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Hoek van Holland 2019/2020


DID YOU KNOW? See for all accommodation in Hoek van Holland and surroundings. There is a wide choice of hotels, bed and breakfasts, campsites and more.

1 Hoek van Holland is Rotterdam Beach This special coastal town is known for its beautiful beach, Noorderpier or North Pier and the Nieuwe Waterweg with the Maeslantkering Storm Surge Barrier. But there is much more to see and do in this bustling seaside resort: fun events are organised in town and on the beach, the museums, art and culture on offer are surprisingly high-quality and there are also many beach clubs, bars and restaurants which means the nightlife is great. Enjoy discovering Hoek van Holland and share your experiences with #hoekvanholland. 2 Boulevard From the Koningin Emmaboulevard, you can enjoy a dynamic view of the area. About 80,000 ships pass by Hoek van Holland (inbound and outbound) every year, from sailing ships, large cruise ships and small cargo ships to mammoth tankers and even drilling rigs. 3 North Pier A visit to the boulevard can easily be combined with a walk on the North Pier. The pier is 4.5 km long and parts are accessible to walkers and fishermen. Make sure you take into account the dangerous waves that can hit the pier. Enter at your own risk.

DID YOU KNOW? Hoek van Holland has the Quality Coast hallmark and can call itself a sustainable and environmentally friendly seaside resort.

Beach Hoek van Holland’s beach is 250-metres wide and 3.5 km long. The dunes with freely accessible cycling and hiking trails lie behind it. The beach can be divided into three areas: 4 The ‘Large’ Beach The southern part is the area near the Badweg and the Zeekant. Most of the beach pavilions are here and most of the beach events also take place in this area. Many facilities are available: showers, (disabled) toilets, parking places, beach wheelchairs, a first aid station, lifeguards, children’s play areas and bicycle parking. 5 The Sport Beach The beach at the Rechtestraat is perfect for water sports enthusiasts. You can take lessons or hire outfits and equipment at De Surfschool and Surfschool Hoek van Holland. The Windsurfing Association Hoek van Holland and Kitesurf School are also on this beach, and next to the two beach pavilions you will also find the Central Lifeguard Post. 6 The Northern Beach The northern part of the beach can be found at Slag Stuifkenszand and extends to ‘s-Gravenzande (Slag Vluchtenburg). You can enjoy lovely walks on this quiet beach. You will also find the naturist beach between beach poles 116 and 117. Nudist recreation is not permitted in the dune area.

7 Maeslantkering and the Keringhuis The Keringhuis, Public Water Management Information Centre, is located in a unique location on the Nieuwe Waterweg and right next to the sensational Maeslantkering Storm Surge Barrier. At the Keringhuis, young and old are introduced to various scenarios relating to flooding in an interactive way.

During the summer service 2019, the first ferry from Hoek van Holland Berghaven leaves daily at 06:00, after which the Fast Ferry sails every hour. The last trip from Hoek van Holland

8 Fast Ferry Would you like to see more of the Maasvlakte 2? The Fast Ferry departs from Hoek van Holland Berghaven and cruises to Antarcticaweg Maasvlakte 18 and Pistoolhaven Europoort 20 . Depending on the timetable, the Fast Ferry also stops at Transferium Maasvlakte 19 and Scheurhaven Landtong 21 . Watch large seagoing vessels in the Nieuwe Waterweg on their way to Rotterdam, or from Rotterdam on the way to far-off destinations.

leaves at 19:00 and returns to Hoek van Holland at 19:46.

It takes about 20 minutes by bike from the Antarcticaweg Maasvlakte stop to FutureLand. Bicycles can be taken with on the Fast Ferry at no extra charge.

DID YOU KNOW? A film about the construction of the Nieuwe Waterweg and the creation of Hoek van Holland can be seen at Fort 1881.

The Atlantikwall Museum is located on the car-free North Pier. The museum can be reached on foot from the car park (Âą 200 metres).

9 FutureLand You can learn all about the development of the port at the free information centre FutureLand, and on the Maasvlakte 2 you can see the largest container ships and modern container terminals with your own eyes. Take a VR trip through the new port area or book a cruise through the most modern port in Europe. FutureLand is suitable for young and old, port lovers, families and groups. 10 Fort 1881 Fort aan den Hoek van Holland was built in 1881 as part of the Dutch coastal defence to protect the Nieuwe Waterweg. You can take a journey through the past in this beautiful building, and the different rooms will give you a sense of what living and working in the fort was like. There was never any fighting here, but the fort played a crucial role in the Second World War. The contemporary exhibition shows video fragments from the period from 1940 to 1945. 11 Atlantikwall Museum Hoek van Holland was part of the Atlantic Wall, the German defence line that stretched along the coast from Norway to Spain. One of the remaining pieces of the line is the bunker at the Noorderhoofd. This artillery bunker, type 611, is from 1943. The cannon that was

DID YOU KNOW? The troposcatter of Vineta Dune 22 is a former American radio relay station with four large satellite dishes.

in the bunker could attack the beach and part of the water during a possible invasion. The bunker is now a museum with a special exhibition where you can learn everything about what remains of the defence line. Bunker Bremen: Dutch Military Coastal Defence Museum Bunker Bremen has known many lives. Once built by the German occupiers as an ammunition bunker and part of the Atlantic Wall, the Bremen now houses part of the Dutch Military Coastal Defence Museum. Various story lines are touched on in the Bremen that are relevant to the environment, and many traces are still present of the First World War, Interbellum, the Second World War and the Cold War. These stories are supported with original archive material, many artefacts and changing exhibitions. 12

The Dutch Coastal Light Museum Hoek van Holland The Dutch Coastal Light Museum Hoek van Holland is located in the old lighthouse. The 30-metre high lighthouse was built in 1893, has six floors and operated until 1974. Now, it houses a permanent exhibition and the history of lighthouses comes to life through models of lighthouses, lamp changers, propane gas lanterns, radio beacons, photographic material, drawings and buoys. From the highest point of the lighthouse you have a magnificent view over Hoek van Holland and the Nieuwe Waterweg. 13

DID YOU KNOW? De Redder 23 - or the Rescuers’ Monument - on the Stationsweg was erected in 1931 in memory of those who perished during rescues at sea.

14 Rescue and Ferry Museum Jan Lels The Rescue and Ferry Museums are both located in an ammunition bunker dating from 1943. The Jan Lels Museum manages an impressive number of objects, books, paintings, photographs and other tangible objects. These memories illustrate the rich, heroic and sometimes sad history of rescue in the North Sea area from Scheveningen to the Belgian coast. The museum also shows the history of the former Zeeland Steamship Company, which has maintained the ferry service between the Netherlands and England for more than 100 years. You will also find a large number of objects that make the history of the Ferry, which is also so intensely connected to the Hoekse society, tangible.


Public Transport Hoek van Holland is easily accessible by public transport. The metro line between Schiedam Centrum and Hoek van Holland is expected to be put into use in 2019. You can then travel between Nesselande and Hoek van Holland Haven with metro line B. Until the new metro line is in use, there is bus transport on the route with bus lines 711 and 713. More information: Travel by car & parking If you are coming to Hoek van Holland by car, you can park in several large parking lots. Parking is free in 2019 in connection with the construction of the new metro line. You can also park for free on the boulevard and in the centre. Only the parking lot behind Albert Heijn, the first part of the Prins Hendrikstraat and a part of the Rietdijkstraat fall into a blue zone. You can park here for a maximum of two hours with a parking disc. DID YOU KNOW? The Stena Line ferry between Hoek van Holland and Harwich has two crossings. You can choose to sail during the day or overnight.

Cycling routes and bike maps Hoek van Holland is also accessible by bicycle via various beautiful routes. Inquire about the routes at Rotterdam Tourist Information Coolsingel.

15 Museum RockArt This Museum is a treasure trove of Dutch pop music. You will find everything on Dutch pop music history from the fifties until now. Discover the interesting collection of musical instruments, awards, LPs and singles, also pinball machines and the original Radio Veronica studios from the 1960s. This trip down memory lane is highly recommended for music lovers!

MUST DO Get on your bike and choose from one of the many cycling routes available at the Tourist Information. A number of routes lead you past the Nieuwlandse Mill.

16 Houses by Oud On the 2e Scheepvaartstraat you will find a very sleek, white-squared complex from 1927. The 40 houses are listed as National Monuments and designed by the Rotterdam city architect Jacobus Johannes Pieter Oud (1890-1963). Oud was involved in the creation of the world-famous art movement De Stijl. The complex in Hoek van Holland is part of a series of white housing projects for workers, such as the Witte Dorp and Kiefhoek Rotterdam. The projects gave Oud an international reputation. His Rotterdam work is still high on the must-see lists of architecture lovers. 17 Nieuwlandse Windmill The Nieuwlandse Molen is an old polder windmill in Hoek van Holland. The mill was equipped with a paddle wheel until 1947 when a screw pump with an electric motor was installed so that the mill could be run by wind or electric energy. A mortar was added in 1962 which again increased production. The wind rights were redeemed in 1988 and the Nieuwlandse Mill was raised by 5.6 metres in connection with the greenhouses which can be found nearby.


DID YOU KNOW? The Zandwacht, an iconic object of 20 by 40 metres with a height of 12 metres, depicts how dunes are formed by sand rising up in strong winds and descending again in the lee. The artwork was made by the artists’ collective Observatorium.

Maasvlakte Beach In addition to the large beach at Hoek van Holland, there is also a large swimming beach on the Maasvlakte 2 in Rotterdam. This new beach and the dunes protect the port from the North Sea. There are plenty of opportunities for recreation on the Maasvlakte beach. Enjoy the quiet and the space to swim, sunbathe and stroll along the beach. Dogs are welcome if on a leash. There is also seasonal catering. On P1 and P3, mobile toilets are available during the opening hours of the catering facilities. A 500-metre stretch of beach at the northernmost entrance is reserved for nudist recreation. The beach is easily accessible by car and bicycle. For cyclists, there is a beautiful path on top of the dune with a view over the sea and the port area. Activities beach The northern part of the beach has a five-kilometre stretch available for sporting activities. Kite surfers, kite flyers, fishermen and other athletes have plenty of space. Two parking lots, each with forty large spaces, allow for easy loading and unloading of equipment. Stairs lead directly to the beach. Outside the swimming season and when the weather is too bad for sunbathing, athletes may use the entire beach.


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Rotterdam Tourist Information Hoek van Holland 1 Prins Hendrikstraat 281

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This brochure is an initiative of Rotterdam Tourist Information, a service of Rotterdam Partners. Photography cover: Claire Droppert 4 The Large Beach Photography: Annie van den Bos, Bunker Bremen, Claire Droppert, Edo Dijkgraaf, Freek van Arkel, Levien Willemse, Maarten van der Meer, Marcel de Hoog, Peter Glas, Shelley Trustfull, Thierry Schut. Design:


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Good to know

Set sail with the Fast Ferry and do a little seal spotting Discover the Port of Rotterdam and nature from the water Experience the Port of Rotterdam with the Fast Ferry from Hoek van Holland. Sail past large seagoing vessels, spot seals, pay a visit to FutureLand or cycle through an area of natural beauty on the Landtong peninsula.

Take your bicycle with you free of charge

Various cycle and walking routes depart from Hoek van Holland and take you past some familiar and less familiar highlights, of which the port has many. Take your own bicycle with you on the Fast Ferry and follow one of the cycle routes on the Maasvlakte or Landtong.


From April to October, the Fast Ferry departs every day, every hour between 6 a.m. and 7 p.m. It takes less than 20 minutes to travel from Hoek van Holland to the Maasvlakte. An entire round trip takes around 60 minutes to complete.


Buy a return ticket on board the Fast Ferry for â‚Ź 6.50. This ticket is valid for one day only. Children aged 4 to 11 years and those aged 65 and above can buy a ticket for the reduced price of â‚Ź 5. Children aged under 4 years travel free. Go to for further information, the current timetable, tips, trips and other highlights in this port area.

LANDAL BEACH VILLA’S HOEK VAN HOLLAND Sleeping on the beach and having the most wonderful holiday at the coast. Taking a refreshing dip in the sea on a summer day or braving the wind during a brisk autumn walk. The beach houses at Hoek van Holland guarantee a wonderful stay in any season. While the children are busy building wonderful sandcastles and playing in the surf for hours, you are enjoying the beautiful view.

Landal Beach Villa’s Hoek van Holland Zeekant 125, 3151 HW Hoek van Holland Telefoon +31 (0)88 160 61 00

Beach Villa's Hoek van Holland

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Rotterdam BEACH - Hoek van Holland - Rotterdam Tourist Information  

Hoek van Holland is Rotterdam Beach. This special coastal town is known for its beautiful beach, Noorderpier or North Pier and the Nieuwe Wa...

Rotterdam BEACH - Hoek van Holland - Rotterdam Tourist Information  

Hoek van Holland is Rotterdam Beach. This special coastal town is known for its beautiful beach, Noorderpier or North Pier and the Nieuwe Wa...