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Q3 '22

DEDICATED RAILWAY ISSUE Investment in global rail infrastructure is at an all time high. The Lighthouse will feature ongoing rail projects from around the world in Q3 Issue, 2022.

• Cover story: MTR Corporation, Hong Kong • Asian project updates: Content will include coverage of railway projects from the homes of LHCI branches; Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Kuala Lumpur, Manila & Ho Chi Minh City • Global project updates: Canada and the United Kingdom • Call for Content / Call for Advertisers: Any consultants, contractors, investors, rail companies, developers and others, involved in ongoing railway projects are invited to contact the publisher, ROF Media, for more information and available advertising packages.

Booking and submission deadline for Q3 Issue is 22 August, 2022 +852 3150 8988


The Lighthouse

Chairman’s Message The more astute of you may have noticed that I have been writing this Chairman’s Message now for more magazine issues than others who have held this position. I became Chairman of Lighthouse Club International in May 2019, and May 2021 is when I should have stepped down and made way for my successor. Due to Covid it was decided by the LHCI Committee that the tenure of certain officers would continue for a further year. This was done in the hope that at some time during this further year it would be possible for us all to travel without encumbrance, so that I could resume my visits to the various branches. Alas, we find ourselves largely stuck in the same holding pattern that has ensnared us all for the past two years. However, fear not, for the way is now clear for Robert Gordon, my successor, to step into my shoes and take his delayed place. It is my fervent hope that his travel wishes come true! Nothing more can be said about our current situation other than that we continue to hope that soon life will return to what we each wish it to be. In the meantime, the Club continues to do its best to assist those in need, and your continued enthusiasm and support will ensure that we can do our best to see that those in need are provided with the assistance they require. 2022 marks 30 years since “The Lighthouse” started being formally published as a magazine. In honour of this milestone, in 2022, every issue will be themed around “Safety in Construction” with four of the Club’s main supporters featured on the front cover and additional, similarly themed features within. As always, we are very grateful to all our contributors!

About The Lighthouse Club “The Lighthouse” is the magazine of Lighthouse Club International, originally established in 1998 as Lighthouse Club Asia Pacific Region and superseded in November 2017 by Lighthouse Club International. With its roots in England in 1956, the Hong Kong Branch was formed in 1986. The aims of the Lighthouse Club are to promote good fellowship amongst its members who work in or are associated with the construction industry and to provide charitable assistance to those in need within the construction industry and to their dependents in qualifying cases. In addition to the charitable works of the individual branches of the Lighthouse Club, Lighthouse Club International supports two related Hong Kong based charities which provide charitable assistance internationally. The James Battersby Lighthouse Club Educational Trust which provides assistance for education and training to qualifying young persons in the Asia Pacific Region; The Lighthouse Club International Benevolent Trust which provides assistance to relieving poverty and financial support to persons currently or previously employed in the building and civil engineering and allied trades.

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The Lighthouse Club bids a fond farewell to Vincent Connor


Yazeed Abdelhadi Nick Longley

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Living the Club motto: “Consideration for Others” Macau increases support after surge of accidents Smashing records, the 2021 Lapdog Challenge




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30 Years of The Lighthouse Magazine Presents: Managing Health & Safety by Chun Wo Construction Holdings

Lighthouse Club International Corporate Member




In Memoriam

A Tribute to Vincent Connor 17 April 1964 – 5 October 2021

At the end of 2021 came the sad news that Vincent Connor had passed away. The below is a heartfelt tribute written by Nicholas Turner, friend and colleague: Vincent personified the spirit and ethos of the Lighthouse Club: he was caring, charitable, kind, generous, inspiring, loving, sociable and thoughtful. Vincent, and Gillian, moved to Hong Kong in 2007, to lead Pinsent Masons’ Hong Kong office. In his characteristic way, he set about developing a formidable practice and reputation as a construction and arbitration lawyer in Hong Kong and the region, and invested his time, skills and experience benefiting the Asia Pacific construction community.

and full of character. It didn’t matter whether it was an international conference or a farewell speech to those leaving the Pinsent Masons’ office. Vincent had a way of mesmerizing those listening, who would hang on every word. Members will recall the many times he spoke including at Lighthouse Club conferences held in 2009, 2011, 2014 and 2016 (the 30th Anniversary International Construction Conference) and in 2018.

Vincent loved his singing and drums. He was instrumental in the formation of the Basic Lawyers, the rock band. Those who experienced them play will never forget the performances. The band entertained the Lighthouse Club Vincent’s contribution to the Lighthouse Club Hong Kong Hong Kong on several occasions, and members rocked to their knew no bounds, and he sat on numerous committees including tunes at the Christmas Get Togethers in 2015, 2016 and 2017 and at the Hong Kong Gala Ball in the editorial, website and communications committee (20092017), Social and Fundraising committee (2010-2011), June 2018. Membership committee (2011-2015), Vision and Strategic Planning committee (2011-2017) and 30th Anniversary Special The Basic Lawyers also had regular gigs at the Wanch and even played ‘Wembley’, as Vincent would cheekily say (the venue of Project Group (2016). Vincent was also a co-opted member to the gig wasn’t quite the stadium but a hotel just outside, and the the Lighthouse Club Asia Pacific Region (2009-2014). location of one of Pinsent Masons’ partners conferences). Vincent was a brilliant lawyer, advocate and public speaker. He was proud to have achieved Higher Rights of audience in Hong Vincent was energetic and his stamina legendary. He loved a Kong. His public speaking was energetic, insightful, intelligent challenge and the outdoors, too. He led the Pinsent Masons’ Soon after arriving in Hong Kong, Vincent became a member of the Lighthouse Club Hong Kong. It was not long after that he became an integral and indispensable member.

In Memoriam

team during the Lighthouse Club’s inaugural ascent of Mount Kinabalu in 2011. A few years later, in 2018, Vincent led the Pinsent Masons charge around (and around) the Stanley Ho Running Track for the Lighthouse Club Lap Dog Challenge. Vincent was undoubtedly a leader and he inspired by his sheer enthusiasm, energy and high standards. His honour and integrity were clear, so as to inspire a culture of always doing the right thing. His leadership style ensured he would always get the best out of people of all ages and seniority. This is one reason why the Pinsent Masons Hong Kong office has become so successful under his leadership, and the Lighthouse Club was equally fortunate to benefit. In addition to his involvement with the Lighthouse Club, Vincent made a major contribution to the wider Hong Kong community. He was the honorary legal advisor to the Institution of Civil Engineers in Hong Kong and sat on the advisory board of the Law Faculty at the Chinese University of Hong Kong. Vincent was true to his Scottish roots. He was a committee member of the St Andrew’s Society (and would probably have

been a future chieftain). He was also a leading committee member of the Scottish Business Group and Chair of the Infrastructure Forum of the British Chamber of Commerce. Also the de facto Asia representative of the Saltire Foundation, assisting graduates from Scottish universities to get internships at Asian businesses. He was an eminent Scot in South East Asia, having been both a Global Scot and indicted into the Global Scot Hall of Fame in 2018 by the Scottish First Minister. Vincent was caring, loving and thoughtful. His love for Gillian knew no bounds, and he spared no energy in his pursuit of making her happy. They were a couple who were devoted to each other and very adventurous. Their weekends were spent hiking, spin classes, yoga, dining with close friends and, no doubt, practising their Spanish. Their adventures included backpacking, with frequent trips round India, Asia and Central and South America twice, including the Galapagos, and, of course, Spain many times. Vincent will live on in the memory of all those he loved, inspired or simply just met: his family, his colleagues, members of the Lighthouse Club and a multitude of admiring friends. Nicholas Turner - Partner, Pinsent Masons




Aliis Cum Humanitate The Lighthouse Club’s motto is Aliis Cum Humanitate - “Consideration for Others”.

The Lighthouse Club Hong Kong Branch committee are very conscientious in ensuring that they can swiftly attend to and address the needs of those in the construction industry who are suffering from financial hardship due to illness, serious injury or fatal accident. In these pandemic times, which have gone on now for over 2 years, it is difficult to hold events but the funding going to the benevolence families continues and keeps growing. Apart from monetary support, the benevolence families always appreciate the thoughtful gifts donated by our members to them. These gifts remind them that they are being cared for and thought of by others in the industry. Recently, we received donations of Hung Fook Tong gift vouchers and Rapid Antigent Test Kits from a member of the Club to give to our benevolence families. Every little donation helps. 100% of your donations go towards making a difference in somebody’s life.


Macau increases support as accidents surge In 2021 Macau recorded a total of eight construction related accidents, of which one was classified as a suicide case. Lighthouse Club Macau made donations totalling MOP490,000 to the next of kin of the deceased workers. Of this sum MOP70,000 was for ongoing support of a worker who was seriously injured in a November 2019 accident and remains in a vegetative state. Since the issue of the Q4 magazine two more cases have been recorded. On 4 January, a worker was killed in an accident involving a roof-mounted crane on the roof of a hotel tower under construction at Studio City, Cotai. The Benevolent Fund made a donation of MOP 70,000 to the family. Then in mid-January a sad case occurred when a planner working for the Macau Light Rapid Transit railway died in his sleep. His wife had returned to the Philippines in mid-December to be with her family. A donation of MOP70,000 was made to the wife. Let us hope that 2022 will record fewer fatal accidents.

奧邦建築集團有限公司 AB Builders Group Limited (Stock Code 股份代號:1615) Rua Pequim No.126, I Tak Com. Centre, 10-Andar, Macau Tel (853) 2883 8394 Fax (853) 2883 9372 Email Website


AB Builders Group Ltd acquired ActivPro Limited which is the distributor of ActivTek active air purification system in Sept 2020. ActivTek adopted the ActivePure Space Technology originated from NASA and was proven to be effective against COVID-19, other virus, bacteria, mold and fungi.

The group has more than 20 years of engineering construction experience in Macau, providing foundation and structural engineering, various fine decoration projects (including casinos, hotels, public/private buildings) and other services. We are committed to developing novel engineering projects and being at the forefront of the market; we also have tapped into Hong Kong construction market since 2019.






Records were smashed on and off the track this year with the 2021 Lapdog Challenge, now in its 6th glorious year. The endurance event was held on Saturday 6 November around the Stanley Ho running track and, providing critical recovery time for the athletes, the dinner was arranged at Flaming Frango’s in Kennedy Town a month later, with most participants able to attend unaided.

Richard Poulter was tasked with officiating the evening and rallied teams and supporters to find their respective tables and order a jug or two so the fun could begin. Teams were introduced and individuals recognized with loud cheers for their fantastic achievements on the track. A sumptuous buffet of truly outstanding quality food was served, thank you so much to Suman and his amazing team. And the drinks flowed..

We were honoured to have senior representatives from the HKBCF join us for part of the evening and their Agnes Chan The theme of the event was Women in Construction with 10% introduced the foundation and its aims and encouraged companies and individuals to get the message out regarding of all monies raised being donated to the Hong Kong Breast breast cancer screening and the support that is available Cancer Foundation (HKBCF). from HKBCF across Hong Kong. A cheque for an incredible An incredible 11 teams with 5 runners in each team participated HK$220,834 was presented to the HKBCF. in the event and, more brilliantly, most of these primed athletes together with their respective coaches joined us at the The following teams were generous enough to give their time and effort to raise the funds they did and to train for the event. celebration dinner on 9 December. And let’s be honest, these Olympians have often put themselves through a gruelling and punishing training regime lasting anywhere from 5 months to…5 mins! BK AsiaPacific, BM Constructions, Bouygues, Commtech, Dragages, Gammon, Hip Hing, Leighton, The Lighthouse Club HK, TCG (formerly ISG), WT Partnership. A staggering total of 4,078 laps were completed which equates to 1631 kms. And the November event provided the closest results we have ever seen in team and solo events. Team who cumulatively ran the most laps: Runner up with 475 laps – Leighton Winner with 476 laps – Gammon Individual who ran the most laps: Male solo category was a dead heat – Igor Gal (BM Constructions) and Simon Lok (Gammon) with 117 laps (47 km) Female solo category – runner up was Ava Lee (Commtech) with 96 laps and winning for the 2nd year in succession was Christy Leung (Gammon) with 97 laps (38.8km)










Room 505, 5/F., 299QRC, 287-299 Queen’s Road Central, Hong Kong




The response to the call for sponsorship was incredible and this year was by far the largest total raised in the history of the event. Almost the most sponsorship raised with $575,550 was achieved by Leighton. The most sponsorship with a whopping $799,400 was raised by Gammon. As a result of the massive efforts from the teams and the Lapdog organisers, the Lapdog Challenge 2021 raised a colossal $2,208,342. This cheque was presented by the Lapdog organisers to those Lighthouse Club Committee members who joined us for the evening, namely Cordia Yu, Steve Tennant and Robert Gordon. Special prizes were received by key individuals from the organising committee for their unwavering support of this and the 5 previous annual events: Yvonne Lo - Leighton, Tim Threlkeld - TCG and Mark Van Beers - WT Partnership.

Prize giving was swiftly followed with a lucky draw with winners invited back to Flaming Frango’s for more fantastic grub! A frenzied period of activity ensued just before close of play when Michelle Poulter, Elaine Man and other membership hungry wolves set upon the audience to create new members and extract annual dues. What a success with 11 new members on the night. A great night was had by all which, for some, continued on to Wan Chai.





Text: Norman Yam Images: Chun Wo

Cover Story

As COVID-19 continues to ravage the Hong Kong real-estate sector, Chun Wo Construction Holdings Company Limited (Chun Wo), a contractor and construction engineering company founded in 1968, has finetuned its operation model to better protect the health and well-being of its staff while doing everything possible to maintain business as usual and minimise any negative impacts.



Elaborate protocols have been enforced at its construction sites during the pandemic period to safeguard employees’ health and safety. The vaccine pass arrangement is one such initiative, requiring staff and visitors to have received vaccination. Compulsory testing, social distancing, health screening, use of personal protective equipment (PPE) and quarantine arrangements are also part of the standard operating procedures (SOP) to keep at the virus at bay. “Whether there is a pandemic or not, employee health and wellbeing are at the heart of everything we do. This is especially so on our construction sites, where our people working there remain our most precious asset. The only difference is that now, with the evolving government guidelines and dealing with a risk that is relatively new to the construction industry, we must respond with greater speed and flexibility,” said Sr Lee Ka Lun, Stephen, Chairman of Chun Wo.

COMPREHENSIVE POLICY, SYSTEM AND PROCESSES Occupational health and safety (OHS) is a top priority for Chun Wo, which has put in place a comprehensive mechanism, encompassing the Group’s OHS policy, system, handbook and operational processes, with the oversight needed to ensure they are dutifully adhered to, right down to the worksites. The top goal is to achieve zero workplace accident and health incident. The OHS system developed by Chun Wo is a multifaceted one, consisting of 17 safety elements. In addition to the OHS Policy, the system also covers safety organisation, training, rules and regulations, committees, inspections, job hazard analysis,

personal protective equipment, accident investigation, emergency preparedness, safety promotion, health assurance programme, process control, sub-contractor screening and selection, audit, document control and records management. Other initiatives have also been implemented to uplift employee safety further. These include Chun Wo Safe Zone, comprised of 5 training zones to simulate the major causes of construction site accidents; a suspension and improvement notice system, where workers found to have performed unsafe behaviour on site will be suspended from work; and an audit bonus scheme to reward staff in projects with good safety audit scores. In addition, protective gear and equipment, such as helmets, chin straps, goggles and safety harness, are mandatory for employees working on construction sites with a safety handbook published to inform them of the rules and regulations they must follow, while at a worksite.

Cover Story


18 Redevelopment of Ming Wah Dai Ha Phase 1 was a large-scale building project undertaken by Chun Wo to rehabilitate the 60s public estate and improve residents’ living environment.

Cover Story

There’s a good reason for Chun Wo to come up with such an overwhelming number of OHS guidelines, action plans and processes that everybody on the site must observe. Sr Lee said: “As one of the largest government contractors in Hong Kong, Chun Wo runs several public infrastructure projects simultaneously across the city. This means that we need all the standard rules and regulations there are to cover every single OHS aspect and scenario. Equally important, they must be effectively executed in all our many worksites at any given time, to minimise workplace fatalities and injuries.” “The Group has established a Safety Department to set targets, review accident rates, conduct site checking and run an internal safety audit system. The Internal Safety Audit will be conducted by independent Registered Safety Auditors, in compliance with Occupational Health and Safety Assessment Series Standard (ISO 45001:2018 and Independent Safety Audit Scheme), with the aim of evaluating the effectiveness and efficiency of the system and ensuring its proper implementation to achieve the Group’s safety goals and targets,” he said. Chun Wo is one of a handful of contractors holding five types of registration and qualification to work on public projects. Some of the iconic large-scale infrastructure works it has involved or is undertaking include the Tseung Kwan O-Lam Tin Tunnel, Central-Wanchai Bypass; Liantang/Heung Yuen Wai Boundary infrastructural facilities; the Hong KongZhuhai-Macao Bridge Passenger Clearance Building; the Guangzhou-Shenzhen-Hong Kong Express Rail Link (Hong

Kong Section): Trackwork and Overhead Line System; and the MTR Shatin to Central Link. The company’s professional team is also capable of different kinds of building projects, including government buildings, schools and hospitals as well as office, residential, industrial complexes.

WORTHY INVESTMENTS IN WORK EFFICIENCY AND SAFETY Over the past decade, Chun Wo has tapped into the power of new technological advances, building methodologies and innovative design approaches not just to increase construction ease and speed or reduce the cost and time incurred, but also to enhance occupational health and safety. The Group has also invested in proprietary mobile applications to ensure construction employees remain safe and sound on the worksite. Citing a useful example, he said: “The FourS mobile app is an integrated digital platform we have developed to assist our frontline supervisory team in daily site inspection.” When activated, it automatically generates the project name and default inspection categories that site supervisors are obliged to fill in as they follow a step-by-step inspection flow dictated by the app. Safety issues can be reported directly from the mobile device, documented with photos and comments, and uploaded to our servers so that everyone is able to track, see or fix the problems areas in real time. “With traditional pen-written inspection, the handwriting may be illegible and entries end up being vague. That’s why we



As one of the largest government contractors in Hong Kong, Chun Wo runs several public infrastructure projects simultaneously across the city. Whether there is a pandemic or not, employee health and wellbeing is at the heart of everything we do. Sr Lee Ka Lun, Stephen Chairman of Chun Wo

Cover Story

The Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macao Bridge Passenger Clearance Building is a national infrastructure project contracted by Leighton - Chun Wo JV in 2013. As a strategic transportation hub connecting Hong Kong, Zhuhai, and Macao, it specializes in providing passenger and cargo clearance services.



Cover Story

created an app using a digital checklist and template to promote uniformity and precision to ensure our field supervisors capture the data and send it to the relevant parties for urgent notification and record,” he added. “ Heftier investments made in construction approaches and technologies have also fetched valuable returns in worksite health and safety. One example is Design for Manufacture and Assembly (DfMA) design approach, which focuses on offsite pre-fabrication of Modular Integration Construction (MiC) flats and components, such as kitchen and toilet modules, for final assembly at the site. From an OHS perspective, the DfMA approach eliminates the risk of working at height as well as onsite slipping and tripping accidents. Rapid Repairing Mortar Material (R²M²), a stainless-steel fiber reinforced mortar designed for repairing Reinforced Concrete (RC) slabs, is the outcome of an innovation project jointly developed by Chun Wo and a local university. Not only is this a faster solution for repairing spalling concrete, an issue commonly seen with ageing buildings, R²M² also reduces the risk of falling objects and minimises air and noise pollution that workers are exposed to. Another innovation that Chun Wo counts on to uplift workplace safety is robotics and Artificial Intelligence. Through deploying Silt Cleaning Robots, Internet of Things (IoT), smart sensing technology and a cloud-based tree movement monitoring system, the Group has made concerted efforts to minimise human involvement in hazardous construction activities, reduce workplace injuries and death and closely monitors danger zones. By digitalization, the Group is transforming work sites into “smart sites”. Geospatial data from the sites is gathered and analysed to provide real-time monitoring of site conditions, including the safety behaviour of operators.

CLEAN OHS RECORD AND INDUSTRY AWARDS Chun Wo’s consistent efforts to secure a clean OHS record have paid off in recent years. From 2016 to 2021, the accident incidence rate at its workplaces has dropped nearly 73%. Zero fatal accident was recorded from 2018 to the present. Last year alone, several important industry awards were conferred to the Group, including the Hong Kong Construction Association Safety Awards, for its excellent OHS performance.

“As a conscientious employer, it is Chun Wo’s moral responsibility to protect our employees from fatalities and injuries at our sites. It will certainly boost their morale seeing how far we have gone to take care of their safety and wellbeing. Moreover, Chun Wo’s reputation in OHS will improve and everyone know we are a people-oriented company worth working for,” said Sr Lee.


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Claims Support Preparation and defence of contractual claims for extensions of time and additional payment.

Contract Advice Independent opinions and contract reviews for risk and opportunity.

Dispute Resolution Expert support in mediation, adjudication, arbitration, litigation and alternative dispute resolution.

Partners in Alternative Dispute Resolution 1711 Citicorp Centre, 18 Whitfield Road, North Point, Hong Kong t: (852) 2234 5228 f: (852) 2234 6228 e:

To discuss your project requirements, please contact James Longbottom, Patrick O’Neill or David Longbottom on (852) 2234 5228



Trust, Communication, Collaboration, Ownership Hong Kong. Construction safety has been the foremost priority in the construction industry. With the help of technical improvements, improved systems and procedures, the accident rate per 1000 workers reduced from 369.3 in the 1990s to 219.9 in 1996 . It was further reduced to 68.1 in 2003 with the improvement of systems and overall training of workers. Text: Dr. A. Li – YHL Consulting on behalf of China State Construction Engineering


The accident rates then gradually flattened out with minor reductions each year, reaching 29.0 in 2019. Despite improvements made in the past years, the average number of fatalities was 0.08 per 1000 workers by 2020, which is still higher than any other industry. Holding the firm view that the missing link in construction safety is trust, YHL Consulting engineered the Augmented Collaborative Safety Culture (ACSC) program where the emphasis is on building such trust with effective communication across stakeholders and developing a collaborative safety culture among all parties. With the ACSC, safety is not only about the workers, but is teamwork where collaboration is required at all levels involving workers, subcontractors, management of contractors and the employers to work together to achieve better construction safety.

Trust is the key to safety The ACSC consists of four major pillars: Trust, Communication, Collaboration, and Ownership; each closely linked with the others. Every initiative implemented on Contract 3801 was carefully selected to focus on developing these four major pillars. Trust is the foundation for the formation of safety culture and establishing trust between parties is also crucial for developing the other pillars. One of the key initiatives to build the groundwork of trust is the utilisation of the Behavioural Engagement and Observations (BENO) program. BENO establishes the trust loop when observers selected from the whole site management team including the Employer, engage and



Cover Story

talk to workers on site. The opportunity of daily communication with management appears to initially be unusual when compared to the traditional construction culture. However, as time progressed, workers slowly opened up to talk about their own views and concerns about the site, such as requests for cleaner toilets, short breaks during hot days, better eating facilities etc. The observers collected these comments which were further reviewed and followed up on a weekly basis by site management ultimately resulting in real and actual improved site conditions reflecting the feedback. A circular trust loop was thus created, where the workers were able to understand that their feedback was heard, and actions were implemented on site in a timely manner. This further reinforced the trust between the workers and management, and this further encouraged workers to talk about the problems issues on the site. Slowly as the trust loop improved with the encouragement of the observers, workers attained psychological safety to talk about more sensitive issues, like their views on site safety and other safety issues on site. This created an environment where safety was regularly discussed, understood and practiced on site among frontline personnel and this is known as safety culture.

Effective Communication However, trust can only be developed and improved when it is repeatedly fostered between two parties and whilst it can take a long time to build up it can easily be broken down by miscommunication, highlighting the importance of effective communication. In the ACSC, many programs were targeted to enhance communication including the weekly review meetings including the “U-Talk-I-Listen" program, where the actions required by management were concluded through actioning the workers’ feedback which ended with the production of a poster to convey/ report the results back to the workers. To further help workers understand the safety goals and standards required by the site management, workshops and toolbox talks regularly took place.

Cover Story

These programs served as a communication channel for the workers and management to understand the needs of each other and therefore build trust upon mutual understanding.

Mutual collaboration and project-wide ownership The building of trust between site management and the workers is a must in building up safety culture, but mutual collaboration of all parties on the construction site is also crucial for its success. In the ACSC, all parties are involved in the program, and each review meeting included Airport Authority Hong Kong, China State and all the sub-contractors’ representatives were invited to put their opinions forward and contribute to improving site safety. This boosted the communication between all parties and allowed for the alignment of safety goals while fostering ownership of each party in contributing their views towards site safety. Only when all parties started to “own” the program could a safety culture be sustained and improved.



Cover Story

It’s now time to change It was four years that YHL Consulting facilitated initiatives to drive the Augmented Collaborative Safety Culture on Contract 3801. It was evident and later proven that given the right conditions and opportunities, each of the four pillars: trust, communication, collaboration, and ownership would naturally support and strengthen each other. In a world where engineering projects are growing increasingly complex and on a scale that is bigger than ever within timeframes shorter than ever, the only way to improve safety is for everyone to take part, for example by following the safety rules. Individuals are much more likely to change their behaviour if they trust others to do so as well. We know this kind of trust matters immensely. It has become essential that the management of employers, contractors, and subcontractors establish collaborative

safety culture from building trust from the beginning of a construction project. The ACSC can prevent safety accidents and drive the investment into collaborative facilitation between all concerned parties so that ultimately there will be a positive downstream impact on project resources and efficiency. It is imperative that by fostering mutual trust and establishing a psychologically safe environment for people to report safety concerns that there is hope that accidents can be prevented or minimized, to lead the way towards a stronger safety culture being developed on Hong Kong construction sites. Let us make the change, together.

Branch Report - United Kingdom


Lighthouse SOS -It might be Blue Monday but help is always available if you’re in construction


his year sees Blue Monday fall on 17 January and it’s meant to be the most depressing day of the year. Analysts have put this down to a multitude of factors, including everything from the distance from Christmas, debt levels, failed New Year’s resolutions and the wintery weather. But the Lighthouse Construction Industry Charity wants to share a message of hope with everyone and show that even in the face of extreme adversity there is always help and support available. Today, they tell the story of Iain Miller, who runs his own company, Evolve Plumbing and Heating in Dunfermline, whose house was destroyed in a fire in December 2020. He vowed to rebuild it from the ‘bare bones’ and thanks to help from the charity and their supporters, his family were back in their home to enjoy Christmas last month. Iain has been in the trade for 25 years and started out as an apprentice. In December 2020 he had been out sledging with his daughters Holly and Casey. Iain continues the story in his own words. “When we got home, I lit the coal fire to get everyone warmed up. When the fire had died down, we went out to the hot tub in the back garden. We’d been there for about an hour when Casey decided to get out and go inside. As she got out, I noticed the hot tub lights were flickering. Casey opened the back doors and a massive plume of black smoke came out. I ran into the house, but it was pure black with smoke, the electrics had tripped so the house

was in darkness. The only thing you could see was fire. I sent the kids to the top of the garden and had to go in and save the dog. As soon as I saw the fire, I knew I couldn’t fight it – it was far too big. I got everyone out, we were all in our swim gear, snow on the ground, and then the windows blew. We went to our neighbours and watched the house go up in flames. It was awful but at least we all got out safely. I contacted my insurance company and then had more devastating news. My home insurance had just lapsed. I was on my own. A structural engineer checked the house and deemed it safe to rebuild, but it would need stripping back to the bare bones. We were lucky the windows blew out because that meant that the heat had gone out and up. I decided to swap the layout of the house round. I didn’t want Holly and Casey coming in and saying, “That’s where the fire was”, I wanted it to look different. I promised them I would rebuild and that we’d be back in by Christmas 2021.” That promise was kept with a huge amount of help from the Lighthouse Construction Industry Charity and their supporters. The biggest challenge was the roof. Iain had been let down three times by roofers who said they’d come but then didn’t. Lighthouse Charity partner, Carey Group, arranged for scaffolding to be erected which was fundamental to getting the roofing completed and something that Iain simply wouldn’t have been able to afford. Gallagher Group, another staunch supporter of the charity, supplied all the plasterboard for the rebuild. The charity funded the cost of a new kitchen. Iain added, “I was visited by Mark Everett, a Lighthouse volunteer and former charity Trustee who supported me through the initial stages and later by Andy Stevens, a Lighthouse Charity Ambassador and tradesman himself who really understood the magnitude of the work that had been done. I want to say a massive thank you to the Lighthouse Club, my kids are my world, everything I do is for them, I just wouldn’t have been able to have kept my promise to Holly and Casey without their help.”


Branch Report - United Kingdom

Lighthouse Lunch Raises £210,000 for Construction Community


t was a long-anticipated event in the construction calendar and expectations were high as over 1,000 guests were welcomed through the doors of the Westminster Park Plaza on Friday 3 December 2021 for the Lighthouse Construction Industry Charity’s annual lunch in London. Former cricketer Chris Cowdrey was MC for the day and opened proceedings with Charity CEO, Bill Hill, saying how good it was to be back which was met with huge applause and cheers. The fun started with a ‘heads and tails’ competition and the Lighthouse Lotto. The top two winners of the Lighthouse Lotto very generously donated their prize money straight back to the charity. A gourmet three course meal was enjoyed by everyone and later in the afternoon competition was hot for some fantastic live auction prizes, all of which helped towards raising an amazing £210,000 from the event. The event also gave the charity the opportunity to announce their partnership with the Careys Foundation and a specially liveried truck was on display at the venue promoting the charity’s helpline and the new partnership. Normally, each year, the Charity awards the ‘Peter Capel’ Cup to recognise organisations that have made a substantial contribution to the Charity’s work and with nominations in 2020 to consider as well, competition for the prized accolade was stronger than ever. Well deserved winners were HQR London (High Quality

Residential) who despite not being able to hold their annual summer ball last year, still managed to raise over £64,000 for the charity. Andrew Crispin (founder and Trustee of HQR London) said, “HQR London are delighted to have been awarded the Peter Capel Cup for the second time since the HQR Charitable Trust was conceived six years ago. It was our absolute pleasure to accept the Award on behalf of our members who have collectively been able to provide year on year support and our aim is to continue doing so over the coming years. The Lighthouse Club provides much needed emotional and financial support to so many workers and their families who are in crisis in our industry. An industry that we all know and love, which makes it an easy choice for me, my fellow HQR’s Trustees, Darren Size and Chris Butler, and our members to continue our support”. Top celebrities from the world of sport were lined up to entertain the guests and rugby legends Mark Regan and Paul Wallace kicked off with amusing tales from their British and Irish Lions tours. TalkSPORT’s presenter Laura Woods then took to the stage with Ally McCoist, Sam Torrance and Darren Gough who followed with equally funny stories of playing with Gazza at Rangers FC from Ally, childhood memories from the golf course from Sam and antics on and off the pitch and ‘Strictly’ dance floor from Darren. The crowd demanded more and got more with the VIP guests egging each other on to tell more daring stories!

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Tenor Martin Toal rounded off the afternoon with a rousing performance which had people up on their feet cheering for more with enthusiastic napkin waving. Bill Hill, CEO of the Lighthouse Construction Industry Charity said, “We were so disappointed at having to cancel last year’s event and so the pressure was on this year to make it an afternoon to remember. It certainly lived up to that and I am staggered that even during these difficult times, our event raised over £210,000 to help us support our construction community in need and to make a real difference to people who have nowhere else to turn.

We would also like to take this opportunity to thank all the volunteers that helped on the day and our sponsors who make these events possible. The money raised will go towards continuing our vital helpline services, supporting our national awareness campaign ‘Help Inside The Hard Hat’ and developing the Building Mental Health programme, so that we can continue to support our construction families in need.” The festivities continued well into the evening with guests embracing the Christmas spirit and making the most of the networking opportunities.

Event sponsors: Ardent Tide, Benchmark Scaffolding, CCS, CIF, Careys Foundation, Gallagher Group, HQR, RIFT, Sunbelt Rentals. Live Auction items: Gallagher Group, Odendaal Diamonds, PG Site Services, Powerday and London Irish. Silent Auction items: Canary Wharf Contractors, Floods, JCB, Marshall Brown Windows Ltd, Odendaal Diamonds PG Site Services, Scott Carter from Persimmon Homes


Branch report – Australia

Australia back to work, leaving Covid behind Brisbane Ball The Brisbane Ball was held at the Emporium Hotel, Southbank, on Saturday 13 November 2021 in collaboration with the Society of Construction Law Australia (SoCLA). The event was MC’d by the fantastic Sean Brady of Brady Heywood Pty Ltd. We also heard from Alex McRo,y our Lighthouse Club Queensland Vice President, and Kevin Pascoe who spoke on behalf of SoCLA. The Lighthouse Club made donations to two worthy causes on the night: TRACTION – We donated AU$5000 to TRACTION who are an organisation committed to making a meaningful difference to young people’s lives. TRACTION provide a safe and inclusive action-based environment where vulnerable youth build self-esteem alongside learning practical skills to build and develop skills in manual work. Sandy Murdoch, Founder of TRACTION. accepted the donation and gave a heart-warming speech about why he started the organisation and how they help young people. For more information, click on We also awarded two students with a bursary of AU$2500 to support them in their studies. The chosen winners were Rebecca Chokly, completing a Certificate 3 in Carpentry, and Owen Connor Ambrey completing a Certificate 3 in Glazing.Members and guests enjoyed the casino tables, a beautiful meal and dancing to the band who were fantastic. With the help of all members and guests (around 150) sponsors and supporters we raised $4,400 on a very enjoyable night. A huge thanks to our Brisbane Ball Committee which was made-up of:Gerard Saunders, Grace Power, Sean Brady, Chelsea Harper, Kate Milward, Lachlan Drew, Nick Convery, Sabrina Steer, Patricia Oman and Alex McRoy. Thanks also to the following: • Chi Yeung from Momento Road Photography, our brilliant photographer • Crown Booths our Photobooth operators • Saccharo, our fantastic band • Conrad & the team from Casino Fun Nights • And lastly to our sponsors: • DTS Builders, Halliant & Asset Landscapes and Secretariat our photography sponsor.

Brisbane Curry Club 16 December 2021 After a quick break from the Ball, our Brisbane “Curry Club” got together for the final Indian meal of the year. Attendees enjoyed a banquet meal in Brisbane city and left with full tummies and an enjoyable final event of the year. Brisbane Feb 2022 Event It was really great to have our first event of the year in February at our local, The Pav Bar. Our newest member, Mark C, picked up the raffle prize and we had lots of old faces join us, great to catch up again! The night ended with our favourite curry. Without our generous sponsors these events can’t happen so a HUGE thanks goes to Subsea Pty Ltd and Ed Korber for your support!

Branch report – Australia



Branch report – Australia

Australia back to work, leaving Covid behind

Branch report – Australia


Perth Ball The Perth Annual Ball was held at The Astral Ballroom in The Crown, Perth on November 26th 2021. Around 140 people attended and over $5000 was raised. We were extremely lucky to have several generous sponsors including: • GOLD- TBH 55, Herbert Smith Freehills and Driver Trett • BRONZE- Clifford Chance and FTI Consulting • PRINTING SPONSOR - Law in Order The Lighthouse club made a very well-deserved donation of $10,000 on the night to "Motivation Foundation". . The Motivation Foundation are a not-for-profit organisation aiming to educate and develop life and employability skills for school students enrolled in Year 11, 12 or equivalents from diverse backgrounds. They offer students the opportunity to achieve a nationally recognised Certificate II in Civil Construction and Certificate II in Resources and Infrastructure Work Preparation, through on-site training and workplace experience while still in high school. Richard Baker of our Perth Lighthouse Club Committee visited the foundation in October and was also invited to the Graduation of their Academy students for 2021 which is run through associates of Ertech, a Western Australia Civil and Electrical Construction Contractor. Melbourne On 18 November 2021 our Melbourne chapter hosted a free webinar to raise awareness about mental health. We were extremely lucky to hear from Crosbie Lorimer, a landscape architect and community speaker from Beyond Blue. Crosbie presented his journey of hope, recovery and resilience living with a depression/anxiety condition. Thank you, Crosbie, for volunteering your time and sharing your experience. Sydney - End of year event 2021 On Thursday 18 November, our Sydney chapter gathered at The Customs House Bar for an end of year function. The event was generously sponsored by RPS and Clyde & Co and was very well attended with everybody excited to catch-up in person to see the year out.

February AGM Event Following on from our recent Annual General Meeting, we are pleased to announce our committee for 2022. The Lighthouse Club Australia relies purely on volunteers and without these people (and our wider group of supporters) we couldn't do the work we do to help those in need! Thank you and congratulations to our elected committee. We also would like to say a HUGE thank you to Paul Roberts, the founder of Lighthouse Club Australia, for your tenure as President and your outstanding contribution to the charity. David Gibson, Nick Longley, Charlotte Hobbs, Yazeed Abdelhadi, Victor Ageev, Sadie Andrew & Alex McRoy are the new Committee for 2022.









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Branch report – Macau Australia

MACAU – the only branch to thrive during a pandemic! Macau has been very In these Pandemic times, cases and zero deaths lucky, recording only 82 d in early 2020. since the pandemic starte d 680,0 00 so acau has a popu lation of aroun hat easier. W hilst control of the vir us is somew cted, strict travel dai ly life has hardly been affe ng have meant we have been livi restrictions and quarantines o years. in a bubble for more than tw


ations where social However, contrary to other loc dent, Lighthouse Club Macau distancing has been ver y evi ng events and raising money has continued to thrive - holdi for our Benevolent Fund. month ly functions as well as During 2021 we held eleven nual Golf Day. Probably the the Annual Dinner and the An branches! most consistent of any of the

Branch Branch report report – Australia – Macau

So far this year, we held our firs t month ly function on 12 Januar y, sponsored by Circle Engineering Co Ltd, at Bar 51 in the Ritz Carlton Hotel. Th is was fol lowed by the Februa ry event held in the Sheraton Ho tel Club Lounge, sponsored by Altitech Group. We lin ked in with Altitech CEO Brendan Kendal in Sw itzerla nd and were able to watch a video loop of Altitech's amazi ng rope access maintenance activities. On 9 March we held the Lig hthouse Club Macau Annual General meeting fol lowed by our usual month ly gathering sponsored by Top Builders Group. The me eting was held at the Sheraton Club Lounge. The Management Committe e were elected as fol lows: Chairman - Keith Buckley General Secretary - Carlos Ta ng Treasurer - Irene Lei Membership Secretary - Glo ria Liu Events Secretary - Chris Chang Co-opted member - Brenda Choi Also elected were the Gener al Assembly Board - comprisin g Fernando Freitas - President , Wi lliam John Matthews – Vice President and Jul ia Herol d - Secretary. Finally, the Super visory Board comprising Forest Tang – President, Leonel Borges – Vice President and Ricardo Martins – Secretary, was als o elected.



Branch report – Macau

Connecting MACAU The fourth Macau - Taipa Bridge Geographically, the Macau SAR comprises the Macau Peninsula and the islands of Taipa and Coloane. Taipa and Coloane were connected by a 2.2km causeway, which opened in 1969. This causeway is now an inland roadway as the water either side of the original causeway has been reclaimed and the area is now known as Cotai (from COloane and TAIpa = COTAI)


he first bridge, the Governador Nobre de Carvalho Bridge, connecting the Macau Peninsula, was opened in 1974, having a length of 2.6km.

Twenty years later, in 1994 a second 4.7km long bridge, the Amizade (Friendship) Bridge was opened. Another bridge, the Sai Van Bridge was opened in 2004, having a length of 2.2km. Another bridge connecting Taipa to the adjacent PRC island of Hengqin was opened in 1999. It is interesting to see the engineering development of these bridges over a period of twenty years. Now, nearly fifty years later a fourth bridge is under construction and the engineering and construction shows further development since the original 1974 bridge. This bridge is being built east of the Amizade bridge and connects the land reclamation area Zone A, near the Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macao Bridge, with Zone E reclamation

area, near Taipa Ferry Terminal with slip roads at both ends connecting the two new development zones. Following a public tender in 2019, the Macau Government granted the Contract to a joint venture consisting of three construction companies in the amount of MOP5.27 billion to design and construct the fourth Macau-Taipa bridge. The joint venture consists of two China enterprises and a local construction company – China Civil Engineering Construction Corporation (CCECC), China Railway Construction Bridge Engineering Bureau Group Co. Ltd. and Omas Construction and Engineering Company Limited. Construction commenced on 26 March 2020. The bridge is designed for eight traffic lanes, of which three are vehicular lanes and one motorcycle lane in each direction, with a design speed limit of 80km per hour. The sea crossing of the bridge is about 2.8km long, which includes two navigation spans of 280m passing over the Exterior Harbour Fairway and Macau Fairway.

Branch report – Macau

The Project is under the management of GDI – the Macau Infrastructure Development office. The project management is undertaken by Ove Arup and Partners Hong Kong Limited and the construction supervision is jointly undertaken by Ove Arup and Partners Hong Kong Limited and Macau Professional Services Ltd. In addition, Quality Control is being undertaken by Civil Engineering Laboratory of Macau (LECM) and Institute for the Development and Quality (IDQ). The Contractor’s Designer for permanent works is TY Lin International Engineering Consulting (China) Co. Ltd. and the Independent Checking Engineer is PAL Asia Consult Ltd. The bridge foundation and substructure comprise large diameter bored piles, cast in-situ pile caps and bridge piers. The bridge deck structure is made of prefabricated steel box girder sections.

For the navigation spans, a steel truss box girder deck is adopted. To assist the construction at the shallow water area, temporary access bridges (comprising Bailey bridge trusses supported on steel pipe piles) are adopted. The project is targeted to be commissioned in 2024.



Branch report – Cambodia

Lighthouse Club changing lives as Golf Day drives construction industry CSR

Fifty-six keen golfers teed off at the Royal Phnom Penh Golf Club on 22 January for the 7th Lighthouse Club Annual Charity Golf Day, the centre-piece of the Cambodian construction sector’s CSR efforts.


our corporate sponsors – COVA Cambodia, Evermore International, Hongkong Land and Seara Sports Systems Cambodia – 14 gold sponsors and a large number of raffle prize sponsors all ensured the event was a huge success. The Lighthouse Club Cambodia reported “a record breaking event”, with all donated finances going towards driving the Kingdom’s construction sector through the support of local students, as well as continuing to assist workers and their families who have been impacted by constructionrelated accidents. Always looking to transform more lives, the Lighthouse Club provides education, with tuition and allowances, for the training of young Cambodians – helping dozens go on to enjoy rewarding careers in construction. “Sponsoring the Lighthouse Club allows COVA Cambodia to aid and support the industry in which we operate. Through providing education, we can ensure the next generation of construction workers are professionally trained and aptly qualified to complete work to the best possible level.

“The training and development of many Lighthouse Club students will have many benefits to the Kingdoms’ long term construction industry. By training a local work force, avenues to efficiency, quality and stability are opened up, allowing local Cambodians to thrive in an industry often dominated by international corporations. “At COVA, we also employ graduates from the Lighthouse Club to work in our offices. This is great for all parties involved as we can get students into the workplace to support our teams while also providing them with an income and further training,” said COVA Cambodia country leader Kerr Thomson. Since its inception, the principal aims of the Lighthouse Club’s branch in the Kingdom have been to support less well-off young Cambodians through education, help injured construction workers and promote good fellowship and cooperation among its members. And such goals have seen Cambodia’s premium glazing solution specialists Evermore International sponsor the charity golf event for the past three years. “The Lighthouse Annual Charity Golf Day is great way to promote the work the Lighthouse Club Cambodia does in the Kingdom. It’s also a fun day for serious and amateur golfers. “The support the Lighthouse Club Cambodia provides to

Branch report – Cambodia

students in the construction industry is helping to develop the next generation of leaders in the Kingdom’s construction industry – without the Lighthouse Club Cambodia, many of these students would be unable to complete their studies and achieve their dreams. . “The Lighthouse Club Cambodia also provides support to construction workers who have suffered accidents while working, helping to cover medical expenses and supporting their families while they are recovering,” said Evermore International managing director Brenden McNally. Formed in the UK in 1956, the Lighthouse Club has expanded to more than 30 branches across the world. The Phnom Penh branch was established in 2010 and now has more than 100 members, including leading regional property investment, management and development group Hongkong Land. “The work of the Lighthouse Club is very important to the Cambodian construction industry. The Annual Golf Day is a great way to support the Lighthouse Club by raising funds and awareness for the charity. Hongkong Land is pleased to be a part of these efforts. “Hongkong Land very much seeks to provide support to the communities in which we operate. In Cambodia we participate in a number of CSR activities. We hope to see Cambodia continue to open up during 2022, as we plan to launch some new CSR initiatives,” said Hongkong Land country manager James Padden. The Lighthouse Club’s efforts to “elevate standards in the industry” also saw leading fitness facility provider Seara Cambodia – which specialises in sports construction, as well as gym and fitness equipment supply and installation for private homes and commercial use – come on board this year as a corporate sponsor.

opportunities in the lives of construction workers and contributes towards the Kingdom’s overall development. “The charitable organisation has brought different companies together in good fellowship to strengthen the bond we share in contributing towards Cambodia’s growth and future while also helping elevate standards in the industry through their Golden Helmet Awards in promoting awareness on health and safety,” said Seara Cambodia country manager Anthony S Gaglardi. The Golden Helmet Awards event to be held later this year celebrate contractors whose companies have completed projects with zero accidents or incidents. Noting the huge importance of highlighting stringent safety practices and principles, the Lighthouse Club through the awards aim to encourage – among both contractors and clients – the belief that safety is not something to be forgotten and hidden, but rather something to be proud of. And Thomson said the Lighthouse Club’s commitment to education and safety to support the Kingdom’s construction sector and develop the highest standards is unyielding. “All of us in the Cambodian construction industry can never become complacent about safety and the value of a human life. “We will never stop focusing on continued education of the construction workforce, and never stop striving to make sure that every man and woman that goes to work on a construction site returns home safely to their family and loved ones that night. “The Lighthouse Club allows us to do just that, so our focus will be to continue to work in tandem with the club, supporting, employing and fundraising for many more years to come,” he said.

“The Lighthouse Club’s focus on supporting young Cambodians via vocational studies and providing financial aid where possible is remarkable because it helps to open so many First published on 31 January 2022 in The Phnom Penh Post, Kingdom of Cambodia.



Branch report – Hong Kong

Branch report – Hong Kong

Women in Construction Empowering Women Seminar by Ivy Kong On 29 November 2021, in Clyde & Co’s conference room in Wan Chai, Ms Ivy Kong, Chief Executive Officer of WSP (Asia) Limited, delivered to the Lighthouse Club Women In Construction (LHC WIC) a seminar entitled “Lead, Transform and Empower for Future”.


ue to the Covid-19, it has been a while since the LHC WIC held a face-to-face seminar and with the pandemic easing near the end of 2021 (unfortunately, it has become more severe again in 2022), WIC had the honour of Ivy’s support to share her experiences with our members. Ivy has been at the forefront of WSP since 2019 and is known for being a dynamic leader with a result driven approach. With her strong belief in empowering people and embracing new technology and innovation to be Future Ready, Ivy brings together over 3,200 experts in 12 WSP offices across Asia to harness the region’s unique opportunities and challenges through collaborative and innovative engineering solutions, fostering Asia’s sustainable growth. Ivy believes in challenging the status quo and being innovative in dealing with problems and providing solutions. Her aim of “Transforming our industry”, meaning transforming our traditional edge into something that could respond to today and also future needs. In engineering, she is looking for comprehensive, people-centric solutions, focusing on sustainability, liveability, wellbeing, thus better shaping people's lives. One example is WSP’s engineering solutions for the HA Supporting Service Centre. In light of an ageing population, the global pandemic etc, the demand on healthcare services has increased. WSP has introduced a smart and fully automated operation with the use of robotic arms, an intelligent conveyor belt system, automated guided vehicle (AGV) and smart laundry management system for unmanned operations. Ivy believes in supporting culture, creating a collaborative mode in resolving problems together with her colleagues. There is no need to especially focus on the gender differences as each member is unique and has their individual potential and strength. Successful empowerment collectively comes with a higher level of success. She trusts, coaches and motivates her sub-ordinates, allowing them to contribute to the engineering process.

The Q&A session was very well received, members were very enthusiastic and raised many interesting questions which really helped in engaging all participants and enhancing the interaction between members and the speaker. WIC hopes to be able to hold another face-to-face seminar very soon after the pandemic is under better control. Stay safe all! By Damithri Melagoda



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