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February 2016

Rockers in recovery FREE music & art festival

"LOVE OF RECovery" February 13, 11am-11pm

CB Smith Park - 900 N Flamingo Road, Pembroke Pines, Florida (Details on back page.)



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Rockers in Recovery Magazine




Rockers in Recovery Magazine




The Florida Association of Recovery Residences (FARR) Level III:

By farr


ARR does not offer a rating scale that measures the efficacy or valuation of any individual certified residence. Our mission is to ensure the availability of housing that is: 1. Safe and dignified 2. Alcohol and drug free 3. A peer supportive environment 4. A good neighbor and responsible citizen FARR recognizes four distinct support levels under the singular term Recovery Residence. One level is not better or more advanced than the others, but instead offers a unique service structure most appropriate for a particular resident. Level I: Oxford House is the most successful model for a Level I Recovery Residence. Democratically run; this level is not a “business model”. Persons in recovery live together and cover the housing expenses jointly.

24/7/365 staffed program providing a high degree of structure for persons early in recovery. Frequently, residents of a Level III program concurrently attend outside clinical and therapeutic services offered by independent providers. No licensable, clinical services are provided by the Level III operator. Level IV: These programs incorporate the medical model (clinical services) into the social model (peer support). Typically, they are licensed under rule by DCF as Residential 3, 4 or 5 programs. Substance abuse treatment is scheduled at a properly zoned site and residents live in residential neighborhoods when not engaged in clinical services. Often, this level is referred to as “The Florida Model." To learn more about FARR Standards, please visit our website at «

Level II: Operated by a landlord who typically compensates, through rent reduction, a senior resident to monitor resident adherence to a set of house rules. Only persons in recovery are permitted to reside in a Level II residence and agree at intake to random/for-cause drug screenings. Residents are responsible for structuring their own recovery related activities. 8

Rockers in Recovery Magazine





Rockers in Recovery Magazine




Rockin’ Roll and Recovery Come Together In The Palm Beaches

By Archstone Recovery


rchstone Recovery Center of the Palm Beaches is proud to recognize and support Rockers In Recovery. Their goal is to provide education and support about addiction, as well as, drug and alcohol rehab treatment options to different communities across the United States. Rockers In Recovery (RIR) is an organization with the sole mission of providing prevention and education to anyone who suffers with drug addiction and/or alcoholism. Most importantly the message of “Rockers In Recovery” is that addiction prevention and awareness mixed with “HAVING FUN” in recovery is indeed possible!! How they do this, is through several concert and festival fund-raisers per year known as “Rockers In Recovery Festival/ Concerts”. Archstone Recovery Center understands that with education comes better choices and education provides power. It is one of the things that first drew us to RIR. They provide fun events that allow people to enjoy themselves while they provide valuable recovery information. The decision to seek help and commit to treatment is a difficult one for many people. “Can I do it?”, Will it last?”, “Will my family support me?”, “Where should I go for treatment?”, these and many more questions run through the mind. 12

“How do I decide now is the time?” The answer everyone seeks, can only be answered by you. The more information you possess about credible and ethical treatment facilities you have, the better decision you will make. This is the kind of information that RIR provides. Archstone Recovery Center is proud to have served the recovering community for over 14 years with dedicated, educated and credentialed staff to meet your every need, to guide you through YOUR process and to help you regain your life when you complete your treatment. At Archstone Recovery Center, we treat the whole person, not just the disease of addiction, and that treatment occurs in a beautiful and serene environment. We are licensed by the State of Florida and

CA R F Accredited for every level of care from Detox through Outpatient Services. Our admissions coordinators will guide you through the process, inform you what you will need, and aide you in deciding if you are ready to commit to the treatment process. Feel free to call us anytime for suggestions on how to start your journey to a clean and sober life. See our ad on page 3.

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Atlantic Biotech By Atlantic biotech


e all know that for this industry every decision should be made with the patient in mind the entire time. For facilities and laboratories alike, the patient and his or her care should be the focus. We also know that all too often it is the patients that are lost in many backroom and sideline deals, all in an effort to drum up additional money.

The Need Atlantic Biotech was formed with one goal in mind; the patient. Our goal is to provide accurate and timely results so that the physician can make an informed decision. We use the latest technology in LC/MS/MS to ensure that results are accurate, each and every time. We customize our panels to suit your needs, not the other way around. You know your patients best, so you know what they should be tested for on an ongoing basis. Prescriptions must be monitored heavily for the sake of the client as well as the Physician. Potential addiction, illegal drug sales, and even other health issues that can easily stem from taking too much of a medication, or even the wrong medication period, can all be prevented if the proper program is utilized. Many facilities don't care or don't pay attention to the accuracy of drug confirmation results, but we do.

happy to answer any questions or address any concerns, should they arise. Atlantic Biotech’s clients can speak directly to the decision makers at any time for any reason. Our management team consists of individuals with extensive knowledge of multiple departments throughout the laboratory. They are knowledgeable, approachable and will take the time to communicate and explain resolving any issues for our clients.

Compliance The government is cracking down on clinics/treatment centers to ensure they are operating according to specific rules and regulations. Physicians want to feel more confident that their reputations will be upheld and their clients' health will be protected according to government's standards. Since state regulations and standards should also be the same high standards of every physician, they must choose toxicology laboratories wisely. You can't believe everything you hear, so conduct your research thoroughly and ask questions. We’re not guessing what the law requires; we’re informed by some of the best attorney’s in the industry. We make sure that we’re not violating the law because we don’t want to put your facility or the patient at risk. You have enough on your mind and you don’t need to wonder about the compliance of your laboratory. See our ad on page 15.

The Team Should your facility or physician have any questions regarding test results, we are 14

Rockers in Recovery Magazine




Behavioral Health of the Palm Beaches

By Behavioral health


eciding where to seek recovery from your addiction or mental disorder is one of the most important decisions you will ever make. Too many patients choose facilities that are ill-equipped to deal with their complex needs, and they unnecessarily relapse due to a hasty or uninformed decision. Behavioral Health of the Palm Beaches has the resources and experience to provide expert treatment to a wide range of patients, and has spent nearly 20 years helping people recover from addiction and mental illness. We have continuously expanded our treatment options to offer patients the best possible chance of recovery, positive mental health and the quality of life they deserve. We develop our treatment programs using evidence-based best practices, utilizing treatment improvement measures based on the skills and experience of industry professionals, and guidelines established by SAMHSA’s Center for Substance Abuse Treatment. Through extensive clinical research and evidence-based best practices, Behavioral Health of the


Palm Beaches continues to offer more advanced addiction care and mental health treatment options to patients from all over the country. We also offer a treatment program that focuses on the therapeutic power of music. Anyone who has ever had a favorite song, or felt moved by a musical performance can attest first-hand to the therapeutic properties of music. A song has the power to take you from happy to sad and back to happy again in a matter of minutes. Behavioral Health of the Palm Beaches takes advantage of music's therapeutic quality in order to help our patients gain power over addiction. We offer multiple music therapy programs in addition to our other techniques. An example of a session in our group music therapies includes patients beating steadily on a drum in an effort to awaken dormant feelings. Music therapy has been proven to reduce anxiety, alleviate pain, lower blood pressure and increase a person’s motivation. See our ad on page 19.

Rockers in Recovery Magazine




Unity, Service, and Recovery By Clearbrook


learbrook Treatment Centers is proud to be a partner in the recovery community with Rockers In Recovery. We strongly support their use of music to broadcast the message of recovery to those that suffer, as well as, the creation of a supportive community for those in recovery. We believe in the same concept that RIR does, the three legacies of unity, service, and recovery. When we first began speaking with the staff at RIR we dove right in with them on how they were carrying the message of sobriety through music. In November of 2012 we were proud to be amongst a group of treatment professionals sponsoring one of their events. They put on a concert of famous musicians in Pembroke P i n e s , Florida for thousands of people that share the common bond of sobriety a n d recovery. Changing your life from the hopeless condition of addiction to a life that recovery promises is not an easy task. When we are asked to change everything, some of us don’t know what is going to happen to us. We know no other way in life except for the life of addiction.


We don’t know how to have fun in life without the use chemicals. This is one of the greatest assets that RIR provides for the community. They show the newcomer the fellowship portion of the program. Why get sober and change your life if there is no fun in it? At the RIR Festival we saw thousands of people dancing, singing, and enjoying their lives. At different parts of the program, some very f a m o u s musicians told their stories of the perils of their addiction and what their lives are like now. We both believe in educating the public on the topic of alcoholism and drug addiction and providing help to those suffering from this disease. Through a wide media outlet Clearbrook and RIR use multiple channels to educate the public on addiction. We urge everyone that is affected to call and contact us for help and guidance. Through the use of television, radio, and internet, we are able to reach larger audiences than ever before, and offer hope to those still suffering! See our ad on page 2.

Rockers in Recovery Magazine




The 8 Absolutes of Relapse Prevention are in a dangerous place.

By Lyle Fried


lot of people do well in treatment, but struggle tremendously in aftercare.

“I can’t believe I relapsed. I never even saw it coming.” These are the words of many who experience relapse. Whether you’ve said them yourself or are putting together a plan against potential relapse, here are 8 absolute truths that will help lay a solid foundation for successful sobriety:


Relapse is not a ‘suddenly’. It is a process. You are not helpless against relapse. Every day you are either moving closer to it or farther away, depending on the choices you make.


Relapse prevention is intentional. We do recover, but we must continue to work a program of recovery. We should never leave our sobriety to chance. Laying out a protected plan for ourselves is vital to our continued sobriety. Compromising here and there with people, places and things; just a little, just enough to justify, will eventually lead us down a path of destruction. Remember, a ship just a fraction of a degree off course will eventually end up miles from the intended destination.


Fearless honesty with self. Self protection and denial are best friends. Instead of listening to the advice of our sponsor, our therapists, our recovery mentors and those closest to us, we choose the slippery slope of denial. When we begin to think we’ve ‘got it’ or that we don’t need others input in our lives, we 20


Avoid high risk situations. Have you gradually started surrounding yourself with people you used with? Are you getting closer and closer to the fire? Do you have a desire to ‘prove to yourself’ you’ll be okay around the substances that used to control your life? If you ask yourself these questions honestly, you already know the answer.


Cultivate a positive mindset. So many people struggle and relapse because they are coming from a negative mindset. “Why can’t I drink like other people? Why can’t I use successfully?” are the questions they won’t stop asking. On the other hand, those who flourish in sobriety have cultivated a love of being sober. They realize the beauty of the world around them and they want to experience it with 100% clarity. Sobriety is the higher life. It is the good life and they know it.


Avoid isolation. Isolation is your worst enemy in recovery. Building a positive support network of people who don’t engage in substance use and are supportive of your sober lifestyle is key. Engaging in fun, sober activities on a regular basis will help develop healthy habits that will lead to a healthy lifestyle.


Have a healthy schedule. Developing a healthy routine starts with a schedule. Structure creates a safe environment, which is especially helpful when unexpected temptations pop up. A schedule can help you run on autopilot, making proper choices out of habit, without the struggle.

Rockers in Recovery Magazine



Relapse prevention involves spirituality. Lastly, when we are spiritually fit, we are able to turn over our problems, our lives, our schedules, and most importantly, our will over to the care of God. We realize His plans are better than our own, and we rely on His leading throughout our days.

and view it as the ultimate failure. It is this type of thinking that will keep you sick. Instead, take a look at what happened and use the event to help build a stronger foundation. Keep working your program of recovery, and know that your life has a beautiful purpose. See our ad on inside back cover.

If you do relapse, don’t fall into shame


(954) 826-4920

May 2012






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Rockers in Recovery Magazine


5th Annual

"LOVE OF RECovery" "Addiction Education & Prevention Message Through Rock-N-Roll"

February 13, 11am-11pm

CB Smith Park - 900 N Flamingo Road, Pembroke Pines, Florida

11:00AM - Brian Vincent Sances - Solo 11:30AM - Brian K Music - Solo 12:00PM - Big Ern and Ferguson w/ Blake Alexis Cohen 12:30PM - Paul Wilson and Family 1:00PM - Fighting the Silence 2:00PM - Grateful Road 3:00PM - The Double Standard 4:00PM - Rival 4:30PM - Crush 5:30PM - The Chillbillies & Special Guest Rocker 7:30PM - Stacey Hampton - Solo 8:00PM - McCartney Mania 9:30PM - ½ Hour Recovery Speaker Meeting - Nick C. (40 Years) 10:00PM - Count Down, Recovery Medallions & Closing Ceremonies *RIR reserves the right to change lineup at anytime.

Starting at 1PM - 10 Minute Speakers (in-between bands): • The Addict's Mom - Barbara Theodosiou • YPR - Matthew Cohen • Chooper's Guide - Tim Cheney • Holistic Addiction Info - John Giordano, CCJS, MAC, CAP • Addiction & Families - Trish Colangelo, M.A. Rockers of the Year Awards Presented by Lori Sullivan - 3 to Be Announced @ Festival


Violators will be removed from the festival. Love of Recovery Music Festival is a private event - all seeking great music & addiction recovery information are welcome; RIR and our security does reserve the right to refuse entry to anyone deemed a risk to recovery or security (and at anytime during the event). No coolers, food or pets allowed. Don't forget to bring Blankets and Lawn Chairs! ***ALL FESTIVALS AND EVENTS ARE PAID FOR AND PRODUCED BY Rockers In Recovery Radio and Productions Inc. & Our Network Partners.


Rockers in Recovery Magazine


5th Annual Rockers In Recovery® Music Festival - February 13, 2016 11AM - 11PM - Venue LOCATION: The Concert Green @ CB Smith Park 900 N Fla...

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