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July 2013


July 2013

FAIB AIRBUS A32X MODEL RELEASED! We have been following the progress of FSX AI Bureau’s new FSX native model for several months now. On July 19th the wait was over and Erez Werber released the family of models. There were many airlines painted in the beta stage of the model but not all of these textures have been released yet. The places to find the ones which have been released are flyingcarpet75, Juergen Baumbusch, kaese2002 and FAIB. To see which airlines have been released you will need to read the repainters section below.

The paintkit is not yet available, however Erez intends to release it within a matter of weeks after the model, so expect its release imminently. If you have any issues with the models then support can be received directly from the FAIB forums, where Erez or one of the beta team will help you with your enquiry.

FSX USERS IN THE MAJORITY? Microsoft Flight Simulator 2004 (commonly referred to as FS9) users have been in the majority ever since Microsoft Flight Simulator X (commonly referred to as FSX) was released. Previously AI models were a drain on FPS when used in FSX, as they were FS9 native. However in 2012 Erez Werber set up a new AI modelling group called FSX AI Bureau (FAIB for short). His primary aim was to create FSX native models.

After the NG’s release in November, Erez began work on the Airbus counterparts – the Airbus A32X, with them entering beta in mid-April. Now we have seen two of the largest families of aircraft released in a FSX native format – will that prompt a mass of loyal FS9 users to make the switch? Perhaps it may take another family of models from Erez to persuade some or perhaps when/if UTT convert their recent models to an FSX native format?

Erez begun with the most popular family of aircraft – Boeing 737 series and began at the 737-200. Slowly Erez worked his way through the other variants releasing in two stages – classics and Next Generation (NG). 1

AI Monthly

July 2013


Reports by Robert Williams

Jürgen Baumbusch

United Traffic Team

FAIB releases come this month from Juergen.

The RATS IL-96 model was followed by repaints for Aeroflot, Cubana, Polet & Russia Special Department.

Air Canada Rouge, Air Mauritius, Asiana, Avianca Group, Belle Air, Brussels Airlines, Cambodia Angkor Air, Condor, CSA Czech Airlines, Deutsche Luftwaffe, easyJet, easyJet Switzerland, Edelweiss, Germanwings, Hamburg, Holiday Czech Airlines, Iberia, Iberia Express, JetBlue, Lufthansa, SATA, Silk Air, StarFlyer, TAROM, Thai Smile, Tiger Airways Group, United, VietJet Air, Vietnam Airlines & Virgin America. This month Juergen also released his NAAI 707 paints – Air Force One, PanAm & Varig

flyingcarpet75 This month’s releases were very much centred around the FAIB release. Airlines for the new model include; Adria, Aer Lingus, Aeroflot, Air France, Air VIA, AtlasJet, Balkan Holidays, Delta, Helvetic, Libyan Airlines, Monarch, Spirit & Wizzair Group.

Also the paintkit for the Boeing 787-8 model was released.

Individual Painters Mariano Bonaccorso – Air Macau, Dragonair & China Southern A321 via FAIB website. Daniel Fall – Air India A330, B772/3 & 744. Symon Long – ADA D328, Air Tahiti ATR42, Avianca ATR72, Insel Air EMB-110 & Vizion Air F50. Manuel Querencias – Go2Sky 734 & Hamburg A320.

Picture: Air India A330-200 by Daniel Fall

There will be more to follow this weekend. Other paints included; Air Algerie 737, Ameristar Beechcraft B200, BMI Regional (The Killers) ERJ145, Royal Air Maroc 737 fleet & TAM Airlines 763.

Endeavour AI

Picture: WizzAir A320S by Philippe Tabatchnik

Only American Airlines paints this month all with the new colours – American Eagle CRJ700 , ERJ145 & EMB-175.


Picture: Air Algerie 737-800w by Kyle Meeks

American A319S and United Airbus A32X fleet.


AI Monthly

July 2013


Reports by Joshua Dean

Alpha India Group rd

Alpha India have released their 3 Summer 2013 round, consisting of Aeroflot, Air Cathams, Eagle Air Iceland, Hawaiian Airlines, JetGo Australia, Juneyao Airlines, MIAT Mongolian Airlines, Minoan Air, Nok Air, Oriental Air Bridge, Pullmantur Air, Skytrans, StarFlyer, US Airways and US Airways Express. Over at Juergen Bambusch’s website, Ghiom has continued to make releases. The July releases include Air Transat, Go! Mokulele, and Island Air.

Realbigtree RBT released flightplans for Corsair International during July, giving an update to the European Holiday market airlines!

More releases will be made throughout August, so keep your eyes peeled!

Individual Planners


Michael Perfect –Air Berlin OLT Express

Komiaviatrans and Russia Special Detachment

download here

Screenshot of the Month Return Last month we decided to remove our screenshot of the month competition from the newsletter. This was simply due to a lack of entries, meaning we had to recycle screenshots from previous months. After some discussion, we decided that we would reintroduce the monthly competition but with a “theme” for all the screenshots. If we receive no entries the simple solution will be that one of us will take a screenshot to fill in the gap. So here’s how it works. We are going to say that next month’s theme is India. You can either take a photo of any airline at an Indian airport OR take a photo of any Indian airline anywhere in the world.

The same rules apply as before – all screenshots must be of AI traffic, as we are an AI publication. If you would like to submit a screenshot to us, then you may do so by sending us an email ( We ask that all entries are received by the last week of the month – ie by Monday 26th August, in order to allow us time to choose our favourite entry. If we haven’t received any entries by the above date then we will fire up our simulators and battle it out. So just to remind you;

Next month’s theme: India

Either an Indian airline anywhere in the world or any airline at an Indian airport.


AI Monthly

July 2013

Military Section Reports by Robert Williams

MAIW Just the one package this month from the Military AI Works team; Offut Air Force Base

This is a comprehensive AI traffic package that contains six brand new AI models based off of the C-135 airframe. Also included with this package are the E-4B's of the 55th Wing. Full custom scenery has been provided for Offutt Air Force Base along with a complete airfield file, flight plans, aircraft textures, call signs and much more. In addition, a bonus aircraft has also been provided for your enjoyment. The "white tops" of the 55th Wing are seen around the world and this package accurately reflects that with models visiting multiple locations across the globe, see if you can find them all!


Our newest release features the "white tops" of the 55th Wing based at Offutt Air Force Base in Nebraska. The 55th Wing's mission is to provide worldwide reconnaissance, real-time intelligence, command and control, information warfare and combat support to U.S. leaders and commanders.

Text & Pictures: Military AI Works


AI Monthly

July 2013

Modelling Section

Reports by Robert Williams

STALLING AVRO RETURNS TO BETA The BAE Avro RJ-100 (or BAE 146-300) has return to beta after a long period side-lined due a couple of minor defects in the model.

However the fixed model and paintkit have been returned to beta for painters to update their paints.

RATS RELEASE ILYUSHIN IL-96 MODEL RATS released their first model in a while via United Traffic Team (UTT) As their own website went offline a couple of months ago, having not been updated for some time, the model is available for users to download now on UTT’s webpage.

Both the 300 and 400 variants have been released along with an almost complete set of paints from United Traffic Team’s painters. Paints include Aeroflot, Cubana, Polet and Russia Special Detachment.


AI Monthly

July 2013

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AI Monthly - July 2013  
AI Monthly - July 2013  

FAIB A32X series is released. A themed screenshot of the month competition returns.