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May 31, 2017 | Volume 42| No. 5 “The printed newspaper is a powerful showcase for news, opinion and advertising.” Jill Abramso

A Chapter’s End... By Brittany Nistler Editor-In-Chief

From the second I arrived on campus, I was taken aback. The stark contrast between the welcoming student body and the overly intense winds made my first moments at Victor Valley College (VVC) exciting, but nerve racking. My goal was to experience all that I could while also maintaining my focus and drive to get an education and ready myself for what University life would eventually be like.

I came to VVC completely unaware and ignorant to how college worked. I had no major, and no direction. It really wasn’t until my second semester when I took a guidance class taught by one of the school counselors that a plan started to form for me. I began taking Dr. Jones’ Intercultural class, I realized just how important communicating with others was. As I took Jennifer Fowlie’s class of Interpersonal Communication, I realized that Public Relations is my dream career. I love the act of taking

a story and putting my own spin on it. Once I knew what I wanted to do with my time at VVC and beyond, it became easier for me to live in the moment and enjoy my time here. To start I joined the Journalism program, it was truly the best decision I made. From my first day on I realized I was apart of something that could eventually be special. As a staff, our leader was Professor Hays, it was only her first semester at Continued on page 16

Con-GRADulations!! By Kailey Richards Reporter

Congratulations graduating class of 2017! The graduation ceremony will be held Friday, June 9 at 4:00 pm in the Victor Valley College (VVC) gymnasium. This will be the day where student’s time, money, effort, patience, and dedication will be rewarded with a degree. It is time to celebrate! VVC is honored that 500 students will be graduating in June. One of these graduates is Irene Molinar and when asked

Celebrating Accomplishments By Ailyn Ramos Reporter

It’s that time of year again, with graduation around the corner, where we acknowledge the students who will be transferring to a four year university for the upcoming semester. On Wednesday, May 16, Victor Valley College (VVC) and the transfer center hosted the 8th annual Transfer Celebration in the Performing Arts Center. The ceremony started off with a welcoming speech from Lorena Ochoa, VVC’s transfer counselor. Superintendent/President, Dr. Roger Wagner, shared with the audi-

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ence his college journey and congratulated the students for their hard work. Two of the transfer students shared their college experiences and the hardships they had to overcome. Rebecca Bebiano, an international student from Brazil, spoke about her journey as an international student and about her

accomplishments. It wasn’t easy for her, especially being so far from home, but she is

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glad to have come to America and to have experienced going to school in the United States. She reminded the students that you’re only young once, and to explore and do the things you want to do before it is too late. Rebecca stated, “It’s better to look back on life and say “I can’t believe I did that.” Than to look back and say: “I wish I did that.” The other student to share her college experience was Odalis Uribe. She explained that even though you might fall at times, there is always time to pick yourself back up and continue on. Continued on page 3

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about her experience at the college, stated that she is grateful that VVC has given her an “open mind and lighter heart” in regards to communicating with others. She is graduating with an Associates Degree in Communications Studies. Charlene Altwine, another excited graduate, is transferring to Cal State Fullerton in the Fall of 2017 and explains that she “appreciated the opportunities VVC gave [her] and looks forward to pursuing her Communicative Disorders degree to become a Speech Pathologist”. This will be her Continued on page 11

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Comey Is Dealt the Trump Card By Vanessa Soto-Castellanos Reporter On Tuesday, May 9, President Donald Trump fired FBI Director James Comey. Comey had been the Director from September 2013 to May 2017, his dismissal was a surprise to many of the politicians in Washington DC. In the dismissal letter, Trump explains that the Attorney General and Deputy Attorney General recommended that Comey should be removed from his position. Trump took their recommendation and has decided to dismiss him of his charge. Comey did not find out that he had been fired through the letter, he found out when he was talking to FBI employees in Los Angeles and a TV channel gave the breaking news in the background. At first he thought it was a joke and did not take the news seriously, but then his staff told

him to step into an office to easy on her. find out what was going on. However, there are others Some moments later they that say Trump fired Comey found out the dismissal letter because he was investigating had been delivered to the FBI Trump’s Presidential team. headquarters in Washington DC. The senior officials in the Justice Department said that he was fired because he did not following Justice Department rules and procedure with Hillary Clinton’s Photo Courtesy: The Liberation Republic email server investigation. Comey spoke public- There is speculation to whethly about Clinton’s email server er Trump’s team worked with and after investigations he the Russian government to recommended not to press win the 2016 Presidential criminal charges against Clin- elections. Trump has said that ton. Many think that not press- Comey will be “replaced by ing charges was going too someone who will do a far

better job.” New York’s Senator Chuck Schummer said that firing Comey could make Americans suspect a cover up. Even Republicans that support Trump are finding it hard to justify why the President would fire Comey at this time. Senator Jeff Flake of Arizona tweeted, “I’ve spent the last several hours trying to find an acceptable rationale for the timing of Comey’s firing, I just can’t do it.” Trump has gone on his first international trip and will not choose the next FBI Director until he comes back to the United States. Some speculate that there are about 10 candidates that Trump is considering for the job. Until now no one is certain who Trump will choose, what the people hope is that he will choose someone that will help to keep them safe from foreign threat.

Opportunities for Employment By Maria Galindo Reporter Hundreds of people and dozens of employers came to the Victor Valley College (VVC) job fair hosted by VVC and El Dorado Broadcasters. The event was sponsored by radio stations such as: Y102, Kat Country 100.7, HD 96.3, the Fox 106.5 and Talk 960. The fair took place in the gymnasium at VVC on Thursday, May 11th from 9:00 am to 11:00 am. The fair saw more than 50 employers ranging from fast food restaurants, county positions and school programs attended. According to the Department of Numbers, the unemployment rate is 4.9% in the state of California and the High Desert is hoping

to decrease it with the help of this job fair and help those in need of employment. Among those at the job fair was Rogelio Arredondo, 19, a freshman at VVC. Arredondo arrived early for the fair and expressed his interest in a job he could relate to his music major. “I really want a job that keeps me entertained and that is challenging, I don’t want an easy job,” Arredondo said, “and that is why I have high hopes of working at El Dorado Broadcasters.” El Pollo Loco, a Mexicanstyled chicken restaurant has job openings for the drive-

thru, cashier and cooking. Maria Aguilera an assistant manager at El Pollo Loco in the High-Desert explains, “We are

looking for employees that can multitask and are fast paced.” Aguilera, also confirmed that even though El Pollo Loco is a Mexican-styled chicken restaurant it is not required to speak Spanish. She also said that there are no drug tests nor background checks in the process.

Think Together is a nonprofit expanded learning program that partners with school districts. Rupa Patel explains, “We are hiring program leaders and after school teachers that can help students academically and be successful.” When asked if they run any types of tests on employers she said they run a criminal background, tuberculosis test, but no drug test. In order to reduce the high unemployment rate this event was a great opportunity to help those seeking employment. These free events are excellent opportunities for individuals who are looking to enter the workforce, change or transition into new careers, and explore local and non-local opportunities.


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Mental Health Awareness By Brenda Rombalski Reporter May is National Mental Health Awareness month. The campaign is designed to educate the public and increase empathy to those who have mental illness. According to a memo sent out to Victor Valley College (VVC) faculty from Eartha Johnson, VVC counselor: One in four young adults between the ages of 18 and 24 have a diagnosis mental illness. 64 percent of young adults who are no longer in college are not attending college because of a mental health related reason. 4 out of every 5 college students who either contemplate or attempt suicide show clear warning signs. The demand for mental health services and supports in community colleges is expected to increase in the next several years.

Thankfully, Victor Valley College (VVC) Dean, Art Lopez, has supported adding very important new services to the VVC campus. Some of the services will begin in Fall of 2017. Eartha Johnson, VVC Counselor, explains why it is important for VVC to expand counseling services to students. “Being a student is stressful. If we are not taught how to manage our emotions and challenges and have support systems, students isolate when they are in crisis. There ends up being a break somewhere and if something different is not done that could mean dropping out or it could mean situations get worse for them. We need to be proactive

and say to our students “we care about you and we want to help you”. Mental Health awareness, support, educational and coun-

seling services for VVC’s students is something Eartha Johnson is very passionate about. Her vision and goals for the new counseling program and center include a designated building or space for personal counseling services. Ultimately there will be a full time counselor dedicated to just personal counseling. The program will also include peer

Road To Recovery By Jordan Smothers Reporter According to the American Cancer Society, approximately 1,688,780 citizens will be diagnosed with cancer this year and 600,920 cancer deaths will occur. At a Relay for Life meeting in Barstow this past weekend, an advocate spoke out about her friend who had not been able to find a ride to her cancer treatment in Victorville. Although Uber exists and in larger cities free rides are easier to come by, the High Desert is left behind. Road to Recovery is a transportation assistance program where volunteers use their own car and gas to

drive cancer patients to a local treatment center, then back home again. The program is very flexible so that volunteer are drivers can set their own schedule and the number of hours they are willing to commit to. The drivers are chosen at random. “When a patient calls to request a ride our list of volunteers are contacted for their availability,” Relay for Life California Division Community Manager Liz McGiffin says, “Currently, we only have five

drivers in the entire High Desert and I feel if we were to have 20 we would able to accommodate the needs of the community.” Road to Recovery drivers are in such high demand because a cancer patient requiring radiation therapy could need 20 to 30 trips to Continued on page 12

advisors trained in cultural diversity and crisis intervention, an entire psychoeducational workshop line with campus wide presentations, and a Behavioral Intervention Team. One thing the Behavioral Intervention Team will be designed to do is to reach out students that could possibly go without attention with our current resources. This is because some early warning signs of depression or other mental illness are not addressed because they are not terribly alarming. Johnson explains, “It could start with someone who is well dressed with makeup on and on time to class and then starts coming late and ungroomed regularly. Maybe they start missing Continued on page 12 Celebrating from page 1 To not let one bad grade define your status or to bring you down. The ceremony continued with the awards. All 118 transfer students were called by Lorena Ochoa to the stage, where the school they will be transferring to and major were announced. They were handed a certificate and a silver medal. Dean of Student Services, Art Lopez, and Department Chair, Diane Wollan, presented each student with their award. Closing the ceremony, Lorena Ochoa thanked all the parents and students and once again congratulated the students on their success. Congrats to the students graduating in a few weeks. This is the start to a new beginning.


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Adapting to Death By Joel Johnson Reporter Stress: Most ,if not every, college student goes through it every day, week, semester, or through their college career. However, most students do not understand how that stress affects their bodies physiologically. When a student experiences a situation that causes them to feel stressed, it starts off a reaction that causes effects throughout the whole body that can lead to death This reaction in small dosages is a healthy and normal feedback from the body, but if allowed to continue for too long it will cause a process called general adaptation. General adaptation is a theory that physiologists have used to explain what chronic stress does to the body over a period of weeks, months, or years. This theory has four steps that are: alarm phase, resistance

phase, exhaustion phase, and death. This process starts off when a section of the brain called the hypothalamus sends chemical neurotransmitters that works with short bursts of stress. This is called the fight or flight response or is also the start of the alarm phase. But, this response only works for a few minutes, so to produce a longer term response the hypothalamus sends chemical messages to the adrenal glands to start the next phase. In the resistance phase, adrenal glands send hormones throughout the whole body causing constriction of blood vessels, increase breathing, heart rate, production of energy, and processes that break down fats and proteins

to also help produce energy. But also slowing of the digestive and reproductive processes. In short term, this process is healthy, normal, and is high-

ly beneficial to the body, but if stress continues and becomes chronic, serious complications can occur. After roughly two

weeks of chronic stress, the human body becomes tired and enters the exhaustion phase. Glands that are secreting hormones to help the body deal with stress become tired and unable to keep up with the demand for the specific hormones. Because of such a high level of hormones in the blood stream, a person’s immune system is compromised, the person becomes malnourished, and their body becomes weaker from the constant breakdown of proteins in their muscles (including their heart). As the stress continues, the person becomes highly susceptible to diseases from the outside world, and diseases that are genetic cause them to be prone to forms such as cancer, heart disease, lung disease, and many other serious diseases. If stress continues past this point, it can soon become fatal. Continued on page 11

Vacation of a Lifetime By Kelcie Hartley Reporter

The end is finally near, finals are coming and the weather is warming up. This one means one thing, summer. Every college offers its students roughly three months off for summer vacation. Unfortunately, many college students do not take the opportunity for a vacation. There are many reasons why this might happen. One of them has to do with working or not being able to take the time off. This must change. According to Health.com, taking a vacation after stressful times benefits your health tremendously. “A study done showed that women who take at least two vacations a year are eight times

less likely to develop heart disease.” An exciting trip could be just what students need to get the spring semester stress out of their system. Costs can be a main reason

why college students aren’t taking summer vacations. Besides saving up for a trip, there is another way to help ease the financial burden. Start by doing a little research. Lake

Havasu, Arizona is a great spot for broke college students. The entire lake is a state park. This means cheap camping and great water activities. A bonus for vacationing in Havasu is the larger number of people that go the cheaper it is to camp, all the costs can be shared amongst group members. Perhaps camping may not sound like the perfect vacation getaway. How about a cruise? If finances are not an issue, this may be a perfect option. Also, by doing a little research online, it is easy to find amazing deals and discounts for exciting trips all

over the world. Expedia is offering a special for a sevenday trip to Mexico. The trip in particular starts on August 12 and returns on the 18 through Carnival Cruise lines. Pricing may seem a bit high at $739 per person, but so much is included. All meals, snacks, ship activities, pool, and club entries are part of the package. Thanks to the internet, endless research is at our disposal. Finding good deals and saving up makes the idea of a trip reasonable. To top it off, it is beneficial towards the health and well-being of college students. This summer change things up, be bold, be adventurous, and make memories that can be looked back on forever.


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70 Years of Fun By Charlene Altwine Reporter The San Bernardino County (SBC) Fair is celebrating its 70th anniversary in 2017. The fair kicked off on Saturday, May 20, at the High Desert Event Center in Victorville, CA. A variety of live performances, children’s activities, concerts, exhibits, livestock, and community awareness booths are a few of the things included with the purchase of a ticket to the SBC Fair. Carnival rides, unique foods, grandstand events and items from a wide variety of vendors are also all available to purchase at the SBC Fair. One fairgoer, Jennifer Juptner, from Apple Valley said, “My favorite parts of the fair were the displayed art and the animals! I think my one year old liked the animals more. I also enjoyed the ambi-

ance of the fair as well.” Choosing her favorite part of the SBC Fair was difficult, however, Juptner explained that her “favorite art exhibit was the quilts. They were truly awe inspiring. I have never seen such inventive and intricate work. It was impressive.” A wide variety of food and beverage choices are also available at the SBC Fair, including deep-fried avocados, thin sliced sweet potato fries, fresh squeezed lemonade, and numerous other novelty foods. Another fairgoer, Nancy Collins, from Victorville, “enjoys eating the roasted corn on the cob” every year at the fair. Collins did not have difficulty deciding on her favorite part of the SBC Fair, explaining that she “goes to the fair to see the craft building, the art, photography and the animals”

every year. The SBC Fair is will be open through Memorial Day weekend, and will end on Monday, May 29. The SBC Fair will be open at 4 p.m. on Monday 5/22,

Thursday 5/25, Friday 5/26, and at noon Saturday 5/27, Sunday 5/28, and 5/29. Tickets are $7.00 at the entry gate for adults and children age six and older, children five and under are free with the purchase of a ticket. The fair is located at

SOAR’ing to the Future By Angel Martinez Morales Reporter On May 13, the California State University at San Bernardino (CSUSB) hosted its first Student Orientation, Advising and Registration (SOAR) to the upcoming freshmen and transfer students. The SOAR Orientation was beneficial to the students who needed to know about the campus, the majors, and the student workshops that the university has to offer. The SOAR leaders started an introduction to 500 plus students by signing the alma mater in honor of their first introduction meeting who were there present.

The event allowed the students to appreciate what the university is about. The CSUSB campus was very welcoming, and despite being a new environment, felt like home. CSUSB offers many workshops for incoming students such as: Financial Aid, EOPS, Veteran’s Program and ASB. To enroll at CSUSB, a student must apply, must attend SOAR, and turn in offi-

cial transcripts. In the meantime, CSUSB is only accepting applications for the fall

2017 semester. Students who have applied to CSUSB hoping to attend during the fall

14800 7th Street in Victorville, for more information please call (760) 951-2200 or visit the SBC Fair website, sbcfair.com. Several other county fairs take place throughout Southern California during the year, including San Diego, Orange, Los Angeles, and the Southern California Fair. The San Diego County Fair takes place in Del Mar from June 2-July 4, please visit sdfair.com or call (858) 755-1161 for more information. The Orange County Fair takes place in Costa Mesa from July 14August 13, please visit ocfair.com or call (714) 7081501. The Los Angeles County Fair takes place in Pomona from September 124, please visit lacountyfair.com or call (909) 6233111 for more information. The Southern California Fair takes place in Perris from September 30-October 8, please visit socalfair.com or call (951) 657-4221 for more information.

2017 semester that have not attended the Student Orientation, Advising and Registration (SOAR), must do so by the end of June. To register for the SOAR orientation, a student must log in to their myCoyote accounts and click on the SOAR Registration link. From there, a student can choose a date to participate. CSUSB encourages new incoming students to seek help and become aware with the campus before starting their first semester. Students are in for a special year in addition to a new life at CSUSB. They are certain that the students will enjoy CSUSB and what it has to offer.


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Victor Valley College Features

Getting to Know Your Fellow Rams By: Kelcie Hartley Reporter

Jacob Wilson is a 21 yearold student at VVC. Wilson is currently accumulating credits to transfer to Cal State Fullerton. Wilson choose this school in particular because it is known for having a strong Theater Arts program. Becoming an actor is Wilson’s life goal. During his down time Wilson likes to direct and watch movies. The Godfather is not only Wilson’s faBy: Vanessa Castaneda Reporter

Flor Pastrano is a 21 year old student attending Victor Valley College after moving to the High Desert from Kansas in ’15. Since the move, Flor has spent her time working and going to school full time. “I still don’t know where anything is,” says Flor about getting to know the area. “Every time I’m hanging out with By: Maria Galindo Reporter

Sasha Wake is a math/ science major at Victor Valley College. She graduated from Oak Hills in 2014 and has been attending VVC for almost three years. She doesn’t know yet what university she’s going to transfer to. She is currently a dental assistant at a dental office in the High-Desert. Her biggest

vorite movie, it is his definition of the perfect movie. Wilson hopes to establish himself in the entertainment industry as a well-rounded actor. “I don’t dream at night, I dream all day, I dream for a living.” This quote by Steven Spielberg inspires Wilson. There is one thing Jacob wants readers to know about him. “My biggest desire is to do what I can to make people happy and to have them enjoy life more.” someone and they tell me to go to a [familiar to them] place, I always have to pull out my phone.” So far, Flor enjoys staying busy and has already made lifelong friends. She will continue to attend VVC until she is able to transfer to whatever college she chooses to go to. As far as going back to Kansas, she’s also unsure about where she would want to stay. dream is to travel al around the world and her dream career is to be a nurse anesthetic (CRNA). In her spare time she likes to go on hiking trails with her friends. She sates that it is always nice to go hiking because she can get away from everything and everyone. Sasha is proudly a vegetarian and has been for 8 months. Her favorite food is eggplant parm, which is her moms specialty.

By: Joel Johnson Reporter

Eileithyia Russell her favorite things about Victor Valley College “I think VVC is a good school because it does welcome a lot of people. No matter what age you are, no matter how good or not By: Kailey Richards Reporter

This Spring Semester is Socorro Pinedo’s first at VVC. She is taking a “full load” by taking 12 units. Going back to school was a part of her personal challenge to finish what she started and to show the naysayers that she could do it. Socorro loves being the oldest in her classes and finds that she can spell better than most “younger kids” in her classes. She also says that she loves the campus because it makes her forget for a second that she By: Aurelia Dennis Reporter

Amy Morgan is a 16 year old who knows what she wants out of life. She is concurrently enrolled here at Victor Valley College while taking homeschool courses for the 11th grade. Morgan says she likes VVC for its quiet atmosphere and beautiful campus. Her favorite class so far has been her math class with Professor Adam Moore. Her favorite part of the campus is the planetarium and she loves the shows hosted there. Mo rgan is planning on transferring to a four year university and getting a Master’s

good you are at school at GPA value. So, it does bring in a lot of people for that, and it welcomes everybody”. Russell says VVC is welcoming because “just by being friendly, and on their website, they have lots of help for people to answer questions. They have different places you can go on campus that if you need help or have questions they are reliable for people”. lives in “Timbuktu”. As a single mom of three children., Pinedo is very busy. On top of all of the homework a full-time student has, she is taking classes at her church in the basics of ministry. She also works for a senior memory care facility where she works with her “white haired” people and reads scripture to them when they need it. Pinedo also has a hairdresser’s license enjoys giving friends and family haircuts. She looks forward to the future at the college and all the adventures in Astronomy. She loves astronomy because she says you can “always discover something new” and hopes to one

day work for either NASA or Space X. Amy Morgan is going places and VVC is going to start her on the path to the future .


Victor Valley College

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Getting to Know Your Fellow Rams By: Brenda Rombalski Reporter

Rayeauna Lancaster is a social behavioral health major at Victor Valley College. She chose to major in social behavioral health because she is not sure what specific field she is going to study in she graduates. She felt this would give her some basic knowledge so she can open her educational options and explore a few areas before committing to a single subject of study. Lancaster has been inspired by various people in her life but mostly by her mom. “She really inspires By: Angel Martinez-Morales Reporter

Ana “Nena” Pierda is a student at Victor Valley College in her final semester. Pineda is a Business Administration & Business major. Nena choose to major in business because she loves all aspects of business. Her main goal is to become a Human Resource at a prestigious medical hospital. Nena’s By: Irene Molinar Reporter

Breanna Lyles, is in her last semester at VVC. Lyles will be starting a new adventure in Arizona. When asked what VVC has given to her, Lyles states, “This was my first year in college and VVC allowed me to get through it without fear or nerves. Everyone here is insanely friendly and works so hard to just get everything done: as college should be.” Lyles found her calling at VVC as she hopes to pursue a degree in psychology.

me to keep moving forward.” Her favorite song is Today My Life Begins by Bruno Mars because it is “so motivational”. After graduating from VVC she plans to start working so she can experience different scenarios that can help her decide a future career choice. “One of my biggest goals is to have my bachelor's degree before I turn 30 and retire between the age of 45 and 55. In 10 years I see myself settling into my career, life, achieving my present and future goals and traveling the world with my family.”

motivation is her two children because she wants to prove them that she can achieve anything Nena sets her mind to complete. She notes that her mother is her motivation because Nena is going to be the first in her family to graduate from college. After transferring from VVC, she will be going to UC Riverside. Ana “Nena” Pierda has a lot of potential for her future. “I want to get to know what makes us tick. Why we think the way we do,” says Lyles. Her hobbies include spending time with her boyfriend, shopping, and pampering her dog. “I’m pretty average and I’m okay with that! It doesn’t take a lot to impress me. I’m grateful for the small things in my life!”She hopes to take what VVC has given to her and apply it to her new adventures in school and work. Say goodbye to your fellow ram and wish the best of luck .

By: Devonte Trice Reporter Helena Diaz, 19, is majoring in theology. Helena isn't like most people and she has a lot of love for the Roman Catholic faith. Diaz said she wants to "Work in a diocese". Helena also explained that there is a difference between the Roman Catholic faith and the Catholic faith. By: Charlene Altwine Reporter

Daniel Huizar is a Construction Technology major who has attended VVC for three semesters and plans to transfer to either Cal State Pomona or Long Beach. Huizar is satisfied with the Construction Technology program because it’s “a great program through VVC that offers internships.” By: Adam Capps Reporter

Miguel Magallon is a Business Management major who is graduating this summer. Magallon has also spent the past year as Inter Club Council Senator for ASB. When asked his feelings on graduating with his associate Degree, Magallon said that he “followed the plan,” which took him two years. That plan is now taking him to the Uni-

Roman Catholics follow the Pope as their leader, while Catholics do not. Helena did her research and now aims to transfer to Franciscan University of Steubenville in Ohio. It focusses on the Roman Catholic faith and they even go to mass twice a day. Helena said that this is where she will, "Help people with the Catholic faith.” She has great faith that she can accomplish anything. In his free time, Huizar spends time with his family and enjoys boxing. One interesting fact about Huizar is that he is cool. Huizar’s favorite thing about VVC is that “it is available.” Huizar explained that in the future he “would like to see the parking change for fulltime students; it should.” for VVC students. versity of Nevada Las Vegas, or UNLV, where he says he will continue to pursue leadership opportunities. Magallon says that he’ll miss the BOG fee waiver, which waives the cost of enrollment at community colleges in the state of California. While pursuing his bachelor degree, Magallon plans to live off -campus at Summerlin, which he describes as a “nice little community … equivalent to Spring Valley Lake or Jess Ranch.


Victor Valley College

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Getting to Know Your RamPage Staff By: Gabriela Lara Reporter

Diallo @Mar8Kus Kahin is a 23 year old student at Victor Valley College. He has been a Ram for 3 years and is graduating with an Associate Degree in Communication this spring. He will transfer to Cal State San Bernardino in fall of 2017 where he will pursue his major in Public Relations and Marketing. He sees himself becoming the best talent agent EVER and eventually becoming president of Warner Brothers. Diallo has enjoyed his time as editor for the VVC RamPage and states “One of the highlights of this semester was reading Irene’s fashion article, By: Irene Molinar Reporter

Kailey Richards has attended VVC for about a year. She graduated from Serrano High School in 2016 and she decided to stay close to home. Home, the High Desert, a place that Richards holds very dear to her heart. “I love this place! I know that sounds weird because it’s my hometown but I could see myself raising a family here.” Although she adores home, 2017 holds a big change for Richards. She’s currently in the process of moving to Maine. New opportunities and her beloved boyfriend will welcome her in the summer of 2017. By: Aurelia Dennis Reporter

Randy Noxon, the oldest editor on staff at the Victor

it was definitely the best first article I have ever read from a student.” Diallo’s favorite quote is from Dunder Mifflin Manager Michael Scott “You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take.” When asked what he enjoys most about being in Journalism, he said “I really love the competition element of it. Each day I came in and wanted to stunt and make it clear that there are some amazing writers on staff, but I’m the LeBron of this class!” His confidence is never lacking, but there are moments of genuine emotion. He later went on to say “I really appreciate Jessica Vaughan and Randy Noxon for helping me become a better writer. I love those two, they’re the best!” “I am insanely excited for a change. I will always cherish what the high desert gave me. I will never forget the small year of fun that VVC offered. It helped me grow up and understand the vibrant life of college and college students and courses.” Richards hopes to finish her associate’s degree through VVC’s online courses. When completed, she hopes to transfer to a university in Maine and pursue a career as an educator. In her free time, she chooses to exercise her creativity. Richards is constantly painting, working on artistic projects, and creating small gifts for family and friends. Valley College (VVC) Rampage, is ready to graduate after four long years here at VVC. His favorite part of being an editor was mentoring the writ-

By: Kailey Richards Reporter

From day one, I knew how determined, strong, and independent Irene was. There was an activity on the first day of the class were we interviewed each other for practice. I got lucky enough to interview Irene Molinar. My first impression of her was that she was a blogger who loved writing and was a strong but caring CEO type. She wanted to run her own fashion magazine and the excitement in her eyes made me believe that she will make that happen. From the By: Maria Galindo Reporter

Kelcie graduated from Excelsior Charter School in 2014 and short after became a student at Victor Valley College. She has been attending VVC for seven semesters and is hoping to graduate fall of 2017. She has high hopes of getting accepted at Cal State Fullerton or Cal Poly Pomona with triple major in Fine Arts, Communications and Liberal Arts. Along with those majors she’s trying ers of the Rampage and helping to develop their skills. He will be attending Cal State San Bernardino starting this fall to

start, I knew she would accomplish any dream she had. The more I got to know her, the more I realized how talented she is. Irene writes in a way that is exciting to read and makes the reader want to visit the places she writes about. Very quickly, she floated to the top of the class when it came to writing articles. All of the editors genuinely enjoyed reading her articles, and one editor actually said he read her articles for fun knowing that no edits would need to be made. She is one of the best in the class.

to pursue a bachelors degree in Communications in emphasis with journalism. Ultimately, her dream is to become a journalist. However, she enjoys writing about entertainment not political nor depressing. She is in a relationship of three and a half years and is hoping to get married next year in Hawaii. In her free time she likes to go swimming and loves to go to the gym. Her favorite food is any food that is Italian. obtain a degree in Communication Studies with a concentration in Journalism. He has two kids, a son and a daughter, with his wife of twelve years. Noxon has been a great editor to all the student writers here at the Rampage and we wish him well in his future journalistic endeavors.


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Getting to Know Your RamPage Staff By: Irma Gonzalez Reporter

Maria Galindo has been attending Victor Valley College for two and a half years and she is transferring to Cal State San Bernardino in the Fall. She aspires to be a dentist and is majoring in biology. Galindo is currently working as a dental assistant and received her certificate when she was in high school. She took college courses her senior year at Oak Hills to receive her certificate.

Her favorite part about being a dental assistant is seeing the transformation people go through when they go in to get their teeth fixed. Another thing she likes about it, is the smell of teeth. Maria is proud to announce that she is an openly gay woman and is happy to celebrate Gay Pride this month. She enjoys going to contemporary art museums and loves travelling around the world with her mom. If you would like to see some of her adventures you can follow her on Instagram @furnruf.

By: Vanessa Soto Castellanos

loved the classes so much she took all four semester and says that it is a beautiful language. Gabriela Lara is a 22 year After graduating she plans on old VVC student. This is her becoming an interpreter in third year here and sees VVC court cases. Physical health is as a place taught her very important to Gaabout herself as a briela so she goes to student. the gym every day Lara plans to transand likes to run. Her fer to CSUSB for favorite quote is “Joy fall 2017 as deaf comes in the movstudies major, she ing”, it has gotten her was first introduced through all the hard to the language times in her like and it while taking a class is a reminder of God’s her at VVC. She sweet promises. Reporter

By: Jordan Smothers Reporter

Ailyn Veronica Ramos, a 21 year old who has been attending Victor Valley College (VVC) for three years. She will be graduating this spring of 2017. Ailyn will be leaving VVC with two degrees Liberal Arts and Communication Studies. Transferring to Cal State San Bernardino in the fall to eventually certified Teaching English as a Second Language

(TESL) in Spain. Currently she works at Lucerne Elementary School as a group leader that consist of helping students with homework, projects, and after school study session. Also is the first to graduate college from the Ramos blood line. Raised in a household of four people including a mother, father, sister and a brother. Lucky One is her favorite book which was written by her favorite author Nicholas Sparks.

By: Ailyn Ramos Reporter Jordan Smothers is a 22 year old male and has served in the army for five years. He has lived in the high desert most of his life. He has attended VVC for three year since fall of 2014. Smothers is majoring in Communications with the hope of working in By: Mitchell Bovee Reporter

Devonte Trice has been attending VVC since fall 2016 majoring in communications. His goal is to transfer to Azusa Pacific University and get a bachelor’s degree in communications. He wants to go on to be an actor. His interests inBy: Kelcie Hartley Reporter

Irma Gonzalez has been a student here at VVC for four years. She graduated from Silverado high school in 2013 and started VVC that fall. In 2016 Gonzalez took a year off after getting an A.A in Liberal Arts. This is her first and last semester back. Gonzalez came back to finish up the requirements to transfer schools. She will be attending Cal Poly Pomona starting this fall. Gonzalez will be working towards By: Adam Capps Reporter

Ajusta Lopez is pursuing a double major at Victor Valley College. Her majors are Communication Studies and English. Originally her plan was to major in Kinesiology, but after learning that Communication Studies would work better with her career aspirations, she decided to switch majors. Her second major came about due to her love for English. When asked what her ideal

Public Relations. Jordan and his wife, Jazma, just recently had a newborn baby boy named Jordan. Jordan enjoys writing poetry, and spending time with his wife. In the next year, he plans on buying a new home, to slowly take vacations and outside trips to other countries, and looks forward to graduating from VVC. clude entertaining people, working out, and basketball. In his free time he enjoys playing video games, hiking, and travelling. He loves being on the road and meeting new people. He wants to be able to help out his family later on in life. Everything he does is for his family because they made him who he is today. her Bachelor’s degree in communications. Her dream job is to work in public relations. When Gonzales has free time she enjoys going to Disneyland, spending time with her best friend, and going to concerts. The next time she goes to a concert Gonzalez hopes to crowd surf. When the opportunity arises Irma loves to watch her two favorite movies, Titanic and Haunted Mansion. After so many years of school and hard work Gonzalez looks forward to the future ahead of her. job would be, Lopez said that she wanted to become a sports anchor for ESPN because she loves sports. Football is her favorite sport to watch, and volleyball is her favorite to play. During her time at VVC, Lopez played on the volleyball team, but had to leave the team due to a lack of time. Lopez plans to attend Grand Canyon University where she will continue her double major.


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Some Wise Words By Irene Molinar Reporter Graduation rolls around each spring. Graduating students hope for the best while preparing for the unknown. Each graduates new journey may vary. However, the graduates share one specific foundation: their time and dedication given to Victor Valley

College. Communications department chair, Jackie AugustineCarreira, will have the honor of speaking at this year’s ceremony held in the VVC gymnasium on June 9th. As an alumnus of VVC herself, she expresses utmost gratitude to speak at the commencement. Augustine states, “I am honored to be chosen to speak to the

Courtesy of vvcforme.com

By Adam Capps Reporter On lower campus there are several portables, formerly home to Excelsior which has since found a new location across the street from the college near Child Development. Several classes, notably Media Arts, have made the portables home. But the Veterans Resource Center and Campus Police have also taken up residence in what is collectively referred to as building 80. Currently, Campus Police call building 80 home, with two portables and their own parking lot for necessary vehicles. Students at Victor Valley College will no doubt know this, but what students may not know is that Campus Police is

a complete police outfit recognized by the County of San Bernardino. Sergeant Fred Gonzalez spoke about the day to day activities and responsibilities associated with being a campus police officer. Most important, he says, is that campus police functions as a small -scale police department and should not be confused with security. “Here at VVC we’re very fortunate [to] have our own police department. We are fully armed [and] certified by the state. We’re more like a police department in any city, only smaller scale.” Gonzalez was also quick to note that the police department operates 24/7, even on holidays. “Many community colleges do not have the luxury of

class and have the opportunity to recognize this accomplishment on their educational journey.” Though speeches may seem as if they would come easy to the Communications department chair, Augustine still claims there is pressure of living up to certain expectations. That feeling of pressure is certainly relatable to all college students. She calls it talking the talk. “I have spent 30 years teaching public speaking. I need to show I can deliver!” When asked what she hopes is conveyed in her speech, she stated, “I hope I can communicate my gratitude to students for me being allowed on their journey. Also, how they inspire me with their dedication to their goals.” The staff of VVC will always be an extremely important element in the foundation of the institution. The

commencement speaker carries intense responsibility in communicating a message of congratulations, pride, and wisdom. However, Augustine, would like to remind students and staff of the gratitude in addition to the responsibility. “Why else would all this beauty and inspiration and hope be put here if not for something great? Your life may not be exactly what you expected but, I would argue, it may be something even more than you expected. Your life is an occasion…Rise to it!” Mr. Magorium stated this quote in which Augustine grew attached to during her own educational journey. With commencement suggesting new beginnings, students are encouraged to never forget their ending at Victor Valley College. Congratulations class of 2017!

having their own police department. We do, and we’re here 24/7. We have many functions and responsibilities, of course the first being to maintain the absolute safest learning and working environment for everyone on campus. That means students, faculty, and staff … even when everyone is sleeping we’re here … I was here on New Year’s Eve until 4 AM.” Campus Police enforces traffic and parking laws by doling out citations, but they also offer escorts to individuals. “We’ll escort the student or faculty, whoever we need to,” Gonzalez said. To arrange an escort, individuals can contact campus police at the extension 2555. Many buildings on campus are protected by

alarms that alert campus police, which the department will follow up on. “We also have calls for students locked out of their vehicles, animals locked inside of vehicles, and on occasion we do have some criminal activity. Someone’s vehicle may be broken into [or] vandalized.” Traffic collisions also play a big part in campus police affairs, Gonzalez says. “We have a few traffic collisions a month, so those keep us pretty busy. Also traffic laws, speed laws, failure to yield, stop sign laws. We enforce those as well.” When there is a medical emergency on campus, camContinued





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Happily Ever After? right thing, faith was restored. many of the main character's The final battle was won." current storyline ended with During the last few scenes of the sixth season. ABC reOn May 14 the sixth sea- the finale, the series comes full vealed that beginning with the son of ABC’s Once Upon a circle showing all of the main seventh season all the resiTime (OUAT) concluded with characters living out their hap- dents of the Enchanted Forest a two-hour finale. Throughout py beginnings, in a curse free, will begin “an epic quest to OUAT, the themes of belief normal Storybook. The line once again bring hope to their and hope have always pre- between Light and Dark no world and ours. Along the vailed through complicated longer exists as everyone way, fairy tale characters new family issues, tragedies, and meets at Granny’s for a feast and old search for true love, multiple curses. While the in the concluding scene. find adventure and once again traditional happy ending OUAT has been renewed take sides in the struggle of seems obvious, on OUAT, for a seventh season, however, good against evil, as classic "happy endings aren’t always what we expect them to be," according to the show's co-creator Edward Kitsis. At the conclusion of the season six finale of OUAT, the final curse of the current storyline is broken. On the last page of the author's book, Henry reads, “when Good and Evil both did the Courtesy of watchonlinelivetv.com By Charlene Altwine Sports/Entertainment Editor

Adapting from page 4 To combat this serious problem that many face, students have shared how they become stressed and how they also mitigate this stress. Victor Valley College student Vashty says how she distresses is “I usually like to take a walk. Because I’m usually around the school all the time I usually like to take a walk around the lake and look at the lake, another thing I like to do is because I’m a person of faith I also pray”. Vashty continues to explain what stresses her is “trying to balance life at home and life at school. Because you have homework, you have to study, and for example I have a big family so I have to take care of my nieces and nephews and also my mom”. Students Sean and Steven

from VVC also comment on how to destress. Sean says, “playing games, Like ‘moba paragon’ being able to get kills on other people, and pretty much being able to mess with other people is relaxing.” Steven adds, “I’ve got some mild autism, so I have some stuff I spin on my fingers, but not that stupid crap they have I have my own stuff that I made. I also watch YouTube and Facebook on my phone to chill before class or tests”. When asked what makes Steven and Sean stressed they explained “School, having stuff build up, getting behind on homework when you have a job, and social life.” There are many other forms of stress. Heaven Jones says, “I stress myself out like from when I procrastinate, especially since I take 4 classes, so if I procras-

tinate it’s kind of a dead feeling”. Dealing with stress is something that is different from student to student, so some people may have to try a few different things to be able to find what works for them. For more information on how to mitigate stress, search on Google under “how to reduce stress” for many helpful techniques.

tales are once more twisted and reimagined." Going forward with the seventh season of OUAT, Edward Kitsis and Adam Horowitz, the creators of the show, are rebooting the series with a new storyline. The new storyline will include some familiar cast members, including Robert Carlyle as Rumplestiltskin, Lana Parrilla as the Evil Queen, and Colin O’Donoghue as Captain Hook. According to tvline.com, Channing Dungey, the entertainment chief for ABC, revealed on Tuesday, May 15 that Carlyle, Parrilla, and O'Donoghue will, “return but with new identities in a new city, facing a new curse.” In addition to the new storyline, the show is also moving from Sunday nights at 8 p.m. to Friday nights at 8 p.m. and will run for approximately 22 shows. Con-grad-ulations from pg 1 fourth degree that she has received at VVC in three years, and is graduating with honors. Graduating from Victor Valley College presents the opportunity for students to put an investment into the future without breaking the bank. All of those who are graduating should be proud of themselves. Ben Franklin states, “An investment in knowledge always pays the best interest”. Good luck to all of the graduates, enjoy all of life’s future adventures. Students will be able to bring up to five friends and family members to attend the ceremony. For those who are not able to attend the ceremony, it will also be live streamed at www.vvc.edu/


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Injustice 2 Is Justifiably Worth It By Mitchell Bovee Reporter Fight for and against both heroes and villains of the DC universe in Injustice 2, the follow up to the hit fighting game Injustice: Gods Among Us, and is developed by fighting game veterans NetherRealm Studios of Mortal Kombat fame. Injustice 2 continues in the same alternate universe as the last game in which a feud Batman and Superman has fractured the DC universe in two. Superman, after losing Lois Lane and their unborn child at the hands of the Joker, thinks that all criminals should be killed, once and for all. Batman, as usual, is against killing no matter the cost, and is going against Superman and his new regime.. Set years after the first game, Superman and his followers are either imprisoned or in hiding, and Batman/ Bruce Wayne is trying to unite the world once more, while also continuing his duties as the Caped Crusader. However, when the alien Brainiac invades employing the worst Mental Health from page 3 classes. The program would give professors a way to have students be offered support and help in case they needed it. “We don’t know what people are going through. They could be facing financial hardship, having problems with childcare...be in an abusive relationship…” Eartha Johnson wanted to extend this to students that may need help now and do not know what to do, “Come to us, we have resources now to help you. You can go to the Counseling page on the website and

villains the world has to offer, Batman finds himself struggling with accepting help from others. Through the 12 chapters of the game, you take on the role of different heroes as

Grodd. Every character has their own unique set of moves and combos to master throughout the course of the game. From normal high and low punches, to more in-depth

Courtesy of playstationbit.com

they each struggle with their own problems, while also trying to do what is best for the world. Friends become foes, and enemies become close allies all in the struggle to save the world. The game includes 29 different characters to choose from in Injustice 2, ranging from Batman and Superman, to Harley Quinn and Gorilla schedule an appointment with a counselor now. Even though we are currently set up as academic counselors we are all trained to get students the resources they need with mental health issues and crisis situations.” Remember to be on the lookout for new services being added and expanding. The first phases will be beginning this fall.

super moves, there is a lot of depth to be found in the combat system. A new feature for the series is the new gear system. This system allows you to customize characters in all new ways. Players are awarded gear after missions, and also get loot boxes from completing certain missions or events that they can open for more gear. These gear pieces Road from page 3 treatment over the course of six weeks, according to Senior Director of Mission for the American Cancer Society Ryan Okita. It is simple to become a driver. Volunteers must have a good driving record, valid driver’s license, access to a safe, reliable vehicle, proof of adequate vehicle insurance, and complete the American Cancer Society training course. Patients under the age of 18 years must be accompanied by a parent or guardian. A help-

can offer a number of different attributes to characters, such as more damage in punches, or even experience boosters to level up characters faster. There are hundreds of different pieces of gear available to each character letting them be customized entirely to the player’s specific play-style. The story is around 6 hours or so, depending on the player’s skill level, and is fantastic. It has multiple endings depending on choices you make, adding replay value to the story. There is a multiplayer mode, so you can battle players across the world, and the new Multiverse mode allows for limitless challenges for players to participate in. There is also a season pass available, adding new characters all year long, adding even more content to the already filled game. The combat is great, even for beginners, but there is still high level moves available for more advanced players. For both fighting game fans, and fans of the DC universe, Injustice 2 is a fantastic game, and it gets a 9 out of 10. ing hand is needed. Whether it be one day or the entire week, volunteering some time and giving back to the community is imperative. Carol Kramer, a former Cancer patient driver said, “Our Relay For Life volunteers are on a mission to inform the High Desert that we have local support and resources to ensure patient needs are met.” If interested, please volunteer to be a driver for cancer patients everyone needs somebody. Visit cancer.org for more facts and information about registering to become a volunteer driver.


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Snoop Dogg Neva Left By Vanessa Castaneda Reporter Snoop Dogg has released a new album. This album is meant to hit closer to his roots but with less funk and more animosity in his lyrics. Neva Left was conceived as an ode to the ‘90s style gangster rap which he helped create in attempt to prove that Uncle Snoop is still here. He begins to show his listeners his theme with his album cover of a younger Snoop in front of a route 187 sign in Los Angeles. Neva Left is the first song on the album and during the eight second intro the question is asked “word on the streets is, you ain't what you used to be?” These lyrics lead listeners to the theme of the entire album. Throughout the album there are appearances from fellow hip-hop vets like Meth-

od Man, Redman, KRS-One

as Wiz Khalifa and K Camp.

Photo courtesy of thesource.com

and Devin the Dude, but it also features newer artists such

Snoop Dogg take this opportunity to sample bits from

A Tribe Called Quest’s “Check the Rhyme” in his “Bacc in da days,” and even features Kendrick Lamar in the intro of Still Here. Snoop raps over beats from more old school artists, one even being Wu Tang’s C.R.E.A.M., potentially for the sake of bringing the listener back in more ways than one. His take on the album is of more aggressive lyrics, and it has maybe more artist features than truly needed. While the album may prove that Snoop Dogg hasn't lost his touch, it doesn't make me want to listen more than the two times I did in order to write this. I missed his g-funk style that I got from his ‘90s albums with Death Row. If you wanted a gangster rap album, though, this is for you. I give the album a 5.1 out of 10.

American Gods By Devonte Trice Reporter Starz's premiere, American Gods, airs on Sunday nights at 9pm. It is based on the book by Neil Gaiman. A bizarre show that focuses on human sacrifices to get what they want in life. Whether you’re a Viking or an ex-convict, sacrifices are what these characters are willing to take to get what they want. The main character Shadow Moon, a recently released convict, is about to go on a journey with a mysterious character, Wednesday. Shadow, a man with nothing to lose, but Wednesday appears to be a man with everything to offer. Wednesday gets Shadow into difficult situations involving gods and demons which

like to toy with human lives. Shadow, is a man who has loss everything and gives in to the temptation of cash in return of his service to Wednesday. The writers do a great job

lives. Shadow is grieving over the death of his cheating wife. Wednesday acts as a mentor to Shadow rather than an employer and he

in focusing on the human condition and suffering that many have to go through in their

regularly shares knowledge about living life on the wild side and embracing it.

Wednesday also might be one of the gods that the title of the show is about. Viewers didn’t see much of these gods. Even after fighting leprechauns and having conversations with TV’s, nothing seems as strange as Shadow’s willingness to keep going forward with Wednesday. American Gods is visually and conceptually intriguing to watch. The relationships that these gods have with humans seem very controlled and impossible for men and women to resist. The journey that Shadow is going on keeps the viewers in suspense, and anxious for the next episode. Fans will continue to look for when the rabbit hole ends and if Shadow will get his riches or lose what is left, his sanity.


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Aziz Ansari Continues to be the Master By Mitchell Bovee Reporter

Aziz Ansari, known for his standup and role in Parks and Recreation, surprised many in November of 2015 with the release of his new Netflix series Master of None. Following the life of Aziz’s character Dev, trying to succeed both professionally as an actor, and romantically in New York City. The first season won multiple awards, including an Emmy for outstanding writing in a comedy series, and after over a year, it returns for it’s second season. The new season picks up right where the first one ended, Dev has moved to Italy after a devastating breakup left him confused and with nowhere to go. He has decided to

apprentice at a pasta shop, after realizing his love of it during the first season. There he makes new friends, including a new love interest in Francesca, the granddaughter of his instructor. Every episode is shot beautifully, and the first episode is even filmed all in black and white, with the majority of the dialogue being italian, giving it a very different feel from the rest of the series. Each episode tells a unique story completely different from the last, whether it has to do with dating, work, Thanksgiving, or just showcasing the various different kinds of people in New York. A very relatable cast of characters rotates through each episode, from Dev’s best friend the eccentric and strange Arnold, to Dev’s

parents (played by Aziz’s real The show doesn’t just satisfy parents). The show treats eve- in every way, but it leaves you ry episode as a different stage wanting more as soon as it's play, with it’s own self- finished. Aziz Ansari and cocontained story, and a revolv- creator Alan Yang have successfully kept Master of None ing cast to fit each role. As good as season one as one of the current best was, season two of Master of shows on television. Master of None seems to top it in every None season two gets a 10 out way. The cinematography is of 10. absolutely stunning in every episode, with scenes in Italy being definite highlights. The show tackles strong themes such as religion, acceptance, and personal identity, but is able to balance it with topics like dating apps and whole episodes devoted to food. It has a great sense of humor, while being able to get very Courtesy of filmmusicreporter.com serious when needed.

“Mr. November Thanks Yankee Family” By Gabriela Lara Reporter

Derek Jeter was and still is the face of Major League Baseball, which is remarkable considering he was drafted in 1992. As a shortstop and captain he helped the Yankees win five World Series. He has made incredible plays throughout his career that would forever win the hearts of New York Yankee fans. He is best known for his 2001 famous play “the flip” as well as hitting a homerun later on that same year that would cost the Arizona Diamondbacks Game 4 in the World Series. He was given the nickname “Mr. No-

vember” that same game as it was officially the first ever World Series game to be played in November. In 2014 he announced that he would be retiring after his twentieth season. On May 14, 2017 the New York Yankees retired Derek Jeter’s number (2). It was an exciting and emotional time for Yankee

fans everywhere. Victor Valley College and fellow RamPage reporter, Markus Kahin, said “Derek Jeter meant the world to me as a Yankees fan. He always came through clutch for us, and regardless of the score we as fans felt like as long as we had Jeter everything would work itself out.” Derek Jeter has officially

Courtesy of newyork.yankees.mlb.com

joined famous Yankee baseball players such as Babe Ruth, Billy Martin and Jackie Robinson whose numbers are also retired. In a ceremony so grand it seemed over the top even for the Yankees, Mr. Jeter thanked his fans for accepting him as a player and for “pushing him, challenging him, making him accountable and most important, for embracing him since day one.” Thousands of fans cheered him on as he said his last words, he closed his speech by saying… “You know, you play in New York for 20 years, I learned that time flies, memories fade, but family is forever and I’ll be eternally grateful to be a part of the Yankee family so I can’t thank you guys enough, thank you very much.”


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The Stars of Tomorrow By Ben Tizzard Reporter The 2016 National Football League (NFL) has ended in February, and there have been many questions about where many veteran players will end up for their next season. NFL teams have recently let go of “big name players” such as Adrian Peterson, in hopes of drafting a fresh set of rookies to replace these veterans. The Minnesota Vikings released their long term running back Adrian Peterson, and drafted a fresh running back named Delvin Cook out of Florida State University. The Vikings are hoping Cook can replace the famous Peterson. Adrian Peterson was with Minnesota for nine years. He was recently let go due to his consistent injuries Safety from page 10 pus police is often the first on the scene. “We may have to administer first aid until the paramedics arrive and assist in keeping the situation calm.” A courier service is also provided for important equipment that may need to be moved around on campus, and the department also provides safety services for events on campus. Students shouldn’t get campus police confused with campus security, however.

which placed him on injured reserve (IR). The Vikings did not want to take anymore chances with Peterson. Peterson was a free agent and had many options, one being the New England Patriots. After a long off season in the free agency, the New Orlean Saints found him as a huge asset to their roster and signed Peterson to a two year 7 million dollar contract. This was a huge shocker to Vikings fans. Although Peterson is a big names in the NFL, another

player who recently signed with the Green Bay Packers is Martellus Bennett, a former tight end (TE) for the New England Patriots. Bennett recently won a Super Bowl ring under the legendary quarterback (QB) Tom Brady. During the offseason, Bennett signed with Green Bay and shocked the league. New England is a great team, so why would Bennett want to leave? Green Bay offered him a three year 21 million dollar contract. This was an offer Bennett couldn’t

Courtesy of theoldmanclub.com

Gonzalez says that there’s a distinction between the two. “Generally security are employees of a servant company or a servant institution. Here it’s police officers that respond to your calls.”

resist especially since Aaron Rodgers is another MVP quarterback in the league. With Bennett on Green Bay’s roster, the season could be promising for them. Green Bay struggled the past few seasons both on offense and on defense, however Bennett should be a huge asset to this team. A long time Packer fan, Karrah Midgley, believes truly that with Bennett signing, the Packers season looks even better. “It’s awesome that we have Bennett on our team now. He’s a play-

maker and will definitely make a good weapon for Green Bay, not to mention he’s an amazing blocker.” Midgley said. For some players, this offseason has been rough. Jay Cutler, began with the Denver Broncos in 2006, and stayed until 2008. The Chicago Bears took interest in Cutler and signed a contract with him in 2009. Recently Cutler was released in the 2016 offseason. The Bears saw a different future for themselves at quarterback. Cutler is still questionable as to where he will land during his free agency. The New York Jets have taken an interest in him, but there is still no official contract signed. Samuel Raeford, a born and raised Chicago Bear fan believes it was time for Cutler to go. “I’ve been a Bears fan for a while now and have always seen Cutler as our Quarterback. Although it’s sad to watch him go, the Bears have to do what’s best for the team and Cutler wasn’t it. It’s time for someone else to come along and fill those shoes, and win us a championship ” Raeford said. The NFL is a business and each team wants to do what is best for themselves. This offseason has been unpredictable, but we know for sure that this season is going to be full of surprises. It will be interesting to watch old players play on new teams, incoming rookies play, and watch how the free agency unfolds.


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Lob City By Devonte Trice Reporter

The Los Angeles Clippers fell to the Utah Jazz in Game 7 at home. The Clippers have been known to lose playoff series in which they have lead. In fact, the Clippers are the only team to lose five postseason playoff series while leading at one point. This is definitely the best team that the Clippers have ever put together and they still cannot get it done. It might be time to throw in the towel and focus on another focal point for their team other than the big three that the have now. The Clippers have always taken a backseat to the storied Los Angeles Lakers. The Clippers are rarely in the conversation of great franchises and organizations known for winning. The Clippers have a very good draft pick when they selected Blake Griffin who was the number one overall pick in the 2009 draft. His dunking ability brought more fans to the arena, but they still didn’t win much. When both Chris Paul and Coach Doc Rivers arrived, the league began to take the Clippers a lot more seriously. With the comChapter’s End from page 1 the helm but she taught with a contagious amount of enthusiasm and resolve. Her love of the craft was inspiring and it lead to me eventually becoming Entertainment Editor and later, Editor-in-Chief. There is so much to do here on campus if you're willing to look for it. VVC showed me just how important it was to be involved on campus. The friends you make here will

bination of a great point guard, their latest draft pick, and defensive stopper DeAndre Jordan, it seemed that they would be going very far. This was not the case. There was a major amount of hype and new fans around the league when this team was put together, but Clippers still couldn’t finish strong. Ever since 2011 those awfully empty seats in the Staples Center turned into a sellout crowds. Soon the league began to come to the conclusion that this many "fans" have never been seen before. The Clippers had a huge bandwagon of fans on their backs to cheer them on through the playoffs, in hopes

for a championship. In 2012 they were swept by the Spurs in the 2nd round. Next year in 2013 the team fell in the 1st to the Memphis Grizzlies in 6 games. The following year of 2014 the Clippers lost to the scorching hot Oklahoma City Thunder. The very next year the Clippers had one of the most shocking playoff loss ever to the Houston Rockets. After being up 3-1 in the series, the Clippers lost three straight games after that. They had even suffered their game loss while their star, James Harden, was on the bench for the final quarter. This had many Clipper fans keeping quiet about "Lob City" due to

Courtesy of Clipperblog.com

always be around for you. Transferring from a small community college to a Uni-

versity is a huge step, one that would terrify most. And though I have had some great memories here at VVC, I'm ready to continue my journey in Public Relations at Cal State Fullerton.

their failure to advance in the playoffs. Next year they were at it again, however, Chris Paul suffered a hand injury and they were sent home by Damian Lillard and Trailblazers. During the offseason there were tons of speculation to whether or not the Clippers should just call it quits. Chris and the Clippers were determined to rid of the rumors and had a strong regular season start in which they were the number one team in the league. Soon, they ended up dropping to the 4th seed and were defeated by the Utah Jazz as Blake Griffin was out with a toe injury. The Los Angeles Clippers have not ever been successful in winning, and many wonder if they ever will be. Fans of course, have sympathy for their numerous injuries, but even when healthy they can't get the job done. As the offseason approaches many question whether or not the big three should stay together or go their separate ways. Chris Paul and the entire Clippers franchise has never even been past the 2nd round of the playoffs. Whether they are cursed or not, they are just not winners.


Victor Valley College

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Thanks to the RamPage Editors and Staff By Deanna Hays Advisor

Often, the college newspaper staff is the unsung hero. Students work day and night to put together a paper that will inform, entertain, share, inspire, or direct its readers. However, it is often a thankless job. I understand how it feels from the perspective of the writer and as the Advisor, and so I feel I must share my thanks to the RamPage Editors and Staff. It is my pleasure to be the Advisor of the college newspaper, The RamPage. There are many benefits to working with the amazing RamPage editors and staff. Having the opportunity to watch young writers develop their craft is something I immensely enjoy. I am impressed at the talent and dedication of the editors and staff. The RamPage has been successful due to the hard work of these individuals. I have had the privilege to be the RamPage Advisor since the fall of 2015. This 2017 spring semester has proven to be the best so far. I wish to thank Editor-in-Chief, Brittany Nistler, Features Editor, Randy Noxon and Entertainment/ Sports Editor Diallo ‘Markus’ Kahin for their dedication, top-

notch writing and all their editorial duties. As an Advisor, I guide the editors as they take on the responsibility of running the paper. The editors assign articles, put in longhours on and off-campus, write their own articles, and are responsible for the decision making in the layout and production from the front page to the last. One would think that the pressure would be too much

tures Editor, used his leadership skills to guide the staff in their writing assignments. He demonstrate patience and provided great direction for the staff. Both Noxon and Kahin regularly assigned articles to the staff and held round-table meetings to discuss the needs of the paper with the staff. The three editors never let me down and proved to be an outstanding team. The RamPage staff mem-

for the student editors, and occasionally it is a challenge. I have seen the Editor-in-Chief, Nistler overcome many obstacles, take control, and get the job done. Her goal was to produce a paper she can be proud of. Her dedication was greatly appreciated and she accomplished her goals. Additionally, Kahin took on the responsibility as editor for both Sports and Entertainment. He selflessly took on the extra duties while writing extra articles! His selflessness was a great contribution to the overall success of the paper. Noxon, Fea-

ber are, Charlene Altwine, Mitchell Bovee, Adam Capps, Vanessa Castaneda, Aurelia Dennis, Maria Galindo, Irma Gonzalez, Kelcie Hartley, Joel Johnson, Gabriela Lara, Ajusta Lopez, Angel Martinez Morales, Irene Molinar, Kailey Richards, Brenda Rombalski, Jordan Smothers, Vanessa Soto-Castellanos, Benjamin Tizzard and Devonte Trice. These students went out of their comfort zones and interviewed total strangers, regularly took on extra assignments, spent hours at events on and off-campus and put in the ex-

tra hours to bring the readers great articles. It is not an easy task and requires a lot of personal time to be a part of this project. Thank you, staff for your hard-work and contribution to the RamPage. I truly enjoyed being a part of this adventure with these student journalists. The general expectation is for students to learn from the teacher however, I am fortunate to learn from the students. I learned about the different genres of music, sports, and most importantly, I have been given different perspectives from the students as they write about the world we live in. The semester has come to an end, this will be the last RamPage for the spring 2017. I am extremely thankful for the time spent with the editors and staff of this paper. The three editors, and many of the staff members, are graduating this spring; I wish all success in their future endeavors. To all of the journalism students, I wish you all great success in all that you do and I enjoyed our time together.


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June 2 - 4 Explosion of Motion June 9 - VVC Commencement Ceremony June 19 - Summer Classes Begin

May 31, 2017 Page 18 RAMPAGE STAFF Editor-in-Chief/News Editor: Br ittany Nistler Features Editor: Randy Noxon Entertainment/Sports Editor: Diallo “Mar kus” Kahin Reporters: Char lene Altwine, Mitchell Bovee, Adam Capps, Vanessa Castaneda, Aurelia Dennis, Maria Galindo Perez, Irma Gonzalez, Kelcie Hartley, Joel Johnson, Gabriela Lara, Ajusta Lopez, Angel Martinez Morales, Irene Molinar, Kailey Richards, Brenda Rombalski, Jordan Smothers, Vanessa Soto-Castellanos, Benjamin Tizzard, Devonte Trice Contributor : Advisor/Instructor: Deanna Hays Administration: Rober t Sewell Printing: Victor Valley College Campus Pr int Shop Mission Statement: The Victor Valley College RamPage is a student-run newspaper that aims to inform and entertain the Victor Valley Community. We strive to teach and preserve core journalistic values while supporting the unity of faculty and students on campus. CONTACT INFORMATION VVC RamPage, 18422 Bear Valley Road, Victorville, CA 92395 Email: vvcrampage@gmail.com or http://www.vvc.edu/offices/rampage Website: http://www.issuu.com/vvcrampage

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GENERAL INFORMATION The RamPage is a newspaper published as an educational exercise and First Amendment Public Forum by students at Victor Valley College in Victorville, Calif. Issues come out approximately twice a month in the two full-length semesters, generally each March, April, May, June, September, October, November and December, for a total of 8 issues each calendar year. The views expressed by the RamPage are not necessarily those of VVC, its board of trustees, its administration, its faculty, its staff, its Associated Student Body Council or its students. The RamPage welcomes press releases, story ideas, letters to the editor, guest articles and guest editorials. Submit proposed items to the on-campus mailbox of RamPage Adviser Deanna Hays clearly marked as being submitted for publication. Or, email them to vvcrampage@gmail.com or mail information to RamPage, Victor Valley College, 18422 Bear Valley Road, Victorville, CA 92395. VVC’s journalism program belongs to the Associated Collegiate Press, the California Newspaper Publishers Association and the Journalism Association of Community Colleges. ADVERTISING The RamPage generally accepts as advertising only 8 1/2 - by -11 -inch flyers as inserts or various sizes printed in the paper. The cost of inserts is $100, which covers insertion/distribution of 1,500 copies. The cost and responsibility of designing, reproducing and delivering the 1,500 flyers to the RamPage is borne by the advertiser. To discuss display advertising options or to purchase any form of advertisement, call Assistant Director of Auxiliary Services Deanna Murphy at 760-245-4271 extension 2707. Acceptance of any advertisement in the RamPage does not constitute endorsement by the paper, college, district, board, council or student body. The RamPage reserves the right to reject any material — advertising or editorial — that it deems to be not in keeping with the standards of the paper.


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June 7-7:30

Wednesday Night Ensemble Showcase featuring the VVC Guitar Ensemble, Jazz Rock Combo and Studio Jazz Band. Rich Sumner & Craig Pridmore conducting .

June 8-7:30

Thursday Night Bands in their Greatest Hits Finale. Come join the Flute Choir, Brass Choir, College Band & Symphonic Band in a night of audience favorites. Music from" Beauty and the Beast", "Phantom of the Opera", Galop by Shostakovich, March of Homage by Wagner, Sousa's Stars and Stripes Forever and much more !! Showtime is 7:30 p.m. Craig Pridmore conducting.

June10-7:30 & June 11-2:30

Saturday and Sunday Join us for Another Op'nin', Another Show, a choral-orchestral concert featuring highlights from stage and screen! Enjoy works from The Wizard of Oz, Guys and Dolls, Disney's "Fantasia," Sister Act, and more as we culminate the spring 2017 semester.