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February 2021 Edition

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Boost Your Dogs Intelligence with Toys pg 46

Smokey the tiny tea cup hero and the first Military service dog for patients pg 12

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learn how toadopt me Page 10 From small to tall you will find them all

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Raye Mayhorn, CEO/Broker Realty Executives Killeen 254.554.0708 Raye@RealtyExecutives.com https://www.Austin2killeen.com

"Selling Austin To Killeen & Everything In Between" "Supporting the beautiful animals in Central Teexas. Ad�pt A Pet & Buy Them A Home!


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Shelters & Rescues 5 APAC 6 Austin Boxer Rescue 7 Austin Guinea Pig Rescue 9 Bastrop Animal Shelter 10 Bell county Animal Shelter 13


29 Gray Mutts Rescue & Sanctuary

30 Greyhound Adoption League 31 Hillsboro Animal Shelter

32 Pound Pups & Friends 33 IGA Italian Greyhound

34 Humane Society of Central Texas

35 Killeen Animal Services

14 Blue Bonnet Equine Rescue 37 Lend-A-Heart Rescue 15 Brownwood Animal Shelter City of Lubbock 16 Canyon Lake Animal Shelter 38 Texas Lost & Found 40 Meadow Haven Horse Rescue 17 Central Pets 18 Copperas Cove Animal Control 41 Milam Touch of Love 19 Corryell County Pet Rescue 42 Mystery Dog Rescue

Drowzy Dawg Rescue

20 21 Ellis County S.P.C.A 23 Fuzzy Friends Rescue 24Ft. Hood Stray Facility

25 Gatesville Animal Shelter 26 Get-A-Long Dachshund

43 Paws Humane Society

44 Pflugerville Animal Shelter 45 Pflugerville Pets Alive 48 A Rottie Rescue

51 San Antonio Pets Alive 53 Starkeys Strays

54 Stray Acres Sanctuary

55 Temple Animal Services

56 Texas Cattle Dog Rescue 57 Texas Ferret Lovers Rescue 58 Texas Great Pyrenees Rescue 59 Texas Humane Heroes 60

Tiny hooves Rescue

61 Williamson County Regional Animal Shelter

* new rescue added for this addition: Journey home rescue

49 Sadie's Place Rescue

50 San Antonio Humane Society

Feature Stories Pg. 12 Smokey the Yorkie Hero of WWII

pg.11Easy dog Toys Pg 26 Interesting Dog

Breed pg.28 Famous dogs

pg.39 Dumb reasons animals are dumped at a shelter pg 52 Control a Barking Dog


All Shelters need food. Please help.

2021 year total 325lbs of Dog Food, Cat Food & Cat Litter along with other supplies to the Central Texas shelters & rescues. Your support makes it possible



Thank you for supporting the Rescue Magazine Network. Well we made it through the first month of a new year. I hope and pray that we all have a successful year. I pray for the companies struggling as well as the many Americans who are also having a rough time. I know many Rescues and Shelters have been hit hard through the shut downs and it seems no end is in sight. We continue to support to the best of our abilities. Thank you all for your continue support and keeping us alive...

Thank you all very much, Ron Ducharme Editor, chief Dog, Animal Lover



About This Shelter The Association for a Pet Adoption Center (APAC) is a 501 (c)3 not-for profit group working toward a time when homeles s , unwanted animals are no longer being destroyed in our s helter, and when every dog and cat can be guaran­ teed a good life in a caring environment. All adoption fees and donations go to caring for the animals in our foster program, by paying for vaccinations , heartworm tes ts , and any other medical care needed. Contact this shelter on how you can help.


Austin Boxer Rescue Temple Area , austinboxerrescue.com/TempleArea.asp I templearea@austinboxerrescue.com


Angel Berry








About This Rescue

Your ad Here Call today. 254-231-3690

Austin Boxer Rescue is a non-profit organization made up entirely of volunteers dedicated to removing dogs from bad situations and placing them in loving permanent homes. We service Austin, San Antonio, Temple, and surrounding areas. Our mission is to balance the health, safety, and welfare needs of canines in the Central Texas area by providing nourishment and a safe environment for unwanted, stray, abused, and impounded Boxers. Contact this rescue on how you can help.

Shamrock Grooming & Boarding www.aztecpethospital.com

821 S. Main Belton TX 254-933-1669


http://www.austinguineapigrescue.com (512) 695-1872

Yes, us, AGAIN!!! We are Zeus and Perseus and we have been waiting forever, getting closer and closer to being in rescue a year already! We are a pair of adult male piggies and have gotten to enjoy life in several different foster homes. We are very handsome, but Perseus is also a little shy. We would like a home with lots of space to play and run as we are energetic young bucks.

Austin Guinea Pig Rescue is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization dedicated to rescuing and rehoming guinea pigs, chinchillas, hamsters, gerbils, mice, degus and hedgehogs in the Austin, Texas area. All of our animals are in private foster homes and an online application with a follow-up phone call with one of our board members is required. The adoption fee for guinea pigs is $25, for hamsters, gerbils, and mice $10, for chinchillas, degus, rabbits, and hedgehogs is $65. We do not do same day adoptions. Once a submitted foster or adoption application has been reviewed, yopg.28u can make an appointment to meet the animals. We do not have a public or www.thevatruthkilleen.com drop-in facility.


Animals and the Law


Laws on Leaving Dogs Outside in Cold Weather in Texas-I will leave this article up for this issue as there seems to be a rise in people who don't know the law.... Posted on January 7, 2014 by StaceyD as appeared https://grapevinesource.com/2014/01/07/laws-on-leaving-dogs-outside-in-cold-weather-in-texas/ Cruelty The Texas Health and Safety Code prevents an owner from knowingly, intentionally or recklessly treating his pet in a cruel manner. Under statute 42.092, the Cruelty of Non-Livestock Animals law, cruelty to a domestic pet, such as a dog, can consist of failure to provide it with proper shelter, food or care, according to the Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals of Texas. Without providing for some type of shelter to keep the dog warm, along with food and water that is not frozen, keeping a dog outside in the winter falls under the category of cruelty. In addition, Texas House Bill 1411 prevents the tethering or restraint of a dog kept outside in extremely cold weather, under 32 degrees Fahrenheit. Responsibility Texas defines the owner of a dog as the person who is responsible for its health, care and safety, regardless of who is listed as the owner of the dog. If you are entrusted to care for someone else’s dog and fail to provide it with proper shelter, you are subject to cruelty charges. A dog is required to have an outdoor shelter, covered on all sides, that it can sit up and turn around comfortably in and that is not too large that it will not retain heat. The shelter must be fitted with non-porous, warm bedding, according to the Partnership for Animal Welfare. Each dog must have its own, adequate shelter, food and water for multiple dog households. Consequences If a complaint of cruelty is filed against you, your local animal control or law enforcement officer will investigate the conditions in which you are keeping your dog to determine whether cruelty charges apply. Depending on the severity of the neglect or lack of shelter determined by local authorities, you can be charged with animal cruelty resulting in a misdemeanor or felony conviction. House Bill 653, commonly called “Loco’s Law,” named for a puppy that experienced severe torture, made animal cruelty a felony in the state, according to the SPCA of Texas. As of Sept. 1, 2001, this law made acts of animal cruelty punishable by a $10,000 fine and a two-year jail sentence. Warnings If you keep your dogs outdoors in Texas, provide them each with a warm shelter and monitor the weather. When temperatures drop below 32 degrees Fahrenheit, bring your dogs inside to prevent them from suffering in freezing conditions, which affect their health and safety. If you suspect a neighbor is treating his dogs cruelly, not providing them with proper shelter or restraining them in freezing conditions, contact your local animal control office or police department to file a complaint. For non-emergency situations, you can also file a complaint online through the SPCA of Texas website.Source: http://www.ehow.com/info_12125420_laws-leaving-dogs-outside-coldweather-texas.html#ixzz2pjNrM5JB

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Prices subject to change.r


Bell County Animal Shelter (254) 933-6780 I 2509 S. Loop 121, Belton, TX I Mon-Sat 10:30am-3:30pm Closed on Sunday

Now re-opened for adoptions

About This Shelter

The Bell County Animal Shelter is a joint effort between the City of Belton and the County of Bell. The facility is a state of the art 10,000 sq. ft. building. We have 48 dog runs and 63 cat cages. We have an outside play area ancf an inside play area. Come check it out! We are always in need of volunteers also, just come fill out a volunteer applica­ tion and come in when you can. Adoption prices: Unaltered dog: $50 Altered dog $60 Unaltered cat $20 altered cat 560. Failure to abide by the contract can result in seizure of the animal and citations. Contact this shelter on how you can help. Prices subject to change please call for up to date information.



Easy DIY Dog Treat


Homemade Apple Pie Pupsicle Dog Treats


Apple Pie Pupsicle Frozen Yogurt Dog Treat Recipe Ingredients can be easily scaled to suit your own mould (see tips and tricks below) and you can adjust the mixture measurements in any way you‛d like to suit your pet and personal preferences. Measurements are indicative only for the treats as pictured. Frozen treats are so easy that way! Homemade Apple Pie Pupsicle Dog Treats Treat Ingredients: 1/2 cup unsweetened applesauce or pureed apple

1/2 cup plain yogurt, kefir, or suitable alternative (see tips) Sprinkle of Ceylon cinnamon (optional) If you are using a thick-style yogurt, you may find it helpful to water the mixture down for easier mixing. You can also do this if you‛d like the treats to be a little lighter. Making the Treats: Mix all ingredients in a bowl or container until thoroughly combined. Pour or spoon into a silicon mould or suitable substitute. Freeze thoroughly before removing from the moulds. Transfer the completed treats to a suitable container and return to the freezer for frozen storage until use. 11


Smoky (dog) Smoky (c. 1943 – 21 February 1957), a Yorkshire Terrier, was a famous war dog who served in World War II. She weighed only 4 pounds (1.8 kg) and stood 7 inches (180 mm) tall. Smoky is credited with beginning a renewal of interest in the once-obscure Yorkshire Terrier breed.[1]

Discovery and purchase In February 1944, Smoky was found by an American soldier in an abandoned foxhole in the New Guinea jungle. She was already a young adult Yorkie (fully grown). The soldiers initially thought the small dog belonged to the Japanese, but after taking her to a nearby prisoner-of-war camp they realized she did not understand commands in Japanese or English. Another GI then sold Smoky to Corporal William A. Wynne of Cleveland, Ohio, for two Australian pounds (equal to $6.44 at that time)—the price paid to the seller so he could return to his poker game.[2][3]

Smoky in a helmet Yorkie Doodle Dandy Dog Yorkshire Terrier Female c. 1943

World War II For the next two years, Smoky back-packed through the rest of the war and accompanied Wynne on combat flights in the Pacific. She faced adverse circumstances, living in the New Guinea jungle and Rock Islands, suffering the primitive conditions of tents in equatorial heat and humidity.[4] Throughout her service, Smoky slept in Wynne's tent on a blanket made from a green felt card table cover; she shared Wynne's C-rations and an occasional can of Spam. Unlike the "official" war dogs of World War II, Smoky had access to neither According to an Animal Planet investigation, Smoky was the first recorded therapy dog. Her service in this arena began in July 1944 at the 233rd Station Hospital in New Guinea, where she accompanied nurses to see the incoming battlefield casualties from the Biak Island invasion.[4] Smoky was already a celebrity of sorts, as her photograph was in Yank magazine at the same time, which made it easy to get permission. Dr. Charles Mayo of the Mayo Clinic was the commanding officer who allowed Smoky to go on rounds and also permitted her to sleep with Wynne in his hospital bed for five nights.[6] Smoky's work as a therapy dog continued for 12 years, during and after World War II [4]

21 February 1957 (14 years) Cleveland Metroparks (Lakewood, Ohio) 5th Air Force, 26th Photo Recon Squadron First therapy dog William A. Wynne 4 lb (1.8 kg) 7 in (180 mm)


We are so grateful for the service of our nation’s retired Police K-9 and Military Working Dog Heroes that we want to honor them in retirement, and ensure the best quality of life for them, by providing assistance with medical costs, food and end of duty services. We rely on donors like you to fund our project , because there are no public funds for police and military working dogs. We are now working with Congress to change that with the K-9 Hero Act. For the last three years Project K-9 Hero has been working on the K-9 Hero Act in coordination with Congressman Ron Wright and his office. Right now Project K-9 Hero, Congress, and the Senate are gathering support to take this bill to a vote. The K-9 Hero Act was a vision we had at Project K-9 Hero and a vision our Founder, Jason Johnson, had over many years on how we can take funding from the federal government and help give that to non-profits to spend on medical bills for retired federal K-9s. This bill will allow for any military working dog or federal law enforcement K-9s to seek services through non-profits like Project K-9 Hero and allow us as an organization to take in grant money to spend specifically on medical bills for those dogs. This bill will allocate $5,000,000 of federal grant funds each fiscal year from 2021 through 2025. The future of retired working dogs with respect to ownership and provision of medical services is often unclear and the medical treatment required by many former working dogs is significant enough that it creates a hardship for the individuals, often former partners, who take in these canine heroes. At Project K-9 Hero we set in to fill this gap. This bill will help us at Project K-9 Hero free up some of our other donations where we can help spend it on a deputy sheriff dog or a state police dog or a city dog. Not only does it impact our federal community but it will impact our local and state communities as well. Jason Johnson states, “For me it’s a legacy as the Founder of Project K-9 Hero. I want to make sure that the work is being carried on for generations to come. It’s time our government take into consideration that if we’re going to use them and treat them like heroes when they’re on duty and during their service that we're going to treat them the same way in retirement.” We encourage you to reach out to your Senator or Congressman to ask them to support H.R. 5081, The K-9 Hero Act. These heroes spent their entire careers protecting us. Now it’s our turn to protect them. ead the status of this bill here: https://www.congress.gov/bill/116th-congress/house-bill/5081/text


USA Tecolutla Turtle Preservation Project 1411 W 10th St, % Rick Wilson (484) 474-0055 Cleveland OH, 44113 https://www.saveloraturtles.org

The mission of the Tecolutla Turtle Preservation Project is to support the protection and conservation of marine turtles, particularly Kemp’s ridley sea turtles in Tecolutla, Veracruz, Mexico. We provide financial support to Vida Milenaria, a grassroots preservation effort in Tecolutla, Mexico that has helped protect hundreds of thousands of Kemp's ridley sea turtle nests in the past 35 years. The founder of this effort, Fernando Manzano, is featured in the documentary Papa Tortuga , which has aired on Public Television as part of the Natural Heroes series. The documentary has also been featured in a number of film festivals throughout the United Sta



Bluebonnet Equine Humane Society (888) 542-5163 I bluebonnetequine.org

Buela Status


Arrived at the Rescue Arrived in 2019 Available Newly Available for

Trenadie Status

Adoption Adoption Fee $650

About This Rescue


Bluebonnet Equine Humane Society (BEHS) is a 501 (c)3 nonprofit organization formed in March 2005. Our mission is to improve the lives of equines by educating and helping owners, assisting law enforcement agencies, rehabilitating abused and neglected equines, and placing them into safe, permanent homes. All horses and other equines adopted from BEHS are castrated if male or adopted out with no­breeding contracts if femal e. BEHS provides protection and support to the horses in our program for l ife. The orga­nization relies on a robust foster home network to ensure horses receive hands-on, oneon-one care. BEHS strives to achieve our mission by building a wel coming, transparent environment. Contact this rescue on how you can help.

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Brownwood Animal Shelter 3016 Milam Dr. Brownwood, TX 76801 Phnone 325-646-0617 Thursday-Sunday 1pm-5pm Closed Monday-Wednesday, except for owner reclaims.

URGENT!!!!! This shelter is in need of volunteers and people who can adopt now.... Thank you Sponsor this page

About This Shelter Corinne T. Smith Animal Center is dedicated to promoting the welfare, compassionate care and protection of animals, finding suitable homes for adoptable animals, raising public awareness of animal issues, and promoting responsible pet ownership.



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Central Texas Lost & Found Pets

facebook.com/groups/CTLAFP I ctlafp@gmaiI.com

About This Group

CTLAFP is a group that supports the families of missing pets and supports those who find stray pets. We are a Facebook support group for folks in the lost pet community. We started the page in 2012. We have an admin team, a moderator team, scanners, fosters, and over 30,000 members. We do not have funding, we are not a 501, we are not a rescue. Our goals are to reunite pets and their families above all. To keep pets out of our over crowded local shelters, we ask regular citizens to open their home to lost pets. We offer an adoption page for th ose who have held found pets over n hours and we also help raise funds for vetting found pets. We attend pet events and host our own events through out the community to allow these members the chance to find homes for their fosters. Email ctlafp@gmail.com for more information.

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Copperas Cove Animal Shelter (254) 547-5584 I 1601 North 1st Street, Copperas Cove TX I M·F:9am-5pm, Sat:9am-12pm

About This Shelter Copperas Cove Animal Control provides control and con­ tainment of stray, lost or wounded animals within the city limits. It maintains the animal shelter and all animals in its care which includes an effective reclamation and adop· tion program. Control officers respond to calls in regard to v icious, sick, injured, stray and abandoned animals. They also maintain an effective quarantine program and ensure all Federal, State and Local laws are followed. Contact this shelter on how you can help.


Coryell County Pet Rescue (254) 248-5002 I ccprnokill@aol.com I ccprnokill.org I www.facebook.com/ccprnokill

About This Rescue CCPRNOKILL, Founded in June of 2006 by Barbi Watson Stra ub, is a "Wall Less" rescue. Our organization is totally run by folks who generously volunteer their time, homes and hearts in order to help. Through our Foster Care progra m, animals have a sa fe, hea lthy "place to be" until loving forever homes can be found for them. Contact this rescue on how you can help.

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Bow Wow Boutigue 2217 E. Main st Gatesville, TX 76528 254-248-5002

Wish List: Dog food, Collars, Leashes, Flea & Heartworm prevention, Non-rawhide treats, Odoban, Dawn, Persil Detergent, Germ X, Paper towels, 13 Gal. Trash Bags, printer paper, DAPPv & Bordetella Vaccines, Replacement bottoms for large wire kennels.* **Mon.: Tue.: Wed.: Thu.: Fri.: Sat.: Sun.:

10:00 AM - 6:00 PM 10:00 AM - 6:00 PM 10:00 AM - 6:00 PM 10:00 AM - 4:00 PM 10:00 AM - 6:00 PM 10:00 AM - 4:00 PM By Appointment Only.



Who We Are Drowzy Dawg Rescue is a 501(c)3 animal rescue who actively participate in activities of companion animal rescue, rehabilitation, and adoption. Drowzy Dawg strives to engage in other activities related to educating the public concerning animal health and welfare issues. Drowzy Dawg directly participates in, and provides a forum for others to engage in the promotion of animal welfare. Drowzy Dawg expects to expand and redefine rescue activities programs as necessary to meet the continuing challenge of animal welfare and rescue in our community. We are affiliated with Petco Adoption Partners and Ally Cat Allies Feral Friends Network. What We Do Drowzy Dawg is all about saving the lives of homeless dogs, cat, pigs and other companion animals in our community. Pulling from shelters to save from euthanasia and taking in strays when the room is available. Drowzy Dawg does everything possible to help rehabilitate and re-home as many furry friends as possible by networking with other rescues to maximize adoptions! Drowzy Dawg is also involved in TNR (Trap Neuter Return of feral/stray cats) and work to prepare kittens who can be socialized for adoption. We house a small population of geriatric unadoptable dogs and cats. We assist, as financially possible, with food, healthcare, spay and neuter, and vaccinations for animals whose owners have fallen on hard times. How We Do It Our organization is run entirely by volunteers and all of our pets are housed by dedicated foster families throughout the Hill County and surrounding area. We focus on helping the healthy and treatable pets who are at risk of euthanasia at Rural Texas Shelters – by rescuing the pets at greatest risk and helping owners who are having problems so great that they need to surrender their pet(s) to a shelter. Gallery

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972-935-0756 We're happy to take your call during office hours. Ellis County SPCA 2570 FM 878 Waxahachie TX 75165


34116490 Cat Female/Spayed Domestic Shorthair/Mix 3 years 4 months


4929525 Dog Female Boxer/Hound 3 years 1 month

The Ellis County SPCA is easy to find; the shelter is a little southeast of the Waxahachie Wal-Mart and about two minutes north of U.S. Highway 287 Bypass in Waxahachie.

Ellis County SPCA 2570 FM 878 Waxahachie TX 75165


43472928 Dog Male/Neutered German Shepherd/Mix 1 year 2 months

Bertram (VIP) 43564794 Dog Male Terrier, Pit Bull/ Mix 3 years

Hours: Monday: Closed Tuesday through Friday: 11am - 6pm Saturday: 11am - 4pm Sunday: Closed Surrender of pets by appointment only. We will be closed on these Holidays: New Years Day, 4th of July, Thanksgiving and Christmas.

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Peaceful Valley Donkey Rescue

Ranch address: 8317 Duckworth Rd. San Angelo, TX 76905 Mailing address: PVDR PO Box 216 Miles, TX 76861 email: info@pvdr.org website: www.donkeyrescue.org phone: 866-366-5731

To Sponsor this Page Contact rescuemagazine@yahoo.com or 254-231-3690 for info.

Peaceful Valley's Mission is to provide a safe and loving environment to all donkeys that have been abused, neglected or abandoned and wild burros under threat of destruction. Peaceful Valley strives to provide solutions to the many problems that plague these wonderful creatures by providing ethical stewardship over the funds that are necessary to fulfill this goal. Peaceful Valley, with its nationwide network of Ranch Facilities and Satellite Adoption Centers, is the country's leader in Rescue, Sanctuary, Adoption and Education. Together, we can improve the Plight of the American Donkey.


Fuzzy Friends Rescue (254) 754-9444 I 6321 Airport Road, Waco, TX I fuzzyfriendsrescue.com

Rocky & Teddy






Chuck Norris


About This Rescue Fuzzy Friends Rescue is a non-profit 501 (c) (3) animal welfare organization that cares for homeless and unwanted animals in a life-care environment. We never euthanize an animal to make room for another, and we care for all those we take in until they are adopted. Contact this rescue on how you can help.

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www.wbfcreativedesigns.com 23

The Fort Hood Stray Animal Facility The fort hood Stray Animal Facility 4902 Engineer Dr, Fort Hood, TX (254) 287-4675

We have FREE adoptions year round. All our animals are microchipped and fully vaccinated.


Gatesville Animal Control For Adoption Contact Gatesville Police Department 254-865-2226

About This Rescue Contact Police at the number above to look at available pets. Always a mix to choose from. Animals are found in the City Limits, or just owner surrender. These are animals that just need a home. We usually have 20 + Animals.

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Interesting Dog Breed: Rottweiler

Source https://www.akc.org/dog-breeds/rottweiler/ Loyal, Loving, Confident Guardian AKC Breed Popularity: Ranks 8 of 197 Height: 24-27 inches (male), 22-25 inches (female) Weight: 95-135 pounds (male), 80-100 pounds (female) Life Expectancy: 9-10 years About the Rottweiler

A male Rottweiler will stand anywhere from 24 to 27 muscular inches at the shoulder; females run a bit smaller and lighter. The glistening, short black coat with smart rust markings add to the picture of imposing strength. A thickly muscled hindquarters powers the Rottie’s effortless trotting gait. A well-bred and properly raised Rottie will be calm and confident, courageous but not unduly aggressive. The aloof demeanor these world-class guardians present to outsiders belies the playfulness, and downright silliness, that endear Rotties to their loved ones. (No one told the Rottie he’s not a toy breed, so he is liable to plop onto your lap for a cuddle.) Early training and socialization will harness a Rottie’s territorial instincts in a positive way.


Killeen, Temple & Waco


GetALong Dachshund Rescue www.getalongdachshundrescue.org/contact

About this Rescue

GetALong Dachshund rescue is a Dachshund rescue serving Alabama, Arkansas, Delaware, Florida, Georgia, Illinois, Indiana, Kentucky, Louisiana, Maryland, Mississippi, Missouri, New Jersey, New Mexico, New York, North Carolina, Ohio, Oklahoma, Pennsylvania, South Carolina, Tennessee, Texas, Virginia, and West Virginia. We step up for Senior Dachshunds and those with severe medical needs. We also rescue young dachshunds. Our main purpose is to rescue, rehabilitate and re-home our dachshunds in forever homes to live their lives in a safe loving environment. We sometimes find ourselves providing loving arms and a safe foster home for the severely ill to live out their last days being loved and cherished, sadly all too often they are experiencing this love for the very first time.

Temple TX Call us at 254-771-9090


Many of the dachshunds we get are abandoned in shelters because they can no longer provide their owners with healthy puppies to be sold. Or they have gotten old and are in need of medical attention so they are sent to the shelter for someone else to care for. All too often the only medical care they have ever had was their first shots as puppies. Some of the Dachshunds who come to us are purebreds. They come to us in all shapes sizes and colors. If you are truly looking for a pet that wants nothing more then to please you and love you, then please consider adopting one of our seniors. They are full of love and ask for nothing more than to be loved in return.


Shelter dogs who made it big in the movie.

Sandy In Annie, the red-headed orphan finds a kindred spirit in Sandy, a streetwise stray dog she adopts as her own faithful companion. Since the musical's original Broadway run, animal trainer and behaviorist William Berloni has filled the role with shelter dogs. In 1976, he paid just $7 to save the original Sandy from being euthanized and trained him to appear on Broadway; he ended up stealing the show in more than 2300 performances. It started a bit of a trend; when Annie was revived for the stage in 2012, Berloni put a shelter dog named Sunny to work for the part.

Maui From 1992 to 1999, Maui—a collie mix who was adopted from a California shelter by animal trainer Boone Narr—played Murray, the lovable pooch of Paul and Jamie Buchman (Paul Reiser and Helen Hunt) on Mad About You. "Maui is very sweet and takes direction well," Betty Linn, who trained Maui for several years, told Mutt News in 2008. "He's completely spoiled by everyone and consequently loves to go to the set when we begin a new show on Mondays."

"Supporting the beautiful animals in Central Texas" Ad�pt A Pet & Buy Them A Home!

Raye Mayhorn, CEO/Broker Realty Executives Killeen 254.554.0708 Raye@RealtyExecutives.com https://www.Austin2killeen.com "Selling Austin To Killeen & Everything In Between"








Peter Pan




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Greyhound Adoption League of TX, Inc 3400 Carlisle St #310 Dallas, TX 75204-1265 Phone: 972-503-GALT Fax: 972-692-5488 info@galtx.org

About This Rescue Temple TX Call us at 254-771-9090

Greyhound Adoption League of Texas, Inc. (GALT) is an allvolunteer 501(c)3 non-profit corporation operating in the Dallas/Fort Worth metroplex, throughout Texas, New Mexico and the United States since May, 2001. GALT has assisted more than 3400 greyhounds and other sighthounds in finding their forever homes.



About This Rescue

Temple TX Call us at 254-771-9090


Hillsboro Animal Services 1500 Abbott Street Hillsboro, TX Hours 8-4 Monday -Friday Office: 254-582-2381

About This Rescue We get several types of dogs. These are mainly found in the city and when a owner does not re-claim they become available for adoption. Please share our information, this will help finding these animals a forever home.

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Pound Pup and Friends Initiative www.poundpupandfriends.org (254)274-0077


Fosters are needed apply today.




Our Story PoundPup and Friends Initiative - PPFI·Wednesday, January 22, 2020· PoundPup originated in 2010, when our founder went to the local “pound” to pick up Polly (that’s her stray photo from the shelter website). Polly was apparently deaf and blind, and had mange. Her prognosis did not seem to be very good, and shelter staff released her free of charge, in hopes that she may have a few good days in a loving home. Many medical treatments later, Polly emerged healthy and very spunky. This is when PoundPup and Friends founder, Liz Rainey, realized that with proper funding, we could probably save a lot more animals from going to the pound, or getting adopted out of the shelter. An idea was born, but lack of funding soon stopped the program. But the idea lingered in Liz’s head, and on August 17, 2017, she filed the necessary paperwork to get PoundPup and Friends Initiative formally registered as a 501(c)3 non-profit organization. We want to assist displaced, stray or unwanted pet animals in an effort to keep them out of shelters and avoid euthanasia or exposure to dangerous elements, human or natural. Donations can be sent via Paypal:



Contact Info- www.igrescuetx.org /

www.facebook.com/ IGCARescueofTexas /


BARI- Bari’s estimated birthday is 8/19/12, a very slim 11 lb, handsome reddish tan boy with white markings, he is fostering with IGCA Rescue North Texas. Bari is a special needs puppy mill rescue still working hard on socialization, human trust and physical attention. Everyone who spends time with Bari grows to love him. The happy dance he does, when he knows he is going outside, and his frolic through the yard as he runs back to the door is joyful to watch. He fits in beautifully with a group of dogs as he is easy and demands no attention causing jealousy. He prefers his kennel and a comfortable bed to toys and attention. Do you and your pets have a place in your home and hearts to become Bari’s forever family?

TAVISH-If you’re looking for a very loving, calm IG in his middle years, Tavish is your lad. Tavi (also known as Butterbean) is a charmer and whip-smart. He already knows many commands/words and learns more as his foster mom teaches him. Tavi loves a routine and finds it comforting to know what’s happening (and when) as regards to walks, potty breaks and feeding. This is partly the breed and also due to his blindness, caused by cataracts. Please don’t think of Tavi as a “special needs” dog; his foster mom believes he has been blind for quite awhile, since he’s very comfortable with his sight loss. He gets to know his home pretty quickly to make his way around and will zero in on your location when you say, “come!” and clap hands. He’s just a regular dog who happens to be blind.

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EMMA ROSE- I'm a chill girl just looking for someone to snuggle with. I love laying outside in the grass just soaking up the sun and am very comfortable with using a supervised doggie door. I'm patient with my hyper foster sister and have never had a single issue with food aggression, even when foster sister tries to steal my treats! Emma Rose has been diagnosed with bladder cancer. She is currently symptom free (we found the mass by chance, during a routine vet visit) and has started treatment. At this time she is expected to have a good quality of life for at least the coming year, if not longer.

WALLACE- Wallace is a sweet boy who has made amazing progress during his time in rescue. He came to us from a puppy mill and was terrified of everything. People were very scary and it took a couple of months before he would willingly let his foster mom pet him. Wallace has discovered the joy of toys and he has become more and more playful. He loves the other dogs in the house and will frequently be seen cuddling with them on a dog bed. While Wallace has made a lot of progress, he is still continuing to grow. When new or confusing situations present themselves, he will get scared and is unsure of how to react. He is looking for a patient and loving home to help him as he continues on his journey, and you will be rewarded with lots of love!

About This Rescue

IGCA Rescue, also known as Italian Greyhound Rescue Foundation, is dedicated to helping Italian Greyhounds in need of our care. We have a national network of VOLUNTEERS that make our mission possible. We are a 501(c)3 non-profit organization, and we rely on donations to keep the rescue machine running. As a foster-based Rescue, our volunteers and foster families are the foundation and most important aspect of our ability to do what we dowithout foster families we can't take in orphans that need our help. All of our IGs live as members of a family until their forever home comes along. They are all fully vetted and any medical issues are addressed and disclosed to potential adopters. We are in need of more fosters! Please consider and reach out for more info! Our Mission - To find homes for rescued Italian Greyhounds and to educate the public on the care and training required by this breed.


Temple TX Call us at 254-771-9090


The Humane Society of Central Texas provides adoption, rescue and foster opportunities for the homeless animals at the Animal Shelter located at 2032 Circle Road in Waco. This is a regional, open-admission shelter. As an advocate for the community goal of achieving No Kill Status, the Humane Society of Central Texas provides adoptions, rescue and foster opportunities for the homeless animals at the City of Waco Animal Shelter, as well as community education regarding responsible pet ownership.

Killeen, Temple & Waco


Killeen Animal Services I


(254) 526-4455 3118 Commerce, Ki Ileen, TX killeentexas.gov M-F: 11am-4pm, Sat: 11am-4pm, Closed Sunday and Holidays



Billy Bob


About This Shelter


Jelly Bean

Killeen Animal Services is a City Shelter, with a dedicated staff that always trys its best to find wonderful homes for its adoptable animals. Citizens will be required to bring a government issued picture I.D. The fee for adopting dogs, cats, puppies or other animals is $25.00 for non-sterilized animals, $50.00 for sterilized animals. A contract agree­ment to get the rabies vaccination and to have the animal sterilized (if unaltered) is required. Microchipping of an ado pted animal is mandatory at the cost of $15 per animal before they leave the shelter. Pricing subject to change. Contact this shelter on how you can help.

Thank our Sponsors for their Support


Grooming, Rooming and Daycare, Too! Arrange a pet grooming appointment in Copperas Cove, TX right away Is your pet's beautiful mane growing out of control? Call Soggy Doggies, LLC for pet grooming services in Copperas Cove, TX. Trust us to give your pet a haircut, trim their nails and brush their teeth during one of our pet grooming sessions. Your cat or dog will look and feel better afterward. Call 254-547-9663 today to discuss our pet grooming services in more detail.

Lend-A-Heart Ranch & Rescue 254-624-9678 I Belton, TX facebook.com/pg/lendaheartranchandrescue/

Many types of dogs and cats

About This Rescue TSponsored By: by

Lend-A-Heart Ranch & Rescue Inc. is a non-profit focused on helping animals in need and improving their quality of life. We work with shelters, the community and animal control to help place animals in loving homes. Our rescues are assessed for health and temperment, vetted, spayed and neutered. We want both our animals and adopters to be happy by pairing up the right animal with the right person or family as much as possible. We now offer a food pantry for Rescues in need of food and supplies Contact this Rescue on how you can help.

Killeen, Temple & Waco


Animal Services 3323 Southeast Loop 289, Lubbock, TX, Phone (806) 775-2057 911 (emergency) (fax)(806) 775-2717 lubbockanimalservices@mylubbock.us Hours of Operation Adoption Center Hours are Monday-Saturday: 10:00 AM to 7:00 PM Closed Sundays and Holidays / Field Operations responds to calls 7 days a week

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About our Shelter Lubbock Animal Services is a public health and safety department that serves the needs of the citizens of Lubbock. The department has two sides, Field Operations and the Adoption Center. Our Field Operations duties are to investigate bites, handle aggressive animals, cruelty cases, and stopping the spread of rabies. The Adoption Center focuses on returning pets to their owners while finding new homes for our pets through adoptions and fosters. Our staff works 7 days a week, to serve the citizens of Lubbock.


dumbset Reasons people surrender their animals to a shelter.. When we worked an event in Dallas, It was August and the temperature outside was 117 degrees, needless to say very hot. A lady comes to our booth with a guinea pig in a cage with all the setup and wanted to surrender it. We asked why she would do that? and her reply was she was moving and where she was going, it was hot.... Where could that possibly be. We took the baby and found it a home, you know, a inside home.


Meadow Haven Horse Rescue CONTACT US Phone 1.830.305.9031 Email rescueahorse@gmail.com

Sunfire is 8 years old and 14.3 hands. He is green broke to ride and will need an experienced rider. He also has trust issues. Adoption $700

Nash is un-started but his riding and training ability is unrestricted.

Wylie is such a handsome boy. He is ready to find a family and begin his training. He's responsive, very inquisitive and eager to please. Wylie is a beautiful boy around 8-9. He hasn't been started but is very intelligent and is ready to begin training. He's on the shorter side, around 14 hands, but he is just brimming with potential. Adoption: $700

Loki is 8 years old and 15.1 hands. This sweet and kind soul came in so skinny and in rough shape he is now getting fat and loving life. He is green broke and needs finishing. When he is done, he will give you his all. Adoption: $900

About our Rescue Meadow Haven Horse Rescue’s mission is to provide shelter, rehabilitation and a permanent, loving home to unwanted, abused, old or injured horses and donkeys and we are dedicated to this cause. Some horses may be used in our horsemanship program; some become retired companions, trail horses or are retrained for new careers. Horses are never sent to auction or slaughter. If you’re considering donating a horse or donkey, we ask that you please click the link below and read up on our donation policy. Donating your horse is one of the few ways to grant the peace of mind in knowing you’ve done the best you can for your unwanted/surrendered horse or donkey. Read more here!


Milam Touch of Love www.milamtouchoflove.org City of Cameron Touch of Love Pound 1200 E. Gillis Ave Cameron, TX 76520 254-697-6574 Ask for Sandra, the ACO M-F 8 am - 5 pm



Carla About This Shelter Milam Touch of Love is a Texas non-profit organization formed May 3, 2019. We also completed our 501(c(3) paperwork, which means your donations are tax deductible. Our vision: Milam County domestic animals are cared for and provided for by responsible owners.




Our Mission: Milam Touch of Love is a 501(c)(3) non-profit volunteer organization working independently to help in efforts to care for domestic animals, educate their owners and the community, and help them achieve responsible ownership goals.

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KNGY Internet Radio


(210) 551-8262 I PO Box 6286, San Antonio, TX I MysteryDogRescue1@yahoo.com mysterydogrescue.org I facebook.com/MysteryDogRescue

About This Rescue

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Mystery Dog Rescue is a not-for-profit, 501 (c)(3) organiza­ tion. We are a foster-based rescue. All of our pets live in foster homes until their forever home is found. The mis­ sion of Mystery Dog Rescue is to rescue, rehabilitate and re-home homeless, unwanted and abandoned animals. Our goal is to place each animal into safe, loving and perma­ nent homes, while promoting responsible pet ownership. Contact this rescue on how you can help.

Temple TX Call us at 254-771-9090



Paws Humane Society (512) 540-4010 I P.O. Box 175, Killeen, TX I pawshumanesociety.org

by About This Shelter

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PAWS Humane Society was founded by dedicated animal rescue volunteers in order to provide a loving environ­ ment and all of the proper veterinary care for the highly adoptable animals in local shelters that otherwise would not have received the opportunity to continue their lives. We are a non-profit group who is completely volunteer and works off donations provided by the public. We are not government funded. We have no physical shelter location and all of our animals are placed in fosters until their time for permanent adoption comes. Contact this shelter on how you can help.

Raye Mayhorn, CEO/Broker Realty Executives Killeen 254.554.0708 Raye@RealtyExecutives.com https://www.Austin2Killeen.com "Selling Austin To Killeen & Everything In Between"


Pflugerville Animal Shelter (512) 990-PETS I 1600 Waterbrook Drive, Pflugerville, TX I S¡Tu & Th-Sa: 11am¡6pm

Adoption fees are $90 for dogs and $70 for cats. 2 for 1 adoptions for littermates are offered. Adoptions include spay/ neuter, first puppy or kitten shots, rabies vaccination, deworming, heartworm testing for dogs, combo testing for cats, microchipping, registering the microchip in the adopter's name, and 30 days of free pet insurance.

Shelter hours: Sun - Tues: 11 a.m. - 6 p.m. Thurs - Sat: 11 a.m. - 6 p.m. Closed Wednesdays and City observed holidays

Sponsored by:This page sponsored by This Shelter About Pflugerville Animal Shelter is a municipal shelter serving the citizens of the City of Pflugerville. We take in strays and owner surrenders from within our city limits only. Staff and volunteers are dedicated to placing every adoptable animal in an appropriate home. We are always in need of volunteers and fosters. Join us in our efforts to help the homeless and unwanted animals that find themselves in our shelter. Contact this shelter on how you can help.


Pflugerville Pets Alive (512) 900-1772 I i nfo@pI ugerviIIepetsa Iive.org I

"Supporting the beautiful animals in Central Texas" Ad�pt A Pet & Buy Them A Home!

Raye Mayhorn, CEO/Broker Realty Executives Killeen 254.554.0708 Raye@RealtyExecutives.com https://www.Austin2Killeen.com "Selling Austin To Killeen & Everything In Between"

About This Rescue Responding to an unanswered need, several Pflugerville Animal Shelter Volunteers established a non-profit organi­ zation, Pflugerville Pets Alive (PPA), to provide a way for the community to make a difference in the lives of ani­ mals. PPA focuses on finding homes for all animals in the community, creating awareness, and to support, educate and promote animal welfare issues in Pflugerville. Contact this shelter on how you can help.


Medical Notes for a healthier Pet:

Mental Health Boost Your Dogs Intelligence with Toys There are many benefits in giving your dog the right toys to play with. While most people think that dog toys are only to relieve boredom this is not the only use for these toys. Sure dog toys are excellent for relieving boredom and are especially good where you might have to leave your dog on it's own for periods of time, but there are other reasons why you should consider buying your dog toys. Some dog toys are designed to boost their intelligence where they will only get a reward after they have performed certain tasks. These toys are a very effective method of training. Other toys help a dog to know what they can chew and in doing so you can save yourself a lot of expense by not having to replace expensive items throughout the house that can be destroyed at the teeth of your pet. There are chewing toys that will help your dog strengthen and keep their teeth clean and there are toys that will help teach your dog with retrieval training. You really need to decide what you want the toys for before buying and also to determine what the personality of your dog is before you can get the right toys for it. Some toys are designed to last for a short period of time when they will be replaced by new ones, and these are often the chewing variety. Some toys of the chewing variety are flavored so you will need to check first to see what ingredients they have used for the flavoring or you might be buying a toy that your dog is allergic to. These toys with flavoring often have preservatives in them so beware. With such a wide variety of toys available on the market these days there is certain to be something that your dog will enjoy and make their life all the more happy. Just remember when you let your pet play with a toy keep them in sight to prevent choking..


Life Insurance very affordable with *No

medical exam

Ethos Life Insurance completely on-line get approved in minutes and all on your computer. Click below

A ROTTIE RESCUE, INC. Info@arottierescue.com www.facebook.com/dfwrottierescue/

Who are we? A Rottie Rescue, Inc. is a breed specific Rottweiler Rescue. A Rottie Rescue, Inc. was founded by Sherri Prewitt Green with the Vision of saving Rottweiler lives from high kill shelters and those with critical medical needs who have little chance of Rescue. In 2018 A Rottie Rescue, Inc. expanded its growth to include Rescue of Slaughter bound horses from Texas and Louisiana Kill Pens. A Rottie Rescue Inc. has further grown since that time to include Rescue of Felines from High Kill Shelters when experienced Fosters are available. A Rottie Rescue, Inc. is a Public Charity under Internal Revenue Code 501(c)3 having received this status from the IRS on June 2, 2016. Our Mission is to save as many Rottweilers as possible from euthanasia in high kill shelters. We provide medical care as well as safe and loving environments for our Rottweilers until adoption. What shelters do we rescue from? We pull Rottweilers from the following Texas, California, New Mexico and Nevada high kill shelters: FWACC (Fort Worth Animal Care & Control), Fort Worth, TX, DAS (Dallas Animal Services), Laredo, TX shelter, ACS & SAPA San Antonio, TX, Arlington Animal Services Arlington, TX, Nueces County, TX, Harris County, TX (Houston, TX), Corpus Christi, TX, SBC (San Bernardino, CA), Roswell NM, Animal Foundation (Las Vegas NV) and Henderson, NV Animal Care & Control. We are an approved Rescue Partner of the Harris County TX Humane Society and approved Transfer Partner of the SPCA of TX. Fostering A Rottie Rescue, Inc., is a Foster based Rescue meaning we do not have a specific facility where our dogs can be viewed such as shelters provide. In the event, we do not have a Foster for a Rottie then he/she is placed in boarding until a Foster is available or until adoption. If you would like to foster one of our beautiful Rottweilers please send us an email!

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We have several animals waiting for a home and we appreciate your support

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Our Mission is to provide unconditional love to unwanted/homeless pets in the Hunt County and surrounding areas until a new forever home can be found.Named in memory of our beloved Black Lab, Sadie – a shelter dog who became a major part of our family until her death in 2012, we dedicate this mission in her memory. Our organization is totally run by folks who generously volunteer their time, homes and hearts in order to help. Through our Foster Care program, animals have a safe, healthy "place to be" until loving homes can be found for them.


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rescuemagazine@yahoo.com or 254-231-3690 for info. 50

Happy New Year! 2012 is going to be a wonderful year for animals in San Antonio. You may be aware already that the Austin city shelter has gotten to a greater than 90% save rate due largely to the efforts of Austin Pets Alive! The great news is that San Antonio Pets Alive! has already been formed to make San Antonio a No Kill City with an estimated life-saving launch date of 1/19/2012. This new organization will use best practices from many different cities to get to a No Kill San Antonio as fast as possible - which would make us the largest U.S. city to be No Kill! The world has long believed that there are not enough homes for the pets killed in shelters but according to the American Veterinary Medical Association, there are over 100,000 homes available to new pets in San Antonio each year. If we convince just 20% of those homes, through marketing, awareness, and adoption events to adopt a shelter pet instead of purchasing a pet, enough animals will be saved to make San Antonio a No Kill City (where only terminally ill or dangerous animals are euthanized). Currently, the city of San Antonio euthanizes

over 18,000 animals per year, or around 50/day. This is a crisis that needs immediate attention. SAPA will have a laser-like focus on the dogs and cats who are literally hours from euthanasia, and will provide temporary and emergency foster homes, medical aid, and adoption services to make sure they survive. Our first priority will be to save every single puppy and then move on to saving every single kitten, then on to the adults who end up on the euthanasia list. Just like every animal ends up in the shelter through the action of one person, we need for every animal to get out of the shelter alive through the action of individuals like you who all step up to help. It is going to take the San Antonio community to help make this a success! Let’s all make a New Year’s Resolution to save our San Antonio animals! San Antonio Pets Alive’s success will be possible because of YOUR thoughtful contributions (time and money). Because only by working together can we reach a time when there are No More Homeless Pets. Your tax-deductible gift will give hope and a loving home to San Antonio’s animals. Please don’t delay. I urge you to give

your most generous gift now so that we can rescue animals that are currently in danger of euthanasia and help re-home them in the new year! Thank you and bless you for your kindness In partnership and excitement Dr Ellen Jefferson Executive Director

SAPA! W     

Ezzie’s information corner

 

It is so important and easy for you to help San Antonio Pets Alive get started on the right paw. Please help us today by: • Click here to donate via Razoo • Click here to donate via PayPal Mail a check to: San Antonio Pets Alive!, P.O. Box 830006, San Antonio, TX 78283 *** Don’t forget to check with your employer to see if they will match your donation. It’s a quick and easy way to double your impact! ***

    


Banner/Signs/Flyers printed Blankets

Can Food (for puppies, kittens)

Collars (especially for puppies) Crates (especially LG and XL) Dog Beds

Dry Dog Food (high protein) Folding Plastic Table

IV Fluid Bags (LRS, 0.9%NACL, Normosal) and lines IV Infusion Pumps, Nebulizers Kitty Litter Laptops


Foster! Email: foster@sananto Volunteer Email: volunteer@ “Like” SAPA! on Facebook! ww Learn More About SAPA! Visit w

Donate at www.sanantoniopetsalive.org or directly at: http://www.razoo.com/story/Sanantoniopetsalive

65 and younger.


Training Tips for your Pet Stop Your Dog Jumping on People by Ron Ducharme No matter how much we might enjoy our pet jumping up to greet us, there are many people who dislike having a strange dog coming up and jumping on them. There are time when you don't want it like if they have muddy paws and you just got read for work. So the best thin to do is have them not do it. Keep in mind for many people it can be a frightening experience as not everyone is a dog lover. Besides that, many people just don't want dirty paw marks over their clothing. It can also create major problems if a large dog were to jump up on a child or an elderly person. Dogs will generally jump up on people because they are overly excited and pleased to see them - even if that person is a stranger. Many people inadvertently encourage this behavior by rewarding the dog with attention after the dog has jumped up on them. The dog then seeks similar reward from other people whether they like it or not. To correct this behavior proper training of the dog and all members of the family is needed. First thing to realize is that they're doing more harm than good by encouraging their dog to jump up on people. Again our behavior of accepting the bad behavior and allowing it, will only continue you let it happen. You as the owner must take control and frown on your pet not to jump. Simple commands as no! while holding the pet down usually works followed by excited praise for the good behavior. All around you or who work with your pet must do the same. When you walk in to the house be quiet and focused and if the pet jumps, take control. An alternative to having your dog jump up on you and other people is to teach it to sit and lift it's paw when greeting you for a handshake or similar tricks where the dog will be rewarded with attention. Praise for good behavior and occasional treat will help. Remember consistency is important in all forms of dog training, where members of the dog's family will need to exercise discipline and accept that training will be all the more difficult if the dog is allowed to continue with this behavior. Failure to do so will lead to confusion with the pet not knowing what is right or wrong.


Starkey's Strays http://starkeysstrays.simplesite.com/ starkeysstrays@gmail.com Fluffy is a neutered male born on May 23, 2015. He is sweet once he warms up to you otherwise he is very shy. He does get along with children but it takes him a while to warm up to them. He would do best in a home with no dogs and only cats. He loves cuddles and pets once he is comfortable in his environment. He was born a Feral so he is still getting used to trusting humans. Adoption fee $30

Company Overview

Local Cat rescue ensuring that all unwanted, abused, and abandoned cats in the North Killeen Castle Heights area have a loving place to call home. We started when we came across a stray kitten on our property, he was very shy and sad. We earned his trust and let him in our home. We made him healthy and happy and found him a good home. Soon after another cat showed up skinny and in need of love, so we did the same for her. Next thing we knew we were up to 8 cats, then 10, then we were rescuing every cat we came across. It was our mission to help them all.

Killeen, Temple & Waco


Stray Acres Sanctuary (512) 525-4710 or (830) 613-7723 I sstrayacressanctuary@gmaiI.com strayacressanctuary.org I facebook.com/stray.acres.9


Buddy & Calvin









Slim Shady


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About This Rescue Stray Acres Sanctuary w as established as a non-profit corporation officially in December of 2012. Our mission is to provide a safe haven for strays, animals in high kill shelters, and animals on death row. We also promote the spay or neutering of companion animals to help prevent overpopulation. We believe in the practice of Trap, Neuter, Release(TRN) of feral cats and strive to educate the public on the benefits of these practices. Contact this rescue on how you can help.


"Supporting the beautiful animals in Central Texas" Ad�pt A Pet & Buy Them A Home!

Raye Mayhorn, CEO/Broker Realty Executives Killeen 254.554.0708 Raye@RealtyExecutives.com https://www.Austin2Killeen.com "Selling Austin To Killeen & Everything In Between"

Killeen, Temple & Waco


Texas Cattle Dog Rescue

adopt@texascattledogrescue.com I PO Box 162643, Fort Worth, TX texascattledogrescue.com I facebook.com/texascattledogrescue






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About This Rescue We rescue Australian Cattle Dogs (also known as red and blue heelers) all over Texas and give them a new start to life. Dogs that were once discarded receive the vet care and attention they deserve, then they go on to live with families who will love them and keep them forever. Texas Cattle Dog Rescue is a non-profit, 501 (c)(3) animal welfare organization. T hese are just a few of our adoptable dogs. For more information and photos about each dog, visit TexasCattleDogRescue. com. Contact this rescue on how you can help.

65 and younger.


To Sponsor this Page Contact rescuemagazine@yahoo .com or 254-231-3690 for info.

bug-de-lite.com 57

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rescuemagazine@yahoo.com or 254-231-3690 for info. 58









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rescuemagazine@yahoo.com or 254-231-3690 for info. 59

Tiny Hooves Rescue & Petting Zoo (254) 228-9219 I Temp le, TX I Mon-Sun 6am-4pm facebook.com/tinyhoovespettingzoo

� ffIOO) � l400)


Chance was dumped and we believe he was a bait dog. He had bite marks down his back and ripped ears. Chance is now neutered and UTD on shots, he is also heartworm positive and on heartworm medication. Chance is around 2 years old.


Chocolate is a roughly 9 weeks old. She was surrendered to us. She is UTD on shots, mostly potty trained, very playful, loves children and does great with other dogs and livestock.

Dorper Sheep

1.5yo, neutered male. Very friendly. Pet home only. Surrendered in January 2018

About This Rescue This page sponsored by

Tiny Hooves Rescue and Petting Zoo is a non-profit farm and exotic animal rescue located in Temple, T x. We do Petting Zoo's and Educational Programs throughout our community to help fund our rescue and take care of the animals. If you would like to donate to help the animals we would very much appreciate any help we can get in this journey! We always could use help with vet bills and have an Amazon wishlist you can find on our Facebook page! Please like and follow our Facebook page to see more pic­ tures of our rescued animals, success stories and adoptable pets we have available!

https:// www.petangelstx.com/


Williamson County Regional Animal Shelter (512) 943-3322 I 1855 S.E. ln n erloop, Georgetown , TX M¡F: 12pm-6pm Sat & Sun : 11am-5pm I pets.wilco.org










King Louie





About This Shelter "Supporting the beautiful animals in Central Texas" Ad�pt A Pet & Buy Them A Home!

Williamson County Regional Animal Shelter (WCRAS) is celebrating three years of being a no-kill, open-admission shelter. Since December 2010, WCRAS has reached a save rate of 90% and above. Because of the shelters efforts, almost 19,000 cats and dogs have found their way home. Contact this shelter on how you can help.

Raye Mayhorn, CEO/Broker Realty Executives Killeen 254.554.0708 Raye@RealtyExecutives.com https://www.Austin2Killeen.com "Selling Austin To Killeen & Everything In Between"


Animals can be funny Funny video

https://www.youtube.com/watch? v=CEHKRXgHseU

Thank a Volunteer...


Journey Home Rescue Journey Home Rescue Central Texas 254-721-4264 254-721-6170

*Newest Rescue Added this edition Journeyhomerescuetexas@gmail.com

Non Profit Rescue Fosters are needed

Limited Edition art Prints. Singed and numbered by the artist.

This artwork is done by stippling (ink dots) which are meticulously placed to form the picture. While supplies last you can get one for $25 subscription to Rescue magazine.We

includes matting and 1 year

always appreciate the support to help continue our magazine, Pet Adoption events and our food drives. Any amount is very much appreciated. THANK YOU!

Directory of Resources Animal Birth Control Clinic 3238 Clay Ave. Waco, TX 76711 (254) 776-7303 animalbirthcontrol.org Animal Emergency Center Temple-Belton (254) 231-3774 3809 S General Bruce Drive Ste 108 Temple TX 76501 clinic@tembelanimalemergency.com ASSISI Animal Refuge 1516 Florence Rd Ste 20 Killeen, TX 76541 (254) 681-7126 Questions about ordinances/laws? ASPCA Animal Poison Control Center (888) 426-4435 aspca.org/apcc Bell County Animal Control (254) 933-6780 Belton Animal Control (254) 933-5840 Bexar County Animal Control Services (Dogs/ Cats) (210) 207-6650 Bluebonnet Pet Crematory 8714 Business Circle Converse, TX 78109 (210) 566-4501

Bar N Vet Clinic 4706 South St. Hwy 36 Gatesville, TX 76528 254-865-8466


Soggy Doggie, LLC Grooming, Boarding and Daycare Soggydoggiesllctx.com 254-547-9663 Instagram: Soggydoggiesllc

Emancipet 204 W Avenue B Killeen TX 76541 (254) 415-4950 info@emancipet.org emancipet.org Harker Heights Animal Control (254) 953-5400

S.A.P.P.Y. Pet Loss & Grief Support Group of San Antonio (210) 216-0920 sappypetloss@sbcglobal.net SnipSAlnc 6338 N New Braunfels Ave, Box 185 San Antonio, TX 78209 (210) 237-9400 snipsa@snipsa.org

Hill Country Animal League 924 N. Main Boerne, TX Mon - T hurs: 7:30 A.M. to 5:00 P.M. Phone: (830) 249-2341 Spay-Neuter Assistance Program, Inc (SNAP) 6758 Ingram Rd Killeen Animal Control San Antonio, TX 78238 (254) 526-4455 (210) 673-7722 snapus.org Live Oak Animal Control 8001 Shin Oak Dr Temple Animal Control Live Oak, TX 78233 (254) 298-5732 (210) 653-9140 Texas State Animal Health Commission Military Resouce for Boarding Pets (800) 550-8242 dogsondeployment.com Texas Vets for Pets & Low Cost Spay & Neuter 2501 Paws Cruisaders, LLC South WS Young Dr Suite 109 Killeen TX 76541 (254) 833-0338 Transport Anywhere in U.S. PawsCruisaders@gmail.com 210-833-1378 Christine 210-781-1748 Kimberly San Antonio Feral Cat Coalition sanantonioferalcats.org crazykattlady67@gmail.com H elpline (210) 471-8462

To be featured in the Directory of Resources, contact Rescuemagazine@yahoo.com

Central Texas Bark Park 4320 Lions Park Road Temple TX 76502 (254) 298-5690 templeparks@templetx.gov


"Supporting the beautiful animals in Central Texas" Ad�pt A Pet & Buy Them A Home!

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