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January 2024 No. 20

WELCOME TO OUR WINTER NEWSLETTER Welcome to the winter edition of our newsletter. As the season unfolds, our community of photographers continues to showcase their skill and creativity. This issue features a collection of articles about our group’s activities both past and present. The residential weekend in Salford was again sold out within days of the email going out, which shows how popular these weekends are.

Courtyard Gallery, Solihull 13th August to 9th September 2024 These are currently the only Exhibitions planned for this year. Due to the delayed showing of the Heseltine Exhibition, we have missed our slot at the Edinburgh Festival. Full details will be posted in Advance on the RPS VAG web pages and periodically in the VAG Facebook pages.

We will also soon have some exciting news about how we are going to promote ourselves via social media, so hopefully you will start to see your VAG get more online exposure. Please don’t forget we also have our Peer Group now organised by Martin Eves for those of us who are or are intending to go for distinctions "A" and "F". We meet on the first Sunday of each month at 15:00 GMT via zoom. Please email me if you are interested in joining in. Otherwise, I hope you have been out and about in an attempt to capture the unique aspects of winter, from frost-kissed landscapes to deep snow or rainy townscapes. These all offer different challenges which I hope you have risen to and are enjoying. For me…….roll on Spring. Kind regards Carol

Carol Paes ARPS

EXHIBITIONS The final Showing of the 2023 Members’ Exhibition is now underway at the Heseltine Gallery, Chenderit School, Archery Road, Banbury, OX17 2QR. This was deferred from its original date of December last year, due to matters beyond our control and runs until 16th February (see our web pages for full details). The 2024 Exhibition entries will be celebrated in a Zoom Conference call with all members on 27th January with our first exhibition in April at the Landmark Arts Centre in Teddington. Landmark (RTPS) 18th to 28th April 2024 The Riverfront, Newport (Wales) 2nd May to 30th May 2024

Congratulations go to our 2024 Gold Medal winner Marilyn Taylor FRPS I would therefore ask all members that think they have a possible venue capable of displaying approximately 100 prints, to let any of the committee know by email. We are particularly looking at venues between northern and southern areas, so all our membership can have access to the exhibition at least once in the season. If you have a be would this name/email contact advantageous. Remember these venues need to be secure overnight when they may be unattended! Exhibitions Lead Organiser. Tom Lee FRPS

January 2024 No. 20

PUBLICATIONS VAG MAGAZINES We hope that the Spring Issue, No. 164, guest edited by Nicki Gwynne-Jones FRPS, will be printed in early Spring. It will also contain the 2024 Members’ Exhibition Images. Magazine No. 165, Guest Edited by Linda Wevill FRPS, will be published later in the year. VA MONOGRAPH 2024 Much loved Visual Art Group member, Ray Higginbottom ARPS, sadly passed away on New Year’s Day surrounded by family. He will be truly missed. Ray was one of our three Guest Editors for the VAG Magazines, the other two being Nicki and Linda. It seemed natural to honour him in the next Monograph, and he was pleased to be asked if he would be willing to submit text and images for it. His wife, Viv Blewett, helped by reading through the proofs. It is hoped that this Monograph will be published soon. Wendy Meagher LRPS

ROLLRIGHT Rollright VAG meets four times per year at Long Compton Village Hall, Postcode CV36 5JJ. Meetings are not restricted to RPS members, but are open to all who might be interested in what we offer. The next meeting will be a day of members' presentation, on 2nd March 2024. After that the diary looks like this: May 25th – Speakers to be arranged August 24th – Members’ day November 23rd – Speakers to be arranged For more information about the Rollright Visual Art Group, or if you wish to be added to (or removed from) our mailing list please contact Barry Barker – visualartrollright@rps.org Barry Barker FRPS

January 2024 No. 20

I HOPE MY STORY MIGHT HELP SOMEONE STRUGGLING TO FIND THEIR OWN PHOTOGRAPHIC NIRVANA Back in the day photographers were grumpy old men with big bushy beards. One such man taught me about film. He often droned on about Soot &Whitewash, and the latent image! Despite his tetchy nature, I learnt much from him. Within twelve years, the graphics world had mostly switched over to digital.

markers. It is highly likely that primitive people knew the rocks in the Dark Peak. I think those people worshiped their gods among the stones. Possibly conducting ceremonies and sacrifices at the stones too? They have a cathedral like feel around them. The social importance of megaliths may not be so great in the modern era, but we still have an instinctive connection to them.

Where I hunt for images today I spend a lot of time in an area called ‘The Dark Peak’ in Derbyshire. It is a largely unspoilt primal wilderness characterised by sedimentary gritstone sometimes called Kinderscoutian. This rock formed 322-321.5 million years ago. Chisled&Warped These rocks will continue to exist, long after all human art is lost and forgotten. They have an eternal quality. They formed before the dinosaurs, and even before flying insects had evolved.

BlackWaist Gritstone rocks as witnesses. They watch over the world with aloof disinterest, unmoved by the chaotic soap opera unravelling across centuries. Our little lives mean nothing in terms of geological time. Humanity has achieved greatness. We have conquered the Earth, and mastered our own fate (maybe). We might yet cross deep space, colonise distant planets, and ultimately populate entire galaxies. But such dreams do not change our fragile biological nature. People will never be as resilient or long lasting as rock. Maybe that is why our ancestors used monoliths to build stone circles and temples, to aid them with worship, and act as cosmic

We each find our niche eventually I have been totally invested in Photography since my youth. Erroneously I explored several fields of photographic practice, mistakenly thinking I had to follow a commercial path. Only in later years have I accepted my raison d’etre, following a dramatic personal discovery.


January 2024 No. 20 For a few years it was evident that I was probably on the spectrum. Late in 2021 the experts confirmed it. The diagnosis was a relief and a shock. Knowing explained inner mysteries - knowing allowed me to be kind to myself. I took a year out from Photography, but was then able to move forward on my creative journey with a new degree of understanding.

something. It is intimately personal. Who wants to be some kind of biological Xerox machine? I love photography but art is much more than the substrate, medium, or the technology used.

HighGround EnFamille The way I work fits much better now. It’s not forced, or difficult. I found my nirvana. My practice is natural, calm, and suits my neurology. A mindful approach to photography is of great personal benefit. Mindfulness calms the mind, and allows one to see more clearly.

Of course the choice of photographic kit does critically influence the visual outcome. I’d like to use film, but it is a relatively expensive option these days. It always was. The results can be epic. For example, I love the work of Catherine Yass. Her works are true masterpieces. Her control of the medium is unsurpassed.

So I shoot rocks. Doesn’t that sound dumb! But, it’s all about being honest and real. I enjoy what I’m doing, and it means something to me deep down. I think I'm pretty good at it, or at the very least it satisfies me. It makes me smile, and gives me joy. That is the best reason to pick up a camera. The work I do Accepting that I should photograph rocks was a slow process. I resisted it, because it seemed so ludicrous. I am drawn to their shape, the textures, and their grandeur. But, I was fixated on being some other kind of photographer. Photographer of rock and stone is not sexy or cool. Not at all. But it is where I fit. I don’t see any benefit to reproducing images that have been made by others. I’m looking for something true and sincere that means

ThreeOldFriends For now I use a Lumix S1 mirrorless camera which is weather sealed – very useful in the Peak District climate. My go-to focal length is 35mm. I also use wider angles, down to 14mm. I plan at some point to get a 20mm tilt lens

January 2024 No. 20 too. Tilt lenses are very useful for my kind of work.

We have four wonderful speakers lined up plus two presentations by Arena members.

Digital files are backed up and archived, using direct attached storage devices. All serious creatives should do something similar. It’s a less daunting chore than archiving film of course. That would be much more challenging.

On Saturday afternoon the room is given over to delegates to showcase their work.

What’s ahead Keep calm, and breathe the fresh air. I’d like to exhibit again if the opportunity arises. I’ve had offers, but they weren’t right. Many galleries predicate that exhibiters are professional in the commercial sense. I suppose that is their game.

Our speakers are -

What will the next image look like? Generating repeat after repeat will not cut it. Conversely expecting to get unique results from every shoot is lame. There has to be an element of labour, and considered dedication to camera work*. Then one day, unexpectedly a very special image could materialise. I’d be deeply honoured if you’d care to view my website at www.alffield.com/

Come for just a day, or join us for the whole weekend of stimulating and excellent photography.

Jeremy Walker - one of the UK’s most respected professional landscape photographers, Karen Knorr - a contemporary photographer whose work is characterized by its visually intricate and mysterious imagery, Mary Turner - a documentary and news photographer primarily focusing on long-term projects and marginalised communities, and Simon Roberts - a contemporary photographer widely recognised for his large format, tableaux photographs. Arena members Barry Barker and Dee Yawetz complete the line up.

All the very best Alf Field �

Homage to Alfred Stieglitz

ARENA SEMINAR VAG members might be interested in the Arena Seminar 2024, on the weekend 22nd to 24th March at the Riviera Hotel in Bournemouth. The seminar has been running for over 30 years and has an enthusiastic following of photographers working in all genres.

Full details of the programme and speaker profiles are on the Arena website below, with links to download the information and booking form. https://arenaphotographers.com/ or contact visualarttreasurer@rps.com Barry Barker FRPS

January 2024 No. 20


after dusk. If you find yourself by the water’s edge, the results can be stunning. Winter months, with the sunrises and sunsets great a present timed, conveniently natural this explore to opportunity phenomenon.

After a successful re-launch in July, the SW Region VA Group met again in November. The event, held at Broadclyst Village Hall, was well attended with over 40 photographers from throughout the South West arriving for a day of excellent and inspiring photography. The event was opened by Tony Worobiec FRPS with his Tony’s talk entitled “The Water’s Edge”. presentation was a true celebration of the British Coast and it demonstrated so well why our coast is a subject of never-ending fascination for Visual Art photographers.

There was indeed so much to learn from Tony’s presentation and judging by the comments from the participants, they found it informative and very inspirational and the images and prints shown illustrated so well what the talk was about.

With images taken in many locations - from Whitby, Cromer, Clevedon to more local ones in Dorset and Devon– it showed how these photographic endless offer locations opportunities in any weather. With the great British weather being fickle and forever changing, it is quite extraordinary how quickly it can change with often all seasons in one – so let it not be an obstacle and let’s embrace it. Someone said that landscape/seascape photography is all about the weather with the wind and the rain adding the drama. However, even a blank, white sky offers many opportunities and a heavily overcast sky with diffused light can be used to capture moody images.

The afternoon session was for participants to show & tell their images. The session was well supported and many came with their digital images/prints and made this a most enjoyable afternoon. What I like about these “show & tell” images, is that you really don’t know what you going to be seeing. There is a such a variety of subjects and techniques – some are individual images but often they are personal projects. This session is a great opportunity for participants to talk about their photography, what inspires them, what they are trying to achieve. This way we get to know each other and have a better understanding of each other’s work. On this occasion there were 8 digital and 7 print presentations. Here are some examples of the work shared.

Tony talked about the pre-dawn light – the Blue Hour. There is a special quality to it and an ordinary location can become truly magical. This natural light is an incredibly powerful creative tool and it helps us to communicate emotions. Equally, at dusk, when the sky appears light blue – eggshell blue – it conveys so well moodiness and an ethereal atmosphere. Also, with seascape photography, Tony emphasised how important it is to keep an eye on the tide – and how it affects the seascape. Wet sand can produce amazing reflections and the receding tide with the waters moving away from the shore gives us a sense of energy. Another thing that Tony talked about was the concept of atmospheric decoupling. Very often the wind pattern is created by the difference in temperature between the land and the sky. This temperature inverses and there is often a lull just before dawn and about 40 minutes

Image by Philip Hawkins – River Otter The session started with Philip Hawkins showing his digital images taken with his mobile phone. Philip continues to explore the river Otter which is in his neighbourhood. He is drawn to the same river/estuary and he sees the riverbed as a small universe full of fascinating details.

January 2024 No. 20 2022

Image by Janet Downes LRPS – “Mavagissey”

Image by Kay Piercy – from Medicinal Trees portfolio.

Janet Downes showed a set of 5 prints. The images were taken in Mevagissey using a multiple exposure technique, resulting in strong geometric art images – very bold with strong, vibrant and predominantly contrasting colours (red & blue).

Kay Piercy talked about her work as illustrator for a recently published book “Medicinal Trees”. She combined botanical fine art images with the spiritual and healing power of trees.

Image by David Barrett – “Chemical Bros”

Image by Bridget Davies FRPS Bridget Davies presented a set of images taken at Fingle Bridge (Dartmoor) capturing the flow of the icy blue water, combined with a rich tapestry of autumnal trees.

David Barrett presented a selection of prints, some of which were taken at Glastonbury Festival where he is a regular attendee. They are striking photographs capturing the exuberance of the audience and they are a true celebration of the music enjoyed by so many.

January 2024 No. 20

RPS SOUTH WEST VISUAL ART GROUP MEETING SATURDAY, 2nd MARCH 2024 (10 am – 4pm) WOODBURY VILLAGE HALL (A free public car park is adjacent to the Hall). The venue for this meeting is Woodbury Village Hall, Flower Street, Woodbury, Exeter, Devon, EX5 1LX.

Image by Bob Pearson FRPS

I am delighted to announce that our speaker will be London based photographer, Vanda Ralevska. Vanda has a true passion for landscapes, nature and the outdoors. She is in constant search for those fleeting moments of magic that turn our world into something extraordinary. Vanda finds her inspiration in quiet landscapes and the intimate details that abound in nature. In her images she strives to reflect the atmosphere, feeling, and sheer wonderment that our natural world evokes within us.

Bob Pearson FRPS delighted us all with his images taken during Sidmouth Folk Festival. He captured fleeting moments showing the joy of dancing. The image shown here transports me to 60s Rome and La Dolce Vita – a life filled with beauty, elegance and the joy of living..

The afternoon session is planned for participants to show and tell their work which can be prints or DPIs. If you are interested in joining us, please contact Marija Lees at visualartsouthwest@rps.org Image by Marija Lees LRPS – Teignmouth Pier Marija Lees showed images from her Summer 2023 project. The images were all taken locally capturing quiet moments of summer evenings before darkness sets in. Finally, many thanks to everybody who attended and contributed to this event making it another most enjoyable and inspiring day.

The event is open to RPS Members and NonMembers. Cost £10 (this includes Refreshments – Coffee/ Tea/Biscuits). Payment: Cash at the Door/ On-line payment – Press CTRL and click on the below link: https://events.rps.org/en/south-west-visualart-event-march-2024-5a2NN213LIf/overview Marija Lees LRPS

January 2024 No. 20

SOLD OUT SALFORD WEEKEND 5th - 8th April 2024 Our hotel for the weekend is another Copthorne in Salford Quays as they’ve been more than accommodating at our last two weekends and hopefully this one will maintain that excellent standard. The weekend will run much as before and I’ll send out a full itinerary nearer the time but I’ve given a few details of our workshops to whet your appetites, I think that each workshop leader will tackle the different areas of Manchester and Salford to great effect and keep us all on our toes. The booking forms will be broadcast to members on the 11 January 2024 with all details and prices and I’d advise a quick response as these weekends book up within days, (sometimes hours for workshops). Any Queries please contact; visualarttrips@rps.org skitch19@outlook.com ________________________________________________ _________________________

Verity Milligan Workshops.

Adrian Beasley Workshops.

Verity is very well known for her Birmingham cityscapes. Also a Light and Land leader and her workshops will be in Manchester city centre, taking in the juxtaposition in architecture, exploring the Northern Quarter and capturing the canals that run through the city centre (and the Castlefield Viaduct highland).

Adrian is a Light and Land leader, he will focus on capturing the architecture in and around the quay in B&W. He will focus on how he identifies and captures new locations and the methods he employs to capture his superb graphic architectural images In the evening, he will do a presentation on High Impact B&W architecture and include a session editing images from the day. He will also have a printer on hand and will print something from the day. You will find examples of his architectural (among other genres) images on his website. https://www.abeasley.org

There will be opportunities to practice different techniques and hone skills with regard to photographing cityscapes. Check out her website below under ‘prints’ to see some examples of her work. http://www.veritymilliganphotography.com

January 2024 No. 20 Tony Bramley workshops.

Tony will be rejoining us (you may remember his absorbing workshops when we were in Brighton). A different topic this time Tony has for a number of years been running “Street Photography” workshops in and around city areas and for this weekend he will be mentoring you on the techniques of street photography in the style of Saul Leiter, a pioneer of colour photography in the 40’s and 50’s and a leading light in the New York School of photography who I’m sure you will all have heard of.

He will also be giving a presentation on ‘Pictorialism’ the precursor of Visual Art. Claimed as the beginning of photography as art,

Pictorialism changed many views on photography. It emphasises beauty of subject matter, tonality, and composition rather than the documentation of reality and it was practised by such early photographers as Alvin Langdon Coburn, Edward Steichen, Alfred Stieglitz among many others. Digital photography provides an opportunity to emulate the style of the Pictorialist’s and Tony finishes the presentation with some examples of processing using current software. His website is….. tony@lightacademy.co.uk NOTES FOR TONY’S WORKSHOPS Saul Leiter moved to New York to pursue painting and turned to photography (largely self-taught) to become one of the iconic photographers of the mid-twentieth century. Leiter experimented with colour, sometimes using Kodachrome 35 mm film past its sell-by date. His main subjects were street scenes and his small circle of friends. His innovative compositions have a painterly quality that stands out among the work of other notable street photographers of the time. His style encompassed colour, quite often saturated as well as pastel, but blended with shapes, textures and people, at times in a semi-abstract form. Happy to experiment, he included short to medium telephoto lenses in his street photography. This helped to gain compression in the layers as well as distance himself from subjects. We will be exploring the Quays area, even hoping for some rain! Shooting in Leiter’s style, there is much to think about as well as plenty to offer for inspiration: Saturated colours, Pastel colours, Low light, out of focus, Windows, Shapes, Texture.

January 2024 No. 20 Kit: Think from 50mm (FF) upwards and if street photography worries you then 90mm to 150mm will be your friend for compressing layers within the composition. If you wish to go light and simple, then a 24-70mm or 24-105mm lens will work well. Primes in the 50mm to 135mm will provide limited depth-of-field to help emphasis selected layers in the frame. No tripods required :) Experiment with colour and dodging and burning in post-production. His presentation will be based on Pictorialism We Visual Artists have a lot to thank the Pictorialists for...A presentation on photography Pictorialism from the late 19C to early 20C. Claimed as the beginning of photography as art, Pictorialism changed many views on photography that still resonates today This presentation that takes in the key photographers/artists of the time showing the beautiful, stylised images they produced. Tony outlines the emergence of the movement and how it changed the voice of the amateur photographer. Demachy, Stieglitz, Marissiaux, Boughten and too many others to mention are celebrated for their artistic imagery. Digital photography provides an opportunity to emulate the style of the Pictorialist’s and Tony finishes the presentation with some examples of processes using current software .

THE RICHMOND AND TWICKENHAM PHOTOGRAPHIC SOCIETY Annual Exhibition 19 - 28 April 2024 Landmark Arts Centre Ferry Road Teddington TW11 9NN Daily 10am - 4 pm Admission £4 Children free The Visual Art Group and the Richmond and Twickenham Photographic Society join forces once more for their annual exhibitions where a cornucopia of photographic images will be on show. The exhibition, which will be opened by the Mayor of Richmond Councillor Suzette Nicholson, will include a fascinating array of photographs ranging through wildlife, portraiture, landscape, fine art, street photography and much more. With over 500 images on view there will be something for everyone to enjoy. Leading photographer and RTPS member Simon Street has again kindly agreed to display some of his latest work. Simon has gained an unprecedented 10 Fellowships with The Royal Photographic Society, their highest distinction. Simon’s striking black and white photographs were a highlight of the 2023 exhibition so we are delighted that he has agreed to return with a fresh selection of his images.

Mike Kitchingman LRPS

Another high spot of this year’s exhibition will be “ Focus on Richmond “, a special display showcasing a carefully chosen selection of members photographs from the area. Whether it’s a fresh take on some of the more familiar parts of the borough or an unexpected view of some hidden gems there will be plenty of ways of looking at the delights of Richmond.

January 2024 No. 20 Also celebrating the richness of local talent will be a display of images from pupils at St Catherine’s School Twickenham, featuring work by both A level and GCSE level students. It is always fascinating to see how younger generations perceive the world and this year’s display promises to be as stimulating as always.

capture of scenes to produce beautiful and intriguing works of art.

New to this year’s exhibition will be informal tours of the displays with RPS Fellow Jay Charnock . A senior member and former president of RTPS, Jay is a very experienced competition judge well known for her wisdom, pithy comments and penetrating insights and will be giving her perspective on “how to read a photograph” and “what makes a successful image”. The tours will be an invaluable guide for anyone interested in the deeper of aspects of photography and at the same time a great opportunity to ask questions. The cost of the tours is included in the general admission charge so they are free of charge. Mobile phone photography continues to be an area of growing importance. Talks will be given during the exhibition by Amanda Day LRPS and Jocelyn Horsfall ARPS, illustrated with images and examples from their own work.

Amanda Day There are now many easy and fun to use Apps enabling photographers to be more creative at both the shooting stage and in processing images. Amanda and Jocelyn will be covering a selection of Apps for these areas in a “live” demonstration format, with the phone projected onto a screen. The presentation will offer plenty of advice on technique. a plethora of handy hints and practical instruction on how to make images with a mobile phone that are creative, expressive and artistic, going beyond the basic

Jocelyn Horsfall RTPS is a friendly group of photography enthusiasts meeting every Thursday evening in Kew.It has additional Special Interest Groups where members come together to exchange ideas, and support and learn from one another in a range of different genres.

Amanda Day The club is open to beginners and experienced photographers alike.

January 2024 No. 20 New members are always welcome. www.rtps.org.uk

CREATIVE SMARTPHONE PHOTOGRAPHY 10.30-12pm Saturday 20th April 2024 (limited to 15 places) Demonstration with Jocelyn Horsfall ARPS and Amanda Day LRPS Learn how to make images with your mobile phone that are creative, expressive and artistic, going beyond the basic capture of scenes to produce beautiful and intriguing works of art. These days, there are many Apps that are easy and fun (and free/cheap) to use to be more creative at both the Shooting stage as well as for Processing your images. Jocelyn and Amanda will cover a selection of Apps for both shooting and processing in a “live” demonstration format, with the phone projected onto a screen so you can follow along. A list of the apps that will be covered will be provided in advance to those who sign up, so you can choose to download ready to have a play if you want.

Jocelyn Horsfall Two main creative effects possible when taking photos with apps are Intentional Camera Movement (ICM) and Multiple Exposure (ME), and these will be covered in the demonstration. Also included will be some of the many effects

that can be added in processing, including textures, art styles, distortions and colour adjustments, as well as straightforward editing. Come along to see how you can take your mobile phone photography to a new level. Whether you usually take people, landscapes, flowers, street photography, learn how to make images you never imagined possible with your smartphone! Note: This presentation is primarily geared toward iPhone users; however, you can certainly participate if you own an Android phone. (Some of the apps are available for both types, for others equivalent apps will be suggested). There will be a handout sheet including the names (and icons) of any apps mentioned, plus others to try. Jocelyn and Amanda are both fine art photographers, who are known for their expressionistic work and their expertise in knowing how to make the most of that powerful tool in your pocket. To book a space, please email info@rtps.org.uk The above event will take place inside the Richmond & Twickenham Photographic Society’s Exhibition at the Landmark Arts Centre in Ferry Road, Teddington TW11 9NN.

Jocelyn Horsfall The demo is free of charge, but you will need to pay the £4 entrance fee to the exhibition itself which then allows you to view at leisure

January 2024 No. 20 the several hundred photographs which will be on display. View the RTPS website to find out more https://www.rtps.org.uk

UPDATE ON THE CIRCLES Please remember that the circles are here to help you to further enjoy your photogrophy. Join via email with a friendly group of fellow photographers, exchange comments on your images, and enjoy your photography more, knowing that others appreciate it too.

Residential weekends Mike Kitchingman LRPS Committee Member Bob Bracher ARPS

Paul Bullock LRPS There are also two sub-group organisers and one Visual Art Group representative for the Tyng Collection, held currently at the V&A Museum. They are: Visual Art North Mary Crowther ARPS

If you're interested, just email Gill Dishart who coordinates the circles. Email Gill@dishart.plus.com Gill Dishart ARPS

Visual Art Southwest Marija Lees LRPS Tyng Co-ordinator

COMMITTEE MEMBERS The following members make up your VAG committee for 2023/24: Chair Mark Deutsch LRPS Secretary & Newsletter Carol Paes ARPS Treasurer Barry Barker FRPS Membership Val Glenny ARPS Publications Coordinator Wendy Meagher LRPS Exhibitions Coordinator Tom Lee FRPS Exhibitions member Martyn Pearse Social Media Coordinator Steven LRPS Web Editor Michael Butterworth LRPS Circles Coordinator Gill Dishart ARPS

Robert Herringshaw ARPS

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