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AI Monthly

March 2013


March 2013

USEFUL AI TOOLS Over the coming issues of AI MONTHLY we plan on providing you with lots of information about two useful AI tools in particular, AI Flight Planner (AIFP) and AI Aircraft Editor. We will begin this month taking a look at AIFP by Don Grovestine AI Flight Planner is one of the most widely used and well known AI installation tools. It has superb support, and excellent features giving users more control over their AI setups. AI Flight Planner has been fully adopted by AlphaIndia Group (AIG) and other flightplanners, which benefits the end-user of the plans as the links to the needed airports are already included, and AIFP will ensure aircraft have the correct parking codes and callsigns assigned during the installation of each repaint.

or .bgl files). AIFP has the ability to delete currently installed AI aircraft, along will installing new aircraft, substituting aircraft for already installed ones, and even changing the flightplan files themselves (flight altitudes, times, aircraft speeds). Don has also added the ability to input data in a "timetable" format (more information next time) AIFP is available from, and Don encourages users to use the development release to help find and iron out any problems with changes to AIFP

Please continue to read our future issues to find out more about this tool and also Martin Gossmann’s AI Aircraft Editor.

AIFP has many other useful features (such as “Traffic and Parking Analyser”, “Use Alternative ICAO”, and “Kill Airports”) which will be detailed in future AI Monthly releases. The flexibility given to the program through the use of the aifp.cfg will also be briefly outlined too, giving readers a wider understanding on how this little file works and can reduce end user work load. The basic function of AIFP is as a flightplan compiler. AIFP enables users to compile or decompile flightplans (either from .zip, .txt,


AI Monthly

March 2013


Reports by Robert Williams Nothing new from any of the three painters over at kaese2002. Brian has previewed some of his WIP on Air Berlin in the AIG forums.

Impulse AI

Endeavour AI

Stephen had a quiet month this March, mostly painting the Atlas Air fleet, albeit including 34 registrations.

Antoine returns from his break, which sees the website receive its first update in several months.

United Traffic Team

Releases continue on Avsim with the South African Airways 737 fleet, Safi 757-200, easyJet’s two new logojets promoting new routes and GOL 737 “Smiles”.

United Traffic Team’s website is currently down for maintenance.

Picture: Our Airlines 737-300 – Nils Bindauf

Picture: IBC Airways S340 – Elias Merino

2 Picture: Directorate General of Civil Aviation ATR42-300 – Doug Roth

AI Monthly

March 2013

Jürgen Baumbusch

Qantas “Lions Tour” He is currently working on Mango.

Jürgen, at the time of writing, has not released any new paints in March. However I happen to know that he is currently packing quite a number of paints, which will be released on his website over the coming days. First will be an update for the Ethiopian Group, with new variations of their 767300s and also ASKY 737-700 paints for the FAIB model.

Individual Painters

He has also painted the Mistral Air Boeing 737 fleet including Poste Italiane and Trawel Fly colour schemes, which complement Klemen’s flightplans released on AIG forums. Also, a United 777 in Star Alliance colours, Ameristar MD83, Saudia Arabian Cargo 747-8F and Russian billionaire Roman Abramovich’s personal 767-300. Jürgen is also working on Air Botswana and Travel Service.

flyingcarpet75 A Busy month from the flyingcarpet75 painting team. Philippe plans to try and update the site weekly but that will be time permitting. Elias has painted a much needed IBC Airways fleet, along with Lakeshore Express Saab 340’s. Philippe has been working on finishing off JetKonnect and JetLite, whilst also finding the time to paint Air Blue and Mahan Air A340’s, Surinam fleet and updating his Etihad “Visit Abu Dhabi” A330 to wear 2013 titles opposed to 2012. Kyle painted a private Saab 2000 owned by Meregrass Charters, and I believe he will work on the rest of their fleet too. He has also treated us to Delta’s 767 fleet on a HD paintkit.

Nils Bindauf – Our Airline 737 fleet, MN Aviation CJ3, Ameristar DC-9 & Learjet., CDI Cargo Airlines and BOA A332. He is working on an African Express EMB-120. Mariano Bonaccorso – Aerolineas Argentinas 737-700 fleet (standard & Skyteam colours) Sam Cooper – A whole load of Scandinavian BAe JS31s, Chalair ATR42, Flyglinjen F50, Eastern Airways EMB135/145. Johan Clausen – SAS A320 & ATR72, Direktflyg F50. The rest of the SAS fleet should follow soon. Dukgeun Lee – Eastar Jet 737, TACA A32X fleet, Conviasa EMB-190, Wings Air ATR72, T’way 738, Jin Air 738, Jeju Air 738. Symon Long – The prop master continues what he does best – Air Sunshine Saab 340, Citywing Let410, Krohn Air & AIS BAe JS32’s. Eduardo Mello – Passaredo ATR72, Manuel Querencias – Livingston A330, easyJet Moscow promotional Doug Roth – Directorate General of Civil Aviation ATR42 & King Air B200, Private C208.

Picture: Qantas 737-800w promoting British & Irish Lions tour of Australia 2013 – Robert Williams

Juan has painted a LD Services D328 jet repaint, along with a lovely military jet. Robert has painted Jetairfly’s new EMB-190, Skybus (UK) fleet and SkyExpress (Greece) JS41s and



AI Monthly

March 2013


Reports by Joshua Dean

Alpha India Group After the massive month of releases for AIG, March took a more leisurely pace with one release, albeit with 25 airlines included. The included releases in Round 11 are Air Busan, Aviastar Mandiri, Canjet, CDI Cargo Airline, Centurion Cargo, Citywing, Evergreen International, Grand China Air, Jeju Air, Jin Air, Lion Air, Merpati Nusantara Airlines, Olympic Air, SAS Scandinavian Airlines, Shenzhen Airlines, Sky Lease Cargo, Sriwijaya Air, Sunwing Airlines, Thomson Airways, Trans Nusa Air Services, T’Way Air, Westair Aviation, Wideroe, Wings Air and Xiamen Airlines. There is still a round or two left for release from the Winter 2012-2013 season, so keep your eyes peeled for more releases. The summer task manager is filling up nicely, hoping to continue the success of the winter season.

United Traffic Team

Individual Planners WINTER 2012-2013 Jeroen Eekhof – XL Airways France, Tarco Air, Nova Airways, Hermes Airlines, Ghadames Air Transport, Europe Airpost, Travel Service, Holiday Czech Airlines, Enter Air and Bingo Airways. Kamil Fryzol – Fastjet and Malindo Air Lingyuan He – Joy Air, NHT Linhas,

Klemen Kaltnekar – Belle Air, Blue Panorama/Blu Express, Darwin Airline, Maldivian, Mistral Air and Skywork (these are available via AIG forums only)

Steve Lewis – Air Cargo Carriers, Ameristar, Comtran, Cummins Engine Corp, IBC Airways, IBC Bank, Kalitta Charter, Lakeshore Express, LD Services, Roblex Aviation, Skyway Enterprises, TransNorthern Airways, Ultimate Jet Charters, USA Jet Airlines, West Wind Aviation, Xtra Airways. Eduardo Mello – GOL, Passaredo and SETE.

No releases, as their site is down for maintenance

RATS No releases

SUMMER 2013 Philipp Buechner – Aer Lingus, Air Europa, Air Seychelles, Emirates, Emirates Sky Cargo, Etihad, Etihad Cargo, flydubai, Iberia Express, Intersky, Virgin Atlantic, Virgin Australia, Virgin Samoa and Vueling.

Picture: A superb rendition of a Colombian Air Force Lockheed C130H by Juan Sebastian Gonzalez


AI Monthly

March 2013

SCREENSHOT OF THE MONTH Would you like to feature in the next edition of AI Monthly? Send your screenshots to us and we will debate which we think is the best. Seasonal and topical screenshots are a good idea, but a random amazing screenshot may win us over! There is of course one rule‌ IT MUST BE AI! Send your screenshots to

This month’s competition was a very close one! The winner is Doug Roth. This Winair Britten Norman Islander is pictured at Saint Maarten. He is using the FlyTampa scenery available here


AI Monthly

March 2013

Military Section Reports by John Burtenshaw

MAIW RAF Linton-on-Ouse by Mark Campbell RAF Linton-on-Ouse is used to provide fast jet pilot training before they move onto the BAe Hawk T.1 aircraft at No 4 FTS, RAF Valley in Wales. All pilots learn to fly using the Shorts Tucano T1. Weapon Systems Operators receive part of their training here also. In addition, the base is used by 642 VGS (Volunteer Gliding Squadron) to teach Air Cadets how to fly the Grob Vigilant aircraft. In the package are 50 MGAI Shorts Tucano and 11 ElvisAI_Grob109B, as a bonus there are 635 & 645 VGS Grob109B based at RAF Topcliffe. Included is fully custom scenery for RAF Linton on Ouse, RAF Topcliffe, RAF Church Fenton and AAC Dishworth by Stephen Legg & Rob Brittain.

Battalion which flies the AH-64D and Detachment 1 B. Company of the 2/238 Aviation Regiment which flies the CH-47D. This package also contains full custom scenery for McEntire JNGB courtesy of John Stinstrom.

Retro News John Young has produced a wonderful model of the B-29 Superfortress. John has produced the Commemorative Air Force “Fifi”, the black and silver “It’s Hawg Wild”, “Enola Gay” and a RAF Washington. These will be available from AVSIM.

McEntire Joint National Guard Base by Desmond Burrell Located outside the small town of Eastover in South Carolina, McEntire is a lesser known but important air base that hosts both South Carolina Air National Guard and South Carolina Army National Guard aviation units. Units included in this package are 169th Fighter Wing which operates F-16C/D and C130H aircraft, the 1-151st Attack Reconnaissance


AI Monthly

March 2013

Modelling Section

Reports by Robert Williams

UTT CRJ-1000 Further updates We have managed to get our hands on some further screenshots to show you.

This time they are in HD and we have some close ups! So let the pictures do the talking‌.


AI Monthly

March 2013

From the authors… THANKYOU FOR READING AI MONTHLY The authors of this newsletter are; 

Robert Williams - AI Painter, formerly a member of, who moved on to releasing his work independently on Avsim. He is an active member of AIG Dispatch (as a beta tester) and has worked with FAIB on pre-release painting for the FAIB 737 Next Generation model. His work is now hosted at Joshua Dean – AI Flightplanner, currently an active member of AIG Dispatch, previously he released his work independently on Avsim and AIG forums. He was also a brief member of beta testing team and is still an active member of UK2000 Scenery beta testing team. Rob Corp – Rob is a very active flightplanner for AIG Dispatch. He is a journalist the rest of the time, so we use him to try and catch typos in the newsletter you have been reading.

Terms of Use This newsletter must not be modified by any persons without the permission of AI Monthly. It must not be redistributed on other sites by any persons. We will upload it to the sites that we wish this newsletter to be available from. This entire newsletter is copyright of AI Monthly! Any breach of these terms will be taken very seriously

SCREENSHOT OF THE MONTH Please send your screenshots to the email address at the bottom of this page. Please try to get your screenshots to us by the beginning of the last week each month. Thank You to everybody that enters!

PLEASE NOTE We try to cover the entire flightsim AI traffic scene as fairly as possible. Some areas (such as painting) are much more active than others. While we try and include as much news as we can, it is always possible we may miss new developments – so please feel free to send us your latest developments to the email address below. However, the writers reserve the right to select items from correspondence for inclusion in the newsletter. If you have any comments or complaints about anything you read in AI Monthly, please send us an email.


AI Monthly - March 2013 - Edition 3  

March's edition of AI Monthly - plenty of news to read!

AI Monthly - March 2013 - Edition 3  

March's edition of AI Monthly - plenty of news to read!