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The perfect solution for everyone

Are you fed up with the weather and the clock telling you when to mow?

No matter how challenging your lawn may be or how carefully you look after it: Get in touch with your John Deere dealer. They have the right solution.

But you’d still like a perfect lawn? Meet the TANGO E5: • Mows in any weather, any time • Extremely quiet

Powerful The powerful Li-Ion battery ensures consistent performance of the TANGO E5 mower and keeps it going even under difficult conditions.

• Fully autonomous • No grass clipping disposal required • Maintains a perfectly healthy lawn

TANGO E5 Navigation Power Battery Cutting height Recommended for Operation Height of cut Productivity Navigation Hill climb capability (in field) Hill climb ability (on boundary wire) Max boundary wire length Blade motor Drive motors rpm at wheel Cutting system Battery Battery Type Battery Capacity Battery Voltage Charging Automatic charging Charger Input Charger output Charging time Mowing time Dimensions Length Width Height Weight Noise level Safety Bump sensor Tilit sensor Lift sensor Handle touch sensor Security Individual machine pin code Paired to invidual charging station

Saturday is yours again. Autonomous mower


Boundary wire, 150 m wire and stacks included Battery Li-Ion technology 19 – 102 mm Lawn areas of medium size 19 – 102 mm Up to 1800 m² Random and spiral. Boundary wire, 150 m wire and 150 stales included 35% 10% 300 m 60 W/2600 rpm 46 W/40 rpm 1 x 4 sided blade

TANGO – 4 steps to a beautiful lawn

See it in action: tango

Ask your John Deere dealer for support and installation. Professional planning and installation of the thin boundary wire ensures the best mowing results. The wire is invisible and can be easily adapted when you want to change your garden’s layout.

Li-Ion 96Wh (2.6 Ah) 36 V Yes 120/230 V 36 V 90 min 60 min (with one battery load)


The TANGO E5 mower can be programmed to cope with even highly complex lawn designs and shapes. Take advantage of your John Deere dealer’s experience to programme your desired mowing area and operation times.

775 mm 535 mm 360 mm 15.3 kg 69 dB(A) Yes Yes Yes Yes


Yes Yes


Fully autonomous Perfect results Cutting height easily adjustable from 19 – 102 mm.

2/12  1/1/2

Clipping on a daily basis creates a healthy lawn. As opposed to conventional lawn mowers, the TANGO E5 will not cut high grass down to a short length but regularly “manicure” your lawn to keep it at the desired height. Forget about disposal of grass clippings and buying fertiliser – your lawn looks after itself now.

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The TANGO E5 moves across your lawn autonomously and automatically recharges its battery as needed.

Tango E5

Smart tool – smart solution

Low effort lawn care. Depending on the weather, we recommend that you clean the TANGO E5 mower occasionally with a brush and check the mowing blade. No other maintenance is required. The TANGO’s power consumption is far below than that of a conventional electrical lawn mower.

Nothing but the best for you and your lawn

Let your John Deere dealer do the planning. This is how you can help them. 1. Make a rough drawing of your garden.

Slope power outlet

2. Then mark the lawn area(s) that need mowing.


3. Highlight any areas that should not be mowed including obstacles like trees, shrubs, bushes, flower beds, ponds, paths, terraces, walls, planters, etc.


4. Also mark any sloping terrain. 5. Mark the available power outlets.

What if you don’t want the TANGO E5 to move across the lawn during your garden party? Reprogramming the mower is easy and intuitive. The large display shows all functions at a glance. It’s easy to change the settings without any expert help.

How do you protect your lawn from diseases? A clean cut leaves a smaller surface for diseases to take hold. The mower blade is as tough and hard-wearing as the mower blades of John Deere’s conventional lawn mowers and lawn tractors. This keeps the blade sharp for longer. When necessary, safety sensors immediately stop the blade.

What makes the TANGO E5 especially robust and weatherproof? Its industry leading double-walled casing which protects vital components: electronics, battery and mower blade meaning durability and reliability is guaranteed.

Know the feeling? Just when you’re about to sit back and relax, your neighbour starts his lawn mower. Be different, be an example! Your neighbours will be grateful. The TANGO E5 is so quiet that you can let it mow around the clock. Even at night!

Shrub, bush, flower bed Pond, pool Path, wall Terrace Planters