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We are also competitive in roadway and utility projects, where we perform work such as box culvert installation, installing storm water management systems, gas main and service installation, and roadway reconstruction projects. These projects are a wonderful part of our business as they are typically right here in Rochester, where we get to be an instrumental part in upgrading and maintaining our communities. The success we have achieved in completing such diverse workloads is solely due to the 300 exceptional people we have on our Terry Tree Service, LLC team and Ironwood Heavy Highway, LLC team. The vast experience and knowledge that each and every one of our employees bring to the table is absolutely priceless. Our company culture of enabling all our employees to grow personally and professionally is how we attract and retain such great people to be part of our team. The growth of our business year after year is truly related to getting all parts of the business working together in unison, which starts with our employees. We can’t say enough about how much we appreciate our workforce and all the hard work they complete day in and day out to contribute to the success of the company, and to the success and growth of the Greater Rochester Area. One of the key reasons for the continued success and growth of Terry Tree Service, LLC and Ironwood Heavy Highway, LLC is the focus and attention to safety throughout all our service lines. Safety training begins on an employee’s first day of employment and continues with completing daily pre-job tailgate safety talks about the day’s upcoming work scope, which is supplemented by weekly training manuals delivered to all our employees. We kick off each new year with an annual safety meeting, led by our owners, where all employees are in attendance. The company owners have tremendous focus on safety and use this annual meeting to reiterate the importance of safety to our employees and set the tone for the new year. Our safety statistics have allowed us to be competitive in our all markets as our customers can rely on us to produce high quality work, in the safest manner possible. Our companies can bid, and win, jobs that others cannot solely based on our safety rating. Again, thank you to all our hardworking employees on their attention to safety every single day, we could not grow and succeed without you!

growth over the next 10 years. The traditional electric infrastructure has aggressive maintenance upgrades and new substation engineering plans underway. With New York State as a national leader in renewable energy projects, we are excited to be continuously awarded wind farm projects and solar farm projects which will enhance New York States renewable energy sector. In closing, Terry Tree Service, LLC and Ironwood Heavy Highway, LLC, are extremely excited for the future of our companies as we continue to grow in our current markets and expand into new markets. Our success is contributed to our tremendous workforce who have consistently generated the extra effort to sustain our growth and success. Thank you to all our Terry Tree Service, LLC and Ironwood Heavy Highway, LLC family for another great year as we look forward to the future!

585.436.2900 • ironwoodheavyhighway.com Terry Tree Service, LLC and Ironwood Heavy Highway, LLC are looking forward to the future as the markets we work in will have significant


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2020 Rochester Chamber Top 100 Digital Magazine  

2020 Rochester Chamber Top 100 Digital Magazine