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RRD are proud to introduce

FITNESS ON SUP BOARDS Years ago Hawaiian surf instructors started using a paddle to propel themselves whilst standing up on surfboard. This was done to keep an eye on their surfing pupils and spot incoming waves. Athletes like Laird Hamilton and Brian Keaulana then started using stand up paddling as cross training to increase their stamina, balance, and strength. Stand up paddling is a very easy activity and everyone gets the hang of it quickly. Using a long canoe style paddle to provide the power and some steering, the board creates a platform to stand upright and move with ease. Today the sport of stand up paddling has exploded onto our saltwater and freshwater coastlines as the ultimate recreational vehicle for surfing, cruising and fitness. Stand Up has become the bicycle of the water. Stand up is a whole body workout that is focused from the core out; so your abs, legs, and back get to feel the benefits, as do all the smaller balance muscles in your knees, ankles and even toes. Naturally your arms and shoulders are getting a great workout from the paddling, but it’s the core muscles that seem to really show the earliest benefits, trimming inches from the waistline or even creating those coveted ‘six pack’ abs. It’s the new cool way to get in shape and look like a surfer. With those principle in our mind RRD in collaboration with “Blue Box fitness Center” creates the first Surf&Sup Fitness indoor body work out”. Using the RRD standup eleven anchored nose and tail on the pool side you have a fully functional stand up paddleboard, where you can paddle on it “standing up” or “prone”, or practise all kind of exercises in a full body work out. Rasà Simone (Fitness center owner’s, surfer, former body builder, certified FIF instructor) says: “In most sports you are using your arms and/or legs, but in this one, you are mainly using your core. Just the fact that you need to balance on the board is already a huge core workout. Include a specific SUP workout to tone and strengthen core muscles, arms, abs and thighs all at once. Unlike many conventional forms of workout, SUP fitness is extremely low impact, keeping your joints happy. “RRD Sup&Surf fitness” mixes traditional training regimes such as pilates, yoga and stretching with paddle and balance exercises from the wide ocean to the smallest indoor pool.” Ricci International S.r.l. Via Rubino, 15/19 58100 Grosseto · Italy Ph +39 0564 452304/455786 Fax +39 0564 452691 Piva/Vat Number/ISO Code 01239530536


RRD are proud to introduce a new way to train and get fit on SUP boards.