berkowitz. Woodr:ow Wilson (Canden) high schoolsr inmortal half hiler suggested that a 2 man 10 mile relay race be held at the Cooper River track. The idea was aereeable to the majori ty present and the date l!/as set at September 21, 11 a.n. In honor: of Harry each nan will run half-nile intervals during this eventOnce more Jack Barry began to enum-' erate on the benefits of vitamins. 'Dick Donohue lvould tun the milerrif30 secoods fasterrn cried Barry, he would enrich his regular nilk by adding powdered nilk to it:n But Barlyrs efforts collapsed when Donohue announced that he never touches ni1k. Donohue even nore violently opposed Barryrs suggestion that he put powdered milk in hi s Coca-C01a. After a,n unsuccessful attempt to renew otdef to the meeting secretar:y Jascourt announced his imtedi ate resignation. Tom Osler was una4imously forced to supercede Jascourt in that honolable posi tio4. The neeting was unaninously adjourned at 1:05 PM when Jack Barry unzipPered his satcheL and announced that several pairs of used aod non-fittine shoes of,his we{e for sale. MINUTES of the Juty neeting of the Midwest Foad Runners CIub (not to be contused wi th the Mideast Road Runners Club of which the president is Gamal Abdel Nassar) held SrturJay norning, Jvly 26, 1958 at the residence of i.ay M,enzie, Arne Richards and Sam Wagschalt (better known as tthe Flophouse't), reported by Lafayette Snith, Chicago correspondant for the Long Distance Log. The neeti4g was cal1ed to oroer at approximatcly 10:J0 in the morning by club correspondant Lafayette Smith, who had received an urgent post card trom the Grand InDeri a1 Potcntale Brownie Ross aski;g that we elect district officers so ihat in turn rnese district officers could elect national officeis, which seened like a logical way to ptoceed. Among those present were: Dick King, Harr) Price, Ra) Menzie, Hal Higdon, Arne ljchards, & Sam Nagschall, who real1y wasnrt

present since he was out in the kitchen eating a bowl of Wheaties when the meeting was catled to older. The first piece of business on the so-cal1ed agenda was whethet or not the Midwest Road Runners should becone menber:s of the Central AAU. Higdon said he ttlought 1lle should because 1t only cost lJ dollars included in whi.h was the price of a subscription to the Amateur Athlete and since his subscription was running out any^/ay it would only real Iy .ost us l0 bJcks and since 1t would cost us that much just to have one race sanctioned it was worth 1t anyway. Richards suggested that they just -ioin 10 dollais $otth and tell them what to do with their subscr:iptiot}, but he was booed down by several loyal members of the AAU who had cone in a group to Iobby for that or:ganizatiods welf are. Having agreed on this, the members moved o..t to other mole pressing business. It -!vr-s suggested that we not linit our membership to Illinois. (as does the Central AAU), Decause the nChicago Ateati covered several states. Most of the members agreed that the Midhesi PRC snould comprise the states ol Illinois, lndidna. Wisconsin, and Iowa at least until other clubs sprang up in those areas. At about ihis ?imF Sam wagschal I, whose rips itiil-' "e.e !!e t wi t h hheat ies, wande red i nto the room. He claimed that we should alse lnclude the states of Colorado and California, because he had heard that there were runnets in those places & they might be interested in running with us. Sam, whose one clain to fame 1s that he once had run for the New York Pioneer Ctub, then launched into' a long tirade on the advisability of getting eastern runners to come our to our meets. He was hissed by the members, however, and finally ceased talking when Ray I'ThunderbirdI Menzie thieatened to throw his fHow to Mamborl book out of the wilrdow. From that pcint the ineeting went on to-a discussion of coming races. Harty Price, who had officiated ar rne recent 15 kilo race, said he thought it had been a success and that we should hoid rnore sirniliar races- Higdon nentloned that a six mile race was planned for August 24th at 11:00 in rlle morning in connection with an AAU Otympic Development 20 Kilo Meter Walk in Hoernet Paik (next page )



RRC Nnws-cont inued

He also added that a 5-Mi1e handicap race is scheduled for Septenber 6th at 31st Str:eet South and the Lake. Polite applause was heald in the backsround. Thi rnembers then laid Plans for a 10 Mile Run to be held on the 20th of Decenber in conjunction with the University of Chicago Track Clubrs annual Hoiiday Meet. Plans for holding a Central AAU 15 Kiloneter Chanpioishio were discussed and a date of octobe; 4th was agteed on, subject to review of the UCTC cross-couDtry schedule when Ted Haydon reLurned froo Russia. Also discussed was the poss-

ibili tv of obtainins the Natr1. AAU Junior' l5 Kilometer Championship for ihe end oF March and the running of a nhalf-narathonn in JulY over the course for the Pan AnelicaD Cames. The election of officers began when Hiedon said that Gai Williams wasnrt but he Dr6sent because of an ajlrnent, (llillians) noninaLed Ray nlhunderbird' Menzie for president. Higdon seconded the nomination and Menzie uas elected. Thunderbird then announced that Gar williams lrasnrt present because he oversleDt. but he (Ui11ians) noninated Hal Hig-don for Secretary-TreasurerThunderbird seconded the nomination and Hisdon was elected- There 1{as sone munbling anong the menbels, but Thunderbird, who had just returned fron Army sunmer camp' brandished a comnat do knife and the ciitics were silenced. As the meeting was coming to a close' wags.ha11 made the suggestion that we tri and hold the Boston Marathon in Chicaeo next April. Members broke up into lrnal I skiinishes, uni ts of two and thlee, and peace descended over all as the ceiling cr:acked andlitter:ed the menbers tleads with Plaster. No date was set for the next neeting. ResPectfully submi tted ' fafayet te Sni tL

against college and university teaDs in this area. Our: nenbership is rnodestly strong in the forms of Henri Geller and Reed Ferguson, forlter okla A&M runnerst -Toei Davis, an uP cobing Tu frosh, 6tvae Da,ridsoo, Jim neriy, and nyself--iormer Oklahoma U. Hoping that you' 1l hear more fron us.i SDecial aote: Former Natll. Indoor ulle Ctrarnpion & Irish record-holder lohn loe BarrY and his wife, AnD, are ielebiatine the birth of a git7, Maureen Ani, at Meoorial Hospital' Woodburv, N..T. ou August 11. Sweden, Aug. 16- Albert Borlaenge' Thonas. t he 126-pouod AustraliaD who recentiv set world recolds for the two and three-nile r:uns, easily won a 3.000-neter iace {ith a tlack lecord of 8r1o.8s toaight while ruDning in the rain. A. Jansson' of Sweden' was a distant second iB 8:35.2 Althougb the Baltinore OlymPic Club has enjoyed nany winuing seasons' they could r{e11 coosidel the 195a cadpaign its nost successful. Anong its titles were the national Jr000 Deter tea[' tenth straight Baltinore Municipal Garnes. thit:teenth straight South At1antic.AAU, sixth straight D.C. Recreation, fifth straight Cross CitY and the Baltirnore r:e1ays. Buzz Sawyelrs 9:05.4 tlf,o nile ranks hin seventh itr the U.S.A' and he has been Dresented the Mort Cohen Merdorial Award- as the clubrs outstanding athlete of 1958. lhe outdoor campaign saw Sawyer set four B.O.C. records.

4th Alrrlual senior T&F Meet Sponsored bv Athletic R.C. Advisory Council th" Ath1.ti. Rc, 26th & Master sts "i

From David ShuPPert, (The Achilles C1ub, 6711 Xast 6th Stleet, Tulsa.12, Oklahoma) rrJust a line to 1et You know that club running has at last

sotten a toe hold here in OklahomaOur recently formed Achilles Club is planning a schedule of five or six duaf and tuo major cross-country meets for this coming season- we hope to function sonewhat like the University of Chicago Tr:ack Club' by conpeting

Non-Registe.ed Mile: 1. Chas. RUNNERS: Plan to take Part. in otre of tlre best Road-Racers of the L958 season 30 kilo 9/7/5a New London,Cor


N.T. STATIS 15,KILO Bath, Maine, Sat., Auqllst 9- Al Confalone captured th; N.E- Srates 15-ki1o charnpionship over a rolling hi11s course fron Blunswick to Bath (9 niles) in 82", clear weather. 28 finishe rs 1. ,41 Confalone, Boston AA, 45:03 2. Tony Sapienza, BAA (2] nrnsbehind the wi')ner ) 47i42 3. John Lafferty, USN & BAA, 47:50 4. John A- Ke11ey, unat. 48:26 5- Ed Brackett, Unat. 50:50 6- Gonzales Scotto, BAA, 51:02 7- Dick Donohue, BAA, 51:20 8. Wn. Murphy, BAA,51:40 9. Dick Packard, BAA, 52:02 10. Bill Marot, NMC, 52:54 11- Silas Dunklee, Kents Hil1,N-H. 53: 06 12. Clarence Hilton, North Medfoid C. 53:36 13. Les Pawson, Pawtucket, R.I. CONFAI'NE WINS

14. 15. 16. 17.


Mclaughlin, NMC, 57:39 Robert Kemp, Fairfield, 5B:11 Robert King, cray, 58:22


Edward Bean, Cunberland Center,


18. Frank Ke11y, NMC, 60r30 19. David Hasenfus, Five Islands, 61: 09 20. Carl Stinson, NMC, 63:03 Lawrence C1ark, cuilford, 63:33 22. Richard Harrington, Sangervi1te, 64r07 23. Ed Shepard, Gorham, Maine, 64:37 24. Stephen Ross, Gray, Maine, 65:14 25. Alden Potte r, Portland,Me. no tlne 26. Peter Hal1e, Port1and. Me. no rtne 27. Amos Kujala, Boston AA, no time. ,L


Opening up distance with each stride Al Confalone of Wakefield, Mass. cut seven seconds off his own course record as lre scored an easy victory in the 2nd annual St. Maryts Field Day Assr4. race & N. E- St"tes 15 ki 1o charps. Confalone set a ,narh of 52:40 Iast yea r. The rdce started in Brunswick at Bowdoi4 Var:sity field and followed US 1 into Bath to complete the short 15 kilo course. f pn t-itu"rg were nor al tJack Barry A ni-a oweo-to run dfter up all the way trom New Jersey for the race. Ed Shepaid ruled that because they wete out of thc New Engldnd Assoc. ihe) coulcintt run. Both runners startpd wi thout numDers but Barry diopped out after two






Sunday, August 10, Ashford, Conn.

Course 6 times around lake as usua1. 75o & cloudy. Race started at 1 p.M. 20 starters. Chas. Robbins says this race will be held on the second Sunday in August in the future. A11 fin-

ishers as follows: 1. Jack Barry, Shanahan CC, 55,23 2. Bob Harris, Jersey ttaiathon, 55:36 (1ed until near the end) 3. Dick Packard, Boston AA, 57146 4. Rod MacNicholl, NYPC, 58:57 5. Di.I Donohue, Boston Arq, 50:28 6- Dr. Charles Robbins, NYPC, 60:26 7. Willian Wilcox, Nl'lC, 60r55 8. Mar:k Penachio, BAA, 9. Don Fay, Bostoi AA, 62 r02 10. Ralph Iilberg, Penn AC, 62139 11. Norn Cote', North Medford C.63:13 12- Pa]uT Sche.11, NMC, 64.74 13. Royce Sawyer, NMC, 67:40 14. Pete Sears, Jetsey Marathon 69:27 15- Dan Dunlop, Boston AA, 16. Charles Brederson,St- NMC, 89:20 17. Chailes Brederson,Jt. NMC, 89:44 18. Robert Jones, NMC, 90,.57 Medals to all.,Picnic outing, including swjm-ling and eats,following the ra.e, . Sha Iom Kaha l -ni was for.ed to quit due to c ramps. August 11, 6 Mile Handicap (next-tolast develp. tace Fargo B1dg, track South Boston, trlass-) Fair track-5 laps to the mi1e. 75" 7t3O P.M. 18 starters 16 finishers. 1. Oz- Osborne, Brown, Univ. 37:07.9 Penaltv- 5:0 0 Cor.time- 32:09.7 Penalty32:09-7 2.*Dean I'hackwray, BAA, 30:11 Corl r. Tru. Mi ller, Llnn AC-4. John Huiley, Boston College 5- Dain Oliver, Boston AA 6- John Booras, Boston AA 7. !d Brackett, Boston AA 8- Fran Cooney, unat. 9- Dick Packard, Boston AA lQj Lou Stiegli tz, U.S-N. DONOHU!,



August 13 (Wed. ) Haverhill, llass10 Mile Handicap (actual1y g plus niles) 85o very humid! 40 starters, 33 finishers. Sponsored by the Sons of Italy- Start a4d finish at Sons of

Italy Carnival Gr:ounds, v,Jashington Haverlrill. Prizes: 40 Bood prizes, nerchandise, tiophies, watches and tine prize won by Johnny Kel1ey of the Boston AA




Haveihill, Mass. con tinued time CoIIeg! Corrected Pena I tY El ap. )J:4J l. Richard Donohue, Boston A-A, 54'.45 l:oo 46'.25 4o"25 10:00 , Johll r^hn J. T Kelley, rFllev Boston Roston AA, AA56.25 I9t99 2. 76..2s 53:50 3:00 56:50 3. iran 6ooney, unattached' 50:38 4. John Laffeity, Boston AA & USN 57:08 4:30 56"22 1:00 57t22 5- ion Fay, nosi6n ee, 51:30 58:00 6:30 6. At coniilone, Boston AA, 56:03 58:03 2roj 7. Pete ConNav. unattached 57"o4 1:00 58:04 8. A11an Siegli, unattached, 54:36 9. conzales Scoito, ooston AA, 58:06 3:30 57127 58,27 1:00 10. Dave Hudson, Lynn AC' 54'06 4230 11. Bill Prater; Siranahan CC, 58:36 53:L9 59:49 6:30 12- Jin Green, Boston AA, 60:10 60:10 go 13. ]ohn Linscott, Boston AA, 59r30 1:00 14. iobert Becketit, Dartmouth' 60:30 60:47 15. Frank Ke11y, North Medford C.60:47 go 60:41 1:00 16. Wil1ie wilcox, North ned. C. 61:41 53:52 17. George Terry' Electric Boat Ac 61:52 8:00 61:30 1:00 18. Clar6nce Hilton, unattached' 62:30 61:39 62139 1:00 19. Paul Caswe11, Lynn A.C. , 63:15 20. Erick .Erickson, Boston AA' 63:15 go 69:11 63141 4:30 21. nd Brackett, unattached' 64t25 22. Frank, (lst 1oca1 nan) 65:25 1:00 66:15 23- Catl Stioson, North Medford 66:15 go 67106 67106 go 24. Dan Dunlop, Boston AA' 67.24 67.24 go 25. Prank Deluca, Boston AA' 67:51 26. George Grzebien, North Med.C. 67:51 go 67.32 68.32 1:00 27. Bob G!:ar\t, Loc"l 69315 70:15 1:00 28- Tonv Germinaro, Local 7I'.22 go 7Ir22 29. Art Annis. unattached, 7Or37 71137 1:00 30. T. Ottaviani. Local 72,O7 31. i.. Moreau. Sonerville, Mass. 72rO7 go 71.5I 72.51 1:00 32. '1. DziaLo, Local, 73"25 33- A- Nadreau, Local (haverhiTL) 73125 go (Note: Quite a few N.x. r:unners plan to conpete in the _ _ ga1aqi4n-Mgrgthog qhgnPign:hiP-Aggust 3 r:t-including-John-J ' Ke11ev). V .l Day Memorial RacP, Waters Langton Posi, tto. 228 veterans of Foreign l,]ats of the Uni teci States Third Annual Five Mile Road Race 6:45 P.lvl. Conducted by Alunmi AC-Timed by R.I. Timers Guild. Providence, Rhode Island, August 14Tony Sapienza easily won the third annual 5 mi le road race here toniShtA heavy schedule of races in New England kept the field reduced to 26 runnets. Much credit should go to Frank Shernant Alumni A.C. official who waa the backbone be'hind this lace. In October of last year the Post en Academy Ave. burned .down and a tenporary building has bedn erected- The first 16 finishers received trophies- Lariy Grace(Mr. T&F in R.I. )was the head official. 1. Tony Sapienza, Boston AA, 28119.5 2- Alan Osborne, Brown Univ. 30:30 3- Dennis Linehan, Fin-Amer.AC 30:41 4. Charles Dyson, Fin-Aner.AC 30:54 5- Bill Maiot, Nor:th Medford C 32:16

Royce Sawyer, north lfeAfora 32:40 33r03 7. Don LeMac, Fin-Arue.-AC,



33:08 ltilcox. NllC. 33114 AA, 10. Steve Bazar, Fin-Aner:-AC, 33'.24 Paul Whitlock. North Ued.C, 33:41 12. James Coucil, llectric Boat,34.02 William Horridge, Prov.Co1. 34:06 34116 14. George Waterhouse, NMC, Nolm Dubec, Pinnish-Am. AC' 34:20 Rubin Bigelow, Boston AA, 34.33 Myron Bigelow, unattached, 34..34 14. Paul Sche11, North Med- C. 34:51 Car:l Stinson, North lted. C. 35:08 20. Dick Stevens, Northeaster[ U.35:25 36:16 2t- Don Dunlop, Boston AA, 36'.41 22. Jake Brederson, NMC, 38'.22 23. George Grzebien, NMc, 24. Art Hughes, Providence Co1- 40:05 Don Davey, Finnish Amer. AC 41:05 26. Chas. Brederson,Jr. NMC, 44.2O Team =(14) 2- Nor:th Medfor:d Club-5-6-8= (19 ) 3. 4atr4L !4.4 -t'9' /6 = zo

9. Don Pay, Bostofl


August, 1958--21



fiAs you may tememDer frorn our convelsation in Dayton last year I have long been interested in noving to the San Francisco Bay area. The particular spot I was after v/as palo Alto. This spring I gor an accept4ule otter ot enployment out here and am now living at 195 Colorado Ave., in Palo AI!o. (l expecr to be in a new Home I an buying in about four more


f"sl fall I rcsrrrnpd the i Ivins tFssons I had starfed and auunaoi].J';n ii. spring- I bought a run down airplane in November and have since got lny license and have iebuilt the airplaneI flew the plane out here in Juni stopping for visits in pennsyivania and Montana, My fanily is due out here-in about ten days and I am rea11y looking forward to seeing then. Our iourth child is due in Decenber. We wantcd four ^hi tdren, but I ror tncre on I give you Jack St. C1aar. In thc way ol pFrsonal running, you may temenber the day last surnmer that I slipped past you at the finish of the mile in West Haven. After all, it was proDably about the slowest nile race you ever 1ost. I managed to nain_ taln that condition thru the AAU 15 kn irt the fa1l and then dr:opped to about one lrour per week oI t unti 1 rld-tvlar.h then I ceased conpletely. At this point I began to work 60-70 hour:s per. wFek rebui lding the ai rplane in addrtron to ny regular work. This mad schedule lasted unti 1 Jun'. when I Iin_ rshed the plane and flew out here aloneThF pnd of June I bpgan !o nrunfi again, startrng fron the very depths of unfit_ ness. I even trrann a iive-mile road race in the July Fourth heat, which was wl:hc!t a doubt the nost unttained T FVFr cvcn thought of running. The tace rra^k fans put on wpeklt atlcomers meets and it has been this pro_ gram that has led ne to tfy to regain at least a 1itt1e condition. I ca; even walk (not staggel) away from a nrorkout again and finally beat ten mlnutes toi] the two nile last week. I will glddly cha.llenge Chdrley Robbins to an old manrs unt raineJ ra.c to see who is the nost efficient at untraininge4closing some material you may .I. an wlsh to include in the LOG on a few oi the_1oca1 races- In the 4ttr race at San Leandro the three July 6est tines were: Will King 28ta4, Don Kelty 28:33

and Walt Boehn 29:09. The race was held in about 85" weather. The course was measuled with an odonetet at 5.4 niles. -Even handicapper Totrl Loughranls good humor had trouble coping with the nixed up clerking, (!d. iyourre irl good conpany with ny old friend Tormy, Dick! ) but the race went off fide despite the usual noans about handicaDs. The times in the paper do not reflect the tact that nost nen should have a handicap subtracted frorn their total time. The iace officials should have used the system of listing the slow men as trgon and the faster men as having handicaps corresponding to the ri'ne they starled after ngon. Instead, the rgon llen $ere listed ts fu11 handl icap and the scratch nen as zero. When it @ne tine to sort out the actua1 tines, confusion reigned. On July 26 in the all coners neet, 15 year old Mike Lehne! tart 4.34 and 9:58 (4:16 and 9:56 won, narnes unknowr) On Aug. 2 Mike Lehner won a close decision ove! fe11ow HS teanoate ceo. Linn in 9:49.7. Walt Boetun won a 4:16 mile- Jack Marden won a 7,57 balf a'J:d a 24.O 22A for distance nen. On Aug. 9 Pres Whelan was second in the mile and Mike Lehner (9:55) was second in the 2 mile. The 7 nile road race in Redrrood City on July 19 was held in the early evening while the sun was siil1 strons. The coutse wound back into the hills which were quite steep, especially on sone ot the downgrades. Will King pull. ed away after about three mi1es. Vince Spangler stayed with King too long andr taded toward the end as Austin Pvtesr steadier pace prevailed for second. The invitation nile in this neet consisted of Alex Henderson holdioe off Tabori until the 3/4 when TaborI finally got the lead. The Hungarian, who runs like Penn sprinter Be; Rrieizbers used to, began to pull away. With 3OO yards to go Jack Larson was 10 yards behind; uelrlu; Ile he rrerr then began uegan ro close tne to crose the gap



a4d caught up to Tabori on the turn. He challenged in the stretch but could not pass and finally lost out in the fastest race of his career. The track was a typical crumoling California clay and sand affair; it was still good for the special ni1e, out certa i n I y no t up to the bes t. Tabori I ooked very good and his subsequent 3:43 for 1500 neters at San Jose shows that he is finally coning atong. Ile says

(continued next


22--Aueust. I9 58

fi nued tllat he now feels thar he has a good 'foundation. Hendeison is a bit weary fror a new joD and is staying out o[ conpetition for awhile. The 5000 meter at Redwood City was a nan race for 6 laps as Mundle, Boehrn, and Walters went thru 73, 2i27, 3:40,4:55,6:05, and 7:20. At thls point Walters noved out a4d i.t becane a t!'ro man race as lvlundle fel1 back. Walt Boetul was working hard to stay rtith the easy running miler thru 8:32 and 9:44. Walter:s picked up the pace to t0:55 and began to draw clear. He cane home alone in 72tO7, 13.21, 74.32 and 15:00.1. Walt Boebm finished in L0,57, 12115, 73,34, 14t54, a\d 75t27.5 ln the open milc,Bob Hol land poured it on with 350 yards to go for his win. Walters aloo won the 880 in 1:58.4, Holland 2nd in 1:58.5 & Dave Reisbord of Oxy, 3rd in 1:58.8. In the July 12 all comers meet Alex Henderson tried for the world 1+ mile naik. His laps were 63,2'.08,3:74, 4i20.5, and 5a27. He was all alone fr:on the start on a poor track for such things as world tecords. Alex has been doing a 1ot to help other lunoers and has been lvorking with some of the younger ones, Fspecially a group in Palo A1to. In the 1+ nile Vince Spangler was second in 7:05. The Hungarian coach Igloi is helping a large number of runne(s in daily work outs at San Jose- Tabori is also there,of course, to show them hoLr it should be done and to run the un wary into the gr:ound. Browning, I trust that you and your fanily are all fine. Give my regards to everyone back that way. Sone day we ought to neet in the spectators section at a track meetVery truly yours, Dick Hart (Aus - 15 ) 15 nile Run Aug- 10 - Stanley Park, DICK HART -.on

Vancouver, B.C-

7. Kazimit Upeniks, Seattle Olympic C1ub, 10 rniles, 521 ya.ds2. tr4ike Cunningham, Rainier Va11ey AC 8 ni 1es, 1281 yards 3. Dick Baker, Spokane AC, 8 mi1es, 1081 yards- (He1d dur:ing a track meet and Scottish celebration- The fans had dancers and pipers to listen_ and watch as the P.A. announcer kept them informed on the race. It was well tece lved


Do any of the LDL readers have copies of tl7-2-3-4-5-6-7 of Votume I? Don Jacobs, Box 6546, Tigarci, Oregon,will be glad to pay a reasonable price for these to complete his fi1es. 6 nile '^ralk - Vancouver, BC, Aug. 10 1. Frank Sipos, Vancouve r, 47 .54 . 5; 2. Elliott Denman, 65:45 3. Don Jacobs , 66:09 4. Don Anderson, 77:07 5. Valdenar Grandy, d.n.f ALL-COM-ERS



Ca1if. Aug. 9 Mile: Jack Mar:den, SCVYV, 4:16.4 88O: Linn, Palo A1to, 2:01.7

TR{CK SIJMMARI nS August 1 & 2 n: 1. Kzmierz Zifinty, Poland, 13: 3Z:ZlZ- Marian Jochman, Po1. 13:54.6; 3. Bill Dellinger, USA, 14:04.8i 4Max Truex, USA, I4:32.o 10,000n: 1. Stanislaw Ozag) Pol- 29.27i Zl-Tld-Zyslaw Kierlewicz, Poland, 30t46.2; 3. Jerry Smartt, USA, 31:04; 4- Gordon l',lcKenzie, USA, 33:18.4. 3000 m. Srchase: 1- .Jersy Chromik, P8r32i 2. Z. Krzyszkow\ak, P- 8:33-6; 3. Phil Coleman, USA, 8:40-8; 4. Deacon Jones, USA, 9:31.8 (Wor1d r:ecor:d surp- , assing 8:35.6 by Sandor Rozsnyoi, Hung. Coleman surpassed H. Ashrs American victo-y) rec- of 8:45.4 in his HFlsin\i 1500m: 1- Zbigniew Orywal, p- 3'-42-7i ---Zl-Td Moran, UsA, 3:43.3; 3. Jin Grelle, USA, 3:43.3;4. Z. Lewandowski, P. WARSAW


3|43 -4

1. Paul Henden, voc 32113 6444a azt32 New England States & Open, 1st Annual 2. Adrian Vali, VOC 33:05 66:30 84:51 3. Mike May, Optinists 33i5 66'.37 a6t22 30 Kllr. Road Racc- Sunday, Sept. ? at New London, Conn- lntaies to Joe Raff15 Roland Moore. unat 34175 77:.3O 9Ir29 4. Ivor Davies, VOC 33:41 68.-53 88:39 erty, 104 Rivetview Ave., New London, 6. Erik Christensen VOC 35:34 78:58 9929 Conn- r0 or morc pr izes. llth Annual Westetn Hemisphete Marat7. Keith Casperson 41.27 86r36 99'.58 d.n.f. Ed Herron, Verne Wood. Ron Davies hon. Sunday, Sept- 14th 9a.m. -Entries to Syd Kronenthal PO Box 507, Culver City, Calif Aug. 2 -Seattle Highland Ganes I llour Run

Dear bosning: T€d Colbl-tt Esked !!6

to rElte you, so b.ers goos. you. bave to b€ to Utah to bouevs that I shaU *rite. lb€'dt;taDca qas-Ust€il as L58 nlL€s fron Sait Clty to Roos€velt, Utah.. (Actually 164 rnftes). I usuir].ly k€ep ln shape Iaks Dy- ruJrlllllg about ten Elles a alav. For tbls rac€ Charley Robbits aavlsed tans sf.on york fr@ 7 or I El-les to the hour. LD plactlce i ran as nuch as iO niles on flve dlff€r€nt occasiols. ]4y ti.Bes nere fr6m 6 hrs. 45nln. to Z hrs.-15 nia 0! occasions l_ran 1t ln- the nolnl-ng and 20 at nigit. )ry p].;n ln ra6e vas to. run 50 at start lD 7 brs & tlren run & walk. Uell. now- flis-t of a].l- the bsat vas a blg probleu. In Salt lake it 1s non betn€6r 90 and loo desrees].]I. A real hot sun o|l.t of a. cloudless sbr. Brosnlns 1t ls 90 at B -Nert orobl 1@ tl3e aLtltude. Sa].t I8k€ ls l+,ooo- f€et abov6 sea leieL &we soi up to Slooo f€et rdxele. on€ could. hardly breathe. I'he rac€ started at 10 a.E: Fitir 1"-fl 9l+, Ttre otbor tvo runnErs uare thoss o1d tln€ runnets rrlxo r'an reountry 1n thA 192ors Eardrock Slnpson of Burllngton, N,C. & noy Mctrturty of Tucson. Ariz6na. Mc}trri:r lO nrlss and qult (he really ralked). Sllnpsol 8ot as far'as I did. l1B nlies fan Dut .L2 hours after I aild. Ee nost\r va*ed.. I ran the flrst 20 nl1es ln about z:qo, but the beat ras too Euch. So then I rE1ked and .loesed on tbe rrld€ oDen b.1ghrEy. _!x€ heat rfas kllll]lg Ee. tr!'on Salt Iake to oreo,-Utah ls tro nlles: It Eook ne 6,f bours, but nor.' 1t $as cooler as 1t rras 4!30 p.!1. At thls Dolnt. we got lnto Provo Caqron betrr€en tso tqoultalns and they b1ock6d off the-sur.'I vas ruch better. In fact, f fe].t so good that I rarr nost of the n€xt 25 nlJ-es. Iou rev€r say sucb h1lIE, th€ry naks BostoD's heartbreak hlIL see!tr flat. ho! oT€n to the next torm vai 2f i'lrss al1 up and. ifotm hl[s. soue vere 3 nllss Iorg and very st6€p. I'h€ e1wat16n vas about t+.Ooo feet but I'didn't noifEJil.1n- about 3+ hours & !he! we-hlt H€ber Clty about I p.!r. I had I 1.n ib9-25.911es coyered 55 ._jleg tn about 10 and I stoppod. for the f1r3t ttuc€. At thls p.o.|nD I Iaadbg everybody excopt the wfurd]lg hors€ rhich l|as only 10 nlnutes aneac o!^IAS !r9. I rres at teast lO nl].es aheaal of th6 tfu:e€ other horses and at 15 n1l€s ahead of Slnpson(& i,tcuur:ty r,las out of ihe racl). iiren i raaae orv 19""! l-arat 1! a not€I. A aloctor Eassaged !ry ]-egs and app].led hot towels, ^stop r- 3|ureled cranps and the aloctor r,rouldlrt 1et De run untll he qave ne calclun abots. E€ hed, to s€nal to tlle b.osp1ta1 for theE, lfastlns \O rqlnutes. Ibon ca&€ tb€ tgughest part of tlre race. Heber'Ciiv fs-srtuatea'[.600 reet above sei,+qrr€1 1]1 90 taEparature and froE there we ran irp a nountah r5ad. stralsht upbl.ll rrlth [o f,l-at runs, all upblIl to an s].evatlon of 8.000 feet above deet sea IqeII -It ras a 20 u!16 Jar.ut and ntren I rEached the top of the nountaln it -It 3P,. anal freerbg cold. I.had ?11 kbds of clotblng on. took 3,! hours to !!! coYor thos€ 20 el.].es stralght uphatl. Ihe aLtitude afiected nr breatiine I ELllst lost of tli€ tl-ue. We had nolr covered 8f n11es anal aboirt 1B hou;sanil had At_-the !9p of tbe nourtal! I traUeal i,he vi-nnGg irorJe Uy'\o ;ir-t;;. *lp:*.. .r. lsc rhe otbsr tbr€e lrorses h/ at laast 15 n .6s aDd SiEpson by 20 ntles. At froezllg cold anct oy ]-ees, aroud the thighs. ;t€re cranpine. !Il-s pof!_t I lras Je-ep_ a+d tral].er- brt tlf,e doctor had no faciutt€s foi naking loi viter :: t99.1 pu!t+!g_bo! tovels o! 1ogs. We stopp€al about 10 nlnutss. It rEs c61d al]d ?r o,etctltl. I! that 20 n.ale uphul cu-ob tbae rer€ no b,ouses. notb,lnE but voods. r+e na+ 25 4tes las so-so- tbout r5 ras roiurre -territn. -i'ara ,t -io"-il.-rii: yal&lng, nlrc atxal anat thm qur Jeep ran out of Eoiiee and t oiclocoial.:'6;; out of bot +lSulqq I bsga! to feel th€ co1d, then as $€ rlett alorm_ _H9e l€-ra! .a:LL[ ry loe Daals b€ga! to s].1ale l_n!o !4f shoes & th€ no"a domhtll I !.ent thB lore tbe creps staltod, botherlng. Ib€ flna1 IO nlLes stretch I ralkeal tuoat d.J. tbe tLns. It took ne 5l bours to co?er thatof25tbat nlla I€ hsd l1or coyer€d. 11O rulles li-about 20 brs. rand ra sioppea stretch. l-n a noiel. they fcd !e hot soup eal hot coffe€. T,he aloctor took'E! arrful lb-t of blood out -fronurdgt Etrr to€ Dr1ls a!'al th€y yolkgd on Ey legs to stoD the creDs. lle th@ save ne arotb,or ca].ciuD shot ard they pui ne ln a-hot tub oi vater. b:t-the ct'- alps st rl bult rea]. bid. Tlxey !ad6 rae lest but I ranted to go on. 1n al1 ye stopDed lor an hour. It ras !'o1| 21 bours of elapsed tture and tie su.n lfas qut

bIlCEt. _I vas nov 1 brr hO n!n..5651a6 the ulu:tug bolae, but at Least-sGor;;-20 E11es ah€ad- or ev€ry&djr €lss. r!_fact, tro noiiei naa-lurisorira tr"ue usi[.

,as..s1€epi-ns- 1n



Biovli'g tuat roc iitu ret{ Flr;il-i




l*-*i: nr##l$L"'

ilifi"ir! -andliii-aorn -aa-dfi-il *" r'" st tLuo?ii6s'Lai'lililht tu th€ raco r sropp€d FTir';g'H: oir iire roaa i;: r had sore :.sgs for tvo or'ibree aaii uui-tu-il i-iis ok. r lost roar toe .u;ri, Daall iii-r"-1B"til'rJI!r"uot r feel ftue r. Ea ut race 1s too far as th,sre are10L. too Daqr obstacla!. Ths h6at is l cruel 1n the alayttx€ , tben ttre ctlrb -n; d: ""iniat-'ii6" Ln the space of 3 or + hours 1s too Eucb. lre alutude TI dtffiH.fT3";*:i on- tbe breathfig. I vould 11ke to try sgah! but only if t[ey have lt at IOO lu.ras a]ld sEart 1n tbe aftemoon. Rlr iDg aI1 clay 1n heat kalis yqu. ls tbat they $r1 d1d. lre vlnnh! horse iook ZSI Uouti. -one-other horse ^.Eere r].nl.shed rurall.y Ili +2 hours and thg other tTo b.ors€s ran 88 nlles ana ]-oZ ni1€s b€for€ qgittirrg. I ran 1t8 nJ-les tn tot.r. el-qpsed ttreE ZSIhfri. sLnpson ran 1f8 h{r€s ln total elapseal of jr+-ndirs aa fulor6"AeiJd-rff"" tu 5 hour3. d4f do to bqt th€y flEy De out -ni! back anil treateir _^F*":g1lliLI. lle rn greaE slyJ-e fotlt a uB€k. sooat, terrlflc tlEe. Utah 1s res.l bors€- courtry. Dle paopla a.e-c crarv _ I had a about -hiise-fii' Actuauy I v€Bt th€r6 one year too late as'flre yeir leiore !ols-as. ln the s].ov ti.!6 of 57 houls. that^ut.nnlng hcrrse h.arda_than yon traL!. I'! toLt urey ren btu !t?+ud rll-ras "^q9{ a _d.alr and- UO olr Surdrys. lb€y bEoke bLn rihcn hE ras rlid and. hE Ju rag.{€y!g aote anJrt'h1ng Du.t trab (Eorb ELuottl ) . to try aga!.n (oy€r a 10O nlle cour:se). I tbl_Dk I eou.].al do LOO out ,. r'o. rJ.l<e ther€_In fro' 1+ to 17 bours_ lf tbsy stalt tn tbe l&te atto:noon. it yai railv a good rurlrLlg raca b€tr€en tbe vldrl-ug horse aad ryseff-ior-ffO-.iie;;B ;--' oDe e].se uas EveD close. ilas a tdrltLc tblng Ln Utab. Ie veo o! t.V.. rad1o. at loil€os. etc. -.Itvas a gr€ar e8)6r1@c€, but it actuauy va$!t uorth lt. Alf. I re6e1v€d. ns r.Ea buntlr€al dollars plus al1 -Tenses and I- aaite lB3 G . rV-pro]s ;!i-fi[---3o gi r eJ rai tue-siiitast: I fi;';-Iot-or-fri-a" q. CSy that raa Tptl".,^ '"r out tber€. l Jereler sot ne a raal nlce r13:rir. oa-tielei ;d-tb;d;A; satd, h€ yIIL s@d Ee a vatch for self ara yffel-gurss tt took a 1ot out of r0s for aUu[ tw6 reeLs, I bu.t I feel, ok Eor_ ao pains. _


*"' resartlg. F.r^ iiii.iliy, no''3:.1'3i3::'i;,li';3i;lil B€st

Chicago, I I1., Thursday, Aug.I4,



Olympic. Development Meet sponsoled

by the Central AAU, Stagg Field, U. of Chic_

A-shmore (western Mich.) +:zz.zi zl-wayn" 6"if, ucrr-, i93: ,Mi1" l:n:-1...Jerly 3. Harold Harris, U. of I11., 4r38i 4. Lawton Lamb, +ra+j S. r.iea 1::15:4; Wi1ljams,^4r47; 9- 1.,1.-9.gUy, .Chesterton, tnd., HS, 4:48.3;UCIC, ,i.t Or6trna.",uLru, 4:ru; o.n-t - troD utauss ( southern II). u.)... 7. o_M.iIe Run: 1. Wayne Duff, UC'fi:, 34:.12.2;2. A-rne Ricirards, UCTC, ZS.-ZO; l. j"riy-n""t-ti.rr"r_ Mich.) 36:38; 4. Don Hancock, (will be ai U. of Coloiado'this f;ll) 1y 99"1: 36|54; 5. Ray Isakson, Hobart, Ind. tS, :Z:OS; 6. Ha1 Higdon, UCTC, :7rOg.ii 7. Bernard Claxton, 3Z:47, Ho,bart, Ind. HS; 8. Ned price, UCiC, :Ai:Z; e. not, 39:15; 10. Wash, Len Uilson 41:05; 11. Henry iarcy. JC, {:112, Maine tC-U6iC--;;;.;-i 42.25; lcrc. d.n.f . Harold Harris, nrnie Miholiis, UCTC, San W"e".ir"i. Underwood, criffith, Ind.. Mark.Murir]9, nay Malayter.. i"rp. 636;-;;i;;; 63%. There were 18 entries in the 6 nit6 deSpite irigh t"rp. ina iruirlai t y_ _f I,r nore entries than in this same.race in previous yeais. Lelders in O nif6__f'ni. miDuff-2f Higdon2+ Richaids 3mi. D;ff O7,o7) 4 ni. Duff zz..Sz !igdon-2 K1cnards, zJ,\)tJ at this point

Duff pulled away and won by neatly a 1ap. flon--a t--ept - I, Stagg FieLd, lo a.n., the U. of chicaqo--lo mrte. 2 man relav ra'e' spons. by centrar Assrn. of the AAU. out of runneis brine trai/el permits. Send entries to Marvin 1homas, Chicago district Sun Times, Cnicago, iif.




I'ourth Armual Dista&ce Rurlrrers Derby Plesented by Clty

of Hlmtington Beach (CaliJorrrta) Recreatlon Depalteent

llor.a tr{olthy, Difector

Satuliay, August 9,

1918. . .Weathe!': Hhet else?

16t 2nd Actuel Fast Rtm Hdcp. Iap Flnish Ti-ne Ti,ne l.Eddl-eRo6as, unat. . . . . . . . . 5r3O 28t02 46:17 681 59?56 4 2. Silvester ViILa, So.Cal. itriders . 1!45 30r3l+ 49,32 68.50 56.35 3 3. Thooas C. Ryan, lmat .. t,... scr. 5O,L5 69tO3 55rO3 f 4. Robert Cons, 6\rJ-ver City AC . . . . r2O 37t 47 SotLt+ 69t5? 56tr7 2 5. ltess O. Aguirre, sFV Road-Rurmet's . 10:OO 25t 43 48t38 7Lt5'l 6?t57 LL 6. CheJrles J. short, that . ....7r3O 27..53 49t59 72t38 66108 9 ?. l. Janes Sebio, So.CaI. Stridels . 3:Ij 29.34 5or)h 72:.55 62:10 6 8. DougJ-as C. Kla,.m, Culver City AC . 4:4, 29 t45 5*23 ?3to5 63.50 ? 9. Jalres R. Shepaid, Ca&p Pendleton . I:45 30t 5a 52t04 'Bt 5A 6,r l+3 5 IO. John Gaicla, Cu.Ive! Clty AC . . . . ?.3o ?AtL3 5l!1.9 73t59 6?'29 10 D. Albert Pfeffer, Camp Pendleton . . 4.OO 30t24 52t24 tut55 64255 6 12. Kenleth D. Strong, uiat . ., . . . [:c0 49tAA ?r23 72.23 14 13. Angelo CoraILLs, SMoad-Funlers . 5:30 30t36 53.L9 'l7to2 6*32 )-2 14. lo!€ 0. Johansod, unat ....,,12:OO 24t 55 50141 7?to7 75to7 15 15. Iouis R. Caldertas, SfV Road-F$ner6 9rOO 261 53 5Lr25 7'1.L6 .12116 V 16. Donal"d A. Knox, unat . . . . . .,I2:oO 2t+t30 49:48 1arL9 16:49 16 U. [ichael, Rlveiside IUCA . . . 14!OO 2? t33 5l+r50 82.02 82:.02 L7 18. Don Saldrel, lmat .........10:00 66236 Lo?roo 103!oo 18 Did not finish: Robert A. Ulllieuls, unat . . . . . 7r3O 27,56 5L49 Ar.Daodo lopez, unat... , ... )tL5 30:19 5Lt5l+ ?hiltp S. Clarke Jr., Culver City AC 4:00 30309 55tta' 3-ULLe &n (boye 16 and under 1sl Ii4ish 1+-!ti1e Rut (bof,B 1? ard \ulder) 4P l. tim RoeLen, SFITRR . . . . ?r26 I): j'O.6 1. Richard Hemandes, SFVRR . . ?!53,I 2. Furean Marsh, lnglewood , 'lr 42 15:40 2. Steven Reed, Hrton Eeach . . 8101.7 3. Angelo Corallis, SMR . 7.59 15:48 3, Williarismi"th, SFVRP,. . . . 8105 4. Irank Duarte, Hrton Beach 7.54 4. Iayne Neugatt, Htton Beach . 8,10 5, Warren l{arroodr Long Beach rg: o8 5. Andyooraujs, SrVRR . . . . 8129 6. John B.istor, l{ontebeLlo . . gt38



DliF: Bob BaJlnlster, Hrto!! B€ach

10-!d1e Rlm...54:14.8. , .Joseph Ty1er, San Dlego t{aval t"ai-rdjlg Cenler, 3-d1e Aun. . ..15i08.0. . .Tod r,Ihite, Nevport Boach, 1956


l-*-mile Run.., ?!53.1,..Rlcherd Henrandez, San Firnando valley Roed-Ru1n6ls (aow cvat)

Ilde fourth presentatio4 by the beach city grew rf,ith the addition ot e ll-{ltle Jerrnt - bui stiU rates EAnJr nole conpetitots. Itrs a well-liked courge, rith an August day at the seashore prolliding a readlr-n8de audience. Eddie Boses, in }!is first effort above tho hlgh-school cross-courltly alistance, rsn nplendid\r !o cop tho ten-{d1er. lddic ls the Lincob ll5 sthlete rho c16en€d up in Ios trnteles city niLe cj-rclee thj_s le ron irl Northern League til-als in b.36.2 arjrd, took the league cror{n in 4t31"2. Ills 4:3,1r.5 rfas fastest 1a cltywlde preli-lls, and ho went to 483.A l.rt captuling city honors. Thege Hlrntington Beach rsces have a speclel attlaction for high-school" stars. Tfu Roelelr, iodayr s iht ee-&i1e.Einner, preceded Rosas tn Ls Angeles. .ls a senior at San Femendo High a y€ar ago, ho r.on the Val-1ey l€ague title in 8 recold 4:22.3, topped city heats S-o 4t28.5t then rdon the city aold nedel iE srother locord 4:22.3. I,ron hlro be *e!rt on to garner stat€'eLs jn a flying Lr2o.z. DLck Hehendoz, U-ndle lricto! todey, is one of Ro€]-enr s successors at San Folnando. Sy Yillr showed his lop fors ta runnor-up in the long 8!{nd, r,{hi1€ RJran, Cons and 6verJrone else perforqed w€tl- in ibls one-hu4dred-perceni sunshlrre carnliaL.

CLEBAR STOP WATCHES Less 25lo Discount F. O. B. Philadelphia


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r htd,, oidMq Bii4. sr{p -d rtt t'.i..

shn, nrp .d t,b* b t 4rar{ d.rfr tu' c ei6 dir eid b lir bd. -_- _-

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Fq,rru tr6

i33 50

'fti. cGoq-rtrv. t23.75


cr r. tr5.75

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rn A)

1958 August LDL  

Ll \,v(r,r( ..|' I6 I August. 1958- - 3 RANMM POT SHOTS PROM ALL POINTS THB IONG DISTANCE IOG the I _