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In fhe Long Run it's the New

4*? VOL,5


.4ry No.50




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York,, leb. 14 - Oordon MaeKenzle, l.I.Y. Ploleer C1ub, leat a aleld of ten sturdy and hardy rum€rs ove! tne foDr ntle distaEce h a Rlc (I.Y.Ascn.) event on ihe r4aoconbs Dan Palk track toitay. The race ollgi@lly scheduled for the loail iEd to be shllted to the track as the loads Fere covered=611plery 1ce and snow. The tlack also lDd a c.atin8l of ice ald snow, but the dange! ol gettlng hu.t by ca!6, etc. was lessered. !,lckerzle coveled the 16 laFs !n the tine tin€ ol 22:40.1= with very 1ittle contetltlon. He led Dd Durcan, U. ol Blidselort, to the tape by 1ri0 ya.ds. Al1 the ltart€rs filished, despite a 25 degree tenlelature, colil ulnd, sfeet, New

1. coldoh M.(enz1e, lIYl,c, 22:40.1 2. Ed runcan, U. B.1dge!ort, 23:14 3. Jim orcom€ll, st, Anth,Bc, 21.53 4. Graham Pa!!el1, Boston AA, 24:12 24.53 5. Ted Corbltt, lnPc, 6. Dick Clap!, NYPC, 25.11 26,22 7. John SteFer. IiYPC. a. John Klolber, State! Island flafie!$' 25:38 29t14 9. Kurt st€ine?, $YPcr 10, Carl zayas, fli11rose AA, l4:11 Orflc1a16. chatmaa- Joe Klelneman; Tlne.-llaryey Llchtensteini Clerk ol Cou.Ee- gaqy fiurphy; Cbeckefs- Sah Schsed


John Conray.

Pllze8: Gola pbted, sl1Yei plateii, ald Bronze nedala, One year sub- to Traok & Flelit Ners, and one coly of r]xlrrjBls sulday, ltarch 27, 1950 - 1st AEsl Spllrg Distance Camlval - Sponsoreil by the lasalle Boxlns A66oclatlon & aenction6d W the idille Atlsttc !.4V. Falmoai ?ark, n11larlelpht6. 11.10 4.14. - 1 Urk Novlce and 5 llile oDen., 2:10 P,$. - J fitIe Novice ard 10 I{116 ope! (!orlce= r6ver ron a race rnd unde! 20 yeaE ol aae. ) ?tlzeE to three In ech !ace. Trophie6 to the outsiandins athlete 1! each dlvlBlon as Eelected by the race comlttee. Tray or trcphy to the w1nE1!8 teae taaed o! a lolnt basls. Ertrle6 Eay be obtalnetl flon Challes P. colgan, (Eace Dilecto!) 5439 North

l4arvile, Phila., 41, Pa, Dressire roon6, shorers at lasalle R.,4., No. , Boatholse, l1ast Rlve!

Drive, Phila., Pa. Jrd. ANIlit! 5l-ll,rooD PIIIX EuN, suhday, Arril l, 1960 (Norfl.tom, Pa.) slonsor: Jones Spolthe coods 228 Ialn Street, Norrlstom, ?e. Prizes: l. 1st llace tean trophy & 5 sna11 trophies for ihe nesbels of the Fi.nlng tean. a. 2nd !1ace tean tlophy & 5 nedals for nefrbers ot tho second place ie@. l. 1,2,3,4 lrace trolhie€. 4. J - 20 place nedalr. 5. lrizes for local coltestants, 6. specral rrize. A trophI fo! tlEt contesteat Nho break6 the coulse record set last year by Earl J€fferson, 1€s311e co\leqe - 32t37. Distance: 6.3 niles of cross countr-y rurni@ oae! dacada roads. wlth enouah-choice h111s scatteied throuehout the couse, to neke the going a 1itt1e less than lough. ?1ace: The will be conducted lron arnory h tlnRood Park' the stewart"ace Norli6tom, Pa, Shorer and dresslne alransenents are evailable at tle Amort. Ent,rles: 251 to lrlaus ?raesent, Jr., 2905 Keenqood Road, Norrlsto@, Pr. before March 28, 1a60. Prevlous {l@ers: 1958 &onlne Boss, Petu ac, 32t42..\959 Eall Jeflef6on, Iasalle coueg€, l2:37. RoA, RttNliING SlloEs


destsned by

tlth h€e1, soft bac!, {lde arch, all f!1ctlor polnts renoeed, Australtan kangaroo uppe!! 1n choice of red or blue. The flne6t shoe yet! (qe ihlnl) $8,95 no{ evai14ble from B.o@ing Eos6r slort certer, 14 so. Broad st., Voodbury, N,J. I (reb.5th) llANIlAl'?AN TAKES I,ET COLLECE IllDooR fITrE 11th YqAR IrN BOv; NYU 2rut {Queen6 corleae, fiaurtce Flbzeer.Id cyne€im) fhe footlrg uas precarloxs or the altrort-ciicular ten-lapE-tothe-nlle track laid oui on th€ hlghly lolished hanltrood ftoo!. ll1le: 1. cr6qy crunlley, St. Joh,'s, 4.30.5! 2. Dedts Heaty, a!.(l yds.); l. Jtfr B!om. NYO..1000. 1. oene !€nnett' NYU. 2:18,7r 2, ArL Evahsi fian.(6!ds.) Flo6h fi11€: John Ceaghty, l4an.,4:29,4 Tes: anhattan 65, l\tx 55, S.J.44, loldhan 26.,600: Alt crtchlow, 1i1l.t Blo@ing Aoss, eonpleie

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EI ]lIN}I!I,

iie fthished Flth a -atrolA kick aid ZavF -ve:f lraicaLto)r thil he had


!$:4ds-&B: 1. al !aeenc?r-rrr?. tt- Aurtrsll l, at Holston. g,4d reccFlr;!er!ou: record 3:+6.7 by ra;€n:o. 19r! r: :. rla: TrLea, !t5. A1r Fdi.e- a_iq 6, l, fi11e6 Eis€hraz, or.-*r'o,u ltaLi. !:ue.6: 4. rlez Hencelson! Alrzcnr t::.1?$1,:*_9!i::: r."Bff liii !tr"l:l;." g.l8ii:.","r' 5. !r1r .e.k, n.ar4enraL, gtc-Mile Fqr: i. fhr! c61eDa3. ucTc. I:AIEENCE iEAl{S Ot'X 2-!411. mnll ?. P111 Der.1..ier, rairr.. Dgebe. oregon,4:0r.4i 3, s,rx1. Los Ans€1es, Feb. lt - ar !sHren.--. armoDd, H.r6;nr, 1,!1J,gi q. Dase a lrttre pustralian hhos- traqite_ rooklng !?rysl1u6 itj sautses an 3na2_ ij'?ii,.*,'., rslojid1.! ra, ^ar!'. rDgry robu.t ..nst1tutr.r!, brot<e hls 1. crlr€. 1-!U!:reac.r1!st o{n ttso-olle in'loor .ecord :ohlFht. ,ueene, cre,! : J,r +; 2. rer.y r@rr.. l7-y'r.-otd :ed1o-i? irebe!t. cqllf.rn1a, 2:tl,. ,5r da1 naJor at Houston lnlversirv. corlr.d ltrear:r arlzo@ strt.r .,irr,6rl, 4. J'roflr valiF.;, sourhory Ljst JfJrlef.^ reirhs ol D 6-cond cat rhF he rr1b.r: 5.,au1 rielbo4, t.:tcental. rei-usr {Arch .s he whlppedmartr Iax T.uei 6vu-$E_!!!r t leorAe re.r. ijr!.5; :. -r-q te7@n, c6tir..ltt-. ;i":3 JJg:" * Lhe rlrst '!a aqcel.s j 1: I0.6 , ls:..!er.., Ar!s.1St,. A crowd oi 12,L_1_) gave laqercB ?Lalr'r' 11' ''.rr: rrrhdrag o,arion as lrr jrAEen t{o l;ll ii,i:,:I''" exr.a jrps !. ".,.o1 offn afr.r rhe U-!rrerslty !?r-n!1. 3.t!!: lli -.h_ racp,.lrrller th,e seqsor, th€ 5_/, lge! 11a.1 D.r.doffr- !,: ..r il._ r -ny jeth. lryr. I,Fl,s,, .r+.j t l: - ,,* one sec.nLr off rhe indor. jarro..i. l. \,!t:erj cntii_ ;j;i: orni3, 7iJ4t r1. a,i:.r..A, Currodsly, t-d,.€nce rrn th6 secord nrre .tve 6econds faster Lha. the rlrsr { 4: ln.l a.. n.25.7). Nr1lfotial iou+ tll?Al:.: I J,i9l.r. ,:i! _1 |neq .ft6. r hr .1rst i116 tlraf sa: eolrr€ a tttbte 6iov,'he 6eid. rri.loMr elt.nrt )bo''€ i.t. t)!- gla 1€!, I kre{ i had ,- r.rt.b contrlbutors

noni,hr turavetLe :nlth. Lnicago; 1silne Blchart5. lon Jacob6, Tigard, or=grn: Du*chL.a,. raDc; !rck taci{am. post.n: H- l:v1;_ n tartin, Houetld, Tnxisr aob ficcui.e. nartihez, ae1if. t Joe ri1ertrernEr,

i:.:s"., *


62 .econds and



e {usste let lruFx ser lhe Ece 1or tn- fir6t hetf mi1e. ther ;:r.r.n Tl

Arizon6 Sb3te.s Atex I{ender€on take 3rrt Idtrr€nce toox o!er rf..! lnE hrre, srelled rt Ine . rnd 1r.r€!sed hiB leed wlrh everJ1.e Jr.lde. r

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F!air,.- rsr r_ . sell.r x-co! .,unlo! 2J !11,i


, f.. rj e '-i ]: . a-,..r-. | a vr-r t6. . - :ttsrr: j: , .:a).,.....1.:::

j rT g!e€6 so,n nouhed Beatty, for a lrqlnq. I "Ir! can'! !6! York, leb. 1l - uUr1. (t.51 Jro run and rork, too. Boy. thi; neet Be6tty. .x-lortn Carolitu a.6r {ho noF e:clted ee, though. Il I could flnd rde lor the Santa c1a!a (calrf,l loxrh the i1E€ to lraln ano a rco.L coach. 9111aa6, *on the Baxre. Dlle tn lhe I d€ar Ird haee ai soorr ahance for !a Yolk AC A4es tn itadlson So@.e r60 01Jr!1.s. Gardo tohla'lt rD a meet recoFi 4:05.4 th€ Sounded ltlre a €haky alean at the over o!6gon's bfll11aDr Dyror Burl6;on. nonent, But Beatty wanEled an in{ItIt ai hls be6t ntle eyer, bui b€ 6tlon to I1v€ at the S;nia clara Iouih V!11a9€. He lound tie coach: iI don't Lno, It I F111 !u aEv Do,o Hugert€n Flzaril ttlhaty IEtoL The DAite! Eile! thl3 6ea€o!,i he satd. €xpetts bllhk€d Bhen he *or thc r.s all, ItD plldarlly a tro-h11e!. I an Atraeles tro-otIe, They $er6 nor€ Dot llt6lsated ln th€ due, I an tral!- startlea 1n N€w Yolk tonlrht when 1i8 for lhe 5000 neterG 1r thts yes!'s h€ lhllped past Dyrol Bufieson," The ml1e run, long the nost attractAeaiiy befely nl.t<ed t!To! ADr16Boh. 1Ye shoeplece on the boards, 1s of the Universrty of oregon! Are:lc€is nak1ng flshtlna conebac! after ro. t hope th the oltBlrc 1500 neierr. glYlng 6ground to the l1e1d eve.ts loth 1616 caughL in the sdne tlne. peopfel rI 19, sald, learned ,Brlolon, a SlJfi!.A-8lES:-sarJeI xJle: 1, Jrm Beatty, ralson, I walteit tor 1ong. If I had a B€atty aEat5. I thlntr Ed itoran, Nor Yo.k aCi 4. ytc-8€;ve. Ird b€at hlD. " nI Oregbn lreshmnr J. ArchLe Sar RoDBeatiy @iil, thlr& I would have &nt, Jr., unart., u. of tldblta. BEAl|rl SIIIIS



ao111ng cloth€E

bette! tf I hld made er, I Ealteit Loo lonc, I had llensv l€ft at th€ e.n-i It *aB e welrd race. Crchie ?ooan1 Jr., Un1v. or l,/lchlra tath€r rag 6 three-tiDe E€xter starter. 3.t the earLy I€cei hltttu the ouarter I! s !1dd1lng 65,5. Ed. Itoran, of the ti-tAc, theD ,uahed to trle front. fle cro66ed th€ latf tn 2:04-1 ad Lh€ three-quartors rh l:06, buL he hail 6hot hle bolt. FroE theD on lt wa! Aeattv anil Bu.1eEon. rhey raced shouldor-r;-sh.uld.r arourd tne last lap. aeattr held the 16ad ard Blrteson seened r;adv ro ser hlD. But Beatty naDAed to hatq on a6 th€ 12,000 fans loared hhelr app.ovat. ras called .r to b6clr up th6 oftlclalsr decision. llre old neet .ecold of 4:06.2 was set bt lleil Dryo!, of the Ner lork ac. in iTh. nind leeerrs elaht Donths. ,\ hot Sunday evenlnA. Philaaellhla! 6 ttotel raafflci lobby. Th. U.S.-Russlan t.eck Deet rEiI ju3t f1n1shed. Jtd BeaLtv. a da.k-halred BhIlmp !n a s9ort6 snift. sal o8llng lhe Sovler h€roes. H€ had llom lroh Cha!1otte to be a sDectatoF_ 'a!e you through vith tEc!. Jin?, he ha8 a3ked. Be€tty, a pretty sood run_ ner at th€ U. of Norrh Caro11E. had raded lnto obscurity afber chasie Rob Delsry lndoo}6 a couple of s€a-son6. alone

1, Len td€16tr. unatf., U.&g:!I!e. of tm€Bote, 8:5?,4r 2. 9:00.6; 3, Pat cloheEry, U. or soustoht 4. velisa fiugo6a, NYAc; 5. JohE nacy, Housto!, (necy. follored closE1y by Edele!, s€t the nac6 until Edole! 6taltqd hts klct<, Blectrenrldze Judt sot up to €da€ cloh€ssy a r!!ao;a It a close battle for second as ],4e.v faded on lhe 1a6i 1a!. ) llatt Halpln t61f-Ii11;: 1. r,ewls l{errloah, urutt., U. of l,richltar 2. flile Peake, sanLa C1a!a Youth Villare: i_ lke caEflts, I.YAcr 4- cene 8;meih. N, Y. U. Tlme:1:53,I 1.000 Yeri sp€olqI: 1. Art EYars, tranhatt.n: 2. Ed HcAuIste!. NYAC: 3. Pete !evh, rffAc; 4. J1m B!om. !l.Y.U. Ttne:2:1'1,0 TH!:fill.e=.E!!. J]&d.Icap: r, Pete tr4c.oop€r, Fo.dhsn, (50 ids. r. 3. xicha.d colasuo@o, st. John,€ (Ioc yits.j: 4, Berry crrDrord, shaEhan cc (i5vds) Ttde: 9:07.1 (oreat ruMrbs rron aaratch & through a clohded fleldt) 9ne-r4l1e lralk, Handlcap: 1. Frantr 51iros, sant3 c1a.a w. (sc!atch): 2. ELllott Dem1n. trYPC (40 yds.l: t_ Fred timcoe, Nypc, (to vds.): 4.-eichald Jordan, NYPC (12o yds., b:28.o !uerneyer 500: 1. Arth!r a.!ch1oq, st. Johrr6, 57.6s, 2. Kye courtney, arhattani 3. Josh culbreeth, Phi1a, ?oud381ht

Alpx Brecleff rds6, Quantlco ltallres.

;iitEi,",3:f$-:)ii"Y5.;'Sl^;ii'* *"i:il:::"L:::,;i?;t.ll"!::k. il;:ii';ll"i33';,i;llii,:iiiiii:"'' :.lil;;-ii;'"iL;,,"::"i:,""iil"i:'"i3 rl_:i#e"*i.ii,iii ff : i"i:r;". i;1X+i:j;'iiHii,




li"iriIFi"i$f ;:'i:errili]"n"::t*" +liE;:xi":i:: r:ps;, i,5;ii." ;liliqi!1ilil;Hirltli+*l:*, luu,';,i;,ul,iu;ilqi:l'i:i,;'*ll

ii*ii:l".;;!',!'i:!r,ii,i'ii$i"::' rrii*l5;*";''.i*':;f lli*i'ilil" ::*#:;;"n{;:i;iir,r*;1*ii" Iiiiilli:tir*irii:*,#Jirffi".:"":i3"i"S.:l""g"d:":"liyf;



1n th6

bhch!' tlD'-

i*i;ir-i;;l*,,$:ltiiil;;,";,. r:';*:i:;*;ill'tnl,:i*+* ;i'rr;r;;iriT,*r'rlft{;F*' 5iii*i,1fu,-t":!i ft i#*;;.

i::ii;:'$i::]i":# :"ii7;ii:e':fi ;}:[!*'ji:;s!$$"p#i'*#;;"


i i:1:il;i;:H:::i:i,ii ;;ff"!ili"$5:ilil:1:*fii;, 3:,s.;'i.;;;;;; ;;,;;. ";i";;-;;i".,, ";:H'i:."#ii":-:.:::ii"i$rl"t"",

:::g:i:i;li!:tr;;;i?':;i 1." -.*' ff i*:"fi:iaf :;:ifr:i Ci:Tilq:;I_ i::,i;:#::ii:ii:-i, I'i.fl*:!i,l' !:ii:i,'#:;tffiIii;.3:'r."ll; r;ili; "dl:-i""tl:,::'i:: ?';i,"'?i"

" ;:tp;;11ipi.*-;i;"q:'+ii: :;:;:,,

,"{.j:;;:1,";;r:3"1",:,.:',:r.";::""" i;$ji;'iil$t;,Sii;:i:l.t!i;i:::

; ;, ;i:rt:#fiifr"Tft#iii;l5 .,r,rir:;:i* "" 'Eii'i,*':ilii'";i +r";:;i; "..""1, race' v's sure ": i ir,::fr"iitf*,$i,#:ii,;jli:fii,":ffi"ffi:""*":r;r4r1;.t,. t n:r,)f;::E::i?k.ilhtliilili1g, ""ll:,r;:jli!l the ,_. .-." roooyd.hdcs! lr 2:i2.2 ilod 20 yd.. :;",""



5 NA1ry faACK TEAI{



Jan. 1)- Navyr. rn-Anmto1l6, r4rt..op€ned 1t6 3ea6or wtth a 90-19.oui of P!1nc€ton cairav. llLgi 1. Ken r4acleoit. r.! 2. N;d 811-

lil'1. ";.i;i!'ii;#H*'.i.

l',i,',fl*'" u"'

ft5;131'n",?;;'":oco'e*'' TlXrrS IiS x-cOUNtAY BEPOBT 1959

'JEAN BOUINN EOAD IACE. BAECEIrcM. S?AIN (DEc. 2orh) - t. C.!!y Iolti.

Enslad.25:57.5 (Cour€ R6a.r\d ) i 2. t1.A. A1o!!o, (slalr) 2?:02! 1: r. Iolln., 27:16! 4. Emt. Eai.lEnalald, ??:34.5! 5. attEtrh t6od. scotlandt 28r17.2t 6, L. Calcta. SpeIr, 28:24.4i 7.'n. Vldar, 2e;3?.6r d. I. colou€re, sparD.2Srr*,8.

llM roAD BACE - D€c, 19-Vsm--Bc Paul Hehtren, vancouver oty,rtc c1ih. 6*

by H.!. I'lalttn 3J:r1.5 (secord): Dlc& Doi&ra!. voc: Dalle DeBo€r of B€11alre Es in Housr,rc;t€m spoi,r! ton rep6ated as tnd. clEaolon of the :ii;:.!i,ti:g. sixih annEl Tex6s lts x-c"I4€et in A!itln on Dec. 9th. RunnlDg sooerhat s!or6! tlEn lasi year, DeBo6! tool the 1e6il Itac(.el. UtD. 20 itl. BEc !r Ih afier lbe t1.6t 500 ya!d. aad 1ed the Erenrc ( Janlar! 17. 1960) group ln xlth a fhe 9.51 for rh6 Fvlaed iro nile Dub AUen ot Cordor ltacrenzl6r Ny plolser C1ubrs uniro'srty Hlsh oh vaco, hulr to De- rohe! ory,pi; io,ooo,.-iiiil,.-"i"it_ aoer,€ ne.13 L'foushouL rost-of rhe ea ri" iJr ih:-it;6 i,ffi;i;;;;"race but ftntshed tlve se.onils back 6i ,!th a ri6 vlclory In !h6 src iII A.Ertr" the. tape. . !4ldta!d, chtupiotrs ov€r the zo .u. ri-irii pa6t rhrae y€ars no", roo! rhe tetu sedsrlck""oiiir,-i*--o"er'tiii Avelue cou!66 rn th. E;;;aAarn as 6oph 3ors Dak_ ltaclerzle tndjcatoit that h. ,ttl k1,3 Ied h16.aroup or rive by rlElshllg arLenDr Eo Dake the .60 re6o a;-;h€ [h1r'at In l0:09. T€eIE lierd. rho {as 41h, nsr6Lhor dlsterce, and th6 Ec€ to_ has been a De4ber or all Lhree serled ro burid n:p iii ltlit,ii glggpronshrp t.eE, aub€r-up b.b!trd 'taLe d6, corftd€nce. cotdo; had be€b 6uf_ Itldrqdr8 l? pornla {as urjr;r6try Hs ad r*" Ua ".tiD"" i.oion -rlth,62 polnh6 fotto{ed by L6e of Bsy- f€!r,s rFouble th. Est yea", tut ioiiiy r.





-Davrd DeBoer iff:"iffi,:H.";"::,H'$gf"B;loll,. IE!ee-!x,rarrorur (Bellalre) 10327 Teab - fl1d1abd 1052 M!ath.,e!. ev s.r'aho aalboa (Fay- oa tr"eOltdpl; !o!@s!hvi:t. iait .; i;; ii;;'1;;"-i;i;: ";;ii; corpuE) 9.t2 Tean - fltller (corpuir zle,a€ abt€ ro lead Durca; to tb6 Davld Deroe! (Ba11alre)



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o:t?.9 Tee- uorlhrnglon (Housro!) !o!th,t!d and ontv to l.l@ers *ire_Dub Atlen (udverlltyr able to oooDlete ir'e rurr ,ii"r,""... +..cle9-3&!=J-!1r1!. hea'10:01.o ntdtana !reath.,, lj'a;el.;;; ii,y Dub.auen (u!,v.) a trrtle 1;; on the;d i";"iiiv-iiir, l!::volth r,Ji!, unrler.rry tcacoJ p!!r.s: Trophyr rhE. D.dal.- ser".-_ a Dub Alre! (univ') Beunont City .et - Dale FaF! {Beauootrr)-z:5u r6e- French (B€amonrr i: E"''":1":,':*;::i'"Y"' 1:;3:ii 3ac !n€ ra'ge.t perrlcrtartor ., ry)v l. Ted coFbltt. Nrpc. 2:bd:15 ln crc8s-coutry ever achlev€d lr 4, Joh! JallFrrr sl.irrh., 2:08!06 _sBs by lhe larger hlgh schools, Th6 J. TeFy Anders;!. C"qeFcl 2ioeiii frod ]a Echools. Durns the 7. A1 sru, !@!i.. r..r.. ziiiirii '6su1a! seasonr ,y Achoots entef€d aL 16a6r 8. rk€ orHara, sr. Arth:.2r20:4i ' t;ia;a6 ole rndtvlilEr Invlt. ne€r.) 9. p!a!t< raE€it. i$i. 10,.cu6 xorteakos, n.,* (corHrued !€rt paAe) "r..11?6;




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z IIIIE IN 4:05 7,35.5..1000 lds: 1, BreeaB, !tan. I,os Argeles, Calif., Jan. 22 A Eel1_ ouL crord of 12,?51 in the l.A.- sDo.ts Arem -saee orleo.r3 you4c soihoboie A!I4Y TMC(']4Ei] TIPPLE COBNEI' lhenon.Dyro1 ;]rrleson,a thunderous receDtro! Hh<n ie uncolked a fle1 W€st Po1bt, Jan.zJ - Coach fo! a 4:06 n1le tim. call cro,e11'sN.1,, Amy tracl< ieao @tchln h1s flr8t tndoor coDDetltlon. ed 1ts thini atralght vtctoly ald "?ol1cemDr Ph11 Colenan ol Chlcas. ienth lnaloo. suc.es6 oyer tro seatah a rast 4:07.6 to !1n orezolrrsois toatat when li checkod Collell's ceorEe la.son for second as Sr."dpr'n y6rsity at the tle1d hou.a, 3ub-tour nlnu!6 n11er Da, l,raeD Es a rhe flml 6core es Amy ?0 1/3 snit rtlEelpotntln8 fourhh ih bh. flrsf tos rrgele6 Invitstiola1. 2. !!Lgi 1. Erlc crooh, conellt Jtm Beatty, fornerty of Nolth CafoliD. Ted Benz, Amy; l. c€ne !JII1!oE, A. ulset ravoled l{ax ?nex ol the alr Tlne: 4:1o.7..?:[!Ie: 1. John Jo!€s, iorce ln ihe tNo-ntte tu bv I yarrdg AloYi 2, Horarld Aollelts, Amy; In s:57. Ausrr.ljen Alex s€hd;!;o!. lrank Bfocktun, coh€u. Tlde: l. 9:?9.1 qho arteds A.lzore state, {as a dis1000 Yds, 1. Blll qaee, A. 2. Petet BEndles, C. 3. cu6 certsch. A. Jlm Crelle of 0!ogo! €cored a 2o-yard Tloe: 2:1J.8..?-|{r. Relav. i. cofr€U crctory orer lrlke Pe€ke. fo@ertv of cololado, in the t!ooo-yard ruD in The neat waB ihe ttret ot two indoo! 'VOIX DU NO!!' INTERNA''IOIIAL CROSScarnivals to be h€ld here th16 B6a50n. COUITRY at !Ir1e on Jan. l!il.LLle! 1. Dyrol aurr€son. oleson. 4:06: llalcel tanil€ratiJie, Eelgle, b6at 2. Ph11 Coferan, UCTC, a.o?.6: t. ceo: Bhadi, l!a!ce, on th6 5pr1!t to {1!. larson, oreson, 4:0?.8r 4. Dan ia€m. 1. vedeEttyne, E ),a,, 28,53. 2. sreden,4:13.9, BhaAl! riarc€, 28:JJ! 3, 411o8lus. 2-11i1e: l. Jid Be.tty, Santa ClaE BeIg., a9taqi 4. Kune!, Eol1ud. va1ley Youhh V1l1agsr 8:17: 2. H6, 29:24; 5. Aardeche, nfrrce. 29t27r 'Iruex. U.S.AIr Force, 8:57.4r ,]. Aler 6. Bruce fu11oh, Enaland, 29.31; Henderson, ArizoE State. 9:11,8: 4. 7. cuje, Eo11a!d,29r32;8. FErl Bt11 Peck, 0ccldenial, 9i2d.?: sddo, Enelabd, 29t37i 9, n. de troe1000-Yat.Eur 1. Ji! Gre11e. lett.. ven, B.fg., 29:41! 10. V, d.a Ber., ?:09.J; 2, filke Peake, sc\ryV. 2:11:9: 8618., 29:1t4. l4e1 slence, ArizoE State. l. 4. Jack Vllco:. CCA_{. 2:14.i_ 2r1p.ii (NEVEST 60ll: r, l|at Span e, Arlzoe_stab€. DISIAIICE I,OO SI'BSCRIBEES) 1:11,4; 2. Josh Culbleath. phila. plon. Ken E, LOIIO Se1l. 190 Calttornla Ave.. Ac, LtI),'t 3. Diron r6tu.r. oxy Frc6h. Sab leaadro, Califonla; Joe Klrby, 1!14.4; 4. Iaha stanleyi strldeis. vA-144 llanar, SaD Dl€ao 45, Ca1. I I:14.9. Jo€ slefae{Icz, 410 loEe St., Elilley ',rAs Park, Pa,! DEDe llerchant, ?.O. lot 685, D€Dl8port, !Lro3.r Bl11 8u.s.11, l'lm A.A.U. DIVEIoII{EXT MEEa. NELi 1OBX Collcee, iloailom, Idonj,, CITI. Jtlil. 2 - Hdcap. l-il116: l John cEc€lard Ioei (dt st€18., 560 E. 21 st., xopir, lryAc, r4r27.9 l3o rds.)r 2. P6re Blookl.y! t0, N.Y.: Xcu€th Abtudon, r,lcA.d1e. NYAC, 14:28.1 (scr. ) 1549 Tomderd Are., N.Y, 52, N.Y.t Davld B. w111tan6, ,415 South Lood1am Avo., chiceso tJ, I11.: JesB I'IETBOIOI,ITAN AAU J]'NIOR T&F' CIIA!{PS. Asullre, 1f490 Eld!1iIA. Arenu6, SaD Jan, 15 - at lhe 102d En€rneor6 A!Do!J r6r@ndo, Cs1lf,; Joe Be3re1. 12 EasineEU.6 lrarhatta. Jes- lraley Sl., F.6epo!i, N.Y.; Joe catlpers rtnlaheil with 37 loints to .etatn !ey' 957 A No.!h 47th St., BimlbgtM, 1t5 teaD tit1e. lolithan ti6d the pton_ eer c1u! fo! second. Eaeh had 28 notnrs. :::Y::l_1::_iy::::::-9: g: _::T:---_ l-l'llle: r. I,afry Fuhe11, NYAC, 15:OOz l{i1e! r. Johr Ceraghhy, t1an. Floshr Eon tltEY tndlN by llED ltltt $2 4!21,C,.t{1te tJalJ<: 1. Jordan. Nfpc. Oliter dlr€ct ftu6 !D loE. BINLESOII J/\JI]!s I,OS AIGEI,ES

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216t, 28th, Mar. 6th N,J., su.Iar, Jan.24 (1pxJ ldLeg: The t'llildle Atlantlc lAC staqe4 itrel. gder of lrentE. 5 xrte - 10 M11e6ecold ad€1 5{11e bltnd hAndlcaD 15 MIle - lQ l1lle - r rllle i! lerr€ct 50 des.6e *eaih€! toilar. $t.oo (closed to Rnc ienF!IE-!gq: n@I Chappelr fom6r U. of j,rorth csrolt@ bldiLle itlrtalce ace.caotur€d svsten of gqorrr4r Alf tlnes poEted the ro easily, but aace rJiilllbs. In esch race ril1 !e conbineat ldr qh65te! res! rlC becane th6 slmer your toLat ftaure,.P!.!zes: 10 troDhres fhd ths lBndlcapa pere efter & ned4r6 to si1 *ho-i;;tete 1n ti; the !ec6. All coqpeilto!6'evealed contrlbuted prlze e t? oapped in !Ia!b paper, iiia iiu#f *ruStr;#;:: :. "3x;i i;., " !nu6 erery eitlabr r6cele€.t a pftze. 1105 x. 41Bt St., Phl1a, 4. P6. 'rn6 coulse coveEd a couitly road Ali ra!e3 rli.t 6tarr 1! front 8e@I!: vooilt{Ey souih of & the tuEers drer,s- oi V€rper !.at Cl.Db ortr East ilTer ed at tha BrcmlDs Bo€s 9Frt Celier, Drlv.! Phtla., !a.ei F11t tollorlng thB Ec€ the n.nLhlv neetinf, start &i 1 ?-fl.P4,.n]l 51arp. ol Lh€ Hlitdle atlahtic RBc h61d, coDducted by 1960 tlez !o:r 'e; Chatrber6. Ail.r. ed-ap. ojacn :.I!ep. , :00 :!li3?_. 1. NaI Chappel. e6 hesrer, r". YiJ t].ro 2. roo sl.fab.lcz, Rtdley park. D-. i:!8.8 ,.:r :€as!e, Pl6aFa:.vr e, r. . :8: jt t:00 ),t59-B t. rete Jl i. 4. Bab c)trbo.E, PhrJaq.tpnla. pa. 8r,,8 J:Jo t J,. 5, fiarly Berkovrrz, 'aao.r, \.:, 2 !, tr:!2 ', 6. ti-.y DeIan<J, P-usaJr-n, N.J. :.:t. .:; t,. : 7. Bruc. qll ler. vec. cheEter,ta. -o r :0. I ' ;, 'er! Phila., 9a.. : : .: rcb€rtDrohe!. 10: L Fuhtuan. Ph t1,. -e. t : r'. .1. -l:ll 1: : '.,11 X€-lyi Ph'Ia.. 06. o . I'.: Xlchu1a. Ph'1o,, D. L ), .:10 r:0, ausLlr. rer, 'h6s--r.Pa. 1: 'o ri'j. 1?. 9 .-psoB, .l€lv.a. P", 1)..:dl; 2:j_ o irr:.^ ..: lL: fra ^ . P}li_a., 'a. o :1. 1: .-_ s)e", .F n:.,1 9n86. ': ctdls: ,!.t Dol.. l,roodbury,


D"SIIINC T, LrCI BUllNlP rrJac{\

rr' iu: ynpJTHON rr r \,!n-rorrxD B"' Ton lta.d, EacL.,r,ii, ?1fies !nLon (sai. Jan.2. if. l Itd Dulcan hen€r Fr . -" a 5rs_ He judt '!!tu' domlja!:i. t:,1 !:i ls sit:i .letr,€i rbalrE . . .I'ye }uj. over 2,000 mlles .lt td, en 1B-yeer-o1d r..trcr .: ,ie untr. ofrl^rh€n Brla86poli ( .-," , ..... Ir6 hor6, I J,, r.J-r.fl. rt.s four hltes fed 6J lour t. islr arlcllnto!. lt tal{€s fre stndt 2l flltuies. TbatrB e easy pace.r lr:l1 *!e fu*:er Sectlonal r-coutry snl o11e irnam! lr., Brlghton Etgh adit€.t: rl'vc er,Efe,1 ..r. ,0 !ace5 on th€ IAU c1rcu1i" tr.n 1..k to Ne{ Jo.k clty to Atlantia CLtv r. lqew B.dlo!d, ilurinA the past s@re!-talt seaaon. Ev€.y Sunday thls lall I l.rE l a rsco - rron 5 dlles u! to 18.n nleethe! ha8 harlered Ealrs iholidal tralrlnS-i But over th€ p68t t*o r..!s

f,lny Eo.hesi.rier6 ba'. s.aE a fadillat iiEure: nu.en, Etrtlirg alorg g .ltt or .ouhty gtieeNr iaos !r shin.. !he,iay-!efiis,ahrl.a.:r:" D:rncar jcsged 20 nltes ti wha! jr. terJ.en"a ao.d ;ror\crt"!'He e.rhat.! !l., lL lr. irer 1?0 n1les {htr"e bc.--.r r:!-rtion. "les!]ts? t a ccuile .t se.on|le li ny Alt{, iui n-; birse6t race

alnlii :!, tie lratiodl Sr. rr, .r.e rr -l.ri ,Pa. I.1!at ere lheJn nrrlitr.r r:oa1s tr. Durcdn, a 6-foot, ll?-lolaaeri ,ho aF "kire".l the a?ea scholestl. C1.ian.e tudners until his graduatt.n 1a6t June lrom B"lshro1. "r-orlrs uD lD 6ar1y cprll rill be th€ l,etio$l Junto. 30-K11oiAnd lr.e at }lew Bediord. r'rass..i sald td. rsv alead a.e the 1964 01"vnplc6 and tlre fralathon .ace, 26 n1.' This lail Duncar 6b1a3hed th.ouah th€ su.l of Iong IslaDaI Solnd two o! days eacll week !! hls oondltionlna was an etp,hih !1a4e

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10. Irank Ketty.

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Ron D€latry has chahgetl. Oaoe h€ ran

for ihe !u!e Ggtc ot rlDing, Bcor{lna tlack faD6 uho bor.d. eil looetl xhan b6 dlilrt press for lecords, {o{ Delatry hubg€rE to push htd661f to the nI 'No more eaay !ec6s,n he &yB rcd. r€allze tfEt lrm 24 no{. If Irt Colne to do aDythlns, I'Ye ept to Cet clacknrverythlDg I do noq {I11 b6 In P!6P6!atlo! for ihe OlYnplcs, 3o I vlu bwa.6 the touh hdoo. Bchedule eail ti;In outdoors 1n Sa! F4alctrco. I xlrl run 1, or 20 EUe€ 6 atsy, then

ard I Eu.! ilo !.3t vhl}€ I s at 6y !sk, I 'qtut t3 lose! ny DIIe tlo.. ttte €sy ilat! ftei€ m. no sltllice ln the spe.oh but Delaly ha8 be., dabbllng rltb th€ rtaae lately. H€ itj,r6char e oaf-BloailMy p1ay, rl'l€ Black stElaer.- 6!d adrlia lb la Dloutle. of th. critlcsr notrce6 thaD;aqy a rscs tephy he.6 hoolred. 'Actl.A ls too preerlou3, thou8h,. sald D61ur. 'I t|nor I'r e cLr.L Cabl.. Erc€pt fof thc *!s.' Bo! has iLlsooYelcil th.! ,O. ..Fct, ofr6tre fdc ca! be a 1!!t1. lrylDa. Nd fo.k col@l.t |Ft. tnat r hail b€6! secrstlr @a!6il .fr tl@ ago,' ho 36!d. "A)d tJrd a!oth.! 6. lrrat I E6 slhA trut 1b th. Fpc. 6t€ady {tth 6 girl tD celllomla @ett Relly O!6€n. Nlce t@e, 13!rl tt? Sou& l1&e a 3!rlple!. I t1.h I kn6f, xho .h. 86. A11 I knor abou! hc! tE thal !h. lB. a! a*lulIt g@d oauBht no

6nter ihe [res! coa5t Eeets tb16 dpllngt No o!€ eroept D.Iasy, pe!ha!E, !€a1STANFoBD Art-co!{E8s ltBEts. stsrlord. lzed ho{ iroublesoDo Ms th6 tlaegsil Aohtlles tendon he sutfetea at Atlanttc cel1f., Jan. 30 - 59!!g: 1. t{orss, L5rL9.3i 2. nccal-l^, Belkol€y H.s., ctty 1. June. Ite hasurt ro a .doo In 15!J0.4 .. Fsb. 6 - ?:!l:l?r 1. scYc,9.39.4; 9.i9.4: !119! lller 1, llke l€blor. could!'t tu at all fo! l1v€ rcrihe, sCYC. 'I g!q! DEr.' Palo Paro Atto Ait; gs, ss. El76.8r 4:26.4t 8r ggq! A8O! 1. Dev. but I hoDed tlEt r63t and ileatE€lt !oo!e, Ios Alto. AS,,1.57,51 B! L.57,51 2, BtbL., rouLd 1d've Ee BtFna€. uEn ever. I !06 alto. Hs, 1:r8.8r 1!!Q-S:rDe!9! ll!!Q-S:$e! ksor what causeat ihe lnJu:T--!@lr€ no@lDEo, Slalfold' Slalfold, 9:56.5. barsfooted. Iou tlohrt extait yoE lege no@lDao, as ouch tn tralalag, you 3ee. l,rh.! t on shoes fo! e log, th6 teraton lut gave Ey. lio hole bele feet for E€,"aa1at AEy 75i, ?Iltsbu4h 33*, llo6t Poht, Ja!, 30- vlI.o! {Al 4:21,?l !.Y., gaDe (A) 2:11.6t JoneE, Bob6lt6' Delalv Bcofts at laLk that tho 1fttoor & B6nde! (411 AAy) 9132.3. seaEon ,1f1 be dleary b€cauE€ thele la no D€lary. 'Ildoor fed ale pocultat,' nrme.ota 7rrl, lova stdt. 28 3/4, he 3a1d. ilrh.t do they @!6 for tt1!n4!,o11., Js, 30: ht.kson {x) '@e6? Itr6 sohethlng to ilo on a colil nlsht' gst tn E hal1 auil y.U thel! Iulgs out. 4!13.4 atrl 1: ji4.8. Attehdance ronrt auff€r- As fo! the rcehraBka 91 2/3' Dtuke 4) L/3, nlIe, I thlr.k tour1l 3s€ a dltieteni south DalotB state lJ, Llrcol!' tr b., *1M6r each re€k. Ird 1tt6 to 3e€ FY f rletrd, ?hI1 ColoD&, ilo ,€11, or couFs€. Jd. 30: Jo€ atrellcaa llo.!. ot !.t. itoubled h 4125.4 & 9:rr8.2 ard DurIf Dd {a€E i€ f1!, touru 36€ sole art of Dlsle ron the 880 I! 1!57.?. I11e aext year, Ealit D€lary, ,11L be notle Daoe 53lt ,llssout 50i' Nolt€ h13 uosi 6e!1ous. "{hetr I E6 Yo6e6! Dee, Ird., Feb. l: aon Ct.gory, I'D, I coEofed iys6lr bY Eaylng, 'oh, You 4r14.8..Dav. cottoD, s, 9:15.5.. har€ plebiy of tloe for t€oord8.r Lel1, Oregory, ND, 1: rr. ? Irb 24. &d Lt ruat be et or !€v€t 1r I e to do Srdt thlDga. I say thls ln Auclrland, New z661td! ,'000!: I'1. hulllty. I hare raced--H€11--{1th the Ealb€rs, 13:58-2i l4co.., 14r 16'0 tttto. nd lh€ llde ol hv om 1i,fe lEs


SAt IT A]NIT SO Promoter Jack pyran cheatlnE the goretuent of dillionststrlhh the-bro_

aMual Shanalan CC ralatnoh. The attendanc€ at lasr race €E estrnated at 12O.OOC lelgr... vlce Presldent lJlxon cov.h.d

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r€.1c supporre! wlth oapeGes leceived



!;:1i;;i":"*iiI";:':TJ:,:::;,:'"" i:;.Ir]'ff :";:i"";i:":":'l,H;:,::nh'. **. ;;",*'::i,l:.i"i":H';"#::1.:i And you k111 get youf ribturv r4g by th6 end of A!r11"..


;l.!:.::ff:11;::9r", i:i:,'3x5'if !14@r Holm..t)an Ferrls & r,res


li!I!""i3it"k;1ril ;:;. !tuouE arhtetes, espectally t.ack_

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about the fees thev

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cltAct{?y oLTBACES t{U..OsAr N. y.A. C Tlm. TRACK I|EET (tfidav. Jah_^

'INS 22, 196A) John cereEhry. a,na ltar ^Yg:na rolree€ rreshda, scored an ulset vlcto.y i, th6 selior l4etrolotltan A.A.U. Indoo! Tmck and Fletd Chanbron6hl! at ihe 168ih St. Siate Am: ory iotr1ghl. Cerashtv beat rhe favored ve11sa t{ueo6a iD rhe nlle rdn. rnls rear o'ershadowed the expcc.ed victortes by tlanhabtar colioAeis nrt 1,000 and the Ii.a{ \.rk A.C.'a-Tom tiurlhy 1! the 600, 1ne 1d-year-old cefaahhv turned L . 4:17.8 clocklbs hrs beat eeer. fo! a fo{r-foot vlctory over EuEosa 16r_ ner Yugoslav J,000 n6ter a.d U.S. lndoor thlee ni1€ chtuDtdn. cer€Ehty, {ho 20 ar 2l m11"oh year serlor ar BlehoD Loughlln hlsn, lBd a roD ntle effa,lt of 4!21.8. That 1n last Juhers Catholtc ht8h meet. fle also woh lte met Junlor mlle 1n 4:21., earlrer Ih the north. .eraAhty, 5_2. r'12_ Pounds led for the frcl ren ard a ha1fl, .ohtDuously shavlnr aff th.6ats rro4 fiusoaa. For ihe half miler Cerashty lay ba.k first 1n 5rh paece. tslciosa vaB lash fo. the flrst

two lals an.t 51os1J moved un on eacll succeedlrg 1ap uhtll he found hhs.Arf cha1lehAllu CelaC,hty, Jlmmy B!od, of

uF detense of the for the-bassed ntle 1ed to! the filEt three leps aml had qulter flne6 of 6).5, 2to?, ):1).5. rere flcard1e, tn areat Ehaoe" won :t"1,:"il:t:i.';"F';:"i5"1:{::::.:1""* the three nlte h ; rood 14:1i.5. 4rry tus cDt doM hls tlalnle nile_ f-t411€:1. P6te UcAldte. NYAa! 2. age to looo oile8 a Feek..Wtth the Heby rcarn, nyut L Joh" l(oDri. slr€ngth gatned fron thls draEtlc !e_ xYAC;4. P€te Eey€r, t{arnathar, cucrlon he hopea to aAath coonere h rule3 1. John ceraEhtv. abharran raceB!..-.- sr6.ting n€xt oorth 1n th€ Fleshranr 2, Vetrsa |{uidsa. tr.rac: u hg: rhy the nert USA _ ISSA heer 3notrtd be held ltr Ala8ka _ by Eob soth. I, Janes B!om, Iraut 4. Atlan Th;nD5or, st. Joh!'3 un!e, flne! 4:1?.8 1.000 Yds: l. Art Evans, arftsrtan: i;;:H: 8i#i"::.:31:-*,'3'i:3H;1,"" 2. rYlke Carattia. NYAC! ,t, Euaen€ pEscrlbes pep p1116.,. flost athfetes lee6tt. nryrr: 4. Jmes sln6. iapcnar€ to have the1. {Ibie. tlatnlru ln Trne: 2:14.7 (Er&s rrlMlh;d by 1es6 rc6 . srcr hreFupted by s trl! ao ihan a root ove! caraftls. ) E1le Walk: l. Jolu tltrcke. [q^C: 2. €y lorto! @s .o nePous abour bls Ence l4cDo.a1d, Ii,tPC: J. 8111 Omatt;:":.xi:l, t,:,""$"li: :i#i.i:i"i:"i". chenko, NYPC; 4. E11lot Demn, NypC. 600 Yds: 1. Ton llulhJ, lttyACr 2. Joe get you Februw LD - l&by you )rYAc (15 yds. !6ck)! l. Ky6 rog lop.qno. the 'rt1 end ot JuDe... Lourrney, nannattan: 4. Ed Sna11. Ny!, TtDe: 1!12,7..T€an: 1, ryAc 51: 2.N1pc EM! !u! Bs! RE! Jogt l,{a1k! qult! 38i 4. ijYU 18i J. r4anhatbatr 32i5.s!.J.

sd you v111 get you. Ieb.@r LD bg by the end of r,ray... -learnlk erab€ellst Harry Berkorlrz hai



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;;;;;.';l ffi iI'":"i'tr"li".i".";J-

rapr !ne! 3pllzted tnto thâ&#x201A;Ź & nol4 o!. 5ut Ball1lJdold.6 stEred ro @proy hls i;_


ffiffi*$i:ii::r;r"" #ir:#t#"i** f:*:i[:nF.

(Mleh1ga! AAU Retay€- coDtinued)

Ceralit YounA. mo6t ot the Ey. ttoDktns 1ed ar the Rl1e In 4,4c. o! the s.coDd nrre rhe pace sloved to 751440! ard nreh school boy sho rutr6 01ln!1c C1ub. t<nocked 1ig a stronP 6econd. Th< 2-mt1e race hail looked 1lke a greai tu631e betree. the ucTc's car li!11La0E ("1eer rn ,59), '58 and Jerry rshmoje, and 16_ye€r_olA !"uce [!dd. of l.sf York Trac! Dlenon alub. aur Url.ltars fleu fo ,tinne!6s for . .ice, Ashfore J-nrle ,as tlred hi€ l.ey l/4 1n thF nedley rF1ay,fron Ead foote, u, ot Toforto coach, {rdd 1s rlfcaoy 1' ;,1alie frr under /j!a" bLt nq srfaered qn acht!1.s tend.n ,r iLr. that v111 kee! ntr !! or acrion ior r{o bonth.l Iie baa breezed through son. icugji workours sD.h e€ 20 x 4Io h t,9, ,!t-h 11! jors betree! o. a slow A. erp..teq! the distanee medlev turhed our: t. !e a siirrlra duei'.n... tw€er tlre 'jurl:,6 rn: rne tronLrroshnrse Jo. j r!r' lei .fi :t.t diains! r ij.E tor s.Fte't.h s Elrar f,cr_ r -, i,"re l.e"r !rtl rF LierberrT ,.at..

' r !: 1t. 6 5lge ieq.t t,f ,:, :.1.: rr'Lj ....t!r ir..", : ' i -.-i-t

2 " ,.. lri. gi,rrrt r1i a t.,tiL ti ar.annri" '. .. .

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t <.. .r

l4lIe: I. lton l,{atllngforld. UFtt.. +:r7.7; 2. Mauri Jorjra]{t<;. E!,:!4:13.8; J. Jerry Boc.i. VtrU:4: Dav€ li€ddlns, n'fiur 5. Doua carroil. tru: 6. trorb S1owlloraktt l,oyot6. Novlce ltl1e: 1, a.i sr1tlran. Mi.h-4:26.2; 2. Dtek Creele. WitU. 4:26_r! l. Je.ry BeshEN, r,l,rD. 4r28.2: 4. B;;_ er_Hdbare-ar. rlsu. 4:29.1t 5. R6y unlr., 4:34.2: 6. THodgsor, E, Iork Tc, 4:J4.i. EILIOTT



_ elbourne. Aush.s11", Jar. lO - Berb en bdu-yRtu ra.F on relbour.e lrnive!_ siryrs cirlder track taday 1n 1:52.2. !ir1o:ri ru.nrna on a tra^k lor iiie first tlEe thlc!r6!er seaEob. dtd not ertend himsell 4liL€ {1hltr bv 60 yard". Hc .rn Lhe ftr€L 440 iar;1s 1n c!51,J. xls lest !!ne for sn Beo {a€ 1:47.3 at rondonrs r}lte citv rn 19:58.. "I aelr s brt rired ai the fi.!s)L bui I be 9a!])y if I 'ouldntf ,.lt ot:r-.rise!" El1iot! eatd atrer .I the race" dldntt tr:/ to set . tast iine. I onlv qanlied tc rn.."

R:. s.J : .:.

O t ti iD ...:r1.t-e^L.n4. 't " nle ue/sr. 1- orf .,. -o!re. F.16. pa_r{qv n dni !. rre 'LL..,f!,tarr!l ..:r. 19 seconds ): ior lrs tirli l1$. The ?U.... . .







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i-b t.d \_

-,s a L.', l. , u. ,. ,r: ."D co.J .o ..:, . ,, r,,j:,e re.i. :n! tasc, ; 11 'n.t-, ah rr "ro- te sa. Lq!. !r.fLo--. : ) ct .,.o" , , .-.. :e_\- .. t ,, , t ,1.t) :i..lihr? r'. ]' Il L.121,e': \: -_2. | .1-^I dlJe. ple-.At-' on,!..1-, rLDo-s dgreed .ib -... r-s./ .J.. /. , -J:J1. l. ro'1n 'i r. p-t xa6 soft, :1.5p!-. u!, ard rousnty 1 _ 1, , :,9! ,. fl"fJlLt_. a., '5 seconds Brok 'ordo @,Ies: "x€91di F€lp\ a b--/. -;"rb.-6./.1, suv\,F:ss: rl:, ; J. Bob ooer Darbv. ra.. ' ,,;;'Lr:r;: '-r,4r6: qon.robkrns. (lt{), Phrb.. t25 3ralterB) 1. r. Bon irolklns, ;::i" 5:"-:il";.::; rarrr Del;hey, #-4!I9: _ _rr4:35i 5. o:lo.1i DDcar. qo^._9:ro; .5,/?. ?. -'. At Ar),e 'rIu. .SUi l. B!.tJ neynoios lrll_ d.. lie!, Dr,, /.,i f.--ce!ald ao'a, '" o' , - .



Uen Thrash


i,ten _ cont. )

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":;d:".iI"T:'; iii""i!,ii:..i3f "l;".


(ilelsh Noles - colthu€d) Lo 1{eht Lhe Ey fo. htn. Ken handed tne rorch to the chal.nan oa the coun_ c1r @Jore tlftna the plsto1, ,hrch €enr the starcing saL€ lnto the arF_ ro rereas. rhe tumers for 4 dlies .ace. A dance a.d flrewolksthe dis!1ae 1frlres6eil !lth the trem€ndous EuDbort grver by the Io.aI leople. COIEXAN ISHOBf CI.IAIICEDI

Track coiches call phtl Cot€@n .hhe Deast.n And th3t's Just about the nlgnesi !rs13e rh€y can slve e track_ ,Tlle 28-yeal-o1d coolos!t1oh teacher

trrl1no16r aushored a 4:01.8 nlte rhaL vlrtuarly vert udortcerl 1b the &sa oe€t. rivo years aso a 4:01.8 ftr16 had Lhe track {o}]d aRoE. 4ctElly "the be;da" rroh rltlnois lilred the B,q4 meet rlght out ot the

"I uacn.t sure of DJseff.i sala the thln, almosr draM looJ.rni co16@n. ready for a be!L€! .sce than I had bee! ronle.i A feF reekr ea.tler at th€ Bolton l{ of c beet, Col.nan l6d been ihoDlu. soaeone @u1i! ao out rtth ar ea!1y !ace, vhen mloaty dtd, h€ h6d to a,o It At ih€ BAA ne€t loDebodt' rent ouc €arlyi land I {as slad to see htD ri." Balit Coteoan. the @n rho ientiI6 out and ran a 60.4 opeblng qErt.r aorer.. J iEven lhoush I was rulrle f66t," co16Bn Eata. 'I us, !'llDrn; a good p6ce. ! Co16mn fhtsheil up rlth 60.8 ed 59., qurters ro" hrs 4103.8 clockrE. tne feshest he hae erer tu th6 0116: abd y€3, faate! thaE loD DcIa!, evo! Cdle'@ 1s tbe fathoF of tro sonB & ho t€achec fFe8t'@.oolosltlo!.t th. unlrerslty of l111!o1c dreE h€ t. rorLlne o! h1s PhD. Et6 Aoat ln tlaok i. t6 ret6 !h. uSA OlJoplc Bt.epleoba.e t€@ a@l!. i. oade ir r! 19J6. Atui h1. raa. In th. BAA ia!.t aohg to 1uc hls lhta the b-11e, rIlD bo sprl.ter,n he .ald. rou a€r our lrere 1! rh€ ot16 aart a couple df yous co116a. hoyg o6D

outslrlnr you and tharr! t!. No. !o a dieellectEser & Irh Eolnr to 3tay tn that' Heis &h!ng the lnitoor DIto, lo! speear rork. .I n 6d flre rood lork_ ouls a p3€k,r he .ald, .6ad 1.11 Ieie ludrrs rh€ rtt€6 qs tona as

.;'j'Eii ;:ffi :,:.*::it$:"i:"" ra rere,tlesa":'i: - thattE 0;6 of rh. H. ran h13 4!01.3 a day 4ft.r h. Ed r6xon IBrr r! a duat !.6t o! p.1_ dsy (cbtcago lEck Cllb r! ilohlEs) r! yhlch he won th. Drl. l! qr1€ & rb€ b61f-rtle lb 1: t4.2. That 0!6 ot th. !.asons he "raantt'a6swe ot hlosou- Saiulda, blghL. F6 resr't c.!t61h hor ftci the lYo Eo6s hait tatr6! ou! of hID. ccch ceoFE Ealta.nt of irlharLar called Cole$a! nrh€ !*!r'1! Chtcab 1e5t srlme!. An rrdls@r radr taDDad hld aDd satitr 'YhEt do Fu tus! bairt? thatr s bt.on,i EaEtred qutcklt out tha! lt ras thc*-langag! & lt a3 ttrs hl8h.rt coep1t..!t gtr.! 1lEtra Col€@s, h6's e !6at best.

lD nEEXAl, Ollye! lEeB FS rtl.! ld htr Ctaa3 D f1eltt to rtn th6 14 &elad.r schola.tlc Stare e1l. titlc ttr 4:23,9 .JE! a !6aih un?re! th. all-ctasr @rk of 4123,4 eatabltsheil a rer yea!. aao by 6111 Squlred. Th. D..t Er h.ri t! th. logtoa carlao! oE th. stt.tuo! o! tt!. BA! 16.!. qla.. D .oho.l! .F th6 s@Uert of th6 xe, &atarit .otstt. axay tloD







v{etl,, Feb. 1otb, Phrla. {cdv.!r16! HaU) - Fo. th6 lt!.t ttD lira rflr1.toa relo letud.d la tl. E.c!.s!: lob.. 5th aful kl*-.13. !..t 6

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s.!rr HoE, !mtt..9153.7 !mtt..9153.? "tii*##*i"l;,#s!::.:t: 3. a@ rr!! 1. l(A!!Iq. caE r. llrtllr Ilj!. rlons.Ft 2. Corll|rt ttlL8l.E rs.Ia!, t!.fifl'lr|l'r, flsr?3.

Delt. of Becreatlon eet-CoDt. ) coll-ge lreshnan Dlsteee l'lodlev 1009 Y4s. AAU: 1. Btlt Holme6. rrob,: 53ii";,j;',!ii?*iii" lli;li:3. "j:;1",. uelaE:hryli 2. Vlttaevai l. Seton ;;,l:Xl',"**ll;.';;,j:seph'si r. rln (Ph11a.


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II! CONJIAI'IT^N r{rrl THE plrJLqrEr,?rra rNqiilEr-xiEf Phlt€..Pa.. Feb. 1:rh iAftermonJ voon. a 25_teal_o1d loulslam _Lrymgrad, ntare n€de his tirsr tro_m1e elrort ob bqnked boanls a louslm .uccess todey. ,rood 24 I;!s irail rn"o{ered 9.:0,8 co sHay r1lh tne olen .qc€, obe o, .ir. the rarures ct the lftb Tnculrer Canesr lhe er-iarlh; took oeer qlbh to00 yards to go ard {hillod HarhatLa. a Ep. vlltsnora 6oph rnqelo Sivlerj plr on e srror{.str€tct, trlck ro e.tse renn's lirne.t ?ra:y for thtrdraod. Hhors "bad a 1.t of hlne !d f,ork orL b6ceuae I.n betveen iols.F or th" be6t ttro_n1r; rloeE or hls 1lle. He ra^ !!15 our_ ror tha Quantl.o t:ii:"::"'** fha .aae ney b€ onc oa nis lesr. !rod. 14! Brrr ao to ?o.k for the Statc leler.menr n-i: rohth, he. a!,olled roftJgn r..!lc. and eJrict€ t; r--avrl.r tDe country in 4!111. ?!acJ, P€nn j;nior, +ook _De.au6eannncity e16e ,ou1di rhe tead held lL et!1 roud oEde hrs troye.ard Ihen bet6r ard fjEl1t Slv;er! passed frac] to the Htrettatuha Ula!, a@hored by rohn C€raahrw beai v1llanora by ts. yaftts tn Lh; cou€ge rreshma 'jtr!1xc€ hcdtev. ;:fi ":ri i?t,:":i:::""i;,;.9*:.:" tselvln B.yan. of Uesr cn66te. stalo. .o€at sr, Jor6Fhr. toD cerr b! to lards rrr the rDo0-yard handlcap, Bivan and eleor Eo clock6d 1! 2::14.0. !q9:fi!€i r. ciyM sood, Baltinore oc: OPEN CAU HEET J]E!D


!i,i!lil +**:l: relri J. ""iii:;l:lil'it;"3i Flarcls caF.r. cardl@l Dougherty Hs, 9.20.8.

ffi#+##rji;"Fiti r?.u:ff:i" (otre1ly, "':;""ii,"i'^l"t{iftl: st. Josephi (26yds): 5.

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Nelbodme, Feb. 1l - Herb E11iott. srffefed ht: seconar defear the 880 Ib:J ye€I8 1n the hall mtLerhtodav. rs !onl. !lue, a doctor fror Oue6j;_ fhe defeat on the tantrv 1:4, !rrrorte1tued in the vl.t,otlan clEhlionsblD 3r orynll. ?ark, Blue pur on;n 4a2: ue burst of spe6d to lass tll1ott do. yar'ts IroD the lihish ahd wl! ln 1: qq.: to Eniottr6 1.4q_aIhe flrst qu.rrer or ine was run i. a slor ,?.rs. Then race Herb sudden_ rte 1ad and ouicklw olehed up i 4-yanr tead. Biu6 ca;e on thF iasr 1aD. then plf oh 'ris anazlng bur6t of ;;eed 1n rne hone stretch_ "Ie {a6 rus. too t"st to. ne." q6fb s1:1. "r thouiht I qcs wetl dleer or,trrb golhe aro rnd the bend, but he

berrlng out Dave Srolhers rh a close r,nrsh in 1l:48. erv !inco1, d16a_ tonlnted in Hre After bele rn €ood ]rosirIo,l_nile. six 1r!. froF t.n; ne raded on!1.te1J :trd ftnished gO yaads behinri 1e ttue.L

I dot Soo.rasbord... Ohe .f the welrd_ esi rlnan lal flols to take !ta.e ln -ne .ld lhiladehhlr Are€ halbened 1r ihe earLy 'lns when hhe A!.re st ged 6on€thi..s bil1ed as etr e.dD_ anre race, ptttlne nen against horses. arourd on € boald track !ith jockeys. oJ dl.r tlack. rhp ldea les to see who lasteit lonEarrrhty the AspcA sLepped ln ard for;ed. th€ pronotors to 6Hltch horBes everv rou hou6. Luckily. urere Neren,t ma!-r fans there to sefssDiclous Fher dlfaerent color suddenie ocomp_' :iffi::i"- the nladle of rhe




Dolthundt Gemary, rd.30: 9!!s: 1. (dFf1: l'll6saua, r6saua; 1:5J.1; lroir (cB) 1:5J.1;2. 2. Bolt 1:Jl.5r aehtdch, sehtdch. t:54.1t t:54.1! llDtl (Sredetr) 1:54.5 1!

!.oD fia1 Htedoh, llllnois. iNor that I haveChtcago, tu a coulle of lqolsr ELo6, 2:28.9..!t!gr! 1. !oh'€, ftalaiho!6 I eoulrt llke io ..v16e try '!:50.8: B!eDo!. lr50.3: schrarle 3:50.8! leellbgs on how they 6hou1d, llck reeubgs rlck the 1.52.9..1199!&. 1:'fiu;i;a;t.a: earathoners fo! the ol}Bplc 0hB!1c teaR. teaR. Iitu 3t111 agalnEt i{o quIltylng rao€G {too nuah pressufe,- mehtil ;or€ Lhan t{tD-llll[rEA TIICE ltEBt- lt6se Soa!t1!, phr6ical) but grdted raasbl@ton Sladi@, Peb. 5, 4eLeo im, !m. I.! f661 hhev r.asbilgton Stadid. Feb. 6. 1960 t€e1 they lhy6ical) should aulonalrcalf,y snoulo autonatlcally tak€ the flrst A domloa 4 itomloa Mde Mde the tEck a Eea ot Anerlcan fron eith6? Bo.toE or Yon!er8. 4ar alal corered tho ilalde ]des. rheb pick Lhe .h1rd d& o! & a!6raa€ teEpora.y curb oeasu€oat dade aL b€s15. If Lhe ssne mh flllshee filst I feet in an eftort to a6t b6lter rr both then plck Lhe o!h6f txo off fooLltra. ol ave!6ges. tbl. qould .!a!e at leest 5!!!4! 1. Don lrethekat, frc, 15:48"61 the eltner at Boeto! th6 rent61 alauish 2. l41ke Johason, se6tt16, 16!57i 3. or rFyln€ io do il agaln. It a1.o rcu1d X6r!y bd, U ol Lseh. 17:21 provlde a secorid cha@e for someone rho 1120 rila. (op6n) 1, Don Tfsthffiy, nlssed o! goofed the flrst tlDe. (A !ur-I(rc, 3:2i,9 (?!I1.,A,\U.€co!d,): 2. Dirie ler could h166 6 p-ane or have a tEd Pag6, UrrC; 3. Dsle S{asob, SlC. coldl) The !!esen' Ey.L€D BE suppo€ed- .LES--SiLg. F.s. 1. Cllf. Treese, ly set up to benetit the steady !ie6!s S€FJ!38.1| 2. cene Clehar, snoauch as K6l1ey. K611ey, qho who nlehL nlght !!83 d1E3 the tee t€& hoolah: hoolshi 3. Lynan LydaD ?ea8e, Snohool.h. Snohoolgh. (eIley by bad ]uck lb oh€ raoe. sulloee 660 vds. opea! 1. DBve canrc!, sPc, was lrltt€n bltt€n by aa.rog dog tn ln the Io.](ers race 1:29.9 sfte. r1E1rg !y ten nhutes at Boston, 10 trd. It could t'appen to alyor€ | Quallfylne oe! rhre ray rcu1d a16o club, lo!21 (5 I(t.) 59!45,2 (lb xa.) help relioae lhe rlMer aL loaror p3y- 2, P6ut jz:27 oe:u1 BodLor psyrccoml.\, rult SoC, 32:27 54:01. chologlcslly. thuE allovl4A hln to traln l. veeln I€]l, Taco@ T&.F Club, 12: r!, DoD Aade.Eor, bo.e eoFy-free bole kory-ffee fo! for tho tho ol'arplc ssra- _51!:l!4,6t 6; 4, Aade.Eo,, sOC, socr 32r18 321 thon wbich 1s thB the .nlv only ore tllat eal1y 65:05 t';: .i;6-fi";iii:,;--s:";;i3,ii;i6 o6ta. 65!05,8; 6. PauI ilalttaso!, s€.tt16, xole coM6nts! ,{ore com6nLs! vhy rhy dorrt r3.'r7 65t2?i J6c9b., llged, rlaed, dolrt they ther 61so also fln run 33.47 65,2?t 7, D6 Don J6cob., a Baralhon ln the BusEld-USA Deer.? Or€gon, 14:00 6a:27.2i 8. Jtl For1E, Th6y ro the dg€thon dd {a1lr ln Euro- Lincoln Pa* raulelst H6rrlers, 37:17 82.Ir0 42.q0 pea! neeis. Suplosedy lt olght nee too l@y Dalathon. lo! o6n 1D yea.a sh8n there are Eu.olear Cmed, ?d-Ab6, rJr,rrvEsM 0F cElcac,o rEAct cLvB 77, etc. But tbey donri nece6sdlly hare [lICHIcAx 64 (Flliiay. r€b.5, 1960) io 6end the on€-iwo E€n to the ieet if st A& A!bo!, tllchtae alother Eo.e lnpo.tant @ftthon ls 1. Phtl Cole!@r [cTci ?. Dare Lggr sche.Iuled io! later on tha! y6a!. iren Ma!t1!, l{lchLsaa; 3. ltaMgdo!, 1lk€ saplenza ald Byab could have r6p- !CTC. TlEe: 4:18,5 relenied ua reu at Phtledellhta 6nd 1000 Yalil Ba: 1. E€a8 Leps, ilob.i celtalnly iha RusaiaEs roulibri haee 2114.'7t 2, DTak ?ond, Oclrc, 2!14.9i nuch dittlculty flndlng a coupl€ o! l. SylveEter Bob€ltson, UCTC. 1. rr1r1 colele, uctc, 1:54.5! Aile! Gtuebrs trlp io Kolea ladt Se!i- 9jl9i 2, Dlck ro!d, UcTcr 1!5r,Ji 3. E€d enlBr, op6nitrA the doo! of iravel fo. De6ldollf, nlchlgan. naratholer3 ol8ht be one tl1tla Bt 2-ltlle Eu! 1. ltal gldon. UC!C. rould help lalse ihe 6ia!da.d in thts ,1j6.7| 2-- oar vtr,lla;s, icrc, i:45.Jt 3. Dlck Schrerlz, Mlchtad, T11€ Mldrosl EBC ls alonsoltlA s 15 U-19. EgICr: 7. AicbLsdt,3r21.7t 2, E!1e lace @ lialoh 27th. open to all.'

2/1, XASTEEN t4lcfiJen, 21! rlaurl 1/1, Y!3ilalti, '9 4r2r. 8 & e:28.2.. calrolr





fie€t - fi!@lDeE.


F€b.l - 3:!:f,9i 1. Do *E::;"1?ii*". ii";1"-*1it*1,I:,8?'9. 2. Bud Ed-f;;-r E.lelen, 13,58i 3:58 t j. 3. Gar L111 Dlck ?or !o!it, 4:12.2 14:24.,M!gi 1. Drck 14:24.,lltle:



Arlla, ctry, 9:5J: 6. tke ,*THrF{!, n-@*.-"i::T i::",""". uhllbon,Xlls ralo A1to, 9:5j. teatr! 1. ffi !a11romra ( r_14_601 ha A.ttos 5q (50:ll rrec,)! 2. palo nThl! last sohols6Etc alro 76 t5a:)r,?)i f. clayio! vslrsy Be3 a.reat stzzfer tn No.them aallf.. f6 l5rt12)i 4, Uashheto! 113 {tt!5i) seasoh eruIed (Nov.29l ;i:3::;'t'i'il we coDpeteit Ir pAA Jr. x_coutn f; E: *:iy:;,:Lly:,",". Bltn our rop doze! oen all retumle.' ch6np8 aE Pleasst HU1 t&F Ctuir & uver-6t nearny cl6yroh va1l6y, 1a3t flnlshed 4th 1! th. red stardte. yealrs tu.6r_ups, they declaled to ,e nor hare reskly polar Bear cnala€ tnrnaE alit thls they dld, vlrh {1tn ru. a7d ia1ki,.Be!L Eo Iil ;et, a!e: lnrense aredlcatlo! thei,F Lop f1!e n€n 440: Dlck cenLryr 51.2: 880: Bob Enik2t45.\t 132A. Tin Joratatr. 3r32.1: so d1d ou!., bur Bhat Vlke Blodle, 4r45.ri Xlie U;*: varley'6 boys ran st, to .eeeD da;B a '411€: Jih s.tlery, 8:09! 2-fi11e ualk: Bob qe€F - €yery keek _ ald on a r{o :rnd 8oner14es I a day basl!. I orce sa* l,{e. har€ orer 20 pald Eehberd rr our inen rubnlrg att€!tuL€ 120's ttr thel! ulfotuc a!.I club Ero-oey- kolkoui 1tr the oDen sun ,lth assessnent 1n the A]1U as50clat10r. 4s for the tu11Dg3 th€ C.t.r. has rea.Itba 98ol .;.]:"":ti'i"3H"":;*:1::: 1! dlsfavor rlth DJ conrspo.alles snrpi pteced thlrit 1tr the No.Coa6t Fln_ -be It ls a rlse iteclErdn! ";11".i::'ff The rule Bbahes - 1. 'I1le Natrl. Fed_ :ffi !:: 8li,i:"::"iii:"i:i:T:.(3:::- oretlon T&F Aules are offlclat !ut.s. et.. 2. For 6ny neet a boy may €nter Ti:';l.:? ;.$i:$)":* ;T:* ;".i* lou eor6 th& 2 t&f track lt I f1€td or 2 lleld & 1 irack{2ln addltlon a ;:i:l te:l6i;:' :';i,::":X'tsi"i:-:i"" @y-Eay tu 1E retay, etc. 4r1!g bh€ lesular track a6a.on or J. ,nard durha the abm.r arL 1t tas 6!t_ oerr. ,€ nerer_the_tess took secotrd 1n 1! anJ 6eet other than a b.s. 6pon6o!_ our I€aev€i znd t! ou. No.Coast SectioD that Dernteglon Ir g€lted for mttach6d hiueld@1 rro n6xe N.C. Fiets - al1 tees do h6r 6Dirt€. lbto AAU Chadllonshl! eets cobpere 1n lt ltke other sectlons .o!_ rracr or x_c soasotr tE conclud6d, a boy oay ,ot enter a heer :i: ;'Y?1""'s'*35'::l;"?#:.': ;::9"'" corituclerl by the aau u!t€s! such a neer rs a chaop. Eeet 1e: ?AA, 6tc.) or th€ 2 ta6test tron-wlete tlm.e nr EeeD outte Drudlah. tne d3y to dak. flnels! ) but ,lth our yeFy ftl1 .ctobsrra r,ra had t2 boys b.€ak 1l:OO tn the 2 neot achedul€ re a.6 qutte &ttro to D1r6 !h1r y€ar dd wtth a charplonshlD say the fesst! I r6nt all out €froPi pui ln ou lqhool race6. I do ;i:;";i:i?":"?:,i:;'"::iJi::"t Eor. {ant a4y illy€rdtotufy acttvltle6. *e @'€ a sirolaq tf6ttltjon to Dal!_ lntelestrng IeErlLs itrc1u.l.d: taln alrd a boy thls age tEE Dole the Egg!&! !!Eta Dlelslop - Drabto Va11et reDaue H€6u. r1/5/59 2.r t4!\esenolgh to locus hls 'a11 outN attent10n on es tt la. ve ito not E t out*;,i'"i$l"ii;u3;";.'li';;c:;,1: ::i1*- sld. ev€Dte to fxrther fog the sc€ne. u v' 15: qar. a!'t 91113 ard poor arqdos and crazy b1:ed Dp pe.dnt! are bad eno@h. !i;i'u!?'^"iii*'lal';5)btean (on our J5 @n sqart re ha"e 9 caria. +r9.e4:i94! 1.6 hl. - l. M. t6D!e!, cv, scholastlc Podelatlon students-A_a"er_ t'u'' i;i';'il'iTil',iE'ue:06' i,i"!i Bg. 1n ec6donlc wofk-and or! Doorest studsrt iE a c+ studentt ou bovE it#k##-*ffib-;iil" ateraee about ri tu 2l hours of hone_ l. lillke Lehrer, !a10 A1to, 93t1,? rork 4 nlghta a reek and about rr to oe6r the ,€.kenil. lhts hust l!!bii".i5;"3'ii":;."*l'^i?:: ^l:3", ,behourE coaEldered abov6 a!1 €1se) As long aa a boy ls lermltted to conDete B;li';{.l3i.i}?. lD rhe dLst.t.t & tiatloEl AAU ne€ts. ?:,







O!e!- c.nttnued) 1.reer_rhat rhe ples€nt ar6 16 Beatr6!6 Tak€


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,l'iii,!'ii+,!g"ij'ii:.iiqii:'t#*", ilii.i:li:il:i!T[:]:,ffist:I,,ls8i; 1o.oOO letres

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ro*'e ori^pi. irrar" ii4j,Jii,ilfi.4i":"::?";i,11.*:' irlils;i;:':i$il:{"ft$i"ii::!:fi i6" ;r"*::::'' .r ,.eshs a, ,he Esne ;:i,ii'i:""::*; ?::."i: fi:":,i*y*".._:i_:i;"it;"^;:,1:*":;.:ir.H.;.:::__ $ctaf eve.rE 1!ctudjne alht€r1c and,he Dara,bo!

o. l,rlscobsth tr."ier coifr.,ji .411 posllored for iwo weeks itlcheurrico i""b;s & v;s s";te;j. fouo{lng lh. eeEa.inatron of cey-rohrsrhe He lroErsed to ert. uut :ost tiis_


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Qre11.o narlne8, 4: t7.5! 2. cas V€lBlger, DDl,e (2 yard 6. )

n!r-Con!9s! stdfortt. callt. Js. 16: llalr I LJa11a.6. Stanford. 4: I U.4; C,El1ff6. Stefold.4.22-8: nubl€, I,o6 a!ras FS, rr:?3.4r: 4, Bo;re. !,os Altoa HS, 1r:24.0,, 880! r- lloyd_ sts,lo:ld, J:56.2! 2. KtF, sranJo;.d. !:54-l"L.Q.a-a4,-;5tsarc: f . ilshnack, DEtt., 9:5t.Ar 2, l'lcCalla. Belketew FS, lO!00.5,, tO.Oooe. t. flIko l€h!;r. falo alLo 8.s., lt:11.6t 2. gart. uet. S1ANFoRD




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lel Cu€. eC the HlAhlaDdsrs leet In neriLLon, Ontdrlo... L,/o6 ro the anooouta! haadicelper. unfair to all beaoie the .ace, and to the 1oaer6 aftor@!rl.. 6Bt!t blalle lfr nou out fo. the ltlst Lhxa€ rBcea cf the SPAA! AdEoclatlon. F€b.? - lerb.6r Beach 5 xlle ?o11o Bua !eb. t3 - IonE lea.h rr r,!11o a t 1 l{I1e b€ch ( ia--a-"d the Paciflo oc€ah Cnbsllonslrlp! ) & b - ltotrtobello 10 vli6 rM. .. qoJdgq !:plisarj ns8 clesrsd ur & h13 lraining 1€ !.sii€ alons lof,, He h6d an rljectlo.r 3f coltis6n6 direoily ilLo Lbe terd.r sb.arh.. .lgrqr qli4e Fno ra. in the 4 10 ys. ia tha Pan-.Idr. qea d6lectedJas ahodeF Scholer lor r.::r.jeria & {11:l so io o*_ rond..1Dcide.:.:1y olyd€ ha{r tendon rlorlrle thie 11 & h1d 1€s Bs Dut ia 6 cast...a r frrend &na.!-Ieirra*n/ Erl tEaU.. Es p!€tty olscovFAed alter cnlye: 'llty, but at ldst he !4t l;r 23 nlled th1. tine..l1e thillrE ae f:j.: be rsilr tor the BA4. ^l.ltth lce€reo., tl., i!€ alohg 0arathon rtr.s and 1r Jray tunLiDa qell iaom !a ." g Kel: & crcen. ct.,^ €tc.. lo3l ', ehor.1 6 en lhrer€Bt1e !sc;-_,r1y sotrg gr6aI deEllto !-o_.!' :Xl. ,? i,. tha cold {.ath6r or :aieaxt, rllber ia.. "Somd noT1e6. h eol.,-r cf th.- :an-!n caies 6bd ih6 USAliu!$1a dEl :.r,rt featsed th€ Ua1r. of Chlcago lraci. rlub dltuer c6leb€ti@ ',is lenth 4..,.,;!aa.y Iear. Is ttufcidds aFrdld ihe l,lcNel1l Trolhv '.r,whioutsta11, rs Atnlete of the ijCic tii \959- Dozera of cutstanrrns irack and orrlcials (&t to i:rerNtol rbyo. !a1ey of chtcaso) sebt


lett€ls of conslstulatton. to th6 UCTC ard lts lomtte.-ooacb-.ecr.bs_ treasrer lgq fiaftton, o! thrs loth aelversaly of the ctub. l,h€ ECTC ihtu the yoara lE. ooailuotsd a11_ coDels beetB all y6a! huad. olf€!_ rng dlstanco M€E a .haace i. ro ia l0 - 40 Ec€6 6rer:e yea!! phl1 o?-T-lr elgEe!, letlrlla ol!!6i'ril€!t c.rdoll€a at ih. J€ruary 9th aftar....j:g ltcE1aec, dlli€@erlllDer6n the Illlrcl. tlack te&.tu!t dDD.d alclalds to {tn rb; j/d trlia !s9 tu{the 1of.s€8t race lE the ne€t) in the aeEl U. of It1trc16 ht€.D!€1 ntd-s1nte! tlack ie6i o! Je. 14th. l4cElno€ clocked l:?0. iost ot th€ cooletltorg ar6 boer-dllltle flat 1ad5. ve!.lty tEcld.n aa !a!reit,.. T?16 bztghtest 3t* oE the :fi ff s""r'8i. "3::: e roph, ns!1ltn ldr , El1E! 1! 27117 ologa-coetry, abd oloEa-coatry, ad htt hlt 1:58 l:56 lo! to! the half aEdr59, 52s lor lhe lr40- h the laU of ag s iudor h. outc1a3r6d hl6 o!!osltlob ra hlsh-school r6c€.r p1a3ea ld ir rhe llcrc op€u q srrh a 20:52, dir 3r{ itr rh6 c€D_ taal AAg j0o0n x-coEt*, He hsil e 9!49 i{o-n1le a1so, Coacheil by atlsiaace enthustagt Don Aoid6l (Ierola U. & St,ceo. AS), Su11y t€ co@a!tfttln€ d hls ElEed aad htttlnS co!slstently arourd 1:J7 j,rdoorE. (ne subsc!1h68 to ihe lOG. of corse"l Uatch fo. h1d tr br€61;4:20!...l4lildf,e Atlstlc mC aeEbers havc teen !e1DLng ofa chasces lor dlhe! fo! t@ end iEo tlcl@t6 to ih. thl1e. T&uts! Ixdoo! cee6 to @u6oectua Dedoos. the !rcl6ct h61pea ft@ce ih;)lr hrdwlrter lorla aiataDc€ !eET€6.,.The 1959 lilorth{ert All-StaF T&F Teah plcked by the $orihF65i lth16t6 1nclud6! the follortba dtstance !ie.!s: 880 - Dtlor, 1:51^or lt1l€: Jlo Grel1€, 4!01.0; l-r11e - Btll DeUr,r6r, 13!51.1: 6-t{1le - lauf iiendFn! vancouver OlJ|.c1ub, jo: l4l Stce!.- Dtc* fit1]a. U. of o&!oE. 9'22,8t ltaralhon- Ad.lsE VaU. VOa. 2!19!45: Hs 14 € - Vl. s6uti Brtuby, 8,c., 4!14.2: as 880 - T.d AhraD6, crant(Port16fd, orcso!) 1r.5!.1, ,,.1159 ra6 brouht to e thrl11tE clos€ by vgncouyar Olylllc clubr!Nolth Aaerrce Chamlon.htD tn th6 T&E N€e6 teab rgce ?J benr I rl1es aplece). Paul EenAer led tho rey f,1th e n€{ !,c. lat1re record ot 14:09.8 h ihe r'-Au-aaetlo!.d attenpt otr


880 - 1:J6.0: x1le - 4:t8,4r 2 r4rtes _ - COITTNUED) :12.0i 3141tes - 1Lr19.0, bu! -he tsroc\lo! oval In vencouver!s stalle] durab'F chuch hotds eark. u1s rear oa!6s ,€re Dlck Boycp nDber ofJohn ctub recolds: 10 h,te; Ille r14!ro.6), Jacx Eurn"tt r15:06), Vlc l2 ittes 5r!00: - 1:0tr0,1.0: !t trl1es Sleph6@ (1r:1r,r). Drck DoLeras t:1?:j!.0; r:11:oO.O ior 20 jtr'es & (15!16.4) fo. a fo'a of ?L:3rr.6 2:J5:r4.0 ror thc laraLhoFt..,Tqo (eYerage 14:54.9) _1i3 LFaD rEE ln ners f-om Vlltaroea, on€ .roD LSU.'UL fa! better 6hape in the Dec,!2 lace iwo nliers hitb coueae eroerrenee Lhan they 6ho"-d las! Nov.. I €L Spar.t€. eai€ Lh. Quanr,.o vatlhe %se rnth.y thproccd!sIl rlrutes 1r I rp€Ls, o;s luccessfut tra.k drsu€nce Fm Tt sas header rh:rd consecutlve sar- i- ihe 0.1!ed sLaLes rh,6 ypsr (r9i9J, LRtay of recoh break'hs. 0n Noe. ?9. The \lttanova athtcre6 rele Alex Bleckh. re lr:28.2t or l!ov.isplit8n 5r ha dropp6a etridqe 3 5,6". r25 rb. JohN-qRo;Ijbo 14:1J.6! h's Dec.12 sere xoEr. ffis rhF s-cond oif ihe iaad,B 4.)4, 9.27, 14.09.8. H1s lallit Decerber 1-2 lhch utl1 haEpeled by calclu 'EIf rnlroveoenr sfgues 'o. loheer c.os6- rt€loslt6 o! h!€ hlp Ia " .: (he y€a?. coubtry seaso, anit hl8 chqr cc6 ro Lsuis e]]t!n lboS (nor d.6.harpea & threaleo All_ D6l lrger rFr. lube t ar rorilnC Hl,h rh. slaL. deF.t;er.r OLyEpIars Io.!hkc!r,r4r charp,orshros... provFd .o be a r€l.ab-e. EeLhodjcal ayE are'aJ 6-7 ard rhe p.rform-r in all rha coE!.L,: o!,and -€hadian 01ytrlic Trrou!3 rl11 be hetd !1!s p16plnE, {ho sLL.hed -he u;!v. in Saskatooa lrlor to Juty 15...Sholt or N-eEE;fior rrc years. lade r.€of tnluly nothhg should sto!.tlmtnu- neldous lfoepess 1n a shoit tibe. tlae I9!9g fron addins an 01ys!1c tttle the brss;6t Euprise o! the squad ,as to hl6 EuroDean one, and barrt!€ bad !l.9 Z!9.]CL , f;mer raset_. iort-Es br€al 2l hofs i! dolr€ 1!. q1B ror tn oc-ober qfia: spend_ lqnlJ lt00b. cloc\tng ol l:52,1 e€rrr !! Lh€ irg eudLico Lhe !.evlors tvo rontns r a year 6t4rt-ted ao6t €rlerts. sulnarrni ena olored hiosela ol ceat for 6ecoro? {€11€y, SErez, Norr16, value to ihe L;ad.. 1r} &-l.rood (anto.€k, orcoma!, Por6r, Ii4oun o! no tons6. avsilabt€ (.tlEcnalged), rhe ^oD,: aDJ of the JaDE op l6.6ar€?.,. A slep rean i; breekrr€ tn &!s jle&, romer rn Lho rtgnt drrFcLron la th€ Ne{ Jer- sL. Johrrs gfeat. Anona !.e Lrues s€y state Int€.8cho1astlc AA'6 hdoor rcn by the t€s thrs pa6t season are T&f Chaoplonshtoe hetd th16 year o! rhe \atloet AAU 3OOO derer ree Ec€, Jan. the J€rs6y ClLt Amory. 30 klro.baDpronshiD & 1. X!1o Cha[ppubrlc Uter ,0 schoolE, codpprslhg loD6hlp. Breckerrldec sbe!!.red tho some 400 lndlelduals llrod;nrrle;... o1d leaord6 in a1l ihEe or rbes6 fhe 1960 Xo.lce l1sfathon. rhlch 1s to runs...vllfa@ra alljDi ri11 hono! be h61d on october 9th, ;111 be a y€ry J.!A CI_US!LL-! 25 yeus of leFlce a. speolal event, belnA the zrth armlve!- tra^k coach et a dlfteF Eat 2 at th. ea.y ol the fabou6 na.athon. It rl11 or€.!.ook (?a.l Ooll Chb.., orcao! b€ ro to &d rrom a ne{ 6tadt@ of ltElverglr.r c@ch FltrI &lgEgg !!6thich Ko.lce la extr6r6lr ploud and It dicled thac hl8 18-y6ai-ald 60!26 13 auttclpated that the race rr11 .€e Ie,E 94 muld plobably tu 4:08 this a galaxy of vorld o1e6s @.athob Ed 3eao!, but after hlE 4:07,8 rb th6 brcuaht togethe! ro! rhat shoutd Drcv€ r.s AEgeleB Inlltatloh Erle (behlDd a DBthon or canada.s out- taonate Dyrot Bulesonrs 6!06) he 13 atedlr8 .t18tarco rwer. Ia Jgbg g!glg!. nor lhoot1lg for t r0!. !3rloE,a 4:15 iD Deyon Fbalard rr l9lf @ller ln !!op dchool, rB a !6t1yo or anil start€d l.1fflhg {h11€ 6eFvllE ln a HhtsttB.toD cat)-a ScaD*os.. O!e... the B.A,F. at the ase or 19. The 6rltgllgr chtlds haE schedut6A'a ,;r1c! 1rB 1b. church !u!E sbour 55 nlles pe. ?;;-1i61t6l;-, asB. oa sr, pacrircrE reek-nore tn slm€r, le.3 tr {jDt€. & Day. Fo! d6tatt6 Etre to hlE at P.o. tralns troatly or the roa4, rh6b JrrE Box l[84, Spllberreld, Fa6....AusiElnot Loo 6liDoory. se 11k€6 occa6loEl td D6ve po;6r IB baci ln fom. flt! 20 bile run3 ani! he train! halil rath6r lecent 6 b11er l!61de 28 rlnutes glee! Lhan taklng 1! €a6y, lt. doec vcry ltlLl€ htr a.haDae at a! OtmDtc !1t1e, Lrack rork...!e44. (.tu6di ho1d3 four eue.tlon of the oon!h.:=: r.s"iia, club .ecorrts (Gbdstore r{.C. Tolonto) gotD€ to Iolc lts g!i, on th6 800 (UIND SPaIMS








F.g tnq 52t






i=niE rFIHI



02.1960 LDL  

,{ohnI-andy In fhe Long Run it's the New N: l:. t: .,)i -'rl l-- FEBRUARY 1960

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