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MISSING LINK Term 4 2020

PRINCIPAL’S REPORT Congratulations to our students, their families and the incoming students and families who will be in Year 7 2021 for ensuring we had a very strong finish to a year that was full of rules, regulations and controls. It has not been an easy year. Our school has faced the same challenges as other schools in terms of COVID-19 but has faced even more challenges in responding to many new government policies that will affect Western Sydney. •

There will be significant consequences for our community in the decision to force an enrolment cap to be met in one year. This had a greater impact on our school than almost all other schools in this part of Western Sydney. For 2021 we are working closely with the partner primary schools to avoid any further distress to families.

There will be significant consequences for our students and their safety in the community due to the lack of a community response to the presence of “intruders” from outside the community threatening students and families when they are using the trains and other public transport. We hope to address this next year and seek support from local Councillors and the state Member of Parliament.

There will be new policies in behaviour management, curriculum, staff professional learning and the new School Improvement Plan for 2021. We will continue to consult with parents, families and the community.

Back to 2020… In Term 4 • •

We appointed a new Head Teacher Mathematics – Mrs Lauren Doidge who will start here in 2021. We farewelled Natalia Hughes, Charlie Manipud, Maria Verceluz, Rowshan Begam, Uitime Levi, Michael Ross, Peter Jackson, Robb Dennis, Grace Hamilton. We met the challenges of COVID-19 and, for the most part, were highly successful. We completed Year 12 examinations with a year group that “powered on” and the Year 12 Formal at Rosehill Gardens was a wonderful night of warmth and celebration. 1

We celebrated Year 10 ROSA grades with only 3 still might not meet your own expectations or the students not meeting ROSA requirements in a expectations of others. year group of over 200 students. We also celebrated their success in ‘Work Week’ As you all know I follow the Giants AFL Club in the including the completion of the Young football, Giants Netball (and I am also a tragic Entrepreneur’s program. Paramatta Supporter in the NRL). None of these clubs We recognised the work of Year 7, 8 and 9 in were happy with the results at the end of the year and continuing to make strong academic progress and that was not because they did not try. It was because, in participating in year based and personalised according to their standards they did not do what was learning activities and conversations. Students expected; they did not do the best they could and were able to attend excursions to The Zoo, “copped” lots of criticism from the media, other Clubs complete a swimming program and enjoy many and so-called “expert commentators”. more of the “expansive learning” programs they value so much. I was lucky to attend the Giants “Best and Fairest” I want to say a special thanks to our student data awards and I want to speak about Nick Haynes. Most of analysts who worked hard in Term 4 to analyse you will never have heard of him but this year, Nick the “Tell Them from Me” survey results and Haynes, a defender in a game that almost always share them with students and staff planning for recognises forwards and mid-fielders, was chose as the the new initiatives we are running in 2021. They member’s choice, Giants Best and Fairest and as an will also be leading our Community Consultation “All Australian”. Many people were surprised. I was in 2021. not. We launched our new Department of Education website thanks to Lara Ferri and completed all Nick wanted to play AFL from a young age but was the content for our new Professional Practice worried he would not be good enough. On the night of website – “The Highly Accomplished School”. the Best and Fairest he shared the award with another This website will share the school’s innovations young footballer, Lachie Whitfield. He told us all that he with a wide national and international audience and Lachie had played together in the Under 18s for the of educators. I need to say a huge thank you to all Dandenong Stingrays when Lachie was just 16 and that those who made this exemplary work happen. he knew Lachie was always going to be a star.

This is just a small snapshot of our work and it is perhaps best summarised by this excerpt from the Principal’s Address to the Presentation Assemblies in Years 7-11.

Earlier, Nick had walked away from the game at the elite level, feeling like he had not achieved what he wanted to achieve but too nervous to move forward. He worked as an electrician, played in the local football team and was an “All Australian” skim boarding champion. (I wonder Excerpt from the Principal’s address to Presentation if you even know what skim boarding is.) Assemblies… At 18 , with more life experience, he returned to play for Sometimes students (and even their families) will say the Stingrays and “while he was working in the roof of a when students do not do well through lack of building installing electrical cabling, he “got the call” effort….Don’t worry…it’s only Year (7,8,9,10,11…) and saying he made the draft for the AFL. He played his first I can do better next year. AFL game in 2012 and has gone on to be a star. This year showed us all how that is probably one of the He says now that he waited because he was often biggest myths about secondary school. anxious and while people would see him as an “easygoing kid, chilled kid. But, inside my head it was a When COVID-19 hit Year 12 students were completely different story. I was always over thinking things and unprepared for what would happen….universities worrying about the future.” offering early entry to 70 students based on Year 11 grades; principals asked to recommend students for According to Nick, two things have helped him get to university, TAFE and apprenticeships based on work where he is today. The first is to understand himself and ethic and potential; students asked to prepare portfolios to meditate and practise being calm. and resumes for entry rather than just submit for an ATAR. The second is to play with a team he loves. So, in a year where the Giants didn’t make the finals; he had an We all learnt that every year matters; every effort outstanding year. When things became tough, Nick stood matters and that sometimes even when you try hard you up as a leader on and off the field. 2

And, at the Best and Fairest he spoke about Lachie and the Club, not himself. He said, that even though the Giants did not meet the high standards set for themselves, they can still shape their future. He said:

World Teachers’ Day – RHHS staff masked up.

“We’ve got the people, we’ve got the heart and we’ve got the culture.” He made me think of #TeamRootyHill. He made me think of what happens when we do our best and still do not do as well as we hoped. He made me think of the importance of resilience and persistence and effort and courage. He made me think of how much effort each of you has to put in each day to do your best and achieve success through making progress and achieving your goals. He made me think of how the inspiration and kindness of others can boost our spirits and keep us going. He made me realise that, when the “going gets tough” for us as individuals, the students, staff and community can support us because, at RHHS, we do have the people, we do have the heart and we do have the culture. I want to thank Nick for reminding me of that at a time when 2020 looked like it would do a lot of damage to our aspirations, dreams and goals.

Executive Director Recognition Awards

So, as we finish the year together, take time to take stock of where you are. For this year group, you still do have time to come back next year and continue your progress towards your goals, knowing that if you choose to do your best, we will walk every step of the way with you. Congratulations. Best wishes for the Holiday Season

The school’s Executive Team received the Executive I want to wish our students, our amazingly hard working Director’s Certificate of Recognition for their leadership during COVID-19 “for significant contributions by staff and our families a very safe and happy holiday season. I want to remind us all that we need to make the leading staff to public schools reflective of NSW Department of Education’s core values.” time to take a break and enjoy the “down time” where we can. And for those families doing it a bit tough this Although the executive was nominated as a team, the executive team responsible for the COVID-19 respense year, we hope the new year brings new choices and includes the following school leaders: Constance chances. Mattimore, Thelma Vuki, John Meng, Aaron Prestridge, Janice Stuart, Nadine Giorgianni, Joanna Wilkins, Thanks to all and happy New Year. Shauna Pollard, Catherine Lucas, Tim Wrigley, Clare Melville. Kate Kennerson, Andrew Fowler, Melissa Christine Cawsey Scerri, Linda Graham, Brianna Dolling, Amanda Principal Latimore, Sarah Andrews, Kylie Munzenberger, Yasodai December 2020 Selvakumaran. 3

Deputy Principal Business and Systems Administration.

maximum benefit from the allocated resources.

RHHS School Finance Committee.

Stay Cool Whilst climate change is moving beyond a matter of public debate, Rooty Hill has been steadily warming up in summer. To further improve the quality of the school’s learning and working environment, another 30 classrooms and staff rooms had air conditioners installed in 2020. We are just 5 units away from the final milestone – regulating the temperature in all classrooms, offices and working spaces. After teaching for over 14 years at Rooty Hill High School, I was appointed, through a merit selection process, as Deputy Principal Business and Systems Administration in September. It has been a great honour for me to continue my services to the students at Rooty Hill High School in this exciting role.

Just a gentle reminder that you need to set air conditioner’s temperature to 25 to 27 degrees for cooling in summer, and around 18 to 20 degrees for heating in winter. This is to ensure maximum energy efficiency from the unit. And do remember to switch the air conditioner off when not needed.

- John Meng 2021 School Budget Allocation Report (SBAR) As scheduled, Rooty Hill High School received the 2021 SBAR at the beginning of Term 4. Based on the principle of needs-based funding model, this budget allocation will enable Rooty Hill High School to respond to the learning needs of its students using universal, targeted and intensive academic and wellbeing programs.

A safer and more productive school Many thanks to the school’s administrative team who efficiently manage the school’s business functions. Special thanks to Janice Stuart and Nadine Giorgianni (Senior Admin Managers) for leading the team so well. Many thanks to the school’s General Assistants, John Savetta and Michael Dews, for responding so flexibly to competing school maintenance priorities. Together we are working towards our common goal – a better school environment to support better learning outcomes.

Rooty Hill High School Finance Committee Meets On behalf of the finance management team, I would like to thank the school’s finance committee who met on 27 November to scrutinise the expenditure against the 2020 school budget, and review the planned school budget for 2021. A warm welcome to the new members of the committee Michelle Mackey (parent/community representative), Paris Paraan (student representative) and Harris Abawi (student representative). I look forward to closely working with the committee to oversee the school’s financial affairs, ensure compliance and derive

Last but not least I would like to thank Christine Cawsey, Principal of Rooty Hill High School, for creating this opportunity for me to extend my knowledge and skills to systems management, school finance and business administration. I look forward to reporting to you in the next newsletter about the school’s new projects, new assets, new funding initiatives and new personal and team achievements. -

John Meng, Deputy Principal Business and Systems Administration.


Beginner Teachers Breakfast


Jeanette Camillos, who is also an ex student of RHHS, leaves us after 10 years as an outstanding Careers Adviser. Jeanette brought extensive experience to her role after spending much of her career in the private sector, including as Principal of a Trade Centre. We wish her joy in retirement and look forward to welcoming her back 1 day a week in 2021. Robb Dennis has worked at RHHS since 2017 in CAPA, TAS and Science. He has been a positive colleague and made contributions to all 3 faculties and the school. Robb has decided to retire to spend more time with family. We wish him well.

Me, My Culture and NSW

Congratulations to all of Rooty Hill High School’s beginning teachers of 2020. This term, all of RHHS 11 beginning teachers, their Professional Practice Mentors and Senior Executive acknowledged and marked the end to a very different, but successful first year with the annual beginning teachers’ breakfast. As a community school, Rooty Hill High School is always looking to support local businesses, and this year, the beginning teachers’ breakfast was held at Urban Jungle Cafe. For many of these beginning teachers, it was a time to celebrate their submission of accreditation to NESA as a proficient teacher, and the work they have put in over 2020 to adapt, adopt and create lessons for their students both on and off line. Congratulations to our Beginning Teachers from everyone at Rooty Hill High School.

Cassandra King, (Year 12 2021) was recently awarded in Woke’s ‘Me My Culture and NSW’ Competition. The competition was hosted by Woke, and online youth magazine, in partnership with Multicultural NSW. Cassandra was awarded Highly Commended for Photography. You can see her work at https://www.ourwoke.com/me-my-culture-and-nsw


Book Week 2020

Book Week 2020 celebrated the art of Rigorous Reading, with staff and students embracing the annual theme of ‘Curious Creatures, ‘Wild Minds’. Senior students were responsible for transforming the library from the usual study-hub into a land of exploration, with characters like Willy Wonka and creatures like Werewolves welcoming students to the world of literacy. Senior leaders banded together to create a photo booth responsible for transporting visitors into a majestic forest inspired by Robin Hood & Peter Pan, with one student, Aeron Vicente, claiming “the idea was to immerse people into a place where imaginations could run free.” A costume parade saw book characters come to life. The Science Faculty collectively turned heads with their impressions of Dr. Seuss’ curiously blue-headed creatures. Mr Meng reminded us why Sherlock Holmes is still relevant in the 21st century and our Principal, Ms Cawsey, adorned herself with the robe of Professor McGonagall, a Harry Potter favourite. Batman reliably watched over the literary proceedings in the library while the Grim Reaper quietly ushered students towards the reading, writing and speaking activities that were on offer. Aspiring writers listened to author interviews, aspiring artists illustrated their favourite personalities and a creative writing session was attended by a group of enthusiastic students who collaboratively created a display of short stories for others to enjoy. One of these crafty creative writers, Bilal Shah (Year 10), proudly spoke of the session as being “an invaluable opportunity for personal expression”, and another creative writer, Jayden Madigan (Year 9), expressed how he “liked that everybody got a chance to contribute to each of the stories”. Genoveva- Constantina Stuparu, School Captain 2021, led by example, actively assisting juniors with spelling and prompting nervous writers with encouraging words. In addition to the success of narrative writing, hopeful illustrators were given the opportunity to use guided instructions from drawing books to create their favourite fantasy, anime or manga characters, with Connor Syrls (Year 10) demonstrating his sketching prowess in his composition of Dr Jekyll. Teachers joined the students in a friendly debate about whether fire-bending should be banned and the week ended with a Teacher Vs Teacher debate about whether Hagrid should be relieved of his position at Hogwarts. All in all, the week was a welcome source of positivity and a breath of fresh air for students who have had so many of their annual events cancelled because of the Covid-19 crisis. Thankfully, the world of literacy is always open.



Haka Warrior Program

Twenty six male students from years 9, 10 and 11 were selected to participate in the Haka Warriors Program hosted by PCYC Blacktown in partnership with the NSW Police. Each year group is represented by one leader and together we rehearse twice a week to learn three group and one leadership haka. Aiming for perfection, ready to compete against five other schools for the title on April 1st 2021. Our leaders- Taiala Fuiono, Tulaga Iosefo and Josiah Saulala represented us and attended a leadership workshop day at PCYC Blacktown. We returned to school to promote pride in ourselves, our culture and our school. Written by Taiala Fuiono Year 11, Tulaga Iosefo Year 10 and Josiah Saulala Year 9.

Year 6 into 7

This semester has been a busy semester for Year 6 students coming to Rooty Hill High School in 2021. At the start of Term 3, students had their enrolment interviews in preparation for 2021 which enabled students and their families the opportunity to share their strengths and interests with teachers here at RHHS. At the beginning of term 4, a select group of students began the Early Intervention program. This program helped students become familiar with high school and begin to form friendships with students who they are going to be in Year 7 with in 2021 also and enabled students to meet and develop relationships with staff. The Year 7 Orientation Days were a huge success. Students participated in lessons across a range of subjects with teachers at RHHS to prepare themselves for Year 7 in 2021. I look forward to the excitement of 2021! Ms Taylor Tracy, Year 7 Advisor 2021

Year 7


This year students from years 7-10 competed in the Premiers Debating Challenge with schools stretching from the North Shore to Young! In true 2020 spirit, debates were conducted over ZOOM and adjudicators dialled in remotely. Debaters from Year 10 progressed deep into the knockout rounds defeating many formidable opponents along the way. Their enthusiasm extended beyond the tournament and into the after school debating club, where many topical issues were critically explored such as philosophy, economics, and the legal system! Rooty Hill’s debating program continues to foster active citizenship, students are becoming critical thinkers who express their ideas loudly and proudly. 8

get yourself across the next finish line. You have shown me that you are kind, resilient, tenacious and I have to admit, pretty hilarious. You made it through the hardest year many of us have faced, and I can’t wait for all the opportunities you will have going forward. I know that you will all be positive role models and set an outstanding example for our incoming Year 7 cohort in 2021. As I address you as Year 7 for one last time let me tell you how proud I am of each and every one of you and let me thank you for allowing me to play a small part in your continued success here at Rooty Hill. Thank you Miss Pozoglou, Year 7 Adviser. Deputy Principal’s Message – Ms Mattimore. Good morning Year 7. Today’s assembly marks the Year Adviser’s Speech – Principal’s Presentation successful completion of your first year of high school Assembly – Ms Pozoglou. Good morning teachers, executives and Year 7. It gives and what a year it has been. Just as you made that giant me great pleasure to welcome you all here today to the leap from primary school to high school, the Coronavirus hit; disrupting learning and wellbeing Year 7 Principals Report Assembly. The purpose of programs and closing the school for several weeks. today’s assembly is to celebrate your successes and However, as our school motto states, we persisted. We achievements throughout this year. took the opportunity to upgrade our ICT skills, develop Earlier this term you completed your personalised new online programs, create task booklets and found learning conversations giving you the opportunity to new and innovative ways to connect with you and your reflect on your achievements, strengths and areas for families. Despite the disruption caused, we were improvement to plan goals that will enable you to impressed with how you responded to the pandemic. demonstrate your success as a learner next year as a Year 8 student. You set yourself three goals. These goals were meant to When school resumed, you returned with the same be hard, they were meant to challenge you and take you energy and enthusiasm we witnessed on day one. You quickly established friendship groups and fell into the out of your comfort zone. rhythm of the school. Now we come to the end of the year and I can see from your Year in Review video that What will you gain from completing these goals? The satisfaction of completing a challenge, reaching a goal you have absolutely made the most of your first year. Although we could only offer a limited number of you set for yourself, seeing through something to the events, you eagerly participated, gave everything your end? What if it all gets too hard? What if giving up seems like an easier option? Will you give up or will you best shot and had great fun doing so. Academically, you chose to continue to fight. You have a choice, a choice have shown impressive growth in your literacy skills and have achieved some outstanding results across all that will challenge you and a choice that will change subjects. you, make you stronger, and make you feel as though you could do anything you set out to achieve.

You have also demonstrated resilience, tenacity and persistence as you navigated your way through your first year of high school, assisted by your Year Adviser Ms Pozoglou, who has worked tirelessly to ensure a smooth transition. I would like to thank Ms Pozoglou and Ms Andrews, Head Teacher Junior school, for their leadership and continued support. Let’s give them both a big round of applause.

You are now faced with a new challenge, Year 8. There will be obstacles, it will be hard, there are times when you will want to give up, but I assure you the journey to the finish line will be worth it. You have all shown me that you have the ability and the capacity to not only be successful Year 7 students, but to be a valued member of the Rooty Hill High School community, one that new students to Rooty Hill and existing students of Rooty Hill will look up to. You have shown me this year that As you move into Year 8, you will no longer be the you aren’t quitters and you will do whatever it takes to youngest, smallest, newest members of the school. You


have had time to get to know our expectations and I will expect you to be outstanding role models to the incoming Year 7 of 2021. I hope you take the time during the holidays to reflect on your reports and return next year with a renewed energy and a commitment to achieving the goals you set during personalised learning conversations. Congratulations Year 7. Have a safe and happy holiday. -

Ms Constance Mattimore, Deputy Principal

Year Adviser’s Address – Mr Ross This term has been a big term for Year 8. After a long COVID year, many restrictions have been lifted, allowing Year 8 students to participate in more activities. Students were able to go to venues for Friday sport again which bought great joy. Adding to this, gala LOTE days were run in Rugby League, Volleyball and the Year 7 students had the opportunity to learn about Wanderers cup soccer tournament where students were different Chinese festivals this term. Students also had able to play competitively against other schools. the opportunity to learn how to make paper dumplings Academically, final assessment tasks and examinations 饺子jiăo zi. They explored the food culture from were completed in classrooms, with students being able to showcase the knowledge they have learnt over the different cities and the fun facts about different dishes from China. The LOTE faculty teachers congratulate all year. Following this, Year 8 students wrote their report comments in their subject areas. Personalised Learning the students who have worked hard during 2020 and Week Student Conversations are always a hit and this tried their best to adapt the “new normal” learning term was no different. Students writing their strength environment. comments and reflecting on a tough year allowed for teachers and students to celebrate together. The highlight Year 8 of the term was the end of term excursion to the new Western Sydney Zoo. Seeing the students, who for the majority haven't been to the zoo before, with huge smiles on their faces showed that they deserved to finish the year on a positive note. I can't congratulate Year 8 students enough for their tenacity and courage in 2020. I wish them all a safe and happy Christmas with their families and look forward to seeing them all in Year 9 2021. -

Michael Ross, Year 8 Adviser.

Deputy Principal’s Address – Ms Vuki Good afternoon Ms Cawsey, Ms Andrews, Mr Ross, teachers and Year 8. I want to congratulate you on reaching this milestone- your report presentation assembly which is your last one in Year 8. I wish to thank the Principal Ms Cawsey, Ms Andrews, Mr Ross, your teachers, parents and guardians for the leadership and sport of this year group in 2020. 10

A lot has happened this year in terms of your learning and participation in the life of the school. This year was definitely a momentous one. Your ability to adapt, persist and your ‘can do’ attitude has definitely shaped your achievement. As a year group, we made progress and participated both academically and socially in various activities such as: • • • •

• •

Online remote learning and online assessment during the working from home period. Online assemblies and year group meetings with Mr Ross End of year trip to the Zoo Personalised Learning Week conversations about your strengths, progress and areas for further improvement in 2021. Musicians Making A Difference (MMAD) Workshop for our aspiring Musicians Full Steam Ahead with the ABCN and PowerHouse Museum excursion to improve technology skills and critical and creative thinking. Students learnt to code using Arduino Boards in order to create solutions to technical problems. Various sporting and extra-curricular activities such as debating and chess club

Lebron James (‘King James’ as he is also known as), one Year Adviser Speech – Principal’s Presentation of the greatest basketball players, once said about his Assembly – Mr Jackson. skill and attitude during his games, ‘Ask me to steal, block out, sacrifice, lead, dominate. Anything. But it’s Good morning everyone, and again welcome to the Year 9 Principal’s Presentation Assembly, and your last as not what you ask of me, it’s what I ask of myself’. What Lebron meant was, to be successful, you have to Junior students of Rooty Hill High School. Throughout this year, I have stood before you, and put in the effort, seek opportunities to develop and delivered numerous COVID speeches, referencing the extend on your skills and knowledge, and importantly you have to ‘want it for yourself’ first. This must be the curveballs that you have had to navigate in 2020, and the mindset that you take with you into Year 9 in 2021. Be excellent work you have all done, in doing so. And, while it is important to reflect on this term, and year, and the most improved and the best that you can be. Stay safe and have a wonderful school holiday. See you I will, I also want to discuss the new beginnings that await you all in 2021. in 2021. -

Ms Thelma Vuki, Deputy Principal

Year 9

But first to this term – and finally, we have been able to participate in an abundance of programs beyond the walls of your classrooms. You have participated in the Western Sydney Connect Zoom program which challenged your thinking about your future pathways. You participated in the highly engaging Motivate Me program, the first of its kind at Rooty Hill, again, aimed at shifting your mindset towards future-focused careers. You worked with Olympian, Rohan Chapman-Davies who shared his stories of adversity, resilience and tenacity. You sat down with your teachers, reflected on your achievements, and set new learning and personal goals during Personalised Learning Student Conference Week. And lastly, not all ‘fun’ was cancelled in 2020, and you got to enjoy various sporting carnivals, as well 11

as a trip to Sydney Zoo. I certainly had fun, what about you? When you think of it, so much has been crammed in to one term of Year 9, and this provides a snapshot of the extra-curricular programs and opportunities that you have undertaken during your Junior School Years. It also provides an insight into the relentless work ethic of Mrs Andrews, in her role as your Head Teacher Junior School. I think it is important, that we pause, and celebrate the enormous role that Mrs Andrews has played in your first three years at Rooty Hill High School. Mrs Andrews is the brains, and heart behind everything that our year group has been lucky enough to participate in. Mrs Andrews is tireless in her pursuit in ensuring that each and everyone of you, is known, valued, and cared for, and her strong desire to see you all be the best versions of yourself, is reflected on a daily basis through your creativity, maturity and enthusiastic approach to everything you all do. Can I please ask to stand, and join me in giving Mrs Andrews a round of applause, for all her efforts and contributions to our Year group? With that said, this presents a new beginning. Life is a succession of beginnings, with every day, every hour, every moment in life, confronting us with new beginnings. As you sit in your seat, and continue to reflect on your Junior School journey, and the role Mrs Andrews has played, I want you to think about the significance of the new beginning that you are about to embark on – a journey that begins in 2021, as Senior Students at Rooty Hill High School.

3. Appreciate the present moment; I want you to think back to the last time you tired something new or did something outside your comfort zone, like giving a big speech, or trying out for a new team. The beginner mindset keeps you alert and present, encouraging you to explore each moment with a greater sense of awareness and curiosity. 4. Become comfortable with the uncomfortable; Many of us want to skip to the end. As a wise Year 9 student once said, “begin with the end in mind, but don’t skip the beginning”. It is through those seemingly uncomfortable situations that you cultivate patience, compassion and learn how to relax in moments of uncertainty. So, give yourself permission to be a beginner and approach things with an open mind. Feed the curiosity that lives within you, because it’s such a liberating experience that breeds endless possibilities and keeps life exciting. Year 9 - be proud of what you have achieved, proud of who you are, and know, as always, I am proud of being your Year Adviser. Enjoy your holidays Year 9, and get ready for a new beginning! Mr Peter Jackson – Year 9 Adviser

Head Teacher Junior School Speech – Principal’s Presentation Assembly – Ms Andrews. Good morning parents, caregivers, teachers, executives and Year 9. It gives me great pleasure to welcome you all here today to the Year 9 Principals Report Assembly. As you embark on this journey, I want to provide you The purpose of today’s assembly is to celebrate your with four reasons to embrace this new beginning; journey through the junior school, receive recognition 1. It’s a humbling experience; we tend to get for your achievements and think about the next chapter comfortable with what we know. It’s cosy, it’s of your story, senior school. familiar and it’s reassuring. When you This term I had the pleasure of coordinating personalised consciously check-in as a student and embrace learning student conference week where you shared your more openness with regards to your judgements, goals and future aspirations with myself, Mr Jackson as you automatically leave your ego at the door. It well your classroom teachers and learning and support results in a willingness to learn and grow, to staff. It was a privilege to talk to each and every one of increase your level of awareness, and in doing so, you as you reflected on the year that had past and put expands the pool of opportunities available to plans in place for your future ahead. you. As you move into the senior school you will be presented with many opportunities, you will be given 2. New beginnings recapture your childlike many different pathways to choose, there will be excitement and wonder; by embracing new obstacles, there will be challenges and there will be set beginnings, you free yourself from incredibly backs, but I can assure you it will be worth it. high-expectations, open up your mind and I would like to thank you Year 9 for allowing me to be a ultimately recapture the excitement and part of your junior school journey and I wish all the best anticipation that new experiences generally Be true to yourself, support one another, learn from one bring. Shed expectations and replace it with another and be kind to one another. untainted enthusiasm and curiosity to grab each Thank you Year 9, opportunity. Mrs Andrews 12

Head Teacher Junior School

Jackson who works tirelessly to make your time in school engaging, safe and enjoyable. I would also like to thank Ms Andrews, Head Teacher Junior School for her leadership. Let’s give them both a round of applause.

Deputy Principal’s Message – Ms Mattimore. This year has been a year like no other. From bushfires and floods to a virus that brought the world to a standstill. We could never have imagined the impact it As we end the year, I want to thank you for your efforts would have on our lives. We could go on forever talking and wish you all the best for the holidays. I look forward about iso, lockdowns, restrictions, hand sanitiser, masks, to working with you all again in Year 10. Thank you job loses, the damage to the economy and the devastating loss of life or we can accept that this was an event out of our control, that we can’t change but we can Ms Constance Mattimore, Deputy Principal. learn from and focus on the future. For me, I am choosing to think about the positive things I observed and learned during COVID 19. Personally, I learnt that I can actually cook if I put the effort in. I can do online Zumba classes in my kitchen, I can read a book all the way to the end, I can complete a 1000-piece jigsaw (in 2 months), I have no problem binge watching on Netflix and the plants I planted in March are now blooming in my garden.

Year 10

Professionally, I am in awe of what we, as a school community, achieved during the pandemic. Your teachers stepped up to the plate by designing online lessons, running master classes, workshops, assemblies, wellbeing activities and fitness workouts. In response, you demonstrated your ability to adapt to the changing circumstances by engaging in lessons, completing tasks and challenges and staying connected with your year adviser and teachers. Returning to school wasn’t easy. That early morning alarm was not always welcome. Swapping your PJ’s for school uniform was tough (but I’m so pleased you did) and managing those 75-minute lessons when you were so used to organising your day around your Playstation game or whatever series you were watching on TV was challenging. But it didn’t take you long to get back into the swing of things. Within weeks, you were smashing out assessment tasks and although there were no sports or activities, you were enthusiastically kicking your personal goals. One of the most positive things to come out of this situation is how the whole school community pulled together. We engaged with your parents and carers daily, checking in on your wellbeing and offering support and the relationships you developed with your teachers became stronger as we worked together to continue learning. We did a great job! So, Year 9, this is your last year of junior school. It’s been a big year of trying new things and I want to thank you all for working with us as we work towards providing the best possible learning journey for you. I want to say a special thank you to your Year Adviser Mr 13

The Personalised Learning sessions in Week 7 saw you explore your goals for the future and take steps towards preparing to enter Year 11 or the workforce next year. You finished the term with YEP and Work Week. I was blown away by the quality and creativity of your projects, and the maturity and passion you showed in their creation. For the main part of my speech today I though I would share with you, a story about elephants. One day a girl was walking past a circus and noticed that the elephants weren’t being kept in cages or held by chains. All that was holding them back from escaping, Year Adviser’s Address – Principal’s Presentation was a small piece of rope, tied to a post and one of their Assembly – Ms Edney. Good morning Ms Cawsey, Ms Vuki, Ms Munzie, staff, legs. and of course Year 10. As the girl gazed upon the elephants, she was completely Wow, we are finally here. You made it. 2020 is done and confused as to why the elephants didn’t just use their strength to break the rope and free themselves. They dusted. could easily have done so, but instead, they didn’t try to Looking back on Term 4, it has been filled with so many at all. successes, victories, opportunities, and challenges. Curious and wanting to know the answer, she asked a trainer nearby why the elephants were just standing there We started the term with Book Week and the and never tried to escape. opportunity to dress as your favourite book characters and show your debating skills by taking on the teachers. The trainer replied; “When they are very young and much smaller we use the same size rope to tie them and, Congratulations on your resounding victory. at that age, it’s enough to hold them. As they grow up, they are conditioned to believe they cannot escape. They Next you turned your attention to completing your believe the rope can still hold them, so they never try to requirements for RoSA. Late nights studying, writing essays, and finishing projects, all culminating in Week 4, break free.” where everything was due, along with examinations for The only reason that the elephants weren’t breaking free most of your subjects. But you took this in your stride, and escaping from the camp was that over time they adopted the belief that it just wasn’t possible. freaked out a bit, got help from your teachers and the senior study, and made it through, more successfully The moral of the story: than many of you realised at the time. You, Year 10 are the elephants, I am the girl, and yes, elephants are my favourite animals in all the world. Many of you participated in leadership and No matter how much the world tries to hold you back, extracurricular opportunities such as the U@Uni no matter how many times you have fallen short or Academy Orientation Day, SALSA Youth Voice incursion, YES Program and Tafe courses. The JobQuest failed in the past, always continue to believe that what students held a highly successful Krispy Cream sale, and you want to achieve is possible. A test mark or a grade the Haka Warriors have grown into great young leaders, shows you what you have done, not what you can do. showing respect and unity in recognising their own self Believing you can become successful is the most important step in achieving it. worth and identity. With sporting opportunities returning in Term 4, many Don’t stop believing Year 10, you are capable of more than you know. Set your goals and expectations high, I of you jumped at the chance to represent the school in have faith in each and every one of you. Rugby League and Volleyball. In Week 6 you participated in the Develop and Reconnect Experience. I particularly enjoyed finding our paper scissors rock champions and looking through your creative photo submissions from the scavenger hunt.

For some of you this is where our journey together ends. I wish those leaving us all the best for the future. You have been an integral part of our year group and we will miss you. To those returning, I look forward to navigating Year 11 with you in 2021. 14

Congratulations Year 10 on an amazing year. As always, Communication is king. Communicating with your teachers about your learning I am incredibly proud and privileged to be your Year to clarify doubts and seek support and guidance on ways Adviser. Have a safe and happy holiday. to improve must be a focus for you. As well, active listening and participation in class and in the life of the Ms Elise Edney, Year 10 Adviser. school is important in nurturing a ‘can do’ attitude. Congratulations Year 10 on the completing of your Year Deputy Principal’s Message – Ms Vuki. 10 RoSA. I am definitely looking forward to working Good Morning Ms Cawsey, Ms Munzenberger, Ms with and supporting you in 2021. For those students Edney, teachers and Year 10. Here we are again, leaving us at the end of this year, I wish you well. I wish gathered to acknowledge and celebrate the end of you all a safe and enjoyable school holiday. See you in another year of schooling and give thanks for the 2021! numerous opportunities and learning experiences that have come your way this year such as the following to Ms Thelma Vuki, Deputy Principal name a few: • The ABCN Optus Free SIM and data giveaway. • The YES Tafe program Year 11 2020, now Year 12 2021 • Young Entrepreneurs Program (YEP) in Term 4. • SALSA project. • Job Club • Various individual and team sporting activities. Whilst there were opportunities for participation and engagement during the year, there were also lessons learnt as a result of these, in particular, ‘that disrupted period of learning that shall not be mentioned’. These are lessons that will inform your 2021 schooling journey. They are: Change is the new normal Change is a constant in life. The disrupted period of learning has taught us this. We embrace change for our personal growth and improvement. Take time to reflect on your schooling in 2020 and the impact on your achievement. What are somethings that need to change to ensure you improve and achieve your goals?

Year Adviser Message – Ms Gatt When I was younger, my family and I regularly piled into the trusty 1979 model Toyota Corona to fulfill my father’s passion for fishing. I wasn’t a big fan myself, I would often take a book and bunker under the front Find your ‘Why?’ section of the boat. Thanks to my father, we were all One of the keys to success in Year 11 in 2021 is finding members of the Nepean Fishing Club which took us to your purpose and setting the right goals. Finding your places far and wide always with the boat and sometimes purpose is about reflecting on this question: Why are you with the caravan as well. This made for a slow trip and if at school? What are you hoping to achieve? This is the I didn’t get travel sickness, my sister did. Memories a difference between success and failure, and is definitely plenty, the one and only time my father allowed us important in holding yourself accountable for your McDonalds the boat became stuck in the drive thru and learning and schooling experiences. the first time I heard my father swear was when I let an entire catch of fish drift away including a prize winner Attitude shapes achievement. which cost my sister a $5 Kmart voucher (no Westfield Having the right attitude and values strengthens your vouchers in those days.) Despite the not so favourable achievement. The school’s PERSIST values underpins, memories, the good outweighed the bad and my sisters and is complementary to the knowledge and skills you and I always anxiously awaited the arrival of our will develop and learn. Equally important is the core destination. shared values of respect, kindness, empathy, selfawareness and responsibility. The late football legend, Much to our parents' discontent, we would regularly Diego Maradona once said ‘When you win, you don't get mutter those infamous words ‘are we there yet?’ Now carried away. But if you go step by step, with that I am older, I realise that I failed to appreciate the confidence, you can go far.” journey. It was the journey that was important and not so His success in part was due to his confidence and having much the destination. the right attitude. There is a lesson here for all of us. 15

Year 12, for the past 12 years, you have been on a journey, an educational journey, a journey full of experiences, challenges, setbacks and accomplishments. And as you begin your final year, your eyes are fixed on one big goal. But big goals are scary, they’re intimidating, they stare you down, they swim about in your conscious thought like the fish my father longed to catch, where ideas and flickers of dreams float in the murky future of ‘someday.


Ms Tracy Gatt, Year 12 2021 Adviser.

Deputy Principal’s Message – Ms Mattimore. Good afternoon Year 12 2021. Today marks a very important milestone as you receive your Year 11 ROSA grades. Year 11 gave you a taste of what to expect in the HSC. I’m sure you noticed and felt the pressure of increased rigour in assessment tasks, closer monitoring of attendance and the need to meet assessment task You tell yourself ‘tomorrow’. Tomorrow I will make a deadlines. But today you are here because you rose to start, tomorrow is comforting, tomorrow my future self the challenge! Achieving your ROSA is a testament to your hard work, commitment, determination and will make a better decision. BUT here is where you need to take a step back. Just like me, reflecting on my 9 resilience. You should be very proud of yourselves! year old self crammed in the family car, it’s easy to think Now you are a Year 12 student embarking on the most the goal is everything. But it’s not. Because it’s not important year of your schooling. The HSC is within about the goal or the destination. It’s about the your grasp. The next 3 terms will fly by and you will JOURNEY. soon be sitting in this hall, in your gowns, in front of That goal might not be something you can accomplish your family, receiving your HSC certificates. It’s going to be a big year but I know you can do this. tomorrow. But the journey, that’s something you can start right now. You can step onto a path of making improvements, of good habits, of exploring possibilities Of course, as in every year, there are several people who have helped to get you here. Your Year Advisers, Ms and making progress towards goal success. The late tennis player Arthur Ashe said,“Success is a journey, not Land, who incidentally gave birth to a baby boy on a destination. The doing is often more important than the Saturday (we all wish her well), Ms Gatt who has been an excellent support to you all and Ms Corpuz who has outcome.” embraced the role as your Year Adviser with such enthusiasm. You are very lucky to have such great, So why is the journey more important than the strong leaders looking out for you. And of course, your destination? The journey reveals who you are and what you are made head of senior school, Ms Munzie who, over the course of the next 12 months will become your second-best of. friend. She will guide you through the HSC and do her The journey can often test your attitude. absolute best to make it as smooth as possible. The journey forces you to take responsibility The journey can allow you to inspire others. The real success is not the end result, the real success is I want to thank our senior leaders – and don’t they look great in their new blazers! In just a short time you have who you become in the process. already made a great impression. I look forward to Year 12, success is in your hands. The next 12 months working with you more over the next few weeks and into are 365 chances to get it done. If a journey of a thousand next year. miles begins with a single step, then what’s stopping you As we head towards the end of 2020 (and won’t we all from starting? When we stop focusing so much on the outcome, and pay more attention to the present and the be pleased about that), make sure you continue to meet all senior school expectations - complete classwork and overall journey, that first single step seems more assessment tasks, meet attendance requirements, wear attainable. So, in your final year, as you continue to strive towards your uniform and be the best person you can be. your goals, remember to enjoy the journey, embrace the Congratulations Year 12. challenges placed in your path, along with the many opportunities, and realise that when you achieve your Ms Constance Mattimore, Deputy Principal. ‘success’, it will be that much sweeter because of the journey you decided to take.The journey, just like the road trip, is about learning what you live. Congratulations year 12 and well done on a fabulous year.And on behalf of Ms Corpuz, Ms Land and I (Ms Gatt), we wish you every success for your final school year ahead. 16

2021 School Captains Message

and I appreciate the efforts they put in to serving customers.

Aeron Vicente- My initial thoughts about Hospitality work placement caused my nerves and worries to get the better of me. I chose to work at Gloria Jeans alone, which was going to put me through a new experience that was quite foreign. During the initial days, I was quite hesitant and numb with how fast business was going in the workplace of Gloria Jeans. I knew that I needed to put mind into multi-tasking everything that was assigned to me, ranging from creating a variety of cold drinks to wiping down my workspace under long hours. It was physically draining at first, but as time Congratulations to everyone for their achievements and went by, I was able to manage the challenges and hard work this year! It’s the time of the year where obstacles. From getting along really well with Gloria everything is coming to an end and holidays are getting a Jean’s crew to improving my time management with little closer! We would like to encourage everyone to customer orders, it was exhilarating to further develop keep up with the positive work ethic, continue to strive my skills and knowledge within the Hospitality Industry. to do your best and set goals to achieve for the coming school year! Make the most of opportunities RHHS Josh Imlay- In Week 5, Hospitality work placement took offers and make it count. To our school community, me to Coffee Emporium at Blacktown. My main duty have a safe and enjoyable break and take it easy, and we was to deliver hot beverages to customers within the will see you recharged in 2021! food court area. At times this was difficult trying to seek Written by Genoveva Stuparu and Jay Lopez. out customers awaiting their order. After some confusion My Week at Work Placement

and clear explanation, I felt more at ease and more confident to do the job. I feel comfortable that I could go into the job again with success.

The Haka Warrior Program was a fun initiative that allowed us to connect with other students in different year groups from different cultures. It was an opportunity for us to feel comfortable to expressive ourselves. Three student leaders were selected to attend an event at Blacktown PCYC. We learnt leadership skills as well as a leader Haka with students from the local Bianca Amson- I’m in Business Services and I did my area. As a leader, it is now our responsibility to make our work placement at Ray White Real Estate. I learnt own Haka repertoire that will be performed at 2021 valuable admin skills that will come in handy every day. multicultural events running in the school. Written by For example, during my placement I was in charge of Taiala Fuiono. answering phones and dealing with tenants. I learnt simple techniques like transferring calls and the correct way to give tenants satisfying service. I was also in charge of emailing and sending bills to properties. During my placement I was able to form strong relationships with my workers, by trying my best and showing my participation. Following my week, the team showed their gratitude by offering me a job offer as their receptionist. Ebony Logue- During my week in work placement for Hospitality, I worked in our school canteen. During this period, it was eye opening to see the workload of the canteen staff. The duties I performed included preparing food, cutting food, washing and cleaning. Our roles also Haka Warrior Program focused on organising and storing food within the canteen space. I now have a greater respect for the staff National Schools Constitutional Convention 17

I had the chance to attend the National Schools Constitutional Convention in November where myself and 400 other students around NSW listened to the keynote speaker, Professor Anne Twomey, Professor of Constitutional Law, & Director, Constitutional Reform Unit, University of Sydney Law School. The topic of the convention was “Federalism and the Division of Powers - the role of the Commonwealth and the States in dealing with national emergencies�. The two hour event was live streamed from Sydney Parliament House via YouTube and featured a Q&A session at the end. Written by Phoebe Birett. The Wanderers Cup is an event that took place in Week 6. My involvement included coaching two boys soccer teams. The both teams made it through to the grand final. Despite a strong effort by both teams, they were defeated. During my role as coach, my responsibilities included organising team positions before and during the game. We ended the day with a hearty and well deserved lunch. Written by Ramish Haidary.

Crossroads Program In Week 1 of Term 4, all Year 11 students participated in the Crossroads program. The program is a DET initiative designed to encourage students in their senior years to address topics including mental and physical health. During the session, we were encouraged to work both independently and collaboratively to look at ourselves on a deeper level, to prepare us for the real world, to help us make the right choices and to educate us about drugs and keeping safe. We participated in bonding group sessions where a range of selfie scenarios were encouraged and we bonded while participating in fun activities.

Acknowledgement of Country Workshop During Week 4, the 2021 Senior Leadership team came together to participate in the acknowledgement of country workshop. Initially once the team entered the room we decided to move the tables into a circle to allow us to connect and immerse ourselves in the session. Throughout this lesson, we all engaged in the activities and with the guidance of Miss Middlebrook we all developed a deeper understanding of the importance in writing and sharing our own acknowledgment to country that we can later use during events. Overall, our time during the workshop was enjoyable and the team would really love to participate in more team building sessions. Written by Haris Abawi.

Year 11 Crossroads program

Acknowledgement of Country workshop.

Surfing Excursion During Week 6, the PDHPE classes were thrilled to be going on a surfing excursion taking place at Manly beach. We were going to learn how to surf. It was a great 18

opportunity for the students of both classes to get away from school after a long year. The excursion also related very heavily on our current assessment task and the experience helped us a lot. This opportunity allowed me to get a deeper insight in what it takes to be a real surfer. Written by Rhys Walker. Fast Forward This term, the Fast Forward team participated in an online zoom session with Western Sydney University consultants to discuss their future plans post high school. The students discussed career ambitions and tertiary goals as they stepped into Year 12. Consultants allowed students to comfortably talk about the areas of study and students were given relevant information as to the possible pathways they can take.

students to ask any remaining questions. Study week was a time where strategies were made and techniques perfected, preparing students as much as possible for their HSC. It was all hands on deck with students giving their undivided attention and teachers ready to save the day with more tips, notes, and advice. The week was intense but very much worth it as Year 12 headed into their final exams ready to do their best.

HSC Exams The hour was upon us. The long-awaited HSC exams had finally arrived and Year 12 knew their sanitiser, sweat, and tears would all be worth it. We studied hard to be as prepared as possible, knowing this will be the very last exam period of our high school career. We would like to give a big vote of thanks to the teachers who tirelessly helped us prepare for our exams and giving us words of encouragement and advice before This year, the Student Council Representatives (SRC) organised our annual Book Week. The theme this year each exam. The new exam protocol involved following a health and sanitiser inspection upon entry before setting was ‘Curious Creatures, Wild Minds’ and we saw a off to the battlefield of pen and paper. The HSC myriad of students and teachers dress up as their favourite book characters, with the Senior Leader team stretched over a 4 week period with English being the first exam and Design and Technology and Drama being coordinating as “Mr Men and Little Miss” characters. $512 was raised from mufti donations. The SRC has also the last. We hope that Year 12 is proud of themselves and is ready to enjoy their holidays. started planning future events such as a Chess Competition later in the term and next year’s Valentines Signing Out Day. Written by Phoebe Birett. As graduates of the class of 2020, Year 12 had to sign out to officially close their books on their high school Belvoir Theatre Company Workshop story. With the end of our HSC exams, students had to On Thursday Week 6, Year 11 Drama had an online workshop hosted by Belvoir Theatre Company hosted by return any textbooks and novels back to their classroom teachers, and return school borrowed chrome books to actress and comedian, Chelsea Zeller. During the the library. As helpful as they were, it was time to part workshop, Zeller taught us about black comedy, and how it is based on juxtaposition. It is a style of comedy ways and Year 12 will be forever grateful for being (normally considered taboo) where we take topics that provided with resources that aided HSC preparation. are considered too serious or painful to discuss and turn And with that, Year 12 has finally stepped into a whole new world. it into morbid humour by taking it into a light subject matter. Zeller then continued to teach our class in dark comedy, Formal To celebrate the friends we’ve made, the obstacles we’ve but in doing this, we had to familiarise ourselves with overcome, and the end of high school, Year 12 danced the script and get into character. We practiced being the night away at Formal at Rosehill Gardens. Students character by doing an activity where we had to walk around the classroom how we think the characters would dressed to impress with their fancy suits and stunning dresses, looking their very best and making full use of walk, over exaggerating their movements and body the professional photo booth. We also received our language. The biggest lesson from the workshop was how to analyze a character from the script and become amazing yearbook that night, filled from cover to cover with memories to look back on. Served with a threethem. Written by Nadine Bauty. course meal, Year 12 filled their bellies to breaking point before making their way to the dance floor, ready to bust Year 12 2020 out their best moves. In the chaos of the lights and music, Year 12 surely made the earth shake a little with Study Week The week before HSC was fully dedicated to pre-exam their dancing. We would all like to thank Miss Douglas and Miss Munzenberger and Ms Cawsey for their preparation where Year 12 were fully immersed in organisation of the night as well as all the teachers who studying. A time table was issued, organising when subject crash courses would be held and was compulsory came and celebrated with us. Formal was a night to for all Year 12 students to attend. These lessons involved remember and definitely a special memory for the class summaries of course content and opportunities for 19

of 2020. Written by Sussana Zaman - Year 12 2020 School Captain.


Year in Review As with most aspects of life, COVID 19 had a major impact on sport in 2020. We were lucky enough to have a school and zone swimming carnival run before sport shut down for the year, and we were able to see some excellent results with the school team winning the Zone swimming carnival yet again! With all competitive individual and team sport competitions for terms 2 and 3 officially cancelled, and many restrictions placed on the types of sporting activities within school, sport in 2020 had to look very different than most years. Friday sport for years 7,8 and 9 was the main outlet for sport within the school, and students saw the focus of sport shift more towards individual fitness activities, along with dance as a way to express themselves along with their built-up energy. The attitude and approach of all students and teachers during this time was an excellent reflection of the school PERSIST values, especially participation and enthusiasm. Thankfully Term 4 saw some of our athletes have opportunities to represent the golden lamp, with a number of gala days in the areas of soccer, volleyball and rugby league getting the green light to go ahead. As we look forward to 2021, we will take the lessons learnt from a difficult year and combine it with the perseverance shown by the students of RHHS to aim for another year of participation, excellence and success but most importantly, fun and personal growth. Congratulations to all and thank you for another great year. - Mr Harper, 2020 Sports Coordinator. 20

Beginners Volleyball Competition

On Friday November 27, a Year 7 and Year 10 girls team participated in the NSW Beginners Volleyball Competition. All students were excited to participate and compete against students with the same volleyball skill and level as them. Throughout the day, students kept up the team work, morale and excitement. There was ongoing success, and students were able to identify their development in skills and knowledge of the game.

On Tuesday the 24th November, Mr Hay and Miss Middlebrook took two girl’s rugby league 9’s teams to represent Rooty Hill High School in a gala day. The day was action packed with an outstanding display of the PERSIST values by all students. The U/16’s team, led by Hallelujah Crichton finished strong, coming second overall in their pool with only Year 7 Girls Wanderers Cup one loss to St Agnes Catholic High School. Every single The Year 7 girls, as well as our Year 8 player Chelsea, player in the team played their role exceptionally, thoroughly enjoyed a day at the beautiful new fields at leading to the overall success of the team. The U14's the Wanderers grounds in Rooty Hill. The girls played team, led by Tiresa Stanley and Faaitaita Falemoe won three games, against experienced teams, and saw an their pool in a 3 game battle against St Agnes Catholic improvement with each round. Although no games were High School. All students involved should be won, the team loved getting out and playing soccer for congratulated on their determination, dedication and the day, and all girls are to be commended for putting in effort leading up to, and on the gala day. Well done. their best effort on the day. Girls Rugby League

Wanderers Cup

The Wanderers Cup went ahead in 2020 with both a Year 7 and a Year 8 boys team participating in the event. The Cup was played over 2 days with the Year 7 boys playing 3 games on the first day. The team displayed the PERSIST values and showed the fighting spirit RHHS is known for. The Year 8 boys played their games over both days finishing with 1 win and 2 losses. Unfortunately, the boys did not make the final however they showed great skills and teamwork to push the other teams all the way. All the players should be congratulated on the way they conducted themselves at Wanderers Cup and were all role models for fellow students. 21

SIGNIFICANT ACHIEVEMENTS TERM 4 2020 Year 7 Daniel Ademovic Henrietta Ah Lam Phoenix Ah San Cidra Akl Rayne Alefosio Zaibaa Ali Ahmed Al-Obaidi Marwa Amini Hidayah Amjad Melissa Amos William Amson Ysabella Annecchini Christopher Aoun Ramon Ayoub Ahmad Aziz Kirsty Battye Madisson Battye Enayah Bhatti Nabaa Boram Sabaa Boram Zachary Boyd Victoria Brockway Leah Brooke Peter Budgen-Scott Rehan Buksh Kayla Bustamante Cuadrado Roxanne Cajumban Abigail Camat Zander Cassar Chrystan Cayton Avantika Chand Kodi Cheney Jayden Chua Jyrell Coppini Georgia Cotter Gabriella Creswell Nichola Croft Tori Croft Thomas Darley Avnith Datt Jenny Decena Reever Dela Cruz Vincent Delos Reyes Chellsea Diakowsky Joshua Dillon Paige Doble-Austin Bailey Duncan Alexandra Echavarria Naira Fazlani Alyssa FlanaganRogers Caitlin Flood Aliahana Fuimaono Natalie Gamsby Miggy Ganzon Rebecca Gao Zakir Gloria Lilley Gotts Blake Green Ava Gunnulson Reniel Guzman Breanna Hargreaves

Lucas Hicks Trevor Howarth Jayden Hunt Bianca-Rose Hunuki-Biasutti Faridoon Hussaini Zaida Hussein Elisha Ieremia Sidra Jafari Vivienne Jagoring Keliyah Jennings Rhylee Kang Isabella Kauvai Alexis KennedyPearson Mikhail Khan Cyrus Knott Navraj Kochhar Sai Kotagiri Kapishay Lal Tyran Lees Savanah Leu Matthew Lim McKenzy Lolo Princetontinei Lopeti Layla Macatangay Alaska Marshall Anagha Martin Zane Mason Zachariah Matara Georgia McAndrew Aleisha McKee Mia Melgar Ayesha Memon Adriel John Mendoza Jeyda Mentesh Celena Merched Priya Muduliar Jack Munzer Awais Mushtaq Saad Mushtaq Ali Sina Nabizadeh Ciara Nadan Teliah Naidu Brock Neich Michael Ner Noreen Nowroozi Apple Nucom Angelina Ofisa Heela Oriakhell Isabella Pakas Grace Palenapa Wynter Paluch Isabella Perkins Alexander Perry Madeleine Phillips Junior Pita Levi Pont Mariam Popal Rohan Prakash Ali Qaddoura Kristopher Quilao Zahra Rajayee Dhwani Ramwani

Elianna Raquedan Rita Reuelu Bronson Rihara Kishley Rivera Syed Fazal Mustafa Rizvi Monique Robert Saarim Saeed Afham Saleem Divine Sang-Yum Lotfali Sarwari Natasha Schofield Mia Senanayake Ceylin Sengul Kalley Shields Reeha Shrinivasan Tahliarena Siaosi Sua Shaun Siliva Himanu Singh Robert Smith Laurenzo Soriano Emily Stephenson Ashmita Subba Danica Tahana Ellaiza Tarrant Anna-Lei Duc Hieu Tran Duc Nghia Tran Nafetalai Tuipulotu Phoenix UssherJackson Joshua Vella Mason Villanueva Angelique Vinensig Brionne Vulimaibau Sasha Wellfare James Whiddon Brody Willcockson Ellizah Williams Emily Xian Lena York Yehya Zaineddine Year 8 Malak Abdulhasan Sarah-Louise Abela Tyler Abela Mustafa Al Khazaaly Madiha Ali Miriama Anae Nicole Ancheta Willow Annan-Te Whata Liza Anwar Chloe Ayre Lania Badinan Felicity Baluyot Chelsea Batty Genesis Bautista Jazmin Birett Thomas Bogaz Dan Nicholas Bonifacio Lauchlan Brown

Beau Bryant Lucas Budgen Aphril Cabban Abdul Chandab Nidal Chandab Nandika Charan Rembert Chavez Ethan Clarke James Collisson Gabriel Convento Mandy Cottier Charliene Coulthard Brayden Crass Tahlesha Davis Charlize Dela Torre Brock Delaney Aguin Deng Yakup Derin John Derramas Zachariah Edwards Joanne El Moubayed Riley Evagelia Daniel Faaitaita Falemoe Taitoe Falemoe Blake Fryer Erin Gamsby Lawrence Gao Lileanna Godwin Jazlyn Graza Mikayla Grosvenor Justin Guevara Maria Halatanu Freshta Hashimi Alec Henshaw Luis Hernandez Ryan Houston Declan Howson Lily Iaulualo Zena Jalil Cooper Jones Omar Karimi Kaiser Kauvai Jeremy Kelly Alleyah Khan Mohit Kochhar Myra Kumar Tyrese Laban Blake Langford Garth Jnr Le Roux Chelsea Leu Xui Hui Lim Logan Lloyd Tristan Lolo Joshua MacDonald Christian Malsi Ryan Manansala Henna Mansory Jacob Martin Shakira McCann Kassandra McGrath Mikhail Melgar Jazmine Mendoza Zacheri Molloy Kelvin Naicker 22

Adeline Naisali Rhianna Nallas Terry Nguyen Dominik O’Leary Lachlan O’Leary Trish Ortiz Toby Ostric Noah Oto Emma O’Toole Javed Outim Nathan Pandey Liam Paraan Rubaina Parmar Aaron Parsons Nitya Patel Brent Pelayo Joy Pham Jaroe-Amani Pihema Antoinette PingulKrajcar Danaka Pitovao Cezlie Prasad Leanne Ross Adam Ryan Shaye Ryan Zakir Sadiqi Edrea Santos Kiara Schroeder Jayden Seaton Dilara Sengul Sahiba Sheikh Farah Sideq Ryzell Soria Tiresa Stanley Jacob Stirk Taliyah Suitupe Ume-e-Farwah Syed Dominic Syrls Jarrod Thomas Elijah Tirados Ana Tufunga Emjay Tuiloma Lyndon Tume Marian Unay Jassmine Urfano Iani Utailogo Daniel Vaquerano Smith Rhyl Villegas Kiara Villena Tyrel Vista Georgia Waata Astrid Whitehurst Michael Williams Monique Yeng Aya Zaineddine Vanessa Zarzecny Year 9 Justine Ademovic

Athieng Ajak Abdulrahman Al Ayed Noor Al Kanem Naba Alhameed Zahra Almoaeil Khalaf Al-Shihmani Shanai-Rose Anderson Samuel Apilado Japheth Arona John Atienza Sasipim Aye Fatima Baaruud Larah Badinan Max Bagust Al Hafiz Balla Gizem Biber Luke Bonnici Courtney Bryce Jennifer Buckley Taylor Bugeja Madison-Jean Butler Paige Cassar Shinai-Lee Chalmers Rebecca Chau Nicole Chua Camren Cooke Bailey Cottier Danni Cowgill Beau Curmi Elyzza Dalusong Raaveeshram Dandamudi Amity Darley Vishreta Datt Anjelica Delos Reyes Reign Dimayuga Bianca Dodd Thealey Dupaya Dararitu Duriso Mazen Farrukh Nawal Fazlani Paula Gevero Dansia Gomes Dean Gower Sebastian Halteh Corey Hargreaves Shaun HaweMcCann Jaylen Homsi Chrystal Hooper Shohana Hossain Mischa Howson Matillda Hull Alesha Hussein Blake Hyde Veronica Ieremia Daniel Imperial

Ariana Iosefo Mahek Janif Brock Jarrett Elijah Jennings Tyler Johns Chad JonesSingleton Marissa Kang Dexter Krabbe Priyansha Krishna Shivanjli Lal Aliza Laws Lillian Lolomanaia Sosefo Lomano Rangiuia MacDonald Jacob Manning Telefoni Mariner Makaila Marquez Brock McDonald Eden McGinty Jemma McGregor Jeamhar Mesina Ashruti Mishra Amina Mohammadi James Moules Kathleen Moxham Tjahn Muduliar Owen Munday Manar Munshid James Munzer Reynauld Narayan Farzana Nowroozi Giscelle Nuku Jaykob Ofiu Ucheme Ohiaeri Mikail Ozbayrak Luisa Paulo Samuel Perkins Jada Pitovao Daniel Prescott Zane Pritchard Blake Puckeridge Madison Puckeridge Muhammad Ali Raja Mohammad Asif Razaee Hosaena Rissom Morgan Rylewski George S Su’a Britney Saker Ahlaam Saleen Rene Sarrah Soubhan Sarwar Josaiah Saulala Catherine Schofield Serina Scopelliti Emre Selvi Safeer Sheikh Shaquarn Siaosi Janiqua Siloi

Maison SimmondsRoberts Blake Smith Logan Steward Ryan Stuart Vanessa Stuparu Jazmine Susi Logan Swan Belinda Tahana Mina Temory Edward Thompson Bethany Too Tuyet Anh Tran Jaccob Tufunga Jeremiah Tuipulotu Kyle Turner Isabella White Feda Yawari Latiesha Zammit Angelina Zamora Year 10 Stefan Adamovic Rizwan Ahmad Malaika Ali Abrar Alkhled Mohammed Khaled Alshammery Ali Anwar Isabella Arnold Breearna Ayers Leila Baldoza Jamee Balzan Donna Barber Samantha Barrett Aiden Bartholomew Danielle BecciVatavuk Stephanie BecciVatavuk Angelica Bligh Venaruzzo Tanequa BoltBenedito Patrick Bourke Stuart Bradley Summer Brown Danielle Byron Jezelle Camacho Kaiceryn Cantre Moniq Castanares Koralee Catlett Deepali Chand Nivad Charan Abhishek Chauhan Hallelujah Crichton Vishilta Datt Abigail Dave Daniela Demasi 23

Jacintha Den Benjamin Dickson Aron Diwa Anam Diwan Andrew Doan Ella Evans Keira Evans Jack Finn Jay-Mee Florentino Aaron Foster Katianna Fuamatu Sopi Tasha Fuentes Taiala Fuiono Aryan Gounder Zoe Gower Elizabeth Gray Mitchell Grosvenor Nathaniel Guzman Anchita Hansoongnern Marzia Hashimi Ocearna Haumono Chloe Hunt Charlize Iddles Tulaga Iosefa Joshua Jackson Riley Jones Jayden Kelly Hong Hy Khov Declan Kosta Divek Kumar Marie Lacsina Jason Lansdowne Roxanne Le Roux Angelina Leota Skye Lepua Nicole Li Kamran Maliki Tamana Mansory

Princess Izzy Marcelino Everleigh Marsters Tekura Evangeline Mascarenas Myracle Matara Ianne Shanley Mateo Ryan McAndrew Alyse McCutcheon Brock McFadgean Jessica McGrath Pheobi-Paris McMaster Mikhaela Mendoza Samantha Mendoza Murtaza Mirzae Shah Reza Mirzae Nicholas Mlinaric Rohan Mullashery Satish Avishant Narayan Amanda Ngo Tayla Norton Kayla O’Brien Ofisa Douglas Ofisa Mia Olive Nicholas Pakas Jarvis Paluch Nherwin Pangilinan Siemon Parmar Crystal Patrimonio Chloe Paz Vinuji Polwaththa Gallage Rashi Poudel Taira Pule Rayhan Rahimi Ema Ranitu Natalie Reeves Earvin Reyes

Chontal Robert Kalaya Ryan Sheridan Rylewski Melek Sahin Nael Salacsacan Celestine Salimbangon Ramah-Abigail Sang-Yum Keighla Santiago Jayla Schofield Bilal Shah Nina Shemon Shane Singh Diaz Smith Frederick Speed Nicayla Storozuk Sophia Stratikopoulos Andy Su Daphne Sunga Connor Syrls Abdur Rehman Tasawwur Ella Taylor Savannah Toa Cherish Tseros Tane Tume Ethan White Gracie Williams Edward Winchester Tayla Woodward Joel Zahra Year 11 Nadine Bauty Phoebe Birett Jovana Borovicanin Emma BowmanTrinh

Julia Buckley Nivad Charan Kristy Chetty Candice Cowgill Hailey Ellick Andre Fesseha Kiarne Fitzgerald Breeanna Foster Aidan Fox Rosie Gale Lorrye Genobili Shara-Lee Green Bonnie Hall Achita Hansoongnern Mia Iaulualo Cassandra King Zoe Krabbe Ten Hang Lee Daniel Ma Joanna Madera Aksel McCormack Timuray Mentesh Zoe Millan Jessica Miller Jonathon Moxham Hayden Nobbs Arya Nooralizadeh Asl Paris Paraan Chantelle Parkes Ciara Phillips Kandace Singleton GenovevaConstantina Stuparu Jason Suarez Katie Toogood Thomas Tunfunga Aeron Vicente

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Rooty Hill High School Missing Link Term 4 2020  

Rooty Hill High School Missing Link Term 4 2020  

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