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June 2009

Recycling Center Dilemma

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Commissioners want to cut cost and improve efficiency, but a group of citizens fear recycling services will suffer. page 2

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2 June 2009


Change is Coming for Recycling Center Government looking to cut cost; Petitions seek to restore services By Daniel Bell The Newswire Editor Deborah Malone pulled into the Rome-Floyd County Recycling Center lot Wednesday morning to drop off a few bags of discarded material that will never end up in a landfill. That, she says, is why she brings her recyclables to the Watters Street location. That’s also why she signed a petition that is making the rounds in Rome and Floyd County aimed at telling members of the Solid Waste Commission that the signers would be willing to pay 50 cents extra per month on their property taxes to fund the center and its programs. The petition began with Marta Turner, the former manager of the recycling center who retired Dec. 12, 2008. She fears the members of the Rome-Floyd Solid Waste Commission might turn the center into a transfer station, thereby eliminating public drop off, commercial pickup, and other recycling programs. On average, about 100 vehicles drive through the lot to drop of recycling every day. Turner believes if people were no longer allowed to bring materials there, the six county remote sites and the city curbside pickup would not pick up the slack. Rome City Commissioner Kim Canada says the petition, which had 2,500 signatures as of Wednesday morning, is misleading and that the commission never intended to close the facility, but rather streamline the operation and its programs and make it more efficient. “I think there’s been a misconception from Day 1. We have not discussed closing the center,” said Canada, who said he thinks people are signing the petition because they are being told the recycling center is going to be closed. “That’s absolutely a non-truth.” Canada explained that the Solid Waste Commission weighed the outcome of closing the center — including an increased burden on local landfills — and quickly threw that option out the window. Turner said she feels like her ideas for preserving the center as is, and restoring some programs that were cut to save money, were never given a chance by

Photo by Daniel Bell The Rome-Floyd Recycling Center is located on Watters Street in North Rome. local government officials. She said they seem eager to do something, but less eager to sit down and talk about it with concerned citizens. Canada pointed out that the Solid Waste Commission meetings are open to the public, and that the recycling center is on the agenda for the June 23 meeting. That’s when Turner plans to present her petitions. “One of the volunteers said to me, ‘It’s really easy to get people to sign. They just don’t know about the situation,’” said Turner. Some of the cost-saving measures enacted recently include a reduction in open hours at the center (it’s now closed on Wednesdays and Saturdays), a cutback in the buy-back program, and the elimination of the manager position (no one was hired to replace Turner when she retired). Canada said the cost-cutting measures are just part of the process of making the recycling center more efficient. He said the commission has invited private companies to submit proposals for operating the facility and its programs, or even just part of the overall operation.

The idea, he explained, isn’t to shutter the operation, but to make it better and less costly for taxpayers. “For me to ask taxpayers for more money to operate a center that was inefficient is ludicrous. There’s no other way to put it,” said Canada, noting that there are still companies sending in proposals and that the Solid Waste Commission intends to consider lots of ideas. Turner hopes her idea to add 50 cents per month, less that the price of a soda she says, to the property tax to fund the center is one of the ideas considered. “If we get enough signatures maybe they’ll says ‘It’s not just Martha and a bunch of tree-huggers,” said Turner. But she’s facing some stiff opposition. “I don’t care if they come with 6,000 signatures,” said Canada. “(Raising taxes) is the easy way out. It’s not good business.” County Commissioners Irwin Bagwell and Chad Whitefield, who are also on the Solid Waste Commission, agreed that while raising taxes might fix the funding issue, it would not make the recycling process more efficient. Said Whitefiled via e-mail Wednesday

evening: “The current proposal to increase property taxes by $6.00 per year solves a funding crisis, but it does not solve an efficiency issue. It also does not answer any of the questions concerning future operations, program success, innovation, or accountability. I do not believe in throwing more money at a problem without a plan to make sure the money is actually being used properly and that the end product is better.” Bagwell said he believes the center and its programs can be made more efficient and stable while also cutting costs: “The goal is to cut costs — not the program. Simply raising taxes will not solve the problem of excessive expenses now occurring. I’m sure that after all the proposals are reviewed and discussed we will have a greater recycling program that is run with less tax money.” Malone, meanwhile, says she and others she has spoken to would gladly pay an extra $6 per year if it means keeping their recyclables out of the garbage. “I am very, very concerned. That’s why I signed. I would be willing to pay more,” she said.

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The Newswire

4 June 2009


New clinic offers women care, understanding By Daniel Bell The Newswire Editor Marilyn Ringstaff answered a ringing phone recently at the Women of W.O.R.T.H Inc. health care clinic to hear an uninsured 16-year-old girl on the line asking for help. The girl, a local high school student with little parental care, thought she has contracted a sexually transmitted disease, but the health department told her it would be a month before they could test her and that it would cost $150. Ringstaff told the teenage to come by later than afternoon and she could test her for $20, and explained after hanging up the phone that the state lab does not charge public health care facilities or non-profits for such tests. “That’s why we opened the clinic,” said Ringstaff. “We just want to provide good quality health care without ripping people off. We don’t have to make a profit.” Women of W.O.R.T.H. (Women’s Organization for Reproductive and Total Health Care) officially open it’s doors in February of this year, but Ringstaff, who not only runs the place but is the sole medical employee, went to work in Ghana during the month of March. She said they only started seeing patients in late March, and have provided affordable care to about 20 women so far.

Photo by Daniel Bell Marilyn Ringstaff operates the Women of W.O.R.T.H. clinic on Dean Avenue. “We’re trying to get started very slowly until we get more volunteers,” she said. Open Fridays and Saturdays at 1513 Dean Ave. (the house shares a driveway with a State Farm office), the clinic provides an array of services, including health screenings, Pap smears, birth control medications, STD testing and treatment, pregnancy testing, pre-pregnancy counseling, and medical followups for victims of sexual assualt. The service Ringstaff is particularly proud of, however, is the ability to follow up on abnormal Pap smears. Among all of the donated equipment in her office and exam rooms is the colposcope, which

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allows Ringstaff to exam the cervix. This sort of follow-up exam usually costs between $600 and $800. “We can do it for less than $100,” said Ringstaff. The house on Dean Street is the home of two other non-profits as well — the Domestic Violence Task Force and the International Cervical Cancer Foundation, which provides free cancer screenings in Peru — and Ringstaff is involved in all three. The clinic is only open two days a week right now because of the small number of volunteers and because Ringstaff says she has to work to support it. She works

at Trion Medical Center two days a week, the Feminst Women’s Health Center in Atlanta one day, and the Atlanta Legal Aid Society one day before coming home to Rome and the clinic for two days. In addition to being a registered nurse and midwife Ringstaff also has a juris doctorate, meaning she only needs to take and pass the bar to become a lawyer. When asked why she felt the need to open the clinic Ringstaff pointed to the high rates of teen pregnancy, STDs and cervical cancer in Georgia and explained that preventation and care could be better in this state. “Health care for women in Georgia is abysmal,” she said. Moments later, as if to prove her point, the phone rings and a 16-year-old girl with nowhere else to go asks for help getting tested. Ringstaff says she can get the girl discounted medication if she needs it, another perk for public health and nonprofit facilities. She also notes that the clinic can process Medicaid biling and provide free birth control samples when available. Women of W.O.R.T.H is open for new patients, and volunteers who want to work there too, and can be contacted at 706-232-3408. They also have a temporary Web site online here. Said Ringstaff, “They just need to call us. I’ve been in Rome for 20 years, so I know there’s a need.”


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June 2009 5


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l Unseen Stimuli, Try Harder! @ Schroeder's (7 p.m.) l Another Fine Mess, Sum Ever After @ McCrobies (8 p.m.)

Wednesday, June 3 l David Bell @ Moon Roof Bar (8 p.m.) l Muletide & Associates @ 400 Block Bar (following Trivia) (10 p.m.) l Team Trivia Night w/ Eric @ 400 Block Bar (8 p.m.) l Team Trivia Night w/ Gordon @ W.O.W. (8 p.m.) l Karaoke with Psycho Dave @ McCrobie's (9 p.m.) l Trivia Night with Bob @ Club Peach (downstairs) (8 p.m.) l Karaoke with Dennis and Dustin @ Club Peach (8 p.m.) l Karaoke with Gordon @ Stroker's Sports Bar (9 p.m.) l Poker Night @ Opi's Grille (Shannon) (7 p.m.)

Sunday, June 7 l WWE Extreme Rules @ Rome Cinemas (8 p.m.)

Friday, June 5 l First Friday Concert Series: The Beatless @ Bridgepoint Plaza (7 p.m.)

Saturday, June 6 l Kylie Devaron, Muletide Perkins, DJ Robbie Loco @ Schroeder's New Deli (8 p.m.) l Ted Scallan Band @ McCrobie's (10 p.m.) l Nic Cowan @ Peach Palace (9 p.m.)

Thursday, June 11 l Rome Area Songwriter's Association Songwriter's Night (featuring Jule Medders, Michelle Humber, David Elliott) @ Rome Area Council for the Arts (7-9 p.m.) Friday, June 12 l Unseen Stimuli, Before the Solstice @ McCrobie's (8 p.m.) l Backswing @ Peach Palace (9 p.m.) Saturday, June 13 l Rome Symphony Orchestra presents "Film and Hollywood Favorites"@ Darlington School (Huffman Center) (7 p.m.) l Hugh Jorgen Trio @ Schroeder's Courtyard (8 p.m.)

l CADDLE @ McCrobie's (8 p.m.) l Francisco Vidal Band @ Peach Palace (9 p.m.) l UFC 99 @ Rome Cinemas (10 p.m.) l David Elliott @ Cave Spring Arts Festival (2 p.m.) Wednesday, June 17 l Kylie Devaron, DJ Robbie Loco @ Schroeder's Courtyard (8 p.m.)

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June 2009 7


We tend to focus on food for all the wrong reasons. We turn to food for comfort; we turn to food out of boredom; we turn to food unconsciously, grabbing the closest, easiest, quickest thing handy to eat. And notice I said “thing” to eat, not food. What passes for food is far from what could accurately be called food. We have a love-hate relationship with food. We tend to think of food only in terms of the number of calories or fat grams it contains. Or the sugar grams, or the fiber grams, or the sodium mg, or the trans fatty acid grams if we are paying more attention to our health. But food is ever so much more. This is the season to start appreciating the bounty of beautiful foods available to us. All around are the vibrant artful colors of health. In the rich red of the tomatoes (there is a new black tomato variety available now with triple the powerful antioxidants of the red tomato), the jeweled red of watermelon flesh, the rainbow of greens and reds in baby salad greens, the delicate greens of spring peas, the yellows of corn and squash, the earthy whites of spring onions and garlic, the purples of plums and eggplants, the succulent orange of cantaloupes, the rich juicy reds of strawberries. It is no accident that foods, real foods, have been the subject of so many artists. They are simply beautiful – food for the soul as well as the body. And it is in these colors that the value of our food lies. The nutrients – vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, and compounds yet to be discovered, are in the color pigments. You don't have to be a PhD to eat healthfully. You just need to follow your eyes, your visual pleasure. The more color pigment, the more nutritious and life building the food. Always go for the color.

Not only does this color bring pleasure and beauty to your plate and soul, but it also brings with it major health building and sustaining molecules. Many foods have been shown to play a major role in preventing cancer for example. We know that cancer cells exist in every one of us pretty much all the time. The difference as to whether or not our bodies are eventually overwhelmed with these cancer cells lies in our immune system and its ability to protect us. The nutrients that we provide to our bodies through the food we eat provide our immune system with what it needs to protect us. There is tons of information available about foods and cancer prevention. The truth is any food rich in phytonutrients and antioxidants will help guard us from many debilitating diseases, not just cancer. And every time we can avoid chemicals, pesticides, and additives in our foods, that is that much less our bodies have to deal with and can therefore turn its attention to building health instead of dealing with an overload of chemicals and additives. Here is an example of the superstar foods, just to get you started: Beans – dry or canned – are loaded with fiber and minerals and phytonutrients. Research has shown they may help reduce the risk of breast cancer recurrence in postmenopausal women. Research has also shown they help protect against colon and stomach cancer. Broccoli is high in sulforaphane, a phytochemical which helps fight carcinogens; is rich in indole-3 -carbinol, an antioxidant which has been shown to reduce the risk of breast cancer. Broccoli sprouts have these phytochemicals in high concentrated levels. If you are interested in sprouting your own broccoli seeds, make sure

By Janice Holley Houck you purchase seeds intended for sprouting, those sold for growing are often treated with chemicals. Carrots are high in antioxidants that have been associated with a lower risk of bladder, cervix, prostate, colon, larynx, and esophageal cancer, as well as postmenopausal breast cancer. Get those little baggies of baby carrots and keep it handy for snacking (skip the dips). Red or purple grapes are powerhouses of resveratrol, an antioxidant that has been shown to inhibit growth of cancer cells, specifically breast, stomach, colon, and leukemia; as well as powerful anti-aging benefits. Lemons contain a group of chemicals called limonoids, which have been shown to protect against breast, lung, skin, and colon cancer. Mushrooms, especially shiitake, are chock full of betaglucans, which stimulate your body's production of cancer fighting natural killer cells. Cranberries are high in an antioxidant that has been shown in studies to fight leukemia, breast, lung, and colon cancer cells. The list could go on and on. Just remember that all of these foods build immunity and health and fight disease. Don't worry about the specifics of which food fights which cancer. Studies are always ongoing and one study often contradicts another. Don't get bogged down in the details. As I said above, you do not need a college degree to be healthy or to chose heathy foods. Just remember to go for the color! Here’s to happy, healthy living! Janice Holley Houck, M.A., RD/LD, psychologist, nutritionist, life coach, organic farmer and owner of Loving Hearts Pharm & Wellness Center, can be reached at 706-234-2862 or by e-mail to

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M oo n

The Health Nut(ritionist)

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8 June 2009



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The Newswire

June 2009 9


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VEHICLES CARS FOR SALE: CONVERTIBLE. Crystler Sebring. Nice condition. No leaks. 6 CD changer. Roof has some seams on edges torn, but no rips or anything that leaks. One small rust spot on real panel. Fun to drive. 24 mpg around town. 706-859-8250. FOR SALE: 2000 Cheverolet Malibu 2000 Cheverlot Malibu 110,500 miles, 4 door,automatic, runs good, very dependable,power doors, locks,and windows, anti-theft system. $3,200 Call (706)512-5703. FOR SALE: OLD 1967 STANG. Restoration Project, had to stop for medical reasons. Factory 289 with P/S,A/C, Automatic trans.Original engine,Trans.and wheels (blue caps). $2,400. Call 706-295-1055. FOR SALE: new beatle. Red Volkswagon, Cold air, heated seats, sunroof, 5 speed. Call 706-266-6800 FOR SALE: 2001 Intrepid. Car is in good condition. This car also comes with alloy rims. Please call if you are interested. 678-953-0258 FOR SALE: 1997 Mercedes SL 500 SP. Conv. Excellent condition, lots of extras. 2 tops. Pictures and info available at www.martinsmotors. com. 706-232-7933. FOR SALE: 2008 Mazda 3. Excellent condition, lots of extras. More pictures and info available at 706-232-7933. TRUCKS FOR SALE: 2003 Ford Ranger Edge 2003 Ford Ranger Edge truck. Black exterior. Excellent condition. Only 49,000 miles. Runs great! $7500 or best offer. Call Jeff at 706-409-1847. FOR SALE: Like new truck. This is a one owner, has been garaged its whole life. 1992 Ford F-150 XLT Lariat. View this ad at to respond to this listing. FOR SALE: chevy truck. 1975 blue Chevy C10. New rebuilt 350 engine, trans needs work. $400. Call 706528-4437. FOR SALE: 1999 Utility Truck. Great work Truck. Almost new tires. Runs Good. 1999 white Chevy C2500. View this ad online at to respond to this listing. FOR SALE: 2005 F150 Supercab long bed. 4.6 Striton Engine . 2005 Ford F-150. $8,200. View this ad online at to respond to this listing.

SUVs FOR SALE: 2004 Buick Rendezvous 4x4. Excellent condition, lots of extras. All wheel drive. More pictures and info available at 706-232-7933. FOR SALE: 2005 Ford Explorer 4x4 XLT. Excellent condition, lots of extras. 3rd row seating. Dual heating and air. More pictures and info available at 706-232-7933. FOR SALE: 2004 Honda CRV LX. Excellent condition, lots of extras. More pictures and info available at www. 706-232-7933. FOR SALE: 2000 Jeep Grand Cherokee. One owner good condition. Must see to appreciate. Red. $4500-5000. View our classifieds online at to reply to this listing. FOR SALE: FORD ESCAPE FOR SALE. 2002, FORD ESCAPE 4 DOOR. ONE OWNER. have pics and can email them if you would like to see it. 81,000 miles. $5,500. View our classifieds online at www.romenewswire. com to reply to this listing. FOR SALE: Great condition midsize SUV. 2003 Chevy Trailblazer. PRICE REDUCED! Good used mid-size SUV. Low miles; very good condition. Good tires; good gas mileage. Contact Jeremy 706-378-8041 or 706-346-5510. WANTED: Want a good used car for teen. We are looking for a good, used SUV for our teenage daughter. We would like to have a gently used Midsize SUV. If you or someone you know has one for sale, please contact me at 706 766-1779. We would like to spend $3500.00 or less. VANS FOR SALE: 2005 GMC 15 passenger van. Great price for a great 15 passenger van. Factory tented windows. Very Clean. Used to transport employees. GMC 3500 with 70,000 miles. $13,500. Call 706-235-3408. FOR SALE: 94 Ford E150 Conversion. Ford E150 Conversion. Raised Roof. 4 captains chairs, rear seat folds out to a bed, TV. Front and Rear A/C works. Original 302 motor has been swapped out to a 351windsor. Runs Strong. $1500 Call 706-204-8136 MOTORCYCLES FOR SALE: Honda XR100. 2001 HONDA XR100 dirtbike. Like new condition. Son has outgrown. $950. View this ad online at to respond to this listing. FOR SALE: 1999 H. D. Electra Glide class. MUST SEE!!! GREAT BIKE!!! 1999 HARLEY DAVIDSON ELECTRA GLIDE CLASSIC!!! 48,000 MILES, 2 seats, 2 windshields, quick disconnect tour pack!! $10,000. View our classifieds online at to reply to this listing. FOR SALE: 1999 H. D. Electra Glide class. MUST SEE!!! GREAT BIKE!!! 1999 HARLEY DAVIDSON ELECTRA GLIDE CLASSIC!!! 48,000 MILES, 2 seats, 2 windshields, quick disconnect tour pack!! $10,000. View our classifieds online at to reply to this listing. FOR SALE: 1981 Yamaha 650 special II. 1981 yamaha special II, new chain, new brakes front and rear, fresh carbs and air boxes,recovered seat. very reliable bike I ride it to work when weather permits. need bigger bike for me and wife to take trips.12750 miles. 706-506-2019.

ATVs FOR SALE: Kawasaki Four Wheeler. 2003 300 Bayou locking differential, low hours, excellent condition. one owner. $2,950. View our classifieds online at to reply to this listing. FOR SALE: 2008 Suzuki LTZ 400 4wheeler. Brand New, never been ridden. Suzuki LTZ 400. Must sell... son wants a truck! $4900. Please call 678-901-6033 or reply to this ad. RVs FOR SALE: R.V. with room addition. I have an older model R.V. with a room addition built on in Weiss Lake R.V. Park in Leesburg Al. It is in good condition in a nice area. It is in a great family park with swimming and fishing areas. Call 256-840-3912 for information. FOR SALE: 2007 Starcraft TravelStar 27RB. Light weight 4567 lbs. Sleeps 9. Front bedroom w/queen bed. Rear bunk beds w/lower double and twin on top. No smoking; No pets. Central ducted heat and air. Includes all towing equipment w/ sway bar. Very good condition. Call (256) 447-1877.

BUSINESS OPPORTUNITIES BUSINESS OPPORTUNITY: PRIVATE MONEY NEEDED. Earn 9% to 12% hassle free on your idle cash or retirement funds secured by local real estate. 770-881-4006. POSITION OFFERED: Community Health Advocates. Hiring two positions related to Nutritional Health Supplements. Help promote a Healthier Life Style. Inquire via E-mail only at you will be sent all information regarding these positions. Thank you and God Bless. WANTED: Piano Students. Now accepting Beginner Students for 1-on-1 Private Piano Lessons. Students will be taught note-reading, performance, and theory. No Contract. Classes are very reasonably priced and may be paid monthly or weekly. Students must be able to read and speak English. Theresa: 706-235-3475. BUSINESS OPPORTUNITY: Free Business To A Good Home. Free Business To A Good Home Yes That's Right A Free Business In a growing field, just go to and see the product and the business. Call me at 706 232 7421 if you need more info. BUSINESS OPPORTUNITY: R U HEALTHY, WEALTHY, & WISE? Want to be HEALTHY, WEALTHY, and WISE? Visit my website for information on becoming HEALTHIER, then look at the BUSINESS OPPORTUNITY to become WEALTHIER and suddenly you have become WISER !! Our 24 hour HEALTH info line is available at 800-942-1260. I look forward to speaking with you soon. BUSINESS OPPORTUNITY: Blast Your Ads To 800 Million. Blast Your Ads(2399) We offer you the best traffic campaign to instantly increase your web traffic & sales. We use breakthrough technology to submit your ads and instantly put your product in front of millions of potential customers. Visit us at:

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FOR SALE: elvis. the illustrated life of elvis. $30. Call 706-528-4437.

POSITION OFFERED: VARSITY ASST. BASEBALL COACH. Go to http:// for job description, qualification requirements and application instructions.

BEST OFFER FOR: Sports, nascar, pokemon cards. For sale complete sets of trading cards. All sports, nascar and pokemon. Looking for someone to buy all sets. 500,000 cards. Mint condition. SERIOUS replies only. Call 706-235-1714 ask for Dennis. FOR SALE: Longaberger Basket. I have 2 Longaberger baskets. One is a bread basket and the other is a 4 X4 baking dish, both never been used. The bread basket has a ruffle to go around it and the other one has a cover. Still in the bag. If interested call 706-291-0080. FOR SALE: 1/24 SCALE DIECAST CAR Steve Parks #1 Penzoil1998 Monte Carlo 1 of 4,200. This is the Reverse Pain Car/Bank. Price $125.00. Apraised Value $148.00 View this ad online at to contact the seller. FOR SALE: BASEBALL CARDS. 1990 Fleer Baseball Cards Complete Set 660 cards Plus 20 Quiz Cards with Team Stickers / 6 Top 10 Cards With Team Stickers for a Total of 686 Cards. View this ad online at for more information and to contact the seller. FOR SALE : BASEBALL CARDS. 1995 Scroe Baseball Cards Complete Setr NM-MT 605 cards. View this ad online at to contact the seller. FOR SALE: BASEBALL CARDS: 1990 Donruss Baseball cars Complete Set 716 Cards. View this ad online at to contact the seller. FOR SALE: BASEBALL CARDS. 1990 Fleer Baseball Card Set 660 Cards. View this ad online at for more information and to contact the seller.

COMPUTERS & SOFTWARE FOR SALE: Computer hardware software con. Hardware and Software traders Adv.Text:We are computer Hardware and Software traders. We are specialized in Computer AMC, Professional Project. Company Name:tchcom pvt. Ltd name Address: Estd. 324, Jabsanta Road, Panbazar, City:GHTY State:Assam Country:INDIA Zipcode:203445 Telephone:293-8745 Fax:293-8745 FOR SALE: NEW 17" factory sealed LCD. Full warranty still factory sealed. $75. View our classifieds online at to reply to this listing. FOR SALE: MiniTower PC with Dell 17" CRT. 80GB Hard Drive, DVD-Rom Drive, 52x32x52 CD-RW Drive, 56K Modem, Floppy, New Keyboard & Optical Wheel Mouse, Windows XP Professional SP3 (Fresh Installation w/All Updates), OpenOffice Software (Word Processor, Spreadsheet, Database) plus lots of other software. Call 706-346-9278 for more information or to see it. More Computer & Software listings online at

WANTED: Facility Director -Filter Plan. Possession of a State of Georgia Class I Water System Operator required. Responsible for supervising and coordinating workers engaged in Water Treatment Facility operations, maintenance, and laboratory analyses. Receives complaints from public concerning drinking water; performs field inspections and recommends appropriate action. Visit for more details.

1501 Turner McCall Blvd - Rome

FOR SALE: 226 TY Beanie Babies $150.00. 226 Ty Beanie Babiessmoke free home-For Sale. Great condition. Just need gone ASAP. About 66 cents each. Extras include 1 2nd edition clubby kit, 2 other clubby kits, beanie magazines, price book and more. View our classifieds online at for more information and to reply to this listing. FOR SALE: miniature pool table. I have a 3X6 miniature pool table with full rack and cue. Good condition. Interested? Call after 5pm (706) 291-4191.

POSITION OFFERED: Director of Campus Safety. Please view specific information, qualifications and application instructions for this position at about/hr_employment.htm .

FOR SALE: Tires and wheels. 6 month old Pacer aluminum wheels, 17 in., fit 3/4 ton truck, Michelen tires, 17X285 fair condition. Tires not mounted on wheels. $200. View our classifieds online at to reply to this listing.

POSITION OFFERED: Retail Sales Associate. A respected industry leader in wireless communications is now hiring for full time sales associates. Excellent pay and bonuses. Bilingual a plus. Requirements are: sales experience,excellent interpersonal and communication skills; must be reliable, have high personal integrity, and be computer literate. Apply in person. No phone calls please. View this ad online at for more information and to contact the lister POSITION OFFERED: Roofer to replace metal roof. I want a metal roof replaced. Please call 706-2375645 to set up an appointment to see the house on DeSoto Avenue in Rome and give me a free price quotation and show me your proof of insurance.

GENERAL MERCHANDISE 2002 Pride Jet 3 power scooter. Great condition. Call 386-785-3809. FOR SALE: Sea Ray V-225. Nice Ski/ fishing boat with cuddy cabin. newly rebuilt outdrive, engine has less than 300 hrs. Just serviced. Bimini, camper enclosure. tandem axle trlr. Excellent Condition. $7,000. View our classifieds online at www.romenewswire. com to reply to this listing. FOR SALE: Bristol Sharpie 500 (Nascar) I have 3 tickets to August Bristol Nascar night race, and 3 nationwide tickets, 6 total. Unable to attend and need to sale. Tickets in hand and ready to be delivered. $500. View our classifieds online at to reply to this listing. FOR SALE: Craftsman 22" Lawnmower. Craftsman 22" self-propelled walk behind lawnmower. 5.5 hp engine. Mulch or discharge. Great condition. $100. Call 706-235-7976. FOR SALE: Yamaha200/225Lower unit new. Lower unit everything in it is new. Call 706-506-5835 .

FOR SALE: ROOM AIR CONDITONERS 2 single room and 1 three room window ac in good conditon 8000 btu to 18000 btu . $80-150. Call 706767-5392. FOR SALE: NEW Wedding Dress-Size 8. New Wedding Dress w/ Tags still attached! Size: 8, Color: White Strapless, Chapel Length Train, Lace covering the entire bodice w/ beading and irridescent sequins. Gorgeous Dress! CASH ONLY! Will take $400 or Best Offer. View our classifieds online at to reply to this listing. FOR SALE: New 8' Utility Trailer w/ Gate. New 5' x 8' Utility Trailer. 30" Low Drag Removable Gate. Treated Wood Floor. All DOT Lights and Wiring includes sealed beam lights. White Rally Wheels. $699. Call 706378-0084. FOR SALE: New 10' Utility Trailer w/Gate. New 5' x 10' Utility Trailer. 48" Removable Gate. Treated Wood Floor. All DOT Lights and Wiring includes sealed beam lights. White Rally Wheels. $899. Call 706-3780084. FOR SALE: Tractor tow bar. Tractor 3 point trailer tow bar with 2" ball. Great condition. $40 new at Tractor Supply. Yours for $15. View our classifieds online at www.romenewswire. com to reply to this listing. FOR SALE: Brother plain paper fax. Brother plain paper fax. recent print cartridge replaced. Comes with manual. Good condition. $15. View our classifieds online at www. to reply to this listing. FOR SALE: Eureka upright vacuum Eureka true HEPA bagless vacuum cleaner. Works good. $10. View our classifieds online at to reply to this listing. FOR SALE: Panasonic 5 disc cd player. Panasonic 5 disc cd rotary player. It has the skip or repeat setting. Great condition. $25. View our classifieds online at to reply to this listing.


Towing Auto Repair 706/291-6292 706/232-4538 24 HOUR

FOR SALE: tools, over 200 pcs. of husky tools sockets rachets wrenchs and special tools. $150. Call 706528-4437.

POSITION OFFERED: Director of Residence Life. Please view information, qualifications and application instructions for this position at employment.htm .

Loyd’s Wrecker Service Fork Lift ~ Flat Bed Air Cushion Recovery Heavy Equipment Moved

FOR SALE: TWIN/BUNK BEDS. Get one or more of these solid wood beds,NO TOOLS! NO SCREWS! Easy assembly, mattress not included $25 bucks each, located in Rockmart. 678-246-8324.

Terry Simmons Your State Farm Agent 5 N. Fourth Street, Lindale, GA (706) 235-3276

706-291-8080 152 Shorter Ave Rome 30165 Delivery line: 706-295-4545

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2 large 2 topping pizzas & 2 liter soda $10.99 (plus tax) expires: 7/01/09 May not be combined with other discounts.

Catering menu available

The Newswire

10 June 2009

CLASSIFIEDS FOR SALE: Bar & Four chairs. An outdoor bar with four bar chairs. Hunter Green wrought iron bar. Chairs are tan and green metal. Great for outdoor parties. Bar has a shelf to hold cooler or drinks. Call Bill @ 706 252-2504. FOR SALE: FREE Fax machines and printers. Three printers and two fax machines, all work but may need ink or print heads because they haven't been used in a while. Free to a good home. One printer is a real work horse (officejet). Free. View our classifieds online at to reply to this listing. WANTED: 38" or 42" riding mower. Want a good used 38" or 42" rding mower. Contact Jack at 706-2342035. WANTED: Looking for Bicycles. Looking for your unwanted bicycles. CHEAP or free. Free. View our classifieds online at www.romenewswire. com to reply to this listing. FOR SALE: Rheem Gas Water Heater. Rheen gas water heater. Model 42VR50-50F. 50 gallon capacity. Natural or LP gas. 40,000 BTU. First hour delivery 68 gallons.Ht. 59 3/4". Diameter 21" Vent diameter 3".Energy factor .62. Warranty: tank, 6 years. Parts, 6 years. $350.00 delivered and installed. 706-581-7527. FOR SALE: 50's Ross Custom Deluxe Bike. Join Opie & cruise on a 50's Ross Custom Deluxe Men's 24" Bike. Needs restoring. Can send pics. Asking $75.00 OBO. Located Rome. This IS a keeper. A true Barn Find. See for yourself. Nothing is seized up on it. View our classifieds online at to reply to this listing. FOR SALE: 1999 Yamaha Jet Ski: 1200 cc JP Jet Ski with trailor. Low hours, excellent condition. $3,950. View our classifieds online at to reply to this listing. WANTED: Pull behind camper. Looking for travel trailer. If you have one E-mail me @ noledawg40@ FOR SALE: tan refrigerator. works great call paul after 5 p.m. 706-2361561. FOR SALE: Stun Gun: 100,000v STUN GUN, SELF-PROTECTION ~ Always Ready, Excellent Protection! FIGHT CRIME ~ INSTANTLY. Call 706-2957115. FOR SALE: Pepper Spray: INSTANT PROTECTION WITH PEPPER SPRAY! Always ready to use, if necessary. Excellent Self-defense. Call 706295-7115. FOR SALE: Murray riding mower. 2004 Murray riding mower. 38-inch cut, 12.5 HP. Used very little. Excellent condition. New battery. pull behind cart thrown in for free! $375. Price is firm. Call 706-802-1376. Moving! Free stuff available! I am finishing up a move and I have several items that will not make the move with me. 94B Dodd Blvd SE, Rome. Anything in the carport is free for the taking! Some computer parts and misc. other things. FOR SALE: SNAPPER RIDING MOWER. Snapper riding mower for sale..... maybe used for 2 seasons in very good shape and oil changed regularly. This is a 9 horse b&s with maual start. HAS NO STARTER BUT STARTS EASILY. $375. View our classifieds online at to reply to this listing.

FOR SALE: AVON Products. I am a Avon Independent Sales Representative in the area. I am here for all your Avon needs. Items can be purchased through brochure or online through website. Please contact me if interested. Call 678-685-4227 if interested. FOR SALE: Tupperware: All new and some discontinued Tupperware products. Call 706-232-8371. FOR SALE: Church pew - 4 ft. Solid oak four foot long church pew with decorative ends, book rack on back, good condition, ideal for small nook. $125. View our classifieds online at to reply to this listing.

PETS & SUPPLIES Adorable little yorkie terrier is ready to go to her new home anytime. She is very playful, fun, and outgoing, and gets along well with other dogs! Please e-mail me at walkertravis514@ for pictures and pricing. Hand-raised kittens: Two kittens need a good home. Well fed, healthy, hand-raised kittens. Cost covers care and Advantage treatment. Kittens will need shots and spay/neuter. Price and delivery from Cloudland negotiable. 706-413-1513. Must go! free to a good home: I have 6 puppies that need a home. I can not keep them. They will be ready June 13th. Call Paige at 706-2525417. FOR SALE: Beautiful Malti-Tzus: Beautiful males and females. Working on paper training. Shots up to date. Call 256-643-5387. 4 FOR SALE: AKC GERMAN SHEPHERDS: TOP EUROPEAN WORKING LINES. EXCELLENT PROTECTION, FAMILY PETS, SAR, THERAPY,ETC. FOR MORE INFO CALL 706-232-5176,706232-5176,OR EMAIL NORTHGAK9@ AOL.COM Need a good home... : need a loving home for my male siamese cats. they are fixed. had them since birth but can't give them the attention they need. we have a new baby & they are not coping well with the new addition. more info call dean 706-2374053 or 678-757-0260. FOR SALE: AKC Golden Retriever Pups: Beautiful Puppies. Males and Females. Mother and Father on site. Phone 706-291-492. If no answer please leave a message. Free Dog: Free female dog to good home in the country. Needs room to roam and lots of attention. She has been spayed and is up to date on all of her shots. View our classifieds online at to reply to this listing. Has good home! Thanks! Free Boston Terrier (purebreed) to good home; spayed; loving and very sweet disposition; would love to be indoors-yes, she's housetrained; needs fenced in yard; has papers but never filed; good dog, not her fault that we need to find her a new home; call 706-676-2940. FOR SALE: Free Puppies to a good home. I will have free Rot/Lab puppies that will be ready for a good loving home June 13th. Call 706-252-5417.

SUDDENLY SLENDER WOW! Exclusive provider of Victoria Morton’s The Suddenly Slender Body Wrap © For Toning, Tightening, and Visually Slenderizing your entire body in one hour RESULTS GUARANTEED!

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REAL ESTATE FOR SALE: Custom Built Home in Armuchee. Lovely custom built hardiplank siding home in Armuchee. Great view of lake. Very peaceful at end of dead end road. Hardwoods and tile throughout. Tile master bath shower, seperate jacuzzi tub. Acrylic counters, energy efficient and well maintained, 3 years old. $179,000. Call 706.233.9855. WANTED: SINGLE FAMILY HOMES: I'll Buy or Lease Your Home! 706676-3109. FOR LEASE: Commercial Building. 3600 sq/ft building, 2 restrooms, show room, parts counter, office, upstairs storage, large shop area with 2 roll up doors, alarm system, large fenced lot(aprox 2 acres), gravel parking lot. Between Rome and Cedartown at County Line. $1750.00/ month with $1000.00 Dep. Call 706331-8081. FOR LEASE: Commercial Building, Large Lot: For Lease: 3600 sq/ft Commercial metal building, office, show room, parts counter, 2-restrooms, big shop area with roll up doors, upstairs storage. Large fenced in lot. On south side of Cedartown Hwy at county line. $1750.00/month call 706-3318081 or 770-324-3900 to see. FOR SALE: Very Nice Duplex . For Sale - Nice duplex in W.Rome $135,000, Let someone else pay your mortage. Each apt has enclosed garage, privacy fence, vaulted ceiling, 1.5 baths, range, dishwasher and refrigerator included. X-large living room and master bdrm. Plus a very nice sunroom. Call 706-233-9988 FOR SALE: House and Hair Salon Older house with new cabinets, new tub/shower unit, all new sinks, new laundry room, new carpet and lanoleum, vinyl siding, double lot. 608 E 19th Street. Price 44900, Square Feet 1500, Bedrooms 2, Bathrooms 1.5. View our classifieds online at www. to reply to this listing. FOR SALE: 4bed, 2.5bath Executive Home. Beautiful 4 bedroom, 2 ½ bath executive home on 1.28 acres

in prestigious Edenfield Estates. This home boast an array of amenities and is priced to sell. We are very motivated to sell and will consider all offers. Price $495,000.00, Square Feet 3800 +, Bedrooms 4, Bathrooms 2.5. 706-252-4170. FOR SALE: 3 Bedroom / 2 Bath: Lovely ranch style home with very large master bath, walk in closet. Extra large kitchen with lots of cabinets. Hardwood,Carpet and Tile. Storage building on lot, front and back decks (back deck is large). Privacy fence on road. Just to much to enter. Square Feet Approx 2000 , Bedrooms 3, Bathrooms 2. View our classifieds online at to reply to this listing. FOR SALE: HOUSE: Brick 400+ square foot bonus room. Solid masonry fire place with gas logs. Extra large attic storage. Deck treated lumber. Approx. 1 acre lot. 12x16 storage building. One mile from Model Schools. More information or appointment call 706-295-3934. $146,900 Web site . FOR SALE: Home with Garden Room: Well-maintained, Garden Room furniture included, washer & dryer included, electric fence for dog, garden spot, out building, near Armuchee Schools. Price $167,500, Square Feet 1700, Bedrooms 3, Bathrooms 2. Call 706-234-2035. FOR SALE: NEED MORTGAGE RELIEF? Get your FREE forensic loan audit today!Our audits routinely uncover violations such as: truth-in lending violations, predatory lending, excessive points & fees, misrepresentation,& RESPA violations. Nearly 85% of all residential loans have TILA or RESPA violations. Loans with illegal terms or conditions are unenforceable. Call 706-506-8491 today. FOR SALE: I'll GIVE You My Home Bring me $20,000 and I will give you a $400,000 home. (706) 506-8491. FOR SALE: 1987 Mobile Home 28x60: 1988 Guerdon Mobile Home. Must be moved off existing land. Metal Roof. Needs some repair. Price 3000.00, Square Feet 1680, Bedrooms 3, Bathrooms 2. View our classifieds online at to reply to this listing.


FOR SALE: 4 BR 3 BA - East Rome Home! For sale or possible lease/purchase. 4 BR 3 Ba. 1 level home- huge lot. Best area of town for walking, bicycle riding, children playing. Owner's improvements - plantation shutters, tile flooring, glass shower doors. Built in 1996. Email for pictures. Call 706 235 3800. FOR SALE: 1.96 Acre Weiss Lake Bldg. Level lot, mature hardwoods, building lot with all utilities available including sewer, City of Cedar Bluff restrictions, no permanant campers, neighborhood of nice homes, 140 ft water frontage, convenient - W. Chattooga Dr. area, dockable, will consider partial trades within 50 miles. photos: com/. Price 118,900. 706-346-4630 FOR SALE: 8.57 Acres Kingston Road: 8.57 Acres. Wonderful property ready to build. Driveway and water meter already in. Hardwoods. Pines. Fields. Wet weather stream. Wildlife. Only 4 miles from bypass. $99,000 obo! Call Dirk Gaylor 706-234-3122. WANTED: BUY OR LEASE: I'll Buy Or Lease Your Home! (706)506-8491. 6 1/2 acre: 6 1/2 mostly cleared acres. Several large trees on property. Beautiful house site. Cty Rd 117, just over Alabama State line, on Hwy 20. Unrestricted residential area. Call 706-235-8004 for more information about the land. FOR SALE: Home For Sale: 4BR, 2B, two story brick home in Garden Lakes. Large eat in kitchen, large master bedroom, gas log fireplace. 2 car attached garage. Price 115,000, Bedrooms 4, Bathrooms 2. Call 706-235-8004. FOR SALE: 4 Unit Brick Apt Buildings Retired need to sell or trade Nice, low maintenance 4 unit Brick apartment building/buildings. Located in Lindale on W1st and "E" streets. Accepting reasonable offers. 706331-0158. FOR SALE: 3.2 acres on Spring Creek 3.2 acres on Spring Creek, SW Floyd Co., Buttermilk Rd. $10,000. Call 706 777-8701. FOR SALE: Silver Creek home for Sale: 3 bedroom, 2 bath home with double garage. Excellent



~ Customer Service Position available with local insurance company. Must have 2 or more years experience the Property and Casualty Centre, AL atin1524 Chestnut Bypass industry. A knowledge of personal lines, (in the former markets, forms Alabama and coverages. Strong organizational, U oyment verbal O and written communication skills. Ability to multi-task Temporary/Temp-to-Hire and prioritize. Proficient in computer skills including Microsoft Office. P&C License Industrial preferred and experience used Applied Admin./Clerical management systems helpful.

1st, 2nd, 3rd Shifts Available

~ Property & Casualty Insurance Producer available Shield with localB insurance Blueposition Cross/Blue company. Knowledge and prior experience of available from the Preferred day of insurance /sales strategy. knowledge of Applied System/Win Tam. Property & employment. We also paid Casualty Insurance License preferred. holidays andrequired vacations. Computer skills including Microsoft Office.

Please contact ETOWAH EMPLOYMENT for more information: 203 Turner McCall Blvd Rome, GA 30165 706-235-3408

1524 Chesnut Bypass Centre, AL 35960 256-927-7903

neighborhood. Hardwood floors in living, dining and hallway. Laminate flooring in bedrooms. Gas log fireplace with remote control. Taxes around $700 per year.Built in 1991. price $123,000. Call 706-767-0809. FOR SALE: Must See in Armuchee! Lovely home with lots of perks... Stainless steel appliances, granite courntertops, hardwoods/tile, dining room, large master suite with large walk-in closet, Front and back Porch. Must See! Price 208,900, Square Feet approx 2000, Bedrooms 3, Bathrooms 2. Call 706.506.3360. FOR SALE: 3 Bedroom Home for Sale Very Nice Ranch style home for sale sitson 2 lots wooded, secluded quite neighborhood,completely remodeled, must see to appreciate. Price 139,500.00, Square Feet Approx. 1400 square feet, Bedrooms 3, Bathrooms 1.5. Call 706-235-3490. 30+ Acres For Sale: WOW...30 plus acres for sale. Already subdived. County Road access on both sides. Discount for cash sale or will owner finance. For more info go to http:// See Gordon County. Or call: 407-375-9262. FOR SALE: Duplex for Sale: Well built duplex, both sides rented and professionally managed. Annual rental income is $10,200, priced to sale at $89,900. Call 706-766-1432 for details. NO OWNER FINANCING. FOR SALE: Home with Inground Pool: 3 bedroom/ 2 bath home. Greatroom w/ cathedral ceiling, Formal Dining Room, eat in kitchen. Home office w/ builtins, separate bonus w/ a fireplace. Home has been recently updated. Private backyard. Separate dog run and large storage building. MOTIVATED SELLER!! Price 154,900, Square Feet 2100, Bedrooms 3, Bathrooms 2. Visit www.romenewswire. com to reply to this listing. FOR SALE: HOME & BUSINESS: BEAUTIFUL FOUR BEDROOM SPACIOUS HOME ON ONE ACRE, WITH A SEPARATE WEDDING CHAPEL BUILDING (COULD BE IN-LAW HOUSE OR OTHER TYPE OF BUSINESS) LOTS OF TREES, FLOWERS, KOI POND. BUSINESS IS INCLUDED, OWNERS WILL TRAIN OR PROPERTY ONLY CAN BE PURCHASED. ONLY $250,000. 706-802-0133.

The Newswire

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CLASSIFIEDS FOR RENT: NICE SPACIOUS HOUSE. 3-Bedrooms, 1.5 Bathrooms, dining room, den/family room,foyer,living room, front screen porch, back porch with large backyard.Central heat and air condition. South Rome area. $600. View this ad online at to respond to this ad. FOR RENT: Nice Big Duplex: Very Nice 2 bdrm duples.X-large bdrm & living room. w/sunroom, vaulted ceiling Pets allowed w/pet deposit Privacy fence, Auto garage door. Fridge and stove provided, Lease and Deposit required, local references. $630 per month. West Rome. View this ad online at to respond to this ad.

FOR RENT: Self Storage Units: Dykes Creek Secure Storage, 3474 Kingston Hwy. SE, Rome, GA 3016 (Just Past The Rock Store). 706-766-2567 or 706-346-9459. FOR LEASE: 3br/2bth Duplex: 3 Bedroom, 2 Bath Duplex located at 33 Dempsey Rd (across from Model School) Total Electric. 675.00 Rent 500.00 Deposit. Contact: Scott 706346-9459. FOR RENT: First month FREE!!! Luxury 1 bedroom apartment for rent. The apartment comes equipped with a computer room that allows for separate area for office work. Nice, quiet, safe neighborhood. The apartment is located in a gated community with a work out facility on site. Willing to pay first month rent for the apartment. Eastland Court. $750 per month. View our classifieds online at to reply to this listing. FOR LEASE: Nice 4 bedroom - 2 bath home: 7 room house: living-dining combination, and den. Gaslog fireplace, built-in shelving, mantel and Hardwood floors. Stove, side by side refrigerator, dishwasher, washer and dryer to use as convenience. Attic space storage. Available June 1. 12 month lease required and deposit of one month's rent. 706.266.6051. Price $800 per month. Square Feet 2,200

FOR RENT: 3 bed/ 2 bath home for rent! 3 bedroom/2 bath house for rent located in a subdivision in Adairsville! 5 minutes from I-75 and convenient to Calhoun, Cartersville, and Rome! 2 car garage, master with walk-in closet and private bath, and basement. Refrigerator, dishwasher, and stove included! Pets welcome! $1,000 per month. Call Daniel (678) 986-3110. FOR LEASE: Brick Apartment for Lease: Wanted good tenants for very Nice Brick Apartment, Stove & Refri furnished. Min 6 Month lease. References checked. For application or more info call 706-331-0158. Standard Dep $250; children, pets extra dep. Price $400 or $325.

PROFESSIONAL SERVICES Perennial Flower Gardens: Butterfly/Hummingbird gardens installed starting from $199. Call (706)7671282. A-1 Lift Truck Service: new service in the Rome area.We offer a full repair service for all lift truck needs. Call 706-409-0199 for service and pricing. POSITION OFFERED: Summer Tutoring: Certified elementary teacher; tutoring for grades K-6; flexible hours/ times; meet at any public location; tutoring for all schools. Call Nikki 706-237-6199. Transform Your Tired Kitchen: Why replace or re-face you existing cabinets? We perform a multi-step glazing technique. Free Estimates. See how affordable it is to make

WANTED: Minor elec and plumbing: Will do small elec and plumbing jobs. Replace switches light fixture's and ceilimg fans. Fix faucets and toilets. Little more types of work. Very reasonable work guarenteed. Call 706-659-3080 or 706-707-6377. Will work weekends. WANTED: HOUSE PAINTING: PROFESSIONAL PAINTER NEEDS PAINTING WORK.12 YEARS EXPERIENCE. REASONABLE RATES.LET US PAINT YOUR-HOUSE, BUSINESS, STORAGE BUILDING, DECK. YOU WILL BE HAPPY YOU GAVE US A CALL! THANKS! 706 767 8669. Professional Résumés: In today's job market, you need a résumé that works for you! Show your value to your future employer. I am a Certified Public Résumé Writer and I can assist you with your resume! Email: or call (706)506-9855. MERLE NORMAN COSMETICS: Arriving weekly YELLOW BOX FLIP FLOPS !!! And now renting TUEXEDOS Calvin Klein and Ralph Lauren brands. Also arriving weekly designer handbags. View our classifieds online at to reply to this listing. Appliance Repair: Whirlpool ,G.E., Maytag, Kenmore, Frigidaire. Mention this ad for the $25 in city limits of Rome and $35 in Floyd County service call. We also service all surrounding counties. All work is guaranteed. In buisness for over 20 years in Floyd County. Call 706235-2127. HARDWOOD INSTALLED $1.00 sq.ft: Hardwood flooring installation $1.00 sq.ft. We offer the most reasonable rates around. Call to schedule your free estimates. 20 yrs. experience Call Jamie at (770)546-0828. SWIMMING POOL STARTUP SERVICES: IF YOU HAVE AN INGROUND OR ABOVE GROUND POOL THAT NEEDS TO BE SERVICED, PLEASE CALL!! 770548-1002 3rd shift child or elder care: Available 3rd shift for your child care or elder care needs. CPR certified. Also available for house sitting. Call 706767-0809

Personal/Professional: Professional athletes use a coach to help them perform at their best. Everyday people can utilize a coach to perform at their personal and professional best also. Contact Marcie at (706)859-8110 or to see how coaching can help you.

until things get better for all of us. So call me now at 706-266-5305 for estimates. Ron.

FARM & GARDEN FOR SALE: Green broke paint horse. This mare is a brown & white paint with a sweet disposition. She is GREEN BROKE. She is 15.1-15.2 hands and approx. 3 years old. Current negative coggins. 706-252-0621.

POSITION OFFERED: Professional Painting Services: Let's help each other get out of a recession. My painting price is bottom dollar to save you money and get me by

Like New! Fully Loaded! Cab AirFront & Rear Remotes- Air RideFront loader with bucket and 15 bale Steffen Accumulator Many Extras! No Reasonable Offer Refused. Call Frank 770-337-2728. Beautiful Tri-Colored 5 year old Paint Mare. I am looking for someone who will be patient and gentle with her. $500.00 OBO. 770-655-1218 Lori. Find more classified listings or list your stuff for free on our Web site at

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FOR RENT: 2 Bdrm 1 Bth Duplex Apt: 2 Bedroom 1 Bath Duplex Apartment in Lindale, Ga. $350 per month, $200 Deposit. Call 706-235-9122, if no answer, leave message.

FOR RENT: Industrial Building Commercial/Industrial with 3 phase power; 3 offices; breakroom; 2 bathroom facilities; large roll up door in back; loading dock with large roll up door for 18 wheeler deliveries. $1600.00 month plus $500.00 deposit. Excellent for mfg., storage, auto repair.Handicap accessible. Cedartown. Call 770-749-5057 for more information.

your kitchen come alive. You can view samples at the Treasure Trove at 1944 Shorter Ave. 706-378-0084



FOR RENT: Duplex Apartments: 2 Minutes from By-pass. 706-2520210. Price $475 mo. $400 dep. Bedrooms 2, Bathrooms 1.

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FOR LEASE: 3-4 bed/1.5 bath house: For lease is a beautiful, loved home just south of Rome (but within city limits). Lakefront, large yard. No smoking and no indoor pets. Possibly somewhat furnished, and could include grand piano. References required. Available by end of summer 2009. Price 850$ month plus utilities. Bedrooms 3, Bathrooms 1.5. Please call 815-762-4048. FOR RENT: House in Riverside. Central heat and air, ceiling fans, fresh paint, new laminate flooring, remodeled bathroom, enclosed front porch, garage and fenced in yard. Tenant is responsible for raking and cutting lawn. No smoking and no pets. References, employment and credit check are required. 706-6253019. Price $700 per month / $600 deposit. Bedrooms 2, Bathrooms 1. FOR RENT: Room for Rent: One room in 2-bedroom house near Shorter Ave is for rent. Access to living room, dining room, bathroom, and kitchen. Security deposit to be determined. Professional tenant is seeking male or female roomate who is clean, organized, and a non-smoker. Call Casey at 706-232-7029. Price $300/ month, utilities incuded. Square Feet 10X10 Bedroom FOR RENT: 2 Bedroom 1 Bath House: 2 Bedroom, 1 Bathroom House in Riverside/Celenese community! GREAT STARTER HOME! Fenced in Backyard! 706-252-0210. Price $545 Mo. $400 deposit. FOR LEASE: Condo's for Lease!: 4 Minutes north of Mt. Berry Sq. Mall YARD WORK DONE FOR YOU! Call 706-252-0210. Price $795 mo. Bedrooms 3, Bathrooms 2.

The Tradition of Excellence in Workforce Education Continues Coosa Valley Technical College & Northwestern Technical College will become Georgia Northwestern Technical College, the largest college in Northwest Georgia. Georgia Northwestern Technical College is a Unit of the Technical College System of Georgia and an Equal Opportunity Institute.

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Saturday, June 6, 12:00 Noon CST Saturday, June 20, 12:00 Noon CST 6± Acres on Lake Weiss in 2 Tracts 400’ of Waterfront, Power, S.R. Spearman Estate formerly known City Water as the Paul H. Love Estate Good Neighborhood 30± Acres on Lake Weiss Gaylesville, Alabama Including an RV Campground Over 10 Mobile Home Sites, Saturday, June 20, 2:00 P.M.CST (2) Large Commercial Buildings, 150± Acres Acreage Tracts to be Subdivided Gaylesville, Alabama Offered in Tracts COMPLIMENTARY BARBEQUE Cherokee County, AL Saturday, June 20, 10:00 A.M. CST Cabin Overlooking Little River Canyon Fort Payne, AL

Saturday, June 20, 4:00 P.M.CST 25.17± Acres on Spring Creek Wharton Community Cherokee County, AL

Saturday, July 25th, 9:00 A.M. EST Gigantic Equipment Auction Calhoun Stockyard Calhoun, GA Farm & Construction Equipment, Autos, Lumber NOW TAKING CONSIGNMENTS

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