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>>Our project heads east to Virginia Rod Company just as Kaase Racing Engines wraps up engine build story by Toby Brooks

photos by Jerry Gary, Jr. and Cliff Moore


ow, it is hard to believe we have hit installment 12 in our series detailing how we are going about building a fullguns, no-holds-barred modern pro streeter. Clearly, we’ve encountered a few bumps on the road. However, the lessons learned along the way in a project of this scope have proven invaluable. And just like everything in life, while it may seem tempting to focus on the negative and dwell on shortcomings, such accomplishes nothing. Instead, we like to focus on all the things we have accomplished thus far, and that list is long and impressive already.

Sure, our project Mustang has consumed more than a year and we’ve got more receipts than we will ever have the courage to add up in bringing you a step-by-step and blow-by-blow of the time, talent, and treasures required to build a comparable car of your own. That said, we have reason for real hope this month, as our Project aPocalypSe Horse headed east to the capable hands of Donald Williams and his crew at Virginia Rod Company (VRC). Tag-teaming with our good friend Ronald Bookman, Williams road-tripped a total of 17 hours to pick up our gutted ride, meeting up with the gang from our previous shop near

ROLLING OUT THE PONY This is what the car looked like after 14 months of work and a 17hour ride from the previous shop. After sizing up the situation, VRC’s Donald Williams suggest we start from scratch rather than work around the previous in-process chassis. We concurred and gave him the green light.


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