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Spring/Summer 2024

Oksana Pasaiko

Marine Peixoto

De Cleene De Cleene

Inge Meijer

Ari Marcopoulos

Ola Vasiljeva

Bart Lodewijks

Marijn van Kreij

Marc Nagtzaam & Stephan Keppel

Philippe Van Wolputte

Joan Ayrton

Radim Peško

Matthew Harvey

Karel Martens

Roma Publications

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The Netherlands


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Oksana Pasaiko

Collected Poems

24 p, colour 17 × 24 cm, pb, English

ISBN 978 94 6446 054 4

Euro 14.00 (incl. 9%VAT)

By meticulously fixing human hair in lines onto pieces of hand soap, Oksana Pasaiko created a collection of Short Sad Texts (Based on the Borders of Countries). The project comprises both a present and an absent version. The sculpture that is present is a block of soap on which hairs have been meticulously laid in the form of various contested borders. The artist, The artist draws particular attention to the fact that the borders presented in this book did not arise from natural features such as rivers, mountains, seas, or lakes, but from human conflicts.

Design: Roger Willems

Marine Peixoto

Bercy Street Workout

Photographies 2020-2023

88 p, duotone 23 × 28 cm, hb, French/English

ISBN 978 94 6446 056 8

Euro 29.00 (incl. 9%VAT)

Marine Peixoto, winner of the Le Bal/ ADAGP Award for Young Creation 23, worked on a sport court near Bercy in Paris, where young adults are coming freely to do workouts. Gathering several times per week, they started to develop their own dynamic with the will of becoming someone else by the transformation of the body. During 2 years, Peixoto followed them, practiced with them, almost became of them. In a sharp black and white, she alternates portraits, frontal views of the practice field, details of the workout material but also moments of gathering.

Design: Roger Willems

Amidst the fire, I am not burnt

160 p, colour

24 × 30.5 cm, pb, English

ISBN 9789464460520

Euro 35.00 (incl. 9%VAT)

In April 1872, Vesuvius erupted in a violent cataclysm. It is considered to be the first volcanic eruption ever photographed. Major eruptions have followed since, with the next eruption dangerously looming. Each eruption leads to the next cataclysm, each period of quiescence to forgetfulness and complacency. Amidst the fire, I am not burnt is a surface reading of the iconic landscape shaped by Vesuvius. It researches the different temporalities, scientific and popular approaches, historic and presentday photographic representations, and stories inscribed in this cyclical landscape.

Design: De Cleene De Cleene, Roger Willems

Inge Meijer

The MoMA Plant Collection

112 p, bw

29.7 × 21 cm, pb, English

ISBN 9789464460537

Euro 32.00 (incl. 9%VAT)

After Meijer’s first artist’s book The Plant Collection (ROMA, 2019), about plants in the Stedelijk Museum in Amsterdam, The MoMA Plant Collection includes 340 photographs and drawings of exhibitions at the New York institution, in which plants feature among the works. Inge Meijer wants to render museum plants visible once again, to make us aware of their real as well as metaphorical importance. Beyond her desire for institutional critique, she is also part of a new moment in the relationship between nature and culture.

Design: Roger Willems

Ari Marcopoulos BEWARE

320 p, bw & colour 22 × 16 cm, pb, English

ISBN 9789464460575

Euro 25.00 (incl. 9%VAT)

This book is a new look at photographs from the time Marcopoulos shot Brown Bag, a short super-8 film of skateboarders in New York in 1993. The film, photographs from that time, plus a small selection of recent work, appear in this book, and as a large collage in the exhibition BEWARE at the Musée Art Moderne de Paris (April 5–August 25 2024).

Design: Ari Marcopoulos, Roger Willems

Ola Vasiljeva

Ghost Town

340 p, colour 17 × 24 cm, pb, English

ISBN 9789464460513

Euro 35.00 (incl. 9%VAT)

This first comprehensive overview of Ola Vasiljeva’s practice between 2008 and 2023 consists of three intertwined sections: A section with exhibitions, a section with projects by the Oceans Academy of Arts (OAOA, an art collective founded by Vasiljeva in 2008), and a ‘storage’ section. This part of the book is a cross between an index, an archive and a collection, and it reproduces some of the separate elements that have been featured in Vasiljeva’s multifaceted projects over the years. With text contributions by Chris Fitzpatrick, Roos Gortzak, Anna Gritz and Kate Strain.

Design: Robert Milne

Bart Lodewijks

Nieuwe buren / New Neighbours

112 p, colour

20.5 × 29.7 cm, pb, Dutch/English

ISBN 9789464460629

Euro 25.00 (incl. 9%VAT)

Bart Lodewijks was invited to make chalk drawings in Belgium’s newest prison, in Haren, Brussels. When he arrived there it was still only a construction site, so he started drawing along the Witloofstraat , the street the prison is located on. He soon became acquainted with the local residents who were concerned about the pending arrival of their new neighbours; twelve hundred prisoners. Fourteen months later the inmates arrived in vans with bulletproof glass. Lodewijks goes inside with the very first group of them, eager to draw on the most feared wall of them all, the wall of walls, to breach the line separating good from evil.

Design: Sam de Groot

Marijn van Kreij

Pictorial Content?

204 p, colour 17 × 24 cm, hb, English

ISBN 9789464460605

Euro 35.00 (incl. 9%VAT)

Pictorial Content? consists of roughly a decade’s worth of drawings and collages made by Marijn van Kreij. Van Kreij combines hand-drawn copies of artworks and illustrations from children’s books with cut-out fragments of text and uses fluid brushstrokes to apply paint to pages from art catalogues and magazines. Certain visual motifs, such as a window and a snail, recur in various forms.

The book includes an e-mail exchange between writer and researcher Esther Darley and Marijn van Kreij that took place during the preparations of the publication.

Design: Roger Willems

Ari Marcopoulos

Sumo Judo

64 p, colour

15 × 20 cm, pb, English

ISBN 9789464460612

Euro 20.00 (incl. 9%VAT)

This book presents two photo series that Marcopoulos made during trips to Tokyo and Kyoto in 2013 and 2023 respectively. The first is a series of wrestlers resting and practicing at the Kokonoe Stable – a famous dohyō in Tokyo. The second series shows students practicing Judo in the Kyoto University Gymnasium.

Design: Ari Marcopoulos & Roger Willems

Stephan Keppel & Marc Nagtzaam

Support Sheet

64 p, bw

21.8 × 30.5 cm, pb, English

ISBN 9789464460599

Euro 27.50 (incl. 9%VAT)

This publication arose from a collaboration between artists Marc Nagtzaam and Stephan Keppel. Installation images from their site specific exhibition en route! OULIPO en route! are followed by a series of collage-like scans by Nagtzaam and Keppel in which they combine each other’s drawings and photographs collected for this project.

Design: Roger Willems

Type and Context

40 p, bw 21 × 29.7 cm, pb, English ISBN 9789464460636 price not set yet

Learning from the inscription in the courtyard of the Ducal Palace of Urbino, Radim Peško considers different approaches based on the original letterforms from the0renaissance to experiment with technologies, use different methods, and by constructing to not only show the result of the fonts but to give context to its origins. This specimen also includes texts by Francesco Delrosso, Stuart Bertolotti Bailey, James Langdon, Daniele Bursich, Radim Peško and Jonathan Pierini.

Design: Radim Peko and Jonathan Pierini

Joan Ayrton

Pendulum Shift

132 p, bw 21 × 29.7 cm, pb, English/French ISBN 9789464460643

Euro 26.00 (incl. 9%VAT)

Invited to exhibit on the Mauvoisin dam in Switzerland, Joan Ayrton chose to photograph the dam and the surrounding landscape with a camera called Tessina. An extremely tiny camera which appeared on the market at the end of the 1950s, when the Mauvoisin works were completed. In a history that is highly emblematic of the modern era, that of the construction of dams in the Swiss Alps, and that of a watchmaking industry that, following the stock market crash of 1929, had to reinvent itself, entering the field of photography.

Design: Roger Willems

Philippe Van Wolputte Revisited


344 p, bw 21 × 26.5 cm, hb, English ISBN not set yet price not set yet

An overview of 20 years of site specific installation works by visual artist Philippe Van Wolputte. From Indicated Locations (2003), via the site specific installations grouped under the tilte Temporary Penetrable Exhibition Space (2003-2015), Inhaling Minerals As-Best As Possible (2010), and Looking Back While Walking Forward (2012), to Indicated Locations Revisited (2023).

Design: Roger Willems

Karel Martens

Calendar 2025 / Every day is a new day

736 p, colour 15 x 21 cm, pb, English

ISBN 9789464460582

Euro 30.00 (incl. 21%VAT)

A tear-off calendar for 2025 by Dutch graphic designer Karel Martens. For each day of the year, Martens has created a unique arrangement, originally constructed using his signature method of printing letterpress monoprints from found metal forms, and then digitized to comprise 365 compositions in total. Every day is a new day!

Design: Karel Martens

Matthew Harvey Future Estate

208 p, colour 24 × 17 cm, hb, English/Chinese/Spanish ISBN not set yet price not set yet

Future Estate by Matthew Harvey is a long term artistic research project documenting the spatial and organisational processes of commodity production, the geopolitics of development, and the zoning practices, extractions, and transnational investments that shape the material and social environments where uneven processes of global labour and distribution play out. In its attempt to navigate a possible set of coordinates that ‘follows the flow’ of production networks and infrastructural throughlines, the photographs move between sacred and transcendental moments at the margins, exposing some small part of the subtle violence, awe and spiritual trouble of being alive in the present.

Design: Roger Willems

Matthew Harvey, Future Estate

Alice Twemlow & Tânia A. Cardoso

Walking as Research Practice

251 p, bw, gold

12.2 x 19.7 cm, pb, English

ISBN 9789464460674

Euro 30.00 (incl. 9%VAT)

Read me while you walk. Hold me while you stand. Put me down while you take a pause.

This is a collaboration between Soapbox and WARP research group.

In the introduction, Alice Twemlow and Tânia A. Cardoso write:

“What might be considered the research output of a walking practice? Where and when does the research occur in relation to the walk, the walking and the walkers? Does the walk activate our senses, or do our senses demand that we walk? What and where are the objects and subjects of a walk? How might walking help us emphasise our connection to the more-thanhuman world? What are the entry points to a city through walking? How might walking provide a path toward more socially just urban spaces and commons?”

Design: Jana Sofie Liebe

Riso printing: no kiss?, Amsterdam



Krijn Giezen

Stanley Wolukau-Wanambwa

Batia Suter

Kees Goudzwaard


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