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2018 Indian Scout Bobber

Now is the perfect time to buy an iconic BMW motorcycle. We are fully stocked with R 1200 GSs & R 1200 RTs. Special incentives available.*

An icon among travel enduros.

2018 BMW R 1200 GS Base MSRP: $16,895

Infinite riding pleasure.

2018 BMW R 1200 RT Base MSRP: $18,395

5 Mile Rd

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He lm


N Sheldon Rd

BMW Motorrad Dealer of Excellence BMW Motorcycles of Southeast Michigan 14855 N. Sheldon Rd., Plymouth, MI 734.453.0500

“Redefining your motorcycling lifestyle” SM * See Audrey or Jeff for details. Always ride safely and wear proper protective gear.

Selective D r

Take a legendar y ride...

Demo Tr uck


is coming to MotorCity Motorcycles on F rida y, J une 15* and Sa tur da y, J une 16, 2018 Frida riday June Satur turda day June

The new Indian motorcycles are getting lots of attention from motorcyclists around the country because of their quality, style, & performance. Don’t miss your chance to ride any of the 2018 Indian® motorcycles when the demo truck is at our dealership.

Riders must have a motorcycle endorsement, helmet, eye protection, jacket, long pants and boots. Don’t miss this opportunity to test ride the new American icon. * Demo rides end at 3 p.m. on Friday


The ZERO Electric Advantage Pennies per mile Up to 200 mile range Very low maintenance No emissions Fast & Fun

Stop by our dealership to learn about a new kind of adventure. Three wheels have many advantages!

1765 S. Telegraph Road, Bloomfield Hills, MI One mile north of Square Lake Rd. on the east side of Telegraph Rd.


on Facebook at

* Indian® and Indian Motorcycle® are registered trademarks of Indian Motorcycle International LLC. Always wear a helmet, eye protection and protective clothing and obey the speed limit. Never ride under the influence of drugs or alcohol. TM

Midwest Motorcyclist


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Cover photo: The 2018 Indian Scout Bobber during a break from our recent test ride. Photo by Ray Peabody.

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June 2018

Celebrating 20 years of Publishing, A Look Back, Part 1 by Ray Peabody “Are you sure?” my friend asked when I told him about my idea to start a motorcycle magazine back in 1998. He looked at me as if I had said the dumbest thing he’d ever heard. “What do you know about publishing? Just because you ride doesn’t mean a motorcycle magazine is a good idea. What do you know about the motorcycle market?” He had a point. I had zero experience in publishing and had only begun riding again three years earlier when I bought a 1984 Harley-Davidson Low Rider after a 20year hiatus. My career up to that point included retail management, marketing management, and software product management. The only journalism experience in my background was a class in high school and selling ads for my college paper. I had no training with desktop publishing software; never even played around with it. I was starting from scratch. What I had was an abundance of confidence, the willingness to learn and work hard, and a solid business plan. It was surprising how quickly things came together. Other small publishers were generous with their insights and encouragement. One of them, a guy named Kevin Drake who published a Michiganoriented hunting and fishing magazine, offered to lay out the first few issues for me. The price was right and that problem was solved. The next challenge was getting advertisers who would invest in a motorcycle magazine before the first issue was even published. A direct mail campaign attracted five advertisers: Rosenau Powersports, Attorney Larry Katkowsky, Retail Warehouse, Loyalty Insurance, and Slick’s Motorcycle Salvage. (Retail Warehouse continues to advertise with us to this day.) That these companies were willing to take a chance on Michigan Motorcyclist® was critical to the launch. The ad revenue was enough to cover the cost of the first printing plus a small profit. Editorially, the first issue included what I hoped would be of interest to most readers. A comprehensive event schedule, an article about female road warriors by Linda “Helen Two Wheels” Hedden (long distance BMW rider and motorcycle packing system entrepreneur), a profile of Goldwing TM

Midwest Motorcyclist

rider Sandy Schaap, Larry Katkowsky’s first “Katman” column, and the outline for a good riding route in West Michigan. The look of that first issue was amateurish but the articles were fairly well written and informative. I was proud and hoped that I was on course to proving my friend who questioned the idea of launching a motorcycle magazine wrong. From that first issue, the number of advertisers, readers, and revenue continued to grow. We weren’t getting rich but we were paying the bills. As the magazine grew, I began to think about expansion. Two years after the first issue hit the stores, Midwest Motorcyclist™ was launched in Ohio and Indiana. A year after that, we expanded again, this time into Illinois and W isconsin. Because we were reaching a bigger audience, the magazine started attracting national advertisers like Triumph, Ducati, Kymco, and Suzuki. The number of pages in each issue climbed to a high of 52 pages. The magazine was a success but the print publishing environment was changing. First, in the early years of the last decade, the internet was becoming a significant force; a tool that many retailers were using to promote their businesses. Online stores began selling a wide variety of motorcycle products at prices dramatically less than could be found in local shops. Japanese motorcycle dealerships were quick to take advantage of the internet because their markets were being diminished by low-price oriented competitors. Motorcycle buyers were driving 250 miles to save $100 on a motorcycle purchase. To save money, those dealerships were using less expensive tools like email for their existing customers and social media to attract new customers. Second, just when motorcycle sales were hitting near record levels – more than one million units a year – the economy collapsed. W ithin two years, approximately half of the motorcyclerelated businesses closed. Motorcycle unit sales also fell to half of what they had been just a year earlier. Those

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23th Annual


Saturday - Swap Only Sunday - Show & Swap


June 9—10, 2018 9 a.m. to 4 p.m.

G®½ÃÊٛ CƒÙ Mçݛçà 6865 Hickory Rd, Hickory Corners, MI Midway between Kalamazoo, Battle Creek, Lansing and Grand Rapids

Registration info at: BMW Motorcycles of Detroit



Friday, June 22, 2018 - 9 a.m. - 5 p.m. Saturday, June 23, 2018 -10 a.m. - 3 p.m. Demo rides from BMW’s Factory Demo Truck both days! (Weather Permitting) Discounts on BMW Rider’s Apparel Food Truck Refreshments Hope To See You There!

BMW Motorcycles of Detroit 1301 S Rochester Rd, Suite B, Rochester Hills, MI

(248) 402-4013 • 5


2018 Indian Scout Bobber by Ray Peabody A couple years ago, manufacturers began considering ways to adapt existing models to better reach niche markets. For example, BMW adapted the retro-looking R nineT to reach riders interested in scramblers, vintage road racing, and Dakar racing. Triumph developed their Thruxton and Bobber models from the Bonneville. Now Indian Motorcycles has created a Bobber from its successful Indian Scout. This makes good sense from the manufacturer’s perspective. They can sell into niche custom markets without having to design and build an entirely new motorcycle. While some purists will scoff at the thought of a manufactured custom, enthusiasts can get the look and feel of a retro custom while also getting modern technology and quality. That’s win-win. That thinking was in the back of my mind when MotorCity Motorcycles offered me the opportunity to ride the new Indian Scout Bobber. According W ikipedia, a “bobber” is a style of customized motorcycle, originally “called a ‘bob-job’ from the 1930s through 1990s. The typical construction includes stripping excess bodywork from a motorcycle; removing the front fender, and shortening the rear fender, which is “bobbed” (as in bob-tail), and all superfluous parts removed to reduce weight.” [https://]

The Scout Bobber matches up with that description quite well. The rear suspension has been lowered to give the Bobber a lower profile than the standard Scout; the saddle height is only 25.6” and Bobber’s ground clearance is just 4.2”. Both the front and rear fenders have been chopped; the rear fender ends just behind top center of the rear tire. The license plate holder is mounted off to the left side of the rear tire. The bar-end mirrors provide excellent visibility to the side and rear of the Bobber while also contributing to the custom style. The headlight is shrouded by a nacelle for an integrated appearance. The low, brown solo saddle has the appearance of old school tuck-and-roll. W ider, flatter street tracker-style handlebars not only help with the low, lean look but are effective when turning at speed. The Bobber is a great looking machine. Out on the road, I was reminded why I liked the standard Scout we tested for a story in an earlier issue. The 100 horsepower, 69 cubic inch, liquid-cooled v-twin is an impressive engine. The tuning is flexible enough to allow riders to putt around at slow speeds in an urban environment while also providing sufficient torque (72 foot pounds of torque at 6,000 rpms) for quick acceleration when it’s necessary or

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Upcoming Events May 26-27, 2018 - CA Superbike School @ VIR BMW of Grand Rapids goes to California Superbike School! We are planning two trips to the CSS for 2018! The first event is at Barber Motorsports Park on May 26th and 27th. Sign up is standard with California Superbike School. When signing up online, include BMWMCGR on your friend's list. If you prefer to call, tell Ginny that you are in our group.

June 9-10 - Off-Road Foundations School Off Road Foundations Level 1 right here in the Grand Rapids area! Bill Conger (Dakar Rally competitor) and Elizabeth Allen (racer, rider & former BMW Instructor) will be here for a two-day course. Only 12 spots available. Call today with a deposit to reserve your spot!

June 19-21, 2018 - Harbor Springs Demo Days Demo rides will be for 45 minutes and start on the hour. Advanced scheduling is required. Don't forget your driver's license and car(auto) insurance and appropriate riding gear! We will announce demo bikes that will be available soon! Call 616-530-6900 for more information!

June 29, 2018 - Ladies First Track Day @ Grattan Raceway July 3-4, 2018 - Dealership Closed for Independence Day Have an enjoyable 4th of July Holiday!

BMW-Motus Motorcycles of Grand Rapids 5995 South Division, Grand Rapids, MI (616) 530-6900 • 6

June 2018

Progressive Laconia Motorcycle Week: A Family Tradition

8th Annual VINTAGE RALLY National Motorcycle Museum, Anamosa, Iowa

June 9-17 Weirs Beach, New Hampshire This year marks the 95th Laconia Motorcycle Week, a tradition that has certainly piled up a lot of stories and interesting characters along the way. None more so than Lance Blais, whose first visit to the event was way back in 1952. Excuse him for not remembering the occasion, as he was just a toddler, arriving in the sidecar of his father’s motorcycle. As one of nine children (count them: Linda, Larry, Lance, Lauren, Lee, Lon, Luke, Landon and Lisa), Lance and his family have been back every year since, apart from the occasional war (Lance joined the military in 1966). With the addition of each new family member, the sidecar simply got bigger and bigger, Lance recalling a story where the trip to Laconia during a rainstorm forced 2 stops along the way. One to poke holes in a shower curtain that served as their poncho, the other to punch a crowbar through their sidecar to drain out the accumulating rainwater. Ask Lance about his experience at Laconia Motorcycle Week and he’ll never run short on colorful tales of his family’s adventures. They were a staple at the rally, winning “Best Dressed” awards, nine years in a row, for their colorful, matching outfits. “People think that riders are a specific type of person, they’re not. Riders at Motorcycle Week come from all walks of life; rich, poor, doctors, lawyers and, like me, a baker.” It’s true, Laconia Motorcycle Week attracts all kinds with a shared passion for motorcycles and riding. The event has something for everyone, hill climbs, races, live music, incredible vendors and tons of riding opportunities in one of the most scenic regions of New England. But take it from Lance who says, “Motorcycle Week is a place to be yourself. Your expression is in your bike and the way you dress. I choose patriotic colors because I’m proud to be a veteran. It makes me happy when people stop and take notice. It’s a place to be noticed and share a little camaraderie with others that want to have a good time in a special place like the Weirs. People know me here. I started out coming with 8 brothers and sisters. Now my family includes all these people here and it makes me smile.” To hear more from Lance Blais, click here: Laconia Motorcycle Week® gives great appreciation to all of our sponsors, especially our Presenting Sponsors: Progressive, AMSOIL, American Iron Outfitters and AARP as well as the State of New Hampshire for their large financial support of our rally each year.

Vintage Rally 2018 is a great time to visit the National Motorcycle Museum, walk through the free Swap Meet and Bike Show and spend time with several special guests. Steve McQueen’s famed Indian Chief Chopper will be taken off display, fired up and discussed by American Pickers’ David Ohrt. Recently inducted Hall of Famer Gloria Tramontin Struck will discuss her life of riding and her new book. Harley-

space in the two day Swap Meet. If you attend Vintage Rally 2018 on June 23 & 24, 2018 you can also enjoy J&P Cycles Iowa Rally that same weekend just up the road one one mile. For more information go to EVENTS on the National Motorcycle Museum website,

Davidson family member Jean Davidson will preview the upcoming Harley-Davidson Motor Company 115th Anniversary. The actual Vincent Black Lightning ridden by Rollie Free in 1948 across the Bonneville Salt Flats will still be on display in STREAMLINERS presented by J&P Cycles. You are invited to enter antique and vintage bikes in the one day Bike Show, or sign up for a Swap Meet

Pre-Owned Motorcycles 2016 BMW F 700 GS, Light White, 9,781 miles, 2016 H-D Street Glide Special, Blue, 11,000 miles, 2015 BMW F 800 GT, Light White, 2,052 miles, 2015 BMW S 1000 RR, Racing Red, 1,300 miles, 2014 Aprilia Dosoduro 750, White, 37,225 miles, 2014 Ducati Monster 1200, Red, 10,000 miles, 2014 Yamaha VMAX, Grey, 6,064 miles, 2013 BMW F 800 GS, Alpine White, 14,000 miles, 2013 BMW R 1200 GS, White, 8,200 miles, 2013 BMW R 1200 R, Blue, 4,622 miles,

$8,950 $17,950 $9,450 $13,490 $5,950 $7,450 $11,800 $8,450 $12,950 $9,800

2012 BMW R 1200 RT-P, 2011 BMW K 1300 S, 2010 BMW S 1000 RR, 2009 BMW R 1200 RT, 2007 BMW K 1200 GT, 2005 BMW F 650 GS, 2005 Suzuki V-Strom, 2005 BMW R 1200 RT, 2003 BMW R 1150 RT, 1998 BMW R 1200 C,

BMW-Motus Motorcycles of Grand Rapids 5995 South Division, Grand Rapids, MI TM

Midwest Motorcyclist

Largest Inventory of pre-owned BMW Motorcycles in the Midwest! Black, 32,779 miles, $8,450 Red, 20,421 miles, $8,999 Motorrad Tri-Color, 14,000 mi.,$9,950 Brown, 42,091 miles, $8,950 Grey, 41,000 miles, $5,950 Yellow, 55,000 miles, Call Red, 8,300 miles, $3,450 Red, 95,000 miles $4,950 Blue, 122,000 miles, $3,500 Ivory, $7,450

(616) 530-6900 7

Negligent Teen Driver Kills Motorcyclist Why Graduated Licensing Programs are Necessary by Jason Waechter, Esq. The change in seasons brings a smile to every motorcyclist’s face, but it also brings a new crop of young novice drivers to the roadways. Teens all over the country proudly show off their Learner’s Permits, and simply cannot wait to get behind the wheel. Unfortunately, those eager new drivers are twice as likely to be involved in a fatal crash. Recently, our office was retained by the family of a 21-year-old motorcyclist who was tragically killed. He was operating his motorcycle safely and legally, on a public roadway, but the negligent 16-year-old driver had three teenaged passengers in the car with her, and pulled out in front of him. My normal in-depth investigation and legal research for this case led me to the national statistics about teen drivers and the review of Graduated Driver Licensing (GDL) programs.

Teen Driving Statistics It is generally understood that operating a motor vehicle is a big responsibility. However, the standard inexperience and expected lack of maturity in teens can introduce variables which increase the risk factors for an accident. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration

(NHTSA), motor vehicle crashes are the leading cause of death among American teens, accounting for more than one-third of all deaths of 16-18-year-olds. To understand the reasons why, we must first observe the obvious: immaturity and distractions can result in negligent actions, such as speeding, risk taking and lack of seatbelt use. New drivers simply don’t have the knowledge or experience necessary to appropriately respond to potential hazards. This is why every state, including the District of Columbia, has implemented some sort of GDL program: a multi-tiered licensing system for young drivers, with restrictions gradually lifting upon completion of each level.

National GDL Programs All GDL programs have three levels, the first of which being the most restrictive. Usually at this stage, driving privileges are only afforded when a parent, legal guardian or designated licensed adult is present. There is a minimum age requirement and a certain number of driving hours the new motorist must complete before advancing to the second level. At the second or intermediate level, teens are generally permitted to drive without supervision, but are significantly limited with regards to nighttime driving, as well as the number of passengers permitted in the vehicle (many states limit the number to zero). The reason? When young drivers bring their friends along for the ride, the Pet Carriers fatality risk is 3.6 times for Your higher and, sadly, the risk increases with the number Motorcycle

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Fax: (269) 651-8767 1640 S. Centerville Road (M-66 South) , Sturgis, MI

We accept all major credit cards Call (269) 651-2464 now or visit our on-line store at


of passengers. Driving after dark also brings a new set of variables, including an increase in difficulty and a stronger chance the young driver is tired or under the influence of alcohol. Of all teen crash deaths, 40% occur at night. It is sobering to note that the crash risk for teens who drink and drive is far greater than that of their adult counterparts, even with equal blood alcohol levels. Regardless of the state, GDL programs impose restrictions on young drivers for good reason: it is for their own safety, as well as that of other drivers on the road. Distraction presents itself at every turn – car radios, cell phones, GPS apps and the actions of other passengers can momentarily shift the driver’s focus. It only takes a moment for tragedy to strike, as we have clearly seen with the case I previously mentioned. In the new case in our office, I feel inexperience, immaturity and distraction all played a role in the motorcyclist’s death and had the young woman been paying attention, the crash would have never happened. When anyone is behind the wheel, a driver’s vigilance is required. I also feel that there is a significant amount of responsibility for a teen’s driver education which rests squarely on the shoulders of the parents. All parents would be wise to educate themselves on their state’s GDL program and be aware of the driving restrictions placed upon their child. Teach them how important it is to take the time to gain experience and understand the risks when taking the wheel. Enforcing safe driving habits early will help them move on from their ‘novice’ status and ensure everyone’s safe arrival home. Attorney Jason A. Waechter is a national attorney specializing in the areas of motorcycle and motor vehicle injury litigation. Mr. Waechter has collected millions of dollars in settlements, awards and verdicts for his motorcycle clients over the past 20 years. Jason feels a duty to give back to his community. A portion of each case settled goes to educational resources for bikers, funds to help bikers while their cases are being litigated and our motorcycle accident prevention campaign. Call Attorney Jason Waechter toll free at 1-877-BIKER LAW. Or visit Legal disclaimer: The law is very fact dependent and there are many nuances and exceptions depending on your particular circumstances. Therefore, given the limited space, it is impossible to cover everything. Do not rely on the short article to protect your rights.

The Great Lakes Dual Sporters is a like-minded group of offroad motorcyclists who enjoy riding Michigan’s vast two-track trails and back roads. All done using a street legal dirtbike also known as Dual Sport. If you’re looking for fantastic dualsport riding and the company of great friends, join us. Check out our website at to learn about our group, our events and much more. Only $10 to join!

June 2018

Upgrade Your BMW S 1000 RR with HP Accessories The BMW S 1000 RR is recognized as one of the most technically advanced and competitive superbikes - for either the road or track - in the market. To help make the RR even more appealing, BMW Motorrad recently announced the introduction of the HP Accessories package for the motorcycle. The package contains eight add-ons normally found only on the HP4, including:

8. HP AXLE PROTECTORS - Highly abrasionresistant plastic dropprotection pads for front and rear axles protect the fork and swing arm from damage. MSRP: $233.76 (2 sets) For more information about any of these HP accessories for the RR, contact your local BMW Motorcycles dealer.


Wear Hi Viz Riding Gear

1. HP SPORTS SILENCER BY AKRAPOVIC - A top-class feature for top quality sound. 100% titanium silencer with a carbon end-cap and heat shield plus laser-engraved HP logo. High quality sound turns every ride into a thrilling experience. MSRP: $1,720.00 2. HP PASSENGER FOOTRESTS CNC-milled HP footrests combine aesthetic appeal with exceptional functionality. MSRP: $262.00 (set) 3. HP BRAKE LEVER PROTECTOR An essential on the racetrack, and a show of racing pedigree on the street. MSRP: $215.38 4. TINTED WINDSHIELD - A trackstyle edge that deflects oncoming wind. Same dimensions as stock clear windscreen. MSRP: $299.34 5. HP FOLDING CLUTCH AND BRAKE LEVERS - Built with corrosion-resistant, anodized aluminum, CNC-milled HP brake and clutch levers are both stylish and highly practical. Easily adjustable to provide the most suitable position for every rider. Folding Clutch Lever MSRP: $289.82; Folding Brake Lever MSRP: $289.82 6. HP RIDER FOOTPEGS - CNCmilled HP foot pegs combine aesthetic appeal with exceptional functionality. A wide range of adjustment options offer versatility for ergonomics and track-style riding. HP Rider Footpeg Assembly, Right MSRP: $524.00; HP Rider Footpeg Assembly, Left MSRP: $524.00 7. HP ENGINE PROTECTORS Aluminum engine protectors with plastic sliders provide additional protection. HP Engine Protector, Right MSRP: $152.75; HP Engine Protector, Left MSRP: $198.61 TM

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Dealer Events

For a complete list of Michigan Harley-Davidson Dealer Association Members, see panel >>>> May 26 Memorial Day Cookout Our annual Patriotic BBQ! Come see us! Battle Creek Harley-Davidson 5738 Beckley Road, Battle Creek, MI (269) 979-2233 May 26 12th Annual Blessing of the Bikes Hamilton Harley-Davidson 68951 White School Road US-12 Sturgis, MI (269) 651-3424 May 31- June 2 Harley-Davidson Demo Truck Perry Harley-Davidson 5331 S. Sprinkle Rd, Kalamazoo, MI (269) 329-3450 June 2 Open House Live music, food, great times Capitol Harley-Davidson 9550 Woodlane Dr., Dimondale, MI 517.646.2345 June 2 School’s Out for Summer Kick-Off Party Hot dog Bar, Freedom Demo Days, Riding Academy Sign-Up Battle Creek Harley-Davidson 5738 Beckley Road, Battle Creek, MI (269) 979-2233 June 2 Open House LIVE MUSIC-FOOD & GREAT TIMES! Capitol Harley-Davidson 9550 Woodlane Dr., Dimondale, MI 517.646.2345 June 2 Annual Miller run Registration begins at 10:00am at Artesian Wells! Last hand drawn at 5:30pm! $15 per rider and $5 per passenger. Poker Style Run! Cement City Harley-Davidson 18655 US-12, Cement City, MI 517.252.2030 June 9 115th & 55 Anniversary Party Celebrate with us. Harley’s 115th and 55 years in the motorcycle business for us. Gildner’s Harley-Davidson 2723 South M 76, West Branch, MI (989) 345-1330 June 8-10 Zips 45th Parallel Harley-Davidson’s Ride to the Rock ‘n Roll Hall of Fame Dealer ride To Cleveland to the Rock ‘n Roll Hall of Fame and onto Niagara Falls, Ontario. Zips 45th Parallel Harley-Davidson 980 S. Wisconsin Ave, Gaylord, MI (989) 732-8000 June 9 Haven Donation Day It’s time to give and receive. Bring a donation for the Haven and we’ll give you a $5 give card Items to donate: Coffee, Industrial


size canned goods, Hand towels, Laundry detergent, Toothpaste/tooth brushes, Deodorant, Shampoo/ conditioner, Foot powder, Feminine hygiene products, Soap, Hand sanitizer Battle Creek Harley-Davidson 5738 Beckley Road, Battle Creek, MI (269) 979-2233 June 11 Customer Appreciation Day Perry Harley-Davidson 5331 S. Sprinkle Rd, Kalamazoo, MI (269) 329-3450 June 15 Bike Nite Live Music featuring J R Clark and the All-Star Blues Mob Perry Harley-Davidson 5331 S. Sprinkle Rd, Kalamazoo, MI (269) 329-3450 June 16 Summer Open House Bigges t party of the summer! Battle Creek Harley-Davidson 5738 Beckley Road, Battle Creek, MI (269) 979-2233 June 16 Father’s Day Event Capitol Harley-Davidson 9550 Woodlane Dr., Dimondale, MI 517.646.2345 June 23 Open House Grand Rapids Harley-Davidson 2977 Corporate Grove Drive Hudsonville, MI (877) 596-6387 June 23 Summer Luau Pulled pork, Pineapple, & Tropical drinks galore! Best Hawaiian shirt wins a gift card and free leis with every test ride. Don’t miss out! Battle Creek Harley-Davidson 5738 Beckley Rd, Battle Creek, MI (269) 979-2233 June 24 Harley Heros Ride & Event ABC Harley-Davidson 4405 Highland Road (M-59) Waterford, MI 248.674.3175

Michigan Harley-Davidson Dealer Association Members 1. Battle Creek

12. Muskegon



2. Bay City

13. Sturgis



3. Birch Run

14. Tecumseh



4. Cement City

15. Traverse City



5. Fremont

16. Waterford



6. Gaylord

17. West Branch





8. Kalamazoo




9. Lansing

June 28 Bike Night in Downtown Sturgis Hamilton Harley-Davidson 68951 White School Road US-12 Sturgis, MI (269) 651-3424


June 29-30 Demo Days Hamilton Harley-Davidson 68951 White School Road US-12 Sturgis, MI (269) 651-3424


June 30 Independence Day BBQ Battle Creek Harley-Davidson 5738 Beckley Rd, Battle Creek, MI (269) 979-2233


10. Lapeer


5 12







1 4

11. Mt. Pleasant




June 2018


Midwest Motorcyclist


ϯϱϭϵ:ĂĐŬŵĂŶZĚ͘ŝŶdŽůĞĚŽ ϰϭϵͲϳϮϬͲϰϯϭϯ 

Continued from page 6- Bobber Test

‡ Motorcycle, Dirt Bike & ATV ‡ Parts, Service & Sales ‡ Helmets, Apparel

A Local, Non-Affiliated MotorcycleEnthusiast Club Seeking

New Members Sport Touring is Our Middle Name!

Our members come from all across Michigan and we ride many makes of street bikes - including: • Harley-Davidson • Honda • Kawasaki

• Suzuki • Triumph • Yamaha ....and brands in between

We travel to great riding destinations close by and far away. We learn to be better riders. We share camaraderie and a common passion: The Passion To Ride!

For information about membership, meetings, events, or rides, contact Augie Fernandes at or • On


controls, my upper body was leaning forward to reach the handlebars and my legs were reaching forward to get to the pegs. The effect was like being bent in half. This position wasn’t uncomfortable for the hour and a half I was riding but could be after a longer period in the saddle. I found that when I sat up closer to the gas tank, I was more comfortable. There is a picture on the Indian website of an attractive, raised springer-style seat mounted on the Bobber. I didn’t see any other information about it but it appears that that saddle might be the solution to my seating position issue. Overall, I enjoyed riding the Indian Scout Bobber. The design is appealing to the eye and the motorcycle got lots of attention at intersections. The engine and sixspeed transmission are excellent. As I’ve aged, I’ve come to appreciate a smoother ride more than I did when I was younger. However, I also still appreciate precise handling when riding fast. Getting both is an unobtainable dream when the roads are as bad as they are here in the Midwest. MSRP starting at $11,499


We Ride! ...All Makes of Bikes ...All Over the Country ...On Back Roads ...On Racetracks ...At Novice-Advanced Levels

• Aprilia • BMW • Buell • Ducati

simply desireable to get up to speed in a hurry. Riders of the Bobber have plenty of top end speed for freeway cruising. The exhaust note is generally quiet but offers a throaty growl under acceleration. The single disk brakes both front and rear are effective in bringing the Bobber to quick, controlled stops. The Bobber’s 41mm front telescopic fork offers 4.7” of travel while the twin rear shocks have just 2”. That’s the cost of that lower profile. It’s not an issue on smooth streets. However, on rough roads like we have here in Michigan, 2” of travel doesn’t provide much cushion when hitting a frost heave or pot hole. As you might expect, the Bobber’s stiff suspension, uncomfortable on damaged roads, made for precise handling on smooth roads. Finding suspension settings that work equally well no matter the quality of the road surface is difficult, if not impossible. Bobber designers seem to set its suspension up for smoother roads. The seating position felt awkward for me. The low saddle is firm and comfortable. Unfortunately, when combined with the low, flat handlebars and the forward-mounted footpegs and

: Michigan Sport Touring Riders

Insurance Agency Motorcycle and Auto insurance for 53 Years! • Motorcycles • Homeowners • ATVs • Personal Watercraft • Motorhomes • Snowmobiles • Boats Serving • Autos Michigan Call or stop by our office for a free quote: residents 32743 Woodward Avenue, Royal Oak, MI 48073 only (248) 549-4300

Toll free (800) 400-8564

June 2018

Motorcycling & Law

House Bill 5699 re: Not Raising Auto Insurance Premiums if Insured Was Not at Fault for Accident by Dondi Vesprini In a motorcycle accident situation where the involved motor vehicle was uninsured, the law calls for the motorcyclist to make their claim for No Fault benefits with his/her own auto insurer. In these situations, I have had clients who are apprehensive about making such a claim with their auto insurer because they don’t want their auto insurance premiums to go up. In these situations, the apprehension is not all together misplaced as there have been instances where the applicable insurance company raises premiums in these situations, even if the insured was not at fault for the accident. House Bill 5699, introduced by Rep. Patrick Green would help in this very type of a situation. The bill, currently pending in Lansing, would prohibit an insurer from establishing or maintaining rates or rating classifications for collision or comprehensive coverage under auto insurance based on an insured being in an accident to which a responding law enforcement officer or court has determined that the insured was not substantially at fault. While the bill does not appear to apply to motorcycle insurance, it would seemingly apply to the oft-common situation where the motorcyclist must fall back on his/her own auto insurance to provide his/her Michigan no-fault benefits. This means that if the motorcyclist was not at fault for the accident, his/her auto insurer will not be able to raise the auto insurance premium simply by virtue of the fact that the motorcyclist was involved in an accident. In my experience, many auto insurance

adjusters at the claims level will blindly defer to the applicable police report in determining who was at fault in an accident. Right or wrong (and I have seen enough cases to know that the police report is not always correct in assessing fault), whichever party the officer assigns fault to will more times than not be the party that the insurance company will assign fault to. In those situations where the insured is not found by the officer to be at fault, this bill would prevent the insurer from establishing or maintaining rates just because the insured was involved in an accident. This would appear to be a just result and eliminates the theory of raising rates simply because someone appears “prone” to be in accidents. What is more interesting are those situations where the police officer assigns fault to the insured, but there is an argument to be made that in reality it was not the insured’s fault. For instance, those situations where the officer may not have talked to both parties or any witnesses regarding how the accident happened before reaching their conclusion on who was at fault. For those circumstances, it would appear the bill leaves open the opportunity for the insured to fight the issue in court and if successful, the bill would disallow the insurance company from adjusting rates upward based on that accident. As always, if anyone has any questions or if I can be of legal assistance to you or anyone you know dealing with this issue or who has been injured in a motorcycle accident, please don’t hesitate to contact me as I deal with these types of claims on a daily basis on behalf of injured motorcyclists statewide. Further, for those readers who are

members of any motorcycle organizations, clubs or groups, if you would like to have me come out to your group to speak or give a presentation on the legal rights of an injured motorcyclist or on any specific topic that your group may be curious about, please don’t hesitate to give me a call at (248-5694646) or shoot me an e-mail at I give presentations state-wide and there is never a charge associated with having me out. I enjoy having the opportunity to come out and meet motorcycle enthusiasts from all parts of our State!

Pr e-Owned Motor cycles Pre-Owned Motorc

2007 BMW F 800 S, Red, 17,000 miles, ONLY $4,499

2007 BMW R 1200 GS, Silver / Black, 41,000 miles, NOW $7,499

2018 BMW K 1600 Grand America, 2017 BMW R 1200 GS Rally, 2016 BMW S 1000 XR, 2014 Aprilia® RSV4 R APRC ABS, 2012 BMW K 1600 GTL, 2010 BMW K 1300 S, 2008 BMW K 1200 LT, 2008 BMW R 1200 RT, 1993 BMW K 1100 LT,

Black, 950 miles, $24,000 Grey Metallic, 1,300 miles, $18,000 Light White, 30,000 miles, $11,500 Black, 10,000 miles, $9,999 Silver, 26,100 miles, $14,999 Black / Silver, 32,900 miles, $8,999 Blue, 57,000 miles, $6,499 Blue, 44,000 miles, $7,499 Green, 32,000 miles, $2,999

BMW Motorcycles of Southeast Michigan 14855 N. Sheldon Rd. Plymouth, MI 734.453.0500 • We take motorcycles of all brands and models as trade-ins. Bring us your bike when you’re ready to buy! TM

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Events Events do change. Please call ahead

Michigan June 1-3 AHRMA Vintage Roadracing Gingerman Raceway, South Haven, MI June 2 Blessing of the Bikes to benefit Hospice of Michigan Music, food, Message, Blessing, Scenic Ride, Prizes Registration opens at 10 a.m.; Blessing at noon; Lunch followed by scenic ride. $5 per person (810) 441-0942 June 8-10 2018 ABATE of Michigan Field Meet Music, Games, On-site camping West Side RV Campground 7655 Rapid City Rd NW, Rapid City, MI (469) 435-2058 www.abateof June 9-10 Off-Road Foundations School, Level 1 Bill Conger (Dakar Rally competitor) and Elizabeth Allen (racer, rider & former BMW Instructor) will be here for a two-day course. Only 12 spots available. Each day will consist of approximately 5 hours of riding time and 2 hours of classroom instruction. Riding includes drills on dirt, gravel, and grass with rides around the property. You must have a valid driver’s license with motorcycle endorsement, street-legal dual-sport motorcycle, and proper riding gear. Riders should be proficient in the operation of a motorcycle. Riders are required to wear FULL protective gear. Call for details.

June 29, 2018 Ladies First Track Day Grattan Raceway 7201 Lessiter Rd, Belding, MI

BMW Motorcycles of Grand Rapids 5995 Division, Grand Rapids, MI (616) 530-6900 June 9-10 Gilmore Car Museum Vintage Motorcycle Show (6/9) & Swap Meet (6/9-10) The 23rd annual Vintage Motorcycle Show & Swap Meet (9am-4pm) will feature hundreds of motorcycles and vendors on the Gilmore Car Museum’s Historic Campus! The judged show field is open to all motorcycle 25 years and older, plus spectators arriving on motorcycles will park their rides in a special lot inside the Museum’s Campus making this one gigantic bike show, held rain or shine! Gilmore Car Museum 6865 W Hickory Rd., Hickory Corners, MI 269-671-5089 June 9-10 2018 Harley-Fest 24800 Haggerty Rd, Farmington Hills, MI (248) 473-7433 June 13 Sirens Motorcycle Club 10th Annual Wheels & Heels Lady Rider Motorcycle Show (rain date: June 20, 2018) Reg 5 p.m. to 7 p.m.; Trophies at 7 p.m.; $10/ donation with gift bags for the first 25 ladies to enter Scooters Bar & Grill 6004 Torrey Road, Flint, Mi (810) 655-6884 June 16 10th Bikers Fighting Blindness Final Blowout Reg. 10:30 a.m. to Noon $15 includes dinner, prizes & free camping Live Music, Raffles, 50/50 Estey Moose Lodge 3782 Cody Estey Road, Rhodes, MI (989) 233-7327


July 18-22 Muskegon Bike Time (7/19-22) Hot Rod Harley-Davidson 4800 S. Harvey Street, Muskegon, MI (231) 722-000

June 1-3 ABATE Region 1 Spring Break Crumstown Conservation Club 59440 Crumstown Highway, North Liberty, IN ABATE members $15; Rebel Road to benefit the Child Abuse Council Non-members $20 of Muskegon (7/18-22) Active military free with I.D. Western Avenue, Muskegon, MI Minimum age 21 (231) 722-0282 Free tent camping, Live music, Bike show, Field events July 26-28 (574) 300-5410 th 30 Annual Sandy Corley Memorial Run June 2 Live Entertainment, Ride-in Bike Show, Field Poker Run to benefit Local Veteran Events, World Famous H.O.G. Auction, SelfCharities Guided Tour through West Michigan, $20/ride; $5/passenger Motorcycle Raffle and More All the funds raised go to the Johnson Family Kickstands up at 11 a.m. Elkhart DAV Center for Cancer Care. 1205 Middleton Run Rd. Double JJ Resort Elkhart, IN 900 S. Water Road, Rothbury, MI (231) 924-3020 August 12 9th Annual Ton-Up Motorcycle & Music Festival All bikes are welcome and it is FREE to all. Come to ride, shop, eat, drink, ogle, mingle, rock out, and win prizes. If you have a custom, vintage, rare, beautiful-brand-new, or any bike you think (hope? pray?) is trophy-worthy, enter it in our bike show for a chance to win a hefty (and frankly, expensive) custom trophy, such as these from last year: 10156586298109992:0 Also: BEER, FOOD, VENDORS, BANDS (full list coming soon), RAFFLE Bike Show Trophy Categories ($10 to enter): Best Brit Best Japanese Best American Best European Best Cafe Best Small Cafe Best 2 Stroke Best Original/Non-restored Most Altered Best Moped People’s Choice

June 9 3rd Annual Kyson’s Ride All proceeds go to Love, Lucas a nonprofit organization that provides emotional, financial, and spiritual support to families suffering infant or pregnancy loss Reg 11 a.m.; Kick stands up at 12 noon $25 / bike Indy Southside Harley-Davidson I-65 & Southport Road, exit 103 (317) 885-5180

June 22-24 Warren’s Ride for Autism Field events, live bands, door prizes, raffles, poker run (Sat), vendors, burn-out contest $20/person with free tent camping $20 extra for campers, motorhomes Hog Pharm 7400 North 650 West, Orland, IN (269) 386-0359 June 23 4th Annual Anna Bell’s Ride for Child Abuse Awareness Reg 10 a.m. to 11:45 a.m.; Departs @ noon Indy Southside Harley-Davidson I-65 & Southport Road, exit 103 (317) 885-5180 July 1 Wounded Heroes Freedom Ride All proceeds go towards taking wounded veterans on an all-expense paid hunting excursion Reg. 10 a.m.; Kickstands up at 12 noon Food & Entertainment after the ride $20/rider; $10 Passenger American Legion, Edinburgh, IN July 19-21 ABATE of Indiana Boogie! Lawrence County Recreational Park 99 Moore Lane, Springville, Indiana. Located 15 miles south of Bloomington, Indiana.

June 9 Carroll County Veterans Veteran Benefit Ride $10 rider, $5 passenger Reg. 10:30 a.m.; KSU at 12:30 p.m. VFW Post 9383 304 N. Market Delphi, IN

July 28 ABATE Region 3 1,000 Miles in 24 Hours Starts & ends at Brandt’s Harley-Davidson 1400 North Cass Street, Wabash, IN Sign in 5 a.m. to 6 a.m.; Ride starts at 6 a.m. $50 minimum donation for the ABATE Biker’s Care Fund. Admission includes food, ride-t-shirt and patch for your rocker (260) 403-2379

June 14-16 40th Annual United Sidecar Assoc. Riding the River National Rally


June 15-17 ABATE Region 3 Grant County 35th Annual Hog Roast ”Like” The Ton-Up on facebook and make sure 2600 W. 600 South, Marion, IN to click on “Get Notifications” to stay up-to- ABATE members $10; Non-members $15 date on all the happenings. Minimum age 21 NOTE: this is an all-ages event BUT anybody under the age of 21 must be accompanied by Primitive camping, Saturday hog roast & fixin’s, tattoo contest, bike show, an adult. rodeo, music both nights, & more Arbor Brewing Company (765) 517-1609 720 Norris Street, Ypsilanti, MI

NOW STOCKING Para Aramid Infused Jeans & Flannel Shirts • Lightweight • Durable • Breathable • Removable Armor

Retail Warehouse

June 3 Walneck’s Motorcycle Swap Meet 8 a.m. to 2 p.m. Admission $8 Clark County Fairgrounds 44012 S. Charleston Pike (Exit 59 off I-70) Springfield, OH (630) 985-2097 June 30 Indian Motorcycle Lima Half Mile Flat Track Races Opening Ceremonies at 6 p.m. 2750 Harding Road, Lima, OH (386) 492-1014

Wisconsin June 9-10 Winsconsin Dual Sport Riders present 2018 Ride for Research to benefit the University of Wisconsin Carbone Cancer Center in Madison, WI in Wabeno 1 Fairview, Wabeno, WI For info, (920) 634-8834 To register or for additional details:

(269) 651-2464 Fax: (269) 651-8767 1640 S. Centerville Road (M-66 South) , Sturgis, MI

We accept all major credit cards Call (269) 651-2464 now or visit our on-line store at


June 2018

Travis Pastrana to Jump an Indian Scout 3 Times in Vegas THREE HOUR LIVE EVENT, EVEL LIVE PREMIERING SUNDAY, JULY 8 AT 8PM ET/5PM PT Las Vegas, NV / May 14, 2018 – Nitro Circus and Indian Motorcycle, America’s first motorcycle company, announced today that Travis Pastrana will be jumping an Indian Scout FTR750 when he looks to pay tribute to Evel Knievel, the founding father of motorcycle stunts, and surpass America’s most iconic daredevil. “Evel Live”, an unprecedented threehour live event premiering Sunday, July 8th at 8PM ET/ 5PM PT on HISTORY® in partnership with Nitro Circus, will see Travis Pastrana attempt three of Knievel’s most famed jumps on the Scout FTR750, including jumping the length of 52+ crushed cars, 16 Greyhound busses, and the ill-fated Caesars Palace fountain jump that left Knievel grasping for his life. If successful, Pastrana will be the first individual to complete all three jumps in one three-hour timespan and on a motorcycle similar to those Evel used. The Indian Scout FTR750 is a flat track racing motorcycle designed to push the boundaries of speed and redefine control with two wheels firmly on the ground. Rewinding time, you find the motorcycles Evel jumped were designed for similar purposes. However, neither were intended for jumping. “It was extremely important to use a motorcycle similar to the ones Evel jumped. The Indian Scout FTR 750 is just that, a modern-day evolution of the flat track motorcycles of the past,” said Pastrana. “It has the

power I need and handles well, but I’m only going to have a few days to get comfortable on it, not to mention I’ve never jumped a V-twin before. I’ve got my work cut out, but we’re used to going big at Nitro Circus, so we’ll make it happen.” The Indian Scout FTR750 is far different from the lightweight motocross bikes you would typically find Travis Pastrana jumping. The engine of the FTR750 features a powerful 750cc 53degree V-Twin and utilizes 43mm conventional front suspension with an adjustable Ohlin’s mono-shock on the rear. Introduced in the American Flat Track racing series in 2017, the Indian Scout FTR750 secured 14 victories along with the manufacturer’s and rider’s championship in its first year of competition. “We couldn’t be more excited for Travis to be piloting the Scout FTR750 as he looks to make history by recreating three of Evel Knievel’s most historic jumps in a single evening,” said Reid W ilson, Senior Director, Marketing and Product Development for Indian Motorcycle. “Evel Knievel is truly a global icon, and we’re proud to be a part of this incredible event that pays homage to his legacy in such grand fashion.” W ill Travis Pastrana successfully complete all three jumps on the Indian Scout FTR 750? Tune-in to HISTORY® on Sunday, July 8th at 8PM ET/ 5PM PT to find out. To learn more about the Indian Scout FTR750 and Travis Pastrana’s attempt to make history with it on “Evel Live,” as well as for periodic updates leading up to the event, visit or follow along on Facebook, Twitter & Instagram.

Exceptional Prices on Pre-Owned Motorcycles ‘16 Indian® Chief® Vintage, 2014 Indian Motorcycle® w/ Hannigan sidecar, Chief® Classic, Green/Ivory Cream, Springfield Blue, 7,675 miles, 11,441 miles, $33,499 OUT THE DOOR!!! $14,999 OUT THE DOOR!!!

2014 Victory Cross Country™, Gloss Black, 10,991 miles, $12,749 OUT THE DOOR!!!

2011 H-D Electra Glide® Ultra Limited, 40,356 miles, $24,999 OUT THE DOOR!!!

2007 Honda® Gold Wing®, 28,765 miles, Audio / Comfort / Navi, $11,999 OUT THE DOOR!!!

2014 H-D Electra Glide Ultra Limited, Black, 20,959 miles, $18,999 OUT THE DOOR!!!

2015 H-D Electra Glide® Ultra Classic®, 15,564 miles, $19,999 OUT THE DOOR!!!

1993 BMW R100GSPD Paris Dakar, Black, 99,999 miles, $6,799 OUT THE DOOR!!!

Incredible Prices on Remaining

®. 2017 Indian Motorcycles®.

Call for Pricing.

2017 Indian® Scout, Burgundy • 2017 Indian® Scout 60, Red • 2017 Indian® Roadmaster® Demo


2016 Indian Motorcycle® Roadmaster®, Springfield Blue & Ivory Cream, 6,019 miles, $23,499 OUT THE DOOR!!! 2013 H-D Electra Glide Ultra Classic, Black, 23,256 miles, $15,999 OUT THE DOOR!!! 2013 Suzuki Boulevard C90T B.O.S.S., Black, 24,953 miles, $7,999 OUT THE DOOR!!! 2011 Yamaha V Star Custom, Black, 11,183 miles, $3,999 OUT THE DOOR!!! 2010 Kawasaki Vulcan® 900 Custom, Black, 23,968 miles, $5,249 OUT THE DOOR!!! 2006 H-D Dyna Wide Glide, Blue, 7,242 miles, $7,249 OUT THE DOOR!!! 2005 Honda® VTX™ 1300 R, Red, 47,464 miles, $4,499 OUT THE DOOR!!!

1765 S. Telegraph Road, Bloomfield Hills, MI One mile north of Square Lake Rd. on the east side of Telegraph Rd.

248.920.2000 on Facebook at TM

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Charity Fashion Show Generates Donations for the Thin Blue Line of Michigan



Plymouth, MI – BMW Motorcycles of Southeast Michigan (BMW SEM) held their annual Charity Fashion Show at the dealership in Plymouth on Thursday, April 27, 2018. Donations generated by this year’s event benefited the Thin Blue Line of Michigan. Customer’s of the dealership modeled the latest motorcycle apparel from BMW, KLIM, Rev’It, and Schuberth on a makeshift stage in the service area. As they walked the runway, BMW SEM Sales Manager Audrey W icke described the features of each piece of apparel. “The 2018 Fashion Show is another demonstration of the generosity of our customers specifically and the motorcycle community overall,” said John Horner,

owner of BMW SEM. “This year we selected the Thin Blue Line of Michigan – an organization that supports the families of fallen peace officers – as the charity we would support. Our customers came through with almost $1,000 in donations to help support the Thin Blue Line’s efforts.” This annual event is known not only for the great job the amateur models do but also the gourmet food and the generous atmosphere created by the event. This year the food was prepared by Carol Zimmerman. For more information about the fashion show or BMWSEM, visit the dealership at 14855 N. Sheldon Road in Plymouth, MI or give them a call at (734) 453-0500.

June 2018

Giant Loop Upgrades Adventure Proof Double-Ended Dry Bag Line New 2018 Rogue Dry Bag, Tillamook Dry Bag, Columbia Dry Bag Features Include: Air Purge Valves, Backpack Straps, Beefy Molded Rubber Grab Handles, Two-Tone Styling Bend, OR - For 2018, adventure proof packing systems and gear innovator Giant Loop has upgraded its double-ended, 100% waterproof Dry Bag line. Enhanced features including air purge valves, backpack straps, beefy molded rubber grab handles, additional D-ring attachment points, more reflective accents and two-tone gray and black styling. Designed to integrate into Giant Loop’s modular, customizable motorcycle soft luggage, the Rogue Dry Bag (17 liters), Tillamook Dry Bag (38 liters) and Columbia Dry Bag (70 liters) provide expedition-ready, mud proof, snow proof, dust proof, waterproof storage for overland, water and snow travel on a wide array of vehicle types. Backpack conversions with two included straps extend the adventure to even broader horizons. Better than top-loading duffels, both rolling ends open to provide easy access to gear


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without removing anchor straps. Constructed of heavyduty vinyl tarpauline with RFwelded seams, Giant Loop’s Dry Bag line features reflective daisy chains that prevent the Dry Bags from slipping out from under straps even in the roughest terrain. The Rogue Dry Bag and Tillamook Dry Bag are specifically designed to integrate with the cinch ring and beaver-tail compression straps on Giant Loop’s signature horseshoe-shaped Coyote Saddlebag and Great Basin Saddlebag, while the Columbia Dry Bag pairs with Giant Loop’s toploading Siskiyou Panniers, MotoTrekk Panniers and Round The World Panniers. The Tillamook and Columbia Dry Bags include built-in anchor straps that secure to four solid connections on any vehicle or cargo rack. Living up to their namesake Oregon rivers, the Rogue, Tillamook and Columbia Dry Bags are equally at home on the water, as well as on the land and snow. Giant Loop Dry Bags have been used, tested and proven on a multitude of adventure travels, including multi-day wilderness rafting, standup paddleboarding, snowmobiling, snow biking, bicycle touring and airline travel. Since 2008, Giant Loop has been a leading

innovator in adventure proof packing systems and gear for a broad spectrum of powersports vehicles including motorcycles, snowmobiles, snow bikes (e.g. T imbersled), ATVs, UTVs, Side-By-Sides and overland 4x4s, as well as paddlesports, bicycling and outdoor recreation. Giant Loop’s entire product line is available at the company’s GL Adventure Shop in Bend, Oregon, online at, select retailers in the USA and Canada, Tucker Rocky and Western Power Sports distributors in the USA, as well as from international distributors around the world. Giant Loop is a rider-owned company that designs and tests products in Bend, Oregon. For all the details, go to


Continued from page 5 - 20th Anniversary motorcycle businesses still operating after the collapse struggled to return to profitability. Total unit sales haven’t yet recovered. Finally, as older riders age out of riding, fewer young riders are starting to ride. This has been much discussed throughout the industry and in the pages of this magazine so discussing it further would be of no value. The point is that the size of the motorcycle market is shrinking and will likely continue to shrink unless younger people become more interested in riding motorcycles. As result of these changes in the motorcycle market, our business has changed. Those observations are not intended as a complaint. Instead, we’re happy to have not only survived these changes but also remained profitable despite significant challenges. In celebration of this 20 year milestone, we decided to share some of what we think are the highlights from the last 20 years. We’ve ridden lots of miles on many different motorcycles. We’ve attended wide variety of fun events; some in destinations with great riding roads while others were just big parties. We’ve interviewed and profiled some fascinating people. We’ve published the work of nationally-known and some exceptional local writers as well. Publishing this magazine has been an awesome adventure that we hope will continue for years to come. We hope you enjoy this look back. Motorcycles Riding a wide variety of motorcycles has been the best part of this job. Almost all were good, solid motorcycles. Many were memorable. When Ducati introduced the 999 Superbike to replace the 998, many motojournalists, from national and regional magazines alike, were

invited to California to test the 999 on the Willow Springs track. At that time, I had ridden a few sportbikes but had never been on the track. I arrived at the track carrying my First Gear textile touring suit while every other journo - guys like Sport Rider editor Kent Kunitsugu and international writer (and Midwest Motorcyclist™ contributor) Neale Bayly - was wearing racing leather. Most likely, some of the other writers laughed at my gear and my comparatively slow speeds behind my back but I didn’t care. At least I didn’t toss a 999 down the track like several other riders did. My top speed for the event was 138 mph, the fastest I’ve ever traveled on a motorcycle or in a car. Awesome experience on a fun, fast motorcycle on a challenging track. Another on-track experience came during the time I started getting involved with supermoto (the most fun you can have on two wheels). Jeff Bottrell, who owned Detroit Eurocycle at the time, and the area KTM rep brought several demo KTM 450 and 525 supermoto race bikes to the Jackson Speedway during a MISupermoto track day. My previous SM experience prior to riding the KTMs was on an MZ 125SM I acquired from Jeff. The KTMs surprised me with their acceleration; roll on the throttle hard and hang on tight! That experience convinced me that supermoto was my chance to get into racing. I ended up buying a 2009 Husqvarna 450 SMR in a sweet deal as a result. That was the day I learned what KTM’s tagline – Ready to Race – meant. In the days when Mike Vaughn and Mark Brady ran Triumph Motorcycles USA, the company was especially generous with test bikes. Mike was the guy who pushed Triumph to build the Rocket III for the U.S. market but left shortly after its introduction. Mark loaned me one for a couple weeks to ride for a review article. The smart thing to do when you have a powerful motorcycle available and a few days free is to hit the road. That’s what I did. The first day of the trip took me through central Ohio to the southeast. I turned onto 555 at about 4 p.m. after a full day of riding. A passing thought told me that I was tired and should maybe wait until I was fresh before taking the big bike on

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such a curvy, technical road. I pushed that thought from my mind, convinced that I wasn’t tired from a long day of riding. A few miles down the road, I was riding up a hill that curved to the right. I couldn’t see around the curve. Midway through the curve leaves were scattered across the road surface. I would have been fine had I simply rolled off the throttle and continued forward. Instead, I did the worst thing possible - I hit the rear brake. The Rocket slid out from under me in a low-side crash. The tires were pointed up the hill. The motorcycle was down on a hill in the middle of nowhere and couldn’t lift its 700-pounds to get it up. I ran up the hill and placed my helmet on the shoulder in an effort to make oncoming drivers aware of an obstruction in the road. Dusk was falling and I needed to get the bike off the road asap. Fortunately, the first vehicle to come by was a pickup driven by a big, friendly farm kid. With his help, we quickly righted the Rocket up on two wheels and got it off the road. That crash could have turned out much worse. I was fortunate and will always be grateful to the young guy who helped me out. It was a good reminder to get off the road when tired. Had I listened to that intuitive voice in my head, I would have ridden to the motel in Marrieta. Lesson learned. On invitation from American Honda, I traveled to Los Angeles to ride both the new ST1300 and the redesigned VFR800. On the first day, I rode the ST up the coast on Highway 101. The ride was enjoyable, the ST was solid but not necessarily exceptional. On the second day, I headed east on the Ortega Highway towards Lake Elsinore on the VFR and then turned south. The roads were twisty, the scenery picturesque, and the VFR nearly perfect. All was good until early in the afternoon when I began to experience flu-like symptoms. My symptoms worsened until I decided to stop for the night at a hotel in Julian. I went to bed wearing all of my riding gear to fend off the chills and slept about 12 hours. In the morning, I felt well enough to ride to the American Honda offices in Torrance to return the VFR. Not putting more miles on the motorcycle was disappointing but the time I spent in the saddle was simply a blast! Obviously, these are only a few of the many rides that turned into reviews in Midwest Motorcyclist™. These are, however, rides that were memorable, for good or bad. Check back next month when we look back some of the best events we’ve attended, interviews / profiles of note, the failure of national magazine we launched, and much more.

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Midwest Motorcyclist(TM), June 2018 issue  

Celebrating 20 Years, A Look Back, Part 1 by Ray Peabody; Tested: 2018 Indian Scout Bobber by Ray Peabody; Negligent Teen Driver Kills Motor...

Midwest Motorcyclist(TM), June 2018 issue  

Celebrating 20 Years, A Look Back, Part 1 by Ray Peabody; Tested: 2018 Indian Scout Bobber by Ray Peabody; Negligent Teen Driver Kills Motor...