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Recovery Community Reaches Out Coping Skills: Deal Or No Deal? Recovery: One Size Does Not Fit All

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Rockers in Recovery Magazine


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Reaches Out By Carol Harblin


here are we without a community? A community is what helps shape who we are and gives us values and helps strengthen our beliefs. Merriam-Webster defines “Community” as: an interacting population of various kinds of individuals (as species) in a common location. Rockers In Recovery (RIR) is a community of dedicated people who live drug-free with a shared common goal of spreading hope and enlightenment across the country – even worldwide. RIR is an incorporated, non-profit organization with the sole mission to provide support and funding for musicians and anyone else who suffers with any addiction. The goal is to educate and support people about addiction, as well as the forms of treatment for those who cannot afford it.

RIR encourages interaction and mutual support with its donors and sponsors to achieve meaningful and effective communication. RIR strives for consistent mutual support with their sponsors and supporters. Communication between the RIR organization and their sponsors and supporters is held high in regard. The essence of Rockers In Recovery is a pro-active, positive, drug-free community reaching people anywhere. RIR is a drugfree organization where people can have fun without using drugs and alcohol. RIR may be drug-free, but it is not affiliated with any 12-step group. Just in the past few months, Rockers In Recovery has teamed up on a community level to help a part of NYC that was devastated from Hurricane Sandy. In addition to a benefit concert, RIR did another community event at a local Connecticut school to benefit a street-level non-profit business. The last venue RIR put together was a benefit for the Special Olympics of South Florida and the Sheriff's Foundation of Broward County in March 2013.

rir all-star band: (l to r) mark stein, libery devitto, christine ohlman, ricky byrd,

kasim sulton, richie supa


Rockers in Recovery Magazine

Recovery is not only about helping yourself; it is about who you can help as well. When Hurricane Sandy struck NYC, people didn’t only just help themselves, but


also recovery efforts came far and wide from many people – that is the soul of recovery, to help other people and pay it forward. Recovery is having the power to get your life back by letting go to the aspects of life to a higher power. By relinquishing control to the things we cannot change, we realize there is more fulfillment and empowerment when we ask for help and return it by helping others in ways we can.

Rockers in recovery founder, john hollis (2nd from left), with members of the rir all-star band.

Rockers In Recovery holds a series of events and concerts each year known as the Rockers In Recovery Live Concert Series, which combines the RIR All-Star Band with other top notch musicians who are also on the path of recovery as well. Not only is there a common thread of recovery shared among the musicians, but also the commonality of having a good time sharing and singing songs through the night in a drug and alcohol-free zone. RIR also invites other musicians who are either in recovery or support recovery to help spread the message of hope through music. The most important message that RIR conveys is that having fun is completely doable and possible when you combine treatment and education, because all you need is 100% mutual support of each other. Support is not a one-way street. If you want proof that people can have fun without alcohol and drugs, watch the incredible RIR All-Star Band and guests in action at the next concert. Their energy redefines the words enthusiastic and lively. The members of the RIR All-Star Band include, Ricky Byrd (Joan Jett and the Blackhearts), Liberty DeVitto (Billy Joel), Richie Supa (Aerosmith), Kasim Sulton (Blue Oyster Cult and Todd Rundgren), Christine Ohlman (Saturday Night Live Band), and Mark Stein (Vanilla Fudge).

Each of these energetic musicians brings not only 100% but gives an extra 100% when supporting any causes or events. The musicians who have been special guests of RIR events who have shown support of the recovery lifestyle are: Simon Kirke and Ian Hunter (Bad Co.), Michael Des Barres, Billy J. Kramer, and LaLa Brooks (The Crystals), Handsome Dick Manitoba (The Dictators, Little Steven’s Underground Garage), Gene Cornish (The Rascals), Peppy Castro (Blue Magoo’s), Mark Bosch (Ian Hunter Rant Band, Garland Jeffries), Ross the Boss (The Dictators), Joe Hurley (Joe Hurley and The Gents, Keith Richards’ LIFE), Arno Hecht and Larry Etkin (Uptown Horns), Adam Roth (Billy J. Kramer), Marge Raymond (singer/songwriter/actress), Christine Ohlman (Saturday Night Live Band), Mark Stein (Vanilla Fudge), Jeff Kazee (Southside Johnny, Bon Jovi), Chris Anderson, Neal Pawley and Muddy Shews. The online radio station (RIRconcerts. com/radio-station) broadcasts music, interviews, reviews and news coverage of addiction recovery as well as other topics to over 20,000 listeners monthly and over 75,000 readers of the Rockers In Recovery Magazine. John Hollis, creator and founder of Rockers In Recovery, is incredibly humbled and grateful to the many people who have supported and followed them over the years and continues to be inspired by the energy of the people. «



Rockers in Recovery Magazine



Liberty DeVitto and The of Rock

Slim Kings

there is more to life than alcohol and drugs and we can all have more fun sober.”

By Carol Harblin


iberty DeVitto has been associated with Billy Joel’s band for over 30 years, and today he is still marching to the beat of his own drums with the new band The Slim Kings as well as the RIR All-Star Band. The music industry is not unlike the Hollywood limelight in that the more drugs and alcohol people do, the more popular they become. Why does the media praise and reinforce negative behaviors with more publicity? Everything shifts and changes and it is about time people are praised and portrayed for the good that they do in a sober lifestyle.

When he is not drumming with RIR, DeVitto is drumming for the new band The Slim Kings, who have already released an album in late 2012 titled, Fresh Socks and a justreleased album this April titled, Dirty Socks. The song “Hurt Myself” from Fresh Socks is in a yet-to-be released movie, Horn, starring Daniel Radcliffe. Mr. DeVitto shares a spotlight with his daughter Torrey DeVitto. His daughter is an actress in the popular show, Army Wives, where another of The Slim Kings songs is played, “Wandering Eye,” off the album, Fresh Socks. Thanks to MySpace, Facebook and Billy Joel, the members of The Slim Kings got together. The Slim Kings members are Michael Sackler-Berner (guitar/ vocals), Henry Geller (guitar), Andy Attanasio (Bass), and of course Liberty DeVitto on his drums.

Slim Kings songs have already hit the airwaves nationally, from WERU in Maine to KBAC in Albuquerque, New Mexico. Where can we see this amazing fresh band? Coming this summer to a venue near you, The Slim Kings are scheduled to perform on July 2nd at Stephen Talkhouse at the Hamptons, July 18th in Manhattan The Slim Kings at 78 Degrees, August 9th in Philadelphia at Dave and Busters Dockside, “When you become sober in this industry and August 10th in Holly Stock, New Jersey people fall off the radar but in RIR we are at Holly Stock. all cut from the same cloth and have the same sober journey,” said Liberty DeVitto, Some songs to listen to from the Dirty drummer of RIR All-Star Band, “RIR shows Socks album are “Someone I Can’t Stand,” 10

Rockers in Recovery Magazine


and “Fine Line.” "Fine Line" is a song about how we are all on the brink of life and death and yet we all feel invincible. We all can relate to this song because at one point or another we have all felt invincible. One of Mr. DeVitto’s favorite songs is “My Waterloo,” off of the Dirty Socks album.

world of musicians where creating and playing music in sobriety proves to be more stimulating and energetic. The Fresh Socks and Dirty Socks albums can be found on iTunes and Amazon. «

Mr. DeVitto’s energy is unstoppable and is not to be missed. He is one of the many positive testimonials from the recovery



Recovery: One Size Does Not

Fit All

By sunrise detox


t should not hurt to heal. To be in recovery is to live with a renewed sense of awareness regarding your own self. True recovery is not just abstaining from your addiction of choice, but to become aware of the positive coping strategies in addition to dealing with past issues. What does holistic mean? Holistic is defined as helping and caring for an individual by assessing and addressing the whole body and not solely at the symptom. Sunrise Detox centers look to help people through the detoxification process in a calm environment according to the person’s unique needs. There are no guarantees in life except one thing, that there are no two people the alike – with that in mind, Sunrise Detox center's goal is “one size doesn’t fit all.” When we think of the detoxification process from drugs and alcohol we shudder and grimace. The detoxification process is not the most fun experience to endure, but it does not have to be an uncomfortable and dreaded experience either. Detoxification is a very serious medical process, but it does not have to be considered scary and disturbing. “One of the things that makes us different is we are not a cookie-cutter detox center,” said Ira Levy, National Marketing Director at Sunrise Detox, “We look to help people based on their individual needs and case.” In the past, the detoxification process had been either in locked units of psychiatric 12

floors or in the sterile environment of medical-surgical floors of the hospital. We stereotypically think of people shaking and sweating during the detox process. This is not so at Sunrise Detox, as it goes against the center's philosophy. At day one at Sunrise Detox, the person is started on a lower dose medication to ease the symptoms of withdrawal and properly weaned off that medication by the end of the week. According to Mr. Levy, the primary goals of Sunrise Detox are to “Stabilize, educate, and motivate.”

During the detoxification period at Sunrise Detox, there are group sessions with therapists and other modes of relaxation techniques to help the process. One mode that is used is upper body massage which aids the body and its organs through the process. Sunrise Detox is considering other relaxation techniques such as the use of light and sound, reiki, and even meditation. At Sunrise Detox, there is a full staff of doctors, nurses, and therapists but the atmosphere is free of the clinical feel of most facilities. Where do people go after their week-long detoxification process at Sunrise Detox? Everyone is different and everyone’s process is unique, the therapists and doctors discharge the person to a treatment facility that suits the person’s lifestyle needs. Sunrise Detox is a residential center that gears toward a relaxed home-like setting and is the phase of the treatment program. After the detoxification process,

Rockers in Recovery Magazine


the person is discharged to the next phase of rehabilitation and the real work commences. Sunrise Detox centers are located in Lake Worth and Fort Lauderdale, Florida as well as in Stirling, New Jersey. The average length of stay is about 5 to 6 days, depending on the person. The facility is designed to be more home-like and residential instead of the generic clinical setting. The Sunrise Detox center in Lake Worth, Florida has been in business for 9 years, Stirling, New Jersey has been open for 4 years, and the center in Fort Lauderdale has been open since September 2012. There are projections for other centers in

southern New Jersey over time. Proper nutrition is essential to healing and recovery from any ailment. The last thing people desire is hospital food. When people think about hospital food they have no positive words to describe it, and is almost equivalent to prison food. At Sunrise Detox, the food is prepared fresh by certified chefs and is made with the quality taste and style of a restaurant – not like a facility. For further information and pictures of the facility, please visit the website for Sunrise Detox at 



Rockers in Recovery Magazine



Songs of

Change, Voice of Hope:

Elizabeth Edwards meanings for her. It is only when letting go that we succeed and follow through with our goals and dreams.

By Carol Harblin


ockers In Recovery uncovered yet another diamond in the music and recovery mine – Elizabeth Edwards. Songwriting and singing has been part of her since she was a child. Music has always been a gift to her and she enjoys sharing her craft and its messages that go hand in hand. She is a voice to listen for in upcoming Rockers In Recovery concerts. She also has a new album titled, House of Mirrors, that is predicted to release Spring of 2013. Recovery is the process by which people regain their lives and fulfill their soul’s purpose again; when people no longer feel lost. Ms. Edwards’s songs have a catchy rhythm and melody that can fall into the Country Americana genre. The messages of her songs all give support and inspiration of recovery. Ms. Edwards describes her music as the flip side of the addiction problem, “There are a lot of songs in the industry that talk about the addictive story but few that address the solution and the recovery aspect of addiction.” Ms. Edwards holds 26 inspirational years in recovery and each day she fulfills her dreams and her heart’s desire by writing songs and singing. One song called, “Surrender to Win,” is a message about learning to let go. It is also her breakthrough song that got her recognized within the recovery community. It is a special song that holds several 16

“Giving the gift of inspiration in a song that touches people’s hearts and helps them through the day is an amazing gift indeed,” said Ms. Edwards. Since high school, Ms. Edwards holds a special teacher in her heart for giving confidence to raise her voice. John Larrieu was her music teacher who made a difference in her life and carried his words with her through life like a talisman. Since her recovery, she has opened for many shows, including Dan Fogelberg. It was their connection in song that inspired him to open for him. There are many inspirational people who have supported her life’s process and journey. Comedian Mark Lundholm is best known for his 12-Step comedy. Ms. Edwards has shared the spotlight with Mr. Lundholm many times over the years. She explained their professional relationship as encouraging and supportive. They both understand and recognize each other’s talents and the healing power of music and comedy together. “People need to be encouraged – Recovery can be challenging and with the support of people along with music, life is much more tolerable,” Ms. Edwards talks about recovery and working with RIR, “Rockers In Recovery is gaining momentum and it is thrilling to work along side these accomplished musicians who embrace recovery and we are sharing this opportunity to entertain audiences.”

Rockers in Recovery Magazine


Just as the RIR All-Star Band have each other as they play from one venue to another, Mr. Lundholm and Ms. Edwards have each other’s positive support as well. It is extremely important to have encouraging and optimistic support in the music and entertainment industry for better growth and survival. We can anticipate seeing more of Ms. Edwards this March for the Rockers In Recovery concert at Revolution Live on March 22, 2013, in Fort Lauderdale, Florida and other future events, in addition to her other performances. For more information on Elizabeth Edwards, go to 






By Clearbrook Treatment Centers


ince 1972, Clearbrook Treatment Centers, 501(c)(3), a not for profit organization located in WilkesBarre, Pennsylvania, has been providing effective treatment programs for adults and adolescents who suffer from alcoholism and/or chemical dependency. Clearbrook's rehabilitation program, or more commonly known as drug rehab, is based upon the belief that alcoholism and chemical dependency is a primary disease and that the suffering addict and his or her family members deserve immediate help. Our residential inpatient treatment program is focused on helping clients reach sobriety; utilize the 12-step programs of Alcoholics Anonymous and Narcotics Anonymous; and begin a new lifestyle that is chemical free. The steps of these programs become an integral part of the patient community’s daily activities and efforts. Clearbrook Treatment Centers specializes in treating addictions with such substances such as

alcohol, heroin, cocaine, prescription drugs and many others. The mission of Clearbrook Treatment Center's rehabilitation programs is to help the alcohol/drug dependent person achieve two long-term goals: abstinence from all mood altering chemicals and an improved lifestyle. The final realization of these long-term goals is a lifelong pursuit and the rehabilitation program is viewed as only the beginning of what must be a continued effort to maintain the lifestyle conducive to remain free from all mood-altering chemicals. Our patients and their families are our most valuable resource. We are dedicated to act on their behalf and to always advocate for their best interests. We must therefore adhere to the position of never compromising patient care for staff convenience or corporate profit. We believe in putting patients first. We believe that an unyielding commitment to excellence and to cost effective healthcare will eventually ensure the success of all our patient-focused programs. Our second most valuable resource is our staff. We value highly our long-term commitment to continued staff growth and development. Clearbrook believes that by continuously emphasizing staff training we enhance that which our staff seek to provide and that which our patients desire and deserve; quality of services, life and sobriety.

clearbrook provides the path to sobriety 18

We are committed to excellence in the delivery of patient care and to the therapeutic attractiveness and physical safety of our facilities. Our new residential and detox facility provides a comfortable and peaceful atmosphere for those beginning their

Rockers in Recovery Magazine


journey of recovery. The 26,000 square foot facility provides quality care to those afflicted by the disease of addiction. We are located only a two hour drive from New York City, a two hour drive from Philadelphia and one hour drive from Central New Jersey. Clearbrook is easily accessible from anywhere in the Northeast. Clearbrook is accredited by the Joint Commission on Accreditation of Health Care Organizations. ÂŤ

clearbrook manor adult care





March 2012














Featured Artis








Featured Artist:





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Spotlight on

Richie Supa By RichieSupa.Com

He also co-wrote “Back on Earth” for Ozzy Osbourne.


Richie’s career was launched via the legendary Long Island band, The Rich Kids, who were signed by Clive Davis to Columbia Records. Richie also went on to a career on Broadway where he had the lead role in the hit musical Hair. He became a household name in the Northeast, which helped to launch his now 30-plus year career.

ichard “Richie” Supa (born Richard Goodman in Massapequa, New York) is an American songwriter and guitarist best known for his work with Aerosmith and Richie Sambora. Richard Supa released several albums under his own name, including Supa’s Jamboree (1971, Paramount 6009), Homespun (197?), Lifelines (1976, Epic PE34277) and Tall Tales (1978, Polydor PD-1-6155). Richard’s song “Stone County Wanted Man”, which appeared on the Supa’s Jamboree album, was recorded by Johnny Winter for his Saints and Sinners album.

Artists who have cut his songs reads like a Who’s Who of the music industry, with over 50 million records sold. Richie’s songs have appeared in Disney movies, feature films and on network television, including the hit show, Melrose Place. Richie co-wrote with Richie Sambora on his most recent solo album and tours with Sambora on his solo project. He currently makes Nashville his home away from home working with some of the best writers in town, bringing his rock and blues edge to the modern Nashville sound.

A longtime friend of Aerosmith, he has made a number of musical contributions to the band and has offered moral support. He temporarily replaced Joe Perry when he left the band in 1979 until a replacement was found. Additionally, richie supa he helped co-write several Richie collaborates with hit songs, including the hits song writers such as Brett “Chip Away the Stone” (1978), “Lightning James, Dave Berg Stephony Smith, Keith Strikes” (1982), “Amazing” (1993), and Follese, Big Kenny of Big and Rich and Shelly “Pink” (1997), among others. Fairchild. Richie’s love for music keeps him writing and producing in the studio whether Supa co-wrote most of the songs on Bon it’s rock, pop, or country. Jovi guitarist Richie Sambora’s second solo album, Undiscovered Soul. He also wrote the He keeps his skills honed by busily playing song “Misery” for the album Missundaztood his hits live at songwriter events all over the by Pink, on which Aerosmith’s singer Steve country, along with his passion for helping Tyler and Richie Sambora collaborated and with charities involved with children. « co-wrote the song “My Interpretation” from Mika‘s debut album Life in Cartoon Motion. 20

Rockers in Recovery Magazine



Ask Leah:

Coping Skills...

Deal Or No Deal? are already addicted once we realize they are not the way to solve our problems or manage our stress.

By Leah Gastanaga


hat are your coping skills? If you don’t know, it may be time to pick up that toolbox and read this! Coping skills are the way you manage your internal and external environment in response to whatever is stressing you. The way you deal with your stuff! There have been hundreds of defined coping strategies. There are positive coping strategies that reduce stress and then there are what are called maladaptive coping strategies in which you are actually increasing your stress levels. Maladaptive coping is noncoping. Guess which category addiction falls into? Maladaptive. Many studies have shown that a large percentage of addicts did not learn coping skills in childhood. How do you cope with stressful situations? How were you taught to cope? Do you feel that these are healthy ways? Are they promoting your highest good? Ask yourself these questions. Addicts must take a good look at their coping skills and assess them. Developing good coping skills and the awareness of your old patterns is key in your recovery. If you do not have good coping skills, it is easy to keep using and easy to relapse. A an addict wants to feel numb, or to feel happy and high, and without coping skills, drugs and alcohol will seem like the only solution. When you get clean, you must admit you are powerless over the drugs, yes, but you must also trade in those coping skills for new ones. Drugs and alcohol turn out to be big lies in many ways, and unfortunately, we 22

Treatment is helpful because you are offered therapies such as cognitive behavioral therapy and various therapies that help you reframe your thinking and learn new strategies for dealing with many issues, hence you will learn new coping skills. Cognitive behavioral therapy, for example, helps individuals learn the actual thought processes and feelings that influence your reactions and behaviors. Healthy coping skills are the foundation for a solid recovery and one of the keys to avoiding relapse. Some additional questions to ask yourself, “What is causing you chronic stress?" Ask yourself, “Is this (fill in the blank) promoting my highest good or causing me to exercise (the you know what out of) my coping skills?" You want to make sure your life is not filled with emotional triggers in any case. Emotional sobriety is paramount. In recovery, we are supposed to grow and learn and become aware of what is good for us, what harms us, and then set the boundaries accordingly. At the end of the day, it’s great to have these coping skills if you need them, as we all have stressors in life, but don’t fill your life with stress! You are given new tools in recovery. Some of those tools are coping skills and the ability to be aware of the thoughts or the situations that make provoke them. Often, you can prevent yourself from certain situations, but more importantly you do have power over your thoughts. Before you even get to the coping skills- this knowledge of this power is key. It is imperative that

Rockers in Recovery Magazine


you gain awareness of your thoughts and thought processes. This is helpful in both keeping you out of situations that may require coping skills and in developing new coping skills.

perfect. Money comes and goes, we suffer the losses of loved ones; we change careers, and endure many big losses, transitions, and stressors. We do not turn to drugs or

Healthy coping skills include exercise, practicing a hobby, meditation, and journaling, practicing spiritual behaviors, positive reappraisal, and addressing cognitive distortion. Positive reappraisal is it sounds like; look at the situation and reframe it, look at the positives. To address a cognitive distortion, you must be aware it is distorted, of course! Look at some beliefs or thought patterns that do not make sense and/or may meditation is a healthy coping skill that can reduce stress. be irrational and challenge them. Ideally, using a combination of these various coping skills may work for some. For alcohol anymore to cope with these losses. example, meditating before addressing a We use our newly honed coping skills. Each cognitive distortion. time we do this, we get a little stronger and realize we are stronger and life is about Life gets better in recovery but it is not thriving and coping - not doping. ÂŤ



DIRECTORY American Addiction Centers American Addiction Centers is unlike any other approach to addiction recovery. Through our relationships with the nation’s premier treatment facilities and addiction professionals across the country, we make the arrangements and handle the details so our clients can focus on one thing – their recovery. Miami Subs Grill We are excited to be celebrating 20 years of success. Originators of the fast casual restaurant concept in 1988, today we are still Florida’s Largest Regional Grill Chain featuring the World’s Best Philly Cheese Steak Sandwiches (The Official Philly Cheese Steak of the Florida Panthers), the freshest salads, wings, burgers, gyros and many more delicious meals and scrumptious desserts sure to please both palate and wallet. Bechert & Associates South Florida Attorney Charles H. Bechert of Bechert & Associates which is a dedicated full-service law firm that thrives on providing superior legal representation for individuals and businesses alike. 1st Step Sober House Our staff is experienced and dedicated to changing the lives of 1000’s of people with addictions. Our years of experience in recovery gives a structure that no other sober house can offer. Come by our office and meet with our staff about helping you, a friend or a family member get the recovery they need. Sumber Inc. Sumber Construction Sumber Inc. Sumber Construction is dedicated to managing all of your home improvement and property remodeling needs. We offer general repair work, electrical, drywall repair, water damage restoration, plumbing, carpentry, painting, masonry and many more. Sound Pillow Many folks in early addiction recovery suffer from stress, anxiety, and fear causing long, sleepless nights. Sound Pillow helps sufferers through these periods of unease and restlessness to reach a state of relaxation and achieve the rejuvenating effects of a good night’s sleep. Alcoholics Anonymous Alcoholics Anonymous® is a fellowship of men and women who share their experience, strength and hope with each other that they may solve their common problem and help others to recover from alcoholism. The only requirement for membership is a desire to stop drinking. There are no dues or fees for AA membership; we are self-supporting through our own contributions. AA is not allied with any sect, denomination, politics, organization or institution; does not wish to engage in any controversy, neither endorses nor opposes any causes. Our primary purpose is to stay sober and help other alcoholics to achieve sobriety.


All Florida Bail Bonds Inc. We at All Florida Bail Bonds Inc. understand addiction and the help that is needed for the addicted person to get treatment and to have a true shot of doing something different with their lives. A bondsmen is often the first person to help with such action. All Florida Bail Bonds Inc. Bail Bonds, private investigations, notary-on site and mobile, security-high and low threat, and fugitive recovery. Destination Hope Destination Hope’s singular focus is to provide the highest caliber addiction treatment available for substance abuse and dual diagnosis in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. Holistic Healing Center The Holistic Healing Center offers services that promote total body wellness. Our services are performed in a friendly, caring and professional manner in order to bring about optimal health and healing. For body detoxification, we offer Colon Hydrotherapy and the Ion Cleanse, Mild Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy, Hair Analysis and Heavy Metal Detox programs as well as individualized all-inclusinve BioNutritional programs that address Heavy Metal Toxicity as well as nutrient imbalances. Holistic Lifestyles Radio Network Holistic Lifestyles Radio Network and Rockers In Recovery Network has been live on the air in South Florida 24 hours a day 7 days per week since January 2008. The networks are dedicated to producing many interviews, informational blogs, live video and audio broadcasts in the music industry, concerts production, festivals, events, sporting events, sport and celebrity interviews with many lively topics. Holistic Treatment Center for Drugs and Alcohol G & G Holistic Addiction Treatment Program is located in North Miami Beach, Florida. Surrounded by the warmth of the sun and lush tropical breezes clients come to escape from the clutches of the disease of addiction. In The Rooms In The Rooms Addiction Social Network's purpose is to help people with drug addiction, alcoholism, prescription drug addiction, pain killer addiction and more. Jacko’s Complete Automotive Handling necessary automotive repair today means a better-performing vehicle down the road. 1141 W. McNab Road, Pompano Beach, FL, 954-330-7672. Kayos Productions Kayos Productions is a full-service music company offering a wide spectrum of services imperative to success in today’s music business. Based in downtown New York City, Kayos Productions is a boutique agency spearheaded by seasoned music industry executive Carol Kaye. Kayos is a hub for services including public relations, marketing and consulting.Having implemented effective PR campaigns for such iconic artists as KISS, Aerosmith, Ted Nugent, Paul McCartney, Queen, AC/DC, Alice Cooper, The Eagles, The Ramones, Blondie and many others. Narcotics Anonymous If you’re planning to go to a Narcotics Anonymous meeting for the first time, it might be nice to know what to expect.

Rockers in Recovery Magazine

DIRECTORY The information in this section is meant to give you an understanding of what happens in our meetings. The words we use and the way we act might be unfamiliar to you at first, but hopefully this information can help you get the most out of your first NA meeting. If you show up early, leave late, and ask lots of questions before and after the meeting, you’ll probably get the most out of every meeting you attend. Noah’s Ark Sanctuary Non-Profit Animal Rescue Pet Boutique and Cat Adoptions Parent Partners: Making an Impact. Kim Manlove and Ginger Katz, Parent Partners of The Partnership for a Drug-Free America, share their personal stories of loss: Manlove’s son David was 18 years old when he died in an inhalant-related accident; Katz’s 21-year-old son, Ian, died of a heroin overdose. Rockers In Recovery Network Come join our Social Network Website that is geared towards the support of Rockers who are in Recovery or support Recovery and music lovers who are in Recovery.

Rockers In Recovery Social Network, an online place for Rockers In Recovery radio show which is dedicated to music, news, interviews, events, and festivals taking place in the rock and roll industry in the world of fans, bands,listeners or musicians who are in 12 Step recovery or support 12 Step recovery. Rockers In Recovery, having our own social network website gives us the ability of streaming our Rockers In Recovery radio show 24/7. We also can stream video and audio of all of our live concert productions and live events right to the Rockers In Sober Nation. Visions I Design Visions I Design Network has been live on the air in south Florida 24 hours a day 7 days per week since January 2008. The networks are dedicated to producing many interviews, informational blogs and live video and audio broadcasts in the music industry, concerts production, festivals events, sporting events, sport and celebrity interviews with many lively topics.



Rockers in Recovery Magazine



Rockers in Recovery Magazine

RIR Magazine - Liberty Devitto and the Slim Kings  

Rockers In Recovery Magazine Features : Liberty Devitto and the Slim Kings, Clearbrook Treatment Center (501C3), and much more like Ask Leah...

RIR Magazine - Liberty Devitto and the Slim Kings  

Rockers In Recovery Magazine Features : Liberty Devitto and the Slim Kings, Clearbrook Treatment Center (501C3), and much more like Ask Leah...