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Rock Hill Reader: the Magazine


is the newest publication in Rock Hill that takes localism to the

We are actively growing our list

next level by featuring only

of subscribers and fans who are

those people, places, and

local residents of Rock Hill and

products from the area.

York County that enjoy living, working, shopping, and dining in

RHR the Magazine's mission is to

the area.

highlight Rock Hill's renaissance in digital format by providing

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The Rock Hill Reader landing page has had over 30,000 unique visitors.

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What makes us unique? Not every publication is equal. While Rock Hill has several "lite" options for periodicals, we saw the need for something more in-depth and more thoughtful that will bring new writing to the area in a publication that will be seen, read, appreciated, and talked about. Our goal is to become a unique, leading publication in the area of localism that benefits Rock Hill's residents, businesses, and organizations.

How? Glad you asked! All content is from local sources, just like our ads. This is where advertisers, sponsors, and supporters come in: from photos to writers, we seek to employ only local resources for our advertisers, sponsors, and supporters who have the opportunity to fill our pages with their brands.

na路tive ad路ver路tis路ing n. Native advertising is a form of paid media where the ad experience follows the natural form and function of the user experience in which it is placed.

Not only do we offer space for traditional ads (quarter-, half-, and full-page), RHR the Magazine will thrive on native advertising ads that double as quality content that includes links and videos. Our idea of native advertising offers an interactive narrative to our readers so they have a positive interaction with various brands.

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e l p m a s r e v o c

e l p m a s t r e v d a


How many readers

What about

do you have?


2,886: the number of times that

Deadlines are typically on the

our publication was served or

20th of each month.

shown on the Issuu network...and counting!

Can I send a pitch or article? Please do! While not all pitches or articles will be accepted, we will consider and respond to every

Can I or my business be featured on the cover?

submission. If any changes or improvements need to be made, we will work with you to make sure everything turns out beautifully.

Yes! As long as you are a local business owner or community member, we will certainly consider working with you to get

Can I send in my photos?

your image on the cover and discuss you, your product, or service within the pages of the magazine.

You can! You will retain the rights to any image you submit as well as get credit for the image. JPEG/PNG only.

The RHR has 3 opportunities for those who wish to advertise on our pages

Advertisers: Those who wish to advertise in the magazine pay to do so. Price depends on the type of ad.

Sponsors: Those who sponsor the magazine increase their brand awareness while helping us grow through giveaway contests of their services or products. Sponsorships can also include promotional pricing and promo codes exclusive to our subscribers or may sponsor an entire issue.

Supporters: Supporters of the magazine are those who we have a special relationship with. We love to feature recognizable Rock Hill images and icons of local organizations we are proud to be affiliated with. We trust that, like our advertisers and sponsors, our supporters will share our most recent issue with their mailing list subscribers and on their social media.

While none of this is set in stone, we allow any business or organization to become an advertiser or sponsor but reserve the role of supporter to nonprofits and growing ventures that may not have much capital.

No matter what, we highly encourage you to contact us today and we would be happy to work something out that benefits all involved!

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Will my company

What file types do

have competition?

you accept?

Sometimes there are competing

For any written content, we

ads in publications from

accept Word docs shared as an

different companies that offer

attachment via email to

the same or similar service or

product. We will do everything we can not to have a conflict

Acceptable formats for ads are

within an issue. If a concern

JPEG or PNG images and should

should arise, we will contact you

be publication ready. The

promptly and work out a

submission must be clear and


represent your brand accurately with correct contact information.

What will my ad feature?

rock hill reader [ the magazine ]

Your ad will feature your brand's logo and contact information as well as any other graphics and photos you include. If you want a clickable ad, please provide us with a link to the page you want readers to go to.

Who is behind this

Contact us to learn


more today

The original team behind the Rock

Please send all inquires to

Hill Reader is the same pair and

working to create Rock Hill Reader

we will be happy to answer any

the Magazine.

questions and fulfill any requests you may have.

Rebecca Sutton: As the founder of the Rock Hill Reader, Rebecca is responsible for most aspects of the website and magazine. Her hope is to grow RHR into a publication that will be seen, read,

Thank you,

Rebecca Sutton

appreciated, and talked about all over Rock Hill and York County.

You can email her at:

The Southern Food Junkie: Ronnie Williams is an experienced food blogger from SC that does food/beverage reviews, restaurant reviews, and writes recipes.

You can contact Ronnie here:

His website is:

Rebecca Sutton,

Ronnie Williams,



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