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elephant’s trunk

lighten the hedge trimmer load • The Elephant’s Trunk takes the weight of your hedge trimmer and puts an end to those aching arms, shoulder and back muscles • It can be used with all makes of hedge trimmers • Adjustable counter-balance can be quickly set to match the weight of your machine • Removing the load improves efficiency and work output • Makes hedge trimming a pleasure instead of a chore DJ Turfcare Equipment Ltd • Chiddingfold Road • Dunsfold • Godalming • Surrey GU8 4PB Tel: 01483 200976 • Fax: 01483 200983 • Email: • Mobile: 07785 352572

The Elephant’s Trunk gives you... ...more flexibility and less weight

free dvd available on request! In line with our commitment to the environment this leaflet is printed on 75% recycled paper.

The Elephant’s Trunk Harness puts an end to those aching arms, shoulders and back muscles which always seem to occur whenever you do any extensive hedging job. The petrol engine hedge trimmer has many advantages, including plenty of power and the ability to roam and cut without the restriction of a power cable. But there is one big disadvantage – its weight, and it is not surprising that after half an hour’s use arms, shoulders and back begin to feel the strain. The Elephant’s Trunk Harness changes all that by transferring the weight from your arms to your hips. The harness is rather like a rucksack frame which supports two arms. The arms carry a counter-balance reel which reduces the effective weight of the hedge trimmer to no more than a few pounds (one kilo). The Elephant’s Trunk Harness can be used on all hedge trimmers and can cut hedges of all heights as the cable winds in and out as you move the hedge trimmer freely. Remember, with the Elephant’s Trunk you will be able to trim hedges all day long, doing more work with less effort, in greater safety – and still feel fresh at the end.