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Amazing Trees with Professor André Buys The Youth Leads in Caring and Co-operation

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Just in Time for the Holiday Season!

SOUL & SPIRIT 40 What Does Christmas Mean To You?

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Editorial Danita Nortjé Isebell Gauché Lulie Swanepoel




am, what you may call, a summer person. My idea of getting up on a cold winter’s morning means reaching for that Snooze button and sinking deeper beneath the covers. Luckily summer is here and all the spring faces are happy – both the flowers and the people are possessed of a renewed energy to see out the last few months of the year. Decisions are already made as to what the following year will bring for our children, whether it be the first, cautious step that we call Grade 1, or perhaps the choice of a high school. They grow up so fast! In this issue you can enjoy a pictorial tour of Emma Klopper’s lovely home, where the Smul&Smaakvol team also created the most awesome camping dishes. I am certainly going to put a few of these delectable recipes to the test the next time we find ourselves off the beaten track. We will also be learning more about our friend Danie Verwey, a hard-working family man in our community. I would like to thank our valuable advertisers, without whom this magazine would not have been possible. You are the “life” in RoodeLife. Our schools, Curro Roodeplaat, Laerskool Die Poort and Laerskool

Photography Shireen Alberts Advertising Danita Nortjé Design & Layout Nicola du Toit Waldette Delport

Kameelfontein, again deserve a special mention for their contributions to this issue. Enjoy the photos as you relive all the special memories with us. You make us proud! We strive to make RoodeLife bigger and better as we bring you the news of your community. My wish is that you will enjoy the important things this Christmas season. These are not expensive gifts, but rather things that are priceless on the grander scale of things – our family and friends. Spend as much time with them as possible, because the children will be all grown up before you know it and friendships need tending too. Merry Christmas and safe travels, wherever you go. All the best to all our children returning to the school benches in 2017!

Christmas love


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TREES Article by: Professor André Buys

6 |


I love trees. They are truly amazing plants and we are fortunate to have some very special indigenous tree species in the Roodeplaat area. The area is characterised by three ecosystems: Seringveld or Central Sandy Bushveld in the north, Marikana Thornveld around the Roodeplaat Dam, and Rand Highveld Grassland in the south (see map). Two of these are on the National List of Threatened Ecosystems: Marikana Thornveld (No. 185) and Rand Highveld Grassland (No. 209). The Seringveld is characterised by deep sandy soils, which support specialised plant species such as the indigenous wild seringa trees (Burkea Africana; Afrikaans: “wildesering”). Marikana Thornveld contains open woodlands that are dominated by Senegalia and Vachellia (formerly Acacia) species. Patches of Rand Highveld Grassland are found on the steep plains and northern slopes of the Magaliesberg. A peculiarity of Sweet thorn trees (Vachellia karoo; Afrikaans: “Soetdoring”) is that all the trees in the area are synchronised and flower all at once for three or more days at a time with alternating intervals. The reason why the flowering is synchronised remains a mystery. Scientists have attempted to find a relationship between the flowering of the trees and the temperature, day length, rainfall and phases of the moon, but no correlation has been found so far. The Roodeplaat area is on the transition from the grasslands of the Highveld to the lower-lying, warmer Bushveld and are characterised by the presence of plants with a high degree of evolutionary activity. When the African forests made way for open Bushveld or savannah due to climate change some 8 million years ago, the surviving trees had to adapt to the more frequent veld fires. The Senegalia and Vachellia species developed thick, insulating, corky bark to protect the trees from fire. More extraordinary, however, are the trees that moved underground. These underground trees, geoxylic suffrutices, grow large woody structures as much as one metre wide, while others form branched networks of stems measuring up to 10 metres across. Their aboveground shoots and leaves are so small that it makes little difference to the tree if it occasionally loses them to wildfire, as they can quickly regrow. The underground trees are called clones, and are essentially immortal; nothing can kill them, except for habitat destruction. Botanists believe that some of the trees can be more than 13 000 years old, making them the oldest living things in the world. Aren’t trees amazing?

Dinokeng Reserve Perennial River Dam Ridge Built Up Area

VEGETATION TYPES Central Sandy Bushveld Marikana Thornveld Rand Highveld Grassland

Flowering Sweet thorn tree Vachellia karoo

Leaves of the underground tree Parinari capensis (Credit: Warren McCleland)


The Youth Leads in

CARING & COOPERATION Harmony, community involvement, taking responsibility, and the dare-tocare approach of the youths of Roodeplaat involved in the JCC show the power of co-operation. The Junior City Council of Pretoria, also known as the JCC, is a non-profit organisation specifically aimed at building relationships between the youths from 36 high schools of the region. One Grade 11 and one Grade 10 learner from each school are members of the council. Linda Oberholzer is currently the patron of the council and keeps a watchful eye over the procedures, voting and projects. Founded as far back as 1979 in the “International Year of the Child”, the JCC has organised countless events promoting the interaction amongst the youth. With their focus on developing a sense of responsibility, whilst encouraging creative ways in which to raise funds for charity, the council members take on the responsibility of planning and executing the various projects. Youths wishing to become council members must attend one of the member schools. The schools follow a strict process based on leadership qualities when selecting their representatives. The members serve for a period of two years – ending their terms in April of their Grade 12 year. Becoming a member is a rather prestigious achievement. Members get the opportunity to work towards creating unity amongst the high schools and promoting co-operation amongst learners to complete exciting, but important projects, in order to help the community. 8 |


DIVErSITY IS ThE KEY TO BAlANcED YOuTh With sport being an important part of the South African culture, it goes without saying that it also forms one of the focus points for the JCC. They host an annual Touch Rugby Day, the Human Chain and an annual Fun Run, in addition to an Annual Golf Day and Mountain Bike Race. The young people get a chance to interact socially at the Annual Youth Ball, while artists from the various schools have opportunities to showcase their talents at the JCC Art Competition. On the music front, talented singers compete in the JCC Voices, while on the beauty and culture front, the council members organise the Mr and Miss Junior City Council Pageant. Academic achievement is not left behind, as is proven by the annual General Quiz, the Literature Competition and the JCC Newspaper. The Grade 10 Committee organises the Annual LOBSTER Day which doesn’t have anything to do with seafood or fishing. Instead, it is an acronym for “Lots of Beautiful Shoes, Ties, Earrings & Ribbons”. The Afrikaans version is known as KREEF Dag, which stands for “Klere, Rokkies en Enige Frokkies”. Never too young to learn the responsibilities associated with leading a town council, the Office-bearers committee hosts the Junior Mayor’s Function.

Roodeplaat is well presented at the JCC with Marco Klopper from Curro Roodeplaat filling the role of Town Clerk for the 2016/17 period. The unique youth initiative leads by example, with all funds raised during the year being donated to selected charities annually during the month of May. Nothing, however, can be accomplished without some form of financial investment and this is where the community’s involvement is always appreciated. The JCC is dependent on donations, participation and sponsorships from the communities to successfully carry out their various projects. The beneficiaries for 2016/17 are Gracia and The Potato Foundation. Gracia’s goal is to provide a “safe haven for God’s children”. They are situated in Pretoria North and help pre-school children in need. The Potato Foundation addresses the needs of neglected and often forgotten children in our society. Both organisations answer the Christian call to take care of those who don’t have the privilege of living with their parents, or who are in dire need of clothing, shelter or food. We call on the community to support and become involved with the JCC through sponsorships, donations and project participation. Start by following Facebook page: jccpretoria Article by: Isebell Gauché



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10 |


Author: Mike Bolhuis & Isebell Gauché

Greed plays an integral role in the illegal trade of animals across the globe. Unfortunately, South Africa is no better, with many people commercially benefitting from illegal trade in animals, including the export of indigenous birds, fish, and reptiles to Eastern countries where they are slaughtered, held captive in terrible living conditions, and grossly mistreated. People often do not realise that when buying foreign or exotic animals at pet shops or from overseas traders, they are contributing to the problem. Spiders, monkeys, bearded dragons, snakes, and many types of birds are traded in this manner, depleting countries’ natural inheritance and causing severe stress and cruelty to animals.

THE LARGEST ILLEGAL TRADE IN ANIMALS IS IN EXOTIC BIRDS When done illegally, the birds are subjected to long hours of stress, as illegal transportation takes longer and the circumstances of transport are unfavourable. Trading in large animals is well monitored and regulated, but the problem arises with the smaller animals. Greedy entrepreneurs misuse disadvantaged people to catch thousands of small birds for illegal export to China and Singapore. The majority of the captured birds die during transportation. When animals are traded legally they are treated well, housed appropriately during transportation, medicated for stress and only traded to people who have the space and meet the requirements as set out by law to house such animals. When fully grown, some animals may become a problem. An iguana can reach up to 1,5 metres, while a rock python can grow up to 5 metres in length and pet owners are often not prepared for how caring needs change when the animals reach adulthood. Pet owners should take note of the Animals Protection Act No. 71 of 1962, which prohibits live prey feeding. According to the National Environmental Management: Biodiversity Act 10 of 2004, a species that is not indigenous to the country is an alien species. This means that imported exotic animals are therefore alien species and can pose a threat to the survival of local species, should they be released into the wild. An example would be red-eared terrapins, which are now widespread in South African rivers.


According to the Endangered Wildlife Trust’s Compliance & Enforcement Project, a person doesn’t need a permit for keeping exotic wildlife (though there are some prohibited species) in Gauteng, Mpumalanga, Limpopo or the North West Provinces, a permit is required for importing, exporting and transporting exotic wildlife in all South African provinces.


ON CANNED HUNTING It is a despicable industry and one which I campaign against with NGOs like the Campaign Against Canned Hunting (CACH). Unfortunately, there is still an insatiable demand for people to pet lion cubs and whilst this demand is there and there is no law prohibiting it, facilities will breed lion cubs to meet this. A sad fact is that many people pet lion cubs thinking they are contributing to a conservation cause whilst unwittingly being part of the “canned” hunting industry. Simply put, lion cubs are bred to be petted by tourists who pay for their pictures to be taken with these cubs. When they are older than six months, they are then used in “walking with” activities where tourists can pay more than $50 for this privilege. When these same lions are too dangerous for this activity, they are either sold to other breeders or farms where they will be left to mature into trophy specimens and then ultimately shot in a “canned” hunt. In addition to this, the bones of lions are being sold to the Far East and used in traditional Chinese medicine, believed to be the cure, just like rhino horn, for many ailments – from hangovers to cancer. Many facilities will argue that this will never happen to their lions and that their lions only go to reputable zoos and/or organisations that will provide lifelong care, but when the numbers are scrutinised there simply isn’t enough “good homes” for these lions to go to. We have around 200 lion breeding farms in South Africa, all breeding lions continuously. When one does the maths, it’s an impossibility for all these lions to end up in “good homes”. This has been shown time and time again via exposé-type documentaries and more recently with the film “Blood Lions”. There are over 8 000 lions in captivity in South Africa, of which the vast majority is destined for “canned hunts”. 11

Our Course & Clubhouse Await You Time is our most precious commodity. This was reaffirmed when the homeowners of Pebble Rock and Burkea Park took over the ownership and management of the Pebble Rock Golf Club.


t seems unbelievable that five months have already passed. Huge progress has been made in respect of the condition of the golf course. New pumps were installed in order to water the green and fairways more effectively, some fairways were treated prior to the winter months, in order to assist them through the cold season. The playability of the course has also been vastly improved, with all fairways cut wider in order to ensure an enjoyable outing for both the experienced and novice golfers. Members and visitors have noted and welcomed the improvements and positive changes that are visible on the course. Soon, the reeds from the dams that form part of the course will be removed, thus restoring the scenery to its initial glory. Since April 2016, the club has received tremendous support from homeowners and members alike, with contributions that have exceeded our wildest expectations. With the real risk of failing to mention all other benefactors, a special word of thanks needs to be extended to Rudolph Nel and Ruan Coetzee, whom have sponsored TLBs and trucks respectively,

12 |


whereby approximately 500 tonnes of soil have been delivered to the course for use in treatment and topsoil. The Clubhouse now boasts a new Terrace Menu, enabling the club to provide meals to residents and visitors from 7AM to 6PM daily, with the exclusion of Mondays. The highlight, however, is definitely the First Friday Club Evenings, at which occasion special dinners are served and friends relax until late in a lively atmosphere. Although presently these evenings mainly attract residents, they are open to the public and residents of neighbouring estates – a true community venue. Both the Clubhouse and Small Function Venue can be booked for private functions, with or without catering from our dedicated staff. We invite all residents of our greater community to join us, whether it be for a quick snack or drink, playing golf, or at one of our special First Friday Club Evenings. To keep up to date with our events, contact us in order to be added to our mailing list. We hope to see you soon.

Article by: Stefan van der Hoff



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Huge windows and inviting balconies draw the atmosphere of the region right into every corner of the country house... making this the perfect venue for conferences, corporate guests, holiday makers, week-end escapees and even training retreats.

1 Luxurious Family Unit Consisting of: 1 spacious en-suite bedroom with corner bath and reading corner and 2 double rooms with sharing bathroom. All units are equipped with a LCD Television, DVD Player & DStv.


* Wireless internet is available.

We pride ourselves in customising every function, wedding and conference according to our clients needs. Various packages and specials available for summer. Please contact our events coordinator to make a booking.

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16 |



An Entrepreneur in Heart and Soul Every now and again someone comes along to inspire and motivate us. For this issue, it is none other than Danie Verwey, longstanding Sable Hills resident and owner of Electronic Fitment Centre.

Danie is not just a business man of calibre, he also has several interests which, apart from spending time with his family, keep him rather busy, including hunting, golf, fishing at the dam with his son, and deep-sea fishing. Living in nature far removed from the hustle and bustle of city life has its benefits, which is evident in Danie’s description of Sable Hills:

It is a very safe estate and child friendly. We can gym, play tennis and squash, enjoy wildlife, fish, enjoy the outdoors, cruise with our boats on the dam and appreciate the scenery. The estate has a lot of events to take part in. The children are near their school and after-school activities.

He describes himself as “neutral, passionate and extremist in all areas. Dedicated to anything and any task I take on”. Danie is a God-fearing family man first, and second a hard-working entrepreneur. His family consists of his beautiful wife Charlene, their son Brendan (aged 12) and daughter Anrizel (aged 9), both attending Curro Roodeplaat. He describes Brendan as “passionate, a leader and responsible”, and Anrizel as “loving, caring and friendly”. The Verwey couple met years ago when Charlene moved out of the flat which Danie was about to rent. She was going and he was entering her old living space. It must have been love right from the start, because conversation followed and after a few months, it became more serious. They eventually tied the knot on April 19, 2003 in the open garden at Safari Garden Centre in Lynnwood, Pretoria. For Danie it was a memorable, perfect and beautiful day. The family normally goes on vacation to Uvongo Beach on the South Coast during the December holidays and take their break-away weekends at Sun City or Cape Town. Being rather closely knit, they do just about everything together as is possible. Described by Danie as “pretty, gorgeous and very caring”, Charlene is also an entrepreneur. She owns Easytint, a window tinting service operation for houses and buildings, but still spends most of her time with their children, attending the various school activities and helping them with their homework when needed.



The Entrepreneur After having completed his studies in Electronic Engineering to level N6 in 1993, he worked at Cell Communications in 1994 where he fitted the first Netstar tracking systems and the first Nokia 1011 hands-free car kit systems in South Africa. He started Electronic Fitment Centre about 21 years ago in February 1995 at the very young age of 20.

The beginning years weren’t easy. Danie explains: “I worked two years without earning a salary, doing all the installations myself. In the beginning, I made a lot of mistakes, but I learned a lot, and Electronic Fitment Centre went from strength to strength.” Yet, he describes it as “the best decision [he] ever made in [his] life”. Realising the importance of passing traffic to reduce advertising costs, he placed a lot of emphasis on choosing the right location for Electronic Fitment Centre. His business has always been independent. He chose to partner with bigger brands and built his brand through it. According to Danie, logistics and service excellence are the most challenging aspects of his work. He has been blessed with the recent addition of Sandown Motor Holdings (Mercedes-Benz) to Electronic Fitment Centre’s client list. Being an entrepreneur means having to make sacrifices along the way, and for Danie it is the time away from his family that he considers a huge sacrifice.

18 |


It is God’s grace, his wife and children, and satisfied customers who motivate him every day. “Unfortunately, I have to work long hours and cannot attend all my children’s activities at school. Luckily, I have an awesome wife who is privileged and enjoys spending time with the children. Normally, we make time to go away as a family.” His perspective on business echoes the importance of people being the most important assets of a business: “Good employees are very important. Some of my staff have worked for me for more than 18 years. It is important not to have a big staff turnaround.”


Always be aware of your competition.


Always try to stay ahead with new technology.


Stay very motivated and give 120% in your business.


You must have self-discipline and discipline in your business.


Work hard, play hard.

Running a business means going the extra mile, with Danie’s average workday being about twelve hours. A typical day as he describes it: “First of all, start your day with a prayer to God to help you through the day. Get to work early and make sure that all your customers are happy. Make sure that all staff members know their duties and responsibilities for the day’s work. Don’t go home, unless all the day’s work is done.”

His Outlook His advice on dealing with failures or challenges is that you should never look back. If you stumble, stand up immediately. Never think you cannot make it. Make it work. Stay humble and learn every day. It is God’s grace, his wife and children, and satisfied customers which motivates him every day. He sees mistakes as an inevitable part of life, but how one fixes or repairs the mistakes is what counts, as believes in looking for solutions and not excuses. Regarding his greatest fear, he answers: “Getting old. A good thing of getting old is that wisdom comes with age.” His ideals reflect on his commitment to his family: “To be a good husband to my lovely wife, a good father for my children, and to be financially strong enough to look after them.” Danie’s definition of success reflects on his strong faith: “You have to place God first in your life, then with hard work and with endurance, you can achieve success.” His mother and father’s hard work and dedication have been his greatest inspiration. The three highlights in his life were starting his own business, when he got married and when his kids were born. His answer regarding bucket list items, not surprising, includes tiger fishing, but he also wants to tour America and Europe, fly a helicopter and get his Private Pilot License. His vision for where he wants to be in ten years from now: “I am ready to take on new challenges. I still want to live in Sable Hills, want to build my life around important factors, and make a difference in other people’s lives as well.”

Danie’s Message

Always be ready for any challenge. Explore life as it is. Be thankful for what you’ve got. Make God part of your life. You are never too old to learn from others. Have respect for all relatives and other people. Try to make peace with your greatest enemies. Enjoy life while you can, it’s very short. Make the best of every moment. Pray for God’s grace and love.

According to Danie, these are the aspects of successful business ownership:

Article by: Isebell Gauché 19


A seamless transition from



20 |


The home of Riaan and Emma Klopper at 296 Kingfisher Road in Leeuwfontein Estates lends itself to be the entertainer’s dream. It includes several features to support their lifestyle needs, including a Jacuzzi room overlooking the river, a specially designed barbeque pit, spacious and well-manicured garden, large family cinema room, and a private lounge on the second level. It was the combination of large open spaces, the distinct bushveld character, an extensive range of wildlife and an abundance of birds, which inspired Riaan and Emma to exchange the hustle and bustle of city life for the tranquillity of the Roodeplaat Dam region twelve years ago. They wanted a safe haven to raise their children, and being inspired by the beauty and peaceful natural character of Leeuwfontein Estates, they commissioned architect Phillip Fourie to design a home that would fit in with the African bush. They aimed to raise their two children in an environment where they could still walk, cycle, fish, and enjoy horse riding amidst natural surrounds. The combination of African and Tuscan influences led to the creation of this double-storey house that overlooks the bush landscape and part of the river flowing into the Roodeplaat Dam. The one-hectare stand includes the main four-bedroom home, a spacious cottage and a flatlet.

A spiral stairway leads to the top floor.

Anton Smit, a personal friend of the family, has done most of the artworks in the house.

The Kloppers often entertain, especially during the summer months when they host informal braais and get-togethers on the veranda with its built-in braai and two dining tables, slate floors and aluminium frame sliding doors leading from the lounge to create a larger socialising area.


Comfortable leather seating and a large screen characterise the cinema where the family hosts their movie nights.

22 |


The interior and exterior of the home work well together to give visitors an appreciation of how Earth fits into the Universe.

From the double volume entrance hall, the visitor is led through a hallway to the living area where a larger than life artwork depicting the galaxy forms the centrepiece. Wellknown sculptor, Anton Smit, a personal friend of the family, has done most of the artworks in the house, including the stunning basin tops and the mural at the staircase called “From Earth to Heaven”, which tells an intricate story. A red brick inlayed fireplace gives additional warmth to the spacious double volume lounge. Maximum penetration of natural light is made possible thanks to the majestic glass windows adjacent to the fireplace. Earthy undertones are repeated throughout the contemporary interior, linking the elements of earth and air. The dining room has a true Tuscan feel to it, reminding one of the importance of family life. Brick accentuated arches focus one’s attention on the portraits, barrel and wine rack, with a detailed chandelier highlighting the simplistic, but exceptional display on the dining room table. Tiled floors throughout the house give a modern feel, with several loose carpets strategically placed for warmth and colour. Home automation has helped to minimise energy usage, whilst also providing more comfort. A spiral stairway leads to the top floor where the bedrooms each feature double wooden doors. Comfortable leather seating and a large screen characterise the cinema where the family hosts their movie nights.


Owen Dormehl | 082 654 0024

The main bedroom has a spacious walk-in closet and ensuite bathroom, with the teen rooms equally spacious and designed with their interests in mind. The top floor also features a comfortable family room. Rather unconventional exposed dark wooden beams are in place of the conventional type of ceiling. The open balcony style of the family room connects the upper part of the house with downstairs for a seamless flow from earthy tones to the heavenly dome at the very peak. Another spiral staircase in line with the “Earth to Heaven” undertone, leads to a private planetarium where a giant telescope has been mounted to facilitate Riaan’s love for astronomy. The interior and exterior of the home work well together to give visitors an appreciation of how Earth fits into the Universe. Seamless transitions from earthy tones to heavenly spaces, from African to European Tuscan, classic to modern, and eco to urban make this a stunning and meaningful living space in the midst of nature. Article by: Isebell Gauché 23




- 4 Bedrooms S/Q - 3 Bathrooms - 6 Garages

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- Study - Store Room - Big Braai / Lapa area overlooking the dam


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ontrary to popular belief, you don’t need a smartphone to benefit from mobile marketing. The Living Standards Measurement (LSM) of the South African Audience Research Foundation (SAARF) reveals these interesting statistics about local mobile handset demographics: t t

t t t t t

There are 38,26 million adults over 15 years of age in South Africa. Among these, there is an 89% mobile penetration rate, which means that 34,05 million people use mobile handsets. Of these, 57% of the handsets are smartphones. The remaining 43% of the handsets are nonsmartphones. In the lowest income groups (LSM 1-4), there are 2 smartphones for every 5 non-smartphones. In the middle-income groups (LSM 5-7), there are 5 smartphones for every 4 non-smartphones. In the top income groups (LSM 8-10), there are 8 smartphones for every 1 non-smartphone.

In the largest LSM 5-7 middle-income group in South Africa: t t t


Evolution in consumer behaviour and access to technology present a wealth of marketing opportunities. Besides, mobile marketing holds several distinct advantages, not least being able to obtain an immediate response from the consumer. It’s highly interactive, allowing the consumer to talk back to you at little or no cost to them, in any of the official languages. If you’re not yet convinced that mobile marketing is the digital marketing channel of choice used by more people than

26 |


Translating mobile technology into marketing results has become perhaps the most effective way to reach our uniquely diversified consumer base here in sunny South Africa. It might come as a shock to learn that more South Africans access the internet and perform online searches with mobile handsets than with any other type of technology, including desktops, laptops and tablet devices.



any other channel, consider that two-thirds of smartphone users use their phones to look up something online that they had seen on a TV commercial. Handheld devices like mobile phones become invaluable to marketers when leveraging their ability to “know� where they are, which is why “near me� searches on mobile phones have doubled in only a year. The smartphone has become an extension of the Millennial. YouTube has become the Number 1 platform where 18-34 year-olds go to explore their passions. Nine out of ten people will turn to their smartphone for ideas when performing a task and eight out of ten will consult their smartphone while they are in a store to help them decide what to buy. Such is the growth of mobile marketing that mobile conversion rates have increased by nearly a third in the last year. Your mobile marketing campaign should be geared to take advantage of all these trends. This is why it’s so important that you have a responsive website that works on all devices, as well as a dedicated mobile site for smartphones.

Pull your business out of the abyss of websites and into the spotlight of GOOGLE’S COVETED NUMBER 1 SPOT.


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Sinuses A LOT OF SNIFFING, SNEEZING & SNORTING We have all had a blocked nose at some point and experienced how this obstruction of your breathing can interfere with your work, activities and sleeping. If you suffer from this constantly, life truly becomes miserable. So let’s take a closer look at our sinuses.

WHAT ARE SINUSES? The sinuses are air-filled cavities around the nasal passage, lined with mucous membrane. There are four types of sinuses: ETHMOID SINUS Located inside the face, around the area of the bridge of the nose. This sinus is present at birth and continues to grow. MAXILLARY SINUS Located inside the face, around the area of the cheeks. This sinus is also present at birth and continues to grow. FRONTAL SINUS: Located inside the face, in the area of the forehead. This sinus does not develop until around seven years of age. SPHENOID SINUS Located deep in the face, behind the nose. This sinus does not develop until adolescence.

WHAT IS SINUSITIS? Sinusitis is inflammation of the sinuses, which occurs when one or more of the sinus cavities become inflamed due to irritation from bacteria, fungi, irritants and allergies. There are four types of sinusitis: t t


28 |

Acute: Symptoms last less than four weeks and get better with the appropriate treatment. Subacute: This type of infection doesn’t get better with treatment initially, and symptoms last four to eight weeks. Chronic: This type of infection happens with repeated acute infections or with previous infections that were inadequately treated. These symptoms last eight weeks or longer.



Recurrent: In this case, three or more episodes of acute sinusitis occur per year.

The main symptom of sinusitis is pain and the location of this pain depends on which sinus is affected. Other symptoms include facial pressure, nasal obstruction, nasal discharge, diminished sense of smell, fever, bad breath, fatigue, dental pain, and coughing.



Obstruction of airflow into and out of the sinuses. Following the blockage of the flow of secretions from the sinuses, bacteria will begin to grow.


Swelling of the lining of the sinuses, caused by colds, allergies and tissue irritants (such as over-thecounter nasal sprays, cigarette smoke and recreational substances snorted through the nose).

3 4 5

Allergies. Drainage of mucus can be impaired by the thickening of secretions, a decrease in mucus hydration (water content) because of disease, drying medications (antihistamines), and dry air.

6 7 8

Other irritants include car exhaust, petrol and paint fumes, perfume, insect spray and household chemicals. Sinuses can become obstructed by tumours or growths. Nasal polyps (growths arising from mucous surfaces), probably caused by nasal inflammation, can block the ostia. Occasionally, immune problems cause sinus infections. If you have persistent sinus infections, have your immune system evaluated by an allergist/immunologist before contemplating surgery. You may have to undergo allergy tests and tests to ensure you form antibodies normally in response to common bacteria.

Irritants, especially smoke, may damage cilia, and prevent them from assisting with mucus drainage. Stagnated mucus provides an ideal environment for bacteria and fungi to grow.



sually, your GP can diagnose sinusitis based on your symptoms and a physical exam. In some situations, additional tests may be performed to confirm the diagnosis. These may include testing cultures from the nose or sinus fluid, sinus X-rays, computed tomography (CT or CAT scan), or blood tests. Referral to an allergist/immunologist is often needed, particularly for people with chronic or recurrent sinusitis and for those who have had sinus surgery but still experience sinusitis. Decongestants and antihistamines don’t always alleviate the symptoms of sinusitis. Sinus rinses can irritate the sinuses even further. Treatment of sinusitis may include a combination of long-acting antihistamines, nasal drops, as well as medication for pain relief. Antibiotics may be indicated if severe symptoms develop, such as fever, facial pain or tenderness, or swelling around the eye. Surgery should be considered only if other treatments have failed.


Article by: Dr. Surene Fourie | General Practitioner SableMed Medical Practice (012) 808 1111 / 2222 29

DOWN with the Holidays


it back, relax and enjoy your well-deserved getaway. For many people, this is what the December holiday is all about – spending time with their loved ones and getting away from everyday life. In short, it’s a time of jolliness and celebrations. This, however, may not be the case for everyone. Some experience the summer holidays as stressful and disheartening, especially those who have been diagnosed with depression. While everyone experiences times of sadness, it’s important to note that there is a difference between feeling sad or depressed, and depression.


> Persistent sadness. > Diminished interest or pleasure in things that used to be enjoyable.

> Feelings of guilt, low self-worth and/or hopelessness.

> Disturbed sleeping pattern – struggling with either insomnia or hypersomnia.

> Slowing down of thoughts, poor concentration or difficulty making decisions.

> Increase or decrease in appetite. > Irritability. > Recurrent thoughts of death.

While the person may be surrounded by those they love most dearly, it may still be a difficult time to cope with everything going on around them, therefore casting a dark shadow over all the festivities. But there is hope. 30 |


We interviewed Claire*, who shares her experiences and advice.

What light at the end of the tunnel? I was diagnosed with bipolar (manic depressive disorder) at the age of 32. Before this, I was dying on the inside. It was like my mind was caught in a dark haze and I was drowning in fear, confusion and self-hatred. I didn’t sleep, but couldn’t get up in the morning. I ate too much, worked too hard, made bad choices, and even did things which put my life at risk. There was no light at the end of the so-called tunnel, just anguish. The mere thought of having to spend time with my family made it difficult to breathe. My low point came when I tried to crash my car, but instead pulled over just in time. It was then that I knew I had to do something. My doctor referred me to a psychologist and psychiatrist, and I eventually got the treatment I needed.

My Advice I once read that invisible wounds are the hardest to heal. It’s for this very reason that I would strongly advise you to seek professional help. It will be the most difficult thing to do, but also the very thing that could save your life. Should the subject of depression or any other mental disorder come up during conversations, do NOT listen to people’s opinions, because ignorance is unfortunately still a huge problem, as well as the stigma that comes along with mental disorders. I’ve heard the comment “it’s all in the head” numerous times. Funnily enough, they’re right, it is all in the head, since it’s caused by chemical imbalances.

Try to avoid people who are too chatty or have high energy levels, as they will tire you out. Avoid drinking at all costs! I personally had a problem with the “off switch” when it came to drinking. If you want to be alone, not wash your hair or brush your teeth, then do so, but no longer than two days. Lastly, if you feel uncomfortable confiding in a close family member or friend, contact the South African Depression and Anxiety Group.

* Name has been changed to protect the individual’s privacy

Suicide Crisis Line 0800 567 567 SMS 31393

SADAG Mental Health Line 011 234 4837

Akeso Psychiatric Response Unit 24 Hour 0861 435 787

Article by: Lulie Swanepoel 31



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& everything else... Are you frustrated or are you content with what you have achieved this year? Is there a difference in your physique or do you look the same as this time last year?

34 |



f course, it is not all about how you look on the outside. Surely, if you look better than last year, you should also feel better on the inside. Unfortunately, the opposite is also true. But not all is lost! You should not wait for January to start over again. If your New Year’s resolutions were not accomplished this year, why should next year be any different?

I honestly have so much respect for people who make an effort to do some form of exercise each week of the year, irrespective of their personal lives.

If you are happy, your family will be happy. If you need to make a few changes in your life, make them. Sacrifices make life interesting, to be in a comfort zone can get boring and frustrating.

Take a good and honest look at your physique, and be realistic about your physical and emotional health. The December holidays with your extended family can be a challenge on their own. If you already have negative feelings about your body and health, emotions are sure to fly high during your holiday. During the year, we are conscious of what we eat (well most of the time) and we feel guilty if we did not exercise over the winter. Now comes December, and the guilt just carries on? You cannot go through a festive season feeling these same negative emotions the whole time. A few weeks before you go on holiday, start with healthy habits like drinking enough water every day. If you have not exercised at all this year, just go for a walk around the block three times a week. Will you drop a dress size... no, but you will feel better about yourself. This will make it so much easier to take a complete break over the festive season, and then resume your healthy habits in January. Think about it, if you are overweight and you have decided that this year is already a bust and that you will try again next year, you will most probably gain another two or three kilograms before and during your December holidays, which will make it even tougher to get back into a healthy routine next year.

year, irrespective of their personal lives. Before you try and think of some excuses, remember that these people also have kids (with just as many activities and homework as your children). They just choose to look at their options and go for it. If you are not a “morning person”, but the only option is to exercise in the morning or not exercise at all, well then that is the sacrifice you have to make in order to get your exercise for the week. This is not to say that you have to wake up at five each morning, maybe twice a week and once over the weekend instead. One of my clients arranges with her husband to come home a bit earlier just twice a week to look after their newborn, so that she can do some exercise outdoors, which is greatly needed for a new mom, both physically and emotionally. Another example is a friend of mine who has two kids, is working a full-time job and she is also busy studying. Even she makes a plan to meet up with her training friend twice a week to exercise. In my fourteen years in the fitness industry, I have heard all the excuses of not exercising, but I can assure you, if you really want to be fit and healthy for yourself and no one else, you will be willing to make a few sacrifices. If you are doing it for someone else, it is easy to find excuses. I just want to say that as long as you are happy, your family will be happy. If you need to make a few changes in your life, make them. Sacrifices make life interesting, to be in a comfort zone can get boring and frustrating. Here is to a you and another year full of interesting moments and memories. I hope you have a wonderful relaxing holiday, and come back recharged and ready for 2017!

I honestly have so much respect for people who make an effort to do some form of exercise each week of the Article by: Brenda van der Merwe | Fit Body Bootcamp | 35

RoodeLife visits


The success of the recent Smul&Smaakvol event proved just how wrong the old belief of two cooks in one kitchen simply not being able to work together is. Fires roared, while the birds sang praises in the early morning hours at the home of Emma Klopper, where several community members gathered to test out a few camping recipes with true team spirit.

Sonja Biehler welcomed everyone and Emma, a keen camper, explained the importance of minimising work while camping. She went on to discuss how effective planning can help to reduce the workload at camp and why it is essential to reserve space in your fridge to keep the wine cool. Sanet Mouton was next up and made everyone feel at home, whilst she also discussed the morning’s programme. My family also loves camping, but the ladies made it look easier and more streamlined than I ever would have imagined possible with their mouthwatering scrumptious dishes, including pitas with bacon and eggs for breakfast, Emma’s quick-and-easy mussel soup,

36 |


and a truly delicious curry sauce for camp meats. Emma is definitely an activist for pudding after the main course for which the ladies were thankful, because she treated us to tasty “koeksisters with a twist” and tea. I must give credit to Sanet who shared about the importance of including vegetables in your camp diet. Her pumpkin on the hot coals is exactly what you’ll crave on your next camping trip. It is slowly roasted over the coals for six hours, so you have the opportunity to socialise with loved ones around the fire. Of course, nothing is as delectably yummy as freshly-baked bread, which Sonja demonstrated with her beer bread, jam and cheese recipe.

Being in the bush doesn’t mean having to go without the feminine touch. Sanet shared how easy it is to decorate and set a camp table using what is available in the bush, including branches, grass and even empty cleaned cans. Creativity is at the heart of dining in the bush! Sadly, RoodeLife’s photographer and I had to return to reality after a magnificent and blessed visit with the Smul&Smaakvol ladies, but we will certainly attend their next event. Impress your loved ones and friends with creative masterpieces using the proven Smul&Smaakvol recipes published in the past few issues. Many thanks to Smul&Smaakvol for a memorable experience.

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Article by: Danita Nortje

CAMP COOKING RULES ALWAYS PLAN AHEAD 1. You do not want to do dishes. 2. You do not want to be solely responsible for the food. 3. You need ice for your wine.


Cook and relax this Holiday Season RECIPES ON NEXT PAGE





This is a great quick breakfast idea as you can let your creativity run free by using any combination of fillings. Each person is responsible for their own pita. Tell dad to start the fire in time to warm the pitas before they are filled.

Serves 4 This is a good filler between meals or as a starter, whilst getting the braai on the go. Ingredients: 1 packet soup (white onion / mushroom / cream of chicken) 1 tin mussels in oil 250ml long-life cream 500ml milk Ground black pepper to taste

Method: Boil all ingredients together for about 10 minutes, whilst stirring continuously until thick and cooked through.



Pitas (one per person, two for the men and hungry boys) Scrambled Eggs (2 eggs per pita) Fried Bacon (or leftover meat from the previous night)

ȗ ȗ

Optional fillings: Onions, mushrooms, tomato, peppers & grated cheese.

Heat pitas and cut in half. Each person fills their pita pocket as desired.





A pita needs heat for the pocket to open properly before filling. You can also at eat this dish with your hands which saves on dishes!

6 large eggs 5ml vanilla essence 500g sugar 500ml cream 500ml good-quality brandy

Method: ȗ ȗ ȗ ȗ

Beat the eggs until frothy. Add vanilla essence and sugar, and mix until the sugar dissolves. Whilst beating at a low speed, add the cream and brandy. Pour into glass bottles and seal.

Tip: Keep the Brandy Liqueur refrigerated for at least 4 weeks, before serving


Worth the wait...


Ingredients: 1 large pumpkin

Filling: 1 packet diced bacon 1 medium onion (chopped) 1 green/red pepper 1 can mushrooms 1 can creamed pepper mushroom 1 can creamed sweetcorn 1 small tub of feta cheese

Method: ȗ

ȗ ȗ




Cut a 10cm diameter circle at the top as a lid. Taper the lid, so that it fits easily without falling into the pumpkin as the pumpkin cooks. Remove the pips. Fry the onion, bacon and peppers, and add all the remaining ingredients (except the feta) and spoon the mixture into the hollow pumpkin. Top with feta and cover with the lid. The recipe can be doubled if a large pumpkin is used. Wrap twice in heavy-duty foil and place close to the warm coals. You can even place 1-2 coals on top of the pumpkin. Cook for 6 hours over moderate heat.



Ingredients: 500g self-raising flour 1 tin lukewarm beer 1 teaspoon salt

Method: ȗ




Mix flour and salt. To ensure a fluffy bread, incorporate air by spooning the flour into the bowl. Gradually pour beer into the flour mixture and mix through with a wooden spoon. Prepare a cast iron pot with oil and place the dough in the pot. Cover with a lid and place next to fire for the dough to proof. Place coals on top of the lid and bake for 45-60 minutes until the bread is cooked through.

Recipes by: Sanet Mouton & Sonja Biehler | Smul & Smaakvol

Yummy! KOEKSISTERS WITH A TWIST Ingredients: Koeksisters (2-3 per person) Enough long-life cream to cover all the koeksisters.

Method: ȗ


ȗ ȗ

Arrange koeksisters in a fireproof dish (or foil baking tray). Cover the koeksisters with cream and then cover the dish with foil. Heat over the fire for 30 minutes. Enjoy!


What does

Christmas mean to you?

40 |


Article by: Chanell Kemp

“Look, Santa Claus was here and he brought presents!” All at once, the entire household awakens and runs to the Christmas tree with a spring in their step. The gifts come in all different shapes and sizes, colourfully and lovingly wrapped and strategically placed beneath the tree. Mom and Dad look on contentedly as the children congregate around the tree. Of course it wasn’t Santa Claus, because he doesn’t exist, but the children do not have to know that... yet. It was Mom and Dad who worked until midnight to wrap everything under the cover of darkness and the soft breathing of sleeping children. I take in the scene, my nose pressed up against the window as I long for what I have never had. Never mind the presents, because I don’t care for them. I wish for family, for happiness, for loving parents... I dig in the ground with my big toe and I wipe my nose, trying to hold back the tears. What is Christmas about anyway? I wouldn’t know. What I know is fending for myself, wishing for a bath and being cold at night. I don’t know who my dad is and my mom works in a bar, so now I am a thief. I steal with my eyes. Right here, looking through the window, I steal all the happiness that I can get from the scene in front of me, while it lasts. If they see me, will they chase me away? Will they invite me in? The woman with the golden hair looks so loving; perhaps she will brush my hair like she’s my mother. I blink and a tear escape and draws a line in the dirt on my cheek. No, I wasn’t made for this. I was made for the streets. I wasn’t made for happiness. If I were made for love, would I not have known what if feels like? It’s time to go. Let them have their happiness. It’s time to run before they see me. One day, when I’m all grown up, I will find someone to teach me about what I had seen that family share. Maybe then Christmas will be special for me too.

What does Christmas mean to you? An opportunity to sell merchandise to eager shoppers and make some money as you lure them in with bright lights and colourful decorations? Is Christmas a time to triple those profits? If you are used to luxury, is this a time to indulge and justify that expensive purchase you had your eye on? Are your children eagerly ticking the toys and tech gadgets off their Christmas wish lists as the tear at the wrapping? Or perhaps you are out of sorts and your emotions tread the fine line between bitter and sweet. Are you going through a divorce? With which parent will the children be this Christmas? Are you elderly and wondering if this, finally, is going to be your last Christmas? Are you afraid of dying alone?

Christmas is supposed to be about love and acceptance, not Christmas trees and a mad trample to get to the presents first. God loved us first and gave the biggest Present we could ever get – the life of His Son. Jesus might not have been born on December 25th, but we use this day to celebrate it anyway and to rejoice in the life we have been granted. On this day do we show our appreciation for this biggest of gifts.

Luke 2:8-14: “And there were shepherds living out in the fields nearby, keeping watch over their flocks at night. An angel of the Lord appeared to them, and the glory of the Lord shone around them, and they were terrified. But the angel said to them, ‘Do not be afraid. I bring you good news that will cause great joy for all the people. Today in the town of David a Saviour has been born to you; he is the Messiah, the Lord. This will be a sign to you: You will find a baby wrapped in cloths and lying in a manger.’ Suddenly a great company of the heavenly host appeared with the angel, praising God and saying: ‘Glory to God in the highest heaven, and on earth peace to those on whom His favour rests.”

Santa Claus is not the real bearer of gifts. The ultimate giver is Jesus. His life was and remains our Gift. This Christmas, be challenged to serve and praise the Lord with the same joy and excitement in your heart as in the story. The gifts under the tree are merely a metaphor for all your talents and abilities that God has blessed you with, so use these talents this Christmas to bring joy and to change someone else’s life for the better. If you feel like the child living on the street who does not know Santa Claus – maybe you do not know Jesus at all? Even so, He will never turn His back on you. He will command His angels with golden hair to surround you with love and peace and to protect you. This year’s festive season does not have to be one of loneliness, pain, sadness or regrets… This can be YOUR new beginning, one filled with love, and Jesus by your side. No one has to wait to be older, richer, better or wiser to invite Jesus into your heart and home this Christmas. Don’t leave Jesus standing outside and look into your life through a window; invite Him in! You do not have to face the path alone. You do not have to feel afraid and lonely for one more day. In Christ we all have a home and no one needs to be a poor street child. Let us all take up the challenge to use Christmas 2016 to spread love and to show the world what Christmas is REALLY about. Then everyone will look up and say: “Glory to God in the highest heaven, and peace on earth…” 41



These past few years of my life, I’ve learned something about myself. Not just my character as a human being, but also that I should think more about the meaning of things. And this year, I want to start with a new beginning and do things differently than I normally would.

A Short Story by : Jaden Butler Laerskool Die Poort Illustration : Mieke Bolhuis

42 |


So my mother asked me one day: “Jaden, my dear, what is your biggest wish for this Christmas?” I took a minute or two before answering: “My biggest wish for this Christmas is that we come together as a family and celebrate that day. We should make it special.” My mother looked like she was happy with my choice and she also looked relieved that I didn’t just want a gift that would cost her money. If I had to be honest, l really had no idea what l wanted. The next day was a Thursday and Christmas was just a few weeks away, so I knew I had to start working on my gifts to give to my family. At school, the bell rang for recess. Out of the blue, my best friend asked: “What would you like for Christmas?” I didn’t have an answer for her, but then I realised what she was planning and I said: “Please, you don’t have to give me anything. You always give too much. So my wish for you this Christmas is to enjoy it and stop worrying about what everybody else wants and start thinking about what you want, Bianca.” She looked shocked and then she just smiled and left. It felt good when I saw her smile. Then I realised what I wanted. So instead of making a long list of gifts I wanted for Christmas, I decided to make a list to see how many people a day I could help, in order to make a difference. I decided that I would make every word that I spoke meaningful. My friend, Aria, asked me, while she was showing me a picture on her phone: “Do you think I should wear this dress?” l just smiled and answered: “My wish for you this Christmas is that you realise that you are beautiful and that no one can tell you otherwise”. She looked teary and happy, which made me happy!

I decided to make cards for everyone. The cards all contained a short powerful message written for each individual. When the big day arrived, we waited for everyone to show. While we waited, we started preparing for everything. I had to admit this was a great day. We got together by the fire and sang some songs. Later, everyone opened their presents at the dinner table, where they received my cards. My dad made a beautiful speech about the meaning of Christmas and after we toasted, I got everyone’s attention and said: “We are all human, we make mistakes and we learn from them. This year has taught me, if you can just be kind and have courage, you can do anything. Also, try to give without being selfish and wanting to receive something back, then you will understand the meaning of this holiday better and learn from yourselves as well. My wish for you all this Christmas is to try be positive about everything and be thankful for what you have. We are so blessed and lucky! Remember that.” That was something l felt proud of. I hope people see the real meaning of Christmas like my family did. I decided I will keep on being positive, even when it’s not Christmas, and so should everyone else, because that is what God would want.

When I was on my way to practise after school, I heard my friend, Hazel, say: “Jaden, the hockey game is starting any minute now and I’m really stressed”. I looked at her, gave her a hug and said: “My wish for you this Christmas is that you make peace with yourself and believe you can, because I believe you can”. She gave me a hug too and said: “Thanks for the support!” l smiled and cheered for her. They won the game and I saw how happy she was. Besides the whole being “positive” thing, I actually had my own problems. I guess what surprised me the most was that people actually started being positive too and that they started following my example and helping me. If I have made a change in this world, then I’m happy about that. One day, I told my friends that I was stressed about my sport. One of them said: “You will do great. I promise you, because my wish for you this Christmas is that you should just relax and believe in yourself. You’re too stressed about nothing.” I was shocked and thankful that I had them in my life.


RUGBY Liam Whitehead has been chosen to represent the Blue Bulls Cravenweek Rugby Team

HIGH SCHOOL HIP-HOP WORLD CHAMPIONS!! During the holiday three learners represented Curro Roodeplaat at the World Championships of the Performing Arts in Los Angeles. Thato Matlaila, Akhona Khumalo and Grace Ngobeni each won two gold and a silver medal. They also won the trophy for best group in their division.Corlanie Botha, the coach, was announced as best coach of the year.


Madelene Joubert receives Protea Colours at the US Open ISKA World Martial Arts Championships in Orlando Florida on 8 & 9 July 2016. She achieves the following awards in the 14 - 15 Years Advanced divisions: • • • • •

1st Place Girls Clash Sparring 2nd Place Girls Continues Sparring 2nd Place Boys & Girls Creative Weapons 3rd Place Girls Points Sparring 3rd Place Boys & Girls Creative Forms


Elro van der Westhuizen took part in the Spur Schools Mountain Bike League’s Tour de Plaas at Bekker High School last weekend. He completed the 18km track in a very good time of 00:54:56 and finished 66th out of a 121 riders.

CURRO CASTLE ROODEPLAAT Congratulations to Nathan Cilliers in the Elephant Class for winning a silver medal at the Abacus Maths regional competition.

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F 086 663 9151 | E

T 012 808 0820 | C 071 670 0855 Address: Kameeldrift Weg, Roodeplaat, South Africa

Kameelfontein Koor


Laerskool Kameelfontein was spesiaal uitgenooi om deel te wees van hierdie projek: Hallelujah SA is ‘n lofprysingsprojek wat regoor Suid-Afrika bedien. Hulle besoek meer as 30 dorpe en stede oor die land waar hulle saam met jeug-en skoolkore vanuit die omgewing by kerke en feeste in die stad optree. Die Hallelujah SA album word in Augustus vrygestel saam met die voormalige Romanz lid, Adam Barnard. Adam het ook in 2014 met die Tempo toekenning vir nuweling van die jaar weggestap.

Tel: (012) 808 5064 | Sel: 071 605 8492 | Epos:

Harcourts Titanium 012 548 5730

Vaal River




Pebble Rock Golf Village




6 Beds | 7 Baths | 2 Lounges | 2 Garages

5 Beds | 4 Baths | 2 Lounges | Pool | 4 Garages

4 Beds | 4 Baths | 3 Lounges | Pool | 2 Garages

3 Beds | 2 Baths | 2 Lounges | Pool | 2 Garages

Luxury home or potential hotel

Leeuwfontein Estates

Stylish and breathtaking

Leeuwfontein Estates

Derick C 082 891 3055 | T 012 548 5730 E Web Ref CTR29232

Kara Pieper C 083 291 1305 | T 012 548 5730 E Web NZI22658

Nadia C 082 359 1091 | T 012 548 5730 E Web Ref NZI24246

Kara Pieper C 083 291 1305 | T 012 548 5730 E Web NZI27797


Pebble Rock Golf Village

This property has a unique position,exudes warmth and charm with endless possibilities-be it a family home for long endless summers with full jetty & boat facilities & boat fuel just on other side of river,or a stylish hotel.

Pebble Rock Golf Village



Riverside Country Estate

6 Beds | 5 Baths | 3 Lounges | Pool | 3 Garages

Prime property, one of a kind

This Directors executive house in Pebble Rock offers 6 bedrooms and 4 bathrooms. Main bedroom has walk-in cupboards.There are two lounges and a separate dining. The kitchen with gas stove, has a scullery and pantry. Derick C 082 891 3055 | T 012 548 5730 E Web Ref NZI28428

Sable Hills

This Beautiful Executive Style Home with a Dam view in the Popular Leeuwfontein Estates is for sale. The building consists of 5 bedrooms, 3 en-suites and a family bathroom, 2 open plan kitchens with laundry/scullery, and more.


Do not miss out on this exclusive house. You will have the Bushveld and Golf estate all in one, but most important is the privacy this house offers and it’s breathtaking views. The house consists of 4 x bedrooms, all have their own en-suite bathrooms.


Are you a nature lover? Then this is just the place for you. This beautiful 390 square metre double storey house consists of 3 bedrooms, main ensuite and family bathroom. Laundry/scullery, build in braai, pool, lapa and double garage.

Pebble Rock Golf Village


4 Beds | 3 Baths | 1 Lounges | Pool | 3 Garages

4 Beds | 3 Baths | 1 Lounges | Pool | 2 Garages

10189 Square meter stand for sale. Riverside Country Estate can best be described as a game farm with 1ha stands of which more than half are build on. The game is mainly Zebra, Blue Wildebeest, Kudu, Impala, warthog and lots more.

Lovely family house with great view

Lovely family home

Kara Pieper C 083 291 1305 | T 012 548 5730 E Web NZI28692

Derick C 082 891 3055 | T 012 548 5730 E Web NZI28757

Derick C 082 891 3055 | T 012 548 5730 E Web NZI29325

Sable Hills


This house in Pebble Rock on a 1 Ha stand offers 4 bedrooms of which the main is en-suite. There is 2 other bathrooms that serves the other 3 bedrooms. There are 3 living areas,of which the family lounge is upstairs.

Pebble Rock Golf Village


This house in Pebble Rock offers 4 bedrooms of which 3 are en suite. There are 3 living areas,of which the tv lounge is separate. .Stunning kitchen with electric stove. Entertainment area with build in braai. SQ with own bathroom.

Sable Hills

From R5,600,000

3 Beds | 4 Baths | 2 Lounges | 3 Garages

4 Beds | 3 Baths | 2 Lounges | Pool | 3 Garages

3 Beds | 2 Baths | 1 Lounges | 2 Garages

4 Beds | 3 Baths | 1 Lounges | Pool | 2 Garages

Immaculate and opulent

Mordern and exclusive

Brand new 3 bedroom house

Waterfront property

Nadia C 082 359 1091 | T 012 548 5730 E Web Ref NZI29425

Nadia C 082 359 1091 | T 012 548 5730 E Web Ref NZI29436

Derick C 082 891 3055 | T 012 548 5730 E Web Ref NZI29583

Nadia C 082 359 1091 | T 012 548 5730 E Web Ref NZI29436

Pebble Rock Golf Village

Pebble Rock Golf Village

This double storey American colonial house is built on the north eastern shore of the Roodeplaat dam and has a 180 degree panoramic view of the dam and bush. There is a 100 to 150 meter natural bush “greenbelt” between the house and dam.

Pebble Rock Golf Village


You can enjoy this lovely, rare find house with everything he has to offer in the sought after estate, a big house on a prime stand, including 4 x bedrooms with 4 x en-suite bathrooms, pool, big bar area and much more.

3 Beds | 3 Baths | 1 Lounges | Pool | 3 Garages

4 Beds | 3 Baths | 1 Lounges | Pool | 3 Garages

Excellent value and privacy

Lifestyle property on 1.5Ha

If safety is one of your priorities, combined with lots of privacy, open space and bush veld atmosphere, then this property will definitely suit your needs. This low maintenance face brick house offers 3 spacious bedrooms, en-suite bathrooms. Derick C 082 891 3055 | T 012 548 5730 E Web Ref NZI29976


Bird lover, entertainer, bush lover this one is for you. The house offers 4 bedrooms and a study. There are 3 bathrooms and a open plan kitchen which links with the dining room and the tv room. Derick C 082 891 3055 | T 012 548 5730 E Web Ref NZI32369

This little gem in Pebble Rock offers you 3 bedrooms of which the main bedroom is en - suite. Bedrooms are fitted with stylish built in cupboards. The modern kitchen with granite tops and gas stove links with the open plan dining area and lounge.


4 Beds | 4 Baths | 2 Lounges | Pool | 11 Garages

This very well designed modern 4 bedroom house offers you a lovely open space kitchen, overlooking the Waterfront where you can watch the free roaming game on your doorstep, sparkling private pool, manicured garden.

Sable Hills


3 Beds | 2 Baths | 1 Lounges | 2 Garages

Executive directors house with exquisite views

Modern home in Waterfront Estate

One of a kind. If view and finishes are important to you as well as lots of space do not look any further. This directors house offers 4 bedrooms of which the main and guest bedrooms are en-suite.

This Beautiful home in Sable Hills is near the entrance and walking distance from the school. The building consists of 3 bedrooms, main en-suite and a family bathroom. Fully equipped modern kitchen with granite and Stainless Steel finishes.

Derick C 082 891 3055 | T 012 548 5730 E Web Ref NZI32422

Kara Pieper C 083 291 1305 | T 012 548 5730 E Web NZI28458

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