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July 2017 Celebrating


19 Years

2017 H-D Road King Special Also in this issue:

❱ Tested: Giant Loop Fender Bag ❱ Garage Company Museum Tour

Gilmore Vintage Bike Ride Review

XR400R Adventure Shakedown Tour

The 2017 Indian ® Motorcycles

2017 Indian® Chief® Classic

Stop by our dealership today to learn why Indian Motorcycles® are getting so much interest from both new and experienced motorcyclists. Here are two reasons:



It may look like something from the past. But this Chief® Vintage is all about the future. Behind those genuine-leather saddle bags and whitewall tires lurks something unexpected: progress. A keyless ignition. Cruise control. And a quick-release windshield for cruising around town. So fire up that chromed-out Thunder Stroke® 111 engine. And discover how sophisticated a simpler time can be.

Motorcity Motorcycles is pleased to announce that we are now Southeast Michigan’s exclusive Zero Dealer. We have 2017 Zero models in our showroom. Stop by our dealership today to see what the future looks like now!

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Want to experience the purest expression of the Indian Motorcycle Company? Look no further than the iconic Chief® Classic. Abundant power. Timeless style. Restless innovation.And at its heart, the legendary Thunder Stroke® 111 V-Twin. This is our most decorated bike ever. And after one ride, you’ll know exactly why. Be legendary.


We are now Southeast Michigan’s exclusive Ural Motorcycle dealer. We are still getting bikes built and have supportive accessories and parts on the way but look for a full launch soon. In the meantime, think about how much fun a sidecar can be. If you can’t wait, give Jeff a call to talk about all things Ural. We have already sold a couple!

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Indian® and Indian Motorcycle® are registered trademarks of Indian Motorcycle International LLC. Victory® and Victory Motorcycles® are registered trademarks of Polaris Industries Inc. Always wear a helmet, eye protection and protective clothing and obey the speed limit. Never ride under the influence of drugs or alcohol.

2018 R nineT Urban G/S Base MSRP: $12,995 (including ABS)

The BMW R nineT Urban G/S. Eye-catching. Powerful. Air-cooled. Enjoy the confident feel of a boxer with an upright and relaxed riding position, coupled with modern technology. Choose from countless customizing options for your own unique ideas. The R nineT Urban G/S makes a clear statement: It pays tribute to the early days of BMW Motorrad's G/S success story. Just one look and it's clear that the R nineT Urban G/S captures the off-road spirit of that era. At the same time, its riding characteristics make it a true member of today's R nineT family. It reflects the way of life of that time: People knew where they wanted to go, and they knew exactly how they would get there. Well-equipped at an MSRP of $12,995 plus tax, title and all other local charges.

The source of inspiration: unmistakable. Technology for pure riding fun. Upright and majestic.

BMW - Motus Motorcycles of Grand Rapids 5995 South Division Grand Rapids, MI (616) 530-6900

Š2017 BMW Motorrad USA, a division of BMW of North America, LLC. The BMW name and logo are registered trademarks. TM

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To Our Readers Five Can’t Miss Motorcycle Rides in Michigan by Jason Waechter Motorcycling & Law: HB4617 re: Disallowing Insurance Companies Rate Discrimination & HB4480 re: Handlebar Height by Dondi Vesprini The Preacher Speaks About... Bike Blessing and New Parts for the Bike by Franz Hoffer

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10th Annual Gilmore Vintage Motorcycle Ride by Ray Peabody Vehicle-to-Vehicle Communications Coming to Motorcycles Rear View Camera Systems for Motorcycles NUVIZ Introduces Fully-Integrated Heads-Up Display Dirt Daze Doubles in Size XR400R Lightweight Adventure Project Shakedown Tour by Ray Peabody Garage Company Museum Tour by Gene Southard Tested: Giant Loop Fender Bag by Ray Peabody Tested: 2017 Harley-Davidson Road King Special by Ray Peabody Hamilton Harley-Davidson Celebrates 10th Anniversary

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Large cover photo and small cover photo on the left: The 2017 Harley-Davidson Road King Special at rest during our test. Small cover photo - center: Rider aboard an old BMW during the Gilmore Car Museum’s Vintage Motorcycle Ride. Small cover photo - right: Campsite in the Ludington State Park during the XR400R Lightweight Adventure Project Shakedown Tour. Photos by Ray Peabody.

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July 2017

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The 2017 riding season is off to a great start. Not only have we had excellent weather for riding, each weekend offers a wide variety of events that allow us to commune with like-minded motorcyclists. To illustrate, on a single recent weekend, scheduled vintage events included the 22nd Annual Gilmore Car Museum Vintage Motorcycle Show and Swap Meet, the Rocker’s Reunion in downtown Indianapolis, the Vintage Moto-Fest / Rockerbox at Road America, and a Hot Rod / Vintage Motorcycle Show at Jackson Speedway. Other events on that weekend included the ABATE of Michigan Field Meet, the Muskegon Motorcycle Club’s June Threeday event at Dan Raymond Park, and the Ride for Research Dual Sport in Wabeno, Wisconsin. That’s all in a single weekend! Big events coming up in July include the 1st Annual Great Lakes Vintage Motorcycle Show in St. Clair Shores, Michigan, the Wauseon (Ohio) National Vintage Motorcycle Event, the AMA’s Vintage Motorcycle Days, Muskegon Bike Time / Rebel Road, the Sandy Corley Memorial Run, the ABATE of Indiana Boogie, and many more. There’s something to do every weekend so get out and ride. We’re happy to bring you our July issue. This month, we have a review of the 2017 HarleyDavidson Road King Special. While the test bike wasn’t exactly stock, it gave us a good look at some of the enhancements that are making the new Harleys even more appealing, like the new-in-2016 Milwaukee 8 V-twin and the upgraded suspension, among other features. Be sure to check our review in these pages. Gene Southard offers up his review of the Garage Company Museum (GCM) in Southern California. You might remember that, in February, Gene toured the islands of New Zealand. On his way over, he took some side trips including one to the GCM. While not well known, the GCM is a gem among the small, independent motorcycle museums in the U.S. Don’t miss Gene’s review. We also joined a group of enthusiasts for the

Gilmore Car Museum’s Vintage Motorcycle Ride held the day before the more well known Vintage Motorcycle Show and Swap Meet. Motorcyclists participating in the ride had to run motorcycles at least 25 years old. As you might imagine, there were some sweet old bikes in the group. This was a fun event that’s sure to get more attention in the future. After working on our Honda XR400R Lightweight Adventure Project for several months, we finally set out on a multi-day shakedown tour to test the bike’s durability and viability as an adventure bike. It’s a small motorcycle for a big chore. “How did the test work out?” you might ask. You’ll have to read the story to find out. This issue also includes news about new technologies under development for the motorcycle industry, a test of the Giant Loop Fender Bag, suggestions for several do-not-miss motorcycle rides, updates on legal issues affecting motorcyclists, and a comprehensive list of events coming up in July. W e hope you enjoy this issue. Thanks for reading. Feel free to share this issue with your motorcycle-riding family and friends. Please also buy from our advertisers. It probably gets old to read this every month but the support of our advertisers is essential to our ability to continue publishing. If you want to support this magazine, please buy from our advertisers. They will appreciate it and so will we. Thanks again for reading. Have fun. Watch for distracted drivers. See you on the road or at event in the near future,

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10th Annual Gilmore Vintage Motorcycle Ride by Ray Peabody For 22 years, the Sunday of the second weekend in June has been the reserved date for one of best vintage motorcycle shows in Michigan, if not the Midwest. The Gilmore Vintage Motorcycle Show and Swap Meet offers a big stage and spotlight for motorcycles at least 25 years old. The event attracts thousands each year. Lesser known is the 10-year-old Gilmore Vintage Motorcycle Ride held on the Saturday before the show. The 70-mile ride, open to riders with motorcycles 25 years old or older, begins at Gilmore Museum grounds and ends at the Gull Lake Inn. Two routes have been mapped with a fast route for the larger displacement motorcycles and a slower route for those riding motorcycles with smaller displacement engines and/or those who prefer less spirited riding. The route follows some of the most interesting riding roads in the area with lots of curves, hills, and picturesque views. The 2017 Ride attracted riders running a wide variety of brands including British, Japanese, European, and American models. Among the most interesting was an all-original 1974 MZ with less than 500 miles using the original spark plug and tires. A pristine single-cylinder Ducati café racer, multiple old Harleys with hand shifters, several “seasoned” Triumphs, BSAs, and at least one Norton, and a variety of Japanese hot rods including two showroom-quality Honda CB1100Fs were some of the other highlights. Ignoring the excellent BMW R 90 S, Suzuki GS1100, first-year Gold Wing, Honda CB900F, and Yamaha RD350 would be a huge oversight. Most significant was that all of these vintage motorcycles were being ridden; none were museum-quality pieces meant for show but not for go. The Gilmore Vintage Motorcycle Show and Swap Meet is one of those “do-not-miss” vintage events early on the riding season calendar. Interesting motorcycles can be found in the show and parking area. The Vintage Ride adds to the overall appeal of the show and turns an awesome one-day event into a remarkable weekend.


July 2017

Pre-Owned Motorcycles 2016 Indian Chieftain®, Star Silver/Thunder Black, 2,666 miles, $20,499 OUT THE DOOR!!!

2016 Indian Motorcycle® Scout®, Thunder Black Smoke, 6,317 miles, $9,999 OUT THE DOOR!!!

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2016 Indian® Springfield™, Indian Motorcycle® Red, 4,292 miles, $19,999 OUT THE DOOR!!!

2012 H-D V-Rod® 10th Anniversary Edition, 1,038 miles, $10,999 OUT THE DOOR!!!

2012 Kawasaki Vulcan® 900 Custom, 7,823 miles, $5,749 OUT THE DOOR!!!

2011 Yamaha V Star Custom, Black, 3,065 miles, $3,999 OUT THE DOOR!!!

2011 Kawasaki Vulcan® 900 Classic SE, 11,014 miles, $5,249 OUT THE DOOR!!!

2010 Kawasaki Vulcan® 900 Custom, Black, 23,968 miles, $5,249 OUT THE DOOR!!!

2009 Honda® Shadow® Aero, 3,848 miles, $4,749 OUT THE DOOR!!!

2009 Kawasaki Vulcan® 1700 Nomad™, 11,343 miles, CALL

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2012 Indian Motorcycle® Chief® Vintage, 2,859 miles, $10,999 OUT THE DOOR!!!

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1999 H-D Fat Boy, Blue, 69,737 miles, $6,499 OUT THE DOOR!!!

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DirtDaze Doubles In Size

In The News Lots of technology companies are trying to get into the motorcycle industry. Some of the ideas have promise while others don’t seem quite as practical. You can decide whether they make sense for you.

Vehicle-to-Vehicle Communications Coming to Motorcycles A proposal from the U.S. Department of Transportation would require that all new vehicles come with the ability to communicate with one another and provide information to riders or drivers about what other vehicles are doing. The idea is that providing operators with more information will increase safety and reduce the number of accidents between vehicles. Cohda Wireless (, a company involved in the vehicle-to-vehicle communications market, announced in May that the company will be working with Bosch and Ducati to develop the technology for motorcycles. The technology will provide vehicle type, speed, position and direction of travel information to riders up to 12 times per second. This technology is interesting in that more information is almost always better. However, while knowing what drivers are doing might be helpful, that doesn’t necessarily tell us what they might do. Things happen very quickly on the road. Often, a rider doesn’t have seconds to respond. Also, would this constant flow of information be a distraction to a rider? If we come to rely on the information coming from the vehicleto-vehicle communication system, will we miss what’s happening around us? Is awareness (SIPDE – Scan, Identify, Predict, Decide, and Execute) a more valuable tool? Finally, will this technology lead to autonomously reacting motorcycles (motorcycles that will respond to threats without input from the rider)? That seems like a disaster waiting to happen if that’s the plan. Despite these questions, the technology is interesting. Check out the Bosch video at https:// Despite the voiceover in German, the video shows how the system might work. Stay tuned.

Rear-View Camera Systems for Motorcycles Several companies have introduced rear view cameras for motorcycles. It’s a nice feature to have in a car to ensure no person or pet is behind the car before backing up. Seems less useful with a motorcycle, unless it’s a big touring machine that restricts the view at the back of the bike. The camera view of the rear is projected either across the top of the face shield or in a lower corner. In either case, it seems like distraction to have that view in your face. Besides, isn’t that what mirrors are for?


NUVIZ Introduces Fully-Integrated Heads-Up Display NUVIZ ( is the first fully-integrated Heads-Up Display (HUD) designed specifically for the needs of motorcycle riders. It displays customizable information in the rider’s natural line of sight and features an intuitive eyeson-the-road handlebar controller and built-in HD action camera.

The device, which attaches to the front of a full-face helmet, brings together all of the important functions of your navigation, communication, camera and music in a single device into a single device, allowing riders to stay connected, but not distracted. NUVIZ includes an HD camera that shoots stills and video, and can be updated as new features become available in the future. The NUVIZ system is one of the more interesting new technologies available. Although NUVIZ claims the device doesn’t distract the rider, it’s hard to imagine anything besides what we normally see in the rider’s visual field wouldn’t. It would be nice to test this product before buying since the price is a little rich at $699.

Lake Luzerne, NY: - The 2nd annual DirtDaze Adventure Bike Rally doubled in size in 2017. The June 6-10 event saw a surge in attendance, with all guided rides selling out on site. Several attendees traveled from overseas, including adventure bikers from Morocco and South Africa. The event was prepared for a surge, and attendees reported no delays or issues with the crowd size. “I loved it,” said Rika De Bruyn, an avid adventure motorcyclist and operator of the popular Lowveld Dual Bike Adventure rally in South Africa. “It was well organized, and the rides were good.”

The event offered multiple guided and unguided rides deep into the Adirondacks and Vermont, offering scenic dirt roads and the occasional and optional “hero” (difficult) section. Factory demo rides were available on Suzuki’s new Vstrom, as well as on models from Ducati, Beta, AJP and Zero Electric adventure bikes. Famed offroad riding instructor from Nevada, Jimmy Lewis, was on site providing week long instruction. About DirtDAZE: DirtDAZE is held on a private, 53-acre adventure bike oasis. The rally offers great adventure bike rides, roads through the mountains of the Adirondacks and Vermont, factory demos, obstacle courses, onsite camping and world class rider training.

A Local, Non-Affiliated MotorcycleEnthusiast Club Seeking

New Members Sport Touring is Our Middle Name!

We Ride! ...All Makes of Bikes ...All Over the Country ...On Back Roads ...On Racetracks ...At Novice-Advanced Levels Our members come from all across Michigan and we ride many makes of street bikes - including: • Aprilia • BMW • Buell • Ducati

• Harley-Davidson • Honda • Kawasaki

• Suzuki • Triumph • Yamaha ....and brands in between

We travel to great riding destinations close by and far away. We learn to be better riders. We share camaraderie and a common passion: The Passion To Ride!

For information about membership, meetings, events, or rides, contact Augie Fernandes at or • On

: Michigan Sport Touring Riders

July 2017

Five Can’t Miss Motorcycle Rides in Michigan by Jason Waechter, Esq. The summer riding season is here. Michigan has many unforgettable rides and views best experienced by motorcycle. Here are my top five can’t-miss rides in the Great Lakes State.

MI. In Phoenix, you’ll take MI 26 West. Once you get through Eagle Harbor, take Brockway Mountain Drive. From Brockway Mountain Drive, you’ll be able to take in the shoreline and the lake unhindered. The road is about 500 feet above the shore. This ride offers miles and miles of lovely Michigan beach and forest.

The Tunnel of Trees

Traverse City

The Tunnel of Trees is a favorite among Michigan riders. The curving roads and complete tree canopy make this 22-mile ride unique, and you’ll be able to escape the warm summer sun. To find the Tunnel of Trees, head to Harbor Springs, Michigan and follow Route 119 north along the Lake Michigan Shore. Take it all the way up to Cross Village. Must-see stops along the way include the Legs Inn in Cross Village.

You can’t go wrong with visiting Traverse City and the surrounding region. You have three great riding options in Traverse City. Take US 31 and travel north of Traverse City to see the coastline of the East Arm of Grand Traverse Bay. If you want to ride the Old Mission peninsula, right between the two arms of Grand Traverse Bay, take M37. M-22 will take you west and north of Traverse City along the shore of the West Arm of the Grand Traverse Bay.

Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore

Ride the Thumb

Headed to the Upper Peninsula? Make your way through Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore on County Road H-58 for an enjoyable ride that lets you see the park’s many highlights. The southern end of the ride starts in Munising and weaves through the park. You’ll be able to see Miner’s Castle, 12 Mile Beach, and Sable Falls on your way.

Keweenaw Peninsula This is the northernmost point in Michigan, and it’s a great place for motorcyclists during the summer. Start your ride at Houghton, MI and get on Route 203 north along Portage Lake. Take Route 203 to Calumet, MI then take US 41 North to Phoenix,

This ride will take you from Port Huron to Bay City via Michigan’s iconic thumb. Start in Point Huron and head north out of town on M-25. You’ll continue north until you start to curve around the thumb at Port Austin. From there, you’ll head southwest to Bay City. You’ll have a great view of Lake Huron most of the way, interrupted only by tranquil farm life and the twisting road. Stop in Port Austin for lunch and check out the local taverns and restaurants.

When in Doubt, Ride North Along the Coast If you’re not quite sure where you want to go in Michigan, you can’t go wrong with a coastal road headed north. Seeing Michigan by motorcycle is one of the best ways to take in the beauty of the Great Lakes State, so pencil in a trip through Michigan this riding season. Attorney Jason A. Waechter is a national attorney specializing in the areas of motorcycle and motor vehicle injury litigation. Mr. Waechter has collected millions of dollars in settlements, awards and verdicts for his motorcycle clients over the past 20 years. Jason feels a duty to give back to his community. A portion of each case settled goes to educational resources for bikers, funds to help bikers while their cases are being litigated and our motorcycle accident prevention campaign. Call Attorney Jason Waechter toll free at 1-877-BIKER LAW. Or visit Legal disclaimer: The law is very fact dependent and there are many nuances and exceptions depending on your particular circumstances. Therefore, given the limited space, it is impossible to cover everything. Do not rely on the short

The Great Lakes Dual Sporters is a like-minded group of offroad motorcyclists who enjoy riding Michigan’s vast two-track trails and back roads. All done using a street legal dirtbike also known as Dual Sport. If you’re looking for fantastic dualsport riding and the company of great friends, join us. Check out our website at to learn about our group, our events and much more. Only $10 to join! article to protect your rights.

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XR400R Lightweight Adventure Project Shakedown Tour by Ray Peabody Finally, with modifications mostly complete (see sidebar with a list of mods), the time had come to test the XR400 as an adventure bike. It had already proven itself as a solid dual sport with a comfortable ride, precise handling the street, good traction, and plush suspension in the dirt. The goal from the beginning was to covert the XR from dirt-specific ride into a touring motorcycle capable of long-distance single-track, dirt-road, and two-lane pavement explorations. Three key factors were essential to fulfilling that goal. First, the XR had to carry sufficient personal items (i.e., clothing, toiletries, cameras, books, etc.) for an extended trip plus camping gear and tools adequate to make roadside repairs. Second, the XR had to be comfortable even after extended saddle time. Third, the motorcycle had to be mechanically sound and operate effectively in a variety of riding situations including those mentioned previously. At the end of the shakedown tour, these three factors would determine whether the goal was accomplished. Was the effort successful? The Shakedown Tour would decide. Selecting a destination for the Shakedown Tour was simple. The Manistee National Forest was chosen because it offers a wide variety of terrain,

including two-lane paved roads, dirt roads, seasonal (un-managed) roads, and single track, on which to test the XR. The area also offers a variety of campgrounds, fuel stops, food stores, and restaurants. Plus, the National Forest isn’t so far away that if something catastrophic happened to the bike, help wasn’t that far away. Ideal. With the XR loaded with gear, the adventure began. (See sidebar for a list of the gear.) I rode straight north for the first hour plus before turning

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July 2017

“... [the S 1000 XR] felt more confidence inspiring, complete, and, most importantly, fun.”

2016 BMW S 1000 XR DEMO $13,100

- Sport Rider magazine BMW S 1000 XR vs. Ducati Multistrada 1200 S Comparison

Powered by the S 10000 RR superbike engine, the S 1000 XR is one of several 2016 models still in our inventory and priced to move NOW. The prices on all of the remaining ‘16s - including the R 1200 RS, F 800 GT, K 1600 GT (Save $4,000!), R 1200 R Demo, F 800 GS, and F 700 GS - are the lowest we’ve ever offered and won’t likely offer ever again. In addition to the already low retail prices, BMW is offering tremendous factory incentives on the few 2016s remaining in stock. If you’ve been waiting for the best prices, wait no longer. Stop by our dealership today! 2016 S 1000 XR

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He lm


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July 2017

movie stars in Hollywood. John took some time from restoring an Ariel Square Four to talk about his many years of work. The Garage Company has a very large selection of used vintage parts for sale if you are looking for that hard-to-find part for your restoration. Only a short drive away, by LA standards, is the Peterson Museum. The two museums are totally different in what they display and how they are presented. The Garage Company is very laid back and you feel as if you are walking around your buddy’s garage looking at his latest “barn finds” while the Peterson Museum is all spit and polish with the employees wearing suits and ties. Some of Yoshi’s bikes are in the $3000 range where Peterson’s are about $3 million. Although the Peterson Museum is mostly known for autos, they do have several very rare motorcycles. The 4 cylinder FN motorcycle from the early 1900s looked very advanced for its age and I also enjoyed viewing the Crocker on display. Not all of the Peterson bikes are vintage— they have a H2R supercharged Ninja and a Ducati 916. Inside the Dan Gurney display is his Alligator bike with a very low seat designed to improve handling. If you ever have some time while in LA, try to fit one of these museums into your schedule—you won’t be disappointed—just don’t ask for a ride on the Harley powered dirt bike.

Garage Company Museum Tour by Gene Southard On my recent trip to New Zealand, I had a layover in LA and took the opportunity to visit my niece and her husband. While there, we took in two museums. The Garage Company Museum and restoration shop ( is located in Ingelwood and is owned by Yoshi Kosaka and his wife, Kyoko. After moving to the US from Japan in 1984, Yoshi married his high school sweetheart in 1987. When his hobby of collecting and racing vintage motorcycles got out of hand, he opened The Garage Company. The layout is very informal. You are free to walk around the collection and view the many unrestored machines that are placed in groups by country of manufacture - English,


Midwest Motorcyclist

European, Asian and American. Each section also has a display of accessories and parts that apply to that country of manufacture. I took some time to view the Triumph racing parts on display and see if I could identify any of the parts that I may have used when I was racing Triumphs. The American section has several WR Harley racers and Yoshi’s KR-TT collection. I wondered who would be man enough to ride the XR Honda with a Harley V-twin motor or to drive the vintage auto with a Jaguar V-12 motor. Yoshi not only has bikes on display but he also has a very large repair shop with several employees doing custom work and restoration. John Campon, an employee who was a successful racer in his own right, has worked in the repair business for many years doing custom work for the

Yoshi Kosaka (L) with Gene Southard



Giant Loop Fender Bag By Ray Peabody If you’re planning to travel to remote, less populated areas, you had better have the skills and carry the tools necessary to make roadside / trailside repairs. That was the thinking when assembling the tool kit for the XR400 adventure bike. Having identified the tools that would be most helpful should the XR suffer a breakdown, I had to figure out a way to carry them on the motorcycle. Having had great success with Giant Loop products (and having previously had a business relationship with the company), I looked at their products and thought their fender bag would be the right solution for my problem. The fender bag is made of a rubberized canvas (500D PVC tarpaulin body) and is 100% waterproof. I especially liked the four-point

mounting to the fender using large plastic clips. The system looked secure. The 10.53 x 5.53 x 33 size and three-liter capacity seemed like plenty of room for my kit. Unfortunately, two issues changed my plan to carry the kit on the front fender. First, the kit was quite heavy; too heavy for the front fender. Second, even if the fender was reinforced sufficiently to carry the weight, the fender bag – puffed up with the 8.5 pound tool kit – would block air flow to the oil cooler mounted on the steering head. That wouldn’t work. I decided to mount the bag on the Nomadic rack above the rear fender. Voila’! Perfect. The

on the

MOTORCYCLES MAC Mackinac Bridge Crossing St. Ignace, MI • August 18-19, 2017 Join us at the

St. Ignace



mounts held the bag tight to the rack. The fender bag didn’t interfere with the Giant Loop Great

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My tool kit Basin Bag I mounted at the rear of the seat nor with the tarp and tent mounted on top of the kit on the rack. I didn’t need to access the tool kit during the Shakedown Tour. However, with the fender bag mounted on top the rack, my camping kit acted like a sail in the wind and at higher speeds. The situation wasn’t unmanageable but I’ll have to consider alternative ways to pack the bike. The tent is older and quite large compared to modern, smaller tents. I may have to replace it to reduce the size of my load. When not loaded for travel, the Fender Bag doesn’t interfere with the ride or the performance of the bike. MSRP for the Giant Loop Fender Bag is $65.


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Events Events do change. Please call ahead.

Michigan June 30-July 2 Redbud National Motocross, Buchanan, MI July 2 Max Action Motorcycle Museum’s CRUISE IN Check out the Museum: Motorcycles from the 60s & 70s on display, 80s motorcycles for saleLots of pictures from the early days of flat track & TT racing in Michigan Antique Cycle Awards at 5 p.m. Cookout & Bonfire Max Action Motorcycle Museum 8931 Hudson Road, Pittsford, MI (517) 607-6560 July 4 Sportbike Track Girl Ladies First Track Day Grattan Raceway, Belding, MI (616) 530-6900 July 8 Axemen Detroit present Great Lakes Burn Camp Fundraiser Doors open at 4 p.m. Food served at 6 p.m. $15 / person includes food, beverages, door prizes, and live music Detroit Club House 8480 South Street, Detroit, MI (313) 410-0904 July 8 ABATE of Michigan, Region 6 Memorial Run & Membership Drive Sign up 10 a.m. to 12 noon; Bikes out at noon, $15/rider; $25 w/passenger Includes dinner at Roadside Inn 2241 N. Huron Road, Pinconning, MI Info:: (989) 493-9004


July 8 ABATE of Michigan, Region 7 Scoot & Shoot $10 / person; Sign up: 10 a.m. 100 mile run with 5 stops Challenge at each stop Free rustic camping Proceeds go to ABATE of Michigan Info: (810) 712-1600 July 8 ABATE of Michigan, Region 10 29th Annual Poker Run $15 / person Sign in 10 a.m. to 11 a.m. Kickstands up at 11 a.m. Rustic camping available Friday & Saturday Info: (989) 750-8172 July 9 Bike & Classic Car Blessing Collecting socks for Ann Arbor Veterans Hospital 11 a.m. to 7 p.m. Live music, Free vendor space, 50/50 raffle Working for the Lord Ministry American Legion Post 200 Ladies Auxiliary 11800 Michael, Taylor, MI (734) 231-3622

July 21-23 ABATE of Michigan, Region 3 July 13-16 Biker Bash Weekend 3rd Annual Rebel Road Gate opens Friday at 4 p.m. Motorcycle Rally $25 / person; $35 / couple for West Western Avenue, Muskegon, MI weekend; Rustic camping: free; RV Free Admission This year’s lineup will include national sites: $15; 21 or older Live music, games, motorcycle run entertainment acts, fire performers, West Side Campground bike shows, a tattoo contest, the Bearded Baron contest, the Miss Rebel 7381 Rapid City Road, Rapid City, MI Road contest, as well as food and Info: (231) 350-1622 merchandise vendors.

July 15 Iron Workers MC 25 1st Annual Poker Run Reg. 10 a.m.; First bike out @ Noon $15/rider; $10/passenger Prizes: $150 1st, $75 2nd , $25 3rd Holly Moose Lodge 1168 210 S. Broad Street, Holly, MI N O N - C O M P E T I T I O N


July 20-22 Sandy Corley Memorial Run Primitive Camping Opens Wednesday at 12:00 Noon – $10.00 per person per day (Weds. only) Must have event ticket for early camping or trailer drop-off. Get your tickets early! $60 in advance, $70 starting 7/19 at 10:00 pm Includes 3 nights of rustic camping on-site! Fireworks, Ride-in Bike Show, Field Events, World Famous H.O.G. Auction, Self-Guided Tour through West Michigan, Forgotten Eagles Beverage Tent. Adult Party Atmosphere \ Food Available \ No Pets Please! 2017 Harley-Davidson FLS Softail Slim Raffle: $5 Donation Event proceeds benefit the Sandy Corley Memorial Run Fund at Mercy Health Partners, Johnson Family Center for Cancer Care. Garry Bredeweg: 616.437.6972 – Double JJ Resort 5900 Water Rd., Rothbury, MI 1-800-DoubleJJ

Let’s Go Trail Riding!

July 28-30 July 3 day 2 days of TT Races Dan Raymond Park, Bridgeton, MI July 30 ABATE Region 15 3rd Annual American Legion Poker Run Mystery Ride & BBQ $15 / Run & BBQ; $8 / BBQ only Reg. 10 a.m: First bike out 11 a.m. American Legion Post 200 11800 Michael St., Taylor, MI (313) 613-4703 July 30 Ride for Kids To Benefit Pediatric Brain Tumor Foundation

Indiana July 1 4th of July Bash Free BBQ lunch: 12pm-gone. More details TBA Hunter’s Moon Harley-Davidson 225 Progress Drive, Lafayette, IN765.588.6721 July 8 Elkhart Bike Night �Largest Bike Night in Northern Indiana� 6 p.m. to 10 p.m. Free Parking, Good Friends, Good Food, Live Music and Cold Drinks! Downtown Elkhart Indiana 418 South Main Street, Elkhart, IN July 9 Walneck’s Swap Meet 252 Hospital Rd., Martinsville, IN $6 / person; $40 / vendors (630) 985-2097 July 20-23 ABATE of Indiana’s 37th Annual BOOGIE! Lawrence County Recreational Park July 22 Vegas Daze Elkhart Indian Motorcycles 3016 Brittany Ct., Elkhart, IN 877-856-4326 August 4-6 HOG Pharm Biker Party BRAND NEW BIKER PARTY! Poker Run on Saturday, Field events, Wet T-Shirt Live music: Big Dick and the Penetrators Friday night Cold Call – Saturday night $30/person OR $50/couple Tent camping is free; RV camping - $75 Hog Pharm 7400 North 650 West, Orland, IN Rick Devlin 260-243-2606 Vendors, call Dottie Sanders 260-585-7405 August 5 The Resurrection of Stevie Ray Vaughan 8 p.m. to 11 p.m. The Lerner Theater 410 S. Main St.,, Elkhart, IN A Rock N Roll Blast!

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August 5 Get Wet for a Vet $15/person includes T-shirt, lunch, entertainment; 21 & older only Reg. 10 a.m.; Kickstands up at 11:30a.m. Escorted 40-mile ride VFW Post 360 1307 E. Jefferson, Mishawaka, IN August 11-13 Indiana Motorcycle Preservation Society Presents the Hog Daze Motorcycle Rally At Ballard Field, 600 East 1st Street, in Marion, IN Profits go to local children’s charities $10 /person for the entire weekend Come and enjoy the region’s best music, a classic pin-up contest, multiple motorcycle shows, challenge your riding skills at the rodeo, a burn out competition, swap meet and browse the food and merchandise vendors. Do not let the weather keep you home either, we have a gigantic entertainment test to keep you dry. Check us out a and on Facebook, search Home of the Hog. Bring your party attitude and we look forward to seeing you. August 12 Humane Society for Boone County Motorcycle Ride Reg. 9 a.m. to 10:15 a.m. Kick stands up 10:30 a.m. $25/rider; $40/couple Harley-Davidson of Indianapolis

Ohio Vintage Moto Mornings Vintage & rat rod motorcycles (about 25 years or older) are invited to our inaugural season of Vintage Moto Mornings. These will take place the first Saturday of the month at our shop. We’ll have coffee/energy drinks, doughnuts and project talk. Drive over your old bike in any condition and check out what everyone else is riding. The time is 10am1pm, which also makes it a good place to meet up with friends before a group ride. The dates are: May 6, June 3, July 2 (This is a Sunday. John will be at Redbud on Saturday.), August 5, Sept. 2, Oct 7 (weather permitting) Motorcycle Solutions 3519 Jackman Road Toledo, OH (419) 720-4313 Bike Nights at Wesley’s Bar Every other Tuesday through September 6 pm to 9 pm Wesley’s Bar 1201 Adams Street, Toledo, OH May 26- June 4 Ohio Bike Week Sandusky, OH July 7-9 AMA Vintage Motorcycle Days Mid-Ohio Sports Car Course Lexington, OH July 22 2017 Run to the Ohio Wall Vets Helping Vets Reg 9 a.m. to 10 a.m. First bike out at 11 a.m. Free Pancake & Sausage Breakfast & Motorcycle Ride Kent American Legion Post 496 1945 Mogadore Kent, OH Pre-Registration at

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July 2017

Continued from page 10 west in Holton. No precise route was planned nor was a destination specified. This trip was all about exploration; seeking interesting roads and awesome scenery while also having fun. What’s the point, if not fun? Using the old technology of a county map atlas, I identified dirt or seasonal roads that looked interesting. The map showed some unimproved / seasonal roads just north of Big Blue Lake. I should have known what I was in for by the name of the road – Sand Road.

The XR weighs in at about 250 pounds unloaded and with the gear, maybe 275-280. Sand Road seemed like a good test of the bike’s capabilities. The first section of Sand Road was an improved county road with loose dirt and sand covering a firm surface. Eventually, the road changed to unimproved with deep sand. The XR, which felt top heavy with the mounted gear, was stable with me standing on the pegs and a loose hold on the handlebars. As the sand deepened, the bike wandered with an increasing instability. I didn’t fall but came close. I blame my lack of sand riding experience more than the XR. Despite the near falls,

the ride was fun and we made it through to better roads. This pattern – find an interesting looking road on the map and ride it - continued as the route took us over to Ludington State Park to camp for the night. While our trip didn’t include any more roads with as much sand, dirt was on the agenda. The National Forest is hilly with lots of streams, rivers, and lakes. The roads were frequently curvy with varying conditions ranging from hard pack to loose dirt and gravel. My speed ranged from puttering along at little more than a turtle’s pace to up to 60 miles per hour. Most often, it was in the 35-40 miles per hour range. The XR was never intended for high speed touring and it was perfect for the area we were riding. For two days and just under 300 miles, the XR carried me on one of my most enjoyable rides of 2017. Overall, the goal of creating a lightweight adventure tourer had mixed results. It wasn’t perfect. Modifications need to be made before launching on a longer adventure. For example, a dirt bike seat is simply not designed for day long rides. My butt burned after a few hours and remained painful until I dismounted for the day. I need a better saddle or, at least, a pad. I didn’t pack everything I would need for a long-duration trip but the bags I did carry were full. There were items I packed but didn’t need so I can eliminate those. Clearly, paying closer attention to what and how I pack is essential to a successful trip. I also need to pack my gear so it doesn’t sit so high. In stronger winds or at speeds higher that about 40 mph, the gear acted like a sail; the XR gets pushed around. More work is required to get this factor right. Finally, the XR provided problem-free operation. It ran smooth and cool, unstressed by the load. When I cruised along at 55-60 mph, it hummed along nicely. The Shinko tires provided good traction on pavement, hard pack dirt, and loose sand or gravel. If it ultimately doesn’t make it as an adventure tourer, it’s still an awesome dualsport motorcycle.

Camping Tent Sleeping Bag Air Mattress Small Pillow Ground Tarp Tool Kit (See Giant Loop Fender Bag Test article) TM

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Upgrades Installed Prior to Acquisition 4.3 gallon Clarke plastic gas tank Mikuni TM-36 Pumper Carburetor

Project Upgrades Since Acquisition Acerbis headlamp Baja Designs mirror Devol Skid plate Giant Loop fender Bag Mikuni TM-36 Carburetor Rebuild Kit Nomadic Rack Primary Drive X-ring Chain/Steel sprockets (15 teeth front/45 teeth rear) Shinko 700 Series Adventure tires Tusk bar risers


Shakedown Tour Gear Luggage Giant Loop Great Basin Saddlebags Fender Bag Backpack

1999 Honda XR400R Lightweight Adventure Project

Personal Clothing for 3 days: Shirts Underwear Socks Toiletry Bag, Towel Phone Charger 2 Cameras



2017 Harley-Davidson Road King Special by Ray Peabody Finding a demo of the 2017 HarleyDavidson Road King Special is close to impossible this soon after the upgraded model was released. Each new Special is apparently sold before it reaches the showroom. Good for the dealers but tough on journalists who want a test ride for a review. The Special is especially appealing because 1) it is a stunning upgrade/ modernization of what is a successful model and

2) the new-in-2016 Milwaukee 8 engine powers this beauty. Fortunately for us, we have connections. Mike Moakley, owner of Battle Creek Harley-Davidson, arranged for a test ride on his employee Wayne Paull’s new Road King Special. Mr. Paull’s Special is highly modified, mostly with Harley-Davidson genuine parts and accessories. The exceptions are the Bassani 2into-1 pipes (running down the right side of the



Non-membe rs Welcome

bike. Those on the left side are fake but provide a balanced look when viewing the Special from the rear) and the Memphis Shade windscreen (the Road King Special doesn’t come with a windscreen, unlike the standard Road King.) Mr. Paull installed a Screamin’ Eagle Stage 4 Kit to increase the eight-valve engine’s displacement to 114 cubic inches; up seven from stock. He also installed a fan for improved air flow through the oil cooler especially when the bike is stopped. Other modifications include a 7" Daymaker Projector LED Headlamp, LED turn signal upgrade, combination Analog Speedometer/Tachometer, flush mount gas cap, chopped engine guard, and blacked front axle nut covers among others. The blacked out engine, exhaust, and front end combined with the Hard Candy Hot Rod Red Flake make Mr. Paull’s Special a functional work of art. He was brave to allow us to ride his motorcycle.

. nc aI an ndi of I ATE ©AB

Saturday July 22



July 20-23, 2017

ROCKIN’ ROAD TRIP ‘17 featuring


Lawrence County C Recreational R i l Park P 99 Moore Lane, Springville, IN (Located 12 miles south of Bloomington, Indiana, west of State Road 37 Marathon station) GATES OPEN: Thursday morning at 8:00 A.M.

NturEdaW y Only

Sa n Admissio

4-DAY ADMISSION: $40 per person (ABATE members*). Non-members $60 per person. SATURDAY ONLY ADMISSION: $25 (ABATE members*), $35 non-members. ADMISSION INCLUDES free tent camping and showers, free motorcycle parking, and entry to all events. No one under 18 allowed, EVERYONE must show ID. VISA and MasterCard accepted. No checks. *Or current member of other recognized state motorcyclists’ rights organization (must show proof).

PARKING: Cars and trucks $10; trailers $10; campers and buses $75 (tent camping, motorcycle parking, and shower facilities included with admission) RV campground spots (some with hook-ups) are limited in availability ($150 primitive, $250 water only, $400 water and electric, $500 front row with water and electric ). We will begin taking reservations in April. Reservations allow you to enter on Wednesday.


DISH:ALLA Friday July 21

For more info visit or The Boogie is ABATE of Indiana’s annual fundraiser. All proceeds go directly towards ABATE’s efforts to preserve and promote motorcycling throughout Indiana. The Boogie is a registered trademark of ABATE of Indiana, Inc. All rights reserved.

All proceeds go towards ABATE’s non-profit activities

Thursday July 20


Out on the road, the Special leaves multiple impressions. The strongest is the awesome power of the engine. The Special comfortably putters through city traffic, along two-lane country roads, and on higher speed freeways if that’s what the rider wants to do. However, if quick acceleration is needed, riders will feel the shoulder-stretching, G-force acceleration of the torquey Milwaukee 8 engine with a flick of the throttle. If you ride a Special, hold on tight. This motorcycle launches! (Yes, the test bike had a Stage 4 kit installed. However, it’s hard to imagine that those seven extra cubic inches add so much more torque.) The second impression is the comfortable ride. For me personally, riding a cruiser in the last 10 to 12 years has been a

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July 2017



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painful challenge. The feet-forward position has me sitting up straight (rather than a forward lean as on naked or adventure bikes) which means every pothole or frost heave – even the smallest bumps – sends a shockwave up through my spine. On the Special, that seating position generated zero pain in my back. The saddle is firm and the suspension pliable enough to create a plush ride, even on Michigan roads. It’s been years since I last felt entirely comfortable on a cruiser-styled motorcycle. The Special changed that. Finally, the Special handled exceptionally well for an 818 pound (stock and wet) motorcycle. The only time the weight is noticeable is when pulling it up off the kickstand. Once underway, even at slow speeds, the motorcycle is well balanced. While I didn’t run the Special hard through curves as I might a sportbike, the pace was spirited; the motorcycle was controlled no matter the line taken through the curves. I assume the dual bending valve front suspension and adjustable emulsion rear shocks improved the handling over previous models I’ve ridden. The fact that it wasn’t necessary to muscle the big bike through the curves was impressive. This Road King Special uses the Reflex dual disc linked Brembo brakes with ABS which means both front and rear brakes are simultaneously actuated whenever the rider pulls the front brake lever TM

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or pushes the rear brake pedal. While some purists scoff at linked brakes, these systems are highly effective at bringing a motorcycle to quick, controlled stop, even in emergency situations while riding an 800-pound motorcycle. The six-speed transmission still has the industrial, heavy-duty clunk with every shift but shifts are clean with none missed. Getting used to the floor boards and heel-toe shifter takes some time if you don’t typically ride a motorcycle with this set up. I found myself upshifting into a higher gear when I intended to downshift on several occasions. (Down on the rear of the shifter to upshift; down on the front to downshift.) Nonetheless, a little practice and a few miles were all it took for consistent shifting. The test ride was over much too soon. This was the most exhilarating, comfortable ride I’ve had on a Harley-Davidson in years. The combination of eye-catching style (love the look of the Hard Candy Hot Rod Red Flake paint with everything else blacked out) and awesome performance is sure to make the Road King Special a successful model for The Motor Company. MSRP for the stock 2017 Road King Special is $24,399. Thanks to Mike Moakley for arranging the test ride on Wayne Paull’s personal motorcycle and to Mr. Paull for agreeing to let me ride it. For more information about the Road King Special, visit Battle Creek Harley-Davidson or any of the other Michigan Harley-Davidson Dealer Association members listed on page 22 of this issue.


SATURDAY, JULY 8th 9 a.m.- 3 p.m. • Free Food & Beverage Garden • Live music by Phins Up • Give-Aways all month long from Hamilton H-D • Sale on all officially licensed Hamilton Harley-Davidson merchandise and aftermarket Parts & Accessories

• Ride out on the best 2017 you'll ever own!

Follow Facebook for more details. HAMILTON HARLEY-DAVIDSON 68961 White School Rd. (US 12) Sturgis, MI (just north of the Indiana border) P: 269.651.3424 @hamilton_hd 19

Motorcycling & Law

HB 4617 re: Disallowing Insurance Companies Rate Discrimination & HB 4480 re: Handlebar Height by Dondi Vesprini

As we move forward into the Summer, there are a couple legislative bills pending in Lansing that caught my attention as worth keeping an eye on. One involves an attempt to shore up a silent discrimination practice that some insurance companies employ when establishing the price of insurance and the other attempts to raise the handlebar height requirement on a motorcycle. House Bill No. 4617, introduced on May 17, 2017 by representative Abdullah Hammoud, would consider it an unfair method of competition and an unfair or deceptive act or practice in the insurance business for an auto insurer to refuse to insure, refuse to continue to insure, limit the amount of coverage available, or charge a different rate or premium for the same coverage based on an insured or applicant’s employment, trade, business, occupation, profession, education level or credit history. The hope is that this would serve as a deterrent to insurance companies practicing silent discrimination, charging higher premiums or limiting the amount of coverage available to people based on those factors. Insurance companies would not be allowed to charge a higher insurance rate to people who live in cities with a higher rate of auto accidents or vehicle theft or to people with a lower educational level or lackluster credit history. This will hopefully make insurance more affordable and available to people who may have been charged extra high premiums or precluded from certain coverages based solely on the factors listed above. Many complain about the cost of insurance, but for some, the inflated rate may be solely due to one of more of the factors listed above. If this bill were to pass, hopefully it would deter the insurance companies from these types of practices and would make insurance more affordable for those who were being discriminated against based on these factors previously. House Bill 4480, introduced on April 19, 2017 also by representative Abdullah Hammoud,

would amend the allowed handlebar height on a motorcycle. For at least the past approximate 30 years or more, a motorcycle is not allowed to have handlebars that are higher than 15 inches from the lowest point of undepressed saddle to the highest point of the handle grip of the operator. If House Bill 4480 passes, this would raise the allowed height to 30 inches, allowing a little more room than the current law does. I’m not sure if this does anything to legalize some of the ape hangers that I have come across on the roads of our great State this Summer, but it provides a little more room in any event. I hope everyone enjoys the Summer months out on the highways and byways out there and I look forward to seeing many of you at the various events throughout the season. I also wish everyone a very happy Independence Day and as the proud son of an Army veteran thank all active duty and retired military veterans for protecting our independence and freedoms we enjoy in our Country. As always, if anyone has any questions or if I can be of legal assistance to you or anyone you know who has been injured in a motorcycle accident, please don’t hesitate to contact me as I deal with these types of claims on a daily basis on behalf of injured motorcyclists statewide. Further, for those readers who are members of any motorcycle organizations, clubs or groups, if you would like to have me come out to your group to speak or give a presentation on the legal rights of an injured motorcyclist or on any specific topic that your group may be curious about, please don’t hesitate to give me a call at (248-569-4646) or shoot me an e-mail at I give presentations state-wide and there is never a charge associated with having me out. I enjoy having the opportunity to come out and meet motorcycle enthusiasts from all parts of our State!


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Hamilton Harley-Davidson Celebrates 10th Anniversary Sturgis, Michigan – Retail is a tough business model with long hours, aggressive competition from local shops and online vendors, evolving government regulations, and a cycling economy. Imagine how challenging a new retail franchise can be when, nine months after buying in, the world experiences the biggest economic collapse since the Great Depression. That’s what happened when Tom Hamilton, Sr. and, his son, Tom Hamilton, Jr. purchased the Sturgis, Michigan, Harley-Davidson franchise in July 2007. Tom Sr. owned an auto repair and service shop and Tom Jr. had a background in medicine. Both men are avid riders who had tired of their careers and wanted something different. When the dealership became available, they jumped at the chance to start new careers. Nine months later, the economy was collapsing and the dealership sales were falling fast. Fortunately, both men understood that owning and running a business requires fortitude and discipline. Despite the lean times, they worked on improving their business with the help of Tom Jr.’s wife, Bethan. They cut expenses. They invested in their dealership bringing it into compliance with Harley-Davidson operating requirements, something it had not been under previous ownership. They worked on improving customer relationships and growing membership in their HOG (Harley Owner’s Group) chapter. They spent so much time at the dealership that Tom Jr.’s kids know and are well known to the HOG chapter members. They organized an annual bike blessing and breast cancer charity run each year they’ve been in business to give back to the community that has supported them. By the time the recession ended, the dealership was positioned to take advantage of the improving economy. Since that time, Hamilton Harley-Davidson sales have grown to the point where revenue is 20% higher than it ever was under the previous owner. The number of HOG chapter members has tripled. Finally, the dealership has won three HarleyDavidson Bar and Shield Awards, a recognition given to only the top 100 Harley dealers in the country. They are gunning for their fourth Bar and Shield Award in 2017. On Saturday, July 8, 2017, Hamilton HarleyDavidson will be celebrating their 10-Year Anniversary in business. They will be celebrating the hard work and discipline that helped them survive a nearly disastrous recession. They’ll be celebrating the customers who helped them make it through the lean times and continue to support them in the good times. They’ll also be celebrating and anticipating what looks to be a bright future. For more information about Hamilton HarleyDavidson or their 10th Anniversary celebration, call the dealership at (269) 651-3424, visit their website at, or visit their dealership located at 68951 White School Road (US-12) in Sturgis, MI.

July 2017

The Preacher Speaks About...

Bike Blessings & New Parts for His Bike by Franz “The Preacher” Hoffer

On Sunday, June 11th, we held the annual Blessing of the Bikes / Bikers / Bicycles at St. Michael Catholic Church in Sterling Heights. It was our second year and we are striving to make it an annual event. We had a better turnout than last year even though the heat was ungodly (a good term to use) as it was over 90 degrees. Thankfully, we provided plenty of water for all the participants. The turnout was still a little disappointing as we had right around 20 - 25 motorcycles and just over 30 bicycles but a nice time was had by one and all. Next year the event will be on May 20th; which makes more sense than mid-June as that will put us in the early part of the riding season. We are also in discussion with Wolverine HarleyDavidson to sponsor the event next year. The HOG chapter is considering making it a HOG-sponsored event as well. We already had good support from Wolverine this year as Carla and George donated several items including Orange and Black Do-Rags for give away. We also had our traditional crosses on a key chain that you can hang on your handlebars; the crosses will give you much more protection than a bell. Our youth group had snacks for sale as well as items from the “On The Rise Bakery” – an organization made up of recovering addicts (drugs or alcohol) that bake and sell delicious breads, cookies, pies, and cakes. It was hot but not too hot to enjoy these tasty treats. All told with riders and passengers and families, we had right around 70 people attending; almost 25 more than last year. Plus, a surprise visitor - Pope Francis - showed up!

So with all the bike blessings around earlier in the year, you might ask, “What good is a bike blessing?” We

all know riders who attended one of these blessings and ended up at some point during the year being injured or worse yet, involved in a fatal crash. Well, to be honest, a bike blessing won’t save your life. It does invoke the presence of a higher power but

that higher power can only take effect if we as riders cooperate. By cooperating, I mean we ride in a safe and responsible manner while at the same time keeping an eye out for the “other guy or gal” in the cage who does not see us, is texting, eating, drinking (DUI), putting on make-up (man, I hate that more than anything else), or otherwise distracted. Bikers can also cooperate by always assisting a biker in need. A blessing will only work if we make it work. I am finally starting to install some items I purchased over the winter on my bike. I bought one of those great looking “Ride to Live, Live to Ride” derby covers. I’ve been wanting one for some time now. It was not hard to put on as I live by a saying my Dad taught me a long time ago. ”Plan your work and work your plan,” he said. I had all the tools ready and decided that, as long as I was taking the derby cover off, I would also change the chain case lubricant as well. What I don’t understand is that lubricant comes in a 32oz bottle but the specs call for 38oz. Why would they do that? Why not create a 40 oz bottle? This time around I also didn’t use the specific recommended chain case lube, but instead opted for SYNC3 20W50 oil (authorized by H-D for use as chain case lubricant). The new derby cover takes a different style gasket that covers the entire inside of the derby cover, not an insert gasket that just went around the perimeter on the stock cover.

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Dealer Events

For a complete list of Michigan Harley-Davidson Dealer Association Members, see the dealer locator on page 19. June 29 Red, White, and Blue Bike Night Come celebrate America at our Red, White, and Blue Bike Night!! We’ll have Live music by Overnight Hero! PLUS, $2 Brews from American Badass Brewing and food by Scott’s Pig Roast. Munchies will be serving up frozen yogurt and Those Guy’s Custom Paint, and Jill Jones Alterations & Leather Creations with be out here along with tons of other Vendors! +ENTER FOR A CHANCE TO WIN A BRAND NEW SPORTSTER 883! We will see YOU there! Grand Rapids Harley-Davidson 2977 Corporate Grove Dr., Hudsonville, MI (877) 596-6387 July 1 Zips Celebrates the Nation’s 241st Birthday Zips 45th Parallel Harley-Davidson 980 S. Wisconsin Avenue, Gaylord, MI (989) 732-8000 July 1 Rise & Shine Breakfast Come and join us for some breakfast Saturday morning! We start serving at 9 am and will keep serving until it’s GONE. Great start to your day in the best place in town! Grand Rapids Harley-Davidson 2977 Corporate Grove Drive, Hudsonville, MI (877) 596-6387 July 1 United By Independents BBQ - A Patriotic BBQ! Battle Creek Harley-Davidson 5738 Beckley Road, Battle Creek, MI (269) 979-2233 July 8 Hamilton Harley-Davidson 10th Anniversary Birthday Party Hamilton Harley-Davidson 68951 White School Road US-12 Sturgis, MI (269) 651-3424 July 8 Freedom Run Sign up: 11 a.m. ; Cost: $10 per person Charities for the 2017 Freedom Run: Waves of Hope, Brothers United, Forgotten Eagles, and The Compassion Home! Staggered start, leave Hot Road anytime from 11am-noon, after your wristband is purchased. $10 donation includes poker hand, dinner at Pat’s Roadhouse, live/silent auction available, live music and the opportunity to support 4 great local charities! Hot Rod Harley-Davidson 149 Shoreline Drive, Muskegon, MI 231 - 722 – 0000 July 8 Grill & Chill Ice Cream Party Make a donation to MDA and get FREE ICE CREAM Battle Creek Harley-Davidson 5738 Beckley Road, Battle Creek, MI (269) 979-2233 July 8 Military Appreciation Day Show your Military ID for free food and 20% off all Harley-Davidson Licensed Apparel. Thank you for your service! Capitol Harley-Davidson 9550 Woodlane Dr., Dimondale, MI 517.646.2345

July 8 Lumberman’s Memorial Ride with meal at Desi’s Zips 45th Parallel Harley-Davidson 980 S. Wisconsin Avenue, Gaylord, MI (989) 732-8000 July 13-16 Muskegon Bike Time Hot Rod Harley-Davidson 149 Shoreline Drive, Muskegon, MI 231 - 722 – 0000 July 14 Ice Cream Social Stop by and have an ice cream on us! Gildner’s Harley-Davidson 2723 South M 76, West Branch, MI (989) 345-1330 July 15 WIN98 Ride For The Vets An annual favorite! Get registered here bright and early Battle Creek Harley-Davidson 5738 Beckley Road, Battle Creek, MI (269) 979-2233 July 16 19th Annual McBiker Children’s Day Rally Benefiting the Ronald McDonald House. A 100 mile ride through some of Southeast Michigan’s best motorcycle roads. Registration starts at 9am and runs all day. $25 registration donation fee. Starts at the McBiker McDonald’s on M-59 and Airport Road in Waterford, MI. Run ends at the Shark Club with a delicious buffet at the end of the ride. All proceeds benefit the Ronald McDonald Houses of Detroit and Ann Arbor. ABC Harley-Davidson 4405 Highland Road (M-59), Waterford, MI 248.674.3175 July 18 2nd Annual Beef ‘n Cheddar Run Ride to Arby’s of Standish on the 2nd Annual Beef ‘n Cheddar Run. Ride starts at Zips H-D in Gaylord with kickstands up at 9:00 AM. You can also join us on the way. Call the dealership for planned stops and times Zips 45th Parallel Harley-Davidson 980 S. Wisconsin Avenue, Gaylord, MI (989) 732-8000 July 20-22 Sandy Corley Memorial Run Primitive Camping Opens Wednesday at 12:00 Noon – $10.00 per person per day (Weds. only) Must have event ticket for early camping or trailer drop-off.; Get your tickets early! $60 in advance, $70 starting 7/19 at 10:00 pm Includes 3 nights of rustic camping on-site! Fireworks, Ride-in Bike Show, Field Events, World Famous H.O.G. Auction, Self-Guided Tour through West Michigan, Forgotten Eagles Beverage Tent. Adult Party Atmosphere \ Food Available \ No Pets Please! 2017 Harley-Davidson FLS Softail Slim Raffle: $5 Donation Event proceeds benefit the Sandy Corley Memorial Run Fund at Mercy Health Partners, Johnson Family Center for Cancer Care. Garry Bredeweg: 616.437.6972 – Double JJ Resort, 5900 Water Rd., Rothbury,; 1-800-DoubleJ

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My bike, a 2011 Road Glide Ultra, is known for ugly, black, and extremely hard to remove boot scuff marks on the exhaust heat shields. It’s bothered me ever since I purchased the bike in 2011. I tried everything I could to get those marks off: H-D Scuff Remover, Chrome Polish, Scuff Bomb (not sure where I got that), bug and tar remover, and finally a friend suggested Easy Off Oven Cleaner. It made sense to me, but sadly didn’t put a dent in those ugly, thick, and worsening scuff marks. So I purchased new chrome heat shields. They were not hard to change; just hard to get at the hose clamps that hold them on. Somehow I didn’t expect hose clamps holding on the heat shields on my Harley, but hey, that’s how the engineers at Harley designed them. To finish off the project, I’m going to Jerry B’s Cycle Works to get a new foot board that has been specially designed to keep your boot off the heat shield.

Michigan Harley-Davidson Dealer Association Members 1. Battle Creek

12. Muskegon



2. Bay City

13. Sturgis



3. Birch Run

14. Tecumseh



4. Cement City

15. Traverse City



5. Fremont

16. Waterford



6. Gaylord

17. West Branch



7. Hudsonville Projects still left to complete include replacing the plug-in for my intercom-headphones. The stock one somehow got stripped and when I go to plug the headphones in, the plug disappears into the console. I already have the plug and wiring, just need to install it. The only other thing left is the lanyard that prevents the Tour Pak Cover from flopping all the way over. That broke on me the first time I opened it this spring. Once that’s done, my bike will be up to my standards and everything on it will be working as it should. Until next time, ride safe, my friends. Remember, a blessing only works if you cooperate with it. I have some trips planned for the summer, but right now nothing definite. How about you?

MHDDA EVENTS - continued July 22 Christmas in July - A BCHD first...Christmas in JULY! Battle Creek Harley-Davidson, 5738 Beckley Road, Battle Creek, MI (269) 979-2233 July 29 Dog Days of Summer - Fundraiser for the ROAR Animal Rescue! Battle Creek Harley-Davidson, 5738 Beckley Road, Battle Creek, MI (269) 979-2233 August 5 Mike’s 60th Birthday Bash Food, Beer, Cake, Music Battle Creek Harley-Davidson, 5738 Beckley Road, Battle Creek, MI (269) 979-2233




8. Kalamazoo









10. Lapeer RAY C’S HARLEY-DAVIDSON® 1491 S. LAPEER ROAD, LAPEER (810) 664-9261,


7 8



1 4

11. Mt. Pleasant HOLESHOT HARLEY-DAVIDSON® 4741 E PICKARD, MT PLEASANT (989) 772-5513




July 2017

6 models to choose from in the 2017 Sportster® lineup including, the aggressive, throwback-style, agility and power of the Iron 883 motorcycle. STOP IN FOR A TEST RIDE TODAY.



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Midwest Motorcyclist(TM), July 2017 issue  

Tested: 2017 Harley-Davidson Road King Special by Ray Peabody; XR400R Lightweight Adventure Project Shakedown Tour by Ray Peabody; Garage Co...

Midwest Motorcyclist(TM), July 2017 issue  

Tested: 2017 Harley-Davidson Road King Special by Ray Peabody; XR400R Lightweight Adventure Project Shakedown Tour by Ray Peabody; Garage Co...