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This document will discover the team members of MY COMPANY to define their interaction with the team project. The following diagram is a visual representation of the team hexarchy and corporate ladder. This visual representation of the team is explained after the picture with descriptions of how each team member will fit into the project. The end goal of the project is to increase the security of the computer networks at MY COMPANY. This team will also recreate this process for external production in the channels of vendors and customers of MY COMPANY. The end goal is to defeat the threat of VIRUS or MALWARE by reducing the total threat at each communication point. If all of the customers and vendors of MY COMPANY were protected the same way, then there would be zero chance of external friendly fire by mistake. This increased security also prevents intentional sabotage and employee malice because of the extended features of


the protection services. Process XPS shows the diagram in large detail.

The Management Team: The management team identifies the needs of the company. Security needs, software needs, and evaluates the effectiveness of the implemented decisions. They can command all of the departments lower down on the chain of command.

Software Engineering: Responsible for coordinating the right antivirus solution with the technology available. A software engineer configures the antivirus software/hardware equipment in the Data Center, configures the antivirus software/hardware in the offices, and configures the server for the right antivirus solution. This includes implementing SQL services, monitoring logs, and researching effectiveness of antivirus solutions.

Technical Design: Supports the software engineer with any technical hardware requirements to reduce the involvement of the software engineer in the routine processes. The software engineer relies on the technical designer to get each hardware device up to date and up to software requirements. The technical designer may have a team of its own to complete requests made by the software engineer. These requests could be parts ordering, tracking hardware, tracing software, implementing requests made by the engineer.

Data Center Operator: Assures the function and stability of the data center. This data center operates to distribute antivirus solutions to the organization and to the branches of the organization. Data center operators answer to the software engineer and to the technical design team. They can provide data and logs to the other teams if there are problems that cannot be resolved at a standard level.

Customer Support: Support for the direct customers, vendors, and inner organization. This is a team of 5 – 15 individuals on 24/7 monitoring support. They have access to information databases about current, past, and future threats. They are responsible for communicating their troubleshooting sessions to the quality assurance team. They log all of their daily conversations and interactions with customers for knowledge base archiving.

Quality Assurance: Makes sure that all of the previous teams and team members are functioning effectively. Also, QA is responsible for the knowledgebase. They plan for future improvements in the software by recognizing flaws and detailing the real world scenarios to the engineer.

Sales Team: The sales team ensures the spread of the security solutions throughout the organization. They ensure that all employees have this antivirus solution at the office, at home, and on

the road. They also are responsible for communicating with the customers, vendors, and other branches of “MY COMPANY�.

It is my experience that custom software applications and the forms of software productions that are discussed statistically here are prone to disaster for several reasons. First and foremost software failure can be contributed to the lack of research prior to the development phase. Developing software is not an easy task to attempt at any level. Developing custom software applications requires ongoing support prior to development in order to repair mistakes or fix bugs. Many individuals that take on the tasks involved with creating software applications are not financially capable of carrying out the maintenance after the product is published.

Secondly, software is forgotten about after it is installed on a user's computer unless the application is up front and hard to ignore. How many programs are on your computer that you have neglected for more than 30 days? You can find this out in your Add/Remove Applications in the control panel. Making an application that does not tie up the system with memory consumption is difficult to achieve. How many applications are running in your system memory that is unnecessary? Chances are there are about 5 to 7 programs running in your computer right now that you do not absolutely need.

Software developers that begin developing applications for production use often abandon the project long before it begins. This is due in part to several reasons. Mainly, checking source code for copyright infringement leads to numerous changes. Sometimes the changes to the source code will disable the program from running correctly or even running at all. After fighting a software development for months without producing an income for the efforts is the final reason why many software applications are considered runaway. Answering the six fundamental questions that each project manager should address is not an easy

process. With assistance from many different resources, support staff, and mentors any business professional can answer the following questions (six questions); 

What Business Situation is Being Addressed?

What do you need to do?

What will you do?

How will you do it?

How will you know you did it?

How well did you do? Every time a business professional approaches these six questions, a magnitude of variable

answers is presented. Often times the answers can lead to more questions that can lead the executive professional on a path further towards confusion. On the other hand, this could become a successful project management approach if the organization has in place the right set of Process Groups. It becomes relevant in a corporate environment to maintain a level of communications that embodies the entire organization. A structure of governing individuals forms the joints at which each branch of the organization can build. Designating structure to each branch gives objectives to the Process Group so they can complete tasks assigned. Typically there are five different process group branches available to the organization. They are; 

Scoping Process Group

Planning Process Group

Launching Process Group

Monitoring and Controlling Process Group

Closing Process Group

To recap on what the entire process consists of look at the following illustration.

If the company represented here is able to answer the six questions related to the methodology, they would represent each question with a symbol. The easiest symbol to use is a circle and each one can be a different color. To earn a seal of approval, each process group must complete the six questions plus, add one additional question that would benefit the project. This is also known as earning the five stars because a project is classified as five star if it is a complete win. An example for the +1 question would be: Does X-project contain profitability factors? +1 could also be a series of arguments relating to another Processing Group’s final outcome. Say if the Launching Process Group completed the six questions and the Monitoring/Controlling Process Group wanted to know answers relating to their answers, then the +1 question would apply at that time.

We have an opportunity to increase the overall network security inside the group of computer networks at My Company. It is with great opportunity that My Company will benefit from the state of the art Panda Admin Secure Software. Within the next two weeks My Company will have in place total network security from top to bottom. To achieve the success of total network security, Panda Admin Secure optimizes each computer system with a total network security layering. Overall layering is centralized on a single point in Real-time. The most successful portion of Admin Secure is the native ability to prevent threat blocking. Not having the threat blocking capability is one reason why most other antivirus products fail. The risk of remaining in business without a Real-time threat prevention system remains high. Each day that goes by without this type of layered security is amplifying the risk. My Company and the organizations it represents depend on protection from the industry leader in Business Network Security Solutions.



Current Antivirus

Antivirus inadequate must replace with new.

Network Secure


Network of Computers

Daily Definition Update

Panda Antivirus

http://www .pandasecur /enterprise/

Email Protect

Daily Virus Scan A

Configure Server with Layered Security

Go with Panda? Client Security Updates B


Backup Data for Client

“MY COMPANY” chooses to use Panda Admin Secure Corporate Antivirus. This process system shows the “TO BE” status of the office network computer equipment. It describes the system of panda and posts delays to the completion of the process chain. Currently the status of the process chain is “Waiting on new Panda Antivirus for Networks.

Remove Existing Antivirus

“MY COMPANY” needs to evaluate the current existing antivirus methods and security practices. This process system shows the “AS IS” status of the office network computer equipment. It asks one question in relation to a single type of antivirus security and looks for a decision.

Order Antivirus Product

Waiting on new Panda Antivirus for Networks

Over the past ten years “My Company” has taken many different approaches to answering the call to increase its network security. Panda Security provides coverage by way of layered security for the entire chain of office computers. “My Company” needs to break away from the individually managed antivirus software applications and move into a corporate structured antivirus solution. With Panda Secure, a multi layered security grid is established and deployed at the server level. Some of these layers include network traffic, file traffic, Internet use, Intranet use, and email. “My Company” will benefit from this much security as it approaches the phase of operations aimed at the Public Sector in business. Through the server side monitoring software logs will display all activities in each layer as indicators detect illicit activity. In addition to monitoring logs, client update rollout and software assurance is conducted on the server machine. When “My Company” is virus free and hacker proof for the duration of SIX months, the project will be complete. A good indication of this will be when the activity logs reflect a deficit in attempted attacks or if the attacks cease all together. It is wisdom that is learned when the wise observe the wise. When the owl sees that the fox chases a rat into a field, it then realizes that the cunningness of the fox might be able to feed him. The owl sits in observance and waits for the fox to lure prey from above. The fox in return also uses the owl to its own advantage. The Rat, although weakened by two predators, has no equal underground. Is this a business philosophy? While you are the predator you are also the pray? No, it teaches you to be wise and observe your fellow predators. With business philosophy, you can take a power hold on a team because you realize the weaknesses and strengths of each member. Better than using philosophy, use respect as authority. If you continually look at an individual as someone you admire and like, they will in return admire and like you.

There are however, rules to abide to in any institution or community. Rules of society and mutual respect govern the bylaws of a business and its predecessors. When you speak as you are a leader, and you are a proven financial win, than people automatically look up to you. It’s not simple to succeed and always win. This is why you must first instill in your employees trust. It is an infrequent occurrence that two people completely trust one another. Without trust you have no basic relationship. You must equalize trust between yourself and multiple individuals around you. If the trust is broken for even a minute, everyone in the equilibrium knows and feels this. Trust is only once gained and it takes a lifetime to re-establish. Second, equal working time is divided between the shifts of Customer Service Representatives and the Data Center Engineers. Two teams of Customer Services Representatives work either one of six hours, a day or a night. Two teams of Data Center Engineers work the alternate six hour shifts, a day or a night. A total of four shifts of six hours per team work around the clock a total of 42 hours per seven days. Once a team reaches seven days, it takes a two day break in the routine of the shifts. Starting with the team that goes first and continuing every two days until every team has two days off. For the team that generates three times more income than it consumes, a bonus of the missed two shifts is paid back in cash. Income earnings may come from helping sales teams or generating ad revenues’ to help spread the word about the security of MY COMPANY. To prevent the run over of time allotment in this project, the following suggestions are introduced to the project. These suggestions are meant to streamline the project by grouping similar tasks with multiple individuals and assigning new frequency of occurrences to the assigned groups. The first diagram represents the initial proposal. The second diagram represents the adjusted proposal with corrections for time and process compression.

Server preperation for Admin Secure. Administrative Process Group

Client machine preperation for Panda Antivirus. Power User Process Group

Deploy antivirus software to client and server computers.

Deploy New Antivirus Software Backup files. Recover missing

Backup files.

user files.

Clear server coputer of old antivirus software. Clear client computer of old antivirus software.

Test Security with known threats to prove effective installation.

The processes involved with the first diagram show that the Server preparation is managed by a single administrative group and the client machines are maintained by the individual user.

Server preperation Administrative Group

Backup all client and server files at a central location.

Client machine preperation User Group

Test new antivirus software with known threats. Remove old antivirus software.

Install Admin Secure and deploy client installations from server. Create startup script to deploy new antivirus.

Deploy antivirus software to client and server computers.

Test recovery of user files.

Automated Installation of new antivirus.

Test automation of updates from server repository.

The effectiveness of the Admin Secure installation automation requires that a script run at startup for each client machine. The script tells the client computers to open a port in the firewall of each client and prepare a directory for installation of the new antivirus software. The script is automatically generated by the Admin Secure server software and can be distributed to the client computers over the network share. Each client computer must be prepared by removing the original antivirus software. The user can do this task because it is not an administrative task. The uninstall process will require the user to restart the computer at the end of the sequence. After the computer restarts, the script that is setup to run after reboot is enacted. The automated installation process will commence without the need of user interaction and the time saved from going to each computer individually will cover the compression requirements set forth in the project scope. There are some instances that this project could not be compressed further. These include the complications related to the removal of older antivirus software and users that do not know how to do the task assigned. These problems cannot be avoided and could potentially delay the project further. Was business value realized? Business value remains to be proven in the production of security layering over a computer network. The reason for this is that no one can determine an actual figure to place on the value of information within a business network. Most of the information within the network is invaluable and if lost, could never be recovered (either financially or physically). The value of a layered security platform is more a question of practicality than object-ability. Was the client satisfied with the project results? This is the most important question being asked during the audit process. The reason that it is the most important question is because the client is the most important being in a business process. Without the client, there would be no business to conduct in the first place. The client satisfaction factorization remains a lifelong pursuit. As long as the

business operates at full capacity, there will always be clients that raise questions of concern for their implemented security methods. Questions like; Can Panda Admin Secure prevent internal theft of information? Can MY COMPANY provide 24/7 support to our company? Will there be any compensation for loss due to neglect on MY COMPANY’s employees? These questions are thoughtful but only give a glimpse at some of the true life scenarios in the business world today. If there were ways to prevent computerized theft of information before it happened, than MY COMPANY aspires to learn more about these methods and prepare to deter these predators. Planning is never enough when dealing with computers and network environments. There are thousands of variables to consider that at first glance seem insignificant. Most computer users know how to operate the computer. Most computer users know how to avoid mistakes that can lead to viral infections that could compromise sensitive data. There are few individuals in the workplace today that actually abide by the ethics practiced by the guidelines set forth in the company bylaws. The truth to these findings is that people will practice socialization over job performance nine out of ten times. There is a great need for socialization in the work place but, only at the right time. Unfortunately, social networking websites count for a majority of the viral infections found on computers today. To completely prohibit participation in social networking is almost like prohibiting employees to use the bathroom during the day. The reason for this is because social networking leads to better business, higher sales capacity, and strengthened long term relationships. Social networking is often harmful to computer networks in most cases but, it is not prohibited in many companies. Panda Admin Secure has the ability to detect malware from ads that generate the malicious code. With the practices of routine updates and daily scans on computers in the network, an additional layer of security is achieved. This additional security is unlike any other corporate antivirus software

available in the market today. What makes Panda Admin Secure the most economical, most efficient, and best overall antivirus product for corporate environments is the inclusion of the true prevent and network protect features. At the start of the “MY COMPANY” project, all of the knowledge of Panda Admin Secure software could not predict the factors of human error. Human error remains the one factor that prevents this project from closure on a 100% successful rating. Because of human error, the end users should be protected against ignorance and neglect before the software is included in and on their computers. The way to accomplish this is to set up expectations before hand with the employees that utilize the computers on a daily basis. Interviews should have been made with each employee to determine what their daily routine consists of. After interview inspections of internet trend tracking (cookie reading) will help to verify that the interviewee is stating the truth and not trying to deceive the network engineer. The project is completed under budget and on time due to the tremendous planning that was involved in the project. Because of the existing server architecture and network design, the deployment process of installing Panda Admin Secure onto the client machines went well. There were no computers that did not accept the software. There were no Windows related errors that prevented the installation of the security platform. The technical support department at Panda headquarters assisted the engineers, knowledge base developers, and mainframe technicians 100%. The team members continue to produce sales and continue to produce security for all of the parties involved with the “MY COMPANY” company. This project revealed strengths in relationships with vendors, customers, and third party candidates because it was able to identify the predators from the allies. The companies that declined to include secure business practices with MY COMPANY will no longer be a threat to MY COMPANY nor will they continue to conduct business as insecure operators.

The opportunities given to those external parties proved that there are companies in business that are not concerned with security of technology as much as they ought to be. The future of MY COMPANY is more secure with fewer threats from external sources. The fewer threats will prove to be a win fall for MY COMPANY because it will not require as much money outflow in the security sector in the future. Fewer security risks overall means that less predators will be able to steal vital information from the MY COMPANY computer network. Panda Admin Secure will assist MY COMPANY and its external partners for generations or until new threats arise that are unique in nature.

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