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Vol. 52 No. 11

November 2016


Charter Spectrum cable comes to Rochdale Village bringing enchanced Triple Play Service options, added value and cost savings. By Susan Van Brackle


fter months of negotiations, plans moved forward to end Rochdale’s current affiliation with Private Network Cable Systems in order to pursue an exclusive marketing agreement with Charter Communications. The move was ratified at the recent Board of Directors’ meeting held Monday, November 28. Many may recognize Charter Communications due to its much-heralded acquisition of Time Warner Cable Enterprises LLC and Bright House

There are four Charter Spectrum stores in NYC where customers can pay their bills, exchange equipment and order service. Photo credit: Stacey Francis

Networks earlier this year. As a result of the merger, Charter now delivers telecommunications services under the brand name Charter Spectrum™. The Stamford, Connecticut, based conglomerate is the 2nd largest telecommunications firm in the country and offers extensive cable television and communications bundle services to homes and businesses alike. According to the proposed agreement between Rochdale Village and Charter Communications, the corporate giant has confirmed to provide the following in exchange for a

Rochdale Village Academy set to open in community center by January 2017 By Susan Van Brackle


inal preparations are underway for January’s grand opening of the Rochdale Village Academy After School Program. The program will operate out the newly renovated west wing

of the Community Center, is licensed by the State of New York and has a dedicated Program Director and staff. “The focus of the afterschool program is to provide convenient and quality childcare for Rochdale Village residents and will offer homework help, computer (Continued on Page 3)

President’s Report - Pg. 2

General Manager’s Report - Pg. 4

marketing partnership with this viable community: • An upfront payment of over $250,000 dollars to Rochdale Village • Up to 12% percent of gross revenues paid quarterly to the complex • Affordable TV+Internet+Voice “Triple Play” packages • Exclusive marketing offers and dedicated servicing to Rochdale cooperators • Wifi hotspots in common areas on the complex and at playgrounds • Promotional package of standard television service piped to 20 pub

lic locations throughout the complex As Rochdale transitions from their former relationship with PCN, the board has also negotiated plans to segue its Master Antenna Television (MATV) services to Cable Tech LLC. Under this new agreement, Cable Tech will reconnect cameras positioned at entryways and laundry rooms so that shareholders may view these areas from inside their apartments. Shareholders may keep their current providers or choose to transition to Charter Spectrum once the service is up and running at Rochdale.

What just happened Rochdale ? Did you vote? The 2016 election by the numbers Page 9 Homegoings - Pg. 17

Board Resolutionss - Pg. 18-20

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The Rochdale Village Board of Directors serves 5,860 middle income families and more than 25,000 people in the world’s second largest housing cooperative, located at 169-65 137th Avenue, Jamaica, NY 11434; Tel: 718-276-5700 ext. 336.


Chairman of the Board Clifton Stanley Diaz President Jean Randolph-Castro Vice Presidents Talib Bey Mario Turner Jean Hall Tim Mercer Treasurer Lisa Stark Assistant Treasurer Maryam Hubbard Secretary Joyce Williams


Talib Bey Jean Randolph-Castro Clifton Stanley Diaz Stacey Francis Jean Hall Maryam Hubbard Tracey Irvin Tim Mercer Earl Roberts Kamal Saleem Derrick Shareef Barbara Staples Lisa Stark Mario Turner Joyce Williams Gary Casimir (State Representative) COMMITTEE CHAIRPERSONS Budget & Finance Lisa Stark Commercial Services Tim Mercer Community Center Jean Randolph-Castro Community Relations Maryam Hubbard Legal & Management Jean Randolph-Castro Maintenance Tracey Irvin Orientation Clifton Stanley Diaz Public Safety Talib Bey Senior Citizens Joyce Williams Youth Planning Mario Turner Environmental Conservation Kamal Saleem MANAGEMENT Managing Agent

Marion Scott Real Estate, Inc.

General Manager Marion Scott

Assistant Managers

Alex Freedman, MSI and Jay Williams, RVI


President’s Message

- by Jean Randolph-Castro

Dear Cooperators,

we will be able to finish before the cold weather stops work. Housing & Community Renewal The holiday season has (HCR) delayed this project for arrived! six months. Unfortunately, Here’s hoping that we the Cooperators are now your Thanksgiving holiday suffering for their delay. with friends and family was New parking spaces will truly enjoyable. As I count be a great benefit for families my blessings this season, I in Rochdale that spend hours can’t help but reflect on how each night trying to find parking fortunate this community is. on the street. This project is Rochdale Village has managed very expensive and each new to remain affordable for over parking space costs Rochdale five decades. The complex will Village about $7,000. Rochdale celebrate its 53rd birthday next will not be able to recoup Jean Randolph-Castro month on December 10 and this money from the monthly the monthly carrying charge parking fee of $39.50 but the so having people from Lot 6 still captures all living expenses Board decided that getting more park in these lots is not possible. in one payment, which is a parking was worth the money. The Small Mall Parking Lot has convenience not found in many fewer spaces than Lot 6, so New York City dwellings these unfortunately parking in that lot days. Additionally, Rochdale is also not an option. Temporary Parking for is a self-sustained housing complex that generates its own Cooperators in Lot 6 Many Cooperators have Key Food power, offers multiple schools Cooperators continue to for families, abundant parks, complained to me about the tell me their concerns about shopping malls and other inconvenience of not being able the new Key Food. Many are amenities for its residents and to park in Lot 6 for six weeks. unhappy because they think neighbors. Essential staff in They asked if Rochdale can Key Food is going to become departments like maintenance, waive their parking fees and Bravo Supermarket. I am not power plant and public safety they asked if they could park in sure where this rumor started are dedicated to this community other lots besides the big mall. but we have been told many Rochdale cannot waive and work around the clock times by the owners that they to keep pace with changing the parking fees because the never planned to make the upkeep and infrastructure corporation is paying thousands store a Bravo and they don’t demands from residents. Let’s of dollars to provide shuttle plan to make it a Bravo in the extend well wishes of the service to the new parking future. season and maintain a spirit spaces in the Big Mall. This Cooperators also say that of gratefulness as the Yuletide is something that has never Key Food is not as good as it happened before and it costs approaches. a lot of money. In addition, the used to be and some refuse current parking inconvenience to shop there. Although Key New Parking Spaces in is necessary in order to Food had the right to transfer Group 4 remove the potholes, install the store under the terms of I am excited that after wires for cameras and add their lease, we can work hard to many years, Rochdale Village parking spaces. Cooperators make sure it is a supermarket is finally getting some new in Lot 6 will benefit from the new owners satisfy the parking spaces. The 60 new these improvements. Every needs of Cooperators. spaces will be in Lot 6 between other residential parking lot in If you have any issues Buildings 15 and 16. The work Rochdale Village is at capacity with the operation of the new has started and my only hope is (Continued page 8)

William Young

Deputy Director of Maintenance Corey Jones

Public Safety Chief Victoria Pearson

Power Plant Director Gilbert Francisco

Human Resource Director Dolores Benner

General Counsel

William R. Greenspan

November 2016

The Rochdale Village Board of Directors’ meeting is canceled on Monday, December 26, 2016 Season’s Greetings!

November 2016

The Rochdale Village Bulletin

Rochdale Village Academy set to open by January 2017 (Continued from Page 1)

classes, test prep, music appreciation, physical fitness, a reading club, arts, crafts and snacks. The program will also offer pickup service for children attending schools that are within walking distance of the program,� according to Community Center Director, Julia Shaw. The Academy accomodates up to 148 children aged six to 12 years old. Outreach in Rochdale Village began by distributing flyers that promote the program this past summer. Since then, applications for almost 40% of the headcount have been received by the Community Center staff. With only a few weeks left before the program opens in 2017, parents in Rochdale Village are

encouraged to apply. Rates for Rochdale Village shareholders who enroll their children in the afterschool program are $80.00 per week for the first child; $35.00 per week for each additional sibling. There is a one-time, non-refundable $25.00 registration fee in the form of check or money order that must accompany the application. The program’s hours of operation are Monday through Friday from 2:30 p.m. to 7:00 p.m. Interested families please stop by Room 14 in the Community Center to pick up an application. For additional information and/or to pick up an application, contact Taryn Morrison (718) 276-5700 Ext. 337 or email tmorrison@

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November 2016

The Rochdale Village Bulletin

Monthly Report Monthly Report

-- by by Marion Marion Scott Scott

General Manager’s Monthly Report for October 2016

UPS Drop Box

With the holidays upon us many residents are anxious to begin gift shopping early for their friends and family. Through the advent of technology in today’s digital age, the rush to big box stores for the latest gadget is no longer necessary. Sites such as Amazon and EBay enable residents to shop stress-free on the warmth and comfort of their couch at home. Unfortunately the holiday season also brings a predatory element as well. Scammers and thieves are looking to take advantage of shoppers in a variety of ways from Wi-Fi credit card scanners to plain old pick pocketing. Ordering online is not without its’ risks. Package theft is a problem for all residents but it is particularly pervasive in multi-family housing. The Board and Management took a field trip to Warbasse Amalgamated Housing this past summer to look at a working solution to package theft at a similar housing development. Since that time we have been working on setting up UPS drop boxes at Rochdale. This drop box allows patrons to order packages that are delivered to a secure drop box instead of being left in front of the door. Customers can retrieve their package by entering their order number or scanning their receipt at the location. We were able to secure a walk through meeting with UPS identifying areas in the big and small mall. The purpose of this walk through was to show UPS the grounds and discuss feasible locations for the boxes. We are working hard to have the boxes installed before Christmas. This service is at no cost to Rochdale Village and will help protect against would be thieves disrupting our holiday season.

Public Safety – Text-to-Email:

“If you see something, say something” is posted in every subway station and car from Jamaica Center to Grand Concourse. That tag line is asking us as citizens to take an active role in our well-being. Even with thousands of Police watching for potential threats they cannot be everywhere. With the help of citizens and cell phones the Police are able to act on many potential dangers before they happen. Rochdale in many ways is a small city and we should also take an active role in our welfare. We have implanted a text to email system that allows residents to discreetly alert the Public Safety department of any issues that may arise on campus. Please help us to help you and keep Rochdale safe and clean. The Textto-Email number is (347) 455-9373.

Be safe and Happy Hoiidays!

Congratulations to the Grand Prize Winners of Dunkin’ Donuts Turkey Giveaway Sweepstakes If you were one of the 50 Rochdale residents that received a free turkey for their Thanksgiving dinner, Congratulations! Dunkin’ Donuts appreciates this community’s support of their business and the time people took to enter the contest. This was their way of saying thank you. Gobble, gobble.

November 2016

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The Rochdale Village Bulletin

Controller’s Report - by William Young Rochdale Village, Inc. Balance Sheet September 2016 FY 2016 Mar DRAFT

Description of Account ASSETS Current Assets: Cash Accounts Receivable, net Inventory Prepaid expenses & Other Total Current Assets


Escrow Funds (HCR & Wells Fargo) Property & Equipment, net Deposits - Commercial Deferred Charges Total Assets LIABILITIES Current Liabilities: Accounts Payable - Vendors & Payroll Accrued expenses Security Deposits - Commercial & other Other Total Current Liabilities






770,065 728,878 881,872 2,980,454 5,361,269

304,881 1,426,734 950,610 2,566,909 5,249,134

649,800 1,517,681 1,043,606 2,147,501 5,358,588

324,971 1,408,427 1,085,000 2,170,950 4,989,348

748,448 1,097,650 1,121,634 2,074,312 5,042,044

431,653 1,056,959 1,255,012 2,227,366 4,970,990

354,528 981,440 1,163,907 1,030,201 3,530,076

53,581,063 48,642,585 570,182 836,770

52,599,524 48,691,252 571,182 833,228

51,328,396 50,729,498 572,350 829,686

50,057,652 52,150,170 617,250 826,144

48,602,456 52,937,639 626,420 822,601

49,721,123 49,518,317 479,076 819,060

49,491,998 51,091,979 482,749 815,519




$ 108,991,869

$ 107,944,320

$ 108,818,518

$ 108,640,564

4,782,855 5,858,496 590,199 32,700 11,264,250

4,985,701 3,053,976 598,399 67,500 8,705,576

4,989,352 3,935,841 595,902 16,750 9,537,845

4,239,025 4,487,253 638,857 43,150 9,408,285

5,300,292 4,722,746 653,992 38,350 10,715,380

5,337,454 4,840,457 512,310 38,350 10,728,571

6,057,526 5,456,386 497,262 40,750 12,051,924

Wells Fargo Mortgage Payable Total Liabilities

126,104,232 137,368,482

125,939,296 134,644,872

125,773,632 135,311,477

125,607,236 135,015,521

125,607,236 136,322,616

125,439,367 136,167,938

125,270,757 137,322,681

Retained Earnings Capital Stock Retained Earnings/(Deficit) Net Income Total Retained Earnings

38,510,595 (63,008,128) (3,879,080) (28,376,613)

38,504,015 (66,887,208) 1,682,641 (26,700,552)

38,608,595 (66,887,208) 1,785,654 (26,492,959)

38,621,035 (66,887,208) 1,891,216 (26,374,957)

38,722,575 (67,617,754) 603,723 (28,291,456)

38,800,895 (69,142,328) (317,939) (30,659,372)

38,874,075 (69,340,337) (1,444,098) (31,910,360)




Total Liabilities & Stockholders Equity


FY 2017 Apr

$ 108,991,869

$ 107,944,320

$ 108,818,518

$ 108,640,564

Consolidated Income Statement FY 2017 vs. Budget vs. FY 2016

Page 6

November 2016

The Rochdale Village Bulletin

Controller’s Report - by William Young Rochdale Village Inc. Summary of Accounts Receivable Carrying Charges (ONLY) >$100 in Aging 2016

Rochdale Village Inc. Summary of Accounts Receivable Activity 2016 Description of Account








Base Rent Vacancy Rent Medical Office Commercial Electric Water Laundry Parking Fuel surcharge Surcharges Late Charges Dispossess Legal fees NG Check Fee Restoration Charges Others Tenant Subsidies Allowance for Bad Debt

2,958,893 429,421 (27,542) 97,191 79,868 4,605 71,500 6,094 40,725 933,345 112,424 106,822 23,702 2,405 1,500,227 140,380 792,543 (5,845,869)

2,973,571 417,238 129,619 100,804 3,860 71,500 5,796 40,620 896,526 112,274 106,565 23,039 2,578 1,551,450 112,294 815,817 (5,845,870)

3,004,711 435,005 (34,455) 127,372 84,800 2,923 75,075 6,135 40,596 843,047 113,677 106,282 21,710 2,850 1,613,436 98,308 600,392 (5,733,438)

1,858,129 303,899 (34,455) 145,374 70,797 5,167 71,500 7,298 829 542,318 112,685 99,894 22,095 2,691 1,142,277 51,096 28,493 (3,332,437)

1,707,603 294,439 (34,455) 120,353 87,637 7,596 71,500 4,962 829 589,595 107,563 103,931 23,325 2,717 1,254,677 18,631 28,493 (3,332,437)

1,793,219 340,373 (34,455) 24,585 80,671 30,900 71,500 188 829 619,077 111,421 102,819 22,760 2,865 1,129,356 25,506 316,695 (3,656,869)

Gross Receivables







Note 1. Included in Other receivables are: Equity Deposits Move in & Move out adjustments Evictions Violations Three Day Notices Total

19,911 (60,023) 73,796 89,105 17,591 140,380

13,642 (80,709) 73,796 88,048 17,517 112,294

3,774 (85,878) 73,796 88,865 17,751 98,308

26,305 (73,931) 81,979 16,743 51,096

3,234 (88,803)

20,968 (98,684)

87,068 17,132 18,631

85,796 17,426 25,506

# of Months Late One month Two months Three months Four months 5-12 months 12+ months Sub-Total

# of Tenants

# of Months Late One year Two years Three years Four years Five years Five years and more Sub-Total

# of Tenants



Amount Due 277,694 119,138 74,350 49,032 144,867 62,577 727,658

Amount Due 166,895 284,781 235,157 226,739 287,187 163,158 1,363,917

SEPTEMBER COMMERCIAL # of Tenants Amount Due 91,706 12,488 35 18,270 4,768 42,142 100 169,474

# of Tenants


Amount Due 7,067 188 54,929 17,603 25,544 105,331

GRAND TOTALS 600 2,091,575 42 Note: (Current Commercial) a. Approximately $100,000 was paid subsequent to May 31, 2016


Rochdale Village, Inc. Community Center Profit & Loss Statement 2016 Description of Account

REVENUES: Programs Room Rental Vending Machine Total Revenue

Apr Actual Budget

May Actual Budget

June Actual Budget

FY 2017 July Actual Budget

Aug Actual Budget

Sep Actual Budget

Year to Date Actual Budget

1,700 17,500 207 19,407

1,250 10,417

400 17,900

1,250 10,417

1,000 10,975

1,250 10,417

2,738 15,850

1,250 10,417

0 15,352

1,250 10,417

0 19,050

1,250 10,417












5,838 96,627 207 102,672

7,500 62,502 0 70,002

3,475 2,145

4,423 3,538

4,230 3,094

3,269 2,615

3,846 3,077

5,288 2,872

3,846 3,077

5,288 2,300

3,846 3,077

4,231 2,808

4,808 3,846

15,588 1,807 273

23,965 2,984 292 195 1,833 417

23,597 2,363 200

17,713 2,206 292 195 1,833 417

4,231 2,249 89 19,176 4,061 500

20,839 2,596 291 195 1,833 417

31,698 1,715

20,839 2,596 291 195 1,833 417

25,255 4,167 561

33,023 9,155 693

763 953

20,839 2,596 291 195 1,833 417

375 417 83


375 417 83


375 417 83

2,510 4,808 97

375 417 83

26,743 15,468 89 148,337 23,268 2,227 0 12,597 2,972 0 6,096 4,808 402

24,038 19,230 0 130,244 16,222 1,749 1,170 10,998 2,502 0 2,250 2,502 498









EXPENSES: Salaries - Administrative Program Assistant Salaries Recreation Wages - Porters Porters overtime Program Expense Equipment leasing Outside Labor Expense Furnishing & Fixtures Misc. (less than 100.00) Recreation & Office Supplies Repairs and Maintenance Cooking Gas Misc. (less than 100.00) Total Expenses Net Income/(Loss)





4,590 272 312


375 417 83


375 417 83





885 1,747



26,049 a 3,244 292 195 1,833 417

(5,489) (26,855) (19,573) (17,748) (23,547) (22,302) (25,617) (22,302) (24,047) (22,302) (42,062) (29,892)

(140,335) (141,401)

November 2016

Page 7

The Rochdale Village Bulletin

Public Safety Report

- by Chief Victoria Pearson

Public Safety Monthly Report October 2016 Enclosed is the statistical data relative to the performance of the Rochdale Village, Inc., Public Safety Department during the month of October 2016. Public Safety maintains twenty-four hour coverage.


LOITERING: During the month of October 2016, the Public Safety Department has continued to focus attention on loitering conditions. As a result, Public Safety officers responded to total of (50) complaints of loitering which were resolved as follows:



Conditions corrected – Seventeen (17) loiterers complied with officers’ directives to leave.


Unfounded – Eight (8) unfounded loitering complaints (officers responded but no loiterers were present).


Responded – Twenty-five (25) loiterers found and/or loiterers were advised of RV’s rules and regulations.


Violations issued – Zero (0) violations for loitering were issued.


0 0 0







* Special Verticals are performed by the Supervisors

There were (0) arrests for the month of October 2016. The Rochdale Village Public Safety Department will continue to organize to better serve the community. DVR UNIT ACTIVITY TOTAL INCIDENTS 28 TOTAL RISK MANAGEMENT 20 VIOLATIONS 0

1 2 3 TOWED VEHICLES 4 The Public Safety Department towed sixteen (16) vehicles during the 5 month of October for violation of parking rules on the complex. 6 7 SPECIAL VERTICAL PATROL BY ROCHDALE PUBLIC SAFETY 8 OFFICERS: 9 10 Vertical patrols are conducted on a daily basis. Officers patrol the 11 stairwells, hallways, rooftops and parking lots at different hours to curtail 12 unlawful activities and have been positively reinforced. 13 14 VERTICALS: 1745 15 SPECIAL VERTICALS: 0 18 TOTAL: 1745 19 20 TOWING: 16 21 22 WARNINGS ISSUED: 0 23 TOTAL: 16 24


Violations Listed here are the classifications for the Notices of Violations issued.

CLASSIFICATION Illegal Move out Illegal Move in Negligence Harboring a Pet Loud Noise Disorderly Conduct/Abusive Language Loitering Illegal Sublet Damage to Rochdale Property Littering Failure to Comply Reckless Endangerment Illegal Occupant Dispute Criminal Possession of Controlled Substance Criminal Activities Fire Hazard Urinating in Public Disturbing the Peace Gas Leak Trespass Odor

AMOUNT 3 1 1 4 3 2



If You See Something, Say Something. Call Public Safety at (718) 276-2400

or by Text at (347) 455-9373.

1 1 1 2 1 1

1 2 2

Page 8

November 2016

The Rochdale Village Bulletin

Monthly Report

- by Claude Laborde

Contract Summary/Status — October 2016 LOCAL LAW 11, CYCLE-6, 7 & 8 BUILDING FAÇADE REPAIRS: 1. Buildings #17 through 20 completed.

SMALL MALL ROOF: 1. Project is in progress and will be completed November 17, 2016.

2. Façade repairs will be completed in December, 2016 on Buildings #2, 4, 7, 9 and 19.

SHOPPING CENTER: 1. Phase 1: Bathroom # 1 and ADA bathroom renovation will be completed end of November, 2016.

COMMUNITY CENTER RENOVATION & ROOF: 1. Community Center interior work: Phases 1 & 2 completed end of October, 2016.

2. Phase 2: Bathroom # 2 will be completed end of December, 2016.

Phase 3, Rooms #16-18 and new ADA bathrooms, started on 10/8/16. 2. Work on parapet wall completed end of October, 2016

PARKING LOT #6: 1. Project started November 7, 2016 and will be completed December 14, 2016.

Mall #2 Pylon sign on 137th avenue undergoing major league facelift By Susan Van Brackle

People driving past Rochdale Village Mall #2 on the 137th avenue side will notice that the huge freestanding sign that usually towers over the site is receiving a makeover. Starting the week of November 21, a revamped pylon sign will be erected with bright, new lighting and double sided marquee listings each of

Feral cat problem persists at RV By Susan Van Brackle

Rochdale's grounds are becoming overrun by a growing stray cat population. Feral cats are seen sauntering underneath park benches, along community center pathways and near building entrances like they own this place. And with good reason. Cooperators contribute to the problem by feeding the cats. Open cans of cat food and nightly leftovers are placed in spots where cats congregate to stay warm like underneath cars

in parking lots. As temperatures begin to plummet, the best way people can help Rochdale's wayward cats is not to feed them. Outdoor cats have the highest risk of disease and fleas due to their transient nature. According to, stray cats have the ability to spread highly contagious viral or parasitic illnesses via their saliva, urine or infected skin. Please be considerate of your neighbors by not adopting or feeding the cats.

the shopping center’s current retailers. Weather permitting the installation should wrap up by the end of December 2016. There is a second large pylon sign positioned at the driveway entrance of Mall #1 at Baisley Boulevard. This structure will receive upgrades sometime next year once the shopping center’s reconstruction schedule is in full progress.

President’s message (Continued from pg 2) Key Food please send your concerns to Glen Keller, Rochdale’s Ombudsman, at 718-276-5700 x300. We will do everything possible to make sure Key Food addresses the issues. Support monthly board meetings Finally, please consider attending monthly board meetings that take place in community room 11/12/13. Residents receive first-hand information about project

updates, status reports and decisions affecting the operation of this cooperative. Keep in mind that cooperators can also speak directly with management, maintenance and public safety staff between the hours of 7:00 p.m. and 7:45 p.m. before the board meetings begin. Staff is on hand to listen to cooperator concerns about quality of life issues at the complex. Please enjoy every moment of this holiday season.

November 2016

Page 9

The Rochdale Village Bulletin

Low voter turnout amongst registered voters handed election to Trump

Electoral College Map 2016 According to, voter turnout was at a 20-year low, which allowed for a Trump-Pence win. (Photo credit: WikimediaCommons and

By Susan Van Brackle


f you were one of the millions of Americans that woke up on Wednesday, November 9 asking yourself “What just happened”, you are not alone. The country’s general election process awarded the title of president-elect to Queens New York native Donald J. Trump and we’re all in need of a pinch. Many voters were certain that former Secretary of State, Hillary Rodham Clinton had sewn up her bid for the White House and that election night was just a formality. Alas, Wednesday morning was a sobering wake up call. Clinton’s goals to break the glass ceiling as the first female president was not to be. So what just happened? What contributed to harpooning the hopes of the Democrat’s winning the White House again? A number of things happened including Hillary’s ongoing barrage of bad press surrounding hacked emails from her infamous private server. The news plagued every broadcast outlet and social media platform before, during and after the campaign. Add to this the wave of anti-Democrat sentiment amongst the country’s segment of poor, less educated male white voters that felt overlooked and ignored. Let’s not forget the impact of young disenfranchised Bernie Sanders’ supporters that could not get on board with having Hillary as president; her inability to sufficiently convert key red states into blue like Florida and we cannot ignore how injurious splitting votes across the Libertarian, Green and Independent parties can be (see Ralph Nader election 2000). And, voters lied to exit polls giving false hope to the Democratic Party stating

they pledged support to Hillary when in actuality they voted for Trump. Each of the noted factors weighed heavily towards the loss but at the end of the day, something more seismic and controllable lead to the Party’s epic failure. According to, a whopping 41.8% or 96,790,972 million Americans did not vote for a president at all. That’s right people; statistics show that Hillary Clinton lost the race because the Democratic Party failed to sufficiently rally the vote at the polls. Remember, Donald Trump did not win by a landslide. Yes, Donald’s crew artfully played the game of successfully collecting 306 electoral votes to Hillary’s 232, yet it was a ‘too-close-to call’ match the entire time. As of this writing, final vote tallies are still being counted for California, Washington and Utah (smh). In fact, CNN Politics stated that Hillary managed to score 48.1% of the popular vote over Trump’s 46.5%; a lead of over 2 million of the population, and growing. Unfortunately, the popular vote does not count in this country. (See 2004 Bush/Gore election).

which is spearheaded by Vice President-elect, Mike Pence, is already drawing noticeable attention for their lack of diversity in the mostly white, male cabinet picks that have been chosen so far including: • • Kansas Representative, Mike Pompeo for CIA Director. Pompeo serves on the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence, originally backed Marco Rubio and is a close colleague of Vice President Mike Pence. He’s strongly opposed a woman’s right to choose even in extenuating circumstances and has been known to express antiSemitic remarks, racial remarks against President Obama, antiMuslim sentiments and began the chant to lock up former secretary of state Clinton.

management issues and his “combative” style has compared Islamic ideology to a malignant cancer. Republican National Committee Chairman, Reince Priebus will assume the roll of Chief of Staff in the Trump White House. Priebus was a staunch supporter of Donald Trump even throughout his many gaffes during the 18-month campaign.

Donald Trump predicted that he would someday be called President Trump in an October 1999 issue of the Daily News, At that time, he had hoped his running mate would be Oprah Winfrey. Fast forward to today, the president-elect formally assumes the highest office in the land on Inauguration Day, which is Friday, January 20, 2017. So, in the 2020 • Alabama Senator, Jeff Sessions election, when you see a poster with the adage that says ‘Every Vote Counts’, is selected for Attorney General. you’d better believe it. According to the NAACP, Sessions had his nomination for a federal judgeship pulled in 1986 when he was accused of making racially charged remarks referring to the NAACP and ACLU as What a Trump win means “Communist Inspired” and “UnAmerican.” The peaceful transition of power is the hallmark of the democratic process in the United States. That being • Steve Bannon the controversial said, Trump has already met with head of Breidbart News, an Altsitting president Barack Obama for Right website known for its racist, a 90-minute briefing on world affairs sexist and xenophobic repartee, and other pending issues that lie ahead. will be Trump’s Chief of Strategy With the Democratic Party’s loss of and Senior Advisor. the House and the Senate, a Trump win means diminished legislative • General Mike Flynn has been power, a full reorganization of key tapped for national security White House Cabinet staff, as well as advisor. According to USA Trump foretold his own presidential critical judicial appointments to the Today, Flynn was previously run as early as 1999 with Oprah Supreme Court, to name a few. dismissed from a top job at the Winfrey as his preferred running mate. Photo credit: New York Daily News. Trump’s transition team, Pentagon due to flagrant anger

Page 10

The Rochdale Village Bulletin

November 2016

(l. to r) Clifton Stanley Diaz, Chairman of the Board; Captain Robinson of 113th Precinct, Public Safety Chief Victoria Pearson, 1st Vice President of the Board and Public Safety Committee Chairman, Talib Bey alongside Sergeant Tricoli from the 113th Precinct. Public Safety’s DVR Investigator, Paris McBryde (seated) gives demonstration.

Rochdale Board members/Public Safety host brass from 113th precinct By Susan Van Brackle


ommunity partners from the 113th precinct joined Rochdale’s Public Safety Department and board of members to welcome Captain Robinson to this area’s 113th Precinct. Captain Robinson toured the

complex and greeted senior center participants escorted by Clifton Stanley Diaz, Chairman of the Rochdale Village Board of Directors and Public Safety Committee chairman and 1st Vice President Talib Bey. Mr. Bey and Public Safety Chief Victoria Pearson gave the Captain and his colleagues Detective Duheney

and Sergeant Tricoli an overview of the department’s command center. They also strategized how the 113th can continue to work effectively with this community on policing initiatives.   Thanks to relationship building that has been built with the 113th precinct, dedicated officers are assigned to this

complex that provide special attention to external impacts from neighboring boulevards like Guy R. Brewer. Rochdale has four uniformed and four plain clothes officers assigned daily to this area. Two officers are allocated to Group 5 in the evening hours up until 4 a.m. the next morning since the summer of 2015.

Top 7 Holiday Safety Tips from RV Maintenance to Cooperators During the holidays it is very easy to create situations that could prove dangerous. Rochdale’s Maintenance department is sending these friendly reminders to help make the holidays safe for everyone. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7.

Never pour used cooking grease down the drain. Freeze grease then discard it in a ZipLoc bag. Cooking on balconies is prohibited. Keep a watchful eye on flame heights while cooking. Keep holiday lighting away from draperies. Make sure that the oven is off and cool before cleaning. Never leave your apartment while food is cooking on the stove top or in oven. (It is so easy to forget) Discard Christmas trees in plastic bags and only bring them down during designated times.

Season’s Greetings to All!

November 2016

The Rochdale Village Bulletin

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The Rochdale Village Bulletin

November 2016

Our Rochdale Vil

Rochdale Throwback Pics: Community history over the years as we turn 53.

Rochdale Village residents break bread over dinner in March 1966 at the former community center auditorium, now the grand ballroom. Photo credit: L.S. Bridges

In the 60’s Rochdale Village breaks ground for the flagpoles currently stationed near the satellite dish in front of the Community Center. Photo credit: L.S. Bridges

In 1966, the red and tan Jamaica Bus Line provided service to Rochdale Village residents then was acquired by Metropolitan Transit Authority (MTA) February 2006.

New residents attend monthly board meeting in room 11/12/13. Photo credit: L.S. Bridges, May 1966.

(l. to r.) Congressman Gregory Meeks, Malcolm Smith, Assemblymember Vivian Cook; Guess who? Then NYS Junior Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton with Councilman Tom White in Rochdale big mall Aug. 2000.

What’s all the hub bub about? Residents and neighbors gathered in the big mall to see Jesse Jackson speak in 1998.

November 2016

The Rochdale Village Bulletin

Page 13

ellage Village Community Community Friends and visitors come to Rochdale. Power Plant upgrades begin.

Representatives from Advantage Care Physicians in the Rochdale Village Medical Office came bearing gifts for the community as well as their team mascot Dogtor. He was a hit with the area’s littlest fans.

(l. to r.) Board Chairman Clifton Stanley Diaz, Officer Duhaney., Public Safety Committee Chair and 1st Vice President, Talib Bey, 113th Precinct Captain Robinson and Sergeant Tricoli.

Sergeant Tricoli (left) and Captain Robinson (right) of 113th Precinct make introductions and engage Rochdale seniors at the center.

Power plant manager, Gil Francisco, oversees installation of Rochdale’s new backup boiler.

Rochdale’s Chairman of the Board, Clifton Stanley Diaz (left) gives a grand tour of the community to new community policemen from the 113th precinct, Officer Kelley (center) and Sergeant Daninskas (right).

Page 14

November 2016

The Rochdale Village Bulletin

~Poetry Corner~ Thank You

Closer than you think but don’t tell

By Gloria Williams Thank you for family Thank you for neighbors and friends Thank you for love honor respect Abound radiating without within Thank you or the heavens Thank you for the earth the stars the moon the sun butterflies birds flowers and trees no disease Thank you for new birth Thank you for life ancestors that light the way Thank you for winter spring summer and fall The oceans and rivers from which cool waters flow Thank you for each and every day Thank you for the foot prints to guide and order my steps to lift me high Most of all I thank you Lord Like the mighty majestic phoenix I rise I believe that I can fly. Peace

Mr. Turkey

By Ed Miller My family is vegetarian Our turkey is made of soy We eat it on Thanksgiving It’s neither girl or boy. We gather ‘round the table My daddy says a prayer Has to do with peace and love For people everywhere.         

By Anthony Blake It was a weekend spent in Virginia Beach The trip took a long time to reach It was through the Chesapeake Bay Bridge and Tunnel Then finally reaching in 6 hours But that was getting to the destination Homeward bound was up close and personal in becoming direct It had that affect We journeyed back taking the same I-95 route However, our Bus Driver stated he wanted to get close to Washington, DC Well that wasn’t a bad idea or was it? We entered in what we thought was the Harbor Tunnel look alike I realized it wasn’t the tunnel after all because there were busts of past Presidents and there were turnoffs for Senators throughout When we looked up, we were in the Capitol right under the Rotunda It was a very historical sight along with sunbeams giving light How’s that for Washington close up Right in the heart and where history and decisions are made

Yet we managed to get out and maneuver around all the Capitol Statues Just what were the Statues you ask, what else, some past Presidents As we got out, the Bus Driver wanted directions to I-95 A walking passerby was asked, but was told, we were already on it Now that was an embarrassing moment Well the Nation’s Capitol saying thanks for entering in Sorry your visit came to an end The thought, remember to plan ahead in the route, and that is when and moving to can.

Happy Holidays Rochdale Village

The RV Church Corner

Why not visit a neighborhood house of worship here in the surrounding Rochdale Village community. Peace.

The church of St. Bonaventure 114-58 170th Street Jamaica, NY 11434 718-526-0040 10 a.m. Mass Celebration 8:30 a.m. Morning Mass Celebrations: Mon., Wed., Fri.

St. Benedict the moor 171-17 110th Avenue Jamaica, NY 11434 718-526-4018 Reverend Gordon P. Kusi, Pastor Reverend Stephen Jantuah Deacon Pascual Olivas Angela Lewis, Dir. Religious Ed. Noon & 5 p.m. Mass Celebrations 8:30 AM Morning Mass Celebrations: Tues., Thurs.

Shepherd’s House Open Bible Church (SHOBC) 134-30 Guy R. Brewer Blvd. Jamaica, NY 11434 Sunday school - 9 am Sunday Worship Experience -10am Wednesdays - Bible Study & Prayer 7:30 pm Fridays - Deliverance Service 7:30 pm

Our Lady Of Light Parish St. Catherine of Sienna Church 118-22 Riverton Street St. Albans, NY 11412 Mass Schedule: Monday to Friday 8:00 am Sunday 8:00am and 12:00 pm

Jamaica, N.Y. 11433 Tel: 718-529-3900 Suffragan Bishop Derrick Farmer, DD Service Times:

The Greater Rescue Church of Christ, Inc. of the Apostolic Faith 110 - 51 Guy R. Brewer Blvd.

Apostolic Temple of Jesus Christ Inc. 137-18 Farmers Boulevard Jamaica, NY 11434 718-528-1021 Pastor Elder Marcus D. McKnight

Service Times: Sunday School: 9:00 am Morning Service: 11:00 am Prayer Service Tuesday 7:00 pm Christian Development Wednesday 7:00 pm

Sunday School: 9:30 am Worship Service: 11:00 am Monday & Wednesday Noonday Prayer: 12:00 pm Wednesday Bible Study: 7:30 pm Friday Youth Service: 8:00 pm Saturday Prayer Meeting 8:00 pm

St. Pascal Babylon 112-43 198th Street St. Albans, NY 11412 Mass Schedule: Saturday 5:00pm Christ Pentecostal Temple, Inc. Sunday 10:00am Monday to Saturday 9:00 am 109-45 157th Street

Jamaica, NY 11433 Phone: 718-739-7165 Fax: 718-739-3880 Website: E-mail: Rev. Leslie B. Hodelin-Wilks, Pastor Min. Gene Robbins, Assistant Pastor Service Times Sunday School: 9:45 am Sunday Morning Worship: 11:30am Sunday Evening Worship: 6 pm Prayer Service: Tuesdays, 7 pm Kingdom First Living Bible Class Wednesday, 7:30 pm Evangelistic Worship: Fridays, 8:30 pm The Rochdale Village Church Corner lists an array of houses of worship to attend. List your church! Email:

November 2016

The Rochdale Village Bulletin

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November 2016

The Rochdale Village Bulletin

VILLAGE SENIOR CENTER: WEEKLY ACTIVITIES Rochdale Village Senior Center - December 2016 DECEMBER 2016







2) 10:30 – Tai Chi (Room 12 &13) 1:00 – Arts & Crafts – (Room 18) 1:30 Games/Cards (Multi- Purpose Room

5) 8:30 - Walking Club

6) 10:00 – Chair/Floor Exer. Rm 12 1:00 – SEMINAR – ELDER ABUSE 2:00 – Games/Dominos

7) 10:00 – Stay Well Exerc. – Rm 17 10:00 – Alert & Alive 10:30 WII Fitness (Multi-Purpose Room) 1:00 Movie - CANCELLED

1) 8:30 – Walking Club (Room 6 & 7/Outdoor) 8:45 – Aerobics (Room 12-13) 10:00 – Yoga (Room 12 - 13) 11-12 – Upper Body Movement Rm 18 2:00 – Cards/Dominos 8) 8:30 – Walking Club (Room 6 & 7/Outdoor) 8:45 – Aerobics (Room 12 & 13) 10:00 – Yoga (Room 18) 2:00 – Cards/Dominos

15) 8:30 – Walking Club (Room 6 & 7/Outdoor) 8:45 – Aerobics (Room 12 & 13) 10:00 – Yoga (Room 18) 10:30 – ADVISORY BOARD MEETING 10:45 – MEN ONLY WORKSHOP 1:00 – SEMINAR – DENTAL CARE 2:00 – Cards/Dominos

16) 10:30 – Tai Chi (Rm 12&13) 1:00 – Arts & Crafts – (Room 18) 1:30 Games/Cards (Multi- Purpose Room

(Room 6 & 7/Outdoor) 10:00 - Aerobics (Room 18) 11:00 –Bingo – Redbrick 1:00 – SEMINAR – MEDICARE – OPEN ENROLLMENT 1:30 – Spanish Class (Rm. 2) 12) 8:30 - Walking Club (Room 6 & 7/Outdoor) 10:00 - Aerobics (Room 18) 11:00 –Bingo – Redbrick 1:30 – Spanish Class (Rm. 2)

13) 10:00 – Chair/Floor Exercise 1:00 – SEMINAR – HOW TO OVERCOME HOLIDAY BLUES 2:00 – Games/Dominos

19) 8:30 - Walking Club (Room 6 & 7/Outdoor) 10:00 - Aerobics (Room 18) 11:00 - Bingo – CANCELLED 11:00 – NUTRITION EDUCATION 1:30 – Spanish Class (Rm. 18)

20) 10:00 – Chair/Floor Exercise 2:00 – Games/Dominos


27) 10:00 – Chair/Floor Exercise 1:00 – CHANUKAH CELEBRATION 2:00 – Games/Dominos


14) 10:00 – Stay Well Exerc. – Rm 17 10:00 – Alert & Alive (Multi-Purpose Room) 10:30 WII Fitness (Multi-Purpose Room) 1:00 Movie – CANCELLED SEMINAR - MANAGE LONG TERM CARE EDUCATION PRESENTATION 21) 10:00 – Stay Well Exerc. – Rm 17 10:00 – Alert & Alive (Multi-Pur. Room) 11:00 – Bingo (Red Brick) 10:30 WII Fitness 1:00 MOVIE 1:30 – HOLIDAY CELEBRATION BREATHE OF LIFE CHOIR 28) 10:00 – Stay Well Exerc. – Rm 17 10:00 – Alert & Alive (Multi-Pur. Room) 11:00 – Bingo (Red Brick) 10:30 WII Fitness 1:00 MOVIE – CANCELLED 1:00 – KWANZA CELEBRATION


23) 10:30 – Tai Chi (Rm 12&13) 1:00 – Arts & Crafts – (Room 18) 1:30 Games/Cards (Multi- Purpose Room 30) 10:30 – Tai Chi (Rm 12&13) 1:00 – Arts & Crafts – (Room 18) 1:30 Games/Cards (Multi- Purpose Room

22) ) 8:30 – Walking Club (Room 6 & 7/Outdoor) 8:45 – Aerobics (Room 12 & 13) 10:00 – Yoga (Room 18) 29) ) 8:30 – Walking Club (Room 6 & 7/Outdoor) 8:45 – Aerobics (Room 12 & 13) 10:00 – Yoga (Room 18)

ROCHDALE SENIOR CENTER Jamaica, NY 11434 718 525-2800

Sheree Shivers, Director

Evelyn Wilson, Recreation Coordinator

To a

October, November, December

A Colorful Celebration with ALL THE HOLIDAY Colors….Glitter, Gold, Green, Red, Royal Blue, Silver, Winter White & Black FRIDAY, December 9, 2016 Rochdale Village Grand Ballroom

11:00 a.m. - 3:00 p.m.

Donation: $10.00

November 2016

Page 17

The Rochdale Village Bulletin

It is with sadness that we announce the passing of these community legends Former Board Member

Ruby “Mother� Davis

Celebration of Life for Ruby Constance Davis will be held

Friday, December 2, 2016

Viewing 9:00 A.M. TO 11 A.M. | Service 11:00 A.M. TO 1:00 P.M.

Roy L. Gilmore Funeral Chapel 191-02 Linden Boulevard St. Albans, NY 11412 REPASS: 3:00 P.M. to 7:00 P.M. ROCHDALE VILLAGE COMMUNITY CENTER 169-65 137th Avenue Jamaica, New York 11434

Deborah Myree

Celebration of Life for Deborah Myree will be held

Friday, December 2, 2016 Memorial Service 6:00 P.M. TO 8:00 P.M.

J. Foster Phillips Funeral Home 179-24 Linden Boulevard Jamaica, New York 11434

Spots are limited. Register NOW for the upcoming lending event scheduled for: December 3, 2016 - 1:00 p.m. to 2:00 p.m. Rochdale Village Library 169-09 137th Avenue Jamaica, New York 11434 718-723-4440 *Access to HotSpot is based upon eligibility requirements and equipment availability.

Page 18

November 2016

The Rochdale Village Bulletin

Rochdale Village Board of Directors Meeting Resolutions - October 24, 2016

PRESIDENT JEAN RANDOLPH-CASTRO Moved: Lisa Stark Second: Talib Bey One vote cast by Secretary. Jean Randolph-Castro is President. FIRST VICE-PRESIDENT

TALIB BEY Moved: Lisa Stark Second: Jean Randolph-Castro One vote cast by Secretary. Talib Bey is First Vice-President.

SECOND VICE-PRESIDENT MARIO TURNER Moved: Lisa Stark Second: Clifton Stanley Diaz One vote cast by Secretary. Mario Turner is Second Vice-President. THIRD VICE-PRESIDENT JEAN HALL Moved: Jean Randolph-Castro Second: Clifton Stanley Diaz One vote cast by Secretary. Jean Hall is Third Vice-President. FOURTH VICE-PRESIDENT TIM MERCER KAMAL SALEEM Moved: Lisa Stark Moved by: Jean Hall Second: Talib Bey Second: Tracey Irvin FOR MERCER FOR SALEEM Talib Bey Stacey Francis Clifton Stanley Diaz Jean Hall Timothy Mercer Tracey Irvin Jean Randolph-Castro Earl Roberts Maryam Smith Kamal Saleem Lisa Stark Derrick Shareef Mario Turner Barbara Staples Joyce Williams Eight for Tim Mercer, Seven for Kamal Saleem. Tim Mercer is Fourth Vice-President. SECRETARY JOYCE WILLIAMS Moved: Lisa Stark Second: Jean Randolph-Castro One vote cast by Secretary. Joyce Williams is Secretary. TREASURER LISA STARK DERRICK SHAREEF Moved: Talib Bey Moved by: Stacey Francis Second: Clifton Diaz Second: Tracey Irvin FOR STARK FOR SHAREEF Talib Bey Stacey Francis Clifton Stanley Diaz Jean Hall Timothy Mercer Tracey Irvin Jean Randolph-Castro Earl Roberts Maryam Smith Kamal Saleem Lisa Stark Derrick Shareef Mario Turner Barbara Staples Joyce Williams Eight for Lisa Stark, Seven for Derrick Shareef. Lisa Stark is Treasurer. ASSISTANT TREASURER MARYAM SMITH Moved: Jean Randolph-Castro

Second: Clifton Stanley Diaz One vote cast by Secretary. Maryam Smith is Assistant Treasurer. COMMITTEE CHAIRPERSONS BUDGET & FINANCE

LISA STARK Moved: Talib Bey Seconded: Clifton Stanley Diaz One vote cast by Secretary. Lisa Stark is Chairperson of the Budget & Finance Committee. COMMERCIAL SERVICES TIM MERCER Moved: Talib Bey Seconded: Jean Randolph-Castro One vote cast by Secretary. Tim Mercer is Chairperson of the Community Services Committee. COMMUNITY CENTER JEAN RANDOLPH-CASTRO Moved: Clifton Stanley Diaz Seconded: Talib Bey One vote cast by Secretary. Jean Randolph-Castro is Chairperson of the Community Center Committee. COMMUNITY RELATIONS MARYAM SMITH Moved: Clifton Stanley Diaz Seconded: Joyce Williams One vote cast by Secretary. Maryam Smith is Chairperson of the Community Relations Committee. ENVIRONMENTAL CONSERVATION KAMAL SALEEM Moved: Jean Hall Seconded: Stacey Francis One vote cast by Secretary. Kamal Saleem is Chairperson of the Environmental Conservation Committee. LEGAL & MANAGEMENT JEAN RANDOLPH-CASTRO as President is assigned this committee. MAINTENANCE TRACEY IRVIN Moved: Jean Hall Seconded: Stacey Francis One vote cast by Secretary. Tracey Irvin is Chairperson of the Maintenance Committee. ORIENTATION Clifton Stanley-Diaz Moved: Lisa Stark Seconded: Jean Randolph-Castro One vote cast by Secretary. Clifton Stanley Diaz is Chairperson of the Orientation Committee. PUBLIC SAFETY Talib Bey Moved: Clifton Stanley Diaz Seconded: Lisa Stark One vote cast by Secretary. Talib Bey is Chairperson of the Public Safety Committee. JOYCE WILLIAMS


November 2016

Page 19

The Rochdale Village Bulletin

Rochdale Village Board of Directors Meeting Resolutions - October 24, 2016

Moved: Clifton Diaz Second: Lisa Stark

Moved by: Tracey Irvin Second: Stacey Francis

FOR WILLIAMS FOR STAPLES Talib Bey Stacey Francis Clifton Stanley Diaz Jean Hall Timothy Mercer Tracey Irvin Jean Randolph-Castro Earl Roberts Maryam Smith Kamal Saleem Lisa Stark Derrick Shareef Mario Turner Barbara Staples Joyce Williams Eight for Joyce Williams, Seven for Barbara Staples. Joyce Williams is Chairperson of Senior Citizens Committee. YOUTH PLANNING MARIO TURNER Moved: Clifton Stanley Diaz Seconded: Jean Randolph-Castro One vote cast by Secretary. Mario Turner is Chairperson of the Youth Planning Committee. R61-16:

WHEREAS, the Firm of Robert J. Stahl Architect, PC entered into a two (2) year contract with Rochdale Village, Inc. as General Consultant at a ‘not to exceed’ amount of $120,000 per year; WHEREAS, the Architect has provided satisfactory service over the past two (2) years in accordance with the terms of the contract and has come in under budget with invoices totalling $153,238.50; and WHEREAS, Management would like to take advantage of the Option under Article 11, Section 11.2.1 of the contract to grant Robert J. Stahl Architect, PC another two (2) years with the same compensation of a ‘not to exceed’ amount of $120,000 per year. THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED, that the Rochdale Village, Inc. Board of Directors is in favor of a two (2) year extension of the contract of Robert J. Stahl Architect, PC under the same terms, subject to approval of the New York State Homes & Community Renewal. Moved by: Jean Randolph-Castro Seconded by: Talib Bey FOR Talib Bey Clifton Stanley Diaz Jean Hall Timothy Mercer Jean Randolph-Castro Maryam Smith Barbara Staples Lisa Stark Mario Turner Joyce Williams AGAINST Earl Roberts ABSTENTIONS Stacey Francis Tracey Irvin Kamal Saleem Derrick Shareef Ten for, one against, four abstentions; motion passes. R62-16:

WHEREAS, the King of Kings Foundation (“KOK”) is a charitable organization that has been working with at-risk youth in Jamaica, New York

since 2005;

WHEREAS, the King of Kings sponsors an annual youth Christmas Party and last year’s party was held in the Grand Ballroom on December 19, 2015; and WHEREAS, the Rochdale Village Community Center Committee would like to host the King of King’s 9th Annual Christmas Carnival Party for Youth on December 17, 2016 in the Ballroom. NOW THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED, the Rochdale Village, Inc. Board of Directors accepts the resolution to host the King of King’s 9th Annual Christmas Carnival Party for Youth in the Grand Ballroom. Moved by: Jean Randolph-Castro Seconded by: Clifton Stanley Diaz FOR Talib Bey Stacey Francis Tracey Irvin Jean Randolph-Castro Derrick Shareef Lisa Stark Joyce Williams Earl Roberts

Clifton Stanley Diaz Jean Hall Timothy Mercer Kamal Saleem Maryam Smith Mario Turner

ABSTENTIONS Barbara Staples

Thirteen for, two abstentions; motion passes. R63-10:

WHEREAS, Digital tablets were purchased for the Board in February of 2015 for the purpose of reducing the amount of paper consumed while conducting Board business and enabling access to Board documents online; WHEREAS, data plans for the tablets would enable Board Members to access Board documents without being restricted to using them only in places where Wi-Fi is available; and WHEREAS, a data plan was procured through Rochdale’s existing Verizon commercial account for fifteen tablets with two Gigabytes per line at a cost of $415 per month, plus any applicable taxes. THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED, that the Rochdale Village, Inc. Board of Directors approves data plans to be added to fifteen tablets at a cost of $415 per month plus any applicable taxes. Moved by: Talib Bey Seconded by: Jean Randolph-Castro FOR

Talib Bey Clifton Stanley Diaz Jean Hall Timothy Mercer Jean Randolph-Castro Earl Roberts Derrick Shareef Maryam Smith Barbara Staples Mario Turner Joyce Williams AGAINST Stacey Francis Lisa Stark ABSTENTIONS Tracey Irvin Kamal Saleem Eleven for, two against, two abstentions; motion passes.

Page 20

November 2016

The Rochdale Village Bulletin

Rochdale Village Board of Directors Meeting Resolutions Requiring Board Action - October 24, 2016

Meeting began: 8:00 p.m.

Earl Roberts - Director Kamal Saleem - Director Derrick Shareef - Director Barbara Staples - Director

Board Members: Present Clifton Stanley Diaz - Chairperson Jean Randolph-Castro - President Talib Bey - 1st Vice President Mario Turner - 2nd Vice President Jean Hall - 3rd Vice President Tim Mercer - 4th Vice President Joyce Williams - Secretary Lisa Stark - Treasurer Maryam Hubbard - Assistant Treasurer Stacey Francis - Director Tracey Irvin - Director

Also present MSI Real Estate Herbert Freedman - General Manager Jay Williams - Assistant General Manager William Greenspan, Esq., Corporate Counsel William Young - Controller Corey Jones - Director of Maintenance Victoria Pearson - Director of Public Safety

Not Present Alfred E. Smith - President, House Congress Gil Francisco - Facility Manager The agenda for the evening: 1. Nomination of Board Officers 2. Motions 3. Adjournment 4. Cooperator’s Session The roll call was taken upon opening the meeting. Based on the attendance, a quorum was reached. There were (3) motions requiring board action (see the Board Resolutions). Motion to adjourn came at 10:45 pm.

Community Relations Committee Minutes for Monday, November 7, 2016 Former chairperson Joyce Williams called meeting to order at 7:15 p.m.

Maryam Hubbard

co-chairs Keveena Hollins and Hettie Powell. The committee also talked about everything that Ms. Smith informed the committee members that will be needed for the event to be successful as in there will be a new secretary Lateesha Crawford, the previous years. who was not present at this meeting. Introduction of the new Discussion of future events: elect chairperson, Maryam Discussion of upcoming events: • Karaoke Smith by Jean Castro. Santa Land in the big mall Saturday, December • Game night Maryam Hubbard stated 10, 2016 form 10 a.m. through 4:00 p.m. • Sip and Paint night her background and then Discussed which committee members will be went on to introduce both delegated what duties during the Santa Land event. Meeting adjourned at 8:24 p.m., Gloria Young 2nd.

Commercial Services Committee Minutes for Monday, November 16, 2016

Tim Mercer

Unfinished Business:

Meeting attendees: RVO: Complaints were made about boxes on Committee Attendance the floor, in the previous meeting. Chairman Sheet forwarded Mercer investigated and his findings were that this was true. Chairman Mercer informed RV Time: Management and also will discuss issues with Called to order: 7:00 p.m. RVO Management. Adjourned: 8:10 p.m. OBs and Liquor Store Leakage: Jasmine Smith Facilitator: investigated the leak situation. Her findings were Chairperson, Timothy that it wasn’t actually a leak that these merchants Mercer were getting, but water coming from the service hallway when there is a bad rain. She will have someone look into this matter.

Chairman Mercer went through his “Action List” 1st topic: As discussed in the previous meeting, Chairman Mercer would like for the Committee to take pictures when they see something wrong with products in the stores and then reach out to him for investigation.

Abigale’s Corner: No longer there. A new tenant (Deli) will move in the 1st of December. The Deli is called 1-6-9. There are restrictions from what they can and cannot sell. They must sell newspapers & magazines. Lease for this store is 5 years.

Key Foods: Key Foods (Mandel) was sold to A picture of bad chicken displayed with good another Key Foods franchise (Guzman Brothers). chicken in Ideal Food Basket was taken. Chairman Mercer will talk to management on this issue Other Concerns: Chinese Restaurant in the Big Mall: Legal Chase – Chairman Mercer is still investigating Management has not met on this issue yet staffing concerns.

New Business: Chairman Mercer will set up a Quarterly Meeting with Merchants for January or February 2016. Dunkin Donuts will have a give-away raffle: They will raffle off 50 turkeys on Monday November 21, 2016. They will distribute the Turkeys to the winners from Monday November 21 through Wednesday November 23. Coupons for Duncan Donuts are in our weekly sheet. Other Concerns OBs: Should have a price list displayed. Committee requests OB’s display an OPEN price list Comfort Zone: The new leaser’s name is Maria Madido... there is no lease assignment Diagram outlining the Big Mall design (Sample) The Pylons were taken down for renovation Next Meeting: Fourth Thursday of every month, 7:00 p.m. (12/22/16). Timothy Mercer, Chairman

November 2016

Page 21

The Rochdale Village Bulletin

Obituary Sunrise:


Dayo Ajile Corley

November 3, 1972

ayo Ajile Corley was born in Columbia Presbyterian Medical Center in Manhattan, New York on November 3, 1972. Her parents were Sonia Joshua and Jake Corley. At age two, Sonia and Dayo moved down to their native home of St. Thomas, V.I. where she lived most of her childhood years with her brother Roy Howard and grandmother Eldra Joshua who she adored so much. As she grew up, she created great relationships with family members such as her grandfather Samuel Joshua, aunt and uncle Irene and Leopold Broome who she called momma and daddy because they were like parents to her. Everybody that she encountered loved her intelligence, bubbly personality and most of all her smile. Her smile literally went across from cheek to cheek and would always light up any room she walked into. She was truly a joy to be around. She was also active in the church at a very young age as she served as an acolyte on the alter and did what she loved to do the most which was singing in the choir at All Saints Cathedral Church. With singing being one of her many talents she performed at school recitals and beauty pageants. In her years living in St Thomas, she attended schools such as Lockhart Elementary, Wesleyan Academy and Charlotte Amalie H.S. for her freshman and sophomore year. After Hurricane Hugo hit St. Thomas in 1989, Dayo moved to Inglewood, New Jersey at the age of 16 to live with their father and meet her younger sister Jacquena Corley; first cousins Renee and Joyce, Jerry and other close family members. Keeping her bubbly personality, she continued to build very strong relationships with whomever she encountered from there on. She attended Dwight Morrow H.S. for her junior and senior years and she graduated with honors in May of 1991 then went on to attend Lincoln University where she studied psychology. After three years, Dayo returned home due to unplanned circumstances to live with her mother and step dad Wayne Freeman. Experiencing hardships along the way honestly


October 29, 2016

gave her the best quality everyone has seen from her which was her strength. She wans’t just physically strong but had the mental capacity and undying determination to see situations through ‘til the very end. May of 1995 Dayo had a son whom she named Dante Joshua-Smart. Her bundle of joy Dante was a reminder of how hard she worked in the past and was her motivation to keep working to provide for him to make him into the man she would be proud to see grow up in life. At that time, she started working two jobs to support her family. Through these jobs she encountered many great long-term friends along the way who have stayed oyal to her until the very end. In May of 203, she had another bundle of joy that kept her motivated to keep striving for her children. That bundle of joy is her beautiful daughter Aryssa Vega. Dayo made sure that she instilled all her values into her kids for them to succeed in life. She wanted them to stay strong through the hardships, think wisely always but most of all to love each other and stay close to each other because family is the most important thing to hold on to. As years went on, she’s come across controversy with many different faces but she’s had the support of family behind her to keep her strong. In 2012, she was diagnosed with Lupus and it was devastating. Lupus took away a lot of her physical strength and for awhile it kept her spirit down but her will power to keep going fueled her to continue to strengthen herself. She made the necessary adjustments and kept her faith. She was a wonderful daughter, exceptional mother, faithful friend and one of the most beautiful people you will every encounter in your lifetime. Dayo is survived by her mother Sonia Joshua Freeman, her father Wayne Freeman, son Dante Joshua Smart, daughter Aryssa Vega, brother Roy Howard and sister Jacquena Corley. She is sorely missed by her special friends Yanique Swann, Lisa Hansen, Akua Gaines, Kia Newkirk, Sharon Cepedes and a multitude of other loved ones. Rest in peace dear Dayo.

Acknowledgement The family acknowledges with since thanks and appreciation all cards, telegrams, phone calls, floral designs and deeds of kindness shown during the illness and the passing of Ms. Dayo Ajile Corley.

Page 22

November 2016

The Rochdale Village Bulletin

Rochdale Village Board Calendar December 2016

See what’s going on in, and around our community... A little something for everyone!


Share What’s Happening in Our Community If you are a part of a community organization or have a special event that you would like to be posted, email Rochdalebulletin@ with the date, time and the subject heading “Community Calendar.” Postings will be at the Editor’s discretion. Key

CL = Club Lounge RM = Room Within the RV Community Center Note: This schedule is tentative. Committee Chairpersons, PLEASE CONTACT THE BOARD OFFICE TO CONFIRM OR ADVISE OF ANY CHANGES TO YOUR SCHEDULED MEETING DATES.


The Cooperators’ Newspaper

Serving over 25,000 SHAREHOLDERS in the world’s second Largest housing cooperative

Susan Palmer -Van Brackle

Managing Editor

169-65 137th Avenue, Jamaica, NY 11434 REGULAR CONTRIBUTORS

Anthony Blake, Ed Miller, Marjorie Robinson, Gloria Williams 718-276-5700 x359 • The Rochdale Village Bulletin is published monthly. Articles submitted for consideration should not exceed three typed, double spaced pages. We reserve the right to edit all material submitted for publication. Please note that submission of articles does not guarantee publication. All material is subject to review for approval. All articles, advertising and photographs submitted for consideration must include the name, address and telephone number of the author or photographer. All materials submitted, as well as photographs, become the property of Rochdale Village, Inc.

November 2016

The Rochdale Village Bulletin

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The Rochdale Village Bulletin

November 2016

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Rochdale Village Bulletin November 2016  
Rochdale Village Bulletin November 2016  

In the November edition of the Rochdale Village Bulletin, the cooperative earns substantial cable offerings from Charter Spectrum, Rochdale...