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Super SUP Classic “A Wave of Enthusiasm” Program: Pro Wave RRD are proud to introduce a new range of SUP boards totally dedicated to waves. Three brand new boards, and each shape comes directly from RRD surf boards experience and is dedicated to its relative precise program of use.

The Super 7’11” is a supercompact shape with the maximum width placed well forward in order to maximize the possibility to catch more waves on such a shortboard. The short outline in combination with a pinched in round tail allows you to create a very smooth yet very radical and super turny surfboard that will make you forget you are actually riding with a paddle in your hands. The multiple fin configurations allow the 7’11” to be ridden either with a quad fin set up, coming as standard with the board, as well as a thruster set up with a longer central fin. No limits for this shape that will be a must for every pro Super rider! The Super 8’11” and the Super 9’11” are based on the same high performance outline and bottom shape as the 7’11” little ripper, but being slightly longer boards we configure them to be ridden only with a thruster fin set up. Both these boards are easy paddlers and feature the amazing turning capacity of these great new modern shapes.

Ricci International S.r.l. Via Rubino, 15/19 58100 Grosseto · Italy Ph +39 0564 452304/455786 Fax +39 0564 452691 Piva/Vat Number/ISO Code 01239530536

Super SUP Classic SUPER 7’11” Classic Volume: 110Lts Size (in Inches): 7’11’’ x 29 1/2’’ x 4” Fin: 1 x 7” hi-perf wave US + 1 quad set polyester

SUPER 8’11” Classic Volume: 127Lts Size (in Inches): 8’11’’ x 29 1/2’’ x 4” Fin: 1 x 7.25” hi-perf wave US + 2 Side G-5

SUPER 9’11” Classic Volume: 144Lts Size (in Inches): 9’11’’ x 30’’ x 4” Fin: 1 x 7.5” hi-perf wave US + 2 Side G-5

The maximum width placed well forward

The Super 7’11” supercompact shape

Super SUP features a plug to be used with a sail too

The pinched in round tail features a double plug for the leash

The 7’11” with a quad fin set up

The kick on the pad to find easily the spot with the back foot during the wave riding

The 7’11” with a thruster fin set up

RRD Super SUP Classic  

RRD Newsletter "WORLD ON LINE" about the brand new RRD Super SUP, THE wave shapes disigned for the PRO Wave riders...

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