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RCM Super String Sunday 11.00am | Sunday 21 April 2013 | Amaryllis Fleming Concert Hall

In the interests of safety, sitting or standing on the steps, gangways or floors in any part of the Concert Hall is strictly prohibited. Photographs may be taken during the applause at the end of a work. Photography before and during a performance is forbidden. Private sound or video recordings of College concerts and recitals are prohibited without prior written permission from the College and the agreement of all performers. Please switch off your mobile phone. Smoking is not permitted in any part of the building. Your co-operation is appreciated.

Welcome to the RCM’s Super-Size Super String Sunday 2013 With the tragic events in Boston earlier this week still fresh and raw in our minds, the spirit of human endeavour and artistic expression is never more important both as a weapon to fight terror and destruction, and as a beacon to remind us of who we are and what we can achieve; here today at the Royal College of Music you will see this exemplified. Our truly international community of students will serve up for you dishes of ever increasing size in each hour. Each segment starts with just one solo performer and builds as more musicians take the stage. Then at 2.00pm, you can have a late lunch of Super-Size Strings with extra Cheese; all of those cheesy favourites that you’ll be humming along to, including Pachelbel’s Canon and music from Star Wars. Also look out for our final hour which culminates with the exquisite slow movement of Schubert’s cello quintet, featuring BBC Young Musician Laura van der Heijden, and Time Is Running Out by Muse arrange for six cellos. And “time is running out” is exactly how I will be feeling today. At 10.00am this morning I started running the London Marathon. The aim is to finish the course and get back here to play at 4.00. If all goes according to plan, I will be joined by Laura, other students from the RCM and colleagues from the Sacconi Quartet for a romp through the first movement of Mendelssohn’s Octet. Will I make it? Who knows, but you can track my progress on the screen to see how I’m doing. And the reason for all of this? It’s to raise money to support extraordinary young musicians who want to study here. Please do give as generously as you are able. Your help will make a real difference to amazing musicians. I auditioned some remarkable players who will not be able to pursue their dream of coming to the College without your help. Two of the performers today, Eva Delatorre and Nazli Erdogan, would not be at the Royal College of Music without the money I raised running the Marathon last year, so you can see what a worthwhile project this is. You can donate either in the buckets on your way out, or on line: the address is There are computer terminals outside and a steward who can help you if you would like to sponsor me on-line today. So, if you have enjoyed your time at the Royal College of Music, I hope you leave with your souls and spirits a little bit fatter, and your wallets a little lighter. Thank you Mark Messenger Head of Strings and Mad Violinist

This event is being streamed live at 11.00am J S Bach Prelude from suite no 4 in E flat major

Kristiana Ignatjeva cello

J S Bach Adagio and Fugue from Sonata in G minor

Nigulia Mirzayeva violin

Saint-Sa毛ns The Swan from The Carnival of the Animals

Popper Hungarian Rhapsody op 68

Jo Dee Yeoh cello Helena Pearson harp

Eva de la Torre cello | Francesca Chan piano

Szymanowski Three Paganini Caprices op 40

Algirdas Galdikas violin | Jennifer Carter piano

Dohnanyi Movements 1 & 2 from String Trio

Nigulia Mirzayeva violin Ekaterina Lazareva viola | Eun Cho cello

12.00pm Cassad贸 Prelude from Suite for solo cello

Jo Dee Yeoh cello

J S Bach Prelude from Cello Suite no 5 in C minor

Melissa Ong cello

Hindemith Solo Sonata op 25 Mozart Finale from Duo for violin and viola

Elliot Perks viola Fiona Robertson violin | Christine Anderson viola

Brahms Allegro Energico from Piano trio no 3 in C minor op 101 Emily sun violin Eun Cho cello | Salih Can Gevrek piano Mendelssohn Andante con moto tranquillo from Piano trio D minor op 49

Grig Cuciuc violin Eva de la Torre cello Diana Galakhova piano

Britten Rhapsody for String Quartet

Vasara Quartet Emma Oldfield violin | Jessica Coleman violin Emma Purslow viola | Kristiana Ignatjeva cello

1.00pm Britten Cello Sonata in C major op 65 Dialogo; Scherzo – pizzicato; Moto perpetuo

Melissa Ong cello

J S Bach Grave and Fugue in A minor

Djumash Poulsen violin

Mendelssohn Allegro Vivace from Violin Sonata

Emily sun violin | Salih Can Gevrek piano

Paganini Moses Variations

Ariana Kashefi cello| Alison Rhind piano

Britten Rhapsody for String Quartet

Vasara Quartet

2.00pm Vieuxtemps Variations on Yankee Doodle Dandy

Sean Riley violin

Paganini Caprice no 24

Jian Ren violin

Saint-SaĂŤns The Swan from The Carnival of the Animals

Dinicu Hora staccata Vaughan Williams Lark Ascending Granados Intermezzo Piazzolla Winter from Four Seasons

Pachelbel Canon and other favourites John Williams Star Wars for 8 violas

Jane Lindsay cello Cecilia Sultana de Maria harp

Djumash Poulsen violin | Alison Rhind piano Jessica Coleman violin | Alison Rhind piano Genevieve Brothwood cello | Alison Rhind piano Eva de la Torre cello | Grig Cuciuc violin Diana Galakhova piano Vasara Quartet Christine Anderson, Jennifer MacCallum, Louisa Tatlow, Anna Growns, Patrick McEntee, Jonathan Bayley, Mark Gibbs & Felicity Matthews viola

3.00pm Ysa每e Sonata no 4 for solo violin op 27 Allemanda; Sarabande; Finale

Jens Lynen violin

Messiaen Theme and Variations

Marie Schreer violin | Alison Rhind piano

Schubert Allegro moderato from Arpeggione Sonata

Kristiana Ignatjeva cello Alison Rhind piano

Glinka Allegro moderato from Sonata for viola & piano in D minor

Schubert Adagio from String Quintet in C major

Muse Time Is Running Out for cello sextet

Nazli Erdogan viola Alison Rhind piano

Joseph Devalle & Brigid Coleridge violin Christine Anderson viola Jane Lindsay & Laura van der Heijden cello

Clio Erte, Anne Chauveau, Domitille Jordan, Zoe Saubat, Corentin Chassard & Romain Malan cello

4.00pm Mendelssohn Allegro moderato ma con fuoco from Octet in E-flat major op 20 Sean Riley, Hannah Dawson, Mark Messenger & Joseph Devalle violin Christine Anderson & Cassandra Mansi viola Cara Berridge & Laura van der Heijden cello

You can donate either in the buckets on your way out, or on line. To track Mark, his running number is 2118 and the Marathon website is

Turangalîla 7.30pm | Thursday 23 May 2013 | Royal Festival Hall

RCM Symphony Orchestra Thierry Fischer conductor Stefan Stroissnig piano Cynthia Millar ondes martenot

Messiaen Turangalîla-Symphonie We’re delighted to announce that the RCM Symphony Orchestra has been invited to the Royal Festival Hall to perform one of the truly great orchestral works of the 20th century. Since its premiere after the Second World War, Messiaen's extraordinary masterpiece Turangalîla has acquired a cult following among audiences drawn to its ecstatic harmonies, soaring melodies, opulent orchestrations and intense emotional power. If you've never experienced this utterly extraordinary work live, then this is the time to do it. Part of the Southbank Centre's year-long festival ‘The Rest is Noise’ which is inspired by Alex Ross' book.

Tickets: £6, £9, £12, £16, £20 RCM Box Office: Tel: 020 7591 4314 or

String Sunday  

String Sunday